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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


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also, how is it possible that i can have a freakout about how academia is bullshit and i want to go do something more tangible AND a freakout about how stressed out i am by academia in the same day?

i guess as long as i'm here doing it i might as well do a decent job of it? or something? maybe i should stop being so reductive :( maybe i should go to bed.


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listening to: lilo&stitch, hawaiian rollercoaster

ughh guys. (free) tickets to see joan baez became available today! but i thought it was tomorrow! they have some that they reserved to give out tomorrow, but i guess they went through the ones that were available in like 10 minutes today.

so i want to go tomorrow, but tickets become available at noon. and trads1 ends at noon. if they're going to go so fast again, i should get there early. basically, i'm agonizing over whether or not i should skip trads1. participation is a big part of our grade, but i've had perfect attendance so far and i generally make some sort of valid point. on monday i made an "EXCELLENT" point that she got really excited about, even! and i've sort of turned my grade around after those first two quizzes (one of which gets dropped, anyway!) plus, we can miss 3 classes without it affecting our grade (although that includes illness) so i guess my only fear is that she would have a pop quiz that i would miss. but we did have an exam friday so i'm hoping that will give us a little exam immunity.

i agonize :(

i'm such a hermione sometimes! i think the last time i skipped class was firstyear. spanish. i can't even call it a mental health day because i think it will stress me out MORE to skip class. but. joan baez! in grinnell!

argh i can't believe i mixed up the dates. so stupes. actually, i can believe it because i also thought my conference with professor dobbs was today (it's next tuesday) and also that today was november 1st (it's, uh, it's halloween). and also--after i got it straightened out that it was still october--i thought it was wednesday.

what i am trying to say here is that i am a little bit flustered!

also i met with professor simpson about my short paper (he gives his papers back in mini-conferences) and it turns out? it turns out that the last sentence of my thesis paragraph DOESN'T HAVE AN END. i didn't even punctuate it. it just trails off. holy GOD why have i not failed out of school yet. here is what the end of my thesis paragraph is: The disconnect between Desmond, Bethel, and Geraldine’s constructions of Geraldine imply

the verb tense of my half sentence doesn't even agree :( was i HIGH when i proofread that? (answer: no, because drug free is the way to be!) i was so, so horrified when he told me that, i was like 0_0 for the rest of the conference. but like despite that he said it was good paper and good idea and whatnot, although my failed thesis statement was emblematic of the paper's overall flaw, ie i was never really clear on what i was arguing? which is true!

also professor prevost rightly pointed out that, as it stands, my history research project is more of an english project? but i don't know how to fix it? i don't know. it's been an article-driven class, so we have all these interesting case studies but i don't feel like i have a good overall grasp on the empire and i don't know what to do?

anyway, i don't know what my deal is lately. i don't FEEL particularly stressed and crazy, but i am acting cracked out. like so super spacey. and tireder than i should be. um. weekend time please! LEMONY SNICKET MEETING weekend time please!!!

in more delicious news, i learned how to make sushi today!! i'm not very good at rolling it :( but i'm good at EATING it. also, there was wasabi so that should cure that medosoid mycelium problem i've been having.

okay. anyway, sorry, this post about my academic anxiety was probs really boring to read but, whatever, it's my blog and i'll stress if i want to, stress if i want to.

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i did this like 20 times and i think this is my favorite one:

You went trick or treating as BartSimpson.
Beck gave you TheSugarBowl.
TomServo gave you AWoodenStake.
ElizabethWakefield gave you TheRedBalloon.
TheEvilThatLurksInTheHeartsOfMen gave you APoisonedPrunedrop.
You had a marvelous time until JerryFalwell Avada Kedavra'd your Headmaster.

What's Your Trick-or-Treat Haul?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

oh beck, of course you have the sugar bowl. and elizabeth wakefield! from sweet valley high! she was my favorite twin; jessica was a tramp. i also lovelove that jerry falwell avada kedavra'd my headmaster. what a jerk. also, servo's gift is very practical!

also, i did put the last b&s online. including the SPOOKY HALLOWEEN SPOOK-TACULAR.

ok i need to stop refreshing that trick or treat generator and go do laundry! and work! aaaaah.

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on a more reasonable note: happy halloween!


also, i'll try to get the b&s online so you can all read the SPOOKY HALLOWEEN SPOOK-TACULAR.

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listening to: beatles, mother nature's son

i decided i'm going to go ahead and submit something for the conference panel thing. psmith and vbrown both told me i should go for it (and that apparently there is a fund available to cover travel expenses for such things? hott) and uh, ok.

anyway i had to write an abstract for my presentation. mine's an adaptation of the paper i wrote for sandman papers. i wrote it last night with the intention of revising and submitting it this morning. unfortunately, i'm in one of my "academia is bullshit" moods this morning. but seriously, look at this:

Neil Gaiman’s celebrated comic series The Sandman draws on myths from a variety of cultures and eras; from Biblical characters to modern superheroes. Sandman also addresses the fluid nature of identity; Dream, the titular Sandman appears differently to everyone, depending on their cultural or personal ideas about what he should look like. This fluidity of identity is a common motif of Sandman, shown both through the way Dream and the other Endless negotiate the relationship between their functions and their identities, as well as through the many mortals who encounter the Endless, which usually leads to some sort of epiphany or shift in their perception of their own identities. This paper will look at Sandman, particularly issue #50, “Ramadan,” and the way it uses ancient myth to define modern identity. Postcolonial writers like Chinua Achebe and Salman Rushdie have used cultural stories and myths to construct the nation through writing; in “Ramadan,” Gaiman reinterprets a Persian myth to construct not only contemporary Iraq, but also his character Dream. Finally, this paper will also touch on the idea of the “Other” in Ramadan, and how Dream’s role as a universal Endless complicates the Other.

what the fuck does that even mean? how does spending any time thinking about this in any way improve the world? you've all heard this rant before so i'll curb it, but oh god i am a useless burden to society. grinnell college gives me more money in grant aid every year than a lot of families live off of. what the fuck. every year i am given more money than the poverty line, and i have loans beyond that. on days like this i don't even know that i want to be a librarian; i want to do something even more hands-on and saaave the wooorld. but it's so bullshit for me to complain about what i'm not doing, since there are a lot of opportunities here that i'm not taking. the only hands-on direct sort of 'charity' work i do is prison.

arghh. i try to remember, though--a couple years ago when i went to that political engagement conference, and one of the other students talked about how political activism can feel less directly personally rewarding than going out and working at a soup kitchen, but (ideally) in the long run it does more? and he said "you know, like if you give a man a fish he eats for a day, but if you teach him how to fish he eats for a lifetime?" which is like a huge cliche and such a meaningless phrase anymore. but i'd never thought about it quite like that and it totally clicked with me. so sometimes on days like this i just have to be like, teaching people to fish, teaching people to fish. but i really just want to take a big ol' basket of fish and run around tossing them to people, like some sort of metaphorical unhygenic fish parade.

i also try to remember that there are people in need who aren't in third world countries, that i do frequently make other people happy and there is merit in that.

but basically right now i'm just feeling overwhelmed with injustice. also, academia.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
omg sarah vowell touched my books!! and stood next to my mom! and possibly touched my mom! um, not like that! so exciting!

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listening to: squirrel nut zippers, hell

ever since that discussion of candy land, i have been craving red licorice like no other! and then i procured some! and ate some! and it was DELICIOUS.

here are some other delicious things: earlier this week, bush stumped for jeff lamberti, a republican candidate for congress. or actually, he stumped for dave lamberti.

i'd also like to discuss probably the most amazing political ad i've seen this cycle. it is from lamberti's campaign, addressing his candidate, incumbent leonard boswell. this ad accuses boswell of having "gone washington" and "running negative campaigns like all the other candidiates." it alleges that boswell does not share "iowa's values." in short: it's an attack ad attacking him for running attack ads. SO AWESOME.

i also like the ad from republican candidate for governor where he says something like, "i'm glad my wife is a photographer, she reminds me of what's beautiful about iowa!" and then it's 30 seconds of pretty pictures of iowa. don't get me wrong--i'm glad for a respite from attack ads, and they are beautiful photos. but it has NO campaign information at all. it's literally just him and his wife and then 30 seconds of "iowa is pretty!"

of course, the ads from dems are pretty bad too, but i think these are the 2 worst (best!) ads i've seen this time around.

in non-delicious news: for some reason neither my mail program nor adium will work today. i can get online just fine (clearly) and i can check my frowl mail through webmail, so i know it's not just down. stupes :( actuallllly, now transmit (my ftp program) isn't working either. maybe i just can't access the internet through any non-browser application? or something? hmmm.

back to delicious: i was just reading my oxfam newsletter and i thought i'd post the link to one of my fave oxfam programs! it is called oxfam unwrapped and the idea is that you donate money to buy something (ie a camel) for a needy family, in someone else's honor. then that person gets a card that is like "renata bought a camel in your honor!" and a needy family gets a camel (or they use the donation for something related). a lot of the things are pretty pricey, but you could get a a crocodile for $50! (why would someone want a crocodile? apparently: "Help raise a crocodile in areas where the population has been depleted. This resilient reptile is more than just a jaw-gnashing croc; it also provides ecological and economic benefits--as well as food!") or some water jugs for $18. just thought i'd post the link since i know the traditional gift-giving season is approaching. for the person who has everything: A CROCODILE. or a sheep or some trees or an emergency toilet! or something else. probably the crocodile, though.

now i am trying to decide if i want to go to dinner with the peace corps recruiter tonight. i'm really hungry now and if i wait until 6 i'll probably just keep eating this licorice. also i've been to like three peace corps info sessions already and i kind of doubt i'll learn anything new here, although it will be a more "relaxed" setting or whatever. i mean, i don't even need to be recruited anymore, really. and the application seems pretty self-explanatory. also i think it might be kind of awkward. wellll we'll see, i was hoping to finish my gradeschool art project before dinner, since we're meeting at 8 for that... so i'll see how long my art project takes and how long i can hold off on more licorice.

yess i just used my mad cb moderating skills! i locked a thread AND called someone a stupe.

oh, one last thing: sandy, a) hooray awesome costumes! and b) OMG JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVERRRR!! it's so ridiculous and feelgood and fun, and the music is great. ridiculously great. and: alan cumming. it, um, it might be best if you didn't actually go into it expecting it to be the best movie ever though. but it is super super fun and awesome and clever.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

listening to: the broadband, god save the internet

oh god, you guys. i was just reading the wikipedia entry on the josie & the pussycats movie and i learned some trivia that made me love it EVEN MORE.

- you know how one of the scrolls in the secret subliminal message facility says "can't hardly wait was underrated"? of course you do. well, can't hardly wait was directed by harry elmont and deborah kaplan. who also, of course, directed josie. omg.
- the archie comics people are the ones responsible for the family friendly pg edit of the movie, which i despise. despise! not that i've ever watched it or anything.
- one of the guys from DU JOUR is breckin meyer, who is married to deborah kaplan. they got married in october 2001, and josie came out in 2001, so i'm not sure if they met one the set and got married, or of deborah just cast her bf in the movie, but either way: FANTASTIC.
- did you know that they didn't accept any payment for the product placement in the movie? i did, because i watched the special features. but i just like sharing that fact.
- did you know that the songs were written by a guy from counting crows, a guy from fountains of wayne, and babyface? i didn't!
- okay this is the best, are you ready for it? ARE YOU READY? the singing voice of josie is kay hanley, formerly of letters to cleo. however! recently, kay joined with michelle lewis and JILL SOBULE to form the broadband. and they recorded a song in favor of net neutrality. and it's amazing. and oh my god, JOSIE and JILL SOBULE are in a band together. my world is so goddamn rocked. it is a pretty good song and a free download! and seriously, josie & jill sobule. and michelle lewis. how can i forget michelle lewis? who is michelle lewis? oh i guess she's in a band with josie kay now.

omg. seriously, best movie AND SOUNDTRACK ever. plus, best pro-net neutrality song ever? yes (not that i can think of any competitors?).

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listening to: screamin' jay hawkins, i put a spell on you

this post is for KEITH but you can read it too, if you're not keith.

anyway! i like your mix generally! i have to say that based on the few cat power songs i've procured (mostly through you, i think), i just don't like her. which is weird, it seems like i should. also it makes me happy to have the monster mash on my computer now. one suggestion, though: PURPLE PEOPLE EATER. we always listened to that song at gradeschool halloween parties! oh also! halloween by aqua! have you heard that? i should send you that if not. actually, happy halloween everyone! have halloween by aqua.

also, omg, i used to be pretty afraid of scary licorice man. also i just looked up candyland on wikipedia: his name is LORD LICORICE. also, and i am so pissed about this, i guess in 2002 they revamped the game board? QUEEN FROSTINE got demoted to PRINCESS FROSTINE. wtf, that does NOT even rhyme. also "princess lolly" isn't even royalty anymore, she's just "lolly." and "plumpy," the green thing with the plums? NOT EVEN IN THE GAME ANYMORE. i mean, granted, plums aren't really a candy, and i never really even understood what he was supposed to be, but still! he was a crucial aspect of the game.

seriously though, lord licorice: scary. and his spot on the board looked like hell. seriously, look at it. hell. scary!!

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listening to: abba, dame dame dame (amor esta noche)

my cb mix cd is awesome because this song is on it!!

also i seriously think my cd burner just crapped out again for reals. i tried for like an hour to get it to burn another copy and it just kept giving me the laser error. earlier, it would eventually work after a couple tries. w. t. f. i ended up taking some blank cds down to the lab and ripping and burning my last few copies down there.

at least sam reads discs though. i was soo surprised when it came back from apple and there was disc icon on the desktop labelled "fake news". i was like, what is that? and then i remembered: priscilla burnt me old daily shows! and i could never watch them before it was broken and they wouldn't play on the dvd player at home! but now I CAN. yesss.

i forgot to mention the best costume of last night! i was saving it as the dramatic climax to my paragraph about costumes, and then i got distracted and forgot to include it. so! my friend jon went as CAPTAIN PLANET (and some of his friends were the planeteers). it was so good, guys. like he wore blue tights and painted his skin blue, and wore red undies and a cropped red t-shirt w/the planet logo. and we were like, "jon, how'd you get your skin blue?" and he was like "it's food coloring! actually i'm not really sure how long it will take to wash off, probably my monday classes are going to be kind of awkward!" (this is the same person who introduced himself to me, back in the day, as "i'm jon henry. like the steel driving man!")

oh grinnell!

anyway back to studyville, population me!

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woot, just got back from the halloween harris party! beforehand i went over to jenny's house and various people assembled costumes. and jenny made me a drink that was, i think, stronger than my norm (because my norm ranges from nothing to slightly more than nothing) but it tasted like lemons and liiiiimes.

i went as the loggia (covered in posters), jenny, ezster, and emma were heathers (from the movie heathers, which i haven't seen, but apparently their costumes were very accurate), carlos went as billy from family circus as a bitter, murderous adult (this complicated theme was conveyed mainly via family circus cartoons taped to a bloody sweater), emily was polyanna, and james was either a bee or a pumpkin or just a guy in orange pants. unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries as i was trying to take my first picture. doh! so no photos from this evening.

oh and before all that we went to the improv show, which was hiiiilarious.


hey, the backtracking circular style of this blog entry is very similar to the style of many old english poems! WERE YOU AWARE?

so anyway, the halloween party! the highlight was the costume contest, as always. people at grinnell get really, really into costumes. some favorites: a very well-done scooby doo gang group, a candyland group (you know, queen frostine, mr. mint, umm, scary licorice man... and the other candy people?), a futurama group including an awesome bender and zoidberg, and a zombie steve irwin (complete with stingray attached to his chest). but the winner of the contest was: abraham lincoln! it was a really simple, well-done costume. actually i mean, a lot of it was that the guy just looked like lincoln to start off with. tall, beard, and very... lincolnish face, i guess. (speaking of lincolnish, there was a stephen colbert too. basically a guy in a suit, but he made a cutout of stephen's face and held it up on a stick over his face.)

argh! i keep trying to burn a cd and it keeps spitting my disc back out with the message: "the attempt to burn a disc failed. the device failed to calibrate the laser power level for the media." laser power level?! ayy. but it has burned a couple cds, so i know it's not just broken.(which it bloody well shouldn't be, since i just got it replaced!) it's just cranky.

ok i'm going to bed. *grumble* i'll show YOU laser power level. with the back of my hand!

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

listening to: the robot ate me, genocide ball

today i slept in until 12:30! it was awesome. actually i woke up way earlier and laid in bed half-awake for a few hours. mmm. of course, i stayed up until 3 taking notes on caste and creed. i think i'm being way too detailed--there's no way i'm going to be able to use all this, especially if i take this much from every other novel. but there's so much data! so much hilariously offensive data!

i'm listening to keith's halloween mix now! spooky! tonight is the halloween harris party, and i'm not sure if i want to go? i'll see if i know anyone else who's going i suppose. if i do, i think i'll take molly's costume suggestion and go as the loggia, with a bunch of posters and trash taped to myself. maybe if i play some more halloween hangman i'll get into the halloween spirit? or maybe i'll just want to kill the sassy talking skeleton.

oh also, i got my trads1 exam back. it's a "b+ very good!" yesss. except it's also an 83%, which isn't a b+ in my book? but someone said they thought she curved exams. which is good. really the only thing that got me was that she only gave me 7/15 for one of the essay questions, for what i thought were kind of sketchy reasons. like, she pointed out a few points i could have made, but it didn't really seem worth only giving me half-credit for the whole essay. but whatevs, it's still my best grade in the class thus far, so i am not complaining!

also i got a coupon for new herbal essences! and i never even got around to writing them a letter of praise. the only problem is that it has a description of all their products and i'm kind of like, i could use half of these for my hair :/ like i'm using the no-frizz one, because that's a problem! but i could also use the strengthening shampoo AND the curl-defining shampoo. wah it's hard to be a western consumer :(

also! i'm so annoyed that freeipods still hasn't credited me for my offer. it's been 15 days, and i contacted them and was like "it's been 15 days and you didn't credit me!" and they were like "um we'll look into it! ok bye!" i want my free ipod! i did the stupid offer! also blockbuster.com sucksss, it takes like a week and a half between sending in an old dvd and getting a new one.

grawr! anyway today i hope to accomplish some things, including but not limited to: visiting the pec, visiting the wal-mart, burning & packaging cds for the cb mix exchange, reading more romance novels, cleaning my room (needs to happen so bad omg), and attending the improv show!

& finally, an interesting article about studio 60. i think i agree with it--i do like the show, but the sketches really aren't that funny, which is tricky for a show that's supposed to be about a high-end comedy show. i still haven't watched last week's episode though. actually, was there a new one last week? i don't know. i'll look into that. but i think the article is dead-on--it just seems like sketch comedy isn't really what aaron sorkin was made to do. so it goes!

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Friday, October 27, 2006

listening to: indigo girls, bitter root

inter library loan is an amazing system, one that sometimes ends up with me having rare 1st edition books sitting in a pile on my floor, each with a handwritten note attached that reads "please handle with care". however, in the case of caste and creed by fanny penny, whose name entertains me, it has given me a bound photocopy of the book. also, it appears to have been enlarged, so this book is in the equivalent of like 24-point font. on copier paper. single sided. i'm really entertained by this.

earlier i took a two hour nap and it was GLORIOUS. tonight i'm going to stay in and read my imperialist romance novels, i believe, although so far i've read 2 pages of this photocopied novel and worked on my cb mix cd a lot.

hah, ramalingam just gave donald a 12-year-old girl to secure a business deal! but donald thought he was getting a horse! what a hilarious comedy of errors! those crazy hindoos!

also i think "hindoo" is a hilarious spelling. technically i mean, you pronounce it the same as "hindu" but it just looks so much more comical. i guess that is why it's not the accepted english spelling anymore. oh god. i wonder if books written today will be this hilariously offensive in 100 years. like,

Perhaps, with that wonderful intuition which is the second nature of the Oriental, she divined the thought of the man, and had spoken accordingly. From whatever cause she had uttered the words which dismissed the temptress, they formed the first link which was woven to bind the shrewd Scotchman to this warm-hearted, passionate child of the tropics.

although i guess these novels were kind of trashy then, too. like fabio-covered novels are kind of offensive now anyway, so i imagine they'll only get worse with time.


keith: i hope you enjoyed reading that sentence as much as i enjoyed enacting it.

jason: yess, a++ link!

priscilla: :/ some of us don't have middle mouse buttons!

madonna: i don't mean to guilt people out of reading the feed! i just... it's weird is all! <3! also <3 graceland!

megan: yay, you're not internet-dead! if you were, though, i wouldn't do anything tacky. except post a memorial vid on youtube. it would be to "seasons of love."

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listening to: anne heaton, counting

so about that trads1 test? i... i actually feel pretty good about it. i don't want to make any definitive statements until i get it back, but i think it's possible that i may have, in fact, rocked it.

plus! i learned how to make double-sided copies today. and there was some red paper in the copier and i didn't realize it, but then i said fuck it, langston hughes would have loved to be printed on red paper. probably so would zora neale hurston, but i copied her last night when there was still regular white paper in the copier.

i'm pretty heavily caffeinated and i look forward to returning from prison and crashing!

also today i gave money to the senior challenge and i got a sweet button that says "class of 2007: licensed to give". AHAHHAHAHA get it?

oh, annie just called, we gots to go to prison now. i'll blog more on my return!

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

listening to: harry belafonte, turn the world around

my favorite thing about new firefox is that you can close inactive tabs! that was my favorite part about safari that firefox didn't have. my least favorite thing is that apparently "belafonte" isn't good enough for firefox's spellcheck. but then, neither is "firefox," so.

i just had a 2-hour study group for trads1, although probably about 1/2 hour or so of it, total, was devoted to discussing our collective fear & hatred of professor dobbs. but i find that i just can't be negative while listening to this song. i can't. so i will say that professor dobbs is certainly very knowledgeable and devoted to her subject, and she has very high standards for her students. i will say that this class is not my life, and being an english student is not my entire identity. i will breathe.

oh, but the song just ended, so i'll say that nitpicky reading comprehension questions seem to me an inappropriate and overly stressful way of testing your students knowledge, you bitter old hag. (please imagine that last sentence being said in randall graves' voice. "the weed of crime bears bitter fruit, you old hag!")

another shuffle! now it's playing "the cool, cool river" by paul simon which i can't really be negative during either. i wake up with the end of this song in my head on a fairly regular basis. i don't know why, it just has planted itself in my brain and likes to resurface? i didn't actually used to even like this song that much. i'm not a fan of the beginning, but i just kept waking up with it in my head, or otherwise having it just spontaneously come into my head, and it's gotten to me. i'm only ever half-joking when i say that paul simon is the closest thing i have to a religion. but really, just, i know it's lame when people post song lyrics in their blogs but really just read this and tell me it would be such a bad thing to have a paul simon-inspired religion:

and i believe in the future
we shall suffer no more
maybe not in my lifetime
But in yours, i feel sure
song dogs barking at the break of dawn
lightning pushes the edges of a thunderstorm
and these streets
quiet as a sleeping army
send their battered dreams to heaven, to heaven
for the mother’s restless son
who is a witness to, who is a warrior
who denies his urge to break and run

who says, hard times?
i’m used to them
the speeding planet burns
i’m used to that
my life’s so common it disappears
and sometimes even music
cannot substitute for tears

i guess you really have to listen to it, also, to know how uplifting it is. i guess just reading it it actually sounds sad. i guess it is sad. but it's rising above it? well, i guess this turned into one of those posts where i post a gratuitous mp3?

and all to keep me from killing professor dobbs.

and to keep me from failing this exam, i'm going to go study more! i will study as hard as byrthnoth fought the vikings in the 10th century epic poem "the battle of maldon," or perhaps as hard as astrophil in sir philip sidney's 16th century sonnet cycle astrophil and stella tried to win stella. perhaps i will study as hard as the stone cross which the 8th century poem "dream of the rood" was carved into. perhaps i will go do that right now and stop blogging.

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listening to: josie & the pussycats, 3 small words

ohh this reminds me of a minor outrage in my life! earlier this week i voted online for the "grinnell favorite films festival." you filled out an online survey with your favorite dramatic, comedic, and romantic movie (so 3 total movies, i mean, not one super dramatic comedic romantic movie, although josie and the pussycats fits all three genres!). but the film had to be in the library's catalog. stupes! what if the #1 favorite film is something that's not in the catalog? the results of this poll would have let the library know that they should acquire this film posthaste. perhaps there should have been room for two replies, like your ultimate favorite film for each category, and then your favorite from the library. then they could have shown a bunch of the faves that are already in the library, and then bought new ones.

okay anyway, mostly i'm mad because josie and the pussycats isn't in the catalog so i couldn't vote for it. and neither was spice world or bill and ted's excellent adventure. what the hell, grinnell. how can we consider ourselves a worldclass institution and then not even own these three movies? ugh. (i ended up voting for dogma as favorite comedy, the matrix as favorite drama [i couldn't really think of many "dramatic" movies i like?], and the princess bride as my favorite romantic movie.)

today promises to be a good dining hall day! "indian sabji" for lunch (this food bears little resemblance to any indian food i've ever eaten, but it is still quite tasty in its own dining hall sort of way) and brie & pear sandwiches for dinner! hooray! PLUS vegetarian potato soup at both meals! plusss yesterday they refilled the raisin bran machine.

anyway, today i'm going to: put finishing touches on my revised history proposal/outline (right now the last outline point is "VI. Conclusion: In which I conclude" and i think i'm going to turn it in that way), fax a form in to the printing place, go to gradeschool class, make copies for prison, and studystudystudy for trads1 argh.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

listening to: lilo & stitch, he mele no lilo

the lilo & stitch soundtrack leads me to believe i would enjoy listening to more traditional hawaiian music. hmm, i guess this is the guy who sings the hawaiian stuff from l&s? maybe i should get this. next month, when sparc actually pays me.

anyway i guess i should say that it's been a month today since paul disappeared. still. so. weird. his family put up a website with information. they also have posters to print off and post; they don't think he's in the grinnell area anymore, and they are asking people to post them places, especially cities and especially places paul might visit (bookstores, coffeehouses, music venues). if you think you live in a place where it might be good to have posters, it would be cool if you printed off a couple and stuck them up.

sort of relatedly, lately i've been talking to people about what the internet should do if i die. i blog about this pretty often, all things considered (probably a couple times a year, i guess). and by "all things considered" i mean "considering i'm not depressed, suicidal, or goth." but, you know, you think about it. i think about what would happen to my plan if i died. it would be forever frozen; internet inanity in amber. i've been thinking about it a bit more often lately.

sometimes i look at j.r.'s plan and i find it inexpressibly sad. here is what it says:

J.R. Ewins

Final List before break
[x] Chem Problem Set - Monday
[x] Chemistry Lab - Tuesday
[x] Bio Mid Term - Wednesday
[] Bio Lab - Thursday
[] Religious Studies Mid-term (2 papers) - Friday
[] Read Chemistry Paper for discussion - Friday

and it will say that forever now, or at least until plans shuts down or erases its server.

my latest plan entry is inviting people to the history sepc study break and making fun of carly for dissing lemony snicket. if i died tomorrow, people would go look at it and be like "wow, what a dork." we all teased amanda when she deleted her facebook account because if she died, she wouldn't want people leaving her messages on her wall. but seriously? if i die, don't leave messages on my wall. also: no myspace memorials. i've deputized a few people in charge of enforcing that rule, but i just want to make it clear. especially since madonna is threatening to disregard my wishes and start a "always remember rent-anna" group >:O

i don't want to... be a downer. and also i know this is a touchy subject and i don't want to seem like i'm attacking anyone's ways of dealing with their grief.

i guess i'm just saying that if i die, try to be classy about it while still taking care of yourselves. OR be totally non-classy, like build a big diorama of a shark fighting a t-rex and write "rip renata! there are no cephalopods in heaven!" on it. that would rule. someone should build me one of those while i'm still alive.

okay. anyway, probably i won't die anytime soon! i'm certainly not seeking it. but it could happen, it does happen! so i just want you all to know my feelings about this i guess? i also want [you] to know that i value our friendship and i regret little! ndbt!!!1!one!

also i'm a little cracked out from writing 2 pages of b&s content today. we have an 8 page paper and i wrote 1/4 of it today. i thought it was funny when i was writing it and then i looked at it and was like, what the hell? what? i made a 1 1/2 page spread called THE SPOOKY HALLOWEEN SPOOK-TACULAR and i guess i thought that the more times i used the word "spooky" and the "chiller" font, the funnier it would be? it's kind of bizarre. i did get to use aunt mary fae, though. i love her. she's one of the recurring b&s characters; she's kind of like a martha stewart figure, except beneath her homey veneer she's a bitter alcoholic. she had a SPOOKY RECIPE CORNER this month and i kind of love it. anyway, i mention that just so you'll know that you're reading deep thoughts on mortality from a girl who mere hours ago thought that a SPOOKY HALLOWEEN SPOOK-TACULAR was a valid and funny idea.

who am i kidding, "thought." it still cracks me up and I DON'T KNOW WHY.

... that is all.

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listening to: queen, crazy little thing called love

one more quick thing before i go do... something else, i guess.

i don't like this msnbc poll. or rather, i like the question: Do you think political campaign ads have gone too far?

but i don't like the possible answers: Yes, I'm completely turned off by aggressive ads that demonize candidate or No, candidates and parties should be able to say whatever they want.

that sets up a totally fucked-up false dichotomy. yes, i am turned off by attack ads. but yes, i think candidates should be able to say whatever they want (short of libel). if you want to focus on the fact that your opponent voted against increasing defense funding, that's cool. if you want to show your opponent next to a picture of a mushroom cloud (like iowa republican candidate jeff lamberti does!) while talking about his defense voting record, that's both hilarious and obnoxious, but i think you should be able to say it.

the real options should be like, "yes, i wish ads would focus on positive aspects of candidates rather than attack their opponents" or "no, i like being told what's wrong with candidates."

fun fact: according to attack ads, NO CANDIDATE CURRENTLY RUNNING SHARES IOWA'S VALUES. the ones who haven't GONE WASHINGTON have apparently misplaced their values in some other state, perhaps oregon. crap, who am i supposed to vote for now?

okay i really just meant to make this a quick post about how that poll annoyed me, so i'll go now. grawr.

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listening to: sharkira, hips don't lie

oh my god, best typo ever!! sharkira! amazing! i think i will just have to refer to her as sharkira forever. too bad sharks don't really have hips. she'd have to re-write it as "dorsal fins don't lie." which they don't; they are very upfront about the impending doom they signify.

today is a good day for fascist grab&go! it is jalapeno chip day as well as m&m cookie day as well as banana day as well as veggie wrap day! i'm not sure if these 4 options have ever lined up before, which is too bad because they are all superior options. also, it's a day that i work there so i can have a ddp with my lunch, even though now it's a FORBIDDEN SODA. have i mentioned this new rule? it pisses me off so hard. there are 2 soda fountains in the grill, one on each side, and they each have different sodas. one is closer to the fg&g area than the other. so the other day i went over to get someone a coke, and jack was like "are you getting water?" and i said, "uh, no, a coke?" and he said "oh, um... we're not allowed to use that soda fountain anymore... mary came down and gave us a bit of a lecture about it." ordinarily jack's a pretty chill guy, so i figure mary must have given quite a lecture about it if it's still being enforced when she'd not there.

it's so dumb though. i assume the rationale is either to make fg&g functiona little faster, or maybe to keep people from bumping into each other? but come on, it takes like 30 more seconds to walk over to the other soda fountain, and there are only ever 3 or 4 people working at the grill. plus, there is only one kind of diet soda at the close fountain, and the far one has three plus the iced tea. so this policy basically gets rid of most of the "healthier" drink options. and i feel really bad having to tell people "no" when they request a "far" drink. it's a little thing, but i know how important beverages can be to the overall quality of one's day! the thought of being denied diet dr. pepper is a tragic one to me, and i totally understand people being upset about not being able to get diet sprite or iced tea or coke or whatever else is over there. it's stuuuupes. i wish sharkira were here, because she would certainly devour mary. and dick. actually pretty much everyone in dining services who is higher up than jack is kind of a jerk. likely they are all taft people, and i wouldn't mind at all if sharkira ate them.

but despite all of them, my lunch is definitely delicious! mmm. also delicious: in trads1 today, when we discussed raleigh's sketchy rhyme of "move" and "love" and professor dobbs talked about how the vowel sounds have shifted, and you're not supposed to pronounce it "loove" to make it fit, and all i could think of was "where, oh werewolf": "my mom and dad, they disapprove/but nothing can stop us/cuz it's true loove!" "loove?" "uh, had to rhyme."

speaking of things that are funny: today's dinosaur comic is especially good i think. if i get an mls i too hope to join a cabal of sexy, yet evil librarians.


sandy: glad you liked the cookies! and yes, your offer worked fine. but mine still hasn't. booo. but wooo for tmbg!

devon: no, you're not creepy at all! ... wait, who's that outside my window...? oh, just a squirrel. right, yeah, you're not creepy.

keith: i'm glad we're in agreement re:appropriate serving size for homemade chips and salsa.

priscilla: i'm glad we're in agreement re:your non-cephalopod status.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

listening to: tmbg, i palindrome i

the history sepc study break just rocked my face off. i drank like a million chai tea and ate a million chips and salsa. and someone brought these "loaded questions" cards that had a bunch of weird ice breaker type questions... some of them were like "what's your favorite flower?" and then some of them were like "if you could wipe any country off the face of the earth, which one would you choose?" and "on a scale of 1 to 10, how often do you stereotype people?" anyway, in the course of one of these questions vbrown told us about going to a wilson conference. i'll try to remember exactly what she said... "and why did i even go to a wilson conference? wilson... hm anyway, but there were about 100 of us there, and it quickly became very apparent that everyone there was either a wilson person, a debs person, a roosevelt person, or a taft person. and i mean, eugene debs is the sexiest man in us history. [someone laughs] do you doubt me?! anyway, wilson people are all boring, and taft people are right wing nuts, so you'd really only want to go out to dinner with debs people and roosevelt people. it was awful though, like if you were at a bar and you got trapped by a taft person, and you'd just be like 'ugh, i hope a debs person comes and saves me!'"

a-mazing. loves her.

i'm a lincoln person, as are most people from illinois; and, in fact, most decent human beings. that's right, i will judge you based on your favorite historical figures. i mean it really goes beyond "favorite" though, and into the sorts of qualities you admire and emulate! i feel! that is why i am actively attempting to become taller and more bearded! also, more humble, compassionate, and honest. additionally i strive to write more letters to the editor defending my wife's honor. additionally i split rails? additionally and tangentially, i felt that yesterday's thinkin' lincoln was incredibly hilarious. the last 2 panels? GOLD.

another question asked about our biggest phobia and i took the opportunity to warn everyone in the room about cephalopods and their ground-walking, lock-picking abilities. this children's book perfectly describes the way i feel about each and every one of you: good thing you're not an octopus! because if you were, i would be repulsed by you.

also! devon, i actually meant to call out you and joel as cool random people i've met through blogging. hooray! and i'm glad you (and priscilla) commmented on continuing to read my old-fashioned blog and looking at my layouts! i know i'm not an html (or css) or graphics master, but i have fun making them! however, i hope i did not come across like i was judging people who use livejournal or have lots of lj friends. certainly not! it is simply not the ideal path for me, is all.

renata: baaaayeee
renata: wait
keith: talk to you later! and hope you feel better
renata: that spells bay
keith: oh
renata: not bye
renata: whatever
keith: bay is soo the new bye
renata: no i was just pointinng out my own flaws
renata: you didn't really have to wait
keith: bay, you have a good night too!

baaaay everyone! also yes, i do feel better, now that i have digested some of the million chips & salsa i consumed. sarah made homemade salsa! how could i eat some lesser quantity of it, like a thousand of it seriously wouldn't have been sufficient.

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listening to: mary chapin carpenter, i feel lucky

huh. i just actually clicked on a banner ad (for a new sam and max game?!) and it launched a new window. a new, blank window. i'm no advertising expert but i imagine they are more effective when they are actually functional.

today i talked myself into going to the pec instead of taking a nap, because ultimately it would make me feel more energetic. but instead it made me feel sick to my stomach? weird.

also weird: my feelings on my shiny new lj feed! i don't know. i understand that it is more convenient for people. but at the same time one of the main reasons i've clung to blogger rather than jump ship to lj full time are my antisocial online tendencies. i've never wanted to join 50 communities and have 700 lj friends. i'm wary of people just being like "oh i like your icon! FRIENDS FOR LIFE!" obviously, you don't have to friend everyone back or whatever. but lj friends pages make it almost too easy to be internet "friends" with someone. there's no real investment, i guess. which is nice for some people? but i am kind of old fashioned in my internet journal ways (which i know is an oxymoron, shh). i like the ritual of going to different people's pages each day! webcomics too. i don't subscribe to any webcomic feeds because i like to go to each one each day. it's nice to see them on their original pages. that is their home! it's where they live! i wouldn't want to read penny arcade without their big logo at the top, or questionable content without jeph's sidebar comments as a sidebar, or dinosaur comics without seeing a text link to "sexy exciting merchandise" at the top. priscilla's had an lj feed for her blog for years now i think and i've never subscribed. does it mean that sometimes i go visit her blog and there is no new entry? yes. boo hoo, a less efficient way of wasting time on the internet. (errr, not that your blog is a waste of time, priscilla!)

on the other hand, i do have a handful of random lj friends from communities, and i like reading their journals i suppose. and it is weird that i read their posts so easily every day and they would have to come to my own site every day to read whatever crap i've spewed out. still though, i kind of feel like a creepy lj voyeur or something. i don't want big internet popularity or whathaveyou.

of course, right now there are only 7 people subscribing to my lj feed, and one of them is me, so clearly i don't really have to worry about big internet popularity. but it's still just strange.

i'm going to go put some early 20th century british romance novels' bibliographic information into a spreadsheet now! grinnell college history department: join for the glamour, stay for the spreadsheets!

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listening to: tori, sister janet

man, my hello kitty humidifer (i can never just refer to it as "the humidifier" or even "my humidifier." i spent an exta $10 for that hello kitty product name, and i am going to mention it as often as possible) is working like a charm! no more nosebleeds! thus far, anyway. i think it might actually be making my room too humid, because i've been waking up with a mildly drippy nose. or that might be a followup stage to my medusoid mycelium infection from sunday. ummm.

hey, i got my email grade from professor dobbs. it's a b. that's way better than a U! so maybe i won't fail out of the english department and have traditions of english literature 1 forever be a dark, dark mark on my transcript forever. i had a writing lab appointment today to revise it also. and. i don't know, i think i'm partly kind of just hating that class out of habit anymore, although i reserve the right to rescind that comment after the exam on friday.

this week this week this week i can get through everything if i don't waste time on the internet. so... uh... hmm.

i'm kind of tired but last night i dreamed about marty mcfly and the delorean so maybe i didn't actually sleep, i just time travelled to this morning? don't you think that is a likely scenario? why not? explain in a 5-paragraph essay.

in conclusion, now i'm hungry so i am going to publish this post and visit the place of lunch! afterwards perhaps i will do productive schoolwork of some sort! i can only hope.

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oh one more thing, madonna set up an lj syndication thingummie?

one other other thing, i know priscilla has mentioned that when she edits her blogger posts it double posts on her xml feed. well, i edit my posts like all the time so it's probably going to double post. i'll try to curb the practice but really if you don't like it, just read my real blog. wii!

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cool i guess it worked? so this blog is motherfucking syndicated to http://frowl.org/heyjupiter/feed/atom.xml and then i just set up an rss feed too, it's http://feeds.feedburner.com/heyjupiter.

umm i did it for madonna because she asked nicely. and i want in her pants. what? so i guess now if you have an lj you can read my blog through a feed? you won't get to look at lilo & stitch every day that way, though. fair warning. also, if you want to leave a comment (which you do!) you have to come back to my blog to do it. seriously you can't do it to the lj feed because then i won't see them! :O

anyhow, b&s editorial meeting tonight was a++. highlights:

me: i can't believe it's only our second issue of the year and we're already breaking the "no holocaust jokes" rule.
bryan: that's a rule?
me: bryan, we have like three rules and one of them is definitely "no holocaust jokes."

me: are anne frank jokes like definitely way over the line?
dylan: i dunno, is it funny?
me: ... kinda.

dylan: renata, i used to think you were jewish.
me: what?
dylan: yeah, it's the hair, you have jewish hair.
bryan: i have a jewish nose.
dylan: well, i have a jewish penis.

anyway i'm going to go write a paper about my feelings regarding atomic bombs! my feelings are: negative!

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if this works, i'll have an atom feed at http://frowl.org/heyjupiter/feed/atom.xml?

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Monday, October 23, 2006

listening to: tori, tear in your hand

my favorite part of this live version is at the very beginning, when some guy yells "SIT DOWWWWN!"

anyway, hello! i just photospammed my blog! thanks, flickr's "blog this" feature! i hope you all enjoy the photos. if you don't like them, you are probably some kind of cephalopod.

today i learned that i probably should have been more productive over break! but OH WELLS.

i also learned that professor dobbs didn't put a grade on our papers; instead she will email us our grades later. but we're supposed to revise our papers anyway. i knew it. she says she will take the revisions "into consideration" for our final grades. tragic indeed is the life of the english major!

in happier, sharkier news: i agree with molly, this turtle is amazing.

also, christine sent me a stuffed lobster dressed like a british colonist. or a colonial-era british guy. his nationality is unclear, but he's wearing a tricorner hat and a blue jacket. (so he's not a redcoat, but he is a lobsterback. AHAHHAHA IT DOESN'T GET ANY FUNNIER THAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR HUMOR!) oh, he's also wearing a t-shirt advertising a boston seafood restaurant, so i guess he's an american lobster. an american lobster who advocates cannibalism. he's pretty adorable, despite his unnatural tendencies. i hope that he will join forces with trey and sharky to defend me against any possible cephalopod invaders. it'd be better if he were three feet long, like the biggest lobster everrr. he does look pretty scrappy, though.

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
kitty magneto helped me write my paper over break! he is a noted expert on 18th century british literature. also he is adorable and i like to rub his fuzzy belly. also i took like ten pictures of him and i just posted four of them on my flickr. each one contains a slightly different and adorable pose. kittyyyy.

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
there's always a robot parade in my bedroom at home!

the robots obey what the children say!

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
hooray for perry the pimp-ass ride!

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
commence photo spam! look, here is the amazing cross stitch my mom made me and my new hello kitty humidifier! they both sit on top of my microwave and make me smile.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

listening to: stu, voodoo dolls

i'm kind of... out of it? ummm. still not coughing, though, so that's good. also, when apple kidnapped sam apparently they upgraded itunes? it's kind of like blue and... different graphicsy now?

so spacey. like. i was giving a girl (rachel, she answered my rideboard ad) a ride back to grinnell from peoria and i was like "how about if i pick you up at grand prairie mall, since it's right off the highway?" and then i drove to northwoods mall, which is in this big construction clusterfuck and NOT right off the highway and i was like "what the hell, why didn't i just go to grand prairie. oh that's where i was SUPPOSED to go." and i had to navigate this big clusterfuck driving perry and it was stressful! but i ultimately triumphed!

and then i picked up rachel and forgot to take the parking break off and couldn't figure out why perry wouldn't, like, move.

anyway but then we made it to grinnell and i parked and got into my room okay. and then i walked back out to my car to get another load of stuff, only to realize that i forgot my car key in my room (and perry doesn't have an interior trunk latch? you can only open the trunk with the key). so i walked back towards my room, decided to get my mail, then went back up to my room and got my key and walked back out to my car. only to realize that dad put a spare key in a secret magnet box, so i could have used that to open the trunk and not have wasted a trip out to the parking lot. one step behind, renata. one step behind.

i still have one more load of stuff in the trunk, but i'm taking a break because i am le tired!

also i got my trads1 paper back in the mail and i wanted to look at it. i'm pretty sure it doesn't have a grade on it. but if it does have a grade, i'm pretty sure the grade is U. like it's written at the bottom of the last page, where a grade might be? but it's below a paragraph symbol so i think it means "paragraph unclear." but it's in a circle like a grade might be? but it's a U. like i've looked at it from all angles, it's clearly a U. i t hought maybe a C? but it has a curly U tail. then i thought maybe it's a sideways F, because of the curly U tail? but if it is it's the craziest F ever. and also, as much as i fear professor dobbs and as much as the paper is marked up, i really don't think it's an F paper. a C MAYBE but not an F. but it definitely looks like a U. but it might not even be supposed to be the grade. my arms feel really long again. also maybe she didn't grade it? her final note says she'd "... love to see me revise a body paragraph in a way that addresses these problems" so maybe it's like i don't get a grade until i revise it sort of thing? but that seems excessively kind for professor dobbs. i feel like her style would be more like "you get a C! revise the paper anyway for the SHEER JOY OF MEDIEVAL LITERATURE!"

professor dobbs, i grade your grading a U for UNCLEAR.

in other news i just got invited to present at the pop culture association-american culture association conference in boston? what? and she said it's in the spring and i was like "i don't know what i'll be doing in the spring! i'll probably be in another country! oh wait this spring? i can't do anything in the spring, i have school." less exciting. maybe if it's over spring break i suppose? april 4-7? when the hell is spring break? march 16-april 2. oh, soo close pop culture association conference. probably for the best, people who don't even know what year it is probably shouldn't be invited to present at conferences in the first place. (it was to talk about neil gaiman.) oh also i don't even like know anything. i just made a website once. i get Us on my undergrad papers. i shouldn't be invited places. maybe i should try to go anyway though i guess it would be pretty cool. i don't know. i'll talk to my mom, she will tell me what to do. that is what moms are for.

i took that sudafed like a long time ago but i still feel really weird. oh also i guess it's been awhile since i ate food.

maybe i will eat some food and then go get the rest of my stuff out of perry. the rest of my stuff is: a crate of books and my toothpaste for dinner bag. which also contains books.

i feel weird. in multiple senses. what.

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listening to: ps, proof

back to schooltime is approaching! perry is mostly packed up, although per usual i walked out there and the hood was up and i was like "dad i need to leave soon" and he was like "ok i'm just doing some mysterious car things!! it won't take too long!!" seriously, he always starts doing mysterious car things about 20 minutes before i need to leave. not that i don't appreciate someone doing mysterious car things for me for free; i do! it's amazing! but i'm not exaggerating, it's always 20 minutes before i need to leave.

anyhow, a quick book blog is in order! i stopped updating snow, glass, kiwi in favor of librarything, which i haven't actually used that often. shelfari looks cool too, but i haven't set up an account. i might mess around with it later. i've still been updating the commonplace blog with book quotes/excerpt i like, although it hasn't really caught on as a community. that's cool, i still like having my personal favorites collected together. but i really, really like the 2 excerpts i posted from adverbs by daniel handler (and priscilla liked them too!!), and i'd like to throw it out there as a general recommendation for both lemony snicket fans and non-ls fans. it's a really captivating read, and it's very interesting as a snicket fan because there are definitely some stylistic similarities and some similar themes, but it's also very different. oh, it's great.

in other news, i seriously think i got infected with the medusoid mycelium. i woke up this morning with a crazy ass cough. ugh.

WHOA and my mom gave me some generic dayquil and now i'm having an out of body experience. well not really but i really feel like... i'm a lot taller. sam seems much farther away from me than he actually is. whoaaa better drink some more coffee before i drive to iowa. whoaaaa. but i have stopped coughing in the last few minutes, so hooray! anyhow, toodles i suppose!

i'll catch y'all on the flip side. of the mississippi river!!

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

watching: monster-in-law (well, it's on. really mom's watching it.)

hello everyone! i am pleased to deem the last 24 hours HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL. i'll do bullet points:
- i drove to champaign and didn't die!
- trina and justin and ashvin and nathaniel and amanda and some other u o f i people and i carved pumpkins! ashvin and i teamed to up to carve INTERROBANG PUMPKIN. trina said she'd send me pictures. soo awesome.
- we watched hook but mostly we carved pumpkins so i still haven't really seen it.
- we baked and ate pumpkin seeds! soo many of them! yumcore.
- we drank deliciousss coffee & kahlua.
- we watched the lake house. twice. well, once and a half times. yes, that's the movie with a slightly time-travelling keanu reeves (not to be confused with bill and ted's excellent adventure, which has a fully time-travelling keanu). okay. i don't even know. but we watched it last night and were like "hah, what a ridiculous movie!" and then this morning we got up and turned on the teevee and it was playing the lake house like halfway through and we just sat and watched it again. that movie is like one big plothole. with some side plotholes. a-mazing.
- also we watched bring it on, which was much more structurally sound.
- i drove back home and today i KILLED PERRY ZERO TIMES. hooray!
- i fixed our new satellite internet! it took like 2 hours on the phone with shaky tech support. but now it works! we are free of dialup in the sancken household!
- went out to delicious dinner with the family! hooray for ranch party!! (aka: fiesta ranchera. aka: delicious mexican food!) also, went to wal-mart and mom purchased me some SUNDRY GOODS, including exciting new body wash and exciting chocolate-covered espresso beans! also not-exciting new tampons, but they did remind me of a rant i've been wanting to rant about: how come a multi-pack of unscented playtex tampons is 36 tampons, but a multi-pack of scented is 40? and they cost the same? wouldn't it be more expensive to add scent? or shouldn't they cost the same? why is it more cost-effective for me to add extra chemicals to my vagina? BOO THAT.

in other downsides: this seriously is the week APPLE PRODUCTS DIE. sam is back safe and sound, but my parents' ipod DIED. WHAT THE HELL. and! and my mom's emac is giving me some crazy ass errors about the volume? or something? i don't even know and there is no good reason for this to happen? >:O

also i have to go back to school tomorrow >:O

more upsides: keith is on aim! hooray!

man, reading over my blog i realized i didn't talk about anything i DID, i just talked about stuff that happened on teevee. but i did leave the house and visit people and stuff! notably, skylark! hooray! also steve and i (and steve's friend erin) went to a newish "irish pub" downtown. it was kind of hokey, but they had strongbow on tap! delicious strongbowwwww makes me homesick for londontown.

okay maybe i should go to bed now. byeee.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

wheeee! connecting point called and said sam is fixed and back in the store! a++ speediness, apple!

also, dad deemed me ready to drive perry to champaign. oh my! it's possible i will die. probably i won't, though. and then hoooray, i will get to see trina!! i saw her like two times all summer omg.

also, keith, wtf you can drive stick shift and you don't want to get your license? if you can do that, you can do anything. ANYTHING.

ok bye!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

my new car is here! i just drove it and everything! it is a sweet ride. that is why i named it perry, the Pimp-Ass Ride. so technically, his name should be spelled PARry, but that seems so aggressive.

it has many features my old car did not have, such as: air conditioning, working door handles, working windows, and cup holders. it lacks rust and an automatic transmission. also, the parking brake works, unlike on reid's car, which i've been practicing with. so reid made me go out and practice stopping on hills, which is rifuckingdiculous. oh god, i hate hills. for those of you who don't drive stick (i am guessing: most of you), when you start on a hill, you hold the parking brake with your right hand and gradually let up on it, while you gradually pull out on the clutch with your left foot and gradually put in on the gas with your right foot. also you hold the wheel with your left hand. if you mess up on any of these things (except wheel-holding, which is a little more forgiving), the car will die and you will have to start over. it took me like 10 times to make it up this one stupid hill by our house. grrrr.

but i did ittt. and reid gave me some more words of wisdom:
reid: "you should be in like 5th gear mow."
me: "dad said i should stay in 3rd as long as possible."
reid: "that's because dad is retarded. i'm serious, he is a lazy ass nigger."


also, my arm hurts from too much shifting. my family unanimously agrees that this is ridiculous and shifting should not make my arm hurt. reid says i shift with too much vigor. but if i don't shift vigorously, i don't pull it over far enough and i get into 3rd gear instead of 1st and then EVERYTHING SMELLS LIKE SMOKE so maybe i'd better just keep up the vigor.

i am sleepy. i should probably go to bed and rest up the ol' shifting arm.

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project runway finale=exciting!!

this post has spoilers!!

so don't read it if you don't want project runway spoilers!!

anyway, what's the deal with me getting ridiculously attached to reality shows just as they end? (cf: taylor hicks, irrational hatred of.) but i know a lot of people who like it, and bravo showed a big marathon of it while i was home, so i watched a lot of episodes. and then the finale. omg.

anyway, i love uli. she has cute clothes and she seems like such a fun, nice person. and her speech before her fashion week show was adorable. and i don't like jeffrey, because he seems like a crazy jerk, basically.

that said, tonight i actually did like jeffrey's designs the best. i liked uli's second best, though. i didn't care for michael's. his clothes were skanky. that is my expert, informed fashion opinion. his clothes were skanky.

so i guess i'm okay with jeffrey winning, since his final collection really was great. and i'm sure uli's going to get some... fashion designing offers or whatever the hell you're supposed to get. same for michael and laura, really. i'm sure all of the top 4 will get some sort of fashiony deal.

oh, in non-pr news, reid broke his nose? some kid opened a door into his face. it's all swollen and junk and the doctor gave him SUPERADVIL. each tablet is the equivelent of 4 ibuprofens. i don't understand why he didn't just say "go take like 8 ibuprofens" but i guess this is more efficient. still though, poor reid! now his modeling career is OVER. his hockey career is still on, though.

it's after midnight so now it's thursday so now break is almost over. lame. i did start making some sweet trads1 flashcards, though. wooooooo?

in conclusion: last night on the daily show, when they did the retrospective of every president ever mentioned on tds, and ended with a zachary taylor joke? PURE COMIC GOLD.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

happy birthday, madonna!!

Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
i love you!! and so does tyrone!!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


i dropped sam off at connecting point and told them that i neeeeded him back by friday even if he wasn't fixed yet, and they called and said that they had to actually send him in to get fixed and he probably wouldn't be back by friday. and i said, fine, i'll wait until winter break. and they said, well, it's only under warranty for 30 more days.

and i said what, it's not under warranty at all. but i guess the broken drive IS linked to the new logic board, so it is under warranty because the new logic board still is? but only for 30 more days. they said it probably wouldn't take more than a week and they can ship it to me at school. so i'm doing that i guess. it's really nice that it is under warranty, i was expecting to have to pay for it. so that's great. but. the thought of being at school for even one day without sam makes me twitch. i know i'm a big spoiled brat and a lot of people don't have their own computers and get by just fine at the library. and i'll probably be a lot more productive, in fact, if i have to go to a lab whenever i want to do computer work.



it's been a bad week for me and apple products. well, an okay one i guess since they're fixing sam for free and also i'm probably getting a new free ipod as soon as the system registers me and keith as having completing our offers.

anyway i'm in milner library, stealing my mom's id so i can check out isu's copy of images of women in anglo-indian fiction. so... i'm going to go do that.

oh! but--since i'm sure you were all waiting with bated breath to hear about this--i bought my hello kitty humidifier today! i bought 4 things at target today and they were all pink. hooray!

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Monday, October 16, 2006

watching: colbert report

ok so on studio 60 at first i thought the sting with a lute thing was a joke? and then he actually played the lute, and i actually really liked it and i guess it's actually his real new album? weird. i've never been a big sting fan--not that i disliked him, but i definitely don't have any of his albums or anything. but i'm definitely considering getting this lute album. ooh, maybe tomorrow i'll see if the library has it.

also, my mom got a $10 target gift card somehow and she gave it to me! i'm definitely putting it towards a hello kitty humidifier.

tomorrow i'm also taking sam into connecting point, with the caveat that HE MUST BE FIXED BY FRIDAY and if they can't do that, i'll just have to wait for winter break to get the cd drive fixed :/ i looked on apple's support page, though, and it said sometimes disc drive problems were linked to the logic board, and i did just get a new logic board, so i'm hoping it's some sort of quick fix along the lines of "oops we just bumped some crucial wire when we put in the logic board, let's just bump it back into place... done!" ...a girl can dream, right?

i submitted my paper. i'm not sure it's coherent or any good, but it sure does have a lot of relevant quotations. i'd like to just veg but i realllly should get some research done for history, since a lot of my inter-library loaned books have to be returned pretty soon after break. and i really should do some studying for trads1, as much as i loathe the idea. and i want to update otgar since i haven't done it in like a year. i think tonight i'll just go to bed early and chill, tomorrow get up and run some errands, and take it from there. the most important thing is maintaining sanity.

renata: oh man i just realized
renata: i'm almost done with this paper and i haven't used the word "problematize" yet
renata: that's like my favorite paper-writing word ever
madonna: lolll
renata: if i wrote a paper on lemony snicket i would use "problematize" like every paragraph
renata: "the revelation about poison darts problematizes the baudelaires' idyllic memories of their parents"
renata: "the necessity of burning down the hotel denoument problematizes the baudelaires' contstruction of ethics"
renata: "olaf problematizes every goddamn thing"
madonna: its true
madonna: let's write a thesis on asoue
madonna: lolll
madonna: olafffff
renata: yes
renata: if i go to grad school i'm applying to whatever program will let me write about lemony

priscellie: CRAP 2/3 OF OUR ROADTRIP PARTICIPANTS DON'T EXIST. this trip is doomed :o but there are 13 of keith so i guess he can make up for it. also, the free candy with pie should help ease the pain of non-existence. ALSO, no, it's not that you aren't as cool as you were in 2000. it's that there is no cooler photographic evidence of your personal physical coolness, at least none in my possession.

tara: sooo i thought your comment was from talia? and i clicked the link and was like "that's so weird, because talia must have somehow sent the wrong link but it has tara's full name! she doesn't even know tara! ... wait..."

julia: yeah, it's at your house. or is it??? yes, it is.

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ahahah i stayed up till 5am last night working on this paper (whhyyy because i can't focus ever) and i'm going back to put some finishing touches on it, and i noticed this phrase "she has read many novels and stuff." nice, renata. very academic.

in context it appears "stuff" was actually a typo for "still," as in, "she has read many novels and still has 'thought only of being a quiet wife.'" still though, pretty awesome.

aww, kitty magneto came up to help me with my paper. and by "help me with my paper" i mean "lick himself."

yesterday my dad borrowed my car and asked me why i didn't tell him about the noise it was making. i said, "dad, that car always makes noises, how am i supposed to notice a new one?" and he said, "well, THIS noise means your brakes are bad." and i said "oh. that's not good." he fixed them though, so probably i won't die!

i also learned how to drive stick shift yesterday. i am 100% an expert on driving stick shifts now. that is a lie, and probably i will die if i drive stick shift anywhere around other cars. i did start getting the hang of it around the end, which is good because apparently my grandfather is getting me a new-used car for christmas, but it's a stick shift. so... yep, better start learning i suppose.

oh boyyy i just checked my email and there's something from professor dobbs entitled "sidney argument." is this going to be a grade? i don't think i want a grade. oh whew, she says they're graded but she put them in campus mail.

aww, kitty magneto just made a startling, yet adorable... whimper/snore/sigh? noise.

in conclusion: Although Desmond sympathizes with the French Revolution’s goals of equality and “government for the benefit of the governed, not the government” (205), in the private sphere, his governance over Geraldine may well be of questionable benefit to Geraldine.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

watching: tori videos

watching these, i just have to say that in addition to being crazy and amazing, tori is also a trendsetter in unexpected ways! like in the "silent all these years" video she totally predicts livejournal icons. the way she continually puts her face or other random objects in a little square surrounded by white space? the first livejournal icon.

or in the "god" video when she dances with snakes? definitely beat britney there by like 10 years.

or in the "bliss" video when she shakes a teletubby doll? she abused teletubbies way before jerry falwell. or actually maybe this video was made after that happened. whatever, i'm sure she thought about it before he did.

or in the "talula" video when she uses a blowtorch to cut herself out of a plastic room? all the kids are doing that these days.

in other news, i finished notetaking last night, and i made a rough outline and now i have almost a paaage written. it's too soon to tell if this will be a great paper or the greatest paper, but i am fairly confident it will at least get finished by tomorrow. hooray!

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watching: project runway

man this is only my 2nd episode of this show ever (except for the one i watched at madonna's house when i was exhausted and passed out halfway through) and i'm kind of hooked! intense!

i like: uli! and laura!


LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

renata: * There are 0 people in the U.S. named Renata Sancken.
* While both names you entered were found in our database, neither was common enough to make it likely that someone in the U.S. has that name.
renata: crap i don't exist i guess
renata: bye
sophi: apparently
sophi: ghosttt

there are 6 of my dad, though. and 2 of my mom. reid's not real either, though. my parents will probably be kind of sad about that.

oh, speaking of sad, i read the end last night. HOLY FUCK LEMONY SNICKET. no spoilers except HOLY FUCK.

anyway, i think i'm going to finish re-reading and notetaking desmond and maybe do an outline depending on how tired i am. i'm on 340 out of 400 so i'm mostly done with stage 1. then i'll have like all day tomorrow and monday to write the paper. and it's only 5 pagessss so i should be good, especially if i don't spend all day "reading" and watching teevee. then fall break will start for real! hooray!

except i'm also hoping to study for the trads1 exam in 2 weeks and work on my research paper :o but still, break!

sophi: we get break to keep us from going crazy; it has limited success.

eta: Lemony Snicket
* There are 0 people in the U.S. named Lemony Snicket.
* One or both of the names you entered were not found in our database.


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Saturday, October 14, 2006

watching: svu?

i have watched so much teevee today. i've been taking notes on desmond along the way, but... wow, so much:

- empire strikes back
- 1 disc of the office
- 1 disc of walker, texas ranger
- 1 episode of fairly oddparents
- 2 episodes of little britain

andd i just started watching this episode of svu.

a definite highlight was watching empire with reid, and we decided that lando is a black panther? and did the black panther salute after each of his lines? and then we noticed that lando calls leia "leier" and we started yelling at all the other characters for calling her "leia." "my name is leier! leia is my slave name!"

we also got into a lengthy discussion regarding the widely variable limits of the force. in summary: the force is widely variable!

i also cuddled tyrone for awhile.

now i'm going to go take some more notes on desmond. wooo! fall break ruleeees!

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Friday, October 13, 2006

listening to: ps, born at the right time

i turned in my trads1 paper!! i get to go home today! and write a paper all weekend!

last night at the grill i ran into some people from my romantics class, and we had all taken the extension and everyone else we knew in the class had taken an extension too. we all agreed how sad it is that we've had this assignment all semester, and it was due any time up until fall break, and it's only 5-7 pages, and we still all took an extension. so crazy. and i'm not really an extension kind of girl--up until now i've only ever asked for one, and that was last semester when i got strep throat/black plague during finals week. this is my first-ever extension just cuz i couldn't get my work done on time for no good reason. i have to admit, it's pretty sweet!

another thing that's kind of messed up: this week i got a free mug for doing a library lab and a free water bottle for getting a free flu shot. a library lab is when a research librarian does your research for you, for free. and a free flu shot is when the health center ladies inject you with something that will allegedly protect you from getting the flu, for free. arguably both of these things are already inherently rewarding. why is the college trying to sweeten the deal by giving me free stuff?

that's be like if i said, "hey, do you want some totally free candy? it's delicious and i'm giving it to you! and just to show you how much i appreciate you taking my free candy, have this pie."

i'm not complaining, but man.

another excellent use of school resources? last night i requested a bunch of trashy romance novels through inter-library loan. of course, they're trashy romance novels that were written between like 1890-1920, but still. awesome. i can't wait to read them.

anyway i'm going to go to prison now! we're going to talk about prison literature! in prison! amazing!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

listening to: t-petts, breakdown

sooo instead of working on my romantics paper i updated my who's who? what is wrong with me? anyhow, i added new pictures for most people (except for priscilla, because i don't think there will ever be a picture as awesome as the one of her wearing that lincoln impersonator's hat, so the who's who? is like a little time capsule where she is perpetually a freshman in high school) and several new people. and a pets section. i have some hott friends so you will probably like looking at 100x100 images of them.

i finished draft 4 of the trads1 paper and i think i am surrendering to it. blahhhh.

keith: hooray, i'm glad you approve!
mary: hooray, i'm glad you approve as well! also, the movie says that if you are an overweight white person that's okay too, because lilo will think you are beautiful and will take a picture of you and put it on her wall.

anyhow back to work i suppose, or perhaps i'll find some other part of my blog to fix instead....

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listening to: interview with john hodgman

you guys should listen to this public radio interview with john hodgman! my friend (and former b&s copyeditor! b&s staffers are GOING PLACES, john hodgman-related places) brad the radio intern gets a shoutout, and john reveals the secrets of ultramarine. also you will be encouraged to donate money to seattle public radio about 4012340 times, but hey: maybe you *should* donate. also, jonathan coulton joins the interview like halfway through and performs "baby got back."

today in gradeschool class we read a translated japanese children's book. the book was about a family and their cat with kittens during the tokyo bombings. they all flee and the whole family dies but the kitties are miraculously saved. it was sad and had some fairly graphic descriptions of human immolation. but hey, the kitties were alright.

the wind in grinnell is gusting up to 27mpg right now. that's like a car going slightly below the city speed limit. a car that drove slightly below the city speed limit from the north pole directly to my face. and it feels like it's below freezing and i do not have my hat with ear flaps with me. i'm adding that to the top of my list of things to bring back with me after fall break, i can tell you that!

i just need to do a 3rd and maybe 4th draft of my trads1 paper. and... write all of my romantics paper, but i have all weekend for that. i can get some rest and write it! at home, with kitties! aww.

speaking of kitties, i was just looking at humidifiers online. i'm already starting to get winter hands, and my nose is drying up and whatnot. last year my mom was like "just put out a pan of water" and i did, and it ruined my cake pan and didn't actually help that much. so i think i might break down and buy a humidifier over break. this one costs a l'il bit more than the very low end of humifiers ($40 vs $25-30ish) but i might have to break down and get it. because it is hello kitty in humidifier form. she would increase the humidity AND the adorability of my room. in contrast, look at this $30 knockoff kitty humidifier. significantly less adorable! (as a sidenote, isn't it awesome and/or ridiculous that there are multiple cat-shaped humidifiers on the market?)

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listening to: lilo & stitch, hawaiian roller coaster ride

holy smokes a new layout?!

yeah i don't know... i got kind of ahead on work tonight and i was just like yeah i'll make a new layout for my blog instead of going to bed?!

i'm not sure how i feel about it. it has so many colors. like three. three colors. or four. gosh. i think i like it though. i hope you like it too, and do not find that it is excessively pink or perhaps excessively blue.

also, it's wider now! it won't mess up my flickr photo posts or anything! hooray!

and it has happy warm colors (four of them)! better than the freeezing iowa winds outside the last few days. i've never studied meterology but i am pretty sure that they just come straight down from the north pole, go all the way across canada and minnesota, swirl around northern iowa for awhile, and then hit me in the face. and i left my ear-flappy hat at home so i have to wear hooded sweatshirts with the hood up. gosh.

lilo & stitch & nani are feeling none of that in my layout!

anyway i'm going to bed now! ps if it looks weird on your computer hit refresh!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

aww man. on the phone just now:

mom: hey, guess who's coming to isu?
me: ... a robot?
mom: no, she's someone you really like...
me: sarah vowell??!
mom: yep! she's going to wesleyan too! on october 24!
me: awesome, i'll be home then!! wait, the 24... aw that's like 2 days after i leave!! well, you have to go and get all my books signed. like all of them, even the ones she didn't write.
mom: i think she would appreciate that.

no faaaair. hmm. apparently sarah vowell doesn't have a website. unsurprising, but annoying. maybe she's coming to iowa city or something. oh, here we go. and nope, she's not. gosh sarah vowell, how are you and i ever going to become best friends if you can't even have a reading that i can attend?

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ok so i finally decided to do a celebrity facemap thing. here it is:

but then i noticed that apparently i just look like people with glasses (and/or asian people), so i did another one of me without glasses:

then i did one of me as a pirate!

the pirate one definitely gets me the coolest celeb matches. elvis costello, janeane garafolo, and gary oldman? a++

i don't think any celebrity is in all 3 collages.

i look like a lot of dudes, apparently.

also, these are too wide for my layout. i really need to make a new, wider layout. hmm.

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listening to: rachael sage, colorized world

guys, my subconscious is a GENIUS. last night i dreamed that i asked for an extension on my romantics paper, and i woke up and was like "aww, it's still due friday. WAIT we get one free extension per semester, and our only other paper is the final one. why don't i just use the extension now and not go insane?"

and lo, i just officially requested my extension. i hope my other dream about professor simpson ruining my paper topic doesn't come true, though.

last night i was talking to reid about the walker, texas ranger dvds i rented, and i looked them up on amazon and read reviews and stuff, and i got sooo excited because there's an episode that deals with the ebola virus!!! walker + ebola virus = a winning combination, no doubt. but then i did further research to see which episode it was, and it turns out it's called blood diamonds, and it's one of the very last ones. i only rented the first 2 discs, so probably no ebola for me :( i'll just have to add the last disc as the next thing on my queue.

oh amazing: Trivia: Near the end we find out this whole episode is a dream Alex had, then at the VERY end it turns out to be real but Alex most likely stopped Walker from going after this case.

yesss ebola and a "whole episode was a dream, MAYBE" plotline. also apparently walker gets involved with some sort of conflict diamonds scheme.

julia: i agree with you fully on the quarter/water non-rhyme. also, these biblified nursery rhymes don't follow the rhythm of regular nursery rhymes.

like, "thanking jesus for curds and whey" sounds soo awkward compared to "eating her curds and whey." there's already an extra syllable from "-us" and it's hard not to say "HER curds and whey."

or for example:
Three kind mice,
See what they've done!
They helped a lost chick
To find Mother Hen,
They brought some food
To the church mice, then
They cleaned up the tree house
For Jenny Wren,
Those three kind mice.

first of all, repetition is KEY to the original rhyme. second of all, read that out loud. it sounds dumb. dumbbbb. i guess you can kind of make it fit the original rhythm if you stretch it, but it's awkward. and dumb. if i were jesus--which i am not--i think i would be like "hey how about you just read the bible sometimes and read nursery rhymes sometimes and not try to make some sort of horrible fusion? it's cool, i totally understand if you sometimes want to read stories that don't explicitly have my name in them. i'm not an egotist or anything. peace out."

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

two more things;

1; molly just sent me a song from the tragic treasury and it has sharkssss in it.
how could i know there's no island nearby
if i don't eat something soon i'll just die
i wouldn't eat you, no never, not i
so let's catch us a shark and i'll make us a pie
what shall we use for bait? lend me a hand
i'll sew it back when we get to land

i am sooo getting this cd on friday.

2; i guess paul's story was on geraldo?! weirdy weird, but if you are interested it's a good piece i guess? also my friend bryan is in it. strange days.

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listening to: rachael sage, guardians

i'm procrastinating by posting this link about how stopping procrastinating is the top goal of people on the internet! worth reading for the accompanying image.

also, it sounds like priscilla, keith, and sophi have all received and are enjoying their baked goods! hooray! jason's probably have to go through some strict security at universal exports or something.

that's pretty exciting! good job, postal service! i mean i sent them out saturday morning, right before the post office closed (at 11). and they were closed sunday and monday and they still got to california and texas and pennsylvania today! gosh!

today was a pretty exciting mail day for me, too. i got my paycheck and a letter from kodak (the camp counselor, not the film company) and my birthday present from trina! the gift is a "rock-a-bye bible" and it is inscribed, "dearest renata, let this guide you through life on your 21st birthday. Lord knows we both need the help since we'll probably end up in hell. Love, Trina." the card includes an apology for the gift's late delivery and an artistic rendition of me being mad at her for being late with the gift. in the drawing, trina is labelled "trina (or george washington in a dress)".


a "rock-a-bye bible" is apparently some nursery rhymes adapted to have god in them, side by side with some bible verses. for example (capslock IN ORIGINAL BOOK):

Jack and Jull went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
A man there said,
"If you drink this,
You'll still be thirsty after.
But there is water Jesus gives,
So won't you ask Him first,
To give you LIVING WATER
So that you will never thirst."
Up Jack got and home did trot,
A whole mile and a quarter,
To tell the GOOD NEWS
To his friends

LIVING WATER? what? shouldn't they have gotten the pail of water too, just in case?

also: is this more or less creepy than jack falling down and breaking his crown?

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet,
Thanking Jesus for curds and whey;
There came a big spider
And sat down beside her,
To listen to Miss Muffet pray.

a++++, would blaspheme again.

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listening to: rachael sage, swallow this phone

i'm good at many things: writing small humorous lists that will fit in perfect, page-filling boxes; writing letters; baking hobo brownies.

however, i am also bad at many things: weaving baskets, time management, determining whether my shoes and clothing actually fit me before i purchase them, and knowing when to get up from naps.

i just re-set my alarm 3 times, ultimately gettting up about 45 minutes later than i'd intended to.

it's alright, though, i've actually been managing my time pretty well. i'm hella ahead on trads1. i already did my explication for tomorrow and i wrote a draft of my argument, which i still need to edit/fuss over/cry about some more, but still, i'm impressed.

and then... some other stuff, i don't want to make a boring midsems checklist post. i will say that i dreamed about writing my romantics paper which means i should probably start it or something. the topic of our paper is to take a class discussion in which we introduced a point that never really got off the ground and use that as a starting point for the paper, and in my dream professor simpson decided to suddenly revert class to like... a month ago and re-discuss desmond, and he made me talk about geraldine and i was like "nooo my paperrrr topiccccc!" but i see now that that did not really happen. uh, i'm pretty sure it didn't really happen.

anyway i'm going to go GET STUFF DONE and STOP WASTING TIME ON THE INTERNETS. yes indeed that is what i will do! after i check my email just ONE more time!

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my hobo brownies have achieved internet fame!

this is much more personally fulfilling than writing about sir philip sidney's astrophil and stella, and definitely more fulfilling than reading the giaour's footnotes-to-footnotes. (i'm not even kidding, the book has three sets of footnotes. the editor's footnotes to the work, byron's own original notes to the work, and then some editor's notes to byron's notes. ridic.)

(footnotes-to-footnotes would be an excellent place to hide secret code.)

(also, an excellent way for hobos to advertise the time for uprising worldwide would be to slightly alter the house logo, ie the addition of sunrays to the H. millions nationwide would see it! although i wonder if the square around the H would have some sort of significance, perhaps cancelling out the rays. a matter worth investigating before implementing the plan.)

what am i even talking about? this is what happens when... you're me and it's midsems week and it's 1am and i hate sir philip sidney, i suppose.

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what the heck? scott adams (of dilbert fame) has had a blog for over a year and i didn't know? seriously i've inexplicably been a big dilbert fan since i was about 10. which is really weird, because why would a 10-year-old like a comic strip about office life? before that i liked jeff foxworthy though, so i guess it was a step up.

yeah, i don't know. it's sassy? seriously and i have all his real books too, the dilbert future and the like. and i used to have the dilbert computer game. i'm not as big of a fan per se anymore--it's been a long time since i spent money on a dilbert-related item--but i still think it's one of the funniest comics in the paper. i find it so humorous that at home, i routinely remember to flip to the business section, which is where the pantagraph hides dilbert in order to make room for some other, less-funny comic on the comics page.

in conclusion, hooray for me finding scott adams' blog! also, it seems to be really interesting, which isn't surprising to me, as a noted dilbert fan. scott adams just has ridiculous ideas all the time.

also whatttt apparently you can download one of his books for free? it's called god's debris and i've never read it? or heard of it i don't think?

Why is it Free?
Frankly, this is the hardest book in the world to market. When it first came out in hardcover, booksellers couldn’t decide if it was fiction or nonfiction. Was it philosophy or religion? It’s a religion/science book written by a cartoonist, using hypnosis techniques in the writing. It’s a thought experiment. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever read. How do you sell something that can’t be explained?

i can't even believe how far behind i've apparently become on my scott adams-related news. whattttttt.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

listening to: le tigre, phanta

today i am getting in touch with my inner riot grrl via le tigre! grrr. my favorite thing everrr is at the end of "well well well" when there's like a random bit of dialogue at the end:

hey, what are you doing?
(typing noises) oh, nothing much.
i stopped by your cubicle to tell you about the new dayshift manager.
what about him?
well, you're not going to believe... oh shit, here he comes!
(guy, presuambly the dayshift manager, singing in bad hairmetal style): don't fuck with me, i'm the assistant manager! don't forget your fuckin' daily planner! write down everything you accomplish! and let me see you fuckin' smile around the office! you girls look tired, were you out late last night? i hear you're with some kind of underground elecro-feminist performance artists! is that right?

um i basically just wanted to blog about how amazing that piece of dialogue is. i uploaded the song in case anyone else wants to hear it. i guess i've been doing that a lot lately? i don't know! no pressure to download them or anything, i'm sharing if you want them but if you don't that's also cool. but i have the music and the webspace so might as well!

also i think i forgot to say that september's b&s is on the internets if you're into that sort of thing.

oh speaking of, i forgot to say earlier, priscilla: i have heard of vienna tang, and i think i have one of her songs from a mix cd of sorts? actually maybe one of your frankenmixes? and i liked ittt. but i am always open to further pimping of music! and also i'm glad you liked the anne heaton song. hooray, girlsinging!

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listening to: le tigre, tres bien

oh man, i just significantly increased the awesomeness of my fg&g lunch with the addition of hummus and cream cheese frosting to various items! i was like, blah, veggie wrap and sugar cookies? then i looked in the fridge and saw the two magical items that would improve my lunch! mmm, hummus cookie. i mean... frosted cookie. i also dipped my carrot packet in hummus. awesome. i think hummus and/or (probably or) cream cheese frosting could improve just about any food.

mmm, hummus and/or cream cheese frosting.

julia left this morning :( we had an a++ weekend that included: TWO matches of trivial pursuit; a trip to iowa city that included indian food (SO MUCH DELICIOUS INDIAN FOOD), pumpkin ice cream, and a very large fish; some meta photography; and some house (where we were joined by an annoying b&s firstyear who wandered into the lounge and kept making unfunny comments and trying to get us to change what episode we were watching. like, dude, the nature of communal lounges is that it's fine to join other people watching stuff, but you don't get to take over what is being watched! hmph.)

the 2nd round of trivial pursuit had one amazingly awkward moment... we were playing in the new campus center in this little nook ("there are some new little nook-y things upstairs. (pause) i suppose it would have been better to call them nook-like things. well, we'll just have to see how the game progresses") and we were sitting there playing trivial pursuit, and a group of people came up the stairs, saw us sitting there and stopped at the top of the stairs and GLARED. for at least a minute. what? what even is that? we were in a public nook-y thing! and it's only been in existence for about a week so it couldn't have been that we were stealing their usual spot. then they just turned around and went back downstairs without saying a word, just glaring. creepy.

introducing trey to the shark was also amazing. awhile ago molly sent me the wind-up shark and it was sitting on my desk, and julia asked if it was supposed to go in water. and i said i didn't know, but we should put it in trey's bowl and find out! which we didn't, but i set it up to the glass to see if trey and the shark could be friends.

and they could! it was awesome, trey was scared of it at first and hid in his treasure chest, but then he came back over to it and just floated, waving his little fins at the shark for awhile. then i took the shark away and he hid again, and then i put the shark back and trey came back over and chilled with the shark for awhile. they are totally bff.

keith: that is an excellent idea! i'm not sure trey would make a very good guard-fish, though. he's pretty small and he'd probably just hide in his treasure chest if some cephalpods tried to break into my room. but if sharky could teach him some more agressive defense techniques, that would be pretty excellent. and seriously, OMG CATBUS.

priscilla: hooray, agreement! Y Y Y.

oh and a few final things:
1. drat, jon stewart isn't actually running for president in '08 :(

2. david kennedy is a photographer who graduated from grinnell last year, and saint's rest, our local coffee house/art gallery has always had a lot of his prints up for sale. on saturday when julia and i were hanging out there, i was facing a set of his prints and i kept looking at this gorgeous one from arches national park and i got excited about this summer again! so prettyyy. and keith, priscilla, and i will BE THERE!

3. while i'm on the subject of dk's photos, i think you should alllll go look at his landscapes gallery and look at the midwestern galleries, especially "agricultural landscapes." sometimes i've tried to take photos that i think capture the beauty of the midwestern landscape, but i'm not really a photographer. david is, though, and you guys, especially non-midwesterners, should go look and see why it's beautiful here. mountains, oceans, who even needs those?? also, his structure gallery has a lot of grinnell photos, which are also beautiful.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
i introduced trey III to a shark. is this awesome? Y/N


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listening to: anne heaton, underdog


julia is here! exciting! but in the shower so i'm blogging about her behind her back :O

yesterday there was an all-campus picnic because the trustees are here? so we went and talked about how neither of us knew anyone there. and then we went to saint's rest and drank coffee and read books! whoa!

also we played totally 80s trivial pursuit, which was hard. we ended up declaring a tie, because we both had all 6 pieces of pie and just kept circling the center spot and we were getting bored and hungry. and because we are equally matched in totally 80s trivial knowledge!!

julia: "what was the family surname on growing pains, named after [some baseball player apparently]?"
me: (unhesitatingly) "seaver. ... how did i know that?"
julia: "i don't know, but i'm a little freaked out."

mostly it was more like "ohhh my god, i have no idea but when i hear it i'll know it!" i prefer 90s edition, since i was alive for the entirety of the 90s. also, there was no jessie's girl question :(

then we went to cultural film night and watched my neighbor tototo, which i'd heard of a lot, but never watched. and oh my god, it is seriously the cutest movie that ever cute-d.


after that for the whole rest of the night julia and i kept randomly interjecting "aww, catbus!" or occasionally, "aww, snow totoro!" omg. my other favorite parts were totoro waiting in the rain and also every scene with the kids' dad. he was the chillest guy ever.

okay anyway we're going to iowa city now! we will eat indian food AND IT WILL BE DELICIOUS.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

listening to: anne heaton, underdog

this song is another one i've been listening to a lot lately. her voice is just so.. unique? hear for yourself!

julia is arriving soon! hooray!

also, i mailed 4 sets of brownies out today! harold got a classy set for his office, and keith, sophi, and priscillia got some decorated mix n' match brownies (caramel, chocolate... swirl? ... and xtreme chocolate explozion. or something.) it was awesome because i packed them all up in ziplocks and paper towels and whatnot, and headed off to the post office where i basically exploded baked goods and stickers all over the whole counter. and it was early morning in grinnell and the 2 guys working were awesome and bored and helped me tape together boxes and counseled me on the best box sizes and whatnot. and then like 5 people came in and i was still taking over the whole counter with my crap. but it all worked out and nobody got maddd.

they reminded me that monday is a postal holiday, which i forgot about, so it's probably going to be a few days before these get to anyone. i hope they don't get stale! they are in sweet SLIDERS bags, which should hopefully keep them fresh and hopefully won't accidentally send them to a different dimension.

sandy, i will bake you cookies soon! wii!
keith, i know it says it can take up to 15 days, but i'm impatient! i want it to show up right nowwwww. also yeah, those caramel ones looked especially good! the other kinds have swirly mix-ins too, but they were both chocolate mix-ins so they don't look as obviously overwhelming. i decorated everyone's but only priscilla got "h in sunrays" brownies. i trust she will know what to do with them.

last but not least, the s&b still isn't online, but this awesome picture is. hooray!

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
i didn't want to ruin the surprise of these for priscilla, but then i figured they'd probably get wrecked in the mail anyway. eat, then uprise!

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Friday, October 06, 2006

oh gosh guys! i have five people who did free ipod offers for me! (right now the site says i only have 2 completed, but it hasn't registered mine yet either so i assume it's just... slow.)

THANK YOU: jason, priscilla, keith, sandy, and sophi! seriously, i know these things are so obnoxious to fill out and get involved with. thank youuuu.

i'm going off to bake you all goods RIGHT NOW.

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listening to: indigo girls, chickenman

seriously can't stop listening to this songggg.

anyway, i'm adding priscilla and keith to the list of heroes! (i'm taking keith's word that he did one and it's not showing up yet, since it's not registering ME as having completed my offer either. anyway, he seems like a trustworthy sort, i suppose.) you guys are amazing. let me know your baked good preferences. harold is doubly amazing, both for doing the offer and for his brilliant walker/office fanfic suggestion. walker/angela otp? YES.

so what did you guys do this afternoon? yeah? that's cool, i was busy getting locked down in prison. it was cool actually, because it made our class longer! so we had a longer discussion and we talked about native american oral tradition and how sherman alexie is awesome, and then we took turns reading some momaday's traditional myths aloud. and then we got un-locked down and left. and here i am!

also i got an idea for an awesome prison class next semester. emily and dale are doing an amazing class on gilead by marilynne robinson, where they're reading part of it each week and discussing it, and by the end of the semester they'll be done with the novel and then MARILYNNE ROBINSON IS COMING TO VISIT THEIR CLASS (she lives in iowa city and emily approached her about it). awesome. but it gave me the idea to do a class next semester maybe just on american gods, and at the end... get neil gaiman to visit newton prison! or no, but that would be totally awesome. but if then they each wrote a response to it and then i could post them on my website (with identifying details removed, etc, obv)? i mean the idea of prison is so central to shadow's identity and there really is a pretty diverse community within the prison and the idea of so many cultures colliding in this book and the idea that so many people can relate to it on different levels and oh man! it could be awesome! but it might not get approved or whatever so i don't want to get my hopes up too high. but theoretically: awesome!

also awesome: feedback was on the cover of the s&b today! i would post a link to the story but the s&b website still has last week's issue up on the front page. i'll check back and hopefully link y'all later, because, woo feedback!


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listening to: indigo girls, chickenman

hooray! i would like to declare harold the wonder dog to be a TRUE AMERICAN HERO. i am going to mcnally's this afternoon to buy ingredients to create brownies, which i will mail him POSTHASTE.

i just need FOUR MORE of you guys to be HEROES.

a further enticement: walker, texas ranger dvds are available through blockbuster online. $9.99 for a month of unlimited walker. how can you say no? how? i couldn't, and won't my parents be surpised when three discs of it show up at our house soon? actually, i think i ordered my queue so it should be two discs of walker and one disc of american office season 1. that way over break i can watch bad teevee and good teevee! i mean... good teevee and ASS-KICKINGLY GOOD teevee.

then i will write fanfiction. walker, not office. do people write office fic? i'm sure they do, but i doubt it would be any good. that show is so performance-driven and... i don't know... it definitely would only work as is. like, with west wing you can read the scripts and they're still good, and little britain worked as a radio show... i don't think office would.

anyway, i'm off to prison now. remember: doing a stupid ipod offer = baked goods, good karma, and renata's undying love. please.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hello Friends!

If you are reading this I assume you are my friend. As my friend, perhaps I have done you a good turn at some point. Probably you have also done me several good turns, but let's not talk so much about you right now. I would like to posit the idea that I am a good human being, and I would like to discuss the idea of karma. I give money to charity. I am involved in my community. I am frequently punctual with regards to birthday greetings. I often leave reviews for fanfiction. I recycle.

The universe has given a lot back to me, too, for which I am thankful. But recently it has also taken something away from me. That something was Josh, my beloved iPod. Josh has been a good companion to me throughout the years. I spend a lot of time driving or walking or working on my own, and the ability to have lots of music to listen to pretty much kept me sane. And now that ability is gone! And I won't be able to afford a new one until my second paycheck of the school year, which unfortunately won't happen until November.

And so, my friends, I am about to post an obnoxious free iPods referral link, but one with a classy setup. Please, please, please, if you care for me at all or would simply like to build up a bit of good karma, please sign up and do one of the stupid offers. I would be happy to recompense you for your efforts with mix CDs and/or baked goods. Seriously, if you send me your address I will mail you cookies or perhaps brownies or a delightful combination.

The offers are kind of dumb, I admit. However, there are two that are kind of OK! 1.) The Blockbuster online one. You can sign up for one month at $9.95/month and then cancel. If you rent more than a couple movies a month (and aren't already a Netflx member) than that is pretty reasonable! Or 2.) Sign up for the free 2-week trial of GameTap. That one seems to be free (you just have to remember to cancel it after 2 weeks) although I can't be 100% sure because it doesn't work on Macs. eta: Jason says the gameTap one only works if you pay for a month after the free period, so nevermind, unless you actually want GameTap for a month. However, the Real SuperPass one IS free (if you cancel after 2 weeks). Also the Great Fun one only costs $1 (if you cancel before it charges you for a month) plus you apparently get a $10 gas gift card. Maybe.

And yes, you will have to go through a couple pages of refusing to take surveys, and it will be annoying. Also, you might want to register a new email address to do this so that your current one does not start receiving more spam.

Thank you for hearing me out, and particularly thank you to anyone who actually does this. I would like to remind you of two things: 1.) the offer of baked goods! 100% serious about that. They will be delicious. 2.) There is probably nothing you could do that would make me happier than to help me rejoin the club known as the Working iPod Owners Club. Also 3.) I would definitely do something annoying to help you. I'm sure I would.

With love,


PS: My referral link, one more time, is: http://ipods.freepay.com/?r=33415194. Please visit it. You. yes. You. And let me know when you do so that I reward you accordingly. <333

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listening to: paul simon, the obvious child

this reminds me... i wonder if my ipod had been slowly having some sort of meltdown? it had been multiplying songs, which took me awhile to notice because a) i usually listened to it on shuffle-all, and b) i legitimately do have like five versions of pretty much every tori song. but then it played the same anne heaton song twice within about a 5-song span (and i definitely only had one version of it) and then i was listening to just the album rhythm of the saints on shuffle and it played this song twice. even though it's only on the album once. it gained an extra version of a couple other songs on that album too. it didn't seem to be deleting songs, at least not off this album. so i don't know. and then last night it was being reallly slow about shuffling.

but i didn't know it would end in this.


oh well, i just subbed for someone at the grill again. in no time i'll have enough fat dining hall paychecks to get a new ipod! and i can save for travelling next semester. and then be cast out into the real world broke and unemployable, but with a hopefully-still-functional-by-then ipod and probably some cool souvenirs from dinosaur national monument.


sometime tonight i find out if i'm one of the 4 watson candidates. my prediction: nope! but we'll see i suppose. like i've been saying all along, i'm not expecting it but i know i'd have regretted it if i didn't apply. so, yep.

hah, and you know what's funny? julia's coming to visit this weekend. haha! julia! get it? er, i mean, i just realized that it's funny that she's visiting this weekend, because it's 10/10, which is a huuuge all-campus party because the first student paychecks come out on the 10th of october (although 10/10 is actually a monday this year so we're partying before we get paid. but the next weekend would be during fall break). anyway, and i was just reading plans and a lot of alums were like "man, i wish i could come back for 10/10!" and julia IS coming back for 10/10, but neither she nor i drink much, nor do we really partake of any other activities traditionally associated with 10/10. except for getting paid. i do that.

oh i just got my watson email: NOPE. that's cool though! at least i'm not amelia!

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listening to: not my ipod oh god

oh god i think it's dead. oh god it is giving me a SAD IPOD. this in turn makes me sad.

oh ipod, i am sorry for all the times i accidentally dropped you. i did buy you a protective squishy case to cushion you from the blows of this harsh world and my clumsiness and neglect. i realize i have been taking advantage of your giving nature. please come back, ipod. i will try very hard not to drop you.

i am not sure if life is not worth living without you, ipod. askadaga. i hate sounding like a spoiled brat but seriously my ipod improves my quality of life soo much. driving, walking, working on mindless sorts of things (not like while studying, but while doing like the b&s layout or whatever). driving especially. fuckkkk. and i just checked and it would cost $271.94 (estimate) to service it out of warranty. um i am not paying that much money to service my janky, but well-loved 40gb ipod when it would literally be cheaper to buy a new one. but either way i don't want to spend $200-something when i am basically flat broke right now and also am trying to save as much money as i can for travels and whatnot. but i really don't want to wait until christmastime for a new one. i realize that people have reputedly lived long, happy lives without ipods. but to have one and then have it SUDDENLY AND CRUELLY SAD IPOD-ED AWAY FROM YOU is another thing. like on pbs's pioneer house, or frontier house, or whatever it was called, the reality show where they made everyone be pioneers. and all the kids got pissed because their grandma sent them pop tarts and they could not eat the pop tarts? that is a problem real pioneers did not face. they did not miss pop tarts, nor did they feel the intense pain of being unable to eat pop tarts that were RIGHT THERE IN THEIR MAILBOX IN THE GENERAL STORE because they did not know what pop tarts were.

i have eaten pop tarts and i have a box of pop tarts right here but i can't eat it because the box is glued shut by a SAD IPOD. okay, in retrospect, that metaphor didn't hold up too well, but the point here is that ARGH IPOD COME BACK CAPSLOCK.

in happier news, i finally gave my stupid trads1 explication (as you may recall, we all prepare one every day and she randomly chooses people to present). whew. AND she said it was good in our post-explication mini-meeting.

ahahaha awesome, also travelocity just sent me an email with the subject line "Leaf-Peeping Pics: New England Hotels from $99." president bartlet would not approve. "i'm sorry, leaf peeping? is that something we do now?"

ok. so i have like 100 pages of reading to do before class in an hour and a half so maybe i'll quit bitching about my ipod and do some of that.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

listening to: grant lee buffalo, the whole shebang

last night i had another memorable dream! memorable in that i remembered it upon awaking, not memorable in that it was at all interesting.

i am concerned about my knees today. one of them has been itching since a few days ago, but i shaved my legs a few days ago so i figured i just cut it and didn't pay too much attention to it. but now i'm doing laundry, so allll my pants are in the wash and i'm earing a skirt, and there's like a bump with another red bump on top of it? i'm concerned about the base bump! what is it? i can't tell if it's just a normal knee bump though, like how i used to get concerned about that bump on the side of your foot that's actually just where the bone meets your foot.

anyway so i was looking at my left to see if there is a parallel bump, and there kind of is? but the one on my right knee is bigger, and also the one on my left knee has another, smaller red bump on it. inconclusive!

wtf i just blogged two paragraphs about my bumpy knees? no wonder everyone makes fun of bloggers. god. they're seriously pretty distressing, though.

instead of mentioning any other boring things i did today, i'm just going to acknowledge that i really have nothing more interesting to talk about than rum, sodomy, and the lash: piracy, sexuality, and the masculine identity. i expect they'll be needing to revise it and come out with a jack sparrow chapter, though.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

i painted my toenails this two-tone shade, where mostly it's purple but at the right angle it's gold, and i've probably spent about half an hour total today just staring at my foot and wiggling my toes to make the color change. excellent use of time, renata.

actually, i have made pretty excellent use of time today! it's not even 7pm and i finished thoroughly doing my trads1 homework and worked out and met w/professor jorenby (aka miss gradeschool) and watched yesterday's studio 60 and... i think that's it, but still, pretty impressive, considering that by this time usually all i've done is gone to class and checked my email a lot.

i just went to check to see if house was on at 7 or 8, and apparently it's NEITHER?! until halloweeeen. stupes.

also stupes: the teevee at the pec wasn't getting tnt today? instead it got TWO espn2s (and one espn1) and i could not watch charmed. i was, as shakespeare would say, HELLA PISSED. i watched martha stewart instead which turned out to be okay because her guest was kyle chandler, who i've had a crush on since about 6th grade. oh kyle chandler, you and your magical cat from the future and your blind friend and your greedy friend saved chicago so many times. oh kyle chandler, you are adorable.

the best part was when he helped martha make huevos rancheros and he was bein' all adorable and jokin' around and he put an egg in the pan with a bit too much pizzazz for martha's liking and she flipped a shit and was like "don't just throw eggs around!!!" martha, please don't talk like that to kyle chandler. he's earned your respect. oh and the other best part was when at the very end when she was talking about his new teevee show and she was like "and i'm sure all the 18-49 year old women will turn in! and the young boys too!" and kyle chandler was like "0_0" and then the credits rolled. so good.

oh and then i watched oprah and apparently oprah and gayle are going on a roadtrip or something? they were in kansas and oprah was pissed because her motel room was dirty, and that cows smelled bad, and that her trainer found a shotgun shell outside his door. oprah, who takes a trainer with them on a roadtrip? i think you need to take a trip to the land of KEEPIN' IT REAL.

and finally, two amazing links:

a seriously hilarious article about constantine maroulis. the real contantine is exactly as trashy as i've always imagined. seriously, even if you don't give a shit about connie you should read it because it is the most amazing piece of journalism EVER.

marmaduke explained. i lol'd.

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listening to: led zeppelin, whole lotta love

true and kind of shameful fact: as with so many songs, i've listened to tori's cover of this more than the original, so now when i hear this i'm like "what where did these guitars even come from?" if i ever expressed this quirk to reid he would probably punch me in the face.

anyway this version is pretty good too I GUESS.

also i guess people don't like it when people talk about their dreams? is what i hear? but i think other people's dreams are interesting! and i don't usually remember my dreams but i've had this multi-day span of trippy dreams. so what i'm trying to say is, sorry if i'm annoying you by talking about my dreams all the time!

anyway last night i dreamed that i was hanging out with blue and some other camp folk (i don't remember anyone else clearly though, just blue). camp was pretty much the same, except there was this sweet train that went around camp. also, there was a dinky little amusement park nearby camp, more like a little county fair thing but permament? so for reasons that remain unclear, but which i'm going to go ahead and attribute to intense bitterness towards kickapoo council, one night we dismantled the whole train and set it up so that it went around the perimeter of the amusement park.

this is awesome, because in my dream my friends and i were both thieves on a carmen sandiego-esque scale AND expert railroad engineers.

also awesome: i was just idly looking at the national parks website "careers" section and the heading is "Park Rangers perform a wide variety of duties in managing parks, historical sites, and recreational areas. Many wear a prescribed uniform."

i don't know, i wasn't sure if i wanted to manage a park, historical site, or recreational area but there's a UNIFORM? WHERE CAN I SIGN UP. it reminds me of when david sedaris interviewed with ups and he said the reason he wanted to work for them was because he liked their uniforms. but in reverse.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

listening to: whoa

there is a guy playing violin on the loggia outside my window, and his music started crescendoing just as i started hearing the office theme music from my neighbors. it was a really cool combination.

anyway, i think that my decision to buy that big bag of string cheese was an excellent one. it's like a whole new food group. "what should i have for a snack: candy, rice cakes, dried fruit, or A BIG HUNK OF PROCESSED CHEESE PRODUCT?" yum!

also, important news: today at the pec i moved up from using a 10lb weight for my free weight nonsense to a 12lb weight!! i started off with 8 at the beginning of this semester! BUFFCORE. plus, i mean, i lift the 12lb weight a bunch of different times and in different ways, so it adds up to lifting like 1000 pounds! gwarr! i could go lift a car! if i cut it up into several 12lb pieces!

i am getting some mysterious bites on my arms! stop biting me bitey things! man remember last year when ringworm broke out at the pec?? i hope bitey things didn't break out at the pec this year!

also at the pec i watched two different local newses and they both informed me that no one has seen paul yet. it's been a week. and they called off searching in the area both because they are pretty sure they've searched it thoroughly and because bow hunting season started today. i don't know :/ paul everyone is rooting for you including something awful apparently. paul everyone hopes your parents are right when they think maybe you are hanging out in chicago somewhere. paul please be ok.

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listening to: paul simon, that's me

gosh, today has been full of some close saves already! this weekend i was all set to do my trads1 reading, when i looked at the syllabus and realized the assignment was from the book i hadn't yet bought. doh! so i figured i'd just go get it from the library--most profs put their course texts on reserve in the library. but of course elizabeth dobbs does not! in fact the library does not even have this book. f--. and of course i realized this on sunday morning, and the campus bookstore is closed all day sunday. stupes. so i found the one poem we were supposed to explicate on the internets and figured i'd get up monday morning and go buy the book and do the rest of the work then.

but it turns out there was a LOT of reading. usually we have to read little like 3 page intros to a new author or style or whatever, but since this was a new volume we had to read the giant 50-page intro to the renaissance itself plus like seven works. eff! so i was pretty terrified that she was going to have another stupid quiz today and i would fail it for real and dishonor my family and also paula smith, but then she didn't.


then, after class, i decided to take a quick nap. and i checked the alarm to see how much time i had left and it said it was 2:07 and i was like "oh noes class is in 8 minutessss" but really i accidentally changed my clock time instead of my alarm time.

additionally, last night i dreamed that i was a member of team zissou. wtf i did not even like that movie very much and i watched it a year ago.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

listening to: tori, carolina in my mind

weirddd, last night i dreamed that i was transferring out of grinnell to dartmouth, which apparently moved out west somewhere. except my mom and i drove all the way out there with some stuff, and we started moving into a dorm before i realized that "wait, this semester has gone too far at grinnell, i can't just start in the middle of one here. and then who would transfer for just the last semester?" so my mom and i just left. my favorite parts about this dream are 1.) that i apparently thought that an ivy league school would be a less stressful place for me, 2.) but not if it were on the eas coast, and 3.) dartmouth? what?

and then after that i dreamed i was elvis's bodyguard. he could time travel so he was only like seven years old, but he was a big tourist attraction and stuff. so there were other bodyguards for little elvis, of course. and i needed something, but i couldn't leave elvis, so i was trying to convince the other bodyguards to go get it for me. it was like a hat or something.

gosh, when i get enough sleep it's like the independent film channel lives in my head!

anyway, onwards to another day of thinking about how much work i should be doing but likely finding other occupations!

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tonight was ridic in the best, most grinnellian way. first i went over to rachel and lindsay's apartment to eat sandwiches and watch a documentary called sandwiches that you will like. and... i kind of know rachel and lindsay (they graduated last year and are both still in town for... stuff?) and am on good terms with them but never really hung out with them much? and there were other people there also who i liked but didn't know well? so it was fun, and a good and delicious time all around. we all got so into the documentary too, we all cheered when they went to iowa! and responded to various people's opinions on their sandwiches of choice.

then i went over to watch the office with jenny & ryan & others, and we all ended up going back to jenny's house and making and consuming a ridiculous cake from jenny's mom's pampered chef cookbook. also she made us all blackberry daquiris, which only heightened the ridiculousness. my favorite moment was probably when jenny and i were flipping through the cookbook and talking about how we should make dinner together sometime, and there was one picture (the front page of a section) that was just a picture of a sandwich in a circle.

me: that's not a recipe! it's just a sandwich in a circle!
jenny: the savory sandwich ring is a real winner!
everyone else: ... (laughs)
sarah: did you just read that off the page?
me: no, this page doesn't even have any text. it's just a picture of a sandwich in a circle.
jenny: you guys are cruel.

then we watched me and you and everyone we know, which i liked alright even though it falls outside my usual preferred genres (self-aware ridiculous movies, explosiony movies, and alan cumming movies) and talked for awhile.

and then i came home and checked the internet and am more annoyed than i should be by a plans comment carly made about the b&s, where she jokingly said "good job, but all the typos make me cry!" dude back up off bitch, you're not that funny and also i edited this paper for a whole year before you did so don't even patronize me. >:O that also annoyed me about co-editing with her, she was always pretty patronizing even though i both had more experience and also was better at it than she was. i am not alone in this opinion.

carly if you're reading this, sorry but it's true!

anyway, just a minor annoyance in an otherwise awesome day! although i didn't get much work doneee... there's always tomorrow.

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