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Saturday, September 30, 2006

i haven't been watching tds or tcr regularly for awhile, but molly told me i had to find the "santa vs. lincoln" clip from tcr this week. and with a title like that, how could i refuse??

it's kind of amazing!

and sarah vowell is in it! she's my role model!

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listening to: abba, sos

look! both the band name and the song title are palindromes!

i forgot to mention that yesterday i accidentally left itunes playing "cheap and evil girl" on muted repeat-one all afternoon. dangit. luckily, it still doesn't have enough plays to overtake "bitches ain't shit" but i think it does have enough to be my 2nd-most played song on last.fm. lame. (also lame: my recent keen interest in my last.fm charts, but a girl's gotta have hobbies.)

today i got up and put together a bunch of stuff to mail (although i still need to write letters to ben & jerry's and herbal essences! it must happen!) and went to the college post office to mail them. ahead of me in line were two parents who were insisting that they needed to be able to get into their son's box because they were sure it would be full of gifts and stuff because he was a football player and there was a game this afternoon. and the post office guy, who lives across the hall from me, just kept being like "look, i'm sorry, i can't access his combination, he has to get it himself online, here's the website, blah blah" and the whole time i was just like "what? we've had these new boxes for over a month, why can't your son open them yet?" and then they finally got him to go at least look in his box from the back and he came back and was like, "uh, actually, that box is empty."

it was awesome.

and i got a sweet free mug because they're dedicating the new campus center next weekend or something? this college has a ridiculous free mug budget. right now in my room i have four free grinnell mugs. and a cup. and i don't even go out of my way to get them, or steal them, or anything. free mugs just happen.

then i went to the pec and was PECCORE. and i watched the most recent power rangers (MYSTIC FORCE) because there are only a couple channels and all the other ones were football. new power rangers are pretty cool i guess. they're MAGICAL, but no dinosaurs, so they can't top the original. they do have a sweet unicorn that can travel to any dimension and also join their mystic zord. there also seemed to be some sort of vader plotline, wherein the lead ranger discovered that his mom is the sorceress who helps them, and his dad is their main villain who USED to be a wizard but he got possessed by some dark magic or something. but then they saved him with love.

but then the dark magic unleashed the ultimate dark magic creature, which was, i kid you not, A GIANT EVIL OCTOPUS. i'm glad power rangers mystic force is encouraging anti-cephalopod sentiment.

but then it was a two part episode and i didn't get any closure on the octopus and had to watch without a trace instead. hey guys did you think that maybe a giant octopus kidnapped that missing girl? i don't see one on your list of suspects. oh come on, the bartender at the club? how many tentacles does he have? the more tentacles you have, the easier it is to snatch people away and hide them beneath the sea.

but then i went to lunch and ate a chocolate scotcheroo!

so really an eventful day already! although most of the events i've described only happened on teevee and not to me! or sometimes not actually on teevee at all, just what i thought should have happened on teevee! whatever! chocolate scotcheroos!

last night i watched x3 with michele and her friend REYNALDO. totally awesome, i met a guy named REYNALDO. a++. then i came home and went to bed at 11pm. woooo! and now, to the batcave shower/library/etc!

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Friday, September 29, 2006

listening to: interpol, take you on a cruise

for awhile when i was younger i thought interpol (international police, not the band) was something the carmen sandiego games made up. maybe acme detective agency is real too?

where did "acme" even come from as the like... default name for fake companies?

oh, i see:

Acme (Greek: ????, the peak, zenith, prime) denotes the best of something.

In contemporary culture and society it is used in diverse contexts:

* Acme Corporation is a fictional company that exists in the Looney Tunes universe. Subsequently it has been adopted widely in all forms of fiction as the archetypal name for a fictional company or corporation (or generically a subject with juridical personality).

the interview went okay? better than my first one, not as good as my second one. it was with a chemistry prof so she was probably just like "where's the science, ho?" whatever though, now the watson is 100% out of my hands until thursday (when they decide on grinnell's 4 finalists).

and anne and i had our first prison class!! so exciting! i think it went well, and we added a few students so we're up to seven. we're not supposed to have favorites of course, but my favorite is a 60ish jewish man who asked if we could add transsexual literature to the syllabus. also, i guess in prison wire-frame glasses aren't allowed? which makes sense, but i hadn't thought about it, and was surprised by a library full of apparent nerds/hipsters.

anyway, this weekend= sleep, work, clean room (it's reallll bad again), stay sane. two of the campus movies are x3: the search for scott and serenity! hooray! student affairs totally endorses them too, cuz We also realize that just being part of the Grinnell community, whatever your relationship to Paul, this situation may be very difficult for you. We hope that, even though no one can “fix” what is going on at the moment, we will do our best to support each other in our community. In order to be a good friend to others, we each need to take good care of ourselves. This is something that we all need to do; only when we’re each healthy can our community remain strong. In that spirit, please remember the myriad activities going on this weekend in which you might take part. In addition to student parties and concerts, there are many other activities which would be great ways to blow off steam and connect with people. Just to name a few activities, here are some that are happening...

it's so dumb though because really the thing that makes everyone crazy is the academic stress of this place and there's no avoiding it. even though i have a relatively light weekend and i should be fine part of me is like "TWO campus movies? god, do your work, renata."

oh one more thing, which is awesome! the s&b had an open letter from the editors about paul, and i had my backpage column about paul, and we both said basically the same sort of "communityyyyy" stuff. but here's what's awesome.

the last line of the s&b letter: "take care of yourself, grinnell."

the last line of my column: "and since i've decided to go ahead and embrace cliches, i'll end this with a quote from a true american hero, jerry springer: 'take care of yourself... and each other.'"

it's like i parodied it before it happened!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

one more quick post before i do work for real (why haven't i failed out of school yet again)-- to talk about dailylit!

i guess it's a website that will take public domain works and email pieces of them to you every day, on the grounds that no one thinks they have time to sit down and read war and peace but everyone has time to read one more email every day.

i recommend that you start with the collected speeches and letters of abraham lincoln! ;) or maybe in honor of banned book week, the adventures of tom sawyer? (there are probably some other banned ones too, but that one jumped out at me.)

i can't decide, there are a lot of books on here that i've been wanting to read. okay... i'm starting with sister carrie by theodore dreiser, since i've been meaning to read it ever since i wrote that research paper in high school about the chicago renaissance and i kept talking about how this was one of the most important novels of the chicago renaissance but i never actually read it, i sort of just flipped it around and pulled out a few random quotes.

actually now that i think about it, sister carrie gets banned a lot too, and i think the full original version didn't get released until like 1986 or something ridic like that (BIRTH CONTROL SCENE OH NOES). that might be an american tragedy, though? anyway the point is, free email books, hooray!

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listening to: indigo girls, chickenman

i'm kind of hooked on this song today?

tonight jenny and i failed to watch TWO episodes of the office. i had taped last week's for her, and we were going to watch it and then the new one. first it took us like eight years to find an empty lounge with a working vcr, and we finally got everything all set up and... last week's didn't tape right. (taping stuff on grinnell vcrs has like a .3 chance of success, and i can never remember which one works. i think maybe it's haines? and i tried read last week.)

and then we couldn't figure out why deal or no deal was taking so long, and finally jenny called her friend from home and discovered that they moved the office to 7:30. actually, i think it was 7:30 last week too, but i forgot about that this week?

hmm. but instead jenny and i sat around and bitched about people we don't like and talked about how weird paul's disappearance is.

and then we went to the impromptu campuswide "hey guys, i bet it's stressful that a member of your community is missing so have some chcolate!" study break, which was awesome. especially since just beforehand the lounge had been used for some classy film reception thing? so we stole all the classy extra fruit and pita chips with hummus and baklava and the like. and then we stole a bunch of the chocolate. and then we left, but only after i got probably the best introduction ever: "i lived with renata in london, where it was my goal to turn her into a bad person. i succeeded. i don't know if you knew her before, but she used to be a really nice person. now she's a bitch."
"awesome, join us!"

and i met with annie about our prison class! our syllabus got approved by the warden and we start tomorrow! it's just an intro session, but next week we're starting with native american lit, including sherman alexie (<33).

oh man, the residence life coordinator just came around passing out MORE brownies. if it were possible to cure anxiety with brownies, this campus would be ACE.

i don't even understand what this song is about and i can't stop listening to it! the live version! it is 7:30 of bewildering rocking-out! (if you download the mp3, give the song like a minute to get started. well worth the time investment!)

anyway i needs to go write an explication (>_<) and finish up the b&s. it comes out tomorrow, hooray!

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listening to: indigo girls, chickenman

oh. i guess they reason they didn't disclose the note before was because of his parents' wishes, and the chief of police still thinks he is alive and will be found.

i... i don't know.

oh also, according to the des moines register they've consulted psychics to help with the case. maybe they can help?

i tried to take a nap but i was too jumpy to really sleep, so i just tried to clear my mind and relax. all i could think of was monet's water lilies. specifically, these water lilies:

what? they are pretty relaxing, and i do like impressionism, but, what? um keep up the interesting work, subconscious? also i'm not usually a very visual person, and i can't remember the last time i've thought of a painting or image to calm myself down. usually it's music or books or maybe a movie or something. but today i can't stop thinking of water lilies.

it's especially interesting since the only "art" i have up in my room (if one excluded photography of musicians and animated characters from the definition of "art," which maybe one doesn't, but in terms of posters i'm going to) is some andy warhol marilyns and this:

i used to be really drawn to that dali print, i thought it was peaceful and i loved the colors. today it just looks ominious and i want some impressionism.

in other news, i have been kind of thinking about investing in a sound soother thing. it's kind of expensive, but if it worked and helped me get to sleep (even when the firstyears are hurling themselves against the walls or whatever the hell it is they do when cranky seniors are trying to sleep) i think it would be an a++ investment. i have my soothing nature cd on my ipod which i use sometime, but i'd rather not use headphones- they're awkward to sleep with. also i think it would be good for travelling, which i sometimes do. hmm. i think there is an actual sharper image store in peoria now, so maybe over break i'll go look at one in person and see if i like the way it sounds. does anyone have any input on such matters? or any soothing art?

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so that article says that paul left a note? his roommate said, “I don’t remember exactly what (the note) said — it’s nobody’s fault, don’t find a scapegoat, stuff like that." ... "The note Shuman-Moore left requested that his guitar go to that band and that other personal items go to friends."

why? why didn't this get mentioned before? i have to assume the roommate isn't just making it up. did the register make it up? totally somehow warp it out of proportion? i guess it does explain how the reports were confirming that he was "despondent" when all his friends were like "what? no".

i'm sure they... they security? they the police? they the administration? they the search & rescue teams?... they didn't want students to freak out, but they had to know this would get brought up eventually, and it would only make everyone even more upset. why did this happen? where is he?

why? :/

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

listening to: harry belafonte, turn the world around

i just got back from being on a volunteer search team for paul. there... there were a lot of people around, including a bunch of professional search & rescue type folk, but it seemed weirdly unorganized. or something. i don't know, everyone had to wait at least 30 minutes-hour before getting assigned to a search team, and then our team was sent downtown to go door-to-door, and some of the people had already been talked to, and we had to be back in by 6:30 which didn't give us too much time. i don't know, i know they have to be thorough and stuff, but the general consensus among the waiters was that they weren't using their resources as well as they could have?

anyway, the most useful information i got was from an old one-legged man, who told me that he had once been on a search & rescue team in texas and he recommended we "talk to the kid's girlfriend, and check every dumpster in town. oh, and the construction sites."

my search buddy was a good friend of paul's, so we talked about him a bit. i guess all his friends are just totally baffled by it? the initial report said that paul had been kind of depressed right before he left, but all his friends disagree. he said he'd never seen paul upset about anything, he was always just a good-natured, quirky guy. it still doesn't make any sense, but at least his friends seem to still be hopeful. i know if you don't find a missing person within the first 48 hours, it's... not good... but... well.

in other news, i was poking around the online lemony snicket fandom just now (that dream! SO UNSETTLING) and, while i hate to make broad, sweeping generalizations or judgments, i have this to say:
1.) i hate every single person who has only seen the asoue movie and not read the books. or really, just every single one of those people who then talks about it on the internet. if you keep that kind of shameful information to yourself, i suppose that's okay.
2.) all the klaus/violet shippers will burn in eternal hellfire. all of them. they will probably be hangin' out with the olaf/violet shippers. guys. guys what.

i... oh my god, one of the violet/klaus shippers also ships peter/susan from chronicles of narnia??!

maybe i'm just a prude. or maybe, maybe these people are all doomed to eternal hellfire.

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listening to: rachael sage, ambitious

i had such a weird dream last night. that's what i get for going to bed before midnight, i guess! (that's right, before midnight. it was awesome.) anyway, it was the series of unfortunate events book 13, except i wasn't exactly reading it? i was just watching it happen? but i knew it was book 13.

anyway, in it, count olaf was good. and not like pretending to be good to kill the baudelaires, like really good. i could tell. and he and the baudelaires were living together in a big, nice but kind of creepy house. he was putting down new carpet (except it was really more like wallpaper but for your floor). and there was some other problem the baudelaires had? and they wanted to go... fix it, but it was storming out and olaf wouldn't let them leave because they'd wreck the new carpet/wallpaper when they came back. and... that was basically the dream, as far as i can remember. it wasn't a bad or scary dream, it was just like "awesome, book 13! and they're getting along!"

but when i woke up, and since, i've felt soo unsettled by it. count olaf isn't good! i think the ambiguities of book 12 have set my moral compass adrift.

also i probably feel uneasy from seeing a police officer with a search dog sniffing out campus. paul is still missing and it is still so strange.

it reminds me of sometimes when i take late-night walks and i have the urge to keep walking forever and not come back to school. but i always do. i don't know. it's strange and unsettling, like count olaf putting down new carpet, and i feel so strongly for those who actually know him. what an awful dangly position to be in.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

hay sup.

just a quick product endorsement from me before i head off to the library: supersunnyspeedgraphic by ben folds. it's a compilation of super d, sunny 16, and speed graphic (the 3 5-song eps he put out a couple years ago) plus a few extra songs, including BITCHES AIN'T SHIT. i already have all the songs on it so i'm not going to buy it (i know it says they've been "remastered" but i don't care that much), but really, the songs on here are GREAT. i probably like the songs on this album more than i like rockin' the suburbs (that's right, i said it). so if you are a casual bfolds fan and don't think you will like a "rarities" collection or something--no seriously, you will like this cd. it is great. if you are not a casual ben folds fan, buy this cd and become one. you will become more than a casual fan, i promise. if you order it now it will be 26% off--more than 1/4th!

i'm not even getting any money to make this post. i just feel very strongly about this album. IF YOU LIKE MUSIC, YOU WILL LIKE IT.

and a bonus:

renata: also, i just watched house with a lounge full of cameron haters!
julia: I didn't get to see the end yet! We had to eat dinner!
renata: food, whatever
julia:My mom was all excited because it was about autism.
renata: no spoilers, just... it was awesome because we all yelled at cameroon
renata: ... and cameron
renata: man, screw cameroon!! least favorite african nation everrr
julia:Man, I HATE Cameroon. What's it thinking, being a country and all?

oh cameroon :(

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listening to: queen, fat-bottomed girls

i just wrote an awesome b&s article inspired by this song. the headline is "new theory posits overweight girls cause earth's rotation; queen nominated for nobel prize."

it's pretty funny i think!

also my interview went pretty well (at 3) i think! there were some points where i was like ... like she asked if i had a specific order i wanted to visit the countries? and a few other things. but she'd definitely read my proposal and seemed interested in it and we had a more productive discussion than the last interview. also i mentioned that i felt i was way better at presenting myself in writing than in person she was really quick to say that she thought i was doing well, so i felt a little... less awkward. plus i felt like i actually WAS less awkward in this interview. so anyway, we'll see! and i rescheduled and accomplished the sepc interviews and was basically an interviewing rockstar.

i might go to the pec now even though charmed will be almost OVER so what even is the point?

in less awesome news, a grinnell student is missing? since sunday evening? there are search parties and stuff- i can hear the helicopter(s?). it's no one i knew, but damn, i hope they find him (alive). so strange! anyway, so cross your fingers for paul shuman-moore if you have some fingers you're not using at the moment.

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listening to: oasis, champagne supernova

argh! so today i had a watson interview scheduled for 2:30, an sepc interview scheduled at 3, and another at 3:15. i double-checked the email from the professor i was meeting with this morning, it said 2:30. so i got to her office, the door's open, she's just sitting there checking email or something, and then she just turns and STARES at me when i knock on the doorframe. "hi... i'm renata," i said.

"oh, you're early!"

"oh um, i thought we said 2:30."

"no, three. *looks at book* it was three."

"oh, i'm sorry..."

"well, how about if you come back at three then, is that okay?"

and i said "sure, that's fine" instead of "fuck you, you said 2:30 and you are not even doing anything right now and i have two other things scheduled during that time." i guess maybe i should have? but her tone was so firmly "what the hell are you doing in my office at TWO-THIRTY, TWO-THIRTY IS MY SPECIAL TIME" that i didn't even think to point out that i actually did have something else at three.

eff. seriously though, i just triple-checked that email and it still says 2:30. and if there was a follow-up email i must have deleted it, and i never delete email so that is unlikely. rawrrrrrrr.

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listening to: tom petty y los destructors de los corazones, the waiting

best part of class today:
professor prevost: "have a good weekend! or wait, what day is it? it's only tuesday? oh. um, have a good week AND weekend!"
me: "thanks! have a good consecutive series of days too!"

woooooooo. this morning i satisfied an omelette craving i've been having for awhile. it actually wasn't as good as i'd been anticipating, but still.

also all weekend i'd been operating on the assumption that i didn't have any homework for gradeschool class, but i just checked in a fit of paranoia and it turns out i DO. guess what my homework is, guess. it is to write two verses of my own military song. i am pretty sure i could turn in like... japan is great/i love the emperor/japan is great/especially at war and get an a++. speaking of which, this overheard in new york is also a++.

anyhow, after that i have another watson interview and then i will turn the tables and interview a couple people for professor prevost's review. after that who even knows what i might do!

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Monday, September 25, 2006

listening to: ben folds, bitches ain't shit AKA my last.fm top-played track!!1!one!1

it feels so nice to set a goal, and then achieve that goal.

it also feels nice to agree 100% with this dinosaur comic.

anyway you know what else is nice? how last.fm's default picture of tori is one of her craziest ones ever. there are like seven million gorgeous pictures of her and then there's that one. not to be totally shallow, obvi i'd still listen to her obsessively if she looked as crazy as she talked, but seriously. she's still pretty in it because she IS, but look at this picture. and then look at this one or this one or this one or this one or this one OR WHATEVER.

also studio 60 was pretty good! i couldn't help but notice that even fake ideal world has a ROOM FULL OF MALE COMEDY WRITERS JESUS but i guess they're striving for realism, except for all the other unrealistic parts. i do really like harriet and jordan, though, so big ups.

also i went to a fiction reading and a red beans & rice benefit dinner for re-new orleans. an action-packed evening! now i need to go read about some missionariessss woooo.

also guess what, it's september and i fucking just started my holiday shopping. yesss. they made my dad's favorite toothpaste for dinner into a t-shirt so i had to get one quick before they sold out! woooo!

anyway, i'd like to conclude by sharing a series of emails that amuse me endlessly.

to: b&s
from: some guy
subject: Hello

Hey guys

I am business manager of S&B. I am wondering do you guys want to do some business. Can we talk in person?

[Some Guy]

to: dylan
from: b&s
subject: fw: Hello

What does this even mean? I am pretty sure we don't want to do any business with the S&B but I guess I should find out what he's talking about...

to: b&s
from: dylan
subject: re: fw: Hello

thats really weird cryptic. if you do meet you might want to bring some muscle. so me and bryan will come... but where are we going to find that muscle?

oh, good times.

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listening to: tori, dolphin song

ayyy i just had my first of three watson interviews. i am pretty sure that the professor who interviewed me just wrote "super awkward, do not allow out of country" on her notes. it was an awkward interview style, though, because she clearly had a list of questions she was supposed to ask, but it was all stuff that i covered in my proposal, and she didn't give any indication that she had actually READ the proposal/personal statement? so i wasn't sure to what extent i should rehash it?

plus i am no good at talking myself up in person. blogging about how super-awesome i am is one thing, but in reality if someone asks me questions like "so, why do YOU deserve a watson fellowship?" my first response is "uh... probably i don't, really. just give it to someone else, it's okay."

on the other hand, i kept emphasizing that i thought my watson year would help me build self-confidence, so maybe she'll be like, "hell yeah, anything to help this girl out."

also, she was a new professor and i kept talking about the importance of satire as social expression, and my personal background as b&s editor, and at the VERY END of the interview she goes, "also, i'm a new professor here, so i don't really know what the b&s. is it online or something?"


but oh well. i can honestly say that i went into this not expecting to get it, but i think the whole process of applying itself will be valuable to me. and i know i'd have regretted it if i didn't apply.

also, getting a watson would interfere with the bitchin' 3-part summer plan i've got brewing. hmph.

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listening to: james taylor, country road

this day is already off to an a++ start! i went to breakfast and ate raisin bran and grapes and a doughnut. and coffee. thumbs up. and i checked my mail and had a card from smiley! and i checked my flist and penknife, one of the writers whom i fangirl most, recc'd the story i wrote for the ficathon. woo!

it has potential to go downhill, however, what with TRADS1 happening soon, and a watson interview happening at 1 (eep!) and also i have like 50 more pages to read before the romantics at 2.

uh maybe i should go to that reading, then, eh?

also i keep obsessively checking last.fm to see if they've updated my profile yet. my top weekly artist has changed to ben folds, but my top tracks list hasn't been updated since the 19th. boooooo i want to see the fruits of my labor! you know, the backbreaking labor of constantly listening to ben folds. seriously, my life is so hard, you don't even know.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

listening to: mamma mia!, one of us

this weekend slayed my attention span. i've been working on my trads1 explication for like... 45 minutes and i think i've gotten up to check my email about every 5 minutes. i don't even know. and i have a lot left to do with the b&s. and i am le tired!

i... what? oh, i think itunes has been on repeat-one for awhile. either that or "one of us" secretly became the longest song ever. whoaaaaa what? i turned it off repeat-one and then i swear it turned BACK to repeat-one. i guess itunes just really likes this song? the best part is when donna freaks out. oh, donna, you angry independent woman, you.

i am looking forward to: next weekend, the weekend after that (julia!), fall BREAK, winter break, and summer.

also: bedtime, tonight.

my favorite part about reading chaucer is that i guess the london-middle english word for "more" was "mo," as in, "mo money mo problems." it makes chaucer sound so delightfully gangsta.

my least favorite part about reading chaucer is... having to do it and prepare a presentation on it by tomorrow morning? additionally: why didn't he just do it in modern english? chaucer what is your deal? the mo middle english that we have, the mo problems that we... have... does that song actually use the same verb twice? it sounds dumb, so probably not. oh... the mo money we come across, the mo problems that we see? that does not even rhyme. at least chaucer rhymes (when you mispronounce words!).

ay yi yi come back attention spannnnn i need yoooooou.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

listening to: bitches ain't shit 4 lyfe

You Belong in London

You belong in London, but you belong in many cities... Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sidney. You fit in almost anywhere.
And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!
What European City Do You Belong In?

yeah, tell me about it, quiz.

anyway, i made up for getting up so early (10am is soo early for saturday) by taking an amazing nap this afternoon. it was excellent. the temperature in my room + weight of my blanket were in perfect balance, and i was tired, but not too twitched out to be unable to nap. an a++ napping experience.

soon i plan to head over to the pubs building and work on the b&s for... as long as i need to? woooo crazy party college lifestyle!

i didn't do any homework today! i have a lighter workload than usual (?!) but i am probably still kind of screwed for tomorrow, especially since i volunteered to sub for someone's 4-hour shift! oh well!

i want to go here and here. maybe instead of this summer's tentatively planned western national parks roadtrip we should rework it to a DINOSAUR ROADTRIP. some might say it's not really worth driving all the way to south dakota to see a couple really cheesy dinosaurs, but those people are probably communists.

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also, julia: would those zebra-striped cephalopods look so cute if they were CRAWLING ON LAND, PICKING LOCKS, and EATING YOUR FAMILY? would they?!

keith: yes, let's colonize mars! also we can pack up all the cephalopods and send them to pluto. actually no, because then they'll probably just evolve faster and build spaceships and come after us.

priscilla: it's true, i did fail at my constant bitches ain't shit policy :( but according to itunes, it is now my top-played song so hopefully when last.fm updates my profile it will reflect this highly badass fact.

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holy shit, i just choked on the delicious & expensive fair trade chocolate i splurged on earlier today. (it's fairtrade, it donates money to animals, it has cranberries in it, and it's dark chocolate. how could i even resist?)

i was looking at someone's facebook profile and noticed they were a member of a group called "People Who Think Pocahontas and Captain Planet Should Make Eco-Friendly Love Babies." so OBVIOUSLY i had to check it out.

and then the group image was that "i'm a planeteer" graphic i made like seven million years ago when i had that captain planet website. the one that says "i'm a planeteer! i support cheesy and environmentally friendly cartoons. the power is yours!"

what the heck? where did they even find that? that website hasn't been up in yearsss. (it was on CROSSWINDS. remember CROSSWINDS?) i just spent a few minutes googling and i couldn't find it. it's definitely not like the first thing that comes up if you search for "captain planet" or "planeteers."

crazy. also interesting, because cheesily enough i think captain planet and lemony snicket fuse together well to make some sort of life philosophy that will keep me from going crazy. "the power is yours" and "sometimes all you can do is one small noble thing." the power is yours to do one small noble thing? yes. captain planet was all about how you--yes, you-- could do little everyday things to save the earth (and also about how captain planet was awesome).

the... problems in the world are way to vast for any one person to do anything about, and if you do really think about them all the time you will go crazy, and then you won't be able to help anyone or anything. but you can do small noble things.


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man, what the heck. i am soo cranky and self-deprived feeling on school days when i get 6 hours of sleep. but today i went to bed at like 4 and got up now and couldn't fall back to sleep. body! this is your chance! these are your DAYS to sleep as much as you want! don't just throw them away for the floozy that is 10am on saturday!

anyway, it's totally lame when people post aim conversations two posts in a row, right? like i mean no one else cares about your stupid conversations, god. oh except for mine, because they are seriously awesome and also this one has tips that MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE.

renata: http://www.fujichia.com/stuffed/squids/index.html
molly: I really want to set that on fire.
molly: terrifying.
renata: that's awesome, because i just also showed that to anotehr friend and told him i was really glad it wasn't in my town
renata: and he replied "mysterious stuffed squid burning last night. no one is quite sure who the culprite might be..."
renata: clearly burning those things is the natural impulse
molly: definitely.
molly: man, it's not too far away from me. if I had a car, I would make that arson happen.
renata: i am also very disturbed by the squid facts at the top
renata: i did not need to know that there are more squids than people
renata: not at all.
molly: I met someone who was talking about a friend with a pet octopus tonight and I guess if you don't secure the tank the thing will get out and crawl around your apartment.
molly: I hope that most of the squids are tiny and exist to be food for bigger animals like sharks.
renata: WHAT
molly: maybe sharks eat a lot of them before they get to be huge and terrifying.
molly: I don't think for a long time
molly: but for long enough to crawl around, apparently
renata: oh man
molly: I think it's more that they want to get out of the aquarium
renata: yes. to eat humans
molly: http://www.fishpalace.org/O_bimaculatus.html holy crap
molly: "He comes out when he is hungry, and boy does he let me know! He does things like pulse color rapidly, wave his 8 sucker-filled legs at me, or even squirt water out of his tank just to get my attention."
molly: it can pick a lock on the cage!
renata: "These are highly intelligent animals, and I have watched mine even pick a lock to his enclosure when he was living in the refugium"
molly: I do not approve.
renata: what we need to do is get Octopussy to maintain control over them
renata: she'll save us
renata: i just told my friend keith about how they can pick locks, and all he said was "yeah they are really good problem solvers"
renata: i dont' think he understands the magnitude of this
molly: http://animalreviews.zelica.net/reviews/octopus.htm this guy is pretty right.
renata: yes
renata: except that he is praising the octopus for all that is horrific about it
molly: yeah, but at least he admits the murderous tendencies.
renata: yeah
renata: "I heard some scientists say if mammals hadn't taken over, squids or octopi might have evolved to be as smart as us and ruled the land"
renata: "and I saw a simulation where they swung through the trees like monkeys."
renata: says keith
renata: egads!
molly: NO.
molly: that is terrifying.
renata: oh god first they'll pick all the locks
renata: then take to the trees
renata: and then they will eat johnny depp
renata: http://animalreviews.zelica.net/reviews/squid.htm
renata: also.
molly: yeah, this guy is nuts.
renata: it will only be justice when the cephalopods come get him firs
renata: i wonder if they reviewed a shark
molly: you should submit one.
renata: yeah
renata: cuz they totally didn't
renata: there is a squid and an octopus but no shark
renata: soo wrong
molly: "Two little species of Indian Ocean octopus can tuck up six of their arms while running on the other two, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday.

They can use their other six arms to disguise themselves from predators, either as rolling coconuts or clumps of floating algae, the team at the University of California Berkeley and Universitas Sam Ratulangi in North Sulawesi, Indonesia found."
molly: NO WALKING.
renata: holy jesus
renata: yeah definitely no walking allowed

(interestingly, molly sent me this exact same quote at the exact same time keith did. it was equally horrifying both times.)
molly: The team dropped a line to a depth of 900 metres, with bait in the form of mashed up squid genitals attached to a camera and strobe light. Their hope was that a sexually excited giant squid would attempt to mate with the camera, giving them great footage.

It seems that they sort of got what they wanted, but sort of didn’t. An eight-metre long giant squid did turn up and did have a go at the bait. Unfortunately, the squid then got caught on a hook (presumably the hook was what said bait was hanging from). The poor creature struggled for four hours before breaking free – leaving a whole tentacle behind. The tentacle was recovered by the scientists; “its huge suckers were still able to grip the boat deck and any fingers that touched them.”
renata: GROSS.
molly: any animal that can be lured in by mashed up genitals of its own species has issues.
renata: oh squids >:O
renata: seirously though, fuck the war on terrorism
renata: this country needs to be fighting the war on cephalopods
renata: before they all just tuck up their extra tentacles and storm the coasts
molly: we should alert Stephen Colbert.
renata: definitely
renata: i would say the cephalopods are a greater threat to america than bears

anyway, there's more, but i showed SOME restraint and cut it down a bit. still though. terrifying, and you should all be alerted as to how our collective death by cephalopod could come at ANY MINUTE. (also our death by YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO.) oh, and the other thing you need to know about this conversation is that i made an >:O or :O face just about every other line, but adium converted them to emoticons and then they wouldn't copy/paste. (i stuck a few back in, where they were clearly necessary.) still though. come on. >:O is clearly the correct response to these creatures.


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Friday, September 22, 2006

listening to: tom jones, THUNDERBALL

renata: oh my god
renata: the town dinosaur national monument is nearest to
renata: is called
renata: TOMORROW
keith: no way!
keith: I have to google this
keith: Located three miles east of the Utah border in Moffat County, is a quiet, friendly community of 400 residents. Renamed Dinosaur in 1965 because of its proximity to Dinosaur National Monument, the town originally known as Artesia, has street names like Tyrannosaurus Trail and Brontosaurus Boulevard.
keith: Yeah Bronto blvd is my new home?
renata: !!!!

amazing amazing.

um i didn't do any work tonight except for talking to keith about dinosaur, colorado. where i am moving. tomorrow.

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listening to: josie and the pussycats, josie and the pussycats

i'm sitting in gencomp and josh just shuffled to this song, and i seriously went "yesss!" out loud. luckily no one else is in here. and also it's grinnell so no one would really judge me too hard.

"i can't stand still" from footloose the musical just came on, and i was able to keep myself from responding audibly, but just barely.

this weekend i need to put together the b&s and do some homework and sleep and try to stop obsessing over my middle-class white western privilege.

oh man, and TODAY i need to write a story for the x-men ficathon... i signed up to pinch-hit awhile ago, and on monday someone emailed me to be like "hey can you give us a story by friday?" and i was like "sure!" ahahaha... ha... anyway so i should go do that.

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listening to: le tigre, well well well

i'm so confused by my fluctuating hunger levels. like wednesday, i was running a bit late and ran off to work at fg&g without grabbing a nutrigrain bar or anything. i figured i'd be hungry later but i wasn't, at all. then i went to class and afterwards, i ate lunch, and it was cool.

today i had the same schedule, but i did eat the bar this morning. and then at like 9:30 i was starrrving. i grabbed a banana and ate it on my way to class. and then i got back from class just now and DEVOURED a hummus pita & sunchips. now i'm DEVOURING cookies. soo hungry.

but why? why am i significantly more hungry on this day than i was on wednesday? whyyyy.

anyway, speaking of me being confused, and also of people being hungry, yesterday someone came around collecting for the 80s party. i looked in my wallet and found that i had $2. i gave them $1 because they were wearing awesome costumes and asked nicely. and then i thought about the statistic that over half the world lives on $2 a day or less, and that i had just given 50% of that amount to people wearing ridiculous clothing who are going to spend it on beer that i probably won't end up drinking. what the hell? i mean, granted, $2 us currency has less buying power here than in the third-world. but still. when i start thinking about it like that, how can i even justify... my life? it makes no sense that A SIXTH OF THE WORLD lives in definite, certifiable poverty (with lots more who are merely really poor) and i go to a school that costs roughly seven million billion dollars and i sometimes will buy fancy coffee that costs $3 and i have several pairs of pants and a fish, who has his own bowl and fancy gravel and plastic treasure chest.

actually i'd have to say that my privilege is something i think about on a fairly regular basis, probably more than normal people, but the exact numbers clicked hard last night. i'm very grateful for all that i have but it makes no sense that i have it. and it's so easy to get numbed and think there's nothing you can do about it because it's such an overwhelmingly huge issue. but i can still do SOMETHING about it, rather than the NOTHING i'm currently doing.

i donate money to two groups: the aclu and the comic book legal defense fund. i definitely think free speech and civil rights are important, and i'm willing to fork over money every year, but how much do i give to groups that fight poverty? noneeeeee. or actually i guess at the holidays i always give to the salvation army bucket, even if they do discriminate against the gays. basically anytime someone asks me for money i will probably give them some. i try to shop fair trade. but i really think i should be doing more. i mean, i always bitch about being a poor college student--which i am, and my family is definitely less well-off than most grinnellians--but still. if i can afford to give money to the aclu and to harris parties, for christ's sake, i think i can afford giving some money to help the 1 billion people in poverty.

and i mean, it's so hard to say what causes are most worthy, you know? the aclu is important to me, and poverty. but so are the environment and planned parenthood and medical research and lots of stuff. and they are important. but what are any of those things stacked up against the real, everyday life & death poverty, aids, ughhh everything. i just looked in my bank account- between checking & savings, i have $80 and i don't get paid until oct 10th. it's not much, but it's someone's entire expenses for 40 days. my room & board are already paid for (or at least loaned for).

i just signed up to give $15/monthly to oxfam america. it's not that much. i can afford that. that's like how much i spend on dried fruit a month maybe. maybe the combined dried fruit and rice cake budget. i can probably afford both those things but if i have to give one up it's not like losing snacks is going to kill me. and it was easy, they just take it out of your debit card every month.

anyway, just something i've been thinking about again! man between the nuclear disarmament, the questioning of cosmic justice, and the global poverty my blog has just been a barrel of laughs lately! a nuclear lolocaust, if you will.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

listening to: bfolds, bitches ain't shit

this song just really relates to my life right now. i mean, i used to know a bitch named eric wright! and with him i, too, used to roll around and fuck the hoes at night. i'd say we were tighter than the muthafuckin' gangsta beats, in fact.

anyway, i just got back from being at the library for awhile. oh, but before that i watched the office, which was even more hilarious than expected. oh my god. and the worst part about this show is that quoting it hardly ever effectively explains how hilarious it, because it's soo driven by the actors themselves. it would be like:

jim: *adorable face*
dwight: *awkward face*
pam: *laughs*

but on the show itself it would be HILARIOUS. there was one line, though, that i want to make my new signature at cb... michael's line that was something along the lines of "you don't call retarded people retards! that's not cool! you call your FRIENDS retards, when they're being retarded!"

oh anyway, but after that, the library. i did my trads1 homework (boooo) and then grabbed some more short story anthologies for making the prison syllabus. also i accidentally found what i believe to be the best book ever, probably. it came up when i searched for gay/lesbian fiction anthologies, and it's called gay fandom and crossover stardom. and i was like "gay fandom? what's this?" and i clicked it, and it has a chapter called "keanu reeves and the fantasy of pansexuality" and i was like, i must have it. it also has a chapter about mel gibson?! why does mel gibson have a gay fandom?! i guess i will have to read the book to find out.

also, the gay anthology i checked out was edited by robert drake. lololol. (has bobby ever actually come out in the comics ever? or does everyone ever just assume he's gay? and by "everyone ever," i mean "fandom," which assumes everyone is gay.)

soon i hope to go to sleep, and actually sleep. also i hope to shower, because i am dirrrty. not dirrrty like christina aguileira, just dirrrty like gosh when did i last shower.

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listening to: beatles, across the universe

whoa, that was weird. so i opened nbc's the office website in another tab and opened blogger while i was waiting for it to load, and then i started hearing creepy voices. i was like, "what? this isn't revolution #9, i swear i would have remembered there being creepy voices in THIS song..." and then i went back to the office website and it had autoloaded a little preview for tonight. with voices. good.

i'm so pissed though, that jenny is skipping town tonight. what a whore, now who am i supposed to watch the office with? ryan, our office lounge buddy from last year whose last name i don't know? ... someone else? no, i'll just have the cold, plastic videotape she left me for company. i'm enthused about this week's summary: "When Michael unintentionally outs a gay employee, he stumbles through a sensitivity minefield." yess. michael + any attempts at political correctness = always hilarious.

anyway, i'm reallly tired. my asian events of last night took up a lot of time, and i had a lot of work to do for my 8am seminar. at like 1 i decided to just go to bed because i was so tired, and i'd get up early and go to breakfast and do the rest of my reading. but then i insomnia-ed for over an hour (not even my "rain and thunder" soothing nature cd helped! >_<) and then i felt really bad, because i made it through the documents we were supposed to focus on, and one other article. but the third article i didn't get to at all. and this morning professor silva was observing her class because she's up for review. and i'm generally the most talkative one in class.

so anyway, for about an hour and 40 minutes everything is great. we're talking about the main documents--well, the three of us who regularly talk were talking, and every so often professor prevost would jump in with "silent #1 or silent #2, do you have anything to say?" they never ever talk unless she specifically prompts them, which is awkward in a 5-person class. but anyway, basically fine. and then! with 20 minutes of class left she suddenly says, "oh, and that third article. what did you guys think of that?"


"did you agree with it?"


"did you understand her argument?"

finally nick jumped in and said something. but nobody else joined in. but she kept at it, trying to get someone to identify the thesis of the argument. it was SO AWKWARD. i felt so bad for not having read it. but also i felt really tired.

and then later today she sent out an email asking us to make sure we could identify the thesis of the readings for tuesday. gosh.

julia: ahahahaha amazing. i applaud the high levels of realism in your current lifestyle.

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listening to: ben folds, fired

my parents are so awesome, guys. like, last week i sent my parents a subversive cross stitch notecard ("irony is not dead") and put "ps: mom, you should make one of these!"

and today in my mail was: a framed "irony is not dead" cross stitch. amazing! so then i called her to thank her for it, and i asked where she got the kit (since i thought it was highly unlikely that she would have bought it online) and she said, "there are kits ? i just bought the right colored embroidery floss and then counted the stitches on the card." WOW CRAFTY, mom!

and then i talked to my dad and he was telling me how his co-worker's son is a musician and released an album, and it was folky so he thought i would like it. "so if you get a chance, check it out... his website is peteradriel.com and i think his album is called... my space?" oh dad, your ignorance of the internet is charming.

here is my dad's co-worker's son's myspace. it's alright hippie folk type music. the album is called illini wind, despite the fact that he apparently moved to san francisco and is unlikely to feel any illini wind unless he comes home to visit.

anyhow. i find that i've become increasingly hostile when people display ignorance of history. particularly when i didn't like that person to start off with. like in the romantics yesterday, one talky mctalksalot girl (who has a complicated two-step lipgloss that she likes to apply in class. i'm all for lip gloss but if it has TWO STEPS maybe you don't need to do it in class) announced, "well, i'm kind of a feminist, and i didn't really like how wordsworth talked about taking care of the son as 'women's work.'" dude it was 1798. of coursed it was women's work. i hate you.

or in gradeschool class, another girl (the same one who got really angry at our rationing meeting) made her character a single mom with an illegitimate child. privately i was like "yeah right in 1945 japan" but i didn't say anything. and then when the hiroshima survivors evaluated our characters they were SO HORRIFIED that someone would have kept an illigitimate child. my character still lives with her parents, does the washing, and teaches grade school. it's not sexy but it's realistic! what!

i also came really close to getting into a fight with this girl in class today. in retrospect it's funny but actually i was pissed. we were talking about this japanese song about george washington (apparently japanese people like george washington, particularly as a military figure) and i mentioned that the song was geographically incorrect, since it's about the revolutionary war and it mentions lake michigan, which wasn't in the original 13 colonies. and illigitimate child girl is like, "also, it talks about mountains, there aren't any mountains on the east coast." and i was like "UM the appalachians, and the catskills, and all those mini-catskill ranges..." and she was like "those aren't really mountains... i mean the rockies are mountains, those are like hills." and i was like "THEY'RE MOUNTAINS. they might not be as tall as the rockies, but i'm not going to accept that they're not mountains. they're MOUNTAINS."

at this point the prof broke it up, which is good, because i might have had to cut a bitch.

anyway, i'm hungryyyy tiredddd and unshoweredddd so maybe i'll go work on one or more of those things.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

listening to: bfolds, bitches ain't shit

i just had such a grinnell evening. first i talked to julia on the phone! and then i went to the hiroshima survivors and sat by dylan, who scolded me for not actually reading any of the b&s articles he submitted. ("whatever, i'm sure they're funny...") and i scolded him for not voting for a candidate because "i saw her waving in a parade and she looked soo stupid."

"dylan, why do you hate america?"
"well, reason number one... we just saw..."

yeah seriously, guys, nuclear weapons suck. in case you weren't aware.

after that, i went to the asia (asian students in alliance) cultural cooking night. i know how to make spring rolls now! they're pretty easy and delicious! i sat with lester and we were sassy.

anyway, this is kind of a downer now but the main hiroshima survivor speaker said he wanted us to go tell his story to everyone we know just to further drive home the point that nuclear weapons suck, so here goes: the speaker (i forgot his name, he only said it once and.. it was japanese so yeah) was five at the time. he had 4 older sisters and one older brother. when the bomb was dropped, he was outside playing, about 2km from the hypocenter. the force of the bomb knocked him into his neighbor's house, but he didn't get too badly burnt. he ran back outside to his house, which was now gone, because the bomb actually knocked the entire thing over. he heard his 18-year-old sister screaming--she was trapped under the house. so he tried to dig her out, but... he was five and it was an entire two story house. on his sister. then his 8-year-old sister came back, and she was more badly burnt-all the skin on her left side peeled off, but she still helped try to unearth their older sister. eventually one of the neighbors came along and made the 2 non-trapped kids come with her, because fires were spreading. they didn't want to leave their older sister, but they had to.

so then they made it out of town to an army barracks, where they got some first aid. their older brother and father were in the army too, so they was safe from the bomb. their 13-year-old sister was helping build a firebreak downtown, a few hundred meters from the hypocenter, so she was just... destroyed, they never found anything of her body. 8000 other junior high kids had been civilian-drafted into helping with that, and 6000 of them died immediately. his 15-year-old sister was also drafted into working in a factory further away from downtown, so she was okay. she left and tried to find the rest of her family, but they were either dead or gone, so she went back and stayed at the factory.

meanwhile, their mother was in a different city, but she heard about the bomb and tried to get back home to her family. she finallly got on a train to hiroshima, but the us airforce saw the train heading towards hiroshima and strafed it with gunfire. she died in the train.

after a few days, the father came home and he and the speaker and his 3 suriving sisters reunited. (somehow the older sister who was trapped under the house was able to free herself and escape the fire.) however, the speaker got radiation sickness and lost his hair and started hemmoraging a lot, and the severely burned sister got infected (because they had no medicine) and died. her last words were, "i'd really like a hardboiled egg."

also, i'd just like to say that... in schools it's usually taught that the us dropped the a-bombs to prevent a really bloody land war, because the japanese would never surrender unless they absolutely had to... not true, actually. the us intercepted and broke multiple coded diplomatic messages that said japan was ready to surrender, BUT they didn't want the emperor to be dethroned. that was their only condition. and truman (and his advisor) was like, "nope, unconditional surrender!" and they were like "but the emperor is a religious figure to us!" and he was like "hey, that's a condition!" so yeah. in conclusion... nuclear disarmament, anyone?

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listening to: bfolds, bitches ain't shit


soon i'm going to go listen to some hiroshima survivors give a talk, and then i'm going to go learn how to make spring rolls! two separate events, not that the survivors are going to be teaching spring rolls. this whole paragraph seems vaguely offensive but it's seriously what i'm doing and i seriously wanted to clarify. let's just move on.


today i... am tired.

also, i talked to julia! hooray! we were able to confirm our agreement on a few things:
- reading is good
- also food
- also lemony snicket
- also trivial pursuit
- also visits
- also robots

also MAYBE that man of the year movie. it looks to me like it's basically robin williams playing a faux jon stewart. plus lewis black is in it.

also i checked a couple for-fun books out from the library the other day, and i've been stealing time to read them bit by bit. they are:
ultimate x-men: the tomorrow people and girl sleuth, which is a history of nancy drew and her authors (it's all the way across the room and i don't want to go get it to look up the real subtitle. or the author).

here are my favorite parts of each:
girl sleuth totally quoted vbrown in the first chapter. heck of yes.

ultimate magneto is a vegetarian! awesome. "i'm not a cruel man, you understand. it's been years since i've even tasted flesh, human or otherwise." peta should totally use him in advertisements. ps: doesn't "flesh" sound a lot grosser than "meat"? grosss. i'd like some extra flesh on that pizza.

anyway i'm going to go get on my survivors/spring rolls evening plan. i hope there isn't any flesh in the spring rolls. flesh flesh flesh.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

listening to: ben folds, bitches ain't shit

looking at my last.fm page, i decided it would be awesome if my #1 track were bitches ain't shit. that way, people could look at my last.fm profile and instantly know how badass i am. they'd be like, "shit, that girl is badass." so my new goal is to listen to it constantly until it becomes #1! right now it's at #33 so it might take awhile. mine the task eternal!

i'm also so displeased that i acidentally left clap your hands say yeah playing continuously on mute for like 5 hours tha one time. now my last.fm makes it look like i loooove clap your hands say yeah. which, i mean, they're pretty good and stuff, but not "2 songs in my top 10" good.

secondary last.fm goal: never listen to clap your hands say yeah again until they slowly disappear from the top 10. and go.

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listening to: crazy tori interview

yarrr, i totally forgot today be talk like a pirate day! or actually i did remember as i opened blogger this morning, but then i got so excited about my cellphone that i forgot to be piratey.

avast, what? pirates don't have cellphones. if we needs to talk to one of our mateys we just yell.

anyway i hope all my hearties are having an anti-scurvylicious tlapd!

today in gradeschool class some hiroshima survivors came and talked to us and evaluated our characters. everyone but me had an unrealistic character. history major REPRESENT. it was, however--as you might expect--pretty depressing. one woman survived because she stayed home sick from school that day, and her home was farther away from the bomb than the school. everyone else at her school died. that's rough, man, can you imagine staying home from school one day and then everyone you know dies? :/

but they were very nice and very hopeful about nuclear disarmament. so, that's good.

also... i'm not doing very well at tlapd this year, am i? yarrr anyway, here's a crazy-tori radio interview thing. she talks about feminine archetypes and the music industry and is ridic. <333


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listening to: indigo girls, shame on you

yesss i just got an email from the manager of the bookstore saying someone found my cellphone outside of it? i don't even know how it got there, but that is AWESOME. oh crappy phone, i'm glad you're safe.

i really need to clean my room and do laundry and shower. i am SO DIRTY. like i know i complain about my room being dirty pretty often, but it's especially bad right now. for no good reason other than exhaustion and apathy.

i also need to tape together my paper house. i need to take a picture when i'm done to demonstrate its ridiculousness.

speaking of ridiculous, i scanned my manga drawings. if you're interested (in making yourself feel better about your own artistic abilities?), here you go!

no just kidding, here are mine for real: closeup, full body, and an "action shot". my action pose is actually just her sitting at a desk but whatever. the desk particularly displays the fact that i took a cad drawing/hand drafting class for a year right? or actually it maybe defies the laws of physics.

also, i'm really presenting these here because i know they're ridiculous, so don't feel like you have to be like "no really, these aren't... bad..." it's okay. all that matters is that i'll get an a for effort from professor jorenby, because this is gradeschool class.

<333 back to priscellie and julia!

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Monday, September 18, 2006

i'm going to write a book


midwestern values: i'd hate to say they're awesome because that would be bragging

by renata

dedicated to: maDonna

and ethanol

it's going to rule.

sample chapters:

- hey what are your thoughts on local high school athletics (i'm for 'em)
- i like agriculture
- gosh, the president tries hard
- additionally: ethanol

it's gonna be sweet

garrison keillor better not steal my idea

remember when i said i was going to be because i was so tired


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listening to: ps, the cool, cool river

i am so tired suddenly. not that suddenly; i went down to watch s60 and i just collapsed on the couch and hardly moved the whole hour. not even to fidget... much.

the show was pretty good though! i liked itttt. i read the script already so i knew what was going to happen? but it was well done. no surprises really i suppose. excited for next week though! i can already tell that matthew perry is going to be the reall popular sorkin character whom i like least (see also: josh, danny. danny from sports night, not s60. duh.) other people seem to like arrogant (albeit justifiably arrogant, and also loyal) jerks though!

also i hadn't watched teevee in awhile and i was extra susceptible to commercials! esp: the new ipod commercial. whoa that was crazy, what with the colors... and the swirls... whoa. also there was a movie that looked funny, and a... something else... and some local political commercials that made me mad... i don't know. it was all a lot more interesting at the time. i hadn't watched tv since the end of who wants to be a superhero? so it was pretty captivating.

then i came home and was hungry and discovered most of a wheel of brie in my fridge. i soo forgot about that, and it's not at its peak. in fact i broke a fork on the rind. but it was still delicious with some wheat thins and grapes! soo delicious.

i need to do dishes and clean my room and find my cellphone and do some work and not fucking fail trads1 argh.

also i am still pretty angered about that broken fork. i've had it since first year and it's awesome. i has a matching spoon and they snap together. but now the fork has only two tines. i suppose two tines are sufficient, really. but if gets down to just one it won't really be a fork anymore. it will be a very unhelpful knife and that will be unacceptable probably.

probably i should go to bed sometime maybe now?

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listening to: regina spektor, on the radio

adddddicted to this sooooong.

anyway i just got back from a "han meeting" for jc&w. basically our "han" is our roleplaying neighborhood. today we had to ration up some random crap, like a radio and medicine and stuff, and we were supposed to discuss it and argue about who most deserved what. (like, i got the medicine cuz my dad is sick! poor dad!) but three of us, myself included, just wanted to get done asap. and the other two fought over the radio for like half our meeting. finally they rock-paper-scissored it and we were oout. it was kind of intense though.

also intense: i got back my trads1 quiz, and i didn't fail it but i got a d-. ughhhh stupes. i'm so not used to this kind of class anymore--i'm really accustomed to being told "don't worry about the details, you can look those up later if you need them for a paper-- just get the main concepts down." this is the opposite of that. i am concepting all over the place in class, but class discussion doesn't couunt for much of our overall grade. these quizzes DO, and they ask dumb nitpicky questions. and she is a wench about partial credit. ugh, check ya later, academic self worth.

stuuupes i hate trads1 and i hate feeling dumb.

but i love chai tea and i love studio 60 (i assume!) and i think that soon i will drink some of the former and watch some of the latter!

also! i am fulfilling priscellie's request for the leaked tori songs, but here they are for everyone else too. they're yousendits so feel free to pass the links on to other torifriends. for the next seven days anyway. at present i'd really only recommend "marys of the sea (intro jam)" and "not david bowie" and maybe "dolphin song" for the non-hardcore toriphiles amongst you. oh and "ode to my clothes" is pretty cute. well- i love tori so if i keep amending this i will eventually recommend that you download all of these and then buy all of her albums and then come see her in concert with me, so anyway here are some files!

dolphin song
fire eater's wife/beauty queen (demo)
marys of the sea (intro jam)
not david bowie
ode to my clothes
peeping tommi
take me with you
walk to dublin (sucker reprise) (keith would probably like this one, if only for the title!)
zero point


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listening to: goo goo dolls, dizzy

OH GOSH i just turned in my watson proposal. there was a big stack of them on the table already and grinnell only gets 4 applicants, and then out of the total ~200 applicants only 50 get them. SO basically i'm not getting my hopes up, but it would be pretty awesome, right?

oh also, we had another surprise quiz in trads1 today, which i am pretty sure i failed again. argh.

argh argh argh.

but breathe: even if i do fail this class, i can always drop my english major and graduate with a history major! OR i could kill elizabeth dobbs and hide the body on the golf course WHAT NOTHING. it's still depressing, though. i need another weekend. i need fall break. i need a rug that doesn't stain/i need a muffler for my brain/i need geraldo for some hope/and oprah winfrey's show can teach me how to cope...

oh, and i need to go to the library and read about imperialism! ROCK.

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watching/listening to: regina spektor, on the radio

i watched this video like fifteen times yesterday. and here i am again. good time management, renata. but it's a really really cute video and an a++ song, so i recommend it to [you].

meanwhile i am re-writing my watson proposal (and blogging and watching this video).

i spilled coffee on my unofficial transcript. eff.

also, last night i started reading this ridicccc fanfic. well the fic is alright, but the author's notes are ridic.

****Warning****: This chapter contains graphic sexual situations. If you have not already figured it out, your author is no stranger to the baser elements of life. If you are a virgin or are generally not very experienced in the carnal world, this chapter may be very enlightening for you. But nothing in it is unrealistic or unattainable. You might find yourself a bit disappointed in your boyfriends and wonder where you can find a guy as skilled as I have portrayed Erik to be. They are few and far between. If you find a guy like this, hold on to him. They are a rare breed to be sure. Another warning: Do not read this at work. Do not read this in a public place. Do not read this with other people around you. Save this chapter till it is nighttime and you are in a room by yourself. You will thank me for it.

or how about:

Dedication: This chapter goes out to that one special man. He knows who he is. And even though he will never read this. And even though he will never take me back. And even though I will never accept him if he did. He made this chapter possible. For being both the bane of my existence and the thing that makes life worth living, this goes out to you T.M.

Author’s Notes: How did your author learn so much about sex? Many long nights and a lot of hard work. Persistence, determination, and dedication are her strong points. And yes, she is currently single. And very attractive if I do speak for myself.

lolololol i bet the girl who wrote this is like 13 and reads a lot of cosmo.

anyway that's all i got for you, a good music video and a ridic fanfic author.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

listening to: madonna, like a virgin

boooo i think i lost my cell phone today? i was expecting a call from my mom, so i took it with me when i went into saint's rest earlier today. and she did, in fact, call, and i talked to her, and stuck my phone back in either my pocket or my bag. then i came home and tried to call jenny and couldn't find it. wtf. my room is a huge mess so it's possible that it's in here somewhere, but i don't know... i sifted through my stuff pretty thoroughly. i'll call saint's rest and mcnally's tomorrow to see if anyone found it. it's grinnell, and it was a crappy phone, so i doubt anyone stole it.

it's funny though, because i was JUST talking to my mom about how my phone sucks and has been acting weird lately, and lamenting my 2-year wait for a new phone. but i had the cheapest phone ever so i guess if i have to suck it up and get a new one it was only $30 or something.

every time i see the cingular ad that says "fewest dropped calls of any network" i get irrationally angry. because i mean, i don't use my cellphone that often but basically whenever i do the call drops at least once.

anyway enough about my cellphone?!

in happier news, the last few days my stomach hasn't hurt at all and my hair loss has definitely lessened. this is gross, but i saved the drain hairball from one of the really bad days and i've been meaning to photograph it and share it with the world. and my hair is DEFINITELY thinner than it was when i started school. when i braid it, it tapers down really, really thin. yayyyyy.

back to sadder news, i'm reallly tired (why? i slept most of the day... although those few hours of hallucinations were pretty tiring and didn't really count as sleep) and i have a fair bit of work left to do on my watson app, which is of course due at 5pm tomorrow :/

sooo sleepy... and yet sooo badly want to be paid to make jokes in other countries for a year...

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oops, i'm dumb! the other day we signed up for shifts to guard mears cottage and i picked monday nights, thinking, "yeah, this'll be way better than last semester when i had tuesdays and i always had to miss house"! OOPS GUESS WHAT'S STARTING ON MONDAY... studio 60, the other show i want to watch. there are literallly two shows that i want to make a priority to watch (tds and tcr are luxury viewings, as time permits) and i can't keep track of them. oh well, i guess i'll just be viewing studio 60 through other means, less television-y and more computer-y.

in other news, some people are practicing musical intruments directly below me. a tuba in involved. i am re-locating my studying.

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listening to: tori, marys of the sea

someone leaked a bunch of the new tracks from tori's new collection thing, and one of them is this song, but with a new extended intro. which i love. it starts off with:

back that ass up now
back it on up
back it on up now
i feel it’s on something good

and just goes on for like 4 minutes of randomness. tori why did you cut this off your album in the first place? maybe just to make it even more magical when it showed up on your $9234904 collection later.

this morning i woke up at 9ish, and tried to go back to sleep but i had these weird, hazy, half-asleep dreams. i think i was awake during them? but i felt like i was too tired to even move. so i didn't. and it felt like it took SO LONG. when i finally woke up again for real i was convinced that it was like 2pm, and i was so mad for wasting so much time. turns out it was actually like 10:45, which isn't exactly like up&attem or anything, but better than what i'd dream-hallucinated.

today all of my plans fit into one of three categories: 1.) eat food, 2.) do work, and 3.) play scrabble.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

ahaha i'm reading an interview w/alan cumming... he mentioned his next movie, grey matters, and said "That's one of those lovely, well-paid, commercial films we all have to do now and again. And make no mistake, there will come a time quite soon when I'll be in some trash again."

"now and again," like every five minutes maybe?

i'm irked though that NOW he's in a play in london. jeeze you couldn't have done that a year ago maybe?

he also said: "I have never seen Mamma Mia! but I know I hate it. I'm a snob and I don't care."

:( :(

whatever, he'd totally star in mamma mia! the movie if they offered him like $50. you can't be in son of the mask and claim to be a snob. actually! you can if you're alan cumming, so it's okay.

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boo-urns >_< bryan got octopussy from netflix, and it turns out the disc was cracked. now i have to do homework instead of watching bond dress up like a clown!

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listening to: the gothic archies, scream and run away

oh gosh! neil gaiman posted this conversation between stephen merritt and lemony snicket, and it's awesome. as are the gothic archies songs at the bottom of the article.

also it BLEW MY MIND that neil and lemony are friends. i guess it shouldn't, since they have the same publisher and stuff, but... gosh! i would like to attend a party with both of them.

the best part of work today was when i made myself a peanut butter & banana panini. actually the best part was EATING the aforementioned panini.

the worst part was how it's parents weekend and 23149032 parents tried to ask for a "regular coffee" and everytime i'd have to be like "ACTUALLY we have small or large, and colombian, breafkast blend, or decaf" (... like it says on the giant sign behind my head). parents! amiright?

james bond appreciation club is in 15 minutes! we're watching octopussy which is the most ridic movie ever. loves. (it's on my top 5 list!)

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listening to: ben folds, emaline

i just had a crazy experience... i packed up some short story anthologies and headed over to a lounge to watch pocahontas and pick out stories for prison. so all's going well, i'm watching mel gibson's finest film and finding some rocking stories, when very close to the end the door opens and someone steps in the lounge. not unusual- it's often hard to tell from outside if anyone is in the lounges, so you get a lot of people peeking in to see if they can take the lounge or not.

but this guy says, "ohh, do you mind if i watch pocahontas with you?"

and i said, "sure, go ahead, but it's almost over."
"yeah, but my favorite part is coming up!"
"oh..." (i was kind of skeptical, because how many people admit to having a favorite part of pocahontas and how many people's favorite part is at the way end?)
"do you know what my favorite part is?"
"no, what is it?"
"(in deep voice) 'pocahontas has wisdom beyond her years...'"

and we kept talking and he kept displaying a ridiculously detailed knowledge of disney movies, including sequels. whattttt and then he told me he was drunk and invited me to play beer pong "on friday, saturday, wednesday, or monday."

this story got even better just now when i looked him up in the campus directory, based on his first name and his james 3rd residence... he's a firstyear from arizona and his last name is FINKELSTEIN, no joke.

oh grinnell!

anyway, i finished drawing my mangas. i have to scan them to put them on our class website, so when i do that i'll post them here too, for your amusement. visual art is def not my medium. also i started coloring my stupid paper house--she gave us a pattern--and it's so complicated to color. it has those windows with lots of little panes? or whatever? yeah. frustrating! i should just cover my whole house with hello kitty stickers instead.

anyway goodnight!

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Friday, September 15, 2006

i drew my first manga character girl! we all have these "how to draw manga" books and my totally bitchin' unique character is a clever fusion of two models: "friendly girl" and "cuddly kitty." ("cuddly kitty" is a girl HOLDING a kitty, which is apparently her defining characteristic. i thought about drawing mine with a kitty, but i figured with wartime rationing and all they probably would have eaten the kitty, and that's too sad so NO KITTY.)

my character's defining characteristics are: spiky hair (like friendly girl's), fucked-up eyelashes (like cuddly kitty's), and pearl earrings (both friendly girl and cuddly kitty had these so i concluded that japanese ladies just always wore them. this conclusion was disproved a few more pages into the book, as neither "pop-star girl" nor "fashion teen" have pearl earrings, although they DO have hoop earrings.) also, she has a patch on the sleeve of her kimono. also she looks like she was drawn by a seven-year-old.

house is at 75%! woo!

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listening to: indigo girls, trouble

boo, my house download is only at 16%! i want 100%! now!

anyway, things i plan to do tonight:
- watch house, once it downloads
- work on my manga drawing skills (oh gradeschool class!)
- something i never thought i'd do: write a letter of complaint to ben and jerry's. (ughh i bought some neapolitan dynamite, aka cherry garcia + chocolate fudge brownie, and the brownies in the chocolate side are soo gross. they have the stupidest grainy texture. and they don't taste good. thumbs down.)
- another thing i thought i'd never do: write a praising letter to herbal essences. seriously that new shampoo is fucking awesome and i think about it whenever i touch my awesome hair. or take a shower (SO NOT THAT OFTEN I'M DIRTY)

aw crap! i stole some paper from the lab printer for my manga drawings and i just took a sip of water and spilled it all over my paper. ugh now i'll never be a professional manga artist! never!

my character wears glasses because people who wear glasses get to just have a dot for an eye she's a teacher, so it's in character. yess.

my character has water stains on her BECAUSE OF A TSUNAMI.

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>_< the s&b (our campus paper) just started a blog with some web-only content and stuff. all well and good, but i am PERSONALLY OFFENDED by one of their very first offerings: "cut to the quick," a column which, this week, is dedicated to hating on the exclamation point. boo!!!!!!!!!

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listening to: indigo girls, devotion

whew, remember my plans of doing work and working out this afternoon? INSTEAD, i fell asleep for three hours. that was pretty sweet.

and then i woke up from my nap, all stumbly and discombobululated, and checked my email. and i had a scary CAPSLOCK EMAIL from FINANCIAL AID that was like "one of your loans isn't processed and you owe us moneeey. come talk to us in person immediately!" this was at like, 4:10, and financial aid closes at 4:30. so i was like, fuck, and ran over there. waiting in line, i started chatting with people and it turns out that everyone there had gotten the same email. and after talking to the financial aid lady who was like, "nope everything's fine! maybe check with the cashier's office though!" and checking with the cashier's office--also fine--it tunrs out the other people were all fine too. there must have been some kind of error that sent out a mass, erroneous, freaky-outy email. i feel bad for people who are going to read their emails after 4:30 and be concerned all weekend-- i know i would be. whew, excellent nap waking-up coordination, renata!

today i had a special lunch that i like to call "fuck you, atkin's diet." it was so ridic. i had a cheesey potato soup (BIG UPS to dining services for vegetarian potato soup), french fries, and a doughnut. AND a big greens & chickpea salad, the redeeming factor of my lunch. although i don't think you can eat vegetables on the atkins diet either.

maybe for dinner i should eat something more... healthy. or i could just eat like three bowls of that awesome soup. tough choices!

maybe i'll get some work done for a bit?! maybe?

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listening to: mr. mister, kyrie

my watch battery died, and in trads1 i've been sitting with my back to the clock. but today i sat facing the clock, and i noticed that she kept us six minutes late. six! with each minute i grew increasingly enraged. six extra minutes of middle english poetry is six too many. or fifty-six too many really.

yep. oh, in case you were concerned, i did end up taking a shower last night. clean! although mary still hasn't given me another dining services shirt so i think this is like the 4th shift in a row i've warn this one. i contend that this isn't *that* gross, since i change out of them after i'm done working (eventually!), and i work in an air-conditioned square, and everything i handle is packaged, so it's not like i have sweat or food on it or anything.

i think i might visit the pec this afternoon! i haven't gone (or watched charmed!!!) in... at least a week. gosh.

also i really really really should do some work this afternoon to keep my head above water. time management, renata, TIME MANAGEMENT.

that said i think i'm going to eat lunch and re-read some lemony snicket. *shifty eyes*

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

listening to: jill sobule, billy's thing

i was going to blog about something? i... WOW SWEET. i was just going to blog about how i was hungry, and then i found the cookies i stole earlier today. i wish all my problems could be so easily solved!

umm... surprise stolen cookies are pretty great, but i swear there was something else. something magical.

whatevs i am going to go motherfucking explicate some motherfucking middle english poetry and then go to bed! oh and i might shower if i feel like it. i'm admittedly pretty dirty. this semester i have been soo bad at remembering to shower. just another gross sign of my ever-deteriorating mental health, guys! grosss.

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listening to: mitch hedburg, sandwiches

"cut it out! i'm not making a banana bread, pastrami, and cottage cheese sandwich! that would severely ruin my reputation!"

anyway, guys i'm not even kidding, my homework for japanese comics and war is to BUILD A PAPER HOUSE and DRAW A MANGA-STYLE PICTURE. it's soo grade school. it rules. and when we get papers back she puts a stamp on them.

especially since this morning i spent 2 hours talking about foucault, and then in the afternoons we watch cartoons and draw pictures. i wish we got juice. or sake. whichever.

there were def some highlights from my college-level class this morning, though.

me: "so in uganda they were like, 'sweet, stds! this is the perfect excuse to tighten our social control!'"

james: "hyam was basically saying that the home officer was like, 'i like having sex with little boys! do you know where there are more little boys? india! let's go colonize it.'"

who knew imperial history was so sexy?

oh and by "sexy" i mean oppresive but whatever.

anyhow today i went on a bike ride and went to a guest lecture about shakespearean outsiders and stole some cookies from the lecture! yess. and now i'm going to do some work for awhile. or forever. or until i graduate. whatever.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WTF trina just called to say that tori amos is going to be in champaign this weekend?!?! how did that happen without me knowing?!?!

i can't find it anywhere on the internet though so i'm afraid trina misread or something. but she kept saying yes for sure and she says famous people play there (the canopy club alll the time) so anyway, that would be neat!

aw crap i already agreed to work a forum shift on saturday. but i think it's over at 3 so that'd be ok probably.

also i randomly checked out the first ultimate x-men tpb from the library and i started reading a bit of it, and can i just say EVERYONE IS CREEPY. like, xavier doesn't have a library because he prefers to just READ THE MINDS OF AUTHORS HE LIKES. and he has a kitty. he's like a telepathic ernst blofeld.

also! yes, thank you keith!! perhaps "smells like teen spirit" could be the theme song for law and order: moral imperative. oh wait i think it was csi: moral imperative. well, whichever network picks it up i guess. if you don't know this song go listen to it posthaste. party like it's 1992.

also, i think the new worst thing of today was when the dining hall did not follow through on its promise of FALAFEL DAY. YOU CAN'T JUST LIE ABOUT FALAFEL DAY. ugh.

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listening to: men without hats, safety dance

i love that i associate a select handful of random 80s songs with camp. i totally sang this song for a package last year.

most awkward part of today, thus far:
firstyear i work with (fiww): your shampoo smells really good.
me: (continues putting cookies in sacks)
fiww: sorry, that was weird. um, it smells like my girlfriend's shampoo.

best part of today, thus far:
jack let me keep the sunchips i accidentally sliced open with the box cutter! yess i should open boxes more often.

anyway. i'm hoping to download house tonight to watch it. i missed it on account of a gil orientation meeting that i soo didn't need to attend. there were 6 gil alums there, and none of the students really asked any questions. and there weren't any cookies. but jenny and i talked afterwards and reminisced about how fucked up everyone from our gil session was. some people might call it gossip, but those people are commmunists.


13. and i forget/ just what it takes/and yet i guess it makes me smile/i found it hard/ it's hard to find/oh well, whatever, nevermind/hello, hello, hello, hello/hello, hello, hello, hello/hello, hello, hello, hello/hello, hello, hello, hello/with the lights on/it's less dangerous/here we are now/entertain us

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

listening to: cyndi lauper, true colors

hay guys i posted my photo meme photos! i was going to take some from my prostutition lab but i thought it might violate flickr's terms of service.

anyway friends, i'd like to talk about something a bit more serious for a moment. specifically, that song meme from a few days ago. there is one song in particular that I WILL NOT REST until it has been guessed. guys it's so famous and such a good song. someone must know it.

13. and i forget/ just what it takes/and yet i guess it makes me smile/i found it hard/ it's hard to find/oh well, whatever, nevermind


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listening to: j. geils band, centerfold

oh man, i wasted like two hours this afternoon on behalf of a debilitating stomachache. not cool. i think i've mentioned earlier that i've been getting stomachaches this summer, which i haven't ever really gotten on a regular basis? but anyway so i had to lie down for a long time. LAME, STOMACH.

it still kind of hurts, but differently... before it was lke sharp pains and now it's more like, anxiety. still. not cool.

let's see. priscellie: that reading was for prostitution 101. it's required for my major, and it has a lab :/ orrrr actually it's for my gender & imperialism class... in context it's about the role prostitution played in expanding the british empire. (most military posts all had their own brothels. multiple brothels.) and yes, i agree with both you and keith that 40/day is a LOT. heck, 40/lifetime is kind of a lot!

anyway, after that though i read another article that was a direct response to the first one, and it said basically "the author of article #1 has poor research methods and is kind of sexist and colonialist. and an idiot."

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listening to: indigo girls, tried to be true

gosh i'm tired! my 8am seminar is so consistently ridiculous, in that there are 5 of us and... nick is a philosophy major and always tries to make these deep philsophical points and the history majors are like "...?" not that his points aren't valid, but that we don't necessarily have the background to understand them. and also it's 8am. and then i usually feel compelled to fill the awkward silence, but i'm not particularly prepared to discuss his points either.

professor prevost: i'd like to follow up on nick's comment about the way discourse creates bodies. do you guys agree with that?
history majors: ...
me: what does that even mean?

nick: ... something about hegemonic discourse...
me: (mind wanders; remembers shark vs. octopus horror)
professor prevost: renata, you have a very skeptical look on your face, do you not buy into the hegemonic discourse?
me: (don't talk about the shark, don't talk about the shark) umm well, what about the way native women co-opted the language of the colonizer to orchestrate their protests? like in that article about the ibert bill?
professor prevost: oh, interesting point... yeah let's talk about that.
me: (sharkssssss)

dude awesome! i took my screen out so i can step out onto the loggia, which means that bugs get in. in particular there are two flies that have been swarming around my desk yesterday and today. just two. but now there's only one, because i totally reached out and squished one in my hand. i mean, it's pretty gross, but i'm pretty impressed with my reflexes.

also, i just got thwarted by the where in america's past is carmen sandiego? choose your own adventure book molly sent me. ummm and i'm a history major with an americanist focus. i think the book is broken though, because the right time & place for the clue (the place and time of the first train robbery) isn't an option. also, there are three witnesses and one of them gives a clue that doesn't match with the other two. but he was a "beatnik" so he was probably stoned and giving bad historical data. GOSH.

anyway! meeting with professor simpson -> meeting with anne for our prison syllabus creation -> japanese comics & war -> nap -> sharkssssss

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Monday, September 11, 2006

listening to: pat benetar, love is a battlefield

i was soo tired earlier, passing out over my history readings. and it's not like they were boring, they were about colonial anal sex, which i think we can all agree is the most interesting form of anal sex.

this song always reminds me of that episode of south park... which is weird, because i enjoy south park but i'm not a regular watcher or anything. but i've definitely seen that episode (the one with the indian casino, and they all band up against the indians and take to the street singing this song?) like three times.

anyway. oh yeah, i was tired, so i went to dinner and overdosed on protein (black bean "vegandilla," banana + peanut butter, and cereal + soy milk) and now i have a stomachache. and i'm still tired! but... less tired i guess.

we are young...
heartache to heartache... we stand
no promises... no demands
love is a battlefield

so intense, ms. benetar! she totally whispers that last line in bold.

gosh anyway. it's september 11th again. i blogged about it five years ago so why repeat myself. it's weird i said i was scared. i don't really remember being scared. i guess i was/am more scared of eternal war in iraq than of terrorist attacks here. by here i mean... iowa. and illinois. um. so anyway:

fun fact: colonial brothels were "particularly geared to getting 'green' girls (the raw newcomers), and to training them in anal and oral practices. this constituted a vital breakthrough into the 'big time,' because a prostitute expert in these 'refinements' could receive 40 men a day, compared with six to eight men serviced by straightforward intercourse." (ronald hyam, "empire and sexual opportunity.")

anyway! i should go back and do some work now maybeeeeeeee.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

also! leave 3 things for the photomeme plz! i will so totally photograph them.

also! there is one song in particular still unguessed from the music meme. seriously, it's one of the most famous songs ever and i can't believe no one has gotten it. i swear.

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listening to: bruce springsteen, born to run

hah, my watson proposal currently has 1337 words. totally leet.

it's raining and lovely out.

gameplan: TAKE A SHOWER OMG. it's been... i... i don't know. i may not have showered since thursday. one... loses track of such things.

dining hall lunch.

pack up books and go to saints rest. drink coffee, read.

by the end of the day i hope to be: done with reading for tomorrow, done with watson-related stuff. if i accomplish that, i'll move onto tuesday readings and b&s articles. this issue may never be done. the b&s may be destroyed by me, dylan, and bryan's apathy. probably it'll come out next friday though?

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

oh also, i'm doing the photomeme again! basically tell me three things you want me to take a picture of, and i WILL.

also: sophi, dude i'm sure you know some of the songs in my song meme. there's some tori and ben folds in there. also one of the thus-far unguessed songs in there is like... one of the most famous songs ever.

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listening to: s&g, only living boy in new york

i've been kinda productive today, hooray! i read a lot of desmond and i've made some progress on my watson proposal. i think it's coming together pretty well. i've also taken my first nap of the day. i am ridiculous. ridiculously sleepy.

omgggg video of constantine in the wedding singer musical!! the best part is when he's like, "a lot of great musical talent has come from new jersey... bruce springsteen, bon jovi... and... many others!" because as kait and i learned this summer from the scrambled states game, there are only 4 people in new jersey. those four are: bruce springsteen, bon jovi, kevin smith, and kait.

(there are 5 people in illinois, and they are all abraham lincoln.)

oh!! that was my other favorite part of kiss kiss, bang bang! without giving too much away... at the end the narrator makes a joke about how he hates it when people come back from the dead in movies to give them a feelgood ending, but then does it anyway... and along with characters from the movie abraham lincoln also comes back to life. it was amazing.

another important video: shark vs. octopus. molly posted it on her plan a few days ago, and i finally watched it hoping to see an octopus get smacked down. the actual video is much more horrific. i post it here in hopes that you will all watch it and join me in my anti-cephalopod stance.

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listening to: ccr, proud mary

i just saw kiss kiss, bang bang. it was pretty alright! it was basically pretty funny but it had some scenes that were not funny and i didn't like those so much :/

best line: "to all you good people in the midwest: sorry we said 'fuck' so much."

possibly the second best line (or... lines of dialogue):

perry: if you looked up the word idiot in the dictionary, do you know what you'd find?
harry: ... a picture of me?
perry: no. the definition of the word idiot, which you ARE.

that... was a lot funnier as delivered in the movie than just text. but still.

also i loved all the narration. basically anytime it stopped being gimmicky i kind of lost interest. what can i say.

oh, and i loved all the grammar jokes. yes. best grammar joke-containing movie ever. or that i can think of at the moment.

so basically i liked it and i'd recommend you all seeing it but probably i won't go see it again or anything.

basically i didn't get much done today, except for some cleaning. my room looks a lot better, but i have a big pile of recyclables to deal with. oh also i went shopping. woot.

anyway maybe i'll go to bed and do work tomorrow. I MUST DO WORK TOMORROW. ARGH. MUST.

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Friday, September 08, 2006


dudes instead of cleaning my room i'm going to bring back that shuffle songs meme.

in case you haven't played this 2091341 times before: i'll shuffle itunes and post my favorite non-titular line(s) from the first 25 songs that come up. you will guess what songs they are and also replicate this monstrosity on your own journal if you so choose! if you use the internet to cheat, your soul will be condemned to eternal damnation probably!

1. not every question has an answer/and not every reason has a rhyme
2. breaking up is never easy i know/but i have haaaave to go abba - "knowing me, knowing you," as guessed by priscilla
3. i wake up in the night/all alone and it's alright/the chemicals are wearing off
4. it's just no good anymore since you went away/i spend my time just making up rhymes of yesterday
5. somebody calls you/you answer quite slowly/the girl with kaleideoscope eyes the beatles - "lucy in the sky with diamonds," as guessed by mary
6. put in a prison cell/but one time he coulda been the champion of the world
7. oh that skinny blonde girl/something about the ages/i failed college algebra again strongbad/the kinda long-haired band - "circles," as guessed by mary
8. if nautical nonsense be something you wish/then drop on the deck and flub like a fish spongebob squarepants theme song, as guessed by julia!
9. where the dog goes/.../and the cow goes/ .../and the bear goes ... /and the pig goes/... SHUT UP/and the crow goes/ CAAAAW... i guess it was alive! arrogant worms - "the mounted animal nature trail," as guessed by julia
10. moonlight sleeping on the midnight lake...
11. i believe in this/and it's been tested by research/that he who fucks nuns/ will later join the church
12. so at last you're free/ the way you wanted it to be/and the price you pay/ to be a woman of today abba - "hey hey helen," as guessed lived by jason
13. and i forget/ just what it takes/and yet i guess it makes me smile/i found it hard/ it's hard to find/oh well, whatever, nevermind
14. too many people on the bus from the airport/too many holes in the crust of the earth
15. wash your hands in dreams and lightning/cut off your hair/and whatever is frightening
16. the silver saxophones say I should refuse you/the cracked bells and washed-out horns/blow into my face with scorn
17. see who's tellin' who what to do/kiss my ass goodbye ben folds five - "one angry dwarf & 200 solemn faces," as guessed by sophi!
18. you left me waiting here/a long long time ago/ don't leave me waiting here
19. we walked on frosted fields/of juniper and lamplight/i held your hand simon & garfunkel (or actually this was tori amos's cover) - "for emily, wherever i may find her" (or actually she guessed "for someone wherever i may find her," but emily falls under the heading of "someone")
20. you look frenzied/you look frazzled/peaked as any alp
21. steep it/cook it/love is an oven/a couple ones and i could bake you eleven stuart davis - "flower of a zero," as guessed by devon
22. darling you've won/it's no fun/martinis, girls, and guns/it's murder on our love affair
23. "do you know who i am," she said/"i'm the one who taps you on the shoulder when it's your time"
24. RATTLE RATTLE HONKKKKKKKKKKK okay that's not a song but the train just drove by and ruined the song i was listening to. stupid train.
25. oh my god your skin is soft/i love your face/how dare they try to end this beauty?
26. why they changed it/i can't say/people just liked it better that way! they might be giants (or whoever originally did this song) - "istanbul (not constantinople," as guessed by julia

doot do do, doot do do do do do...

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ahahah best overheard in new york ever!

Hobo: I want to fuck you someplace fairly uncomfortable.
Hipster: Did that bum just quote Mallrats?

--Orchard St

there should be an overheard in london. i guess time out had an "overheard on the underground" section. probably overheard in london would be mostly like "excuse me" and noises of disapproval about people cutting in the queue. or tourists.

oh sweet, there IS overheard in london. and overheard on the underground. woot!

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listening to: bfolds, in between days

oh my god, i have a giant cut on my face from fascist grab&go today. i didn't realize it was actually noticeable until i looked in the mirror just now. i was shakin' open paper bags, and i got a little too vigorous with one and it flew up and hit my face. it kind of stung but i didn't realize it left a giant scratch on my cheek! i demand workers comp!!

at least i don't have itchy fake hives anymore.

also, all my immediate deadlines for today (takehome jc&w quiz, sepc meeting, b&s budget due) are completed! woo! i have like 20924 things to do this weekend though:

- clean room (omgggg)
- maybe finally put up my posters
- actually do my readings for all classes and not put them off until sunday&monday nights!!!!
- watson proposal!!
- b&s: write articles, layout, etc...
- jc&w paper
- get books for prison

that might be it i guess. let's see how much i actually get done.

in more upbeat news: my hair! i mentioned my strong approval for my new anti-frizz shampoo, and the last few days i've been wearing it in a ponytail and it's soo funny, because it's no longer like a random vague frizzy ponytail. instead, my hair arranges itself into one giant barrel curl. it's amazing.

my little side-piece-things are still frizzy but i think they are beyond help really.

on the downside, i've been shedding a lot lately. like a lot. like every time i shower i have to pick up a huge handful of hair off the drain. it's like the size of... of... i don't know. of a mini-rice cake.

but the hair that's left is doing well!

i'm going to go buy a snapple and drink it and maybe take a nap!

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listening to: tori, iieee

omggg i may never get work done again. i took an inter-subject homework break and looked at some youtube video from cb. then i sorta randomly searched for "tori amos" figuring something interesting might come up.

and. well. there are all her songs from vh1 storytellers, which i've never seen (though i've heard some of the songs from it). it's like crazy-tori interviews with VIDEO. this is the first one i've watched and it's a winner. go watch tori explain that she wrote this song because after her miscarriage she kept hallicinating a little native american boy who told her to start fires. i dare you.

or! go watch her do "doingity dong" with her band members (it's not dirty, it's just... crazy) and then talk about being in a love triangle and hallucinating dead people and then writing hey jupiter. she trips so much. i know for sure she also attributes "yes, anastasia" to the ghost of anastaia romanov. oh and "father lucifer" was also a trip. probably all her songs are based on hallucinations. oh no, because some of them are also from the magical beams of light. which i guess might be a hallucination too.

she is like so impressively crazy.

i can't wait until i get paid so i can spend all my money on her new hallucinatory box set.

speaking of hallucinatory... japanese history articles! wooooooo!

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

listening to: mr. mister, kyrie

wtffff all of a sudden i am covered with itchiness!! they look like bug bites of assorted sizes. and they itch. and they all just set on suddenly. i thought maybe they were hives but i looked up hives on the internet and they don't look like what i have. they look like bug bites but they all showed up together and i don't understand how i could have suddenly gotten so many simultaneous big bites without noticing.

aactually... i notice that i am less itchy now. actually they all mostly seem to have subsided.


anyway, i'm prison-oriented now. apparently i can't give the offenders alcohol OR have sex with them. damn, why did i even sign up to volunteer here? sounds like NO FUN >:O

also they can't have sugar because they will use it to make hooch.

also 90% of them are in for drug offenses. i hate you america.

i also hate trads1 but regardless i am off to do some reading for it. i have to go to bed early so's i'll be well-rested to work at fascist grab & go tomorrow morning!

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listening to: the thompson twins, hold me now

(does it show that i've just been running my 80s playlist continuously the last few days?)

anyway. i just got a fascist grab & go monstrosity of my own. today there are ONLY doritos even though i could see the big box of sunchips behind the counter >:O now i'm going to eat these doritos because they were given to me and i'm hungry, even though they are less healthy than sunchips. (not that sunchips are a paragon of health, but dude i'm a college student.) also i am drinking the regular dr. pepper because they don't have diet. unlike OLD grab & go. at OLD grab & go i could have diet soda or bottled water or juice or milk! and there were carrots and salads! thank you for reducing my general level of health, fascist grab & go!

let's see. this week i have missed two meetings and totally forgotten about one assignment. to say this is unlike me is an understatement. i blame the fact that my wall calendar fell down earlier this week and i haven't been able to get it to stay up. or the fact that i'm basically losing it. either way, it's time to step up, renata!! (ps, sorry for yesterday's post that was all like waaaah i'm so busy i do soo much stuff. i always hate it when people are like "wah i'm overcommitted" because i'm always like "dude, quit something!" but... i don't want to/can't quit anything. this semester is like an abusive relationship; the more it hits me the more i love it. oh this semester, you only hurt me because you love me.)

anyway. i'm gettin' prison oriented in a couple hours. i'm afraid i don't have any clothing appropriate for prison. we have to wear ankle-length non-demim pants or skirts. i only have knee-length skirts with me, and only one pair of black pants with me. and they are too big, and if our pants are too low, we get kicked out of prison. also we can't have clicky pens or spiral notebooks, cuz i guess you could fuck somebody up with a clicky pen and a spiral notebook! actually now that i think about it i might now have an appropriate prison writing utensil either! (they also have to be clear so that they can make sure you're not hiding anything in your non-clicky pen.) oh no, here's one, okay. now i just needs to worry about pants.

last note: i was looking at the films schedule for this weekend, and i was like "blah requisite foreign and/or artsy film (the holy girl), nope... requisite "classic" movie (rebel without a cause), nope... kiss kiss, bang bang, what the hell is that?" i looked it up on rotten tomatoes and one of the reviews says: "Murder mystery meets the odd couple in this blackly hilarious bravado film that goes further in self referentialism than anything seen before."

sounds like my kinda movie!

anyway i'm going to go do some reading and try on some pants. toodlessss.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

listening to: starship, we built this city

this reminds me of playing mare nostrum back in the day, whenever i built a city i'd be like "i built this city... on rock and roll!"

anyway! today i had my first shift at the forum, except it's not called the forum anymore and it turns out i actually work at grab & go, except it's not called grab & go anymore. also it's fascist. blah. at the old grab & go you could pick what kind of chips and dessert you got, and now you can't. i got yelled at for offering people a choice, which i was doing because a.) it was not crowded at all, b.) there ARE different kinds of chips and desserts back there, and c.) no one told me not to?

me: so would you like sunchips or barbeque chips?
mary (intermediate dining hall supervisor person?): we only have sunchips!!
me (looks at huge box of barbeque chips): ... okay.

me: so there's no choice at all?
dick (the head of dining services): students can choose their drink and sandiwch.
me: um, i don't think students are going to like this...
dick: we expect our employees to keep a positive attitude.
me: ... okay.

whatevs though, jack, my immediate supervisor is with me. it's dumbbb.

anyway. also i worked with a firstyear who was like, "i want to be a history major!" and i was all "oh, i am one, it's a great department, blah blah blah what kind of history are you interested in?" and she was all "oh, lots of diffent kinds... i like social history. but not women's history, i really think women's history is overdone." and i was all "asldkaslkdasd" except actually i didn't reply at all i just went back to bagging cookies. aspkldaslkask.

and then she asked how my semester was, and i said "oh, good but i'm kind of overcommited," and she said what do you do and i told her and she said "woww." and i realized that dude, half my stuff hasn't even kicked into full gear yet and i am soo crazy and omg. just for the record, here is what i am doing this semester:
- full course load (16 credits), including 1 history seminar, 1 english seminar, and 1 really hard 200-level english class of doooom. i don't bring this up often but princeton review rates grinnell as harder than harvard. it's a lot of work.
- history sepc. we're doing a full department review this year so it will involve more meetings and student interviews and whatnot than last year.
- the b&s. writing, editing, doing the layout, doing the website, etc.
- scipe. i've mostly backed out of doing any work for that, but i still try to show up to sass the young'ins.
- teachin' at the prison.
- workin' at fascist grab & go.
- applying for the peace corps and a watson fellowship and now maybe grinnell corps (?!?! ahhh)
- wastin' time on the intarweb argh.
- watchin' house.


also right now i'm skimming the survivalist lj community. it's so CRAZY. these people are like crazier than the rent fandom. omg.

like there's a thread about how many trees you should have on your property to have a sustainable source in the event of "teotwawki", the end of the world as we know it. these people talk about "teotwawki" so often it has its own acronoym, okay. or about whether or not you should have cigarettes in your "teotwaki kit". maybe yes, because they would be good for bartering with other survivors, but maybe no because cigarettes have a limited shelf life. is it better to have a motorcycle or a small airplane in the event of an emergency? (general consensus: a seaplane. of COURSE god why don't i just go run out and get a seaplane. i could fill it with firewood!)

i'm goinng to be soo screwed in the event of TEOTWAWKI cuz i'll be all like "hey guys can i ride in your seaplane?" and they'll be like "nope you made fun of us on the internet, liberal arts girl!!"

then they will leave me to the giant amphibous squid who will UNDOUBTEDLY have triggered the end of the world as we know it. i mean the teotwawki. i mean, the eotwawki.

anyway i'm going to go do work now :/

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

listening to: voltaire, god thinks

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

when lifes gives you grapes with seeds, make up a new game called "spit grape seeds off the edge of the loggia!"


anyway, house = exciting!

the beatrice letters= omgsoexciting.

my continued aversion to doing schoolwork = ridiculous.

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listening to: paul simon, senorita with a necklace of pearls

sooo exciting! anne and i just met to talk about our prison class. we've decided we're teaching on under-represented literature (our broad term for any lit that's not deadwhiitestraightmen; we decided "multicultural" wasn't really the term we wanted.)

we want to teach zora neale hurston and sherman alexie and booker t washington and w. e. b. dubois and keri hulme and david sedaris and salman rushdie and louise erdrich and ET CETERA. it's going to rule.

that said: does anybody have a favorite asian or asian-american writer? all anne and i could come up with was amy tan, and she's alright, but something... not that... might be better. so, suggestions welcome! especially short stories or essays. the online library catalogue has a book called The Big aiiieeeee! : an anthology of Chinese American and Japanese American literature which sounds promising and has an exclamation point in the title, but if there are any personal recommendations those would be great. also any other recommendations (again, short stories or essays pref, or something that has a chapter that stands alone) those would be good too!

snuggles, renata.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

listening to: paul simon, gumboots

mary reminded me that i promised her a paul simon mix cd! a promise on which i have failed to follow through. until now that is! and since my cd player is broken and i can't burn a physical copy anyway (sorry!) i figured i might as well post it here for everyone to enjoy. which you undoubtedly will! these songs are pretty arbitrarily picked. i kind of just looked at all the paul simon songs i had on itunes and grabbed 20 that felt right. here they are, in alphabetical order! cuz that's the way i roll (sometimes).

1.) 50 ways to leave your lover
remember that one time i tried to start a fic challenge based on this song? remember how paul simon wrote this song to teach his son about rhyming? awww.

2.) born at the right time.
this is the live version from the concert in central park cd. i like it a lot. it starts off slower and it's very soothing. the whole song is very soothing i think.

3.) duncan
this song is just... compelling, i think.

4.) graceland
this song is so good kait and i drove 500 miles to graceland the place because of it. this song is so good you will never feel alone while you are listening to it.

5.) gumboots
breakdowns come and breakdowns go/so what are you going to do about it?/that's what i'd like to know

6.) how can you live in the northeast
i like this a lot. it's off his new album and it's somehow simultaneously very chill and very intense.

7.) hurricane eye
i'm crazy about this song. it'd definitely my favorite song off you're the one. it's very... it gives me the feeling i've known it all my life.

8.) loves me like a rock
one time paul simon sang this song on the muppet show and it totally ruled.

9.) outrageous
another favorite off of surprise. fun, funny, and devastating.

10.) rene and georgette magritte with their dog after the war.
my favorite part of this is the chorus: to the penguins/the moonglows/the orioles/and the five satins/the deep forbidden music/they'd been longing for

11.) senorita with a necklace of tears
it makes me smile. i don't know.

12.) song about the moon
i'm a big fan of self-awareness? and also unassuming love songs.

13.) spirit voices
this song is just... in the church of paul simon we'd play it at services every week i bet. it would be life affirming.

14.) st. judy's comet
his songs about his kids are basically all adorable.

15.) still crazy after all these years
kait and i temporarily owned "still crazy after all these years" shirts!

16.) that's me
a song off surpise that has grown on me madly.

17.) the boy in the bubble
my favorite paul song? maybe sometimes! these are the days of miracle and wonder...

18.) the coast
maybe this is my favorite maybe? i don't know!

19.) the obvious child
ohh or maybe this is my favorite? we said/these songs are true/these days are ours/these tears are free/the cross is in the ballpark

20.) you can call me al
soo fun.


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listening to: beauty and the beast, belle

hmm. i'm looking up the daily show and the onion on wikipedia in preparation for writing my watson fellowship proposal (speaking of which, thanks for all your support, everyone! <33) and it's making clear to me a question that's been in the back of my mind for awhile... WHERE ARE THE WOMEN?

tds was created by lizz winstead, who resigned after craig kilborn sexually harassed her. (in another world maybe HE would have resigned and the creator would have stayed with the show, but whatevsss.) right now, according to wikipedia, there are 7 correspondents, and one of them (samantha bee) is a lady. but in the whole history of the show, there have been 35 correspondents and 9 of them have been women. and the only really remorable one is beth littleford. writers? there are 14, and one lady. (or possibly some ladies with names like kevin and jason. who am i to judge?)

the onion currently has 10 writers. one woman. wikipedia lists 12 alumni writers (including apparently david javerbaum and ben karlin, both of whom now work for tds), 3 ladies. and it's edited by and was founded by men.

even thinking about standup comedians... definitely male dominated. there's like sarah silverman and margaret cho and janeane garafalo and a couple others.

basically what i am trying to say here is that ladies are often pretty funny and when i take over the world maybe they will be recognized as such! MAYBE.

basically what i am trying to say here is grrr.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

listening to: stuart davis, evil white man

i shouldn't go grocery shopping when i'm stressed, because then i end up coming home with three chocolate items. (mini oreos, mini milky way midnights, and an amazing dark ghiradelli bar.) but! dark chocolate is good for your health! AND SO ARE OREOS. plus everything else i got was pretty healthy. i mean what's more healthy than organic oatmeal, rice cakes, or ULTIMATE DRIED APRICOTS? (dark chocolate, that's what.)

anyway. bryan, dylan and i had our new meeting in the swanky new pubs office. i miss our dark back corner, though.

and i have a prison partner now! hooray! anne and i are going to teach together. (i signed up to teach classes at the newton prison! i'm excited! YES.)

i talked to my parents about the watson fellowship, i think i'm just gonna go ahead and apply. i think i've narrowed my topic down to political satire in the former british empire. that means i'd get to go to australia and india and africa and maybe ireland! OH GOSH.

anyway maybe i should go do work nowwww. boo.

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yayyy blogger is working again!

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

listening to: tori, i don't like mondays

woo, i just had a hott scrabble date with jenny. and i totally won. not by a lot, but still! and she had the craziest scrabble book... it was a "word finder" and it just... didn't make sense. like,

me: "can i look something up? ... where's a?"
jenny: "oh, it, uh, it doesn't have words that start with vowels."
me: "that... what? that doesn't make any sense."
jenny: "yeah, they had some rationale for it... but it doesn't make sense."

cra to the zee.

anyway. my stomach hurts :( and i'm tired. ughhh this semester, thus far, equals a lot of stomachaches and tiredness. i don't understand it at all. i'd chalk it up to poor nutrition but i swear to god it can't be that. i've practically been eating vegan. and i take vitamins and drink large nalgenes of water and work out and watch charmed! it does not add up! >:O

maybe the fact that i keep trying to cure my respective ailments with soda (diet sprite for stomachache, ddp for tiredness) is my downfall? maybe?

maybe it's just stress... i added "working at the forum" to little miss overcommited's schedule... (dear grinnell, thanks for doubling my workstudy!! that was awesome!! love renata!!) plus i really wanna teach at prison. the orientation is thursday. and this afternoon i was really excited about applying for a watson fellowship, and which is weird because i've gotten like TEN THOUSAND EMAILS about it and then always been like, "nah, i'm doing peace corps, i don't want to apply for a watson..." and then suddenly i was like "hell yes, i should apply!" my project in my head was about studying satire in different countries? maybe? iii don't know. my burst of random enthusiam for the matter has passed, but maybe i'll talk to doug cutchins anyway? maybe? who even knows?!

not to sound full of myself but doesn't this:
In selecting Watson Fellows, we are most concerned with holistically identifying individuals who demonstrate leadership, resourcefulness, imagination or vision, independence, integrity, responsibility and emotional maturity, and courage.
kind of sound like it applies to me? yes? maybe? maybe i should just go to bed?

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omg omg omg. i was poking around the lj fanmix community, and i found THE BEST SONG EVER. i'm not kidding, you all need to download this. even if you don't like harry potter.

potter, let malfoy rock it oldschool or it's detention!


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listening to: madonna, like a prayer

wtf? amazon just sent me an email saying they shipped part of my order. the other day i pre-ordered the beatrice letters, and i decided to also buy little britain season 2, since i basically always fall into amazon's trap of spending $25 so i can save $3 on shipping.

anyway. beatrice letters is supposed to come out sept 5, and lb2 came out in the us awhile ago. so of course, beatrice letters already shipped, and i have to wait for little britain.


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listening to: bird york, wicked little high

last night i had some weird dreams! i just remembered the weirdest one and went to blog about it, but then i forgot. just now. hmm.

but i definitely dreamed that i was watching my fish, and in the dream he had a big tank and in the tank there was a little... dish thing, and a big dinosaur. and somehow trey had pushed the big dinosaur all the way over to the side of the tank, and i couldn't figure out how he had done it.

and there was... sheesh, what else did i dream?

anyway, and then... i'm a pretty restless sleeper, generally. it's not at all uncommon for me to wake up with all my bedding on the floor, and i always somehow undo my fitted sheet. but today was the first time i can recall waking up without my shirt on. what.

today so far i have: read some of beowulf.

i need to do... many other things. and gosh, i definitely need to clean my room. it's SO messy goddd.

oh! i remembered what my other dream was, hah. jana sent me a letter asking me to come back to camp next summer, and i wrote her back a letter detailing all the reasons NO. it was like the bitchiest letter ever. man.

anyway, i'm hungryyyy! hungry for lunch! too bad all the dining hall has is brunch >_< but i guess i'll go eat it anyhow.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

watching: x-men

gosh! i went through soo much strife to watch this movie! i had to check like every lounge ever, and then it took like 10 minutes to set up the dvd player. life is soooo hard wah wah wah.

but it was worth it for this exchange:

"it's me."
"prove it."
"you're a dick."
"... okay."

seriously, best... eight words of dialogue ever.

anyway. again with the NOT DOING ANY WORK EVER GOD.

well, i haven't been totally unproductive-- i did make a rockin' erik/charles fanmix. i'm awesome.

tomorrow = work = boo = jesus, double majoring, who even does that?

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hells yes, it's about time feedback got some recognition from the nell!

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listening to: elvis costello, i want you

i bet this song would be even better if i were listening to it at elvis costello's graceland!

anyhow. omg, new frankenmix?! could it be true?! yes!

if you've been holding out in this, but you suddenly want in, let me know and i'll send you the group email password!

today at the pec i watched charmed again, and again, it definitely lengthened my cardio workout. gosh, it's like the most ridiculous show ever AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL. today billy zane played a demon who wanted to be an english teacher! and then a sorceror miscast a spell and demonic billy zane (he was actually an ex-demon) thought he was robin hood? so he was all demoning around with a bow and arrow and he wanted to kill the president of the phone company. it made no sense and it totally ruled. this is an even better pec show than the tony danza show (rip)!!

anyway, i did no actual schoolwork tonight. ughh i'm going to have so much this weekend. but today i worked out and watched charmed and went to a speaker about the holocaust, identity politics, and victim culture and watched teevee for TWO HOURS and messed around with livejournal. it was pretty great!

maybe now i'll go to bed?

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