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Thursday, August 31, 2006

watching: who wants to be a superhero?!?!?!?!

omg, so exciting!!

i think fat momma's going to win, but i hope it's feedback!



eta3: awwww, reunion!


gosh! this show was so intense!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

escucha: rio abajo

dios mio, pocahontas en espanol


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listening to: arrogant worms, frozen puck to the head

hey, remember the firstyear who was really into the b&s? well, he didn't make the meeting last night, but he WAS lurking outside my room when i came back from class. i think he was originally there to visit the firstyear triple next door to me? but he was all like, right outside my door and was like "are you renata who does the b&s?" and i was like "yeah?" and he was like "i'm [firstyear]!" and i was all... yeah. the conversation involved some kind of intense eye contact and mild disregard for personal space! but he seems like an alright guy; i hope he's funny!

omg! jason, i totally forgot i had a super-awesome stamp of approval!

alright then!

to herbal essences none of your frizziness shampoo!!

priscellie, other intereted parties: here's the full lemony snicket tour schedule; as of right now it looks like the closest he's coming to philly is nyc. or maybe natick, massachusetts? somewhere!

mary, thanks for the poetry scanning moral support!

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listening to: indigo girls, galileo

so i was doing the picky shuffle thing, and itunes went to one version of galileo, and i was like "nahh" and then immediately after that, it went to a different version of galileo, and i was like "okay!"

funny ol' world!

anyway! oh gosh! lemony snicket on tour:

Saturday, November 4, 2006
Host: Andersonís Bookshop
Event time: TBD
Event location:
the Tivoli Theatre
5021 Highland AVE
Downers Grove, IL 60515
(630) 355 2665


julia, you should go! and i should go! HOORAY.

ugh ugh ugh trads1 in half an hour. at least--thus far--the reading assignments are pretty light, although she suggests spending three hours preparing for class. what.

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i keep forgetting to blog about something that's very important to me: my new shampoo!

i endorse it strongly! it is the NEW herbal essences "none of your frizziness!" shampoo. i will buy pretty much any shampoo (or occasionally other product) that claims to deal with frizziness. my hair is tricky for shampoos, though, because it's wavy, frizzy, and it gets oily fast. (my dad has straight, oily hair and my mom has curly, dry hair, and i got a weird bastardization of their hair. THANKS GUYS.) so anyway, most non-frizzy shampoos are super hydrating and make my hair weird.

but this shampoo actually helps! and it smells like candy! and the bottle is sparkly!

product: endorsed!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

listening to: joni mitchell, both sides now

man, i have done like no work today. i just started my trads1 readings and i stopped after 7 pages. i guess i did most of my romantics readings, actually, there just weren't that many of them so it didn't seem like much work.

i did work out a lot longer than usual, because, uh, the teevee in front of my elliptical was showing charmed and i got all into the episode and had to watch all of it. wtf, i've never even seen charmed before. that one sister is a skank, let me tell you!

and i went to the first b&s meeting, which was hilarious. almost as hilarious as me trying to make brownies for the meeting. um. i bought the mix at hyvee a couple days ago. and then this afternoon i realized that one needs eggs and oil too, not just the box. doh! so i walked over to mcnally's to grab them. then i went to start baking, and realized i left my cake pan and cookie sheet at home! soo i drove to walmart to buy a new pan. then, i opened the bag of powder and it exploded all fucking over.

anyway, i ended up like 5 minutes late for my own meeting. but with warm brownies!

most of the new people aren't funny, as usual! dylan and i reminisced about the old days, when people were funnier. i don't think they actually were. except for nick and aron. anyway. i think the best headlines we came up with were:

moses pulled over for drunk driving, makes anti-mel gibson comments
al gore builds ark
george bush releases new documentary: the convenient truth: everything is fine!
paris hilton comes out of closet, with guy
plan b themed harris party a success
plan c: coathangers

probably the funniest part of the meeting, though, was when a firstyear's cellphone went off, and dylan went off about "fucking first years and their cellphones!" and then 10 minutes later his phone rang and he was like "god! fucking firstyears!"

the other best part was when... this firstyear kept suggesting stupid ass ideas, and i told him our guidelines were: no true stories, no holocaust jokes, and no unfunny ideas. and then i suggested... something true, but onion-esque true... i forget what. and he was like, "i thought you said no true stories!!" and i said, "fuck you, i make the rules!" it was a truly awesome display of my dictatorial editorial skillz.

the third best part was after everyone left and dylan, bryan and i talked about how everyone is lame and we're awesome.

but. there were a couple funny new people, so hooray! hopefully we'll get some funny articles!

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listening to: indigo girls, ghost

i was soo twitchytired after class this morning that i pretty much came home, kicked off my sandals, and fell into bed. but then i was too twitchy to sleep, so i read the first chapter of hp & the philosopher's stone. and then fell asleep. and then was awoken by a phone call from jana, and i was all like... grrrr why are you calling me? but it turns out i left my checkbook in the green van? and she wanted to send it back to me. so then i felt more sheepish and less annoyed.

hmm. i'm going to x-post from the plan entry i just made:

aww!! i dropped my diet dr. pepper and it got all lumpy on the top and wouldn't open right. but, why waste a good ddp, right? so i pulled out my crazy multitool that my dad gave me before i went to london, and i'd never noticed before that on the end of the hammer he scratched "renata, love dad". awwwww. best multitool ever! PLUS, it opened my soda.

in other news, today i saw my prospie-who-never-talked from last semester outside the campus center. AND someone emailed me to say they couldn't wait for the [fakepapr] meeting, because the b&s was one of the main reasons they came to grinnell (?!).

in other other news, gosh i'm old! last night at the scipe meeting i had to give the group history to the new members, because no one else was around when it was formed. and there was an obnoxious firstyear who kept... being obnoxious. but my favorite part was when christina was talking about the s&b opinions page, and how students should write more letters to the editor, he was like, "hey, if the s&b's so great, how come everyone i've talked to says the b&s is better than the s&b??" which was flattering to me, but so fuckin' rude, since christina had just introduced herself as the s&b opinions editor... gosh, obnoxious firstyear, get some manners okay?

anyway... now i'm going to japanese comics and war! hah, we had to write a paper about whether or not we agree with dropping the bomb (note: the correct answer is no) , and i talked about presentism in mine and all i could think about was this dinosaur comics. i should print it out and include it with my paper. yes.

or maybe i should just go to class?


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Monday, August 28, 2006

listening to: s&g, bridge over troubled waters



anyway. right now i should be practicing scanning poetry before class. i hate scanning poetry so hard. it objectivizes what should be subjective!! who the hell am i to say what syllables should be stressed?

have i mentioned the other thing i hate about this class? how for every class everyone has to prepare a 10-minute presentation, but she just randomly picks someone to give their presentation? ughhh. it's like some horrible academic reality show. i hope i get voted off. did i mention i got a d on that quiz? i don't think i've ever gotten a d on anything in my liiiiiife.

in conclusion, i hate scanning poetry.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

listening to: tori, winter

hey, guess how many different versions of this song i have on my computer?

did you guess seven?

because the answer is seven.

anyway... aw jeeze, it just started raining, and i was going to go out and poster for the b&s meeting on tuesday. i think i'll just... do that tomorrow morning.

i would deem today: fairly productive. plus, i ate ice cream TWICE. once at the chaplain's office ice cream study break, and once at dinner. and i went to hyvee and bought some exciting groceries: plums (one of which i just ate, and it was soo ripe and delicious) and bananas and banana chips and hummus and pita chips and brownie mix and a few other things. yes.

also, the new forum grill finally opened! YES, this means i will have a source of coffee on campus now!

also, i did that top 25 favorite teevee characters meme that's going around? i don't watch that much teevee so i wasn't sure i'd be able to come up with 25 characters without repeating shows. but i did. well, mostly. i did have to dig pretty deep into childhood teevee habits. anyway, here they are!

1.) the west wing - cj
seriously, cj is pretty much the coolest ever. smart, capable, confident, sassy, and caring. and midwestern. hell yes.

2. the x-files - scully
second-coolest ever, probably!

3. the x-files - mulder
okay i said i was trying not to repeat, but these two play off each other so completely that neither of them would be as cool solo.

4. house - house
i don't usually like mean characters, but house is hilarious so... it's okay. moral relativism rules!

5. clerks (the animated series) - dante
dante tries.

6. little britain - roy

7.) the simpsons - ralph
go banana!

8.) sam and max (the animated series) - max
who doesn't love sassy bunnies?

9.) the (american) office - jim
it's funny, because the funniest characters are definitely dwight and michael. but i don't like them. and jim plays so well of off dwight, and is so sweet and endearing and just barely hanging in there. <3!

10.) sports night - jeremy
i have a thing for dorky idealists?

11.) fairly oddparents - cosmo
there are SO many great characters on this show, but i have to give cosmo the win. "BLUE IS A COLOR!" i also love timmy's dad.

12.) the muppet show - statler and waldorf
sooo meta.

13.) walker, texas ranger - walker
i like it when he cuts himself.

14.) early edition - gary
gosh, i used to love that show!! perhaps my first favorite dorky idealist?

15.) early edition - gary's cat

16.) batman (the animated series) - batman
also, i like mayor adam west on family guy?

17.) x-men (the animated series) - jubilee
she's sassy!

18.) clone high AND amazing screwtop head - lincoln
dude freed the slaves, can i get an amen?

19.) aqua teen hunger force - meatwad
man, it's been way too long since i watched that show.

20.) futurama - bender
i like robots! i also like zoidberg (which i know is weird, on account of the tentacles, but they're animated so it's ok.)

21.) mst3k - servo

22.) who wants to be a superhero - major victory
he's a winner, not a weiner!

23.) seinfeld - kramer
i love kramerrr. i love how he is like the most enthusiastic person ever. also the most ridiculous person ever.

24.) tww - sam
i ran out of tv shows so i went back to west wing. nerdy idealists, people!

25.) tww - donna
she's pretty cool!

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listening to: abba, king kong song

wowwww i just finally finished my gender & imperialism readings and started my japanese comics & war readings, and these readings are so much easier.

samples from each:

It is in the work of Michel Foucault that the poststructuralist principles of the plurality and constant deferral of meaning, and the precarious, discursive structure of subjectivity are intergrated into a theory of language and social power which pays detailed attention to the institutional effects of discourse and its role in the constitution and government of individual subjects. For example, Foucault has produced detailed historical analyses of the ways in which power is excercised and individuals governed through psychiatry, the penal system, and the discursive production and control of sexuality.

Certainly, one of the most enduring legacies of World War II is the legend associated with the advent of weapons of mass destruction. In the great span of history from ancient times to the twentieth century, the destruction of entire cities in time of war had been a rather time-consuming process. Whether it took the form of sacking, siege, or burning--in Carthage, Jerusalem, Delhi, or Atlanta--the inefficient and incomplete character of the military techniques employed permitted much of the civilian population in most instances to find an exit or a refuge.


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listening to: jill sobule, love is never equal

this evening = pretty good!

julia called and we talked for awhile! julia is an a++ friend!

while i was on the phone with her i went through and copied significant dates from my syllabi onto my wall calendar. last semester i experimented with the wall calendar system and discovered it works for me! i can't do planners, i lose them and forget about them and hate them. but a wall calendar goes on my wall! difficult to lose, easy to glance at. anyway, it made me feel a little better about the semester. like, if i can fit it all on the calendar, i can do it all!! right!!

anyway, then i went to a party upstairs for literally 5 minutes. i talked to a couple people i knew, then realized it was crowded and hot and beer-smelling, so i left and played puzzle pirates for a little bit, then went to see v for vendetta with jenny and some other people.

i, surprisingly, enjoyed it, despite the critical flaws that a.) it's not a comedy and b.) it's longer than 90 minutes. (i firmly believe that no movie needs to be longer than an hour and a half. THAT'S RIGHT, LORD OF THE RINGS: THERE SHOULD BE SIX OF YOU.) also that alan moore hated it so much he wouldn't let his name be associated with it? i don't know. i read the book, but it was a couple years ago and i'm fuzzy on the details. so fuzzy that most of the movie was surprising to me. afterwards jenny and one of her other friends (sarah? maybe?) and i talked about it and agreed that basically we thought it was interesting but were super uncomfortable about evie and v's relationship.

anyway, i'm sleepy!!

tomorrow i think i'm going to:
- get up at a reasonable hour
- do the rest of my readings for history
- do my romantics readings
- and my comics & war reading
- and write my comics & war paper
- and go to wal-mart and get some soy-based snacks
- and go to the pec?
- and poster for the b&s meeting


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Saturday, August 26, 2006

listening to: spice girls, wannabe

itunes just shuffled from flogging molly to spice girls. yess.

anyway. i don't knowwww. i did some reading and i went to the pec. i'm just SO tired. SO tired is how tired i've been since i got to grinnell, and i don't even know why. i've been getting a decent amount of sleeping, eating fairly healthily, taking my vitamins. and i've still been taking either 2 naps a day or a long nap a day.

whyyyyy. i thought maybe it was lack of protein but then i ate a peanut butter sandwich and a hummus sandwich in the same day and was still tireeeed.

i don't know. i was going to do some work for a few more hours and then go see v for vendetta at 10:30. there's a read party at 9, though, that i might stop by. but i pretty much just want to go to bed.


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seriously i don't even know that girl!! how did she get there?? what??

fun fact: i haven't done any work today!!

fun fact: i'm totally going to fail out of school!!

fun fact: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

guysss i'm so hooked on
puzzle pirates. you should all sign up, it's wicked fun. it's like... a series of tetris-esque games (well, i tend think all puzzle games are tetris-esque). but you're a pirate. and you can swordfight and stuff too. it's kind of like a combination of kingdom of loathing, tetris, bejeweled, and pirates.

and if you sign up from this link, we both get ingame money!! you get 500 poe (the pirate unit of currency is apparently dead poets) and i get 1000! yarrrrrr.

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listening to: g-tones, walking in memphis

argh i'm so hungry! but if i go to the dining hall now, i'll just have to wait in line for 5 years.

anyway. today i did my first non-lazy thing in awhile and went to the pec. while there, i watched the today show and learned that ponytails are in now. they did ponytail makeovers on random audience members and gave them new ponytails.

in other news, i am relatively sure that:
1. i totally failed that trads1 quiz.
2. this semester will destroy me.

ughhh i haven't scanned poetry since like, high school. i hate scanning poetry. i hate it so hard. oh no wait, we had to scan poetry in spanish 285. i really hated that. scanning spanish poetry really sucks because it has crazy rules like sometimes some syllables just don't count and... well. it sucks.

but scanning it in english sucks too.


oh and i have a new address now. you should send me mail. mail inquiring as to whether or not i have been destroyed yet.

here is my new address:

major victory's #1 fan
box 4383
1115 8th ave.
grinnell, ia 50112

okay maybe now i can go brave the dining hall. hungryyyy.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006


yesssss this show is the highlight of my week!!


eta: okay i'm just going to keep editing this post as the show goes on. oh man feedback got so excited about his comic book!!! it was amazing!! <333

eta2: waaait, major victory's comic book cover is on his myspace. good surpised-face acting, guys!

eta3: oh nooo, feedback is boring the kids :(

eta4: omg, is fat mamma taking herself off the show??

eta5: OMG GROUP HUG. this show is so intense.

eta6: omg omg omg who's getting voted off?!?! oh em geeeeeeeee. ACK COMMERCIAL BREAK.

eta7: >_< oh noes is he actually voting off mv?!


eta9: WHAT.

eta10: this show is such an emotional rollercoasterrrrrrr.

eta11: major victory is crying :(

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i've been catching up on webcomics, and i have to say that i've been laughing at this penny arcade literally all afternoon. i have it open in a tab and every so often i think about it and flip back over. and laugh, and laugh.

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ughhhh so i just looked at the list of terms i need to study for trads 1. i glanced at this list when she originally sent it at the end of last semester and went "oh... i'll worry about this later, like after i'm done with finals for this semester..." and am, of course, just now looking at it for the second time. it's um, pretty long. and it's entirely things that sound vaguely familiar from like... ap lit... and nothing that i feel comfortable being quizzed on tomorrow.

here's what i need to know:

Form: stanza, quatrain, tercet, octave, sestet, sonnet (Italian and English), couplet, closed/heroic couplet, rhythm vs. meter, blank verse, verse paragraph, end-stopped, enjambed/run-on, refrain, closed/fixed form vs. open form
Diction and word use: denotative, connotative, allusion, abstract, concrete, pun, parallelism, inversion, chiasmus, antithesis, syntax (and terms used for syntax: clause [independent/dependent], phrase, noun, verb, verbal, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction)
Sound: alliteration, assonance, consonance, scansion, elision, foot, iambic, trochaic, dactylic, anapestic, pyrrhic, spondaic, monometer (dimeter, etc.), caesura, accentual-syllabic (or syllable-stress) meter, syllabic meter, accentual (stress) meter, quantitative meter, metrical substitutions, onomatopoeia, end rhyme, internal rhyme, rhyme scheme
Imagery: visual, aural, etc., synesthesia
Figurative language: metaphor, implied metaphor, extended metaphor, simile, extended simile, personification, apostrophe, litotes/understatement, hyperbole/overstatement, metonymy, synecdoche, symbol, allegory, paradox, verbal irony, oxymoron
Misc.: satire, situational/point of view irony, dramatic irony, dramatic monologue, author/poet vs. speaker, epic, lyric, plot, character, narrator/point of view, setting

i know i shouldn't have put this off until the day before, but seriously though... fuck you, professor dobbs.

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listening to: indigo girls, river

guys, grinnell is so cute. i love it. aww. this morning i had my first class, my gender & imperialism seminar. there are only 3 other people in it, plus professor prevost, who i've never had before, but she seems great and enthusiastic and awesome. we're all excited for the learning, and cranky and hesitant about all the construction on campus (our class is held in the new campus center, which is still half finished).

and i just got this email about my romantics seminar:

Dear Romanticists,

Professor Simpson here, and I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking, "Boy, am I happy to be in the Romantics seminar, but it
just doesn't feel right going into the first days of class and having to
wait until Monday for a reading assignment! And it would be even better
to have a short two-part assignment combining reading, socializing, and
digital logistics!"


anyway. last night i watched thank you for smoking and stole a rootbeer float from the firstyear orientation rootbeer float party thing and had like three minor sobbing breakdowns. what? i don't know. it's too early in the semester for that kind of craziness.

anyway i'm going to take a nap now! and then my japanese comics & war class is at 12:45. and then... i'll try to talk myself into going to the pec. i talked myself out of it right after history sem because i was too tired.

one more thing, xposted from my plan:

hey! i have a new fish and a new snail! the fish is named trey III. (rip trey II!) the snail is nameless. i am accepting name suggestions for my snail. here are some key facts about my snail:
1. he is small.
2. i don't actually know if he's a boy, i'm just assuming because that's what happens when people get shut out of gws classes!
3. he has a yellow shell.
4. he is slow moving, and sometimes appears to be dead.
5. he is a snail.

y ahora, un nap!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

ahahahaha oh trey III, you're the best roommate ever. he's smaller than the last beta i had, and the beta food i have is little pellets. he can grab the pellets in his mouth and swim around with them, but i guess he can't bite them? or something? but he's persistent and he just keeps chasing his food around! i guess eventually they get waterlogged enough that he can eat them or something, because i've haven't noticed extra food floating around the last few days. but i've been watching him chase his food around for the last 20 minutes or so. pretty hilarious!! who needs a working dvd player when you have a fish with a small mouth, eh? EH?

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listening to: s&g, so long frank lloyd wright

the hilarity of the organization fair today increased exponentially when dylan started pretending to be the model un representative... the b&s was sharing a table with the model un, and the model un guy just set up a sign and then left. and apparently model un is what the kids are doing these days, because seriously like 50 people kept asking about it and signing their mailing list, and i kept being like "i have no idea how often model un meets, i'm here for the B&S. as this sign says." and then dylan just started making shit up... "oh, we meet a couple times a week. yeah, we're pakistan this year." the best part, though, was when people would ask what model un was, and he would very seriously reply, "it's like the un... but a model of it." and everyone seemed to accept this as a valid response.

meanwhile, i took to yelling at random passersby, "hey, are you funny?" if they said no i dismissed them. actually i think everyone said no. i did get a few signups, though. not as many as dylan got for model un, though.

i also ate lunch at the terrifying new dining hall. it's so big!! and it has so many options! i was bewildered by it and retreated to a back corner with my gender and imperialism readings.

i also got my mail from the terrifying new post office. they switched from having keys to combination locks, and it took me like half an hour to open my stupid box.

AND i went shopping at the terrifying new super wal-mart. and they didn't even have any fans >_<

i still haven't unpacked anything yet. maybe i... should.

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some things:

- apparently, sam now crashes whenever i put a dvd in him? which is inconvenient, seeing as how i have lots of dvds and no other dvd player.
- apparently, unaurconditioned dorm rooms are superhot if you forget to pack your fan. doh!
- apparently, animals have problems too didn't just invent the vampire squid. holy god. i'm pretty sure that's the worst animal ever. or maybe tied with the giant squid. if any of you were in the room with me when i discovered this, you would have laughed and laughed at the horrified face i made. BUT YOU'LL BE SORRY WHEN THE VAMPIRE SQUID COMES FOR YOU.
- student organizations fair is in half an houuur.
- i have my first canker sore of the semester and it hurts so bad. it's down where the skin of my face meets my gumline? and basically the pain sort of radiates out and makes one whole side of my jaw hurt.
- i totally never unpacked anything last night. except for my sheets. i just sat there and tried and tried to get pocahontas to work. and then i was tired so i went to bed, except it was too freaking hot to sleep. grr argh!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i forgot to mention something exciting! feedback and i are myspace friends now! and feedback left me a myspace comment! THAT MEANS WE'RE FRIENDS 4 LIFE.

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woo, back in grinnell!! both trey and snailman arrived safely. snailman seems to be actually alive-- apparently the terror of a four-hour car ride prompted him to start sticking to his back. i guess before he was just chillin'.

i'm sooo tired. i got up early so kait could catch her flight, and then i drove to grinnell and carried many things up two flights of stairs! and it's hot out! GOSH. it's good to be back, though. oh grinnell, i missed yooou.

whoa, shit, drunk people just walked by my window. the joys of having a loggia room! (have i explained this before? the loggia are the enclosed outdoor hallways connecting the dorms, and 2nd-floor rooms on the loggia side open out and you can get up on the roof of the loggia and chill. it's really nice. but also sometimes startling, ie right now.)

anyway, i think i might take a shower and unpack a little, and maybe watch a movie or something, and then go to bed. mmmm, bed.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

watching: the roast of william shatner

heyyy guys. kait's leaving tomorrow morning at early o'clock, and then at afternoon o'clock i'm leaving for grinnell. i already have three reading assignments and a quiz to study for. oh ridiculous stress levels, how i missed you.

but to relieve my stress levels, i got two new pets!! trey anastasio the third, the beta fish (trey II being my last beta, and trey I being the lead singer of phish, of course) and a snail of indeterminate name. the snail might be dead. the petco lady pulled it out of the tank and said, "oh, i think it's dead... nah, it's not!" and put it in the bag. but it's like, flipped over on its back and stuff. i flipped it over but it didn't try any sticking or climbing or anything.

anyway, in all likelihood, the next time i blog will be from grinnell. check y'all later!

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photo spam!! seriously though, i just uploaded a million photos. you should go look at them: SERIOUSLY.

don't forget to look at the minnesota set! it has goats!!

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
three historic things!

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
rocks and trees and trees and rocks and rocks and trees and waterrrrr

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
napoleon of the stump!

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

guys, seriously, i shouldn't be allowed to watch teevee. at school it's nice because i have to make an effort to watch it, so i only go for shows i'm already committed to. but at home i can just start watching stuff all willy-nilly.

APPARENTLY there's a show that exists called amazing screw on head. this show is about abraham lincoln and his SECRET AGENT ROBOT (named amazing screw on head). amazing screw on head has an enemy named EMPEROR ZOMBIE who keeps attacking america. EMPEROR ZOMBIE is voiced by david hyde pierce. i can't believe this show existed and i was unaware of it. the only way this show could be more perfect for me to watch would be if there were dinosaurs. and if keanu reeves were somehow involved. keanu could be the voice of the dinosaur. samuel l. jackson could be a dinosaur too.

anyway, about who wants to be a superhero? guys, i'm not kidding, you all need to watch it. 8 o'clock central on thursdays on sci-fi. or in re-runs all the freaking time. this week's (last week's) episode was sooo amazing. except it was lame how all of a sudden stan lee was all "major victory, i can't believe you used to be a stripper!" when major victory has been talking about how he used to be a stripper like every week. also, feedback was so great this week. although it might be the fact that now i know he's a grinnellian talking. OR it might be that this was really the first week where he got much airtime. either way, i'm so pleased with the top three of this show. i want them all to win.

but especially major victory.

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listening to: rhps, i'm going home

hayyy everyone! i'm home!! and sam is fixed! it's been a fabulous week, for reals. i don't feel like blogging about it in depth, though. maybe i'll just give bullet points now and something more in depth later? i have tons of photos. i think i have roughly as many pictures of those cuh-razy goats fighting as i do of, say, the great smoky mountains. although: the goats did fight a lot, and the mountains pretty much just stood there. they're sooo lazy.


- graceland: was both hilarious and oddly moving.
- national civil rights museum: less hilarious.
- james k. polk's house: yesssss the tour guide used the phrase "napoleon of the stump". and was old and cranky and crazily polk-knowledgable.
- smoky mountains: so prettyyyy. also, despite the fact that kait and i have a collective 3 years of experience as camp counselors, we had sooo much trouble getting a fire started the first few days. i think the firewood we bought at cade's cove was possessed. seriously, it wouldn't burn even when we wrapped it in paper towels. the towels just burned off and left slightly darkened spots on the wood. what. also we accidentally went on an 11+ mile hike with no food. what. but we also went on some slightly more competent hikes and had a lot of fun.
- also we went into gatlinburg to go to the DINOSAUR WALK MUSEUM. it was... slightly disappointing.

in who wants to be a superhero? news, kait and i have to catch the re-run tonight. in an hour! i can't wait! also, apparently feedback went to grinnell (as discovered by madonna)!! class of '95! and me and feedbook are myspace friends now. i loooked for major victory but couldn't find him. i'd rather be myspace friends with him. still though, g-town pride. i looked around on plans for him. one person was like "hey, this guy from grinnell is on this show now! i remember how he used to run around campus dressed like spiderman!" and i was like, lololol.

anyway, i'm going to go work on cleaning my room and stuff now. BYE.

tomorrow i'm probably going to panera and uploading 249832093 pictures!

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Friday, August 11, 2006

watching: what not to wear (lame american version)

guys, the best thing i did today was definitely watch goats at a petting zoo. actually, it wasn't even a petting zoo. they were behind a fence and you couldn't get in with them, which was good because they were kind of vicious and i wouldn't want to get in with them.

we named them: crazy, crazy eyes, re-re, grandpa fatass, whitey mcfat, and old pudgemaster. (can you tell that these goats were all fat? like, really fat. like at first we thought they were all pregnant.)

it was so great. we didn't have any money to buy food to feed them, so we just picked up the pieces of corn that children dropped and fed them. then we ran out of groundcorn, so i tried to feed crazy a stick. and he took the stick in his mouth and then FLIPPED OUT. like, he reared back on his back legs and tried to gore re-re with his horns. and then crazy and re-re and old pudgemaster got into a three-way fight!! but re-re was a lover, not a figher, and he kept trying to nuzzle the other goats' butts. it was so great.

also: ducks.

also: albino peacock.

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reading keith's blog just made me sooo homesick for london. actually i've pretty much been homesick for london since the day i got back. no joke, every day.

anyway. we're visiting madonna!! she's at work though so kait and i are just skulking about. actually, i think she might still be asleep? so she's sleep-skulking.

anyway, last night we watched three of the best things ever:
- who wants to be a superhero? (GUYS. they re-run this show all the time. catch the wave. go watch it. it's amazing.) i couldn't BELIEVE who got voted off. also, lemuria is my new least favorite superhero. i want the top three to be: major victory (obv), fat momma, and either creature or feedback. i think it's pretty clear, though, that major victory and fat momma are the two major contenders here.

- the jay & silent bob episodes of degrassi. i know that pretty much everyone ever loves desgrassi, but i never really watched it. but i thoroughly enjoyed these three episodes! OMG THE DRAMA THOUGH. that show's intense, man.

- possibly the ultimate highlight of the night: all night we'd been making inappropriate jokes about self-mutilation, mostly because this other counselor at camp talked all the time about her fanfiction that she wrote, about nancy drew cuttin g herself. kait and i, being bad people, thought this was a hilarious premise. so. flipping through the channels, madonna paused on-- i am not joking-- walker, texas ranger CUTTING HIMSELF. with a dagger or something, on the wrist. he made a couple slashes and then tied it up with a PINK bandana. madonna and i, in unison, decried this because "walker should have a red bandana! or maybe black, or blue." pink? what is that shit? then he radioed for help, claiming that he had been bitten by a "rattler". i think we all know that's just texas ranger code; he didn't want to admit how emo he was. but THEN, he sort of wandered away and collapsed, and started having this hallucination. where it was like maybe the 1880s or so? and he played a historical ranger (with longer hair) and his black friend played a historical black friend. and some lady played a historical prostitute and she and historical walker totally did it. TWICE.

and then the end of the epsisode was a mountain lion roaring at him and walker like, looked at it and then went back to sleep, because he was busy dreaming about trippy prostitute sex. and then it was a two-part episode and it flashed back and showed walker actually getting bit by a snake, so i guess he didn't make it up. but dude, he was driving along in his truck and there was a snake curled up on the passenger seat. wtf, snakes on a truck. also, in the present walker kept seeing a glowing historical-walker wandering around and he got up and followed him.

also, a helicopter got in a fight with a jeep.

it was sooo ridiculous. walker is such an emo kid.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006




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hi everyone!! i'm in minnesota, at madonna's house! MaDonna the cool minnesota girl, not madonna the rockstar.

anyway here are some quick updates:

- connecting point is fixing sam! it will cost FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS and his LOGIC BOARD is broken and it was broken LAST YEAR and i don't even know what a LOGIC BOARD IS but whatever i guess... it'll work soon.
- also my car is really really really loud now. i think the muffler broke or something.
- also, monkey woman got voted off who wants to be a superhero?! at least major victory is safe, hooray.
- also, i get to see skylark soon too!
- also, on sunday we're leaving for GRACELAND. i have reason to believe we will be recieved there. especially after we pay our $26.99 admission fee.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

hayyy guys.

just a few updates:

- last night of camp! woo!
- thursday, kait and i are leaving for minnesota to visit madonna (and skylark)! woo!
- SAM IS BROKEN BOO :( seriously i don't even know what happened, he just won't turn on anymore. mom dropped him off at the apple store today to get fixed, so hopefully... they will. soon. for FREE.

so basically, i'll be pretty out of contact for awhile. also basically: life is pretty good, EXCEPT THAT SAM IS BROKEN OH EM GEE. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

ps: last night kait got pulled over while driving the green girl scout van. luckily, no tickets were given. but it was pretty hilaaaarious. especially because skylark called me WHILE we were over on the side of the road pulled over.

ps2: i forgot to say that kait and i have revised our opinion on monkey woman, from who wants to be a superhero? i couldn't even believe how she got mauled by those dogs for TEN MINUTES when everyone else either finished or gave up within a minute. you go, monkey woman. you're still not as cool as MAJOR VICTORY, but you're alright. i still hate iron enforcer. SO MUCH. anyway. seriously, you all need to watch this show. it's on at 8pm (central) on thursdays on sci-fi, but it reruns on bravo and usa all the time. woooo.

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