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Sunday, July 30, 2006


i forgot to mention one hilarious anecdote from last week... after dinner, we decided to watch a movie, and kait and i decided that everyone needed to watch josie and the pussycats, so i went to go get it. i grabbed the dvd case and handed it to kait to put in the dvd player. she opened it and... showed me the empty case. we both FREAKED OUT. like, kait fell on the ground and started flailing freaked out. it kind of scared/vastly amused the other camp staff. (kait and i frequently amuse/bewilder the other camp staff. like when we went to the mall together, and kait and i freaked out at the borders buy 2, get 1 free sale. they were all like, "um, you guys like books?" and we were like "OMG A NEW BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BIOGRAPHY!!!ONE!!11!" and they were like "... we're going to sit over here now."

anyway! we never found josie omg. but we watched spiceworld instead and discovered that hugh laurie is briefly in it! he has a mustache. he's in baby spice's dream sequence. yep!

also: yesterday we watched the end of an episode of who wants to be a superhero? it looks like an AWESOME show. kait and i endorse MAJOR VICTORY. also: FAT MOMMA. we hate: MONKEY WOMAN.

anyway. last thing: the other day at the mall i was flipping through this book called it's not easy being green, which was a coffee table-type book with quotes from and about jim henson, and i liked one so much that i copied it down and put it in my purse. here it is:

I believe that we form our own lives, that we creat our own reality, and that everything works out for the best. I know I drive some people crazy with what seems to be ridiculous optimism, but it has always worked out for me.
-- Jim Henson

on that note... going back to camp! bye!

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

hayyy everyone. i'm back briefly! and julia is here, hooray!

today was busy. i went to target and bought gatorade!! and panera to steal internets and upload fotos! and also play card games, including the scrambled states game. which is superfun, it's like this slapping-fast-matching kind of game. julia is really good at these kinds of games, and i... get really tense. and jumpy. and i started randomly saying aloud the thing we were supposed to do, instead of slapping the card? so everyone else would slap a purple state and i'd be like "PURPLE! doh!" it was intense!

and then we ate dinner with steve and went to see an inconvenient truth which almost made me cry seven times. guys, you should go see it if you haven't already. i know i'm way out of the loop because i live in the woods and stuff, but... yeah. aww, al gore.

let's see. camp this week was pretty alright. thursday night came to a really stressful head where i ended up getting sent to healthy house because i had the start of a headache and i started sobbing uncontrollably when jana asked me how i was. but most of the crying was because i was really frustrated with my incompetent co-workers and not because of my head (although it did hurt kind of a lot). then kait came over and we ate cookies and bitched for awhile. rrrrr.

oh, and i never even blogged about last weekend, did i? well, friday night we saw clerks 2, which i did blog about, but saturday night a bunch of cool camp people came over and we made dinner and ATE IT. and it was blue's last night in town (which is unlike stephen's last night in town because it actually was her last night in town) before she moved to VEGAS.

also, kait and i did some more planning for our pilgrimage to graceland. guys, it's going to be awesome. also we're going to see pandas and penguins and james k polk's house and a pink palace and a dinosaur and some civil rights and some mountains and smoke and stuff.

anyway now kait and julia and i are going to go play a GAME.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

listening to: tmbg, no!

remember last week when i said this week would be way better than last week? totally accurate prediction! omg. i got to work with smiley, who is totally awesome. and we did climb on, the rock climbing unit.

fyi, i came downstairs and am now

watching: jay and silent bob strike back


the first day smiley and i were hesitant about our group of girls... right off the bat, when the parents were still helping the girls move in, one mom came up to smiley and said, "just so you know, my daughter has a cell phone here... she knows she needs to ask permission before she can use it, but she gets really homesick so we send it with her." and smiley said, of course, "um... no, that's not okay, the girls aren't allowed to have cell phones." the mom threw a fit, and smiley got squeak, the camp director, involved... anyway, so the cellphone got confiscated, no stress.

then... we do something called "girlplanning" where we ask the girls what they want to do at camp, and try to fit it into the schedule. typical answers include: hiking, go swimming every day, tie dye, etc. these girls? "let's go to the mall!" "... no, we can't go to the mall." "can we just go to hollister, then? hollister is like, the best store ever!" "um... no."

"... okay, we have to plan a cookout. what do you guys want to eat?" "um, do we HAVE to have a cookout?" "... yes." "can we order pizza? i love monical's!" "um... no."

but smiley and i figured that we had a couple very vocal, very spoiled girls who hadn't been to camp before, and the other ones seemed alright.

then that night, we're out there asleep... well, i was asleep but smiley, spongebob, and tink were still half awake i guess? apparently, a girl came in and said that another girl in her tent's arm hurt. and smiley said, "oh, well, there's nothing we can do about it right now, but tell her to keep her weight off it and just try to get to sleep." so she said okay and went back to her tent.

then later, the girl came back again and said her friend's arm still hurt, and smiley told her basically the same thing. keep in mind that this was all the buddy was saying, "her arm hurts." no details or anything.

so then her buddy comes back again and says, "um, just so you know, my friend called her mom and her mom is coming to get her now." around this point i woke up finally and was like what?!?!? so i GUESS this girl a.) had broken her arm and recently gotten a cast off and b.) had a cell phone and not told us about it. and c.) called her mom and asked to come home. so we had to go call squeak and get her involved... ultimately the mom did end up coming. APPARENTLY the girl had gotten the cast off, and the doctor asked if her arm hurt, and she said no, but really it did. because it was STILL FUCKING BROKEN SO SHE CAME TO CAMP TO DO ROCK CLIMBING WITH A BROKEN ARM OKAY.

but she went home and didn't come back.

... i always forget that jay and silent bob strike back is actually basically hysterical. it's randomly on fx so i'm watching it, and i just about wet myself when jay said "we steal monkeys all the time, right lunchbox?" oh god. speaking of which there will be a review of clerks 2 at the end of this post!

oh anyway. weather-wise, the week SUCKED. the first half of the week it was so, so hot. heat index of 105 hot. ugh. and it it wasn't ten thousand degrees out, it was thunderstorming. but we still did the teams course and the ropes course in the heat, and the only thing that got cancelled because of rain was our archery time and also our our big sky overnight. basically though, everything was cool.

aside from our vocal anti-camp mallrats--who were HILARIOUS--we had a really great group of girls and i loved them. especially taylor the best camper ever. she was just so sweet and funny and really enthusiastic about everything. aww, best camper ever.

on thursday we took a trip to summits edge, which does teambuilding stuff, and has a sweet high ropes course, and rock climbing. the teambuilding stuff was painful to watch, because our campers had this dynamic where the spoiled brats (there were 2, and they were cousins) would insist that their idea was the best and all the other campers were so nice and mild that they would let the brats get their way all the time. we'd been doing teambuilding stuff all week and it hadn't helped much. but whatever.

the high ropes course was somehow a lot scarier than the one at camp, and all the girls were a little freaked out. smiley and i kept trying to reassure them, but we were freaked too. i did it, though! everyone did.

and then we did rock climbing!! i'd never done it before but i climbed all the way to the top of the easy wall. woo hoo! maybe next time i can try the medium wall!

anyway, this entry is already hella long, but it was def. a great week. smiley is hilarious (and competent) and working with her was great. the best ever was how we'd be kind of gently sarcastic with the kids, and the spoiled mallrats NEVER GOT IT.

"why can't we go swimming?"
"because the pool is full of acid. ariel's using it to destroy a body."

"do we have to walk to lunch?"
"no, we chartered a helicopter to fly us there."

"hey, do you have any hiphop cds?"
"actually, i ran out and bought some brand new hiphop cds since the last time you asked that question."

and the other girls noticed that the mallrats NEVER got it, and they'd always call them out on it, like "guys, they're always joking! you never get it!"

non-mallrat girl: "hey guys, did you know that gullible isn't in the dictionary?"
mallrat: "what does gullible mean?"
me: "um... it's like, when you believe whatever people tell you even if it doesn't make sense."
mallrat: "oh. why wouldn't that be in the dictionary??"
everyone else: "..."
smiley: "um, that's the joke."
some other girl: "that's the oldest joke in the BOOK!"
me (jokingly): "hey guys, did you know gullible is written on the ceiling?"
mallrat: (looks up) "hey, we're outside!"

oh god, it was hilarious.

segue: it was hilarious, as was clerks 2 omg. kait and i were so tired last night that we debated not going, but then we decided that we weren't sure when we'd get a chance to see it if not yesterday, so we went and... oh my god. i laughed like every 30 seconds. it was just like clerks 1 in that all the dialogue was hilarious, and dante's love plot was totally lame. still though, i highly endorse it to all kevin smith fans. to all non kevin smith fans, i highly endorse becoming a kevin smith fan and then going to watch it.


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Sunday, July 16, 2006

listening to: stu, jonah

so i definitely listened to this song at least three times before i realized that itunes was set to repeat-one.

anyway. gina's wedding was so fun!

oh, i don't know if i said i was going to gina's wedding or not... um, i did! it was in grinnell and it was very nice. well worth the 8 hours in the car on saturday. julia, melanie, kerry and i were "hostesses" which meant we sort of... told people where to go sometimes? and also lit candles. however, our role was ambiguously defined and we're socially awkward grinnellians so mostly we sort of skulked around. oh, and we were supposed to dismiss people to go up to to the buffet table by table, and some tables just dismissed themselves!! it was anarchy!!

but it all worked out in the end, and now gina and matt are like so totally married.

also, i have determined that i am entirely unprepared to function as an adult in society. like... i got up that morning and drove up to the nell, and i ran into an academic building to change (because my car lacks air conditioning, i felt that a 4-hour drive in a linen dress was a poor choice) and ran down to the wedding-preparation-type area all flusteredlike. and then i met up with the h3 kids (minus gina the bride and sarah the bridesmaid) and then... i had this huge purse because my old clothes were in it, and i didn't know we were supposed to be escorted down the aisle by an usher? and i had my huge bag over the appropriate arm. so he kind of held out his arm and looked at my bag and i was just like "la la la" and then like halfway down the aisle i figured it out and switched over my bag and apologized. awkwardly, much like everything else i do.

me: julia, i can't function in adult society!
julia: it's okay, you're a college student.
me: oh, you're right! i don't have to do that anymore.
julia: you mean, yet.
me: ... whatever, i don't have to use the right verb tenses either. i've done what i want!!

basically though, it was fun! and the dj played like a praaayer.

also, friday night i went out to dinner with kait/river, draco, kodak, and spongebob, some of my favorite staff members! also we saw potc 2, i have decided, is basically a roger moore-era bond movie with pirates added. (which is a good thing.) oh, and tentacles. GOSH, i hate tentacles.

also, kait and i saw a big poster for clerks 2 and freaaaked out. omg. it comes out on friday! we had no idea! we could have been excited about it all summer and we had no idea. AND rosario dawson is in it apparently? oh rosario, you were in josie and the pussycats.

anyway i have to go back to camp now!

oh wait, one more camp story. basically the only cute story i accumulated all week. so i was sick and lost my voice, so i'd kind of whisper directions and the girls would cluster around and listen to me whisper. but then a couple of them started taking to repeating what i had said, louder. and, this being the midwest, i had 19 little white girls and 1 sassy black camper (tm). and i'd say like, "please get in a buddy line!" and sassy black camper (tm) would yell "hey! guys! teacher says to get in a buddy line! and quit your jibba jabba!!" lolololol according to sassy black camper (tm) i kept telling them to quit their jibba jabba. it was so awesome. i think from now on i actually will tell campers to quit their jibba jabba.

anyway, now i'm going to quit MY jibba jabba and go to camp! i have the rock climbing unit! with smiley! HOORAY.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

i can't even zen myself into pretending like this was a good week.

it was a bad week.

next week will be better.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

listening to: bruce springsteen, thunder road

i can never really understand my love for this song, but it's definitely there. i'm kind of ambivalent about the rest of springsteen's stuff, but i definitely love this song.

oh, thunder road.

oh! mary, i will definitely send a paul simon mix cd your way sometime. *trendpimps*

i... need to shower, pack up my clean clothes, and grab some stuff from other countries for my "it's a small world" session this week.

also, i need to post about this awesome letter to the editor kait and i wrote last week. on july 4th they had this "so you think you're patriotic?" quiz that was like, random facts about american history. and we did, um, pretty well, but we got this one question wrong. according to the pantagraph, anyway. the question was something about which president didn't get a majority of the electoral vote and was instead chosen by the house? and the choices were thomas jefferson, george w., theodore roosevelt, and harold taft. we knew it wasn't bush (chosen by the supreme court) or tr (... kait would have known). and it couldn't have been HAROLD taft because there's no such president as harold taft. (earlier in the quiz they'd had both "herbert hoover" and "edgar hoover" as options, so we thought they were just trying to trick us again.) so we assumed the answer was tj.

APPARENTLY, according to the pantagraph, the answer was HAROLD TAFT.

being outraged americans, we double-checked wikipedia and found that the answer to the question was actually... john quincy adams. what.

so we composed the following letter to the editor:

Dear The Pantagraph,

Being patriotic—and some would say “historical geeks”--my friends and I were quite interested in your “Think You’re Patriotic?” Fourth of July Quiz. We enjoyed testing our knowledge, but were dismayed to discover that not only was one answer incorrect, but it was incorrect in a manner that was disrespectful to much-maligned former President William Howard Taft. The quiz incorrectly named President Taft as “Harold Taft,” and also incorrectly stated that he was the only president to have not received a majority of the electoral college votes, resulting in an appointment by the House of Representatives. In fact, John Quincy Adams was the only president to be appointed by the House. Adams was not even a possible answer to this question. We feel that this incorrect answer perpetuates years of undue disdain that Taft has received. President Taft was a peace-loving, honorable man, the only president to also become the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. President Taft was more than just some fat guy who got stuck in a bathtub, and he easily defeated his opponent in the 1908 election. Patriotic Americans should show respect to all of our former Commanders in Chief, and that can start with correctly naming President Taft and setting the story of his election straight.



we got the following response:

You were certainly right about Taft's first name. A correction is
scheduled for Wednesday. However, there were two presidents appointed by
the House (and Taft was not one of them) -- John Quincy Adams as you
noted, and Thomas Jefferson. We print corrections from the news columns
in Setting it Right columns, instead of in the letters section.

Bill Wills

GOSH. trust me, our taft tirade is of much higher quality than the normal stuff the pantagraph lettitors page gets. here is what the pantagraph lettitors page normally gets: one letter from someone explaining why homosexuality is a sin, one letter praising some random community group or activity, one crotchety old person letter, and one generic liberal letter. if an election is coming up soon there are some extra letters. sometimes there can be more letters than this, but these are the basic categories.

(here, if you don't believe me. today is missing a homosexuality letter, but i'm sure there will be one within the next few days.)

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

so last night i set off on a last-minute trip to iowa city to visit miriam! originally it was going to be a trip to see stuart davis, but apparently we misread and it was really on the 9th, not the 7th. doh!

it was fun and chill... mostly we just sat around and played games and stuff, and miriam and i got some indian food.

anyway. while driving back and rocking out to my ipod, i had a mild revelation. it's pretty much the same revelation i have every few months-- pretty much every time i spend a long time driving and listening to music. here's the most recent incarnation.

it's outrageous
a man like me can stand here and complain
but i'm tired...

-- paul simon (duh)

guys. i'm so lucky. i have great friends, a great family... the funnest summer job ever, an awesome job at school, a great opportunity to study at a great school...

but it's still so easy to get caught up in stupid shit, like "oh no, one of my co-workers is kind of annoying!" or "oh no, sometimes i don't get to spend time with all of my friends!" or any other stupid, minor thing.

you guys know i'm not really religious per se, but i do believe pretty strongly in a kind of secular grace, in the idea that we have things we didn't earn.

and especially being at camp this summer... it's easy to get caught up in minor difficulties (burning box ovens, beef stew, children laughing during awesome serenade songs, etc.) and not reflect on how luckyluckylucky i am to be able to work at camp... how my family can help me pay for school so i can work this ridiculous 50 cent/hour job, how i get to see awesome moments like a girl who was terrified of heights doing the high ropes course and loving it, or a girl who was afraid to canoe going out on the lake and seeing a baby frog and thinking it was just the coolest thing ever, or any of a million other moments. or a moment in the dining hall where i sneak up behind kait and put a cucumber slice on her head and have my whole table stare at her and giggle until she notices it.

and... last summer we all got purple rubber bracelets from pippi's family, with her name and the date she died and "friendship forever" on them. i didn't wear mine during the year because i'm not a rubber bracelet kind of person and because i did wear it for a few days and i had a few awk. conversations with friends who saw it and were like "oh, i thought you hated rubber bracelets! what's that one for, some kind of cancer?" and i was like "um, it's for my friend who died" and it was just an uncomfortable conversation to have. and it was kind of a personal thing. and whatever. but i've been wearing it at camp because it seems... right. and i see it and think about how lucky i am to be here and work there, and how lucky i was to have known pippi. and i think about how much SHE loved camp and how she would have loved all the moments i'm getting to have. and. well, what i'm trying to say is

it's outrageous to line your pockets off the misery of the poor
outrageous the crimes some human beings must endure
it's a blessing to wash your face in the summer solstice rain
outrageous that a (wo)man like me can stand here and complain

oh, life. you've been pretty good to me.

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watching: touched by an angel

hi guys! mom and i are watching touched by an angel on dvd! it's so exciting.

let's see. this half-week of camp was pretty alright! i worked with spongebob and tiki, both of whom i heart, and we had the brownie mom & me program. it was soo cute, because only like one of the girls had been to camp before, and none of the moms, so they were all excited and adorable. plus, since the moms were there, there wasn't any homesickness or anything. thumbs up!

a few highlights...

when i got back to camp, i started moving stuff into white cloud (my unit) and noticed this bird dangling from a tree. not dead, it was flapping around and stuff. so i dragged out a chair and stood on it and tried to pull it down. but i couldn't quite reach it and i fell off the chair. but then tiki came, and she's taller than me! and had gloves and a pocketknife! we used TEAMWORK to get the bird down and then it flew away. and then i almost stepped on a giant snake. it was like almost four feet long. we all just stood there and stared at it until it slithered all the way back into the woods. actually, it didn't slither all the way back into the woods... it slithered under a tent that some girls were about to move into. but they weren't there so we figured what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.

let's see. oh, and we filled out an awesome cookout req form, and then we turned it in to the kitchen and taco (one of the cooks) was like "um, squeak (the camp director) already did one for you guys..." without telling us. what. so we had beef stew (blah) and fruit salad and s'mores and box oven bread.

a box oven, for those of you who don't know, is... a cardboard box, lined with aluminum foil. then you put hot coals from the fire in it, and then a pan of food, and close it up. so.

me: (stirring stupid beef stew) hey spongebob, can you check the box oven?
spongebob: sure! (pause) it's on fire.

so... we tried to put it out, but, well, cardboard burns really quickly... so the whole box burned up as we desparately tried to save the bread with tongs and hot pads. which we sort of did! and didn't burn ourselves! and then cowgirl took the bread inside and baked it in the real oven. i think cowgirl thinks i'm like ridiculously incompetent.

basically, i hate box ovens. they're less dumb than reflector ovens, but i still hate them.

ummmm. oh, and we sang some songs around the campfire on the last (second) night, including a song called "moon on the meadow" which is one of my favorites. the first few lines go:

moon on the meadow,
bugs in our ears
smoke in our eyes
wet wood and tears

so we teach it (we do "i'll sing a line, you sing it back!") and the girls started CRACKING UP. we were so confused, because it's a slow serenade song. we just figured that they thought bugs were funny, and they were little and tired? but at the end, one girl said "the 'bugs in our rears' part was soo funny!" OH BROWNIES.

and then the last day, when spongebob and i were packing up our stuff, we both looked out the front of the tent and noticed something burrowing around in the woodchips under our steps. it was like in a movie or something, like where you see the ground rippling? it never came up though, and we poked around with a stick for awhile but couldn't find anything. it's probably just a giant snake or something. at least it's not on a plane!

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
oh man, we totally welcomed paul simon!

ps i uploaded 32409234 other pictures so you should go look at them and stuff.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

listening to: indigo girls, get to the point

hello! i am home! and i don't have to go back to camp until wednesday morning! HOORAY. let's seeee. six flags yesterday was awesome! we stopped at the MARS CHEESE CASTLE on the way there (it wasn't a castle made of cheese like the billboard made it sound, but i did buy some spicy cheese curds so it worked out alright). and it was kind of a gray drizzly day so it wasn't super crowded- our longest wait was a little more than an hour for superman, but that turned out to be because they shut it down for a little while while we were in line?

oh, oh my god, and while we were waiting in line they had all these posters up along the walls that talked about superman's powers and his friends and enemies and stuff, and there was one about supergirl's origin story? HOLY CRAP SUPERGIRL IS SO CREEPY I HAD NO IDEA. at the end of this entry i'm copying and pasting her origin story copied from wikipedia (since she's a comic book character she really has like 7 origin stories, but this is the one six flags uses and man it's creepy.) so, stick around for that!

anyway. kait and i rode roller coasters in a variety of positions! suspended on our stomachs (superman), sitting up but with our feet dangling (batman), standing up (iron wolf), with kait sitting on my lap (the whizzer!), and... sitting down (every other coaster).

we ate waffles on the way home! and took a stupid detour around rockford that added like an hour to our return home. well, the initial detour wasn't stupid, but then that detour got its own detour and it was LAME.

and then we got home and stumbled vaguely into bed. i need to go clean out the car so bad though. it's like a sea of dirty clothes and diet dr. pepper cans. oh my god, so many cans.

anyway, i think today kait and i are just going to chill out and watch movies and clean my car and maybe unpack my room (our carpet FINALLY got fixed last week! it only took six moooonths!)

one other thing i wanted to say... remember the awesome paul simon t-shirts i blogged about us getting? probably not because you probably all skipped the paul simon entry, but anyway, they have a guy canoeing on them for no real reason and they say "paul simon - surprise". seriously, it makes NO sense for there to be a canoe on this shirt. the album was called surprise, not canoe. and none of the songs talk about canoeing at alll. the closest we could think of was in "how can you live in the northeast?" when he says "how can you build on the banks of the river when the floodwater pours from the mouth?"

and it's not like any of his other songs, ever, talk about canoeing. or like paul simon is known for canoeing. or anything ever. it seriously makes no sense. which is why it's so awesome. anyway, so... all week month we've been all excited about going to see paul simon (uh, as you might have noticed) and none of the girls knew who he was. so we jokingly complained to other staff about how kids these days don't know who paul simon is, and like none of the staff knew either. (ps: i'm seriously assuming all of you do, in fact, know who paul simon is. if you don't, let me know and i'll send you a mix cd. seriously.) ANYWAY.

so we decided that now we're going to wear these shirts, and if someone asks us who paul simon is, we're going to tell them that he's a professional canoeist, and his canoe is named "the surprise" because it's surprising how fast he goes. it's going to be awesome. and then we'll tell them how rob lowe can't read.

okay! anyway that's about all for now. except that here is supergirl's SUPER CREEPY ORIGIN STORY:

No longer anyone's cousin

Main article: Matrix (comics)

Debuting in Superman (2nd series) #16 (April 1988), Supergirl was now an artificial life form made from a protoplasm matrix created by the Lex Luthor of an artificially created "pocket universe", who in that reality was a benevolent scientist (and, unlike his counterpart in the real world, had a full head of red hair). Fashioned to resemble Lana Lang, and wearing a feminine version of Superman's costume, the protoplasmic "Supergirl" called Matrix did not have Superman's powers, but did have flight, telekinesis (which she could use to increase her strength and speed to super-human levels), shape-shifting, and invisibility.

When she came to Superman's Earth, Matrix again took on a permanent female form, this time a blonde girl resembling the pre-crisis Supergirl, and lived with the Kents in Smallville. The Kents, treating Matrix like their own daughter, gave her the name "Mae" (short for "Matrix"). She donned her original costume and re-assumed the identity of Supergirl. In this guise, she began a romance with the mainstream DC universe's Lex Luthor. When Mae realized Luthor's evil nature, she left him to find her own way in the world, serving for a time as a member of the Teen Titans.

Earth angel

Main article: Linda Danvers

Cover to Supergirl #50. Art by Leonard Kirk.
Cover to Supergirl #50. Art by Leonard Kirk.

A new Supergirl title appeared in September 1996. Writer Peter David merged the protoplasmic Supergirl with a troubled young Virginia woman named Linda Danvers (not to be confused with the original Supergirl), together becoming an "Earth-Born Angel". (PS: wikipedia didn't say this, but the six flags poster said that supergirl saved linda danvers from BEING SACRIFICED BY A CULT OKAY.) There were three of these Earth-Born Angels: the Angel of Fire (Supergirl); The Angel of Love (a super-being named Comet based in Linda's hometown of Leesburg, Virginia); and the Angel of Light (a super-being named Blithe).

After teaming with the other Earth-Born angels to defeat the villain Carnivore, Linda fell from grace and was separated from the angelic part of herself. Linda retained some of Supergirl's super-strength and invulnerabilty, and (while she could no longer fly) could leap 1/8th of a mile.

Linda acted as Supergirl for a while, attempting to locate her angelic aspect with the help of a demon trapped in human form named Buzz. Her Earth Angel aspect merged with the super-being Twilight, who became the new Earth-born Angel of Fire. Twilight used her healing powers to increase Linda's strength back to her 'Supergirl' levels, and restore her powers of flight and telekinesis.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

one last note! yesterday, when paul simon played "graceland" he dedicated it to the japanese prime minister, and kait and i were like... what? but then we remembered that we've been cut off from the news for a month.

but apparently prime minister koizumi visited graceland recently so... that makes sense! and is adorable.

anyway, kait and i are going to six flags now! bye!

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watching: msnbc

hello! i wrote this last night but the hotel wireless internet wasn't working right. but now it IS so i will POST THIS.

oh my god guys... oh my god.

kait and i just saw paul simon.


we... left around 10 this morning and drove for awhile, got stuck in traffic for awhile, and then checked into our hotel, where the hotel desk lady totally thought kait and i were a couple ("one bed should be fine, right?") but then we got a room with two beds. it has sheets and everything too!

aaand... we were hungry, so we got dinner at a cool thai restaurant. and then we drove around for about 8 years trying to find parking lot h. we kept stopping at the wrong lot and then the parking lot attendant would give us directions to lot h that were completely different from the previous set of directions to lot h. but then... we finally parked! and went in and walked around!

umm... there was some overpriced fair-type food, and some beer that kait and i COULD have bought since we're over 21, but didn't. and there was a booth selling t-shirts for all the bands that were there, and kait and i were both like "of course we need overpriced paul simon t-shirts!!" there were only 2 different t-shirts, a babydoll with the surprise cover and a black regular shirt with the cover of his self-titled first album, and it just said "paul simon- still crazy after all these years", which we weren't crazy about. but we decided to buy them anyway, since CLEARLY we needed t-shirts.

and then we went into the ampitheatre and they had a booth with even MORE t-shirts!!! we were so frustrated! but the lady was nice and let us trade in our old ones when we explained that they didn't have the different ones outside. our new ones are brown with an outline of a guy canoeing (?!) and they say "paul simon- surprise." i'm still kind of disappointed that they weren't like... actual tour shirts, but last i checked his website this was like a weird tiny tour with just a couple stops, so i guess it's sort of understandable.

ANYWAY. after parking and t-shirts... there was some opening band that we didn't care about.

and then... PAUL SIMON OMG. i think... first i'm going to talk about the band and then i'll do a setlist and a few notes. of course the only people who care about this are future-me and kait, but whatever!

sooooo there were seriously at least 10 guitars on stage. and there were 3 other guitar players besides paul. well, at least one was a bass player. one of the guitarists was so, so cool. he had this long fluffy hair-like a ponytail down to his waist long-and a tie-dye shirt, and he was rocking the fuck out. he always looked sooo into it. and then there was the keyboard/accordian/miscellaneous percussion player, who was basically the coolest ever. he was this chill old black guy with an awesome 50s hat, and he was just... yeah, cool.

and there were some other guys too!


- gumboots
kait and i flipped out at this! he opened with a song from graceland! man, i love this song. this is also... paul had a guitar, right, but he wasn't playing it... he was just holding it and making this hilarious vague hand gestures. then i remembered that i had once read that he doesn't like playing and singing at the same time--on albums, he records himself singing and playing separately. and we decided that paul simon doesn't have to play the guitar if paul simon doesn't want to. but it was still hilarious.

- the boy in the bubble
what! two graceland songs in a row! YES. the accordianist rocked OUT on this.

- outrageous
definitely one of my new favorites. i'm really glad he played this.

- slip sliding away

- you're the one
at the beginning of this kait and i were like... "what song is this? omg, what song is this? it's off you're the one... it's... oh, it's 'senorita with a necklace of pearls'... it's... oh, it's 'you're the one.'" anyway, this song was fun.

- me and julio down by the schoolyard
yesss. around this song, i think, he started actually playing the guitar mostly, which was nice. kait and i speculated that he overheard us making fun of him for not playing. everyone was dancing around to this song.

- how can you live in the northeast?
oh my god, the super-intense instrumental part toward the end... was SO intense. oh man. tie dye shirt guy was especially into it.

- only living boy in new york
i could not even believe he played this. oh my god. it was sooo cute too, he prefaced it with "i used to be in this group called simon and garfunkel... in which i played the part of simon." and then he said something about... it being his favorite song off bridge over troubled water and something about it being in garden state now... and then he played it and i basically couldn't breathe for the entire second half of the song. oh my god.

- mrs. robinson
it was cool to hear this live!

- loves me like a rock
same. superfun.

- that was your mother
seriously, he played like half of graceland and it was so, so awesome.

- duncan
kind of a random song! but i've always liked it... it's so mellow and vaguely melancholy and... it was almost spiritual to hear with in a big crowd like that.

- graceland
kait and i were seriously like this close to wetting our pants. if we hadn't been so dehyrdated since it was like 90 degrees out, we probably would have. GUYS GRACELAND.

- father and daughter
he told a cute story about his daughter fingerpainting before this... i guess when his daughter was four, she got paint all over her hands and feet, and he was explaining to her why she shouldn't do that, and he said, "wait, why am i telling you this... you don't care!" and she said "no, i do care!" and he said "you care about what i'm saying?" and she said "no... i don't really care." aww. anyway, this is another favorite off surprise so, yay. it's so cute and sweet without being sappy.

- diamonds on the soles of her shoes
- SERIOUSLY HE PLAYED ALMOST ALL OF GRACELAND OH MY GOD. anyway... whenever i hear this song i have to point out how my favorite part is how the guitar goes... "do-do-do-do-do... DO!" like... it goes down a scale and then it goes back up to the top after this tiny pause and it's all... i don't know guys, i can't even read music, but i love that one guitar part. and then that didn't happen! >_< but then kait and i noticed that paul was only playing his guitar like... one note sporadically, and we think he was doing like the "... DO!" part. anyway, it was great.

- still crazy after all these years

- cecilia
i was so excited about this song that on the setlist i was keeping it's just a scribble. at first it was just the percussion, and i thought he was playing "late in the evening" which i like, but not nearly as much as i like "cecilia"... and then it started changing, and i leaned over to kait and was like "i don't even know what song this... OH MY GOD." oh my god. the whole huge ampitheatre was singing it, because how can you hear "cecilia" and not sing along?

- you can call me al
OH MY GOD KAIT AND I FREAKED OUT SO HARD. after all the other graceland songs he played i so wasn't expecting another one. <333

- the boxer
he invited another singer onstage with him? but i didn't know who it was? anyway... this was nice and mellow. i'd have preferred "america" but you can't always get what you want!

2nd encore:
- wartime prayers
kait: "this is kind of a downer to end on, i bet he'll play something else after it."
me: "yeah, he hasn't played anything from rhythm of the saints yet."
kait: "so... he should play that entire album as the rest of this encore."
but then... he didn't, and he actually did just end the show on this song. which... was kind of a downer. but i do like this song, and it was very cool and intense to hear live.

guys.... so awesome.

oh, and then we listened to the go-gos for a little bit! we heard "we got the beat" and "vacation" and "mad about you" and some other songs that i didn't know but were fun!

and then we left but it took so long to get baaaack. sooo much traffic.

anyway. guys. i can't believe that happened. okay i'm going to sleep now!!

i forgot to mention that when we walked out at the end, it was raining a lovely summer sprinkle. it felt so amazing after the hot, humid evening.

it's a blessing
to wash my face in the summer solstice rain

okay, it wasn't the solstice... but close. and it was amazing. and he played that song. oh gosh!

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