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Friday, June 30, 2006

listening to: stu, easter

big ups to this song! big ups to the whole album, really.

anyway, hello internet! i just got back from an awesome week at camp. i was working a program called "hit the trail" which was, as you can guess, hiking themed. and i worked with nessie again, and she's so cool. and they were older girls who could like tie their own shoes and stuff. so great. we hiked a bunch, and they did the teams/high ropes course, and we did an overnight at big sky (a clearing in the woods, we hiked out and had a cookout and slept under the stars, and draco came and showed us constellations and stuff). it was so nice. such a good change from brownies. some highlights...

- oh my god, the girls looked at my photo album, and there was this random picture of josh from our high school trip to costa rica, and they decided josh was my boyfriend and they kept asking all these questions about "joshie" and why i broke up with him and all this shit, and it was so hilarious because not only did i not date josh, i wasn't even that great of friends with him... what? OH GOD and there were some pictures of reid in there, and they thought reid was "hilarious looking" and they couldn't believe that he was my brother, or that his hair looks that way intentionally.

- in healthy house one day there was this big bucket of water, and i didn't think too much about it until draco was like, "i want to touch the stingray, but i'm afraid to put my hand in the bucket!" and i glanced over and saw a tail in the bucket, and i freaked out and almost choked on the vitamin i was trying to take. and then draco laughed and pulled the stingray out of the bucket and said it wasn't real, it was one of those things where it's tiny and you put it in water and it gets bigger. but c'mon, after the sketchiest aquarium ever, it COULD have been real! she could have just gone and stolen it!

later i discovered a new constellation called stingy the stingray. i'm insisting that next time draco takes kids stargazing she has to point out stingy and tell his origin myth, which is that after i got scared of him in healthy house he jumped in the sky to laugh at me with constellation-draco.

- guys, my kids hadn't heard of the spice girls. they aked me about what music was cool in the year they were born (1995 and 1996) and i thought about it and realized it was when i was in like 5th and 6th grade, and i came up with tlc, alanis morissette and the spice girls. AND THEN THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHO THE SPICE GIRLS WERE WHAT WHAT OMG WHAT. and then i sang them part of "wannabe" and they were like "oh, that's the song from chicken little!" WHAT GUYS WHAT.

- i have bugbites on my hand that vaguely resembles the constellation orion.

- i told my girls that if they guessed my real name right, i'd tell them. and i said it started with an r and it was a really unusual name AND THEY FUCKING GUESSED IT.

- OMG KAIT AND I ARE SEEING PAUL SIMON TOMORROW OMG. on the way home from camp tonight:
ipod: (shuffles to "america")
(halfway through song) me: kait! what if he sings THIS song when we see him tomorrow?!
kait and i: *awed silence*

whatever he plays though... oh em geeeee.

anyway i think we might go eat some food, and perhaps travel to wal-mart in order to purchase goods! goods are my favorite thing to purchase! especially SUNDRY goods.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

dude, guys. for awhile this weekend i thought kait and i were seeing paul simon in TWO weeks but actually we're seeing him in a WEEK. six days, even!


on july 2 y'all should expect one of the most excited blog entries ever. like if he plays anything off graceland, which i kind of assume he will... me and kait are totally going to wet ourselves.

OMG also, i forgot to post about steve's birthday present last night!! THIS IS WHAT HE GAVE ME.

my blog has been so full of excitement lately!! i'm pretty sure my exclamation points to word ratio has gone way up. also my omgs to other words ratio.

omg omg omg!!!!!!!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

WHOA i am so tired you don't even know.

this weekend has been great, though. yesterday, draco and blue came over for my birthday dinner, where my mom made allll my favorite foods! (greek salad, pita chips & hummus, potato wedges, brie & pear sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries AND french silk pie. i ate so much omg.)

and then smiley came too, and we went out for my first legal (american) drink at dunkers, a classy joint in mackinaw.

and todaaay, smiley and kait/river and i watched the muppet show! and then kait and i went shopping and bought things, and then hung out at panera mooching internet all afternoon (and successfully uploaded the best pictures ever). theeeen... mike, ashvin, and steve came over and we went into mackinaw for MACK-A-FEST, which is mackinaw's annual town carnival thing. we played bingo! we didn't win but the old lady sharing a table with us did win once. and blue's friend carly was one away from winning at BLACKOUT bingo (which blue thought was bingo with the lights off, not bingo where you have to fill the whole card). hardcore.

and we ate a funnel cake! and we thought about going on a ride but then decided they were too expensive. the end. OH, and i ran into my old friend samantha at bingo. oh, small towns. we had some AWK smalltalk and then i went back to my own bingo table. and then we left. and came to my house and played video gaaames.

i'm so tired. oy. i crashed last night at like 11:30 (... around the same time it is now) and i set my alarm for 9 but i woke up at 8 feeling quite well-rested. thanks, camp sleeping schedule!

anyway. i'm sooo excited about this week of camp, though. i get to work the program i wanted-- it's called "hit the trail" and it's a hiking session, with older girls (grades 6-9 i think?) and we get to take a field trip (or maybe 2?) to go hike trails outside of camp! and i get to work with nessie! (i worked with her 2 weeks ago, if you'll recall, and she's so great!)


compared to last week when i had brownies (grades 1-3). twelve of them >_< and only 2 caddies (volunteers who are too young to be cits) to help. and one of them was soo useless, she was like a negative caddie. so it's like i really had ZERO caddies. but that's all over now! mustn't dwell!

(we watched the harry belafonte episode of the muppet show today, and that always makes me love the world. oh world, i love you.)

umm... well, that's probably all i really feel like blogging right now, anyway. i probably have more hilarious, bitter, or hilariously bitter stories to tell but it's so past my bedtime.

oh, and thanks again for the birthday wishes (and if you forgot or were late, it's okay, we can totally still be friends. I VALUE OUR FRIENDSHIP)!


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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

hello! it is my birthday.

thank you for birthday wishes (if you sent me some) and screw you (if you didn't send me any). no, just kidding about that last part.

or AM i?

anyway... i pretty much hate my girls this week, they're whiny and stupid. basically. and tomorrow i have to do a cookout with them.

BUT, tomorrow's theme day is celebrity day and i made a lincoln hat! and i'm carrying around my lincoln plushie! and kait is going to be tr! and carry around her tr plushie! so much yes.

also, today was 80s day in honor of my birthday. thumbs up! plus there was cake and ice cream, and me and river and smiley wrote anonymous creepy notes to everyone on staaaaaff.

kait just pointed out that i put a lot of a's in "staff" back there, and i keep going back and forth between calling her "kait" and "river." to that i say: fuck off, kait! fuck off, river!

that's just how i feel about it.

anyway... i don't know. besides the cookout and overnight with girls i don't like, i think tomorrow's going to be rough... i keep remembering how last year pippi got all fake-mad at me because i didn't tell her in advance that my birthday was coming up so she didn't know to get me a card or anything. so... well, anyway, this weekend should be awesome--i'm having dinner with kait/river and smiley and my family,a nd then hanging out with cool camp folk, and then saturday night hanging out with cool b-n folk... so... i really just need to pull through tomorrow and friday. so. anyway, i'm going to bed now i think.

oh, i never mentioned that we got a computer at camp! with internet! it's neat. but there's only one (and a half? because sometimes squeak brings her laptop and lets us use it) for 20ish staff, and i only get a little time off a day, so i still probably won't be around much (i just checked it twice in 2 days in anticipation of birthday greetings). but perhaps a little more frequently than last summer, anyhow!


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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

guys! i just got back from my surprise birthday! i was so surprised, you don't even know! apparently the whole camp was in on it. like all the campers, and everyone, and I HAD NO IDEA BECAUSE I AM SO OBLIVIOUS OMG.

apparently i "almost" found out about it about 10 times and freaked everyone out, but i'm a trusting soul and was happy to run about on odd errands all evening. what?

it's not even my birthday yet! well, in an hour it is.

i never even blogged about how totally awesome last weekend was. no wait, i did! well, kind of. it was so awesome and i have 180 pictures (that's not keyboard mashing, seriously 180 pictures) to upload and whee! it was a really great weekend, basically.

i have been kind of vaguely melancholy though... it's just like... my birthday is the day before the 1-year anniversary of pippi's death, and it's really hard to think about one without the other. especially when we all have our bracelets and stuff with 6/22/05 on them. pretty much the ultimate memento mori.

well. yeah.

basically, though, life is awesome! wooo! and happy birthday to me!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

(i wrote this last night, but keith's ghetto hotel's internet didn't work so i'm posting it now... more to say but i have to go back to camp!!)

oh my god, you guys... oh my god.

i don't even... oh my god.

that's basically all me, kait, and keith have been saying for the last hour or so.

i was GOING to blog some stuff about how the last week of camp has been tiring, fun, and hilarious. which it has.

but yesterday and today have really, really topped camp. i would rate today one of the best days ever. seriously. everything keeps getting exponentially hilarious-er.

sooo. yesterday, after camp, kait and i went back to my house and showered and threw some stuff in my car and headed down to st. louis to visit keith!

first of all... mapquest refused to recognize keith's hotel. i finally figured out that keith had given us an address on "national bridge rd." and he actually meant "natural bridge rd." but then it gave us an address for a diner. so we were like... well, i guess this diner is CLOSE to keith's hotel, and we'll be able to see it?

so... we drove, and i got really really excited about seeing a
"lewis and clark historical site" sign near the illinois-missouri border. and then we exited and everything, and called keith and asked about his hotel, and he said that the "airport diner" was the same building as his hotel, but that the diner was closed? so we found it, and pulled in the parking lot... and it was just this big, closed diner. it had a sign that said "OPEN" but there were no lights. or anything. and i walked around the corner and there was like, a dumpster. it was so sketchy. but finally keith came and found us and it was awesome! and we made fun of him for having the sketchiest fake hotel ever, and then the first thing we walked past inside the hotel was the earheart conference room. omg. and kait and i (especially me) were SO exhausted and giddy that we laughed for about eight years.

and then we played the carmen sandiego board game!! we totally caught carmen, guys!!

and today we were SO busy. we thought about going to six flags, but we decided that that would be: hot, crowded, expensive, and probably not even as fun as going to a series of museums. and we were soo right. so we started off with breakfast at the waffle house! keith had never been to a waffle house, so it was exciting. and we put a dollar in the jukebox and played: "only the good die young" by billy joel, "learnin' to fly" by tom petty, "crazy" by patsy cline, "strangers in the night" by frank sinatra, "since u been gone" by kelly clarkson, and "joy to the world" by three dog night. we totally won at the jukebox.

and then... to the missouri historical museum! it was so exciting! i get SO excited at museums, guys. sooo exciting. like, before we even got IN the museum i freaked out about a lewis and clark map on the sidewalk. and inside we made friends with the museum people! one of them asked me about the illinois shakespeare festival (i said i was from b-n) and we talked about it. and then we went to them with important questions about the lindbergh exhibit (was the laura ingalls who made the first solo transamerican flight the same laura ingalls who wrote little house on the prairie? what is barnstorming?) and... it was just a really well-done museum. so much fun. and guys, the giftshop was called the louisiana purchase. and i bought a lincoln plushie! and kait bought a tr plushie! not like our other, smaller, lincoln and tr plush fingerpuppets. and some other stuff.

and then we went to the science museum (in stl, forest park, where the 1904 world's fair was, there are a bunch of museums and whatnot) and even before we got in the museum it was awesome! there was a science park! and we did science! AND THEN THERE WERE DINOSAURS OMG.

inside... we did some stuff, and then the power went out for awhile?

this isn't even the most exciting part of the story. like not at all.

after that, we went further downtown and got custard at this place jenny recommended, and then we went to the zoo! st. louis has a really nice zooo and i like it a lot! and we rode the carousel and went on the DINO ISLAND: THE RIDE ride, which... it was one of those 3d motion-y rides? like where the seats move? and it made NO SENSE and totally needed a DIINO ISLAND: THE RIDE: THE PREQUEL. because... we were in this craft of some varying size... like it could fit between/under a brontosaurus's legs, but then a pterodactyl picked us all up with his claws and carried us to the top of a volcano. and then... like... we had to stop the volcano from erupting? but it never really explained if we had travelled back in time, or if dino island was like some kind of ripoff jurassic park with dinosaurs in the present. it was so crazy.

also on the carousel i got to ride a penguin!

oh, and on and off it kept hardcore storming at the zoo.

and then we got dinner and rootbeer at fitz's, this place that makes their own awesome root beer. OH and while we were waiting for seats we went to this cool used music store across the street, and kait and i bought a cd about the states by john linell (of tmbg), which... the liner notes were basically the funniest thing i've ever read so i can't wait to hear the actual cd!!



so, we kind of wanted to go the aquarium? and then kait noticed that the city aquarium was open until 1am on friday and saturday, so we were like, yay! we'll go after dinner!

so we went and... in the parking lot, we noticed that there was like, a bus and a spaceship vaguely attached to the building, and some scaffolding? but we were like, whatever. so we went in, and we had to pay extra for the aquarium because apparently it was a museum/aquarium (we had thought it was just an aquarium) and we got all excited because you could pet some things at the aquarium! like sharks!

soooo, we go up to the aquarium and... it was so bad guys, so bad. it was like a pet store? like just little tanks. and then there were 3 little sharks that we could just pet, but there weren't any attendants or anything. and we were scared to touch them!! but then we did. and then there were some turtles we could pet. and some chinchillas? and we were like... why are there chinchillas here?

and i bought a pressed penny that said "i petted a manta ray at the city aquarium!" so we went up to the manta rays and were like... WHAT? we can't pet these! there was just... no way. it was too deep, and they were just... they were fucking manta rays. and then at the top there was like, a staircase that went IN to the manta ray tank, and it wasn't blocked off or anything. i think it was around this time that i started insisting, "guys, this is NOT okay. it's just... guys, it's NOT OKAY. WHAT?" and there was like... a TUBE that went through the other shark tank? not like how at some other aquariums they have big nice glass enclosures with tunnels and stuff? it was just a tube.

and i didn't think it was at all OKAY but kait and keith made me go through it, oh my god.

and there were like huge models of sharks and squids (*shudder*) and dinosaurs (what) scattered about. and other non-aquatic animals. like a bunny. and NO ONE WATCHING US AT ALL. and there was a crab that was stuck on its back and we could pet it but it was scary but i reached in and flipped it over. WHAT.

and then the rest of the museum was EVEN WEIRDER WHAT WHAT WHAT. there were like... big scary tunnels, which sometimes were not lit at all. luckily i had my abraham lincoln flashlight in my bag. and... oh, a "skateless park" with ramps and ropes and you like, swung on a rope over to ramp.

and it was like, 10pm and this place was FULL of teenagers. we're pretty sure we were the only people there who weren't stoned.

and then... what else? there were just weird carvings everywhere, or like a pile of sheet metal, or a ladder that woudln't go anywhere, or... whathaveyou. and we kept freaking out and laughing hysterically, and EVERYONE ELSE THERE was just like, "do do do, it's totally normal for musuems to have unlit tunnels that don't really go anywhere..."

it was just. so. strange. and hilarious.

and then on the way back we were joking about how we had joked about keith's hotel being weird and ghetto, and how this museum/aquarium was waaay more weird and ghetto than his hotel. and then... we walked into our room, and our beds were stripped. the comforters were folded up and put on top of the teevee, but there were no sheets anywhere.

oh, and this morning before we left i had been like, "this hotel is so ghetto, i hope they don't steal my awesome hello kitty pillow!!" and i almost thought that they HAD, but then i found it. also on top of the teevee.

and then we decided that the only way this night would be weirder would be if, instead of a maid coming to bring us sheets, they sent a cowboy to bring us an apple pie.

fortunately i suppose, we did just get some sheets.

so i'm going to bed.

but seriously omg omg omg best day ever.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

listening to: paul simon, she moves on

i have been listening to rhythm of the saints basically non-stop all week. well, i stopped a lot, actually. but whenever i've been listening to music, it's been this.

i don't understand how anyone could NOT love this album.

(although i said something like that at a meal one day, and this one new counselor got all mad and was like "some people just didn't grow up with paul simon!" and she glared at me and it was super intense.)

anyway, camp staff training has been so so fun. kait and i have been rockin' it, and most of the new staff seem really awesome. some highlights:

- inserting "jessie's girl" into every song (ie "the princess pat lived in a tree... with JESSIE'S GIRL" and "with my three true companions, my rifle, my pony, and JESSIE'S GIRL" and "let's build a bungalow, big enough for JESSIE'S GIRL" and "we thank you god for giving us... JESSIE'S GIRL.")
- THE BIGGEST BEE EVER OH MY GOD IT WAS SO BIG. like half as big as my thumb. so big. and it lived in kait's bed. like it kepy flying into the corner of her sleeping bag, and then we'd shoo it out and it would come right back to the same place omg.
- kait and i keep making fun of x3 and it continues to be hilarious. ie "hey... has anyone seen scott lately? i feel like... he went somewhere awhile ago?" "oh yeah, i don't know... we did find his glasses though. i feel like he needed to wear those usually?" "oh yeah... well, maybe he got some new contacts. anyway, we all know how irresponsible scott is, i'm sure he's just chillin' somewhere for awhile." "yeah. plus, won't it be cool when storm can lead the team? she's so cool!" "totally! she can make it rain and everything!"
- also, we're writing x-men the musical: the biggest bee ever. in it, the x-men team up to fight the biggest bee ever. tragically, scott is allergic to beestings and dies within the first 10 minutes. we've only written one song so far. it goes like this: "i'm the biggest bee ever... and i killed JESSIE'S GIRL!" you're all invited to opening night.
- omg, we made crafts and i'm soo bad at them. i made a wobbly basket and a crooked lanyard and this leather keychain, on which i tried to stamp "zelda". but instead i stamped "ZEJDA", with a backwards D and an a that's really an upside down V. because... there wasn't an L or A stamp. and i messed up the D. so we decided that zejda is my "challenged" twin (not to be confused with zedla, my evil twin) and whenever anyone did something dumb, it was a zejda moment. zejda's catchphrase is "but zejda tries her hardest!"

basically... woo!

also, i met sandy today! and we ran into blue and ben at avanti's, and steve at target! and we played scrabble! PURPLE scrabble! SO EXCITING OH MY GOD.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

watching: muppet treasure island

man, blogger just took about five years to load. ridic.

anyway, me and kait (i mean, me and river. i mean, river and i) are off to camp in about an hour! exciting!

last night we went to see a community theatre production of chicago and made fun of the program a lot. it was a pretty good show, though.

but seriously, the program... omg. we think the director wrote everyone's bios for them, or else everyone in the show was conceited and had poor, awkward grammar. also, we went to wal-mart afterwards, where i bought:
- 1 bag of plastic dinosaurs
- 48 crayons
- 3 skittles-flavored chapsticks
- 4 AA batteries


i... don't have much else to say, i suppose. bye everyone, plz write me!

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

a conversation just now:

kait: have you updated your blog?
me: yes.
kait: oh, my mom's friend makes dr. pepper cake all the time!
me: oh, i made you sprite cupcakes!
(simultaneously) me: oh, you just read that.
kait: yeah, i just read.

and then we laughed for five years.

and then kait looked over my shoulder (really over my knee, cuz she's lying down) and read this and we laughed some more.

and soon we're going to see x3 with reid and pepper!

and kait gave me lemony snicket's (and bret helquist's) autograph for a late christmas present!


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listening to: abba, sos

in like an hour i'm going to pick up kait from the airport!! hooray!!

first i'm going to do a bit more tidying and stuff. and brush my teeth, because i just ate a cupcake. (i made birthday cupcakes for kait! they're lemon, and i made them with diet sprite! soda/cake mix otp!)

also, i just posted this to my lj but it's worth repeating:

Dear The Internet,

Pretty soon I'm heading off to camp for the summer. Camp has many trees, but no Internet. I'll have the occasional weekend off so I'll be checking my email and skimming my flist once in awhile, but basically I'll be Internet incommunicado.

That said, if you want to write me letters or postcards or anything, they would be very appreciated! I'll write back. Plus, I'll have access to art supplies, so my replies may well contain artistic renderings of dinosaurs or lobsters or robots or things!

I'll be here:

Zelda (Zelda is my camp name!)
Camp Tapawingo
1450 Hickory Point Rd
Metamora, IL 61548



PS: My birthday is June 21! Not that I'm hinting that you should send me a birthday card or anything. *shifty eyes*

anyway... yeah, i'm going to go get on that cleaning thing. i'm sure i'll be back at least once before i head off to camp.

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blah, grades are up online, and i got a B in new american woman. i have to admit i'm kind of disappointed. i participated and whatnot, i got an A- on the first paper, and i worked really hard on the big paper and vbrown said the draft was good! and i made all the changes she suggested, and... well.

my history gpa is way lower than my overall gpa. THANKS VICTORIA BROWN. luckily, i have my rockin' english gpa for when things ask for my major gpa.

and i got a b+ in poco lit, and my final paper for that was basically crap. i wrote it in a 24-hour, sick & drugged up haze. gpa-wise, this was my worst semester since my first at grinnell (well, equivalent to, actually).

(i know i shouldn't be such a whiny bitch about getting b's. but it's just like... yeah.)

but whatever. this semester is over and done with, hooray! and kait's coming tomorrow/later today! and camp starts saturday! and professor simpson's son hugged a goat! HOORAY.

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