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Sunday, April 30, 2006

listening to:ccr, lodi

wow, i totally misunderstood these lyrics. apparently, it's "oh lord, stuck in lodi again". i always thought it was something like "oh no, stuck in old diane". i guess... that explains why the song is entitled "lodi".

so much learning!

i didn't do much work today, but i did eat a lot of things.

seriously. i made lunch at carly's house, and i made tasty black bean burgers (except they wouldn't really hold their shape so it was more like black bean sloppy joes) and diiiiiirt cake. i love dirt cake. dirt cake dirt cake dirt cake! i was also going to make cheese-artichoke dip, but we lost the cheese? but then we found it later, but by then we were all full anyway.

and then tonight, professor savarese had us over to his house for dinner, which was soo cute. but there was also soo much food, and he kept urging us to eat more (at one point he threatened to take 5 points off of the grade of anyone who had eaten fewer than 3 pieces of pizza).

stephen colbert, why aren't we married yet??

seriously though, i can't wait for 2008.

megan, your letter is C.

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the secret ingredient in dirt cake is DIRT.

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talia, your letter is B. as in BOOBS (, SHOW US YOURS.)

that is all.

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askadjaskjafs zach is so awesome. if it's cream of sadness soup, why does it make me so happy?

anyway, molly, tim and i watched dr. no, which i had seen before maybe... five years ago? and holy crap, i had forgotten how that movie makes NO SENSE. "wait, i don't understand... (pauses to think of all the plot points that made no sense)... this movie."

one of the funniest parts of watching early bond movies is that, now, when the bond theme music gets played, it means he's about to do something AWESOME. but in the early ones, they pretty much play it whenever they feel like there hasn't been background music for awhile. so it's like, "*bond opens door* dun dun dun dun dun-dun-dun... *bond sets down his suitcase* DUN DUN DAH-NUH... *bond pours a drink* DAH-NUH-NUH *bond sips his drink*" it's anticlimactic, yet hilarious.

in other news, kait and i win at life.

renata: today i found a citation for an amazing article
renata: it was called "hoboes passing in the night" and it was written by jack london and it was in COSMOPOLITAN
renata: which, granted, was a totally different magazine 100 years ago, but is nonetheless hilarious.
kait: ohMAN. Best combination of things ever!
renata: cosmopolitan needs to have a hobo column
renata: with hobo beauty tips
renata: and hobo fashion tips. and hobo hotties of the month.
kait: yeeeees. omg, I would totally write that column.
kait: As research, I could ride the rails back and forth across the US, meeting all the popular hobos along the way.
renata: you could ask them where they buy their bindles from
kait: "This month's must-have hobocessory is this lovely bindle, constructed from a broomstick and an old Steve Madden purse"
kait: See? I am just awesome at writing Cosmo Hobo Columns!

in other-other news... seriously, cream of sadness.

wheeeee i'm tired maybe i'll go to bed now.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

listening to: tori, crucify

i'm on a tori kick today. actually i've been on a tori kick for like the last seven years so... whatever. but i've been half watching fade to red and half reading articles about steinbeck and it's been good.

"past the mission" is just... such a great music video. the part where she confronts the priest? it's just... really powerful. what? none of you know what i'm talking about? oh. well, here. right click + save as, please, but you should all download it and watch it. right now. you watch it while i work on filling out this meme.

Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and than pass out letters to those who want to play along.

kait gave me "s"!

1. simon, paul
if you hadn't noticed already i am maybe a little bit obsessed with him and maybe a little bit dependent upon his music to keep me sane. you know, a little.

2. socks (, knee)
i like socks! especially ones with things on them, like stripes or robots. and also especially knee socks.

3. sam seaborn
one of my favorite west wing characters. he's so awkward and idealistic. additionally, he is the mayor of gaytown. sam/ted otp.

4. sandman
an amazing comic book series by neil gaiman. it's about life and death and dreams and stories and little chocolate people.

5. stuart davis
another great musician. he is just so... undescribably good. i have no idea how he can be both incredibly hilarious and also incredibly spiritual and meaningful and... well gosh, he is just pretty great.

6. slander
this is something i like to do to rob lowe whenever i get the chance. did you know that rob lowe is illiterate? it's TOTALLY TRUE.

7. sleep
i like to sleep even more than i like to slander rob lowe, i think! i also enjoy lurking in a half-asleep stage for long periods of time. it's like meditating, but lazier.

8. sarah vowell
i can't believe her name didn't come to mind earlier! I WANT TO BE HER. she is this hilarious, quirky, brilliant historical/pop culture writer/npr-person. the partly cloudy patriot is probably my favorite book. ever.

9. servo, tom
my favorite mystery science theatre character!

10. stalking
a hobby of mine. it's a manifestation of my creepy obsessive tendencies. OKAY i don't really stalk people, but i talk about it a lot. megan and i and kait and i are two excellent stalking teams.

but now i am going to go work on two different s's... stephen crane and steinbeck, john. specifically i will work on comparing and contrasting their works maggie, a girl of the streets and in dubious battle. SPECIFICALLY on how they both tried to function as sociologists but failed, either because they were too sympathetic (steinbeck) or too goddamn smug (crane).

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listening to: tori, taxi ride

hooray, i'm done with (i hoooope) the last phase of my research for my history paper, now i just need to get writin'. writin' 17 pages. plus i need to get writin' 10 pages for pc lit and... i forget how long for american lit? possibly also 10 pages? maybe less, like 8 or something?

if i can keep myself from slackin' off though, it should be manageable. i have like.. 2 weeks? 3 weeks? WHAT YEAR IS IT.


at least my stomach is full of happy: mary and her friend alika made deliciouscore indian food and ice cream with mangoes and chai and yummmm.

oh, speaking of food, i remembered one other part of my re-tasting food experiment. i tried tomato soup. OH GOD WHY. just thinking about it now makes me want to throw up. i do not understand why some people think that it is "comfort food", or why so many people seem to want to taint delicious grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. do you not understand that there are much better soups? like, every other possible soup? except for maybe like arsenic noodle soup, or cream of sadness.

in conclusion, tomato soup is, without exaggeration, the biggest problem facing society today.

thank you for your time.

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on one hand, i reallllly wish the reader's guide to periodical literature were available online, because then i would be able to just type in "edith wharton" and it would say "there were 42 articles written about her between 1900 and 1904" and i would say "sweet, thanks reader's guide to periodical literature", instead of getting down the giant volume and counting them, and then doing it again for 9 different people and 10 different volumes.

on the other hand, then i would miss chance sightings of awesome headings, like "evil (see good and evil)" or "fruit diet (see vegetarianism)".

mostly though, i really wish it were online. blah.

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wow. just wow. once were warriors by alan duff is basically the most depressing book i've ever read. ever.

i mean, i haven't quite finished it yet but i have very little reason to suspect a surprise happy ending. jesus.

also, it's gray and rainylike.

at least there's one thing that will always cheer me up...

i'm reading the amazon.com reviews of this book and they're all like "umm, the movie was better." i wonder if they just mean "the movie was less soul-crushingly depressing." because i mean, i think it's a good book, and well-written, just... depressing. but the problems it's dealing with (alcoholism, domestic abuse, rape, and loss of indigeneous culture, to name a few) are... inherently depressing, yet worthy of discussion. so. ummm... things?

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listening to: tori, songbird

whoa. good morning. i had a crazy, crazy dream. i just typed it up to post at CB, so here it is (note: proper capitalization!):

I had a weird CB-related dream last night... (I also mentioned it in the tipping thread, but I think it was weird enough that it gets two posts)... first, I got a haircut and forgot to tip the stylist, and then I felt really guilty about it and didn't want to mention it in the CB Tipping thread [a thread where we've been discussing the proper amount to tip various different service people], because I thought everyone would hate me.

But then I was hanging out at my house with the ghost of Megan... I don't know how or when she was supposed to have died, but she was definitely a ghost. And she said she was friends with the ghosts of all my family's dead cats, which our house is apparently full of. And I kept asking her all these questions about being dead, and I figured she wouldn't be able to answer them because that's how it is on TV or whatever, but she was telling me that it was fine and no big deal. But apparently when you're dead your ghost is centered around where you were buried (which apparently means that Megan was buried at my house, but I never put that part together in the dream). And apparently we took some of our cats to be buried at a pet cemetary (?!) so their ghosts were there, and not in our house.

So... yeah.

oh my gosh, i just realized that the google search bar in firefox is actually a variable search bar!! i can search dictionary.com from my search bar! or amazon! that is so ridiculously convenient!!

anyway. last night was great, it was awesome to see miriam and megan, and eat good food, and see stuart! yaye.

here's a setlist, mostly for my personal reference but it's cool if you want to read it too. i guess.

good weird
murder suicide
innocent threeway
fear (? - new song)
sugar bullets
doppelganger body donor
anesthesia necrophilia

rock stars and models
fall or flight (? new song)
transpersonal cowboy
chow down
rape game
parker posey
nothing in between
bodhisattva (? new song)
witness (? new song)
seven wonders of the soul

so yeah, basically pretty awesome.

ohhh my, i need to do work today. work =/= blogging, seriously. however, blogging > work.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

i think that the nintento "wii" would be better if they spelled it "whee!". including the exclamation point. then like, when you talked about it you would seem excited.

"oh, what are you playing?"
"it's my new whee!"

god, i can't believe nintendo hasn't hired me already. c'mon. which would you rather buy, a "nintendo wii" or a "nintendo whee!"?

or actually, the "nintendo revolution" was a fine name so i don't really understand why they changed it. but if they were going to change it, it should have been to "whee!". clearly.

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jason left a comment suggesting that i roleplay as wonder woman for my japanese history/comics/roleplaying class next semester, prompting this conversation:

renata: jason, don't you know it would be rude and disrespectful for me to roleplay as wonder woman in a japanese world war 2 class?
renata: she's not even japanese. gosh.
renata: that's why i'm going to be misty.
jason: aw
jason: but as Wonder Woman, you could rewrite history and save Pearl Harbor
renata: i bet water-type pokemon woudl be good against nuclear bombs
jason: maybe even have Wonder Woman save and adopt a Japanese girl, and name her Pearl Harbor
renata: ahaha
jason: OMG!
jason: you should rp as Carmen Sandiego, gone back in time using the Chronoskimmer!
renata: yessssssss
jason: OMG gumshoes, Carmen Sandiego has stolen the Hiroshima mushroom cloud!
renata: catch me if you can, mister roboto!
jason: seriously
renata: you should be a transfer student
renata: and take the class with me
jason: oh, okay
jason: omg, you should get a bunch of other CBers to transfer, and we could rp as RENT characters, if they were bohemians during WW2!
renata: or maybe you could just do the online roleplaying part. and get partial credit
renata: "no day but today" is a perfect motto for kamikaze pilots!
jason: i need to put on pants
renata: dude, aren't you at work?
jason: not yet
jason: it's only 7:43 here, chola
renata: oh, you're in a different time zone
jason: no, i'm in the present, YOU'RE IN THE FUTURE!
renata: oh. I'M carmen sandiego!!
renata: i'm goinng to go steal your pants... before you can even put them on!!
jason: NOOOOO!
jason: it's a good thing I have more than one pair!
renata: not if my henchmen have done their job.

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listening to: tmbg, she's an angel

ahh, the prospie is gone. don't get me wrong, this prospie is definitely pretty cool, but at the same time i'm a cranky territorial-type person who, frankly, isn't crazy about sharing her space.

but we went to breakfast first and i had a tasty, tasty omelette. lately i've been embarking on a vague experiment in which i eat a bunch of foods i didn't like as a child, to see if i still don't like them. i present to you my tenative findings:

eggs (in omelette form): thumbs up! esp. if cheese is involved.
eggs (hardboiled): still gross. sooo gross.
olives (green): pretty good, but still not as good as black olives.
eggplant: delicious.
oatmeal: pretty good, esp with brown sugar.
beets: also pretty good! whoa.
mayonaise: this accidentally ended up on a sandwich i ate the other day, but i was hungry so i ate it, and it wasn't too bad! i still don't plan to become a regular mayo user though, since... it's not that good for you, and i don't really like it that much... why should i eat it? still, an interesting finding.

i still haven't been able to get myself to try avocados, though. oh god, avocados. they're so... squishy and green. *shudder*

what other foods don't i like? limes, cilantro. um. i don't know. but anyhow, i declare this experiment a success! hooray.

blah i should go to the pec but i'm tired and lazy and it's raaaaining.

the sound mail makes when i check for new mail, and there isn't any, is a sad sound. the sound of LONELINESS. or maybe just the sound of "dude you just checked your email 5 minutes ago, did you really think that someone else emailed you in that timeframe?"

either way, i'm going to go force my lazy self to head to the pec now.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006


my prospie (or prostitute, if you're sophi) is pretty cool! better than the one i had last week, for suuure.

we ate dinner and went to the debate team thing ("this house would serve the bacon," a debate about police presence on campus) and watched the office and went to dari barn and watched tds and tcr! hooray.

i felt soo popular because everywhere we went i kept running into people and talking to them and stuff. and then i realized that like, gosh, i'm a junior! i do know a lot of pretty cool people!

the best was when we ran into kevin in the loggia, because earlier i had asked on my plan if anyone wanted to hang out with me and my prospie, because it's kind of awkward to be one-on-one with shy high school students usually. and kevin said, "it depends, is she hot?" and i said i'd keep him posted... and then we ran into him and i was like "hey kevin, this is my PROSPIE katie..." and we exchanged knowing looks and cracked up.

anyhow, it would be good if i got work done tomorow? but even if i don't, i'm going to iowa city and eating indian food and seeing stu and miriam and megan, hooray!

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listening to: gwen stefani, hollaback girl

hell yes, hollaback girl.

anyhow, just to keep you all posted: i just deleted over 2000 messages from my grinnell email inbox. now there are 34. will i regret this rash deleting spree later? perhaps (but probably not). one thing's for sure: i won't be getting any more "your inbox is over its size limit" emails.

before this, i took a nap on the central campus lawn. it was sunny. i miss my kitties today. they would have curled up in the sun with me and it would have been adorable. awww.

kitty kitty kitty.

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listening to: pink, dear mr. president

this song is so hott. i'm excited to see someone like pink entering the political discourse... i mean, let's face it. most indigo girls fans (or the like) are already agaisnst bush but maybe if a song like this can get a lot of mainstream radio play some people who maybe hadn't necessarily thought about bush/the war will, well, start. or maybe people will just start burning pink's cds. um, either way!

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listening to: madonna, hung up

i am soo hungry. and i want pizza. i don't know what it is, but pretty much ever since i got back from london i've been craving pizza alll the time. a couple times at week, at least. before this, don't get me wrong, i liked pizza, but i was never like "MUST HAVE PIZZA GRAH."

possible explanation: i am calcium deficient, and my body is using pizza cravings to get me to eat more cheese.

possible explanation: i am pizza deficient, and my body is using pizza cravings to get me to eat more delicious pizza.

either way, i'm checkin' the dining hall website right now... hey, pizza for dinner! yay! except i want some right NOW.

oh, oh i just remembered i bought cheese cubes the other day, they're (i assume) still in the fridge! mmm, cheese.

anyway, i am awesome and prodctive. here are the things i have done today so far:
- showered!
- gone to class, where i made some random point that professor savarese apparently really liked and kept referring back to during class and every time he'd look at me and be like "well, as renata said..." and i wasn't sure if he was making fun of me or not. i don't think he was but i get suspicious early in the morning.
- had a library lab appointment, where the reference librarian actually managed to find a few recent articles about in dubious battle, steinbeck's redheaded stepchild of a novel that no scholars ever want to write about.
- got professor prevost to sign off that i can take her class next semester even though i don't have the pre-requisites.
- eaten cheese cubes
- blogged

hah, itunes just shuffled to "the cheat is not dead." i forgot how utterly awesome this song is. "the cheat, man, where did we go wrong? it seems like just yesterday that we were setting fire to strong sad's underwears." "that WAS yesterday!"

anyhow. my plans for the rest of the day include:
- laundry (do NOT put this off another day, me)
- cleaning room so as not to frighten prospie
- pick up prospie
- figure out what to do with prospie
- work on paper of some sort??
- visit library: count articles (blah), research postcolonial lit paper, research stephen crane
- eat pizza
- nap?
- watch the office

basically i have a pretty packed schedule! the most important things on this list are: the office, laundry, pizza, and napping. i don't know why i put a question mark after "nap," it's obviously going to happen. and it's obviously going to be awesome.

one last thing: this page is kind of brilliant, if you like philosophy. or aqua teen hunger force. or both. well, especially both. maaan, i haven't watched aqua teen in way too long.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

blogger? more like BLAH-ger >_<

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oh shits, why am i so awesome? my history paper totally has three pages already. and it's not due for like 3 more weeks. only 17 more to go!

anyway, now it's 11:30 and i'm totally not tired. why? last night i was exhausted and went to bed around 11, yet could not fall asleep. but when i tried to get up and do more reading, i was too tired to really concentrate. just not tired enough to sleep.

what is your problem, body?

i just got distracted by spending about 5 minutes poking myself in the stomach. it's entertainingly squishy. what.

oooh. i just realized that i never showered today? i was going to do it after the pec, but then i went for a bike ride instead of the pec, which didn't make me sweaty enough to make showering an urgent need... and then.. i didn't. normally, i'd be okay with going to class tomorrow morning dirty and showering after that. BUT tomorrow after class i have a library lab appointment and an appointment w/professor prevost to get official permission to take her class next semester. so i GUESS i should be clean for that. so i GUESS i should get up early and not just 10 minutes before class. i GUESS that's kind of lame. i GUESS i'm kind of a dirty hippie.

also, i GUESS i could be a us citizen:

You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations - you got 10 out of 10 correct!
Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

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omg omg omg, chuck norris's recorded voice personally welcomed me to his website!

his website has a "kids corner." and a "christian area." also, i don't even know what this means, but i like it.

i realize that most of the rest of the internet is already tired of chuck norris, but i continue to find him hilarious.

plus, my paper is up to like 3 sentences, so i clearly deserve a break.

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rent fans (who haven't already seen this elsewhere) will probably like this video montage thing, with clips from the 10th anniversary concert.

and in the background of sol at the end, you can see connie maroulis AND curtis cregan, my two fake rent boyfriends! (and/or stalkees.)

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listening to: stu, beyond belief

hiiii. my goal tonight is to start actually writing my history paper, but for now i think i'll blog. clearly.

keith said (re the 20s): people didn't worry as much about homosexuality

to which i say (after completing most of a seminar on the new american woman): 0_0

yeah. um... yeah. there was like, gertrude stein and the other modernist expats i suppose. but they all, uh, left the country.

the 1920s in america were actually a fairly repressive decade. of course, some of the things that happened were necessary (?) steps that ultimately led to progress, but the lived experience of the 20s for the majority of people was pretty lame. liiiike, before the 20s people actually never really thought about homosexuality? so a lot of (upper-class) lesbian couples lived together and everyone was just like "aww, that's nice, those two unmarried friends live together!" but then freud was like "seeeeex" and suddenly everyone was like "women who aren't having sex with men are FREAKS OMG LET'S PUT THEM IN MENTAL INSITUTIONS!"

plus birth control was still illegal (and difficult to obtain, especially if you were unmarried). plus it was totally cool to export aliens for basically no real reason. plus, prohibition. plus, there were still a fair number of lynchings.

anyway so i guess maybe the 20s in america were cool for like... f. scott fitzgerald.

the 40s were an okay decade. 30s were interesting, but the depression was kind of, um, depressing. 50s were as bad as the 20s, 60s and 70s were pretty neat. 80s, not so great (except for the music. and the cartoons.) 90s... judge for yourself. oh, and the 10s weren't bad. at least, you know, according to me.

this concludes today's update from renata's house of cranky feminist history. in other news, oh my god, kirk cameron is using a banana to prove that god exists. basically, since it's so perfectly designed to be eaten by humans, god must exist. so, does the existence of the pomegranate mean that god exists, but sometimes he wants us to have to struggle to eat?

(eta: when i posted this at first, it didn't have the link to the banana video. but now, it does. it's def. worth a watch.)

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listening to: stu, pipe bomb guru

sigh, i just met with paula smith to talk about pre-registration and she totally talked me into take a 4th class next semester >_< buut the class is about post-ww2 japan and comic books, and apparently it involves an online role-playing component.. so i guess i can't be too mad about it. because it does sound awesome.

i wish i could find a historian who said something like, "the 1920s were totally awesome, and all the women ran around in short skirts and voted and had a great time!" so that i could quote him or her in my paper, and then say "but actually, the historian who said that was stupid, and possibly lame and/or retarded."

i guess until then i'll have to stick with hating on the popular cultural represenation of the 20s. popular culture representation of the american 1920s: you are so lametarded. sheesh.

yeah, just you wait till you read my paper, popular culture represenation of the american 1920s.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

listening to: dar williams, what do you hear in these sounds?

all i have to say about house is that house's poker game is basically the best thing ever. "dry cleaner, tax accountant, guy from the bus stop... wilson." "how come he gets a name and we don't?"

also, cameron is sooo lame.

also... i'm tired again. gosh, this happens to me like EVERY NIGHT.

blah, doing homework is for squares.

also, my shoulder hurts... i think i messed it up from spending so many hours in the library on saturday, with the typing and whatnot. so... i don't think i've been helping it by continueing to, you know, type things.

so maybe i'll stop typing and go to bed. at 11pm. i rule.

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oh my god. remember when i did my day in the life photos? and i took a picture of my pretty pink toenails?

well, i just got a flickr message...

You've been sent a Flickr Mail from [creepy foot fetish person]:


:: lovely

Such lovely feet you have. I'm daydreaming about kissing
them right now, haha! :)


i can't decide if i'm more entertained or creeped out. i guess i have to go with entertained. especially since there are like 10 pictures up there of me in my underwear, yet i get a message about my FEET.

eta: i just went to look at that guy's flickr... it's all pictures of his wife's feet! hah, well, i guess it takes all kinds...

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i filled this out on myspace originally (procrastinate much WHAT) but i think it's pretty awesome so i'm re-posting here.

it's educational!

I'm bored enough to fill out one of these survey-type deals. However, I will be filling it out with the answers I imagine President James Garfield would have supplied, if he hadn't been dead for over 100 years. His life is much more interesting than mine.

A - Available: I should say not! In life I was married to Lucretia Randolph for nearly 30 years, and I don't think death has done us apart quite yet.

B - Best Friend? Oh, either my wife "Crete" or perhaps Roscoe Conkling... I couldn't have gotten elected without Roscoe. But then, if I hadn't been elected I wouldn't have been assassinated.

C -Crush: For heaven's sakes, I'm a married man!

D- Dog name?: Not sure about dogs; however, it seems to me that my own last name might well make an appropriate name for a wisecracking cartoon cat.

E - Easiest Person To Talk To?: My wife, or possibly Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As a former minister, I frequently find that talking to Christ helps me with my problems.

F - Friday or Saturday?: I look at each day of the week as an opportunity for personal growth. For example, although I was capable of writing Latin in one hand and Greek in the other, I do wish that I had been able to perfect the art of simultaneously also writing in French by gripping a pen betwixt my teeth.

G - Gummy Bears Or Worms?: What kind of tomfoolery is this?

H - Hometown?: Moreland Hills, Ohio. I was the last log cabin President, you know.

I - If You Could Move Would You?: I did move from Ohio to Massachusetts to pursue my education, and then to Washington DC as a result of my political ambitions; however, I'm happiest here in Ohio, where I'm buried.

J- Jesus is?: Our Lord and Savior. Why, I'm a minister for the Disciples of Christ Church-- at least, I was, before I became President of our great nation.

K - Kids?: Oh yes, Lucretia and I were blessed with eight children.

L - Longest Car Ride?: I assume "car" must be newfangled shorthand for "carriage"... verily, the journey from my home of Ohio to our nation's capital was quite lengthy.

M - Milk Flavor?: I don't believe humans should go meddling about with the flavor God saw fit to give milk.

N - Number Of Siblings: Ay, I'm the youngest of five.

O - One Wish?: I do wish that I hadn't been assassinated in the first 100 days of my Presidency... I had such high hopes for pushing my civil rights agenda, as well as reforming civil service and cultivating my beard.

P - Phobia(s): One who knows the Lord knows no fear. That said, psychotic Stalwarts do give me a bit of pause.

Q - Favorite Quote?: "A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck."-- Me. Pride is a vice, but I have to admit I thought that was a pretty clever turn of phrase.

R - Reason To Smile?: Thinking about my Pythagorean theorem proof always makes me happy.

S - Song You Last Heard?: In truth, I don't recall-- it's been so long since my mortal body had ears.

T - Time You Woke Up?: My time of death was 10:35pm on Monday, September 19, 1881, so I suppose that is when I awoke in Heaven.

U - Unknown Fact About Me?: Few people know that I was the first left-handed president, although I was actually also ambidextrous to a degree.

V - Vegetable You Love?: I must confess I've always enjoyed peas.

W - Worst Habit?: I'm afraid I was prone to spending too much time in my study with my books, and perhaps not enough to affairs of state.

X - xylophone: Did you know that the word "xylophone" comes from the Greek for "wooden sound"?

Y - Yummy Fave Foods?: Anything but hardtack.

Z - Zodiac Sign?: Scorpio

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she said a good day
ain't got no rain
she said a bad day's when i lie in bed
and think of things that might have been

it's not a bad day, but it is raining (and SO COLD) and i pretty much would be happy to stay in bed all day. which i can't do.

plus, i'm huuuungry. mm, banana chips.

in american lit we've been talking about disability studies, which is a really interesting topic i think. but we talked about how it's not pc to use the word "lame" because it's mobilizing a term for a physical disability into something more casually used. to which i say, maybe you should quit being so goddamn lame, field of disability studies.

oh, and retarded. quit being so retarded.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

listening to: bnl, break your heart

i'm back from my action-packed evening! i: watched last night's tww, ate dinner, had a job interview, had a scipe meeting, and had a b&s meeting. wooo!

the interview was for the job where i put "vanity" as a weakness, which they didn't actually mention in the interview. they did ask me about the application question which asked if you were a textbook, what kind would you be and why? and i said a quirky history textbook with interesting anecdotes about abraham lincoln. i don't know, i think it went pretty well although they seemed concerned about my stress levels. maybe i... shouldn't have put everything i do on my resume? :/ oh well, it's no big deal either way... it'd be nice to have the extra money but if i don't get it that's cool too. (the job would be "librarian" for the gesd--grinnellians for social & economic diversity-- textbook library. basically keeping track of donated textbooks and setting up the library next year. and whatnot.)

overcommitment... who does that?

blah. it's not even 11pm and i want to go to bed. last night's sponteous early bedtime spoiled me :(

MEME because i replied to kait's version of it and now i'm honor-bound to help propagate it:

How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn't want to ask because you knew you SHOULD know? How many times have you felt guilty asking a close LJ friend a question that should be obvious?

Well, here's your chance.

If you've missed a few things, missed an entry and are confused, ask me any thing. Even something EXTREMELY basic, like where I live! I'm not allowed to get even slightly irritated at any of the questions - we've all missed things before. In turn, though, you must repost this in your own journal.

priscellie: oh man, i'll make sure to send you a copy of my tell-all expose; "mark twain: a new american woman/steamboat pilot." the best part of the paper is that i finally decided to stop pretending like i'm not samuel l. jackson, so it's written in my true tone of voice. also, yeah, i can re-size the stamp of approval myself next time i'm in the library. but sometimes it's nice to be able to HUGELY state my approval.

harold: wonder woman could actually fit the "new american woman" mold i suppose! alas, she's outside my timeframe. and is fictional.

julia: yeah, the "something brilliant" is really going to be the heart of the paper, i feel.

keith and priscilla: BINDLESTIFFS RUUUUUULE! WOO!

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here is the rough outline for my final history paper. i'm meeting with vbrown tomorrow to talk about it.

I. Brief discussion of the idea of the “New Woman”
II. Description of data set
a. Magazines/number of articles
b. Popular writers (give information about careers of these writers?)
i. Edith Wharton
ii. Amy Lowell
iii. Willa Cather
iv. Ellen Glasgow
v. Henry James
vi. Mark Twain
vii. Jack London
c. General trends
i. Ideas about inherent ways women “should” write
ii. Unfavorable comparisons between women writers and men writers
iii. Objectification of physical appearance of women writers
III. Go more into depth about these ideas?? Where to go from here?
IV. Something brilliant
V. Conclusion


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listening to: rachael sage, slow down

good morning, internet! i went to bed at 10pm last night and woke up at 8! it was amazing! AND i even had all my work for today done. and, in fact, some of my work for tomorrow.

it's really just my work for finals week that concerns me.

but i will... worry about that later. actually, i'm worrying about it now... but i'll do work on it later.

it's manageable, it's manageable... i want to be done... it's manageable...

but at the moment, i am well-rested and well-fed. although i did accidentally make an oatmeal volcano in the dining hall microwave.

i'm kind of weirded out that a camper i had last summer just friended me on myspace. not that i don't like her, she was an awesome camper. but... i don't know. i guess i remember being a camper and counselors had this sort of mystique about them... we were all obsessed with knowing their REAL NAMES and basically any scraps of information about their personal lives ("butterfly, do you have a booooyfriend?") we could get our grimy little hands on. it's kind of like when you're in kindergarten and you see your teacher outside of school and you're like "WHAT?" so... it'd be like if kindergarteners were myspace friends with their teachers. or something.

of course, this particular camper has a sister who is a counselor so i don't think this is necessarily the wave of the future. because most campers still don't know our real names, thus making it difficult to internet stalk us.

man, i must really be procrastinating if i'm looking at myspace...

hah, my brother filled out one of those stupid myspace surveys:

Three of your Favorite foods:
1: Human
2: Lead
3: Steel pipes

Three things you are wearing right now:
1: bling
2: Cowboy boots
3: TV on stomach (like Teletubbies)

What kind of surgery have you had?
They had to surgically remove some awesome cause I had too much


okay. go go gadget outline-writing!

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

listening to: tmbg, s-e-x-x-y

i am sleeeepy. let's see. my evening didn't go quite as planned-- mary and rachel got stranded in iowa city, so i jaunted over to pick them up, meaning i didn't get to make my bean burgers or watch tww. ah well, another day. and christine theoretically taped tww although i haven't been able to track her down.

i'm tempted by the idea of going to bed RIGHT NOW. and then (theoretically) getting up early tomorrow and doing work.

this semester i've been all about listening to my body, which is (theoretically-- my word of the moment, apparently) good. except sometimes my body lies. like how it NEVER wants to wake up, even if i've had enough sleep. or when it wants a nap, even if i've had enough sleep. or when it tells me it's too tired to go to the pec, even though going to the pec would make it less tired. (usually i try to override my body when it tells me that, but i can't always win.) also sometimes it tells me to do things like eat lots of gardetto'ses, and i try to say "how about some dried apricots instead, EH?" but again, limited success with that.

awww, itunes shuffled to barenaked ladies' version of "i saw three ships" which i love so much! it makes me so happy even though a.) it's a completely inappropriate time for christmas music and b.) even if it were christmas, i'm still not christian. but hey! all the bells on earth just might ring today, anyway.

grah sleepy. okay. i might actually start moving in the direction of bed. at 9:40pm. i am awesome.

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listening to: le tigre, my my metrocard

whee! today is a beautiful, beautiful day. and i just did roomdraw, which is this... really fairly byzantine process by which grinnell allots rooms. everyone gets randomly assigned a number, and then, by class, you all go to harris. and they read off names in order of number, and then there's a table for each dorm. and then you go and write your name in the room you want to live in. i guess for like, the last several years people have been like "umm, why don't we do this by computer?" and the administration has been like "computers? what? somebody's throwin' stuff."

anyway, i got a single in read (the dorm i'm in this year, which i like) on the 2nd floor, with loggia access. woo! (loggia's are the enclosed hallways outside the dorms, and if you're on the second floor you can climb out the window and hang out on them. it's kind of an institution. even if you don't personally have a loggia-side room, you can always find a friend with one... but it'll be nice to have my own.)

plus, i'll be living in tim's old room. madness!

now i'm off to grocery shop cuz it's my turn to cook sunday dinner. after that, i may even take a bike ride!

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amazing, educational yet hilarious conversation:

renata: i'm looking at america:the book again, and when you get a chance you should look at page 122
renata: it's the one with fake historical campaign memorabilia
renata: and there's a "re-elect herbert hoover" hobo stick!!
renata: except it calls it a "bindle" not a hobo stick
renata: so i wonder if "bindle" is the official name of "hobo stick"
kait: I'd like to think that "bindle" is like a brand name.
kait: There are regular hobo sticks, but anybody who's anybody uses BINDLES.
renata: hahaha
renata: it's like a bundle... but differently spelled
kait: I so need to just... make one and carry it around isntead of a purse.
renata: i'm looking up bindle in the oed. the first definition is: ‘The cord or rope that binds anything, whether made of hemp or of straw.’ Jamieson.
renata: oh, here we go. definition #2: a. A bundle containing clothes and possessions, esp. a bedding-roll carried by a tramp. Hence bindle-man, -stiff, a tramp who carries such a bundle.
renata: 1900 ‘FLYNT’ Itinerant Policeman 167 Among the ‘Bindle Men’, ‘Mush Fakers’, and ‘Turnpikers’ of the middle West, the East, and Canada, there exists a crude system of marking ‘good’ houses. 1901 J. LONDON Let. 6 Dec. (1966) 126 Wyckoff only knows the workingman, the stake-man, and the bindle-stiff. 1925 Forum Aug. 232 Carrying his ‘bindle roll’ or roll of blankets on his back, he is prepared to make his home wherever night finds him. Ibid. 235 Bindle stiff, a western hobo, who carries his blankets in a roll or bindle.
renata: 1927 Glasgow Herald 24 July 8 In his stride he took almost all the experiences that can befall bums, bindle stiffs.. and all other variously designated knights of the moonlight. 1937 J. STEINBECK Of Mice & Men 4 George unslung his bindle and dropped it gently on the bank. 1952 {emem} East of Eden vii. 46 Before he knew it he was a bindlestiff himself.
renata: and finally, it can also mean: b. Any package or bundle, spec. one containing narcotics (see quot. 1923).
kait: Bindlestiff, amazing!
renata: bindlestiff is almost as awesome of a word as hobo
kait: So if we start using the world "bindle" all the time, no one will know if we're hobos or drug smugglers! We'll have an air of mystery.
renata: i need to go update my lj user info so that everyone will know i'm interested in bindles and bindlestiffs
renata: yeah! or we could also be talking about ropes.
kait: Yes! We're awesome at deciving people about... hobos.
kait: or should I say BINDLESTIFFS.
renata: yeah. so anyway, i was tying up my bindle with a bindle.
renata: and then all the opium fell out of my bindle.
renata: it was sooo crazy!
kait: Man, it certainly sounds crazy! Did the other bindlestiffs stop bindling their bindles when they saw the drugs that fell out of your bindle?
renata: yeah, the other bindlestiffs were all like "whoa, good job bindling your bindle! not!" but then i hit them with the stick of my bindle to keep them from taking the drugs that fell out of my bindle.

in conclusion... bindles.

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important update for non-blogger users: i was just messing around with the comments, and if you pick "other" instead of "anonymous", it gives you a little box to type your name, like the old comments. grood!

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listening to: stu, swim

good morning, internet!

i'm feeling pretty good about this weekend! i did finish coding all my journals yesterday, after almost seven hours in the library. wooo! i was pleased that i really did keep myself from internet procrastinating very much; it took so long because i had 123049123490 articles, not because i'm a kindergartener with add.

anyway, then i went to taco john's and got (motherfucking) potato oles!! yay! and a bean burrito. i hadn't had potato oles in like... a year at least. and they are so delicious. if you haven't ever had them you should immediately find your nearest taco john's and go eat them.

anyway. after that, molly and tim and i watched you only live twice (the bond movie written by roald dahl!!) it was weird because maybe 20 minutes in to the movie, this girl just came into the lounge with her backpack. now, at grinnell it's perfectly acceptable to share a lounge with people, although it's more common with tv than movies. but she like, never spoke to us, and was clearly working on a paper of some sort? and i felt weirdly like we were intruding on her space, even though we were there first. and who writes papers in lounges?

but then as tim got drunker (in preparation for mary b james) he started talking to her and discovered that she felt that writing a paper with a bond movie in the background was less distracting than writing it in her room or the library, with internet. hah, i know that feeling.

anyway, so then we went and got dressed for mary b. james (the drag party! see... we have a dorm caled "mary b. james hall"... but... "mary be james"... GET IT?) which was hilarious. especially since tim was pretttty drunk. (molly insisted that he go, because she loves mbj, and he insisted that he would only wear women's clothes in public if he was drunk. everyone wins?)

tim is so pretty! he's wearing my clothes. and molly's boa.

and molly and i are so handsome! (i'm wearing tim's clothes. he started to belligerently insist that i wear a pair of his pants too, but i talked him out of it.)

while i was at it, i also uploaded photos from underwear ball last weekend:

god, why are jake and i (team paula smith) so hott? as the evening progressed we became more and more obsessed with the idea of compiling an album of photos of ourselves in our underwear and giving it to paula smith?

can you resist the high level of english major hottness?

me and xine! i took it myself which is why it's a weird angle.

anyhow, there are more in my grinnell photo set. woot woot.

and now... i don't know? work of some sort, i suppose.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

listening to: spice girls, do it

the end is in sight! i just took my last 5 journals off the shelf.

i am so hungry. and the library is totally drying out my skin. as soon as i code these last five bitches i'm going to run back to my room, rub lotion all over myself, and then go to taco john's and get some motherfucking potato oles.

that's right.

motherfucking potato oles.

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listening to: le tigre, my my metrocard

guys. you've got to help me out here. i'm being soo good and i've done a lot of research. but my deal with myself is that i get to mess around on the internet for 5 minutes after i finish all the articles out of a particular magazine. (i just finished off the nation! wooo!)

but no one is doing anything on the internet for me to check! no plan updates, no blog/lj updates, no comments, no emails, noooothing. not even any freaking myspace messages. not cool. do something. seriously. please. i'll read it after i finish all my new republic articles.

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today so far has been good! i got up and hung out with xine for a bit, then went into town with xine and bristol and all the first-years on her floor for lunch at back alley deli! mmm. and then coffee at saint's rest. and now i'm on burling third buckling in for an afternoon in the archives. i've decided that today, no matter what, i am going to finish reading and coding all my remaining articles. it's simply ridiculous that i'm so slow about it, and i know it's because i get distracted by the internet.

so. i will get through all the articles available. and if i actually do my work and finish before it, you know, gets dark, i get to go on a bike ride.

if i don't, then omg i seriously will have failed at having a work ethic.

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omg omg omg you all need to go watch the spy who loved me as soon as possible.

omg omg omg. it's so full of wonderful things. like james bond being even more blatantly sketchy than usual. and a submarine car. and disco scuba divers. and SHARKS. and JAWS EATING A SHARK OMG.

it was so glorious. molly and tim and i almost died of the awesome.

oh and we played bingo and i won TWICE. my prizes were: a box of popcorn, and a dustpan/brush set. woohoo!

and also, i played scrabble with jenny and emily. and tried to find christine in the science building but failed. oh science building, you are so full of science.

tomorrow i want to get up early and do work, but... we'll see how that goes. i predict: not very well.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

listening to: tori, precious things

tori amos is so badass.


so at grinnell we have these things called student initiatives? where a student or group of students come up with basically a statement, and then everyone votes on whether or not they agree on the statement. and then theoretically the administration considers the statements that won. (like, my first year there was one about getting a swingset on campus, and it passed almost unanimously and... there is still no swingset :() anyway.

i guess there have been a few assaults on 8th street recently? and the administration is talking about putting up security cameras, and this semester there was a student initiative opposing the security cameras because it will destroy our sense of community, blah blah blah. the initiative didn't pass but i'm just wondering... i know that as a liberal, civil libertarian type person, i'm sort of supposed to oppose security cameras. but... why? it seems to me like they actually would, you know, either help prevent crimes or at least help bring the crime-committers to justice. i mean, if i'm not going to do anything illegal... why should i oppose security cameras?

i just searched around a bit on plans to see what some shrill, self-righteous engaged grinnellians have to say...

A couple things. First, I think the precedent here already crosses an important line -- there's not much distinction between preventing vandalism on an unfinished building and on a finished building. The same rationale we see here would put cameras on every campus building. Second, it's a waste of money and electricity. Security cameras have never been effective deterrents or evidence-collection tools. (Ever notice how video of convenience-store robberies is shitty as hell?) Third, even if the cameras effectively captured information, they'd largely capture irrelvant information about students and townsfolk passing on the street -- that is, they'd just be tracking people's movements. Fourth, the gaze of the camera does not have null effect. People's emotional, behavioral, and cognitive processes are all disrupted when they know they're being watched -- especially by a campus authority.

Fuck anyone who wants security cameras or who didn't like the name change. And anyone who thinks this school administration needs MORE punitive power, regardless of the crime. Also, fuck anyone who thinks getting a girl out of her mind is the way to get laid (this doesn't only mean roofies). I really hope you all get a clue someday.

obviously, i don't support secret wiretapping or things of that sort. but a non-secret security camera on private property, especially property where attacks have already taken place?

i just poked around the aclu's website a bit:

There is an alarming potential for misuse of all of these systems. Used in conjunction with facial-recognition software, for example, the Colorado database could allow the public movements of every citizen in the state to be identified, tracked, recorded and stored.

These surveillance systems are ineffective and will lead the police to stop people who have done nothing wrong. According to the Los Angeles Times, a recent study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology found that digital comparisons of posed photos of the same person taken 18 months apart triggered false rejection by computers 43 percent of the time. Police relying on this technology will be led too often to stop and question the innocent instead of the suspect.

These cameras do not generate suspicion adequate to trigger a law enforcement stop. Instead, they may lead to high-tech "racial profiling" should surveillance cameras be placed in areas populated primarily by members of ethnic and racial minority groups.

We are extremely troubled by this unprecedented expansion in high-tech surveillance in the United States. We believe that technology should not be used to create a "virtual line up" of Americans who are not suspected of having done anything wrong.

The threats to privacy in America are all too real. We believe the privacy risk outweighs any benefits that these devices may offer. It's time to take notice of what has happened to privacy in America today.

i guess... that makes sense? but i guess... i'm maybe still not entirely convinced that security cameras are always bad?

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aww, poor mark twain :(

"It has been a very serious and a very difficult matter to doff the mask of humor with which the public has always seen me adorned. It is the incorrible practice of the public, in this or any country, to see only humor in a humorist, however serious his vein. Not long ago I wrote a poem, which I never dreamed of giving to the public, on account of its seriousness; but on being invited to address the women students of a certain great university, I was persuaded by a near friend to read this poem. At the close of my lecture I said; 'Now, ladies, I am going to read you a poem of mine'--which was greeted by bursts of uproarious laughter. 'But this is a truly serious poem,' I asservated--only to be greeted with renewed and, this time, more uproarious laughter. Nettled by this misunderstanding, I put the poem in my pocket, saying, 'Well, young ladies, since you do not believe me serious, I shall not read the poem,' at which the audience almost went into convulsions of merriment.'
-- Mark Twain (in Harper's Magazine, April 1910

he needed a livejournal, clearly.


"The cat is always 'purring on the hearth' at Stormfield--several cats--for Mark Twain's fondness for this clean, cunning, intelligent domestic animal is one of his happiest characteristics. He is naturally gentle and tender-hearted toward all animals, and the grace and beauty and playfulness of the cat make a peculiar appeal to his nature."
-- Harper's Magazine again

awwww, Mark Twain loves kitty cats.

awww. i love mark twain. and i love reading all these old articles about him because they always have this incredibly reverential tone. everyone loves mark twain.

"He is seventy-three, but he is not old, and he never will be. He could not be old if he tried. His manner, his speech, his movement, his point of view--they are all young. His complexion is of exquisite coloring; he runs lightly up-stairs, he skips like a lad of ten. One never feels that he is old--that he ever could be old. His hair is snow-white, but then so is his dress, and there is as much of freshness and youth and joy in the one as in the other. He is the embodiment of eternal youth, with youth's eternal charm."
-- Harper's still

i approve of mark twain. and of harold the wonder dog:

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

listening to ben folds, bitches ain't shit (in my head)

i am trying to work on my research (i'm such a slacker omg. at least blue signed off so i'm not wasting my time talking to HER anymore. not that talking to you is ever a waste of time, blue... *bats eyelashes*) but i can't get this song out of my head. and it feels so crazy to be taking notes about the unfair portrayal of women in the media at the turn of the century, while in my head all i can hear is "bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks, lick on these balls and suck the dick..."

what's that you say, virginia woolf? "It is probably, however, that both in life and in art the values of a woman are not the values of a man. thus, when a woman comes to write a novel, she wll find that she is perpetually wishing to alter the established values--to make serious what appears insignificant to a man, and trivial what to him is important. And for that, of course, she will be criticized; for the critic of the opposite sex will be genuinely puzzled and surprised by an attempt to alter the current scale of values, and will see in it not merely a difference of view, but a view that is weak, or trivial, or sentimental, because it differs from his own."?

well, i say... i didn't give a fuck where the bitch was at, but she was hangin' with a white bitch doin' the shit she do, suckin' on his dick just to get a buck or two. virginia woolf ain't shit.

i'm so ridic. too ridic to even type out the full word.

in other news, i officially approve of priscellie:

(i promise i'll upload it to my own server soon, but i'm in the library and i wanted to approve of you RIGHT AWAY.)

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it is way too nice out and i am way too excited about this summer for me to focus on researching my history paper. even though i desperately need to research my history paper.

argh. on one hand, it would be nice if burling third didn't have windows because then i couldn't look out and see how nice it is. but on the other hand it would be creepy if it didn't have windows. (and no, i can't just not face the window- the only study desks up here are all along the walls and all facing windows. which is generally good but today it is so distracting because i can't focus at allllll.)


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(read: i just sent kait an application to work at my camp! omg!)

omg omg omg best counselors ever.

(i was trying not to get TOO excited until she actually got hired, but i'm clearly failing at that. but i seriously can't imagine them not hiring her unless kait has some sort of shadowy past and fails the background check.)

omg omg omg.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

listening to: abba, sos

here are two things about which i am excited:

1. mamma mia! the movie.
2. surprise, the new paul simon album.

wheeee today has been low key. good. i need to get started on research for final papers for all my classes soon, but... not today.

mary, bristol and i hit up wal-mart and hy-vee and i got cheap easter candy, and dried fruit, and awesome triscuits (the rosemary and olive oil kind = SO GOOD), and hummus! and i'm not that hungry but i'm excited about all my new food and i want to eat it.

anyway. so, i need to clean my room and watch yesterday's house (last night i just watched a random one off the dvd priscellie teh awesome sent me).

and now i think i will reply to some comments!!

first- to everyone who approved of my 3 weaknesses, well, i definitely submitted that application today with that section intact. cross your fingers!

priscellie: that is awesome. and, omg, if you make me a stamp of approval, my first action with it will be to approve of you. also, lincoln/warren harding/joshua speed ot3. also, yesss i love that the kitten is there. i looked at it and i was like "that doesn't make ANY sense. wait, that doesn't make any sense! i love it!"

jason: lincoln should be in the mamma mia! movie. he could be a love interest for, what's her name, donna's sexy friend.

keith: GOSH YOU ARE THE WORST FRIEND EVER, clearly you should leave comments EVERY DAY >:O just kidding, this way it's like christmas and getting a lot of presents all at once! otherwise it would be like chanukah, and, really, who does that?

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listening to: tori, sister janet

i strongly endorse these taste of thai products. omg. i impulse-bought one awhile back, and i just now made it for lunch, and it was delicious! and easy to make. and it didn't taste like awful disgusting ketchup-noodles like the last brand of instant pad thai i bought. and it comes in an adorable box that you can eat out of, thus saving me from having to wash a dish.

if i had a boron stamp of approval, i would stamp it right now!

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listening to: erin mckeown, blackbirds

hah, i was looking at the tlc life lessons myspace, because rent alum cristina fadale is in one (#20, how to make a man leave). and the life lessons themselves are pretty cute, i think, but my favorite thing is in the myspace comment sections... tlc has invited people to share their own "life lessons" and people are just spitting out every cliche and bumper sticker ever.

Do it right the first time

wat dosent kill u make u stronger

To keep a girl, ... Make sure you never care more about them, than they do about you.

Don't value your like on the number of moments that knocked the breath out of you but value it on the number of moments that took your breath away!!

just because u like cheese doesnt mean everyone likes cheese


in other news, i'm a sellout and totally switched to the new advertising level of lj. ads are everywhere on the internet, i don't care if they're on the side of my lj. plus now i get more icons. plus no one reads my lj anyway (because, i don't write in it...) so they won't see the ads. or even if they DID read my lj, basically everyone else i know has a paid account. it's a perfect plan.

another perfect plan: finish editing my paper and then... go to the pec? take a bike ride? take a shower? eat some food? get a head start on readings? clean my room? go back to sleep? SO MANY CHOICES.

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dear hand amputation surgery,

i am pretty sure you are the grossest thing i've ever seen on house. gross gross gross. you are making me re-evaluate my belief that having hook-hands is awesome.



querida doctor casa,

tu hablas espanol?! que guapo!



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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

listening to: jill sobule, under the disco ball

yay, i finished a solid draft of my pc lit paper! i was worried that it would take a really long time, but it wasn't that bad. and i'm pretty sure it even makes sense. anyway, so i'm going to edit that tomorrow morning before class (no point editing it now) and... i don't have much else for the rest of this week. a bit of reading for thursday, and i need to play some catchup with my history research paper, but i have most of thursday, plus friday saturday and sunday for that.

so... i think... i have some free time. i'm thinking about even-- watching a movie! or more likely an episode of something on dvd. but seriously, i have 2 boxes of dvds here at school, and it's SUCH a joke because, when do i ever watch them?

well... well tonight, maybe!

i was all like "maybe i'll just go to bed RIGHT NOW" but now i'm not actually that tired anymore, go figure. whee!

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i am kind of disappointed in thinkin' lincoln's anti-slash stance!

just sharing.

anyway, my paper draft is on page 4/5? and it's looking very paper-like. whew. i hope to finish the draft before i leave mears tonight (at 11ish). then i can edit tomorrow morning and turn it in tomorrow afternoon. uh, when it is due.

whew. so... so... yeah.

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here is a SNEAK PEEK at this month's issue! it's maaaybe not the highest-quality photoshop (mary, you were a way better b&s graphics editor, but you just haaaad to go to india) but it's still hilarious, i feel. and you should too.

in other news, i'm SO HUNGRY RAWR.

in other other news... life will be okay for awhile once i finish that postcolonial lit paper :/

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listening to: s&g, april come she will

sometimes i consider switching what music i'm listening to right before i start to blog, just so you won't all know what a ridiculous paul simon freak i'm increasingly becoming. (it never occurs to me to LIE about what i'm listening to, but switching music might be okay.) but it seems inauthentic. even though authenticity is a myth and to attempt to represent someone is an act of violence against them!

anyway, basically i just want to quickly talk about how awesome our group presentation was this morning. we presented on ben hamper's rivethead, which is this blue-collar memoir about working for GM. (he started off writing with michael moore, and he's in roger and me. just... so you know.)

anyway, and we were trying to talk about how complex of a book it is, because he's trying to come across as anti-intellectual, but he has some very clever wordplay and references so he's being... intelligently anti-intellectual. and he has some very subtle political interplay and... anyway, so our presentation's thesis was "there's a lot of stuff going on in rivethead." and we kept coming back to it. like one of us would say something fairly intellectual, and then "so, basically, there's a lot of stuff going on in that scene." and we got there early and wrote on the board "rivethead: there's a lot of stuff going on. a quality presentation by group #5."

and also, a key character in rivethead is howie makem, the gm "quality cat", who was the gm mascot. a guy in a big cat suit with a cape that said "quality" and he would like... walk around the factory and encourage the workers to do quality work. so we also drew a cat wearing a cape on the board and named him "howie presentem". it was awesome. SO awesome.

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this is me, writing my paper.

i get to go to bed after i write a page. so far i have: a sentence. and these gems of wisdom.

julia: Oh, man, I realized a thing about hermits the other day.
renata: they have shells?
renata: if they're crabs.
julia: Do you think hermit and hermetically sealed are related? Linguistically? I do.
renata: oh. yes, i do
renata: also i think that hermit crabs have shels.
julia: Well, I do, too. Because I was trying to come up with an adjective for "being a hermit" and I was all, "Hermetically!" Because hermits don't like ANY visitors, not even GERMS.
renata: ahaha
renata: this kind of reminds me of this conversation i had with christine at dinner
renata: where she said, "sharks haev a natural immune response.. thing"
renata: and i said, "sharks are AWESOME!"
julia: It's a true statement.
renata: in the... people are trying to have a serious intelligent conversation with me, and i'm not really up to the task, kind of way.
julia: Except my serious intelligent conversation was about hermits, soooo....it's POSSIBLE it wasn't all that serious (or intelligent) to begin with.

steve-o: so when you outta schools?
renata: maaay 22
steve-o: holy moly
steve-o: that's laate
steve-o: you crazy hippies
renata: your mom is late
renata: cuz she's pregnant
steve-o: only cuz she's pregnant
renata: hah
steve-o: with your mom.
renata: with a shark!
steve-o: making me your uncle
steve-o: biatch

i think page one of my paper should go: In J. M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians, the Magistrate has a complex fascination with a nameless “barbarian” girl. The girl is kind of like a shark. Sharks are awesome. Shark shark shark shark shark shark.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

here are two things i really want to do right now, but won't be able to for a month:

- smother kitty-magneto with affection
- eat avanti's garmozz

maybe i should just drive home tomorrow and come back with a car full of cats and bread. it's not like i have anything else to do... OH WAIT.

kitty kitty kitty.

anyway, i'm doin' okay, though. we met for our american lit presentation (i love our group so much) and i need to do a little bit more work on putting it together, but i think it'll be okay. the b&s is nearly done, i need to get round 2 of copy edits back from abby and one more photoshop from bryan, and do a final round of copy editing myself, and then it's done. history... i'm working on it as i speak. i'm almost done reading the bookman articles which i think were the most important ones. i still have like, 100 more (not hyperbole, literally over a hundred more). but i'm not TOO concerned about doing them all for tomorrow, since it's an informal discussion and she knows we're having class 2 days earlier than usual. and it's only myself i hurt if i'm behind on research (which i am, but hopefully i can can catch up this weekend.)

the postcolonial lit paper... i... still only have a handful of notes. but i'm going to start on it some tonight after i finish the bookman articles, and then i'll have all tuesday afternoon/night, plus wednesday morning. i think it'll be... okay, if not great.

there's a picture of a young theodore dreiser in this article. he's kind of a hottie. i just looked and i can't find any young pictures of him online, or else i'd link one. alas.

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listening to: stu, immanence

ahahahaha gender rolls.

in other news, i emailed the animals have problems too guy to suggest a problem! he wrote back saying that he liked my problem and that he has that problem too! if he ever draws my problem i'll link it. until then maybe it should remain SECRET.

in other news, asjkasdjasd why do i have so much work to do and why am i not doing it?

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listening to: s&g, me & julio down by the schoolyard

ahahaha bryan and i have been emailing back and forth about b&s photos, and we've been adding different endings to our names (renatasaurus, bryanopolis) and i just signed my last email "renata kedavra!" i'm not gonna lie, i thought that was pretty hilarious.

i met with emily and kate to talk about our american lit presentation on tuesday, and it was SO FUNNY. emily and i were so cracked out and kate was kind of like "..." but still entertained (i hope?). like, we decided that our presentation thesis was "rivethead: it's got a lot of stuff going on." and then we started trying to draw parallels between rivethead and everything else we ever read in the class, and it was so english-dorky and awesome. and we decided we're going to make a powerpoint presentation with pictures of ben hamper, michael mooore, young bruce springsteen, and old bruce springsteen. ben hamper and young bruce springsteen will be "postmodern" and michael moore and old bruce springsteen will be "modern" and we'll... we have this essay trying to define postmodern, and it gives this whole list of binaries that it tries to use to differentiate modern/postmodern? and some of them are helpful-ish, like hierarchy/anarchy. but some of them are just hilarious, like "god the father/holy ghost", "root/rhizome", and... oh god, our favorite one, i can't even remember... i think maybe it was "passion/symptom"? one of them was definitely "symptom" and then some other word that was totally unrelated.


i'm trying to figure out if bruce springsteen ever like, worked a real job. i don't think he ever did. all the biographies i'm finding talk about him being from a working-class town, and his early years of struggling with local bands and playing at local clubs... but i'm not finding BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN WORKED IN A FACTORY. bruce! you poseur! in our meeting kate and i were both like, "oh, i'm pretty sure he used to have some sort of working-class job... or maybe we're just buying into his image too much..." omg.

(see, in rivethead, the author, ben hamper, worked in a gm plant... riveting... and he really hates bruce springsteen and john mellancamp for being big poseurs and getting rich by appealing to the working class. yeah.)

omg. which brings up all kinds of ideas about the "authentic" and why would we think it's okay for bruce springsteen to be filthy rich off of a "working class" background if he actually HAD worked a factory job but not if he hadn't? is it okay? what is authentic? why am i so cracked out? IMPORTANT QUESTIONS.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

listening to: paul simon, america

i am SO ridiculous. i was listening to my ipod as i walked back from the forum, and it happened to be playing "america". i took it off and then sat down at my computer and unpaused itunes. which was halfway through... "america". sheesh. however, on my ipod i was listening to the studio s&g version, and this is the live solo version from paul simon's concert in the park. TOTALLY different.

anyway. i mostly laid out the b&s, and i hardly had to invent any new content. awesome. also, sunday dinner at carly's house was awesome. everyone was crazylike and talkative and carly made delicious pizza and AMAZING chocolate-vanilla-strawberry madness. and soon it will be time for west wing!

life is: good, busy, manageable, sleepy.

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listening to: stu, infinity hymn

what is my PROBLEM? why can't i get ANY WORK done when i'm in front of a computer? internet, you will be my downfall.

whoa, all of a sudden it just started POURING rain. like, it wasn't raining at all before and then there was a giant crash of thunder and a huge downpour. man, and i was juuust thinking about running across to the forum to grab a pizza. but at the moment i'm not keen on getting totally drenched.

hmm. anyway. tour de franzia/undawear ball last night was really fun! i'm glad i didn't leave early (well, i still left early, but i had tried to leave even earlier and ran into molly and tim). it's pretty awesome to just dance around in your underwear and go "ah, so this is what the student body looks like without pants on..."

also, i'm not sure why you'd want to look at this if you weren't my lj friend, but just in case... i made some paul simon/muppet show icons! they are kind of awesome.

argh argh argh go do work, renata!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

guys, i have a SERIOUS PROBLEM. i am TOO AWESOME.

seriously, i'm filling out a job application and it asks for 3 strengths and weaknesses. here is what i have for weaknesses:

Poor time management: I do have a problem with either taking on too many responsibilities or procrastinating. However, although this does sometimes lead to me being stressed out, it usually doesn’t mean that I actually neglect any of my responsibilities. I have thought about it and I don’t think that taking on working for GESD will be too much for me next year.

Lack of self confidence: Sometimes I doubt the quality of my work and/or personality, even when the doubt is unfounded.

Vanity: Apparently I can only come up with two weaknesses for myself, which must mean I’m thinking too highly of myself. I’m not sure how this weakness can co-exist with lack of self confidence, but… I am large, I contain multitudes.

i probably should not use that third weakness, but i seriously might if i can't think of anything else. (i mean, it's a campus job with student-hirers, so i'm not taking it quite as seriously as i would a real-world job. but still.)

i polled steve and trina and they can't think of any either. help me!! what are my weaknessesssss? especially weaknesses that will be okay for me to mention on future job applications/interviews.

(for the record, here's what i wrote for strengths:)

Enthusiasm: I get very excited about projects and keep a positive attitude while working on them.

Dedication: I suppose this is probably related to enthusiasm—when I commit to projects I stick with them.

Works well with others: I’m very good at getting along with and respecting all sorts of different people, even if we aren’t friends outside of work.

anyway, seriously let me know. i promise not to be offended.

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listening to: le tigre, phanta

today has been pretty-pretty good!

i did waste more time than i'd like earlier, but i got laundry done, and went to brunch and they had THREE of my favorite dining hall foods: waffle bar, tater tots, and chocolate scotcharoos! so, um, i only ate those foods and haven't really had anything of nutritional value today. so it goes.

then i wasted some time, but also talked to trina and we're planning a beginning-of-summer roadtrip, to wisconsin! we'll stay in my grandparents' cabin and visit a HISTORIC CHEESEMAKING CENTER. we talked about visiting grover cleveland's birthplace, but it turns out that he was born in new jersey and not in ohio, as we sort of subconsciously assumed.

gosh, this summer will be GREAT. historic cheesemaking, camp, meeting sandy, hanging out with keith (HOPEFULLY), and graceland! who could ask for anything more?!

anyway, then i went to saint's rest and drank a delicious iced mocha and finished reading rivethead. i love that saint's rest uses hershey's syrup for their mochas. it's sooo midwestern and lowbrow, but also sooo delicious.

soon i will take my blanket and my book and go outside in the sunshine and take notes for my postcolonial lit paper. good.

these songs are true
these days are ours
these tears are free
the cross is in the ballpark

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listening to: duran duran, a view to a kill

!!! itunes just shuffled to this and reminded me that i need to blog... about how we watched a view to a kill last night. and from russia with love.

man, bond movies are so great. i hadn't watched one in like... a month. a whole month!

one of our collective favorite parts of avtak was... christopher walken and his creepy girlfriend, mayday, were in a blimp above the golden gate bridge, and mayday said, "what a view!" and christopher walken said "to a kill!"

ahahahaha because it's the title of the movie.

oh and we also liked in from russia with love when bond finally used his exploding suitcase. we'd been waiting for it ever since q gave it to him and then it happened! yesss. we also liked when blofeld fed his kitty a fish!

i have so much stuff to do this weekend why am i even wasting time on the internet? why have i even been wasting like 45 minutes on the internet? 0_0

i have:
- 5 page paper of CONFUSION (the essay prompt begins: "Gayatri Spivak’s notoriously difficult essay..." how reassuring!) for postcolonial lit. (due weds)
- to stay on top of research for my history paper. i'm like, 1/8 done. maybe more than that since some of my articles won't be available at burling, but basically i need to go look at about 150 more articles and type up notes about them. (i have to be able to talk about it in class tuesday. the whole 20-page paper is due in a month. it makes me want to cry.)
- presentation for american lit (due tuesday, done w/a group, we're meeting tomorrow night. i still have to finish the book we're presenting about.)
- the b&s... needs to go to press tuesday or maybe wednesday and it is in really pathetic shape. omg. we don't have enough articles, none of the ones we do have are edited, and i haven't started the layout. which always takes eight yeaaars to put together.
- the underwear ball.

also, i give keith a GOLD STAR for feeding my desire for comments. hooray!

oh, one more thing... i was looking at my academic evaluation and i so only need 20 more credits to graduate. i'm definitely only taking 3 classes each semester next year. i just need 3 more seminars, english lit 1, and a non-western history class (i think i'm taking revolutionary russia). and i need to take sarah purcell's civil war class, not because i need it to graduate, but because i will be SO ANGRY if i don't take it. but basically, woohoo!

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Friday, April 14, 2006

listening to: interpol, song seven

keith, what happened to songs one-six? were they aborted?

anyway, the civil war speaker (i just looked up his name: Kenneth Lyftogt) was soo awesome. he said something like, "i didn't know what i wanted to do with my life, so i spent about fifteen years wandering around, being a hobo. i got my first two books out of it!" and he kept sporadically making reference to his "hobo past". oh em gee.

he mostly talked about matthew trumbull, an iowa civil war general, who sounds SO interesting. he immigrated from england and had this crazy complicated life and kept a diary, which survived. he read excerpt's from trumbull's diary and they were amazing. i definitely want to read his books now. mostly for my own personal reference, i'm copying the titles from the email we got: Iowa's Forgotten General: Matthew Mark Trumbull, Left for Dixie: The Civil War Diary of John Rath, and From Blue Hills to Columbia: Cedar Falls and the Civil War. but, i guess, if you want to read what an ex-hobo has to say about iowa's involvement in the civil war, you might want to check those out too.

i don't know why historians have a reputation for being boring. (yes i do: poor high school history instructors.) all the historians i've ever met have been awesome and crazy. and crazy awesome.

oh, and sarah purcell (a history prof here, who i've worked with some through scipe but never taken a class with) was there and we talked a bit, and she introduced the free food with "everyone, help yourselves to free food! i got the really self-indulgent moon and star-shaped cheese! just doing my part to spend the 1.2 billion [grinnell's endowment]!" i love her. i can't wait to take her civil war class. i'd love to take her seminar too, but i can only take one american history seminar and i used mine on vbrown. a choice i don't regret! i only regret that i have but one american history seminar to give. er, take.

anyway soon i'm going to goodwill with christine! she's looking for stuff for her rogue costume? she's going to a superhero party tonight. yes. in the meantime, i will try to finish the bone people omg so disturbing.

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listening to: tori, putting the damage on

i just had the weirdest dream... i was at camp, but the only people there were me, squeak, and pippi. and a dog. and the whole time i was just like, "this can't be right, pippi died..." but pippi was like, really happy to see me and we were hanging out and talking about... i don't even know, and then we decided to walk to target because in my dream there was one right next door to camp (and even in my dream i was like, "this is a dream, there is no target next to camp"). and then we were in my room and she asked if she could borrow a pair of my underwear, and i said sure and opened my drawer and i had a bunch of totally awesome new underwear, like colorful and lacy and whatnot, and i gave her a purple pair because it's her favorite color, and we talked about how weird it was that she didn't have any underwear with her.

and then, i dream-woke up and talked about that part of the dream in my plan.

and then i woke up for real and blogged about it. i don't feel sad really? just weirded out? which is, uh, weird. this is what i get for reading the bone people before i went to sleep. i really like that book but it's getting more and more disturbing as it nears its end, and i really wanted to just go on and finish it last night but i got too tired with ~ 100 pages left.

oh well, it's friday, that's no day for vague uneasiness and malaise! i'll save it for maybe tuesday.

i'm debating whether or not i want to go see this civil war speaker today that i just got an email about. i mean, i want to, but i'm debating whether or not i'll actually go. i think yes. which means, i should go get dressed since it's in 45 minutes. (thanks for the advance notice, history department!)

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

did you guys know that there's a mineral called cummingtonite?


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my favorite part of the office tonight was at the end, they had one of those nbc "the more you know" ads, but it was with ryan and he was advising us not to tape ourselves having sex, and it was SO hilarious and awkward. i... realize this sounds really lame being typed up, but i almost wet myself.

oh my god! it's online! and there are a TON of them! i am so not doing any more work tonight.

seriously you should all go watch at least that one. probably the others are funny too. they might be a little funnier if you've seen the show and know the characters but... omfg.

don't let anyone make you feel ashamed. they know what they did.

black bears run away from you, brown bears run AT you.

people may laugh at you when you use the word 'smell' in everyday phrases...

man, this day just keeps getting better and better!

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note to joel: oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo oreo.


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listening to: tori, sorta fairytale

today continues to be pretty great! there was, in fact, oreo pie at dinner! and i saw christine for the first time since like, tuesday i think. and jenny and i had one of the most hilariously offensive conversations ever.

jenny: i hate those bumper stickers that say "smile! your mom was pro-life!" i mean, my mom's pro-choice, she just chose to have me.
me: yeah, they should really say "smile! your mom successfully carried a child to term!"
jenny: "or you were born premature and kept alive through technology! either way, good for you!"
me: oh, and you know that email forward that's like, "oh, there was this mom and she was poor and had a bunch of messed up kids and then she thought about having an abortion and she DIDN'T, and that kid was... beethoven!"? i hate that. hitler's mom thought about having an abortion too.
jenny: and anyway it's such invalid logic.
me: i know, like, maybe i would have a really awesome friend right now except she got aborted. it's not like i miss her.
jenny: really? i think about my aborted potential friends all the time. i wish aborted friend #7 were here right now. plus, aborted friend #16 would totally be my boyfriend.
me: dammit, roe v. wade!
jenny: you're preventing us from getting laid!
me: on the other hand, your absence might make getting laid a little more complicated.

me: i want a bumper sticker that says "my boyfriend was aborted."
jenny: yeah, that and the "your mom carried you to full term" one will be big sellers.
me: plus the ALINA bracelets!

ahahaha so awesome.

ps: if you're offended by this... just settle down and smile! after all, your mom carried you to fullterm (or you were born prematurely and saved by technology!)

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listening to: beatles, the long and winding road

dooooone with classes for the week!

my favorite thing today was vbrown talking about how she had been looking at an old newspaper and stumbled across an article about a woman who hung her four kids and then ran away, and apparently tacked at the end of the article it said, the police believed she was insane because she also hung their pet canary and left it dangling on the door.

so vbrown's response was to go to vermont [where this happened] and get her vermontian historian friend to come with her digging through archives looking for more information about this woman.

oh god, if i ever become an academic i hope that's what i'm like.

almost as funny: the editorial (circa 1905) i found entitled "the queerness of henry james". which turns out to be all about how the author thinks that henry james is getting away with having too much (heterosexual) naughtiness in his works, and that hj is some sort of lady-loving freak.

oh dead people, you have so much potential for hilarity.

ooh, dining hall website says there's oreo pie tonight! i love oreo pie! i hope they are not lying about the presence of oreo pie. how many more times can i say oreo pie? oreo pie oreo pie oreo pie oreo 3.14.

heeeeeee okay i'm going outside now.

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listening to: beatles, yesterday

hah, it's funny that i'm listening to "yesterday" but i'm talking about today! i mean, not that funny, but... mildly entertaining?

anyway, i wish i could just bottle the way i feel today and spray it on myself when i'm feeling my moments of "oh god i'm so tired of grinnell" angst. because today it's warm and the sun is shining, and i'm feeling well-rested and relatively like things are under control. and after class this morning, i sat on the third floor of the library and started going through journals to actually start looking at my articles (before i had just culled a ton of citations that seemed likely to be useful, and then put them in a spreadsheet-- as seen in my "day in the life!"-- and now i'm actually going through and getting the articles). anyway, so i was sitting there, reading century-old catty author gossip, and looking out the window at the happysunny campus, and listening to simon & garfunkel, and smiling.

and soon i'll go to my last class of the week, with vbrown and 5 other history geeks, and then maybe i'll go ride a bike for awhile. aaah it will be good.

and then this weekend i WILL be productive and get work done, and i WILL stay on top of my academic, personal, and b&s life. (it sounds so pretentious to call the b&s my professional life, but i suppose it is. i mean, i get paid to do it.)

aaaaaah. good.

oh, and i switched over to blogger comments. i remember i tried these before, and everyone without a blog was all "waaah why do i have to be anonymous?" to which i say, dude, just register for a blog to leave me comments if you want. sheesh. that's why i got a livejournal. but yeah, hopefully these will, you know, function. it's funny, i was preparing for a struggle, since the last time i installed blogger comments i remember it being a big pain and it taking forever with fiddling around and stuff, but this time it worked fine on the first try. hmm!

in conclusion, leave me comments.

also, keith wins for leaving me an EMAIL comment. about comments.

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whyyyyy aren't my comments working? again? it's so lame that they've been going down lately because i am OBSESSED with blog comments. does anyone have suggestions for better comments? (note: if anyone suggests switching to LJ i will punch them.)

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yay i finished my pictorial day in the life!

if you like that, you might also enjoy: a day in the life of renata: london edition, a day in the life of renata: with megan edition!, and a day in the life of renata: no digital camera edition!

anyhow now i'm going to sleeeep. goodnight!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

heee, i'm typing up/coding my data for my history paper, and two things crack me up:

1. henry james's initials are HJ, which are also my initials! my internet initials, that is.
2. someone wrote an article called "the queerness of henry james". HEE HEE.

today's been pretty good! i'll describe it in more detail in my DAY IN THE LIFE PHOTOPAGE which i will post sometime, MAYBE.

also, i've been really capslock-happy today. if you didn't notice.

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listening to: bruce springsteen, thunder road

i've been in a bruce mood ever since i watched born to add, which you guys should all definitely watch too.

:/ usually when i plug in my camera card thing iphoto automatically opens and sucks them off for me!! but now it's not doing that! apple, why have you forsaken me? ahh and i opened iphoto all by myself and now it says "no camera selected"! um, clearly i select the camera that's attached... dooo it. wah, i don't understand... it's connected, the thing is in the thing, and the thing is in the other thing, and... it's... just work!!

whew, it's working.

i'm doing another day in the life photo shoot today! it's going to be awesome.

for now i'm going to gank something from professor simpson's plan, because it's kind of awesome:

... "a whole nother" is an example--in fact, the standard example--of tmesis, the insertion of a word or phrase into the middle of a word. Other examples include Chris Farley's "whoop-de-freakin'-doo," the various ways that Ned Flanders pops "diddly" into words, and Shakespeare's "how heinous e'er it be."

That is, "a whole nother" is not standard English, but you can use it, and if anybody picks on you, you can say, "Well, it's a comic
tmesis, right? You know, tmesis--like in Richard II." Abso-freakin'-lutely.


here is what itunes brings up when i type "thunder" in the search box:

bruce springsteen - thunder road
lifescapes - rain and thunder [this is my soothing nature cd!]
tom jones - thunderball
tori amos - thunder road

they are all awesome!

kait! t-rex knows about the saddest universe ever! except with t-rex and dromicieomimus instead of you and me.

today mary and carly and i are going to the OUTLET MALL and it's going to be EXCITING. however first i am going to CLASS.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

listening to: starship, we built this city

man, this city rocks soo hard.

too bad grinnell wasn't built on rock and roll. it was built on, like, education and abolition. and it's less a city and more of a town. but anyway.

i'm soo mad, i went to dinner tonight and they were having 2 of my favorite dining hall foods: stuffed peppers and baked potatoes! ohhh how i love them both. but i'd only eaten a little bit and i started to feel really sick. >_< (as far as i can tell, unrelated to the food and related to the illness i suspected i was coming down with earlier today.)


in other news, i ganked a meme from kait? go tell me who my fandom lover would be! do it, and fake-hook me up with someone awesome plz.

my plans for the rest of the evening: house at 8, b&s meeting at 9. before and after, a mixture of: internet time-wasting, more liberry research, laying around feeling sick, cleaning room (doubtful), and filling out my stupid tax paperwork thingie.

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listening to: tom petty, don't come around here no more

man, i am sooo good at convincing myself to do the things i want. like nap. see, i don't have class on tuesday afternoons anymore, since it was new american woman and now this is extra research time for us? and i didn't do any history research over the weekend, so i was like, yeah, today i'm so going to the library all afternoon!

but then i was like, "i'm tired, and i think i'm getting sick... nap." and then my alarm went off and i set it back for another half hour or so, and now it's 3pm and i've done nothing. sheesh. not nothing-- i went to class and went to the pec and went to lunch and took a nap. but nothing, history-wise.

whoa, a dinosaur comics BOOK? i'm so pre-ordering that mofo.

"i'm so pre-ordering that mofo"? who SAYS that? i mean... i do, i guess?

mofo pre-ordered!

now i am talking to madonna instead of doing research. wooo. i should ask madonna what she knows about media representations of edith wharton between 1900-1930.

renata: hay madonna what do you know about media representations of edith wharton from 1900-1930?
madonna: sexy ;-)
renata: kay i'm quoting you in my paper
madonna: YESSSSS
madonna: prease include winky face
renata: OBV

research: COMPLETE.

ohhh not really. :/

i guess i should... go do that.

new house tonight! and only like 4 more weeks of school. ummm... running out of things to blog about... shit, i think that means i need to go to the library now.

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Monday, April 10, 2006


god, now i really have to go see it so i can laugh at him.

(you know, in hindsight, i'm sooo glad rob lowe blew us off, because i've gotten way more enjoyment out of making fun of him these last several months than i would have from getting his autograph...)

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watching: the daily show!

man, i didn't watch tds all week last week!

WAIT is this a re-run? >:O maybe not, this doesn't seem familiar except i swear queen latifah was recently the guest on this show. maybe she was just on like, the tony danza show or something. oh, but... this footage is dated march 28. ohh, i think this was on at home and i watched it with my parents, who don't understand about NOT TALKING during the daily show. thus explaining why the material seem unfamiliar.

YAY samantha bee!

hey, i just realized that i'm eating an apple while using an apple product. i rock.

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this comic made me laugh for like seven years.

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listening to: interpol, say hello to the angels

man i just ate a little bag of sunchips in like, 3 minutes. it was a HARVEST CHEDDAR FEEDING FRENZY.

anyway, today is not really a good day to be my feet. last week i went for a long walk wearing weird shoes, and i got blisters along the backs of my feet. so then i wore my pretty flipflips for a day, and i got blisters between my big toe and other toes. so then i wore my rubber birkenstocks for awhile, and i got a blister along the inside-top of my feet. (after a few days of wearing these i pick up a birkenstock callus, and then i'm all good for the rest of the birkenstock season.) so then today i'm wearing my suede birkenstocks, which are lovely and don't leave blisters anywhere! but i somehow walked into a stick and it jabbed into my big left toe and it started gushing blood and stuff. i had to go wash it out in the arh bathroom sink, and there was definitely a prospie and prospie-mom watching me stick my bloody foot in the sink. it was awesome. and then i went to the health center for a band-aid. they gave me extras "in case it happens again."

in summary: OW.

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listening to: abba, good as new

yesss i am this joke's target audience.

have i been sitting around reading the archives of animals have problems too instead of doing work? YEP.

i did discover that i have the critical edition of white noise so it has like almost 200 pages of critical material at the end. which means i have 200 fewer pages left to read than i thought i did. SO GOOD.

i mean, i still have a pile of OTHER stuff to do, but... not much white noise left! woot!

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

listening to: starship, we built this city

itunes just shuffled to this and i reacted REALLY strongly (favorably). like if anyone else had been in the room they'd have laughed. but they're not. just imagine me sort of sitting up straighter and making a version of the ihobo face.


- on west wing, OMGGGGGGGGGGG. what an emotional rollercoaster that was! next week i'm going to cryyy so much.

- on lj, more of you can and should still make requests for my photomeme! also, i've been spamming the commonplace blog today, so if you're not a member and want to check out some good book excerpts, um, well, it's there.

- in wtf news, i took seventeen's "who's your rent buddy?" quiz. my rent buddy would be mark (played by matt caplan, who is bravely continuing his run in the role despite his cancer). Rent buddy tidbit: On Christmas Eve, Mark decides that he is going to start shooting a film without a script. It will be entitled – What You Own.


i, uh, reacted very viscerally to that. you can take the girl out of hicksville but you can't take the rent fandom out of the girl...?

- anyway, i'm very sleepy. west wing was emotionally exhausting!!

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procrastinating by taking online quizzes? WHO DOES THAT.


oh. me.

anyway, inspired by talia i took a myers-briggs personality test, which i've taken before but it's been awhile. like her, in the past i've been on the border between 2 types-- infp and infj. on this one i came out slightly stronger of an infp: healer. but i could be an infj: counselor.

Healer Idealists are abstract in thought and speech, cooperative in striving for their ends, and informative and introverted in their interpersonal relations. Healer present a seemingly tranquil, and noticiably pleasant face to the world, and though to all appearances they might seem reserved, and even shy, on the inside they are anything but reserved, having a capacity for caring not always found in other types. They care deeply-indeed, passionately-about a few special persons or a favorite cause, and their fervent aim is to bring peace and integrity to their loved ones and the world.


Counselors can be hard to get to know. They have an unusually rich inner life, but they are reserved and tend not to share their reactions except with those they trust. With their loved ones, certainly, Counselors are not reluctant to express their feelings, their face lighting up with the positive emotions, but darkening like a thunderhead with the negative. Indeed, because of their strong ability to take into themselves the feelings of others, Counselors can be hurt rather easily by those around them, which, perhaps, is one reason why they tend to be private people, mutely withdrawing from human contact. At the same time, friends who have known a Counselor for years may find sides emerging which come as a surprise. Not that they are inconsistent; Counselors value their integrity a great deal, but they have intricately woven, mysterious personalities which sometimes puzzle even them.

the healer stuff says a lot about being day-dreamy (true) but feeling left out of the family and feeling like they can't live up to their family's expectations, which is definitely not true for me. but maybe that just means i have a crazypants family too.

well. based on the full two descriptions i feel like i'm more of an infj than an infp. but... either way i'm full of awkard! hollllla.

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omg, i was just checking the concerts committee plan and there's a new show added...

Saturday, May 13 :: Gardner Lounge
The Robot Ate Me (Part lo-fi, part folkish pop songs)

i am sooo there.

apparently The Robot Ate Me is opening for: Excepter ("synthetic protest band engineered to erase cultural distinctions through polarized confusion"). they sound cool too, but they're definitely no The Robot Ate Me.

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listening to: aqua, we belong to the sea

okay. i slept for like 10 hours. i feel better. good. (i was so weirded out to read my friend bryan's plan, though, because he posted something almost identical to my own meltdown.

keith (and others probably): sorry, rhps=rocky horror picture show, which if you haven't seen it is this really bad/good erotic sci-fi musical movie. thing. anyway but you go and everyone does funny callbacks (ie: audience: "frank, where do you buy your drugs?" frank (onscreen): "columbia!" at the screen and has props and people dress in costumes etc.

it's pretty big at grinnell so i forget that... other people don't necessarily know about it. but if there's ever a production happening near you, you should go (either of the musical live, or of the movie in a theatre).

aaahhh go do work now, me! do it.

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

i went to rhps and left halfway through, because i'm hella tired and anyway i almost always like the beginnings of movies better than the ends, and that's definitely true with rhps.

anyway. i... have new paul simon lyrics to blog:

breakdowns come and breakdowns go
(what are you going to do about it, that's what i'd like to know)

meaning... i feel better? and i'm going to sleep. a lot. starting NOW.

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listening to: the capeman, i was born in puerto rico

hayyy everyone. i'm back from the conference and from seeing julia and megan and basically the last few days were good. but despite that the rest of this entry is going to be kind of angsty and self-absorbed sooo feel free to skip it.

let me preface this by saying that i'm tired tired and stressed. and also i spent like 9 hours driving the last 2 days. and i spent most of those 9 hours listening to paul simon. (i, uh, i tried to listen to a book-cd but i just can't listen to audiobooks. it's a lifeskill i lack. and then i tried to listen to other music but then i was like... nope! just gonna listen to paul simon for nine hours!) and you all know what that does to my brain: crazy things. so a lot of time alone, tired, stressed and listening to paul simon.

so maybe tomorrow i'll look at this and be like "oh, how ridiculous!" but i'm not sure because as i was angsting it all felt sort of vaguely familiar, as if these thoughts had been lurking around my brain for awhile but i was afraid to consciously think them.

so. kait and i talk like, once a week about how we think the big leitmotif of paul simon music is lost/found. and also connected/disconnected. and.

remember that compliment meme from a few days ago? like, everyone who did it i think said something about me being thoughtful or a good friend or whatever. which i was glad about, i like to think that i'm a good friend and i like to make people happy and whatnot. but i also feel like... being a thoughtful, good friend is an active process, you know? not a passive one.

and i feel liiiike... people take me for granted? i feel like not all of my friends are as actively interested in being a good friend to me as i am to them? and obviously... people have different friendship styles, people are busy, people are stressed, etc. i know. but i still just...


and i suppose part of this whole thing is that like, i haven't dated anyone in like 3 years. and i'm not one of those girls who's like "omg i need a bf!!!1!1one~!" but at the same time... um, it would like be nice maybe? and it's liiike... i feel pretty confident in labelling myself a likeable, nice, smart, funny person? (let me know if i'm wrong.) and sometimes i think "maybe it's cuz i'm not hot?" but, well, this sounds bad but there are plenty of girls less pretty than me with boyfriends. it's not even like i have an unrequited crush on someone or something-- there isn't anyone i know that i want to date. but i want there to be someone i want to date? aaand i would like him to reciprocate the feeling?

the thought that life could be better
is woven indeliably
into our hearts
and our brains

so um... basically, yeah, tired, stressed, and disconnected.

i felt like the dar concert on thursday was connecting, you know? but i guess it wore off. and the camp conference was good but i just missed people who weren't there.

i just want to be done with this semester and i want to sleep and i want people to liiiike me. waaaaaaaah. (sometimes i listen/to a rock band/in my room/i am very sad.)

anyway... angsty mcangsterson (aka me tonight) is off to go watch rhps i suppose. oops it started... now. i guess i spent longer angsting than i thought. oh well, hopefully it won't be full. i won't have missed much. if i leave now. which i am. yes.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

the makeout hobo?!

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

listening to: dar williams, iowa

oh dar williams, you were EXACTLY what i needed tonight (this week) and i did not even realize it. i spent about half the concert on the verge of tears. but not like sad tears. well, sort of sad. but also happy. my friend emily said that when she was writing her autobiography for her fiction class, she cried "life-tears" and i think that is a good phrase. ohh.

anyway. let me see. i was probably only familiar with about half of the songs she played? i would describe myself as a moderate dar fan-- i have end of the summer and a few other songs (mostly from kait), but tonight was really just lovely.

i was soo glad that she played "are you out there?" because that was like my first favorite dar song. it was on that mix cd kait made me, the one that (eventually) got me addicted to paul simon. GOSH THANKS KAIT. (seriously, this seems like as good a time as any to say that if you guys like the person i am today you really should go send thank you notes to kait, keith, and priscilla. of course if you don't like the person i am today you should probably go send anonymous hate letters to kait, keith, and priscilla. either way, the point is they are very formative influences!)

gosh, anyway.

but my favorite part was when she played "iowa" (OBV) and... oh, i wish i could recreate exactly what she said as an intro, because it was adorable. okay i will try.

i first saw grinnell, i guess it would have been 12 years ago... i was in such a good mood, and i was driving from iowa city to beloit... and i went the wrong way, but i was in such a good mood that i didn't care! ... anyway, one of the things i like about being involved in the environmental movement is that i tend to notice the landscapes, and iowa has these hills...i always say this before i play this song, and people in other states will either laugh at me or laugh with me, or they will give me these looks like, 'don't you condescend to me'... but these hills, there's a special word for them, they are biomorphic, which means they look like boobs. and they are beautiful, these rolling, curved hills... so i was driving among iowa's boobs and butts and thighs. and, um, there was kind of some confusion about... people thought i was a lesbian, and i kind of wanted to set the record straight but i didn't want to just be like, 'um, i'm straight, look i have a boyfriend, isn't he cute?' so i thought i'd be subtle and do it in a song, and that's the first line of this... ["i have never had a way with women, but the hills of iowa made me wish that i could"] but then people just thought i was a lesbian with poor social skills...

oh gosh. it was so cute and rambly-like. and she invited us all to sing, and we all did, just sitting there on the floor of harris singing "iowa" and... it was pretty great.

oh, and she is exactly right about iowa's hills. if you do not believe me, come visit. we'll ride bikes!

and then right before the last chorus, she said.... again i will try to recreate it but it will not be quite right.

i used to invite people to wave their lighters around during this, but then i don't know, people stopped smoking pot or cigarettes and there were fewer and fewer lighters, and then i started to see these strange little glowing blue squares, and then the squares started getting smaller, and i thought 'ah! i know what those are! they are talismans of interconnectedness in the twenty-first century!'

and she invited us to wave about our "talismans of interconnectedness in the twenty-first century" but this is grinnell so like nobody carries their phones with them. but one girl flipped on a lighter and it was so awesome. and then a few more people had lighters, and eventually a few people pulled out phones.


hooray for dar williams! hooray for the interconnected web of life of which we are all a part!

goodnight internet, i am off to caaamp conference hella early tomorrow. i'll check you all later.

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In recognition of the unprecedented Internet buzz for what had been a minor movie in their 2006 line-up, New Line Cinema ordered five days of additional shooting in early March 2006[6] (principal photography had wrapped in September 2005). While re-shoots normally imply problems with a film, the producers opted to add new scenes to the film to take the movie from PG-13 into R-rated territory and bring the movie in line with the growing fan expectation. Among the reported additions is a line that originated as an Internet parody of Samuel L. Jackson's traditional movie persona: "I want these motherfucking snakes off the motherfucking plane!"


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the thing about this post from neil gaiman's blog that caught my attention was the fact that scott mccloud apparently has a daughter named sky. SKY MCCLOUD? seriously? i can't decide if that's awesome or just ridiculous. but then, why does it have to be one or the other?

also, this song ("bernadette" from the capeman) has a chorus, in part, of "well oh well, i'm home" and no matter how many times i listen to it i can't stop hearing it as "L-O-L i'm home!"

el oh el.

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listening to: capeman, sunday afternoon

oh i forgot to post about this wicked-awesome dream i had. i was seeing paul simon in concert? but it was in some parking lot, of like a strip mall. and then art garfunkel walked out of one of the buildings and he and paul both made awkward faces, and paul said something and art like, waved and then kept walking, and paul said something about how he was on his phone. but art walked right by me and i could tell that he didn't actually have a cell phone, he was just holding his hand up to his face like it was a phone, and i made a weird face at him, and he made a face back that was somehow simultaneously acknowledging the weirdness of the situation but also encouraging me to be quiet.

oh and in the dream, paul simon looked roughly like he does now but art garfunkel looked like he did 30 years ago. probably because i don't know what garfunkel looks like now and my subconscious didn't feel like improvising.

anyway, so i set my alarm for 6:45 today, so i could take a shower and eat breakfast and print out directions to des moines and whatnot before my 8am class. but really i set it for 6:45 pm. luckily i woke up on my own at 7:30 and had time for the essentials (throwing on clothes, packing backpack, getting coffee) before class. GROOD.

the rally/protest in des moines was kind of underwhelming. i mean, i'm glad i went, because it's the national day of action and it's important. but there were like maybe 20 grinnell people, and like 5 old people from des moines, and a couple people from luther. but we stood on the plaza in des moines and held posters and gave out fliers, and if we at least raised some consciousness and awareness, that's good.

(savedarfur.org oh, and yes, sarah, we did pronounce it correctly although we didn't too much talking. and no chanting.)

in other news, jenny and i have a new catchphrase. it is: "at least i'm/you're not amelia." examples:

jenny: "god, i'm such a bitch sometimes..."
me: "hey, at least you're not amelia!"

me: "... and i was kind of bummed because i don't usually get B's on english papers, but then i was like, whatever."
jenny: "at least you're not amelia!"

oh, it's so true.

anyhow, dar williams tonight! aca conference tomorrow + saturday! julia saturday! megan saturday (perhaps)!

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photo meme photos!!

seeing dar williams tonight!!

nap now!!

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okay, i was GOING to post about my alarm not going off and about the protest/rally in des moines and other exciting things, but instead i'm just going to post this email i just got:

hi, renata
i would like a list of characters in the book if you would be so kind. i can't quite fugure up who are some of the gods.
yours, [illiterate girl]

um. what? that is like, what my website IS. i have to assume that she got my email address FROM that website. the website that IS a list of characters in american gods, explaining which ones are gods. i wonder if she also emailed google asking, "i'm trying to figure out how to search for things on the internet, could you make some sort of program for me that does that?"

anyway i'm going to go eat lunch and then go to class!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

listening to: paul simon, time is an ocean

i've been listening to this song pretty repetitively! and it's not even really paul simon, it's one of the other dudes on the capeman album.

anyway. i was definitely more productive in the one hour i spent at the liberry than i have been for the rest of the evening. oh internet, why do you steal my time?

tomorrow i am going to a protest in des moines! it will raise awareness for the genocide in darfur! probably there will be chanting. also i am going to see dar williams!! probably there will be singing.

priscellie asked for the story of the arrest (shown in that photo entry i posted a few days ago), and so i will tell it! we had a CSI-themed camp session-- we set it up so that honeybee and katydid would steal s'mores from skylark as she was leaving the dining hall, and then the girls had to search the area for planted clues and interview suspects and whatnot! and then they named their suspect and we got honeybee and katydid "arrested" (the cop came and drove them to the dining hall, where we made them sit in a "cell". and sunny guarded them with a supersoaker! and yeah, metamora is a small town, the cops really have nothing better to do than pretend to arrest camp counselors.)

and then we had a trial!

keith: yeah, me and sartre are like THIS. *moodily chainsmokes* *accidentally sets beret on fire*

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omg a meme? again? apparently that's all i do. today. and you should all go reply to the photomeme in my last post, because i want to take pictures! i've already taken some awesome ones. some i need to wait for it to be light out though. sheesh.

Go to Wikipedia and look up your birth day (excluding the year). List three neat facts, two births and one death in your journal, including the year.

june 21

it is also the summer solstice, the canadian national aboriginal day, and the national day of greenland! hooray for my birthday!

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omg it's a meme!

Give me up to 3 things you would like me to take a picture of, and... I will. and then I will post them all here. DO IT.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

listening to: paul simon, time is an ocean

oh maaan, i was totally counting on mears-time to do work. of which i have done none. but i have plotted with blue for like an hour, so that was good. (note to you: don't cross us!)

in other news, this athenos spicy three pepper hummus is sooo delicious. i give it my stamp of approval.

also, i feel less crazy. thanks, paul simon! (and others.)

also, house tonight was so awesome. house + wilson 4eva!!!

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listening to: paul simon, proof

apparently some people are doing stuff in mears? so i don't have to watch it? excellent.

i will reply to some comments!

jason: well, this is the birthday book i got, but there were a few different ones at b&n. it's basically just like a planner, but without a year. any b&n or borders-y type place will probably have them by the stationery and stuff.

devon: first, aww, thanks for the compliment (that i demanded)! second, thanks for the advice! i'm not sure if it's humidity-related anymore, though? earlier when it was really dry, i had this problem, but then it got more humid and i was fine, and i think it's still relatively humid. i think it might just be because i'm allergic to my house, so i spent 2 weeks at home with a stuffy nose and a lot of nose-blowing.

blue and mary: also thank you for acquiesing to my demand for compliments! <3

also: happy early or late birthday, everyone who told me their birthdays!

everyone who didn't tell me their birthday: tell me your birthday ^_^

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listening to: paul simon, born at the right time

okay. okay. okay. i just took a nap (while listening to my soothing nature sounds cd!) and did some reading for history and ate a piece of fudge and i'm feeling yet better about life. i'm still feeling kind of overwhelmed, in the way that has and will likely continue to be, pretty persistent this semester. i also seem to have a continual very lowgrade nosebleed. like, it never actually bleeds on its own, but most of the time when i blow my nose, it's bloody. sorry if that's tmi, but... well, i don't know, it's weird and i wanted to talk about it?

okay. okay. okay. i just noticed i started my last paragraph with that too. "okay. okay. okay." has kind of become my stressed-out catchphrase? maybe i think that if i say it three times it will like restart my day or something?

also, i've been thinking. i don't LIKE being stressed. some people seem to (or claim to?) thrive on it. but it just makes me freaky and sad. when i watch things like west wing or sports night and i see them working like 18-hour days, and being so stressed and then being like "oh, but it's worth it because of the white house/the show!" i just think... no it's goddamn not. i never want a job like that. i don't think i want a job in academia either. i don't think i want a job in journalism. people talk about wanting to be challenged by their jobs. i don't know, maybe i want a job that's kind of challenging, but not one that makes me want to cry a lot.

so the way i figure it, as a librarian i'd have like, set hours. i would work from 9-5 or whatever. i'd have a desk and a computer. i would put up posters and answer questions and do librarian-type things. i would wear glasses. i would have a chair. there would, i feel, rarely be any excessively stressful library emergencies. there would be a lot of books. i would go home at the end of the day and i would not have any homework. i would order things from the american library association catalogue. oh, to be a librarian. i could be a CHILDREN'S librarian. i bet that job would involve stickers.

buuut that'll have to wait. for at least 1.25 years. plus 2 more if i do the peace corps which i hopefully will. so i suppose i should go do my reading. plus i want to go to the pec and to wal-mart. and also dinner and i need to watch over mears.

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harry potter and the snakes on a train!

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listening to: paul simon, under african skies

bleeeh. i'm just... yeah.

i hope this doesn't come off as snobby or elitist or whatever. i'm just going to lay this out. i got my paper back in american lit, and i got a "b/b+" on it, and i'm basically feeling stressed unhappy about it for no real reason. it's not a big deal, it was a small paper, and a b/b+ is a fine grade, and etc. but even though i've been out of high school for 3 years now and have definitely gotten not-a's on a number of assignments, it's still sort of like, "not an A? oh my god my professor must think i'm retarded". which i know is untrue. i don't know. plus i'm already tired and stressed and basically ready for this semester to be over, except that 95% of my friends will graduate at the end of this semester and i'm not exactly ready for that.

in conclusion: :/

no, i lied. in conclusion, a meme i ganked from kait:

Give me a compliment, anything in the entire world, even that my toes are nice.

Put this in your journal. Once you get some comments, put the entry in a memory or tag so that when you are feeling down, you can go to that entry and remind yourself how great you are.

(an update: i've been listening to graceland for about 20 minutes and i basically feel 90% better about everything. oh graceland, why are you the greatest album ever? anyway, you should still leave me compliments though. and also your birthdays.)

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Monday, April 03, 2006

listening to: little mermaid the MUSICAL, poor unfortunate souls

sophi's mix, yay! oh man, emily skinner as ursula = YES. i can't wait for this musical to exist!

anyway, i'm tired. from 6-10 i was scheduled for 4 different things! molly's birthday dinner, grinnell-in-london orientation, scipe, b&s!

the best thing was at the b&s meeting, when someone suggested the possible article "next harry potter movie directed by spike lee," and then someone else suggested samuel l. jackson as the next dumbledore, and we all spent like 5 minutes pretending to be samuel l. dumbledore... "alohomora, motherfucker!" and THEN someone was like, "oh, and we should make a snakes on a plane joke!" and we spent awhile talking about how awesome snakes on a plane will be. and THEN bryan said... "SNAPES ON A PLANE." or possibly, "SNAPE'S ON A PLANE."

either way... omg.

snape's on a plane.

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listening to: dar williams, after all

hooray, kait's mix! now i just need to download talia and sophi's mixes and my life will be complete.

in retrospect getting up at 8:30 and going to dining hall breakfast was a poor idea, because now i'm just sleepy and my stomach is kind of upset. and i tried to take my vitamin and i could not do it. i choked on it a couple times and then it kind of started to dissolve in my mouth so i just spit it out. i'll try again later.


anyway so maybe i'll go lie down a bit/dooo work of doom.

oh, but before i forget, i posted a bunch of photos last night! some that i took over break, and i also had about a dozen that i took when my memory card wasn't in the camera, so i never sucked them onto the computer before (because i usually just stick the card into a reader instead of directly hooking the camera up to the computer) but now, here they are! there are some from camp and some from london.

here are some highlights:

at camp we have a theme day called "dress your counselor day" where the kids get to pick out what the counselors wear, and of course they pick ridiculous outfits. anyhow, here's tweety, thumper and me. i'm wearing a tiara!

we also had a session that was mock-CSI, and then the police came to "arrest" the girls' suspect. it was soo hilarious.

me and ronery-kitty. aww.

kitty-magneto is sooo happy.

this is the view from my bedroom window. check out that midwestern horizon.

current terror alert level: ASHVIN.

aanyhow, at some point i will reply to comments! that point will be: later.

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1. i posted my frankenmix! hooray! also i have fast internet again, so i can download all the mixes that happened over spring break!

2. i got one of those permanent birthday book things, and i want to start keeping closer track of birthdays! plz leave a comment with your birthday! if you don't, you probably won't get a birthday card from me and then you'll be sorry. (note that i looove sending mail, so don't feel like "ohh, i'm not sure if i'm good enough friends with renata for her to send me a birthday card..." just give me your birthday!)


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Sunday, April 02, 2006

listening to: b. folds, dog

i started playing this song and it FREAKED OUT ronery-cat. i'd been playing music before, but apparently dogs freak him out. or maybe it was the fact that this was louder and janglier than previous music. whatever.

oh, my alarm clock just went off. oh. okay. i decided that i should probably get up at 9, so i could finish packing and cleaning and everything and get to grinnell before west wing time. and i knew that it was spring ahead day, but i didn't feel like resetting my clock. so i was like, "well, if i just set my alarm for 10am, it'll be like 9am!" except, i'm dumb and i really should have set it for 8am. oh well.

things like time zone changes and daylight savings confuse me SO MUCH. you have no idea. or perhaps you have some idea.

oh god, how can i ever get anything done when there is an adorable purry overgrown kitten that wants to hang out with me?

let's seeee. last night i went to my mom's alt break potluck thing, which was kind of AWK. like, my mom just assumed we wouldn't want to go, which i didn't, but then my dad was like "wait, can we come?" and my mom was like "sure, families are invited but i figured you wouldn't want to go!" and then later my dad was like, "renata, i'm going to the potluck and you should too. i think it'll be a nice thing for the family to do together." and i was like... okay fine. but then i went in with my mom and my dad was SUPPOSED to come 15 minutes later. but instead he came 45 minutes later. and like... no one else brought a family member. so it was me sitting there and my mom and all her college student friends being like "remember that time we went on alt break?!? that was awesome!" but i ate some pretty good food and then i was like "umm, i have to leave now, i'm meeting steve!" even though i wasn't for like an hour and a half. so i hung out at barnes and noble for awhile, and then went over to steve's.

we went to mcdonald's because steve was hungry, and i got a small fries because... i wanted some fries. and steve made fun of me because a small fry is 99 cents and a medium is $1, so why didn't i just get the medium? and i said, because i only WANTED a small fry, fattie. i also got a really terrible cup of coffee.

and then we watched teevee about this guy who was wrongfully convicted of being a sex offender and spent 18 years in prison before they were like "oops, our bad". MAN it would suck to be that guy. anyway, and then miriam came and we went down to champaign to visit trina!

we drank strawberry margaritas and played scattegories! my favorite part about playing scattegories with my circle of friends is that whenever we get the letter K we all always try to use the KKK in our answers if ever possible. one time we got the letter K and the list with "something black" on it and i think half of us put "KKK victims" as our answer. aaanyway so we're going to hell. this time, though, we got the letter N with the "something black" list and we all giggled.

oh, and then i caught asthma? like, i started coughing and COULDN'T stop, and my throat was closing and it was lame. and it went on for like twooo hours. and miriam was all annoyed about it, because she doesn't like it when people cough or hiccup, and i was like OMG CAN'T BREATHE.

and then i couldn't sleep cuz my nose WOULD. NOT. STOP. DRIPPING. grah i hate you, house of allergens.

aanayhow, soon i'll be heading back to ACADEMIC ANXIETY OH JESUS grinnell. woot i suppose?

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

another room-cleaning highlight! here is an excerpt from a letter kait sent me:

Here is a list of funny things:
1. Frozen
2. The Lion King Billboard
3. Jackhammers at 10pm
4. Zombies in Movin' Out
5. The guy from The Dead Zone appearing in Jeepers Creepers
6. Josie and the Pussycats: The Musical
7. BEST FIC EVER, which we have to finish (it's my fault, I suck).
8. Pants! (because there are butts in them)
9. Jesus (because he's Jesus)
10. Kerrytron

what's REALLY going to be great is when i'm 80 and i find this letter again, and i think to myself, "gosh, we must have done a lot of drugs in those days! where is my jello?"

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oh man. so sometimes at camp, parents would write a letter to their kid for each day of the week, and then just give the letters to the counselors at the beginning of the week instead of actually mailing them? and then each day we'd distribute the appropriate letter. well, i was just going through some stuff from camp and i found a couple "thursday" and "friday" letters for kids... oops!

oh, these are from the day pippi died and the day after. i guess that gives me at least a reasonable excuse for stealing mail from children. still though, i hope their parents were never like "so did you get all five letters i sent you?"

anyhow, back to packing up all my possessions!

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no april fool's joke i could make could possibly top the email harper-collins marketing sent out:

Dear Reader,

All of us at HarperCollins Children's Books would like to extend our sincere apologies for yesterday's surprising public announcement by Lemony Snicket. We discourage our authors from disclosing the contents of a book so far in advance of its publication -- especially a book as highly anticipated as Book the Thirteenth, THE END, which will not be released until October 13, 2006.

As a courtesy to dedicated fans, we thought it only fair to share Mr. Snicket's revelations in an open forum. Below is the key information revealed by Mr. Snicket regarding the upcoming final installment of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

** Yes, the Baudelaire siblings' difficult journey comes to a triumphant end.
** Yes, their parents are very happy with their new home.
** Yes, Klaus Baudelaire does skip a grade and win a spelling bee.
** Yes, Count Olaf gives each of the children a pony.
** Yes, Beatrice is actually the hook-handed man.
** Yes, they all live happily ever after, a phrase which here means "plus eternity times infinity!!"

Mr. Snicket also revealed that THE BEATRICE LETTERS, a collection of personal letters which will be published in September, is full of funny poems and doodles of unicorns.

We hope that none of this information will lessen your interest in Mr. Snicket's research. Just because everything turns out perfectly in THE END certainly does not justify the terrible things that have befallen the Baudelaires over the course of the last twelve books.

Thank you for your support.

Happy April Fool's Day,
HarperCollins Publishers

i hope, though, that the beatrice letters thing is for real, and only the "funny poems and doodles of unicorns" part is a joke! i would loooooove to read the beatrice letters.

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listening to: 'til tuesday, voices carry



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OH GOD. i just packed up my r2-d2 collection and counted them, and i have more than 60 of them. that is kind of ridiculous. also, they were all pretty dusty so i pretty much sneezed my brains out. i have soo much stuff.

but i keep trying to simplify and reduce the amount of stuff i have, and in general it seems like that wouldn't actually be that great. liiike, books. if i got rid of any of these books, i might want to read it again! and then i'd have to go to the hassle of getting them from the library or borrowing them or even buying them again. and since if often purchased these books for very cheap, the most sensible thing seems to be to keep them. plus, then i can lend them out to others.

or, shoes. sure, i might not wear them all that often. but at some point in my life i'm likely to need a pair of, say, white dress shoes again, so i might as well keep these ones.

the r2-d2s are a little ridiculous but i like them so much. and that collection has been like 10 years in the making. why should i get rid of them?

all my possessions just seem so justifiable, even as i strive for simplification.


in other news, i've been working on my frankenmix and i can already tell you that it's going to be aaawesome. yes.

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