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Friday, March 31, 2006

listening to: belinda carlisle, heaven is a place on earth

i'm sooo excited that i have this song now. today my mom and i went grocery shopping at wal-mart and sam's club, and at sam's we were looking at the cds, and they had this awesome time-life 80s collection. and i said, "dude, this is awesome!" because, it is. every song on it is AWESOME. and it's THREE DISCS. of AWESOME. and then my mom looked at it and said, "wow, i know these songs!" and then she looked at it some more and said, "hey, we got our tax refund, let's buy this!" and i was like... okay! anyway, so now i'm clearly ripping them all. and rocking out to belinda carlisle. wooo!

anyway... we basically spent all friggin' day grocery shopping, and then we ate some food and then i spent like 2 hours teaching my parents how to use their ipod. i mean, my mom isn't super tech-savvy or anything, but i had to teach dad how to use the mouse. so it was a bit of an uphill battle. i doubt it all stuck (like when dad got the ipod yesterday, i showed him how to use all the buttons and everything, and then he left the house and called me 10 minutes later to ask how to turn it on.) oh parentz, yr so crazy.

also, i finally got a paycheck from hill house! oh god it's like i'm a real person or something. a real person with $300 wooooot. i'm going to spend it all on orange soda.

(not really though, because i only like orange soda on special occasions! diet dr. pepper is my everyday soda.)

anyway, if no one calls me tonight i'm going to stay here and clean my room. and eat yogurt (we got the good kind today! yesss) and watch teevee. oh, it will be great.

but if someone does call me i will probably go do whatever that person wants me to do. within reason. YEP.

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(i said this in the new mix prompt but it might bear repeating: If you haven't posted last month's mix, or if you don't want to do one every month, that's chill. You can post a late mix or just skip last month, whatever. This is supposed to be fun, not stressful! Sheesh!)

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

keith has pointed out that it's mitch hedberg day! rip mitch!

in honor of this occasion i will share some COMEDY GOLD with you. there is also more at keith's blog... and perhaps also yours?

A kitten bats around a ball of yarn but what he's really saying is, "You know I can't knit, motherfucker." That is one foul mouthed kitten.

You know, people think I'm into sports just because I'm a man. I'm not into sports. I mean, I like Gatorade, but that's about as far as it goes. By the way, you don't have to be sweaty and holding a basketball to enjoy a Gatorade. You could just be a thirsty dude. Gatorade forgets about this demographic. I'm thirsty for absolutely no reason. Other than the fact that liquid has not touched my lips for some time. Can I have a Gatorade too, or does the lightning bolt mean "No"?

All McDonalds commercials end the same way: "prices and participation may vary." I want to open my own McDonalds and not participate in anything. I want to be a stubborn McDonalds owner. "Cheeseburgers? Nope. We got spaghetti!...And blankets. But we are not affiliated with that clown, he attracts too many children."

I like refried beans. That's why I wanna try fried beans, because maybe they're just as good and we're just wasting time. You don't have to fry them again after all.


< /comedy >

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listening to: s&g, america

ooooh em gee. so i found this awesome thing in time magazine, and my first instinct was to cut it out and mail it to someone. and then i was like... no, wait, everyone should experience the glory of this. so i am transcribing it for you.

Q&A: Chuck Norris
The action star and former Walker, Texas Ranger is now an online cult hero and founder of the World Combat League, a new fighting organization.

How does your professional fighting league work?

It's six-person teams-- five men, one woman. Each person fights a 3-min. round--3 minutes of full-throttle fighting. My mind was on a male league, but we got lots of e-mails from women who said, We want to fight! These women are tough. I wouldn't want to take them on.

So violent-- like your movies.
Why have my movies been so successful? People like action. But in my movies, violence is a last resort.

Does Hollywood take you seriously?
No, but I didn't start acting expecting to be Laurence Olivier. I wanted to do films that were entertaining.

Walker obviously has to love Westerns.
I grew up with just my mom raising me. John Wayne and Roy Rogers were sort of surrogate fathers to me. Westerns in those days were different. I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain. I'm not sure I will. I don't like way-out drama.

You're a rare show-biz Republican.
If I found a Democrat I liked, I'd support him too. When President Bush was Governor of Texas, I felt he was a strong leader. And I felt he'd be a strong leader of the country. But I wouldn't want to be in his shoes for all the money in the world. A group in Texas tried to get me to run for Senator, but I've got more important things to do.

Like being an online cult hero. There are these weird by wildly popular sayings like "Chuck Norris can divide by zero."
To say I'm surprised is an understatement. I take it as a compliment.

Do you even send e-mails?
I told you, I'm from the Wild West. I write by hand.

ohh man. i think my favorite line was " A group in Texas tried to get me to run for Senator, but I've got more important things to do."

in other news, do any of you think incest is hot? anyone? i have a newish lj-friend and she like... really likes incest ships, and so do most of her friends apparently? whaaat? i mean, seriously, whaaat? i mean, i know they're fictional, but they're still fictionally related and dude, that's gross.

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listening to: s&g, america

ooooh em gee. so i found this awesome thing in time magazine, and my first instinct was to cut it out and mail it to someone. and then i was like... no, wait, everyone should experience the glory of this. so i am transcribing it for you.

Q&A: Chuck Norris
The action star and former Walker, Texas Ranger is now an online cult hero and founder of the World Combat League, a new fighting organization.

How does your professional fighting league work?

It's six-person teams-- five men, one woman. Each person fights a 3-min. round--3 minutes of full-throttle fighting. My mind was on a male league, but we got lots of e-mails from women who said, We want to fight! These women are tough. I wouldn't want to take them on.

So violent-- like your movies.
Why have my movies been so successful? People like action. But in my movies, violence is a last resort.

Does Hollywood take you seriously?
No, but I didn't start acting expecting to be Laurence Olivier. I wanted to do films that were entertaining.

Walker obviously has to love Westerns.
I grew up with just my mom raising me. John Wayne and Roy Rogers were sort of surrogate fathers to me. Westerns in those days were different. I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain. I'm not sure I will. I don't like way-out drama.

You're a rare show-biz Republican.
If I found a Democrat I liked, I'd support him too. When President Bush was Governor of Texas, I felt he was a strong leader. And I felt he'd be a strong leader of the country. But I wouldn't want to be in his shoes for all the money in the world. A group in Texas tried to get me to run for Senator, but I've got more important things to do.

Like being an online cult hero. There are these weird by wildly popular sayings like "Chuck Norris can divide by zero."
To say I'm surprised is an understatement. I take it as a compliment.

Do you even send e-mails?
I told you, I'm from the Wild West. I write by hand.

ohh man. i think my favorite line was " A group in Texas tried to get me to run for Senator, but I've got more important things to do."

in other news, do any of you think incest is hot? anyone? i have a newish lj-friend and she like... really likes incest ships, and so do most of her friends apparently? whaaat? i mean, seriously, whaaat? i mean, i know they're fictional, but they're still fictionally related and dude, that's gross.

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my kitty is soooo stripey.

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hey, a picture that isn't rob lowe with parrots!

it's from like, 3 years ago? like when dean was still running? but julia had the only copy and we kept forgetting to copy/scan it. until NOW.


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hooray! my new-used ipod (josh 2.0) came! heh, earlier today i got the mail and it wasn't there yet, and i thought, "well, maybe they sent it fedex and it's on the front porch!" and it wasn't, and then i thought "well, maybe they stuck it behind the first front door like they sometimes do!" and i couldn't get the door open, so i concluded that fedex guys probably couldn't get it open either. and then i went online and tracked it, and it said it had been delivered to our front door at 10am. whaaat?

so i went and opened the front doors from inside the house, and sure enough there it was between the two front doors.

so basically, i needed the internet to tell me i have new stuff IN MY HOUSE.

and also, i have a 40gb ipod now! hooray. (seriously, video ipods? who needs that? it seems so unnecessary to me. i suppose in a few years i'll be like, "ahaha, i can't believe i ever had a video-less ipod!" and i'll chuckle at how primitive things used to be.)

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man, if you actually listen to the lyrics to bond movie songs, they're actually even more ridiculous than they sound at a casual listen.

for example:

got a licence to kill
and i'm going straight for your heart
got a licence to kill
anyone who tries to tear us apart

or how about:

dance into the fire
that fatal kiss is all we need
dance in the the fire
to fatal sounds of broken dreams


this dream is for you,
so pay the price.
make one dream come true,
you only live twice.

like i swear there is just a bond movie song generator that spits out random combinations of words that relate to "death", "love", and "sex".

today i set myu alarm for 10am so i could get up and work on dismantling my room, but instead i went back to sleep for another hour and a half. then i ate lunch, got the mail, did some laundry, and blogged about bond movie songs. next: the room?

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

hahaha, i just saw someone using this icon:

it makes me laugh and laugh.

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watching: the colbert report

gosh i am so tired! i have been so tired lately. even though i have been sleeping. a lot.

oh god, a commercial for slither just came on. that movie looks repulsive.


now i'm watching full house. danny and joey are having a lover's quarrel. what.

anyway... i feel like i should go to bed but i think if i do i won't be able to fall asleep. ah well.

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listening to: b-folds, don't change your plans

dude my teeth are sooo clean now. also there was a sign up at the dentist's office that said "after you recover from an illness, you should dispose of and replace your toothbrush to prevent the spreading of germs" and i was like "HOLY SHIT that makes sense! oh man, i bet my toothbrush is so germ-infested!"

wow it's like christmas over at married to the sea! 20 new comics! hooray!

i agree with kait that this one is probably the most hilarious, but i like this one a lot too.

hey, and do you know what else is funny?

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listening to: tmbg, she's actual size

first of all, omg. ganked from priscellie: harry potter and the eagle of truthiness. it's a harry potter/colbert report crossover. and it's awesome.

"That brings us to today's Word."

Beside him, the curtain on the puppet-show theater thing whisked aside, revealing a smooth blue field with The Word etched on it in letters of white fire. Beneath that, more letters appeared.


second of all... i have a dentist appointment today! and another, better appointment: to eat dinner with blue! hooray.

"My gran is furious he's our new teacher," Neville said, glancing around as if he expected a Howler from that formidable lady to arrive any minute. He lowered his voice to a whisper. "She's on notice, my gran, you see."

"What'd she do?" Ginny asked, eyes wide.

"Don't know," Neville said. "Gran won't tell me, and when I got up the nerve to ask Professor Colbert after class, all he'd say was that she knows why."

oh god, go read it.

anyway, last night after i went to bed i somehow got sooo stressed out. i wanted to get up and blog about it but i convinced myself it woudl be a bad idea. so i pretty much just laid there and freaked out. about... basically my entire future. it was healthy. chronologically: i became plagued with worry that the rest of this semester would be too stressful to handle. 2 more b&ses, a 20-page research paper (for vbrown :/), a 10-page paper for postcolonial lit which i don't even understand, a.. somethingpage paper for american lit. and a presentation and a couple smaller papers. and OH GOD.

aww. magneto-kitty came to purr and shed. he is so cute. and so sheddy. like you pet him and a handful of fur goes flying up into the air. aww, he is my favorite.


and theeeen i started thinking, oh shit i still need to find smoe way to volunteer-teach before i can apply for peace corps! and you're supposed to apply a year before you want to start! so i should apply in august! OH GOD I CAN'T DO THAT.

and then i calmed down a little. bullet points as to why:

okay. but if i had blogged last night in panic mode, like i really wanted to do, this post wouldn't have come with that bullet list and it basically would have just been OH GOD I'M GOING TO FAIL AT LIFE. plus! the kitty was sleeping with my mom so i wouldn't even have had that. it would have been a tragic entry! a tragic entry of WOE.

okay. i need to go pry myself away from computer and kitty and take a shower.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

oh i forgot, besides teevee, webcomics are also important to me!

this is TRUTH. lately, anyway. but it's okay, i still love you, blogger!

aww, this show and random other things make me miss london. like the most random stuff. like after the stu concert, julia and i were walking back to her car, and just walking around in a big city at night made me really want some chips. like late at night when we'd come back from clubs, we'd have a crowded bus ride and we'd be tired and starving, and then in bayswater we'd stop at a kebab house and get giant paper cones of chips. with vinegar. and then we'd go sit around our flat and devour our chips. MAN I MISS THAT.

oh well, america is pretty good too i suppose!

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watching: creature comforts

this show is so cute!! i remember reading about it when i was in london, and then tonight i was watching little britain on bbc america and this came on afterwards. it's claymation animals (it's made by the wallace and gromit folk), but it's like.. a mock mockumentary? and the narrator asks the different animals questions like "how do you feel about your body?" or "how do you get along with your family?" and these claymation animals answer sounding like middle-class brits. it's very cute.

i was going to quote it, but i realized that it absolutely must be in context. you must hear and see these british claymation animals to appreciate them. so if you're ever flipping through the channels and you get bbc america and you see that creature comforts is on, you should check it ooout. and also little britain cuz it's the funniest show ever.

also, on house: AWWWWWWWW house loves wilson.

so basically... yes, teevee is the most important part of my life right now?

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watching: the colbert report

omg, stephen is soo adorable. as will be stephen jr, no doubt. awww.

i really just had to blog about that, because it was adorable.

so... that's all.

i sat here for awhile trying to think of something else but... basically just stephen and the baby eagle is all i have to say. aww.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

hah, i'm catching up on my webcomics and this thinkin' lincoln is AWESOMELARIOUS.

that is all.

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listening to: julia yawning/making assorted other-type noises

so, an update on the sims (because i know you are allll interested)! most importantly, renata got promoted again, and now she's a CRIMINAL MASTERMIND and she wears this awesome supervillian outfit to work. it's sooo awesome. (also, keith: old sims did too have superheroes! it was [and still is] the top level of the law enforcement career. yep!)

also, rob lowe jr had a birthday and went from infancy to toddlerhood. he knows how to walk, talk, use the potty, and avoid parrot attacks. as soon as he learns how to read he'll be one step ahead of rob lowe sr.!

fortunately, he is not an ugly, stupid baby. whew. we've had enough baby neglect for awhile.

also, xine is a surgeon! and kait is some fancy important restaurant person. um... yeah. oh, and there's also drama!! see, kait and i are happily married and faithful! but somehow, xine fell in love with sneaky renata (i'm just sooo attractive). and then she walked in on kait and renata making out (which they do like, all the time) and got really mad at sneaky renata for cheating on her. even though... sneaky renata and xine were never together in the first place. anyway, so now xine hates renata and kait. and r&k don't like her much either, so whenever they're in the same room you can see xine thinking "kait with an x through her!" and kait and renata thinking "xine with an x through her!"

it's pretty sad. tragic, really (says julia). also, no one likes captain julia much apparently.

but kitten bait, sneaky renata, and rob lowe jr. are a happy, functional family. except sometimes kitten bait will get distracted and just set rob down on the floor and wander off. which is awesome, because the way it's programmed, when sims set down babies it pretty much just looks like they're throwing them to the floor.


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hello world!

the most exciting thing that happened today was that i got into and won an ebay bidding war! i bought a 40gb ipod for $177. but really my parents bought it, but then i get that one and they get my 20gb ipod. oh man, i will have twice as much music. well, twice as much music-storing capacity ANYWAY.

also today i bought a shirt for $3! and some fancy coffee for... more than $3. good thing i have my priorities in order.

oh, and julia and i went to kohl's to buy socks, but they changed up the sock department and no longer have FUN socks. or the exact kind of white socks julia wants. no other white socks were acceptable apparently? so, we didn't buy anything at kohl's.

the end.

also, we're going to go play the sims now, and we'll GET A BETTER BABY. we've been talking about it allll afternoon. soon, mary todd pirate or rob lowe jr. pirate will enter the world. the fake world.

did you like how i said "the end" and then continued my story as if nothing had happened? SO DID JULIA.

the end... maybe?

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we've been keeping post-it notes with the highlights of our awesome family (consisting of sneaky renata, captain julia, xine, and kitten bait pirate), but really the best thing is that sneaky renata and kitten bait (we're married) wanted to adopt a baby. so we did. and while we were waiting for the baby to get delivered, i was all excited about what we were going to name it, and i kept babbling, and eventually we decided that it would be "rob lowe, jr" if it was a boy, and "mary todd" if it was a girl. (julia shot down some of my other suggestions, like "awesome", "hobo", and "lamesville", all of which i think are pretty great names. but anyway.)

so the baby gets there, and first of all, the adoption guy just left the baby sitting out on the sidewalk. (by the puddles of ghost-juice that jinxy mcdeath leaves ALL OVER OUR YARD). we couldn't even find the baby at first. second of all, the baby was really stupid and ugly looking. third of all, we adopted a toddler instead of an infant, so it came pre-named: KAREN. what? c'mon, would you rather have a baby named "mary todd pirate" or "karen pirate"? i know which one i want.

obviously, there was only one possible solution: we must blatantly neglect karen until child services come to take her back.

so, we did.

also, i called kait and left her a borderline hysterical message about this. HI KAIT.

anyway, so karen got taken away finally, and then they wouldn't let me adopt a new baby! god, what baby nazis. sheesh. sooo we quit the game without saving. we'll get a new baby tomorrow.

a better baby.

oh and the whole time we were neglecting karen, we kept muttering things like "what a stupid, ugly baby" and "i can't wait until we get a new baby. a better baby."

which we will. tomorrow.

other highlights: we all got promoted! i'm a smuggler, kait is an executive chef, xine is a specialist (of the doctoring variety), and julia is CAPTAIN HERO. and she flies to work! and she battled a giant robot!


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Sunday, March 26, 2006

hello internet! i am at la casa de julia. so far we have:

- gone to see stuart davis
- eaten a muffin
- played trivial pursuit
- etc.

stuart was good! he played SONGS and also made dolphin noises and encouraged the audience to join. a whole club full of dolphin-noise-making people is an INTERESTING EXPERIENCE.

here's the stu setlist, mostly for my own personal reference but perhaps you are also interested:

murder suicide
rockstars & models
sexy messiah
universe communion
atavistic viking
parker posey
anesthesia necrophilia

yep! it was pretty short because someone else was having a concert after him. whaaat were they thinking? i don't know.

anyway this is the end of this blog entry. no wait! the end is where i link to the second best fic ever, which kait wrote for me. YEP.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

blogger took so long to load that i totally forgot what i was going to say?

tonight... trina and i went grocery shopping for her family and failed to get ahold of anyone else we know. it was pretty exciting.

tomorrow i'm going to go see juuulia! and stuuuuart! woot.

also, i've been thinking about my two-weekends-from-now chicagoland trip... i definitely want to go to the camp conference. but, well, i'm not sure i want to do the rent leg of the trip? especially since megan can't go? i just... i don't know. i can't get excited about it. maybe i'm still just sick and stuff but... meh, it's a new cast, it's going to be a pain to get into chicago and get the tickets and stuff ,and i'll just be stressed about work i should be doing... i'm not sure if julia still wants to go? it'd be cool to hang with her some more obv, but if she's not committed to the rent thing we could just like... hang out and not see rent? i think some people from cb are going but i think they might all be kind of lame.

yeah. :/ i don't know, i just started thinking about that on the way home. if anyone has thoughts, feel free to share them!

also, kait: ashvin actually goes to illinois wesleyan, not regular-type wesleyan. it's in bloomington. yes.

anyway i should go to sleep now.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

listening to: psimon, the boy in the bubble

i think i am mostly over my cold (but not quite) so hooray (mostly)!

also i finished watching sports night. intense!

last night trina and i made ashvin come to card factory outlet with us. (note: trina and i love card factory outlet. they have so many cards there!! cards for all occasions! cards for occasions you'd never even think to send someone a card for!)

ashvin: man, why am i hanging out with you guys?
trina: you don't have any other friends, ashvin.
ashvin: what are you talking about? if i were with my wesleyan friends i could be hanging out with like, five girls!
me: well, you're hanging out with TWO girls right now.
ashvin: exactly! i could have THREE MORE!

oh man, it was soo classic ashvin.

anyway. dad and i are doing the fafsa? but i'm waiting for it to print before we submit it? and mom's printer takes like, ten minutes a page?

and i get new carpet in my room apparently, because my parents intimidated the carpet guy. because they messed up the carpet in the rest of the house. so they're fixing it and also putting new carpet in my room, just we don't sue them?

nooo kitty stay out of the printer, it is slow enough already!

anyway... soon it will be printed and then perhaps i will go out for some WILD CRAZY FUN. even wilder and crazier and funner than a trip to card factory outlet!

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listening to: le tigre, the empty

dudes i am up before noon? and i'm not coughing? sweet!

i will celebrate with a MEME.

List 6 of your favorite television shows. Then answer the questions located under the cut. (HAH there is no cut!)

(i haven't looked at the questions yet but i suspect that they are like character based and stuff, thus disqualifying my real favorite shows like tds, tcr, and the muppet show...)

1. the west wing
2. house
3. the fairly oddparents
4. sports night
5. the x-files
6. little britain

1. Who is your favorite character from #2?
aww. i think it's house, actually, as boring of an answer that is. i also like wilson and foreman and cuddy and usually chase. basically everyone except cameron and vogler.

2. Who is your least favorite character from #4?
i'm going to have to go with dan, i think. not that i don't like dan! but i think he might be the least-lovable. to me, anyway.

3. What would a crossover between #1 and #5 include?
sam would be freaked out about aliens. josh would call in m&s to calm him down but also make fun of him a lot. mulder would refuse to trust anyone in the white house and would end up freakin' everyone out, including josh. scully and abby would bond. eventually, somehow, donna would save the day. it would be revealed that mandy was an abductee, but no one would really care too much.

4. Who is your favorite ship from #6?
what. um. sebastian/prime minister?

5. If you were to set one person from #3 and one person from #6 on a blind date, who would they be?
i really shouldn't have put #6 on here but i couldn't think of another real show. wtf. the bully kid from fairly oddparents (i forget his name) and vicky the delinquent from little britain. they could go set stuff on fire together.

6. If you could meet one person from #4 and spend the day with them, who would it be, and what would you do?
jeremy! we'd like... hang out and build things out of olives and toothpicks, and play trivial pursuit.

7. If you could change one thing about #2's plotline, what would you change?
house and cameron never would have gone on a daaate.

8. Explain a relationship between two people (not necessarily romantic) from show #5, and why you like the relationship between them.
kait already did m&s, so i'm going to say mulder and the lone gunmen! (they are one entity, OKAY.) aww. i just watched unusual suspects pretty recently, and i love how tlg are so awkward and yet noble. and i love how they explain everything to mulder. and i love how mulder is always simultaneously like "these guys are soo crazy" and "these guys are good".

9. If the lead title characters (first names in the credits) from #1 and #3 were both drowning, and you could only save one, who would it be?
who's first in tww? i can't remember! okay, whoever it is, i will save them over timmy from the fairly oddparents. cosmo and wanda would probably save him anyway.

10. If you could change the title characters' order in the credits for #4, what order would you choose?
wtf, i've watched like 40 episodes of this show in the last week and i still can't remember the title characters' order in the credits. am i a freak or is whoever wrote this meme really obsessive?

11. If you were able to add a new character, any kind of character you wanted, to the storyline for #6, what would the character be like and what would their role be?
what? they add new characters all the time. i don't know, add a french guy. a french ambassador. sebastian would hate him.

12. What happened in your favorite episode of show #2?
i... what is my favorite episode?? gosh i guess it is the one where house has to teach, and he gives three example cases and one of them is carmen electra golfing, and one of them is a farmer, and one of them is HOUSE and he's all snarky to the students and also it's sad and stuff. ooh and i liked that one recently where he was stalking the guy and wearing a stupid hat.

13. If you could kill off one of the characters of #1, who would it be and how would you do it?
oh i would kill, what's his name, the republican guy barlet ran against. the "crime... boy, i don't know guy". man, what's his naaaaame. anyway, he's not even in the show anymore or anything, but i didn't like him so i'd kill him. oh, could i have him go to the convenience store and get shot instead of simon?? i'd do that!

14. If you got the chance to visit the set for either show #3 or show #5, which would you choose?
well, three is a cartoon and five isn't being made anymore... could i time-travel? or actually it would be kind of cool to visit the cartoon studio i guess.

15. So, I saved the best for last. If you could date anyone from any of these shows, which show and which person?
i think it must be saaam. i mean you know he's like 40. but he's also fictional, so.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

listening to: kitty-magneto purring

awww, when i got home kitty-magneto was curled up on my bed with the most self-satisfied expression on his kitty-face, like "aha, i knew if i waited here long enough, you'd show up... and here you are!"


anyway, so, things happened? but now i'd rather pet kitty-magneto and go to sleep than blog.

g'night, internet!

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Dan: I read "Beowulf" in three hours.
Casey: How could you read "Beowulf" in three hours?
Dan: I didn't read it, really, but I saw the movie.
Casey: Uh, but there's no movie of "Beowulf".
Dan: What the hell movie did I see?


that is all.

ps: Jeremy: I'm a racist.
Isaac: Jeremy...
Jeremy: I am, I'm a terrible racist. I think all those people with the funny accents and weird skin color should go back to wherever they came from and leave this country to the people who rightfully stole it from the Indians... which they deserved.
Isaac: Jeremy...
Jeremy: I'm serious, this country is being ruined by the blacks and the Jews.
Isaac: You're Jewish.
Jeremy: And I have to be stopped.

that's all, for real. for now.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

watching: daily show

renata: dude how's it goin upstairs?
reid: dude it rocks
renata: awesooome
reid: how's the kitchen?
renata: man it's got chairs and everything
reid: oh shit mang
reid: i've got a bed
Jreid: and a comp up in this bitch
renata: yeah well there's a fuckin' microwave in here
renata: and a fridge. i can vary the temperature of food like it ain't no thang.
reid: uhhhhhhh. fuck.
reid: well i can change my white bulbs to black light bulbs
renata: yeah what's up now?!

yeah you just WISH you were related to us.

green tea green tea green teaaaaa.

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listening to: arrogant worms, history is made my stupid people

i'm feeling better, but that might be the dayquil talking. it's working better than whatever i took yesterday. curse you, yeterday-medicine!

i still spent most of today asleep. i wish i could be sick next week because this week people are heeere and next week they all go back to school.

oh and whenever i get sick my lips get super chapped, and i left almost all of my lip products at school! i only have like, five kinds here. and they're not the ones i want. i just want some regular burt's bees (i seriously have 4 tubes/tins of regular burt's bees AND THEY'RE ALL AT SCHOOL.) or some neutrogena. but nooo.

hah, i was just looking through my emails for something and i saw my email from neil gaiman and i was like "omg neil gaiman emailed me. like, two years ago. omg."

when i cough it sounds like a garbage disposal.

my right leg keeps violently falling asleep. not like regular-type falling asleep: VIOLENTLY falling asleep.

i only have 2 more discs of sports night left.

i'd blame the cold medicine for this disjointedness but actually i'm pretty much always like this. i mean i think the medicine is making it worse though. a little? maybe?


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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

watching: sports night

i've watched like a season and a half of this show in 4 days.

i now have 121 messages in my inbox and all of them are read. yay! it's so exciting. now when i have new messages i will know exactly how many there are. before i had to be like "well, i think before there were 323 new... so now i have 325 new... which means 2 new messages for real!"

BLEH still sick. also, it's freezing in my house. did i say it snowed today? it snowed. snow. i'm on spring break. grumblecakes.

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watching: sports night

omg, everyone on this show is so adorable.

anyway, i'm feeling better now but mostly today i felt a lot like i got run over by a truck. ugh, this is way beyond house-allergies, this is like... well, it's like a cold. but a BAD cold. wahh.

um... not much to say, really. i slept pretty much all day, although around 11:30 i came down and ate some french toast sticks and then slept on the couch instead of my bed. also, my cats are cute. q22. i mean, aww.

i like lentil soup!

i have like 2000 emails in my inbox. i never delete them. maybe that should be my project for spring break. i know how to live.

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watching: spoooorts night

man, i was so excited about new mixes, and then i started downloading kait's mix. and after an hour i have: 1/3 of the first song. and then it timed out.

goddamn you dialup internet.

i guess i will have to wait until i get back to school for further mixes :(

also, i realized that i forgot to watch the west wing yesterday. but kait said nothing big happened so okay.

bleh i am allergic to my house. and addicted to sports night.

anyway, this is boring shit, you should really scroll down and read my entry about the kid who talks to shoes.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

also, comments!

kait: seriously, soo awesome. is how awesome we are. so awesome. just like our tonys will be.

sophi: oh! i appreciate your offer of mexican soda (from like, awhile ago) but i don't think drinking it here would be the saaame. sometimes i just like to talk about MANZANA LIFT (in capslock). THX muchly, though!

priscellie: yes, he is, he is, he is an englishmaaaan.

keith: i'm glad you agree that our story was awesome. because, it is awesome. so awesome.

taalia: yes! hooray for frolicking! perhaps... mst3k-related frolicking?

stephen colbert just used the phrase "adamantium claws". GOOD.

um... i think those are all the recent comments? woooot.

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listening to: tori, god

wait, i didn't even mean to open blogger. i meant to open my email so i could send in my paper.

well, i guess i might as well blog about how i'm done with my paper: i'm done with my paper!

and now, i'm going to go eat lunch with mike. woo-hoo!

watching: sports night

heeey, it turns out that i totally didn't publish this before i left. and so much has happened since then! for starters, i ate lunch with mike AND special guests steve and meg. the best part was when i accidentally called mike "steve" and they both got all mad. (btdubs, my friends are named "michael stephens" and "steven michaels" which i still think is hilarious, after like 7 years of knowing them.)

then i went to the liberry and checked out some books and cds. including my own soothing nature sounds cd! i hope it's as soothing as the one that girl had in the compy lab that one day. this one is called "nature's creations: rain and thunder" so hopefully it won't have a creepy snapping shrimp track.

and then, i met trina and we kidnapped ashvin and made him get coffee with us. which was kind of awesome. highlights:

ashvin: *walks out of library, sporting sketchy beard*
trina: oh my god, he looks like a terrorist!
trina and i: *laugh a lot*

ashvin: hey, it turns out i might have russian jew heritage.
trina: what?
ashvin: yeah, my sister was researching it and stuff... i'm just a commie jew.
ashvin and i simultaneously: i'm/he's a commie jew TERRORIST.

ashvin: my dentist doesn't do that! [make annoying small talk, which trina and i were complaining about our dentists doing]
me: i should start going to your dentist!
ashvin: well, she's black, so you probably wouldn't like her.
me: oh. that's true.

ashvin: having this beard has given me the opportunity to do something i've never done before: shampoo my face!

man, it was pretty great.

then, we dropped off ashvin and picked up steve and amanda. we went to world market and looked at furniture and british candy, and i took a free sample cup of coffee and then spilled it all over the floor and then walked away because i'm a terrible person. but then i was like, actually, i did want some sample coffee, so i went back and poured myself another cup and then walked away again.

and then we went to panera, but only after we told steve that every time we go to panera he sulks and he had to promise he wouldn't sulk. and then he didn't sulk, hooray!

and then, the highlight of the evening! amanda wanted a smoothie, so we went to go get one and had a really confusing trip over there, where trina and i were navigating and it went something like:
"we could go to the new place?"
"the new place?"
"by the new stuff, we drove by it earlier."
"the new stuff?"
"with the bubble tea."
steve: "the bubble tea place? no, we don't go there."
"oh, well, there was the other new place... no, go that way i think."
"oh, it's on the street?"
"yeah, the new place."
amanda: "what are you guys talking about?"
"the ben and jerry's place. the new one."
amanda: "we have a new ben and jerry'?"
"noo, but it's clearly a ben and jerry's knockoff. with a funny name, kind of like ebola."

i still can't remember what the place was actually called. it's kind of like ebola, though. anyway so we get there, and it's empty, and amanda gets her smoothie and we all sit down. and then this kid, probably in about 8th grade or so, comes in and gets a drink and then sits down next to us. and we're all like "!!!! BREAKING SOCIAL NORMS WHAT"

and then he says hi! and asks our names! and we are like, whaaat. but we're nice and introduce ourselves and i think we all kind of thought he was maybe mentally handicapped or something.

and then we sort of start making conversation among ourselves, and then there's a pause, in which this kid asks us our favorite COLORS. i smile and say purple.

steve gets flustered and says "i don't know... i mean... i guess... i like red."

and trina says, "red? that's a stupid color!" and then we make fun of steve for awhile. and then amanda asked the kid his favorite color. (green.)

and then he complimented amanda's shoes, and asked where they were made. she said "great britain, i think? yeah, the uk."

and then he said he liked my shoes too, and asked where they were made.

and i said, "i don't know, i think they were made in the us actually." and he said, "well, can you check?"

and i said "ummm... sure." so i took off my shoe and checked. it turns out that chuck taylors are made in china, in fact.

and he asked trina where her shoes were made too. (china).

and then he said, "the reason i'm so interested is because i can talk to shoes."

and we were all like "..." (i wish i could capitalize that ellipsis.)

and then trina said, "well, what do the shoes say?"

and he said, "they tell me things about their owners."

and then amanda said, "what do my shoes say about ME?" and we all laughed, because amanda is a terrible person. (JUST KIDDING AMANDA.)

and then the kid was like, "they don't say anything."

and then she said, "good!"

and he said, "you have to take it off. can i see your shoe?"

and amanda was like "umm... no, i really can't take these off."

and he said "please, can i just see it?"

and she said "no, sorry, i really can't take them off."

and he said, "i'm sad now!" and covered his face with his hands and sulked. and we were all like "..."

and then there was some AWK silence, and then amanda was like "ummm, i have to get to rehearsal soon, so we'd better get going!" and we sort of all awkwardly said goodbye to the kid and tried to wait until we were a little ways down the block before we started laughing hysterically.

seriously, WHAT.

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kait and i are sooo awesome.

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guess what i'm doing instead of editing my paper?

renata: haaaay kait
kait: hiiiiiiiiii
renata: guess what i'm watching?
kait: milk curdle?
renata: no. hint: it's less gross, and more hilarious.
renata: and it contains 1000% more jeremy goodwin than curdling milk.
kait: Sports night! Awww, awesome!
renata: unless there's an episode where jeremy hangs out in a vat of milk for awhile, i guess :/
kait: I haven't seen that one, but who knows that Aaron Sorkin would have cooked up in that crazy head of his if the show hadn't gotten cancelled.
renata: haha
renata: just like how if he had had the show for longer, sam would have sung showtunes
renata: actually, i guess he already DID.
renata: but not wicked. no.
kait: Maybe he'll sing Wicked when he comes back!
renata: oh, i chope
kait: He'll sing at Leo's funeral and everyone will cry. It will be awesome!
renata: leo totally changed sam For Good
renata: and now leo is Defying Gravity. with Jesus.
muffins and tea: I bet he's really Popular in heaven.
renata: yeah. i bet heaven is really Wonderful
kait: ::totally had to look up the list of Wicked song titles:: Leo was always A Sentimental Man, though, so I'm sure soemtimes he misses earth.
renata: yeah, and Leo was... he... i have to look upsong titles too.
renata: okay, No ONe Mourns the Wicked, but luckily Leo wasn't wicked so everyone mourned him.
kait: People were sadder than they had ever been before and kept asking, "What is This Feeling?"
renata: and sam was like, "i can't believe this is leo's Finale"
kait: And then he sang and everyone was really moved and kept congratulating him and they ignored Josh and he was jealous, but understood everyone loved Sam, thinking to himself, "I'm Not That Girl."
renata: but then josh gave a speech about how Leo was his Dear Old Shiz, and everyone was touched.
kait: No Good Deed that Leo did was glossed over when people spoke at his funeral.
renata: the day that leo died, bartlet had a premonition that Something Bad had happened
kait: And the staffers on Santos campaign, who had been Dancing Through Life because they were sure to win, were all shocked.
renata: and then leo looked down on his funeral was like "hey sam, The Wizard and I both love that song! by the way, jesus is a wizard."
kait: And Sam said back, "Thank Goodness! I wouldn't have wanted to sing a song you didn't like!"
renata: and then jesus said, "encore! do The March of the Witch Hunters!"
kait: "As Long As You're Mine," said Sam. "My holy savior, I mean!"
renata: "of course," said jesus. "and in just One Short Day, you'll be with me and leo! hah, just kidding, you'll actually have a long and healthy life."
kait: "Wicked good joke, Jesus!" said Sam, and then everyone laughed.
renata: and then, for mysterious holy reasons, jesus said "I'm Not That Girl (Reprise)"
renata: (we are out of songs, right?_
kait: And they all learned a valuable lesson. It was... um... wait at least half an hour to go swimming after you eat. The end!
kait: (yes. XD)
renata: man, we are so awesome.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

watching: sports night

hooray, teevee!

anyway, i just wanted to say that rosemary & olive oil triscuits + roasted garlic hummus = OMG THE MOST DELICIOUS COMBINATION EVER OMG.

also, i finished a draft of my paper but i need to edit it for reaaalz. but i decided that i could do it while watching sports night, although this will probably prove to be false and i'll end up editing tomorrow.

i'm totally not hungry anymore, but i want more triscuits + hummus because they are SO DELICIOUS.

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listening to: paul simon, time is an ocean

so i'm liking the songs from the capeman album. marc anthony is on a few of the songs and he has a really good voice, it turns out. you could just never tell under his manufactured-latin-pop crap commercial songs! at least, i couldn't.

anyway. i got a paper copy of the camp program guide, and it looks like there aren't going to be any weekend programs this year? awesome! i mean, the 2-week sessions will go over weekends. but there don't seem to be any weeekend-only sessions. i am pro-that.

the paper is going okay. i'm on the top of the fifth page of the draft. i think it will need some fairly serious editing to check for coherence, but basically it looks manageable.

anyway, mostly because i don't want to work on my paper, here is a meeeme.

Randomize your MP3s, then post the first five lyrics of the first 20 songs. Then let people guess them.

1. i don't mind worry following...
2. i'll be your dream i'll...
3. the silicon chip inside her...
4. got a garden of songs...
5. you our humble audience, you...
6. down in the greenroom, somebody's...
7. what is the explanation? who...
8. far away, another time, i...
9. undress her with your eyes...
10. all your love, lifting me...
11. if i had a jetpack...
12. how long must this go...
13. when i'm within you, when...
14. tuna, rubber, little blubber in...
15. i thought about sitting on...
16. and if there's someone you...
17. someone smashed my window, broke...
18. it was a slow day....
19. nothing here to fear, i'm...
20. yo, it's the green machine...

ahahahahaha i'm so glad #20 made the list.

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listening to: edison, i believe in a thing called love (from priscellie's mix cd)

i really like this song! and i don't know why, because it has a couple big red flags that usually make me NOT like songs, ie slightly whiny singer and having ridiculous lyrics, yet not being a dancepop song ("my heart's in overdrive and you're behind the steering wheel"?) but it's so catchy and good and there's WHISTLING.

anyway, so i have this 5-page paper due tomorrow. yes, tomorrow; yes, i'm on break. it's for postcolonial lit, and i think it's going to be kind of tricky to write.

so last night steve was like, "let's hang out!" and i was like "seriously i have to write this paper!" and he was like "we can watch house!" and i was like "... well, will you be offended if i try to write this paper while we watch tv?"

and of course i got like, one paragraph done all night. but we watched sports night instead of house, which was exciting!

but i have all day today-- hah, i set my alarm for 10am so i coud get up and write the paper, and i was like "meh!" and reset it for 10:30. and then at 10:30 i was like "meh!" and turned it off. and then got up at 12:30. and then watched aqua teen hunger force for an hour. but i still have all day. most of the day. some hours. and then monday too. she never specified when it was due-- i'd assume before 5pm on monday, but since it's break i assume she won't mind if it's a few hours late.

in other exciting news, reid and i stopped at record collector in iowa city ("let's go to record collector! the name is misleading, they sell music of all media!" "sweet, i'm gonna get me some cassette tapes." "i'm going to get some wax cylinders." "wait, do they really have those?" "um, no, i think those are all in museums." "i was gonna say, that would be awesome.") anyway, and i bought songs from the capeman, the musical paul simon did. with derek walcott, apparently? so: exciting.

anyway, perhaps i will work on that paper now...

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

listening to: le tigre, new kicks

This server is currently experiencing a problem. An engineer has been notified and will investigate.

Status code: 1-500-11

(says blogger)


(say i)

so i'm writing this in notepad, to be posted later. i also posted a quick rant on lj, because i demand instant publishing.

anyway, molly and tim and i watched licence to kill, which i saw a few years ago and remembered as being awesome, but god, it was even awesomer than i remembered. here are just some of the tony awards i predict it will win next year:

- best use of shark
- best wedding entrance
- best chase scene
- most explosiony film
- best cult
- best hemingway reference

oh MAN, the hemingway reference was sooo awesome. bond was in key west, for his friend's wedding/drug bust, and then he went to this house and there were cats in the yard, and molly and i were both like "aww, kitties!" and then i was like "wait, that house looks familiar... hey, that's totally hemingway's house!" and then m was there too, and m revoked bond's licence to kill, and bond was like "i guess this is A FAREWELL TO ARMS" and i laughed for about five years.

i can't wait until next year when kait and i host the tonys!

maybe rob lowe can present one of licence to kill's awards. well, we can't trust him to read the envelope, but maybe he could like hold the award and someone else could read the winner.

oh, and snakes on a plane will definitely win the tony for the best use of snakes on a plane.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

listnening to: le tigre, new kicks

ohhh man, i have listened to this song at least 10 times today. it rocks so hard and it makes me want to go protest stuff. right now. RAWR. it also made me buy a le tigre album off amazon. music mixers, you all need to go download zach's mix and listen to this sooong.

christine and i roadtripped to pella and got delicious thai food! and we also saw some windmills.

i... should be cleaning/packing.

excerpts from the stuart davis newsletter:

The new two-volume Stuart Davis DVD *Between The Music* will be available at shows as of March 25th.
You can pick up the first copies at the release shows in Chicago and Ames. Both volumes will be available for purchase on www.stuartdavis.com as of April 1st (also the launch date of the new Stu web site). The combo features over three hours of Stu on the tour all over the U.S. and Europe. Think "Jack Ass" witha a mystical twist.

Lots of nudity, lots of vulgar fulgor as Stu takes us from Hollywood to Holland
exploring politics, spirituality, marriage, humor, and of course, Rock 'N Roll. While there is plenty of music on these DVDs, the lion's share of footage is more like a reality tv show. Does Stu make love to Flavor Flav on screen? Is he the reason Nick and Jessica split up? Does he convert Anna Nicole to Zen?

Find out for yourself, make plans to buy the new two-volume DVD, Between The Music. It totally rocks.

Some People Like Music...

As if that weren't enough, the new Stuart Davis studio album *Good Weird* will be released this spring as well. Looks like mid-April as of this writing. An absolutely stunning album, so innovative and brave,
major labels were too scared to sign it. They said "Can you take off that song 'Rape Game'?" and we said 'No, we can't'. They said, "Does that song have to be called Murder-Suicide?" We said "Yes, it does."

yay, i can't wait!

and julia: that means the concert we're going to is also a dvd release party! seksy.

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just a quick post to say that i made a tori amos mix for keith, but i thought since i uploaded it and all i might as well share it more widely. so, if anyone is interested in her, this is kind of tori amos 101 since it has at least one song from each album. plus some SEMI-RARE SONGS.

anyway, it's here if you want it. i'll probably delete it after a few days though, since it's a pretty big file. even though frowl does have eight million bandwidths.


i'm off to: pec -> shower -> meeting -> dinner (location unknown!) -> crazy evening plans of some sort.

perhaps also: cleaning/recycling, paper writery.

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listening to: kristin chenoweth, taylor the latte boy

hooray, both priscilla and keith posted their mixes! music for meeee (and you)!

hooray, i finished my american lit paper!

hooray, i updated the b&s website!


fyi, the articles for which i am responsible are: this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one. yep!

anyhow, i'm sleepy so perhaps off to bed.

tomorrow i need to go turn in my paper, check out some history books to read over break, and maaaybe start on my paper that's due monday. and clean my roon and pack and recycle omg. i have like a month's worth of recyclables in my closet because i'm lazy. and also, i don't really use that much stuff in my room.

also i will have TWO new mix cds worth of music to listen to! maybe even more if more people post them whilst i sleep!

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

listening to: jonathan coulton, baby got back


1. no more classes for 2 weeks!
2. i finished my awesome frankenmix! you can see the tracklisting here, and you can listen to it if you join us ^_^

on that note, mixers, it seems like the rml lj community is turning into the mix sharing community, so if you're not already a member you might want to join.

anyway, i still need to finish up my american lit paper for tomorrow, but i have a pretty good draft i think. and then i have to write a paper for postcolonial lit by monday. i'm not cool with stuff being due over break, but oh wells! it's only 4 pages.

aaah everyone should go finish up their mix cds RIGHT NOW and post them, because i am excited!


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listening to: the mamas and the papas, california dreamin'

just a quick note to say that i put together a guideline for the frankenmix track listing! hooray, i'm excited!

if you have any questions, or need the password for the mix cd email account, leave a comment either here (with your email address) or over at the lj post. seriously, this is gonna be awesome, so you should get in on it. yes, you.

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zach: yay mix cds! let me know your email address so i can send you the supersecret mix cd email password.

everyone else: you should still feel free to join in on the musical madness!

also, we've been discussing the mixes over at the rml lj community and kait threw out an idea that is, i think, pretty awesome:

Hey, Kait had an awesome suggestion for the format of the mix CDs. Basically, each track number would have a theme, like "a song I liked in junior high" or "a cover song" or whatever, and then everyone would make their own mix based on those guidelines. Do you guys like that idea or would you rather just have a freeform mix?

Also, if you want to do the "Frankenmix" idea, do you have any suggestions for track themes?

Woooo music!

so yeah, feel free to discuss that either here or over there.

also, wooo i'm almost done with a draft of my paper! i win.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

listening to: clap your hands say yeah, over and over again

hey, i just made an impulsive internet music purchase! when i go home for break, clap your hands say yeah's self-titled album should be awaiting me. bullet points:

  1. i've heard lots of good things about them
  2. i really liked the free songs they had on their website
  3. i want some new music to listen to
  4. i really like the name of their band. c'mon! clap your hands say yeah! DO IT.

in light of bullet point #3, does anyone want to do some internet mix cd exchanges?? we could also do physical cd exchanges, but the internet saves on postage. the way i am thinking we could do it is to set up a group gmail account, and everyone would email their mix cd as attachments to the gmail. then we could all login and download the other mixes. let me know if you'd be in! also feel free to invite friends along. it will be a sexy music party.

anyway, my plans for tonight are:
- curl up in bed and finish reading stuff for tomorrow morning
- work on paper (?) (almost done, due friday)
- coffee & scone study break in mears, 9pm
- pizza study break on floor, 9:30pm(yesss it's like second dinner.)
- continue looking at picture of rob lowe with parrots.

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listening to: stu, fall awake

oh man, i get to go see stu next weekend! with julia! i haven't seen stuart in soo long. not since amsterdam. which was like, 5 months ago? god, i'm such a spoiled brat. well, spoiled with regards to stuart davis concerts, ANYWAY.

i felt really sick today in class and it was NO GOOD. i'm still feeling a little stomach-shaky, but i hope i feel better soon because tonight is stuffed peppers AND meatless patty parmesan in the dining hall, and those are both two of the greatest dining hall foods. i would be sad to miss them. i guess in a few days i'll be home and able to eat real food anyway, hooray!

yesterday i made an amazing dining hall discovery. i was thinking about how much i like MANZANA LIFT, aka awesome mexican apple soda. in london they had apple flavored fanta, and i got really excited, but it totally sucked and was nothing like MANZANA LIFT. but yesterday i mixed roughly equal parts apple juice and sprite and it was very MANZANA LIFT-esque. not as good as the real thing, but still pretty good! and way better than apple fanta. apple fanta is dead to me.

hey kait, i think our next roadtrip after graceland and then after the oregon trail should be to mexico. i can bring back a trunkfull of MANZANA LIFT and it will be great. just wanted to throw that out there.

also, in class i randomly thought about rob lowe and the parrots and i almost lost it. why is life so full of amazing? gosh!

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listening to: clap your hands say yeah, upon this tidal wave of young blood

so hi, i'm totally ridiculous and made an x-men online fanmix? you can go look at it here. it has good songs and stuff?

fun fact: magneto's song was very nearly "i'm the leader of the gang" by girlschool, but i thought better of it.


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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

listening to: connie, one song glory

whoa, itunes just shuffled to this and it's so, so bad! wow, i forgot how connie was NOT GOOD AT BEING ROGER.

("then why do you have mp3s of him?" you might rightly ask: i downloaded them to make a connie mix cd for jenny and didn't delete them. plus, ironic obsession and all. seriously though, not good.)

hey, remember how jeremy kushnier was good at being roger? and he would say "time fiiiies"? aww.

hey, remember how i was gonna go work on my paper? aww.

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listening to: tori, landslide

so tired! i get so tired in early evening, and then i get energetic again and can never really fall asleep until around 2am. it's lame. and also, i'm realizing that no matter HOW much sleep i have, i'm always going to be an exhausted zombie for the first 10 minutes i'm up. i think i waste a lot of time this way, because on days when i don't have 8am classes i'll wake up at like 8 or 9, and then be like "no man, i'm still sooo tired, i'll go back to sleep" and then i do. but even if i reach a point where i'm like "this is ridiculous, i've spent way too much time sleeping/lolling about" i'll still feel really tired the first 10 minutes i'm up.

daily first ten minutes of consciousness, you're on notice.

anyway. when i'm feeling not-tired i can be so productive. like earlier i wrote a huge paragraph of my paper in about 10 minutes. but now i'm drowsy and i can't work well when i'm tired.

i'm kind of finicky when it comes to my sleeping needs. oy.

hey! suddenly i feel less tired. must... focus... energy... on... paper....

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i'm filing this under "f", for "funny every single time i look at it omg":

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listening to: soul coughing, fully retractable

this almost makes me want to stop hating rob lowe.

1. he's been attacked by parrots!
2. he wrote his fan site to say "As you've probably heard,
Sam Seaborn will be present
as The West Wing ends.

For all the devoted fans,
and in particular
the Save Sam Seaborn Society . . .
this one's for you.

As always, thanks for your
support and kindness."


that's cute!

except he's illiterate and all, so probably his mom wrote it and sent it in so that people wouldn't suspect that her son is a jerk.

man, i hate rob lowe as much as i love constantine maroulis.

wait, what?

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listening to: indigo girls, all along the watchtower

ahahaha what. so last semester carly and bryan ran a b&s article about president osgood (the president of our college, also known as "RKO" and "russell k" and "that guy who increased our tuition fucking agaain") joining facebook, and they used the b&s email address to create a facebook profile for him. the profile was clearly fake: it had the b&s email address listed as his contact, the b&s website as his website, and at the botom of about me it sais "this profile brought to you by the b&s."

also the photo was a clearly photoshopped picture of RKO rockin' out.

anyway so that was in september, and then LAST WEEK jen krohn (the dean of student life or something like that) and mister head-of-ITS called me, bryan, and carly in for a meeting. they had a printout of RKO's facebook profile and were like "what is this?" and we were like "it's a fake facebook profile that we made" (actually i didn't have anything to do with it cuz i was in london, but if i had been in grinnell i'm sure i would have been on board). and they were like, "no, what's facebook?"

anyway so we explained everything and we had to write an apology to president osgood. and since nobody knows what facebook IS, president osgood i guess still thinks that we were actually trying to impersonate him? and that people thought it was a real profile for him? but the thing is, only totally retarded people would think it was a real profile. unfortunately we can't say that because i guess one of the other deans recently got a facebook profile and that's why we're in this, because at first HE thought it was a real profile. DEAR SIR, YOU ARE RETARDED.

aaaanyway, so today we had to have a followup meeting, and JK and mr. its were like, "wellll we're trying to decide if we want to do something judicial or something that will inconvenienece you." and we were like, seriously what? and they were like "i think we'll deactivate the b&s email address. or maybe you guys' personal email addresses." and we were like SERIOUSLY WHAT?

but i guess for now, anyway, they're holding off on deactivating our accounts. but we have to print a retraction (?!?!?!?!) in the next issue and also add a point to out stylebook that you're not allowed to pretend to be other people on the internets.

this is so ridiculous. the best part is that everyone will think that the retraction is supposed to be a joke, because... we're a fucking fake newspaper.

anyway but if they deactivate my email address i will seriously fuck a bitch up.



dear itunes shuffle,

following "put your hand inside the puppet head" with tori amos' "crucify" is really unsettling. please don't do it again.

love, renata

dear renata,

the chances that i will ever do that again are statistically improbable.

love, itunes shuffle

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i never thought that reading neil gaiman's blog would make me nostalgic, but it did.

and he titled that post "an extremely not excting day". covent garden! the reading room! tottenham court road! awwww.

i miss london. i am incapable of getting work done ever. i am tired. i am clicking my pen. click click click.

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Monday, March 13, 2006


i just remembered a key fact about on her majesty's secret service: there was totally a big room full of big cowbells (okay, maybe they weren't cowbells, maybe they were just big regular bells. or maybe they WERE cowbells), and bond and some minion fought in it. and then for the rest of the movie like every 5 minutes one of us would be like "man, this movie needs MORE COWBELL."

yeah but i don't think that even more cowbell could have saved that movie.

ps: august, why aren't you here yet?

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stephen colbert is 233% gaaay. omg.

and so is ron weasley.

(apparently there was a report that every older brother a man has makes him 1/3 more likely to be gay? and stephen has a lot of older brothers?)



OMG. this hour of teevee is soo worth the huge hassle it is to find a lounge these days.

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listening to: bob dylan, like a rolling stone

re the blog: everything is fixed. nothing is broken. this message is real.


i am so tired all of a sudden. i wish i could work up the motivation to just fiiinish my paper. it's not due until friday, and i already have 2 pages (of 5) and i know it wouldn't take me that long if i could just sit down and write it and not be ridiculous and check my email every 30 seconds.

it needs to be break now. NOW.

at least i had a delicious omlette tonight! THX MARY.

sophi: YES I KEEP MY COMPUTER IN THE BATHROOM DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT? no actually, that's not the bathroom, it's just the mirror on the wall in my room. i propped the laptop up against the little mirror-shelf thing so that iHobo could make its way into the photo too. oh ihobo, i love you.

the amount of CAPSLOCK i use is inversely related to the amount of sleep i get.

ps: this is me on midsems week. can you guys even imagine how cracked out i will be come finals week this semester?? prediction: pretty damn cracked out.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

wtf i think i broke my blooog

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wtf i think i broke my blooog

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man, i was all like "why aren't people leaving me blog comments?! SAD FACE" and then i actually looked at my blog and noticed that the comments are down. that is LAME, reblogger. i expect more from my free web services. i'm enabling blogger comments for the time being, i suppose. comments comments comments.

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listening to: steve winwood, higher love

hey do you know what commercial i like? besides the paper towel one with the field of kittens? i like the diet dr pepper commercial where they have diet dr pepper in the place of other comestibles, like a diest dr pepper gumball machine and diet dr pepper cupcakes and stuff. do you know how beautiful the world would be if there were diet dr pepper cupcakes?!

did you know that there is a heading in the readers' guide to periodical literature for "women as pirates"? because, there is. at least, some years there is. i can only hope that one day an article will get written about me, and it will be catalogued under the heading "women as pirates". i also hope that one day someone will give me a diet dr pepper cupcake.

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here is how i will be spending the rest of my afternoon. i will get the 1900 reader's guide to periodical literature, and i will look up the entry for "women authors" and copy down all the articles. then i will look up the entries for: Edith Wharton, Kate Chopin, Willa Cather, Ellen Glasgow, Pauline Hopkins, Jessie Fauset, Edna Ferber, Katherine Porter, Marianne Moore. Louise Bogan, Kay Boyle, Tillie Olsen, Djuna Barnes, Genevieve Taggard, Amy Lowell, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Susan Glaspell, Zitkala-Sa, Gertrude Stein, Nella Larsen, and Zora Neale Hurston and copy down all the relevant articles.

then i will repeat this process for every year up through 1930.

of course for the really early reader's guides they don't have one for every year, they have them in random intervals (sometimes it's every 2 years, sometimes every 5, sometimes maybe every 3...) so i won't have to do it 30 times. probably more like 10 or 15.

still. kiiind of tedious.

(i have a dream that one day the entire history of reader's guides to periodical literature will be put in an online database.)

wheeeee off i go!

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seriously what.

trina: that was nine years ago renata!
trina: when we were at metcalf [our grade school]
renata: awww
renata: man
renata: 9 is a lot of years
renata: more years than 3 is hours.
renata: sometimes i look at the things i've just typed and i think, what.
trina: lol
trina: hahaha
trina: thats great
trina: i think we used to be better at articulation on aim years before than now
renata: yeah
renata: well i bet that if we tried we could say stuff
renata: but now it's liek, whatever, not saying stuff says just as much stuff as saying stuff.
trina: lol
trina: its true though
trina: and hven't we said enought?

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
priscilla, observe the expression of surprise and joy that your creation brought to my face.

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listening to: indigo girls, hammer & a nail

guys, why am i more productive watching bond movies than i am at the library? seriously, i finished my pc lit presentation AND i graded almost all of the stats quizzes tonight. what.

also, molly, tim and i are up to 7/20 bond movies now. yess. tonight we watched moonraker and goldeneye. goldeneye is for def my favorite bond movie, and it completely makes up for on her majesty's secret service. moonraker features jaws and unfortunate yellow jumpsuits.

my goal is to go to bed pretty early tonight, get up pretty early tomorrow, and finish my history proposal as soon as possible so it doesn't loom over me all day.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

listening to: indigo girls, faye tucker

whoaaaa em gee it's already 3:30?! god. i should have gotten up earlier, i shouldn't have wasted my morning, i shouldn't have gotten a migraine and frittered away so much time curled up in the dark... i shouldn't be wasting my time blogging right now... etc.

last night julia and i invented a new and awesome word: sneapy. sneapy is sneaky + creepy. i encourage you all to use it. for example, "mary is sneapy when she comes into my room without me noticing and stares at me."

anyway i'm going to the liberry now. and i'm staying there until i finish my english presentation! or actually i'll probably leave for dinner. well, maybe i'll finish the presentation in 2 hours. i kind of doubt it though.

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omg omg omg, priscellie is the coolest EVER. look at this lj icon she made me:


except maybe that cute sleepy kitten. aww.

anyway. the last half hour of on her majesty's secret service slightly redeemed itself, as it contained a ski chase, a ridiculous precipace, an awesome bobsled fight, and a drive-by shooting. oh god, it was so hilarious when bond was crying for his dead wife. SO HILARIOUS.

and then i went over to mike's party and talked to mike and jenny and a few other people for awhile. and then i came home and made fun of rob lowe and chris columbus on the internets. all in all, a highly successful friday night.

but oh jesus so much works to do tomorrooooow.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

blogger, what.

okay here is an entry from awhile ago when blogger wasn't working. hopefully now it IS working.

listening to: pat benetar, hit me with your best shot

i remember i really liked this song when i was younger. my dad would play it, and also tom petty. and i knew that tom petty was really "tom petty and the heartbreakers" and my dad would joke that pat benetar was really "pat benetar and the chipmunks" but i didn't get that he was joking, i just thought it was funny that alvin and pat benetar had the same band.

but anyway!

molly and tim and i just watched most of on her majesty's secret service and it is seriously the worst bond movie ever. it is so boring, and it's like 2 and a half hours long. hardly anything explodes and bond doesn't even have any gadgets. ugh. there is the lady who is the basis for frau whatever from austin powers, though, she's a highlight. also a bunch of sexy ladies went curling on top of a mountain, that was kind of awesome. oh and james bond keeps wearing retarded outfits, like ruffly shirts and extra neck ruffles and brown polyester suits and a kilt.

oh. oh. and there was no theme song during the opening credits. they played it during this lame love montage. >_< LOVE MONTAGE? james bond doesn't have LOVE MONTAGES. he has brief sexy one night stands with lots of witty remarks. possibly he also bitchslaps her and/or threatens to kill her and/or saves her from impending doom, but he definitely doesn't have love montages with her. oh and in the love montage they went to the zoo and looked at baby bears.

guys, james bond does not look at baby bears. he might wrestle a fullgrown bear, if the situation called for it, but he would not just go look at them. jeeeesus.

oh, i'm so full of outrage.

however, the movie box did promise us a ski chase, which we haven't seen yet. hopefully when we reconvene to finish the movie we'll at least get an awesome ski chase out of the deal.

although this movie could probably even manage to somehow lame-ify a ski chase. christ. george lazenby, you are dead to me.

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priscilla wins!

oh god, i don't even know WHAT you win at, or what you won. just like, everything. you win everything.

maybe after my meeing with jen krohn i'll post a picture of the delighted face i made when i looked at that image. but for now... i will just carry iHobo around with me in my heart.

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i just spent way too much time looking at cuteoverload.com. molly, if you are reading this, i blame you.

i strongly relate to this kitten.


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listening to: pippin, morning glow

hey, i've got nothing to do today
but smile

that statement does not actually apply to me at ALL, there are like a million things i have to do today. but i FEEL like it applies to me right now.

it's so nice out, a nice sunny breezy cool day. so i grabbed a campus bike and went out for a ride. and i was just riding along under this huge blue midwestern sky on these empty gravel roads, past big red barns and empty fields and it was just really... peaceful. and then josh shuffled to "america" and it was ridiculously amazing. but then josh suddenly decided that his batter was dead halfway through the song and i was like, "thanks for ruining the goddamn moment, josh."

and then i rode past a llama!

and a dead kitten in a ditch, but that was sad. not like the llama, which was awesome.

speaking of kittens, you know what commercial i LOVE? it's for like... paper towels, and it's these two "manly" men walking around, and they walk past this field of kittens, and one of the guys stops and plays with the kittens, and then he rides in a truck reading wuthering heights with a kitten on his shoulder? oh god, i love that field of kittens. awwwww kittens.

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listening to: sheryl crow, my favorite mistake


jason: 1. yeah, this totally abortionriffic guy sent me that link. 2. oh... well, i've never seen airplane... i guess david and chris were just misremembering the airplane guy's name? like i said, we were all pretty cracked out. the historian is definitely david striker, though. 3. yes, i really did febreeze my hair, shut up. i don't like going to bed with wet hair, and it seemed dumb to take a shower and then blow dry my hair and then go do bed. and i remembered that anna had been saying that when she used to smoke, she would febreeze her hair sometimes. so... yeah. 4. you're such a comment whore, sooner or later you're going to have to have a comment abortion.

priscellie: 1. that is a pretty great song about america! that... oh my god, it's hugh laurie?! HOUSE NEEDS TO SING THAT SONG. 2. seriously, i'm the new hemingway. and the new cary shields. (in that we're both in a lot of rentsecrets.) 3. excellent, the anonymous self-libeling can continue. ahaha, seriously though, it's pretty great how in the rent fandom some people kind of vaguely know who "megan and renata" are but not enough to connect them with "megan and heyjupiter" or "clumsygoddess and bessiemaemucho" so we can make fun of ourselves and get people to join in. it's my new favorite hobby.

kait: 1. i actually can't figure out if that girl is in on the joke or not. i'm leaning towards nope, she's not. i mean... god, megan and renata are so lame. and their friend kait makes them drink so much brainwash tea. 2. HOBO STICKS HOBO STICKS HOBO STICKS. 3. HOBO STICKS +, wet socks -.

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listening to: pippin, finale

ohh, that bagel was so delicious. i was so hungry. i got up this morning and went to professor kapila's office hours at like, 9:05 (her office hours are from 9-10 today) and i didn't get in to talk to her until 9:45 and i didn't leave until like 10:20. craziness.

anyhow. yesterday was fun, but random. mary and i watched house finally (omg house and wilson are best friends and roommates) and then tried to go to the foodies dinner thing, but they were out of food? so we just went to cowles (the lame dining hall).

and then... i finished the b&s! yay. it's coming out today? which is so random, because usually they make us get it to them by tuesday to print by friday. but we wanted to come out next wednesday, because most people would have been gone for spring break by next friday. so i sent it in last night so that it would be in early enough to come out on wednesday, and they were like "what? wednesday? why don't we just print it this morning and send it over on friday with the s&b." and i was like "!!! what, since when do you guys only need like an hour's notice to print our paper?" oh well.

and then i watched the office with jenny and our new office friend, ryan. jenny got me into the office, i'm not sure if i've mentioned this? but i've been watching it all semester with her (and ryan, our office friend). it's pretty hilarious. and omg so awkward.

and theeeen christine was like "do you want to go to the pub? you can use jacqui's ID" and i was like "?!?!?! sure." note to non-grinnellians: "the pub" is basically the only bar in town, as far as college students are concerned. there's the townie bar, and then rabbitt's which i guess some students go to, but... basically just the pub. it's kind of an institution.

anyway, we went, and christine bought alcohol for a minor!!!! aka me. and we sat around and talked, and then jenny, anne, and j came in and i talked to them. and anne and j played pool and jenny and i watched them and talked trash about all the people we hate. and christine flitted back and forth between our hate fest and avram's darts fest.

it was fun, and i'm glad i went with christine since by the time i'm actually old enough to go there legally she'll have graduated. on the whole, though, i don't really see myself going there that much. i mean i'm not a big drinker and also my hair smelled SO BAD after i left, omg. it sucked up all that smoke like a sponge. a really bad-smelling sponge.

oh, but we definitely rocked the jukebox. so hard. we got our 3 songs for a dollar and we played:
abba - mamma mia
tom petty - free fallin'
toto - africa

which are clearly 3 of the greatest songs of all time. especially "free fallin'". seriously, if anyone ever tries to deny the greatness of "free fallin'" i may be forced to cut a bitch up. and no one wants that, do they?

anyway, then i went home. but then i didn't want to take a shower before i went to bed so i, uh, just febreezed my hair. i'm dirrrty.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

guys. i'm just sayin', if you preorder this it will arrive a week before my birthday!

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goooooogle bombing.

Bill Napoli.

(s-seriously, what.)

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listening to: constantine, i can't make you love me

whenever i want to listen to "america" (which is like, a lot) i type "america" into itunes so taht i can more easily find my track of choice. however, this also brings up all my american idol mp3s. (read: all my constantine mp3s.) and since i tend to leave it on shuffle with "america" typed into the search, i end up listening to a lot of constantine after "america" plays until i get up the motivation to go change it.

anyway. "new american woman" today was so amazing omg. let me attempt to reconstruct highlights:

(before class)

liz: hey, what kind of cocktails do you guys think we should make for the stoneco cockless cocktail party?
someone: how about gin and tonic?
david: i hate tonic water. it has quinine in it and i just don't think that you should recreationally drink things that can treat malaria.
vbrown (walks in): david, do you have malaria??
david: no, i was just saying that i don't like tonic water.
vbrown: i LOVE tonic water!
ana: you probably just like it because of the gin.
vbrown: no, i like it without too. but trust me, i can tell when there's gin in it!

vbrown: what does the new man look like?
ana: he looks like... he doesn't want babies?
vbrown: (gets up and writes "BABIES" on the board. puts big X through "BABIES.")
someone: i think we should leave that up on the board for the next class in here.

kait, this one is for you!:

chris: i think it's pretty safe to say that teddy roosevelt didn't like feminism.
david: i don't think teddy roosevelt liked anything he couldn't shoot.

david: phyllis schafly's arguments against the era don't even make sense. they're like, "if the era gets passed we won't have indoor plumbing anymore!"

(apparently david was like really hilarious today?)

and then basically the last 20 minutes of class was devoted to this:

vbrown: oh, and i have this article by david striker... let me find it...
chris and david: (giggle)
vbrown: i didn't have time to re-read it before class, but... here it is, david striker was saying...
chris and david: (full out hysterical laughter)
rest of class: (looks at them) (also laughs)
vbrown: what? what's funny?
david: (composes self) nothing, it's just... david striker is the guy from airplane, and... (cracks up again)
and the whole class was just like, out of control laughing.
vbrown: (sigh) we were trying to have a serious discussion about the equal rights amendment and THE BOYS WERE LAUGHING AT US AND NOT TAKING IT SERIOUSLY!!!
class: (laughs harder)
vbrown: see, you know what this is? it's the result of sleep deprivation and poor nutrition.
me: we need tonic water and raisins!
class: (continues laughing)

we were so cracked out. btdubs i'm not sure if i've mentioned this but vbrown loves to eat raisins in class but sometimes she says she can't handle them because too much raisin-sugar makes her overstimulated.

omg omg omg cracked out.

but it's new-friday, so it's okay.

also, tomorrow me and carly and bryan (the b&s folk) need to meet with jen krohn apparently? she is the dean of student life, or something. anyway we call her a nazi like once a month so i predict that this meeting with go awkwardly. seriously AWK.


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today in american lit i sat there for an hour and 45 minutes in a sleepy haze listening to everyone else talk. then i raised my hand and said, "well, i think that obviously hemingway is a complex and subtle author, but ultimately it's fair to read his work as saying 'hunting is fun and manly, and don't trust women.'"

i win at english!

especially since prof and peers alike applauded my summary. i believe professor savarese called it "the most succinct and economical summary of hemingway ever."

i believe with a little bit of work, this statement could in fact be used to summarize everything hemingway has ever written.

revised statement: "hunting, fishing, drinking, and war are manly and usually fun. don't trust women."

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dude, the nature sounds aren't relaxing anymore. she says that this track is "snapping shrimp". what, why would you even record that?

anyway she skipped that one. aaah... non-snappy nature.

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listening to: nature sea sounds

oh man, so this girl came in the lab and there's only me and another guy in here, and she says "do you guys mind if i play this relaxing sea sounds cd?" and we were like, whatevs.

and oh my god, it is SO RELAXING. it's almost as good for stress as fake hobodom. i need to get a nature sounds cd right now. i always thought they would be lame and fake. and maybe i'm just kind of cracked out right now, but i'm telling you, this cd is great.

in other news, i just got an automated email from livejournal and it starts off "dear filliam h. muffman," awesome. and i'm now a member of house episodes, so i can go download last night's ep! yay!

... aaaah, naturey.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

you know, a lot of people use the internet to anonymously talk trash about other people.

but i feel that very few use the internet to anonymously talk trash about themselves.

ps: megan and renata are skaaaaanks.

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listening to: indigo girls, become you

tonight was one of those nights where i could understand how hobos get so romanticized.

i was feeling really stressed and antsy, so i decided to head over to the forum to get a snack. (what, food is a totally reasonable way of coping with stress. shut up.) and it had just finished raining, and it was all cool and misty and beautiful out and it just felt so NICE walking that i ran back in and got my ipod and went for a longer walk. (um, no, i couldn't just take a walk without my ipod.)

and i just walked around and thought about how nice it was out, and how it would be so refreshing to just get rid of all my STUFF and wander around with a hobo stick (i would still need my ipod though. i would be the only hobo with an ipod. or maybe all the hobos have ipods these days. hobopods. ihobos. whatever.) and you know, pick apples or something. some sort of noble, manual labor.

but then i stepped in a puddle and got my socks wet and i was like "man, i bet hobos have wet socks like all the time, and i bet that sucks. also, manual farm labor is really hard and boring. also, i like things like beds and the internet and new shoes and burt's bees face scrub and i don't think hobos have those.

anyway though, i can still be a fake hobo.

actually i guess that's pretty much the whole point of camping: fake hobodom. kait and i are just adding extra verisimilitude to our fake hobo experience by making hobo sticks.

in conclusion, hobos.*

*coincidentally, that's how i ended my lit journal entry about in dubious battle.**

** no it isn't.

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today's penny arcade has HOBOS.

speaking of hobos, kait, when we go on our awesome roadtrip i think that we should totally make hobo sticks. i mean, we can bring backpacks and stuff too, but it would be good to have hobo sticks. we could keep jellybeans or something in them. god, our awesome roadtrip is going to be so hobocore.

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listening to: indigo girls, bitter root

house house house i want to download last night's houuuuse episode. i joined the house episodes lj community, but they have to approve me as a member. approve me right now! i want house! waaah.

also: it's hailing.

also: mary is a sneaky, sneaky ninjapants. jesus.

also: ice cream sandwiches.

also: i really like this song right now. i've listened to it at least 5 times in a row.

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ahahahaha rent fandom, i love you!

aaah i'm so stressed out and jumpy aaaaaah.

aaaaah sex-based labor laws aaaah female authors of the 1920s aaaaah things fall apart aaaah presentation aaaah b&s aaaaah paper proposal aaaah steinbeck aaaaaaaaaah is it spring break yet?

in other news, i just started reading married to the sea today, and i LOVE it. see especially retard hat, worse than harding, hummingbirds, and got to get paid.

in other news... aaaaaaah.

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listening to: s&g, bridge over troubled h20

hey i was just reading these articles talia linked to, caring for your introvert and introverts of the world, unite! and, yeah. i'm an introvert! i am! deal with it, world.

Extroverts are energized by people, and wilt or fade when alone. They often seem bored by themselves, in both senses of the expression. Leave an extrovert alone for two minutes and he will reach for his cell phone. In contrast, after an hour or two of being socially "on," we introverts need to turn off and recharge. My own formula is roughly two hours alone for every hour of socializing. This isn't antisocial. It isn't a sign of depression. It does not call for medication. For introverts, to be alone with our thoughts is as restorative as sleeping, as nourishing as eating. Our motto: "I'm okay, you're okay—in small doses."


As Coolidge is supposed to have said, "Don't you know that four fifths of all our troubles in this life would disappear if we would just sit down and keep still?" (He is also supposed to have said, "If you don't say anything, you won't be called on to repeat it." The only thing a true introvert dislikes more than talking about himself is repeating himself.)

i should make my mom read that article.

also, i should go to sleep.

eta: i thought jonathan rauch's (the guy who wrote those introvert articles) name sounded familiar... i read his book gay marriage: why it is good for gays, good for straights, and good for america awhile back. i like his introvert articles better, though.)

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

listening to: rachael sage, ambitious

first off, as sophi pointed out, i can't believe seventeen forgot about OTP,Q and NDBT and CTYS! jesus christ, seventeen. (that would be "off the premises, queer" "no day but today" and "come to your senses," by the way.)

second off, dangit kait. i was kind of hoping that everyone was like me and talia and talia's other friend, who all misread his name as "tristan". but nooo, you have to have actual critical reading skills.

third off, it honestly just occurred to me that my random bouts of jumpy nervous energy could be caffeine related. i definitely had a lot of caffeine today. and i'm jumpy. correlation doesn't mean causation, but i'm going to keep an eye on the situation.

fourth off, i went to see marilynne robinson read today! and she signed my copy of gilead which i haven't actually read yet, but it won a pulitzer prize and what she read of it sounded really good so... hooray!

fifth off, i'm almost done with the b&s. i had to invent so much content, omg. the equivalent of like 1.5 or 2 pages. out of 8. is stuff i just made up tonight. i am so awesome.

sixth off... eh, i think that's it for now.

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quick poll to those of you who have read stardust: what is the male protagonist's name?

not a trick question, don't go look it up, just leave a comment with the guy's name.

and go!

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wow. guys, is it just me or does today's thinkin' lincoln sound even more like me and lincoln are the same person? seriously.

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listening to: alanis morissette, mary jane

i'm going to go out on a limb and say that skipping trads2 this morning was one of the best decisions i've ever made. i stayed up too late working on the b&s (and it's still not done, yay) and also booo cramps.

i really, really need to learn how to NOT WASTE ALL MY TIME ON THE INTERNET.


it's like, "i'm stressed, i'll check my email" and then i get into this insane, obsessive refreshing mode where i keep waiting for one email or plan update or message board post or something. and then i get more stressed because i realize i just wasted a bunch of time. and. yeah, it's no good.

oh god, i'm doing it right now! :/

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ganked from kait!

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: fried cheese curds could there possibly be any food that is WORSE for you? and yet what food could be more delicious?
Literary: walker, texas ranger fanfiction DESK DRAWER
Audiovisual: american idol can i really continue to pretend like i only watch it ironically? actually i forgot to watch it last week. but still.
Musical: sheryl crow i've talked about this before. goddamn you sheryl crow, you're so processed and commercialized and unhip, yet somehow still catchy.
Celebrity: rob lowe he's just so much fun to slander! i can't even help it. especially since even if he found my blog, he wouldn't be able to read what i said about him. since he's illiterate and all.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

listening to: aqua, cartoon heroes

hayy. i just did my laundry! hooray, i will have clean things. i'm hoping to finish reading in dubious battle tonight and also layout the b&s. feasible? i hope so.

let's see. oh, fake!lent!

i stole this from kait who stole it from another friend of hers. but this is copied from kait's lj:

mcwonthelottery proposed that those of us who are not religious participate in a sort of Fake!Lent this year. Her reasoning is, the ideas behind Lent are sound (self-realization through self-denial, performing good deeds, proving to yourself you can go without and have self-control, etc), but the wrath of Jesus is... off-putting, to those who aren't religious.

so, for fake!lent i am giving up potato chips, because they are not good for me and yet i continue to eat them. take that, potato chips.

also, i will try to write more things that aren't for class (or the b&s). and i will... i don't know. i keep trying to perform good deeds via volunteerism but apparently this community is already goddamn full of good deeds. i'll stick with those two. i realize i'm a little late in starting lent, but i'm not taking sundays off because that's for LAMEOS. also, it's fake!lent anyway so back up off my kool-aid.

aaanyhow. an lj friend of mine took over as maintainer for idol reflections which is sort of like ship manifesto except for single characters instead of ships. basically, you write essays about characters and why you like them! and lots of cool fandoms are currently unrepresented or underrepresented. for example, no one has written anything for west wing (although i just claimed cj). anyway, so, if you're a big ol' dork go take a look at what's been claimed and see if there's anyone you want to write about. or, you know, DON'T.

okay, enough blogging! back to in dubious battle. no wait, back to laundry! must put away clothes! ayyyyy. (that was like, an exasperated "ayyy," not like a fonzie "ayyyy," just in case there was any confusion.)

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listening to: the clash, revolution rock

today at the pec i lifted weights!! or actually, it would be more accurate to say that i lifted a weight many times. it weighed eight pounds. usually i just go to the pec, move my feet around on the elliptical for awhile, glance over at the weights and think "hey, i bet those are heavy, i'm gonna go take a shower." and then i do. but today i singled out one weight and lifted it.

i think it's safe to say that one day, this could be me. except with chicken patties instead of corndogs.

anyhow, that's pretty much been my day so far. soon i will go to lunch, though, and the dining hall website says it's pizza day! woo!

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

listening to: you know, i typed that out and then i actually thought about it and realized i wasn't listening to anything. oh well.

i am SO tired, and i don't know why. i got up at like 10 and i spent most of the day laying in bed reading.

okay i started writing this like an hour ago. my idea was to blog quickly, write a paragraph for history quickly, and go to bed. of course an hour ago i felt like i was going to pass out, and then... i got less tired.

i didn't watch the oscars because... i don't really like movies? not good ones, anyway. good movies suck. that's right, i said it. anyway, i heard crash won best picture. i didn't see crash OR brokeback mountain so... i have to say that i don't really care.

you can quote me on that.

guuuuys i'm bored and i don't want to write a paragraph about the grounding of modern feminism. seriously, what did modern feminism ever do for me? ... don't answer that.

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listening to: tori, winter

i'm kind of hungry but neither the dining hall nor the forum will open for another hour. actually, maybe the forum doesn't even open until 1pm on sundays? lame.

also lame, i... okay. so the camp i worked for last summer (and am working for again this summer) sends out a little program guide every year, describing what sorts of things the kids will do in each different session. probably a lot of camps do that, but i don't know because i only have experience with this one. and everything it says in the program booklet, we HAVE to do with the kids, or parents/the council will get angry. (i think there is a weather-permitting clause, so if it rains all week we can't get in trouble for not taking them horseback riding or whatever. but other than that.)

the problem is... i'm not sure who writes these? i think it's the council? anyway, sometimes they require that the kids have to do STUPID, INANE things. like, last year the daycamp girls had to do a flag RETIREMENT cermony. not a regular flag ceremony, which the kids do every day... a flag RETIREMENT ceremony. the kind where you cut it up and burn it and read elaborate speeches and stuff. who thought THAT was a good idea?

or the water-themed one last year... the requirements were like, go swimming, go canoeing, go visit a waterpark, earn the water wonders badge. yeah sounds good, except that the "water wonders" badge is actually a science badge. so swimming, canoeing, etc. earn you nothing toward that badge. so we had to frantically do all these science experiments and shit so the girls could earn their badge.

anyway, so this year's program guide is online. and i'm mostly pleased, because it looks like there are fewer stupid requirements. way fewer programs seem to advertise that girls WILL earn X badge. (although i just noticed that that stupid water program still advertises that girls will earn that stupid stupid "water wonders" badge.

but then there is this session:

Geo Girls
Grades: 3-6

Rocks rock! Spend time playing games around camp, then learn what is under your feet. See how to find your way around using the earth signs.
- Become a geologist with the Rock-O-Rama
- Play hide and seek with what you find
- Make a pet rock to take home with you

what? i mean, i think all those things are manageable. and i'm glad they didn't require that girls earn the "rocks rock!" badge. (yes, there really is a "rocks rock!" badge. i was kind of obsessed with it last summer, in the sense that i would always flip past it in the badge book and laugh hysterically because it was called "rocks rock!".) but i think this sounds like pretty much the stupidest camp session either. i think someone is severely overestimating the interest elementary school girls have in geology.

hopefully this session will get cancelled due to lack of interest.

or! wait. if it does exist, and i staff it, then maybe i can get them to earn the "rocks rock!" badge! that might make it all worthwhile. yess.

i also enjoy that, for like... consistency or symmetry or something, each program must have THREE bullet points. so sometimes you just get really dumb sets of bullet points, like:

- Learn about skin care and healthy eating
- Enjoy all camp has to offer
- Frolic in the sun

i feel like those are all bullshit bullet points, but especially the last two. what.

or how about:

- Explore crime scene investigation
- Lay clues for the other campers
- Be a super sleuth

"be a super sleuth"? what? "i'm sorry, mrs. johnson, but your daughter is only a mediocre sleuth at best."

anyway. i'm getting excited about camp this summer, but i'm also getting pre-emptively annoyed, apparently. oh! i was just looking for the "rocks rock!" badge so i could show you guys, but instead i found the ms. president patch project. oh man, i want some older girls this summer so they can earn that! oh girl scouts, you are so much cooler than boy scouts.

i really need to stop rambling about camp and go do some more reading argh so much reading.

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listening to: bob dylan, hurricane

i just realized that i came home from disco and put on pajama pants, but i didn't take off my disco dress. so i'm wearing powerpuff girls pants with a hott brown polyester dress. it is a pretty stylish combination.

anyhow, disco was fun! i went kind of early, randomly, and it was a little AWK at first because i didn't really know anyone there? but then people i knew came. and we danced. yeah, play that funky music, whiteboy.

but, i left early because... i was tired, it smelled like beer, i had seen everyone i wanted to see, and i was starting to freak out a little about how much work i had to do. oh and i think carly and i were the only sober people there. anyway but instead of doing work, i'm talking to kait. i have reassured her that if she ever embezzles a large amount of money, i will still be her friend, but only if some of her illicit funds are used to purchase a cupcake for me.

i forgot to mention an important activity of today: me and steve and mary watched some west wing, and steve and i slandered rob lowe.

me: gosh, it's so surpising rob lowe can remember those speeches, since he can't even read them and all.
steve: yeah, rob lowe is so illiterate.
mary: what? really?
me: yeah, rob lowe can't read.

and then mary was confused because apparently not everyone knows that slandering rob lowe is one of me and steve's hobbies? gosh, we talk about it ALL THE TIME. except that sometimes i forget about it for weeks at a time and then have to make up for it later.

(backstory: in london steve and i went to go see rob lowe in a few good men, and he totally blew us off at stage door so now we hate him forever and have dedicated our lives to spreading lies about rob lowe. our favorite lie is that he's illiterate. by which i mean, rob lowe is totally illiterate and i am not a liar.)

me: did you know that one of rob lowe's hobbies is dumping oil in rivers? he just loves it.

i'll end this with a few choice aim conversation snippets, and then, perhaps, i will do work?

renata: i saw the narnia movie today
renata: and there were cheetahs in it
trina: and?
renata: and it made me think of harold and kumar
renata: i wanted them to ride the cheetahs.
trina: lol
renata: but they did not :-(
renata: NAKED
trina: HOTT
renata: I KNOW.
trina: YES.

renata: i totally don't remember anything that happened in thursdays, at all. i just like to make fun of you.
renata: not as much as i like making fun of rob lowe, but you're up there ;-)
kait: Almost even with Rob Lowe! It's like a dream come true!
renata: i'm gonna go write some kait/rob lowe fanfic
renata: rob lowe: hey kait, what do these marking on this piece of paper mean?
kait: Where you pop in an dmake fun of both of us?
renata: kait: oh rob, that's a love letter i wrote you

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

oh god. i just gawped at my canker sore in the mirror, and it is SO BIG. it's like... like... oh, okay, the little globe that firefox shows at the edge of a tab (unless the website provides its own tiny picture)? it's like the size of that. maybe even a little bigger. and then it has a little sister on the other side of that flappy thing in the middle of your mouth that connects the inside of your lip with your gum. no wonder it hurts so, so much. WAH.

and my internet canker sore medicine still hasn't come. fucking internet canker sore medicine.

also, the few teeth directly above the canker sore(S) are kind of gross because it just hurts so, so bad to brush them.


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listening to: rachael sage, apology

steve is gone :( goodbye, steve! today i gave him a whirlwind tour of grinnell. we ate at chuong garden, and then i showed him both the coffeehouses. and we went to the flea market at the veteran's center. and then on campus, we went to the forum and the bookstore and the library, where i showed him the bathrooms and the jungle gyms. these are the most important things in grinnell.

also, we went to go see the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe! i was really, really happy with the movie. i do have something to get off my chest, though: i hate edmund. i mean, i really hate edmund. i always have.

i know that the witch, well, bewitched him. and i know that we're kind of supposed to empathize with him because he's just a little kid and you can kind of relate to him being scared and being jealous of his siblings and he doesn't really know what he's doing and he does feel bad about it later and he reforms and... etc. but you know what? i still hate him. he betrays his family and some guy he doesn't even know to a CLEARLY EVIL witch. for CANDY. EVIL CANDY.

stupid, stupid edmund.

lucy, on the other hand, is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. awww, lucy.

in other news, steve and i are both agreed on one thing: peter is a severe hottie.

ps: steve, i looked it up. he's 18, it's totally socially acceptable for us to crush on him. yessss.

in other news, disco is tonight! it should be fun. but also, i'm tired, and i have a lot of work to do. must balance work/nap/disco.

finally, comments:

everyone (or at least, everyone who counts): yeaaaaah, filliam h. muffman!

priscellie: well, i didn't make the mix, just linking to it. and i haven't actually listened to that song yet. but... i'm glad it's awesome!

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hello world!

steve is here? and sleeping.

last night he imed me and was like, "how long of a drive is it to grinnell?" and i was like "... 4 hours?" and he was like "well, if i start driving now, will you hang out with me when i get there?" and i was like "... what? seriously?" and he was like "yeah". and i was like "yeah."

like, yeaaaah.

anyway, so steve is here! hooray!

and we watched live and let die and tomorrow never dies. and, it had been a long time since i'd seen live and let die, but omg, that is the most offensive movie i've ever seeen. we loved it. like seriously, the moral of that movie is "don't trust black people". oh god. oh, and that's the one that doctor quinn is a bond girl in. our renamed character list was something like, "doctor quinn, the crazy black guy, the car-driving black guy, the santa guy, the stupid black girl, mister claw, and the crazy southern sheriff". also, the shark, and the ALLIGATORS THAT HE RAN ACROSS OMG.

also, a little backstory here: there's this kinda-creepy guy who lives around here, who is a big film snob and also apparently likes bond movies. let's call him... john. (note: this is a terrible pseudonym, not only because it is such a common pseudonym, but also because it is in fact his real name.) he's randomly joined us on movie nights before. so that's john.

anyway, so i had a box of triscuits and tim took some, and then was like, "oh, i hope it's okay that i took some triscuits." and i was like "oh, of course, they're triscuits for all! except if john comes, he can't have any." and we laughed.

and then john wandered in like an hour later, and starts asking questions about the movie ("what movie is this? who plays bond? is this the one with [some actor] as the bad guy?") and then he looked at the coffee table, which had all of our beverages (and molly and tim were experimenting with drinks, so they had like 3 kinds of hard alcohol) and also a bunch of candy we got at express, and also my triscuits. and of course he looks at everything on the table and says, "OH, COULD I HAVE A TRISCUIT?"

ARGH. and of course we said "sure," because we're not goddamn rude. but we all almost lost it. omg. and then after he left we made a vow to find a different lounge to host bondage nights in because seriously, stop coming in, john.

in other news: the reason scarecrows are so scary is that they have guns for eyes.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

listening to: abba, gimme gimme gimme!

jason- alas, the fanmix post is friends-only. here's the tracklist, though. i actually don't know most of the songs (although i did download them) so... yeah.

mmm, i just ate a veggie forum pizza.

oh, random but: it has come to my attention that apparently not NEARLY enough people saw the "filliam h. muffman" bit on the colbert report a few weeks ago. and, seriously, sometimes thinking about that sketch even now will crack me up, so... you should all go watch it. oh my god, i can't even handle it. (and clearly, neither could stephen.)

seriously. filliam h. muffman. c'mon.

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listening to: mamma mia, our last summer

i had the weirdest, scariest dream last night... i was violet, from a series of unfortunate events. i was on a train, hiding with some schoolgirls. and people were after me, but it wasn't olaf and esme. it was just... generic bad people? and i think they were somehow involved with the school because i was trying to disguise myself and fit in with the schoolgirls (they had uniforms!) and they were like, "what, you're not one of our students..." and i was like, oh noes.

and then the end was like, ridiculously dramatic... there was this crazy room with slidey doors on every wall, and every door went to another place with more doors, and i was separated from klaus and sunny and trying to get through the doors to find them, and sometimes i would see them but the door would close! and sometimes on the other side of doors would be generic-villians!

i mean, it's no chuck norris/violently pistolwhipping a guy to death dream, but it was still pretty intense.

today today today. i should write at least one more b&s article before our meeting this afternoon. i should clean my room. i should go to the library and work on my paper topic a little more? i should do reading. i should get some food besides these speckled jellybeans i keep eating. i should take the speckled jellybeans of my desk. i should keep obsessively checking CB for drama. omg.

an lj friend of mine just posted an x-men fanmix, with a song for each character (and a song for a few pairings). hers is cool, but now i kind of want to make like a really ridiculous one. like an all-europop x-men mix.

or an all-aqua fanmix! where every single character's song was "cartoon heroes" except xavier would be "calling you," just cuz.

and jason, you should make an abba x-men fanmix! i'll start: dazzler is "dancing queen".

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woohoo, the february b&s is online. i was lazy and didn't do any of the formatting (ie adding italics tag where technically necessary). it did not seem worth my time! perhaps later i will reconsider.

anyway, this is the only full-length article i did this issue, although the renata-completists among you may want to read the point/counterpoint, the ask ed sidebar, and the news in briefs. also, you should read this because i think it is pretty hilarious, even though i did not write it.

also, why do my comments keep not-working? LAME.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

listening to: rockapella, zombie jamboree


anyway, i am so ridiculous. i came down here to work on the b&s website and i have opened the b&s folder and opened notepad. that is as far as i have gotten in nearly an hour.

i have also, however, read my flist, left kait like 3 comments, posted at cb, checked plans, checked my email...

so... yeah, totally productive. :/

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oh my god, i can think of few things more horrific than idina menzel's myspace. i mean, her myspace profile and everything is fine, but the comments? holy jesus, SO CREEPY.

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listening to: matty caplan, broken

i'm always kind of surprised to discover that i like matt caplan's music. i mean not in a crazy fangirl "OMG MAAAATT" sort of way, just in a "this music is pleasant to listen to!" sort of way. but i get too distracted making fun of matt caplan fangirls and forget that oh yeah, i like him too.

good ol' matty.

(i predict that someone will leave a comment regarding the infamous picture of me, megan, and matt.)


i feel kind of sick; i think i ate too many speckled jellybeans. but god, i love speckled jellybeans. the kind you get at wal-mart for 50 cents a bag? a big bag? and they just taste like vaguely fruit-flavored sugar? they're great.

also great: joy castro! i went to a reading of hers tonight and it was really good. i definitely want to read her whole book, the truth book. it's a memoir of her growing up in an adopted abusive jehovah's witness family. and-- the bits she read-- were sad, but also funny and touching and strong.

before that i went to a history sepc meeting, where we worked on a candidate review and gossiped about the history department. apparently, the department is fiercely divided between two new candidates to hire for the new position. austin said that they had their initial meeting and discovered the split, and then they divided up and each side wrote big papers explaining why their opinion was right. we are SO amused by envisioning our professors having these heated, intellectual bitchfights.

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listening to: tom petty, mary jane's last dance

hooray, it's thursday! thursday is the new friday. my schedule this semester is so amazing. sorry, i just can't get over it. so amazing.

today, or tomorrow, or sometime, i seriously need to clean my room. it has officially achieved the status of RIDICULOUS. the rent fandom, meanwhile, has transcended ridiculous.

oh, i remember what i was going to blog about. apparently tony danza is 55! holy shit! that is unnatural! he looks like he is like 30. is he a robot or something? an... an un-aging robot? seriously, does this guy look like he is 55? wait. wikipedia said he was born april 21, 1951. but on the show today he was talking like it was his birthday today. maybe robodanza malfunctioned and forgot when his birthday was supposed to be. or maybe it had something to do with the fact that i only watch the tony danza show with the sound off and the highly-erratic closed captioning on. oh, or maybe robodanza is just illiterate like rob lowe and so he couldn't read his birth certificate and he just made up a new birthday. yeah, that sounds like something robodanza would do.

eta: whoamg, i just read the whole wikipedia article on robodanza... apparently he has a tattoo. a tattoo that says "keep on truckin'". AND he is an ordained minister of the universal life church. (at least he's not a scientologist...) oh tony danza, you are such an entertaining person to ironically enjoy.

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oh! i just read the films committee plan, apparently one of the movies this weekend is narnia! i'm so happy! i never got to see it in london, and... <3 narnia. hooray!

that is all, i just wanted to share some spontaneous excitement!

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

watching: the daily show

OH MAN I FORGOT ABOUT THIS! about the movie jon stewart is in! doogal! in which he plays an evil spring who shoots ice out of his mustache.


and kevin smith is in it? and kylie minogue? and william h. macy? (or is it filliam h. muffman?)

AHAHHAHA i'm totally going to go see this movie.

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watching: the x-files

man! remember when this show was awesome?

that's pretty much all i have to say!

except: remember how awesome the lone gunmen are?

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listening to: amazin' blue - africa

guys, the rent fandom is SO FUCKING CRAZY you don't even know.

also crazy (but awesome):

this person left a comment on my lj saying they liked my icon (which is carmen sandiego). apparently they lj as carmen sandiego? i don't know because it's flocked, but that's what i'm getting from the user info and the fonly entry. that's kind of bizarre, but also kind of awesome.

highlight for slight tww spoilers! entirely awesome (not just kind of): the people who are returning to tww for the finale!! hint: the list includes my favorite illiterate actor. i mean, least favorite. i mean, goddamn you rob lowe.

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oh oh oh! i forgot to mention that yesterday at the pec, there was sign taped to the door that said something like "soccer players- coach jaws is out of town, work out on your own". COACH JAWS AHAHAHA.

oh, apparently his actual name is jaworski but his nickname is coach jaws. that is less funny.

seriously, how awesome would it be if this guy were grinnell's soccer coach? answer: SO awesome.

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wtf wtf wtf, itunes just told me it couldn't read josh's contents and i have to restore him to factory settings?! i so just did that like a week ago. argh. i think josh must have bulimia or something.

also his battery is WHACK. it will be at like 3/4, and then all of a sudden it will be like "no battery! DEAD" and then i'll turn it back on and it will be like "3/4 battery! PLAYING" but then after a few minutes it will die again. i can only reliably get an hour or two of playtime (which only drains the battery down to the 3/4ish mark) before it starts doing that. oh josh, looks like we're paying a visit to the apple doctor over spring break.

seriously, josh, i KNOW you're sad that sam moved to california, but you're still connected by your special cable. stop sulking.

ps: this entry probably only makes sense a.) if you watch the west wing and b.) you remembered that my ipod is named josh and my laptop is named sam.

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