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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

i'm such a whiner. but this canker sore HURTS SO BAD. god. i used to be plagued with them, and then this summer + last semester i didn't have any. it was so nice. and i think i've had like 3 already since getting back to grinnell (although this one sucks the hardest). i don't know if it's the stress or the water or the... i don't know, secret canker sore rays, but... it needs to stop.

familydoctor.org says that if i have more than 3 canker sores a YEAR i should tell my doctor. :/ it also says that they "may be triggered by stress, poor nutrition, food allergies and menstrual periods." it's so not poor nutrition, i eat so many vegetables! so many! probably not allergies either, and i'm not on my period. so i blame stress. but i'm not that stressed! i mean... i kind of am. but no more so than usual for grinnell. i guess that's the problem, fuck you, grinnell.

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listening to: tori, bug a martini

man, i somehow cut my tongue. i think it must have been on my bottom-retainer-bar thing because i keep bumping it on the bar and making it hurt worse. so it's obviously on a part of my tongue that comes into contact with the bar thing. argh. this is in addition to my evil canker sore (which is at the bottom of the inside of my lip, like where it connects with the gum. aka a terrible place for a canker sore to be!) basically, my mouth is just not doing well right now. (insert innuendo here.)

WHOA that is weird, i was just looking up the lyrics to "here. in my head" and itunes shuffled to it! and i'm not even on my tori playlist, just my regular one so... statistically improbable! neat!

anyway, i watched a lot of teevee tonight. it was neat. 2 episodes of house with christine and then daily show/tcr with molly and tim. AND i still wrote page and a hal of my paper that's not even due for another two weeks. can i get a holla?

i also got mildly involved with a stupid, stupid flame war on cb! i feel kind of guilty that it amuses me so much to call this girl on the internet dumb. but she totally is.

moving on:

jason: oooh, dreaaamy cover. it's totally inspirational for my fanfiction.

blue: well... your link is covered under "lj friends" but sunflower has a separate, non-lj site. but also, i hate you. that is the same reason you are not on the who's who? page. although actually just a few days ago i did think "hey, i should update the who's who? page with camp people." and then i thought, "or maybe i will go watch teevee instead." also: awww, kitty.

scott: ooh, thanks for the recommendation. i just ordered it off drugstore.com because... this canker sore sucks. and also there's not really a drugstore in grinnell where i could go buy it in real life. omg they want to charge me $6 for shipping? that's ridiculous. if i spend $17 more i can get free shipping? GOD I AM FALLING FOR THIS PLOY BECAUSE $6 SHIPPING ON A $6 ITEM MAKES ME CRY. so i'll just stock up on shampoo and stuff. over the internet. good. stupid canker sore.

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listening to: ben folds, the best imitation of myself

i saw a kid today with a "bad poetry? oh noetry!" shirt and i wanted to say hi or something. but instead i wrote about him on the internet. the end.

tonight the dining hall did a mardi gras special dinner. the best part was pseudo-bananas foster and real ice cream! and also, we got beads.

oh man, i just realized that it's after 7pm... tonight the debate team was doing "this house believes wal-mart is satan" and i was going to go. but it started at 7. oh well.

anyway. at dinner i also learned that tim is behind this year's "wedge antilles for sga president" posters! woot. see... every year since TIME IMMEMORIAL someone puts up "wedge antilles for sga president" (or sometimes "vice president" and occasionally he might run for senator) posters. it's kind of an amazing tradition. but tim's are especially awesome, i feel.

Vote Wedge Antilles for SGA President

Courage Under Fire, Leadership You Can Trust. [Antilles].

oh wedge antiles, of course you boycott coke.

oh wedge antilles, you are ewan mcgregor's uncle.

oh trads2 paper, i should write you.

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i am in the library. my canker sore hurts. i'm hungry. jason lee is a scientologist.


i've just spent some quality time with my friend the reader's guide to periodical literature. i loove some of the article titles you get when looking under the category of "women" between the years of 1890-1910. things like "is the womanly woman doomed?" and "can women have a sense of humor?"

someone's cellphone is going off. it has rung 4 times now. five. unacceptable.

what the... someone wrote a book called The Writing Or The Sex?, Or, Why You Don't Have To Read Women's Writing To Know It's No Good. in 1989. not 1889. m-maybe it's ironic? it is written by a guy named dale though.

anyway, i'm going to go read about why women's writing is no good, and probably whine about my canker sore.

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listening to: madonna, cherish

dear renata:

you MUST use this free afternoon to pick a research topic. STOP MESSING AROUND ON THE INTERNET AND GO TO THE LIBRARY.

love, renata

dear the internet,

why do you have so many fun things for me to mess around with? for example, the itunes signature maker? it takes your itunes information and compiles a file that's your "musical signature". basically it blends together fragments of your top played songs? it's cool. i made two, a longer one that i think i like better, and a shorter one that's also interesting. (by "longer" and "shorter" i mean "40 seconds" and "20 seconds" if that gives you some idea.)

love, renata

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listening to: tori, talula

professor savarese told us the most depressing personal story ever in class today. it came out of nowhere, too. it was like, "blah blah blah the sound and the fury blah blah i remember, when i was twelve years old my best friend's mom killed herself by sitting in the garage with the car running... she tried to tape over the doors to keep the gas from getting into the house, but it didn't work and she also killed her whole family."

poor little-savarese. and poor that-family.

i'm glad to know that others are as appalled by the notion of scientologist-jason lee as i am. i've been researching scientology though (for a b&s article; i'm not converting) and apparently they treat celebrities REALLY well. so maybe he's just in it for the free stuff and he's not really a scientologist. i... i'm going to go with that. oh! or maybe he's only in it to infliltrate them and take down scientology from within! yeah! yeah, that's it. good job, jason lee! you're not a psycho, you're a HERO. and you're dreamy.

well, glad i got that sorted.

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GUYS. you all know about my crush on jason lee, right?

well, it's SO OVER. did you know that he is a SCIENTOLOGIST? because i sure didn't. i can't have a celebrity crush on a scientologist.

i'm soo dismayed.

at least i can count on alan cumming never becoming a scientologist. o-or actually maybe he is like just crazy enough that he WOULD become a scientologist! oh, but only ironically, i bet, so that would be okay.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

listening to: abba, dame dame dame (amor esta noche)

hey guys, i just want you all to know that when keith and i get sham-married for the peace corps, you guys are all totally invited.

also keith, is it okay by you if we play this song at the ceremony?

eta: megan, if keith & i are married we'll get stationed in the peace corps together. it'll be awesome. yeah except keith won't graduate until after i do so our marriage is kind of doomed. dangit.

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listening to: joshie kobak, carving in a tree

argh. so okay, to teach english in the peace corps, you need to have had 3 months experience tutoring or teaching. "no problem," said i, "surely our lovely career development office/office of social commitment can help me out! we have people whose jobs it is to help me!" and i was excited about the prospect of tutoring too, because i had just recently been regretting how i'm not as involved with the community as i'd like to be. so i enthusiastically sent an email to the director of social commitment asking for help and... got no response. so a week later, i poked around the cdo website and found a listing of volunteer opportunities, including an 8th grade girl who needed to be tutored in social studies. perfect! i emailed to volunteer, and got a reply saying that that was an old listing and that girl already had a tutor, but they'd let me know if someone else needed help. doh.

so then i looked at the list of other volunteer opportunities and called to find out about tutoring GED students, and the guy wasn't there but i left a message. he called back today saying that they didn't need any more help right now, but maybe later.

and then i remembered why i'm not involved in the community... last year i tried volunteering at the public library, and they dropped the group i was helping with (a young adult book club) after one week. and then i asked if they needed help with anything else, and they said they'd call me. which, they didn't. (i sent a followup email after awhile and they were like "um.. there's a thing in december, after the college students go home..." and i was like "um yeah, i'll put that on my calendar :/") and then i tried to volunteer at the stork's nest, an organization that helps low-income mothers, and they said they only needed volunteers between 2-4 pm on thursdays. and i had class then.

jesus christ, [community], i'm TRYING to get involved with you. do you think you are too good for me to help you? because... because... well, fine.

i do hope i can find SOMEWHERE to tutor, because i'll be sad if i can't do peace corps. and, you know, it's kind of a ridiculous situation. usually isn't it supposed to be organizations that need to find volunteers, not volunteers who need to find organizations?

maybe i'll just become a volunteer fighting disease (have a heart-shaped balloon).

but speaking of getting involved with the community, i just got back from a potluck to beneift a grinnell librarian who's in jail for protesting the school of the americas. i made pasta salad!

finally, i've received multiple confirmations of my suspicion that i look pretty cute today. man if you guys didn't live in the internet, you'd totally all have asked me out today. the only downside is that my awesome tights fit me all weird so they actually fell down when i was walking back from the potluck. doh.

anyway... i'm going to go do some reading for a bit and then go to scipe. woot.

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listening to: tmbg, purple toupee

omg omg omg. so today at the pec i was just finishing up my workout as the ellen show was ending. and then guess what fucking came on? THE TONY DANZA SHOW! i was so excited. and then some girl got onto the machine next to me and changed our tv channel! argh! but i was too embarassed to be like, "umm, i was watching that?" and also i was almost done anyway. but. oh man. grood.

BTdubs i just checked my email and keith won the "comment that made me do the best spit-take" award with "And oh jesus I wish Sartre was alive. So I could punch him in the face." and kait won the "best paul simon-related comment" award. but she doesn't have a lot of competition i guess. (oh man, imagine how much paul simon we will have listened to after our future roadtrip. it will have been so ridiculous!) anyway, i hid the awards in my desk drawer so i'll send them out as soon as i can find them.

oh, and zach: no, listening to the arcade fire doesn't necessarily make you pretentious, but i find that many people who do listen to them are pretentious. but i mean i'm pretentious about listening to the spice girls so, you know, it takes all kinds.

one more thing: i posted this on lj but here it is again:

whoa, i just used two colons in that sentence. how unnecessary. oh anyway.

Just an announcement: if any of you guys are looking for webspace, there is some room at the happy frowl.org internet collective. For $14/year (that is like a dollar and some cents a month) you get 100 megs of space and an email address (with both webmail and POP access). No ads, no "bandwidth exceeded" messages (that is unless you happen to use an UNGODLY amount of bandwidth)... it's basically full of sexy. Act now and I'll throw in a robot!*

* No, I won't.

Anyway, if you're interested, or have any questions, drop me a comment or email or something. Or just yell real loud.

PS: If you are already a member of the frowl.org collective, and you haven't paid me for webspace this year, doooo it. Danke.

yeaaah, dig it.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

listening to: constantine, how you remind me

SHUT UP itunes just shuffled to it i SWEAR.

aanyway. you guys all need to update your ljs/blogs more often, i'm so bored. i might almost need to do my homework or something.

let's see. today i mostly was unproducive, schoolwork-wise anyway. i did make some fucking awesome chili, though. i strongly endorse this recipe. lentils! lentils EVERYWHERE!

did i mention that the tony danza show got cancelled? i think i did. fuck that.

i feel like i should say something pretentious to counteract the high levels of american idol/tony danza content in this post. blah blah the arcade fire blah blah mountain goats blah blah sartre?


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listening to: tmbg, put your hand inside the puppet head

i just listened to this song 5 times in a row. i'm not sure it's healthy to listen to this song more than once; it's probably eroding away at my grip on sanity even as i type this.

memo to myself: do the dumb things i gotta do
touch the puppet head

do my readings for pc lit
do my readings for trads2
buy food
cook dinner
figure out a research topic! (arguably i already figured this out in conversation with adriane yesterday: "have you figured out your topic yet?" "nope, have you?" "no, i'm headed to the library right now." "wow!" "i'm not really." "you know, i think my topic will be something about women?" "oh, good idea! i might do that too!" OH MAN, women's historians know how to have a good time, let me telllll you.)

oh, but right now maybe i will reply to comments instead of doing any of the actual work i have looming. yes, good plan.

keith: oh good, i'm glad i'm not a crazypants. or if i am, then at least you are too. it'll give us a good conversation topic when you're workng with me in drag this summer. also, i'm glad you're impervious to my lameness (and also to 7-year-old internet stupids.)

kait: i love you too! you're like the matt caplan to my cary shields. and seriously... yeah, rent fans are stupid.

jason: oh man, i might have to rent some walker, texas ranger now that it's out on dvd. then i will be able to write proper walker fanfiction!11!one!!

i think.. that's it? anyway, off to lunch now. after that, i will put my hand inside the puppet head!

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listening to: tmbg, put your hand inside the puppet head

i went to go see hp&gof at harris, and i inexplicably got this song stuck in my head throughout the movie. also, bristol & i left after the yule ball, because after that it's more sad and less funny and who needs that?

i'm pretty sure my friends are all going to regret my purchase of the awesome lizard watch. i've only had it a few hours and i think i've already made 3 jokes about it being lizard o'clock/lizard past the hour. seriously though, the second hand is a lizaaaaard it's so great.

transitions between paragraphs are for squares.

okay. okay. i've been wanting to... articulate something? since a couple weeks ago i guess, walking home with jenny. but that time didn't work out very well, it mostly ended up us making fun of the midwest. actually i guess i've maybe been trying to articulate it since i wrote the liner notes to kait's christmas-present mix cd and i wrote like an essay about simon & garfunkel's "america" instead of the usual excited sentence most of the other songs got. and i guess. okay. at some point in my life i began to embrace my midwestern heritage; to appreciate all the idiosyncracies and beauties that can be found here. at the same time, there are so many other places that are wonderful, and sometimes i find myself wondering what it would have been like to grow up in the southwest? or the south? or the northeast? or the northwest? or CANADA? or anywhere?

and what i really want, i guess, is to have a native's understanding of EVERY place. and i think... i think the song "america"... well, what i wrote to kait, partly... or actually i think i saved the liner notes so i can tell you exactly what i told kait about this song.

I am reasonably certain that, on our awesome roadtrip, we will look for and find America. Probably it will be right where we left it. Also sometimes this song just makes me want to cry and Im not really sure why, because its not exactly sad. I just get overwhelmed, I think. But anyway.

overwhelmed. yes. listening to it just overwhelms me with... the sense that it is this whole vast nation (and beyond it a whole vast world) and i won't ever really be able to feel that way about all of it. i'm pretty well-travelled for a 20-year-old-- i've been to almost all of the states, but it's not like... i don't understand, say, montana, in the way that i understand illinois. but i want to.

and also... in postcolonial lit we're talking about constructing the nation, and how the nation is imagined. professor kapila said that novels and post offices were all that held america together. and if you think about it too long... how are we a country? what do we all really have in common? our history? but what does the history of the american revolution really have to do with people in california? how does the trample-ation of the native americans fit into the definition of america?

lincoln fought to keep the union together. what was he keeping together? are we even still together? were we ever really one nation? where am i?

"kathy, i'm lost here," i said, though i knew she was sleeping
and i'm empty and aching and i don't know why
counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
they've all gone to look for america
all gone to look for america

and i think... including and beyond "america" sometimes i think listening to paul simon is... it's understanding that sometimes you're all on your own. sometimes you're lost and looking for america. but sometimes it's understanding that we all will be received in graceland. sometimes. it's. i don't know.

sometimes i'm reallly not sure to what extent i'm being facetious when i say that paul simon is the closest thing i have to a religion. and i mean. there are worse religions, i bet. like scientology. simonology is way better than scientology.

how did this entry end up being about paul simon? i meant for it to be about america. and my awesome lizard watch. what.

hahaha. i typed "america" into itunes so that i could find... "america" and listen to it. but that also brought up the team america soundtrack, and all my american idol mp3s (SHUT UP). so while i was writing this i listened to "america," "american tune," "everyone has aids," and, now, constantine's performance of "how you remind me". GOOD JOB AMERICA.

sorry, this is long... in the morning i will probably look at this and go "what, why did i think this was even remotely profound? because it was half past lizard 1:30 am i guess."

(we come in the age's most uncertain hours
and sing an american tune
oh and it's alright, it's alright, it's alright
still tomorrow's gonna be another working day
and i'm tryin' to get some rest
that's all, i'm trying to get some rest

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

listening to: paul simon, senorita with a necklace of tears

hello, i am back from iowa city! i am pleased to report that my trip was 100% successful. i got new pants, new shoes, a new skirt, a new watch (THE SECOND HAND IS A LIZARD WHOA M G), new bodywash, and new deodorant! and i got coffee and mexican food, and i hung out with miriam and megan and leela (megan's adorable tiny puppy)!

the worst part was that i'm kind of retarded and decided i didn't need to bring a jacket, because c'mon, it's FEBRUARY in IOWA, how cold could it be? answer: uh, pretty cold. i ended up putting my new skirt on under the one i was wearing. and shivering.

overall, highly successful. living in grinnell makes going to real malls so exciting. but also kind of overwhelming. like, "holy shit, i'm pretty sure there are more people in this target right now than go to my whole school! oh my god, look how many colors of socks they have! WHOA, SOAP!" it reminds me of that part in a walk in the woods where bill bryson talks about how camping just makes him appreciate non-camping a lot more.

in other news, this is the best rentsecrets comment thread this week. i can't help it, i just love it when people talk about me on the internet. it's pretty much the funniest thing ever, i feel. next week i should submit a bunch of secrets about myself. secretly. *shifty eyes!*

oh, and in TRAGIC news, megan told me that the tony danza show got CANCELLED!! what! god, now i need to find a new show to ironically appreciate at the gym :/ or, maybe i could just get up earlier and work out from 10-11, then i could watch the ellen show. i would be okay with that i suppose.

anyway... i really want some lemonade. perhaps i will go get some.

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ahahaha i knew that the movie had introduced an influx of stupid newbies to cb. and i know that of course, not everyone has been into the show forever, and it's unreasonable to expect new fans to know everything, and there are plenty of perfectly bright new fans of the show. but this recent exchange was pretty amazing:


noob: Does anyone know Anthony's screen name or just plain old e-mail address? I was watching him on the Tony Danza show and he kept mentioning that he's gotten emails from fans about his book and such. I would love to email him. Anyone know the address?

rick: anthony@ifhereallywantedyoutoknowhewouldmakeiteasytofindandmaybeevenputitonhiswebsite.com

(some other stuff)

noob: well I just asked because it's obivious other people know his email because he said so on Tony Danza with all the great emails he got about his book.

noob: (in a separate post, immediately after that one) and that address .com or .net doesnt work

me: You... you actually tried sending something to that address?

I'm sorry I just... really?


seriously, what?

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scheduling angry face!

i just realized that the dar concert here is april 6. and the american camping association conference that i wanted to go to is april 6-8. i was already planning to leave early so i could go see rent on the 8th. would it be worth it for me to get up eaaarly on the 7th and drive up for just one day? granted, there's hardly anything on the night of the 6th so i wouldn't be missing that much for reals. and it's not like i have to go. when i talked to jana on the phone i didn't think i would even be able to go due to lack of car, but now i will have one. but... last year i went and it was fun. but... dar. and rent. and. god, i'll probably have work i should be doing on that friday anyway, if i'm going to have a rent weekend. :/

slaaanty face. oh man, apparently i have an angry face and a slanty face. what would that even look like?

>:/ i guess.

oh my god, i'm so lame. "waah, i want to go to a folk concert AND the american camping association conference AND see a musical all in the same weekend, but i should probably be doing homework! maybe i'd better think about what arrangement of punctuation would best describe the face i'm making while pondering this dilemma!" seriously, i'm lame. why are you guys friends with me? now you're all lame-os by association. jesus.

anyway. um... other than me just looking at a calendar and making weird faces, tonight has been good! we watched so much british comedy, you don't even know.

oh, and the sufi concert was really interesting AND they had free chai tea. so... score. oh and one time trina brought me this random set of ceraminc mini musical instruments back from bangladesh, and these guys were TOTALLY playing those instruments. except, for real. i am sooo culturally sensitive!

one last thing before perhaps bedtime: jason, of COURSE your profile isn't lame. abba songs and "bitches ain't shit" are both glorious things to have in one's myspace profile.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

listening to: lilo & stitch, hawaiian roller coaster ride

thanks itunes! i was feeling a little blah until you shuffled to this song. oh man, i love lilo & stitch. i don't think i talk enough about my love of lilo and stitch.

also, i was looking at my myspace profile and my lj profile and i realize that i tend to leave out some pretty basic information about myself, beccause i kind of assume that everyone knows it? like, i barely talk about things like politics and rent, and instead i focus on like... europop. i guess i'm like, well, people already know about the serious shit i like, so i will tell them about the spice girls instead! the point is: i am a person with varied interests! i am an anti-intellectual intellectual! i like chai tea and capslock!

anyway, it is now almost the time for british comedy evening to begin! hooray!

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listening to: elvis costello, radio radio

what happened to all my free time? oh man. i need to:
- type a list on my blog
- go to the cashier's office
- start researching a paper topic for new american woman
- go to the sufi workshop/concert today
- go to me and julie's awesome british comedy night
- call that guy about tutoring ged students
- fix etime
- write some b&s articles
- fix the b&s website
- other stuff?

tomorrow i get to go tio iowa city and see miriam and megan! and i will go to TARGET. i'm goinng to spend so much money because i need things :( like, my awesome hello kitty watch broke, and my pants broke, and my alarm clock broke, and my lazyshoes are breaking, so ideally i need replacements for those things. AND i want another kneelength skirt because lately i'm into the kneesock/skirt combination but i really only have one suitable skirt.

last night it took me so long to fall asleep, becaue i was all randomly excited about this summer. lately i've been having both random anxiety and random euphoria about the future. it's kind of... i don't know. i am so good at describing things!

maybe now i should go do some things off my list!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

oh noes! here is freaky friday. i uploaded it to frowl instead of yousendit so it can be here for always! that is how important this song is.

freaky friday, things ain't going my way
everything is gone, my life is a country song
freaky friday, go play on the highway
everything is wrong, what the heck is going on?

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listening to: aqua, freaky friday

guys. imagine if a danish pop group decided to satirize american country music in the form of a techno-country song.

brilliant, right? the best part is that you don't actually have to imagine it, because aqua has DONE IT and that song is "freaky friday". oh my god. this song alone was worth my impulse purchase of aquarius.

however, i will save you all that purchase by providing you with the song. i hope that you will all download it, because it is brilliant. BRILLIANT.

hardcore! ten-four!

(if it's expired, let me knooow and i will joyfully refresh it.)

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oh em gee. if there is anything cuter than this ever, i don't think i could handle whatever that is. i think that that is the maximum threshold of tolerable cuteness. awww.

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listening to: ben folds, bitches ain't shit

dilemma: i think it's so annoying when people's myspace profiles play music, BUT i just discovered that you can add ben's "bitches ain't shit" to your profile. shit.

i think i have to add it. it's not annoying if it's a truly great song, right? right. plus i think it will be glorious to have MY profile play THAT song. c'mon. SO glorious.

ps, i promise i'm not going to be addicted to myspace or anything, this is goinng to be just like facebook, where the first few days of adding all your friends and making your profile were exciting, and then after that i only log in when someone new adds me or i'm really super bored. but right now i'm entertained, and my profile plays "bitches ain't shit"! also i just realized that in this layout there is like no way to tell when things are links except to hold your mouse over every word. perhaps i will fix that later. for now i will just say that that sentence talking about my profile is also a link to my profile. yep.

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listening to: elvis costello, radio radio

i am so excited! why am i excited? because earlier this week, in a spontaneous fit off europop-love, i bought aqua's second cd, aquarius, off amazon used. and it came today! i am waiting for it to (slooowly, hurry up sam & josh!) copy to my ipod, so i can go to the pec and get buff to the sweet, sweet sounds of aqua.

only one more class between me and the weekend! and that class is new american woman. hooray.

right now we're reading a biography of lucy sprague mitchell (a progressive-era education reformer) and this little excerpt (from a section describing her family upringing) struck me as kind of hilarious:

The children's sins or lack of them were registered every night in a little book: a gold star for no sin, a silver star for a small sin, a red star for a big sin. But young Lucy was passionately fond of red. She arranged the red stars in designs in the book, and if the design needed another star, she would invent another sin to confess. also, she and her big sister had to wear matching outfits, except her sister got to wear red and she had to wear blue, so she would pin little scraps of red cloth to her underwear so she could surreptitiously look at the color red sometimes. man. you'd think her parents would figure it out and just give her a red dress or something. but i guess the whole point of that chapter was to establish that her father was an irrational control freak, so... maybe not.


keith and madonna, i got your valentines returned-to-sendered today :( guys if you didn't want to be my valentine, you could have just SAID SO, you didn't have to MOVE.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

listening to: jill sobule, the jig is up

oh man. guys. it's so weird being ahead of the game on my schoolwork. i just went and watched american idol for TWO HOURS. on a WEDNESDAY. who DOES that? but, since it's grinnell and i can't handle *not* being stressed i still brought as i lay dying with me and read it on commercials, thus getting me slightly ahead for tuesday. wtf.

i got the rent dvd today! word on the street (and by "street" i mean "cb") is that the special features are pretty good.

they're STILL not showing the tony danza show at 11. i am so outraged. especially because according to the tvguide.com listings for grinnell it should still be on! what kind of crap are you trying to pull, channel 13??

anyway. on american idol: ahahaha there's a guy named BUCKY. his name is BUCKY. there is also a guy named ace, who is the new constantine.

oh, and i went ahead and set up a myspace profile *SHRUG*. it's here, if you want to friend me. or stalk me.

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oh yes, and if you are experiencing layout difficulties just keep hitting refresh. i swear everything is uploaded right. refresh yourself to freedom! or... or something?

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hello! here is a new layout.

i wish i knew how to actually work photoshop, and, you know, do things with it? but oh well, here is a new layout anyway.

there are some more underground lines actually, but i cut them off to make the proportions more pleasing! and who needs the hammersmith & city line, ANYWAY? er... i did... sometimes... but no matter.

anyway, hopefully you'll like it. and if you don't, go stab yourself in the face.

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watching: the daily show


that is all.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

listening to: tori amos, bells for her (live)

i looove this live version, she does this insane vocal improv for like a minute before the actual song. so good.


anyway. i am so goddamn productive when i babysit mears. i'm done with all my work for this week and ahead of the game for friggin' monday. all i need to do is tear myself away from the internet and i am an academic rockstar. speaking of being an academic rockstar, professor savarese really tripped the guiltmeter in my email inbox today-- one just to me saying, among other things, "I've really appreciated your astute remarks in class" and one to the whole class saying "Also, I want to start talking about possible dates for having everyone over to dinner at my house. I usually do this at the end of the semester, but I want to try doing it earlier--as a way of getting to know each of you better." oh my god. grinnell is so full of adorable professors. seriously. it makes me feel guilty for never actually thoroughly doing the reading for his class. except tonight i did!!

lately i've been feeling randomly like... jumpy? jumpy/weird in the stomach. sort of like all of a sudden being anxious and nervous for NO good reason. but only the physical symptoms of nervousness, which i don't usually get even when i am actually nervous? i don't know how to explain it. but on a scale of 1 to cool, i rate it not that cool! oh ALSO, i have two little sores on my gums, mirroring each other in the upper half of my mouth. i don't think i need to say that that is also NOT COOL.

oh, and i'm working on a new blog layout. i like it, i hope you will too. it's almost done. i think.

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guys, i'm pretty sure that most people, upon hearing that their class this afternoon is cancelled, would not react "aww MAN!"

but new american woman is such a great class. aww. why couldn't american trads have been cancelled instead?? i mean i like that class too, but... not as much. and it's at 8am. i'd definitely be down with american trads being cancelled.

aanyway... going to the pec now.

i typed that sentence and then proceeded to check things on the internet for five more minutes. ummm... publishing this, then seriously getting off the computer and going to the pec. and GO.

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oh, i forgot to mention probably my favorite moment of the b&s meeting tonight...

bryan: i only have one story idea, but it's REALLY funny.
me: i bet it's not as funny as walker, texas ranger fanfiction!
byran: it's as funny as walker, texas ranger SLASH!

for a minute i was like "omg bryan do you read my BLOG?" but i know he doesn't so... yeah, it was just creepylarious.

another highlight was when some kid (i don't know the names of any of the firstyears who come to meetings... i mean it's only the 2nd meeting i've been to with them so) asked me to throw him a cookie, and then he opened his mouth, and i threw it all the way down the table and hit his lip! it bounced off, but everyone was still impressed. as they should have been.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

listening to: tori, bachelorette

okay guys, i know that gregory house is a fictional character. i know he's not real. but i am still SO CONCERNED about him, okay.

no real spoilers, just... concern.

also, how much do i love wilson? a LOT is how much i love wilson.

oh. i wrote this before i left for my meeting... but now, i am back from my meeting. b&s meetings make me feel old these days, cuz all the youngin's are like, "is it true that the b&s has only been around for 3 years? what's tablitra? let's run an article about sketchy dan!"

poll: i'm thinking about getting a myspace account just to... have one and be myspace friends with other myspace users, basically. i doubt i'll use it that much but what th e hey. do you have a myspace? do you think i should get a myspace? will you be my myspace friend?

ps: keith, i'm so glad you read the walker story!! everyone should read it. it's life-changing. just ask keith.

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listening to: aqua, calling you

guys, why haven't i failed out of school yet? seriously. i sat down to do some reading for history, and i did about ten pages, and then i sort of glanced around and was like, "god, my room is a mess, i should clean it! and to clean it, i should be listening to music!" and i hit play, and itunes played this song. so my next thought was "this song is so awesome! i should blog about how awesome it is!"

and now clearly... i am. but then i will want to check my email, and check plans, and check cb, and feed a cookie to a rodent... ayyy.

of course, the reading i'm procrastinating is for TOMORROW, i'm all caught up for today.. so maybe that's why i haven't failed out of school. maybe. i'm still ridiculous, though.

i just yousendit-ed calling you. if you are unfamilar with this brilliant song, you should definitely download it. and then throw a dance party.

and i'm telling you, i just finished reading ts eliot and wallace stevens, and the lyrical genius of aqua trumps them both.

why-ay-ay don't you pick up the phone?
all of my love is running down the line
but you won't receive it, no no

okay. i'm going to go have an aqua dance party clean?

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

listening to: aqua, calling you

oh man, my ipod shuffled to this at the pec today and i listened to it 5 more times in a row. oh aqua, why do i always forget about how awesome you are?

i should write a songfic to this. a walker, texas ranger slash songfic. it will be about how [other male character] is trying to call walker. i'm so fake-obsessed with walker texas ranger this weekend! imagine what would happen if i ever actually watched the show?

i'm so disappointed that no one besides kait is willing to acknowledge the koanlike goodness of that story i linked to last night. i'm just going to keep talking about walker, texas ranger fanfiction until someone else comments on it, okay.

anyway. today was a pretty good day! christine and i got chinese food and ran to the devil's store so i could get more diet dr. pepper. oh, sweet ddp, i nearly ran out of you.

oh, i just got a comment from sophi about walker, texas ranger fanfiction so i suppose, according the rule i stipulated earlier in this post, i can stop talking about it.

i might keep doing it anyway, though.

heh, i typed "aqua" into itunes and put it on shuffle so that... i could listen to aqua... but it's also giving me tori amos - pandora's aquarium and hair - aquarius on occasion. which... is funny.


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listening to: sheryl crow, there goes the neighborhood

somehow i feel like sheryl crow is the absolute least cool music i listen to. because like, at least all my awesome europop is... european and dancey? but sheryl crow just occupies this awkward space between mainstream manufactured/indie girl rock. so you can't really like her ironically because she does try to be political sometimes, but then... well, whatever, the point is i never tell hipsters that i like sheryl crow. but i do.


what with all the talk about walker, texas ranger fanfiction (note: by "all the talk" i mean, "me and kait think it's hilarious") i'm wondering if there is any walker slash. and i bet there's not, because anyone who would write walker fanfiction would have to enjoy the show un-ironically. to un-ironically enjoy the show you'd have to be pretty... conservative. (and probably retarded, if desk-drawer-fanfic girl is any indication.) thus, walker, texas ranger probably does not attract a big slash-writing audience. which is TOO BAD because i bet it would be awesome. i kind of want to write some now. i'm kind of hindered in never having really watched the show except on conan.

(actually now that i think about it, i think maybe in like 4th grade i used to watch it at my friends house sometimes? because it came on after or before early edition and we loved that show.)

so anyway, i don't know any of the other male characters on the show. but i bet they are ALL in love with walker.

i think it would be so funny to write some incredibly graphic slash and post it on ffn. it's apparently still an active fandom- 3 new stories were posted yesterday alone. so some people, at least, would read it and be horribly scarred. yesss.

so anyway. maybe i'll go do some homework now, or something. who does that?

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kait: i'm glad you agree with me re: the stupid watch story. oh my god, i just read it again. it's zenlike in its suckitude.

for example: Im not going to ask. But, what are you doing with your finger in your mouth? Walker asked with a grin.

walker, you JUST said you weren't going to ask... but then you asked! oh my god! does a dog have a buddha nature? what is the sound of one hand clapping? what are you doinng with your finger in your mouth?

Alex sat there for a few minutes then showed CD what she got Walker for his birthday.

see... by having her sit there for a few minutes, it slowed the pace of the story, keeping it from getting too exciting too quickly.

jesus christ, i still can't believe the hiding place was HER DESK DRAWER.

and of course, since her desk drawer is a TERRIBLE hiding place:

Can you keep Walkers birthday present in your desk drawer till tomorrow? He nearly found it in my drawer. Alex asked him. I sure will Alex . Ill put it in such a good hiding place that nobody will be able to find it. Gage said as she handed the small box to him.

Just make sure you remember where you hide it. Alex teased him.

Dont worry Alex. Ill remember. Gage said as he put it in his drawer and closed it.

oh, good job, gage! YOUR desk drawer is a much more surprising hiding place!

no. i think we all know the way this story should have gone is: "oh no," said alex, "walker almost found his present when i hid it in my desk drawer. i'd better hide it in my vagina instead!" just then, angelina jolie walked in. "no, alex," she said, "i think MY vagina is a much better hiding place for walker's birthday present."

i don't even know who those other characters are. whatever. i bet my story is roughly on par with the other ones on FFN in terms of accurate characterization.

anyway, kait, of course we're psychically linked. duh. my mom figured it out already, she knows we're soulmates.

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listening to: vanilla ice, ice ice baby

dammit. i just fell into the "eating too many gardetto'ses" trap again.

anyway. i am wisening up and typinng this post in notepad. ha, i typed "notepanda" first. most adorable software ever? i think yes.

first of all, i kept publishing and then inadvertently deleting this link, but just so that EVERYONE can read it: me and kait winning at rentsecret comments and also, revolutionizing fanfiction.

next on the agenda, recreating the CHUCK NORRIS DREAM post.

okay. so i had this dream and it was like, an episode of walker, texas ranger but also i was in it. and i was aware that it was teevee, but also that if something bad happened it would happen for real. and the dream/episode started in medias res, so i have no idea what started everything. but me and chuck norris and someone else (there was always a 3rd person with me and chuck norris, but this third person has no distinguishing characteristics. they were just there.) anyway, we were in someone's apartment looking through their stuff, and in the dream i was like "wait, did we break into someone's house to go through their stuff? i've never seen walker texas ranger except on conan, but i don't think you do this on that show. they do it on house a lot though." but chuck norris just laughed it off; he's wily.

and then we were sort of simultaneously out in the woods and in the parking lot of the apartment building? and some scary guy (i assume the guy whose apartment we were searching) came up on us. and me and the other person just ran away and let chuck norris fight the guy.

in the middle of re-typing this it occurred to me that i bet some people write walker, texas ranger fanfiction, and i bet it is hilarious.

anyhow, me and the other guy ran away and hid behind a car in the parking lot, and then there was this sort of young-teen guy with a gun, and he shot some lady. and then i (i!) grabbed the gun away with him and then started beating him with the butt of the gun. it was really graphic, like i'm pretty sure i killed him. that's so weird! i mean, it's not unprecedented for me to dream episodes of teevee shows, but for me to be in them? and for me to BEAT PEOPLE TO DEATH IN MY DREAMS? so weird. although admittedly, that kid totally had it coming.

oh man, itunes just shuffled to "heartbreaker". oh pat benetar, you rock so hard.

let's see... well, i posted this on lj earlier today:

RIP, deleted posts:

oh yeah, man with the golden gun! well, here's what i said about it on plans:

hooray, another checkmark on me, molly, and tim's list! (note: i'm keeping a checklist on plans, of all the bond movies and how many we watch this semester.)

"i used to love animals, but then i discovered that i love killing people more."

"i've never killed a midget, but there's a first time for everything."

this the kind of amazing dialogue [you] are missing out by missing out on james bonding nights, okay.

you are also missing out on airplane-cars and iceberg-boats.

also, i can't believe it's only 12:30. i am so tired, i thought it was like 2 am. weird.

so, yeah. also, tonight me, molly, and tim watched jurassic park 2: the lost world? and toby is in it!! i was so weirded out for the first 20 minutes of the movie, like "this guy sounds SO familiar... and looks kind of familiar... who the hell..." and then i yelled out "oh my god, it's toby!!!" and m&t were like, "who's toby?"

unfortunately, toby got ripped in half by two t-rexes. i got really angry at the other characters for not properly mourning toby. the other characters were: jeff goldblum, girlfriend, wedding crasher, little girl, rich guy, hunter guy, stupid guy, snake guy, stupid mexican guy, t-rex, baby t-rex, dinosaur, and other dinosaur.

oh yesss ffn has 351 walker, texas ranger fics listed. let's see. we have such masterpieces as:

Fight for thier lives. summary: Some is threatening the Rangers Familys

In the Name of the Law. summary: A woman turns up dead and all signs point to Trent Malloy as the guilty party but is there more to the story, and can Carlos, Alex, and the Rangers search out the truth? (note: CAAAARLOS)

iT'S N0T Y0UR FAULT. summary: Walker must make Alex understand that a tragic event in their life isn't her fault.

Goodbye Time i Think. summary: Can ONE argument lead to Goodbye Time?

Surprise Present for Walker. summary: Alex has bought Walker a watch for his birthday, but doesn't want him to know about it till that day. She has to find a rather interesting hiding place for it. Please R&R to let me know what you think of it.

(i read that one because i was really hoping the "interesting hiding place" was obscene. spoiler: it's a drawer. THE HIDING PLACE IS A DRAWER THIS IS THE WORST STORY I'VE EVER READ AND THAT IS COUNTING ALL THOSE ROGER/JOANNE FICS I READ YESTERDAY.)

oh bad fanfiction, you are so hilarious.

okay, let's see if blogger is working for reals now?

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

listening to: bree sharp, walk away

so, blogger says it is working again? *crosses fingers* but all the old posts are irretrievably gone. i will try to recreate some of them later, perhaps.

right now... i'm waffling. i've been meaning to go to the pec all day but instead have been doing things like checking my email and watching house with christine. and then... well, my floor does communal floor dinners on saturdays, apparently? and i haven't gone at all this semester because... i've had other plans/i don't really know people on my floor/i'm kind of antisocial/etc. but earlier my neighbor stopped by to call me out on never going to floor dinner and told me it was fun, etc. so i was like... oh, well, i've had other commitments but i can go tonight!

anyway, so i should go. but anyway that means if i'm going to the pec first, i should go now to have time to work out, come back, shower, and make floor dinner. but:

1. it's soo cold out
2. i'm tired and kind of want to take a nap

ehhh okay, nap wins.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

listening to: indigo girls, fare thee well

i am so tired all of a sudden.


today has, overall, been good! i got up early and went to breakfast, and they had potato triangles! i love potato triangles! but then some girl sat with me? and kept talking to me? and i was clearly doing reading? THANKS FOR VIOLATING THE QUAD BREAKFAST SOCIAL CONTRACT, RANDOM GIRL. ugh. seriously. hardly anyone goes to breakfast, there is always room for people to have their own spots and just... respect people's breakfast space, okay. i told this story to jenny and mike and they were HORRIFIED. you just don't do it. you don't even sit with people you KNOW at breakfast unless you have a pre-arranged breakfast appointment. to sit with a STRANGER at breakfast, i can't even... and then to TALK to them... just... jesus christ. it was so unsettling.

the telling of that story clearly merited all of the capslock it received, if not more.

after that... went to american trads, successfully resisted urge to reference lemony snicket in a discussion of "the waste land".

went to lunch... went to history, which was glorious as usual. a highlight:

ana: "... sex is a part of marriage."
me: "but marriage isn't always a part of sex."
everyone: "..."
me: "well, i'm just sayin'."

it wasn't as good as the time last week when ana was like "prostitution is a good idea... *looks at notes*" and we were all like "...!" it turned out she had been going to say, "prostitution is a good idea to study..." and then after taht she somehow said something that implied she was a prostitute, and... oh man, nothin' funnier than the history of sexuality, let me tell you.

BUT the highlight of tonight was definitely bitch flat reunion dinner. mike cooked for us, and he's an awesome cook. and i made artichoke dip and crackers and it was pretty good too! well, i didn't make the crackers. they came in a box. but i made the dip. yes. and then we played scrabble and sat around and were catty. it was just like being in london. except... not... but still, pretty awesome.

okay. okay. so tired. going to sleep. actually i'll probably mess arouund on the internet for awhile, then maybe read or something, and then go to sleep... but... okay.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

listening to: bnl, when i fall

i still remember how excited i was when we talked about gravity in physics and i was like, "wait, the acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2? '9.8 STRAIGHT DOWN' THANK YOU FOR TEACHING ME PHYSICS BARENAKED LADIES!"

anyway. i just spent like, way too much time looking at the anagram underground map. i unraveled some of them. i loove that "oxford street" is "crux for disco". "a retard cottonmouth" is "tottenham court road", which is where i went to school. "castrate angel" and "teary swab" were "my stops" (lancaster gate and bayswater, respectively.) sometimes i used "atp nodding" or "oral okay" (paddington or royal oak). oh, and for my internship i would go to "ransack script songs" (king's cross/st pancras). aww, london. one last awesome one: "prerecord hanky" = hyde park corner.

i forgot to post about how today's postcolonial lit class was basically the best ever. it started off pretty regulartype, and then professor kapila was like, "let's go to the forum and get some tea!" and we were like "... okay!" so she bought us all tea/coffee. which was doubly-exciting because i had wanted to get coffee before class, but realized i didn't have time, so... yay. and then we all got our stuff, and she was like, "someone tell me something interesting." and we were like "..." and finally someone was like, "so, did anyone else think that if midnight's children were a movie, it would be like moulin rouge?"

and we were like, "... actually i can see that!" and we just started talking about random stuff that midnight's children reminded us of (i successfully did NOT say "x-men") and then somehow someone (NOT ME) brought up the rent movie? and someone asked if it was good, and someone (again, NOT ME) said, "well, i haven't seen the play, but i thought it was good! except for there was this one part, where it was like they just stuck a jon bon jovi video in the middle of it!"

AHAHAHAHA "what you own", you are the greatest scene in the rent movie.

oh and we also talked about how awesome a muppet midnight's children would be. saleem=gonzo. yes.

anyhow, i finished (a draft of) my paper, which means i get to go to bed now.

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listening to: scott chasolen, back again

oh. oh god. ow. that tea was SO HOT it burned my tongue and my upper lip. somehow. ow. um seriously, who knew recently-boiling water could be so hot?


let's see. jesus god, i need to clean my room. it's just... yeah, just not good.

anyway. aside from my SEVERE MOUTH BURN and the squalor in which i live, today's been pretty good. oh except, apparently they show the montel williams show at 11 instead of the tony danza show? this totally fucks up my workout routine. i thought maybe yesterday was just some sort of fluke, but it looks like no. god. i can't work out to motel williams.

OH MAN i just did a search for the tony danza show to find out when it's on, and i found this video clip... apparently chuck norris was on the tony danza show, and tony read him random chuck norris facts! ahahaha! it was weird hearing tony talk though, because i always watch the show with the sound off (and closed captioning on) so it's like... oh. that's what he sounds like these days.

anyway. what the hell, local listings still says tony is on at 11... >_< seriously, laugh all you want but tony danza is much more enjoyable to watch than montel. the tony danza show would teach me random facts about cereal. montel is just weird. like today, he had this supernatural lady guest star, and she answered supernatural questions from the audience, and this one lady was like, "look at my wedding picture, i look like a ghost!" (she was like, all blurry but her husband was fine) and the supernatural lady was like, "oh, that just means that your angel was in front of you!" and then the woman was like "i don't see any wings!" and the supernatural lady was like "don't be silly ,angels don't have wings! ha ha ha!" and i was like... wait... what, how is it silly to think that angels have wings, but not that angels can RUIN YOUR PHOTOS? because seriously, if a blurry picture means an angel is in it, i must have like a thousand photos of angels.

anyway. so i need to finish up my reflective essay tonight, and read "the waste land". and i'm sure if i started working right now, and didn't procrastinate, i could easily finish it all and get to sleep at a reasonable time.



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we come on the ship they call the mayflower
we come on the ship that sailed the moon
we come in the age's most uncertain hours
and sing an american tune
oh, and it's alright, it's alright, it's alright
you can't be forever blessed
still, tomorrow's going to be another working day
and i'm trying to get some rest
that's all i'm trying to get some rest

-- p. simon

okay. yes. going to bed.

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HEY it's 1:30 am... should i go to sleep? should i keep working on my paper? NO i should do a meme.

1. Name 3 CDs or other recordings you own that you think no one else on your friends list does.

1. spice girls - spiceworld (that's right, everyone owns the first one but do you have this?!)
2. ummm... rachael sage - public record (i don't think i've successfully converted anyone to being a rachael fan? even though she is awesome and i am kind of a trendpimp?)
3. anne heaton - give in (ditto)

2. Name 3 books you own that you think no one on your friends list does.

i could just name 3 history texts and i bet i would win, but that seems unsporting. um this would be easier if i had my bookshelf to stare at. what books do i own?

1. my dutch phrasebook! OH DUTCH YOU ARE THE BEST LANGUAGE EVER.
2. piece by piece by tori amos & ann powers
3. setting the world ablaze: washington, adams, jefferson and the american revolution by john ferling (i'm counting this one cuz i'm reading it for fun. it was 75% off at the bookstore!)

3. Name 3 films you own that you think no one on your friends list does.

this would be easier if i weren't friends with kait >_<

1. spiceworld ?
2. welcome to sunny florida (tori amos's live concert dvd)
3. the little britain first season dvd (not technically a film, but i bet none of you have it!)

4. Name 3 places you've visited that you think no one on your friends list has.

umm... okay. i'm going to count friends without LJs as being on my flist, because it seems more fair... but it also makes this harder.

1. barranca del cobre (copper canyon), mexico
3. house on the rock

5. Name at least 1 piece of technology or any sort of tool you think no one on your friends list has.

an ABACUS. 2 things: 1. i don't even really own an abacus, but my mom has one and i could steal it. and 2. i initially typed ABBACUS and that would be awesome. i don't even know how you would incorporate ABBA into an abacus (would it play music? be abba-tastically decorated? i don't know!) but i'm sure it would make it more awesome.

also i have this crazy multi-tool thing my dad gave me before i went to london, it's like a hammer and a screwdriver and pliers and a... something else. and it's all fitted together. anyway i bet you don't have one of THOSE. also i bet none of you have an ABBACUS but if anyone does, it's jason.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

listening to: paul simon, slip slidin' away

it just occurred to me that i didn't watch the daily show last night OR today. what is my problem? i bet i missed a lot of good cheney shootin' people jokes, too.

oh well.

so i think the thesis of my 4-page preliminary reflection paper for "history of the 'new' american woman" is going to be, there was such a thing as the new american woman, maybe.

my paper also may or may not include a :/ smiley.

speaking of which (sort of) i want to post some notes i took on a book we read called love across the color line: the letters of alice hanley to channing lewis because i was looking back at them, and man, they are kind of hilarious.

16- she mailed him a sandwich?
19- french girls = prostitutes
20- "sick you know what i mean" = std? = pregnant? or just something she caught from him?
- did she cheat on him?!
24- this is totally the early 20th century sex & the city
31- large hat= ostentatious working class

there were more notes, but these, i feel, are the highlights.

and man, this book totally is the early-20th-century sex & the city.

ps: did you know that at the turn of the century it was like, sooo common for working class women to trade sex for new clothing? they did it like, all the time, i'm not making this up. i think it's both sad and hilarious.

ps2: also apparently you used to be able to mail SANDWICHES i think that is so awesome someone should mail me a sandwich okay.

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listening to: beatles, i me mine

okay. hi. still feeling kind of sick today, but better. getting better allll the time.

i took an awesome nap, and was awakened by a confusing phone call from trina. (confusing in that i thought it was my alarm clock? but it was the phone? what?)

oh! i forgot to say, happy valentine's day! and also, happy birthday megan!

let's see. last night right after i started feeling sick, i was SO ANNOYED by this email carly sent me about copyediting the b&s, and i was thisclose to sending back a bitchy response, and then i was like "whoaaa there, renata, it's so not normal for to be this angry at carly about copyediting, so maybe you should just go to bed and reply to that email in the morning, okay?" and whoa, seriously, good advice to myself, me. i would have to say that i am still mildly annoyed, however. i hope our semester of co-editing is going to go okay. because like... i know carly is a good editor, i know she edited it fine last semester... but she seems to have forgotten that i did it for a whole year last year? and another semester as assistant editor? and that i, too, know what i am doing? but whatevvvvvs. oh and this month's issue is done, it will come out on friday.

today. in american lit this morning i was soo tired/still sick, and we were talking about gertrude stein's "tender buttons" and i was really restraining myself from raising my hand and saying, "look, has anyone considered the possiblity that this is just a really stupid poem? that it is bullshit? what the hell?"

but, history today was awesome and hilarious. per usual. i am mildly stressed about the 4-page "response" paper we have due thursday. writing for vbrown always makes me kind of panicky but I WILL TRIUMPH (MAYBE).

okay. okay. my life is manageable. 4-page paper, quizzes to grade, i... WHOA. i don't... really... have any readings i need to do. what. i have to read "the waste land" for thursday morning. but we don't have any new readings for history and we don't have any new reading for lit. omg.

obviously if i were smart i would start on next week's reading but... whoa.

oh, and i don't have to babysit mears tonight so i get to watch house! and i don't have class tomorrow morning so i can sleep in!

everything's coming up milhouse renata!

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dear pandora,

you totally lose. when i told you that i like the song "hey bulldog", and you asked me if i meant "hey bulldog" by firewater, or "hey bulldog" by the eric mcfadden trio, but NOT if i mean "hey bulldog" by THE BEATLES, that is when you lost. just for the record.



dear gertrude stein,

what the hell? what the hell? what the hell?



dear sudafed & naked juice,

i love you. you are best friends and roommates. in my bloodstream. thank you for helping me fight off the plague.



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Monday, February 13, 2006

listening to: beatles, i me mine

i really like this song today. i mean, i like it most days but today especially i'm hooked on it.

anyway, i was going to blog but... god, i suddenly feel kind of awful. i kind of had a drippy throat thing earlier, but now it's full-on drippy-throat-nose, stuffy-fevery-blaaaah. so i think instead i will go to bed.


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listening to: peter wolf, long way back

i'm giving pandora another (other) chance, with a station that knows i like paul simon AND tori amos AND ben folds, and i've been giving it a few thumbs up/down to guide it. it's doin' okay.

mostly i wanted to post about the fact that i have visions now! yes! to wit:

i bumped into jenny today and suddenly remembered, "oh my god, jenny, you were in my dream last night! i went into this restaurant or coffeeshop or something, and you were really excited to see me, and then we saw mike across the room and tried to go talk to him, but it was really crowded so we never made it over to him."

"i think it's symbolic of how mike lives off campus."

"yeah, me too. way to unravel my dream, jenny."

"way to have a shallow subconscious, renata."

and then we laughed & i left and that was that.

UNTIL i checked my email and mike had emailed me and jenny (and lester) inviting us to a mini-london reunion dinner party, because he's sad that he lives off campus and never sees us.

OH MAN, pandora just started playing "origin of love" by rufus wainright. is it the same "origin of love" from hedwig? or a different one? OH IT'S THE SAME ONE YOU TOTALLY WIN, PANDORA.

just like how my subconscious wins at predicting the future. yesss.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

listening to: true margrit, hours in reverse

so a lot of people have been talking about pandora lately- just in case you haven't heard about it, you tell it music you like and it suggests other music you might like, and plays it for you.

i told it i liked tori amos (duhhh) and it has so far given me vanessa carlton, sixpence none the richer (:/), and this song (which is okay).

now it's giving me someone called missy higgins who i kind of like.

i guess tori amos is kind of tricky, because there are lot of people who are KINDA like tori amos but no one who's REALLY like her. you know? yes.

i think i'm going to tell it i like the spice girls now. OH MAN it gave me paula abdul... boyz II men! argh. none of these people are as good as the spice girls. let's see... the pointer sisters? another actual spice girls song... paula abdul again... bette midler? OH PANDORA, you fail. okay, now it gave me "kiss him goodbye" by the nylons, which i do like a lot but don't understand why it is on the spice girls station? (i asked pandora why it is playing it, and it says "based on what you've told us so far, we're playing this song because it features pop-rock qualities, a vocal-centric aesthetic, major key tonality, and many other similarities identified in the music genome project." okay then.)

i told it i liked stuart davis, and it didn't know who he was. oh well, worth a shot.

oh NO, i've been skipping past songs i didn't like but now i got a message that says "unfortunately, our music licenses require us to limit the number of songs you may skip each hour."

oh pandora, it was nice meeting you but i don't think it's going to work out between us.

okay but i did give it one more chance with paul simon-like radio. it's given me the eagles so far, which is acceptable.

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listening to: ben folds, dog

2 things:
1. thanks, shuffle, for playing like 3 ben folds songs in a row and reminding me how awesome he is!
2. dude, anthony rapp is going to be on the tony danza show tomorrow! that's exciting for two reasons: 1. the movie rekindled my anthony fangirlhood, and 2. this semester i've been going to work out around 11 every day, and hence watching the tony danza show every day. awesome.

did you notice how i nested a 2-point list within my 2-point list? i am a rockstar. a list-making rockstar. or something?

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listening to: abba, dame dame dame (amor esta noche)

i really just have to drive home the point that this. song. is. so. awesome. i've listened to it like a thousand times since jason sent it to me on friday. it combines the greatness of one of my favorite abba songs with the greatness of things that are in spanish. oh god. jason (and abba), where would i be without you?

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listening to: duran duran, hungry like the wolf

dear scott-who-reads-my-blog,

hello! thank you for reading my blog, and also for filling out my johari window. but i must ask, in the most polite way, who are you? i remember you left a comment awhile ago, and you matched 3/5 of my johari descriptions, which is more than anyone else did, so... you're either a really good guesser, or you know me kinda well at least! and i... yeah, i don't think i know anyone named scott?

so... um... yeah.

love, renata

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listening to: tori, silent all these years (live)

i think i have been working on the b&s for way too long. i don't mean like, too long on this issue, just in general... too long. like i look at these articles and i'm like "well, we did an indiana jones article 2 years ago and a new campus center article last year... so it's not really cool to have a new indiana jones campus center article this year." and then i realize, "oh yeah, NO ONE ELSE BUT ME will remember that."

also, a significant amount of b&s content gets written by me just to fill up the page. so far i've already written a new news in brief article and a new sidebar. probably i will also have to make up more content also. ohhh good times.

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because... because i do. because it just happened. lame.

(basically this just means a lot of extra tweaking, because stuff takes up less space when it's justified so now all those pages that fit together... don't actually fit anymore. grah.)

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hooray, blogger is working!

boo, i have accomplished very, very little on the b&s front. gaaah i'm such a procrastinatatron :(

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

listening to: tori, 1000 oceans

bleh, saturday night and i'm barricading myself in read computer lab until i finish the b&s layout. i'm so not feeling it, but i so need to do it.

anyway. let's see. molly and tim and i watched die another day on teevee, which is always good. especially since we had all watched it fairly recently (it's only been out for a few years, so of course if you've seen it at all, it's been fairly recently) so we kept remembering scenes right before they happened. man, that movie is ridiculous. oh, but this one kind of annoying kid that we all vaguely know suddenly joined us and kept offering HIS commentary. mostly, he doesn't like jinx and thinks she's a really bad bond girl and kept telling us this. and we were all like "meh, bond girls are really pretty interchangeable" and he was like "but, for example, pussy galore had a certain... spark to her" (that is an exact quote) and we were all like "WHAT."

anyway, so i think our new goal is to watch every bond movie before they graduate. i started a checklist on my plan and everything. soo good.

blarg layouting blarg.

also, frowl seems to be down right now and i don't know why? but i guess if you're reading this, it's back up.

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so that rentsecret that megan and i are in? kait posted a comment saying like, "secret 13: those girls are hotttt", and i replied to her comment saying "what are you talking about, those girls look like stupid whore bitches". and i just got in my inbox an anonymous reply:

"I don't know about the whore bitches but they definitely do look stupid with their Rent shirts on. I thought only 12 year olds wore Rent clothing to the show. One saving grace, though, is that it's the best photo of Matt Caplan I've seen in a long time."

ROFL HOUSE that is almost as funny as james bond riding a cello.

it is true though: only DORKS wear rent shirts to see rent.

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listening to: abba, dame dame dame (amor esta noche)


*rocks out*

anyway, tonight was fun!! mary, maggie, mitchell (omg so many m's), chris and i went to iowa city and ate indian food with miriam (another m!) and then i came back and watched the living daylights with molly and tim. and i hadn't seen this one before (i thought i had, but really i've only seen license to kill, the other timothy dalton one) and it is SO HILARIOUS. highlights:

- james bond freeing osama bin laden from jail
- james bond giving opium to orphans
- james bond riding a cello down a mountain across the austrian border
- a ferris wheel

it was so awesome. they just sail right past the border guard and bond is like "NOTHING TO DECLARE!" and then cello-girl is like "EXCEPT CELLO!" and then they just keep on cello-sledding.

oh also, me and megan are totally in a rentsecret this week. yesss, internet fame.

anyway. i should go to bed, and you should all watch the living daylights because, holy shit, HE RIDES A CELLO DOWN A MOUNTAIN.

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Friday, February 10, 2006


the "stephen & the colberts" music video is probably the best thing i have ever seen ever.


also, i missed the first segment of tds, can anyone tell me where jon was?

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quick meme, ganked from kait: go pick 5 words you think best describe me. then it'll compare them to the 5 words i picked to describe myself. and you can set up your own 5-word thing.

note: unfortunately, "awesome" is not one of the word options ;)

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listening to: paul simon, diamonds on the soles of her shoes

note to self: SERIOUSLY you have a lot of work to do, you really, really can't afford to slack off all day today, even though you don't have class. really, i mean it.

mostly i opened blogger to complain about how i put together lots of valentines for people and folded them in half and stuck them with stickers and all, and then they all came unstuck! what poor quality stickers! seeeriously.

there was... OH, right. yesterday i went to go see nicholas kristof speak about darfur, and it was really, really moving. (note: he's a journalist for the nyt who has visited the sudan and written about it a lot.) but the thing that hit home most was when he quoted sen. simon saying something like, "if just 100 people in each district had called their congressman and expressed their outrage abotu rwanda, i truly believe it would have kicked congress into action and something would have been done."

that said... a million voices for darfur. seriously. that website has a little form letter to send to bush, but if you could also call or write your representatives... well, i still have some faith in the democratic process so maybe it will help. (the website also has more information on the dafur genocide itself, since the NEWS certainly doesn't have any.) i mean it's really... kristof said that last year in TOTAL cbs news showed 2 minutes of coverage on darfur. and 28 minutes on the michael jackson trial. as a nation we're completely turning our back on this. and it's horrific.

this animation about darfur is kind of darkly funny, but also has good basic facts.

i'll end with this:

"After a day last year of interviewing a series of women and girls who had been gang-raped outside Kalma camp, near Nyala, I asked the families why they were sending women to gather firewood, when women are more vulnerable to rape. The answer was simple. As one person explained to me: 'When the men go out, they're killed. The women are only raped.'"
-- Nicholas Kristof

(haha, you came to my blog expecting rambling about how much homework i have to do but instead you got genocide... bit of a downer, i'll expect.)

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listening to: tori, after the gold rush

man, not having classes tomorrow is soo great. since the end of class at 4:05 today, here is what i have accomplished:
- X-TREME workout at the pec
- dinner with christine and mary
- watched 1.5 episodes of house with mary
- watched the office with jenny
- watched rosenkrantz & guildenstern are dead with mary (and other people) (the movie, not the play)
- wrote 1 x-men flash fic (& realized that i usually refer to "magneto" as "erik" and when i don't it makes my stories inadvertently hilarious, due to kitty-magneto)

here is what i need to do this weekend:
- edit half the b&s articles, do the layout
- millions of reading
- address valentines
- formally accept my formal job offer (and tell jana that she misspelled my name on my formal job offer...)
- shop for & cook dinner with anna
- clean room (!)
- do dishes (!!)

i started writing this awhile ago, in notepad because blogger was down. but now it's back up, hooray.

i don't have much else to say, however... i know lists are boring to everyone but me, but i'm me so i'm pretty okay with it.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

listening to: tori, after the gold rush

i can never listen to this song just once. or even twice. it has to be like, 20 times in a row.

anyway. god. i have so much reading to do and so little time to actually do it in. i mean i know i talk about wasting a lot of time on the internet, but i don't really as much as it seems like. (it's just that i feel compelled to blog about it whenever i AM wasting time.) but there's just... no time.

and i reallllly can't handle sleep deprivation. bleh.

so i prioritize, and "reading for american lit" falls way short on the priorities list. *shrug*

anyway, i went to a peace corps info meeting today, i'm kind of excited now, although i'm not suuure what my odds are of getting in? i do for sure need to somehow pick up at least 3 months of tutoring someone in english? but i sent off an email to the career development office and hopefully they can help me out. i've heard rumors of such a thing happening at the grinnell high school. and then i have a lot of leadership blah blah. and... i don't know. the peace corps cdo guy can help me out too, i imagine.

okay. okay. okay. going to go back to readings, now.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

listening to: paul simon, still crazy after all these years

i just went to try to watch the daily show, but i tried read and haines lounges, found them occupied, and gave up. (i'm just not that persistent when it comes to teevee, what can i say?) maybe i'll watch it tomorrow at noon? yes, good plan, me.

anyway. two mildly-significant things that i keep thinking i have already posted but apparently have not:

1. my roommate did move out like, last week. she got moved into a single and i'm here in a giant room on my lonesome. housing told me that their unofficial policy is not to give juniors new roommates if they don't want them so... basically, my living situation is pretty awesome.

2. i am going back to camp t this summer. i have a slight promotion ("unit leader" vs. "unit counselor") but no more money. BUT the whole camp budget got cut, so new people will be making less than me, so it's sort of like i got a raise. you know, kind of. i'm feeling kind of ambivalent about it, i suppose. i was really excited about going back for awhile, and then yesterday i was talking to blue and i was kind of like, "what am i thinking?!" but now i'm feeling good about it again. (that could just be because i'm drugged up on paul simon, though.)

i still feel kind of awed about the whole camp summer. it was really just an amazing summer, despite all the shit (and there was a lot of shit). maybe, partially, because of the shit. i feel like it brought a lot of us closer together, like army buddies or something. i love how i just sort of stumble blindly into great experiences-- working at camp t was really such a random, random thing and it ended up being so damned definitive for me. really, if any of you are looking for summer jobs i would really recommend looking into a camp. even if you don't think you really like kids or nature, because i sort of placed myself into that category before last summer (then why, you might ask, would i have even applied to work at a camp? i told you it was random) and it really was great.

really though. i mean i learned that i can be patient and that i can make lanyards (kind of) and that i can get along with kids and with adults, and that people of both age groups will like me (i'd kind of suspected that adults usually like me, but the kids thing was kind of a surprise) and how to cook meat over a fire (seriously, the first week i had no clue, i had to ask some of the campers. but i PRETENDED like i was giving them responsibility. if i were a parent sending children off to camp anytime soon i would really feel dismayed about reading this blog entry).

wow, i'm big into the parentheses tonight.

oh, i was listing stuff i learned. anyway, suffice to say i learned a lot, i think. my mom said that she was impressed by how much i changed after london, but i feel like camp changed me way more than london did.

ETA: reading back after i published this, i realize that this entry was less coherent than usual... because i was like, "i'm ambivalent about camp. CAMP WAS AWESOME." but i think the part i forgot to say was that since i had such a great summer LAST summer, i'm concerned that this summer won't measure up, i suppose? oh well, i'm still looking forward to it. and if nothing else it'll look good on my peace corps application, i bet.

i now return you to the originally published entry.

also, talking to trina makes me realize that we have an even more elaborately entrenched system of bizarre inside jokes than kait and i do. and that's um. christ.

renata: hey i just thought you should know

Auto response from trina: i need a big eraser.
renata: that i saw a chapstick on the ground and i picked it up becaause i thought maybe it was mine
renata: but it wasn't
renata: but it WAS a juicy tube
renata: and i was like, awesome, a juicy tube!
trina: HAHA, YAY
renata: yeah, it as pretty much the best thing that happened all day
trina: lol
renata: or maybe it wasn't, that's kind of sad. it was pretty funny though
trina: gotta love our lives
trina: that didn't even happen to me
trina: so the best thing in my day
trina: was you finding juicy tube

and this is like, an incredibly hilarious conversation to us, i can't even explain. LOLERSKATES.

cliff notes version of this entry:
1. i killed my roommate
2. camp is good
3. juicy tube

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

listening to: paul simon, graceland

i'm reasonably certain that this song (and album) has magical powers, or maybe my body by now just has some sort of pavlovian response to it, but whatever it is, just, the instant i hear it i feel waaay more relaxed and happy and... yes. more than that also, just... aware. okay, i know i talk about this album fairly often, but really, no matter how many times i hear it (itunes says i've listened to this song along 51 times, not counting the rest of the album or the innumerable times i've listened to it on my ipod or on cd in my car) it still surprises me a little to feel that little ...

tangentially related (on the subject of things that make me happy), i think yesterday's tfd is inexplicably hilarious. i kept smiling randomly today whenever i thought about it.

seriously, that's funnny.

once more on things that make me happy: i have gardetto'ses again! this one is a double-edged sword, however; they will make me sad if i once again succumb to their savoury goodness and eat too many of them.

let's see. i just got back from babysitting mears. mears is a building (officially, a "cottage") not a person. it's where most of the english/history offices are, and a few classrooms, and a nice lounge. and this year they opened it up as a study space at night, but someone from the english or history sepc is supposed to be there to watch over it and turn off the lights at 11 when security locks it up, and tonight was my night. i learned 2 things:

1. mears is an amazing, quiet, comfy study place. (and there are no computers there so i can be sooo productive there.)
2. the reason it is so amazing and quiet is that NO ONE USES IT, thus making it totally unnecessary for anyone to watch over it.

keith... rofl house, 83 nets you acapella - vox - the rose. some say love.... it is a riiiiver.

anyway. fucking seriously, paul simon, are you some kind of bodhisattva or what?

i... am going to go watch the daily show. and also, work on valentines, so if anyone missed out on specifying star wars/hp preference, time is running out! you may end up with an UNACCEPTABLE VALENTINE AND YOU WILL HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF >_<

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guys, cheap amusements: working women and leisure in turn-of-the-century new york by kathy peiss has the best footnote ever in the world, okay:

When the working day is done, oh! girls just want to have fun. [1]

[1] Cyndi Lauper, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," She's So Unusual (Red Sox Music Productions/Portrait Records/CBS Inc., 1983).

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Monday, February 06, 2006

listening to: ani difranco, names and dates and times



sarah: 42 nets you g-tones - sh-boom.

top 5 tww episodes... later.

i have totally lost my funny. b&s articles plz write yourselves. thx.

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omg. i just noticed that in questionable content, the shirt faye has been wearing lately says "xHobocorex". seriously go look at it. (if you don't know which one is faye: she's the one wearing the purple shirt that says "xHobocorex".)


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listening to: bnl, wrap your arms around me

first of all, priscellie: song number 424 iissss... barenaked ladies - wrap your arms around me. which is one of my most favorite bnl songs, so, excellent random number picking! (note, if you haven't heard this song i urge you to download it also, even if you did not leave me a comment that said 424.)

anyway. i'm up earlier than i would be on a monday in an attempt to make myself do some more reading.

but instead, first, i'm going to reply to some comments.

let's see. on mono: i think i actually forgot to post that i went to the health center and they said i didn't have it. so... woot!
so, jason: sorry, if i sent you a sample of my saliva it probably wouldn't help you out too much, although i'll happily still send you one if you want.

priscellie: aww, yeah, i DID have mono when you came and visited me! oh, memories. but yes, you can get it more than once but usually the repeat times aren't as bad as the first time. technically, the mono virus stays with you FOREVER.

kait & sarah: i'm glad you can commiserate. i always feel vaguely guilty about slacking off, but rarely guilty enough to actually knuckle down and fully engage with all of my reading. maybe the physics universe me is a better scholar!

megan: well, THAT post wasn't drunken blogging (unless you can get drunk on gandhi. can you?) but my rent movie review post was tipsy blogging, anyhow.

devon: my favorite things of doom! yay!
1. the temple of DOOM
2. my bag of DOOM (aka my giant purse)
3. robots of doom
4. pirates of doom
5. doom of doom

zach: hooray for dar!

keith: seriously, i will have to get some WWRD bracelets printed up and send one your way, it sounds like you need one. also, yeah, your huge political swing was pretty awesome. hooray.

OH MAN i just remembered i have to give a campus tour to a candidate today! sigh. okay.

anyway... hooray for comments! AND for memes. and for doom.

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guys, i seriously don't understand how i have not flunked out of school yet. that 600 pages of reading i had to do? i've done like... 200. but: i really-technically only needed to do 400 for tomorrow, and then we're only discussing part 1 so technically only 150. and then before 7:30 pm i need to read about 50 more pages of history, and come up with something smart to post about it. and then before 8am tuesday i need to read the souls of black folk and some dubois autobiography stuff. but really-technically, i took african american lit last spring and even if i don't read it i'm sure i can come up with something to say in class to sound like i read it. ohhh 200 level english classes.

it's just soo much work to be an active, engaged student. i try, but then it's like... hey, maybe a nap! hey, maybe i have email now! hey, maybe... um... look, a thing!

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

listening to: badly drawn boy, you were right

back from lovely dinner and lovely-if-long gandhi. uncle vernon and president bartlet rode around in a car together. it was kind of glorious. also i learned how actually pretty ignorant about gandhi i am.

meme followup: kait, you picked 127. you win! your prize is ani difranco - letting the telephone ring.

everyone else, feel free to keep playing! i like spreading my music. i'm like a virus. or a trendpimp. and you might well like having my music spread on you, like how toast loves nutella. which it does. toast LOVES nutella.

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daaangit my professor just emailed the class saying that the movie we have to watch tonight is over 3 hours long. that is LONG. the one we watched last week was only like an hour.

anyway. some music memes:

SEVEN SONGS: In your LJ, list seven songs you are into right now; no matter the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good. They must be songs you're really enjoying this week. When you're done, tag seven people on your friends list to see what they're listening to.

(this one is kind of hard for me, cuz i usually go into artist modes, not certain song modes. like today i pretty much only listened to ani difranco. which is weird because i got really tired of her for like, a year. but it would be so boring to just post 7 ani songs. so. okay.)

1. ani difranco - garden of simple
2. lilo & stitch - he mele no lilo
3. mamma mia! (original london cast) - the name of the game
4. tori amos - glory of the 80s
5. bree sharp - cheap & evil girl
6. gwen stefani - hollaback girl (no link, cuz i bought it from the itunes store)
7. acapella - upenn off the beat - soul to squeeze

i tag: your mom.

If you pick a number between 1 and 2767, I will send you whatever song that is in my iTunes library.

(PS fair warning, anywhere towards like the last... 400 in that range is gonna land you some tori amos. oh, or weezer.)

okaaaay i'm going to go stop wasting time with awesome music memes for now (but you should all participate, both in asking me for stuff and also you should do them).

oh and if any of the links expire, let me know and i'll re-upload. holla.

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today has been a goood day, although i did not get nearly enough reading done and tomorrow will kick my ass because of it. christine, mary and i got delicious chinese food for lunch, and then mary and i went to see the rent movie and i giggled hysterically through it again. because... oh my god. the only single way that movie could have been funnier is if they had cast constantine as roger. can you imagine? CAN YOU? god i would never stop watching it, ever.

and then... mary and i went over to some of christine's friends' offcampus house, and they made a really amazing dinner. and we ate it. and then watched sex and the city and drank cosmopolitans. then... mary and i left early because they were plannnig to watch the entire first season of satc, and that's um... a lot... and i'm not a huge satc fan. like it's okay and all, but not 6-hours-straight good. so mary and i went back and started watching house, but then molly and tim stopped by and were like "do you guys want to watch a view to a kill?" and i was like, OMG OBV YES (but mary left to go do woooork) so we went to a lounge to watch it.

but the tape didn't work, so for awhile we watched this documentary about a guy who thought he was friends with bears but then he got eaten by one. it was realllly funny/sad, he videotaped himself talking to the bears. one of them was named "mister chocolate". and a fox stole his hat. the fox was named ghost.

my favorite part was this ranger talking about finding the bear and saying "his stomach was full of people. and clothes."

anyway, but the effing view to a kill video did not woooork so instead we watched the original batman movie and made adam west jokes and colored and it was pretty great.

OH and last night i learned that the song "wicked little town" from hedwig and the angry inch was written about grinnell. DID YOU KNOW THAT?

okay. anyway. i'm off to bed. i mean... to BAT-bed.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

JFC my ipod somehow deleted itself! i left it plugged into my computer overnight and when i woke the computer back up it said "error reading iPod Josh, use iTUnes to restore factory settings" and i was like WHAT. so i ejected it and turned it on separate from the computer... sure enough, it's ALL DELETED.

mostly this is bad because i just deleted a bunch of music off my harddrive, knowing that i had it all on josh. DAMMIT. i mean, i know i have a lot of it on real cd at home, but... grrr.

anyway. woo, i somehow woke up early (9 is totally early) on my own so i'm going to go quit bitching about my ipod (waaah... okay i'm done) and go try to put a dent in my reading.

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i am juuust off to bed but i checked my email one last time and received kait's comment, and i just HAVE to say:

OMG kait, i totally peed during ISTY too. because seriously, that song is boring.

and yesss when they threw burning paper in the street that was awesome.

also awesome:

roger: i know you... you're...
me (to christine): val from josie and the pussycats!

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guuuys the rent movie was so funny.

(i should tell you taht i had like 3 glasses of wine before i went to see it?) anwyay we had a sexy party with wine and cheese, and it was fun and people came and um... we were all really geeky. (mlly and tim were talking in latin. lester was teaching us facts about sea otters. etc.)

anyway i'm just going to copy and paste my review from CB. because obviously when it;'s 1am and i come home from a slightly tipsy viewing of the rent movie, i MUST SHARE WITH THE INTERNET.

Hey guys, how come nobody told me the Rent movie was HILARIOUS? Oh my god, it was like a trip to the ROFL House. I think all the new dialogue was definitely funny. Um. Bullet points:

- On my way to the theatre I ran into a Renthead friend of mine who saw the movie for the first time earlier today, and she said "Oh man, the movie's good but What You Own looks like a Bon Jovi video, seriously" and she was so right. It was so funny. Whenever they showed Roger, basically, I cracked up (as did most of the theatre).
- Maureen's mom: "Well, maybe now the two of you can get back together!" Hee hee.
- At the Life Cafe when everyone else is making out and Mark is still rocking out? I laughed for like 5 minutes.
- I loooved how they were all drunk during Happy New Year/breaking back into the building.
- Oh man when I was 16 I had a huge crush on Anthony Rapp and I think maybe it's back now. Thanks movie!
- The crush on Adam Pascal though, thanks movie for eradicating that one.
- Oh and anytime anyone spoke lines that were supposed to be sung, I giggled.
- Full disclosure, I was maybe possibly a tiny little bit tipsy while watching the Rent movie (and maybe possibly while I'm posthing this. Maybe.)
- Anwyay though, overall I liked it! And through a combination of intentional and unintentional factors, I definitely thought it was funnier and quicker-paced than the play. That is soo good for my short attention span.
- Seriously though, I cannot overemphasize how incredibly hilarious I found What You Own. I just... oh my God, he was ona CLIFF. Driving a car that looked like an old Transformer.

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Friday, February 03, 2006

hey! dar williams is coming to campus april 6! neat!

btdubs, campus concerts are free so any dar fans should be considering a roadtrip to grinnell. you can sleep on my extra bed! or in my bed, WINK.

also, a band called the DOOMTREE COLLECTIVE will be coming. (not with dar, separately. concerts just released their spring schedule.)

omg, and also DJ TOM SERVO. rofl house.

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woo, the weekend! good thing i only have reading to do...

only 396 pages for postcolonial lit, 113 for american lit, and 111 for new american woman. that's only 620 pages. yes. good.

i'm going to the library FOREVER.

except no i'm not.

eta: i didn't mean to publish this post when i did, but all of a sudden i realized i was late for sepc lunch and i apparently panicked and posted it, instead of just panicking and leaving the window open. whatevs.

let's see. mike has mono (officially) so i think i might head to the health center soon to see if i have it (officially). cross your fingers that i don't, plz.

highlights of this weekend:
- my uppity wine and cheese party! yay!
- rent movie at harris this weekend! (i know it's going to be lame, but still, it's rent and it's the movie and i still haven't seen it)
- sex & the city party w/christine's friends!
- ... okay yeah, pretty much the rest of the time i'll be in the library. or in my nest/bed. with a book. i love my nest.

oh and there's a candidate talk this afternoon. okay. have i actually mentioned the sepc yet? i might have when i got elected last year but anyway. i'm on the history sepc, which stands for like... student educational policy comittee. something. basically we meet with candidates for professor openings, and we eat lunch with them and talk to them and stuff, and then make recommendations to the department re: who we think they should hire. the candidate today is german and he kept saying his w's as v's and it was adorable. my favorite was when he talked about having "some viggle room" in his schedule.


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Thursday, February 02, 2006

i'm crossposting a few recent quotes/conversations from my plan, cuz i think they bear saving and i wipe my plan every month or so.

victoria brown: "now we're back to girls just wanna have fun? cyndi lauper *is* one of the great philosophers of the 20th century."

(my whole family on speakerphone with me)
dad: hey renata, did you know that lobsters walk really tall? i'd never seen one walk before, it's really weird.
me: like they walk upright?
dad: no.. like their legs are just kinda long, and they walk with them straight under them. they're pretty high off the ground.
me: wait, when were you looking at lobsters?
dad: it was on the history channel.
reid and i simultaneously: were you watching the history of lobsters?
dad: you guys just wanna mock everything, don't you! no, it was the history of the fishing industry. i wish you guys could see the way they walk, they're so cool.
me: you could get a pet lobster. you could call it pinchy!
dad: yeah! i could put it on a leash and take it on walks!
mom: terrorize the cats...
dad: yeah, i'll teach magneto a thing or two... (note, magneto is one of our cats. if you couldn't figure it out.)

christine: i was doing my reading earlier today, but then i thought to myself, "what would renata do?" so i took a nap.

(seriously kids, ask yourself: what would renata do? taking a nap is an excellent idea. i think if everyone had a WWRD? bracelet, many more naps would be taken.)

reid: hello?
me: hey reid. happy birthday!
reid: thanks. um, who is this?
me: it's your sister, you retard.
reid: oh. OH! hi. sorry, you sounded like this girl i hate... sometimes she calls me from different phones to trick me.


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re my earlier "why am i so tiiired?" post, apparently MONO is circulating the peripheries of my circle of friends. GROOD.

the only person i know who has it for sure is emily, but i never really hang out or exchange fluids with her. BUT mike thinks he might have it. but i think it takes awhile for mono to show up once it's spread, so if he has it he probably didn't get it from her. but he might have started getting it in london, and i'm suuure i shared cups with him there. and mike made out with a lot of people in london. so it's possible.

i don't know. i had it in high school and it hit me pretty hard (but also looking back i think i might also have been kind of depressed and was quite welcoming towards the idea of laying around in bed all day for like a month). let's see... you can get it more than once, other symptoms are sore throat, fever, and swelling of the lymph nodes. i was feeling kind of fevery yesterday but nothing on the sore throat/lymph node front. incubation period is 4-6 weeks. that would be... middle of december-end of december. so, london.

well. let's hope that i'm actually just... tired all the time for no good reason. rather than mono. um.

maybe i'll just go take a nap.


oh, but first comment replies:

priscellie: re the dvds: well, my mom was sending me some other stuff too, so she stuck in the dvds. (i just didn't mention the other stuff because it was not as exciting as the dvds.) she does like house, though, and she might well have stolen them had she known was was in the package, but it was addressed to me and she's not really in the habit of opening and stealing my mail ^_^ also, yeah, point 14 is good too. gosh, what's with women trying to change society's unrealistic body image? wouldn't it be way easier to just develop an eating disorder already? c'mon now girls.

mary: seriously. how did he even find that article anyway? was he searching for "women masturbating"? or does he just read the s&b, like how we read ann coulter's website?

scott: hi! thanks for your clockwork orange advice! also: er, do i know you?

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hey! they announced some of the cast for the ootp movie, and helen mccrory is playing bellatrix!

this is significant because: i saw her as rosalind in as you like it in london!! and i am easily excited!

in other news: happy birthday, reid! welcome to 17, an age which garners you no new privileges. oh, i guess you can see r-rated movies now. happy birthday reid, go watch people say "fuck" on the big screen!

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

hey. as a new form of procrastination, i re-wrote the about me page. and i re-named it "the about me page" instead of "strange little girl". um. yes.

i also want to touch up the who's who page. and make a new layout.

but right now i should really just finish my reading and go to bed. yes.

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listening to: spice girls, never give up on the good times

guys. someone tell me why i am so tired. i get plenty of sleep, usually 8hoursish. i excercise. i take a multivitamin (except when i forget). i eat food. i thought maybe it was some sort of vegetarian protein deficiency but then i started making a point to eat lots of hummus/rice & beans/peanut butter/cheese etc. so i think i'm good there. i'm just TIIIIRED WHY.

in conclusion: waaaah.

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HOLY SHIT i think i have a new mortal nemesis. his name is mike adams and he has written a series of columns entitled "why i don't take feminists seriously".

AND. go read his column and skip down to point 13. (or read everything up through point 13 if you want to get really angry, but definitely read point 13).

SERIOUSLY WHAT. i also don't understand why it's "no explanation necessary". :/

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listening to: tori, suede

hooray!! my internet shoes came today! they are so exciting. they are all silver and futurey looking. (note: no i do not mean "futuristic", i mean "futurey". the two words have different connotations and these shoes are futurey.) i am certain that i could outrun a gazelle if i were wearing these shoes. and also if the gazelle were strapped to an elliptical machine. yes.

i also got a package from my mom, containing a package from priscellie. *opens* OH MAN I LOVE YOU PRISCILLA.

wait. i mean. OH MAN I HATE YOU PRISCILLA, I HAVE TO DO MY READINGS AND POST ABOUT THEM BEFORE 7:30. NOT WATCH TV. ARGH. (NOTE: priscilla sent me daily shows and colbert reports from when i was in london, PLUS some episodes of veronica mars and house season 2!!11!one!)

EW the last sip of my cup of coffee was all gross and groundsy. i did an extremely awesome and sexy spit take. luckily, back into the cup, not onto sam. whew. it was really good coffee up until that last sip, too.

let's see. before english seminar today everyone in class discussed how none of us understand the readings at all, and we were all really glad to hear that nobody gets it, because we all assumed that everyone else got it. what a convoluted sentence. seriously. postmodern postcolonial postrealist postwhat.

hey i just filled out a SECRET ANOYMOUS evaluation of professor cunningham (from physics in the arts). he is up for a promotion! my input is valuable! i said good things about him. he is a nice man. i also mentioned his hawaiian shirt collection in a positive light.

okay i really need to do some reading now. and some blackboard postings. yes.

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a meme? a meme? did you just say a meme?

(sorry guys, but i love book memes. i do.)

Here are the current top 50 books from http://www.whatshouldireadnext.com. Bold the books you have read. Italicize the books you plan to read. Leave the rest.

The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
The Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger (i've read it, but i've been meaning to re-read it
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - Douglas Adams
The Great Gatsby - F.Scott Fitzgerald
To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee
The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling
Life of Pi - Yann Martel
Animal Farm: A Fairy Story - George Orwell
Catch-22 - Joseph Heller
The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - Mark Haddon
Lord of the Flies - William Golding
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
1984 - George Orwell
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - J.K. Rowling
One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden
The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold
Slaughterhouse 5 - Kurt Vonnegut
Angels and Demons - Dan Brown
Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk
Neuromancer - William Gibson
Cryptonomicon - Neal Stephenson
The Secret History - Donna Tartt
A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card
Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson
A Prayer for Owen Meany - John Irving
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis
Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides
Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell
The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien
Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
Good Omens - Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman
Atonement - Ian McEwan
The Shadow Of The Wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway
The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood
The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath

this list makes me feel sooo much more well-read than that last list that was drifting aroudn the internet awhile back.

anyway. um. last night i started designing a new blog layout but nothing worked ever so i gave up. maybe this weekend.

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i am:

- sad that christine didn't get into med school because she is AWESOME and med schools are on CRACK
- tired
- angry at the crappy school laundry room
- waaaaitin' for my clothes to dry

i'm also waitin' for my internet shoes to come! god, i ordered them like a yeaaaar ago, where are my internet shoes?! ups tracking says "ship complete"! oh! hopefully i'll get them tomorrow then! hooraaay.

aanyway... really tired. going to go check the laundry. if it's not dry by now i think i will just take it anyway and go to sleep. and then i will set the laundry room on fire.

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