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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

listening to: tori, mr zebra

the state of the union is in 10 minutes and i don't even really want to go watch. i know i should go inform myself but really... bush is going to say some depressing things, some god bless america things, and some l-o-l stupid things. people will clap. it would probably be a better use of my time for me to stay here and read for an hour and then watch the daily show later. you know? ohh and laundry. laundry would definitely be a good use of time.

i've definitely been swinging more toward political disillusionment lately. what does it matter if i watch the state of the union? ultimately, what does it even matter if we elect a democrat? everyone's racing to the middle. the disillusionment also makes me suddenly swing to the extreme radical position. "nothing will help... except for THE REVOLUTION!" i feel like from activist to burnout in like, 4 years is kind of ridiculous. but they have been kind of a bad 4 years.

plus i went to this debate between a founder of the minutemen and a professor/legal guy who is sort of pro-immigration and sort of pro-the sound of his own voice. and it was just. nobody SAID anything. the debate was an HOUR and nobody said anything. i still think political awareness is important, and political action is an important way to accomplish things but... i don't feel like it right now.

um does this mean i have to watch mtv now or something?

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Monday, January 30, 2006

listening to: g-tones, call me al

OMG did you guys see the daily show?? jon made a constantine face. omg.

two food-related thoughts: 1. i can't remember if i took my vitamin today? i'm not sure if i did. but i think it's worse to overdose on vitamins than to be slightly under. anyway i ate lots of vegetables today. 2. dude, gardetto's are so addictive. and delicious.

let's seee. scipe AND b&s meetings today. hooray! my favorite b&s headline that we brainstormed was "B&S Editors Advise Students to just Read The Goddamned Onion". (i came up with it.)

mmm... gardetto's. (to paraphrase mitch hedberg... "gardetto's is possessive, so if you ever meet a guy named gardetto and he asks for some snack mix, you'd better hand it over because it's his!")

comment-reply time! i love comment-reply time, because it means i had some comments.

devon: first neil book? i guess it depends on what you like? my favorite is american gods, it's sort of... funny-scary-contemporary-smart-mythological. but they are all good. stardust is like pretty-funny-magical-fairytale. smoke and mirrors might be good too, since it's a short story collection so you get a sampler. anansi boys is sort of in the vein of american gods but it's funnier and lighter. neverwhere is great too, contemporary-dark-funny-fantasy with british humor. i guess the only thing i would advise *against* starting with would be sandman, even though it's probably my favorite of his works, because it's so big and epic and also hard to get ahold of, and then any of his kids' stuff, although that's also good, but i think it would be better to get to know his adult style and then be like, aww, small people. sort of. thing. yes.

(re: your spelling skills? i blame the heroin.)

update: MAN i just ate all my remaining gardetto's and i think that was too many gardetto's and now i feel a little sick. but i could not stop. they were so delicious. it is awkward the way "gardetto's" is possessive that way. because like how do i pluralize it? "gardetto'ses"? heh. i actually kind of like that. from now on i will refer to them as gardetto'ses. if i remember.

keith: seriously. i think the last episode of w&g will catch many people by surprise, but you and i will be so ready for it. and, hmm. i haven't had that much trouble with handwriting yet but i can imagine the problematic possibilities.

mary and kait: for serious. worst font ever.

okay. okay. i need to go finish up my reading and go to bed. boo 8 o'clock classes. BOO GARDETTO'SES THAT MAKE ME EAT THEM ALL.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

i think i am examining the stats hw i'm grading with too historical of a lens. i want to criticize students for overgeneralizing and then i'm like... actually i guess that's pretty much the point of this question. it would make a terrible research paper, though. also i want to critique their language choice-- can you talk about "students with higher SAT scores" and "smarter students" as being equivalent? no you can't, but it's intro level stats homework so just shut up and give them full points, renata.

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oh, and one more thing. since a few people commented, here's the "oreo" icon so you can all look at it and marvel at the fucked-up font involved.


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listening to: rachael sage, stone

a moment in the life of renata: i read a paragraph of an article. i looked at my watch : it was almost 8pm. "8pm on sunday?" i thought. "isn't that when new family guy is on? maybe i'll take a study break and watch it. and i bet i can even grade my stats stuff while i watch." so i checked online and confirmed that yes, family guy is in fact on at 8. then i grabbed the folder, a pen, and headed downstairs to the lounge, which was open. score! i turned on the tv. it said: DVD PLAYER and the screen was blue. so i picked up the remote and tried to turn the tv to "tv" mode, not "dvd". but it didn't work. and then i turned off the dvd player and that didn't work either. so i gave up and went back to my room. THE END.

collective dinner with mary, anna, and carly was lovely though. but i burned my tongue on mary's indian food. not like because it was spicy, but because its temperature was very high. ow.

and then i came home and noticed that i had left a candle burning the whole time i was gone. doh. at least my room didn't burn down. i'd be sooo mad if i burned down my room.

also: priscellie, i talked to my mom today and she said that i had a package from you at home! she's sending it on to me tomorrow. i'm shivering in antici... pation.

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one more quick post- someone on my flist posted with an icon that says, in swirly font, "i have come with my mustard seed", which is a tori amos lyric. but i misread it as "i have come with my mustard oreo" and so i'd like you all to take a moment to consider, just as i did, how disgusting a mustard oreo would be.

thank you and goodnight.

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what, it's 2am? lately i've been crashing at midnight or earlier. hooray!

anywayz, mary and i watched house (ahahaha i'm a trendpimp) and then we sucked tim, molly, and carly into our den and played IMAGINIFF. and we didn't have enough people so we added "jesus" and "your mom" as possibilities. which was awesome.

and THEN we played 90s trivial pursuit, and team english major got pie for a rent question AND a spice girls question. it was sooo glorious. but then we missed a GAME-WINNNING SPICE GIRL QUESTION TRAGEDY OF ALL TRAGEDIES. man. but how were we supposed to know which spice girl became a mom first? goshhhh i'm not a spice girl stalker, i just appreciate their music. (note: the correct answer is scary spice.)

anyway, and then everyone left and mary and i watched another episode of house.

seriously, house/cameron = otWPE. (that's "one true WORST PAIRING EVER" fyi.)

okay, i should go to bed now. because sleep = so good.

oh no but i forgot to post about the will and grace series finale!!! molly and i saw a commercial for it and we totally predicted the end. FAKE SPOILERS:

will gets cured of gayness! and then jack dies of aids. will, grace, and karen go protest his funeral with fred phelps. then will and grace get married and karen marries that other guy that grace was dating in the commercial. the laugh track says LOL. the end.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

listening to: stu, amsterdam

hey remember that time when i saw stuart in amsterdam? and he didn't play "amsterdam"? oh. well, i do.

tonight at dinner the dining hall had potato wedges AND carrot cake!! foods of joy!

and.. today i did some reading. and wasted time on the computer. i waste so much time on the computer. seriously.

last night i learned that oops, i'm one of those people who won't shut up about their semester abroad. really though, watching neverwhere with me is just asking for it.

anyway. i've been harvesting lj icons from communities to upload for later. it's hard because i'm kind of picky, in a really random way. also, seriously harry potter icon-making community, where the fuck are the WEASLEY TWINS? WHERE? lame. also lame: the phrase "comment if your taking any." ew.

okay it's almost 9pm on a saturday. i need to go... not waste my life looking for lj icons. seriously.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

one thing i've been meaning to post about... at grinnell we have "harris parties" every weekend, which are big all-campus dance-type-things. and they always have a theme. some of these are traditional themes, there's one every year and everyone gets really into it. (ie the madonna party, the underwear ball, mary b. james [cross-dressing], disco, etc.) sometimes they're just random.

this weekend the party is "robots vs. nurses."


none of my friends or i know what that even MEANS. i mean, everyone knows about the traditional robot/nurse rivalry. it's up there with hatfield/mccoy. oh wait NO IT'S NOT. what.

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also, i've been forgetting to say that lately it seems like boron doesn't necessarily update itself when i open it, even after i've just blogged. so if there's no new update, you should try an f5/refresh cuz that seems to bring it up. just, you know, if you really want to read a new entry. and hadn't tried that. i.. just thought i should mention it. assuming this entry ever shows up. um. yes.

the end!

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listening to: tmbg, twisting

man, life here in the humanities universe sure is pretty great. (life in the other alternate universes is probably pretty great too, maybe. there's the AU where jenny, mike, amelia and i also lived with sophia; the AU where kait and i are physics majors; the AU where sebastian arcelus is NOT in john kerry loves kittens: the musical thus meaning that kait and i are not friends anymore [thus making the future graceland trip highly awkward]... oh man.)

my only real complaint with the humanities 'verse right now is that the air is soo dry that i have a sort of low-grade perpetual nosebleed. well, i mean it's not like my nose is dripping blood ever, but every time i blow my nose it's bloody. okay this is a gross paragraph. at least i'm not talking about tampons. except now i am. tampons tampons tampons.

ANYWAY. what.

i'm going to go shower. then i will get a bagel and coffee! and eat and drink them (respectively). and then give the history candidate a campus tour (wtf, like i know how to give a campus tour. "um, and that's the science building. they... do science there. here is the forum, home of bagels. mmm, bagels. um... that is a squirrel.") and eat lunch with her & the sepc.

and then... some stuff... history candidate presentation... dinner and HAPPENINGS with xine.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

listening to: indigo girls, tangled up in blue

guys, i totally wrote this article. except last year. and mine was better.

the onion, 120981
me, 1


anyway. i don't have class tomorrow, although i do have to give a history professor candidate a tour and eat lunch with her. i don't have class friday ever. tonight i watched an HOUR of tv. and i'm going to go watch half an hour, maybe even an hour more. WTF. i'm at SCHOOL.

molly and i watched my name is earl, because when i was in london i was all "wtf, jason lee got his own teevee show?! we'll have to watch it together when i get back." and we totally followed through. except we missed the first 5 minutes looking for an open lounge so we had no idea what was going on. like, "wtf, there is a girl with one leg who works at a donut shop, and she is angry at jason lee? and... jason lee is pushing a guy in a wheelchair down the stairs... and... what. hey is that the guy from mallrats who can't see the magic eye? oh, it's totally the guy from mallrats." (note: it totally IS the guy from mallrats. aka ethan suplee, apparently.)

and then we watched the office with jenny, which was funny. although during the last 5 minutes like... 20 people suddenly came down from the 2nd floor, and they all had balloons and were loud and then they were like batting the balloons around and we were like, what.

and soon i will go watch the daily show. oh, i'm going to be so spoiled.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

i just rewarded myself for my diligence towards reading by watching some little britain. that show is way, way too funny. you should all watch it. for reals. right now.

good bile!

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roflcopter. boredom inspired me to spend some time with the lj random picture generator and the very first thing that i got was:

um. yes. good.

eta: omg, there are tons of them! i might be scarred for life now :(

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guys, i am RIDICULOUS. i have TWENTY lipglosses/chapsticks on my desk (exactly twenty, i just counted. plus 2 in my jacket pocket, and a couple in my purse, and i think there's one over by my bed, and probably one in my backpack.) but i just looked at all of them, and went, "dammit, i want my EXFOLIATING chapstick, where is it?"

and i can't find it and i'm really sad.

but really. it is necessary to have a variety of lip products on hand (on lip?) in order to be prepared for various levels of lip moisturizing (and exfoliating!) you also need the ability to make your lips different tints, different levels of glossy, and different levels of sparkly.

really i'm not sure how you could cover all your bases with fewer than 20 lip products.

anyway. in other news:

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Renata!

1. The Church of Scientology was founded in 1953, at Washington D.C., by Renata!
2. Renata will often rub up against people to lay her scent and mark her territory.
3. About one tenth of Renata is permanently covered in ice.
4. Renata is the only bird that can swim but not fly.
5. Renata is born white; her pink feathers are caused by pigments in her typical diet of shrimp.
6. To check whether Renata is safe to eat, drop her in a bowl of water; rotten Renata will sink, and fresh Renata will float.
7. Influenza got its name because people believed the disease was caused by the evil "influence" of Renata!
8. Three seagulls flying overhead are a warning that Renata is near!
9. The difference between Renata and a village is that Renata does not have a church.
10. Britain's Millennium Dome is more than double the size of Renata!

you can learn trivia about yourself, too. or other things even.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i REALLY should be reading instead of internet-ing.

however, thanks to the (inane, heteronormative) quiz megan posted i now know that the harry potter character i woudl date is: dumbledore. (untrue: i would date a weasley twin.) whew.

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sometimes academia makes my head explode, a little. ie:

As history (and recent feminist scholarship) teaches us, "races" and "nations" haven't been defined on the basis of inherent natural characteristics; nor can we define "gender" in any transhistorical, unitary way.

what does that even MEAN? (note, please do not leave comments explaining what that means. because really i do understand my readings for class. mostly. it's just that at first glance... WHAT.)

ps; gender is a social construct lolololol

ps2; that was probably only funny if you go or went to grinnell.

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woot, laurie found out she is getting a single fo sho. technically, this will leave me alone in a double so TECHNICALLY i could end up with a new roommate at some point, but by now it's pretty unlikely.

it's been kind of hilarious how laurie and i have both been so politely elated, making big points to be like "oh, nothing personal, i like you and i'm sure we'd be good roommates, but... wooooo singles!"

cuz seriously: woooo singles.

anyway. i meant to take a nap before the class movie but instead i accidentally took one during it. it was really short though. a micro-nap.

also, i did end up buying those shoes. seriously, my heels hurt SO much from the stupid old broken shoes. these are the ones i bought, in case you want to be my shoe twin.

also: megan, dude, that's really weird. you would think the ghost of marilyn monroe would have better things to do than be an alarm clock for college students. but i'm really glad that apparently she doesn't.

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listening to: tori, raspberry swirl

i went to the pec again today, which gives me a two-day streak. yess.unfortunately it also reminded me of why i never really get very long streaks: working out is boring. it is so boring. even with my ipod and the fancy new teevees in the pec (i watch with closed captioning: multiple forms of stimulation) it is boring. but boring cardio makes for a healthy heart. right? right.

also good for a healthy heart: the cheese cubes i just ate.

anyway. oh, on my possible single: laurie (have i actually mentioned that new!roommate's name is laurie? because, it is) is a tour guide. apparently, they always keep one dorm room open so that tour guides can show students a room, if they don't feel comfortable showing off their own room. it turns out that this semester, the tour room is on our floor. the original plan was that she asked if she could live there, saying that she would be happy to let other tour guides use her room, let them have the spare key, etc. anyway, apparently the tour guide supervisor was lukewarm on this, so she went to housing and was all "seriously there's an empty room RIGHT THERE, let me have it" and they were all "wellll we don't know. but hey, you're first on the waitlist for a single, and there's someone moving out the floor below you. probably you can have that one."

which, wtf. thanks for making this convenient, housing department. but anyway, still, chances of the single life seem good-ish.

also, devon: c'mon, it's grinnell. if i told them i was a lesbian they would be like "um, so?" or possibly would find me another lesbian to live with.

what else? class with vbrown was awesome. as expected. OH, and i forgot my other exciting story. i will xpost from plans because i'm kind of lazy, okay.

my alarm did NOT go off today, and i totally did not set it for 7:30pm like i sometimes do. i just checked it, and my alarm was totally, all-encompassingly accurately set, yet it did not go off. thus, i woke up at 7:55 with an 8am class. the only reason i even woke up that early was because my andy warhol marilyn monroe poster fell off the wall, and onto me. i can only conclude that the ghost of marilyn monroe has my back. or maybe the ghost of andy warhol. is andy warhol even dead? i... feel like i should know if he's alive or not but i have no idea. okay, he died in 1987. good to know i'm with the times. either way, thanks helpful wakeup ghost!

actually- the alarm didn't go off on monday, either, but since my 1st class isn't until 2pm it was no big deal, and i just chalked it up to me setting the alarm for pm instead of am. but because of that, i was extra-paranoid about setting it last night. alarm clock, you're ON NOTICE.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

not getting my hopes up (but getting my hopes up) maybe getting a single tomorrow?

cross your fingers?

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listening to: indigo girls, the wood song

this song is about wood!

or something.

anyway. today.

good news: i went to the pec! go me! and the new pec has lots of elliptical machines so i did not have to wait for one.
bad news: the new pec is slightly father away than the old one. also, my running shoes are wearing out and now they're almost all worn through in the back and it hurts my heel.
(good news: excuse to buy new shoes!)

oh wait, this works better if i format it bad news, then good news. okay.

bad news: prof. kapila dropped 2 books from the class and added 3 new ones... after i already bought them all online.
good news: now we're reading midnight's children, which i loved!

bad news: man we haven't even had a class session of new american woman yet, and i already had like 120 pages of reading.
good news: hi, it's a victoria brown class. that is good news.

also, some good news with no corrolary bad news:
- WAFFLE BAR NIGHT AT DINNER; dinner eaten w/mary & christine!
- went to an english candidate presentation; free cookies and juice; saw paula smith (heart), who, per usual, encouraged me to steal the extra cookies after the presentation (and i, per usual, had already done so).

now i'm shopping for shoes online. i know what i want: 8.5 new balance shoes. pink ones. okay, i found some. hmm. should i get them? i've never bought shoes online before. but: i need them, so my heels stop hurting. i probably won't leave grinnell & visit a real shoe store for awhile. i always get new balance shoes and i always wear a size 8.5, so i don't think i should worry about that. and really, i'm not a professional athlete, the minute differences between different shoe styles doesn't impact me. PLUS these ones are black/pink/silver, possibly the coolest color combination ever.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

guys. i'm done with my reading for lit tomorrow, and with part of the reading for history on tuesday. AND i got my docs project back in my box (remember, the one i did spring 2005. about sesame street. for vbrown. c'mon, you remember. and more importantly: you CARE.) anyway, i got an A on it. an A. not even an A-.

pretty much, i rule. today anyway.

do you hear that, sunday january 22? TODAY I RULE.

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listening to: paul simon, still crazy after all these years

i have finally met my roommate! she came in like 20 minutes after i went to sleep, but i was still awake, but i thought it would be easiest to pretend like i was actually asleep? so i did. and then this morning we conversed. prediction: we will get along fine as roommates but probably won't hang out too much out of the room, and probably won't really see each other next year when we don't have to live with each other. i'm comfortable with that form of roommate relationship.

also, yes, she is friends with the gaimans- she brought it up when she noticed my neverwhere poster. anyway that's kind of cool. i think.

okay. today:
- pick up postcolonial lit reading in mears
- get history book
- lunch with xine!
- registration
- walk to wal-mart, get band-aids and headphones
- do readings for postcolonial lit
- watch house
- hang out with people who should be hung out with.
- go to pec (but only if wal-mart trip has successfully procured headphones)

also, i think i should share this awesome aim conversation:

renata: kait i just watched "role models" and i just have to let you know that if house/cameron happens i will be SO upset.




sick and probably hallucinating
renata: also i haev to assume that cameron leaving is just too good to be true.
renata: what the hell, sick and probably hallucinating? um feel better but how is "probably hallucinating" different from usual?
renata: also, whoa, your away message is us talking
renata: and us talking is.. us talking. but really just me talking.
renata: my mind is blown.

also, priscellie is my new hero for providing me with tds/tcr/house. <333333

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

listening to: paul simon, that was your mother

i feel less tired now! also, my room is much more decorated. i'm so sad, though-- i forgot to bring my awesome autographed daily show poster. that is by far the best thing i own. ever. except maybe sam. i never actually call sam "sam", i usually call him "lappy". or "the computer". i also didn't bring any of my big posters- now that i think about it, i stored them in a roll and the roll is... somewhere. but i have most of my smaller ones, and i have a fair number of small ones, so it's okay. i also have an awesome ad for the library of congress julia gave me... it says "are you history buff?" and it has a big muscley body with lincoln's head pasted on it. it RULES.

oh shit, i knew i forgot something at wal-mart... band-aids. actually i didn't even forget band-aids, i looked right at the band-aid aisle and was like "no, i'm sure i packed band-aids from home." but, i didn't, and i have a toe requiring frequent bandaging. doh! i guess i'll be heading back to wal-mart tomorrow.

dammit, band-aids and jon stewart, i clearly forgot the two most crucial things. oh, and my ipod headphones. ARGH. i was going to go to the pec tomorrow, but I CANNOT GO WITHOUT IPOD HEADPHONES.

okay. anyway.

oh i just remembered something else i wanted to post. the funniest thing ever, possibly.

amanda: "yesterday at work someone burned a hot dog, and it was so wrinkled and old and decrepit-looking... and it was so funny! it made me so happy! you could NOT look at that hot dog and be sad! but then the manager made me throw it away."

and then later...
me: "abba makes me so happy! you can't listen to abba and be sad! (pause) kind of like amanda's burnt hot dog!"

seriously amanda... a burnt hot dog, what the hell. you need to introduce more joy into your life. listen to some abba.


some top 5 lists for priscilla! i like making lists so you should all participate in this meme.

Top 5 Renata/? OTPs:
1. renata/purple down comforter = sleeping in otp!
2. renata/purple uniball vision fine line pens = writing utensil otp!
3. renata/yankee clean cotton candles = olfactory otp!
4. renata/maybelline diamond liquid lipgloss = sparkly lips otp!
5. renata/jon stewart/stephen colbert = ot3.

Top 5 People/Groups/Inanimate Objects/Bears Destroying Our Nation
1. people who misuse "your"/"you're" and "its"/"it's"
2. people on rent message boards with rent-related screennames
3. non-voters. (who are eligible to vote).
4. people who voted for bush.

Top 5 Top 5 Lists You've Encountered
1. stephen colbert's threatdown counts, right? good.
2. kait's list of top 5 x-men colleges!
3. i uh... i don't encounter top 5 lists very often? i'm trying to remember who else did this meme...
4. tara's list of top 5 josie & the pussycats moments.

kait: eww, mold. and, i'm pretty sure that salmon p chase DIDN'T look like conan, but he had an awesome name so we remembered him and wanted him to be the guy who looked like conan. hmm... no, here's salmon, not very conan-y. huh. here's a picture of lincoln's whole cabinet and none of them really look like conan... but... that guy totally did. oh wait, i bet it was montgomery blair. yeah. i bet in color and in creepy wax model form, he would totally look like conan.

ps, speaking of political figures looking like conan, has anyone else heard about conan and the finnish president? sooo good.

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so, hi! i'm back in grinnell. awesome christine (tm) helped me move in, and then we both helped mary move in.

this morning i had the worst headache ever, and ronery (the kitty) came and crawled up on my bed, and i petted him, and he clamped down with his head and held my hand between his head and his paws, and it was the cutest damn thing ever. EVER.


anyway. mom took me out for lunch and for dinner AND for coffee. and to wal-mart. woo hoo! but now she's gone and i'm alone... all alone. new!roommate isn't here, and christine went to the pub with her OTHER friends, and mary went out to dinner with her dad. it's cool though, because i'm so tired i might well go to bed like... now.

i can't get my computer to register for wireless. BOO-URNS. oh. um. actually i just got the bright idea to see if wireless will work without registering: it will. i guess... i already registered this computer for wireless? last year? so it still works? awesome.

one more bit of excitement: xine introduced me to sex and the city, via the episode guest-starring alan cumming. oh alan cumming, of COURSE you play an eccentric fashion designer who goes by "o".

okay. i was going to reply to comments, but suddenly i'm too tired to blog. so, commenters: expect an extra-awesome response tomorrow. or later tonight, following a possible sudden burst of energy. it'll be full of love.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

listening to: indigo girls, tangled up in blue

i'm tangled up in DUST. and kleenex. and violent sneezes. fucking HOUSE. fucking me being too lazy to dust for... um... awhile.

anyway. i need to finish packing for skool so i can go visit trina, but right now i'm overwhelmed by the task (and the sneezing) and taking a blogging/diet dr pepper break.

also: this morning the floor guy came to tear up our kitchen floor and give us a new one. BUT there's still moisture under the floor from the flood. so they can't put down the new one until it dries, lest our house become a carrier of MOLD. so we have to have no kitchen floor for a week. so the fridge, stove, table, etc. are all jammed in the dining room.

luckily, i'm skipping town tomorrow, leaving the mess for everyone else to deal with. HA.

aaaaah i live in SQUALOR. GOD. i just spent so much time CLEANING it and here it is, once again, SQUALOR. i want to go on TRADING SPACES. except no i DON'T, because i bet they would get rid of all my tori amos POSTERS.

if i don't stop sneezing soon i think my head will EXPLODE.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

"lincoln once said that it would take a surgical operation to get a joke into salmon chase's head."

OH ZING, mister president!!

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watching: history channel lincoln special!

oh man, i made my parents tape this special for me when i was off at julia's house, and it's soo awesome. and by awesome, i mean, "full of angst". it's like a lifetime channel movie, except that it's about abraham lincoln.

lincoln is the most emo president. with good reason, though, not like "waaah my mom won't take me to the mall to get the new dashboard cd". more like, "waaah my mom died in an extremely slow and painful way when i was 9, and my dad was kind of abusive and non-supportive of my desire for an education, and my sister and baby brother died too, and my wife was crazy, and my kids died, oh and the CIVIL WAR HAPPENED".

which would make a pretty good title for a emo album, i think.

"when we think of lincoln, we think of this big, strong man chopping wood... in fact, he was so beaten down, so sickened, and so worn by this turmoil of bloodshed and death that affected the country for four long years, that around april 1854 he held a cabinet meeting from his bed..."
-- some historian

oh man, and the camera just realy dramatically and slowly zoomed in on a poster advertising my american cousin. sooo angsty.

seriously though, <333 lincoln. and his hat.

also, <333 history channel re-enactments.

ETA: oh man, it's showing new salem! yay! it's totally going to show his springfield home. and his SHAVING MIRROR. yesss.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ahahaha, i was packing up all the things in our house into boxes and i found a framed, autographed headshot of boxcar willie, "the world's favorite hobo".

and it had a toll-free phone number for info, and it was like 1-800-something-HOBO. glorious.


i also forgot to say that i went to shoe carnival today with the intention of buying a new pair of shoes, and there weren't ANY SHOES I WANTED. what the hell. i can always find shoes i want. especially all semester when i couldn't afford to buy shoes in pounds. lame.

anyway, i'm going back to grinnell on saturday and until then i'm pretty much going to be putting stuff in boxes. and sneezing, and sneaking onto the internet in between boxes. wooo!

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listening to: mamma mia!, under attack

oh man, my mamma mia! olcr ("soundtrack" to those of you who aren't theatrically anal retentive) arrived! i've been listening to it constantly all day. sooo good.

trina edited our facebook details... now we've also traveled to "your mom" together. grood.

let me see. oh! some top 5 lists. these are all for kait because the rest of you are too lazy to participate in my meme, angry face. (forgiving face: if any of you come up with more top 5 list topics, i will happily do them, because i'm like that.)

five best moments in Josie and the Pussycats
1. "i still don't understand why you're here."
"i'm here because i was in the comic book."
2. white-ass wally
3. "if i could go back in time, i'd wanna meet snoopy!"
4. when alan m. comes to visit josie, and wyatt keeps making fun of him... "what's with the initial, anyway? it didn't work for sheila e., and it doesn't work for you."
5. during the ending credits, when they're showing outtakes and random guy from du jour says, "too bad your mama couldn't give you a good face!" and seth green says "you know my mom is dead!"

five favourite facts about Lincoln
1. he kept papers in his hat!!
2. his favorite play was macbeth.
3. he kept his beard on advice from like an 8-year-old girl. lincoln listened to the people, okay.
4. learned to write on a shovel.
5. mary todd liked to REVEAL HER BOSOM

five best books you've read in the past year
1. midnight's children, salman rushdie
2. half-blood prince
3. mark twain's complete short stories
4. hey nostradamus!, douglas coupland
5. the handmaid's tale, margaret atwood

five best places for future roadtrips
1. the oregon trail!
2. the southwest?
3. canada
4. two words: assassination vacation
5. less a roadtrip than an airplane trip, but, kait & renata do europe.
and graceland obviously, but we've already been there. in the future. or at least that's what i have reason to believe. based on correspondence with kait of the future. yep.

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man, i should totally go to sleep, since it's almost 2am and i have to get up at 7:30 am tomorrow. there are not many AMs between those two :(

so just a quick note to say that i am home from my wanderings. it was lovely to see sunflower & julia. read julia's last lj entry for details on our hilarious happenings. okay by "hilarious" i mean "actually kind of sad but also entertaining to us, anyway".

instead of going to bed i'm updating my facebook profile. i have made slight, yet significant alterations to my list of favorite movies and books! occasionally i prune them, because i don't like the lists to be too long, and then also occasionally i add stuff back because i'm like "i like __, why isn't it on my list?!" and then later i remove it again. it's all very exciting. i also added details for some of my friends. YOU might just have a detail confirmation waiting for you, in fact. if you don't, it just means we don't have a detailed relationship. OR that you're not on facebook. OR that i got bored of adding details.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

guys. the rent fandom is so crazy. almost as crazy as me and julia are.

some random snippets of conversation i can remember:

(on the cast of strawberry shortcake)
julia: dude, the asian girl totally got less asian!

(note: she DID. we did extensive strawberry shortcake research. the asian one used to be named almond tea, and she had a pet panda named marza panda. note-note: get it? marzipan? marza PANDA? HAHAHHA. there also used to be a mexican one named cafe ole. with a pet donkey. and a dutch one named mint tulip, and a french one named crepe suzette. so glorious.)

me: well, like, huckleberry is a name. if your name is huckleberry finn, or huckleberry pie.

um... okay, i can't remember? also julia just went downstairs, so i should follow her to get some brainwash tea. but basically we were really tired, and we were going to go to bed RIGHT AWAY but instead we got on the internet and read rentsecrets and researched strawberry shortcake and were really cracked out for about two hours.

additionally, i would like to state for the record that the only reason i befriended kait in 1999 is because i had a vision that several years later sebastian arcelus would join the cast of rent, and also that kait would befriend him, and it just really seemed like a strategic move for me. whew, it's good to have that off my chest.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

also, memes? i stole them from kait. she's a TRENDPIMP.

You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (examples: "5 Sexiest Things About Ron Weasley" or "Top 5 things to drink"). Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to all your Top 5 ideas, according to me.

do it, i wanna do some top-5ing.

and then.

Ground Rules: The first player of this "game" starts with the topic "5 Guilty Pleasures" and people who get tagged need to write an LJ entry about their 5 Guilty Pleasures as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names.
let's see.

1. disney channel original movies.
2. american idol
3. sleeping in.
4. planstalking/facebookstalking people
5. crappy alan cumming movies.

i tag whoever x 5.

oh, and while i'm thinking about it-- tds and tcr last night, omg.




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aww man, i just got an email from amazon telling me that my house dvds shipped, BUT they don't do 2-day shipping on the weekends so i won't get them until monday. so, no house for us, julia.

in other news, i just watched go figure, a disney channel original movie about figure skating. it was so awesomely bad. what's saddest about this is that i intentionally didn't call anyone tonight to see if people were hanging out or anything, because i knew that they would not want to watch go figure and then i'd have to tell them "oh, well, i want to stay here and watch this movie." and that's way more embarrassing to say on the phone than it is to post on the internet, even though potentially waay more people will learn about it on the internet.

other-other news, i put the contents of 24 bookshelves into significantly more than 24 boxes today. and i sneezed a lot. i think that as a nation, we should abandon the war on terror and replace it with the war on DUST. or possibly we could just redefine "terror" to mean "dust". it's not like it has a specific combatable definition anyway, so it might as well mean dust. anyway, dust is terrorizing my respiratory system. and my eyes. my burning, burning eyes.

anyway. tomorrow i'm leaving to visit sunflower, and then sunday i'm leaving from sunflower's house to visit julia! i anticipate antics-a-plenty.

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listening to: madonna, express yourself

given kait's comment about this being the last season of tww (and no, i hadn't heard any of those rumors but they are definitely exciting) and this email i just got, i could have openings for new fandoms relatively soon:

January 2006
Friday the 13th

Dear Reader,

Less than two weeks after 2006 arrived amidst great excitement and optimism, something terrible happened at 12:01 a.m. this morning:

Friday the 13th arrived.

Under normal circumstances, today?s date would be unfortunate. This year, it is even more ominous, a word which here means "extremely worrisome." That is because this terribly unlucky day occurs TWICE in 2006.

Associates at www.LemonySnicket.com predict that the second time, Friday, October 13, will bring The End. Of what, however-- the Baudelaire orphans? Lemony Snicket himself? Thursday, October 12th? It remains unclear.

There is much to fear in the coming months-- alarming puzzles, distressing notations, a series of communications from someone named Beatrice. All of us at AuthorTracker will continue to try to locate the elusive Mr. Snicket, gather information, understand the truth, and share our findings with you.

Still, we are sorry to ruin your year after only 12 days. Perhaps 2007 will be cheerier.

With all due respect,
HarperCollins Publishers

beatrice! oh man, i'm excited.

anyway. it's snowing out. but not the pretty crisp snow; the erratic fluffy ugly snow. i don't think it's gonna stick, either, i think the yard is going to be mud as soon as the sun comes out.

last night mike, steve, stephanie and i played scene it?: tv edition, except we never play scene it? with the board, we just keep doing the video questions over and over. and speed-trivia answering always brings out me and mike's latent nerd bowl mentality, which freaked out steve.

the best part was when mike's psp freaked out and played the same question about 5 times in a row, but we were all too lazy to get up and fix it so we just sat there and tried to see who could yell "gilligan's island!" the fastest.

oh man, i'm such a stalker. i was just facebook-stalking my new roommate and she has messages on her wall from both holly and michael gaiman. i assume it's "the" holly gaiman since she goes to bryn mawr, so it's probably also "the" michael gaiman. clearly new-roomate is my path to becoming bff with neil gaiman. clearly.

i'm so creepy.

okay anyway, the end. i'm going to go eat breakfast. um, lunch. and then for my next trick, i will take books off shelves, and put them into boxes!

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

el oh el.

i just got an on-campus job offer.

the job? grader.

grader for statistics class.



i was frankly pretty rockin' at statistics, though. and i'm soo in favor of things that pay me money that aren't the dining hall. yee-haw.

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good financial news: so far i have made $125 on half.com and a theoretical $100 on ebay (i'm still waiting for payment on some stuff).

bad financial news: i totally just spent $40 on season one of house.

but hey: i accepted the free trial of amazon prime, so i got free 2-day shipping. which means that i will have season 1 of house before i go up to visit julia. sooo good.

anyway, i would just like to announce that i am officially closing my mind to all new fandoms. did you just read a really good book? is there some new show you like a lot? i don't have time or money to read or watch it. i'm warning you!

slots for new fandoms may open up following the end of west wing and/or the 13th lemony snicket book. until then, anyone who recommends anything to me will be put ON NOTICE >_<

ps: musical suggestions are still acceptable, especially if delievered in the form of mix cds.

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i just got an email from... my future roommate.


apparently i didn't really have a single, i had a double with only me in it. and they just figured it out and put someone else in it. DANGIT.

at least she sounds cool. i facebook stalked her; she likes the daily show and the beatles and eddie izzard. and we're friends-of-friends. of course it's grinnell, we're pretty much all friends-of-friends. or at least acquaintances-of-acquaintances.



also i don't have any more house to watch.


and also one of my books for class came so i should maybe be reading it to get ahead. but the thing is, i want to go back to grinnell but ALSO i want to sit around and do nothing.

also i've recovered from the jetlag that made me pass out at around 9:30pm and i'm back to the regular-type insomnia. poor me, someone better call the waaahmbulance.

still though: lame.

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best t-shirt ever.

a few excellent conversations that may provide some hints as to how i spent my evening:

steve: eww, why did you put those at the front of the cart? they're touching my milk!
me: steve, they come sealed in a box. they don't get bloody until after you USE them.
steve: girls are so gross.

me: hey julia, guess what show i'm watching!
julia: house!
me: yeah!
julia: that wasn't a very fun guessing game.
me: oh. i mean, i'm watching.... not-house.

um.. i forget. other conversations. but basically, i hung out with steve and we bought things and ate things and watched house. and daily show. and the colbert report. go, us.

right now i am working on the FINAL BATTLE of kindom of loathing (note: i started playing this game again last week, after a several-month hiatus), and it is hilarious.

"Come up here on the dais and I'll rock you like a hurricane."

"On the dais? On the dais? Rock me on the dais?" You say, enraged. "That's it. Call me the bus driver, because I'm taking you to school." You leap up on the dais for the final battle.

hm. apparently there are 3 final battles and i can only get through 1.5 final battles? but i'm tired so i'll try again tomorrow. stupid naughty sorceress.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

watching: house

good news: i just discovered that the house dvds are double-sided, meaning i have twice as much house as i thought i had.

bad news: they're still due back at midnight. i'd better get watching!

also: omg, i hate vogler so much. i think he might come in just after professor umbridge on my list of hated fictional characters.

in other news, i'm still feeling fairly buzzed about my single this semester. just. man. yes. i was pseudo-resigned to having a double but now that i don't have one i'm able to say: thank god, i won't have to deal with the stress of living with some other random person. thank god, i'll have a space to myself. thank god.

also, by "god" i mean "alignment of circumstances" but "god" is catchier. i think it might catch on.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

watching: house (THANKS KAIT)

my mom likes house too. she relates to him because she's addicted to vicodin too. she also likes to dispense it.

like, today i got my effing ingrown toenail removed, and also they dumped acid on the nail bed so part of it won't grow back anymore. which grosses me out, but i guess it's better than constantly having ingrown toenails because those hurt. a lot. anyway.

mom: does it hurt?
me: no, it's still numb.
mom: because i can give you something that'll work.
me: i don't want any vicodin mom, thanks.
mom: but it'll work!
me: it doesn't even HURT!

it's still pretty numb. i imagine it'll be hurtin' eventually though. but i don't need any vicodin, thanks dr. house.

also we went to sam's club to fill my prescription, and i also stocked up on my college essentials: easy mac, nutrigrain bars, craisins, and chips ahoy 100 calorie packs. woot.

in other news, i totally made $90 on ebay today. sweet.

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there are still 5 hours left on most of my ebay auctions, and the wicked playbill i put up is going for $12 already. $12. the starting bid was $2. it's not signed, not anything, it's just a damn PLAYBILL. if i hadn't been broke i would have given it away for free.

thank you, wicked fangirls, you're paying for my textbooks.

also, julia: okay, now i have a challenge. i'm going to send you the most unacceptable valentine ever. it's going to be a HALLOWEEN card. and i'm gonna spell your name wrong. and on the halloween card, i'm going to write "mazel tov on your bat mitzvah." and then i'm going to write a death threat. in dutch. and then when i mail it, i will use canadian postage. oh man it'll be soo unacceptable. or actually that sounds like a lot of work so maybe i'll just send you a harry potter valentine.

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gah, stupid insomnia. i was soo tired all afternoon, but now that it's 2:30am i am wiiide awake. *grumblecakes*


dear kait,

having watched a disc of house this evening, all i have to say is: fuck you, i did NOT need another teevee show to watch. sheesh.



ps: remember that time when we traveled to graceland in the future? that was awesome.
ps2: i was just reading the wikipedia article on house, and it says that house is based on sherlock holmes. and, conan edogawa is based on sherlock holmes too! that means that house and conan are like brothers. kind of. it ALSO means that you should go write a house/case closed crossover fic where house goes to japan and diagnoses conan's mysterious de-ageing poisioning. he could also diagnose the brain damage conan surely has by now, after all those blows to the head he receives from richard. and then, THEY FIGHT CRIME. go write it, right now.
ps3: and then sam would come give house a makeover.
ps4: and then it turns out that house is a mutant.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

watching: house

oh, one more thing. i kind of missed the boat on festivus, but i'm SO ready for valentine's day. so, if you want a valentine (and you do!) drop me a comment with your preference: star wars or h.pots. or both!

also if you don't think i have your current address, give me that too.

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watching: house

... and the thin line separating my personality from kait's blurs further.

hee hee.

patient: oh, painkillers, for your leg.
house: no, it's because they're yummy! do you want one?

anyway. today i ran errands. soo many errands. oh, ow, i just hit my knee on the wall really hard. ow. anyway. that is no good, because this knee already hurt. the reason that knee already hurt is because the ingrown toenail on the big toe on my other foot is making me walk funny. waaah. but at least i'm getting the toenail removed tomorrow. except, that will hurt a lot. boo.

basically, i was so productive and it was awesome. the best part was when i went to the liberry and got books AND cds. here are the cds i checked out:

- simon & garfunkel, concert in central park
- indigo girls, swamp ophelia
- madonna, the immaculate collection
- suzanne vega, solitude standing
- indigo girls, become you
- ace of base, the sign

guess which one of the six was at my mom's request! guess!

it was ACE OF BASE. and guess why! it is because she saw them on i love the 90s. and really liked them. what.

also: my christmas present to myself came today. it is the first season of little britain and bill & ted's bogus journey on dvd. hooray!

magneto and ronery are curled up together on a chair and it is probably in the top five cutest things ever.

note: magneto and ronery are cats. adorable cats.

one last bit of excitement: i got my housing assigment today, i have a SINGLE! in read! which is a good building on south campus! and jenny and christine both live in read! so grood.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

omg, the disney channel original movie on friday is called go figure and it's about figure skating. i love disney channel original movies, AND i love watching people figure skate. glorious!

also, i am watching the muppets' wizard of oz and loving it. i know it got pretty crappy reviews, but i heart the muppets and their cheesy, self-referential humor. self-aware irony ruuuules.

kermit (aka the scarecrow): mr. oz? by any chance are you related to frank oz?


ETA: OMGWTF quentin tarantino is in this movie. playing himself. playing himself pitching the muppets' wizard of oz to kermit. it's almost as self-referential as josie & the pussycats. yesss.

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the commonplace blog woot!

doublepost of the rare, elusive lj entry i just made:

It's a commonplace book... in blog form. Meaning you can post quotes from books, articles, poems, whatever.

The community rules have a little more detailed information, so check them out if you're interested. And then join, and post things! Yay!

Oh also, if anyone wants to actually design a layout for it (LJ layouting confuses and bewilders me), let me know and I will happily give you mod access. Also if anyone else just wants mod access to make themselves feel all cool and shit, that's fine by me too.

also if anyone has any additions/alterations to the rules, or whatever, let me know. i'm so open to suggestion. yeaah.

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listening to: paul simon, me & julio down by the schoolyard

it would be really convenient, for "listening to:" purposes, if paul simon had a more unusual firstname. becasue most of the people i listen to, i'm all like "listening to: tori"or "listening to: stu". but if i was just like "listening to: paul" it could be like paul mccartney or paul... someone else. even though whatever song i typed would probably make it clear to whom i was referring.

oh man, this shirt has a huge hole in the armpit.

okay. anyway. today mostly i have been cleaning and sneezing. ohh, so much sneezing.

also: a proposal. i've been meaning to start keeping a commonplace book (BECAUSE I WANT TO BE JUST LIKE LEMONY SNICKET) which is a book where you write down quotes and things you like from books or wherever else you read words. usually i just stick a post-it note on pages i like but sometimes books are from the LIBRARY and then i must give them back. and then i thought, if i did it online, ie a BLOG, it would be easier to search through old quotes. and whatnot. and THEN i thought (soo much thinking) if i did, it maybe EVERYONE would do it and we could have a cool collective commonplace book. so just like... whenever you found a quote you liked, you could go blog it. if you want. you know.

so: 1. would you be interested in communally commonplace booking? if so, leave a comment!
also. 2. if so, would you prefer blogger or lj? (if blogger, i can host it on frowl.) i like blogger archives better but i realize that many people like lj. so whatever, voice your preference, also in comment. yes. good.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006


or, the high price of english/history majordom.

spring 2006:
3 classes
12 credit hours
18 books
total cost (new): $265.45
total cost (half.com): $104.61 + $15.95 and $27 at bookstore for two books that were MORE EXPENSIVE to buy used. what.

woooo, learning. also, wooo, half.com

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listening to: rachael sage, ferris wheel

whoa, i was just googling myself (as one does) and i'm soo internet famous. kind of. a little.

it's a review of the hill house lettered edition of AG:

Inside that spectacular box, you'll find a slim volume of invaluable information. It's titled 'Only the Gods Are Real: A Guide to the Gods in Neil Gaiman's AMERICAN GODS'. Author Renata Sancken has gone through the WM Morrow edition of 'American Gods' and pulled out every God that Gaiman mentions (and some only suggested) and described that God. This includes the titular character of 'Anansi Boys' as well as other critters and creators that show up in that volume. She includes page references and extensive references to her sources, which include web pages as well as books. It's the perfect sidecar for those who want to tuck into the extended edition of 'American Gods' that comes in that honkin' box.

THAT'S ME WHOA. with the word "author" preceding my name.

ALSO i just sold a book on half.com for $5.50. everything's coming up milhouse! i mean, renata.

also i started my day with biscuits, coffee, and 3 episodes of the muppet show. yesss.

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woohoo! i've been obsessively checking my ebay auctions all day, even though i KNOW that only a moron would bid on something that still has 4.5 days left... but, apparently there are some morons on the internet (who knew?) because TWO of my things have bids on them. and, both bids are from the same person. but, even if i don't get aaany more bids, i will make $4. except i probably spent about $4 listing all those auctions. but... um...

woohoo, bids!

life is SO exciting.

also, i stopped by wal-mart on my way home (24-hour open things are SOO GOOD, screw you europe for not having them) and i used the rest of my wal-mart gift card to buy season 1 of the muppet show and a car charger for my ipod. woo, objects. except it turns out that the cigarette lighter in my car doesn't work, so i can't actually use the charger in my car. aha. ha. lame. (i never tried to use it before so... i didn't know that it didn't work. but guess what, it doesn't.)

OH MAN i just logged into facebook for the first time in awhile, and apparently i have some "friend detail" requests to confirm.. and...

Kaitlyn listed these details:

* You and Kaitlyn traveled to Graceland... IN THE FUTURE! dun dun DUN!
* You met randomly: We met through the internets!

Can you confirm these details are true?

hahaha... of COURSE i can confirm that it's true that we went to graceland in the future! i can also confirm that we met randomly. very randomly. the rest of our frienship has also progressed randomly.

ETA: hahaha, and when i look at kait's profile now it says:

Kaitlyn is your friend. She was also your travel buddy. You met her randomly.

i think that pretty much sums up our relationship right there.

all these possible details are just bringing it one step closer to my dream world where you can have facebook enemies.


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Friday, January 06, 2006

listening to: bnl, i saw three ships

man, this is my favorite christmas song. and i only heard it for the first time like, last year.

a phone conversation i just had:
me: hey, mike!
mike: hey, renata! this is weird because i was just thinking, i should call renata and see if she wants to do anything tonight!
me: that is weird, because i was just thinking that i should call you and tell you that i never want to see you again.
mike: this conversation took an unexpected turn.

mike: well, you guys could come over here and we could listen to records.
me: ooh, and my mom gave me this board game for christmas, it's called "reminiscing: the game for people over 30". so, we could play it and listen to records and pretend like we're old!

ohh i'm in for a glorious evening.

oh also, i was just looking at my lj interests and saw that "slandering rob lowe" is one of them. i totally forgot how interested i am at that. did you know that rob lowe can give little kids cancer just by looking at them? through the tv even?

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oh man, i'm going through my desk and sorting all my mail (note: if you have ever sent me a card, letter, postcard, or other mailable item, I STILL HAVE IT. kait, this includes the invitation to your manley pope's last party.) and i found my birthday card from my grandma this year, complete wth $25 from my grandma. which made me think two things:
1. sweet, $25!
2. oh no, what if this is like that one episode of seinfeld where jerry saves all his birthday checks from his grandma and then cashes them all and then it overdraws her account?!

but... it's just one check, not like 25 years worth... so probably it won't overdraw her account. so... sweet, $25!

also, some of you may be pleased to know that i've been watching the sci-fi channel firefly marathon on and off today and i definitely dug what i saw.

others of you may be pleased to know that james garfield was elected to the house of representatives based solely on his record in the civil war! he didn't even campaign! WHOA.

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watching: firefly

hey did you know that this firefly show is pretty good? a-actually, most of you did know that already.

did you know that there is a dude named jane on firefly? dude, jane is a girl's name. oh i guess he spells it jayne. that is even girlier, jayne. come on now. i don't care if it's the future, i will apply traditional gender roles in my naming conventions.

did you know that there is a fuzzy kitty on my lap? he is SO CUTE. and there is also a fuzzy kitty curled up on the fluffy carpet.


last night steve and i saw good night, and good luck. it was good? but you know how i feel about SERIOUS MOVIES: i think they are boring. nothing blew up in good night, and good luck. NOTHING. except joe mccarthy's career ohhh zing.

(swear to god, just reading this blog you would never know that i'm a damn history major who's currently reading a comparative biography of adams, washington, and jefferson for fun. unless you read that sentence i just typed.)

anyway. beyond that movie excursion mostly i've still been cleaning and selling my possessions on ebay/half.com. oh and watching tv. i forgot that the west wing is a really good show. did you know that it is a really good show? p-probably you did.

man. this cat is so cute but he keeps farting.

lately i talk like i've swallowed about a month of toothpaste for dinner. by which i mean the webcomic, not like i actually swallowed toothpaste, for dinner, for a month. because i didn't. i ate things like hummus and soup instead.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

watching: the colbert report!

hooray! i just watched the daily show! jon sounded sick. sadface. but it was still funny! and most importantly, it meant i stayed up past 10pm. in fact, i'm still up. seriously, this is a major achievement for me these days. last night i was lying in bed reading and i was all "9:50, almost time for the daily show... oh christ, i'm so tired. *turns off light*"

i am not un-jet-lagging very well. but. 10pm cst is 4am gmt.

anyway. mostly today i cleaned. and sorted stuff. and i just now started listing some books on half.com. it's very sad that i have to price these things at like $1 and someone still might not buy them. but... must break packrat habit. must make room on shelves for other books.

also, i burned my thumb on the oven yesterday? 2 days ago? what DAY is it? oh god, winter break always does this to me. anyway. burned myself, and now the blister is all white and it's been getting bigger today. it's gross.

but, i'm going to visit sunflower this weekend! hooray.

oh man, the colbert report is glorious.

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listening to: rockapella, zombie jamboree

oh man, i'm hardcore cleaning my room, donating a TON of stuff to goodwill and also selling some on ebay. it's so ridiculous how much STUFF i have. sheesh.

but the real reason i'm posting is because i am cleaning out my desk and finding lots of glorious things. ie:

- my grinnell acceptance letter
- the manifest destiny songbook!!
- like 10 long john silvers pirate hats
- a 4-year-old newspaper clipping that i originally thought was about nicole kidman, and didn't understand why i saved it. but then i turned over and saw that it was about tori amos. which made more sense but still, i don't need to save newspaper clippings... i can read them all on the internet. (just for fun, though, a crazy-tori quote from the clippinng: the whole tour is based on the idea of metaphorical fire. you come to the fire as you would have done hundreds of years ago-- to get the news, to pass stories around. so the stage is burning before the show starts, and you feel the fire. it's not like i've got blazes going on. i don't have the pyrotechnics going, don't worry. i'm not competing with kiss or ozzy. it's metaphorical fire.)
- the constitution
- a poem, written to me by ashvin:

wa-bam.... love
by ashvin

Your love is lightning
It shocks me,
and is extremely powerful.

Your love is like Gumby's pizza
You are delicious
You are cheap.

Your love is an Epson Stylus color printer
You come in a small package that can do big things.
You can print 8 pages of color per minute,
you are extremely quick.

You run like a Deere.
Smooth around the corners,
But usually blocks up traffic.

To my love,

[clip art of pizza]

sooo glorious.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

oh man when i get back to grinnell i am printing this off and taping it to the door of my dorm room.

have i mentioned that it seems likely that i will have a random roommate when i get back to grinnell? bleargh. but i won't find out for sure for a few more days. or a week or something, i forget exactly when we are supposed to find out. apparently only 1/3 of returning juniors got singles. >_<

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listening to: stereophonics, don't let me down

i was sooo productive today. and it is only 2pm! guys when you get up before noon you can get soo much done in a day, i had no idea. today i:

- got up
- packed up my iHome to return the stupid non-functional piece of crap*
- got all the mail i needed to send ready
- met miriam, amanda, and steve for breakfast
- ate breakfast; drank coffee
- went to sam's club and returned iHome
- went to kinko's and made a photocopy of my red cross certifications (DID YOU KNOW THAT I COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE? BECAUSE I CAN, AND I WILL SEND YOU A PHOTOCOPY TOO IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE ME)
- went to cingular and got a pretty new cell phone. actually it's not that pretty, but it has numbers on it and stuff.
- went to barnes and noble and got a harry potter calendar for 50% off, hooray
- went to the post office and mailed some stuff, including recently-copied red cross certifications
- went to wal-mart and bought a plastic shelvey thing and some morningstar farms chik'n
- came home and ate chik'n

now i will, bleh, clean and organize my room and stuff. aided by the plastic shelvey thing!

*the iHome is something my mom gave me for christmas; it's an ipod dock/alarm clock/radio/whatever, only mine wouldn't play anything off my ipod making it less than useful.

oh, and the cell phone has a number. that number is: 309 533 2593. so if you want to talk to me, you should call it. if you don't want to talk to me you could call it but then hang up as soon as i answer.

also: blue, do you really think i have any time to spend with lame-os like you? OH ZING. just kidding, i actually have many blocks of time available for lame-os like you, hooray!

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

listening to: abba, lay all your love on me

dear the ending of oryx and crake,


love, renata

here is a list of things i have enjoyed in the last 48 hours which were unavailable to me in london: baking, tv, kitties, microwaving, a bed, my own bedroom, laundry not in a laundromat, washing machine.

not enjoyable: our lame dryer, which takes like 3 hours (no exaggeration) to dry a load, the flood-cleaning, the cold & dust-induced sneezing/runny nose/itchy eyes. THANKS HOUSE.

oh man. i went to bed so early that i got up at 7am this morning, soo crazy. and i baked muffins, and watched i love the 80s 3D. forever, until it turned into i love the 90s. the majority of my day was just lazing and loving decades, interspersed with doing laundry and helping sort out the mess from the great flood of 2005.

also: i need a cell phone! ew, what a anti-grinnellian complaint, but seriously, i need one.

also: maybe i will go shower now. i've been awake for 11 hours and still haven't done that. but it's just soo cold that it is hard to work up the motivation to remove my layers of clothing and then put water on myself. brrr. did you know that england is warmer than the midwest? IT IS NOTHING LIKE THE WAY IT IS PORTRAYED IN A MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL.

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