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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

guyssss jenny and i have SRO tickets to see ewan mcgregor in guys and dolls tonight!! i heart ewan, and i heart g&d. so. yes. good.

unfortunately, the cast apparently don't do stage door anymore after 7/7. nooooes when i can't stalk ewan mcgregor the terrorists have won :(

they do a rush actually, with the front row being only £20. but i got there too late this morning for actual rush tickets. um but if it's good i might try to rush on friday, for reals. how sweet would it be to have front row tickets to see ewan mcgregor*? PRETTY SWEET is what i think.

* and the rest of the cast.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

listening to: james taylor, carolina in my mind

i am listening to this while waiting for hollaback girl to download! i finally broke down and bought it from itunes. prediction: the best 99 cents i will ever have spent.

also: the goofus and gallant choose your own adventure has a strong anti-goofus slant. i think it's because goofus is black.

also: hello anonymous commenter with a vast knowledge of semi-obscure celebrities!

also: devon & kait, thank you for your input. i totally didn't go to internship today. BUT i called just to check if ippy was there so i can cover my ass later in case d-vinter asks. woooo.

also: apparently the x3 movie script has been sort of leaked? (it's not the full script, it's a pretty detailed summary of the script by someone who read a rough draft.) apparently it happened awhile ago and i never heard about it? apparently x3 sounds pretty lame? but i will go see it anyway. you know. in may 2006. wait, that's actually not that far away. i mean like. 6 months. i need to talk to mike about this. (perhaps by the time we're done talking about it, samuel l jackson and chuck norris will have saved the movie. hooray!)

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listening to: jill sobule, trains

new exciting procrastinating tool: itunes celebrity playlists!

rupert grint gained cool points by putting "smells like teen spirit" on his list, but then lost him with his apparent belief that "minority" by greenday is an "inspirational track." but then he got more cool points with tmbg and billy idol on his list. plus extra cool points for being fucking adorable.

dan radcliffe is kind of a hipster, apparently. but he's not too cool for weezer!

jackie chan apparently doesn't listen to any english-language music.

taye diggs has an idina menzel song on his playlist. AWWWW.

billy bob thornton has one of his own songs on his playlist. i didn't even know billy bob thornton had an album. oh my god, and his album is called hobo, no joke. billy bob also listens to tom petty and the ventures. he should hang out with my dad.

i... i actually have nothing snarky to say about orlando bloom's playlist. omg, he has harry belafonte on it. s-suddenly i want to become an orli fangirl.

bill maher has a weird combination of stuff on his playlist: hedwig & the angry inch, notorious b.i.g., the divynls, ll cool j, the bee gees, and barbra streisand. um... well, you just keep doin' your thing, mr. maher.

margaret cho says of "milkshake" by kelis: "I love to listen to this in the water spray of a fire hyrdant in Harlem in August, usually with booty shorts and a lollipop."

and of "caligula" by macy gray: "same as above."

man, and there are like 200 more celebrity playlists. sweet. of course some of them are lame celebrities like dave navarro or ginny owens. who?

dude, i wonder if chuck norris has a playlist. looks like no :( but dale earnhart jr DOES have one.

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listening to: indigo girls, jonas and ezekiel

okay. here is my dilemma: for our internship we're supposed to work 4 days a week, 7 hours a day. i clearly haven't been working 7 hours every day because ippy doesn't work 7 hours a day.

i didn't go into work at all yesterday, because ippy was gone. she told me that "i won't be here tuesday morning, and maybe not tuesday afternoon."

she sort of flakes out of work enough that if she gives me semi-advance warning, i'm figuring she won't be in.

here are my options:
- just go into work this afternoon- even if she's not there, someone will let me into the building and i can work on back issues.
- call and see if she's there. if she is, go in.
- just don't go- she's probably not there, she won't care if i don't go, and it seems highly unlikely that there will be new actual work for me.

additionally, in my internship journal:
- should i just write "ippy was gone, so i didn't go into work" for monday (and perhaps today)? does d-vinter seem likely to ask questions about the technicality of me being able to get into the office without her? i know i've journaled before about working when she wasn't there. but i have finished all the tasks she gave me, and our internship guidelines say that we should only have to spend about 20% of our time doing "drudge work," which i definitely consider putting back issues online to be.
- should i just forge them and say i did go into work? d-vinter loves me so i don't think she'd ever check on it or anything.

i would not feel guilty about skipping work or forging journals. it's the school's fault for giving me a lame internship, especially since at least one other person has had it and had a very similar experience to mine (and made it known). and also, there just wouldn't be anything for me to do. having 2 months to put together a publication does not a full-time job make. or even sorta-full.

SO blog readers, umm, what do you think? feel free to be a voice of morality and point out that as an ethical person i should, maybe, feel kind of bad about skipping work and faking journal entries. but also feel free to tell me that it sounds like an awesome idea!

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Monday, November 28, 2005

listening to: they might be giants, letterbox

today this is my favorite tmbg song. possibly tomorrow it will be, also.

anyway, i haven't talked to mike in way too long. but i am, right now, and we are having a WACKY conversation about HARRY POTTER.

this conversation contains no real spoilers. it is kind of long, i would lj-cut it if this were an lj. but it's not so just scroll down if you get bored! hopefully you won't though because i think it is hilarious.

also, it is insensitive to the following groups of people: women, death eaters, black people, transgendered people, and chuck norris.

mike: i'm looking forward to reading the sixth book christmas break
renata: have you not read it?
mike: nope
mike: so don't say what happens
renata: oh man, it's hella good
renata: except for the part where hermione gets knocked up by snape and has to drop out of school
renata: that part was sad.
mike: i heard dumbledore gets mcgonnagall preggers too
mike: but then because of an abortion spell she miscarries
renata: yeah
renata: plus it turns out that harry is actually black
mike: i knew it
renata: i didn't see that one coming
mike: him and shacklebolt got a soul connection
renata: wooord
mike: you know it!!!
renata: also, everyone dies except for harry and samuel l jackson
renata: it turns out that samuel l jackson has been a hogwarts student all along
renata: but he was too busy with other shit to show up until book 6
mike: yeah, that seems like something he would do
renata: also, chuck norris is a death eater.
mike: damn you walker
mike: and the weasleys are like the creepy ex students who show up randomly
mike: and sell pot
renata: yeah
renata: also fred had a sex-change
renata: she goes by fredina now.
renata: and she's dating samuel l jackson
mike: nice
renata: yeah
renata: oh that crazy jk rowling, what WON'T she do?
renata: anyway, i've pretty much ruined the book for you, no point reading it really
mike: yeah, i think i'll read it anyway
mike: just in case we missed anything
renata: yeah, there are probably a few other minor things that happen
renata: maybe
mike: or something
mike: like somebody dying and whatnot
mike1: oh yeah, and i'm sure there's a new defense agains the dark arts professor
renata: yeah it's chuck norris
mike: seeing as the last one got gang raped by those half man half horse things

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listening to: lilo & stich, he mele no lilo

here are the emotions this song evokes in me:
- desire to learn hawaiian
- desire to learn how to surf
- desire to watch lilo and stich
- resentment regarding the fact that i will be doing none of those things tonight

anyway. so my paper draft is totally up to 7 pages. i have some more research and i'll polish it a little more tonight. but, i am totally not concenred about this draft anymore, because neither mike, lester, nor adam have actually started their drafts yet. note to self: DONNA VINTER IS NOT VICTORIA BROWN. CHILL OUT.

i also had to remind myself of that today when i was fretting about using primary sources culled from secondary sources. i am writing about women's suffrage for someone who knows LESS about women's suffrage than i do, not SO MUCH MORE! it is amazing! i just hit a wrong key and it inserted a greek symbol in my sentence! i wonder if i can do it again! note: somehow i managed to publish this post while trying to get my computer to make greek symbols again. ß?ƒ©?ß ohh but look, there they are. actually none of those are greek, but i'm sure alt+something will give me greek symbols again.. åßœ?´®†¥¨ˆø?“¬????ƒ?ßa??ç??˜µ??


man, i'm easily amused.

also: man, i just ran my hand through my hair and a bunch of hair came out. so i threw it behind the couch. go me!

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last night i dreamed i was talking to paul simon? and in my dream it was real awkward, just like i'm sure it would be in real life.

i think it started off with a phone call, like paul simon called me and... i forget? wanted me to come over to his house or something? i don't really remember where i was, but i remember the first thing i said was "um. so, you're paul simon." and i think he said like, "yes." and then i thought to myself, "this is going to be so awkward."

seriously, if i'm going to dream about meeting celebrities couldn't it be like a cool, smooth sort of meeting? way to be grounded in realism, subconscious. the other night i dreamed i was writing a paper. like the whole dream was me, sitting at a computer, writing a paper. and sometimes i would look at a book. the paper was comparing and contrasting two short works, one by oscar wilde and one by mark twain. i don't remember what the works are though, i think my brain might have invented them.

paper update: up to 4 pages. like 4 full pages. like the very next sentence i write will be on page 5. but i've pretty much exhausted the research i brought home with me yesterday, so it's back to the liberry for me.

my favorite part of the paper is that i get to talk about the east london federation of suffragettes, or... ELFS. check this out:

The ELFS continued working through the war. Their radical, socialist ties gave them a different crusade during the war—since men were being sent off to fight, women had to do more war work at home, but the ELFS believed that “patriotism could not be used as an excuse to violate health and safety regulations or pay less than a living wage. Continued agitation for the vote was therefore necessary to prevent women from being exploited” (van Wingerden 163).

haha, those craaazy elfs. too bad the real plural of elf is elves. they should have been the east london volunteers for equal suffrage. or something. elllllves.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

listening to: indigo girls, get out the map

i have a newfound appreciation for burling library. why? because they, unlike the london school of economics library, will let me check out books. i feel like a monk, i spent all afternoon hand-copying quotes i thought might be useful for my paper (currently resting at 1.5 pages/10, with 6 front-and-back pages of handwritten notes.)

i was going to work on it more earlier this afternoon, but instead i (wait for it) wasted time on the internet.

mike and i used facebook to conduct some important sociological research. i will share with you the findings:

1. the most popular movie at grinnell is lord of the rings (if you combine searches for "lord of the rings" and "lotr." if you don't combine them, the most popular is do the right thing. only 2 people like josie and the pussycats and one of them is me.)
2. the most popular musician at grinnell is prince.
3. the most popular book at grinnell is 1984.


stupid paper. stupid slackering.

also, last night/this morning i kept thinking about this comic, and how much i love that the ALT is "panel 4 really raises more questions than it answers."

seriously though, last night i ate lots of pears by mistake.

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scenes from renata's stream-of-consciousness inner monologue:

man, my gums kind of hurt, and i'm tired. mmm, maybe i'll stop at starbucks on my way to the library and get some coffee. do i really want to spend $5 on coffee? yes. wait, my gums hurt? hah, maybe i have scurvy. WAIT, i haven't been eating as much fruit as usual this week, since i've been going out to eat with steve a lot... oh my god, what if i do have scurvy? oh, but i've been taking my multivitamins, those have vitamin c. like 100% of my vitamin c, i think. so i guess i don't have scurvy. oh good. hah, i should blog about this. what socks should i wear today?

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it's so secretly awesome, i can't wait to give it to someone!

anyway, i just pulled the first all-nighter of my college career, and i didn't even do any work. but i DID take steve to the train station. and then i went to sleep at 6:30am.

and i'm actually feeling less tired than i did yesterday, so. (but i did just take my first antibiotic of the day, i guess it hasn't kicked in yet.)

also, i need to go to camp out at the school of economics library because we can't check out books. lame. also lame: the circle, district, AND central lines are all down. guess which three tube lines are within walking distance of my flat? ohhh yeah it's circle, district, and central.

oh WAIT, but i can also walk to paddington and get the bakerloo or hammersmith & city lines... will that help me get to the library? oh SNAP i will take h&c to king's cross and then piccadilly to holborn!!! yaaay, i don't have to take the bus! (okay, none of you really care about my london transportation woes, but i'm excited!)

man, amelia's creepy friend daren is here waiting for amelia to get back, and he's just like hanging out in the kitchen. and i went to get some leftover "sweet potato extravanza!" to eat (sooo good) and i was joking with mike about it, as he was walking out the door. and then daren started like asking all these questions about "sweet potato extravaganza" and i knew, KNEW the polite thing to do would be to offer him some. but, i don't like daren, and i DO like sweet potato extravaganza. and i really don't want to share my (and mike's) delicious leftovers with amelia's lurking friends.


hey, and you know who else doesn't like sharing? rob lowe.

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

dear upstairs neighbors,

seriously, it is 3:30 am, what the fuck are you doing? from the sound of it, i have concluded it is some combination of:
- sex
- dolphins
- making furniture (seriously, there were SAWING noises)
- moving furniture
- throwing giant marbles

seriously, it's the weirdest combination of sounds ever. and it's been going on since like 1am. and i need to get up at like 5 to take steve to the airport.

and then i need to write a 10-page paper, or at least some of it since it's due tuesday night and i have zero pages of it.

and my antibiotics are making my stomach all angry >_< gah, seriously, i've been taking them for 4 days and each day they have made me progressively more nauseous.

mike just got home and said that last night the people upstairs were making loud noises like they were bouncing a really heavy ball, and so he started pounding on the ceiling. he said he hit it 5 times, and then they stopped for a minute, and then bounced the ball back 5 times in the same rhythm. and then kept doing it.

they have NEVER done this before. do we have new, extra-annnoying upstairs neighbors? or are they having their dolphin/carpenter/giant friends over for the weekend?


here are some excerpts from the last few days:

"i think she's illiterate... like rob lowe."
"yeah, rob lowe totally can't read."
"what? is rob lowe really illiterate?"
"no, but now it's me and steve's life goal to slander rob lowe. so i mean... yes, he's really illiterate, tell all your friends!"

um... i feel like there were more conversations i wanted to post. i don't know. i'm tired and sick and HEY, the upstairs neighbors are quiet.

but now i'm not even tired, just cranky.

lamesville usa.

for reals.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

OH MAN, i was just looking back at kait's wish list (go buy her stuff, too!) to copy the meme text, and i visited busted tees cuz kait said she wanted some stuff from there... ahahhaha, funniest t-shirts ever, for reals.

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seeing as how it's the day after thanksgiving-- the official start of the christmas shopping season-- i am compiling my WISH LIST! this way if you want to buy me stuff you will know what to buy!

also it is a meme!

Step One:

* Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered...whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
* If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.
* Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your LJ so that the holiday joy will spread.

Step Two

* Surf around your friendslist (or friendsfriends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:
* If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.

You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

1. okay! so, first there is my amazon wish list in case you want to buy me a book, movie, or cd.

2. i love socks. seriously. yesterday i was looking at my bank account online and i was like "hmm, i don't remember this... oh, that must have been when i bought some socks." steve: "that's $40!" me: "well... they had a lot of socks i liked." (also the currency exchange rate makes me spend twice as much money :( but these were really great socks, okay.)

3. a questionable content "irony" shirt. in black, size mens medium plz!

4. a set of dinosaur comics buttons.

5. the dinosaur comics "hooray for culture!" sticker.

6. a toothpaste for dinner "bad poetry" shirt (again, mens medium plz.)

7. mix cds! i love mix cds, especially if you write me elaborate liner notes.

8. also i like pajama pants? size like, l or xl or medium, depending on what sort of person the pants-sizing people had in mind as an average when they were designing their pants.

9. also i like getting mail of any sort! if you need my address, let me know.

10. hooray!

also, i want to send out FESTIVE CARDS but i will probably do so after i get back home, because, well, it'll be much cheaper that way. i mean... in order to prolong the joy of the holiday season. anywayz, if you want one and don't think i have your address (and assume that i don't, unless you've gotten mail from me recently), you should send me your address. do it!

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

hello everyone!

i had a GOOD thanksgiving and now i am sooo full. i called my family and said HELLO and also i called trina and she said OH MY GOD very loudly and she also told not to worry about her ever being a terrorist, because bengali people are all too lazy for terrorism. so do not worry about that, blog readers! (laziness is also apparently the reason bangladesh has so many floods!)

anyway, then mike and his friend emily made lots of delicious, fancy-pancy food. we had: poncy bread, uppity foreign cheeses, pretty olives, amazing squash soup, prissy salad, EXCITING nutloaf, delicious mashed potatoes, OMGSOGOOD cranberry sauce, insanely delicious "sweet potato extravaganza", and homemade pumpkin pie WITH freshly-whipped cream.

and then we played MASH. apparently i will marry zombie mark twain! and we will get married and live in alabama with our two children.

and then i came home and ate virtual cranberry sauce at kait's awesome virtual thanksgiving (of doom)! (i brought the hobos!)

WOOOOOO and no internship tomorrow OR monday.

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new life goal: become adept enough at origami to make these and these.

that's right, i want to use the ancient and noble art of paper folding to make dinosaurs and throwing stars.

and yes, actually, i AM doing my work. i'm supposed to find some origami instructions to put in the christmas issue of PN...

really. origami. WHAT.

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ohhhh ippy

i am glad that i can count on you to be even later for work than i am

hey sometimes i just like the look of writing without punctuation

i feel that it expresses thoughts most accurately compared to the way they are in my head

okay question mark


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happy thanksgiving, everyone!

my creepy swollen lymph node and i are celebrating by going to work at hippie crap news, then going over to mike's friend emily's house to eat delicious food, hooray!

(note on the creepy swollen lymph node: oh man, it's so creepy, i hate thinking about it. and touching it. ew. but i went to the doctor and she was like "it is an infection of some kind. have some antibiotic and come back in a week if it doesn't go away. now get out of my office.")

anyway, um, let's see. last night steve and i went to see hp again (again for me, anyway) and then we ate some food and then we went out to a super-classy pub with jenny. and i totally won, because steve loves to worry about getting to things on time and i love to not worry about shit like that, so the whole time over there he was all, "we're gonna be late!" and i was all "dude, there's going to be like half an hour of previews, we'll be fine."

and then we got there (technically 20 minutes late) EXACTLY as the movie started. wooo!


also, this week's toothpaste for dinner notifylist email was HILARIOUS so i am going to post most of it here for you all to enjoy, because i suspect that many of you are NOT ON THE TFD notifylist, even though it is amazing.

hello notifylist,

did you know it is wednesday. i usually send these out on friday, but it is wednesday. WHY!?!? well, you are not going to be at work on friday, unless you have a job like most people do, in which case you will be. i'm just saying. the last place i worked, i didn't get paid for any holidays, and wasn't allowed to work on the holidays either, so the holidays were like this dark, cold time where i couldn't turn up the heater. my life was like a rap song, but it was like the first verse of the rap song, when the rapper had to live in a cold apartment, before his rap talent allowed him to turn up the thermostat.

i'm kind of being facetious there, because not only do i not have any rap talent, but i kept the thermostat low because i just kept spending my money on hummus and guitar pedals.

[asking for guys to be in his band]

OKAY, now that that is out of the way, IT IS ALMOST THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS. listen up here, you do not want to be going out to the store on "black friday". that is the worst idea i have ever heard. i do not think much of wal-mart as it is, but READERS OF MY NOTIFYLIST, PLEASE DO NOT DIE BY GETTING TRAMPLED AT WAL-MART. the bargains are not worth the terror. if you die at wal-mart, at your funeral, they will be lowering your casket down into the grave, and with every creak of the winch, your mourners will see the wal-mart prices rolling back in their minds and they'll think, "man this funeral sucks. i wish i had atwenty-dollar dvd player to help me grieve." and they'll go to wal-mart and get trampled too.

LISTEN TO ME HERE!! DO NOT SEND YOUR FAMILY TO A DISCOUNT-PRICED GRAVE!!! be reasonable. shop online. nobody i know is getting anything that does not come from amazon or another website. that is just the way it is going to be. don't be the fool standing at the "things engraved" booth on christmas eve getting some kind of clock with someone's name on it! be the kind of person to do all their christmas shopping from their computer at work. they don't pay you enough for holidays, or give you enough vacation, so spend a little "on the clock" time doing some "online shopping". if you have a large family, stay late. it's overtime, dude. time and a half.

so speaking of this, i have created some things to help you make good christmas decisions. on the merchandise page there are now "mix-and-match" multi-packs. you can buy three, four, or five shirts at a time. you can mix and match the styles and sizes! and you save money! and you don't even have to get trampled! no trampling at my web site please!

here is the address, you will have to scroll to the bottom to see the multi-packs: http://www.toothpastefordinner.com/merchandise.php

i have to finish this up pretty quickly here, but i thought i would show you that, before "black friday". that is the term for this friday. if you're reading this from outside the united states, thursday (tomorrow, nov. 24) is a holiday called thanksgiving. i'm sure you've heard about it, but it's a thing we celebrate every year. its roots are in the traditional autumnal harvest festival, coupled with a tale about how when europeans came to america, the indians welcomed them and taught them how to grow corn.

then, shortly after the indians taught the europeans how to grow corn, the europeans promptly gave them disease, set up camp from one side of the continent to the other, and started churning out bumper stickers. the bumper stickers come in two varieties: "extreme viewpoint" and "infuriating cliche".

"black friday" is the day after thanksgiving, because i guess, uh, well. i don't know why everyone goes out shopping that day. but they do. so. black friday.

i'll have more next week. but until then... BEWARE THE IDES OF NOVEMBER!!! beware the ides of frickin' december too, cause it is going to get icy out there, okay. beware it. for real.



man. i might as well face it, i'm addicted to capslock.


okay so maybe i should just stop blogging and go to work now!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

happy birthday priscellie!!!

OMG you're 21 now and we've been friends since we were like... 14? THAT IS LIKE ONE THIRD OF OUR LIVES.


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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"rob lowe is less famous than scary spice, AND less considerate. that will be my reply the next time someone asks, 'renata, what do you think of rob lowe?'"

yep, so, stevepants and i went to see a few good men, starring rob lowe! it was really good! but then at the stage door rob lowe talked forEVER to these annoying people and then left, forever earning me and steve's enmity.


not really. but. okay still.

and then, "i can't wait to blog about this!"
"yeah! rob lowe will google himself, and your blog will come up, and he'll be like 'man i shouldn't have pissed off those tourists!'"
"actually i removed my blog from google! um, but not from yahoo, and i bet rob lowe doesn't know enough to use a good search engine!"
"also, i bet rob lowe is illiterate."

and one more:
"in this outfit i kind of feel like a bag lady, like i'm wearing all the clothing i own."
"aaand you just spilled water on yourself."
"yeah, i was hoping you didn't notice."

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i'd ask "when did i become obsessed with hobos?" but i guess i can really trace it all back to that phone conversation with kait a few months ago.

EXCEPT even before that i remember flipping out about the hobo code boardgame in the american girls store with julia.

and it also still doesn't explain why i even brought up hobos in the first place in that aforementioned phone conversation.

well shucks. i don't know, then. hobos are neat is all i guess.

except by "neat" i mean "it is a probably a lonely and sad, not to mention dirty and hungry, lifestyle, but it is one that is interesting to speculate about from my comfortable middle-class viewpoint." and by that, i mean "HOBOS!!!!1ONE!"

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0_0 apparently i AM... abraham lincoln.

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listening to: oasis, HEY NOW!

i'm sleepy :( and i'm at work. and ippy is actually here.

last night steve and i ate food in chinatown! chinese food that is! i don't know why i felt the need to clarify that sentence but, um, i did?

also we saw the producers. which okay... was good? and kinda funny? but seriously, 11 tonys? (of course a lot of those were for performers who weren't in this production but. still.)

i stand by the comment i made as we left, which steve thought was hilarious for some reason. "that was like... offensive, but not like funny south park offensive. just pointlessly offensive." seriously though... it was just a series of cliches held together by some very talented actors.

but still, it was fun. and stuff. and now i've seen the producers at least?

also last night i let amelia use my computer while i was gone (hers doesn't have wireless) and i was struck by the sudden paranoid thought that if she read my blog from my bookmarks bar, she'd know i talk about her all the time. in a less than positive light.

steve: well, i'm sure she won't, who would do that?
me: i would!!

whatever. amelia, if you are reading this, please just pretend like you're not and we'll go on being politely friendly to each other for another month, okay? thx.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

signs that fandom has eaten my brain:

amelia posted on her plan an encouraging email she received from her dad. in part, it read:


what this means is that both she and her dad are science geeks, and he wants her to "go for the gold."

however i read it as "go for the alternate universe!"

to which i replied, WHAT.

also i will repost this:

hey hippies!

ippy says: Also, I thought it would be good to have three "best of 2005" books, films
and music.

If you have any good suggestions (obvioulsy they need to be vaguely
political/environmnetla, peace-related, left, anarcho, etc), then feel
free to jot them down.

any good american hipster recommendations? i know [you] have some, because i sure as hell don't.

haha, seriously, i don't think anything i read/listened to was produced in 2005. that's a lie: there was anansi boys, half-blood prince and the penultimate peril, of course. that is my top 3 of 2005. i will present that list to ippy tomorrow.

music though, seriously. i bought new cds... new to me... but i don't think ANY of them came out this year. i mean most of them didn't even come out before 1990.

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Modern, Cool Nerd
60 % Nerd, 65% Geek, 43% Dork
For The Record:<

A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.
A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.
A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.

You scored better than half in Nerd and Geek, earning you the title of: Modern, Cool Nerd.

Nerds didn't use to be cool, but in the 90's that all changed. It used
to be that, if you were a computer expert, you had to wear plaid or a
pocket protector or suspenders or something that announced to the world
that you couldn't quite fit in. Not anymore. Now, the intelligent and
geeky have eked out for themselves a modicum of respect at the very
least, and "geek is chic." The Modern, Cool Nerd is intelligent,
knowledgable and always the person to call in a crisis (needing
computer advice/an arcane bit of trivia knowledge). They are the one
you want as your lifeline in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (or the one
up there, winning the million bucks)!


Thanks Again! -- THE NERD? GEEK? OR DORK? TEST

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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Link: The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test written by donathos on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

mmm, geektastic.

mmm, procrastinatory.

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blaaah still no new word from ippy.

having steve around makes me such a mom.

me: okay, well, here's the a-z, you just look up the street in the index in the back and then go to that page, and jenny's guide to london is on the table, she said you could borrow it... and here's £30 for if you get us tickets tonight...
me: oh my god, i'm such a mom.
steve: you're such a mom!
steve: do i get a lunch?
me: um... there's some milk in the fridge, just drink that.
steve: okay. *presents cheek for kissing*
me: no way, i don't wanna catch the gay.

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listening to: tori, black swan

SO ippy is not in today EITHER, and i'm supposed to do more back issssues.

she said later today she'd email me with a different research task. and she's sorry doing back issues is boring. still, laaame.

especially since i forgot to charge my ipod last night and it has like half battery now and if it runs out, well, BOO.

on the plus side: i'm totally leaving early today. and then i will hang out with steve! and he's going to the tkts booth today to get us tickets for something "not lame" so we will see it! (on the "lame" list: les miz, poto, mary poppins, anything alw.)

so, musn't dwell.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

i am soooo tired i had to get up at jesus o'clock (that's like 6 am >_<) to pick up steve. and then i was late anyway because the train was late! and also i forgot that they run later on sundays to start out with!

brilliant moment though, this morning i was standing there all tired and cold and the first train that came was just to high street kensington, and i was like, awww man, i don't want to go to high street kensington... and then EVERYONE ELSE got on the train and i was like, wtf, why are all those people going to high street kensington? and then like, a minute later the train to earl's court came and i got on. and then it stopped at high street kensington on the way, and like... everyone who was at the bayswater station got on the train. guys that will teach you to read where the train is going! ahaha!

ANYWAY. steve and i got coffee, twice, and we went to the science museum because i wanted to see the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy exhibit. and it was GONE even though the website said it was there until 27 november!!!!! apparently "27 november" is british for "BEFORE NOVEMBER 20TH, SUCKER." laaaame.

also, steve was jetlagged and kind of delusional (note: i typed "delicious" instead of delusional, don't know what that's about...) and he used words like... oh shit, i can't remember now, it was the best word ever. it was a combination of "satisfied" and something else... satis... crap, i'll have to ask him in the morning.

also, on hobos: i will share an email from my mom!

reading your blog

last time i got my hair cut a lady (from Mackinaw) was in and talking
about the Hobo Convention. She has gone several years and has friends from
there drop in. She said there are all kinds...like rich ones who leave
their motorhomes at a place and then ride the rails for a few weeks and go
back to their high roller transportaion.
Anyway, i guess it is a good time...always the same week end in some
summer month (right--I'm shaky on the details)

I think it would be a wonderful outing,

Also there was something about hoboe drawing cats in front of a house and
that meant the lady there was nice.....


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Saturday, November 19, 2005

listening to: paul simon, born at the right time

today = a good day!

jenny, lester, and i went to the ZOO and saw a lot of animals, many of which were CUTE and/or did FUNNY THINGS. also lester and i realized that this was the zoo harry potter went to, and that was the reptile house where harry parseltongued! so exciting! (ps, yes, parseltongue is totally a verb okay?)

then jenny and i went shopping for a little bit, i spent way too much money on socks/tights. but guys you should see these socks and tights, they are AMAZING. also we went out to dinner with some visiting grinnellians from france, and it was so delicious, hooray.

and THEN we went to a party with a bunch of grinnellians, which actually didn't suck. it was pretty chill and i was able to avoid the people i don't like and had some fun chats with the ones i do like, and some of the ones i kinda like.

and then i came home and read the hanson secrets community which is SO FUNNY. it's like post secret but all the secrets are about hanson. like for reals.

i think my favorite secret so far is "i write pretty amazing hanson erotica. (in my opinion.) i am dying to make a journal for it and share it. but i don't want my friends to think i'm weird!"

hahaha... "pretty amazing hanson erotica." KEEP THINKING ABOUT THAT PHRASE UNTIL YOUR HEAD EXPLODES.

anyway i should go to bed because i have to get up at JESUS O'CLOCK to pick up steve from the airport. hooray, steve!

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first off: michelle, OMG you were BORN in the hobo capital of the world?? i was just looking at their website the other day! (it's hobo.com.) kait and i talked about going to the hobo convention! but probably we won't.

also, yes i know there really is a hobo code! that's why i want to learn it! omg! hobos! anyway! below are my thoughts on hp& gof, they're in white so highlight to read.

out of highlight though, let me just say, OMG I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN RIGHT NOW.


(note, this is the same thing i posted at CB.)

- Best HP movie so far, I think. Definitely. (Despite the fact that it's not one of my favorite books.)
- OMG Neville so cute.
- OMG Weasley twins so hot.
- Sorry, had to get that out of the way.
- I couldn't BELIEVE it was so long ,I didn't look at my watch ONCE. I have an incredibly ridiculous attention span for movies, I always space out or get bored or whatever.
- It was so funny, funnier than I remember the book being (but I haven't read the book in awhile).
- And also SO SAD, I cried 3 different tiiiimes. (When Ghost Cedric and Ghost Harry's Parents talk to him, when Harry and Dead Cedric go back to the stadium and everyone is like "YAAAY... what? *cries*" and Cedric's dad is like *goes insane*... aww, and then at Cedric's memorial service thing.
- Somehow the last half of this movie just made me feel SO MUCH SORRIER for Harry than I have before. It was just so... clear that this was SO UNFAIR and he was just going to do what he had to, and he was going to be a good person and... omg poor Harry.
- Ron/Hermione/Krum... so awkwardlarious.
- Seriously, the Weasley twins... I love them, I LOVE them. Every single time they were onscreen I leaned over to my friend and whispered "I LOVE THEM!"
- Those squid things were so scary! I hate squid.

Um... yeah. Basically, loved it, want to see it again!

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Friday, November 18, 2005

listening to: vanilla ice, ice ice baby

SO i hate it when i can't figure out what i want to listen to, so i put my ipod on shuffle all and just keep hitting next until i hear something i want... because i always end up with some ridiculous one hit wonder song. and i'm like, what, why do i want to listen to this? but i do. oh also, spice girls, i can like never skip past the spice girls.

ANYWAY. if your name starts with a k and ends with an ait (eg kait, kitten bait) OR starts with a j and ends with an ulia (eg julia, um... jamulia), you will probably find today's toothpaste for dinner to be very entertaining.

if your name starts with any other letter or ends with any other series of letters, well, i don't know, try thinkin' lincoln.

re-reading my blog spams from last night... yeah, i was definitely in a really weird mood.

now i will reply to keith's comments.

1. what? corran horn was naked? ... anyway. yeah, he is a tool but like... he's just so fun to read about. it's like really good bad fanfiction.

2. omg, yes, you're so right, it was the brady bunch. actually no it wasn't, don't be a smartass.

3. actually it's okay, go ahead and be a smartass.

now... i will see if there are any other comments i need to reply to.

TL: hooray for dreaaaamboat hitting the bigscreen! i wonder when its released in the uk?

also, to miriam, kait, devon, and megan's comments about amelia: yeah, SERIOUSLY.

(that's my response to all four of them, whether or not it actually makes sense for your specific comment.)

hooray for comments!

and semi-delusional rambling blog entries!

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

wow. i'm in SUCH a weird mood tonight.

kait: OH MAN. And I totally bought John Hodgman's book today, solely because he was on TDS last night talking about it and there's a whole section about hobos.
renata: YAY HOBOS
renata: does it have hobo code??
renata: can you laern hobo code?
renata: we should learn hobo code
renata: and then write each other letters in hobo code
renata: i'm going to use the phrase hobo code in every sentence now
renata: i wonder what hobo code is in hobo code.
renata: oh myg od, seriously, am i on speed?

(note, i sent those last like, 5 ims all in about 30 seconds. i just felt compelled to type them. maybe it was the idea of squares taking over my brain?)

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listening to: ben folds, in between days

okay i just listened to this like 10 times in a row. while simultaneously having an awesome aim conversation with julia!

renata: i think my purpose in life is just to make as many people as possible watch it [josie and the pussycats, of course]
julia: It's a good purpose in life.
renata: yeah, i think so
renata: like some people are called to spread the word of jesus
renata: i spread the word of josie
julia: Heh. It's similar, but different in several key points.
renata: well. i mean, josie said, friends first, band second
renata: and jesus said, love thy neighbor.
julia: It's like they're long lost twins!
renatas: totally!
renata: plus... josie fixed alan m's truck, and jesus raised lazarus from the dead.
renata: also, their names both start with j.
julia: Miracles, check.
renata: and i'm pretty sure josie was immaculately conceived. just a hunch, though.

there are more parallels too! but i'll keep this relatively brief.

also we had a discussion in which we tried to figure out my mystery ceiling music... it denigrated to this:

renata: i can just envison this credits sequence!
renata: but only really vaguely.
renata: so maybe i just made it up.
julia: Heh! What does your made up credit sequence look like?
renata: sigh.
renata: um it's kind of like... muted colors... and squares.. .but like... the idea of squares.
renata: okay, i just sound stoned now.
julia: You do. *grins*
renata: stupid imaginary credits!

really though... "the idea of squares" is all i can come up with here. becuase like, maybe it's actual squares, or maybe it's things happening in a square shape? like? so you know... the idea of squares.

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listening to: ben folds, get your hands off of my woman

man, i love this song.

anyway. i just googled "corran horn" because, well, i just did. (note, corran horn is a star wars character from the extended uuuniverse okay i'm a dork.) ANYWAY i got this page and anyway apparently:

When the Galactic Civil War formally came to a close with the signing of an historic peace accord between the Republic and the Imperial Remnant, Horn finally retired.

WHAT? the war ENDED? shit, i haven't read extended universe books in.. way too long, apparently. i guess it makes sense, though. i mean that was like, a really long war.

also, i like that the ENTIRE book i, jedi can be summed up in one sentence. and that sentence is:

Upon discovering leads to Mirax's abductors, Horn impetuously left the academy, and freed his wife from a rogue Imperial Moff-turned-pirate.

if i ever have business cards, i want them to say "Moff-turned-pirate."

anyway, corran horn is such a mary sue. but i like him a lot anyway.

does anyone who reads my blog even read the EU? anyone? hello? er...

guys isn't "moff" a funny word? like how y ou could you ever take someone seriously if he was like "hi i'm grand moff tarkin?" i mean, i guess you would because if you were like "what? moff? hahaha," he'd probably just kill your family. still though... moff.

okay so, star wars, eh?

non-star wars related: jenny and i watched chasing amy tonight (which i guess is why i'm thinking about star wars), and i noticed for the first time that the asian guy in the minority comics panel is named fred sang. HE'S THE ASIAN DESIGN MAJOR FROM CLERKS! DUDE. i love the incredible incestuousness of the askewniverse, i do.

someone upstairs or next door keeps playing music that sounds SO familiar, like it's the theme music to some tv show or video game that... oh... what IS it? but it keeps repeating longer than if it were just the theme to something... ohhhh... it stopped... man, that's annoying.

anyway, this is just like, stream of consciousness rambling now, so i'm just going to publish...

ETA: OH that music, i think it is the theme music to some medical show that i never watch! like... csi maybe? or scrubs? or house? man, i should just call kait or julia and hold the phone up to the ceiling... it's kind of jazzy piano-y thing and it's like, DO-do-do-do-DO-do-do-do... very repetitive... um... yes.

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listening to: tom petty, time to move on

it's going to be a brilliant day!

ippy is sick today and she emailed me to say: Renata - don't feel compelled to stay and slog through back issues all day - work as you please.

and yesterday she told me to come in late since she'd be coming in late too, so i didn't even get here until noon. and now i'm totally leaving early.

and it's such a nice day out, i was just thinking as i walked to the train station that it was a really nice day out and it sucked that it would be dark by the time i left. but now it won't be!

HOORAY. PLUS, tomorrow i get to see goblet of fire, and saturday jenny, lester and i are going to the zoo, and sunday steeeeeve is coming!

oh, life is exciting.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

i feel SO validated right now.

see, i remember the first time i watched neverwhere i was like, "wow, richard's really cute. and he looks just like a young paul mccartney!"

and then tonight i finished watching neverwhere again and i was like, "seriously, richard's still really cute, and he still looks like a young paul mccartney. i wonder what else he's been in?"

and so i looked him up on imdb (i'd make a link but for some reason i can't copy and paste out of that page?) anyway, he's totally played paul mccartney TWICE.

once in 1994 in backbeat and then again in 2000 in the linda mccartney story.

i win at life. or at least at identifying paul mccartney lookalikes.

and now perhaps i will go to bed.

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finale of the mumbley accenty guy situation:

ippy (walks in at 3pm): hi... sorry i'm late, to the extreme.
me (thinking): haha, she just said "to the extreme."
me (aloud): hi, it's fine. um some guy kept calling for you though, he didn't make much sense though.
ippy: irish?
me: yeah, i think so.
ippy: phillip?
me: i think?
ippy: yeah, he's really ill, poor guy, don't worry about it.
me: oh, okay. well, i started taking messages from him and then they stopped making sense...
ippy: yeah, it's okay.

poor mumbley accenty guy :(

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exciting discovery! there are, in fact, people who the pn/wri people regard as "goddamn hippies" (even if that's not the exact phrase they used.)

lunchtime conversation:

andreas: ... something about pat..
martin: (giggles) (to me and javier) have either of you met pat?
javier & i: no?
andreas: well, she lets pigeons nest in her bathroom.
martin: actually not anymore, the city council made her stop.
andreas: oh did they? good. well, she calls pigeons "peace doves" so that's why she used to let them in her bathroom, and she likes to go to trafalgar square to feed the pigeons even though it's illegal now, she wants to get arrested so she can make a statement about the peace doves.
javier: and she wrote a book?
andreas: well, she writes poems. of a doubtful nature.
martin: but she wrote a novel too, about her in prison.
andreas: ah. well, in any case, just be glad you haven't met her.

*dies* OMG, mumbley accenty guy just called back!

me: hello, peace news.
MAG: is ippy in yet?
me: nope, sorry, i'm not really sure when she'll be back. can i take a message?
MAG: well i just saw something that i thought was interesting, there's a latin american film festival this weekend in (mumbled location... seriously why is he always most mumbley for the key parts of sentences?).
me: okay.
MAG: there's a www if you want.
me: um, sure.
MAG: let me find it... the magazine is printed on green pages blue pages red pages, they must not think that anyone out there is colorblind, i mean, i'm not colorblind but 10% of the population is, you know, oh here it is, such small print you know, i can't read it, they must not want anyone over 50 to read it, or anyone with vision problems, you know 50% of the population has vision problems.
me: mm-hmm.
MAG: okay here's the address. and then there's this address. and then there's the phone number. they might be nice to you on the phone.
me: okay, thanks.
MAG: you know i was going to go see this movie at half four today, but i can't read the listing, maybe it's not at half four. *mumbles vaguely* 4:20 maybe? well it's called *mumbled name* and it's about the prostitutes and businesses in cuba, i think it's what life in cuba is really like, you know, anyway i was going to go but now i'm not sure, i mean really, why do they make the print so small in these things, and one other thing can the paper please check its grammar okay bye. (hangs up)


OMG and he just called back again while i was typing that.

me: hello, peace news.
MAG: hello, is this the woman i was talking to 5 minutes ago?
me: um, yes.
MAG: i don't know why they make that print so small i mean no one over 60 could read it i wonder if they're just young people or if it's some sort of mastermind but anyway i was wondering if you could send every available back issue of peace news to the military colonel who was my supervisor, he watches over me because i have brain damage, i think he'd be really interested in pace news.
me: UM, i'll have to ask ippy.
MAG: okay well will you take down his address? he's a very humane man, i mean some military people aren't they use phosphor bombs and things like that but he's a very humane man, not very educated past a-levels and some military colleges but he's a very humane man. okay his address is (an address), did you get that?
me: yes.
MAG: okay well actually could i give you his phone number, maybe ippy could call him, but at night when he's more relaxed.
me: um, well i can take the number.
MAG: okay here it is, (number) did you get it? it's (number).
me: yep.
MAG: okay well could you please send him every available peace news and also i think he'd really appreciate it if ippy called him okay bye. (hangs up)

man. not only was he mumbley but also he said everything all in one sentence, like. and was clearly insane.

next time the phone rings i'm so not answering.

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listening to: paul simon, kodacrhome

UM so i just answered the phone and there was some mumbley accenty guy on the other end, asking for ippy.

me: sorry, she's not in, could i take a message?
mumbley accenty guy (MAG): this is (mumbled name), i was supposed to take some issues of peace news up to (mumbled place).
me: ah... could you repeat that please?
MAG: when is ippy supposed to be back?
me: i'm not really sure, she said around one. (it was like 1:05 when he called.)
MAG: okay, well, i'll call back around 2.
me: alright.
MAG: tell her to send me to (mumbled place) on a warm day.
me: um, okay.
MAG: a warm day, not a cold one.
me: sure.
MAG: and let me just tell you one thing, after christmas the fascist goons are coming to the north of england.
me: okay.
MAG: they're already in scotland, but they're coming to northern england. after christmas you'd better have your flak jacket and helmet.
me: ... okay.
MAG: the goons are coming, baby. (hangs up)

there was more mumbling, elaborating on the fascist goons. unfortunately i am unable to faithfully recreate this conversation.

seriously, wtf, mumbley accenty guy?

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

listening to: mojo nixon, elvis is everywhere

goddammit, blogger's recover post feature NEVER works.

whatever. anyway, as i was saying, devon tagged me for that "7 songs you like a lot right now" meme, and i am going to complete that meme! with kait's twist of providing a yousendit link to download all the songs i like right now! (if any of the links expire let me know and i'll happily resendit them, because these songs are good and people should listen to them i think!)

anyway here goes, it's pretty random.

1. paul simon - hurricane eye
2. tori amos - carbon
3. grinnell g-tones - come and go with me
4. anne heaton - counting
5. mojo nixon - elvis is everywhere
6. indigo girls - get out the map
7. scott chasolen - harmony
8. barenaked ladies - i saw three ships (BONUS AWESOME CHRISTMAS TRACK!!!!11!ONE!)

the 7 people i tag are: everyone who feels like doing it! (times seven.)

today i got a migraine(-esque?) headache and left my internship at lunchtime. it was actually kind of relaxing to have a valid (if painful) excuse to lie around in the dark for 6 hours.

tonight mike rented coach carter and asked if i wanted to watch it. and clearly, i did. man, it was pretty-pretty funny. mike and i predicted plotlines like NOBODY'S business. and also we kept an eye out for our favorite character, The Asian Kid. because like, it's an inner-city school full of black kids, and a couple badass white kids, and then there's this one asian kid. he was always in the background and he never got an actual name. we even looked for his name in the credits, he was just among "other richmond players."

also his dad was totally on the student council/jury (which, wtf).

also, coach carter is seriously such a dick. if i were on his team i totally would have quit and become a drug dealer JUST TO SPITE HIM. and then i would have made my girlfriend get an abortion.

anyway. man, yousendit is being slow. LAME. hooray, all the songs are uploaded now. (i love that there is no sense at all of time passing in this paragraph. but clearly it did! anyway i'm off to bed now.)

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so, i'm working on this article for PN, which would probably only take me about half an hour to write if i were actually working on it, but i've given in to the slackerly atmosphere of this office and have been messing around a fair bit. it's pretty satisfying, all things considered.

anyway. so i right-clicked the word "atrocities" to get some synonyms, and up came "glow, beam, brightness, luminosity, illumination, radiance." and i'm like "... what? does 'atrocity' not mean what i think it does?!" but then i realized that somehow i'd scrolled down a line and had actually gotten synonyms for the word "light." right.

the intarweb wasn't working at home last night, boooo. but, after work i went to the london school of economics liberry to start researching my internship paper. i think it's going to be about the peace movement in ww1 linked with the women's suffrage movement, specifically the interplay between american and british female activists.

in case you were wondering.

also then i watched the first 4 parts of neverwhere. definitely funnier since i've been to london. guys you should all come visit me, and we'll watch it and you'll be like "man this is hilarious!" it'll totally be worth the $600 plane ticket. totally.

anyway maybe i'll go do some work now. maybe.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

HELLO. i mean, bonjour! no wait, i mean, hello again.

paris was fun! kind of a whirlwind. i've never really wanted to go to paris. i mean, it was cool that i got to go, but i've never been one of those people who was all, "omgparis." (much more "omglondon" or "omgnewyork"). i saw: the louvre, notre dame, the eiffel tower, and we walked along the seine. and also i ate TWO croissants and also two crepes and we went to an uppity french restraunt. well, it was only borderline uppity-- it was like, hip uppity? ANYWAY we ate good food there, including good wine and aweeesome chocolate mousse which came with perplexing silver sugar pearls.

the louvre was cool, we totally solved this secret code hidden in a painting and then we wrote a mediocre novel about it. NO but we did see a bunch of stuff we had talked about in art history class, which was fun. we were all, "OMG ALTARPIECES" and "OMG CIMABUE" and "OMG JESUS" and "OMG i forget that guy's name but i'm sure we looked at that painting in class!" and of course we looked at the mona lisa, because that's what you do at the louvre.

anyway. mike hung out with some of amelia's new friends on friday and they were pretty drunk and revealed that amelia basically talks a lot of shit about us, including: we've been nothing but mean to her from the start (UNtrue, we started off nice and only tapered off into basic politeness once she started being a bitch to us) and that WE'RE SLOBS omg i hate her, her and her stupid dishes everywhere forever and her never-buying-new-toilet-paper-ever and her... well, whatever, mustn't dwell! not on rex manning day!

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Friday, November 11, 2005

oh, man. good thing i'm going to paris today. have i mentioned that i'm going to paris today? i'm not actually sure that i have. but... um... i'm going to paris today.

anyway, i've just been feeling sort of inexplicably burned out... meh.

today in internship seminar we went around and talked about our internships and what we were doing, and whether we thought the people we worked with were doing their jobs for the money or for some other factor, or both (and also applying some of the labor theory we read about but no need to detail that...) anyway, and i was like, "well, mostly all i've been doing is putting back issues online, it's pretty boring, but i did also write a few articles for the online news service... i think things will be better next week when we start working on the new issue, blah blah blah..." and i mentioned some of ippy's idiosyncracies, which everyone thought were hilarious. and i wasn't (i thought) like, "my internship sucks" whining, but then afterwards i had my little one-on-one with d. vinter and she was like, really concerned. like, "you know, we could try to pull you out of this and find a different internship" concerned.

she kept being like, "you have so much to offer, i want you to be in an internship that will make use of you," and i was like, "aww you're nice, i feel bad i slacked off so bad in your class." except i didn't say that. but i was like, "no really, i think it'll get better once we start working on the issue. really." and she was like, "well, really, speak up if it doesn't get better." and i was like, "omg i wasn't even trying to complain about my internship." (although i definitely obviously didn't enjoy mine as much as some other people apparently do.)

BUT WHATEVER, i'm going to paris.

oh also, i have to figure out a topic for my stupid 12-page internship paper (which is actually supposed to be about an academic topic tangentially-related to my internship)... man, when am i goinng to have tiiime to write that? i know we have these temporary memberships at the london school of economics liberry but i don't know how late it stays open... laaame.

anyway. also i'm so tired. i guess i'll try to sleep on the train. the train, to paris. yay!

(in conclusion: dear renata, stop complaining about your internship and your semi-awkward meeting with your advisor, and go to france. love, renata.)

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

so i came home tonight and there was a pot on the stove, with the burner still burning. (we have a gas stove, which is still crazy to me.) i didn't think too much of it until i realized that no one was home. mike got back like 5 minutes later and asked where amelia was (we always do this, in hopes that maybe she's gone forever this time. seriously, jenny and i routinely have conversations that are like, "hey, where's amelia?" "i don't know, i hope she's dead.") and i said i didn't know, but the stove was still burning with a pot on it.

and then we looked at the pot more closely: it had remnants of oatmeal in it. it was her breakfast oatmeal and she'd left it burning all day.

haha, seriously, what a stupid bitch.

and this is not the first time i've found a burner still on (though usually it hasn't been going all day!!).

i can't wait until she tries to wash her pot and discovers that all the oatmeal is like, permanently baked on.


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HEY... i posted last night, for reals, why is it a blank post? i know it wasn't always blank, cuz keith left a comment... okay whatvs, what i said was:

i finished my day in the life photo page! you can look at it here or at the flickr photoset if you don't want to load them all on one page. both have the same captions and stuff.

wooooot okay i'm going to go take a shower and go convert more punctuation into other-type punctuation!

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
LOOK it's me in denmark with a danish! and a lego!

mostly i'm messing around with flickr but also this is probably the best photograph ever so hey, might as well blog it.

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listening to: paul simon, born at the right time

this is my favoite paul simon song of the moment. the favorite song of the moment has been working its way through rhythm of the saints lately. (also i'd like to take this moment to reiterate: man, i can't even wait for me and kait's roadtrip.)

right now i'm eating some chocolate i bought at the aarhus airport. it was made by anthon berg, chocolatiers by appointment to the danish royal court since 1884! classy, i know.

anyway. at my internship i just put more back issues online. actually, just part of one. it's an older one so the new software won't read it right, so it messes up the punctuation and i have to go trhough and manually fix it. it's uh, pretty lame.

also. um. on facebook i have my personal politics set at "liberal" and sometimes people ask me why not "very liberal"? and the answer is because the "very liberal"s work at peace news (and war resisters international, the other people in our building) and are kind of hard to handle. popular opinions:

- it's so stupid that gays can get married in london now, because marriage is a stupid insitution and who wants to get married anyway?

- i don't like using ecover soap (an environmentally-friendly dish soap brand here) because it's owned by a big corporation. (stated, and heartily agreed with, while eating lunch from TESCO, a grocery store chain here so big that WAL-MART sued it for being a monopoly.)

- deforestation in the carribbean caused hurricane katrina

- etc.

whatevs though, it's only 6 weeks and anyway sooner or later i'll have some real work to do instead of coding fucking back issues. it makes me rue the day i told ippy i knew html. (so... it makes me rue monday. stupid monday!)

i did a day-in-the-life photo shoot today for cb, i'm uploading the photos now. i'll post the results here too, when i'm done.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

oh, i've been meaning to say-- keith, i can't leave comments on your blog unless i'm a wordpress user... which, i'm not. do you have the option of turning on anonymous commenting? if so... dooo it.

also, tiger lily, i resent your slander of both constantine maroulis and keanu reeves! they're just as cool as usher. well, almost as cool as usher, anyway.

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today i spent almost 4 hours

converting ONE back issue of peace news into appropriate online format

and i'm a pretty fast coder

and i wasn't even slacking off very much

and there are still about 3049234290 more issues to go

but at least i can listen to my ipod while i numb my mind with copy and paste, copy and paste.

ALSO i got to see neil gaiman and lenny henry today!!! there were so many other exciting things in my life that i totally forgot about this one until late last night, when i went "oh my god, did i forget to go see neil today? whew no, it's tomorrow!"

anyway, it was SO funny. lenny and neil each did a little reading from anansi boys, and then lenny interviewed neil... he's a british comedian, and also friends with neil, so it was really more like lenny making fun of neil. but it was hilarious. let me try to remember excerpts...

neil: "... well, i wrote most of it in my friend tori amos's house--"
lenny: "oh, just DROP that name in... CLANG! he does this all the time... 'and then robert deniro stopped by... CLANG'"

girl in audience: "have you thought about collaborating with joss whedon, and if so, would you do it in your universe or his?"
neil: (some stuff)*
lenny: "this is wonderful... what UNIVERSE would you use, where else would you hear that question? what does that even MEAN?"
neil: "lenny, you're a comics geek too, you know perfectly well what that means."
lenny: (looks down) "yeah, you're right. hey, did you hear DC is re-releasing parallel earths??"

* short answer, yes, neil would, in fact be interested in collaborating with joss, in case you were wondering. also in the course of the interview joss apparently told neil that he LOVED the day i swapped my dad for 2 goldfish and thought it was the coolest book ever, and neil apparently wondered "why THAT book?"

neil: "on every tour, it seems like there's one question that everyone wants to know... this tour, it seems to be 'is there going to be a sequel to neverwhere?"
lenny: "ooh, neil, are you going to do a sequel to neverwhere? can i play the marquis' brother?"

lenny: "you're going to regret wearing that leather jacket, neil... it's hot under these lights... so hot... *fans self*"
neil: "terry pratchett always used to tell me, 'neil, you can't be hot because you look coooool.'"

gah, there was more, i can't really remember... but it was SO ADORABLE AND HILARIOUS. ADORALARIOUS if you will.

a few random tidbits:
- p. craig russell is apparently working on a coraline graphic novel (ooo)
- work is still happening on the death: the high cost of living movie (ooo)

also, i just realized how EXCITED i am to see the death: the high cost of living movie. oh man. usually i don't get TOO nuts waiting for movies, but seriously i am excited for this one. neil said he had to write some new material for it, including a scene where (apparently) sexton and didi are visited by tibetan monks at 4am.

HAHAHA i just went to go read about the death movie and apparently shia labeouf is involved. GOOD that means amanda will go see it with me :)

anyway perhaps now i will reply to some of the comments i have in my inbox! because, i love comments, and i have kind of a backlog from the travelling and laziness and whatnot.

julia said Today, I mentioned to my co-worker, who is Argentinian, but her husband is from Denmark, that you were there right now. And she responded with, "Is she going to Legoland? It's a really fun place for adults!"

to which i say, whatever, legoland is DEAD TO ME. october 31st is a COMPLETELY UNREASONABLE day for a theme park to shut down for the season.

keith said, I can't to tell people my friend Renata is in Britain seeking asylum! I'll tell them you were persecuted unrighteously for something. Any suggestions?

to which i say, yes, tell them i fled america to a country where my love of the spice girls would be tolerated.

kait said, HELLS YEAH!

(man, I just said, "hells yeah!")

to which i say, HELLS YEAH indeed.

kait also said,
Is it a paid internship? Cause if it is... that's like, the sweetest job ever.

to which i say, nope, it's for credit. so, it's actually, i'm paying to do it.

steve said, Dude, peace news sounds like a hippie vegetarian club...with pot. Is that why you can't let the cops in?

to which i say, whatever, like i'd tell YOU, narc.

the end!

ps; if you feel insulted that i did not reply to one of your comments, well, GOOD, please take it personally.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

dear the onion AV club,


i'll excerpt for those too lazy to click the link:

A Decade Of Underrated Movies


Josie And The Pussycats

One for the time capsule, this bubblegum satire scores as an early snapshot of corporate-sponsored 21st-century youth culture, back when boy bands ruled the roost and MTV's Total Request Live in Times Square was the epicenter of a logo-saturated universe. Though their film functions well enough as the story of plucky girl rockers on the rise, writer-directors Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont go one extra step by looking into what Joni Mitchell famously called "the star-making machinery behind the popular song." Here, democracy means voting for preordained choices like the aptly named Du Jour on TRL, and music is just another way of delivering people to products. Too bad so few people were delivered to this one.


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listening to: stu, beyond belief

before i forget: lots o' new photos here. i stayed up way too late uploading/captioning them, because once i started i just really wanted to finish all of them. so if you look at them you will validate my sleep deprivation and give my life meaning. no pressure or anything.

blargh, so tired and braindead. i'm just going to crosspost the plan entries i made at work today, i think.

Monday November 7, 2005. 7:44 AM (note: as in blogger these times are in central time. or actually maybe eastern.)

greetings from my internship. my supervisor was an hour and 20 minutes late. luckily i had a book with me so i sat and read and waited.

she just left again, having given me the instruction to find and read one word document. i accomplished this task in about 2 minutes. and she's been gone for about 20 minutes. she is the only actual employee of peace news, so it's not like i can ask someone else for something to do. doot doo doo.

i really have no complaints though-- i have internet. and i still have my book.

Monday November 7, 2005. 8:41 AM

update: my internship supervisor returned and told me it was lunchtime, so, we went and ate lunch. after lunch, she said, "right, i've got to go do something, i'll be back in 5 minutes so just go hang out..."

i am the most productive intern ever.

also, when she was giving me my little office orientation thing, she pointed out the buzzer and said "basically, let anyone in if they sound friendly... except the police. under no circumstances should you let the police into this building. unless we've called them for some reason." right.

Monday November 7, 2005. 11:05 AM

once again i am indefinitely abandoned with a 2-minute task.

so, i wasn't terribly productive today but it seems that things will get better? tomorrow she mentioned a few things she was going to show me that i could do on my own, whenever i had time. grood. oh yeah and this is what i did today. well, that and sit around a lot.

cripes, i'm SO TIRED.

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

listening to: some of jenny's hippy crap

hello! here are some things i did today. to make it more interesting i will post them in NON-CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. HOWEVER all times will be posted in greenwich standard time.

opened blogger. (8:04pm)
landed at london heathrow. (10:30am)
started to get impatient. (5:15pm)
woke up. (5am)
got tired of standing around in the rain and went home. (7pm)
got the right passport stamp. (12:10pm)
finally got to the front of the customs line. (12pm)
discovered that my passport had previously been stamped granting me an asylum-seeker visa to britain. (12:01 pm)
arrived at the harry potter world premiere. (3:45pm)
stars allegedly began arriving at the harry potter world premiere. (5pm)
arrived at schiphol airport. (7am)


i will now briefly expand on the harry potter premiere: it was kind of a letdown! first off, it was cold and rainy and basically pretty british, and second i'd been up since 5am. so. also, jenny and i were confused about the times so we got there at 3:45, and stuff started happening at 5pm (we thought it would be later- the website we looked at said "crowds start forming around 5pm for premieres," not "the celebrities start showing up around 5pm" which is actually the case) so anyway there was already a huge crowd. we sort of wandered around a bit and found what we thought was a good spot pretty close to the barricade, but far off from the big soundstagey thing. then we looked around and thought that maybe the layout was that all the stars would come in a different way, walk through the square adn then right into the theatre, ie not by us at all... so we walked around and tried a few different lookout spots and finally ended up back on the outside of the square itself- we could kind of see people when they walked down the red carpet but not closeup or anything.

so around 5pm people do indeed start walking down the carpet (as the omniscient voiceover lady told us) but none of them were actually the stars of the movie yet. and then we started hearing interviews with stars as they arrived, but we couldn't figure out where any of it was coming from... eventually we found the big video screen where you could at least see the interviews and sort of visually pieced together that everyone MUST be walking down the fenced-in-carpety-thing we were vaguely standing in front of, but we couldn't recognize anyone and couldn't tell when stuff was happening.

and then we left.

the end!

i did take some kinda cool pictures of what i could see-- apparently they had a big thing set up in the square itself that was supposed to mimick some scenes of the movie, with the underwater-mermaid-place and a dragon in a cage and something that i assume was the goblet of fire but all i could see was some occasional flames sticking up.

basically you'd probably be better off watching the webcast of the premiere, or reading the livejournal of someone who actually had a good viewing spot.

but in case you were wondering, my overall impression of the hp4 world premiere was: cold, wet, disappointing, yet still somehow exciting.


ALSO i saw wallace & gromit in amsterdam last night, and it was awesome especially because it had dutch subtitles, yay i love dutch, but also because i got to see the hp4 trailer. but then i saw the hp4 trailer on continuous loop while we were waiting for the premiere excitement to start.

also i am uploading pictures right now. actually they're all uploaded, now i am just captioning them and sorting them into sets. it's kind of tiring! but it will all be worth it when i have the fairest online photo album in all the land. or something.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

listening to: paul simon, the coast

whew! i just got back from a canal boat tour, and about halfway through the tour i suddenly misremembered that steve was coming to visit on the 14th, and i was like "oh no, i could have sworn it was later, but i think he's coming the 14th... now i'll have to cancel my train ticket, i wonder if i can get a refund, or maybe i oculd just change it and come back saturday night..." etc. and then i checked my email and discovered, nope, he's coming the 20th after all.


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listening to: beatles, let it be

hello, i am in amsterdam! you are probably thinking, renata, you are only in amsterdam for like 2 days, why are you wasting your time in an internet cafe?

and i would reply, well, the thing is, i've been walking around a LOT, carrying a heavy messgenger bag, and well really i just wanted to sit down somewhere for awhile, and i walked by this internet cafe and thought, look, there are chairs there! and also computers.

anyway. the stu show last night was AMAZING. and i had the following conversation:

stu: i think i recognize you... don't i know you from somewhere? chicago?
me: yeah, or iowa.
stu: ah, the midwest. but really, don't i know you?
me: well i'm friends with megan bohlke?
stu: right! oh right, i think she told me you were coming.

so, megan, we were talking about you in amsterdam. anyway it's weird though because it's not really like i know stu, at all. i guess i just hang out with megan too much or something.

oh and he didn't play "amsterdam" but he did play a lot of other awesome songs. and i don't like "amsterdam" the song that much anyway, it just would have amused me a lot to hear it. in amsterdam. right.

yesterday i went to the anne frank house, ate some amazing thai food, and saw stu. (i forgot to say- the concert was in a converted monastery. in the middle of the red light district. the red light district= more creepy than sexy, i feel. the women just stand in these display windows, in their underwear, vaguely beckoning at passersby.)

today i went to the van gogh museum. there are some paintings there? most of them are by van gogh but some of them are NOT. also there was a special children-oriented exhibit of different animal-themed paintings, which was really cute.

anyway. amsterdam is beautiful. there are canals like every 3 blocks. did you know amsterdam had canals? i never thought of amsterdam as having canals. but they are here! unfortunately they have a tendency to mess up streets, so sometimes i find myself wandering the wrong way. for awhile this led to me checking my map about every block, but at night when you stop to look at your map it makes sketchy guys stop to look at you. SO yeah.

but basically, everything has been fine-- no trouble at all getting the train from the airport, and only minimal trouble getting around.

oh! cool, i just discovered that tonight is museum night... once a year all the museums (or all the participating ones, anyway) stay open until 2am, and there's special stuff. and stuff. so, cool.

sigh. so, this internet cafe is an "easyinternet cafe," which is a big chain here... they're cheap because they're unstaffed, you buy time through a machine and there are no employees. so. enter annoying american tourist.

annoying american tourist: does anyone know where the printer is?
me: there isn't a printer here.
someone else: they don't have any employees here, so no one could watch the printer.
annoying american tourist: yes, i can see that no one works here... but how are you supposed to print stuff?


amsterdam's biggest problem is that it is full of annoying american tourists. mostly roving bands of annoying frat guys, who are here for fairly obvious reasons. i'm currently sharing my hostel room with 4 annoying frat guys. woooooo.

anyway... i guess i've been sitting for long enough, so i'll publish this and move onwards.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

listening to: they might be giants, whistling in the dark

hello! i am at heathrow airport. i thought i would buy some overpriced internet time to look up information on trains in amsterdam, but the netherlandish rail website is incredibly unhelpful so i'll just make someone explain it to me when i get to the schiphol airport.

i bought a dutch phrasebook! i probably won't need it because apparently most dutch people speak at least some english, but it might come in handy. and now just think of all the awesome dutch phrases i can learn. like, ik ben beroofd. (i've been mugged.) or, ik heb een blauwe plek. (i have a bruise.) or, kunt u een gay club aanbevelen? (can you recommend a gay club?)

anyway i have 30 seconds left so bye!

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

mission eat a danish in denmarkÆ completed. AND we ate them on the beach.

also we went to a lego store, and i bought a big pink lego thatøs really a box. itøs soooo cute. i have no idea what i will put in my lego box. the logical thing would be regular sized legos, but alas, i have no regular sized legos. just one big awesome lego.

tonight iøm headed back to london, and then iøll leave tomorrow morning for amsterdam. where i will see stuart davis! hurrah! seriously man, if he plays the song amsterdam, in amsterdam... my head might explode. from awesome.

also, sunflowerÆ yes, thomas is pretty hot. i didnøt take any pictures of him because i thought it might be creepy. but yes, heøs hot.

the end! for now.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

hello! i am safely in denmark. and have been for awhile. svekse and archimedes are both doing well, in case anyone was wondering. yesterday we went to the danish womenøs museum, and also the viking museum. the viking museum is in the basement of a bank. if vikings ever came to visit their own museum itød be pretty easy for them to do some plundering on the way.

danish keyboards have a slashy o where the apostophe should be, in case you havenøt noticed. i canøt find the real apostophe so iøve just been using the slashy o.

here is a crosspost from my plan entry last night, because i am too lazy to write something entirely new right now. also it sounds like sveske just got done showering, so weøll be leaving soon. weøre going to an openøair museum! itøs like a historically recreated village thingie. WOOT.

anyway, i give you... yesterdayøs plan entry:

when i type a bracket, it makes 娨 these instead. i had to copy and paste those date brackets. and for my trouble i get an entirely incorrect date.


last night i cuddled with an adorable expatriate who kept trying to stick his tongue in my mouth. his name is archimedes. he is a stipey kitty.

having fun in denmark. everyone here is fluently bilingual. they are also all prettier than me and have better health care than me.

[mike], thanks for keeping me posted on countries with awesome languages. danish is pretty sweet too. for example, looking at sveskeøs video collection++ she has the whole tilbage til fremtiden trilogy! )you know, the ones where michael j. fox travels to the fremtiden with that crazy christopher lloyd fellow). not to mention star wars den usynlige fjende and star wars klonernes angreb, or star trek III jamgeg ta spock. so much awesome.

on the downside though, her keyboard has some pretty crazy punctuation. i tried to fix it but ended up just giving up, hence, say, øs instead of apostrophes.

hope all the GIL kids are having fun fall breaks, and all you suckers back in grinnell are having fun in CLASS. hahaha.

ps, tomorrow sveske said we could go to a bakery so i could eat a danish in denmark. i told her this was important to me. i also told her about the time i ate a belgian waffle in belgium. she did not seem too impressed but she is willing to humor me!

ps 2, danish for denmark is danmark. which explains why we call them danish people, not dennish people. however it does not explain why we bothered to change the english name from danmark to denmark. itøs not like danmark is that hard to pronounce. maybe we were afraid weød keep getting it confused with some southern guy named dan mark. or, something.

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