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Monday, October 31, 2005

hello! i am safely in denmark, in sveske's apartment with her boyfriend and 2 cats (including archimedes the expatriate cat.)

legoland's last day of the season was today, i am so pissed. stupid legoland.

anyway that's about all.

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listening to: tori, crucify

i remembered a few other things from the mirrormask q&a thing i wanted to blog...

dave (on the movie's low budget): "we had 4 macintoshes to do the fnial edit with... and [some guy] liked to name them after bands, so these were the beatles. and i was john, so that was alright, but then we got a 5th computer and he named it yoko, and they all stopped talking to each other! he named the rendering computers after the ramones, in the hopes that they would render really quickly, and they did for about three minutes, and then they all just burned out."

dave (on working with neil in jim henson's house): "well, i like to write ideas on telephone index cards-- they have to be telephone index cards-- and lay them around on the floor so i can see what i've done, but neil will just turn on his computer and start having characters talk to each other. it's wrong! so then i'd go up to the top floor so i could play piano while i was working, and he'd go down to the basement so he could listen to radio 4 while he worked... which is wrong. i don't care if his last book debuted at #1 on the new york times bestseller list, neil gaiman writes the wrong way."

dave: "and then finally we had this big sheet of paper pinned up in the kitchen with the film plotted out on it, and terry gilliam came to visit and he walked in and saw it and said, 'that looks like a film!' it was like being blessed by the pope."

anyway. this morning i heard noises again and i was convinced it was amelia again, and then i fell back asleep and dreamed that the noises were actually a woman coming to tell me that amelia was moving out to live with someone else on the program... oh subconscious, why must you tease me so?

bleh. anyway, gameplan for today:
- shower, pack, lunch, hit up more oxfam shops in quest for coat, go to denmark.

oh, and i almost forgot-- happy halloween, everyone!

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

so, um, the combined powers of london public transportation and my own cluelessness transpired to prevent me from seeing serenity tonight. (namely: the southbound northern line was shut down this weekend, and i failed to recognize that angel station was, in fact, south of king's cross via the northern line. SO i had to take a bus and then the bus took forever and then i was late and, well, maybe i'll see it tomorrow.)

so, but, instead i went to my friendly local video rental place and rented constantine. and then i tried to play it, and it was scratched and my computer wouldn't read it, so i went back and politely insisted that i be given a different copy of the movie, while the clerk equally politely insisted that he was sure there was nothing wrong with the copy i had been given earlier. but, i eventually succeeded in getting a new movie, which worked just fine. hooray.

this leads me, blog-readers, to a confession i would like to make:

i don't think i've ever seen a keanu reeves movie that i didn't enjoy.

also, i feel that keanu's presence in these films contributes to their enjoyability.

in fact i might go so far to say that keanu reeves's presence in a movie would make me more likely to view it.

i think what i am trying to tell you is that i am a keanu reeves fan.

i hope that we can still be friends following this revelation.

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so uh, i was excited enough about seeing mirrormask, so it's probably for the best i didn't know beforehand that friggen dave mckean and half the cast of the movie were going to be doing a q&a after the movie... wow. too bad i didn't have my camera or anything, though. (especially since i was in the front row, which i was initially grumpy about-- darn you british assigned-seating movie theatres, i thought! but actually it was set up so i could see the movie fine, no awkward head-craning, and then i was like 10 feet away from dave mckean. so.)


(audience question- something along the lines of, "how does it feel to see what the movie really looks like after working in front of the green screen for so long?")
guy who played helena's dad: "actually, this was the first time i've seen the finished movie, and i'm very disappointed. i had thought that this was a film about the poor working conditions of eastern european trapeze artists... i didn't like what i saw here at all. *throws up hands in disgust and walks away from mike*"
guy who played valentine: "well, i had a mask glued to my face for 4 weeks, so i couldn't see anything at all.. green screen? was it green?"

(audience question- something along the lines of, "where did you get some of the visual ideas for the film?" except the woman who asked it was very strange and tried to avoid using verbs, so it was really like "the images... the visual ideas... for the film?")
dave mckean: "well..."
lenny henry: "drugs!"
lenny henry: "no seriously, i went and visited them while they were working on it, they had joints THIS BIG (extends arms). they were just rolling up the carpets off the floors and smoking it. they ought to be ashamed of themselves."

it was so cute/funny/awesome.

also i think i ate about half a bag of thai sweet chili potato chips while working on this blog entry. fuck. this is why i never buy the big bags of thai sweet chili potato chips, because they are SO DELICIOUS. with the little snack sized ones when you eat the whole bag, that's exactly what you were supposed to do, and well done to you. when you eat the whole big bag, it's troubling. *folds over bag* *sets bag on coffee table*


okay. anyway, yeah, i think i am going to go catch the 9:20 serenity. perhaps when i return i will be a devoted firefly-fan. or perhaps i will simply eat the rest of those darn thai sweet chili chips. and by chips i mean crisps. and by crisps i mean fried slices of DELICIOUS.

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man, i can't wait for december, so i can crack open my new simpsons advent calendar.

yeah so today i've been wandering around notting hill and checking out charity shops, otensibly in search of a peacoat/trenchcoat/thingie but actually pickig up some random impulse buys:
- native son by richard wright
- reading lolita in tehran by whoever wrote reading lolita in tehran
- some new undawears from marks & spencer! hooray
- the aforementioned simpsons advent calendar

oh ps, charity shops are like, goodwill kind of? except here there are 234983124 of them, like each charity runs its own stores from stuff people have donated. anyway.

i also looked at and rejected a number of coats, such as:
- the pretty cranberry-colored one that fit nicely except that my wrists/forearms stuck out of the sleeves unacceptably.
- the long greenish-khaki trenchcoat that made me look like a high school shooter
- the nice black one that was too small and made me look really awkward and fat
- the tan one that was actually pretty nice and i might go back and get it later if i don't find anything else.

and now that you're al caught up on my commercial activity today, i'm going to go watch mirrormask! and then i think i'm going to see serenity. (whatevs, i'm on vacation, i can watch 2 movies in one day if i want.)

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listening to: beatles, let it be

this morning i heard some clanky-type noises, and my first thought was "oh maan, did amelia get home early?" and then i thought, "what if it's burglars?" followed by "even if it is burglars i don't want to get up, maybe they'll just go away." however this too was followed by, "well, it's highly unlikely that it's burglars OR amelia, it's probably just your neighbors or street noise or something, but if you don't go look you'll just be lying here hypothesizing about it for awhile." and THEN i thought, "but if it actually is burglars won't they stab me or something?" and then i thought, "seriously, it's not burglars, just go look."

and so, i did, and it wasn't burglars, OR amelia.

however, if there actually were burglars they probably could have stolen all our stuff while i was lying there thinking about it.

ps: please don't burgle my flat ok thanks.

anyway. when i was with rain we mostly talked about camp (because it turns out in the real world, we don't actually have that much in common to talk about) and, man, i can't wait to go back to camp.

also i can't wait to take a shower. but i can do that like, right now.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

either my computer automatically did daylight savings time, or i just time-travelled.

hopefully it was just daylight savings time, i'd like to think if i could time travel i'd do something cooler than relive an hour at home alone messing around on the internet.

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i know i was going to go to bed? but instead i stole this quiz from megandee? because i like punctuation? yeah.

You scored 46% Sociability and 64% Sophistication!

Your life can be difficult because of your insecurities, but you should
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overuse you can kiss your . . . you know. You need to learn to hold
your head high and glory in your solitude. You really do have
excellent, scholarly tastes. You must never forget that your friend,
the period, will be there to support you at the end of every sentence
where you truly belong, and, if what is left out is as important as
what is said, why, then you are as vital as the alphabet!

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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listening to: anne heaton, make you sad

hello i am home! and by home i mean "london" which isn't really home, but, you know. anyway. i had fun in liverpool (but really warrington) with rain!

we went on a MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR in an AMAZING bus. and we saw john's house, and paul's house, and george's house, but not ringo's house :( and also, penny lane and strawberry field. and some other things.

here is a crosspost from my plan because i am too lazy to type it twice:

i'm pretty sure last night was the most harris-party-esque experience i've ever had, outside of a harris party.

my friend took me out clubbing in warrington (the suburb of liverpool where she lives) and there was this club called flares... it was like, 70s/80s themed. the average number of disco balls/square foot was incredibly high, and there were a number of large sequined platform shoes hung from the ceiling as well.

in the hour-ish that i was there, i heard the following:
- "gimme! gimme! gimme! (a man after midnight)" (which is in my top 5 favorite abba songs!)
- "dancing queen"
- at least one other abba song, i forget which one
- "ghostbusters"
- i don't even remember anymore, but i was definitely keeping a mental tally of all the awesome songs they played and the tally was definitely longer than this. soo funny. no madonna, though :(

also, at the bar they were selling afro wigs, halos, devil horns, and a few other random costume items.

i also participated in/observed a number of hilariously awkward social interactions, such as:

guy #1: you're american? where are you from?
me: illinois.
guy #1: illinois? that's my favorite state!
guy #2: do you even know where illinois is?
guy #1: yeah... it's the one in the middle.

guy #1 (or really guy #3 since it's a new set of guys, but whatever): (walks by, tilts my chin up with his hand)
me: (wtf face)
guy #2: (walks by, tilts my chin up with his hand)
me: (WTF FACE)
guys #1 and #2: (say nothing, just keep walking past)

guy: (grabs my hand, looks at it, drops it)
me: (wtf face)
guy: (grabs my friend alex's hand, looks at it, drops it)
alex: (wtf face)
guy: (stands there) (walks away)
rain: um, he was checking for wedding rings, get it?
alex and i: ohhhh... wait, what?

guy #1: (dances frantically near bar)
guy #2: (taps me on shoulder and points out frantic-dancing guy, who is behind me and out of my line of vision) he's flirtiing with you, you know.
me: ah... okay then.

ANYWAY. the other clubs we went to were kind of lame and not nearly as amusing. SO, should you ever find yourself in warrington, UK, just go to flares, don't bother with the other clubs there.

end cross-post!

today we mostly just sat around rain's house and watched bad american tv shows. oh great britain, if you're goinng to import our tv, why are you picking shows like 8 simple rules and hope and faith and other formulaic sitcoms i'd never even heard of? SIGH. but also, rain found out that the tv in our flat doesn't work, hence i haven't really watched much british tv, so she made made watch the whole first season of little britain which i just might declare THE FUNNIEST TV SHOW EVER SERIOUSLY. i hope you can get it on dvd in the states.

OH GOOD YOU CAN. seriously and it's only like $20. you should all go buy it. or rent it. or steal it. just watch it, it's so funny. i'm definitely buying it when i get home. (i realize it sounds weird to wait until i get back in the us to buy a british tv show, but owning it on region 2 dvds wouldn't do me much good in the long run, now would it? NO.)

"Britain, Britain, Britain. We've had running water for over ten years, we have a tunnel connecting us to Peru, and we invented the cat."

it's nice to be home alone. i came in and left my stuff ALL OVER, and i can do that, because no one else is here.

anyway, i was maybe going to upload my pictures but i think instead i might go to bed. or go read. or something.

woo, mirrormask tomorrow!

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

1. today's thinkin' lincoln almost made me hyperventilate.
2. yes, i will keep linking to thinkin' lincoln until... forever.
3. tonight i'm leaving for liverpool to visit rain! well not really liverpool. warrington. but it's NEAR liverpool and tomorrow we're going to liverpool and there i will stalk the beatles.
4. on sunday i will see mirrormask!
5. i'm hoping that in denmark i will be able to talk sveske into going to legoland with me. it's probably one of those touristy things that all real danish people hate, but maybe it's something that they only pretend to hate and secretly wait for their american friends to come visit them so they have an excuse to go there. you know. maybe.

oh, so, in cae internet isn't working at home tonight-- i'm leaving tonight for liverpool (only not really), i'll be back saturday night, sunday is the film festival, monday i leave for denmark, thursday night i get back from denmark, friday morning i leave for amsterdam, sunday i get back from amsterdam, sunday night is the hp& gof movie leicester square premiere, so lester, jenny & i are going to peer at the red carpet goings-ons.


it wasn't really necessary to do that last sentence in capslock but i wanted to!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

listening to: pippin, finale

well, done with my history and theatre finals. history i think went pretty well... for theatre i just wrote a bunch of bullshit, but then they were bullshit questions, so. and especially without access to the text to make specific references, i'm not really sure what she was expecting.

today i need to:
- go to the liberry and return books, and get new ones
- put finishing touches on the shakespeare takehome final
- pack for weekend (or put it off until the very last minute tomorrow afternoon...)
- pretend to study for art history final
- actually study for art history final (??)
- go to ish and see if they have mountain dew so i can surprise rain with it!

megan: well JEEZE, if you're going to have such an attitude about it maybe i just won't TAG you for memes anymore! what do you think about that! (i don't even want to know what you think about that, that's why i didn't end that sentence with a question mark.)

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devon tagged me, and i'm drunk on internet, so:

1) Renata
2) Renata of Doom
3) Zelda

1) mostlyharmless24
2) compulsivebowler (remember that? it was totally before CB.com)
3) daria2k

1) irish
2) german

1) gold skulltullas! >_<
2) the giant volcano beneath yellowstone
3) running out of oil and living in a crazy dystopia

1) lipgloss/chapstick (seriously i think i have 30 different kinds with me in london. NOT EVEN AN EXAGGERATION.)
2) water. especially out of my purple nalgene. I'M SO ADDICTED TO WATER, MAN.
3) my ipod

1) green flowery underwear
2) my rainbow hello kitty watch
3) brown corduroy pants

1) tori amos
2) paul simon
3) stuart davis

1) right now? paul simon - the obvious child
2) tori amos - beulah land
3) gwen stefani - HOLLABACK GIRL

1) humor
2) Communication
3) Trust
(i... i stole devon's last 2 answers.)

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order): (Figure out which one is the lie)
1) the first cd i ever bought was alanis morissette's jagged little pill.
2) my first crush was on uncle jesse from full house.
3) if i could be friends with a famous person i would choose sarah vowell.

1) eyes
2) smile
3) webcomic t-shirts

1) reading
2) sleeping
3) walkin' around

1) take a nap
2) hang out with everyone I love who is in the US right now
3) pet a kitty

1) sarah vowell.
2) librarian
3) journalist?

1) graceland!
2) canada
3) sapin (that's typoese for spain)

uhh... i don't think about kids names that often? if i have kids i will probably name them after fictional characters i like? um but maybe...
1) ione
2) dylan
3) victoria

THREE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE: (YES, only three -- it fits the theme!)
1) have some sort of job where people pay me to write shit.
2) hike on the appalachian trail. but probably not all 2000 miles of it.
3) have jon stewart's babies

1) i like james bond movies and other action! movies.
2) i read comic books.
3) i don't like chick flicks.

1) i cry at movies. even robots.
2) i like chocolate.
3) i have breasts.

um... sunflower, megan, and... devon. but devon has to use an alternate personality, such as eleanor roosevelt.

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listening to: weezer, surf wax america

so, our pirated internet hasn't been working the last few days, how lame is that? PRETTY LAME.

it's finals week here. my history of london final is in 20 minutes. studying what? (i'm kind of less concerned about this than i should be, perhaps-- i've rocked the other 2 assignments, and i'm discovering that history classes NOT taught by vbrown are a lot easier than history classes that ARE taught by vbrown-- but it's still 35% of my grade or whatever. OH WELL i studied yesterday, i'm tired of it now.)

thursday evening i leave for liverpool!

also, christine, i just wanted to say that:
1. i can't actually take credit for SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS, although i wish i could-- it's from futurama. i just wanted to get that out in the open!
2. SZJ is the best acronym ever, and i think we should all make a concerted effort to use it more often.
3. i heart you!

i'm so tired i don't want to go take a finaaaal.

hee, my ipod just shuffled to ZOMBIE JAMBOREE. i think this is an omen that my final will go well! or, that afterwards i'll be invited to a zombie jamboree. or that i'll become a zombie. or, um, something.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

dear renata,

staying up until 2:30 am when you have to get up at 7am is a POOR CHOICE.

- renata.

dear renata,

yes, and i was aware of it at the time. but i was busy. on the internet. doing NOTHING.


dear foolish renata,

come, let me save you from yourself.

love, coffee.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

listening to: tori, after the gold rush

SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS i just spent like 2 hours uploading and captioning photos. argh. which means it's well past my bedtime. i'm not that tired though, on account of my fake-migraine nap.

anyway, you should go look at them. except the ones from oxford, they're all boring. i should make a separate set for all my regent's park ones though, because i have 309434 of them. because i am obsessed with regent's park. because it is lovely.

also, devon: i appreciate and concur with your comment ;)

also, julia: a BLUE cover? well! i would not read that book then! or maybe i would.

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DANGIT i was just going to try to call kait again, and also my mom, and amelia just came in and called her mom. she always talks to her mom for like, 2 hours at a time. (okay. more like an hour a time. but it's always really long.) and she talked to her mom on friday. (and that time really was more like 2 hours.)

seriously, i love my mom (hi mom!) but i do not need to talk to her that often. i do not need to talk to ANYONE that often.

WHAT DO THEY TALK ABOUT? i want to eavesdrop so bad.

actually, the thing is, sometimes i DO eavesdrop and she is always saying the most boring shit. like, "i made tuna casserole today."

in fact i'm going to go eavesdrop right now and then come blog about it. I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON.

"i overestimated because i had to get there on the circle line, it probably took about 45 minutes to get there."

"it's one of those... a lot of people want to go between glasgow and london, i probably could have made it cheaper by taking a coach between glasgow and london, b ut... something something something."

dammit. i bet she's going to talk for like half an hour about the intricacies of train travel.

that is only appropriate when you have exciting and tragic stories like mine!

as jenny says, "i can't wait until this semester is over and i never have to talk to her again."


in the meantime, though... ANGRY FACE, amelia, ANGRY FACE.

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listening to: abba, gimme! gimme! gimme! (a man after midnight)

i think i just listened to this song like 5 times in a row. it's as catchy as its title is ridiculous!

anyway, does anyone know anything about migraines? once in awhile i get these really bad light-sensitive headaches. but, they usually go away after a hour or two (provided those hours are spent in the dark and quiet). and i looked at a couple websites and they usually mention seeing spots or having it start on only one side of the head, which mine don't do. but whatever they are, they are LAME and i've had two of them this weekend >_< i just woke up from recovering from one.

so let me see. last night jenny and i went to see corpse bride in leicester square! it made me go, awwwww. also, claymation johnny depp is way cuter than any claymation being really has a right to be.

today i went to the museum of london for about 10 minutes, took some notes on a random artifact (a train time table from 1841) and left. then, i went to the tate modern, which i LOVED. i think my favorite part was this series of rothko paintings that were originally done for a restaurant in nyc, and then rothko was like "wait, these paintings can't go in a restaurant, no one would appreciate them. here you go, tate gallery. please put them in a dimly-lit room." and the tate was like "thanks mr. rothko, one dimly-lit room comin' up!" and they're there, with benches so you can just sit and look at them. and it's nice and quiet and peaceful (and dimly-lit).

probably i especially liked it today because one of my stupid headaches was approaching.

also, i totally looked at dali's lobster telephone.

anyway, i think i liked it so much more than the chicago art institute's modern section because it was much better-labelled-- every room had an introduction, and then the captions for each individual work gave more context on the piece and the artist.


i was going to see serenity tonight but then that headache hit. LAME. perhaps tomorrow. (studying, who does that?)

i'm reasonably sure british chocolate-covered raisins are laced with crack. also i ate all my nutritious food yesterday. so that means i get to eat as many chocolate-covered raisins as i want. clearly.

in unrelated news, this might be the greatest toy of all time.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

i updated snow, glass, kiwi with some books i read. and also one book i know i read but can't remember anything about. like its title or author. or what happened in it. i just KNOW I READ IT.

i like how i'm an english major and all my book reviews are incredibly inane. but i guess they're more for my personal reference than for you, ultimately. and also, maybe i need a break from writing insightful commentary on books. maybe sometimes i just want to write STARGIRL HAS A PINK COVER YOU SHOULD READ IT.

anyway. so, i did.

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man the worst thing about this time zone is that i come home and i'm like "yeah i've been out all day, better check the internet! i bet there will be some exciting emails and/or blog entries for me to look at!" and then i'm like "oh actually, it's still only noon on saturday for most of you guys... i bet some of you aren't awake yet."

anyway. so that special exhibit at the national portrait gallery was sold out today, so i tried to poke around the rest of the gallery, but it was way crowded, and i was kind of tired and cranky, so i left after not-too-long. and then i went to regent's park and walked around a lot. and also, sat down sometimes.

also i kind of stole a rose! i'm pressing it to safe forever. or for awhile. technically those roses belong to the queen though so i think i might have just committed treason. so, let's just keep this on the d/l, okay?

also, megan: all your guesses on the songs meme were accurate, hooray! [you] should go play too.

and i'm going to go eat dinner. well, first i'm going to cook dinner, and then i will eat it. hooray for chronologically correct eating!

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listening to: tori, after the gold rush (live)

"i think that if i just totally wasted today, i'd really enjoy it, but i'd regret it later."

i already wasted like half of it though... i slept until around 10, and then i just laid in bed somewhere between awake and asleep for another 40 minutes. it was an awesome 40 minutes though, very relaxing.

but: i WILL accomplish more than is. i'm planning to go to the national portrait gallery today, since this weekend is the last for a special exhibit i wanted to visit. it's called "the world's most photographed" and it's a bunch of photos of, um, really famous people, but it's pictures of themselves that they didn't like. like there's one of marilyn monroe making a weird face, and she hated it so much that she scratched up the negative with a pin. so now it's scratchy, weird-face marilyn monroe. anyway i think it sounds neat!

and then, i think i will go to regents park: possibly i will study history of london there, or possibly not!

oh also, i think my song lyrics meme got lost under all my procrastinating rambles. go play! do it! you might know some of them, especially if you are kait or megan. or if you listen to tori amos constantly.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

listening to: m&j watching sex & the city

anyway. i was just going to post about how i was tired all day, and now it's bedtimeish and i'm not tired at all, but all of a sudden i got kind of tired.

but i still have the energy to blog!

today a bunch of us went to kew gardens as a field trip, and it was so amazing. at first i was all, i'm tired and it's raining, bleh! but then, i drank some coffee and it stopped raining, and also it was SO BEAUTIFUL. right now there's a big exhibition of dale chihuly (is that how you spell it? eh? anyway the famous glass-sculptor guy) glass sculptures and... oh man, they are amazing. they're all just stuck in with the plants, and... i can't even describe it, really. when we first walked into the first greenhouse that had them...

me: (laughs)
jenny: what's so funny?
me: i'm laughing with joy!

and it was just seriously. i don't know. in the top 7 most beautiful places i've ever been. (go look, there are some pictures of the exhibition online but it probably won't do it justice.)

me and jenny's favorite was this boat full of bright colored glass... thingies... floating out in the lake.

oh and also, there was a STARTLING PEACOCK.

anyway. i feel really grateful we got to see it, since it's only a temporary exhibit. and also i probably wouldn't have made it to kew gardens on my own. and the field trip only happened because this other field trip to like, eton or something, got cancelled.

basically, thank you series of coincidences that led to me having an awesome day!!

and then tonight, i was going to see corpse bride with reese and reese's friend brooke, but then reese was like 45 minutes late to meet us, so we missed the last showing and just ended up hanging out at brooke's flat. it was fun but, i want to see corpse bride. (it just came out here in the uk.)

but, maybe i'll see it tomorrow. or something.

also maybe i will go to bed! at some point. maybe.

or maybe i will evolve beyond the need for sleep! *yawn* maybe... tomorrow.

oh ps, here is a direct link to the kew gardens chihuly exhibit! you will be doing yourself a great disservice by not looking at it!

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

um why doesn't broadway.com's profile of rosario dawson mention her oscar-worthy performance in josie and the pussycats? wtf is that?

also the rent movie doesn't come out in the uk until february, but it comes out in the us in november? so it'll probably be out of the theatre by the time i get back in the states. so I WILL NEVER SEE THE RENT MOVIE, but oh well.

i was going to say something else perhaps?

oh, i went to FORBIDDEN PLANET (the giant sf/fantasy bookstore, not the planet) today to ask about the terry pratchett signing this saturday, but apparently it got indefinitely postponed because terry is sick. whatever terry pratchett, i'll sign my own books then!

anyway, while i was there i picked up the british versions of american gods and neverwhere, which are both the "author's preferred editions" which means they have many more words to them! (they're actually the same versions, textwise, as the giant, crazy-expensive hill house editions, but they're more regular-price. except in pounds, so double-price.) anyway, i started reading neverwhere and holy shit guys, it's way funnier if you've been to london.

also, i love the part in anansi boys when graeme coates mentions pret a manger, because mike, jenny and i are obsessed with pret a manger. (pret a manger is a british sandwich-place chain, but we like to intentionally mispronounce the french and just say "pret a manger" (rhymes with, um, "fret a danger"? or something?)

anyway: you should all come to london and then read neverwhere. and while you're here, you should eat a pret a manger.

also, there are like 3 books/papers i want to quote in my blog, but whenever i remember this fact i'm always too lazy to go get up and get the books in question. so maybe one day.

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i'm so tired. and sick, again. (just a cold, but it's annoying.)

i bought a liter of orange juice at tesco on my way home. and i'm drinking STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOTTLE just like slovenly people on tv!

let's see. tonight i went out for dinner with reese and tamar, two of the people i like on this program! we've been talking about how we miss mexican food, so we went to this mexican restaurant and it was... like... they wanted to start a mexican restaurant, but they'd never been to mexico. or read about mexico. or been to a mexican restaurant before. or actually all they knew about mexican food they learned from reading a chili's menu. but, the chili's menu had been written in french and poorly-translated back to english.

i mean, they gave us sweet and sour sauce with our "mexican veggie wraps", wtf?

anyway, i'm supertired and my compy battery is about to die, so i'll just publish this and be on my way.

ps: HI JULIA! i've been meaning to email you for awhile now just to make sure you're still alive, since you haven't beeen on lj or plans or anything lately. but i see now that you are. GOOD.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

first off: oh good, i can see today's thinkin' lincoln now! and the following explanatory note:

"UPDATE: Some browsers were having an issue causing the comic not to display, but it's fixed now. Also, it kind of worked as a joke, so there's that! (It was only showing the title pertaining to procrastination.)"


today at starbucks they had a poster up that said "the red cups are coming soon (they only come once a year)." and i was so annoyed, like starbucks thinks switching the color of their cups at holidaytime is some special tradition, like, "i love christmas! there's the trees, and santa, and jesus' birth, and red cups at starbucks."

and then, against my will, i remembered being home for winter break, either last year or year before, and trina, miriam, amanda and i had just gone to the new big drivethrough starbucks, and we all had gingerbread lattes in those red cups! the red cups were in my memory! and also, it's a pretty happy memory. i also remember that the gingerbread latte was very delicious and i wanted one!

so i was torn, between happiness from the fond starbucks-related memory, and annoyance that i had been so easily manipulated by starbucks' advertising campaign! argh.

i just looked at my watch and was like "it's midnight, and kait's time is 5 hours off from mine, and the lemony snicket signing was at 5... she's seeing him RIGHT NOW!" and then i remembered math. um... anyway... i'm really excited that kait is meeting lemony snicket!

tura: sorry dude, i guess i thought... you already knew? i actually own the neverwhere dvds too, they're pretty awesome! also: it was a miniseries first (still written by neil), the novelization came second. basically, neil gaiman gets around.

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w-wait, is the joke of today's thinkin' lincoln that there IS no strip today?

because... because that's not that funny. i want a thinkin' lincoln today. i have become spoiled! spoiled by reliable free hilarity!

anyway. today i had an awesome lunch! because i came home, and amelia wasn't there, and actually no one was there, so i made soup and drank coffee and listened to aqua really loudly! or at least as loud as my computer's volume will go, which is not that loud. and i ate a muffin. and a plum. and it was good!

and... let's see. classes are wrapping-up-ish: i finished my theatre paper and turned it in today, and then for shakespeare my paper is on like draft 1.5. probably i'll do a little more work on it tonight and turn it in tomorrow. or else do no more work on it and still turn it in tomorrow. also i realzied that there is no need for me to be a gender/women's studies concentrator, because everything i do ever is gws anyway. i mean, i used the term femme covert in a paper about a midsummer night's dream. (femmes covert are women who are "covered" by their husbands legally-- they don't need no votin' or no property, cuz their husbands have it covered, babe. anyway titania is a femme covert. OR SO I CLAIM.)

my favorite part about today's dinosaur comic is the mouseover caption: " it turns out there's no real excuse for pretending you're deaf?"

my second-favorite part about the comic is that it has dinosaurs in it.

tonight i'm going to see richard II with kevin spacey in it? and everyone in class is all "omg kevin spacey"? but i'm secretly like "i get kevin spacey and kevin bacon confused?"

okay i just looked up kevin spacey on imdb, i guess he has been in many famous movies! but i have seen none of them. not the usual suspects, not a time to kill, not la confidential, not midnight in the garden of good and evil, not se7en, not american beauty, not even a bug's life.

however i have seen TWO kevin bacon movies, apollo 13 and footloose. that is infinitely more kevin bacon movies than kevin spacey movies.

so, in conclusion, i wish kevin bacon were playing richard II. and then like the duke of northumberland tried to outlaw dancing, and then kevin bacon would be like "what, i'm the king, you can't do that" and then the duke of northumberland would be like "oh right, sorry, wanna go to the prom with me?" and then kevin bacon would be like, yeah totally.

it would be the best shakespeare play ever.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


i have a confession.

(whispers) i don't think white ninja comics are all that funny.

and i don't really understand why everyone thinks they're jesus.

because seriously: white ninja comics are not jesus.

thinkin' lincoln is jesus.


also, sometimes, jesus is jesus. sometimes he's bitch, please jesus instead.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

oh 2 more things:
1. i clearly still have not removed myself from internet access.
2. i got so flustered with firefox crashing and having to re-do my elements quiz results post that i forgot to make captain planet jokes! shit! that was like my whole reason for posting that quiz result! and now the moment is gone! that entry is ruined forever!
3. ... gonna take pollution down to zero.
4. i know i only said 2 more things. do not correct my counting skills or i will slap you like i'd slap a redheaded stepchild.
9. don't worry though, because the way i would slap a redheaded stepchild is softly and gently, and with respect.
3. devon, it's not that i don't want to go to ohio... just that i'd rather to go to tennessee. or france.

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guys? i think i'm in love.

in love... with thinkin' lincoln.

i know i've mentioned it like 342390 times. but today's comic merely reinforced my belief that it is AMAZING.

zombie mark twain, i love you. i can't decide if i love you more than theodore mewsevelt or not, but, i definitely love you.

also, i love lincoln's surprised facial expression. it is amazing!

in other news, i wrote like 2 and a half pages in half an hour when i removed myself from internet. before that i didn't even have a whole page. after hours and hours of "working on it aka procrastinating." I AM SO PATHETIC I SHOULD NEVER EVER BE ALLOWED TO HAVE INTERNET ACCESS, except for sometimes.

with that in mind i am going to go remove myself from internet access.

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listening to: valeria, rhythm of the night

i swear blogger's "recover post" feature has never worked. ever.

anyway, i'm pretty sure firefox crashed expressly to make me stop procrastinating, so i'm just going to post this quiz and then go in my bedroom, where internet doesn't work.


~ 66% Water ~ 66% Wind ~ 70% Earth ~ 37% Fire ~

In your heart

there are flowering trees...

Hey, nice. It seems your personality is mostly balanced. You are likely intuitive, intelligent, and devoted.

However, if you ever feel like you need more energy to go on, try wearing a Fire Agate; it inspires self expression, courage and enthusiasm and thus help to balance out your somewhat shy Ground Chakra which is associated with the element of fire and represents our basic desires and driving force.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 39% on water
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 80% on wind
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 58% on earth
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 10% on fire

Link: The Elemental Balance Test written by Nitsuki on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test


the end.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

listening to: tori, songbird

*grumble* my sleep schedule is so thrown off from this weekend, it's 12:30am and i'm not even tired and i'm not evennnn working on this paper.

i'm a little burnt out. saturday, just walking around regent's park all afternoon was so, so nice. i want to do that. for a week.

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listening to: falco, rock me amadeus

my night was just improved by hearing this song! thank you itunes shuffle!

anyway, in case you couldn't tell, i'm going through my archives and redoing memes i like.

here is what my inkblot test tells me about my PSYCHE:

Renata, your subconscious mind is driven most by Peace

You have a deeply-rooted desire to make peace in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with loved ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to be able to influence the world in a positive way.

You have a deep respect for humankind. You care about the future of the world, even beyond your own involvement in it, and you inspire others to feel the same way. Your innate drive toward peace guides you in daily life towards decisions that are respectful toward yourself and others.

i do, in face, like peace.

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listening to: paul simon, the coast

in my head, paul simon represents my inner peace. brodie bruce represents my inner outrage. and victoria brown represents my inner voice of reason.

it's kind of weird in there.

anyway, um, i really don't want to write my paper so i'm going to do this meme again. you know you want to play.

Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play!
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 25 songs that play!
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from!
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly! P.S: no cheating and pasting the lyrics into a search engine.

1. boy i think you're confused, i'm not persephone
2. you are my lollipop, sugar sugar top
3. go on, go on, go on and dream, your house is on fire
4. i guess on days like this you know who your friends are
5. we can go where we want to, the night is young and so am i
6. all the radios agree with all the teevees, and the magazines agree with all the radios, and i keep hearing that same damn song everywhere i go
7. maybe one day i'll love as others do, and fall for someone who's sad but true
8. i've got nothin' to say, but it's okay
9. i got no big plans and i ain't no beauty queen (bree sharp - dirty magazine)
10. look outside the window, there's a woman being grabbed, they've dragged her to the bushes and now she's being stabbed
11. i don't know who it is, but it probably is fhqwhgads
12. i told her i was lost, and she told me all about the pentecost
13. would you even tell her if you decided to make the sky fall? would you even tell her if you decided to make the sky?
14. why they changed it i can't say, people just liked it better that way (tmbg - istanbul, not constaninople, as guessed by julia)
15. and i wish i were a black man, so i'd know right from wrong, mm-hmm and i'd never belong, so i'd protest this song (stuart davis - evil white man, as guessed by megan)
16. watch me unravel, i'll soon be naked (weezer - sweater song, as guessed by megan)
17. i know this world is killing you (elvis costello - alison, as guessed by megan)
18. i fantasize i'm gonna meet a man on speaking terms with all of my monsters
19. it's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you, there's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do (toto/various acapella groups - africa, as guessed by julia!
20. no way can i be what i'm not, but hey, don't you want your girl hot? (rent - tmolm, as guessed by megan)
21. mister i know the girls, on all the world tours
22. what? you don't love me anymore?
23. absence shines the light on what remains
24. and as i climb, i am stripping away my pride
25. lookin' into your eyes i know i'm right, if there's anything worth the fear it's worth a fiiiiiiiight

full disclosure, i cheated a little and skipped a few that i didn't think anyone would get, ever. or that i didn't like. also there are seriously 5 tori amos songs in there.

also i really don't want to write this paper.

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dear shakespeare paper,

your progress at writing yourself is appalling. why are you so lazy?

- r.

dear fruit pastiles,

you are delicious.


dear big tesco,

why do you close at 5pm on sundays? you are lame.


dear little tesco,

why do you not have any bananas? you are also lame, although at least you are open. and have fruit pastiles and chocolate mousse that i can buy.

-r .

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dear shakespeare paper,

please go write yourself. thanks.

- r.

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so, last night i didn't get home until 5am? what a wild and crazy kid i am.

mike, jenny and i went out to this club and it was really fun. my groove thing was shaken. and then we left, and we had a pretty long walk to an appropriate bus stop (the tube stops running around midnight) and we were hungry, so we stopped at this pizza place, where i had the following conversation. well, i'm pretty sure i had it-- the guy was drunk and mumbling and had a pretty strong accent, but i'm pretty sure this is how it went:

random guy: i really like your glasses.
me: thank you.
random guy: do you want to go have sex we'll both forget about tomorrow?
me: um, no thanks! (orders food)
random guy: (something i couldn't understand at all)
me: i'm sorry! (smiles) (hastily walks over to mike)

man, just think of all the forgettable sex i could have had...


i need to write an essay today, and i really don't want to.

also, i'm hungry, but i don't want to make food.

also, i'm dirty, but i don't want to shower.

basically i just want to sit here for awhile.

oh, and devon, thanks for the offer! but our roadtrip won't actually pass through ohio. we're going to tennessee! (i realize that "we're going to tennessee" isn't usually a statement that gets to end with an exclamation point, but seriously, it's going to be awesome. i love looking forward to it.)

actually i just really like looking forward to things, in general. things i am looking forward too:
- terry pratchett signing, next week
- being done with classes! week after next
- going to liverpool to see rain! weekend after next
- seeing mirrormask! also weekend after next
- going to denmark to see sveske! 3 weeks from now
- going to amsterdam to see stu! 3 weekend from now
- seeing neil gaiman be interviewed by lenny henry! in... awhile.
- neil gaiman signing! in... a slightly longer while
- steve coming to visit! ... in, awhile? i don't know.
- my family coming to visit! in a few months
- trina coming to visit! also in a few months
- miriam coming to visit! hopefully also in a few months
- seeing all my awesome home friends again! winter break
- seeing all my awesome grinnell friends again! next semester
- awesome class with vbrown! next semester
- awesome roadtrip with kait! in like, 9 months.

(seriously though, it's going to be so awesome, and when we're back we'll both write really long blog/lj entries that no one will want to read except ourselves.)

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

listening to: paul simon, cars are cars

today's been a good day. i walked around regent's park a lot, and listened to paul simon, and smiled at people. and also i was wearing my awesome orange grinnell tigers t-shirt and some old man smiled at me and said "hey there tiger" and then laughed. and then i walked away from him.

and i mentally started planning me and kait's awesome roadtrip! because it is only like, what, 8 months away. it's going to be so awesome though.


anyway. i'm sleepy.

right now a paul simon song that i like is "the coast"! i especially like this part:

When you think about it
That is worth some money

To prove that I love you
Because I believe in you
Summer skies, stars are falling
All along the injured coast

i bet that if you listened to it, you would like that part too.

but, if you didn't we could still be friends and stuff. well, probably.

If I have weaknesses
Don't let them blind me now
Summer skies, stars are falling
All along the injured coast

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listening to: paul simon, 50 ways to leave your lover

hey, remember that one time when my 50ways project totally failed and then i totally abandoned it? that was fun.

aanyway. i was going to go hiking today, but my alarm went off at 8, which is when i would have had to get up to get ready and catch the train and stuff, and i was just like... no, i am way too tired still to go on a 9-mile hike. (partly because jenny and some gil-ers came in at like 2, and talked loudly until like 3. i'm just sayin'.) anyway, so i went back to sleep, got up like 2 hours later, went to the library and came to school. soon i will go to the national gallery and finish up my art history project, and then maybe to the national portrait gallery and look at pictures of the members of blur.


last night i used like 20 phonecard minutes trying to call people who weren't there. what the hell, people, you should always be near your phone when i am trying to call you. but then trina actually answered her phone, and we had a long discussion about how awesome we are. oh, and i was going to write a book of helpful advice, with things like, "whenever you're going to go to bed, but then you think, no i should study, you should just go to bed, because you're not really going to study." and... i forget. there were like 3 other pieces of advice. and we figured in book form we'd come up with some more.

anyway. with our internet at home not working again i'm reminded of how handy it would be to have my jumpdrive. *frowl* i can't have nice things.

anyway... "think too much (b)" by paul simon is superior to "think too much (a)" by paul simon. discuss.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

fyi: "tonight jenny will probably complain about how much she hates going out with the other gil kids, and then go out with the other gil kids." that statment was just proved to be 100% true.

"uh, if anyone asks why i'm not there, don't say it's cuz i hate them."
"okay. *pause* what should i say?"
"um... that i'm sick. and that i hate them."

i forgot to say

listening to: katy pfaffl, everything happens

and i mention it now for kait's benefit.

also, like megan, i too heart toothpaste for dinner. so much.

anyway. i've completely given up on feeling lame for not going out with the gil kids. i've tried so hard, and it always, always ends up being lame and annoying. there are like, a few people i like on the program, and 2 of them are mike and jenny.

here's what happens when you go out with the gil kids: you go to someone's flat and sit around and drink cheap beer for awhile, and you talk about places to go. most suggestions will be shot down for being "too expensive" or "too far away." you will then go to the rat and parrot or the international students house bar. there it will be loud and smoky, everyone will get more cheap beer and sit/stand around and look at each other. they will not talk to each other because it will be too loud. if they do talk it will be awkward and lame.

and i don't think that's fun, and i'd rather not waste my time or my money trying it again. i've given them enough chances. they've all obviously found a routine they enjoy and i would rather stay home and read or go walk around or something. i do wish i had some cool friends here who would be cool with sitting around and watching a movie or something, or even just drinking someplace fucking quiet so you can actually talk to each other instead of just drinking and listening to eurotrash pop, but, well, whatever.

jenny and i had an interesting conversation last night about how most of the people on this program are all alike, and they all chose gil because it's clearly the "safest" abroad program. lots of other grinnellians around, everyone speaks english, etc. and it's true. and for that reason i kind of wish i had chosen some more hardcore program, like, sweden or something, where i would have more culture shock and stuff. like i haven't felt homesick at all (i've missed *people,* but i'd miss them if i were in grinnell too. i've also missed celery but i can cope.) but other people, like amelia, have.

i think if my mom could meet these people she would say that they "lack a proper spirit of adventure." and if i could meet them-- which i have-- i would say that they are lameos. (if anyone from gil is reading this... hello! of course i'm not talking about *you*! just, um, your flatmates.)


anyway. i'm still having a great time in london. i can fend for myself. i like my classes. i like riding the tube. i like being able to say "well, i have a free afternoon... guess i'll go to the tate art museum!" i like walking around awesome parks. i like, well, a lot of things. i'm looking forward to my internship. i'm looking forward to my out-of-london travels. i'm looking forward to trina, steve, and miriam (?) visiting.

and all that said, it will be nice to get back to bloomington-normal/grinnell and have friends who like doing the same stuff i do. and who don't need to be drunk to have fun. i say that non-judgmentally-- if that's what's fun to them, that's cool with me, but it's not really that fun for me and i'd rather hang out with people whose ideas of fun are more in line with mine.

anyway, my inner peace and i are almost out of internet time.

(stupid pirated internet, why won't you work? >_<)

oh, and kait-- well, i like thursday next, but i don't *love* it? i think the books are very clever, and i appreciate cleverness. but i don't own any of them (the true sign of a book i love ^_^) and i don't think i've re-read any of them (another sign). or maybe i have. anyway. but, i don't think i've talked to you about them before.

also, i still think you should call out harper collins.

hammers is what i call my fists!

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let's see. last night i went to see julius caesar and then came home and went to bed. hooray, bed.

and today i got up, worked a little on my theatre paper, discovered that our stupid stolen internet isn't working (it's still not, i'm at an internet cafe with 12 minutes left), and ended up looking through random folders on my computer. and i discovered some tori amos music videos someone sent me awhile ago, and buried in them was a clip of tori on the daily show! oh man! it was from 1999 when she was out promoting venus. and jon looked so young, and his hair was so big!

i was really excited to watch it because like, crazy!interview!tori + jon stewart clearly = awesome. but it was actually kind of awkward. like, he started off by calling her fans crazy (they we are) and she was having none of that, but it was awkward. and then he kind of tried to make up for it by basically kissing her ass and calling her really talented, and she wasn't really having any of that either. she said basically like 10 words in the first half of the interview, and 5 of them were "well..."

but then she started talking about wine,a nd then she picked up her mug of water and dumped it on the floor, and jon took her mug away and pushed his off to the side of the desk and... yeah.

basically, tori was not willing to play along with jon stewart. and also, 5 minutes is way too short for a proper crazy!tori interview.

but still.

oh crazy!tori, i love you. (i just went to look for a crazy!tori interview but i only have 3 more minutes left and the first thing i found was a remarkably sane vh1 interview. it's worth your while to go look for a crazy!tori interview though, they're awesome. like when she talks about eating pledge, or songs being pieces of light that talk to her.)

later today i might go to the tate museum.

tonight jenny will probably complain about how much she hates going out with the other gil kids, and then go out with the other gil kids. mike will work at starbucks and amelia will be off on a field trip. i hopefully will be at home on the couch. i need some alonetime.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

2 things:

1. i would just like to publicly announce my prediction for the book 12 title: the dreadful denouement. SEE, because, i've got most of the cover pieced together over at namelessnovel.com, and it's definitely in a hotel... like the hotel denouement, where they were trying to go... and ALSO it's the second to last book, so it would be the denouement of the series... yeah?

2. i just read this random neil story, the case of the 4 & 20 blackbirds, and it's hilarious. it's probably been up on his website forever but i just now noticed it. it's a lot like the eyre affair. only if it were a short story written by neil gaiman and didn't have thursday next in it.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

if i can't get a job writing login pages i think i should get a job writing emails for harper collins.

The situation is now so terrible that we have no choice but to BEGIN WRITING IN CAPITAL LETTERS.



also, seriously, 6 days until book 12!! yay! YAY! i mean.. OH NOEEES.

also, heh, harper collins.

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a confession; i'm reading julius caesar for the first time, and i came across the line "i am as constant as the northern star" and my first thought was "dude, shakespeare is quoting joni mitchell!" ahaha, best english major ever.

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that nap just rocked my faaaace off.

also, i don't wanna get dooced or anything so i'ma be vague, but i just got hired for at least a trial run as a research assistant for a touchy-feely financial planning guy, who's like suze orman, but less famous. i think from now on i will refer to him as suze orman, but less famous, or soblf for short. unless i forget about that.

anyway he's kind of a toolface, it seems.

but a well-paying toolface.

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listening to: paul simon, the obvious child

argh, lame, i left my thumbdrive in the computer lab for like, 2 hours, and in that time someone stole it. stupid non-grinnell.

also, it's raining.

also, i had to spend $70 on a replacement power charger for sam.

but mustn't dwell, not on rex manning day!

so instead i'll listen to "the obvious child" on repeat-one for awhile, and then maybe switch over to graceland.

anyway. audioscrobbler thinks i should listen to the counting crows. i wonder why. hm.

i'm going to go finish reading julius caesar now. it makes me want salad. salad, and vengeance.

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listening to: tori, i'm on fire

hey, remember how i used to always threaten to set stuff on fire? now i'm more into stabbing. theoretical stabbing, of course.


anyway, i totally wrote a blog entry last night but then i guess i closed firefox before i published it? i totally thought i published it.

signing into flickr makes me laugh:

Use this option if:
* You signed up for Flickr before August 15, 2005. (You must be old skool. Rock On.)

* You've never merged anything related to Flickr with anything else! Ever! (You might want to bookmark this.)

seriously, it sounds like something i'd write. if i wrote login pages. which maybe i SHOULD. oh, i got so distracted by blogging about the login page that i forgot to login.

last night i blogged about... ? whatever, i bet it was lame. this blog entry will be much better, i promise.

aww man, flickr's doing that lame thing where it's like "cannot upload file whatever.JPG. we only support GIF or JPG files." and i'm like... but... it is a jpg! gah! flickr, your mom is a jpeg!


anyway, i got distracted searching for something and ended up reading all of the wikipedia futurama article, which is hilarious. i needs to watch more futurama. an excerpt from the religion section:

Over the years, as life began to imitate Star Trek more and more, the sci-fi series evolved into an enormous mainstream religious cult that swept the world. This caused the "Star Trek Wars" (not to be confused with the "Star Wars Trek", the mass migration of Star Wars fans). The destruction because of the "Wars" ultimately led to its banning by the Earth Government and the execution of its followers "in the manner most befitting virgins", i.e., by being thrown into a volcano to the phrase "He's dead, Jim." By the year 3000 even discussing the show is a serious legal offense. (It is mentioned with no penalties, however, once by Hermes Conrad while describing the Democratic Order Of Planets, and again in the episode where the Planet Express crew uses the Internet.) There is little mention of what happened to The Next Generation and the other spinoffs, but the heads of Jonathan Frakes and Leonard Nimoy live on in glass jars. "Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation" does, however, get an Oscar nomination for best soft-drink product placement.

anyway... i'm going to go eat lunch and go to class.

no wait, the whole reason i came to the computer lab was to order a new charger for my laptop, the old one has a sparky frayed cord and it stopped charging my computer. which is of course its entire reason for being.

so, i'm going to find one of those... and then do those other things i said.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

0_0 look at dr. claw's face! how bizarre. (how bizarre, how bizarre.)

i got so much sleep yesterday, it was insane. i went to bed early, like before 1, and then i set my alarm for 9pm instead of 9am, so i slept until like 20 minutes before we needed to leave for class, when jenny stuck her head in my room and was like "uh, it's 10 to 10..."

so anyway, this might be the first blog entry in awhile that doesn't include the phrase "i'm tired." oops, but now it does.

jenny and i amused ourselves in shakespeare today by writing bitchy notes back and forth to each other.

oh, on comments- hooray, the reblogger ones are back, use those! i'll go get rid of the emo ones from my template.

anyway, again, not much exciting has happened today... yet.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

hello, i am tired. i just saw a play called playing with fire, it was kind of pretentious and tiring. and there was no fire in it.

and then i came home and ate 5 cookies. seriously. 5. i mean, they're pretty small, but still. i'm livin' the cliche childhood dream, stayin' up past my bedtime, eatin' cookies, and droppin' g's like nobody's business.

oh and i'm drinking hot chocolate.

if our teevee got channels i might watch an r-rated movie.


a question for the ages; is there anything funnier than this? probably not.

oh except maybe that part of that family guy episode where the judge announces that peter has to go to jail, and he says "oh no!" and then lois says "oh no!" and then the kool-aid man runs in through the wall and says "oh yeah!" and then everyone just looks at him and then he looks all awkward and backs through the well?

that might be funnier.



i'm tired. today, i did nothing terribly interesting, except for see playing with fire (which was not terribly interesting) and eat five cookies.

anyway, basically, the end. for now.

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all i really have to say is, hooray for comments!

also i just bought a theodore mewsevelt button.

also, now i'm going home for lunch and NOT getting sucked into wasting 2 hours in the computer lab. right. leaving. now.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

listening to: tori, thunder road

i can't listen to this song just once. ever. it always has to be like at least five times in a row. does anyone else have this problem? no? just checking.

itunes says i've listened to it 131 times. my next most-played song has a mere 80 plays. (it's, uh, defying gravity, from my brief time as a wicked fangirl... uh i still like it and all, just not, you know, *that* much. you know.)

man i love the part when she's all ohh-hh, thunder road...


oh and the part where she's all show a little faith, there's magic in the night.

and the part where this ENTIRE SONG is 123094 times more awesome than bruce springsteen's version. that's right, i said it.

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listening to: tori, you shook me all night long

q. wtf, tori amos covered "you shook me all night long"?
a. yes and it's hot. tttt.

anyway. i just installed new comments because reblogger went down again whaaat. (also i just grabbed the code off an old layout and i didn't feel like changing it, so um, enjoy the random tori themed comments. while they're here.) anyway so, you should all leave me comments, because i love comments. SERIOUSLY MY HAPPINESS DIRECTLY CORRELATES WITH THE NUMBER OF COMMENTS I HAVE.

actually i just realized that the tori-themed no-comment text is "these tears i've cried." how emo. you should all leave comments so it will change to "# oceans."

what actually blogback closed october 13? wait what day is it? oh okay. well, i'll still use them for a few days, hopefully real comments will be back by then.

no one even cares about my comments, i bet this is the least interesting post ever.

also, probably no one cares that i finally found some salsa WITHOUT cilantro in this country. but, i did. unfortunately it is OLD EL PASO mild salsa. lame! but at least it will not taste like my most hated of all herbs, cilantro! or coriander as they call it in this country.

also i made fake indian food today (potatoes and eggplant simmered in tikka masala sauce from a jar) and it was SO GOOD and it made the kitchen smell like trina's house! life is exciting!

except i still haven't finished my paper! still though, the sheer number of exclamation points in this post makes it hard to refute the excitement of my life!

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listening to: rachael sage, chasing the girl

i think it's funny that i'm sitting in one of the world's major cities, having just returned from the adorable home of one of the world's greatest poets, and i'm just really excited about the prospect of visiting the tacky home of one of the world's greatest rock singers. with one of the world's greatest kitten baits. next year.

anyway, so, stratford-upon-avon (or s-upon-a as i've taken to calling it in writing) was fun. on friday, we did a little walking tour with professor vinter (the highlight: "anne hathaway's cottage was a little way out of town, shakespeare would have had to walk through some fields to get there... is that where they did it? we don't know!") then jenny and i did the walk to anne hathaway's cottage and kept pointing at random spots in the grass... "i bet that's where anne and shakespeare did it." "no, i bet it was over there, up against the fence." "there should be a historical marker: 'this is where shakespeare and anne hathaway did it.'" "yeah, and 'did it' should be in quote marks."

also, i wrote a postcard to kait in which i made some lame jokes about anne hathaway, the actress vs. anne hathaway, shakespeare's baby mama. but i cannot repeat them here because that would ruin kait's postcard! and also because they were lame.

anyway. we also checked out shakespeare's tomb and his birthplace. and over the weekend i ate TWO brie and apple sandwiches, and they were both DELICIOUS.

also, i came to the important conclusion that there are actually very few people on this program that i have any desire to be closer to than "friendly acquaintances." i'm pretty good friends with mike and jenny, and there are a few other people i wouldn't mind getting to know better. but mostly, we're interested in different things, have different ideas of fun, and honestly, mostly they're all kind of tools who take themselves too seriously.

and so, if i don't feel like going out to the pub with them, especially that really lame one in s-upon-a, i should not feel bad about saying no.

... but i only came to this conclusion after i said "yes" two nights in a row.

more generally it reinforced the idea that there are many people who i'd rather be alone than spend a lot of time with. that sentence was awkwardly constructed but i got nothin' better.

also, i miss cats.

ALSO i just downloaded a batch uploader thing for flickr, and i dragged over like 100 photos, and captioned them and everything, and then when i went to upload them it crashed and didn't save the captions. iiii hate everything. or actually just flickr uploader tool thing.


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Thursday, October 06, 2005

i forgot to mention, that today i had a scone with clotted cream, which is a big teatime thing here (except jenny and i had coffee not tea, but we had it in st. james's park and it was pretty and awesome), and ANYWAY i always thought clotted cream was kind of like whipped cream, but it's not. it's like butter, but BETTER. like, way better. like butter taken to the next plane of existence.

i can't even describe it. but just, if you're ever in england, go eat some clotted cream. do it.

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listening to: gwen stefani, hollaback girl

i don't think i'll ever get tired of this song. i never realized how awesome it was when i didn't have easy access to it.

aaanyway. i feel lied to, the gig we went to wasn't *actually* at a tranny bar, just a regular hipster bar. the opening act was SO funny though, there was like, a hipster guy singer, and a girl singer in this ridiculous black pleather dress... and then 2 backup dancers, both women wearing white-blonde wigs, sunglasses, white leotards, and black leather collars, and these two women always danced in unison, and... oh man, it was so funny.

the erasure guy (i can't even remember his name) (okay i just remembered, it's andy bell) was fun too, but he didn't have backup dancers. although his keyboard player DID have a keytar that he sometimes played. a keytar. really now.

anyway i think i'm going to bed soon. because i have to get up early tomorrow morning and go to stratford-upon-avon, it's haaard to be me.

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listening to: gwen stefani, hollaback girl

jenny and i listened to this song like 5 times last night while working on our history papers. OH MAN. (we moved it up from the 4th most frequently played song on mike's computer to the 3rd. it's totally going to go up to #1 by the end of the semester.)

anyway... art history was cancelled today, hooray! so this afternoon jenny and i went to camden market and i bought an awesome brown skirt for 10 pounds. it is awesome.

also we went to st. james' park and we saw some angry pelicans (yes, there are pelicans in st. james's park; yes, i thought england was too cold for pelicans too), and an adorable random cottagey thing (we think it's the maintanence office, but it's the cutest thing ever), and a children's playground with swings AND a seesaw AND big wooden snails.

we rode on all three of those.

ALSO we looked at the children's playground in kensington gardens, and oh em gee, it is the greatest playground ever. it has a giant pirate ship, and little indian teepees, and, and, all this other stuff. except, it closes at 5:45 and we got there at 6, so all we could do was peer at it through the gates.

OH MAN, have i mentioned here about how jenny and i are theorizing that constantine will star in we will rock you within the next 10 years? and he will be billed as "american idol's constantine"? look at this queen tribute album! or don't, and i will just tell you that it feautures bohemian rhapsody sung by "constantine (of american idol) feat. the cast of we will rock you."

THIS WILL HAPPEN. (ps, you can listen to the song for free on the intarweb! it also has queen songs done by gavin degraw and jason mraz! and, some other people.)

tonight mike, jenny and i are going to go see the former lead singer of erasure (i forget his name) at a tranny bar.

it'll be hot.

tomorrow our shakespeare class is going to stratford-upon-avon for 2 days, i'll be back sunday.

oh also, i bought my ticket for mirrormask today! hooray! october 30th i am looking forward to you!

cooking more schezuan tofu stirfry i am looking forward to you too!

inevitable takeover of earth by hostile robot overlords i am not looking forward to you!

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


(i don't even know if i'm being ironic or not anymore >_<)

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oh, and a cross-post from my plan:

i've considered it at length (like, the length of the whole walk from the lancaster gate tube stop back to my flat, that's how important this issue is to me) and i have come up with a list of my 5 most often-used words. in no particular order, they are:

1. seriously
2. what
(* bonus points when these two are used together and/or in capslock/a frantic or bewildered tone of voice... "SERIOUSLY WHAT")
3. lame
4. awesome
5. hey

runners up include: whatevs, creepy, and dude.

thoughts or suggestions? your own personal top 5? i long to hear them.

eta: *gasp* jenny just pointed out to me that i left "your" and "mom" off of my list!

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listening to: scott chasolen, harmony

i don't really understand why it's SO enjoyable to make fun of other people on the program here, but it's seriously like, ALL mike, jenny and i ever do. like, we planstalk all of them and facebookstalk them and if they link to a blog or lj in their plan, we read that too. and we always relay tool-ish stories from class.

really i thought i'd inner-peaced myself past this point. these are all good people (even maybe amelia, although she's mostly just a bitch), why does it amuse me so much to discuss what we perceive to be their shortcomings? partly, i think, it's the company. jenny, mike and i feed off of each other a lot, and jenny and mike are more catty than i am.

my biggest problem with most of these people is simply that they take themselves too seriously, which we all do to some extent. i know i take myself a lot LESS seriously than i used to, but probably there's still a flat of people somewhere going "seriously, can you believe what renata said the other day?"

OH WELL, i can self-actualize later, for now i'll just enjoy being a bitchy 20-year-old.

i should be working on my history of london paper. i have that awful "well, once i start writing, it'll just write itself!" attitude. which, i think it probably will, it's a pretty easy topic and i have a handful of notes... but, i still need to start writing it.

also, you all need to update your blogs/ljs more often so i have something to procrastinate with >_<

also, i have decided that i want to see serenity, based, basically, on priscellie, kait, and that cool trailer i saw that one time. but basically i don't know much about firefly so i don't know how i should feel about this quiz result, at all. i will wait until i see the movie i suppose.

You scored as Kaylee Frye. The Mechanic. You are a natural mechanic, and you are far too sweet and cheerful to live out here. How you can see the good in everyone around you boggles the mind occationally. Still you don't seem to be any crazier than that, and it is a nice kinda crazy.

Kaylee Frye


The Operative


Inara Serra


Hoban 'Wash' Washburne


Capt. Mal Reynolds


Zoe Alleyne Washburne


River Tam


Shepherd Derrial Book


Simon Tam


Jayne Cobb


Which Serenity character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

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listening to: tori, ode to the banana king (part 1)

i'm tired! but, i bought a pair of jeans for 9 today. that's like $20! that's still cheap! how crazy! because yeah, i only brought one pair of jeans with me and i realized that, well, it might be nice to have two. also they were 9.

last night we saw this really good play called bashment, and afterwards there was a q&a with the actors and the writer/director. and the writer/director was hilarious. he ran out into the audience to hug this one guy who kept asking questions like "don't you think having a happy ending diminishes the power of the play?" i can't really accurately describe it, but the atmosphere and the guy and the audience and... it was funny.

also, i'm tired.

also my mom sent me and my flatmates and AWESOME package, including some sparkly lanyard string. and i made a lanyard yesterday.

also, i need to go to class now. so... i'm going to go do that.

the end.

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Monday, October 03, 2005

maaan i had a bad cold this morning. and i couldn't sleep. long story short i didn't go to my history of london class. blarg (as tim would say). but then i slept all morning, and mainlined orange juice, and bought some drugs at boots (boots is the british equivalent of walgreens. isn't "boots" a weird name for a drugstore?) and i'm feeling better now.

also i made schezuan stirfry with tofu for dinner and it was SO GOOD.

also i was poking around my lj interests today, looking to see how many other people are interested in my interests and stuff, and i discovered two things:

1. there is apparently a simon/garfunkel slash community. 0_0



i didn't go look at it then, i was too busy doing 0_0 but curiosity compels me to actually go back and find it again now that i'm talking about it. oh god, it's been recently updated. like, today. i was hoping it would be old and abandoned. oh, but there are only 4 entries. oh, it was only started last month. AHHHH. also, all the posts are by the same guy. okay. so, at least it's just like, one weird guy instead of a whole community of them (ie LOTR RPSers >_<). also, i just noticed that the community is called "goovythinggoing", not "gRoovythinggoing." anyway so there's that.

2. but also a random interview with paul simon from right after rhythm of the saints was released:

And in this new song The Obvious Child, what is the cross doing in the ball park?


"It got me thinking when that first popped out," Paul Simon says, sitting in the living room of his Manhattan duplex, watching an early moon come up over Central Park. " `The cross is in the ball park.' The first thing I thought of was Billy Graham, or the Pope, or evangelical gatherings. But I came to feel what that's really about is the cross that we bear. The burdens that we carry are doable, they're in the ball park."

and i like that, a lot. because... really, the cross is in the ballpark. and, as i've mentioned, i've listened to that song like 23409234 times in the last few days and i kept being like "'the cross is in the ballpark?' what the hell does that mean?" the best approximation i had gotten was that it was supposed to be about keeping faith in your everyday life, or something. but. this fits more with the rest of the song, as i listen to it.

yeah, i like that. (full interview here, if you want.)

jenny and i went to go work on our history of london project today, bleeeeeh i don't want to do it. at all. like, we have a ward of the city (except i have two small wards, LAME) and a map, and then a description of it written by john stow in... i don't know, sometime in the medieval period. and we have to compare modern london (our area of it, anyway) with how he describes it. and... yeah, i just don't want to do it.

oh, also we spent basically our entire train ride there and back discussing how we hate amelia. also we're whispering about it right now because amelia's in her room, on the phone.

i don't feel the need to clarify here, in writing, all the things that bug me about her because jenny, mike and i talk about it so much. but if any of you want clarification or anything, feel free to ask and i will expound on the topic.


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Sunday, October 02, 2005

listening to: paul simon, the obvious child

if this song were a person, we'd hang out together allll the time.

anyway. my fall break plans just became more or less official, since i booked my london/denmark flight and my london/amsterdam flight, and my amsterdam hostel. my amsterdam hostel is called the hans brinker budget hotel, and it seriously has the funniest website ever. not even like, the funniest hotel website ever (although i'm sure it is the funniest hotel website ever), just the funniest website ever. seriously, just go poke around it.

i've been so tired today, i don't know why. i slept until like 11. actually i didn't, i woke up at least an hour before that but i sort of laid there in a haze for awhile. mmm, haze.

man, i can't believe i just booked two international flights. OH and i got distracted talking about the hans brinker budget hotel website (no joke, check it out) that i forgot to say that my flight to denmark cost 6 pence. 6 PENCE that's cheap! of course then i had to pay like 30 pounds in airport fees/taxes/bribes, but the actual flight itself was 6 pence. that's like, twelve cents. that's SO CRAZY. and my flight to amsterdam was only like 20 pounds (plus a million dollars in airport taxes).

so why are flights to bangladesh 1000 pounds? what? if i can fly to denmark for 6 pence how could it possibly be like 2039458234 times more expensive to go like, slightly farther? eh? EH?

anyway, i might go eat some hummmmus. (roasted red pepper hummus, none of that sun-dried tomato crap.) maybe some chickpea-style protein will make me less tired! or, maybe i will go to bed. either way.

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mike just reported to me that over the weekend he had the following conversation with amelia:

mike: amelia, you know those dishes in the sink?
amelia: yeah?
mike: they're yours, and i would like for you to do them.
amelia: no, they're not mine! you should talk to jenny and renata because they're not mine!!
mike: well, renata is probably going to do them this weekend anyway, but i believe they're yours.

ahahaha i love mike. and i HATE amelia. it is so ridiculous that she would deny that those dishes were hers. because mike, jenny and i are very adamant about washing our dishes as soon as we're done with them. they might sit in the sink for awhile, like, while we finish eating, but we'd NEVER put them in the plastic tub in the other side of the sink. plus, most of the dishes in there were things ONLY amelia uses, like the stupid white teacups. i washed like 6 stupid white teacups and ONLY she uses them.

i WILL stab her in the face.

(no, i won't.)

but i bet it would be satisfying!

today i am meeting up with some people from the neil gaiman boards. on the hms belfast. it should be fun! or maybe just awkward, but fun i hope!

steve: i'm glad you find my paaaain funny. actually mostly it was awesome, not painful.

and megan, your blog comments are down, so i'll just say thanks! but really it wasn't like... i don't know, i did what i had to do. like last night on the phone my mom also was like "wow, i'm glad you kept going." and i was like "... yeah because instead i could have... slept in a sheep pasture?" but, yeah.

anyway. you should all go read this interview with ryan north and especially scroll down to read his ideas on punctuation if you don't want to read the whole thing. actually i will quote some of them right here.

Well! I think the exclamation point gets a bad rap. People often seem hesitant to use it, as if they're worried that if they appear too enthusiastic people won't listen, mistaking the "!" for the crazed gleam in the eye of a man with a pile of seventh-generation photocopied papers approaching on a street corner. Run away! I've even heard people say things like "you should only use the exclamation point twice in your writing career", which seems pretty ridiculous, even without a literal reading. Why not write about things you're excited about, things your characters are excited about?

Punctuation (and the exclamation point in particular) IS a great tool for writing dialogue though, as it's one of the few ways to point to the cadence of the words and give the reader a much better idea of how a sentence is said. Basically, how you present a character's dialogue is going to affect how the voice sounds in the head of the reader, and that's especially important when you're writing character dialogue or comedy. Timing can be everything with a joke, and you don't want to lose that when someone finally reads what you've written down. As an example, you can see how "I love you." is different from "I love you!", "I love - you.", "I - love you!", and even the punctuation-free "I love you", and so forth. There's even more ways you can say this in real life that I don't think can be fully captured on paper! You've got to keep an ear for this when letting your characters talk.

... but I've never understood why comics in the mainstream North American tradition write all their dialogue in capital letters. It's so common you don't even notice it. Why is this done? It certainly doesn't make things easier to read, and you lose all sorts of subtlety that you'd otherwise have. You can still put words in bold for emphasis, sure, but that's a different effect than putting words in caps. (It is! Honest!) Maybe it's a traditional thing? There's some webcomics who do it too (I can't think of any off the top of my head though; it's really not THAT big a deal). The problem I'd have with all-caps dialogue is that you lose one of my favourite techniques, which is to put the last word of a sentence in capital letters for a really good and unique EMPHASIS.

anyway there's more and it's all interesting, especially if you like capslock and exclamation points, WHICH I DO!

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

listening to: paul simon, the obvious child

i've listened to this song like 230948238904 times today. man, i love it (today).

and in remembering a road sign
i am remembering a girl when i was young
and we said,
these songs are true
these days are ours
these tears are free

also, i have this comic open in a tab behind everything and i keep randomly going back to look at it, and i laugh every time. theodore mewsevelt's facial expressions are seriously the most priceless things everrrr.

anyway amelia kicked me off the phone but now she's done so i'm going to call trina. but i'll be back later with an exciting entry. actually i'm not even going to publish this, so, um, you won't notice that i'm gone. take that?

i'm back!

anyway, if i were bill bryson, the following woudl be a hilarious chapter in one of my books. but i'm not bill bryson, so instead it's a (i predict) slightly incoherent blog entry.

i just looked at theodore mewsevelt again and laughed for like 5 minutes. INSTANT JOY.

so aanyway, i got this book of "country walks" near london (note: british people don't "hike," they just "take walks" but they can be very long walks!) so these walks are all cleverly designed to start and end at national rail stations, so you can get there (and back) from london easily.

i looked through and picked a walk that started at shiplake station and ended at hemley-on-thames. it sounded pretty, it wasn't that hard or that long (well, comparatively-- it was like 11 miles.) the book recommended getting a round-trip to hemley, because on the way there you just get off a stop early and then basically hike to the next one, and it's cheaper and the train people are cool with it and stuff. (that was important preface information!) so i looked online, in a bit of a hurry this morning, for where/when to get a train to where i needed to be. i ended up at the king's cross national rail station, bought my ticket to hemley, and couldn't quite remember where i needed to transfer, but i did remember that i had to go to a different station before i could get to shiplake.

SO i asked a trainstationman where i needed to transfer to get to shiplake, and he said leeds and i said okay, and got on a train to leeds. and the traininspectorman came along and asked for my ticket, and i gave it to him. and he said, this train is going to leeds. and i said, yeah, i need to transfer to get to shiplake. and he said, your ticket is for hemley. and i said, well, shiplake is just before it so they said the ticket would be fine. and he was like "shipley is on the other side of the country as hemley, this ticket isn't valid." and i was like, whaat? and i pulled out my book/map and showed him, and he was like, "oh, you want to go to shipLAKE, this train is going to shipLEY." and i was like, "where the fuck is shipley?"

anyway and then he was like, "well, your ticket isn't valid, you'll have to get one now." and i was like, "fine..." annoyed, because i'd have to get another 11-pound national rail ticket, but okay. and he says, "it's 31 pounds." which is like, 7 million dollars us. apparently not only was i on the wrong train, i wasn't even on a national rail train, i was on some crazy private train. LAME. so i got my new stupid ticket and rode the train for an hour in the wrong direction. and got off and discovered that my 30 POUND ticket was only one way, i needed another 20 POUND ticket to get back to london. that's like, over $100 to go NOWHERE. so i kind of cried a little on the train but then i listed to paul simon and regained my perspective a little.

so by the time i finally got to shipLAKE (*grumble*) it was like 3pm, and the book thought the hike would take 5 hours, 15 minutes. "oh," i thought, "well maybe it'll be a little dark by the end of the hike but no big deal." THIS IS DRAMATIC FORESHADOWING.

anyway. the first like, 6 miles of my hike were great, very beautiful (i took some good pictures) and it was a really great day out (my favorite temperature range- the jeans and long-sleeve-t-shirt kind of day) and i got "lost" a few times but got back on trail relatively quickly. then around duskish the trail got all stupid, and it went like... through a sheep pasture. like with sheep in it. and i had to climb a barbed-wire fence and i got a hole in my only pair of jeans.

i finally got out of the sheep pasture and came on a road, and it was almost dark and where i was wasn't quite matching up with my directions, and also the directions wanted me to take a path INTO the forest and i was like, um no, it's dark. so i just walked along the road for awhile, having a conversation with myself that was like "i'm totally going to die and no one is going to know where my body is." "shut up, no i won't, it's all going to be fine. this road has to go somewhere, right?" "but, it's daaark." "shut up, it'll be fine." i stopped at a house along the road and asked if i was going the right way to the train station, and they said yeah, it's like 2 more miles that way. and i was like, lame.

so i kept walking along the road in the dark, and it started getting bumpy, and i brushed my hand against stinging nettle and it hurt a LOT sadface. and also there weren't any more houses for a long time, so i finally saw another one and i stopped and asked again if i was going the right way. only, i was tired and kind of scared and ended up crying in front of this random woman. i just love how whenever i get upset about anything i have to start crying... wait, no i don't. but anyway, she was really nice and said that she and her husband were just going into town, and they'd be happy to drive me to the train station, and i kept being like, no i don't want to bother you... but she insisted, and said she liked to think it's what other people would do for her kids. and also, it came about that it was her husband's birthday, which was why they were going out in the first place, and i felt bad. but... also grateful.

and then when they dropped me off, i said thank you 23432 times and went and got on the train, cuz it was there, it just wouldn't be leavinng for 15 more minutes, and i could see their car still waiting in the parking lot to make sure i was ok, and then the woman came and ran on the train to remind me that i needed to transfer at (some city) to get back to london, and she was just so nice and concerned about some random disheveled american who had literally showed up on her doorstep... it was just really humbling, honestly. so many bodhisattvas.

(ps: also, i know you're not supposed to get rides from strangers, but i firmly believe that bad people do not live in cottages with stained glass windows above the door that say "the cottage." seriously, they don't. also i know it was kind of dumb to go hiking by myself but... it all worked out in the end! except for the hole in my jeans.)

anyway, i got home safely, and i'm tired and dirty but happy. and the more times i look at theodore mewsevelt, the happier i am.

i've been waking up at sunrise
i've been following the light across my room
i watch the night receive the room of my day
some people say the sky is just the sky
but I say
why deny the obvious child?
why deny the obvious child?

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