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Friday, September 30, 2005

hey, a meme.

open itunes, hit shuffle, and use the first song title that comes up as an answer to each question. snark optional but encouraged.

1.How does the world see me?
stuart davis - you my child (i'm the child of the world?)

2.Will I have a happy life?
tom petty - house in the woods (does that mean i *will* have a happy life, in a house in the woods, or i *won't* have a happy life, because i'll be stuck in a house in the woods?)

3.What do my friends really think of me?
tori amos - vincent (starry starry night) (crap, my friends think i'm crazy?)

4.Do people secretly lust after me?
indigo girls - closer to fine (hmm.)

5. How can I make myself happy?
gavin degraw - meaning (ooh, that almost makes sense. kind of.)

6. What should I do with my life?
indigo girls - don't give that girl a gun (fine, i won't give that girl a gun. that hardly seems like a fulltime occupation.)

7. Why must life be so full of pain?
the nylons - oo wee, oo me, oo my (how dada.)

8. How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
indigo girls - power of two (uh... i suppose that's another valid answer.)

9. Will I ever have children?
indigo girls - mystery (itunes, why are you so obsessed with the indigo girls tonight?)

10. Will I die happy?
beatles - it's all too much (all too much... happiness? yes? good.)

11. What is some good advice for me?
rhs - i can make you a man (you can?)

12. What is happiness?
random college acapella - sweet home alabama (actually, i beg to differ.)

13. What is my favorite fetish?
bree sharp - the ballad of grim and lily (it's true, grim and lily is just so hott... wait, what?)

question 14 disappeared somewhere in the land of internet, so i will make one up right now. um...
14. What is my life philosophy?

ben folds - evaporated (well, that's a lame philosophy, me.)

15. How will I be remembered?
chicago - my own best friend (i... oh. okay.)

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dear sun-dried tomato hummus,

you know, your attractive packaging made me think you really had lot to offer me. specifically, hummus and sun-dried tomatoes. and i know i've only eaten a few bites of you, which isn't really enough time to get to know you. but still i have to say... sun-dried tomato hummus, i really just don't think it's working out between us. next time i go grocery shopping, i'll be coming home with roasted red pepper hummus. or perhaps original hummus. but i will leave you there in the cooler, waiting for someone else to come along who will truly appreciate you.

i'm sorry it had to end like this.

with all due respect,


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listening to: the beatles, come together

i realize that the following is hardly a revolutionary statement here, but: damn, the beatles are/were a really, really good band.

anyway. i'm taking a break from watching bubba ho-tep. i'm kind of disappointed in it so far, sad face.

in happier news, i successfully completed all my errands today. AND i had a grilled cheese sandwich and chocolate cake for dinner.

and i just reserved a ticket for the amsterdam stu show! and i had to reserve it in dutch. with a little help from the altavista translator. oh man, i love dutch, it is my favorite language i don't speak. seriously, check out the confirmation email i got:

Hierbij bevestigen wij de ontvangst van uw reservering.
U ontvangt van ons een bericht als wij uw reservering definitief kunnen maken. In dit bericht krijgt u tevens alle informatie over de wijze van betalen, ontvangst van uw toegangsbewijs of strippenkaart en een routebeschrijving naar het BethaniŽnklooster.

look at those letter combinations! they are amazing. it would never occur to me to do things like put a j and a z next to each other or two a's in a row, but look how awesome it is. well done, dutch language.

(i just translated my confirmation email, it says: We confirm the reception of your reservation. You receive from us reported if we can make your reservation definite. In this reported you get tevens all information on the manner of to pay, reception of your access proof or strippenkaart and a route description to the BethaniŽnklooster. okay, probably it dosn't really say that, but you know, i'm sure it's close.)

hahaha oh dutch, i love you. ALSO i made a dutch friend off the neil boards. well we've exhanged like 2 emails, so i guess we're more like acquaintances now, but livejournal thinks we're friends so YEAH.

aanyway. so, i get to legally work in this country, and by "work" i mean "have an unpaid internship of awesomeness," i have lots of clean clothes (i handwashed a bunch of underwear awhile ago to delay having to do laundry, and as a result i had to use the family sized washer instead of the regular human sized washer). and i went grocery shopping, and i bought the play i need to read. but french's theatre bookstore officially became my enemy by refusing to let me return my wrong play, just because i didn't have the receipt. fuckin' seriously, it was in perfect condition, and it was still in its french's theatre bookstore BAG, it just didn't have a receipt. and i didn't even want to return it, i just wanted to exchange it. did they really think i would go steal a play and then try to swindle the store out of trading it for a different one? why wouldn't i just steal the play i wanted in the first place?

also, they make you check your bags when you go in, so i did. and then i went back out and tried to get my bag back, and the guy takes my claim ticket and hands me some plastic sack. and i'm like, uh, that's not my bag. and he's like oh, what kind of bag do you have? and i'm like (uh, seriously i just gave my bag to you 5 minutes ago and no one else has come in the store since then...) "it's a black messenger bag." and he's like "what's a messenger bag? oh, here, this must be your bag... it's just a black bag. what makes it a messenger bag?" and i was like, "um, it's the strap... the kind of strap makes it a messenger bag..." and he was like "oh, okay..." but with the weirdest tone and look, like i was just making the whole "messenger bag" thing up to make myself sound cool or something.

*grumble* now i really want to go steal something from french's theatre bookstore, that'll teach them. also if they had any messenger bags, i would steal those also.

anyway, i'm going to go finish watching bubba ho-tep now. i hope it gets more entertaining.

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listening to: urinetown, don't be the bunny

crap, i just spilled my delicious tesco "lemon & tangerine slightly sparkling spring water drink" on the couch. i think my flatmates would be horrified if they knew how many beverages i've spilled in this couch when they weren't around. the other day i came home for lunch and accidentally spilled like half a can of cream soda on the couch. and i'm pretty sure there was something else awhile ago. anyway, who knows how long this couch has been here, there's probably been worse things spilled on it than soda. like, one of the pillows appears to have a small bloodstain on it.

i'm more annoyed at the loss of my beverage, though, because it is so delicious.

today i need to:
- do laundry (>_<)
- go to the theatre bookstore and exchange the play i bought (the wrong one for class) for a different one (the right one for class).
- go to the bunac office and make them stamp my blue card stating that i can legally work in this country. (because, i can, now that i've been to belgium. i realize that statement sounds absurd but it is true!)
- update otgar? i don't like, need to do that today, but i want to. also i went back to the neil boards for the first time in awhile and discovered a thread complaining about how the site is never updated. (ok, it was only like, 2 people, but still. it has been like 4 months or something.)
- maybe clean the kitchen. maybe.

i did do amelia's dishes though. ANGRY FACE but at least the kitchen is clean. i'm totally going to be really passive-agressive about it when she gets back from wales, too. i'm not proud of this but it's inevitable. maybe if she'd just do her damn dishes i wouldn't have to be passive-agressive.

if it gets this bad again i think jenny and i are going to put them in her bed. we talked a lot about doing that this time, actually, but decided against it.

oh, i forgot to mention, that chick pea left. i felt kinda bad just sending her off to heathrow without going with her, but... well, i offered and she said not to worry about it. and i didn't meet her at the airport either. i'm a lame friend. but, i gave her good directions and it all worked out! (well, for getting from the airport to here. i have no definitive answer on whether she got from here to the aiport okay but i have no reason to believe otherwise.) anyway, chick pea, have fun in france!

sam's battery is probably going to go soon, so i'll publish this before it gets into emergency power-saving mode.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

listening to: sheryl crow, strong enough

oh, sheryl crow, i liked you so much in 8th grade.

anyway. i'm actually pretty excited about my upcoming weekend to myself. (mike, jenny, and amelia are going on a field trip to wales and chick pea is leaving for france tomorrow.) i'm going to do all amelia's stupid dishes because they've been there two weeks and she's clearly not going to do them and i'm so tired of them being there, all dirty and stuff. and, i'm going to maybe go hiking on saturday. and i'm going to rent bubba ho-tep from the movie store next door. and on sunday i'm hanging out with some london posters at the neil gaiman boards. HOTT.

also i will sleep. and not have very much homework to do.

oh, it will be glorious.

itunes just shuffled to avenue q. aww, i forgot about how it's the best show ever.

also, BUY ME STUFF. seriously. all of those. actually. well, on the site it said he took requests for products? i'd much rather have theodore mewsvelt on a button or sticker. oh theodore mewsvelt, i love you so much. and the anime lincoln and... OH MAN.

chick pea and i are talking to blue on the phone! i heart blue! and chick pea! aww.

also, i am thirsty. perhaps i will go take steps to rectify this situation. suddenly my forward arrow key stopped working. um, sometimes i need to foward arrow okay computer? lame.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

listening to: stu, swim

hey megx0rs, thanks for pointing out the netherlands tour dates... i think it really might be feasible for me to go see stu in amsterdam, actually. well, here's a crosspost from my plan:

planpoll: would it be ridiculous to go to amsterdam just to see a stuart davis concert, when i've already seen him like 10 times? here are some things to consider:
1. it's on a friday, so i could have all weekend in amsterdam, so it's not like i'd be goinng JUST for the stu show.
2. there are flights from 17 pounds.
3. stu's REALLY good live. like, really good.
4. okay this is less a poll, and more me talking myself into going to amsterdam. on november 4.
5. does anyone want to go to amsterdam with me?

ooh, downside, i'd miss guy fawkes day.

i'm kind of in awe of the fact that i even just typed that. downside, i'd miss guy fawkes day. i can't even decide what i think about that. does it make me sound pretentious? british? just awesome? i don't even know.

OH man, i just remembered, that they speak dutch in the netherlands, and dutch is my new favorite language ever... man, i have to go to amsterdam, for serious.

oh MAN, (again, but with sporadically different emphasis), check out the venue stu's playing in amsterdam:

Absolutely amazing venue. The monastery was used by converted women who had lead a sinnful life (whatever that means) and wanted to do pennance for their debauchery. Well, you get the idea. If the place inspires you to do some pennace too, go ahead but be carefull that you donít spill too much blood on the floor because they have a beautiful polished wooden floor and we donít want stains. Do we? This is literally one of the coolest places to see a show in all of holland located in the coolest neighborhoods in one of the coolest cities in the world. The venue only holds 128 people so get your reservations early for this one. It is worth the drive! Or the flight!

heck yes.

let's see. i'm done with midsems. well, i still have to turn in 2 of them, but they're done. cp and i watched the hours tonight, which was good and reminded me how much i like the book, and how i want to read more michael cunningham. i've moved michael cunningham up in my mental books queue. right now it goes: finish jonathan strange & mr. norrell, anansi boys, michael cunningham.

oh and... what, something just distracted me (hey, that never happens) what was i oh-and-ing? oh. i was going to brag about:

oct 22, terry pratchett does signing at forbidden planet.
oct 30: mirrormask @ london film festival. (link for own personal reference.) ALSO NOTE TO ME TICKETS ON SALE OCT 6 DON'T BE STUPID AND FORGET TO BUY ONE OKAY?
oct 31st (tentative): leave for denmark.
nov 3 (tent): back from denmark.
nov 4: amsterdam for stuart?
nov 6: back from amsterdam.
nov 8, lenny henry interviews neil gaiman.
nov 12, neil gaiman does signing at forbidden planet.

basically, some good months for renata coming up.

oh, tura, thanks for the link! i actually hadn't read it yet (although catching up on neil's blog i saw he linked to the same story.) my favorite part? "A few weeks ago, I read online that they've officially greenlighted 'Coraline,' which I assume means that Harry Selick has either started shooting it or ... I know he's been sending me bits of art and songs by They Might Be Giants that they're writing for it -- so that's happening." OH MAN CORALINE MOVIE WITH TMBG SONGS AWESOME.

in other news, i've never read a meg cabot book but i find myself really enjoying her blog.

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so my first thoughts on looking at the first photos of a live giant squid were something along the lines of "holy shit, that's DISGUSTING!"

seriously, why did Science spend all that time trying to find something so gross? oh god, look at its tentacles. do you even know how many photographs of adorable kittens they could have taken in the time it took them to find that squid? well-- well, a lot!

OH MAN and they had to TOUCH ITS TENTACLES. gross.

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i swear this whole comic was written as a special present from the world to me.

thank you, the world, thank you so much. or more specifically, i suppose, thank you miles grover, author of thinkin' lincoln.

(i'm just going to keep editing this post as i find new awesome comics. i'd also like to stress that seriously, everyone should read this, but especially kait. this is because kait is an obsessive history dork with a random-ass sense of humor, which i hypothesize will make this comic funnier to her than to many of you, not because i am intentionally trying to deprive any of you from humor.)

moving on:

ahahaha he totally did.

lincoln's life is a dark pit of darkness :(


i, too, hate timezones.

another one for kait. ahahaha.

your whole family is made of meat.

why is this so funny? i don't even know.

discount religious figures.

oh NOES i've exhausted the archives of thinkin' lincoln. man. they're all hilarious, you should go read all 56 of them. or if you're lazy, just the handful of especially extra-funny ones i just pulled out.

gah. seriously i need to leave and go eat lunch. and come back for class.

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When you see this in a friend's journal, you must quote Shakespeare.


it's antipholus of syracuse's version of "wtf?" (from comedy of errors.) i'm certain shakespeare would have written it in capslock except elizabethan capslock technology was not nearly as advanced as ours is.

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from thinkin' lincoln i have learned that historical figures saying random things is even funnier than dinosaurs saying random things. actually i guess dinosaurs kind of ARE historical figures.

also, i'm done with my history of london midsem. i think i did pretty ok. whatever, i'm done. oh and i have to confess that i messed up my mnemonic device when i was bragging about it last night-- it should really be: lame-os never are cool because of abba. i just had to tell you in case one of you memorized it and then went around telling people at parties how clever you were cuz you could remember the order of the gates of london from west to east and then someone was like "dude actually i'm pretty sure newgate comes before aldersgate" and you were like "well this is awkward". anyway, but now i've done my part to prevent that.

i think by the end of this semester i'm gonna be like that guy from that one bond movie who got stung by so many scorpions that he was immune to scorpion venom. except, with house spiders instead of scorpions. and it won't make me evil. and also i'm pretty sure that was the guy with diamond chips stuck in his face although i might be confusing 2 separate villians. at any rate, i won't have diamond chips in my face either. UNLESS SOMETHING HORRIBLY UNEXPECTED HAPPENS.


oh man. btdubs, i have this feeling that whenever i post things that are like "kait, this is for you" or "julia will think this is funny" and i specifically single out some person, a lot of people are clicking it anyway out of curiosity. i mean that's what i'd do. but i just want to clarify that if you're not that person, and you don't click it, you're probably not missing out on much because whatever it is probably requires extensive back knowledge of some stupid inside joke in order to be hilarious.

not that link i just posted though, that was an awesome thinkin' lincoln comic. it'll just be a little bit extra funny for kait.

okay anyway, i'm going to go check my email and then go home and eat lunch. haha, and it's totally 4:30 am in your time zone, man, just think about how long YOU have to wait to eat lunch.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

listening to: tori, pancake

first off, priscellie, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS YES? also, i ate dinner with chungy tonight. and you didn't!

anyway. you know what's awesome is when i go to the internet cafe just to download files to my thumbdrive and the computer will not read the thumb drive. boo! also it's not cool when our stolen internet stops working again. so much lame.

1. has a giant stack of dishes in the sink she hasn't done since like, last week. it's gross and dirty.
2. was really randomly mean to me today when i couldn't figure out how to work the buzzer system on our door. it was so uncalled for. seriously.

um anyway. chick pea and i have done stuff? and i've studied for stuff? i came up with a totally awesome mnemonic device for memorizing the gates for the saxon city of london: lameo-s are never cool because of abba. or, ludgate aldersgate n... n... crap, what's the n-gate? oh, newgate cripplegate bishopsgate aldgate. heck yes.

also the mouse at this internet cafe is LAME. tests for history of london are lame too. probably because of abba.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

a few things:

harry potter + jesus = always funny.

i uploaded 1238234 more photos. kait should definitely look at this one (and this one again) and julia should definitely look at this one. and you should all look at me crossing abbey road because i just blogged it.

and you know, stuff.

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

listening to: something mike's playing

today i went on a MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR of london. i saw some cool stuff, like 3 saville row, where the beatles performed their rooftop LAST CONCERT EVER. also i crossed abbey road. like 4 times, i crossed it, actually. and then also some random stuff that the tour guide, who was like... really, really obsessed with the beatles... really... thought would be cool. like, the studio where they recorded the voices for yellow submarine? kinda cool, but not that exciting, really. when you come down to it. still though, it was a fun tour. oh and i learned about the saddest lost opportunity ever. lean in closer and i will whisper it to you:

in the sixties, the beatles owned the movie rights to lord of the rings.

can you IMAGINE a beatles-produced lotr? can you? oh man, it would have been so insane. i'd watch it all the time, i'm sure.

also, we toured buckingham palace. if i had a palace here's how it would compare to buckingham:
- less gold, more multicolored glitter
- fewer portraits of former royalty, more posters of folk singers.
- fewer thrones, more beanbags
- fewer guards, more dinosaurs
- etc.

jenny and mike are getting me obsessed with facebook in a way that i never was before. seriously, i'm going to go read your profile and judge you now.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

cp and i are soo boring, we just sat at home and watched a movie (the life aquatic with steve zissou) and now we're sitting here stealing internet and yawning.

*grumble* i'm so nutritious, why am i so tired? i don't think "i'm so nutritious" is what i mean to say. more like, i eat so nutritionally-soundly. la.

anyway. today i finally bought anansi boys yay! when will i have time to read it, i don't know, but at least i have it.

*yawns* man, i'm lame.

uh... today we wandered around london, went to the imperial war museum, which is SO interesting and SUCH a good museum yay. oh! and we went to leicester square to check out the tkts booth (although we didn't end up getting tickets for anything) and we discovered that a bunch of famous actors have their handprints all around the square. i wanted to take a picture of ian mckellen's handprints but there was a cigarette butt in it, so i tried to kick it out and instead sort of smeared tobacco all over his palm. but cp had napkins in her purse so we wiped off his hand. i certainly hope gandalf appreciates all the trouble we went to. sheesh. i also took pictures of pierce brosnan, sean connery, colin firth, and jim carrey's hands. maybe someone else? or i think that's it. whatevs.

also we ate at WAGAMAMA. mmm, wagamama. it was so tasty. except they brought out my food and i started eating, because i was hungry and assumed they'd be back with her food soon... but it took like 15 more minutes for them to bring out hers. craaazy. but then, they gave her a free meal so that was good. but they should have given me a free meal too because i received emotional pain from the awkwardness of having food while my dinner date did not. or actually just because i like free meals.

um yes. anyway i think we might be awesome and go to sleep now.

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listening to: pocahontas, colors of the wind

oh man, itunes just shuffled to this... this song reminds me of camp SO HARD.

but you know what else reminds me of camp so hard... is chick pea! i just woke her up. i felt bad because she was so jet-lagged, but it's almost 11 so... yeah. stuff should happen.

a recap of yesterday: we went out and ate lunch at this awesome (and cheap) vegan thai buffet. mmm. i'm definitely going back there later. and then we came back so cp could take a nap (at first i wrote "do a nap"... i kind of like that though. "i'm gonna go do a nap, and then maybe i'll do some work." um anyway.)

then after cp did her nap, we went and walked around by the thames for awhile. it was pretty. i never really understood what was the big deal (so to speak) about big ben before i came here, but it really is beautiful, especially at night when it's lit up. also, uh, it's really big.

itunes just shuffled from colors of the wind to freedom isn't free from team america. ouch, culture shock.

what else? i saw a giant poster for anansi boys in the tube yesterday and i flipped out a little. like i was in mid-sentence talking to cp when i noticed it and i just stopped and stared at it for a minute. OH MAN i want that book. we're going out shopping today i think so hopefully i will grab it! oh neil gaiman i heart you!

shakespeare midterm i do not heart you! angry face! >_<

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Friday, September 23, 2005

WHAT okay i typed a blog entry, and then firefox crashed, and then i tried to recreate it and post it, and blogger gave me a "blog not found" error. not like a regular 404 or anything, a special blogger page came up and said "blog not found" in a cheery blue box. um.


seriously i would be so upset if something happened to my blog archives, you don't even know.

i need to go to bed. but also i need to know that my blog is okay!! do not toy with me blogger!

ETA: oh good, it found my blog.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

jenny and i are sitting here being annoyed at amelia because she's on the phoooone forever all the time on the phooone. but then i realized that i couldn't call sunflower anyway, so, i'm not really annoyed anymore.

except for minorly annoyed on general principle. but anyway.

we went to go see the tempest at the globe theatre tonight, which was so grood. except jenny and i got off at the wrong tube stop and got lost and ended up running to the theatre and getting there just in the nick of time. it was all very exciting. and sweaty. anyway, for like the first half of the production i was sitting there like "this theatre looks so familiar, like i've been here or something..." and clearly i hadn't been there before, but had i been to another theatre built to look like it? what could it be? and then i realized, no, i've just watched shakespeare in love too many times.

it was a really interesting production though, they did it with only three actors. it sounds gimmicky i know, but it really worked i thought to emphasize the way all the characters represent different aspects of human nature, particularly of prospero's nature.

tomorrow morning chick pea comes! hooray!

and, i'm tired, so i think i'm going to bed.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

listening to: stu, drown

so tonight was fun, some of the gil kids hosted a jack daniels birthday party? and we played red rover in the park? and somehow some other ex-camp counselors and i discovered that we were all ex-camp counselors, and we sang the birdie song and played ride the pony?


i wanted to blog about... something? possibly about how i should really be doing work now so that when chick pea comes i can just hang out with her and not have to do work? yeah, maybe i was going to blog about that. and then maybe i was going to do some work. maybe.

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i totally win at life. or at least, uploading pictures. approximately 9238423894 pictures from london/belgium, all with helpful historical captions.

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i love it when god speaks in unpunctuated capslock.

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listening to: mojo nixon, disney is the enemy

okay SERIOUSLY. i think i have gotten more spider/insect bites in london than i did all summer at camp. granted, i wore bug spray at camp (sometimes) but i'm INDOORS here. i woke up this morning with a bite on my palm, on the side of my pinky, and one further up on my arm. and these are different from the belgium ones, and different from the first set of bites, because like... the first ones just itched, and the belgian ones hurt and itched, and these ones just hurt.

but, at least i have internet at home again! it's so crazy.

i just did that lj-interests meme, but it pulled out some kind of lame interests for me to talk about. it should have picked like, "john kerry loves kittens," "josie and the pussycats the musical," and "hobo nests."

LJ Interests meme results

  1. ben folds:
    is a singer? i really like him. he's funny, and true.. his solo stuff is better than his ben folds five stuff.
  2. clerks:
    a brilliant movie/cartoon by kevin smith. if you haven't seen it we can't be friends anymore.
  3. eddie izzard:
    a hilarious british comedian. his top three sources of humor are the bible, classical mythology, and star wars. oh, and british culture.
  4. historical fiction:
    i LOVED ann rinaldi when i was a kid.
  5. kait:
    i'm totally interested in kait. she's just so... interesting.
  6. mst3k:
    mystery science theatre 3000!! one of the funniest things, ever.
  7. politics:
    this was a typo, i actually meant i was interested in polly tix, the character from some of the carmen sandiego games.
  8. sarah vowell:
    omg my favorite writer/person ever. so funny and quirky and historical. the partly cloudy patriot is one of my favorite books ever ever.
  9. terry pratchett:
    you know, the discworld guy. i must be honest and say that i don't like him as much as everyone else seems to. HEY, that just reminded me, i think draco still has my copy of feet of clay! lame.
  10. vfd:
    if you don't know what vfd is, i'm afraid i can't tell you. however, the answers you seek may be found in a series of unfortunate events.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

oh, and the final version of my s&b column is online here. it's got, like, stuff.

anyway. i came home to clean up some stuff and eat lunch before class, i really really should not spend all my free time on the internet. even though it's here, working, just for me... no.

man these two hand spiderbites are in the worst possible place. ow. and my right hand, too.

OKAY really going to make lunch now!! and it's goinng to be a grilled brie and apple sandwich, and it's going to be delicous!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

listening to: stu, wand

!! megan is the coolest ever, because she sent me this soooong. seriously, you should all go do yourselves a favor and go download it, because it is the best ever. i have it on constant repeat. for the next foreseeable future.

also, excitingly, the internet is working at home. *basks in its warm glow*

oh man, the BEST thing ever happened in shakespeare today, when we were talking about the tempest and different ways to portray caliban...

professor vinter: "but then you could also have something like this... *holds up b&w photo of shirtless buff guy* he's a bit of a hunk, isn't he? actually i think it's a young patrick stewart..."
entire class: *does a double take* *dies laughing*

seriously. oh man. i just looked for some photos online but all i could find was patrick stewart as prospero. apparently patrick stewart has been in the tempest like seven thousand times.

also i just googled myself and this blog doesn't come up anymore. grood. it's funny because a few years ago i was all about everyone reading my blog and now i'm a lot more edgy about it.

let's see. i'm excited that chick pea is coming to visit soon! yay!

i'm trying to remember what else i wanted to say about belgium, i know i basically just talked about the gay bar... i don't know. overally all the belgian cities were just so CUTE. small and cobblestoney and old architecture-y. i think one of the things i've learned from london is that, as much as i like it here, and as much as i'd like to think otherwise, i'm really not a city girl. i'm looking at going up to the lake district weekend after next for hiking and shit.

anyway. i guess that's about it from me for now. except, yay internet! and,

hate is a puzzle
one look and i saw double
fear is a riddle
that made my bones brittle
love is a wand
one wave and the riddleís gone

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oh yeah, and i've uploaded some of my photos. hace click aqui. many more to come later, but i'm tired of uploading now.

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listening to: indigo girls, shed your skin

lack of internet = sad face.

i'm uploading photos to flickr. i have like ten million. i don't know why i'm uploading them, it's not like anyone really wants to look at my crappy photos of big ben. it's just like, you know, i should.

last night we saw what the butler saw which was really funny. and it had the porn chick from love actually in it. (she was funny. and sometimes also unclothed.)

yesterday i bought these awesome knee socks, they're rainbow striped and they go up over my knees (as opposed to just below the knee). i heart them. i'm wearing them today and it's like my calves are little beacons of joy.

seriously, i don't know why i'm so tired but it's kind of eating my brain today. so anyway... the end.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

argh. hi. i'm back in london. except i never blogged to say that i was leaving? so: i've been in belgium all weekend. brussels, bruges, and ghent, for an art history field trip. anyway the deal is that like, sam is fixed but we haven't been able to steal wireless the last several days. *frowl!* so now i'm at this sketchy internet cafe half a block from my flat. the non-sketchy one that's across the street from my flat is full right now :(

ANYWAY belgium. right. well the thing you should know about our art history professor is that she's great and smart and adorable but she talks FOREVER. like our classes are supposed to be an hour and a half long and the EARLIEST we've ever gotten out is ten minutes late, usually she runs over more like 15 or 20. so we spent a lot of times standing in museums like.... seriously this is interesting but you could have stopped awhile ago. but whatevs. we saw some Famous Things: the ghent altarpiece (by van eyck), michaelangelo's virgin & child sculpture, um, and some other stuff. a lot of jesuses.

also i ate a belgian waffle and belgian chocolate. both were delicious.

also i got a TON of spider bites in the hostel. HUGE spiderbites. itchy, painful, quarter-sized spider bites. none of my 3 roommates got anything. LAME.

AHH i just did a google search for "europe spider bites" to see if there's anything i should be worried about, and the first few things that came up are about EUROPEAN HOBO SPIDERS I'M NOT EVEN JOKING LOOK AT HOBOSPIDER.COM DO IT.

man hobo spider bites sound really scary and gross. luckily it seems that i have not been bitten by a hobo spider, because the bites haven't swollen and blistered and made me pass out like hobo spider bites apparently do. grood.


anyway. last night mike, jenny and i went to BOLERO, the only gay club in bruges (according to mike's lonely planet europe guide). (PS i should add that mike, jenny and i are definitely friends but we all definitely hate amelia. i might blog more about that later or maybe i won't but anyway.) it was too funny. it wasn't that hard to find it, but when we did, there was a heavy metal shutter pulled over the windows, but we could clearly hear donna summer being played loudly within. we shrugged, and tried the door. it was locked. then we looked more closely and realized that the door had a speakeasy style slidey-peephole. and a doorbell. we stood around awkwardly for a little bit, then mike rang the doorbell. we heard a loud rustling of keys, and then the slidey peephole slid open, revealing a frantic but nice looking belgian. he glanced at us and then let us in, prompting the question "uh, who is he screening for? if he'll just let 3 random american kids off the street in?" our best theory was that there used to be TWO gay bars in bruges, but this guy drove the other one out of business, and now he has enemies.

anyway. there were nine other people in the bar, and we grew quite familiar with them without actually talking to any of them (except the bartender). there were:
- the three young guys at the end of the bar, who all seemed to be interested in mike
- the older lesbian couple, who wanted to get their groove on
- the younger lesbian couple + their guy friend. one of the lesbians liked to dance with the guy while the other one sat and watched.
- the bartender, who deeply appreciated all the music he played (the best pop/disco of the 70s/80s. I DANCED TO ABBA'S "KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU" IN THE ONLY GAY BAR IN BRUGES. MAN THAT'S LIKE MY FAVORITE ABBA SONG EVER.) oh also he was wearing tap shoes and sometimes he would do a little impromptu dance at the beginning of a song he particularly liked.

it was so grood. i'm so glad i went, i almost decided i was too tired.

gaaaah my spider bites itch :(

also i am tired and also i have been here half an hour and not done any of the research i need to dooooo.

i will leave you with one amusing quote (also the promise of lots of pictures once i have internet + working computer + camera cord all at the same time):

me: (unrepeatable bitchy comment) (horrifiedly:) oh my god, i'm a bitch!
mike: man, by the end of this semester renata's going to be a raging bitch.
jenny: and it'll be all thanks to me and mike.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

hiiiii. today i made really, really good pasta. i bet you're jealous. and, i went to school. only in the opposite order. and, i tried to call the apple store to see if sam was ready, but apparently our phone doesn't work today. stupid phone.

also i got an awesome package from my mooom. she sent me my clothes! and new pirate underwear! (aka pants/knicjers.) and my very own copy of notting hill. now i can watch a mediocre movie named after my neighborhood whenever i want.

anyway. i wrote a column for the s&b (they're doing like, a rotating study-abroad-people column), you can all read the pre-edited version. if you want.

Cheerio! Iíve been in London for over three weeks now, and Iíve mostly adapted to my new surroundings, although a few things still throw me for a loop (today at Subway, I almost accidentally grabbed a bag of chicken-flavored potato chips, or ďchicken-flavour crispsĒ as the Brits would say. They also had steak, lamb, and prawn flavoured crisps. Weird, man.)

Meat-flavored potato chips aside, I think the transition has been so smooth because Iíve been able to find Grinnell parallels for most aspects of my life in London, although there are definitely pros and cons for both Grinnell and London. Here, for the readers of the S&B, Iíve prepared a small sample of Grinnell vs. London (or, Cosmopolitan and Cosmopolitan-er.)

McNallyís vs. Tesco:
Despite its medicinal-sounding name (ďMan, I had a really nasty cough but then I took some TescoĒ) Tesco is actually a grocery chain. There is one about 20 feet from my flat, and they stay open until 11pm. (Thatís late, here.) They also have a bakery where I can buy delicious, delicious chocolate-filled croissants. Also, I definitely donít look young enough to be carded for alcohol purchases at Tesco, since the legal drinking age is 18.
The winner: London

Saintís Rest vs. Starbucks:
I admit it, Saintís Rest is one of the things I miss most about Grinnell. How can I even compare it to Starbucks? The only thing Starbucks has going for it is that I live next door to one, while Saintís Rest is 3000 miles away.
The winner: Grinnell

Campus bikes vs. London underground
Campus bikes: cheerful, yellow, above ground. But theyíre just never there when you need them.
London underground: non-cheerful, hopefully not yellow, below ground. Unfortunately, also have a tendency to never be there when you need them. But they do have very comfy upholstered seats (unless you go during rush hour, when you must fight for a place to stand and cling for dear life to a pole). I think the deciding factor here is that Iíve never had two Irish guys play a jig for me while I was on a campus bike.
The winner: London

My dorm room vs. My flat:
The best part about my flat is that I live in a building called Princess Court. This is undeniably a way cooler name than any of the dorms have, and Iím counting Hannibal Hall here. However, my flat currently has 3 beds for 4 people, so Iíve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for the last 3 weeks. Oh Grinnell dorms, I took your beds for granted for so long. Plus, my flat doesnít have loggia access. It doesnít even have fire escape access, since some prior resident painted the door shut. (Everyone please cross your fingers that thereís never a fire at Princess Court, because Jenny, Mike, Amelia and I will all die. I mention this mostly because Mike and Jenny are vain and wanted their names mentioned in this column somehow.)
The winner: Grinnell

Townies vs. Townies:
Everyone who lives in London is beautiful, but they all drive in a way that strikes fear into the hearts of pedestrians. London residents have way better accents, though.
The winner: London

The B&S vs. The Sun
The Sun is way funnier than the B&S, plus it has hot girls. (The B&S has hot girls too, but theyíre too busy writing to pose topless on page 3, right Carly?) Unfortunately, The Sun is not intended to be a humorous publication.
The winner: Grinnell

Chrystal Palace vs. Buckingham Palace:
Buckingham Palace is the official home of the Her Majesty the Queen and her priceless collection of artwork; the Chrystal Palace is the official home of Your Permanent Record and the occasional collection of student artwork.
The winner: London

Wal-Mart vs. ?
For good or for evil, there is nothing else like Wal-Mart.
The winner: the people of the world.

In all honesty, I love both Grinnell and London and Iím just happy I get to spend my time both places. God save the Queen, and God save Darby.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

listening to: simon & garfunkel, the only living boy in new york

my internship interview got moved to wednesday, which is really awesome because it means i can stick around here and finish up my shakespeare paper, and still have time to go home and take a nap before the play tonight. i win at liiiiife.

except, i have a headache >_<

anyway. i got really excited about my paper topic, i can't wait to find out what i conclude. (does anyone else write papers this way? like, just pick your topic and then kind of write until you get to the end? it's really exciting. i'm not being sarcastic. i'm not sure how this will come across. anyway it is. sometimes i make these sudden leaps of logic and everything makes sense but i have to scribble a little note to myself about how i made it all make sense because i might forget in a minute. i really think describing my paper writing process is making it sound kind of crazy. OUTLINES ARE FOR SQUARES i have to go discover my paper now. i think it ends with shakespeare reinforcing the patriarchy. even though the middle is where he subverts it. what a wily bastard.)


oh i was just bored and looking at my referrals, and someone found boron by googling my full name. crap. i tried to remove this from google like, awhile ago.

when you google my name here are the first ten things that come up:
- this
- hill house publishers
- neil gaiman's official bibliography
- the sequence
- some article about scipe from the s&b
- the ihsa scholastic bowl yearbook
- the u-high thespian website
- kellie's blog
- my grandma's obituary
- priscilla's blog

how random.

gah. dear me,

stop googling yourself and write your paper.



(you know it's not really the school year until i start blogging letters to myself about how i need to stop blogging.)

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listening to: scott chasolen, harmony

i should really be using my limited computer time to write my paper for shakespeare, but i've fallen into the "well, it's only 750 words, and i have all day..." but really i DO NOT have all day. but it really is 750 words. so. meh.

i'm tired. last night i went to see the aristocrats, which was SO funny. it's such a good idea for a documentary, and so well done. (if you don't know what it's about just go read about it, i'm too tired to summarize right now.) i should add that it's like, impossibly obscene so if you don't like impossible obscenity don't go see it. but if you DO like impossible obscenity (and i think that you do!), i recommend it.

HEY i should write my paper. but also, i am hungry.

re: kait's thing for my meme, i totally think i remember that (it helps that when i'm bored, i'm lame and re-read my own archives, so i've probably read this more recently than whenever i originally wrote it, but anyway)... because.. that would significantly improve my tuesdays. it was about how first semester sophomore year, my tuesday schedule was lame? and i wanted you to write a fic series called "getting the hang of tuesdays." is your method looking for quotes about you? or about thursdays? or about fic? or about... tuesdays? um.

this morning i used garnier fructis sleek and smooth stuff in my hair, and it totally gave me scully hair. except brown. it was weird. i hope that you all know what i mean by scully hair because i do not want to have to explain it. unfortunately the curling power of my hair overrode the scully-hair power of the hair product within a few hours.

my hands smell like garlic. i haven't eaten garlic since like, day before yesterday. i feel so dirty but the smell just cliiiings to you.

okay. going to stop talking about random things and go START MY PAPER NOW. roar.

also: 8 days ago the apple people told me my computer would be ready in about 7 days. hopefully, it will be ready soon. also: my interview for my internship is today. also: there is no more also.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

hey, a meme.

The object of the game is to stump the person writing the journal. I've been writing in my livejournal blog for over one year and can't possibly remember all the topics I've talked about in that time.

Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to go into the archives of my journal and pull out a random quote from some time, some year, and then my job will be to see if I can remember what I was talking about. You tell me if I'm remotely right or wrong.

Nope, I can't peek, and you'll have to trust I won't. :)

Please don't pick a quote that's so random that it could apply to anything, like "feh" or "Damn it!" or something equally general. Pick something that might actually be about something, but not so blatantly about something that I'll have to guess what I'm talking about.

do it!

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listening to: belinda carlisle, heaven is a place on earth

oh MAN, last night just about everyone on our program went over to the international students house bar, which was fun. i felt really bad though because... well, okay, all day on the field trip people kept talking about the plan, and then later that night jenny called someone to make sure it was still happening, and then she, mike, and i got ready and just left. and i had been in the bathroom so i was the last one out and i kind of rushed out, assuming they'd already told amelia where we were going and extended the general invitation... but they hadn't. oh well. it's an awkward situation on the whole but it's just like... well i don't want to fill this blog up with it, but jenny, mike and i discuss it like, constantly whenever she's not around. she's just very passive-agressive and just... NO i don't want to talk about it, whatever, it'll be okay.

but anyway, i had had "heaven is a place on earth" stuck in my head, and i was talking to [webermar] and [tamar] and randomly, in the way that i say random things, i said "man, i hope they play 'heaven is a place on earth'!" which seemed unlikely, since before that they had been playing more club-ish sort of stuff.

but then like 10 minutes later, they totally fucking played "heaven is a place on earth." oooh babe do you know what that's worth?

also i have a platonic date with the oberlin kids to watch eddie izzard together sometime. score.

it was so nice to sleep in today. i love the trips we've been having but getting up at 7am is for lame-os.

getting up at noon is for AWESOME people. although i suppose i actually got up at more like 11:30, i then wasted time on the internet until PAST noon, so it evens out. bleh, i should go to the doctor today. and do my homework. but for now i think i'm just gonna eat breakfast. er... brunch.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

oooh my god i just yanked out the ingrown part of my toenail, it hurt soo much but it was sooo satisfying. wow.


sorry i haven't blogged much lately, not much internet time. let's see. today there was so much craziness on the tube. BOTH the lines that went to where we needed to go were down. so we had to figure out the buses. and we DID, but amelia cannot handle it when people other than her figure stuff out so we had to take twice as long so she could be totally convinced, including getting off the bus, going to another bus stop, and getting BACK on the first bus because it was, in fact, the right bus.

anyway, we were almost an hour late for our field trip and we weren't even the last ones there, such was the craziness of london transport this fine morning.

amelia, i have decided, reminds me of hermione. HOWEVER, i also remind myself of hermione. but you see, i've always thought of myself (okay, not "always" but... for awhile) as post-poa hermione, aka "cool hermione." amelia is like, first half of philosopher's stone hermione, aka "bitch hermione." maybe she'll get attacked by a troll in london and it'll make her more tolerable.

meeeeh. i feel bad too because she drives me to all these mean thoughts. and like whenever jenny, mike and i are alone we end up talking about all the annoying things she does. it's not cool.

BUT i do get along with jenny and mike quite well now and i'm no longer feeling nearly as angsty as i was like, you know, last week.

hm. oh but ANYWAY, the field trip today was a tour of shakespeare's london which was actually pretty lame because none of shakespeare's london is really here anymore. so it was like "this is... a pile of rocks. but it used to be where the water ferries across the thames would land! this is... an alley, but it used to be part of the swan theatre! this is... an office building, but it used to be the rose theatre!" and so on.

after lunch, though, we went to the tower of london which was way cool. omg, the ravens are huge though. like, creeepy huge.

bleh. let's see. i still have a gross cough... mike's was worse though, and he went to the dr. and it was bronchitis. i don't think mine is though, he was like coughing up phlegm balls and shit. mine's just annoying.

tomorrow we're going on a trip to stratford-upon-avon to see comedy of errors, which i'm excited about, yet not looking forward to getting up early for. so it goes.

OH and it looks like reblogger is back, awesome. so, if you want to leave a comment use the VFD one. eventually i'll get around to uninstalling the other ones.

oh yes, and sainsbury's premade vegetable samosas= SO DELICIOUSCORE.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i feel kind of like cranky two-year-old... before i typed that intro sentence i was definitely about to blog "i'm hungry! i'm tired!" both things are true, but, c'mon now, me.

there are some aspects of london that do remind me of being about five again, jenny and i were talking about it the other day:
- the constant PBJ sandwich consumption
- baths, not showers
- not understanding the money again (i'm ALWAYS getting 5 and 10 pence pieces mixed up, to my shame. you know how a nickel is bigger than a dime even though the dime is worth less? well here a 5-cent piece is smaller, which makes sense but addles my american brain. and every so often i get a 2 pound coin and it fries my brain.)

anyway. red meat today is so bizarrely hilarious. speaking of red meat, there is like NO fake meat in britain. noooone. i'm so hungry for fake meat, i've been living on peanut butter and hummus for too long. i mean, i love peanut butter and hummus... but.... wah.

speaking of hilarious webcomics, yesterday's tfd was pretty awesome too.

also i sent another update email today, so, if you wanted one hopefully you got it.

the end!

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Monday, September 05, 2005

just a quick note to say that, hurrah, i updated snow glass kiwi so once again, the masses (that's you guys) can stay informed on what renata (that's me) has been reading lately.

dig it like dirt.

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oh ps, let me just say to those of you who i owe emails-- sorry, guys! i have read everything in my inbox (i think) i just have kind of limited internet time until sam comes home, so i haven't written back. in the same vein i'm not as up-to-date on ljs/blogs etc. or sometimes if i've read something i want to comment on i haven't commented yet. i still love you guys, it's just, you know, lack of intarweb.

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listening to: indigo girls, reunion

some days, this is my favorite indigo girls song, but some days it isn't. it's good everyday though!

the space bar on this computer is unnaturally hard to press down.

last night i got to talk to sunflower on the phone which was exciting! and today i got a letter from honeybee which made me happy. but anyway part of what sunflower and i talked about was how we've both been missing random people from camp, BUT we know that any real-world interactions with these people would be unsatisfying. i'm not naming names, but there are relatively few camp people i really see myself staying in touch with and wanting to hang out with (sunflower obviously being one of them)! BUT, i liked (almost) all my co-workers this summer and miss being with them in the camp environment. it's just that like, some of these people, what would i talk to them about? what would we do, outside of camp? it would be awkward and unfulfilling.

that said, i'm excited that chick pea is coming to visit soon! (CP is another camp-friend i would like to real-world interact with.)

i'm not sure if i mentioned here that i'm sick? but i have been for like a week. i have a nasty TB-cough and i need to clear my throat in a disgusting fashion about every 5 minutes. which led to one of my favorite moments of my phonetime with sunflower lastnight:

sf: you sound different, it must be because you're in england.
me: actually i think it's just my cough.
sf: no, i'm pretty sure it's because you're in england.

crap. so much of what is funny to me depends on delivery, i can already see that that's not transferring well. ALAS. (this is also why, in case you were wondering, i use way more smileys and LOLs than you might assume i, as a relatively well-educated and non-teenybopper person, would normally use. it's me trying to fake in-person delivery through cleverly-arranged punctuation.)

oh, gah... in the words of t-rex SERIOUSLY WHAT? why are my NEW comments not working either? do these people not understand how much i love comments?

i'm kind of tempted to scrap my brilliant and efficient plan of running out to grocery shop between classes (i have between 10 and 1 free) and instead install a THIRD kind of comments. because seriously. i want some comments. all the time, comments. (if you see this post with working comments, either i caved and installed new ones, or one of the old ones started working.)

(ETA: the old-new ones started working again as soon as i published this. maybe they just wanted to feel appreciated. comments, i love you!)

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

listening to: ani difranco, not a pretty girl

i just watched notting hill at the program site. it was kinda funny but i was disappointed because it didn't show much of notting hill. which is why i wanted to watch it, because i basically live in notting hill now. no such luck, however, mostly it just showed a hotel and a bookstore.

let's see. i have talked, on the phone, to lots of people i love in the last few days! it kind of killed my phone card. well, not really, i still have over 200 minutes but last week i had over 500 minutes. how is that even possible? (i think it uses more than one minute per minute, though, when i check my messages. which is lame. kind of like notting hill not actually taking place in notting hill is lame.)

i need to write some things. i wish i had sam, i don't like writing on other computers. i'm kind of monogamous that way.

i think i'm a little more settled in with my flatmates. i think everything's going to be okay.

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listening to: beatles, drive my car (in my head)

argh. i totally got to the apple store 10 minutes before it opened today and there was a line around the block. ri-fuckin'-diculous. people in london clearly have too many broken apple products. BUT i got seen by a mac genius in a mere 2 hours (compared to the 4.5-hour wait they told me to expect) and he said they'd fix it, for free, and it'd be ready in about a week. hooray!

but really you'd think mac people would be more aware of how attached people get to their products. i mean first i have this stream of mac people calling sam OLD, and then this guy just (seemingly) carelessly rips out sam's battery and then pries off the keyboard. he dismembered my baby right in front of me!

anyway. i might have just spent $24 i didn't really need to spend over at cdbaby. but, it was on both of katy pfaffl's cds, which i've been meaning to buy FOREVER since i'm obsessed with the songs kait sent me illegally, PLUS katy's donating all the profits from all the cds she sells through cdbaby to red cross for hurricane katrina efforts. EVERYONE WINS.

(except katy, i guess, since she doesn't get any money.)

anyway, there are like a million cdbaby artists who are donating their profits to red cross, so you might want to check that out. seriously, i love cdbaby. they sell all these amazing indie cds and their confirmation emails and everything are just adorable. check out: katy pfaffl, rachael sage, melissa ferrick, scott chasolen, anne heaton... basically like, everyone i listen to post-1990 is there.

HMM, rachael sage is donating all her profits to red cross too... and i never did get around to buying her most recent cd... but how much money should i really be spending on cds? i could always just like... give money to the red cross.

but then... i wouldn't have any new cds.

ok, i'll just get the 2 katy cds, but i'll strongly encourage you to all go buy yourself some new cds. and if you want to get me any christmas presents you could always buy me rachael sage's album ballads & burlesque. it'd be like donating to the red cross, AND to me. everyone wins! (except for rachael sage. and, uh, you.)

so. today i got up, went to the apple store for a long time, and went to the program site to write this blog entry.

last night was fun, jenny and i played scrabble and rented a beautiful mind. (we have to watch dvds on our computers, because we don't have a teevee. we're supposed to get one soon-- when i get a bed. also we have a vcr, but it has a tape of friends stuck in it. darn you friends!) also, we drank hot chocolate, which i impulse-bought at tesco. whoaMG, cadbury's hot chocolate is awesome.

i'm sleepy. and so i think... THE END.

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

hey look, i installed new comments. please use them until reblogger magically returns, as i am crossing my fingers that it will.

and please leave me comments, because they feed my ego OTHERWISE THE HOBOS WILL BITE YOU.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

i am waiting until it is time for me to call kait. i'm happily alone in my flat (PS i should say that jenny and mike are great, and i really only talk about them when i'm angsting which i should try not to do. aanyway.) while i wait i am going to compile a list of my favorite toothpaste for dinners!

basic electronics symbols

grammar police arrest this man

pretentious people in england

get paid in oxen

schoedingers decaf

my solemn duty

video games influence kids

bad poetry (i could pretend like these are all equally my favorites but really this is basically my all-time favorite thing ever)

fossil fuel terrorists

a man a plan a canal

go outside and play with your utah

coffee medical warning


end a sentence in a preposition

pirates are played out

i like my coffee


dumber than kwanzaa

cat person

presentation yeeearrrrrrghhhh

respect the amish

pop culture references

english degree part 2

welcome to the midwest

literature jockey

feliz navidad

emo kids

the existential playset

dressing like hipsters

takin care of hobos (not that funny, but about hobos, so yes funny)

hoboflex (same)

(ETA: sorry if this list of non-links is annoying; it's more for my own personal reference and right now i'm too lazy to go copy them all again to make them links. i forgot that blogger won't automatically hyperlink them. so it goes!) eta: look, they're all links now! it's because i love you.

okay i kind of gave up on this project at the beginning of 2003 (archive-wise) and called kait. and, omg, we are SO strange.

here are some of the things i learned (and by learned i clearly mean "made up"):
- it's not really spiders that bite me at night; it's hobos
- the reason you never see female hobos is because they have to stay in their hobo nests and guard their hobo eggs
- teddy roosevelt liked to eat fresh hobo omlets for breakfast. he often used his own Big Hobo Stick to kill his own hobos
- the next season of the gilmore girls will feature the gilmore girls as hobos
- and also the gilmore girls as cats
- there are 90 livejournal communities interested in hobos
- seriously i don't know why hobos are so funny, but they totally are
- when john kerry leaves the politics game, and also the musicals game, and also the campaining for animal rights game, he will become a hobo. but a humane hobo who tries to get the other hobos to stop sneaking around and biting people.

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i successfully gave a presentation and sat through a 2-hour class without crying.

i keep thinking of the day pippi died (it's so weird, i hadn't really thought much about pippi lately but then last night i saw those flowers and i thought about her all night...) but anyway, the day she died i still did my first cookout with my girls, and i made macaroni and cheese in a fuckin' dutch oven because i did not know any better, and it was so bad, and blue was there and we were eating it and pretending like no one we knew had just died or anything, and... well that was really awful, but at least blue was there, and sunflower and skylark and everyone, and i could just pick up my phone and call other friends on my break and not have to worry about a time difference or how much money is on my calling card or anything.

that was a really long sentence.

i'm okay though really. as has been pointed out to me, oma (we called her oma, it's german for grandma) had a long, happy life and a by all accounts quick and painless death, and wouldn't want me to be sad, etc. etc. etc. but you know, it still sucks.

sorry my blog's been so emo lately.

oh, before all this i also meant to blog about how i was weirdly depressed by hurricane katrina. well, not weirdly i guess... or i don't know. i mean i'm not personally involved or anything but it's all just so horrible. and natural disasters are always just a huge reminder that no matter what we think, humans are kind of helpless and short-lived and whathaveyou. and you know you have to make the best of what you have and etc. but really... life is so unfair. all the time. my own problems are so relatively minor compared to the overall unfairness of life. and yet my own problems are still lame. laaaame.

i think that i'm going to:
- procure some chai tea
- walk around regent's park
- listen to paul simon obsessively (when did this happen, i don't even know. yes i do: paul simon supplanted stuart davis as my person-i-listen-to-when-i'm-stressed-out the winter of my sophomore year.)

oh, and read dinosaur comics. SO TRUE.

the end. of my 2348234th blog entry of the recent period. and, my comments still don't work which is LAME.

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i seriously just sat here refreshing my inbox for like 5 minutes waiting for emails, waiting for some contact with someone (which is ironic because i'm in a computer lab in a building full of people. but not the right people.) but then i realized that it's 5:30 am central time.

for reasons i cannot explain
there's some part of me that wants to see graceland
and i may be obliged to defend
every love, every ending
or maybe there's no obligations now
maybe i've a reason to believe
we all will be received
in graceland

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so uh, my grandma died.

i'm sad and tired and i wish i had a bed.

she didn't even get the postcard i sent her, i didn't get a chance to mail it until yesterday. no, day before. but still it wouldn't have gotten there. pippi never got the card sunflower and i wrote her either.

but at least:
- some guy gave me a bag of soup today
- i didn't get any more spider bites last night
- it's friday
- i have a phone date with sunflower
- ... i don't know.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

oh toothpaste for dinner, you are hilarious any time zone.

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when i was out walking in kensington gardens today there was this random patch of wildflowers, out past the well-kept and fenced in main gardens, and it reminded me of camp, and it reminded me of the wildflowers sunflower took to pippi's funeral.

and again, i wish my closer friends were here in london.

like last weekend when i called my grandparents and my grandma couldn't talk because she's too weak to hold up the phone and i was sitting on the kitchen floor crying but i didn't want my flatmates to hear because i don't know them well enough to want to talk about that shit with them? that sucked too.

anyway, not to have another depressing blog entry, but, i miss you guys. i'm trying to schedule times to call some of you as time and $ allow. so you might get an email from me trying to set a time for me to call you. yes i know it's weird to have to schedule a phone call, but 6 hours time difference causes problems. and it'd be lame for me to call you and then you not be there. (ps, if any of you guys want to buy international phone cards and call me uh... that'd be cool too. is all i'm saying. or or send me letters. or emails. NOT THAT I'M TRYING TO GUILT TRIP YOU ALL INTO CONTACTING ME OR ANYTHING.)

(actually maybe i am. is it working?)

but anyway i think i'm going to bed soon and i'm sure i'll feel better in the morning. and maybe i'll obsessively listen to paul simon on the tube tomorrow. because i do that.

i still haven't changed the blogger time zone.

OH and my left eye has been twitching on and off the last few days. it just started again. quit it, eye.

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after careful examination, my under-knee itch is definitely not a rash, it's bites. fortunately: probably not bedbugs. unfortunately: probably spider bites. gross, man.

"well, you do sleep on the floor..."
"you know, before this i didn't mind sleeping on the floor... but if it's turning me into a feeding ground for spiders, i think i want a bed."
"i think you should have a bed anyway."
"yeah, i think we can all agree that renata deserves a bed."

seriously though, i lived in a tent for 2 months and i got a total of ONE spider bite. (on my toe. it left a scar!) i've been here less than a week and i have like 6 of them. LAME. and, itchy. but now that we've actually paid our rent maybe our landlady will give us one. and also a tv. and a microwave. and fix the fire escape door. and do all the stuff she said she'd do the day before we moved in. LAME.

(don't you like how in my blog, it's always the early 90s and thus always acceptable to call things "lame"? i do.)

anyway. also lame: my comments are still not working. the minute they are i want you all to go comment on my "bitch, please" christ. i need to share this discovery with someone. seriously.

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just so you know, the following buildings look like they might be the national gallery, and are on the same block as the national gallery, but are NOT actually the national gallery:
- the national portrait gallery
- the canadian embassy

buuut on the third try i totally found the national gallery and did my homework. (ok, i didn't actually go in the canadian embassy but i had to go all the way up to the door to figure it out. i totally just thought the national gallery was having a special exhibit of canadian paintings. anyway.)

outside the (real) national gallery there was an old man walking 3 ferrets on leashes, and it was the best thing ever.

inside the national gallery was this painting which you all must look at, and zoom in if necessary. i seriously laughed out loud at it. i swear if it had dialogue it would be:

st. thomas: whatevs, yo.
jesus: bitch, please.

i'm not joking, christ is TOTALLY making a "bitch, please" face. zoom in if you have to. (the painting is "the incredulity of saint thomas" by cima da conegliano. in case you were wondering. which you WERE.)

also on my way back from the gallery i walked past foyle's bookstore, and it had the two BEST WINDOW DISPLAYS EVER.
1. a skeleton dressed like a pirate, advertising "3 for the price of 2! swashbuckling classics!"
2. two bored looking models (real people) in nude-colored bodysuits, advertising a book called the joy of no sex.

i totally wish i had had a camera. alas.

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man! stu just posted the probable tracklist for his next album. it is:

Innocent Three Way
Voodoo Dolls
Murder Suicide
Good Weird
Rape Game
Dirty Purity
Before Beyond
Parker Posey

what is wrong with that you might ask? NO "WAND"!!! no "wand-my-favorite-stu-song-ever"! *frowl*

anyway. i'm less sick today, since i slept forever. i have to prepare a presentation on the big life (which i liked a lot) for tomorrow. also i have to go to the national gallery to look at some paintings.

i can really only say: haha, my homework is totally to talk about a musical i got to watch for free, and to go to the national gallery. i clearly win.

so, after i leave the program site, i think i'll head to the national gallery, then get some groceries and laundry detergent, and then do some laundry.

i've become really fond of grocery shopping. it's like, whenever i go grocery shopping, i have food! sometimes good food!

apparently my comments aren't working? lame!

oh, also, i have some sort of rash on the back of my knee and i'm afraid it's either:
1. really belated poison ivy or
2. bedbugs. (fuckin' seriously, they gave us all pamphlets about the dangers of bedbugs in england!) let's just all hope that this is merely the sequel to the "gangrene" incident.


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