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Sunday, June 26, 2005

BEST LIST EVER. esp. check out number 16.

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. calvin coolidge score: 4
2. education reform score: 4
3. william mckinley score: 4
4. andrew johnson score: 4
5. special education score: 4
6. ulysses s. grant score: 4
7. sebastian arcelus score: 3
8. rutherford hayes score: 3
9. secondary education score: 3
10. andrew jackson score: 3
11. james buchanan score: 3
12. josh/donna score: 3
13. john adams score: 3
14. music education score: 3
15. educational television score: 3
16. old dirty bastard score: 3
17. george washington score: 3
18. william henry harrison score: 3
19. tutoring score: 3
20. standardized testing score: 3

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i also love my list of rare interests: john kerry loves kittens, frowling, camp tapawingo, the kool-aid man, bowling compulsively, educational software, saying boo-urns, james garfield, looking so good, non-crappy musicals, doom (not the game), oh yeah!

also-- the visitation is tonight. thanks for the love. <3333

anyway, now i gots to shower and leave. peace out.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

hi again! thanks for all the comment-lovin'. heart you guys.

anyway. today was a good day. i went out for thai food with my family, and then i went and hung out with a bunch of my homeboys and girls. or homepeople, if you will. and, i made them all run errands with me for like two hours. but, it's my only day off and i had a ton of shit i needed to do. and then we got foood and hung out at mike's house. and it was good, funny, and relaxing. and then i stopped at wal-mart on my way home and got ben&jerry's half-baked ice ceram and sparkly purple nail polish, and after i finish computering i'm going to paint my toenails and eat ice cream and watch a movie (perhaps pocahontas, perhaps not). and then i'm going to get some sleep and go back to camp tomorrow and be a fucking kickass counselor.


a few other things i'd been wanting to blog about:

just to really underscore how really wretched the last few days at camp were... thursday morning, before we found out about pippi, thumper-- one of my best friends at camp-- had a breakdown at about 5am and told us she wasn't just sick with a sinus infection, she actually had lupus and wasn't sure she'd be able to stay at camp all summer. (she's since decided that she's definitely going to stay all summer, and everyone's going to do what they can to help her out when she needs it.) and then thursday night, this little girl fell off a bench at closing campfire and hit her head. so, to make sure she wasn 't concussed, we needed to wake her up every 2 hours. so. uh. yeah.

there were good moments too. my patrol of girls were so, so good. i hearted them. and i told them that i'd tell them my real name at the end of the week, and i did. and then they didn't believe me! i had to show them my driver's license!

and like i said, doing our badgework thursday night was so, so funny. we were just hysterical. to a casual observer i'm sure we must have seemed drunk. sample moments:

me: (looking at the "hiker badge") "two all-day hikes? man, that's... long"
pepper: (laughs hysterically for like 5 minutes)

me (noticing bug on my leg) (jumps up and yells all in one breath) "OH MY GOD IT'S THE BIGGEST BUG EVER"
pepper and thumper: (laugh hystericaly)
me: (halfway across the room, where i had flung the bug, stomping it)
honeybee (walks in room) (gives priceless look of amusement/confusion)

me: "oh my god, look how cute the science sleuth badge is! it's a question mark wearing a sherlock holmes hat! it's like the question mark... wants to find out the answer to itself!"

and so on.

anyway, people are lovely.

(oh ps, in case you haven't figured it out yet, which it seems like you have, weekends are a good time to check my blog. woot.)

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hi everyone!

uh... basically the last few days i've been really desperately wanting to blog, which i thought was weird. but i think it's that i wanted/want to feel connected to you guys. so. uh.

late wednesday night (june 22) one of the counselors at my camp died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. she had had a heart problem since birth (a missing aorta) and had had four open heart surgeries, but the doctors don't think that that had anything to do with it. it was just... one of those things.

her real name was allison, but at camp she was pippi, so that's how i'm going to talk about her. we all had a grief counselor on friday and she kept talking about "allison" and it was just making us all angry. so for those of you non-camp folk, sorry if it sounds ridiculous to keep using camp names, but... that's what we all chose, that's what we all know each other as, so that's what i'm going to use.

anyway. so we had this sudden staff meeting thursday morning right before breakfast, and chick pea told all of us and suddenly it was just this room full of sobbing women. we were all just stunned and pippi was just... this incredibly amazing person. she was really just the core of the staff. this was her third year as a counselor, and before that she was a cit for 2 years, and before that she was a camper forEVER. she and i went to the same session one year. she loved camp, she wanted to be a camp director when she grew up and she would have been a great one.

more than loving camp itself though, she loved all the people in it. she loved the camperrs and she loved the other counselors. she was so friendly and caring and welcoming to everyone. when i first went to the aca conference a few months before camp, i was nervous because i wouldn't know anyone, and it was mostly returning staff who all knew each other already. and when i walked into dinner (late, because i got lost) the only open seat was across from pippi. and after introductions, she said, "you know, we went to camp together one year." and i said "really?" and she said "yeah, night delight in 1998! a couple other counselors here went to that one too!" and we started chatting about what a coincidence that was, and i felt better. and then after dinner, she offered to ride back to the hotel with me in my car so i wouldn't be alone. and it was only a couple blocks, but it was just such a friendly pippi thing to do.

and everyone has stories like that. this isn't just like, "i have to say nice things about her because she's dead" this is like, "this is all stuff we talked about when she was alive because we were all kind of in awe of her."

the worst thing, though, was that we couldn't tell the girls. we had to go pretend like everything was fine, and if they asked where pippi was we had to say "she left camp." it was so awful. i mean, for the first few hours we had council volunteers come watch tht girls and stuff so that we could all sit around and hug each other, but after that... even befor that, i was trying to help sunflower set up crafts stuff because i felt like i should be useful, and i didn't want to keep sitting around crying, but a couple times sunflower and i kind of had to sit down and take crying/hugging breaks. but somehow we did it, the girls didn't catch on. part of it was because we knew we had to, and we knew that pippi would have wanted camp to keep running. but also... people heal fast. by thursday night we were all so exhausted and busy that we werre kind of giddy, even. doing our badgework was just hilarious because we thought *everything* was funny. and friday after work a bunch of us went out for dinner and we all just genuinely had a good time. and i know it's normal to heal and stuff, but at the same time it seems so weird that life's going on already. but it'll be different.

like, pippi had this song she'd always sing when she saw me... she did it randomly in the pool as i swam by, and i didn't even hear it and she thought that was hilarious, so she kept doign it... it was just "la la la la ZEL-DA" with ("zelda") in this creepy deep voice, and... i'm not going to hear that anymore. little things like that.

thumper and i had wednesday night off and we went to wal-mart. we knew pippi had been having kind of a stressful week so we got her a funny card, and when we got back to camp we snuck into the dining hall to put it into her staff mailbox so it would be there for her in the morning. and pippi's never going to see that card.

a couple of the new counselors and i were talking about how we felt almost guilty abiout our grief because we've known her so relatively short, when some of the other counselors have literally been working with her for five years. but it just didn't take long at all to get attached to her.

it's both a blessing and a curse that the staff is so close. i know that last time i blogged i mentioned a few things that annoyed me about a few counselors, but seriously, they're all amazing women. and there are like, 25? 26? staff, so we all get to know each other very well. and so we've been amazingly supportive of each other and it's lovely. but at the same time, one person missing out of that small family is just a huge hole.

if this whole entry seems kind of disjointed, well, i'm kind of disjointed right now...

oh. and here's her obituary.

by the way, i know i always feel awkward leaving comments on entries like this, so i will just say that i would appreciate any comments on this at all. i just want to know someone has read this and tha tyou guys are out there. and i know people aren't checking my blog too often because i'm gone, so if you read this two weeks from now, please still comment if you want. and if all you've got to say is "i don't know what to say, i'm sorry" that's valid and fine.

i think that's all i want to say. before this i'd been having a great summer. and i think i'm still going to have a great summer. just different.

also, i miss you guys.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

sometimes when i'm listening to music, in addition to rocking out in real life, i also want to rock out in blog form. this is one of those times.


moving on! let's see. yesterday, miriam and trina and i were going to go garage sale-ing, but then miriam and trina had to leave after we went to one. and that one was a crappy garage sale. oh, but there was one kinda funny thing-- so, this garage sale was mostly full of old fishing supplies and golf equipment. and then there was a table with books-- mostly some fishing/golfing related things, and a few consumer reports guides to like, the best vaccuums of 1997. and then there was this brand new copy of me talk pretty one day. you know there's just some funny story explaining why it's there. actually it's probably not that funny, it's probably like, the guy's kid gave it to him and was like "here dad, this is really funny!" and then dad was like "i'm old" and stuck it on his shelf for awhile and then sold it at his garage sale.

hmm. anyway, and then i went to babbitt's books and target! and, i bought things. then.. i took a nap for basically the entire afternoon and lurked around the house all night.

OH wait, i forgot how long it had been since i blogged! friday night miriam, steve, and pantsvin came over and we played with the cats and played ON ASSIGNMENT WITH NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC which is definitely our favorite cold war remnant. if there's anything more fun than horribly out of date geography board games... well... okay, there are probably a lot of things that fit that description. nevermind. still though, it's PRETTY FUN.

anyway, back to last night: i lurked around the house and made banana bread, and watched bang bang you're dead and the fairly oddparents school's out special! yaay.

and today, i'm going to the tremont turkey festival with my family. mm, turkey.

also i finished my story for the xmm ficathon. hooray!

anyway now i think i will shower!



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Friday, June 10, 2005

OH ALSO I FORGOT TO SAY: i'm now red cross first aid/cpr certified, and during the training whenever we talked about how important it was to call 911 soon especially with cardiac problems, etc., i kept thinking about THE TIME KAIT AND I KILLED GRANDPA because that was HILARIOUS.

man, we totally killed grandpa.

PS: i felt the need to edit this post and clarify that we only killed grandpa in a simulation at the museum of science in industry. in case any law enforcement officials and/or people with dead grandpas are reading this; seriously, it was only a pretend grandpa. and we didn't even really kill him, we just got the simulator to make us choose again because our original choices would have killed grandpa. peace out.

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this is copy and pasted from my plan! because i'm lazy! but first an all-new introductory header:

in case anyone from camp has found and is reading my archives: hello there! haha, no, of course none of this is about YOU! you, as i've told you so frequently, are an amazing human being with absolutely no personality flaws! any venting i need to do is about one of those other counselors!

anyway, now here's the stuff from my plan:

i have the weekend off! i just showered! it was great! anyway, camp is great, although admittedly i have yet to interact with an actual camper. (this whole week was just staff training.)

anyway, although on the whole, camp is great and so are (almost) all of the other counselors, what would a plan update be without some whining? i will format this in


other counselor 1 (OC1): let's make bugs on a log!
OC2: you mean ants on a log!
renata's inner monologue (IM): DO NOT tell the story about "asian people on a log"!!

OC: what's up?
IM: DO NOT say "my dick! holla!"

OC: i got to see president bush a couple months ago!
OC2: oh wow, i'd love to meet the president!
OC1: yeah, it was a special vip thing for people who have done a lot of work for the party.
IM: DO NOT visibly cringe!

OC: my nephew has a really big head, but it's so adorable:
OC2: awww!
IM: DO NOT mention the fact that tad lincoln was nicknamed tadpole because he had a freakishly big head!

less entertainingly, the good old IM also has to occasionally remind me to say things like "hmm" and "that's too bad" instead of "no seriously, what the hell made you think that i would be interested in that five-minute story about some people i've never met?"

also, one of the saddest conversations i've ever had:
(during a discussion of how awesome the spice girls are)
me: last summer i got to see scary spice in rent!
OC: (blank look)
me: rent, it's a musical. and scary spice was in it on broadway.
OC: no.. who's scary spice?
me: um... a spice girl?
OC: oh... i only knew ginger spice.

seriously, what is that?

also, a hilarious conversation: a couple of the international staff had never had root beer, and we were talking about it, so we all went to wal-mart on our night off and bought a 2-liter bottle and we were drinking it. and tweety, the russian counselor, took one sip, made a face, and said "you drink this for pleasure?!"

it was so great.

ANYWAY. so. camp is good, monday morning i'll start my first actual counseling. (it will be a day camp program called "smart art." i will have to try my hardest not to do any stupid art.)

also seriously, anyone who sends me letters will get my undying love in return!

OOH and now some secret all-new content because i just checked my email:

You are all set with a wonderful internship at Peace News.   Peace News is an anti war publication - it is a bi-monthly magazine with a very active web site.  http://www.peacenews.info/   Check it out.

Interns at Peace News - write for both the magazine and website, do photography (if that is one of your things), edit, sub-edit and even work on layout.   It is very hands on and you will be published with by-line which is unusual to say the least.

Dress is informal.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

that is HOT. did you know that paris hilton copywrited the phrase "that is hot"? haha, well, screw you paris. becuase that internship is HOT.

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Saturday, June 04, 2005

hey. i'm leaving for camp in like, half an hour.

i'll probably give sporadic blog updates on my days off.

but basically, bye for awhile! send me letters! i'll miss you guys!

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listening to: beatles, here comes the sun

hey blogger, way to take 23490234 years to load, i love it when you do that.

man, i'm tired.

anyway, tomorrow afternoon i head off for caaamp! yay! i'm all packed, i think. it simultaneously seems like too much and too little stuff. like... there's a big duffel bag of clothes. and i'm like, wow, that's a lot of clothes. and then i'm like, well, i need 10 days worth of clothes. that's how much 10 days worth of clothes is. and then i ahve this big other bag, and i'm like... wow, that's a big other bag. and then i'm like, well, i need all that stuff. and like half of it is sweatshirts, cuz we're supposed to bring two and two sweatshirts woudn't fit in the other bag. and then i have a gargave bag full of bedding... but again... i need bedding, and that's how much space bedding takes up.

the above might have been the most boring paragraph ever to appear in boron. sorry.

i just took this like 2039423-question which star wars character are you? quiz, but before i started i made a vow not to post my results unless i got r2-d2. and, i didn't get r2-d2.

anyway, today i went garage sale-ing with mike, trina, and ashvin. i spent $1.10 overall. my purchases were:
1 paperback copy of american gods, to be sent to the first person who wants to read the book (or just wants their own copy of it) and leaves a comment indicating such,
1 awesome model x-wing, given to reid,
1 set of presidential trivia cards.

all in all, a good day. and then we ate fooood and played ddr. including the most awesome run of ddr games ever, where we set it to the really hard songs, but then each one of us only had one arrow to do. (i was "down.") we still failed a couple of them, which was sad. i have NO IDEA how only one person could do those songs.

and then, my family and i got thaaaai food and it was good. and then we came back here and played cranium. but first we were playing with one of the kittens, and we didn't weant to put him back outside so we put him on the table and he scampered around. it was the CUTEST EVER. he's the first batch of the new kittens to get a name, too: ronery. we wanted to name him kim jong il (we're all big team america fans) but we decided that was kind of awkward. so, naturally, ronery. and then we all sat around and quoted team america and south park for like 10 minutes. ("herrooo, shitty wok!")

man, we're hilarious. and by "we" i clearly mean "trey parker and matt stone."

anyway, i'm off to bed. sooo tired. i'll probably blog again before i leave, but just in case; i sent a mass email out with my contact info, plus it's in my lj, but if you still don't have it, and you want it, shoot me an email (renata at frowl dot org) and i'll get it to you as soon as i can.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

listening to: tori, thunder road

wow. so, grades went up today... i got a b+, two a-s, and an a. any bets as to what the plain a was in? nope, not african american lit... not histry... not art history... physics. i got an a in physics in the arts. what. the. hell.

you do not even understand the amount of making shit up that went into my final in that class.

i'm so weirded out.

anyway. more packing./reading today, and tonight steve and i are going to watch the 4400! if we can find a place to rent it. man, best-worst show ever.

oh, and last night i saw sisterhood of the travelling pants with mom and reid, and i cried like seven times. i need to read the book. but the library has like one copy and it's going to be checked out for the next 32049 years. just like how ALL THE LEMONY SNICKET BOOKS ALWAYS ARE.

seriously if you want to know what to get me for my birthday, you should get together with 10 of my friends and each get me one of the lemony snicket books.

anyway! time more more packing and less blogging.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

i win at the internet! kind of. anyway, i redesigned and updated otgar. noteworthy to you because i also added some pictures of me & neil, as well as a few of the book-form of otgar. interested parties, hace click aqui.

anyway. so, that's basically what i've done today. carpal tunnel, here i come.

hmm. i'm hungry. maybe i'll find some food.

... and so ends another exciting entry in the blog of renata!

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so, after watching the empire strikes back and return of the jedi in spanish with trina, i can conclusively provide you with a list of words/names that sound funny when pronounced with a spanish accent:
- jedi
- luke
- obi-wan kenobi
- darth vader
- r2-d2 (it's still "artoo detoo," in case you were wondering, not like "er dos de dos," although that would also be awesome)
- chewbacca
- chewie

i can also provide evidence that trina and i are awesome:

obi-wan ghost: *appears like 20 feet away from luke*
me: why'd he do that? couldn't he just appear right next to luke and not make him have to walk all that way?
trina: well, he had to look all cool and come out of the forest... obi-wan can't just appear like, at super wal-mart!
me: oh. but... that's not super wal-mart!

and throughout the rest of the movie we kept pointing out things that were not super wal-mart. and, there are a lot of things that aren't super wal-mart.

other important topics of discussion: what would they do without r2-d2? why do so many appendages get lopped off in these movies? why aren't there more incidents of lightsaber-poking? doesn't jabba usually speak with subtitles? is yoda going to talk backwards in spanish? (answer: yes) why is yoda such a jerk? (answer: unclear)

so, man, los guerros estrellas son muy awesom! (i have no idea if "guerros estrellas" is the right spanish title, that stuff was still in english. it still sounds cool. guerros estrelllllllas.)

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