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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

wow, i'm dumb sometimes.

like, i was just working on updating otgar for the first time in 2304892 years, and the first thing i went to add (rabbi loew and the golem) was from someone who didn't have the hardback page number, but said it was at the beginning of chapter 17. chapter 17 has like, 1323424 figures listed, so i get emails about it a lot. and i thought to myself, "man, i should really just put a bookmark for chapter 17!" and i flipped through and foudn a post-it note. the post-it said "the dead- 1284. major- 347-356." ifound this confusing, and continued aimlessly flipping through, looking for chapter 17. i eventually found it. it started the page before the post-it. apparently i already did bookmark it, but not on the very first page of the chapter, so i was confused. because. i'm easily confused.

bright side, i feel less sick today! hooray.

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Monday, May 30, 2005

ok. i really need to work up the motivation to change the channel. to ensure that i don't watch romy and michele: in the beginning not once, but twice.

because really... once was enough.

anyway. these pants fit really weirdly. they stick up all weirdly when i'm laying down like i am now. and when i put my hands in my pockets with too much ferocity, they fall down. alas.

man, this part is funny though, because they think romy and michele are drag queens! and romy and michele think they're gay! oh, it's a comedy of errors of shakespearian proportions. oh, and shoe-lady is a bitch and speaks bad spanish.

okay seriously, i'm not allowed to watch this movie twice. get up, renata, get up!

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so, you know what movie completely did not need a prequel? romy and michele's high school reunion. it had built-in high school flashbacks. they reunited. the audience was provided with both suitable backstory and suitable closure.

don't get me wrong: i LOVE romy and michele's high school reunion. and i'm in fact watching romy and michele: at the beginning right now. but it does not need to exist.

i love michele. but i mean if i ever had to spend time with her i'd stab her. she's fun to watch.

also i'm getting a sore throat. or something.

man, michele's really dumb. except in this prequel the line is much less clear-cut, i can't really tell them apart when i'm not looking. like in the ten years after high school romy apparently got smarter.

i don't even really know why i'm watching this. but i've devoted this evening to staying home and doing nothing useful.

man, i bet this car they're borrowing is going to get stolen. or wrecked.

oh man, here comes a girl driving and putting on lip gloss at the same time, i bet she's going to hit the car.

oh no, it was romy. who got hit, i mean. poor romy.

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a funny burn story: so, as you should all know, i burned myself on toast yesterday. my mom laughed at me :( and then she told me to put ice on it, and i said no, duh, you're supposed to run cold water on burns, not ICE. and she said oh.

anyway, apparently after we left last night, my mom burned her hand kind of badly while working on a bead. she was telling me about it this morning, and she was like "and i was going to put ice on it, but i remembered you said not to, so i put it in cold water! it feels a lot better this morning! what should i do now?" and i was like, "uh, i don't know, put burn cream on it or something?" but then i remembered, i still had my old girl scout handbook upstairs, so i went up and got it and went to the first aid section. and i came down and showed her, and was like, "well.. it says to run it under cold water... go to the hospital if it's charred or oozing... and show it to an adult." and she was like, "what book is this?" and i showed her, and she laughed a lot.

ANYWAY obviously a life of girlscouting (or, a couple years of it) have prepared me for my mom burning herself on her glass-melty blowtorch. i thought no ice on burns was kind of commonsense, though. in conclusion... remember guys, show your burns to responsible adults. or former girl scouts.

in other news, this is my new facebook picture. the guy to my left is a lifesize replica of john wilkes booth. he's creepily lurking outside of lincoln's replica white house.

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hi! i dropped kait off at the airport :( but first, we went to ihop, where i failed at my new life philosophy: treat everything as if it is potentially very hot. i came to this conclusion after i burned myself on toast and a pot lid yesterday. and then this morning we were talking about how lame it is to burn yourself on toast (seriously, not the toast-ER, just the toast.) and then kait took a gulp of her really hot tea and burned herself, and i decided it'd be safest to just assume everything might be really hot and be careful about it. and then i got new coffee and drank it, and went "ow, that was hot!"

clearly, i win.

anyway. now that i'm all digital and whatnot, photographywise, i was thinking about getting me a free online photo album. anyone have any suggestions? yahoo!photos, flickr, whatever else the kids are using these days?

in return for suggestions, i will share awesome photos with you. one day.

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

watching: boy meets world!

hi! kait and i are home! and by home, i mean we're both at my home.

so! man, it's been an exciting few days.

on thursday, kait and i went to iowa city, and had a chinese food picnic with megan, matt, and miriam. (whoa, apparently we only hang out with people whose names start with m's.)

actually, i think i'm throwing linear narrative out the window and ust going to type amusing anecdotes as they float into my head.

kait: so, why do all the iowa license plates say "scott" at the bottom?
me: oh, no, they just all say the county they're from. (pause) no, i mean, everyone in iowa gets to pick their favorite x-man and put them on the bottom of the license plate! man, it'd have been awesome if the next car we saw was from logan county.
kait: i'd totally have believed you!

and then, there was my dumbening journey through the art institute...
(beginning of the day): oh, and we have to make sure to go to the american gallery so kait can see the american gothic... you know, it's a really interesting painting, grant wood was making this statement about the changing of society, because, you know, it's not supposed to be a married couple, it's supposed to be a father and a daughter, but by the 1930s spinster kids weren't staying to take care of their parents anymore...
(middle of the day): wow, that painting is cool!
(end of day, when we actually reach the american gothic): also, i saw this other portrait of grant wood's sister, and she was like, totally hot.

and then, on the way home from iowa city (so-- not really "and then" because this was before chicago)... we saw this sign for jubilee college. well, actually we first saw the sign on the way to iowa city, and we'd been talking about it all day. because, haha, i bet you go there to learn how to shoot sparks out of your hands! so, on the way back we pulled off at the jubilee college exit to visit it and take pictures.


anyway, so, we pulled off and were following the signs to jubilee college-- which was weird, because thei were BROWN signs, which are HISTORICAL marker signs, as we know. and it's like 10:30 at night and we're on these kinda crazy backroads. and anyway, we finally found it and it was closed, because it was a historical site and 10:30 at night. so we took a picture of the sign and got back on the highway. but we kept talking about how there should be a college named after every x-man, and we were trying to come up with other ones that already existed...

me: i think there's an xavier college somewhere.
kait: and i know there's st. mary's, we could just change it to st. john's. actually, i bet there's a st. john's too.
me: and there's drake, we could just make them add "bobby." oh, and we'll make them change it to "the university of dark phoenix online."

let's see, i know i said other stupid/humorous things... oh!~ we were playing fluxx at julia's house, and-- well, i don't want to explain the game in depth but a little backstory is necessary to make this story awesome. so, this cardgame has rules that change all the time. right then, the goal of the game was to get the "time" and "money" cards. i had just played a card that collected everyone's cards and then shuffled them and redistributed them, and julia left to get the phone. kait realized that julia now had both time and money. so we looked at each other, and i jokingly went to change the goal card, and realized that there wasn't anything out to change it to, and this was funny so kait and i laught.

and then i oh-so-casually reached over and stole julia's "time" card and replaced it with something random, and this was extra-hilarious so kait and i just lost it and laughed for like five minutes. and julia came back and was like "what? what's so funny? ... did you deal me time and then steal it?" and then we laughed even MORE.

... we were pretty tired. ANYWAY so that's why they call me SNEAKY SUNCOOKIES.

and, we went to the museum of science and industry and looked at kait and lindsey's DNA. DNA is SCIENCE.

me: kait and i played gene therapy, and kait killed a little girl!
julia: you played gene therapy?

man, it was awesome. they had this interactive exhibit, and when i played gene therapy i had this guy with spinal bifida, and i recommended some kind of gene therapy and the doctor said that it had mixed results, but it was the best possible option. so, yay me. and then kait did it, and she had this cute little girl, and she hit the button to recommend a kind of gene therapy, and the machine just shut down. and then later, with another intereactive display:

julia: what were you guys looking at?
me: kait and i killed grandpa.

and, in the middle of a game of fluxx something occurred to me...
me: hey, do vampires have hollow teeth?
julia: no, of course not!
kait; yeah, why would they have hollow teeth?
me: i don't know... to keep blood in? it just seems like it would make things easier.

and then we talked about it later at dinner with her family, and julia's dad was like, "yeah, i always thought they had hollow teeth too! like a snake, in reverse!"

but we kept fighting about it, making points like "well, real people don't have hollow teeth!"
"but vampire teeth get pointy, why couldn't they also get hollow?"

it was great.

by the way, i'm switching between italics and non-italics to indicate the start of a new anecdote. i hope you figured that out already. anyway, for some reason we also kept making venn diagrams all weekend. like, "if we made a venn diagram of people wearing red shirts, and people wearing shirts from their colleges, i'd be in the middle!"

and, "well, if we made a venn diagram of everyone who owns mandolins... wait, that doesn't work."

now we're watching flipper on abc family. elijah wood likes dolphins.

oh, and at the art institute we looked at the modern art and just felt dumb. the best one was the art that was just a drain in the wall. we decided we should fill the pipe with litle plastic ninjas.

OKAY anyway, i think that's basically the major events. oh, i'll provide a helpful timeline:

thursday: iowa city and back; jubilee college.
friday: to geneva (where julia lives), into chicago to see the art institute and millenium park, back to geneva.
saturday: into chicago to visit the museum of science and industry, back to geneva, back home.

we spent a LOT of time driving. because, to iowa city is like three horus, and to geneva is like three hours, and from geneva to chicago is like an hour...

but it's okay, because it gave kait and i lots of time to talk about crazy people, and x-men themed colleges/license plates.

the end! ish.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

oh yeah, and if you don't usually read kait's lj you should read this entry because it has further details on our adventures.

bo's singing with lynyrd skynyrd! (did i spell that right? i'm never sure how many y's to put in.)

man, salmon p. chase is awesome. i'm naming my firstborn child salmon p. chase.

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watching: american idol!

it's the finale! i hope bo wins! but i bet he won't.

ANYWAY the internet here has been sucking. it's been, in fact, gaytarded.

so let's see. yesterday kait and i went to springfield and did lincoln-stuff! we went to lincoln's house, and the crazy new museum, and the old capitol building. it was really great. i heart lincoln. (obv.)

the thing that got me most, i think, was seeing lincoln's HAT. it's just... it's so iconic. lincoln's hat. and throughout the course of the day we saw like. 109232 stovepipe hats, some from the era. but that this one was actually worn by lincoln... and... yeah. also, apparnetly lincoln used to keep letters in his hat. aww, lincoln.

AND he was the first person to ever check out a book from the state library at the old capitol, but he had to do it under his friend's name, because he technically wasn't a legislator anymore and only legislators could use the library. man, i bet george w. bush never wanted books so badly he'd use a fake name to get them.

also, we ketp talking about sarah vowell and conan o'brien. because, conan is the same height as lincoln, and when he visited the house he looked at himself in lincoln's shaving mirror. (because they're the same height-- 6'4".) and when sarah vowell visited the house, she jumped up to try to see herself in the mirror, but set off the alarm.

anyway, history is great.

OH AND THE PRESIDENTAL LIBRARY IS HAUNTED BY HOLOGRAPHIC GHOSTS it was the best thing ever. seriously, there was this show/presentation thing, and, it was so cheesy but somehow also awesome. seriously.

OH AND CREEPY JOHN WILKES BOOTH JUST HUNG AROUND outside the white house, apparently. but so did frederick douglass and sojurner truth.

and we read the best letter to the editor ever, it was some guy calling basically mary todd lincoln a slut. and it used random capslock. it was like, "mrs. lincoln wears low-cut dresses to show off HER BOSOM." (seriously, "HER BOSOM" was in capslock. it ruled.)

hmm... basically, the end.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

hey! kait's at my hoooooouse.

also! she gave me my late christmas/early birthday presents, and, they're all cool but especially the AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY OMG.

life is good.

that's basically it.

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

best toothpaste for dinner ever.

still not unpacked.

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what's cuter than a kitten?

THREE kittens.

what's in my garage?

THREE kittens.


they have a deadbeat mom though. it's sad. they sit there and mewl really pitifully and their mom is like "i'm going to go see what's under the porch!" and then they go up to other cats and kind of smell them all hopefully. but they're so little and cuuute. awwwwww.

in other news: i think i'm going to get a digital camera for camp/london/life. any recommendations? i'd like to spend around $250ish (well! i'd like to spend less, but i want a nice-ish one and i'm willing to spend that muchish.)

names i've heard bandied about: nikon d70, canon a75. anyway. do YOU have a digital camera? if so, what kind? do you like it?

also i just poked around zdnet and it recommended canon powershot a75 again.

hey you know what's lame? you have to subscribe separately to the consumer reports website and magazine. *frowl* i went to look up digital cameras there, and since my dad gets the magazine i figured i could just type in the subscriber code from teh address label, but noooo. it's $20 more/year to get to look at the website. LAME.

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grr argh i'm tired.

friday: got home. went into town to hang out with people! went back home at like 11 because we were all lame and tired. was exhausted but still unable to fall asleep.

saturday: got up SO EARLY BOO to go to the camp open house. it was fun! yay, camp. went home, ate a quick dinner, and then went back into town with my family for blue moon coffeehouse!! yay! SONiA was there! and this awesome duo, i think they were called mustard's retreat, although i kept misremembering it as mustard's revenge. SO awesome, yay. i love blue moon coffeehouse. AND. before SONiA (note: she capitalizes her name that way, and she's so awesome that i will observe her capitalization preferences over my own lack-of-capitalization preference) played "me, too" which is my favorite song of hers ever! she talked about how she made friends with this guy after the last time she played at blue moon, and they kept in touch over email, and she wanted to invite him and his teacher to join her onstage for this song. and it turned out to be this like 12-year-old kid and his sax teacher, and they both played with her, and, my head almost exploded from cuteness. the kid had like shoulder length hair and he was wearing this tie-dyed shirt with a peace sign on it. he was this tiny hippie folk fan. it was amazing.


and then i came home and basically fell into bed.

today: got up early again (although not capslock early) and met amanda and trina for breakfast. mm! and then we went on an unsuccessful shopping trip. i need navy blue shorts (for my camp staff uniform) and a clipboard (for camp also) and target had neither of these things! neither did old navy! (well, i can understand them not having clipboards. but, navy shorts? c'mon. you guys have "navy" right in the name.) boo-urns.

and then i came home and mom made brie and pear sammiches for lunch! so much good!

and now i'm going to go take a nap. mmm, nap.


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Thursday, May 19, 2005

okay WHOA. who left that anonymous comment on my ep3 entry? was that you reid? (i guess reid because i don't think i know anyone else who would use the word "mothafucka," but maybe i do.)

(btdubs this isn't really a spoiler at all, i'm just dumb.)

anyway WHOA. general grevious is an ALIEN WHO LOOKS LIKE A ROBOT? and not really a robot?

man, that's sneaky.

but it does explain why he had, you know, internal organs and stuff.

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listening to: madonna, live to tell

a meme, ganked from tara!

Name 20 of your friends at random. dont look at the questions, just name your friends first.

1. kait
2. trina
3. priscilla
4. christine
5. miriam
6. julia
7. amanda
8. keith
9. sarah
10. mike
11. nathaniel
12. tura
13. talia
14. madonna
15. steve
16. megan
17. megandee
18. mary
19. molly
20. anna

Who is #8 going out with?: um, quite possibly your mom. or maybe karl marx.
Is #9 a boy or a girl?: una chica
Would #11 and #2 go out?: ahahaha no comment.
How about #18 and #4?: no, but they might share an electron or two.
What grade is #17 in?: fourteenth ^_^
When was the last time you talked to #12?: hmm, in person? probably at that party over winter break.
What is #6's favorite band?: the goo goo dolls?
Does #1 have any siblings?: brendan!
Would you ever date #3?: omg yes priscilla is so hott. but the distance might make things complicated :(
Would you ever date #7?: i don't think she'd be interested :(
Is #16 single?: nope.
What's #15's last name?: michael, but more than one of them.
What's #5's middle name?: elizabeth
What's #10's fantasy?: 2 chicks at the same time?
Would #14 and #19 make a good couple?: omg, no, but i bet molly and madonna could be best friends forever.
Tell me a random fact about #11?: he's a better subway employee than i am (was) :(
Have you ever had a crush on #16?: no but my mom thought i did!
Are #5 & #6 best friends?: nope.
Does #7 like #20?: they've never met.
How did you meet #15? stage left!

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listening to: lisa loeb, hurrican

who's done with physics forever? it's me. oh man, the exam was awful, no joke. i felt like i just studied totally the wrong things. like he told us a million times to make sure we knew about lasers and sound intensity levels, and were there any questions about those things? no. instead there was a hugely elaborate question about how the ear works, after he specifically told us a basic knowledge of ear stuff would be fine, nothing in depth.

but, i did some mathin' during the exam and found that even if i got a 60% on the exam, i'll still have an 80 in the class. which is a mid b. and that doesn't count participation, which he said would be a +/- sign. and i participate all the damn time. so, b+ maybe? i'd be down with that, i assure you.

man. and now i'm dooone with physics.


also, apparently episode three is politically controversial! which is HOT. nytimes sez:

... All of which calls into question Mr. Lucas's decision to have the premiere of the "Star Wars" finale at the Cannes Film Festival. France is sometimes called the biggest blue state of all, after all. And just what was Mr. Lucas - who could not be reached for comment Wednesday - thinking when he told a Cannes audience that he had not realized in plotting the film years ago that fact might so closely track his fiction?

Alluding to Michael Moore's remarks about "Fahrenheit 9/11" at Cannes a year earlier, Mr. Lucas joked, "Maybe the film will waken people to the situation."

Apparently in all seriousness, though, he went on to say that he had first devised the "Star Wars" story during the Vietnam War. "The parallels between what we did in Vietnam and what we're doing in Iraq now are unbelievable," he told an appreciative audience.

anyway i'm going to go rubber cement some pieces of paper to other pieces of paper and then photocopy them and then staple them together. eventually this will result in a completed doucments project.

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listening to: rhps, sword of damocles


my physics exam is in three hours. i do not wish to take it.

instead of studying for it i posted more about ep3 at cb, i will copy and paste (in spoiler text) my additional thoughts.

oh, but i forgot to say explicitly, out of spoiler text, that the movie was pretty damn awesome.

because, man. it totally was.

(re: earlier discussion of why leia said she remembered their mother when padme actually died in childbirth.)

Anyway, yeah, Leia could *think* she remembers her real mom, especially if her adopted parents told her anything about her. Memories are weird, especially from when you're so young. (Or... it could just be an inconsistency.)

I felt like this one had much more overt political commentary than the other SW movies, or maybe that's just wishful thinking But some of the Senate scenes, like when Padme said something like "So this is how liberty dies, to thunderous applause"... that's pretty similar to what some have said about the PATRIOT Act.

Also, after seeing this movie I'd really like to watch A New Hope again. I feel like knowing the extent of Obi-Wan's relationship with Anakin, and knowing that he was on Tatooine to watch over Luke (as well as to be in exile), he's got to be a lot more attached to Luke than I ever really interpreted it.

new, blog exclusive-content: it kind of bugged me how MALE this movie was. there was padme, and that one alien-jedi chick who died after like 10 seconds. and the only reason we knew she was a chick was because she was dressed all hott, not wearing a robe/thingie. and padme was kind of lame in this movie. but then, looking around the audience last night, it was pretty male too. i always forget that sci-fi fans ARE mostly male, because most of the ones I know are girls. still though, c'mon, lucas. would it have killed you to stick in a slightly more prominent female jedi? would it? no.

also, i realized that most of my reactions last night were nitpicks. i don't know why. i guess i obviously knew that i liked it a lot, so when i went to write about it i went for my secondary reactions, assuming it was obvious that the subtext was "but besides THIS, it was awesome." word.


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obi-wan is so democrazy for democracy, you don't even know!

anyway! no spoilers, i promise. just one question:

why is r2-d2 the best character ever?!

okay: now, some random episode 3 ramblings, but i will do them in white text so you must highlight to read them! you have been warned!

- why am i so slow? i seriously did not figure out that darth siduous and palpatine were the same person until like, we were explicitly told. i was kinda like "man, they have the SAME CLOAK!" but i did not even get it.
- okay, it's been awhile since i watched ep2, but general grievious what? i don't remember him at all. actually, i don't remember palpatine being kidnapped. did that even happen in ep2 or was it like, between movie craziness?
- since when do robots wear clothes?
- since when do robots have HEARTS?
- omg, since when is leia's dad SANTOS? seriously, when he first came on i was like "maaan he looks familiar!" and then i spent the whole movie waffling, like, "seriously, he looks just like jimmy smits... no it can't be jimmy smits... but... man, it looks just like him..." and then, i stayed for the credits, and oh yes it was him!
- okay, lava world? why would anyone live on lava world? or go there ever?
- when did anakin become a fairly likeable character? whaat?
- but, why are anakin and padme the fucking creepiest couple ever? like, they always have been, but this movie just really drove home the creepiness.
- why doesn't yoda ride on wookiees ALWAYS?
- OBI WAN <3333333.
- but still RD-D2 <33333333333333. although i don't really understand how he was like, crazy robot in this movie? something got mumbled about his wiring being crossed or something? whaat?
- yes i am so glad obi-wan said "i have a bad feeling about this"!
- i'm excited i went to the midnight showing. i've never been to a midnight showing of something before. (i mean not like, modnight the day before it comes out, exciting special midnight showings, i used to go 11:00 movies all the time though.)
- okay. i should get some sleep before physics tomorrow.

- omg, and the part where it turns out that darth vader is really luke's DAD? WHOA.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

listening to: tori, daisy dead petals

an outline for this entry:

1. introduction
2. lasers
3. jesus

so, on lasers. they're crazy, man. and also hilarious, in that the way they work (or at least the way professor cunningham describes them as working) is SO sexual. moreso than physics normally is, even. here, this is directly transcribed from the homework key. i have helpfully bolded any words or phrases that sound even remotely dirty.

in a laser, the lasing medium is excited or pumped by some external agent, like light or an electrical discharge. this pumping results in a population inversion, in which more atoms are in the excited state than the ground (unexcited) state. these atoms de-excite through stimulated emission, in which an incident photo causes an excited atom to de-excited, emitting a photon coherent with the original photon. these photons reflect back and forth in a mirrored cavity to build up the beam, and some of the beam leaks out the ends.

honestly. also there's this little diagram of a phallic little laser emitting light out the end. as julie and i commented when we were studying today, "at least when english is this phallic, the're some sort of symbolic significance..."

now i will smoothly transition into jesus.

jesus is like a laser, because he... emits photons.

and so:

keith: it's true that "liking jesus" doesn't = fundamental, and i definitely don't think all christians are crazy fundamentalists, or even that all fundamentalists are crazy. but like i said, when ALL i know about somsone is that they "like jesus"-- not only that that's all i know about this person, but that this is all this person has chosen to share about themselves-- it makes it a lot easier for them to seem pretty hardcore.

megan: yeah, i didn't even consciously realize that that was weird too, but yeah, it's definitely kind of presumptious when someone invites you to ask them anything about the bible, because yeah, they're probably not an expert. who knows though, maybe if i did ask her something about the bible she'd be very careful to say that this was just her interpretation of whatever, and i should ask a minister if i want more information. i don't know. but. yeah.

julia: *nods* those are definitely very crucial biblical questions, and i will keep them in mind if it comes up in conversation ^_^

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listening to: bnl, war on drugs

oh, man. so i met with vbrown today to talk about my project (which is kind of awesome,if i do say so myself) and she asks, how are you? and i said fine, and succeeeded in not crying. yes. but then she said something about how she was afraid i would just associate her office with crying, and i swear i almost started crying. wtf. but, it was all uphill from there. whew.

we told feminist historian horror stories.

me: ... and this one article called susan a "cherry cordial" because she was chocolate on the outside, and syrup on the inside.
vbrown: no! where was that?
me: it was time.

me: and then at the university of iowa library, the librarian didn't know where the reader's guide was.
vbrown: but it's jut on that big table out front!
me: well, we couldn't find it, and they didn't know!
vbrown: (solemn headshake)

aw crap. one of the other counselor's "who's your role model?" emails ended by letting us al know that if we had any questions about god or the bible, we should feel free to ask her. and i really hate that i have this kneejerk reaction against quote-unquote "jesus freaks." i know that it's totally not cool to bitch about tolerance and equality and then go "ew, she said jesus." and i'm glad that she phrased it as, you can ask me, not "i will now tell you about this!" but on the other hand, i don't know, i guess it seems weird to have your faith in god be the characterstic you want girls to notice in you and emulate. especially at a secular camp. but that's kind of overjustifying. like the truth is i personally still have this reaction, regardless of context. on the other hand (i think i'm up to like 5 hands now)-- all i know about this girl is from this one paragrpah email. all i know about her is basically that she likes jesus. i'm sure when i talked to her in person it won't be like, every single thing she says is "i love jesus!" (er, okay, and if it is then i'll feel justified in not wanting to hang out with her.) but i mean, if i only knew one *other* thing about someone-- like all i knew was that they liked er or skiiing or something, i woudln't have that reaction. although i guess those aren't really parallel- liking a teevee show isn't associated with a way of life. i guess what really makes me cringe is what i associate wth the fundamentalist way of life-- lots of outspoken jesus love= homophobic conservative sort of creepy type. which is a false equation. but i guess it's true, or true-ish, often enough for me to have this cringey association.

in conclusion, i need to stop judging people. and i need to stop crying in victoria brown's office. and i need to go study for physics. (i need a rug that doesn't stain, i need a muffler for my brain, i need geraldo for some hope, and oprah winfrey's show can teach me how to cope...)


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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

a story: so, like i mentioned 2 minutes about, i decided to vote for both bo and vonzell after tonight's idol. i dialed bo's number, got though (and weird recorded message from bo thanking me for voting him.) then, i tried to vote for vonzell, and i got a busy signal. undeterred, i hung up and hit redial. busy. i did this about 10 times and was starting to suspect some anti-vonzell conspiracy. then i got through to a message telling me i couldn't directly dial this number. so, i typed in the number again, got another busy signal-- and suddently realized i was actually dialing the number to vote for carrie, not vonzell. boo! then i dialed vonzell's number and successfully voted. hooray!

i spent like 20 minutes talking to sara today aboiut american idol, and how we no longer watch it ironically. and we're fine with it but a little defensive. we also-- humorously at first-- started talking about american idol and how it reflects the patriarchy. then we got more seriously into it, but we couldn't really come up with anything conclusive re: american idol and the patriarchy. for sure, though, if scott had been married we would have seen a lot more of his kid; as is she (he?) was just briefly mentioned.

ah... grinnell.

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my canker sore stopped hurting! i noticed at the con brio concert, which i went to right after i posted that blog entry! maybe my canker sore has just been trying to get my attention so i'll write a blog entry about it!

whatever reason, i'm glad for the (temporary?) respite (the canker sore's definitely still there, and it still hurts if i poke it with my tongue, but it's stopped the constant throbbing. which is awesome.)

anyway, now i have a new problem: i can't decide who i want to vote for from american idol tonight :( i thought it was going to be vonzell, but then the last round made me think, no, bo. hmmm.

oh! i'll just vote for both. i'm a supergenius.

comment replying zone:

julia: i know! almost as sneaky as your mom. also, no, i don't know when the 12th one comes out... i'm not sure they announced a date, even. ok, i just poked around and it looks like october sometime? maaan... october.... *whines*

talia: GWAH TORI indeed! i like beekeeper, it took a bit for it to grow on me (but tori always does). i think my favorites are barons of suburbia, goodbye pisces, ireland, and the beekeeper. i don't really like toast or ribbons undone.

kait: i KNEW you'd like the godot one! ^_^

keith: lincolns unite!

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listening to: tori, sweet dreams

i just want to take this moment to complain. about my canker sore. it's huge and it's been here forever! go away, canker sore! grr! and it's seriously the most painful thing, ever. at least, that's ever happened to me. this is not a regular-type canker sore. it's like a super evil mutant canker sore. AND i'm almost out of anbesol.

BASICALLY it sucks to be me BUT i did find my "it sucks to be me" t-shirt. it was, um, hanging up in my closet the whole time. wasn't that SNEAKY of it?

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listening to: tori, the waitress (live)

i've been listening to this live version on constant repeat for like, awhile. and it's a 10 minute track. but it's just so awesome.

today i slept in and then studied for physics. and read an animorphs book :( omg, they were going to kill jake's parents but they didn't. and rachel's mom is a bitch, and all the handicapped kids are awesome morphers.

also, there's something i kind of want to get off my chest. i realize it may result in ostracization from some of my peers, but i must say it anyway:

i'm way more excited about the 12th lemony snicket book than i am about half-blood prince.

oh, i said it. but really, asoue is at a MUCH MORE SUSPENSEFUL place right now, oh, you don't even know. (unless, you do know.) i can't even handle it.

my dad's apparently on some crazy new work schedule where he has to work 12 hours a day, five days in a row. and then gets five days off in a row. and then it repeats. which, i don't know, he gets more time off than he used to, and i guess now he doesn't have to work 16 hour days anymore (which he used to have to do sometimes) but man, 12 hours is a long time. or maybe i'm just lazy. anyway, he's okay with it but i personally would probably not enjoy such a schedule.

oh well, at least he doesn't have to work at the lucky smells lumbermill. i bet that would be pretty miserable.

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Monday, May 16, 2005

i did not even cheat.

What Famous Leader Are You?
personality tests by similarminds.com

and now, links to some dinosaurcomics, consolidated for your convenience. or mine. or. someone's?

the fifties!

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listening to: g-tones, stacey's mom

gaanked from kait.

1) Total number of books owned?
um... many. over 100 last time i counted. and 100 doesn't sound like a lot (to me, anyway) but, uh, it takes up a lot of space anyway.

2) The last book I bought?
Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman

3) The last book I read?
Umm. it was an Animorphs book, I've been reading them as study breaks. i forget what it was called. the others or the unusual or the hours or something. and before that, i read a collection of mexican folklore, and i forget the author. the last book i read that i can remember bibliographic information for was diary by chuck palahniuk.

4) Five books that mean a lot to me?
the partly cloudy patriot by sarah vowell
brief lives by neil gaiman
slaughterhouse-five by kurt vonnegut
a wrinkle in time by madeline l'engle
last chance to see by douglas adams

honorable mention: animorphs. not for the books themselves, which are mediocre and formulaic, but for the community surrounding them. like when i think about the people i wouldn't have known (or wouuuld i?) without animorphs, it's crazy.

5) Tag 5 people and have them fill this out:
PS anyone else who wants to, that's okay too! theis meme is open to all!

man, you know who's got it going on? i believe it is the mother of stacey.

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okay, i have no idea if it's annoying or not when i post entires that consist entirely of links to dinosaur comics, but, seriously, hilarious.

"you can rhyme with orange! you must be a pro!"
"that's what i said to your mom- she's a ho!"

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listening to: random acapella group, stay (wasting time)

man, i hate it when i'm illegally downloading music and people mislabel their mp3s, dont' you? like just because it's ACAPELLA doesn't mean it's ROCKapella. honestly, what's a music pirate to do?

so: done with art history. feeling pretty good about the final. the essays were bs, but then they always are. and i know i correctly identified everything. and anyway, i went into it with a pretty good grade.

i'm really feeling pretty chill about finals week. like, art history is out of the way. physics is thursday afternoon- i did a little studying yesterday, and that coupled with the semi-review we did in class wednesday has me feeling vaguely secure. plus there's another study session w/cunningham wednesday evening, the day before the final.

history documents project- i freaked out a little and wrote a whole draft of the paper itself over the weekend. it'll need some editing, but i'll wait and meet with vbrown later to talk about it before i do that. and i think i've got my documents, i just need to excerpt them and copy them.

and lit final is going to be pretty easy, just designing a 1-month syllabus for a class focusing on some aspect of african american literature, and then writing a paragraph explaining. no big.

which will leave me plenty of time to;
- see the midnight shoooowing of episode 3 (ps, i find it reassuring that other people find it ridiculous to not know about ep3. i mean c'mon. although grinnell is basically a bubble- it's really easy to be clueless about the outside world, especially pop-culture wise. i know she doesn't watch much teevee or anything, but this is just such a big thing and it's been so so hyped. i mean jeeze.)
- watch boondock saints (tonight, either 8pm or 10pm!)
- read lots of young adult literature
- sleep
- watch american idol on tuesday
- pack


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Sunday, May 15, 2005

a conversation with newjulia:

christine (on the phone): well, on friday i'm going to see the new star wars movie..
newjulia: whoa, there's ANOTHER new star wars movie?
me: well. yeah. episode three.
newjulia: wow, i didn't know they were still DOING that.

and it's just like, such an intergral part of my own little world that it didn't really occur to me that you could NOT know episode 3 was coming out on thursday. and what does that even mean, "i didn't know they were still doing that"? OBVIOUSLY there have thus far been episodes one, two, four, five, and six. obviously we need three. we need thre to be complete.

and then i realize, that not everyone is a dork. sigh.

(but c'mon. one two four five six?)

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

important note to self: no "your mom" jokes at camp!

(see, all the counselors are supposed to do this reply-all email online discussion about our role models, and one girl just sent hers about how her mom was her role model before she died of cancer when the girl was 10. which is really sad. and. yeah. but c'mon, you can all see me going "you know my mom is dead! ... just kidding!" and her being like, "um, my mom really is dead." sigh, why are dead moms so sad and so hilarious at the same time?! it's like schrodinger's cat: simultaneously sad and hilarious until you open the box. and discover whether the person you're talking to's mom is dead or alive.)

in conclusion... aww, kitty.

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listening to: ben folds, get your hands off my woman

this song is so good. i kind of just opened blogger to talk about how awesome it is. nobody says "fuck" like ben folds.

hmm let's seee. christine and i made casserole! it was good. mmm. and we watched an episode of tww and an episode of pete & pete!! yay pete & pete!!

and then we went to anna's (newjulia) birthday party. it was fun, i left pretty early though. i'm tired and not really in a party mood. it happens.

god, i have the WORST canker sore. grr. and it's like, at the bottom of the valley between my gum and my lip, so whenever i move my lips it aggravates it. boo-urns.

but, this song is still awesome, no matter how much my mouth hurts.

oh, i've got no right to lay claim to her frame
she's not my possession
but-- get your hands off my woman, motherfucker!

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i may or may not have gotten 3 more animorph books at the liberry today. sigh. they just make such good study breaks! you can read one in like twenty minutes! i aaalso got diary by chuck palahniuk and jill thompson's scary godmother! i'm hoping that by also getting diary and by projecting an aura of maturity i was able to trick the librarian into thinking that the other books must have been for someone else. probably i was unsuccessful, but whatever. don't even judge me, librarian!

also christine and i got coffee and some ingredients! we're going to make a casserole! out of the ingredients! and eat it!

julia- no, usually we make tasty bite, which you at least have to add water to. this is some weird brand my mom got, you don't have to add anything it just comes in this sealed bag and you just squeeze it out and microwave it. tasty bite's better but this was okay.

my canker sore huuuurts.

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listening to: paul simon, old

hmm. i just made some dal makhani out of a box. well. a bag. my mom sent it to me awhile ago and i never made it, but i couldn't go to lunch today cuz apparently i used all my meals. boo. anyway it comes out of a sealed bag, and it's just add nothing. just squeeze it out of the bag and microwave it. which i find kind of suspicious.

also i don't have any rice to eat it with.

it tastes kind of like spaghetti-os but with lentils instead of noodles.

oh, but i have some tortilla chips. mm, eating it with chips is better.

i'm glad i've turned a staple of indian food into bean dip.

also i started cleaning off/out my desk and i found my camp contract, and i was like "why didn't i mail this earlier? i'll do it RIGHT NOW." and then i realized, i don't have any envelopes. which must have been why i did't mail it earlier. if i had to guess.

i think the dal makhani box is making fun of its own product.

India is a land of amazing variety, the astonishing variety of India is truly reflected in its cuisine, which is regarded by those who enjoy genuine Indian food as being among the worlds greatest. genuine indian food is among the world's greated, but you are eating indian food out of a box.

Dal makhani can teach any chef a lesson of culinary patience. black gram lentils are painstakingly simmered for over 9 hours on slow fire, infused with a secret bouquet garni, plum tomatoes, and enriched with butter and cream. rather than cook for 9 hours, however, you have chosen to microwave this produce for 1-2 minutes on high. well done.

hey! i should study for art history. maybe.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

pirates + dinosaurs = sooo good!

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best. phone conversation. ever.

me: hello?
kait: renata? it's kait!
me: hi kait!
kait: guess who i just saw at shockheaded peter?
me: neil gaiman?!
kait: no. alan cumming!
me: omg, did you run up and hump his leg and tell him that your friend renata is obsessed with him?
kait: no, he looked kind of shifty, with his hoodie pulled up over his face and stuff.

maaan... kait gets to have cigarette breaks with david sedaris and see sketchy alan cumming. and i, i fish my publication out of recycling facilities. le sigh!

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listening to: paul simon, me and julio down by the schoolyard

whenever i 'm working on papers i end up with this like fort of books stacked all around my desk. it's weird that i can return a bunch of these now. like a whole wall of my fort will be gone. critical essays on zora neale hurston? gone. zora in florida? gone. mules and men? gone. the zora neale hurston companion? adios. i still need a history of public television though. (haha, i totally first typed "pubic television" which is... different.)

keith: omg. if you seriously have an extra copy of the dinosaur one i would seriously enjoy it. it could be an early birthday present! or you could send it next month, and it could be a timely birthday present. or you could send it in july and it would be a late birthday present! or you could send it in october and it would be a halloween present! you couldn't send it in august, though, that would be ridiculous.

man.... remember the animorphs? the way they used to... morph? into animals? man. and then, remember how me and priscellie thought we were cooler than everyone else who liked animorphs? and now i'm still talking about them like six years later? whew, good thing i'm so cool.

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listening to: paul simon, me and julio down by the schoolyard

this song is so good i don't even wanna correct its grammar.

anyway, so, today's been eventful.

first: last art history class ever!
second: last post-art history nap ever!
third: last post-post-art history nap lunch ever!
fourth: last women's history section meeting ever!

it was in the last section meeting ever that thigns got interesting... brad came in and said, "hey renata, where's the b&s?" and i said "in the post office, it's been there since yesterday afternoon." (which is weird, because usually they don't print/drop off the issues until friday.) and he said "no, there weren't any, i think they might have gotten recycled."

soo after class i went over to the post office and inquired about them, and they said "yeah, someone from the bookstore called fm to have them recycled, they thought they were left over from last week." and i said okay... and went over to the bookstore and asked, and they were like "yeah we thought they were from last week." and i said "we're a monthly publication" and they said "oh" and then they said well, they should still be in the recycle bin the post office, but i checked and they were gone. so then they called the community recycling center and someone from the recycling center went to look for them. and found them, yay! but then i had to find a car and drive over and get them. (like half of them are missing. sparc money well-spent.) ALSO this all started at 2 and i had 3 things due at five. but i got back to work around 3:30 after the missing b&s saga, and completed everything in a timely faaashion.

and i went to the english major picnic, and got food and my english major t-shirt! and i talked to paula smith and professor simpson and professor simpson's baaby. and, it was fun. and then i ran over to the history major picnic, because they were both on the same day, boo. so then i ate more food and talked to more people. and i got elected to the sepc! (student educational policy committee. i think is what it stands for. anyway they help evaluate professors and do stuff in the department. and plan picnics.) so, that was exciting. a couple fun kids got elected, it should be goodtimes next year.

and now, on animorphs:

keith: no, you should definitely go check some out. aha, they're so awesome ... uh, books. man, they are SO books.

marrrion: whoa. we should totally morph into sharks. or dinosaurs. waaait, wasn't there one where they like time-travelled and DID morph into dinosaurs? if that didn't happen, it SHOULD HAVE.

mary: of cooourse you don't.

madonna: omg, best comment ever. man, she totally is. what a bitch.

also i totally read my other animorphs book last night when iwas insomnia-ing. (i also tried to blog hwen i was insomnia-ing but blogger would not work which was frustrating! if i am going to be awake at unfortunate hours i want to be able to bitch about it to the world at large!) anyway i forgot what short reads they are. i might need to go back to the library and get more nothing!

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

q&a with renata!

q. did you just read an entire animorphs book in one sitting, rather than write your response paper that's due tomorrow?
a. .... maybe.

q. did you just inetntionally use the misleading "an animorph book" to disguise the fact that you checked out multiple animorph books at the library?
a. shut up!

q. isn't marco's mom funny?
a. heh, marco's mom.

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listening to: paul simon, diamonds on the soles of her shoes

oh paul siiiimon why are you so good?

anyway i think i definitely must have been more tired than i realized, i just took like an hour and a half nap and definitely feel like i could nap more. i feel like i've been getting sleep because i go to bed at a reasonable hour but then i just don't sleep well. oy.


<33 julia and devon! (and you too, but they left comments and you did not! unless you are julia or devon.)

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listening to: paul simon, crazy love, vol II.

man, so, for the second semester running i ended up in tears in vbrown's office today. i don't even know why, i was doing fine, i didn't think i was even that stressed. but she was like, "how are you?" and i kind of just started crying and couldn't stop. and then finally i did stop and then i started again as i was leaving her office. and then then i was ten minutes late for class because i was crying. and then i almost started crying in class. and then after class i started crying again.

what the hell is my problem?

i'm seriously not that stressed, like i really feel like the end of the semester is manageable. maybe subconsiously i really don't feel that way. but honestly.

maybe i'm just even more ready to be done with the semester than i thought.

anyway. but then christine and i went to stewart library and raided the young adult section, aaand we went to saint's rest and i got hot chocolate.


anyway it is (and has been) raining hardcore. perhaps the clouds are also stressed.

oh oh and when i was raiding the young adult section i definitely grabbed a few animorphs books. ahahaha.

.... kitties.

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listening to: rockapella, heart of gold

okay. i just have to say. omg zach, i just got your comment. i have no idea how that apostrophe got there, i swear. i'm so chagrined.

anyway, i freaking love wednesday night movies. last week i won a pass to the midnight showing of ep3, and tonight i won a sweet obi-wan "feel the force" lightsaber. PLUS i got to watch movies.

i'm tired.

also, devon: well, i'm not taking reaal physics... it's physics in the arts. but still, any physics is bad physics and i'll be glad to be done with it.

i think i'm obsessed with dinosaur comics now. i blame mary. and dinosaurs. dinosaurs are awesome.


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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

listening to: tmbg, spy

reasons today is great:
- omg, it was javatime wednesday, which means free doughnuts and coffee in arh, right outside my history classroom and right before history. and i totally forgot about it, so it was SURPRISE free doughnuts and coffee.
- filled out course evaluations in history, and for the question about like, "this instructor helped me learn a lot" or whatever, i bubbled in "strongly agree" and then in the comments part wrote "victoria brown is the best professor i've ever had!" and then when i got up to turn mine in, i saw the girl next to mine's, and she had written "vbrown is the best professor i've ever had!!"
- omg, i'm about to go to my last physics class ever yay!
- teenage mutant ninja turtles study break tonight, yay.
- i just did my reading for lit tomorrow, and it's a graphic novel. a good graphic novel. yay! (icon: a hero's welcome.)

reason's today is not so great:
- i am le tired. i do not understand why the last few weeks have robbed me of my ability to sleep. both falling asleep and staying asleep have been quite problematic. and that's lame.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

listening to: jill sobule, tel aviv

i cannnn't stop listening to this song even though it's saaaaad. but it gets you with that damn catchy chorus ("somebody's missing me, somebody's missing me, somebody's missing me, somebody come get me...") but. sad.

anyway, i just discovered that jill has a (sparsely-updated) blog. omg, loves her.

If I Were President - 9/1/04

8 things I would do if I were president (as asked by RAZOR magazine):

1. I would do my darnedest to get the "road map to peace" back on track. I would try to make friends with the world.
2. I would be able to have someone do my laundry and separate the whites and colors.
3. I would have universal healthcare.
4. I would have a really great "first pet" (maybe an English Bulldog named Eleanor -- after Mrs. Roosevelt).
5. I would legalize pot and put a hefty sin tax on it (to pay for some of those "children left behind.") Oh, and get rid of mandatory minimum sentencing.
6. I would give my blessings to gay marriage, and would make gay Republicans write on the chalkboard a 1000 times, "why?"
7. I would be tough on terrorism and crime. I would put Sean Hannity, Bill Frist, and Toby Keith -- among others -- in Guantanamo (with Lyndie English as guard on duty) for Christmas break.
8. I might give some of my slacker, but chalk full of potential, friends a job.

jill for president, man.

How to win at Scrabble - 3/17/05

I am finally getting over the flu/bronchitis/also imagined illnesses (the plague, flesh eating virus, monkey pox). I have done nothing productive except rent movies and play scrabble on my palm pilot. The palm beats me 3 out of four games (although I do have it on the "expert" setting). However, now I am doing better as I am letting myself use words not allowed on the palm scrabble dictionary -- like poo, fuck, and bling.

also, i want to play scrabble with jill.

also, you should all go buy all of jill's cds. also, i'm done with my work for tomorrow so maybe i should like go to sleep.

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listening to: tori, barons of suburbia

random amusing quotes: "this is AMERICAN idol, not immigrant idol!"

"i thought anthony was cute!"
"no! he's using his stupid ukranian mind magic on you!!"

watching american idol in haines lounge is so grood. the number of people who watch it there has been increasing steadily, and it's hilarious.

here are some things we like:
- anyone's cute parents (especially bo's grandma)
- when paula acts stupid and drunk and hilarious

some things we don't like:
- anything randy says

and generally we're pretty vocal about such things.

anyway. speaking of music (and of it being hell week and me preferring to take inane quizzes than to study or do work):

Your Taste in Music:

80's Alternative: High Influence
80's Rock: Medium Influence
90's Alternative: Medium Influence
90's Pop: Medium Influence
Classic Rock: Medium Influence
80's Pop: Low Influence
90's Rock: Low Influence
Alternative Rock: Low Influence
Punk: Low Influence
R&B: Low Influence

How's Your Taste in Music?

apparently the only thing that strongly influenced me was 80s alternative. and "alternative rock" is only a low influence, despite the fact that just about everything i listen to that gets classified in record stores is under "alternatve." i guess only 80s alternative.

*strokes chin thoughtfully*

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you know, one thing i like to consider sometimes is the fact that i have grown up in a world that has basically always contained teenage mutant ninja turtles, as have most of you. as such, the concept doesn't seem that weird to me. duuh, of COURSE there are turtles that were mutated by radioactive ooze and trained in the art of ninja by a giant rat who was also ooze-infected.

but i think because of that maybe some of the glory that is the turtles is a bit lost to us. i mean imagine of you were say, 20 when you first read the comic or saw the movie or watched the cartoon. your reaction would probably be something like "seriously, what the HELL?" the sheer novelty and bizarreness would contribute to your enjoyment.

just my 2 cents.

also, sometimes i wonder if i would survive a zombie attack, and i now know that i would, because an online test told me so.

Official Survivor

Congratulations! You scored 73%!
Whether through ferocity or quickness, you made it out. You made the right choice most of the time, but you probably screwed up somewhere. Nobody's perfect, at least you're alive.
Link: The Zombie Scenario Survivor Test written by ci8db4uok on Ok Cupid

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listening to: tori, mountain

so the tony nominations are up (and were announced by alan cumming!), and, once again, i haven't seen any of the shows. (last year was so exciting because i actually HAD! sigh.) so, i'm back to my usual format of rooting for
- people i've seen in other stuff
- people/shows who sound cool
- people/shows people i know like
- people who have been in rent.

which means i'm hoping for:
- the pillowman best play (some people i like on cb like it and it sounds cool)
- spamalot best musical! obv.
- who's afraid... best play revival, cuz i've at least read that one.
- la cage best musical revival, cuz the birdcage was a funny movie.
- james earl jones leading actor play, cuz, duh, he's james earl jones. (although kait, wasn't brian byrne in frozen the most humane play ever? i think maybe he was. so i'd be okay if he won too.)
- kathleen turner leading actress play, cuz she was in serial mom. and was on the daily show last night. (mary-louise parker gets points for having been on the west wing, but minus points because i don't like amy.)
- sherie rene leading actress musical, cuz she was in rent and i saw her in aida
- alan alda featured actor play, cuz he's on the west wing. and was on mash. and is cool.
- and, i have no strong opinions on any of the other awards, although i would like spamalot to win many awards despite never having seen or hread it. i bet it's good.

basically, it's a good thing no one in the academy votes the way i would. (or at least, for the reasons i have.) although if i were in the academy maybe i'd have like, seen one or two of these.

oh, also, i hope josie and the pussycats: the muscal wins best zombie musical. and frozen should get the special humaneness tony. and john kerry should get to presentone. and alan cumming needs to be there. constantly. just sittig on the edge of the stage when he's not presenting or performing. or, someone could lock hugh jackman in his dressing room and then alan would have to emergency host! yes!

man, the awards are totally june 5 and i totally start camp june 4. well, at least none of the awesome stuff i just suggested will probably actually happen, i'd be sad to miss that.

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listening to: precious things string quartet, pretty good year

strings + tori = pretty. (a... pretty good year, even. ahaha!)

so! feeling less angry now, yay. and i finished my paper. well, a decent draft anyway, i'll go back and some editing later. but it's not due until friday and it feels soo good to have the bulk of the work out of the way, you don't even know.

AND i'm getting an 85% in physics, including all exams (except the final.) and i'd be pleased enough with getting a b in physics as it is, but then he sort of vaguely said something about "an 80% is a mid-level b" and we were all like "buuuh you're curving the class what?" and he was like "moving on: lasers!" and didn't say anything about it... but, if an 80 is a mid-level b, by my advanced calculations that makes an 85 a high b! or even a low a! like whoaaa.

so lets see. i have my history documents project, due next friday and seemingly manageable-- i've already found most of my documents, and i just need to write a 5-7 page paper about them. another 2-page paper for lit. art history exam on monday-- annoying, but no big deal (i don't think.) physics exam on thursday, which... well. but we're having at least one review session on wednesday and probably another one later. and then the lit final exam is easy, just designing a syllabus for a 4-week unit of our choice-- basically listing some readings in an order and writing a paragraph,a nd it's not due until next friday.

and then, done!

oh, and the b&s is almost done, just one more round of copy edits and gathering all the last-minute photos i need to stick in.

just keep swimming!

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Monday, May 09, 2005

listening to: mitch hedberg, dry clean only

you know, the more i think about the comic, the more angry i am. and i'm not like... usually angry. annoyed, yes; confused, yes. but this just fucking pisses me off. how lazy and inconsiderate do you have to be to leave a fucking blank box at the end of your comic?

and what's awesome is that i doubt she'll ever even know how pissed iam. there's just no point now emailing her and being like "you stupid bitch, that comic had 8 panels when i gave it to you." she can't fix it, and i'm sure she's busy with hell week. there's no real sense spreading bad energy.

(i ended up just writing "the end! thank you for reading republican boy!" in the last box.)

but i will strongly suggest to bryan that he not hire her back next year...

... seriously. who leaves an empty box in their comic? who even does that?

but hey, it was waffle bar night in the dining hall! and julia sent us coookies! how can i stay angry when i'm sugared up?

(actually, i'm still angry. it's probably like a last-straw sort of manifestation of my anger toward all the lazy b&s staff members. not even lazy so much as inconsiderate. like i'm sure they all have other stuff to do but it is their job to do this stuff, they need to fucking manage their time so that i do not end up having to do an entire issue in like two days. it's weird feeling angry though. i don't really like it as much as feeling happy, i'm not gonna lie.)

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oh my god. if theoretically, you were the artist for a publication, and you had been given an 8-panel comic script, WHAT ON EARTH WOULD POSSESS YOU TO CONSOLIDATE IT TO A 7-PANEL SCRIPT AND LEAVE A TOTALLY BLANK PANEL AT THE END? it's seriously going to look so stupid. who does that. wtf. and of course she turned it in late so i don't really have time to make her fix it.

also, it's not very well drawn. wtf.

i mean like. we lay it out and fucking number the frames. i just went back and double-checked the email i sent her to make sure i didn't accidentally send some weird unfinished version. but no. definitely 8 frames. or she could at least have made the 7th frame bigger to fill up the page. but no, there's very distinctly a stupid empty box at the end.

oh well, whateeeeevs it's the last issue of the year.

seriously though, who does that?

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brian was substitute teaching, and he asked some kid a question, and the kid got it right, and brian said "exactly right! just like james garfield's presidency!"

and i swear there was another joke that was like ridiculously personally appropriate, but i forget nooow.

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Your Linguistic Profile:

80% General American English

10% Midwestern

10% Upper Midwestern

0% Dixie

0% Yankee

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

hmm, i thought i'd be more midwestern, don'tcha know?

ok, "don'tcha know" isn't even midwestern, it's just bobby's mom. i couldn't think of any midwestern catchphrases. maybe i'm not really midwestern after all. um... corn.

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

listening to: some college acapella group, stay (wasting time)

i really wish the b&s staff would realize that when they totally neglect deadlines the person they fuck over is ME.

in other news, family guy was funny tonight.

lit paper up to 7 pages (barely). in the home stretch, i'd just like to have it done. having things not done stresses me out. which makes being a college student kind of difficult sometimes, no lie.

oh, also, physics makes no sense, seriously. final in t-minus 11 days. julie and i both sent him emails today that were like "WE DON'T UNDERSTAND PHYSICS CAN WE GO OVER ALL THE HOMEWORK IN CLAAAASS?" and he wrote back No problem.  We'll spend some time making everyone comfortable with this

which i found slightly ominous. "you'll understand this physics, but hoo boy, that other physics you'll never get." which is true, probably, and as long as i understand this physics i'll be okay.

i bless the raaaains down in aaaafrica (i bless the rains!).

changing one's facebook picture to a DINOSAUR is apparently a good way to get attention. i actually was just tired of the question mark and didn't like any of the pictures of me i had on my computer. so, naturally, dinosaur.


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listening to: madonna, live to tell

there was something else i did yesterday i wanted to post about... oh! we watched the kentucky derby! i'd never seen one before, i didn't realize the whole race was like 3 minutes long. so i missed like half of it. but i caught the exciting ending! giacomo won! we weren't cheering for giacomo because his name wasn't sufficiently humorous; we were rooting for spanish chestnut and greater good. but, anyway, giacomo was 50:1. so, if you happened to bet on him, you probably have a lot of money now.

look, it's xine and i at waltz! (if you go to the main album-- it's mary's-- you can see other people at waltz toooo.)

ok. i need to finish the b&s now. argh. and do my physics. (just remember, renata-- a 12 pack of ddp away from being finished.)

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

listening to: connnie, every little thing she does is magic

it's getting harder for me to claim that i like constantine ironically when my collected playcount for all his songs is well over 20. and i just downloaded them last night. and that doesn't count the times i listened to him on my ipod. it's complicated, don't even judge me.

it's not as good as watching him though, no ridiculous poses or creepy eye contact.

i was just editing my lj user info, and i added "the aroostook war" because i just realized it wasn't there, and noo oone else shares that interest. wtf, the aroostook war is the best war ever. maybe all the other aroostook war enthusiasts also forgot to add it. (ps, it was a bloodless- mostly- conflict which is one of the reasons it's the best war ever. in case any of you were like "hey, aren't you kind of anti-war?" i am, but i'm pro-awesome wars like the aroostook war.)

anyway, let's see. today's been good. not as productive as i might have liked, but good. i left waltz wicked early. but i felt i had gotten all i wanted out of the waltz experience. it was fun seeing everyone dressed up (PS; there's this kid in my history class, he's an anarchist and is dirty, and he showered and put on a suit and i literally DID NOT RECOGNIZE him. like, he was walking over with us, and i was like "hmm he sounds familiar" and then soemone was like "hey sean" and i was so weirded out.) waltz always reminds me how very few straight, single guys i know. but. whatevs.

before that christine and i got tasty chinese food, and before thaat i worked on the b&s for awhile (getting done, i need to write a few things.)

i wrote a bit of my paper, i'd like to write more. ostensibly i left waltz to do that, but instead, i checked all my internet-y things and ate easy mac.

mm. ooh, itunes just went to connie singing "how you remind me," so much hilarity.

btdubs, i was thinking about maybe updating the about me page sometime. so if anyone has any like.. infrequently asked questions, or things you feel would be helpful for someone to know about me, let me know.

i'm kind of enthused that i'm down to my last 12 pack of ddp and it's enough to last me through the end of school. well, technically it's not if i drink one every day. but assuming i can abstain one day, then, yes. no wait, i think it's exactly enough, because i think there's one in the fridge from the end of the last 12 pack. yay!

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listening to: connie, hard to handle

oh em gee, last night i discovered AIbyrequest.com. which has mp3s from american idol. which means that now i can listen to connie whenever i want. which is RIGHT NOW.

oh god, it's so funny... i love how he starts this song with "let's rock this thing!" and then all the unfortunate screeching toward the end... oh connie, i can't believe the american people did not vote for you.

(single tear)

also, last night mary and xine and i watched 1776 (ps, i just remembered awhile ago someone asked if christine and xine were the same person- yes they are. it just depends how lazy i am when i'm typing.) anyway, mary gave me 1776 as an early birthday present (thanks mary!) on the ground that it seemed like something i would like. and, hey, musical about the founding fathers... let's face it, it's got renata written all over it.

and then we started watching it, and john adams is MR. FEENY from boy meets world. fucking MR. FEENY. it was so awesome. unfortunately the movie is like 98324 hours long so we got bored/tired and had to stop watching before it was over. we'll finish later.)

i'm going to go do my physics... while listening to constantine. because i can!

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Friday, May 06, 2005

listening to: paul simon, me and julio down by the schoolyard

today? has been good. even art history was farily interesting, and i had history at 10 instead of 1 so i was done for the day early. at 11, though, i went to go see a talk from a reformed neo-nazi... i can't remember his name, frank something? but i guess he's the guy american history x is based on, but i've never seen it?

anyway, it was a really amazing experience. he was very brutally honest and it was just so easy to see how someone coming from his situation would find being a neo-nazi so appealing. and just... it's so hopeful to me that now he's able to go around giving talks encouraging tolerance. my favorite thing was at the end, when someone asked him if he ever found himself thinking racist thoughts when he got cut off in traffic or whatever, and he said something along the lines of, "no, i think doing that would be a slap in the face of god... he's shown me that everyone is a unique individual, and for me to know that now and still think things like 'i can't believe that n---- cut me off,' .. i just know it wouldn't be true."

so that was good. also i definitely want to watch american history x now. i was catching hints that the movie wasn't exactly sympathetic toward the guy? which on one hand makes sense, because who wants to be sympathetic toward a neo-nazi? but on the other it's so important to see that people like that aren't just evil monsters, they come from somewhere, you know?

anyway. then.. i went for a nice bike ride. it makes me laugh that everyone is like "grinnell's so smallll!" and i go bike riding out on the crazy backroads and go "ah, just like home."

oh, and christine and i went to go to tropical sno, and it wasn't there! like, it's just this little stand that sells delicious snow cones, and it wasn't there at alll. but then we went to dari barn and got delicious ice cream, so it all worked out. on the way back, we saw anna stopped at an intersection, so naturally i flashed her. it's still my belief that we were at such an angle that only anna could see, but christine feels that other people probably got a free show too. oh well, these things happen.

also, i got a really cute email from allen st. pierre. awwww. (he's the executive director of norml-- the guy who i sat next to before the debate, and previously mentioned having kind of a crush on.)

check it out though:

Hello Renata,

Thanks for inviting me to debate at Grinnell and for your thoughtful card. [i sent thank you cards to both our debaters and all our panelists.]


I'll send you a NORML 'care' package ASAP!

Thanks again Renata. I hope the Spring concert went well.

Ever higher,


i can't decide what my favorite part is:
1. that this is the executive director of a national lobbying organization and he's using a smiley face with a C for a nose.
2. that i don't really know what the hell he's talking about with the "spring concert" (except maybe, i briefly mentioned that holly near was on campus later that night and i wanted to go see her concert?)
3. that he signed it "ever higher,"
4. that he signed it "AStP"
5. that he said he'd send a NORML 'care' package. keep in mind, if you will, that "norml" is the national organization for reform of marijuana laws, and that 'care' was in single quotes.

oh, goodtimes, goodtimes.

in other news, i am a robot.


You are 57% Rational, 42% Extroverted, 0% Brutal, and 0% Arrogant.
You are the Robot! You are characterized by your rationality. In fact, this is really ALL you are characterized by. Like a cold, heartless machine, you are so logical and unemotional that you scarcely seem human. For instance, you are very humble and don't bother thinking of your own interests, you are very gentle and lack emotion, and you are also very introverted and introspective. You may have noticed that these traits are just as applicable to your laptop as they are to a human being. In short, your personality defect is that you don't really HAVE a personality. You are one of those annoying, super-logical people that never gets upset or flustered. Unless, of course, you short circuit.

To put it less negatively:

1. You are more RATIONAL than intuitive.

2. You are more INTROVERTED than extroverted.

3. You are more GENTLE than brutal.

4. You are more HUMBLE than arrogant.


Your exact opposite is the Class Clown

Other personalities you would probably get along with are the Hand-Raiser
, the Emo Kid
, and the Haughty Intellectual

Link: The Personality Defect Test written by saint_gasoline on OkCupid Free Online Dating

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

listening to: con brio, africa

renata: did you know james garfield juggled clubs to build strength?
julia: Ambidexterously?
renata: oh, garfield did EVERYTHING ambidexterously.
renata: up to and including your MOM.
julia: Heh. You make that sound so dirty.
julia: Well, even before you said that.
renata: hehehe
renata: well, i knew where i was going.
renata: all roads lead to your mom. clearly.
julia: Clearly.

i utterly, utterly blame sarah vowell for that.

seriously, for camp we had to fill out this "getting to know you" sort of form, and one question was about any skills/experiences we might want to share.

and i was like:
- travelled a lot, speak spanish
- know some theatre improv games
- know a lot of dorky history stuff (i sometimes give my roommates "fun james garfield facts of the day!")

i win. seriously though, there ARE a lot of cool garfield facts. even if he had a normal-sized penis.

i'm so weird. really. when did this happen? (this the general this, not the garfield thing.)

... taft once got stuck in a bathtub.

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listening to: regina spektor, poor little rich boy

somewhere along the line i went from overwhelmed to just whelmed. yess.

somewhere in the middle of class i got this song stuck in my head, but just the part at the end-- "you're so young, you're so goddamn young, you're so goddamn young you're so goddamn young..." which, you know. it would've been nice if had been some other part.

i can't tell if this month's b&s is going to be funny or not. i keep looking at the articles and being like "well.. this isn't that funny." and then i look again and go "well, i guess it kind of is." well, whatever.

kait and i are the presidents of the frozen fandom! if you would like some drama we could distribute some to you! kait and i are beeest friends with all of the frozen cast members! (haha, i totally couldn't name even one frozen actor. i mean... they're all soo awesome.)

also, chick pea (the director of the camp i'm working at this summer- thinks i'm "charmingly neurotic." hee.

re some comments;

keith: i'm not sure if you meant garfield facts or abortion statistics, but i'm sure they'd both be equally popular at parties. (actually it reminds me of assassination vacation, when sarah vowell mentioned how she always had trouble at parties because she'd sit there silently reminding herself "don't talk about mckinley, don't talk about mckinley!" i'm totally becoming sarah vowell. in the geeky way. let's just hope i can also become like her in the awesome way.)

priscellie & sarah: i'll try to wrangle up a camera and take a picture.

priscellie: i'ts not actually that funny of a song, but it's good fun pop music. i'll send it your way when i send you that tori cd (i just now got your message about it being the wrong one-- doh! i'll try to send you the right one soon.)

devon: i'm glad i liked it too :) i really loved the book, and i just kept hearing from people "it's sooo different from the book!" which it totally is. but it's still good, just in a... more bizarre way.

marrion & megan: sorry i didn't mention megan's feet! i got all distracted by the hilarity of almost always open.

megan: doh, i totally missed your mention of "dranken" when i replied to your comment before... and all i have to say, is i've dranken fewer than you has.

kait: roaaaar dinosaurs!

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thursdays are sooo good, cuz i don't have lab in the morning. or anythiiing. mmm, sleep.

anyway i just had to post and clarify: no, megan, i was not drunk last night. althought there was sparkling cider at ella so i guess it could have been mislabeled... but, no, alas. i just talk about president garfield in capslock when i'm sober.

i blame sarah vowell.

anyway, i'm going to work on my paper, and to ensure this happens i'm yanking out internet. which means either i'll work on my paper, or i'll stare at the wall for awhile.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

haha, christine and i are so awesome.

christine: but i just don't know why she hates us!
me: (pseudo-thoughtfully): maybe she hates asians.
(we laugh)
me: you know, that wasn't really funny.
christine: i'm renaaaata, i'm the head of the b&s, but i'm not raaacist.
me: (puts roll of masking tape on head) i'm going to put my crown on! ooh no, it was poisoned!*
(we laugh even more)

* a crucial, yet hilarious, plot point of ella enchanted! ahaha, oh man, christine and i laughed for like 5 minutes.

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listening to: jason mraz, the remedy (i won't worry)

omg, just saw ella enchanted with christine. ahaha, it was so bad. and by bad i mean awesome. i arbitrarily declared it to be the "fourth best movie ever" (because i always call things "THE best ever," so, i'm working down from that) and kept calling it that. and christine and i kept laughing a lot at stupid shit that no one else was laughing at.

aaalso i won a pass to the midnight showing of ep3!

aaalso there were delicious free cookies and sparking cider.

and scott finally got voted off idol! ahahah goodbye mister creepypants!

this whole post is so pop culture. i think i need some garfield facts to balance this out. (and by garfield i OBV mean our twentieth president, not the kitty.) HE WAS THE LAST PRESIDENT BORN IN A LOG CABIN AND THE FIRST LEFT-HANDED PRESIDENT BUT REALLY HE WAS AMBIDEXTROUS SO I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY DON'T JUST CALL HIM THE FIRST AMBIDEXTROUS PRESIDENT BUT THEY DON'T, OKAY, THEY DON'T!

i totally feel better now.

ooh i forgot to post the best women's history quote ever.

"so who was getting abortions? and try not to say 'sluts' or anything like that."
"... women?"
"okay, mr. smartypants, what kind of women?"
"... pregant women?"

ahahaha so good. and yet so irrefutably true.

(fyi: women of all classes, races, ethnicities, marital statuses, and locations got/get abortions. well, the pregnant ones. you know.)

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

listening to: gavin degraw, (nice to meet you) anyway

this is like the catchiest song ever.

you're amazing,
i'm attracted,
but i'm terribly distracted...

i was goinng to watch idol tonight, and then i was like... well, connie's gone, jenny won't be there, and i'm tired. so i took a nap instead. i hope scott gets voted off >_< (which i've been saying forever.)

ooh, today i got a bunch of camp stuff in the mail (necessary paperwork and some fun get-to-know-the-staff stuff and whatnot). i know i've mentioned i'm excited, but, i am. also nervous, cuz like... i'm not that great at a lot of camp stuff. but we'll have pre-camp training. and i can make up for my deficiencies with enthusiasm! (111!!one!)

oh also, my "prototype" only the gods are real book came today. um, it's a book, and it's got my name on the cover. um.

can't eeeven handle it.

ALSO check out me and megan's day in the life. sooo good.

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Monday, May 02, 2005

listening to: bree sharp, not your girl

i was really tired, but then i took like a half-hour nap and it was amazingly energizing. yay!

i'm going to rip off kait ripping off me and come up with a more elaborate timeline:

8 days until the b&s needs to be done
11 days until lit paper is due
14 days until art history final
18 days until history documents project is due
18 days until lit final project is due
18 days until DONE WITH SCHOOL
21 days until KAIT
34 days until camp
... some day suntil london


anyway. family guy last night? so good, and i'll fight with anyone who disagrees. i mean, it wasn't like best episode ever, but it met expectations. which were pretty high. cuz it's family guy.

OH! i was logged out of LIVEJOURNAL. man, i wonder how long that's been happening? like, all my friends-only friends.. i was just like "hmm, i wonder why they aren't poosting?" and... that was apparently why.

oh, ew, i just ate soy chiops and salsa con queso, but now my hands smell all soy-y, except, they were like olive-oil flavored soy chips, so it's like soy and fake olive oil, and... it's seriously not what you want your hands to smell like >_<

last night i made christine watch x2 with me. well, i didn't make her, but i insisted that i was going to watch it and she watched it too. and. like. watching that movie with me is the craziest thing ever. because i interact with all the characters in the weirdest ways. especially magneto. and not just because he's my kitty. like, i'll be like "man, he's such a bastard!" but i'll say it in basically the same tone as "aww, kitty." and then she kept asking basic quetsions and i'd give her these elaborate 5-minute fandom answers.

OH and i briefly tried watching it with commentary, but i turned it off because the commentary turned out to be actually pretty boring. but. during the first scene in the oval office, bryan singer was randomly like "this is the biggest oval office set ever built... ones you see on the west wing, which is my favorite tv show, just don't work in wider shots like this..."

and i was like, omg, west wing. and bryan singer. i'm kind of a bryan singer fangirl, incidentally. i'm not really sure why. well. i mean it happened when i ended up watching the last half of this "about the x-men movie" special. in mexico. because nothing else was on. and anyway, he's just... i don't know. cute n' quirky and kind of obsessive. but with this weird sort of vision. i'm sad he's not directing x3.

also like, the x-men movies are good and all, but i realize that msot of my favorite parts of them only happened in movieverse fanfic. i think that's why i like x-mm fic, though, because there's so much you get to make up. almost like fiction or something.

anyway i also decided that a new life goal of mine is to watch x2 in spanish. i mean. that's not a really hard goal to accomplish, i just need to... watch the dvd and switch the language before i hit play... but i can't wait. it's going to be fabulous. que bueeeno.

(i want to take another spanish class, but then i remember that i don't actually like taking spanish classes anymore... they're so much work. and i get get all burned on it really quickly. but i want to read more stuff in spanish. and not forget the language. no quiero olvidar!! ay yi yi!)

i just reached up to sratch my head and kind of had an "ew" reaction. and realized i haven't showered today. (my afternoon nap disrupted my usual schedule of class->pec->shower.)

OH. megan! post those pictures! i will happily caption them. yay!

heh. this was going to be a quick entry. but then i went fangirl! whoo saw that one coming?

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

listening to: ani, loom

i think i'm kind of over ani difranco. i mean, i realize i'm typing that... while listening to her. but. i don't know, i haven't liked aany of her recent albums (by recent, i mean in like... the last 6 years). and i've listened to all her old stuff SO much that i've just like... used it up. i didn't think you could do that to music. i mean, i listen to more tori amos than anything else, and it's been a sustainable habit for... yeah, probably the last 5 years. (heh, the last 5 years.) it helps that there are songs of hers (tori's) that i don't like as much at first, and then i sort of get to know them and like them better. hm. i don't know.


i think i refuse to change out of my pajama pants today.

i think i'm feeling disillusioned today. like... just having wrapped up the scipe debate, which went off really well, and everyone i talked to liked it, and we had a good turnout, especially since it was on a busy night... and what does it even mean? i still think it's important to get people interested in politics, and i still think issue-involvement is a good way to do that.

but it just seems like, i don't know. a waste of time.

i'm trying to remind myself of a story holly near told us in class-- about how when she was in college, every week there would be anti-war protesters who just silently hold up signs, and a lot pf people would kind of hassle them or whatever, and she'd watch and think "what's the point? they're not going to change anyone's minds." and then one day she realized that she saw them every week and HAD to think about the war EVERY week. and she went up and joined them. (and is now a professional singer/activist.)

so even things that seem unimportant are. i know that. but i'm still...

also, i just... can't tell if i'm doing this for the right reasons? like, i do like organzing and attending the events, but mostly (maybe not mostly? equally?) i like going to our meetings once a week. i love all the scipe kids. they're all awesompantses. but then who says activism can't be fun?

but then if i'm doing activism should i really be spending my time on nonpartisan stuff? on the whole i do think our non (multi)partisan ness is important. but sometimes i just wanna... do something else.

well, it probably all really goes back to how tired i am of this semester.

man. i'm totally being an annoying sulky liberal. sorry, guys.

(let me tell ya'll what it's like being female middle class and white!-- it's a bitch if you don't believe)

um okay. here are some awesome things:
- my research for history= sooo interesting.
- my research for african american lit= ... happening?
- ice cream with christine later!
- brunch today with anna (newjulia) and anne, who i don't really hang out with as much as i might like.
- kaaait's coming in like... 23 days.
- school's done in 20 days!
- camp starts in... 35 days?
- also, i just got this in my email:

Just wanted to let you know that I'm ready to send out the signature pages for A GUIDE TO THE GODS. First, however, would you please send me your current address? (That virus last fall wiped out my old files.)

Here's how I'm going to handle it: I'll send you a package with approximately 80 signature pages (the extras are for any spoilage that occurs in the hand-binding process). Once you sign these, you can send them on to Neil. I'll have a prepaid addressed label included in the package for this purpose. I'll also include (for you to keep) one of the prototypes of the book.

caan't even handle it. it seems so pretentious to sign stuff though. duh, people just want it cuz neil signed it. or will sign it. i get to send mail to neil. i wish my brain hadn't been eaten by fangirling.

um i'm going to go feed my brain some history instead. or some zora neale hurston. ooh, i forgot another awesome thing, and that is academic bitchfighting. i love when i have a stack of articles and i get halfway throught stack and author x is like, "despite what author y has stated in his article, i believe he is overlooking important evidences p, q, and r." and i'm like "yeaah i didn't like your article anyway, author y! suck it!"

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just a quick note. to say that i was catching up on the last few weeks of penny arcade, and, omg.

it's an english joke. yess.

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listening to: vanilla ice, ninja rap

omg, avram just showed me how to download music off the network. here is what i downloaded with my newfound ability:

vanilla ice - ninja rap
vanilla ice - ice ice baby
falco - rock me amadeus
men without hats - safety dance

sooo good.

as has been my weekend thus far!

hooray for: miriam, megan, matt, stuart davis, u of iowa library periodicals, coffee, indian food, dinosaurs, and stu touching hiumself.

boo for: copies at the uiowa library being 15 cents >_<, all back issues of redbook from 1969-1980 having disappeared (and my project being on gender and sesame street in the media in the 70s), and ridiculously unhelpful librarians. well, not really librarians, just student workers. but seriously, if you work in a library, at a desk of some sort, you should at least know where the freaking reader's guide to periodical literature is. *grumble* kids these days, kids and their iiinternet.

i can't wait for the day when every article ever is available on some huge master database.

but until that day, we will NEED the reader's guide and we will NEED for it not to be hidden away on the third floor. or if it must be hidden, we will need our student workers to know wher e it is. or if our student workers do not know where it is, our library maps should clearly show where it is, rather than making vague reference to "west of the circulation desk."

also, i'm tired, so... the end.


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so much verbs!

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