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Friday, April 29, 2005

this is JUST to reply to kait because she's SPECIAL.

anyway i'd feel guilty about not doing reading for a real class. but art history isn't a real class. at least, i've justified it as such because i'm uppity and lazy.

today's james garfield fact: he was ambidextrous and could write simultaneously in greek with one hand and latin with the other! clearly a nerd's nerd!

i like that i'm using exclamation points to discuss our 20th president! again!

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listening to paul simon, me and julio down by the schoolyard

ok, seriously, best vbrown story ever. apparently, when she was a professor at san diego state, gloria steinem had visited, and gave a lecture and a bunch of stuff, and was busy all day, and then in the evening there was a more formal event. it ended up that it made sense for she and vbrown to just change clothes in vbrown's office. so gloria steinem was like, "isn't this fun? it's just like we're in a dorm again!" and when she was telling this story today, vbrown was like "and i was just thinking,'I'M NAKED IN MY OFFICE WITH GLORIA STEINEM!'" (yes, she said it in capslock. seriously.)

oh man.

anyway. on my way to class, i stopped just outside the door to mears because i heard this freaky noise. kind of a dolphin/monkey screech. and i realized it was this squirrel, running angrily up and down a tree and screeching. and i was just standing there, staring horrified at thie squirrel. and then, who walks out the door but prof-who-thinks-i'm-racist (pwtir). (i should clarify- he seems like a really nice, classy guy, in everything that i know about him. but my one prior personal interaction with him was HORRIBLY awkward.) so i'm standing there looking up at the squirrel, which is still making this freaky noise, and he comes out and says "hi renata!" and i'm just still freaked out and go "i've never heard a squirrel make that sound before!" and he was like, "really? they do that all the time?' and the squirrel is still making that sound, and i'm like "... oh. well, i guess i've never heard it..." and the squirrel's STILL going and pwtir is like "well... maybe not ALL the time."

c'mon. i go to grinnell. i went to high school on a college campus. it's not like i've never seen a squirrel before and they do NOT make THAT noise all the time. or like... very often. at all. obv he is a professor of sociology and not squirrelology.

freaky-ass squirrel.

anyway. oh, in my non-hypothetical situation earlier, uh, i was the editor. being annoyed that someone would resubmit the exact same article on the grounds that a couple of his friends said the idea wasn't overdone. this is also the same kid who objected to the changes i made to the article of his i did use. like. not to be a total snob. obv i'm not perfect. but i'm funnier than this kid. and the article is bad. the end.

also, soonish megan will be here! and then i get to go to iowa city! and see stuuuu! and hgttg! and um, visit the u of iowa library and research gender and seame street in the early 1970s! woooo!

OH and i'm so excited about the new family guy this sunday, you don't even know. the family guy appreciation club got the campus cinema to show it! giant family guy! yess!

ps, madonna, i hate you for incoroprating "obv" into my vocabulary. and by hate i clearly mean love.

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on a scale of 1 to i don't wanna go to art history, i'm at like a million. only force of habit-- and the fact that i actually did the reading today-- is compelling me to go.

buuut, megan just called, and we're soo going to see hitchhiker's guide tomorrow. and stuart tonight. yess.

okay. theoretically. if you submitted an article to a humor publication. and it was rejected on the basis that the article's premise was overdone. would you:
- assume that the editor had just been being nice and that the article was just unfunny. try to write a new article.
- decide that you really thought the article had potential, and try to make some changes to it yourself.
- wait a few months and re-submit the exact same article, explaning that you had asked a few people if they thought this topic of humor was overdone, and when they all said no, it seemed like a good idea to print this article in the publication.

i should write an article about that.

anyway. um, i should go to class now. (*frowl*)

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

listening to: stu, beyond belief

i've had this song stuck in my head all day. i don't know why, i hadn't listened to it for awhile before this. something must have triggered it. like how whenever we talked about minimum wage in history-- and w've been discussing women and the labor movement, so, pretty frequently-- i'd get "minimum wage" by tmbg stuck in my head.

anyway, i think the pot debate went really well. and dinner was fun, i got to sit next to allen st. pierre. i think i have a crush on him now. ahaha. i loved how he was wearing this really conservative black suit, with a gold pot leaf lapel pin.


i'm tired.

um. also i got the... i got distracted here and i forget what the end of this sentence was going to be.

so. the end.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


so i just looked up james garfield on wikipedia, because... i did.

and, no joke, this is what it says:

James Abram Garfield (November 19, 1831 – September 19, 1881) was the 20th (1881) President of the United States, the first left-handed President, and the second U.S. President to be assassinated.

His term was the second shortest in US history, just above William Henry Harrison's. Holding office from March to September of 1881, he was in power for a total of six months and 15 days. It is also rumored that he had a whopping 25 inch penis (while erect) that is now kept in the Smithsonian Institute on display. He was quite a "pimp" with the ladies for obvious reasons.

that's got to be a joke, right? i feel CERTAIN that sarah vowell would have mentioned that.

okay. i couldn't find anything else via google. i'm so going to the library tomorrow.

oh you think i'm joking.

but if it is true, i love that those are the key facts about garfield. in order:
- 20th president
- left-handed
- assassinated
- shortest term
- big penis rumor
- pimp

i hope this was just a joke done by some wiki-er, who knew that almost no one would look at garfield's wiki page.

either way. so much awesome.

ETA: i JUST went back to garfield's wiki like 2 minutes later to show julia, and it was GONE. so, must have been a joke. i feel so fortunate to have glimpsed it.

anyway but he did have an affair. so, regardless of penis size, he was a pimp. obv.

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i can't believe constantine got voted off american iiiidol :(


it was awsome when i found out, though, cuz i was reading jenny's plan and she wrote this like mock elegy, and i was kinda like wha? and then i figured out what it was and seriously gasped really loudly, and christine was like "what? what?"

oh, connie.

oh, teenie.

wtf. i can't believe connie got voted off before scott. it's an unjust world. unjuuuust.

but, tonight i had tasty thai noodles AND dari barn AND we watched josie and the pussycats. best movie ever.

okay, now to cheer myself up i'm going to share a cute vbrown story. we were talking about my possible paper topics-- i thin i'm gonna do gender and sesame street/children's teevee in the 70s-- but one of my ideas was looking at media responses to alice paul's death in 1977, and vbrown was saying how alice paul was to her the opposite of jane addams and eleanor roosevelt, in that the more she got to know alice paul the less she liked her, while with j addams and er she really grew more attached to them the more she found out about them. but i loved that she was talking about these historical figures like they were, you know, her friends. (and enemies.)

and i obv do that too. (ps, assassination vacation has made me a big garfield fan. he was a big book nerd.) anyway. but also i have this problem writing history papers-- i'm always having to have her point this out in my drafts-- where i start talking about history in the present tense. and i realized it's mostly cuz i'm used to writing english papers, where verything happens in the literary present, like it continually is happening-- jane eyre says "hi mr. rochester" vs. charlotte bronte said "hey, i wrote a book"-- wow, this is a long sentence.

but it's kind of... i don't know. i love my double major. i love that history can keep happening (okay, i mean, when it actually repeats itself that's usually bad but the way i'm talking about is good). i love that vbrown talks about historians as empathizing and analyzing. both. you have to get into the head of alice paul or james garfield or whoever, and understand why they did the stuff they did. but still be able to remove yourself and say "ok, i know why she did that, but it was still kind of bitchy and counterproductive of her."

so basically the line between personages of historical significance and fictional characters is kind of thin.

i like that this post went from being really upset about constatine being voted off american idol to something really geeky about my history professor and james garfield. it's like from justin to kelly! only, from constantine to james.

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listening to: nickelback, how you remind me (in my head >( )

a poem i composed regarding my taco tuesday experience yesterday:

spicy and salty
culinary perfection
potato oles!

seriously, potato oles are the best fast food ever. no disagreement will be accepted!

my right thumb had been hurting the last few days, and i couldn't figure out why. it was almost like i had burned yet, yet i had no recollection of burning it. then i stopped, per semi-usual, to get some coffee from the forum, and, per semi-usual, wrapped my fingers around the cardboard tubey thing, with my thumb resting on the naked paper cup. the paper cup full of coffee. duh, i've been slowly burning myself through my coffee-drinking habits.

also, i'll spare you the cute vbrown stories but i just had like a 40 minute meeting with her and it was soo grood.


seriously. just ask dask. d.

physics exam in an hour >_< no! two hours. yes. i don't know, i'm in my sciencey "well i feel prepared" mood but i'm not sure if i am. er. but i seemed to know what i was talking about last night.

i'm hungry for foood!

ohh! and the marijuana panel discussion is today! i hope it goes wellll. i hope no one from campus is a jackass to the dare officer. he's nice.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

ahahaha this is the best story either. i'm working on my paper about mules and men, zora neale hurston's collection of african american folklore. and some of the stories are just, well, really pointless. like one where there's a dog and a cat and they both like ham but then the cat steals the dog's ham the end.

but this one is hilarious.

it is a custom in the deep south for the children to go out on christmas morning "catching" people by saying "christmas gift." the one who says it first gets a present from the other. the adults usually prepare for this by providing plenty of hard candy, nuts, coconuts, fruits, and the like.


well, one christmas time, god was goin' to palatka. de devil was in de neighborhood too and seen god goin' long de big road, so he jumped behind a stump and hid. not dat he was skeered uh god, but he wanted to git a christmas present outa god but he didn't wanta give god nothin'. so he squatted down behind this stump till god come along, and then he jumpted up and said "christmas gift!"

god just looked back over his shoulder and said, "take de east coast," and kept on walkin'. and dat's why we got storms and skeeters-- it's de devil's property.

everything about that just cracks me up. picturing the devil hiding behind a stump... and then god being like, "whatevs, take the east coast"... so amused.

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listening to: nirvana, come as you are

first, and before i forget: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH! dude, you're old.

anyway. i think i've mentioned that this song reminds me of being really little and going to the bowling alley with my parents. (they league bowled! they came in last in the league like, 5 years in a row. they were really pissed when they came in 2nd-to-last one year, because last place got a trophy but 2nd-to-last is just lame.) anyway. and it's just such a good song. for def my favorite nirvana song.

physics studying went pretty well. i feel like i have a handle on it. but i guess only the test will tell that.

i've been working on my african american lit paper and i just like... i wish i could formulate a thesis. i'd feel a lot better if i had one, but all i have is some vague nebulous sorts of things.

oh, i almost forgot about the highlight of my morning...

julia: how was the pec?
me: i fell off the elliptical, it was awesome!

seriously, it was hilarious. if i had been watching me i'd have laughed so hard. well, first i would have been like, "are you okay?!" but then if they were, which i was, i'd have laughed. ahaha.

(it was when i was trying to step off of it, not like.. while i was running. at least.)

oh, and, constantine + fucking "how you remind me" = ANGSTCORE. so hilarious. and, i'm so ashamed to admit that i like that song. i know, i try to act like i'm soo zen and above being guilty about my "guilty' pleasures... i love the spice girls, i love josie and the pussycats, but i draw the line at proudly admitting to nickelback. i mean. i only kind of like it. it's not like i downloaded it or anything. although if i could find a mp3 of connie singing it i totally would.

IT'S NOT LIKE... something something... EVERY STORY... something something HOW YOU REMIND ME... ssomething something... BOTTLE?


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Monday, April 25, 2005

man. i bought this bag of "old fasioned hard candy" at wal-mart today and it's sooo good. mm.

also, i'm actually like, studying for physics. the test is in 2 days. and i have a good start on a study guide. and a study date tomorrow. yess. (this girl who sits next to me in physics came up to me in the dining hall tonight and was like, "hey, you understand physics, right?" and i was like "uh... sometimes" and she was like "well, way more than me, do you want to get together and study tomorrow?") wtf, people think i know physics. the blind leading the blind, man. (i was going to make a complicated blindness joke cuz i was just studying how the eye works, but i decided to let it slide.)

i love christine and julia... like a rock. i love them like the rock of ages.

at least that's what i've been telling them the last few days cuz it's been stuck in my head foreever.

m-dizza, yes, paul simon was on the muppet show and it's the best thing ever. it's out on dvd, on one of the "best of the muppet show" dvds. it also has the mark hamill and raquel welch episodes, clearly worth procuring.

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sometimes, i get emails and i just want to reply "what the hell is your problem? love, renata."

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Sunday, April 24, 2005


guy across the hall #1 (pounding on something): get out of here! you're soo goddamn fat! again!
(julia and i: *exchange amused glances*)
guy across the hall #2: who are you talking to?
guy across the hall #1: the squirrel!
(julia and i: *crack up*)

KAIT, you are AWESOME. and apparenetly so am i, because i'm you. (but, if i listen to tori instead of paul simon, i'm still me. how fleeting kaitness is!) also in may we might be able to go up and visit JULIA. and that would be like awesomeness cubed. and you guys could talk about law and order. and kittens.

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man, so, megan went through my and her blog archives and found some old quizzes and stuff, and anyway...

Which Frowler are YOU?

... this is a quiz that i made and which has me as a possible outcome. and i'm KAIT.


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listening to: ben folds, fired

awesome moment of yesterday:
christine: (something something) your mom!
me: you know my mom is dead!
me, christine, and julia: *crack up*
avram and brad: *confused silence*
me, christine, and julia: *continue to crack up*
me: uh, my mom's not really dead.

(sometimes it works out quite well that the average emotional age around here is about five.)

also, we totally watched spiceworld and it totally wasn't my idea. i think me owning spiceworld is like a public service, because people are always being like "i wanna watch spiceworld" and then i'm like "i own it!"

friday night we all learned from trivial pursuit that there are 3 ft 6 in long lobsters! isn't that horrifying? the little ones are creepy enough. jesus. so i vocalized my horror at the giant lobsters and now everyone things it's funny to make lobster claws with their hands and try to pinch me. we'll just see who's laughing when the lobsters come!! (actually, probably... all of us, because we'll all be like "this just like trivial pursuit!") so, at least we'll be amused before the terribly lobster overlords pinch us into submission witht their claws, oh god, their claaaws.


two things i apparently do when i'm mildly tipsy:
- use the word "dranken" and then get really horrified (as in, "seriously, i've only dranken half a glass of wine. ew, i just said 'dranken'!")
- sing the chorus of "she loves me like a rock" every five minutes. (that one was probably more because we had just watched the episode of the muppet show with paul simon.)

she loooooves me like a rock, loves me like the rock of ages...

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

listening to: spice girls, do it

btdubs, i just want to elaborate on my professor-related creepinesss :it's not just me. it's grinnell. anna started a facebook group for her advisor ("society for the appreciation of todd armstrong"). i think it has like 30 members now. mary tells cooing stories about professor simpson's baby. when i told my vbrown story to julia (who has had her as a professor), her response was "awww!"

it's just this whole good-professor-adoring culture.

ooh, and i'm so excited about the english major t-shirts this year. "grinnell college english department: impeccable punctuation since 1846."

anyway. more importantly, julia's here, hooray! we played some fluxx (which is the craziest game ever, but much fun!) and trivial pursuit. man, we pursued that trivia like nobody's business. we had like trivia-tracking dogs and everything.

but now, i think.. i'm going to go do work. the end.

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Friday, April 22, 2005

listening to: the guys across the hall, why don't we do it in the road

me: awww!
christine: what?
me: well, i emailed vbrown about--
christine: i KNEW it was something about vbrown! you have a special excited noise you make for vbrown.

god, i'm so creepy. i can't even handle it. at least jake's not here so there hasn't been any team paula smith creepiness.

i had a cool prospie last night. yay!

oh, juulia just got here, yay! so, i'll just leave you with my creepiness.

god, i really am creepy.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

listening to: paul simon, homeless

sometimes you just have to get off campus. yay for saint's rest.

anyway. issue 7 of the b&s is now online.

(i'd recommend this one cuz i wrote it and i think it's funny to non-grinnellians. as long as they're mitch hedberg fans. or pope fans.)

also, you all fail at the meme, because the point was to say what song it was, not just say that you figured it out. you people.

also, megan dug up an old meme... i'm 93% compatible with my senior-year-of-high-school self.

I'm an apparently intelligent, liberal, disgustingly generous, relatively well adjusted human being!
See how compatible you are with me!
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey'


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i feel that it's still too early in the semester to be crying in the shower again.

but moving on, a meme:

1.) Pick a song everyone knows.
2.) Take the lyrics to babelfish (http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr) and translate English to German to French to English.
3.) Copy out the result and give clues and see who can guess the song. Screen comments so no one cheats!
4.) Post your favorite line from the translated lyrics.

wow, this is great, because like... apparently some of it wouldn't translate from german to french, so now it's just stuck in german... i guess those of you who speak german get an advantage here?

anyway, your clues:
1. well, the title of the song managed to survive intact in a few places.
2. um... it's a good song.

It is a good girl,
likes to also mam likes him
of the Jesus and America is also
it a good girl, ' insane ' ' period Elvis
horses of love and their friend
it is a long day
which saw there reseda,
is motorway runnin '
by the court and me
a cause is bad lot
which me not it even lack,
me a bad lot to form '
his heart is and me is fallin '
Yeah ' free and free '
which I free am, fallin ' that ' free '
Vampires entirety walkin '
lowers after west of Ventura
road of luxury hinunterbewegen
and all the bad lots is in the shade
that which the good girls with defective hearts
Maedchen, verrueckte ' Zeitraum Elvis Liebepferde
und ihr Freund auch Es STI ein langer Tag,
DER im reseda sleeps lebt,
STI ein Autobahn runnin ' durch das Yard
und ich bin eine schlechte Junge Ursache,
die ich nicht sy sogar vermisse,
ich ein schlechter Junge fuer
Trainieren ' ihr Herz bin Und ich bin freies, freies fallin '
Yeah, das ich freies bin, freies fallin '
Das ganzes Vampires walkin ' durch
Senke hinunterbewegen nach
Westen Ventura Prachtstrasse
und alle schlechten Jungen
stehen im Schatten A ll,
welches die guten Maedchen
put defekten Herzen Haupt
sind Und ich bin freies,
freies fallin free '
Yeah bin, das ich freies,
freies fallin ' fallin ', me is now fallin ',
me is now free fallin ', me is now free fallin ',
me is now me would like mulholland to slip
to the bottom I would like to write
with his name in the sky which ' will let free '
case in lesquel nothin release outside ' which goes,
this world for one moment and me is fallin '
Yeah free and free which I free am, free fallin '

my favorite line? that which the good girls with defective hearts. heh. a toootally different meaning than the actual line...

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so i was just looking at the sidebar of priscellie's blog, which feautres the dates of upcoming movies/books/events of interest. and i was looking and i went "goblet [note: originally typed "coblog" which i thought was hilarious] of fire comes out 11/18, cool! aww man, i'll be in london then though. wait.... YAY i'll be in london then!"

also, wow, i hadn't realized ep3 is coming out so soon. oh wait! actually not that soon. for some reason i thought it was april 19. and then i realized, april 19 already happened. and such.

... yes i'm awesome.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

listening to: jill sobule, jetpack

SO hi.

i did a lot of stuff today. but i don't feel like blogging about it.

i should change trey's water.

i just want to reiterate that i want to be done with this semester.

but still, life's pretty good.

as the semester continues, the number of vbrown stories i tell increases exponentially. like if you guys think this blog is bad you should ask christine, she has to live with me.

but seriously, she's so awesome.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

these all made me giggle.

Renata of Doom's Aliases

Your movie star name: Gardetto Ernest

Your fashion designer name is Renata Loundoun

Your socialite name is Nana Grinnell

Your fly girl / guy name is R San

Your detective name is Cat U-High

Your barfly name is Easy Mac Cosmopolitan

Your soap opera name is Kay Morgan

Your rock star name is Skittle Cheetah

Your star wars name is Renmag Sanala

Your punk rock band name is The Frowlsome Lemon

The Amazing Meganame Generator

especially my punk rock band name.

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sweet, just booked my flight to loundoun!

Depart  Mon., Aug. 22 Chicago (ORD) 7:15 pm Stops: 1 Aer Lingus
Arrive Tue., Aug. 23  London (LHR) 11:10 am Flight 124

Depart  Fri., Dec. 30 London (LHR) 11:05 am Stops: 1 Aer Lingus
Arrive Fri., Dec. 30 Chicago (ORD) 3:50 pm Flight 157

un-sweet: this flight apparently does not qualify for an e-ticket, and i have to pay $20 extra to get a regular ticket. wtf, how do you not qualify for an e-ticket? and how do they get to charge $20 for a regular ticket? why don't they just charge $20 more for the flight? that's like selling someone a car for $500 and then being like, "well, your car doesn't qualify for a key. but if you'd like me to hotwire it for you i'll do it for $20."

oh well, it was still cheaper than the other flights.

and um, i'm going to looooondon. or loundoun. or lndon. (that one was a typo). or london. yeah.

but first, i'm going to african american liiiit. wooo, class!

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*sigh* post-physics lab (or "lab," as christine would have me say) i headed over to read lab to finish up the b&s. i stuck my ipod in my bag when i left this morning, so i could rock out while revising.

but the headphones are terribly, confusingly, gordianly (is gordianly a word? it is now) tangled! roooar. i've spent like, 5 minutes trying to untangle them. saaad face.

woohoo, i win.

i've been soo hungry the last few days. it's weird.

anyway, so speaking of the b&s, which i wasn't really but i just opened indesign so i was just looking at the b&s, if not speaking of it, but. my point here is that i stillll haven't gotten our comic from our artist and i need to be totally done with this issue before 5pm tonight. and i have class from 2-4. and she doesn't fucking know how to use a scanner so when she does give it to me i'll have to run over and scan it and edit it and whatnot.

[deep breaths]. not to mention the fact that dylan didn't get me ask ed-- a full page out of our 8-- until like, 5pm yesterday. buut it's all laid out and done now. and at least he's late but funny. whereas our artist is just late and not a particularly good artist.

yeah, i went there.

anyway. e-scrabble got a cease & desist from hasbro!! boo-urns. i learned about this from an email from my mother, with the subject line "CRISIS!! OH NO!!"

anyway... maybe i'll do some work now. maybe.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

i find the best cure for stress is to just DO stuff. like, in a mild panic i just wrote 3 pages (of 4) of my art history paper. yesss.

na na na na na na, na na na na na na, gettin' jiggy. with kathe kollvitz's uprising and francisco goya's the mob. thesis: both works feature mobs.

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listening to: soul coughing, so far i have not found the science

i honestly couldn't tell you how long itunes had been playing before i realized it was on mute. which explains a few things. actually it explains one thing, which is why i couldn't hear anything after i hit play.


it'd be awesome if i weren't tired all the time.

arrrrgh school why aren't you finished yet?

por queeeeee?

i was seriously going to write a real entry. and not just whining. but now i don't remember what i wanted to say.

um, i love eleanor roosevelt. just wanted to get that out there.

OH i know what i wanted to say. it was about how the camping conference made me feel like a snob :( like, i try not to fall into that "i'm awesome and go to a private liberal arts college" trap so when my hotel roommates said they went to community college and niu, respectively, i wasn't judging. people go to schools for lots of different reasons, and it doesn't mean they're not smart or whatever. but then they started complaining about how much work they had to do and i was like "..." like, one of them had a 3-page paper due in like a week, and another girl had to write a paper about a book and was upset about having to use "outside sources." and i was just like "yeah i have a lot of work too." but... man. no, you don't have a lot of work. i have a lot of work. the end.

ALSO at dinner, the girl i was sitting across from was like "you know, we went to camp together' and i was like really? sorry, i don't remember you. and she was like, yeah, it was in 1998. and apparently 2 other girls who were at that same session are also counselors. soo ridiculous. and awesome. i think my name gives me a leg up in situations like that. like if i say "hi i'm renata" and someone knew a renata 7 years ago, odds are pretty good it might have been be. whereas if someone says "hi i'm alison" [or, as i originally typed, "i him alison"] i say "hi alison you are the 23498th person i know named alison."


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Sunday, April 17, 2005

*gasp* the greatest email i have ever received from my art history prof, and possibly among the greatest emails ever received from anyone:

This is to put in written form what I announced in class yesterday: I am giving you a few days extension on your paper -- until Monday April 25 at 5 PM.

Also I have to be out of town Friday (4/22), so class is cancelled for Friday this coming week.


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Saturday, April 16, 2005

hola, estoy in casa. it's been a craazy few days, full of ridiculous travel mishaps; but all ended well!

- first i somehow missed the camp t. group at the hotel, and ended up being directed to the opening speaker when actually everyone had already left to go out to dinner... but i found them eventually. not until after an amusing exchange with hotel desk guy... "well, what's your camp name?" "um, zelda." "oh yeah, they were looking for zelda..."

- then, i left the conference for julia's house, and mapquest told me to turn right instead of left... which was WRONG. but it ttook me awhile and some panicked calls to julia to figure this out. and so i was late and missed the 5:05 train. but, i got the 6:05, so life was good... and then i went to the restaurant where i was supposed to meet the tori people... but they had already left. but i met up with them at the hotel and made it to the concert in pleeenty of time.

- then, this morning i needed to get to navy pier to meet julia, so i was like... well, i'll ask hotel desk man how to get there, and he was like yeah, take bus 20. and i was like, cool. but then one of the cool tori people was like "well, we're leaving soon, we'll just take you there so you don't have to take the bus," and i was like "cool, thanks!" but then like... they actually went to shedd aquarium and were like "this is close to navy pier, right?" and i was like uh... so then i went and asked the aquarium people how to get from there to navy pier, and she rummaged through this box and was like "oh, sorry, we're out of pamphlets about navy pier." and i was like "... you work at an information desk in chicago. tell me how to get to navy pier!" and she was like "well, you can walk there, along the lake, it's like a 15-minute walk..." well. it's longer than 15 minutes. in case you were wondering. made longer when the bridge goes up for 23043 sailboats right before you can cross it! but, it was a nice day and a lovely walk, and i eventually got there. and had fun with juuuulia yay! and one possible travel mishap was missed when we did catch our train, with like 3 whole minutes to spare.

now that i've detailed the mishaps... on the whole, it's been a good weekend! the camp people were cool, the concert was awesome (i'll post a setlist later-- i will say it had some raaandom-type stuff, but she did play "yes anastasia," "space dog," barons of suburbia," and freaking "apollo's frock," so... yeah. wooot.)

anyway. i have SO much work to do... adjaskljda'klsdj. maybe i'll go do some of that. i hope.

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

<33 vbrown, forever.

from an email exchange...

me: ...Also, a quick story I thought you might appreciate- sometimes I post at some message boards online, and recently I ended up getting into this discussion wherein a few guys were like, "I'm sad that chivalry is dead, women deserve to be treated like princesses," and a woman replied and said something along the lines of "I agree, women should be treated like princesses!" ("treated like princesses" was a phrase they were using frequently, not a paraphrase from me!). A few other women (including myself) replied and said basically that we thought treating everyone with respect and no one like royalty seemed like a good idea, and it got complicated from there... but what amused me was that I realized I was getting annoyed with these people and going "Why are you making a difference argument?! Don't you know where the difference argument ends up?!"

If only the entire Internet could take History 222 :)

vbrown: Great story, Renata.  Confirms my suspicion that there is a new gender conservatism "out there" that is really disturbing, even scarry.  I have been naďve and way too soft.  I am gearing up to re-fashion myself!

i also love that she was checking her email at midnight.

( i then replied: Ooh, and I just realized I forgot to mention the funniest/scariest part of the exchange-- "I bet you feminists don't even have boyfriends!" What an original and unique criticism!)

i love the world of liberal academia.

anyway, i'll probably end up blogging again before i leave, cuz it's me, but in case i don't: i'm leaving tomorrow late morning, where i will hang out in iowa city with megan for a few hours, then off to the mid state camping association conference in st. charles until friday afternoon, whence i will leave for julia's house, where she will take me to the metra station (cuz she's awesome!) and i will get into chicago and see toooori! and spend friday night somewhere with some toriphiles, and saturday morning leave and have lunch with juuuulia and then go home, spend the night, and then leave my car at home and mom will drive me back on sunday.

so. i'll be gone for awhile. but, i'll be doing awesome stuff.


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my dead celebrity soulmate is billy the kid.

seriously, this is the greatest online quiz i have ever experienced.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

why kait and i are the best history major and minor (kait, you're a history minor, right?) EVER:

kait: Oh man, I was at my friend Ali's dorm the other night, and she had just gotten her birth control refill in the mail, and the envelope said STD on it in big letters.
kait: and we couldn't figure out why, but we laughed about it for a logn time. Because we're five
renata: hehehehe
renata: that's ok, i'm 5 too
renata: like, reading this biography of eleanor roosevelt...
renata: she has multiple ancestors who were nicknamed "pussie." so it'lljust be like, "blah blah dear aunt pussie"
renata: and i'm like... bahaha.
kait: ahahahaah oh man, that is incredible.
renata: yeah
renata: also, it cracks me up still whenever "gay" is used with its original definition
renata: like "sara roosevelt was the gayest one at the ball!"
renata: ahaha.. she's so gay. which is so weird to me that i still think that's funny.. but... heh.
kait: No, I do too. I always snicker a little bit and then feel silly that I have, but it doesn't stop me.
renata: hehehe... gay.
renata: man, aunt pussie was soo gay.
renata: i'm seriously cracking up right now.
kait: I am too. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's six. Otherwise I would have no friends. and no one to make awesome jokes with.
renata: that would be sad :-( sad like john kerry is when people are inhumane to animals :-(

ps, keith, i knew you were kidding, but i just wanted to clarify my good-baking name. er at least my mediocre-baking name. yeah. woot.

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this is entirely in response to comments:

keith: YES! that's it! i knew it was something, and i felt really dumb because... yeah... whew. thanks. (although my favorite ahnold-ism remains.... "GET TO THE CHOPPER." man, that was the funniest thing ever. to like... me, mike, and ashvin.)

and yeah. well. anytime a woman tries to subvert the status quo, you get to do this: "you're trying to change things, which means you're not a real woman, which means you'll never get married, which means you're a fucking dyke." society's heterosexism makes this remarkably effective!

also i can bake. sometimes.

marrrion: let's just say that if i ever need pie, i know where i can get some.

kait: i know. seriously. sometimes i just want to be like "SUSAN B. ANTHONY NEVER LIVED TO VOTE AND ALICE PAUL WENT ON HUNGER STRIKES FOR WEEKS. WHY DO YOU STILL GET TO VOTE AND OWN PROPERTY AND YET VIEW "FEMINIST" AS A BAD WORD?!?" but then i remember that because i believe in democracy (ha, i totally typed "democrazy" again) i think everyone should vote, even people i disagree with and people who have opinions that defy history.

man, i'm so democrazy for democracy.


oh, also, i'm way out of hand. waaaay out of hand... for democracy.

but seriously, sometimes i'm so in awe of everything that had to happen for me to get to live the life i live. and i'm so conscious of everything that still has to happen. but really i mean... women only got universal suffrage 80 years ago. blacks really only got universal suffrage 40 years ago. homosexuality was only removed from the american psychiatry association's list of mental illnesses 30 years ago.

feminism has brought us far enough that women can now choose to ignore it. which is, after all, their choice. and there are so many different ways to be a feminist. and what gets me is how well homophobia STILL works, how many women are deterred by the label "man-hating feminist" or "man-hating feminazi."

roaroaroaroar. as carlos would say.

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over the years i have gone from being someone who signs her emails "~renata~" to someone who signs her emails "-r."

i'm not sure why i felt that would be a good opening line to a blog entry. briefly i thought maybe it was something really profound but i think it actually just indicates inceasing laziness.

man, remember rml? and how fucking much email we used to send? rml truly was the precursor to thiis blog. (well, rml, and my other failed attempts at online journaling.)

also, this attempt at a blog entry has been a failure... i started it an hour and a half ago and got distracted, and no longer have anything to say. (if indeed i ever did.)

but trust me, i'll be back, baby. oh wait, i meant to quote terminator but that's "hasta la vista, baby" isn't it? what's "i'll be back"? isn't that someone's catchphrase? if not... i think it'll be my new catchphrase.

i'll be back, baby.

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i wonder if this means that scipe can get alan cumming to come to our marijuana legalization panel discusion?!

oh, also, i was randomly reading the girl from cb's blog, cuz she had it as a link in her sig and i was bored, and she mentioned the chivalry debate from the other side, and mentioned that like... she favored chivalry and liked being treated like a lady, etc. and someone left an anonymous comment on that post that was like, "i totally agree! those feminists on cb are way out of hand! i bet they don't even have boyfriends!"

man, what an insightful criticism of feminism... i bet those people who believe in gender equity don't have boyfriends. jeeze, we probably don't even know how to bake, what is wrong with us?

and yeah the reason i don't have a boyfriend is cuz whenever anyone holds the door for me i punch them in the face. hee. i'm way too entertained by this whole thing. though i imagine i'd be more annoyed if i didn't have my grinnell (and intarweb) bubble to retreat to.

speaking of bubbles. or grinnell. or something. i'm wickedexcited about london. i'm making plans and stuff, like i filled out my work visa thingie form, and i need to book a flight soon, and that makes it seem more like it's something that's really going to happen.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

oh, also: finished the first-sentence meme. the only one you guys didn't get was dirk gently's holistic detective agency, so well done ^_^

reply to some comments:
thanks for the lab-related support, m-dawg & kait!

also i'm glad various people find me interesting. woot ^_^

tura: crazy! legalization is just in the air. or something.

kait: yes, it was the "movie trailer" trailer... it was the first time i've seen it, and it was awesome.

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listening to: tmbg, don't let's start

i'm in such a good mood. i don't even really know why.

i wrote a list of things i need to do on my hand. the list is:

the last two items make sense. scipe= i needed to send some scipe-related emails. bryan= i needed to email bryan about a b&s issue. HH, though, has... OH! OH! it stands for Hill House! i needed to email the hill house guy too!

i win.


btdubs, i showed up for the other physics group and it was fine. it's not like anything related to physics lab is a big deal, since it's only 45 minutes; but still, i feel that one-on-one time with professor cunningham is to be avoided if possible. oh yeah, and i totally got a c+ on that physics midsem, which i'm soo content with. considering i thought i had failed. (with good reason- my answers to 2/5 questions were absolute bs.) i'm not that worried about that class, though, i have near-perfects on homeworks and labs and i got a b+ on the first exam. so. yeah.

i forgot to mention that i was eating lunch with christine and mary and avram and a prospie, and we were talking about how people from the town of grinnell are nice. and i was like, "yeah! i was just talknig to the chief of police, and he was really nice! and he copied this article about marijuana legalization for me!" i got this like, blank look from the prospie-mom, and then christine was like, "um... is this for the scipe panel discussion?" and i was like... oh right, that probably sounded really awkward to people who don't know the sordid details of my extracurricular life.

dammit. why does norml have the most confusingly designed website ever? it's almost as if the webmaster were stoned... (ps, awhile ago i was trying to call the guy i talk to at norml-- yes i now have a "guy i talk to" at norml-- and i called, and this guy was like "um... he's not here right now...." and i was like "... could you transfer me to his voicemail?" and the guy was like ".... well, i can try...." and i was like... is this guy stoned? seriously? i'd think norml would be trying to defeat that stereotype. but it made me giggle.)

hmm. i've been in the pubs building for like 45 minutes and i've: written a fairly long blog entry, done some critical emailing, checked plans, and swiveled in my chair for a bit. but the only progress on the b&s i've made is as follows:

Frame 1:
The Adventures of Republican Boy!

best comic strip ever, clearly.

(last night... dylan: oh yeah, we need to write a comic too. me: i've got it... how about if republican boy gets narcolepsy for the whole strip? (we laugh heartily) me: seriously. do you have any ideas? [long pause])

ha, good thing i have 8 whole days to throw together an issue. and i'll only be out of town for 3 1/2 of them!

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a sad day :( my alarm clock went off, as it does; playing spice girls, as it does. i went to hit the snooze button, as i do. nothing happened. i hit the snooze button again. nothing. i keep hitting it, progressively harder. eventually i make the cd skip. i sit up and try hitting other buttons, such as "stop' and "power." i pick up the alarm clock. water falls on my bed.

yeah... my alarm clock is on my windowsill... and it rained yesterday.. and now my awesome alarm clock is full of water :(

also, okay. my lab partner has just disappeared from physics. he hasn't officially dropped. he just stopped coming. which leaves me alooone. so, last week i signed up at a different time, and thus like broke up a group of three, which the member of the 3 i was with seemed to resent. so yesterday i signed up at my old time hoping someone would remember that we now have to do 2 groups of 2 and one group of 3, rather than... two groups of 3 and one group of 1. but no.

so, i emailed professor cunningham being like, "can i just come earlier and have a group of 4, rather than a group of 1?" and he hasn't gotten back yet. but i think i'll just go, because he never has the sheet of who signed up for which lab time anyway.

and i don't want to do my lab alone. again.

*single tear*

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Monday, April 11, 2005

listening to: tori, doughnut song (live)

i'm soo installing this on one of the computers in the b&s office. (ganked from talia; of special interest to priscellie.)

the grinnell police department is so cute. aw. i was trying to get someone to speak at scipe's marijuana legalization panel discussion and the guy i had talked to called me and was like "umm, we don't think so, but if you want to come down and talk to us and explain it that would be good." and i was like "sure, when?" and he was kind of like, "well, i leave at 2, i don't know, just come whenever."

so i did, and i ended up talking to both the guy i had been talking to (the head of dare) and the chief of police. and they were so cute and nice. like the chief was like, 'you know, i was just reading this article you'd be interested in, where was it? online somewhere, or.." and then the dare guy was like "it was in that magazine, it's on your desk." and then the chief was like "yeah!" and then he found it and was like, "here, i'll go make a copy," and he just went and xeroxed it.

anyway, and they said someone would come. which is good. they were afraid we were going to make them say pro-legalization things. and i was like, duh, no, you're the police.

and then the chief was like "ohl, that's the same week cake is coming... (shocked) you know they say thousands of people are supposed to go to that?" and i was like "yeah, they're a pretty big band, people are excited about it." and he was like "really? are they a punk band?" and i was like "nah.. well, rock sort of... they're pretty popular." and he was like "oh, so they have albums out?"

it was so cute. aww.

i realize like, calling the police department "cute" is really condescending, but it just.. was. very small town. very andy griffith. yes.

the "chivalry" thread is making me realize how much influence us women's history has had on me. because i'm sitting her mentally screaming at these people "WHY ARE YOU MAKING A DIFFERENCE ARGUMENT?! DON'T YOU KNOW HOW THE DIFFERENCE ARGUMENT TURNS OUT?" and then i go "oh. no... they don't."

and someone was like, "how can chivalry go out of style?" and i was like "um, because it's the knight's code of honor... and you're not a knight..."

i'm so grinnellified. rawr.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

listening to: tori, space dog (live)


i saw sin city today! it was... really intense. i really liked it. i also- unexpectedly, i didn't even know she was in it- think it made me a big rosario dawson fan. i mean obv i love josie and the pussycats but this was so different. she was really... i don't want to reuse "intense" but she was. i'm really excited about seeing her as mimi now.

ALSO i saw the trailer for hgttg finally. so hilarious. i can't wait for this movie. and i never really... i didn't think there needed to be a hitchhiker's movie, i wasn't that excited when i heard they were making it... but this really does look great.

ALSO i saw the ep3 trailer again. hott. it does look so much better than ep1 and 2.



sometimes i wonder what someone who didn't know me and just read my blog would think of me. i mean i use the word "hot" and "hott" so much. and i always seem to be implying inappropriate sexual relationships. which is also how i interact with people in real life, come to think of it.

... hey, you know who's great? tori amos.

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listening to: tori, cooling (live)

woot! yesterday was teh fun. and it was so nice not to have a bunch of stuff hanging over my head. i could legitimately have fun and not be like "man, there's so much i should be doing instead!" (just a little bit of stuff i should have been doing :)

i went to iowa city and had lunch with mary and her friends, and then mary and renee and i went to the mallll. mostly just to taaaarget. and bought things. yes.

and then in grinnell i triiied to go to bald soprano again but it was full AGAIN boo. so then i went to dari barn with christine. and it was hot. and then we picked up anna (wink!) and went to see rocky horror! yay! it was much fun, lots of people had really great callbacks. and the cast was hott.

i may or may not have gotten into an internet bitchfight about chivalry.

i find that as my life becomes more interesting, my blog gets less interesting, because then i'm just like "i did this this and this." rather than "i didn't do anything so i'll just talk about the kool-aid man for awhile."

speaking of doing stuff i need to go... do stuff.

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

listening to: josie (+ the pussycats), you're a star

whoa. i just did all my physics homework before 11am on saturday. who am i?! i don't even know anymore.

i forgot one other thing i wanted to post about, which was that christine had to watch some spanish teevee for her anthro class. and she doesn't speak spanish so she asked if i wanted to come. and of course i did because telanovelas are hilarious.

but it turns out at 3pm on fridays, telemundo doesn't show telanovelas. they show laura. laura is apparently the spanish language jerry springer. so, i was trying to sort of translate for christine, and not quite catching everything. "so... this lady says her husband drinks too much, and she's been trying to get him to stop but he won't... he does it all the time, even in the morning, but he won't... something... and then... she dances? she dances and he doesn't.. something?" and then, you know how on talk shows they'll flash the person's name beneath them and like, a quote that summarizes their problem? well, that happened, and it was like "some chick... her husband drinks too much and then can't do it in bed!"

and i was like "OH! so... that explains... everything. okay." and christine was confused. but then like, this woman the husband had been having an affair with showed up. and these two sisters. and i could not fucking figure out how the sisters were involved. like first i thought one of them was the guy's sister, but then her sister showed up too and then they fought. i think maybe all 4 of them were sleeping with the same guy.

and they fought. all of them. it was so hardcore, apparently trashy mexican women are even more violent than trashy american people.

but i couldn't really understand anything that happened after more people showed up, because there were constantly at least two people yelling at the same time, and... i don't speak spanish well enough to follow simultaneous yelling. but they were certainly angry. *nod*

so, if you ever find yourself looking for something entertaining to watch, don't forget to explore the possiblities telemundo has to offer.

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listening to: rachael sage, sara's song

goddammit. safari just crashed AGAIN and the recover post feature is still gone. apparently they just like announced it to tease me!! if only i didn't know there was the possibility of recovering my post!

and wtf, safari never crashes and it's done it twice in the last few days. maybe it got all excited like, "i can crash and renata can just recover her blogger posts!" well NO I CAN'T SAFARI STOP IT.

OK i will try to recreate that post because i was excited about it. i hope you appeciate it.

oh: if a certain megan is reading this, she should call a certain renata, because a certain renata will be in a certain iowa city today.

anyway so last night i had a boring prospie. i'm sure she was just shy and i'm sure i was exactly like that when i was a prospie and i'm sure my host was really relieved when i left.

anyway. we went to see the bald soprano but it was fulll so i was like "well, there's some beatboxing thing? we could go see what that is?" and of course that was fine with ever-agreeable prospie, so we went, and it turned out they were a "hip hop improv group" called "the beatbox." and they were funny, although they only ever asked for one suggestion from the audience which made brad and i suspicious of how much was actually improv-ed.

BUT KAIT THEY MADE KOOL-AID MAN JOKES!! they kept skipping back and forth, going back to scenes and starting new ones and stuff, and there was one with a creepy emo musician holding a janitor hostage until he could think of a song, and his producer was trying to get him to stop... and then randomly the singer offered everyone "purplesaurus rex" kool-aid, and the producer was like "i don't think purplesaurus rex is a real dinosaur, i don't want any" but the other guy did, so then one of the other improv guys ran on and was like "OH YEAH!"

and then later the guy who had been the kool-aid man was like "aah, sometimes it's nice to have a break... it's kind of tiring, having to run through a brick wall every time some kid drinks a glass of kool-aid." and then his doctor was like "kool-aid man, as your doctor, i have to recommend that..."

but then someone drank some kool-aid and he had to go run through the wall, OH YEAH.

and then eventually it went back to the kool-aid man and his doctor, and the doctor was like "look kool-aid man, you had a good run, but you've got to stop this. you're made of glass! one day you're going to run through a wall and just shatter, and then some kid's going to have his purplesaurus rex full of glass shards. you'll have to go the way of tang."

and then kool-aid man was like, "noo! as long as there are astronauts, there will always be tang!"

and then someone else came onstage and was like "look buddy... i used to be tang. now i live in this guy's basement. there just... aren't enough astronauts..."

and it was so random and hilarious. but then someone started drinking kool-aid on the other side of the stage and kool-aid man had to go, man, because he's fucking hardcore.

and then later the emo musician/janitor were drinking kool-aid, and the kool-aid man ran in again, and the producer was like "dammit! we just fixed that wall!"

it was awesome. oh, and because they were "hip hop imorov" apparently that meant that they would mostly just do regular improv but occasionally one of them would start rapping. and they were making lord of the rings jokes and one guy started doing this rap, as aragorn, and it was hot. and hilarious.

so, if you're ever in chicago, or if the beatbox ever comes near you, i highly recommend them.

also i saw sideways last night which like... i dunno. i could abstractly recognize that it was a good movie, but i didn't like it. my friend erin told me awhile ago that she hadn't liked it because she didn't like the characters. and now that i've seen it i totally agree with that.

hm. on the books meme:
julia, 7's not sarah vowell but you're on the right track. and you've definitely read this book. you've read my copy of this book.

on 8: yeah, i didn't think anyone would get this... um.. i'm sure almost all of you have read a book by this author. probably even this one, but it's not what he's known for. and... the first sentence really doesn't have anything to do with the book.

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Friday, April 08, 2005

man. after i got all excited about blogger's new recover post feature... i typed two sentences of an entry, safari crashed, i opened it back up... and the "recover post" link isn't there.

i'm so disillusioned.

but at least i have coffee.

let's see. sitting at the student organization fair from 11-12, 12-1 last minute reading for history, 1-2 history, 2-4:30?, 4:30 pick up prospie.

i think i'm going to do the first-sentence meme. because i'm a meme whore.

one: Take your ten favorite books (that you happen to have at school with you).
two: Post the first line of each book in your journal.
three: Have your friends try to guess which books are which.
four: Revel in your geek-ery.

1. It is, of course, a miracle. Neil Gaiman, Brief Lives, as guessed by Kait.
2. Either this will ring bells for you, or it won't. Lynne Truss, Eats, Shoots And Leaves, as guessed by Kait.
3. There are children playing soccer on a field at Gettysburg where the Union Army lost the first day's fight. Sarah Vowell, The Partly Cloudy Patriot, as guessed by Miriam. (And Devon :)
4. When my family first moved to North Carolina, we lived in a rented house three blocks from the school where I would begin the third grade. David Sedaris, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, as guessed by Miriam.
5. Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot. Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, as guessed by Kait.
6. Shadow had done three years in prison. Neil Gaiman, American Gods, as guessed by Sarah.
7. The image of the spiritual founding of America that generations of Americans have grown up with was created, oddly enough, by a poet of limited talents (to put it in the most magnanimous possible way) who lived two centuries after the event in a country three thousand miles away. Bill Bryson, Made in America, as guessed by Julia.
8. This time there would be no witnesses. That'd be Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams. I'm not surprised nobody got it; I certainly wouldn't have.
9. All this happened, more or less. Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-5, as guessed by Kait.
10. Heads. Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, as guessed by Kait.

man, kait totally did school this meme ^_^

(i was going to do the laramie project as one of mine, rather than repeat one of kait's, but then i saw that the first sentence of that is: on november 14, 1998, the members of tectonic theater project traveled to laramie, wyoming and conducted interviews with the people of the town so i figured it wouldn't be that challenging.)

so yeah. go!

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

oh, and i did edit the characters meme with all the right answers. my favorite snicket character? my favorite muppet? you know you wanna find out.

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listening to: katy pfaffl, as she stands

buh?! awesome.

i just had an awesome meeting with vbrown. aaah. she liked my paper aaand she was glad i'm not lazy. and... okay. (i feel sorry for christine, she has to put up with all my vbrown stories all the time. i don't think she's ever even met vbrown.) but seriously everyone i know who's had a class with her feels the same way. it's like, this intense like and respect coupled with a deep need for acceptance. LIKE US, VBROWN, PLEASE LIKE US.

anyway i think my life just got manageable again. sweet. i just need another minor round of revisions on my paper, and a minor revision on my short lit paper, and in 2 weeks i have to to art history but that's.. not a real class. and i need to revis my resume a bit again i think, and my london essay. ooh and i need to book my flight and fill out that form.

and lots of reading. um and the b&s.

but seriously, manageable.

heey i wonder if tomorrow's payday? i forget if they push it back or forward when it falls over a weekend.

i just ate an enormous ice cream sandwich.

i have a prospie tomorrow, and life is manageable, and, i think i might watch the daily show tonight. woot.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

a few notes: <333 matt santos forever.

i edited the character meme, only lemony snicket and the muppets are left. i'm not sure anyone will get those, but i'll leave it up for awhile longer. guessssssss!

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i almost forgot: an exciting moment in the life of renata. so i'm trying to get some speakers for the scipe panel discussion on marijuana, so i'm on the phone with a dare guy from the grinnell police department. i give him our spiel, he says sounds good, and then:

dare guy: and what's your phone number?
me: ... umm.... hang on a minute...

i had to ask christine what our phone number was. sigh. but it's even better because it was to the dare guy.

this is another good list. i heart mcsweeneys.

oh, and i also forgot to post about a real exciting moment. (as oppsed to the dare thing, which was technically more shame than excitement.)

Hi, Renata,

I'm sure you've thought that our plans to do the Lettered version of AMERICAN GODS had vanished in the wind--especially since I haven't corresponded with you in many months.

What has taken so long, however, was my trying to find someone who could make the marble doors for the box. I finally found a place in Mexico, and so they're being engraved while I write this.

[...] I just wanted to tell you that we're getting ready to put the whole Lettered package together--including your GUIDE TO THE GODS.

It's been designed and typeset--I've attached a .pdf file which includes the entire thing. (Note that in the end we decided not to use Neil's source guide, as I had originally said. It just made the book too long.)

And finally, I've also attached a .pdf of our sell sheet for the Lettered Edition. Hope you like it.

Thank you again for letting us use your wonderful piece, Renata. And, of course, once we get the final Lettered editions in stock, you'll be getting one of the first ones.

All best,

hellz yeah.

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listening to: pippin, no time at all

today's another good day! i went for another lovely bike ride, and i'm wearing a skirt with a crazy ruffly hemline and it ruffles against my knees when i walk.

i'm debating drinking another ddp. i had one for breakfast, and i drank two yesterday, and i'm not sure i want to walk down that path. hmm. well, i'll drink more water for now and see how i feel about the situation before physics.

fandom meme ganked from priscellie, among others:

a. Post a list of 10 fandoms.
b. Have your friends guess your favorite character from each one.
c. When guessed, bold the line, include the character name, and write a sentence about why you like that character.

in semi-random order. some of these should be super-easy (for some of you anyway, others may be harder...)

1. rent: mark, as guessed by megan and priscellie
duh, i used to have a mark website. i love mark. he's so adorkable. plus you know all us internet geeks love the lonely detached artist. also i like his glasses.

2. west wing: cj, as guessed by priscellie
cj is sooo hot. a smart, strong, awesome woman. and she's funny. and "both delighful and delicious." and i just... love her.

3. x-men [movieverse]: magneto, as guessed by kait
magneto is so hardcore. and so angsty. and so snarky. and so, so stylish.

4. x-files: krycek, as guessed by priscellie
he's so badass.

5. sandman: death, as guessed by megan & priscellie
i like her sooo much. i really feel like she's one of neil's more brilliant creations. and i love her outlook on life. mmmirony.

6. harry potter: the weasley twins, as guessed by kait
what's not to love? and there is two of them!

7. lemony snicket: lemony snicket
priscellie accurately guessed that klaus is my favorite baudelaire, but my favorite lemony snicket character is... lemony snicket. i really think the narratiion of those books is what makes them what they are, and i love love LOVE the way lemony is woven in. if we don't find out more about him and beatrice by the end of the series i swear i'll stab someone.

8. star wars: r2-d2, as guessed by kait
seriously, i have like 234890324 r2-d2s at home on my dresser. well, at least 50. anyway, he's adorable. and he manages to be snarky using only beeps and whistles. that's talent. also i love how in the extended series he like... developed a personality. despite being a fucking robot who can't talk. and they were like, "um... luke can... use the force to understand robot language!"

9. hitchhiker's guide: arthur, as guessed by kait
yep, arthur. i know, he's so boring in a series full of such bizarre personalities, but that's what i like about him. he makes the series so awesome and surreal. like, anyone can do space drama (though not as hilariously as douglas adams, i'm sure) but a space drama where one guy just wants to go home and have a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit? yes.

10. er... the muppets: statler and waldorf (the old theatre curmudgeons)
like i said, the swedish chef was a good guess. sam the eagle would have also been an excellent guess, those 2 compete closely for my 2nd-favorite muppet. however, these two are definitely my favorites. i think they just completely embody the self-referential humor that makes me loove the muppets. plus they're old, and old people are funny. (in case anyone was wondernig, my favorite of the "regular" muppets is probably kermit. but seriously, expand your mind people. expaaand your mind and embrace statler and waldorf.)

my shoulder feels better! and i haven't been sneezing much today! hooray!

also, i find this hilarious. and it's even better cuz professor simpson was the one who posted the link. this too.

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listening to: pippin, no time at all

hmm hi. yesterday i freaked out in a productive way and did my physics lab writeup, and half of my paper for african american lit, and i even did all my readings for art history and history. it was weird.

man. so my right shoulder has been reallly sore the last few days, and i couldn't figure out why. and like my neck too, if i look down it hurts. unrelatedly (i thought), i've been sneezing a lot lately. and then this morning i was sneezing, and i realized that i always turn my head to the left when i sneeze and kind of jerk forward... i think that's what messed up my shoulder. i think i hurt my shoulder by SNEEZING. i'm such a winner.

a few notes on american idol: i don't understand how anyone thinks constantine is for-real sexy. like he's always looking at the camera and making creepy eye contact... as jenny said, "i feel so dirty after connnie performs..." anyway it's just gross. also: dear paula, please shut the hell up forever. love, renata.

um... i need to go to class now. stupid class.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

right now i'm just so... i want to be done? with school? for awhile? i think it's just that everything AFTER this semester for awhile, i'm excited about.

like, KAIT VISITING ME and like CAMP and like LONDON.

and the next few weeks... are... god. i wish i had time management skills :( but at least i get to see tori on the 15th! and julia on the 16th!

but i just don't want to write papers, even awesome ones. and i don't want to... bleh. i don't even want to do the b&s, and i love the b&s. i'm just burning out. like a thingie in the atmosphere.


oh but today... it was gorgeous out, warm and sunny, and i was walking to the pec. and i walked past a campus bike, and i was like... hm. so i just started riding around, to the soccer field and the observatory, and then i kind of headed out into town and found this bike trail and rode it for... awhile, i don't know. i ended up in jasper county? (grinnell's in poweshiek, but i think it must be on the edge or something cuz i wasn't gone that long. like an hour, roundtrip.) but it was soo nice out and there were some awesome hills and i was listening to katy pfaffl... and... yeah. man.

still though. counting the fucking days until may 20. that was just an expression but then i found my calendar so maybe i will actually count.... 45. meh.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

back in grinnell! woot.

inspired by high fidelity, and my lack of motivation to do any work, here are some top 5 lists:

top 5 favorite songs:
1. tori amos - take to the sky
2. ben folds - there's always someone cooler than you
3. ttb - louder than words
4. stuart davis - jonah
4.5. tom petty - free-fallin'
5. beatles - blackbird
* i realize that, technically speaking, there are 6 items on this list. but really, YOU tell me which of those songs is less good.

top 5 favorite albums;
1. tori amos - under the pink
2. rachael sage - smashing the serene
3. paul simon - graceland
4. beatles - white album
5. ani difranco - puddle dive

top 5 favorite musicals:
1. rent (uh...)
2. avenue q
3. ttb
4. urinetown
5. cabaret

top 5 favorite books:
1. neil gaiman - brief lives
2. kurt vonnegut jr. - slaughterhouse-5
3. sarah vowell - the partly cloudly patriot
4. bill bryson - a walk in the woods
5. david sedaris - me talk pretty one day

top 5 favorite books as a kid:
1. l. m. montgomery - anne of green gables (et al)
2. roald dahl - the wonderful tale of henry sugar and 6 more
3. laura ingalls wilder - little house on the prairie (et al)
4. anna sewell - black beauty
5. c. s. lewis - the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe (et al)

top 5 bond movies:
1. goldeneye
2. the man with the golden gun
3. tomorrow never dies
4. goldfinger
5. you only live twice
(apparently i like ones with "gold" in the title?)

top 5 bond songs:
1. sheryl crow - tomorrow never dies
2. paul mccartney - live and let die
3. duran duran - a view to a kill
4. garbage - the world is not enough
5. madonna - die another day
(but i like songs with "die" in the name.)

top 5 non-bond movies:
1. dogma
2. josie & the pussycats
3. a hard day's night
4. return of the jedi
5. pocahontas

top 5 most frequently visited websites
1. boron (i'm not narcisstic, i just use my links sidebar as starting point!)
2. plans
3. grinnell email
4. cb boards
5. dining hall website

okay... yeah. the end.

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listening to: tori, barons of suburbia

so... let's see. i really should be packing/leaving rather than blogging, but some quick updates:

- family reunion: is over. *shrug*
- pocahontas in spanish: best thing ever. especially when trina and i are watching it. because, omg. like we know it in english pretty well, so there are things that are funny to us and not so much, you know, anyone else... like, our favorite part of "colors of the wind" is at the beginning, when she's like "still i cannot see/if the savage one is me/how can there be so much that you don't know? yooou don't knooow." and in spanish it's like... "you don't know how to listen" or something, so the repeated part is "escuchar" ("to listen") and... it was just awesome. "escuchar... eeeescuchaaar." aaalso in the "mine" song, instead of chanting "mine!" they say "sacar! sacar!" ("to take" but it could probably also mean "to mine") and it was hilarious.

and... okay. it was great. trust me.

also two nights ago we had the following coversation, which will be way funnier with adverbs but was best in person.
trina (seemingly excitedly): did you hear who the new james bond is?
me (interestedly): oh, no, i didn't know they finalized anyone. who?
trina (neutrally): guess!
me (suspiciously): it's not orlando bloom, is it?
trina (horrified): YES.
me (horrified, with mouth full of pie): AHHH!

i think the key thing here is that "horrified with mouth full of pie" really doesn't fully convey the way i sounded. or really the way trina sounded. but seriously, orlando bloom? and then we were talking about how weird it was, and kept having mini conversations like:

"i just can't picture him in a tuxedo." (pause for us both to try to envision him in a tuxedo)
"man, that's so weird."

"i just can't imagine him saying 'bond. james bond.'' (pause for us both to try to imagine this)
"no, that's just weird."

and so on.


oh, also, there's ALREADY a counselor called rizzo, who doooes that? i need to either be her best friend, or kill her. but so anyway, now i'm zelda. just in case anyone cares. (kait, i thought about scabies, really, but i thought kids might have trouble spelling that.)

megan: my mom says hi back!

and now... packing my computer. right. see you, space cowboys. (um, in like 5 hours.)

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Friday, April 01, 2005

listening to: elvis costello, coal-train robberies

nomination for the best typo ever: evil costello.

best conversation with my mom ever:
me: it goes in the cabinet above the cereal.
mom: your MOM goes in the cabinet above the cereal!!

so beautifully absurdist. awesome.

i'm sleepy. my grandparents are here.

devon: i assure you that all my insanity is 100% natural, no mind-altering substances needed. except caffeine.

also. for camp we're supposed to write a little introductory blurb for both kids and parents to read. here's mine, i think.

Rizzo (unit counselor) loves reading and writing, which is good, because as an English/history major at Grinnell College she has to do a lot of both! She used to come to [camp name] as a camper, and is excited about returning. She likes her cat Magneto, Harry Potter, the Muppets, Mark Twain, kickboxing, mythology, the Progressive Era, Lemony Snicket, and catching Carmen Sandiego. Her favorite Beatle is Ringo.

(also i think my camp name will be rizzo. i was leaning toward indigo but then i found out there's already a counselor called blue. and, you know, one shade of blue seems like enough for a camp. plus this way i appeal to muppet fans AND grease fans.)

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