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Thursday, March 31, 2005

listening to: gavin degraw, (nice to meet you) anyway

in the last few days i have consumed the following media, more or less solely due to kait:
- chariot by gavin degraw
- high fidelity by nick hornby


ALSO she had a cigarette break with DAVID SEDARIS and she's coming to VISIT ME.

in other news, if i ever have a real job, it's totally going to end something like this.

also molly pointed out to me that one of my favorite toothpaste for dinners eever is a t-shirt now. but i will resist. because i have far too many t-shirts as it is. also it's orange.

i may have a harder time holding out against this messenger bag, though.

c'mon... the floor is totally lava. and i could so use it to take my stuff somewhere else. oooh. all my stuff is in the wrong place. this bag could help. in a way that no other bag could.

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listening to: anne heaton, counting

OH YEAH. (have some kool-aid?) i mean. i'ma be a counselor at camp tapawingo this summer!

that's about all. i went grocery shopping with mom. it took awhile. now i think i'm going to write the thesis statement i need to do for chick history.

oh but this means i need to actually have a camp name. i have ruled out robot and dinosaur, and am considering indigo and zelda. it would be soo awesome to have kids calling me zelda all summer. (suggestions welcomed. seriously, name me. naaaame me!)

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

okay. this is the third time i've seen this episode of the daily show and i'm so watching it.

"was the boy king's death accident... OR MURDER?"



"actually, i was hoping it would be something along the lines of... MURDER!"

i love CAPSLOCK JON STEWART. even more than sentence case jon stewart.

(i bet kait will leave the only comment in reply to this entry. NO BLOOOWS!)

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listening to: lisa loeb, hurricane

random amusing quotes: (in petco) "ok, we're in kitty city... where's rodentopia?"
"i think they call them 'small animals.'"

"if you hear me yell really loudly, it's because the dog killed me."

speaking of which, there's a huuge dog in our backyard and he's been there since like sunday and he won't go away. we've called the neighbors and put out a classified ad and such- he's got a collar, but no tag. he's a nice dog. but he's freakin' out all the cats. i'm currently theorizing that he's some sort of homeward bound dog, and he's spent like 17 years trying to get back here; alas, his owners have moved. i mean otherwise you'd think he'd just go try lurking in a different backyard for awhile.

oh, i just realized that american idol was on tonight too and i forgot to watch it. i'm the worst fan evaaar. (2ra, yeah, i know. i kind of accidentally became a fan. well like it happened because one of the contestants-- constantine-- was in rent. and he's a big tool. and hilarious. so some friends and i started watching to be like "oh constantine, you are so hilarious." but the thing is like he still hasn't gotten voted off yet, so we've been watching for awhile. and now i'm all into it. i'm not ashamed. maybe a little defensive though.)

it's sooo windy. like we went to sam's club, and in the parking lot this HUGE bag of tortilla chips BLEW AWAY. and it's even windier here cuz we don't have, you know, buildings and stuff.

oh, and i have a giiiirlscout interview tomorrow morning. cross your fingers yo. but i figure girl scout lady wouldn't bother to set up a meeting with herself, me, and the camp director to just tell me to fuck off. she could easily do that without the camp director.

aaah the dog is barking loudly. stupid dog. cats bark very quietly. or not at all. hmm. the daily show's a rerun and i'm watching it anyway.

moving on. i love sarah vowell. sooo hard.

Phone rang. It was Dave, a writer friend. We talked for over an hour, mainly about punctuation. He has big plans for the ellipsis. He's mad for ellipses. I tell him, yeah, I have similar affection for the parenthesis (but I always talk most of my parentheses out, so as not to call undue attention to the glaring fact that I cannot think in complete sentences, that I always think only in short fragments or long, run-on thought relays that the literati call stream of consciousness but I like to think of myself as disdain for the finality of the period).

Dave is trying to decide whether he wants there to be a space before or after the ellipsis. He's unsure. Is the ellipsis approach powerful because of what is not said after the dot dot dot, or is it a cheap excuse for not being able to verbalize? Conversely, do we parentheticals want to communicate by cramming more in, thus slapping what we're not saying in between what we are, officially, saying? Or is it because we can't decide?

that's so me. aah.

"it'll be just like queer eye, only they'll hate gay people." oh, daily show, i love you too.

oh by the way, i'd totally vote for vinick over russell. in case anyone was wondering. but, santos over vinick.

and alll of them over bush, making it tragic that they are, in fact, fictional, while bush is the president.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

noooes! i had just been sooo productive: i did laundry, did the dishes, cooked pad thai.. and then i looked ta my watch and went, wow, it's 8pm on a tuesday. whaaat should i do? oh, i said to myself, american idol is on! i need to go watch that.

except, american idol is really on at 7.


not only have i become an american idol fan, i've become an incompetent idol fan.

anyway. i ran some errands today, and had lunch with trina and mike. who are awesome.

holy crap. james bond just said "why do chinese girls taste different from other girls?"

holy crap. and then she said "you think we taste better?" and he said "no, just different."

and then she got up and flipped the bed up into the wall and then some gius came in and shot him.

james bond movies are just like being friends with mike. in that you're like "oh my god. i can't believe he just said that. i can't believe he just did that. ... what's he going to do NEXT?!"

(i forgot to mention that, finding idol was just ending, i stuck in a tape of you only live twice. it has some tracking problems. i hope they stop soon. if they don't i'll probably keep watching it anyway.)


holy crap. roald dahl wrote the line "why do chinese girls taste different from other girls?"

(i think, somewhere in the back of my head, i knew that roald dahl wrote a bond screenplay, but i had forgotten about it. until just now. when i saw his name in the opening credits.)

oh roald dahl, i love you. oh james bond, i love you. i'm in for an evening of awesomeness.


(observation: i said "holy crap" about 49034 time in this post. hypothesis: i've watched a lot of family guy this week.)

heey, i put the tape in the other vcr and it worked fine. aaawesome.

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Monday, March 28, 2005

listening to: nirvana, lithium

hola! oh hey, itunes just switched to elaborate lives from aida. which reminds me that i don't really like that show. because it's not very good. but i do like this song. and the cast is awesome.

okay anyway. let's see. happy belated (or "bleated," as i first typed) easter! my mom the easter bunny gave me awesome star wars m&ms. they're DARK SIDE. which means they're dark chocolate and come in EVIL colors like maroon and purple instead of the good colors of regular m&ms. and they're goood. also, we got indian food. mmm.

let's see... oh, and reid and i watched the power rangers movie. and alpha's magical christmas. and a random taped episode of power rangers we found in the sunroom.

power rangers are hilarious.

oh! and i talked to kait! yaay! also i made sim kait while i was on the phone with her. she lives with her husband jon in the stewart-bait home. jon set the kitchen on fire >_< but the fire department came and put it out before anyone got hurt, whew.

toooday trina and i went to the mcclean county historical society! she had to go see the depression exhibit for her class, and she figured i'd be geeky enough to want to come with. and she was right. and then we got food at THE ROCK which is the most misleadingly named restaurant ever. because they have gyros. and not rocks. also it made us both dizzy for some reason.

and then we went shopppping and i got a new wallet finally. my old one used to be pink but it's just gray and dirty now. i think i've had it since 8th grade. but now i can retire it. also i got sarah vowell's new book assassination vacation!! i'm so excited. i love her.

oh. and there's a thread up at cb about taking pictures of a day in your life and posting them. but i don't have a digital camera so i did this instead. if you're interested in a day in my life. in a form other than this blog.

re comments:

sarah: i enjoyed harold&kumar. it's funny in a bizarre, lowbrow way. if you go into it with low expectations you'll be fine. it has some hilarious moments, and it's not like... i don't know. i liked it. especially the part where... but i don't want to ruin it ;)

devon: congrats! and read your comments.

marrrrion: shakespearemon, thou gotst to catch them all! still the BEST PROJECT EVER. i'm good, how are you?

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

listening to: anne heaton, spinning

on why i usually just rent movies: because when i go see them in the theatre, i become the asshole who makes too-loud inappropriate comments at ice princess.

seriously though, that girl's mom WAS a stupid bitch.

so yeah. amanda and i made trina go see ice princess with us, and it was GREAT. or, actually, really ridiculous and hilarious. my favorite part:

physics girl: i'm doing a physics project!
cute guy: oh, physics, like inertia and drag and stuff?
physics girl: (shocked) how do you know about those?!

yeah... like... physics is a secret coooode, and only she knows the basic concepts of physics.

and then she ice skated and she FELL but she got UP again and it was PRETTY.

yep. and then trina and i rented harold & kumar go to white castle. (spoiler: they went to white castle.)

and... then i came home and slept a lot and then mom made BRIE AND PEAR SAMMICHES. YES.

kait: aha, yeah, i'm totally not in my dorm room. but you shoudl call my celll phone. or you can page me, or emaaail me at daaarling aleeexi... um... yes. but, it's too bad i already changed our voicemail message, otherwise you too could have been berated for not being daniel handler. (it was awesome, we left it up for like months and our parents would always leave these confused messages like "well... i'm sorry i'm still not daniel handler... but... call me back?")

OH NOTE TO ME i need to do a sparc payroll before tomorrow or nobody gets paid. but... i'll do it later.

okay, i'm going to go watch diamonds are forever now. woot.

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Friday, March 25, 2005

watching family guy

i thought i hadn't seen this episode before, but i realized, i have. ("peter griffin: husband, father... brother?")

"well, i assume 'rice krispie treats' is some sort of black slang for 'money,' so here's ten thousand dollars."

HAHA this is one of my favorite family guy moments ever... "well, we can't keep it in my room, because there's an evil monkey that lives in my closet. you know, the sad part is that he wasn't always evil."

anyway. so i had an awesome time with julia. because we're tutaly uwesome. also, we saw robots! including the ep3 trailer, which actually looked pretty awesome. (although really, you know you're pmsing when the ending of robots makes you cry.)

also, i got my tax refund check. twenty-eight dolla yo, i've got maaad cash.

in other news, i'm an american idol fan. i made julia tape it on tuesday. i'm okay with that. anyway, i just read the twop recap of the elimination episode. mikalah got eliminated! yay! but nadia was in the bottom 3, wtf. i think it was the mohawk. whatever, i liked the mohawk. (i've moved very rapidly from disgust to acceptance of my american idol habit.)

i totally want this shirt.

i wish tori's welcome to sunny floirida dvd had an option for "seriously, just the concert, no crazy-fan or crazy-tori interviews stuck in." but it does not. i also kind of wish she weren't wearing like, evil-lucy from peanuts dress, but whatevs.

aahahaha, meme ganked from priscilla: Take the first 20 songs that come up on your playlist on random and add "in my pants" to the end.

1. ben folds - all u can eat in my pants
2. lloyd cole & the commotions - rattlesnakes in my pants
3. ani difranco - worthy in my pants
4. elvis costello - oliver's army in my pants
5. stuart davis - fault lines in my pants
6. spice girls - say you'll be there in my pants
7. monty python - lumberjack song in my pants
8. scott chasolen - solitude speaks in my pants
9. goo goo dolls - ain't that unusual in my pants
10. stuart davis - atavistic viking in my pants
11. indigo girls - go in my pants
12. barenaked ladies - life, in a nutshell, in my pants
13. red hot chili peppers - suck my kiss in my pants
14. tori amos - leather in my pants
15. ani difranco - what how when where in my pants
16. ellis - give me your hand in my pants
17. spice girls - if u can't dance in my pants
18. ben folds - the ascent of stan in my pants
19. tori amos - marianne in my pants
20. eddie izzard - deus ex machina in my pants

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

hi blog! i'm in geneeeeeva at juuuulia's house! last night we saw stu! i have a setlist but i'll type it later.

today we went into chicago! and we went to the american girl place and i was equally enthralled and disturbed. like, i always kind of wanted an american girl doll but i think deep down i always knew that if i actually had one, it would be weird. and this store is the embodiment of all that is weird about american girl dolls.

but oooh my god you can get such cool stuff for them.

and we went to some other stores. like the apple store! (apple the computer, not the fruit. i was initially confused when julia suggested we go to the apple store.) and we played ispy there for awhile! eventually the creepy talking skeleton let us out of his house because we kept finding his stuff. so that was good.

and, stuff. and tomorrow we might go see the ROBOT movie. because we like robots.

the end!

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Monday, March 21, 2005

watching: never say never again

so, for awhile this had a ... dude, that shark just FELL OVER. i don't think sharks can do that. it was totally the least menacing shark ever. it was really slow. and... really fake looking. but anyway! before i got distracted by the falling over shark, i was going to post about how this film had some tracking problems, and it kept stopping the tape, and then it woudl show what was on teevee, which happened to be full house. and it was really damn unsettling to cut from james bond having sex on a boat, to stephanie having a heart to heart about smoking.

that was all.

ahaha mr. bean is in this movie. awesome.

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watching: never say never again

haha, the new m is a freaking hippie. awesome.

i love how in every bond movie since like, the 70s, there's always a character who's like...

girl: i'm an empowered woman! i don't want to be just another one of your one-night stands, james!
bond: c'mon, seriously.
girl: okay fine, i'll be another one of your one-night stands.

anyway. something yesterday that was hilarious, or at least i thought so...

me: oh no! there are people in our yard! they're stealing our grain!
reid: we worked so hard for that grain!!

(see... our neighbors all have farms, and like, the back 10 feet or so of our yard isn't technically ours, it's one of the neighbor's, and they have a grain bin on it... so... yeah.)

hmm... i was going to blog something, but, now i don't feel like it. aww, magneto-kitty.

oh my god, 007 just threw a vial of his own urine in some guy's face. i swear i am not making this up.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

watching: license to kill

that was the most random thing EVER... before the movie, instead of previews or anything, there was q doing an ad for schwepp's and speaking against gratuitous violence, while in the meantime random violent things are happening behind him... i can't even describe it. it was insane.

anyway, break's been good so far! on the way home, mom and i stopped at old navy outlet because i have a job interview and i realized that none of my khakis are presentable anymore. (stain, hole, torn cuffs.) and... i ended up spending $140. $140 buys a LOT at old navy outlet. like, some $4 tank tops, classy gray pants, a *bunch* of shirts, a skirt... it was ridiculous. but now i have some nice-ish clothes for my london internship. and, you know, other times i need to be presentable. no khakis though. but then today, i went to real old navy with trina, and there were these STAIN-REPELLENT KHAKIS on sale and they're so awesome. because they REPEL STAINS.

... oh my god, this guy is whipping a prostitute. what kind of bond movie IS this?

anyway. last night i hung out with like, everyone, which was grood. even if we're all so, so offensive. jesus. and today, i had breakfast with trina, miriam and amanda, and then trina and i hung out for awhile.. and then got lunch. woohoo, food.

note to me, do not have james bond be involved with my wedding in any way. ever.

and reid and i just watched the man with the golden gun which is just so, so, amazingly ridiculous. and so hilarious. he has a THIRD NIPPLE (but he doesn't do topless fortunetelling). and just... oh, seriously. and james bond is such an ass. he PUSHES A LITTLE BOY INTO A RIVER and KICKS A GUY IN THE HEAD WHEN HE'S BOWING.

ooh, this is the one with priscilla barnes! (aka the topless fortune teller of mallrats. awesome.)

bond movies titles are so misleading. like, man with the golden gun should be called man with the third nipple, and some golden bullets. and this should clearly be called james bond loses his license to kill.

anyway. life is pretty awesome.

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

listening to: tori, cooling

possible new low point achieved: so this morning mary and i were catching up on american idol-- i'd already seen them, but she'd missed the last 2 weeks of connie so i offered to endure them once more, because i'm soo self-sacrificing. and usually i only tape the bits with connie, but last week i wasn't there, i just stuck a tape in so it's the whole show, and we ended up watching most of last week's.

me: that's nikko, he got voted off but then he was resurrected.
mary: how's that?
me: well, when mario had to leave for personal reasons...
mary: who's mario?
me: um... one of the guys... his name is mario...
mary: you realize you're talking about american idol contestants using their first names and assuming everyone knows what you're talking about?

it's soo true. but seriously, maaaario leaving was front-page news on cnn.com.


at least i'm still pretty sure that i don't actually like constantine. not for serious. but i need to keep checking to make sure that doesn't happen. (i do now have a real favorite american idol contestant. oops.)

anyway... my mom will be here soon! and then home! well, then iowa city, THEN home. yessss.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

listening to: tori, the waitress (live)

this is just something i want to get out here. as you know, unless you are incredibly unobservant, i am a fan of tori amos. i like her music and i like her as a person, or at least as her public persona. i'm willing to go along with the ride and interpret her music, even when she's crazy. i have posters of her in my room. i have tori amos t-shirts. i like her. right.

but: i think "original sinsuality" is the stupidest wordplay ever. i can't even put my finger on it. it just makes me cringe every time. it seems so... i don't know... bleah. so of COURSE what is the beekeeper tour called? the original sinsuality tour.

and i was just watching the bonus dvd thing for beekeeper, and there's tori, saying "well this whole album is a garden of creation... but it's not the garden of original sin, it's the garden of original sinsuality."

i think it wouldn't bother me so much if she had just called it "original sensuality." i mean the word is similar enough that people would get it.

okay. anyway.

we're on spriiiing break! i think my friend just flew by with some presidents!

as soon as christine gets off work and mary and avram and whoever else get here, i'm losing my star trek virginity. oooh.

and tomorrow i'm hooomeward bound! like simon and garfunkel, or those talking animals.

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listening to: tori, merman (live)

art history midsem, check. went relatively well, except for this one slide pair (we had 5 pairs to identify and then write compare/contrast essays). and this one slide pair.. .the first slide was an ancient african magical figure carving. like, they'd carve these little dudes, and then the shaman would bless them, and then whenever you wanted extra magic you'd hammer a nail into him. so now it's all covered with nails. and the second slide was this medieval/early renaissance (i totally couldn't remember which one, or who it was by, or what it was called) altarpiece, showing christ on the cross.

& all i could think to say was "they both have nails?"

but i didn't write that. i did make such scintilating points as "the altarpiece shows important figures in the christian church, such as jesus."

but seriously, like, if the light at the end of the midsems tunnel were a heating lamp, i'd totally have a faint tan.

just have to type up this stupid physics lab, and make some minor minor edits to my history essay.

i LOVE my history essay, and omg, i met with vbrown last night to talk about the draft, and she was like, good argument, good writing, you obviously know what you're doing with this, let's just talk about the introduction. omg. (seriously, it's not just me-- eeeveryone that i talk to that has class with her is like "i just want her to liike me!" and it's so true. praise from vbrown is like praise from JESUS. and he's one of the most important figures in the christian church!) but i always want to say like really cool things when i'm talking to her but instead ususally i say like, "yeah," "okay," and "thank you."


(if i drew up color-coded schedules all my classes with vbrown would totally have little hearts around them.)


so... physics. soo lame.

last night the guys across the hall from us & friends burned some shoes on the fire escape at 1am, while playing the didgeridoo. they keep life interesting.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

i had the weeirdest dream... megan and i were seeing rent (wtf, that never happens) but it was in like, a big room, not really a theatre. and the guy who played mark totally looked like a collins, and we were like "wtf?" but then he disappeared, and after the opening monologue he was played by a white guy.

but the thing was, was that the performance was apparently a trial of the new version they were using for the movie, so in the middle of rent they brought out this car, and roger was working on it, and singing like, "if we had a car, we could go to santa feee..."

also, apparently movie!rent took place in london, not nyc (so, i have no idea how they were going to drive to santa fe) oh, and the power went out for real, and when it came back it was just emergency lighting, not stage lighting. and.. now that i think about it, dream megan and i didn't make aaany jokes about the power blowing, which seemes highly uncharacteristic of us.

ALSO dream!movie!rent has a subplot about diamonds... like, i think there were some hidden in the basement of mark and roger's building, and someone was trying to get them... or something.

oh, and kevin spencer was roger and we were displeased. also dylan was there, and i was like dude, dylan, i didn't know you liked rent.. and.. i don't even remember what he said. he wasn't really crucial to the dream.

oh, but after that i was dreaming that i was watching the world is not enough. like, i was just dreaming.. that i was watching a movie. so the dream was basically the movie. except my brain just made stuff up when it didn't remember how the movie was actually supposed to go, so in my version he actually escapes from prison with some girl, and they're floating down this river on like, a box (haha, i totally played oregon trail yesterday...) and then the prison blew up and there were like, fiery oil patches in the river and bond made some joke about oil farmers.

hmm. you know, as much as i'll probably bitch about the rent movie, a small part of me thinks that if they totally fucked it up that would be equally awesome. not if they just fucked it up a little, that would be lame. but if it was totally utterly like... secret diamond subplot bizarre... and with lasers... i think it could be fabulous.

i'm probably in a small minority here.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

listening to: james taylor, your smiling face

i'm so dirty, i totally realized i didn't take a shower today. oops. seee... my schedule has become: get up, throw on clothes, go to morning classes, go to pec, shower, lunch, afternoon. because why shower pre-pec? i'm just going to get gross anyway.

but todaaay after morning classes, i studied for physics. and didn't shower.

but i'm pretty clean. so whatever.

i have trouble reconciling my like of james taylor with his sometimes bizarre misogynistic-ish lyrics. but then i decide i'm overanalyzing, and anyway i never have that problem with the beatles.

i'm making really minimal progress on my paper, because i'm like "hey, i've got my documents, i've got my thesis, i've got 2 pages written already... this baby's going to write itself! so, i can totally write one sentence and then play oregon trail. totally."

which, you know... yeah.

oh well. it'll get done eventually. and then WE'RE ON SPRING BREAAAK. oh also there's that art history midsem i haven't even really studied for um.

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listening to: ben folds five, fair

it's sooo true.

anyway. the physics test, in case you were wondering, was ok. of 100 possible points i feel confident that i got 60 of them (3 questions), and of the remaining 2 questions i'm sure i cobbled together enough randomness for at least 10 points of partial credit, thus passing. beyond that i don't care so much... i got an 89 on the last test, and i've got near-perfect on homework and labs, so... whatevs. i'm just shooting for a b.

and i'm sooo done with physics*1

* except for that lame lab writeup booo.

1. and then until after spring break.



(all these are links to toothpaste for dinners that i found particularly amusing; click or ignore according to your own discretion.)

oh spring break, why are you not yet here?

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

listening to: billy joel, only the good die young

before this, i was listening to: billy joel, movin' out. and i was going to say, "omg kait, remember the time we saw movin' out and it had that awesome zombie scene!?"

because i definitely do.

i started this post like two hours ago.

okay, i wrote that four hours ago. so this post has been six hours in the making.

you'd think it would be better.

somehow my brain interprets "studying" as "reading penny arcade and toothpaste for dinner all the time." hilarious, but less than productive.

possibly my favorite tfd ever.

also this one.


hmm, i just went to stroke my chin meditatively and realized i'm breaking out. just on my chin. possibly from too much meditative stroking, possibly from stress.

ahaha dinosaurs.

oooh shits, my physics exam is tomorrow at 2, i should totally go.

and should i attempt to do my art history reading before class tomorrow? should i GO to art history tomorrow? i alllways want to cut that class like no other. and i've never missed it. but, the day before the midsem seems an inopportune day to live out the dream.

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listening to: something newjulia's playing

i totally went to bed before midnight again last night. it was awesome. but i was feeling kind of sick and way tired, and i wasn't getting any reading done anyway, so i was like... fine. sleep. suure.

megan's comment made me giggle a lot. and contained sound advice for memory loss. really, that's all this blog is, a backup for amnesia. if i ever suffer brain damage just plug me into boron.

heey, totally don't want to go to lab today. lab the day before the midsem, who does that?

i... oh, i can't tell time. i actually have to leave for lab now.

... the end!

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Monday, March 14, 2005

listening to: indigo girls, power of two

how is it that physics is soo boring and history is soo interesting?

do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a totally different person? like if i could sit here and be like "oh my god i love sine waves. how fucking fascinating is it that the clarinet is the only woodwind instrument that acts like a standing wave in a closed tube, while the other woodwinds behave like open tubes?!"

but then i'd probably have to be like, "women's suffrage in 1914? who cares? what does it even matter that women could vote in local elections in illiniois, but not national ones?"


oh, i remembered one of the things i wanted to blog earlier... i had remembered a story nick told me next year, about when he had been working at a camp.

nick (to kid): something something your mom!
kid: (starts crying and goes back to his cabin)
kid 2: his mom died. she had cancer.

which is really sad. i mean. god, i can't even imagine if my mom died when i was that young. i can't even really imagine my mom dying ever.

but at the same time, it's really hilarious. so christine and i have been making random poor-taste references to it. because we're awesome.

kind of like this.

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listening to: indigo girls, power of two

i totally had a legitimate reason to open blogger.

something to say.


i just spelled "something" wrong.

i think i'll just go stare at the kool-aid man penny arcade study for physics. OH YEAH.

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listening to: indigo girls, tangled up in blue

mmm they were selling girl scout cookies in the post office today and i bought some samoas. mmm... samoan. i mean... american.

speaking of girl scouts, i've realized the last few days how excited i am about (probably) working at that camp this summer. way more excited than i ever was about that internship- i mean, sf would have been cool, but the job itself would have been office worky stuff. and i think it'll be good for me in, well, more than one way, but i think especially taking a step back from stressss would be good. i mean, looking after a bunch of kids has its own kind of stress, but it'll be different.

but technically i don't have the job yet. so... even though they need people, and i'm pretty awesome... not for sure yet.

which means.. i don't know.

i'm tired.

friggin physics.

in other news... click here or i'll cut you! (also, if you don't click, you'll miss out on HILARITY.)

(edit: heey, it's really a link now. for serious.)

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

listening to: indigo girls, galileo

oh my god. why can't i do work? why? why am i reading penny arcade archives? asijkds.

um. okay. here's a meme ganked from mary.

There's been an accident, and my memory's been wiped clean. I have no
recollection of who I am. Tell me about myself. What do you know about
me? What kind of person am I? What are my likes and dislikes? How did
we meet and how long have we known each other? Is there one thing in
particular that stands out about me? Tell me who I am.

and some funny penny arcades from 1999.

if my level of focus continues, i'll probably be posting some more later. OH YEAH.


probably a crime to set people on fire.

you mean wall candy?


i can't see!


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listening to: ben folds, rent a cop

i've been on such the ben folds kick lately. but he's just so awesome.

i totally finished my physics homework! before 11am! i rule. now i'm working on some sort of study guide for the exam. so far i have:



Temperament: Exact frequencies of all 12 notes in the chromatic scale.

Just: Third and fifths of three major chords (tonic, dominant, subdominant) are tuned true
F# to Db is off

i think that's probably enough to summarize 6 chapters, right? he probably won't ask about any of that other stuff...

i love it when ben tries to be sketchy. because it's like... yeah, no... and then it's just hilarious.

hey baby baby
light that ass on fire



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apparently when you go to bed at midnight you can wake up before 9 and not be tired anymore.

who does that?

anyway, i should go pry myself away from my computer and go do homework. sometimes i'm not sure if i'm just procrastinating or if i'm addicted to the internet.. i find myself checking everything (plans, lj, blogs, cb boards, allll my emails..) looking for just one more new thing, just one more before i go do real work...

but hey. at least it's not heroin.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

listening to: anne heaton, underdog

today's been quite satisfactory, i feel. hung out with xine, julie, and mary, talked to julia, got coffee, watched some kevin smith, and even did some work.

am now looking at a pre-midnight bedtime for the second night in a row. can't even express how pleased i am about that.

midsems week:
physics midsem: wednesday (much studying needed!!!one!!!!!1!!!1!harmonicsequence!)
art history midsem: friday (some studying needed)
african american lit presentation: tuesday. not much more work needed.
chick history paper: 5 pages, friday. today i got all my articles out of the archives and it seems like my thesis is cohering itself. (illinois was a "test case" for women's suffrage because it was considered a "real state" not like those crazy western ones. illinoisian women were constantly referred to as needing to "prove themselves.")

and... yeah. all the regular sorts of readings to prepare for class. saaad face.

bedtime now, not even joking.

ok, apparently i was joking, cuz i just took this quiz.

Phile Apprentice

You scored 71%!
You love The X Files because you watch the show but probably never got involved in the scary fan community too deeply. So you don't have all the episode names down and don't know some of the more inane trivia. Or maybe you just forgot all the stuff you once learned because you realized it's just a TV SHOW! It's all good, you're still a fan.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender

You scored higher than 57%
on Phile Points

Link: The X Files Dork Test written by nerbieQpants on Ok Cupid

yeah, it's true. too many questions about the last few seasons, i feel... do i give a fuck about agent reyes? no i do not.

still a few minutes before midnight though! bed! yes!

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so heeey, yanking your own ingrown toenail out with the little scissors on a swiss army knife really hurts.

apologies if this was overshare.

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listening to: jimmy's chicken shack, do right

hi, i'm renata and... i'm SUCH a grinnellian. i'm trying to come up with a topic for my african american lit paper, and i decided i wanted to do something with zora neal hurston's mules and men. so i've been researching, and finding... not terribly mouch, since most people write about their eyes were watching god, but some. some stuff about gender and m&m, and some stuff about religion and m&m, and both of those sounded really interesting to me. so i was like "hmm... need to pick a topic... have to present on this by tuesday... which of these should i write about?" and then i was like, "wait!! i don't have to choose!! i can write about religion as a tool of the patriarchy!!! and voodoo as female empowerment!!!!" and i just got REALLY EXCITED as you can tell by the exclamation points!!!!

oh man, though, this paper is going to be hott.

now i just have to write it and stuff.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

lolol the guys across the hall from me are a constant source of amusement.

right now they're playing guitar and making up these improv songs. and i swear to christ, the most recent one was

dead people!
i'm afraid of zombies
coming for my home
smashing up my dome

and there was more about zombies, but i forget.

the song they're singing now has the chorus don't shoot the whores!

totally awesome.

rooowr i'm tired.

anna's breasts are named "minneapolis" and "st. paul."

mine are named "anna" and "dinosaur."

tres- hi! wow, that's ridiculous. people are always finding this site through the most bizarre google searches. i'm saddened that there isn't more information available on the internet about alfredo bindi.

keith- umm.. thanks, i'll consider your information... in my application...

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listening to: simpsons, dr. zaius

ooh my god, this song is so brilliant.

"troy! have you ever heard of the planet of the apes?"
"uh... the movie, or the planet?"
"the brand new, multi-million dollar musical! and you are starring.. as the human."
"it's the part i was born to play, baby!"

i'm tiiired. i was going to go run to burling and do some research before the panel discussion i have to go to, but, meh. i also have a dinner at g-hizzy (or grinnell house, if you must) with some like, political people. which should be cool, but at this pont i'd rather sleep for a few hours and then eat pizza.

dooooctor zaius.

this is so meta:

madonna: omg i'm quoted in your blog
madonna: i feel so good about myself
renata: you're so famous!
madonna: fuckin finaly

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listening to: katy pfaffl, beautiful

in an attempt to further blur the line between kait and myself, i've been listening to this song on repeat foreeeever.

mmm my forum blueberry muffin is kind of frozen in the middle and that makes it even more delicious. (i totally got distracted by the song and typed "beautiful" instead of "delicious." it's not really particularly beautiful, especially since i just ate the bottom half of it.)

i thought i would get up early and do my art history reading but then i decided... no. one day this never-reading-for-class thiing is going to catch up with me. probably in the midsem next friday.

oh shits, midsems, i have so much to do. oh man.

hey, and just out of curiosity, and not in any attempt to get you guys to fill out my job applications, or anything... um.. a meme! *shifty eyes*

What characteristics do you I possess that will help you function as an effective member of the camp staff team?

What characteristics do you I possess that make you an excellent role model for children and adults?

i already have "my total awesomeness."

oh jesus, i'm tired. coffeeeee why aren't you working?

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

listening to: ben folds, in between days

okay, so i've been thinking about what i'm going to do this summer, since i didn't get that internship. i just totally didn't want to end up at subway again, you know? like it's an okay job, but... meh. so, anyway, i started thinking about the camp i always went to when i was little, and how i alllways wanted to be a counselor there and i thought it would be the best job ever. i just thought it would be amazing to get to be at camp ALL SUMMER and be IN CHARGE of stuff.

i currently don't think it would be the best job ever, i know it's a lot more work than it looks like when you're 8, but at the same time i can't deny that i really loved that camp.

anyway, so i called the camp director this morning and was like, "umm, are you still hiring?" and she was like "sure! blah blah blah do you have any special skills?" and i was like, pause... and she was like "like cpr certification, or lifeguarding?" and i was like "oh. no, nothing like that..." and she was like "that's okay, we still need plenty of unit counselors!" and we talked about how i used to go there all the time and she knew where grinnell was and stuff. and i have an interview sometime over spring break. so, hott.

also, i'm totally checking that i have experience with "river canoeing." seriously man, miriam and i canoed that canoe into that tree in that river like NOBODY'S BUSINESS.

but the thing about this camp-- i guess all girl scout camps, and maybe other ones too-- is that the counselors don't use their real names, they use "camp names," which are things like "butterfly" or "oreo" or whatever.


renata: so, i'm applying to be a counselor at a girl scout camp this summer, and i was talking to my friend julia, about how at camp you don't use your real name, you get a camp name
renata: like hers was jellybean
renata: and i was like, "mine shoudl be robot! or dinosaur"
madonna: YES
madonna: DINOSAUR
madonna: ZOMBIIEE
renata: but i think it might be weird to have a bunch of little kids calling me those. so then i was like, i could be carmen sandiego
madonna: yessss
renata: hahaha zombie yes. and then i could chase the kids around and eat their brains.
madonna: those are crazy camps
madonna: kay goes to one
madonna: and her name is something i dont know
renata: yeah, my counselors always had weird weird names
renata: one of mine was called bon jovi
renata: because she liked bon jovi.
madonna: YES
madonna: YESSSSS
renata: and that was apparently her definiing character trait.
madonna: be fucking dinosaursaus rex
renata: i could just be ROAR.
madonna: BRAINS
renata: hi kids, i'm ROAR.
madonna: hey, welcome to camp! i'm BRAIIIIINSSSSSSSSSSS :-!
renata: haha. or DEATH.
renata: YES.
madonna: and whenever they called you it
madonna: and be like

anyway. so. hopefully that'll work out, and i'll be at camp tapawingo eating kids' brains this summer. (ps, if anyone has any suggestions for camp names, sensical or no, let me know. hopefully i'll be needing one. and if they don't hire me i might sulk and change my name anyway.)

oh ps, kait posted the BEST AIM CONVERSATION EVER in her lj. you should read it.

oh god, i have so much work to do. oh god. why am i so add? why aren't i working? oy fucking vey.

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listening to: ben folds, rocking the suburbs


well, now you do.

but you don't know HOW awesome it is.

it contains: jane austen, dinosaurs, jesus (penny arcade jesus), V*ENNA, jon stewart, deleted scenes, FROZEN, john kerry loving kittens, bribes for buddha, TIME,

and the director's commentary is done by jesus, buddha, and the kool-aid man.

i love how kait and i just make stuff up, and then that like.. becomes part of our reality. forever.

renata: hey kait, you know what time it is?
kait: Time for... waffles?
renata: IT IS TIME.


seriously, it's gone on for like... awhile... um... and there's...


okay, i'm not going to post anymore of this. for now. i wouldn't want to explode any brains.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

listening to: anne heaton, megan & kevin

so okay. i've bought stuff from the ala (american libery association) before, and now i get their catalog. which is cool, cuz i like their catalogs. i really like looking at the celebrity READ posters and seeing what books people have chosen to pose with. sometimes, it's quite logical.

for example: orlando bloom - lord of the rings. got it. salma hayek- frida: a biography of frida kahlo. yep. ani difranco- woody guthrie: a life. rock on.

but more often than not they're bizarre, if not hilarious. for example, both enrique iglesias and bill gates have chosen to pose with the old man and the sea.

coolio - frankenstein.

stephen hawking- marilyn monroe.

weird al- a brief history of time.

britney spears- harry potter. yeah, because harry potter needed to be on a poster with britney spears before kids would think it was cool.

i think my favorite, though, is that both marion jones and mel gibson have posed with 1984. it just seems so random.

ooh, and nicholas cage posed with siddhartha and he's looking all Serious and Deep. i was previously ambivalent towards nicholas cage but his READ poster makes me not like him.

however, i was also previously ambivalent towards julia stiles, but her READ poster makes me like her, because she's posed with me talk pretty one day.

aww man, this nascar guy is posed with one of the left behind books.

omg they have coffee mugs with the dewey decimal number for coffee. omg.
collection: non-fiction
status: in library
availability: 1 copy cup

that is so hot.

and they have cat and dog collars with the dewey decimal numbers for cats and dogs, respectively!!

oh american library association, how i love thee.

(ps, can we talk about how i went to burling to get books for my paper and i ended up checking out all these folklore books to read over break? man.. libraries are great.)

(ps2, ha... make reading a hobbit.)

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thefanlistings just sent me an email yelling at me for not updating the stu fanlisting. so um, if you're a fan of stuart davis, you should be listed.

all the cool kids are doing it.

also the new us cover of smoke and mirrors refers to neil as "literature's rock star." and it's so true. also lord byron. (lord byon is a rockstar also, not that neil is also lord byron.)

i tried to post this like 23490324 hours ago and blogger was like NO but now it is. yay!

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

listening to: ben folds, bitches ain't shit

ben folds is so ridiculous. i want to be his best friend.

(kait, check your gmail.)

renata: oh man, something happened? and i wanted to tell you? but i don't remember now
renata: dammit.. what was it?
mike: i know, i got big beatiful brown nips
renata: oh, you're so right! i totally haven't complimented your nipples recently.
mike: i know
renata: i will write a poem about them.
mike: yes
renata: short, hard, and sexy
mike: just like me
renata: part of mike, not a penis
renata: is it cold in here?
renata: the end.
mike: yay
mike: you know, nipples are god's thermometer
renata: it's true
renata: also, thermometers are god's thermometers.
renata: for people without nipples.
mike: totally
renata: and people without nipples OR thermometers
renata: have weather.com

in other news, i'm really excited for anansi boys to HOLY SHIT i just realized something. oh wait, let me finish that sentence. i'm really excited for anansi boys to come out, but it won't be until september. BUT. It'll be published in the US on Sept 20th, and I'll be doing a signing tour of the US, which will probably go until about October the 6th. At which point I'll fly to the UK and go everywhere and sign more books.

i'll totally be in london then. if he's in the uk, i'm sure he'll do something in london. i could go meet neil in LONDON. duuude. (ok, yes, i've already met neil twice, but somehow meeting him in LONDON seems so much COOLER.)

i's my little cousin daz and he's fuckin' my hoe, yo
(bitches ain't shit)
i uncocked my shit... i'm heartbroke but i'm still loc'ed
man, fuck a bitch!

true that, ben (um, and dr. dre), truuue that.

(haha, "bitches ain't shit" is totally going to be my top track on audioscrobbler, and that makes me happier than it should.)


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listening to: ben folds, bitches ain't shit

guys, i have a mission for you. go open up itunes music store, and purchase ben folds's "bitches ain't shit." it is SO AWESOME and HILARIOUS.

because it's BEN FOLDS singing BITCHES AIN'T SHIT.

it's not misogyny, it's just adorable.

and hilarious.

swear to god, it'll be well worth your 99 cents.

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listening to: tori, general joy

i just marched against hate! because, i don't like hate. grrr. i hate chanting, though. it's always my least favorite part of protesting. it makes me feel so awkward. and then when people spontaneously stop chanting, but you don't?


also, i definitely just got this email from the director of social commitment:


Your name has come to my attention as someone who could be an outstanding candidate for the Truman Scholarship, a $30,000 award for graduate studies, given to students who are preparing for a career in public service. Ill be having an information meeting TONIGHT (March 8) at 8:00 in ARH 305 I hope you can make it. Much more information is available at www.truman.gov, and Id be happy to answer any questions you have. Applications will be due on April 11.

what the hell? preparing for a career in public service? i'm not. i don't think. i mean i don't know. but the truman scholarship is for people who are like super hardcore and stuff. i wonder if this is somehow paula smith's doing, she's kind of crazy sometimes. like, she either gets me confused with other students or else just makes stuff up, or i suppose somehow infers things from like totally random things. like, "renata, you write speculative fiction, right?" or "renata, you like classical music, right?" so i could see her making the next logical step, of "renata, she's preparing for a career in public service, right?"

or maybe it's because my name gets attached to scipe. i always forget that politics counts as community service. we had a really interesting discussion about this at the harvard conference, about how like, "soup kitchen" type volunteering is giving a man a fish for a day, and politics is the teaching a man how to fish? it is service, but on a scale where you don't necessarily see if you're making a difference or not. but, i don't want to do that for the rest of my life. meh!

(maybe i'm reading too much into this. but there was definitely like, the mass email yesterday to the whole class of '07, and then this was today, just to me. although probably to other people also, but you know, not a form letter.)

confused! this could also be because i'm reading jean toomer right now, who is apparently the james joyce of the harlem renaissance. jesus.

crimson gardens. hurrah! so one feels. the bar-back rider balances agilely on the applause which is the tail of her song. orchestral instruments warm up for jazz. the flute is as a cat that ripples its fur against the deep purring saxophone. the drum throws sticks. the cat jumps on the piano keyboard. hi diddle, hi diddle, the cat and the fiddle. crimson gardens, hurrah! ... jumps over the moon. crimson gardens!

and so on.

aaand i have class in ten minutes. i kind of want to skip it. it'd be the first time i've skipped class all semester. and i think we have like 2 free misses. i'm so square. but african american lit is always interesting, even when i'm tired and stupid.

i'm so square. i'm totally going to class. which means i need to finish reading toomer.

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listening to: tori, general joy

well boo, i didn't get the summer internship. but i did just spill coffee all over my rejection letter, so, that'll teach them. (i also spilled it on "why women should vote" by jane addams... um... that'll teach HER to... support suffrage.. and educate immigrants... take that.)

oh well, i'm only a sophomore anyway, so maybe next year.

also i got an 89 on my history exam, so i'm feeling relatively awesome. aalso the b&s is almost done, and it's pretty damn funny. last month was moderately funny. but this one is, i think, possibly even hilarious.

also i just made easy mac, and i didn't fuck it up like i do sometimes. i always feel dumb when that happens, because hello, it's easy mac. but you know, it's not that easy! if you don't have a measuring cup! (actually i do have a measuring cup, but i'm too lazy to use it.) because, you know, you're like "that looks like enough water!" but sometimes it isn't and then the powder doesn't dissolve all the way...

but that didn't happen today. mmm.

chistine gave me this page-a-day calendar for christmas called "well duh!" and every day is about like, a stupid person or thing, but sometimes like i just wonder what the hell the people who made it were thinking? march 6, for example;

During the revolutionary War, when Americans fought for freedom from the British, thousands of black slaves fought in the Continental Army. But they weren't volunteers. They had been elisted by their masters, who stayed at home out of the fight, yet received the combat pay their slaves earned.

wtf? why is this in a calendar about stupid people? yes, i can appreciate the irony that slaves were forced to fight in the war for independence... but um... why is this is in the same calendar as, say, march 12: in 1906, a man named alfredo bindi tried to commit suicide by eating his suspenders. he failed? or march 16: on a fireplace log: "caution, risk of fire."

the institution of slavery in america is an entirely different level of stupidity! a brilliantly evolved system designed to perpetuate the artifically instituted racial hierarchies while supporting the economic system of the south, and keeping the poor whites away from communism! and so i ask... who decided it would be a good idea to reduce this to a 3-sentence blurb in a calendar with stupid warning labels and darwin award losers?

am i history major-ing out, or is that weird to anyone else...?

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Monday, March 07, 2005

listening to: stuu, watching the detectives

so okay, let's suppose you were doing your reading for art history. and let's suppose you turned to a new page, and it said Dicesis che Demetrio antico atauario fu fanto studiosos della rassomiglianza che delettossi..., what would you do?

would you realize, "oh, this is in italian!"? or would you go "oh my god, i don't fucking know any of these words, what's going on?!??"

... because i know what i'd do.

um. yeah, good thing i'm so awesome. (i think it would be interest to go through all my old blog entries and chart usage of "awesome" and "lame," and maybe also average number of exclamation points/entry. i wonder if there's any significant change over time. it would be awesome if there were! or possibly lame!)

christine brought me back a copy of st. olaf's fake newspaper from the quizbowl tournament she went to, and the b&s is totally better. even the gum is better. take that, st. olaf. also, my b&s column this month is about zombies.

also, i'm wearing my awesome eddie izzard shirt today, that was made by my awesome brother. clearly, life is awesome.

also, i finished my art history paper and managed to conclude it with something other than "MOUNTAINS DON'T SMILE THEY ARE MADE OF ROCKS", which i'm pretty pleased about. although i maintain that that would have been a perfectly legitimate conclusion.

and i think i might go to bed soon. after i finish this reading. the part of it that's in english.

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

listening to: stu, brilliant mistake

random amusing quotes: family video guy: "do you need anyone else added to your account?'
me: "um... nope!"
mary: "renata, what about todd?"
me: "um, todd is fictional."
mary: "so you guys broke up?"
me: "yeah, well, you know."
mary: "where's a fictional river god going to find another girl like you?"
family video guy: "i don't even want to know."

"mary parker, you have an audioscrobbler?! why didn't you add me as your audioscrobbler friend?!"

"oh man, you hear that music that just started? that means he's gonna do something badass!"

"her hottness is like a shield. the hotter you are in a bond movie, the more likely you are to live. unless you're evil."

last night was goodly! as i mentioned, we went to see neverland players, and afterwards mary came over and we went to family video for to get videos! well actually, first we went to the local video rental place/tanning salon, but they're confusingly organized, and also smell like tanning oil. so we left and went to the nationally owned chain. shit, we're destroying america.

anyway. we rented goldeneye and the guru! and then we watched them! yay! goldeneye is my favorite bond movie EVER. and it's not just because alan cumming is in it. i mean, it's a lot because alan cumming is in it, but there are other reasons too! it's so crazy, *everyone* is in that movie. boromir, jean grey (and nightcrawler!), hagrid... james bond... queen elizabeth, minnie driver ("that lady looks just like minnie driver!" ... during credits, "hey, it was minnie driver!"). plus it's got outdated computers, drunken russians, a tank with a fucking statue on top ("why hasn't the music started yet?" "just wait... see, he couldn't have the music until his tank got the statue on top!"), sketchy american marines, and a giant satellite. and the biggest container of pink lemonade EVER.

the guru was also hilarious. and bizarre. yes. (in case you missed ever hearing about this one when it came out, as i did, it's about heather graham as a porn star and ... an indian guy... as an indian guy who wants to be a movie star but ends up being a sex guru... hilarity ensues.)

and xine came back, yay! and we talked. until 4am. and now i'm kinda tired. but these things happen.

my art history paper is such bs. i haven't felt like this since high school. but like, we have this chinese scroll, poem, and writing (from 1072) about what scrolls should be like. and it's all very interesting, but our paper topic has stuff like:

why "go into" (visually) the landscape?
how do you proceed (visually) into the painted landscape? what do you find within it?
in your analysis you need to both describe and explain the pictorial techniques and organization the chinese painter uses to depict nature.
keep in mind the differences between chinese and western techniques and viewpoints.

thank you for clarifying that i only need to *visually* go into the landscape, otherwise i totally would have just tried to walk into the painting. it probably would have been awkward. and i'm so glad she reminded us that chinese and western viewpoints are different!

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

listening to: footloose, footloose (in my head)

hee, just got back from neverland players with jenny and newjulia. (neverlnad players is this cool theatre thingy, where they go take stories from 3rd and 4th graders at the school in town, and turn them into a series of short plays.)

my absolute favorite line was "a turtle in a mansion!? i guess i'll jump on it, as that seems like the logical and humane thing to do!"

also jenny and i talked about our ideal killing sprees. and about how there are like, four people on campus i don't like, and THREE of them are going to london with us. (boo, creepy vampire porn kid, and this other kid i also don't like but never really had reason to mention him in this blog.)

but, lots of people i LIKE are also going to london! and some people i don't know but hopefully will also like.

oh, also... when we got back from the play, there were a bunch of people hanging out on the stairs between the entrance and haines 1st, and one of them was like "renata! can we borrow christine's trivial pursuit?" and i was like "uh... sure... let me go get it..." i'm not sure if they were specifically waiting for us so they could get trivial pursuit or if that was merely serendipitous... but it was very grinnellian.

ps, i'm feeling much less crazy now. and, you know, more un-crazy.

ps2, i think the constant auditory diet of footloose helped.

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listening to: the nylons, up on the roof

wow, last night was amazing. i haven't really been sleeping well lately, because i keep waking up in weird panicky states, but last night... i took 2 tylenol pms, and turned off my alarm, and got probaly like 10 hours of quality sleep. actually, i guess it was more like 9ish.. i woke up around 10, having had a dream that kait called me and then my phone wouldn't work and i was sad but then something else happened. but then i went back to sleep for a bit longer.

i think it's entirely possible that my giant 50-cent bag of speckled jellybeans will be consumed, by me, before the weekend is out. but they're so artificial and good! in that powdery-sugary-vaguely-fruit-like way.

megan: i think that could possibly be the most hilarious thing ever.

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Friday, March 04, 2005

listening to: footloose, dancing is not a crime

this is the best song ever.

oh, i forgot, i have some of these;

random amusing quotes: "hi julia!"
"um, this isn't julia."
"what? really?"
"um, no, it's kait!"
"really? wow! hi kait!"

"i like obscure movies."
"do you like josie and the pussycats?!"

"mary! i was talking to julia, and then she was going to call me back--"
"and then kait called you?"
"whoa! yeah!"
"... i read kait's livejournal before i came."

there was more, i think. but i don't remember.

anyway. anna's birthday party was crazy. and awesome. see... she turned 21, and she's been not-drinking until she turned 21, so tonight basically everyone on her floor was making different mixed drinks for her. it was adorable. and adriane was tending bar, and she's a mormon and doesn't drink at all... and... there was a lot of love.

i think it was probably also the drunkest i've been.. .which was (is)... not really at all. because i think the drunkest before that was about the equivalent of two smirnoff ices. *shrug* (i'm a bad college student! or something!) but at the same time i'm not really opposed to drinking on any level. unless you're puking on my stuff. but it's just like, you know, i have fun sober. but it's weird like, i don't know, trina and i both noticed that people who do drink always seem a little ... around us when the topic comes up. like we're judging them or something. and it's just so... not a moral issue to me. it would be if i were like, "i don't like julia because she drinks diet coke all the time!"

whatevs. anyway.

i think facebook should have an "enemy" option. like, if someone tries to add you as a friend, you should be able to check a box that says "not only are you NOT my friend, you're my ENEMY." and they could get a frowny face next to their name or something.

there are a few people who tried to add me who would have that.

i'm just sayin'.

also, this kind of makes me die a little inside.

also i really really need to clean off my desk.

and start my art history paper. maybe i'll do that now. seeeriously. stupid art history.

overall though, feeling much less anxious and insane. (ps, julia and kait, i kind of called both of you because i was like, hey i'm kind of flipping out sort of... but then, i didn't feel like i could say that because new!julia was still hovering around and it was awkward. so anyway, uh, you guys are great. as are other people i could have called. but i hadn't talked to either of them for awhile. and um... things.)

oh my god, i was just looking at random cds on cdbaby, and i did the "find an artist who sounds like...." thing with tori amos, and one of the first people who came up was amy jo johnson. to which i thought "dude, isn't that the pink power ranger?" i'm looking at her website right now and i can't actually tell. like... she looks like she might be? dammit, her website needs an faq. ("q. are you the pink power ranger? a. shut up, that was a long time ago." )

*googles* it totally IS her! that's so awesome! on so many levels! level 1: the pink power ranger is now apparently a musician who sounds like tori amos, or at least, categorizes herself as sounding like tori amos. 2. i still remember the pink power ranger's name. 3. SHE WILL NEVER ESCAPE BEING THE PINK POWER RANGER NEVER. 4. her music? actually not bad. 5. haha, i was totally just like "wow, this song DOES sound like tori amos!" but um, itunes shuffled away and played an actual tori song instead of the other pink ranger song i downloaded.

the end!

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listening to: footloose, i'm free (heaven helps the man)

seriously... general anxiety, i'm pretty sure i told you to back the fuck off.

i was going to go see neverland players tonight, but i think i need a few hours of alone-time before i go to anna's party.

maybe i'll watch pocahontas!

haha.. or leave voicemails for kait. i was, just now, and i ended it with "and.. .remember how john kerry loves kittens? because he does." and just then anna walked in and after i hung up she was like, "john kerry loves kittens, huh?" and i was like "um, yeah... it's this joke... between my friend and i."

(i always feel like she's judging me, somehow, even though i don't think she is... uh.)

oh dude, i just realized i haven't taken a shower today. i AM a dirty hippie.but.. i was going to go to the pec after class, so i didn't shower in the morning, because dude, i'd just have to take another one in a few hours... and then i didn't go to the pec, and i was going to take one after i got back from wal-mart, but then i fell asleep and had nightmares about vbrown instead... so maybe, i'll go do that now....

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oh my god i took and nap and had the worst nightmare... i got this exam back from vbrown and she had written these awful comments on it, things like "there's no excuse for this level of work" and... and i don't remember. but it was bad. and it was one of those like, not sure if it's a dream dreams... i was still in bed, but now i was looking at the folder which i had left next to my bed, and it somehow had my returned exam... so i figured i had gotten it back earlier, and forgotten to look at it...

seriously, my heart's still beating faster than normal.

i think it's time spring break got here... *flails*

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listening to: footloose, footloose

today is the best day ever!! because, i was at wal-mart and i was browsing-- not even browsing, more like, i glanced at-- the rack of $2.76 cds, and they totally had the footloose obcr. yes, two dollars and seventy-six cents. it's so ghetto though, like the cover is just this weird lime green pattern and it says "broadway's footloose musical, original broadway cast recording" so i looked it all over like... there had to be some catch. because a.) the cover is in engrish or something, b.) it was $2.76, c.) wal-mart NEVER has b'way recordings, and d.) if they did, i'm sure they wouldn't have friggin' footloose!

but i looked at the back and it totally had a picture of jeremy and jennifer laura thompson, and it listed the right cast and stuff... so i was like, okay... whatever, even if there is something wrong with it, it's less than $3...

and i'm listening to it, and it's totally just the footloose obcr. how bizarre. and AWESOME.

footloose is up there with movin' out on musicals i like... despite because of their bizarreness and cheesiness. oh, man.

"bomont?! where the hell is bomont?!"

haha, and now i'm envisioning shane as chuck... oh, MAN. ooh, and hunter foster was in this? in the ensemble? aww. i loved hunter in urinetown. whoa, and orfeh was a swing? *broadway geeks out*

so... yeah.

(q. who's a better roger than constantine?
a1. um, almost all of them.
a2. jeremy kushnier!)

hmm... i totally just looked at the footloose obcr on amazon... they actually call it "broadway's footloose musical"! what an awkward phrasing! and the weird green background is... actually the cd cover. why is this even more hilarious than if i would have had a special ugly wal-mart version?

also, this review really cracked me up:

i really loved the movie and the play eventhou iam african american and if they do the play with an all african american cast i would auditon for the part of ariel moore.

i love that clarifier. "i loved it even though i am african american." do i need to start saying stuff like, "i love the lion king even though i'm white"? or is the converse of that, "i love footloose because i'm white"?

... man, i just love plays about white people.

i can't believe i'm about to publish an entire post about footloose. not even about footloose itself, just the footloose cast recording. (and white people.)

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listening to: tenacious d, the road

oh em gee, now stuart is listening to tenacious d. and blogging about grammatical cases. i heart him.

hmm, apparently i put "the road" on repeat-one. that's okay, i will listen to it many times! i had it stuck in my head all day, but then vbrown said something about the erie canal and then i had "15 miles on the erie canal" stuck in my head for awhile. and then it went away.

kait: i know! isn't it crazy! i left some random comment about it in your lj awhile ago, when you were talking about great expectations and i said we could probably take over the world with the power of that movie + album. you can download the song from collecting bees. also i'm glad you like exclamation points!

megan: it was anti-scurvylicious!

okay. today i needs to:
print off my physics lab and turn it in
go to pec (?)
walk to walmart and get birthday present for miss anna (? but hopefully!)
start working on art history paper (i want to put a question mark here but NO I NEED TO)
history readings
b&s: finish layout, write column
.. oh, somewhere in here i switched over to stuff i need to do this weekend. right.


dear general anxiety,

i appreciate the tactical brilliance of your decision to entirely surround me with your troops. however, i would like to respectfully request a truce, the terms of which can be further specified in a gentlewoman's agreement but which would roughly involve you leaving me alone, and me giving you some pringles. if you are unwilling to acquiese to this request, i will be forced to call in reinforcements. of DOOM.


commander sanity.


the road is fucking hard,
it's also really fucking tough!
there's no question that
it don't take no guff
the road is a b-i-itch my friend
but it's the only fucking road i know!

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

listening to: ben folds, not the same

i like it when stuart davis listens to the same music as i do. like, this song was his 'current music" in his most recent blog entry, and it's been one of my favorite ben songs lately too! plus for awhile he was listening to tori all the time and don't think i didn't notice!

i stopped by the cdo today to ask about that internship and they were like it's not our fault we haven't heard back from any of the internship sites yet! it sounds plausible, but i know that deep down the cdo is just full of LYING LIARS.

also, keith, that's weird. and also crazy. craazy small world. but you should vote for contstantine. everyone should vote for constantine! and it appears that they in fact are, since he didn't get voted off this week. i checked online!

i've been using a lot more exclamation points lately, i feel. i mean, i feel! it makes me, the blog-er, feel like my life is exciting! how does this make you, the blog-reader, feel? discuss, citing specific examples from either my or your own lives!

or not!

i'm going to go eat an orange so i don't eat scurvy! i bought this orange from the forum instead of stealing it from the dining hall like i usually do!

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oh yeah, & quick replies to a few comments:

tura- the lyrics to siren are here. it's kind of a crazy song. make sure to also read the interview with tori about the song at the end of the page, it's extra-bizarre!

talia- aww, i love you and your blog too! it's a big frowl lovefest.

katie- your MOM should be present at all high teas with the queen of england and, er, my mom...

so yeah.

now i REALLY should start my physics...

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listening to: tonic, flower man

kait reminded me that i totally like this song!


that's right, i'm creepy.

i burned the roof of my tongue on the bagel pizza i craftily crafted in the dining hall tonight. sad face. but it was tasty, so, happy face. (they average out to straight line face.)

i have to confess that i'm kind of obsessed with constantine maroulis now. like, it all started last year when a bunch of grinnellians saw rent, and i saw it on like saturday and anne saw it on sunday, and anne asked if constantine was still in the cast, and i said yeah, and then we talked about what a tool he was. and she was like "i bet he tells people to check out his website all the time!" and i was like "he totally does!" and she was like "really?? i didn't even know he had a website, he just seemed like the kind of guy who would..." and then like, we got our picture with him and anne got his autograph and he signed it "anne- keep rockin'!" and we thought that was hilarious.

ooh i forgot, i had this tori amos (go figure) button on my bag, but it was from strange little girls so she had the black wig and glasses, and he saw it and was like, "is that karen o?" and i was like "... no, it's tori amos." and he was like "because i know karen o!" and i was like "... cool?" so, connie=tool.

and then we found out he was going to be on american idol, and we started watching. and we talk about how hilarious he is all the time. and how anne is his best friend. and we have a facebook group. ("we heart constantine.") and we have all these nicknames for him, like connie and teenie and stan and stannie.

my point here is this: i think we all know how dangerous it is for kait or i to pretend to like something. it always ends in genuine devotion. (note: john kerry. he loves kittens! note: case closed. oh conan! note: josie and the pussycats. omfg. anyway.)

so, if i end up actually being obsessed with constantine, i want you to know two things: 1.) this is how it started. 2.) i consider this crossing a line. please do everything in your power to remind me of what a tool he is.

(this shouldn't be hard. KEEP ROCKING!)

anyway... so.. yeah.

also if i talk start talking about connie all the time, i mean this guy. haha, just looking at that page made me laugh. and laugh.

unlike physics, which makes me cry and cry.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

listening to: tori, siren

random amusing quote: dylan: "which do you like better, 'bush tricked into signing kyoto protocol' or 'bush accidentally signs kyoto protocol'?"
(simultaneously) bryan: "accidentally"
me: "tricked"
dylan: "hmm... i'll flip this cd. shiny side up is 'tricked,' white side up is 'accidentally.' ooh, looks like it's accidentally!"
bryan: "in your face!"
me: "yeah, too bad i don't have any sort of editorial ability to make changes..."
dylan: "i swear to god if you change the word the cd picked i'll cut you. actually, now that i think about it, i like 'tricked' better too."

that's more like a conversation than a quote. um... but i thought it was funny. at the time.

and also now.

anyway. mary: i keep forgetting you guys have that blinky problem. heh, losers. i mean... i'll try to fix it? but i don't know what's wrong with it since it only does it with firefox? but making a link every post seems like work.

kait just posted some stuff that makes her happy and i think i will too. i mean, i already have the grateful list but i haven't really updated that in awhile so i think a sort of freeform list will give me stuff to update it with. for when i do. so, some things that make me happy are: "your mom" jokes, getting mail, all my awesome friends (and the non-awesome ones too... just kidding, all my friends are awesome), when people tell me the b&s is funny, my purple nalgene, vanilla pudding, cats, the gilmore girls as cats, the kool aid man, frozen, okay now i'm just listing inside jokes but those make me happy too, emails from vbrown, old aim conversations, women's history month, extra minutes of sleep after hitting the snooze button, not having physics on fridays, chicken fingers, purple, pink, and green pens, and YOU.

and your mom.

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listening to: tori, siren

i totally just typed "sine" instead of "siren." fuck you, physics, i want my brain back!

we watched this video about woman suffrage in, um, women's history today, and the section about suffrage in the west really made me want to play oregon trail. i think i will. this weekend.

also this weekend, i will: finish the b&s, write my stupid art history paper, do readings for history, (maybe) start researching for lit, see the neverland players, sleep a lot. answer emails?

i'm not sure how i feel about audioscrobbler adding proof of my obsessive personality. right now my recently played tracks are:

1 Tori Amos - Siren
2 Tori Amos - Siren
3 Tori Amos - Siren
4 Ramones - Teenage Lobotomy
5 Tori Amos - Siren


i just ate more swiss style yogur! it's perfectly legal in america AND it's good for your vagina! i know it's true because cosmo told me so!

i'm so tired, i don't want to go to physics.

stupid physics. that's another thing i'll have to do this weekend, my physics homework. boo.

ok, time for class. where the hell are my shoes? (you'd laugh if you saw me typing this, you would, because there are three pairs of shoes under my chair right now but they're NOT THE ONES I WANT.)

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oh snap.

I just wanted to let this select group of GIL 2005 students know that you each have been granted the opportunity to participate in an internship in Phase 2 of the GIL Fall 2005 program. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

More information will be provided at the GIL orientation on April 4, 2005.

nooow if only the cdo would let me know what the hell i'm doing this summer...

miriam, i totally kind of believed your comment about swiss yogurt being illegal in the us. but it's not true! you're so tricksy.

He described Old Home Original yogurt as being Swiss-style. This means the yogurt was cultured in a vat prior to being packaged in cups. Cup-set yogurt, on the other hand, is poured as a liquid into the cups, and then allowed to set.

"Swiss-style yogurt is not as thick and creamy - it has a lighter texture," he said, noting that Yoplait Custard Style yogurt is an example of a cup-set product.


anyway. so i've been waiting for this guy to get back to me about printing costs for the b&s (i emailed him last week) and he was like, i think i'm retiring march 1st, so i'll try to get back to you before then... and its' march 2nd... and i haven't heard back. i think this is a bad sign.

audioscrobbler keeps being down, which is sad, because i like to check it every 10 minutes.

your-site is apparently also down, which makes me happy we switched hosts when we did. *is self-congratulatory* (dreamhost's probably going to go down any minute now, just to spite me. or else bloger will. or... something.)

anyway i'm going to head for teh pecx0r now. uh, or maybe just the pec.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

listening to: urinetown, i see a river

oh man, i love urinetown. that and ttb are the two musicals i'm constantly forgetting and then re-remembering that i love. like, basically whenever itunes shuffles to anything from either of them i have to be like "omg i love this musical!"

hmm. my lab partner didn't show up today so it was just me and professor c. (i've decided to start referring to him as "professor c" in an attempt to become more in touch with my inner fonzie. eventually i'll switch to "mister c" and then i'll move in with him and hit juke boxes all the time.) anyway so that was a little awkward. but we're best friends now. (no, we're not.)

i listen to itunes so inefficiently. i'll be like "man, i wanna listen to that song!" and then rather than scrolling up to that song, or even typing "that song" up into the search bar... i'll just hit "next" on shuffle in some vain attempt to eventually cycle around to that song. instead i usually get distracted by something else a few songs into shuffling.

i like the yogurt from the forum. mixed berry isn't as good as raspberry. but it's fat free and raspberry is low fat. and "swiss style" and i don't know what that means but it apparently means "super tasty." the fat probably helps too.

in other news:

Renata -

Very, very nicely done. Good revision throughout. I'll be in touch when I get contracts, etc., but this is ready to go.

Thanks for your efforts.

hott. ("this" referring to the essay i wrote for the book the sandman papers that's apparently coming out soon. or something.)

i am so tired. i've been extra-tired lately, and i've been trying to get more sleep and it doesn't seem to be helping and is it the weekend yet?

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listening to: vox, my boyfriend's back

dear physics lab,

i do not want to partake of your mines of knowledge today. i'm sure there's much you could teach me about standing waves on strings. however, i just don't feel i'm at a stage in my life where i'm ready to accept the burden of such knowledge. it-- wait, we get slinkys?

... fine, i'll be there.

grudgingly yours,


speaking of which... i should go do that now. sigh. (seriously, i get so resentful about my 45 minute labs. christine spends like, her entire life in lab and i'm like... aww man, i have to go measure some slinkys! life is so HARD! but on the other hand, she likes it. so... um... things.)

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