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Monday, February 28, 2005

i'm glad this phone has redial, so that i can successfully vote for connie on american idol 32409 times.

oh my god, seriously, jenny and i watched american idol tonight (my first time watching the show--ever) and he was SO HILARIOUS OH EM GEE.

i hope he wins. ahahaha.

ALSO. on commercial breaks we switched over to watch 7th heaven, which i hadn't seen before either. but jenny updated me on all the charactes. and it was awesome.

some girl: i have something i need to tell you, simon...
me: you have herpes now?
some girl: you know how when you sleep with someone... you're also sleeping with everyone else that person has ever been with?
me: oh my god he does have herpes now.
jenny: i hope it's gonnorhea!

but then we switched back to american idol, and didn't findout which std he had... and we kept flipping back to try to find out. but he'd just call it his "problem" and we never found out. we're not sure if it was never actually specified on the show, or if we just kept missing it. (seriously, if you watched 7th heaven... let me know. ahahaha.)

oh, hilarity.

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listening to: stu, belle

dude, i totally got an 89 on my physics exam. that's like, almost an a. in a science class.

but we have another exam like next week or the week after, so i'm sure i'll be able to do much worse on that one!

la. i'm tired. but i did just write a kind of hilarious b&s article. i think so, anyway.


i just did a search on academic search premier for anansi, for my african american lit paper, and i came up with an article entitled "The World Needs More Canada." it's so true.

(abstract, because i couldn't resist: Focuses on the status of several publishing houses in Canada as of May 17, 2004. Appointments made by several publishers; Questions which arose from the decision of publisher Chapters/Indigo to hire David Margolis as its president; Description of the problems facing the book market in the country; Operations of independent publisher House of Anansi.)



the cdo said we were supposed to hear back about internships at the end of the month. it's the end of the month. but the cdo is a bunch of lying liars, so... i'm sure i'll hear back... sometime... maybe... eventually.

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Sunday, February 27, 2005


steve: there once was a renata from cowville (grinnell).
renata: and she liked to have a thrill
renata: so she went on a ride
renata: that made her happy inside
renata: it was steve's mom, who sent her a bill.
steve: *frowl*

steve: so mike's mom isn't so popular at my theme park, i'm thinking i need to lower the prices.
renata: that's the best thing i've heard all night
renata: i mean.. i'm sorry your business is suffering.
renata: *cough* i hope your marketing strategy succeeds.
steve: :-)
steve: oh...it will
renata: all night long?
steve: i was responsible for the success of ashvin's mom, so...i think i can do the same for mike's mom.
renata: you have an ashvin's mom too?!
renata: oh my god, i need to get that game. and just name every ride after someone's mom.
renata:and it'll make me happy.
steve: :-)
steve: and then the message comes up "Ashvin's Mom has broken down."
renata: bwahahahaha
steve: and then later, if a mechanic doesn't get to it..."Ashvin's Mom has still not been fixed. Consider hiring more mechanics."
renata: oh, i think more mechanics would definitely solve ashvin's mom's problem.

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ooh man, i love mary's x-files exco class. (haha, she should just call it... the X-CO. because... x... get it... shut up.)

anyway, we totally watched tunguska tonight. and i forgot how much i love it. and how hot mulder/krycek is. AHAHAHA shut up you know you like the leather/handcuffs pairing.

and on wednesday we'll watch terma. and it'll be hot. also. and. i can make each word into a sentence if i want!

so, i'm not watching the oscars. because i just counted, and of all the movies nominated for anything, i've seen 9 of them. which is actually more than i thought. but most of them were just nominated for random stuff; i've only seen 1 of the movies nominated for best picture.

in case you're wondering, the movies i've seen that were nominated for anything were: finding neverland, series of unfortunate events, spider-man 2, harry potter, the incredibles (obv.), super size me, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, shrek 2, and i, robot.

which i think is actually all the new movies i watched last year. oh, except garden state.

aaanyway. i wanted lemony snicket to win for best costumes, but i see that has been won by the aviator. lemony snicket did win for makeup though, which i approve of.

ooh hey, i just signed up for audioscrobbler, you download a plugin and it keeps track of what you listen to with itunes/winamp whatever, and automatically updates your profile online with your recently listened to and most listened to stuff. and junk. mine's heyjupiter5 if you're interested. which i bet you are. or not. (because you clearly need to visit a separate website to learn, "hey, renata listens to tori amos all the damn time!")

priscilla: aha, zaphod should totally take that quiz.

kait: you're right, those things ARE funny. also, dear abby.

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listening to:tori, the beekeeper

so, i decided it would be a good idea to take off all my keys and clean the keyboard. omg, so much cat fur. but now i have to either smack the spacebar kind of hard or hit it right in the middle for it to work. also the + key is at a weird angle. but mostly stuff is good. and clean. grood.

so, my mom just told me the best story ever. it's about my dad. and like, you should know that my dad is so mild-mannered. and like, if something is annoying him or whatever, he'll act like he's not...my mom always jokes that this far side is about him. so anyway. also, my mom's brother jim is an asshole. right.

so, jim had these old snowmobiles that he wanted to sell for cheap. and my dad said, hey, i like snowmobiles. i'll buy them for whatever you want, just let me know. and they said ok, sounds good, they'd figure it out later. and so next time my dad sees jim, he asks about the snowmobiles. and jim said, "oh, i sold those to some guy i met at a bar" for about half the price my dad had said he'd pay for them.

so my dad says, very calmly, "you asshole. you are dead to me."

at whichpoint i said to me my mom, "wait wait. 'you are dead to me'? he said 'you are dead to me'?!"

and she said, yeah.

and i said, omg, that's the best thing ever. and this happened like a year ago. and i was like, seriously, why didn't you tell me this earlier? what else haven't you told me!? (it was a very chris from family guy moment.)

man, i want to be like my dad. in that i'll sit quietly for 30 years and then suddenly declare my brother-in-law dead to me.

actually, i don't want to be like that, but it cracks me up hardcore that my dad is like my dad.

*smacks space bar* hm, maybe i'll see if xine can fix it when she's off the phone. actually, i guess it's really only the left side of the spacebar that's weird, middle and right are fine. hmm.

i needs to go write some b&s articles. quick, what's funny?

um... this quiz!

You Are 50% Left Brained, 50% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.

Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.

If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.

Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.

Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.

If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.

Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

Are You Right or Left Brained?

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trina: saw metcalf's play last night
trina: it got canceled today because the best had a really high temperature
trina: *beast
renata: lol
renata: i mean, aww.
renata: no, i mean lol.
trina: lol
renata: i'm glad we're so... what's the word that means we talk concisely?
renata: um...
renata: lol.
trina: lol

i think what i was trying to express was AWESOME. i'm glad we're so AWESOME.

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

okay. um. to everyone who told me the incredibles was good: :)

i'm completely thrilled that my attitude problem regarding this movie was entirely unwarranted. yay!

my two very very favorite jokes:

(regarding the character played by jason lee) "oh, you're brodie, or buddy, or something!"

(a new superhero has just appeared downtown, and a crowd of people are speculating about his identity)
"is that byronic?"
"i think it's byronic!"

(at which point i poked julie and whispered "oh my god, he's a byronic hero!")

life is kind of awesome.

except for physics.

oh, also, i forgot to mention that last night at the mill, mary, jenne, miriam and i somehow ended up in a spontaneous group hug with stuart. it was kind of adorable.

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aww i just talked on the phone with steve. hi steve!

steve apparently just read three years worth of boron archives. hi steve, past and present!

steve was playing roller coaster tycoon whilst we talked.

steve: ooh, pretty new coaster.
me: is it pink?
steve: i can make it pink...
me: oh, good. will you?
steve: sure.
me: also, can you call it "steve's mom: the best ride around"?
steve: no!
me: fine, how about mike's mom?
steve: okay.

hooray for steve.

and remember, if you ever want an entire blog entry dedicated to you, all you have to do is call me.

and name a roller coaster after mike's mom.

and now, i'm going to go see the incredibles, and if it's bad i'm going to be resentful towards all 8 billion people who told me it was good. this means you! but if it's good, i'll give you all smiley faces.

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listening to: tori, alamo (live)

so hi! let me see. stu was awesome, but i'll discuss that later.

for now: successfully purchased tori ticket! 1st balcony, row d. hot. ttttt.

let's see. i went to go moderate for quizbowl's high school tournament, but, it turned out they had enough people so i just ate their pizza and left.

mmm, pizza. i should really, really, reallly be using this afternoon productively, physics homework and b&s writing and history reading and the like.


*sigh* but like, i'll probably get sucked into the vicious cycle that is the internet for awhile...

but ideally, i'll just blog about the stu show and then get straight to work! and now: about the stu show.

first off... like, everyone in the world was there. i mean, mary and christine were there, cuz we went together.. and megan and her parents were there. and miriam was there. and then megan's friend keith, who i know in like the weirdest way ever... in like 8th or 9th grade he emailed me asking for help with is website? called keithworld? and we sort of emailed back and forth for a bit. (this isn't animorphs keith, or blurm keith, by the way.) and then i sort of forgot about him, i think, and then i became friend with megan through sonic. and, turns out, keith and megan went to the same high school, and apparently i came up in conversation between the two of them sometime, and it was like, omg. anyway, he was there.

and then... i was talking to megan, and she was introducing me to some guy, and i was like "i'm renata" and some guy a table over goes "OF DOOM!" and i was like "... megan, who's that guy?" "what guy?" "the one who just added 'of doom' to my name." "oh, that's rob." "rob?" "he's stu's friend, he used to read your blog." "oh... OH wait, is he rob squared to the third?" "yeah!" (to rob) "okay, i know who you are now, hi!"

the internet is amazing. and creepy. creepmazing, if you will.

anyway, so,

random amusing stu quotes: "we all deal with grief in different ways... not even grief, let's say suffering. and for some of us, we deal with political suffering by developing elaborate conspiracy theories. and i say, let the healing begin!"

"is the shaving thing required?"
"what, for the three-way? some targeted shaving is apprciated, but not required."

"he can't even play the song that's supposed to make fun of people that are stupid!" (re: his bass player's inability to play "dueling banjos")

"i'm not doing heroin, or sleeing with hookers, or any of that shit! i just get a little twitchy before i fall asleep!" (re: diet coke)

"that song is like, the happy, heart side of the butt, and this song is the dark, covered half of the ass!" (said while pointing at his own ass, one half of which was exposing his valentine's day boxers due to a large hole in his pants)

"i would only get it if you're going to die at some point, or if someone you know is mortal."

"it's very post-modern. there's not even music, that's how post-modern it is!"

"i see the diet coke, i want the diet coke, but I DON'T WANT THE SEIZURES!"

oh yeah, and his bass player was with him. chad... something. guy. yes.

dirty purity: new song... i liked it but i was kind of spacing out.

voodoo: another new song, which i liked a lot. yay!

easter: also new. craziness.

innocent three-way: new! and hilarious. he posted the lyrics in his blog a few days ago, if you're so inclined.

ladder: a new song! no, that's a lie. um, so i remember the first time i heard ladder, on the album, i didn't like it that much. and then i saw him do it live, and i was like "...OH. okay. yeah!" and i just liked it so much more after that, and even the album version became much better for me after having seen it. and i think seeing it live with bass took it up another level. it was awesome.

edge of i:? another new song? not sure of title.

good weird:? another new song, again, not sure of title, but i definitely liked it a lot. that and innocent 3-way were my favorites of the new songs. and voodoo. yeah.

dresden: nooot my favorite stu song, but, you know, it's still good.

rockstars & models: always good to see this one live. i remember the first time i saw him do it, he went over to the piano that was randomly there and started hitting the strings... and it was great.

chow down: i have nothing to say regarding chow down.

nothing in between: i love this song SO much ESPECIALLY live so YAY. except that i kept thinking about physics and it was pissing me off. like, i wanted to listen to the song but my brain was like "hey check it out, he's totally hitting the strings at l/3, which cancels out the third harmonic!" and i was like, "no seriously, shut up brain." and then my brain was like "dude, he's damping the strings!" and i was like "i'll kill you brain!" and my brain was like "that probably wouldn't be a very good idea." and then i killed my brain just to teach it a lesson, and so, the rest of my setlist is actually written in zombie.

asjdas: that's zombie for wand. hooray, i like wand!


only echoes: i was surprised but pleased to hear this one. woot.

doppelganger body donor


wizard: wizard live is SO awesome.

practice dying another pleasant surprise.

universe communion


+ dharma - drama

female friend: one i hadn't heard in awhile. the girl sitting in front of me REALLY wanted to hear this song.

fall awake! yay!


it's all just because: the best part of this song last night was that chad didn't know it, so stu told him to "milli it!" and so he was just totally rocking out without actually playing. until stu declared a "one note bass solo!" break.

giving in: he was playing a lot of weird stuff tonight. and by weird, i just mean like... songs he doesn't seem to do live much anymore. so. yay, this song is gorgeous.

savoring samsara

sexy messiah: woohoo!

grace: he was totally gonna do some elvis. at the break i had asked for oliver's army, and he was like "yeah, a lot of people have been asking for elvis!" and then he was like, "this my last song... i should do a cover, i haven't done one all night"! and then people were yelling out covers, and mary was like "grace!" and he was like, okay, i'll play grace. and we were like, awwsad. oh well, next time, gadget, next time!

and... yeah.

megan and i briefly relived our freaky high school years, while mildly disturbing miriam. and... we left. and stuff.

okay, seriously, i should do work. but yay stu!

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Friday, February 25, 2005

listening to: tori, sister janet (live)

i wonder what the hell i would do with my free time without the internet?

no really. what would i DO? i guess i'd read more? actually do my homework? talk on the phone more? watch teevee? stare at the wall?

i'm tired. and hungry. rawr.

i like it when things happen like...

christine: (doing her classical mythology reading) heey, did you know that temple prostitution was practiced in the name of astarte?
me: why yes, actually, i learned it from a comic book. (*goes and gets sandman book to show her*)

so... i didn't know that jason lee AND sarah vowell were both in the incredibles. i kind of want to see it now that i know it has two of my role models in it. (1. yes, yes, i know, everyone and their mother says the incredibles is jesus. i don't know, i just can't get myself excited about it. it looks so stupid to me. and like, the bad stupid, not the good spiceworld kind of stupid. look, i can't explain it, and i'm sure i'll end up seeing it eventually. 2. yes, jason lee is a role model. shut up. also, "if i were jason lee i'd touch myself all the time!")

segues? who needs those? i am worse than usual today, aren't i? blame the tiredness. i've been tired all damn week but curiously unable to sleep. but it intersperses itself with GIDDINESS so it all works out in the end!

aww jeeze. it's peanut broccoli stirfry night. i used to LOVE peanut broccoli stirfry night, but now they made it vegan, and it's gross. or maybe it was vegan before, and now they made it non-vegan, and it's gross? i forget which. but they changed its vegan status and grossened it. *frowl*

oh, also, tomorrow tori tickets go on sale!! (technically they went on sale on thursday, but the presale was a miserable failure of technology! i don't know why that last sentence got an exclamation point! but at least it wasn't a sad face! :(!) so... um... i like tori amos.

i also like breathing, clean water, and abraham lincoln.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

listening to: tori, witness

here's a sample of why life is awesome:
scene: the dining hall. i have just sat down with anna.
anna: what's up?
me: oh, not much...
anna: no... what's up?
me: oh! my dick!
anna and i: HOLLA!
girl sitting the next table over: that just made my night.

also i definitely just sent a chuck palahniuk quote to vbrown. ahaha i love her.

here's the email i sent:
Here's something I found quite funny, and that I thought you might also enjoy...  recently, I've been reading the novel Choke by Chuck Palahniuk, which is narrated by a character who is a recovering sex addict. Here's an excerpt:

In the summer of 1642 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, a teenage boy was accused of buggering a mare, a cow, two goats, five sheep, and a turkey. This is real history on the books. In accordance with the Biblical laws of Leviticus, after the boy confessed he was forced to watch each animal being slaughtered. Then he was killed and his body heaped with the dead animals and buried in an unmarked pit.

This was before there were sexaholic talk therapy meetings.

This teenager, writing his fourth step must've been a whole barnyard tell-all.

If this book later incorporates sheep rectum condoms I think it should be required reading for your next section of 222 ;)

and here's the reply i got:

Poor sheep . . . and what about that turkey?  Geez.  Thanks for the giggle.

i love everything.

oh! and big fat envelope in my po box sez renata's going to london.

AND i get to see stu tomorrow night with at least 3 of my favorite people. (christine, mary, and megan. and hopefully miriam too!) AND i've successfully booked a pro-marijuana speaker for scipe. AND i just ate some good chocolate. AND i just talked to molly online about awesome kinderegg toys. and it's almost FRIDAY. and i have a functional CAPSLOCK key. what's not to be happy about?

talia: nope, that doesn't help either .i can't really conceptualize a half-step either. let alone 5. and no, i don't really need to know fourths, or any of the other ones. but it's still like... fuck, my brain doesn't work.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

2 vague replies to comments, while i don't do my physics:

1. well.. i did say "10 things you probably haven't done," not "10 things you've definitely never ever done." so... yeah.

2. thanks for the music tips, kids, but that's exactly my problem: that doesn't help. like, now i know that when i hear "here comes the bride" the first two notes are a fourth. cool. but i cannot translate that into understanding other fourths. i just know that *those two* are a fourth. like, i can't figure out the corresponding ratio. or whatever. it just doesn't make sense in my brain.

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i'm soo tired the fire alarm went off three times last night (not counting the 3 times BEFORE i went to bed). raaaar. apparently the sensor was broken? and they're fixing it now?

so, like i said, i'm tired. i think i'll take a nap.

my blog's looking all crazylike on kait's computer, and she has a screenshot to prove it. um,i hope it's not looking like that for anyone else... but i guess... if it is... you aren't reading this right now.

also, i just posted this as a comment to kait, in reponse to her comment about weird things she remembers about being interviewed for npr when she was 6, like getting to eat a nutrigrain bar for breakfast. anyway, and i thought it was interesting, or at least weird, so i'm reposting it here.

yeah, it's weird what you remember msot distinctly. like, i realized that one of the things i listed on my list was flying first-class... and what i didn't put, was that that was when we went to the yucatan in mexico and visited chichen itza. but because i was like 6, the flying first class part sticks out more clearly in my memory than, you know, visiting amazing ancient mayan temples. (and you know what? like, even my memory of visiting the temples is stuck in very clearly with my memory that we got this really cool bottled water when we were there. it wasn't even like, THAT cool of bottled water... but i guess this was before bottled water was really big in the states... and i was really thirsty... and... yeah.)

ANYWAY, memories are weird.

it's true. ok... nap? yes.

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oh god dammit i was going to go do bed early but now i want to do this meme from kait cuz i think it sounds FUN.

10 things i've done that you probably haven't:

1. I've marched on Washington, DC.
2. I've petted a shark.
3. I've walked above the rainforest in Costa Rica.
4. I've been recognized in public by random people who read my blog.
5. I've met Tori Amos! Briefly.
6. I've flown first class! Because our flight was overbooked and we randomly got bumped up.
7. I've apparently created a website that's now being used in the Philadelphia public school curriculum.
8. I've participated in the Iowa caucus! For Dean!
9. I've attended numerous BMW motorcycle rallies.
10. I've helped create an elaborate army of animal crackers wearing helmets. (I was going to link to a picture, but somehow both versions I have online have been mysteriously overwritten with pictures of Curtis. Doh.)

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

listening to: stuuu, bright apocalypse

man, i'd been having a decently good day, and then all of a sudden an hour ago i just started feeling randomly anxious. like... i don't even know. this vague sort of gnawing feeling.

i think there's been some sort of like, spillover stress. i'm sad that my friends are sad, for various reasons :(

also living with anna can sometimes be just awkward enough to be a minor stressor. and i mean, she's totally fine to live with, nice and quiet and agreeable (except she chews with her mouth open and it's SO LOUD and gross and she just poured a bowl of cereal noooes) but it's just like... i don't know. whenever she's not here, i'm kind of relieved. which sounds bad. but. well. it's not like i'm going to kill her in her sleep or anything.

(ps, there are two annas in my life-- roommate anna, aka new!julia, and main2ndanna, aka AWESOME ANNA.)

ooh! the fire alarm went off, and we all went out and shivered in the loggia, *but* anna took her cereal with her and ate it there, so i didn't have to listen. i win!

(i'd feel so bad if she ever read this.)

aah. okay. the invigorating cold air of the loggia + stuart davis + venting + some of mary's abandoned heath bar = better.

i am le tired. as always, just need to make it through wednesday... all downhill from there.

the number of sad faces drawn in my physics notes increases exponentially as x (time) increases linearly. also, i totally have already filled half of my notebook (front and back) already. i seriously take about 6 pages of notes a day, becuase i write down EVERYTHING, in the futile hopes that it will aid my understanding.

another physics sad face: a story from lab. in one act.
professor c: does this sound like a fourth to you?
me: ... i don't know what a fourth sounds like?
p to the c: *hums a fourth, i assume*
me (thinking): that sounds totally different! i mean, he's humming, and that thing is just a sine wave generator.. and... it... hell if know. he'll think i'm stupid if i just say i don't know. i've been thinking about this too long. i should just say something. probably he wouldn't have asked if it sounded like a fourth if it wasn't actually a fourth.
me: ... yes?

like i just don't have that kind of musical ear. i remember 3rd grade music, and each row would have to sing whateer note we were learning, and she would make us keep doing it until everyone in the row was right. and i eventually learned that i was always wrong, even though i couldn't figure out why, or how to be right. so... i just... opened my mouth and didn't sing. and i've had 4 years of band, 2309432 years of chorus... couldn't sing a fourth for you to save my LIFE.

so, i'm just saying... um... i like zombies. and bacon. and ant-sized cats. and FROZEN THE MOST HUMANE PLAY EVER.

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listening to: tori, goodbye pisces

damn you, intarweb! i was totally just going to check my email, and then go start my physics.. and that was like, 45 minutes ago. but at least 10 minutes of that when jenny stopped by and we talked about how awesome constantine is. or teenie, as we like to call him.

anyway. so in african american lit today we were talking about black power and i had to really restrain myself from making chasing amy references. "what's a nubian?"

ahahaha it's funny every time.


also, i'm now officially an english/history major. contingent upon me completing art history 103. and, you know, all the requirements of an english major and a history major. anyway, this basically gives me license to be 1.7 times as pretentious as before. (not quite twice-- history majors are slightly less pretentious than english majors.)


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Monday, February 21, 2005

oooh my god, megan and i are HILARIOUS.

megan: stupid blogger confusing me by teaming up with the new server.
renata: it's all a giant web of confusion!
megan: alright. i'll screw around with it until i figure it out.
renata: with an evil spider of technology!
megan: it's a world wide web of confusion.
renata: and.. flies of knowledge
megan: *laughes merrily to self*
renata: bahaha
megan: get it? get it?
megan: because like.. it's giant.
renata: *actually laughed out loud* *a lot*
megan: it's world wide.
megan: lol
megan: we're stupid. *sigh*

megan: i wanna blog how hilarious we are.
megan: but i CAN'T
renata: ooh my god, it's a brilliant tragedy
renata: we couldn't be so funny if it weren't for the problems with blogger
renata: but because of the problems with blogger, we can't blog about it!
renata: shakespeare totally couldn't have thought of anything so ingenious.
megan: lol
megan: yeah, shakespeare can totally eat it.
megan: because we are so much more brilliant.
renata: brilliant squared.

kait: "argyle kneesocks from target" is pretty self-explanatory... the target brand of clothes, i believe it's called XHILARATION, makes these nice kneesocks, in various weird colors of argyle. and they're nice and warm and cheap and i have 3 pairs of them. (green and purple, pink and blue, and pink and red with hearts in the middle of the argyles!) and i want more!

i've written 2 sentences of my paper. i win. but.. it only needs to be 2 pages. by tomorrow afternoon. i have pleeenty of time. clearly.

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listening to: tori, goodbye pisces

so hi. some more thoughts about tori, because um, i'd rather talk about her than i would write about the poetry of alice dunbar, shocking as it may seem. so. like i said, earlier i was reading reviews of beekeeper, and aside from not getting the concept album a lot of them were like, tori's lyrics don't make any sense! and, literally, they don't exactly. you have to, you know, interpret them. does anyone say "man, the beatles suck, what the hell does 'lucy in the sky with diamonds' even MEAN?" (well, probably some people do.)

it's the same thing at the cb boards, in the books thread, and people are like "i don't like [x book] because it's too hard!" oy. say you didn't like the style, didn't like the characters, didn't like the plot... but... it's too hard? quit being so damn lazy.

... and don't sit so close to the teevee, it's bad for the vision. *shakes cane*

anyway. and i mean, it's totally understandable to not like tori, or anything. but to not like her because her music is too HARD is just a bad reason. especially if you're a professional reviewer.

moving on: since kait's doing it, let's do the lj interest meme! pick one of my interests that you don't understand, and post a comment with it. i shall then explain it to you! it'll be fun!

omfg need to write my paper.

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haha, i'm just reading various reviews of the beekeeper, and basically every single one, regardless of what they have to say about the album itself, is like "... we got a press release saying this was some kind of concept album, but we don't get it."

Good luck trying to figure out what Tori Amos' latest concept album is about. Even after reading a two-page press release about it, I'm still not quite sure (although apparently it has something to do with a beekeeper, six gardens and some kind of imminent storm).


The Beekeeper, is also is loosely autobiographical, a song cycle that chronicles emotional journeys through metaphorical gardens all tended by the beekeeper protagonist of the title. Good thing that this concept was sketched out in the prerelease publicity, since The Beekeeper offers nothing close to a discernible concept in the album itself.

Though this concept album aims for a "garden" theme (can you say "allegory"?), nonsensical songs like "The Power of Orange Knickers" abound.

(washington post)

At the Grammy Awards last weekend, 107 prizes were handed out; including Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album and Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s). If they had a category for Most Complicated Concept Album, Tori Amos would be looking good for next year.

(the uk mail on sunday)

... and so on.

oh, and this is totally the best thing ever:

As for the rest of the album - sorry, you're on your own. There are enough inscrutable lyrics to keep legions of Amos fans busy for months as they post interpretations on their Internet message boards. ... Amos sings - and we quote - "Call Engine 49 / I have come with my mustard seed."

We only can infer she's making an oblique reference to chili, since Engine 49 suggests a fire department, mustard seed is a common ingredient in chili recipes, and firemen are famous for making excellent chili. We're still trying to work out what bees have to do with it.

(the plain dealer... which is apparently the name of a newspaper)

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listening to: tori, honey (live)

sometimes it really frightens me how good i am at tori amos "guess the songs" games. seriously, i should not be able to identify obscure b-sides from a random 1 second clip. but apparently lots of other people can do it too, so, at least i'm not alone in my creepiness.

omg. sometimes i'm so sketchy. i don't even know why.

like... here's an email i just sent to anna. in reply to an email in which she mentioned something about licking her wounds.

Well, just let me know if you need any more licking.

I can't believe I just typed that, I'm so sketchy.

Anyway, Wednesday night studying craziness sounds amazing, and I would be all over that like herpes on your MOM.

who does that?

clearly... i do.

frowl seems to be up and running at the new server with no major problems. so fuck you, your-site. ahaha. also, um... we get a new password now. this is exciting because... the old one was a randomly generated one... and we didn't know how to change it... and it was kind of like a dirty word. and it was bad. okay but it's changed now, so no trying to hack into frowl with like.. "gonnorhea321490" or something. because that would be wrong. with either server.

kait: *pokes back* also... omg, he totally does hate kerry, they should fight. and kerry could have all these kittens cheering him on. aww.
tura: you laugh, but it's tragic. well okay, also funny.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005


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0_0 oh my god. bill frist kills kittens. no, seriously.

Frist acknowledged in a 1989 book that he routinely killed cats while an ambitious medical student at Harvard Medical School in the 1970s. His office said it had no record on how many cats died. Frist disclosed that he went to animal shelters and pretended to adopt the cats, telling shelter personnel he intended to keep them as pets. Instead he used them to sharpen his surgical skills, killing them in the process.

why am i just now hearing about this? aww, kitties :(

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so... sometime today or tomorrow all the frowl stuff should transfer over to the new server. all the files are copied over, so stuff shouldn't change much. except that this blog might suddenly revert back to yesterday until i can republish. or something.

anyway, in case you were wondering, i think my top 3 favorite songs from the beekeeper are: barons of suburbia, parasol, and ireland. honorable mentions: goodbye pisces, hoochie woman, sweet the sting.

overall, i deem it: highly dig-able. different from all her other albums, but still has the inherent tori-ness. but i mean... each of her album has its own unique character/tone/whatever, so saying it's different doesn't mean too much.

for shizzle.

(sidnote: it's so awkard when we have to read dialect poetry aloud in african american lit, because we're all white except 2 of us, and so we all have this moment of like... oh my god, it'll just be fucking offensive for me to read like... "WE is gathahed hyeah, my brothahs/ In dis howlin' wildaness/ Fu' to speak some words of comfo't/ To each othah in distress. but then when you read it like, "we is gathered here, my brothers..." you're just like, taking away the whole point of the dialect poem and imperializing it.)

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

listening to: tori, hoochie woman

this song is. SO. hot.

i for serious need to start working on my history exam. i did some of my physics, but about half of it makes me just throw up my hands and wait until my physics date with julie tomorrow.

i love the bizarre searches people find boron through. such as, "seabert the seal cast voices credit." (of my last twenty referrals, THREE of them involve seabert. seabert seabert seabert. hey, are you looking for information about seabert the seal? because you're certaintly not going to find it here, search engine user.)

also "lotr beatles rps." am i correctly interpreting this? lord of the rings beatles real people slash? "oh ringo," sighed legolas, "i didn 't think you could DO that with a drumstick!" (or would it be "sighed orlando"? i don't even want to know.)

and then "banshees makeup for the starmites." wow, i remember seeing starmites, like... 314089 years ago. what a fucked up show.

anyway. oh, and this month's b&s is now available on teh intarweb. if you're into that kind of thing.

ooh hoo hoo
you can keep your hoochie
and the house
ooh hoo hoo
and the bank accounts
cuz boys, i bring home the bacon

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listening to: tori, goodbye pisces

it's soo cold. oh, the window's open. anna keeps opening the window and then when she leaves christine and i close it. but we haven't yet. it's not exactly passive-agressive but at the same time none of us ever mentions it.

um anyway. vagina monologues were good, underwear ball was good ("are my unda-wears showing?" "yes ma'am!"), and now i'm tired.

and cold. even though i'm wearing pants now.

i really want to watch bill and ted's bogus journey right now.

"ted, if i die, you can have my megadeth collection."
"dude, we're already dead."
"oh. well, then, they're yours, dude."

aww man. why don't i own that movie? and why is it so cold? and why... do birds, suddenly appear, whenever you are near? OOH i want to go watch mirrormask now. too bad it's not out yet.

um... goodnight?

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Friday, February 18, 2005

listening to: tori, sweet the sting

yay!! the beekeeper came today! it's not even supposed to come out until tuesday!

but, boo, i just accidentally ripped a hole in the crotch of my fishnets, and i want to wear them to underwear ball tonight. *frowl* i think i'll wear them anway... i mean, i still have underwear underneath, right? right.

*gets distracted forever*

oh my god, physics this week makes no sense to me.

and.. i need to go watch the vagina monologues. woot. and then for aforementioned underwear partying.

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listening to: tori, sleeps with butterflies

iii have no class today and iii should do work but i but i wooon't.

woohoo, my sony music order has shipped! that means maybe i'll get the beekeeper the day it actually comes out! awesome! also my frowl email is working again! except i only had 2 emails and i KNOW there should be more than that. at least like... my words of the day. which means that probably there are even more that i don't know i'm missing! sad face.

okay. so here's what i need to do between now and various other points in time:
- physics homework (by monday)
- get physics book from leah (so as to be able to do physics homework)
- history takehome exam (by monday; 6 pages, but 6 vbrown pages which is equivalent to... many more human pages)
- art history reading (by monday. if i feel like it.)
- watch vagina monologues! (probably tonight)
- watch shaun of the dead! (probably tomorrow night)
- put this month's b&s on the website (preferably today)
- african american lit paper (by tuesday; 2 pages)
- ins&outs articles (by sometime)
- bake lemon quadrilaterals for b&s meeting (by sunday)
- have b&s meeting (sunday)

OH also, frowl kids: i'm thinking very strongly about switching our host from y-s to dreamhost. it'd be cheaper, we'd get more space, and hopefully their email won't just GO DOWN FOR TWO DAYS. they have an awesome sale through the end of february, so we need to decide soonish. let me know. and NONE OF YOU HAVE REPLIED TO MY EMAILS I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.

frowl kids or non-frowl kids: any thoughts on dreamhost, y-s, or other hosts?

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

listening to: con brio, africa

i think it's time for some more of why i love my professors.

- professor ryan, in class: "'smackdown' is one of my favorite words... i know it's not very literary, but it's just so satisfying."

she also made reference to footloose, specifically to compare paul dunbar to kevin bacon. but it was just amazing how her attitude was so clearly equal parts enthusiasm and shame. it's an attitude i'm quite familiar with.

- vbrown sent everyone a new york times op-ed piece entitled "historically inaccurate canoodling" through campus mail

- professor cunningham is apparently an aikido instructor. this is funnier if you know him... he's so mild-mannered. it'd be like if clark kent were a martial arts instructor. or superman. or something.

oh, speaking of superman, you've all probably seen superman is a dick, but in case you haven't, it's hilarious.

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frowl kids: you owe me dollars! i just sent an email to everyone ,but i'm not sure if i have the most recent email address for you. so, if you're reading this, and didn't get an email, let me know what address you're using these days.

and then give me money.


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i had the weirdest dream last night. i must attempt to capture it.

crucial background information for this dream: last night on the daily show, they talked about alan cumming's new fragrance line, which is called "cumming." (mary: "you are NOT allowed to buy that." me: "aww, please?" mary: "well, maybe.")

sidenote: i just looked up info about the cologne... it apparently smells like "peat fire, Scotch pine, Scotch whisky and burned rubber". i think there's a real lack of fragrances on the market that fit hat burned stuff/trees/alchohol niche... anyway. but the article that's from referred to alan as a "gay actor," which amused me after like... YEARS of reading about alan as "an actor who keeps his sexual life private."

anyway, the dream.

there was some sort of formal dance, but it was at the bottom of this big, icy mountain. a slippery slope, if you will. everything was covered in snow but i don't remember feeling cold. oh, and it was valentine's day, and people who had gotten flowers would just leave them on the ground. somehow christine and i (i think it was christine-- suddenly that part of the dream's gotten fuzzy)-- OH WAIT I REMEMBER NOW. at the top of this mountain was apparently the studio where the daily show was filmed (yeah, you thought it was in new york city, but really it's on top of a mountain) and we were sort of skulking around. there was a big crowd of people, but they told us jon had already left, so we went back down. but i slipped, and was like... sliding all the way down the mountain.

which was ok, except then i almost hit a ski ramp thingie but then i didn't. christine had taken ski lessons earlier that day, but i had not. i somehow thought that ski lessons would have helped me fall down a mountain, and i regretted not having had them.

anyway, and then we got back down to the bottom of the mountain, and people had left the party, so we went to the hospital. as far as i can tell, neither of us were injured or sick, we just decided to go to the hospital.

at the hospital, christine was off doing something and i was sitting in the hallway eavesdropping on these two women. one was complimenting the other on her perfume, and the perfume-wearer said, "oh, thanks! it's the new neil gaiman perfume!" and i overhearing was all clandestinely "omg!"-ing, and thinking "that's so funny, because alan cumming's new cologne was just on the daily show..."

and then... that was basically it. good work, subconscious.

ooh, tori's on david letterman tonight. rock.

but frowl email has been down since last night. anti-rock.

so... yeah.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

listening to: lilo & stich, he mele no lilo

awww i like this song so much.

okay. tonight's tds was everything i dreamed it could be. oh, alan. oh, jon. oh, alan's personal cologne.

also i love last days before b&s deadlines... it continues to astound me how much everything comes together the last day. the paper now is so much better than it was like, 12 hours ago.

it's exciting.

also, tomorrow i have one class at 2, and then i'm so done until monday. with class. not with work. mm. lots of work still.

i still haven't mailed megan's birthday card. OR her valentine. i fail at LIFE.

KAIT YES I REMEMBER GEE HYPHEN DEE. omg-d, how could i forget?

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listening to: ani, back back back

i just got a ddp out of the fridge and noticed that there's like. 1/4 of a naked juice in there. and i kind of went "ew, i wonder whose that is?" and then i remembered, oh yeah, mine. OH! and there's like 1/3 of a slice of chocolate oblivion in there that's mine too!! life is good! despite... stuff... that's not good. (chocolate oblivion is this amaaazing dessert from the cafe phoenix in grinnell. like, if [you] ever come visit grinnell... we'll go to the phoenix and you WILL eat some chocolate oblivion. and you will like it. unless you're allergic to chocolate. or just a bad person.)

also, omg robot war. (no, seriously. "The lawyers tell me there are no prohibitions against robots making life-or-death decisions," said Mr. Johnson, who leads robotics efforts at the Joint Forces Command research center in Suffolk, Va. "I have been asked what happens if the robot destroys a school bus rather than a tank parked nearby. We will not entrust a robot with that decision until we are confident they can make it.")

i think i might trust a robot over bush. robots are certainly shinier than bush.

i'm so not in the mood to study for physics. also i'm mildly freaked out about the extreme last-minuteness of this month's b&s. it's due tomorrow at noon, and... well, it'll get done.

and tonight there will be ALAN and JON STEWART. also this weekend is looking remarkably low-key. just make it to friday, renata. actually! both my classes got cancelled on friday! just make it to TOMORROW, renata! oh, yes, we can make it to tomorrow. (i'm not quite sure who "we" is.)

but. physics. i studied last night with julie and lauren... and i feel suspiciously on top of things. but i have this problem with science where i just totally gloss over the stuff i don't understand, adn i can't make myself pay attention to it.. so i'm never realllly sure what i know and what i've just convinced myself i know. i guess i'll find out in an hour. but the homework's been pretty easy and stuff. we decided that he makes the class seem so much harder than it is by bringing in all this outside information 'to help us understand" and we're like "whaaat?" and it actually just confuses us a lot more. but he's not asking about that stuff on the test. so.

(i think if i were a real science student my mind would just constantly blown, like all the time. like i'm still trying to wrap my brain around the idea that musical notes are MOVING throughout the ages. like bach's A was 415 hz and our A is 440 hz. you can start to hear a difference at around 5hz. EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT what does it even meaaaan? how can we still call them both As? As are different in europe, too. they use like 444 hz. what if in the future A is like, 500 hz?! it'll be madness! oh, and all the other notes are different too. i'm just focusing on A. also, i don't even know what an A sounds like. i mean i'm so non-musical. but it still blows my mind. i'm not sure why. i mean, words change their meaning over time, and i'm cool with that. but musical notes seem to me like something you'd want to NOT change.)

katie: well... OMG is an acronym, not a word... i mean, technically, yes, it should be o.m.g... but still. like, you don't talk about taking your "sat" test, you talk about your "es ay tee."

keith: bbq indeed, sir.

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listening to: james taylor, country road

this is my favorite james taylor song. sometimes i listen to james taylor and i can't tell if i'm offended or not. but then i decide, oh, it's james taylor... nah.

(seriously, though. Well, I'm a steamroller, baby, I'm bound to roll all over you.
Yes, I'm a steamroller now, baby, I'm bound to roll all over you.
I'm gonna inject your soul with some sweet rock 'n roll
and shoot you full of rhythm and blues.
what? lucky for him he's james taylor.)

feeling less crazy now. though still tired. and minorly overwhelmed. but... minorly. reasonably.

i think i'm going to share some of my notes from women's history. because... they're great. these aren't for turning in, or anything, just little notes with a page number and a thought. oh, and also, whenever i talk about women i tend to use the female symbol, but sometimes i get sloppy and it turns into an ankh. this amuses me.

93- "missionary" position
124- west/war- few women -> hot gay sex
205- spread of disease = :(
265- companionate marriage? haven't they been talking about this since pre-colonial?
328- + porn
345- new right = :(
347- jerry falwell= :(!
349- moral majority= huge fuckoff sad face
353- people are so fucking stupid

just some highlights. basically, whenever i have to resort to sad faces, i'm amused.

also, here's something from our book that cracked me up:

Students at Grinnell College in Iowa staged a "nude-in" to protest the presence of a Playboy representative on campus. oh, grinnell. like we need an excuse to get naked around here.

OMG julia just told me alan cumming is on the daily show tomorrow!!!!! alan + jon = YES.


life is so good! it's really sad how much this has genuinely improved my mood.




... OH EM GEE.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

sigh. i am sitting in read computer lab trying to make up a sidebar for a b&s article with the headline "drunken toddlers celebrate 7000 days."

i am tired. i have a physics test tomorrow.

i'm not at my funniest...

*grumbles* i'm not even supposed to be here today.

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listening to: ani, swing

awww, my blogger username is from this song. which throws me off, because my username for everything else in the entire world is heyjupiter. which is not from this song.

anyway, hi, a meme!

Write a random phrase from each of the following:

Nearest book to you: "if you use a colloquialism or a slang word or phrase, simply use it; do not draw attention to it by enclosing it in quotation marks. To do so is to put on airs, as though you were inviting the reader to join you in a select society of those who know better." strunk & white, elements of style.

Nearest cd insert: "originally from england, neil gaiman now lives in the united states." the neil gaiman audio collection

Nearest piece of paper that you wrote on: someone's phone number... but i only wrote the number, not the name. oh, i think it's that doctor i was trying to get to come be in our marijuana panel discussion. right.

Nearest piece of paper that was written to you "happy st. valentine's day!"

Something on your desk: "please contact the office of student financial aid, if you wish to cancel all or a portion of the loan."

oooh... ahhh. the exciting private life of renata, revealed!

i was late for lab today because i went in a different door of the science building and i got totally disoriented and couldn't find the lab. it was tragic, i was just kind of wandering around like "all these doors look the same!" and eventually i just had to use like echolocation. by which i mean... i heard professor cunningham's voice and followed it around a corner.

yes i'm awesome!

about that t-shirt; megan, mary asked for it first... but if mary changes her mind i shall send it your way.

about the flickering text: you guys are right, it *does* do it in firefox... i meant to say ie. it doesn't do it in ie or in safari. hrmm. also, in firefox, it only does it in the main blog window, not in any of the subpages... maybe one of the blogger tags is confusng one of the style tags? or... something? ... i'll look at it... sometime... maybe.

or maybe i'm just trying to give firefox users epilepsy. oh, settle down, it's just an expression. a ROBOT expression.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

listening to: paul simon, crazy love, vol II

happy valentine's day, everyone! (and happy birthday, megan!)

50ways is up and running, even if it should really be called 23 ways to leave your lover...

whatever, there's some good stuff there, so check it out if you're into such fannishness. odds are good that at least one of your fandoms is represented there.

also, feel free to post the link amongst whatever fic communities you partake of. if you're so inclined.


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Sunday, February 13, 2005

listening to: bitch & animal, scrap metal

angry face! i wrote half an entry and then accidentally closed the window.

k-den. anyway. back from harvard! or haaaahvaaaad. if you're some sort of massachusetts vampire type. anyway.

i'm not sure i actually ever explained where or why i was going. so. i, along with michele (one of the other scipe co-leaders) and sarah purcell (a history prof and a chair of the rosenfield program which... basically has lots of money to bring speakers to campus) attended the harvard institute of politics national campaign for political and civic engagement conference.

the national campaign is a group so like... i dunno, 15 or so colleges, mostly with their own institutes of politics, and we compares ideas and programs and stuff on, well, increasing political and civic engagement.

so okay. it was more fun than i was expecting, actually. my experience with leadership conference type things is that the people there tend to be asshats, and i figured a political conference would only increase the asshat factor. happily, i was proven wrong, and most of the people there seemed very cool and intelligent and passionate, but not obnoxiously so.

one of my favorite parts was at lunch on saturday, just having a smaller discussion with a few students about how we love america and fucking hate it when people 1.) think criticizing america or working for change is unpatriotic, and 2.) think that bush's election means that democracy is broken or america suddenly sucks or something. it was hott.

and, yeah, i enjoyed myself. and had lots of good free harvard food and some good free harvard stuff. oh, which reminds me: does anyone want a "smackdown your vote" babydoll t-shirt? i will happily give/send it to you for free, if you can and will wear it. it's a size L babydoll, as i mentioned. this means that if you have tits, this shirt is probably not for you. it is white with gray sleeves. it says "smackdown your vote" on the front and "you vote, you win" on the back. comment if you're interested.

ALSO there were BOOKSTORES and things in boston! we don't haaave those in grinnell! except the college bookstore, and the christian bookstore. (which, incidentally, christine lured me into the other day by promising that they had little plastic jesuses, which they DO NOT.)

aalso, sarah hated boo too, and we kept talking about how much we hated him, and comparing anyone who was annoying to him. it was great.

oh, and back to bookstores, i picked up a copy of tori's (and ann powers) book, piece by piece, which i actually really, really enjoyed. i mentioned my fear that it would be a lot of "crazy tori," and one of the first chapters was about how journalists tend to warp their interviews with her to make her conform to their "fairy princess crazy lady" sort of ideal. i felt like a bad historian. it's a really interesting book. she talks a LOT about mythology and archetypes and especially the weirdness of the christian mythology and, well, you know how i feel about that. it was hott. a little craziness, but a lot of intelligence and emotion. and some interesting "straight talk" about the music business and the construction of her image and stuff. it also made me really want the beekeeper. now. one of the songs is inpsired by james joyce, and another by daphne du maurier.

excerpt from one of my favorite parts, discussing a meeting with the publishers during the early stages of the book:

my publisher looks at me and says, "we've read the magdalene chapter, and whatever you and ann are doing, keep doing it."

i breathed a sigh of relief, because if they hadn't liked it, sure, i may have lots of songs up my sleeve, but i don't have any other books. this is all i know.


he said, "this is literature, tori. curse as much as you want. and by the way, the magdalene's been very good to us. we've got no problems with the magdalene."

and as i looked around at all
the da vinci code paraphernalia surrounding me, i glanced up at my publishers and asked, "so then why aren't you guys aggressively seeking to publish the gospel of mary magdalene?"

they looked at me as if i were speaking an alien language and said, "what are you talking about?"

"i'm talking about the gospel of mary magdalene."

with shock they responded, "as in the matthew, mark, luke, and john gospels?"

i said, "that is exactly what i'm talking about-- a real gospel, from her perspective."

"do you mean it was written by her?" they asked.

"well, no one can prove who wrote matthew, mark, luke, and john, or any of the gospels. but yes, there is a gospel attributed to the magdalene."

"well, when did this happen? why didn't we hear anything about it?"

"it was discovered in 1895."

my publisher looked over at one of his twelve disciples and said, "get on the phone with the religion department."



also, i win at physics. AND AT LIFE. as evidence by an 8/8 and a 7.25/8 on the last 2 homework assignments, which i just got back. also a 10/10 on the first lab. woohoo.

but we have our first exam on wednesday and i have no such confidence in my abilities on that >_<

oh, and guys, about the purple/black text flickering thing? hell if i know what's up with that, it's certainly not intentional and it doesn't do it with safari or firefox. maybe it's mass hallucinations.

i'm tiiired. and i need to work on putting up 50ways! it has significantly fewer than 50 ways. these things happen. *shrug*

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Friday, February 11, 2005

listening to: stuuu, pipe bomb guru

hmm. leaving for harvard in a couple hours, meeting julia for lunch in a few minutes (actually, a few minutes ago... *shrug* but she went back to visit kindergarten, so maybe she got stuck to a table or something). remarkably caught up on classes.

nervous about having my thesis being one of the ones read in history today. i think i spent more time on those 4 sentences than i did on my whole 3-page art history paper. i'm so annoyed at the v.brown-related neurosis i've developed.

oh, julia's here! so, lunch. um.. have a good weekend, everyone!

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

listening to: wang chung, everybody have fun tonight

this song is so great. in a not-terribly-great kind of way.

ow. i just gave myself an enormolous papercut on a band-aid wrapper. and it started bleeding and i had to go get another band-aid to put over my band-aid inflicted wound. damn those marketing geniuses!

ooh hey, remember that paper i was writing for that sandman book forever ago? i just heard back from the guy.

Good job; you have a fresh point to make, and you write well. 

Look over the attached copy.  I've made suggestions for changes in brackets; look them over and see which you can accept.  [description of possible changes]

Looks to me as if one more polishing should do it. 

hooray! sometimes i need stuff like this. because, as much as i love vbrown (and i do), writing for her class tends to destroy my ego and leave me confused and shaking in a corner. her constructive critcism is great, and helpful, and makes you a better writer... but sometimes, you just want a damn cookie.

ooh... just stepped out to get more water, and noticed that christine left a note on the board suggesting we meet for an "early lunch" at quad... what's early? it opens at 11:15, and her class must be done at 11... but then why wouldn't she come back here after class? hmmm. either way, i should probably put pants on. ooh, i hope it's brie & pear sammich day!

oh, priscellie, i forgot that you asked about what that reading was from- it's for my us women's history class, which is awesome. more specifically it's from intimate matters: a history of sexuality in america by john d'emilio and estelle b. freedman.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

i finished my (draft of my) art history paper. it's so, so bad. i make points like "the portrait of the duchess d'whatever and the portrait of a maori woman are both portraits of women. but they're different!"

i'll edit it a bit to get rid of the crappiest crap, but mostly... yeah. it's kind of a ridiculous compare/contrast/everyone is different/no two people are not on fire assignment. but i'm not really sure how she's going to grade it. c'est la vie.

priscellie: i heart reblogger. it seems to be working fine, and i loove email notification. plus, the comment totals work with safari. i am sad, though, that it doesn't let you specifiy different things for n=1 and n=many. because really, few things gnaw at my soul the way "1 comments" does. but you can work around that. *nod*

anyway, i now shall do an itunes meeeeeme, which i have ganked from taaaara.

How many songs in total?

Sort by Song Title - first and last?
'97 bonnie & clyde - tori amos
zorak's horrorscopes: scorpio - spaceghost

Sort by Artist - first and last?
aquarius/let the sun shine in - the 5th dimension (itunes is so smart and "the" ignoring!)
let's get together - the youngbloods (both off the forrest gump soundtrack!)

Sort by Time - first and last?
"bonus track" - ani difranco (from not a pretty girl - (0:04)
something in the way - nirvana (20:34)

Sort by Album - first and last?
mary anne - (deficit spending) - g-tones
hang - yourself or someone like you - matchbox20

(ignoring everything with no album listed)

Top Ten Played Songs:
there is shame in this list.

1. apollo's frock - tori amos (138)
2. thunder road - tori amos (121)
3. defying gravity - wicked (77)
4. tombigbee (live) - tori amos (68)*
5. mary anne - g-tones (65)
6. toodles mr. lott - tori amos (61)
7. sister janet - tori amos (60)
8. you can call me al - g-tones (59)
9. riot poof - tori amos (58)
10. om la boomleigh - tori amos (58)

* a different live version of this song is my 24th most-played song. plus there's um the studio version. so combined, tombigbee is probably my top-played song, really.

Find "sex" - how many songs show up?
all of blood sugar sex magik by rhcp
2 versions of sexy messiah - stuart davis
sexy sadie - the beatles
do you think i'm sexy? - eddie izzard

Find "death" - how many songs show up?
deathly - aimee mann
death or glory - the clash
death of the beast - beauty and the beast
death by chocolate - eddie izzard

Find "love" - how many songs show up?
83. holy shit. i'm not listing all 83. i will instead hit shuffle and type the first one that plays. omg life is awesome. because:

backdoor lover - dujour

so yeaaah. that's itunes. craziness.

that was a waste of time. and so much better than physics. i wonder if i have any songs with physics in the title. aha, i do not. that's because it's lame. not like dujour.

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listening to: elvis costello, everyday i write the book

ooh my god i have so much stuff to do, so clearly, i've been working on boron instead of school. *sigh* but um. yeah. the other day keith asked me "what's the b&s?" and i said oh. and told him. but so i realized i should update the glossary. so i did. and i also updated the who's who? because it's a little ridiculous that there weren't any grinnell people on there until just now. so now, there are. also i updated the soundtrack some. yep.

so, let me know if there's something i should add to the glossary, or if there's something i should change about your who's who? listing. or if you're not on the who's who. (if you're not, and would like to be, it would be awesome if you could send me a 100x100 pixel picture of yourself ^_^ same goes for if you are on the ww and want a different picture of yourself. i'm not saying it won't happen if you don't send a picture, i'm just saying it'll probably happen sooner if you send me the edited picture yourself.)


OH ALSO. east coast kids. um. i'll be in boston this weekend, right, for that conference, and saturday we get done at 5:30pm. i have no real sense of east coastian geography, but is boston a reasonable distance from, say. philadelphia? or purchase? because if so that would be hott. (i know this is sort of short notice. sorry. but. yeah.)

anyway... let me know.

stuff + junk!

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so this morning i woke up around 7:30, an hour before my alarm was set to go off, and i had this confused thought process of "oh, it's thursday, i can sleep in! wait, it's thursday? dammit, i missed west wing yesterday!" and then i realized it was actually wednesday.

this is tragic for two reasons:
1. the brief fleeting moment wherein i thought it was thursday, because on thursdays my first class is at 2, as opposed to wednesdays when my first class is at 9.
2. the fact that what really made me realize that it wasn't thursday was the west wing.

i am so fucking awesome.

but at least i didn't actually miss the west wing.

also... something. uh... train of thought... destroyed... aaaah.

if i didn't already have 23248934 t-shirts, i'd buy this one.

anyway, i'm off to the pec. because i'm hardcore. actually, no, i'm not. but i think i might be becoming mediumcore.

(if i ever write an autobiography i think i'll call it becoming mediumcore. or maybe just mediumcore.)

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

listening to: ben folds, not the same

random amusing quotes, professor edition: "what did you learn in us women's history? the sheep have suffered."

"what's your favorite wave?"
"i like the square wave."
"ooh, the square wave is one of my favorites too!"

"if you just hang out in the women's studies sections of bookstores, they have all these 'girls are sassy' books that somebody thinks are women's studies, and then sojurner truth's 'ain't i a woman?' which she never even said."

"... sojurner truth's big beefy arms..."

(doesn't that last one make you think of trogdor? sojurner truth THE BURNINATOR.)

hey kait, remember how case closed is the best show ever? and... wait a second. i think that you and i, and apparently tara... are just never allowed to pretend to like things. ever. because it inevitably seems to end with us actually really liking whatever thing it is. think about it. case closed, john kerry.. ethan hawke... oh i swear, there were more. it all came to me in this sudden flash of insight.

i bet if we ever saw frozen we'd really like it. i think maybe when you set up a running joke around something, it causes you to think about it more than you normally would, and maybe you start to appreciate it more?

or maybe CASE CLOSED is just awesome.

mm. i should do my art history reading. but why, when i can just make shit up in class? although it's a little harder this week since we're talking about greek & roman stuff and she's asking actual... questions, instead of "what do yooou think about this?" (apologies to any art historians.)

ok. noow it's time for another installment of "history is hilarious:"

(re: excerpts from one fred ryman's 1885 diary)

in the past the young writer had sought sexual pleasure with one of the "mistresses" he courted; at least once he had invited a young wmoan he did not know to his room for the night and was shocked when she expected him to pay for her company. but this excursion, ryman reminisced, was "the first time in my life that i ever took a vigil of venus in a regular villa of venus and it is the second time i ever gave any woman money as a direct payment for pleasure." he later justified this violation of his free-love principles in economic terms: "i was simply suffering for something and i felt as if i should go crazy if i did not get it soon & i don't know but itis cheaper and more fun to pay a professional than it is to fool around with these d----d nonentities who cackle so much about virtue. this only cost me $2.00 & i had $5.00 worth of fun i can swear." (emphasis mine)

i just think that's so funny. "this only cost me $2.00 & i had $5.00 worth of fun i can swear."

life is so awesome.

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listening to: bnl, the old apartment

random amusing quotes: "it depends on if you're in bracket jay or bracket silent bob."

"oh noo, i spilled ddp on my data!"

there were more, but i forgot. so it goes.

uh. look at me, i'm working on my lab writeup and it's not due until friday. *preens* except i'll probably quit now with just this paragraph and forget about it until thursday night.

maaaaary, you commented on my confusion but still didn't clarify... why was i trying to be professor simpson? what?

juuulia, sorry about the scrolly. i don't get it and i tested it on some different computers. oh, but if your screen resolution is lower (800x600. or lower than that if your computer is like, hella old) you probably will get that. sorry. hmm. *switches resolution* wow, the graphic only goes like halfway across in 800 x 600. ew. sorry.

um... but it already looks (i think) kind of awkwardly small in 1024 so... yeah. you can always just read the main frame if you want.

moving on:

You're a Ravenpuff!
You are a very analytical and ingenius person, someone that likes to invent new things. The way you look at life is with wonder, and sometimes you're even a little naive. But people love you for that trait and they feel the need to protect you from the harsh facts of life so that you can retain your innocence. You are very capable person and when there is trouble people turn to you because you're able to stay calm and collected. You like balance in your life and you try not to make many waves. Even still, if there is something that you believe strongly in, you will commit yourself totally to that cause. Your weakness is that sometimes you can be indecisive and perfectionist, especially about little details and you drive people crazy sometimes with these traits. With the innocence of a Hufflepuff and the calm of a Ravenclaw you will be loved in life!

Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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listening to: g-tones, you can call me al

clearly, i lied when i said i was going to bed. (apparently i lie all the time in this blog. in fact, my name's not really renata. and i don't go to grinnell. and i'm 500 years old. um anyway.) but i THOUGHT about going to bed. anyway, best part about the new comments? now when kait leaves one, i get an email with the subject line "kitten bait left a comment" and that makes me giggle.

i'm kind of annoyed that now whenever i listen to this version of this song i can't just be like "yay this song rocks!", on some level i also have to be like "alex why are you such a jerk?" and that sort of thing really shouldn't be done to songs like this.

bed now... for serious.


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listening to: paul simon, under african skies

hey look, i redesigned my blog, instead of doing like... homework or things.

because really, all tori amos fans like fairies. ALL OF US.

also, i installed new comments. which in theory should be the best of both worlds- email notification for me, non-logging-in for you guys. but, if you left something in an old comment which i haven't responded to, assume that i didn't (and won't) see it, and leave it again.

let me know if stuff isn't switched over. or if you just hate the new layout, but i don't really care.

also, maybe soon i'll update the glossary. and the about me page. and the who's who. and... all that stuff. yeah.

but right now i think i'm off to bed, because i am teh tired.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

SO bewildered... apparently the comments are, in fact, working, and mary... said "Looks like someone's trying to be Erik. 0_o

One is sufficient!"

and i don't understand at all. i'm reasonably certain you mean simpson, not lehnsherr... but...


ooh, and there are more comments i can reply to, although none so bewildering to my overtired brain.

- keith. books about animals and aliens? what? who would ever read anything like that? also hopefully i will be in san francisco this summer so i can see new retro keith! i turned in my internship application today. in theory i should find out in 2 weeks or so. which gives me time to hunt down everyone else who applied and STABX0R them. or.. nothing. *shifty eyes* oh, and also, anti-scurvylicious is actually my word. so thank you ^_^

- katie, woot egoo. we should have membership cards or something.


- megan, shut up, you're mean! *sniff* *pretends to swivel*

also, because mary did it... and so i'm guessing it's some sort of meme but maybe not. anyway. if there were one song i'd like for you to hear and think of me, it would be there's always someone cooler than you by ben folds. (that's a link to download it! apparently abusing yousendit.com is the thing do to! the internet is exciting!) anyway. it's such an awesome song. and it's so like... a refreshing personal philosophy. and one i pretty much try to live by.

plus i'm always getting up to dance in my acid-washed pants. ALWAYS.

i'd also like it if you could think of me every time you hear the song SPICE UP YOUR LIFE by the spice girls but that might be asking too much.

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listening to: aqua, be a man

WHY can't i stop listening to aqua?! oy.

also, WHY aren't my comments working? WHY do i think questions are more dramatic if i start them with a word in CAPSLOCK?

oh, and in case you didn't hear, somehow, the cb boards are back up at compulsivebowlers.org (it's dot com!). yes.

i want to redo boron. like, right now. i might actually do it tonight, after scipe. or, i might put it off for another month. you know, one of those.

last night christine and i were both being really melancholy about the fact that our moms will eventually die. which is kind of morbid, i guess, but seriously. it'll be sad. and i just keep thinking about all these minor tragedies that happen every day- every day, peoples' moms die and sons die and sisters die and... it's sad. how do people keep going on? i mean, mostly they do. i don't know.

and then there are minor tragedies like losing my damn burt's bees which makes me sad, and then also annoyed at how actually upset i am about it. because dude, it's just chapstick. but it was AWESOME chapstick and i had JUST bought it and now... it is gone.

life is, clearly, so hard.

isn't it great how i never really bother to have any sort of segue in my blog entries?

i kind of just start a new paragraph whenever something new comes to mind. or whenever i feel like it, really.

you'd think that, as an english major, i'd have more structure. but you'd be wrong.


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!!!! that thing about me doing art history was a LIE because instead i looked at keith's blog because he's updating it and stuff now and there's a picture of him on his about me page and keith is like, old now!

which makes sense because when i saw him last he was like... i don't know... 17? i was 16? wait, that was only 3 years ago? why can't i tell time? keith, why are you old now? you look like an adult. it might be the vest.

also, why is there a huge box of candy right next to my desk? why couldn't it be a huge box of vegetables? do lemonheads count as fruit? i don't think they do. i think maybe i should go to bed. i think i'm a little strung out on... i don't know. sugar and nostalgia and msg and physics.

also, possibly, i'm crazy.

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listening to: james taylor, your smiling face

inspired by megan, i, too, have been reading blog archives. here are some things that are awesome:

- sirius lee

- egoo, ex-girlfriends of outlier

-AHAHA i totally forgot about this:
*amused* i just printed off posters for history club, and i went to get them approved to be posted... and i was denied. the reason? i wrote "history: the other white meat" on them, and apparently people would think of that as being racist.

apparently i am racist. life's so hard.

omg history club.

-"you're just saying words!"
"no!! well, yes, but... in a.. logical way!"
"oh! like in a sentence!"

- at 2:00, sophie made me a pirate mask out of her paper plate, and i wore it under my glasses. it was great. (and it smelled like peanut butter, even though she ate a plain bagel off of it. we think it's a clever plot of the school store to re-use plates, not counting on people smelling them. ha!) anyway. all i could see out of, though, was one little hole, so i was caught unawares when nathaniel poked me in the eye and made me fall over. doh. and then we ripped the plate fighting over it. double doh.

- me and *nina*'s elf obsession

- ".. and with the discovery of gold in nevada, men, women, and other people travelled west..."

- "oh, christ on a cracker, i forgot the alphabet"


- "does anyone need the box to this monster truck?" "no, i just need the box... i mean... the non-box"

- ew, remember that one time when i was dating adam? it's preserved forever in blog form.

- i'm having such a classic me moment right now... i'm like, laughing hysterically at megan's blog and singing billy joel (very loud, very off key). and swiveling in my chair. woooot.
MEGAN remember how we used to always *swivel*?? my chair doesn't swivel (i mean, *swivel*) anymore ~_~

okay... i should really... do my art history readings.but i don't want to.

oh, and the above was just pulled from absolutely random months, 2001-2002. in case you were wondering. which i bet you were.

the end.

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

listening to: rhcp, under the bridge

ooh. i love this early deveopmental stage of a b&s issue, because i still think everything is funny. i think this is going to be a good issue, though, even after i'm sick of it.

heh. like that one joke about.. and the... okay. it's funny, trust me.

ooh, and american dad is on tonight at 9:30. woohoo, seth mcfarlane.

i love it when things are funny and i get to laugh my really racuous laugh. like i have kind of a mildly amused "heh heh heh" on a rising scale sort of laugh, but then i have another one that's more like HAHAHAHA. and sometimes things like comments from kait make me laugh like that. yes.

i should get ahead on work and stuff, so that when miss julia comes i can hang out with her!

but... instead i might just stare at the wall for awhile. *weighs options*

um. yeah.

ETA: omg what happened to my comments? they aren't porn anymore!

ETA again: omg megan's blog just made me laugh a lot. " hi, i'm megan, my interests include writing, drawing, acting and gazebos."

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

listening to: jill sobule, karen by night

i am SO tired. it's 9:30pm on saturday and iii just want to go to bed. meh.

i spent forever writing my 2-page paper for african american lit. but it was a really distracted forever. so i also got a lot of quality email/plans/iming/cb boards/everything else time in.

ooh, and i went to ritalin test squad (the improv troupe) with jenny and anna. and, i know i say this every time i see them, but i think i should audition before i graduate. even if i don't get in, which... well, actually, i have no idea what the likelihood of that happening is... anyway, i should. so next year, someone should hold me to this. bookmark this entry and then be like "look! on february 5, 2005, YOU SAID you were going to audition for ritalin test squad, now you MUST." and i'll be like "noooes thwarted by my blog."


seriously, so tired. why? um... christine's mom and aunt are here. i haven't really talked to them much, they were gone all day and now they're looking at christine's rat. which is actually jacqui's rat. and i'm in here blogging and yawning a lot.

and now i will reply to comments!

taaalia, i'm glad ^_^ i aims to please.

julia, yeah, seriously. who do we know that does that? passive agressive WHAT? (has anyone else noticed i'm slowly turning into anna?)

keith, word.

zach, yay! i'm glad you like her. i'm always hesitant to recommend tori to people, because like... i love her music a lot, but it was definitely sort of an acquired taste. i think you sort of have to get into tori on your own, sort of. or something. but anyway, yay! i heart her. clearly. (omgz beekeeper in um, i can't do math, 17 days.)

also, and update: that rug definitely HAS been in that corner since the beginning of the school year, and christine laughed at me. oooh hey, i just realized that the rug gets covered up whenever christine's door is open... which is usually is. sweet, i'm not totally crazy. er. or something.


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listening to: ben folds, landed

last night was cool. i ended up reconnecting with some people i don't hang out with as much as i used to/would like to. all ex-haines-3rdians (+christine, who's practically an ex-haines-3rdian, except for the part about living there), and we went and invaded the haines 3rd lounge and bonded and bitched about people we hate. (which was healthy, because for whatever reason, the only person here i really ever talk to about people i don't like is dylan. and that's in the context of "i don't want to work on the b&s right now... man, i really hate this kid." "hey, me too!" [insert hour-long discussion of people we hate].)

so yeah.

anyway. you know what's cool? when people make little snarky comments on their plan or in conversation when there are lots of people around, and they know they're referring to you and you know they're referring to you, but you both also know that if you were to make any sort of comment on it they could pass it off as a joke and everyone else would be ok with that explanation?

WAIT THAT'S NOT COOL AT ALL, it's just passive-agressive and annoying.

and now i get to do it too, except this person doesn't even read my blog so it's a step MORE passive. but also a step less agressive.

also, last night i called my family, but one of our crappy cell phones kept dying so it was actually a series of six phone calls, using various combinations of my cellphone, my room phone, their home phone, my mom's cell phone, and my dad's cell. it was the definition of ridiculous. (that's false, the definition of ridiculous is: rousing or deserving ridicule. and yes i did just look up ridiculous in the dictionary to make a stupid joke. HAHAHA aren't you glad you're my friend?)

anyway. so one of these phone calls went like this:

my dad: hello?
me: hi!
my dad: hey, what's one of the benefits of dating a homeless person?
me: ... i don't know?
my dad: at the end of your date, you can just drop them off anywhere! (laughs, pauses) i guess that's not very pc.
me: ...
my mom in the background: no bob, tell her that iraq joke!
my dad, to my mom: no, she's the one who told me that joke!
my dad, to me: anyway, i'll give the phone to mom now...

i love the amazing randomness that is my family. especially my dad, whose randomness manifests itself in even more random ways. like the above exchange, but also like... over break, i burned a copy of a nylons' cd for my mom, because i thought she'd like it. and she did, and she listened to it in the car with my dad, who also liked it. so then the next time i see my dad, he hands me a roy orbison cd, very excitedly telling me that it's in exchange for the nylons, and pointing out songs i have to listen to and basically just fangirling roy orbison.


oh, and the rest of my evening was spent watching the muppet show with christine, while i did physics (>_<) and she did her anthro journals. she managed to work stuart davis into one of them.

haha. it cracks me up when people friend me on lj because it's like... well, that was pointless. i mean, now i can read your flocked stuff, which is nice, but having me as an lj friend means that every few months you get a message about why my blog is down. and that's about it.

anyway, i'ma go do homework now. word.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

my school just lost a nationally televised basketball game to katie's school. by one point.

so it goes.

also i just noticed that there's a big rug propped up against the corner of our room. right by the door. it's probably been here all semester, and now that i think about it possibly all last semester too, but just now i looked at it and went "where the hell did THAT come from?"

anyway... i didn't watch the game. i went to see URBAN TAP instead. it's like stomp but not. and it had a badass one-handed italian trumpet player. what more can you ask for?

plus i went the forum afterwards and omfg they have pomegranate naked juice again. i flipped out at yvonne (in the good way) and asked if they were going to keep having it and she said she hoped so! apparently she's been yelling at the naked juice delivery man because he brings too much protein zone and green machine, and those are gross. so today he brought some POMEGRANALICIOUS instead.

mmmm delicious free radicals.

i'm tired.

professors are great. like.. professor trish had initally emailed michele and i about the harvard iop conference, and this morning i had an email from professor purcell with a travel itinerary for next weekend. five minutes later, there was an email from professor trish that read: Imagine that you’re reading this before Sarah Purcell’s e-mail…

Sarah Purcell from the history department will be going to the conference at Harvard too!

i was charmed.

also, hee. and by "hee," i clearly mean *sob.*

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listening to: precious things string quartet, pretty good year

history is SO funny. (also, sometimes, horribly tragic. but sometimes hilarious.) seriously, check this out:

Sexual relations with animals required harsh punishment, for colonists believed that these unions could have reproductive consequences. The mating of humans and animals, they feared, would produce monstrous offspring. For this reason, colonists insiste on punishing not only the man but also the beast, who might bear such monsters. Thus William Hacketts, "found in buggery with a cow, upon the Lord's day," had to witness the execution of the cow before his own hanging took place.

but wait, there's more. this guy was ambitious:

Sixteen-year-old Thomas Grazer of Plymouth confessed to buggery "with a mare, a cow, two goats, five sheep, two calves, and a donkey." The court ordered a lineup of sheep at which Grazyer identified his sexual partners, who were "killed before his face," and then "he himself was executed."

(from intimate matters: a history of sexuality in america by john d'emilio and estelle b. freedman, in case you want to read more. and you know you do.)

seriously, can't you just envison a lineup of sheep?

i also love this guy:

In 1650, young Samuel Terry of Springfield, Massachusetts distressed his neighbors when, during the Sabbath sermon, he stood outside the meetinghouse "chafing his yard to provaok lust." Several lashes on the back may have dissuaded him from masturbating in public again, but in 1661 Samuel Terry endured another punishment for sexual misconduct. [...] Despite this history of sexual offenses, however, a sinner like Samuel Terry could command respect among his peers. Terry not only served as town constable, but, in addition, the court entrused him with the custody of another man's infant son.

seriously. bill clinton has an affair with an intern (and lies about it, yes) and we try to impeach him. this guy masturbates in public IN FRONT OF CHURCH, MULTIPLE TIMES, and they elect him town constable. how great is that?

pretty damn great, is what i think.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

asdoiuas;djkasd link ganked from kait ASDKAKASDLFD WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.

argh. i'm so grateful i had decent and competent us history teacher in high school.

and that i'm not fucking stupid.


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listening to: tori, sleeps with butterflies

*frowny face* why is hereinmyhead.com down? it's not allowed to be down. it's the best tori site ever. and semi-directly responsible for my neil gaiman obsession. that website is too big of a part of my life to just be down unexpectedly!

anyway, it's reid's birthday today. happy birthday reid! i sent him a card that i was really excited about. it had a t-rex on the front (no text or anything, just a big t-rex) and on the inside it said "have GIGANTIC BIG FUN on your birthday!" (capslock theirs) and it was the best thing ever.

also... it's wednesday. my schedule gets much awesomer once wednesday is over. although i am sad about no tww tonight. and no, i'm not watching the state of the union. i'm tired. i don't want to watch bush. it would make me angry.

anyway... la. maybe i'll do some homework and get caught up and do some b&s work and work on my internship application and...


devon: hottness. free etymology for all!

joel: i've got my eye on you. and by you, i mean canada. and by canada, i mean canada's ROBOTS.

talia: yes! i love the "boy eating pledge" interview! i suppose it makes about as much sense as "space dog," though...

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

a quick pre-sleep blog, with PROOF that CAPSLOCK makes everything FUNNIER.

(re: a professor of kait's)
renata: stab her.
kait: I should.
renata: WITH A ROBOT>
renata: JAPAN.
renata: a stabbing from a robot larger than japan should teach her.
kait: It would! I bet she'd never make up e-mails again! Or... somethign! Yeah!
renata: i'll try to steal some stuff from the physics lab for robot construction
renata: i mean, ROBOT construction. because a robot that big deserves capslock.
kait: maybe it should be ROBOT CONSTRUCTION because... damn, that's a lot of construction.
renata: that's true
renata: i'm not sure where there's room for so much CONSTRUCTION.
renata: i bet we can stick it in canada though.
kait: Probably. There's a lot of empty space there that I bet they don't even know about!
renata: or maybe.. they do know about it, and they're already using it for ROBOTS
kait: Canada is going to crush us all! They're going to take over with GIANT ROBOTS.
renata: just biding their time, until they can unleash some mild-mannered, hockey-loving, ROBOT fury.
renata: okay. yes. i think i should get some sleep. but later we'll start CONSTRUCTING our professor-smiting ROBOT.

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so i'm eating these creamy ranch soy chips, which are really tasty. but they don't taste as good as the package is funny. seriously.

"get the 25 grams of soy a day habit!" doesn't that just make soy sound much more drug-like than you'd expect?

i also like "genisoy products co: soy that tastes good." seriously. soy that tastes good. that's a great slogan. almost as good as "made by hand by robot."

how is it possible that i have almost 2 gigs of tori amos music? i don't think my last computer even had 2 gigs of hard drive, total. (actually, i think it did. but the one before that!) but if i had any less tori, i wouldn't be able to listen to her for 1.2 days straight.

... what i'm getting at here is that the beekeeper comes out 2/22. and i'm excited.

also her book piece by piece comes out next week. but i'm slightly less excited about that, since i imagine it'll be like reading one long interview with her, and reading interviews with tori always leave me going, "look, you're really cool and intelligent, and some of the things you just said were very insighful, but mostly i have no idea what the fuck you were just talking about."

so um anyway... how many grams of soy a day is YOUR habit?

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also, this is adorable.

rock on, tolerance.

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listening to: tori, hey jupiter

i love my dorky professors. like, in physics lab... we had a list of random stuff to try if we had time left after finishing the actual lab. so i, not really thinking, said "ah, let's double the mass." (we already had a 50g mass on the spring.) and he was like "oh, i'm not sure if you guys should..." and then with this amazingly gleeful, devil-may-care tone, "oh, what the heck!" and then moved the stand over so that the spring could hang off the edge of the table (because with double the mass, the spring would have hit the table when it was oscillating otherwise). it was amazing.

and then in african american lit today, professor ryan really enthusiastically described the domestic/sentimental novel genre as "so hilarious" and recommended particularly funny ones. (the domestic/sentimental novel was mostly written by women in the first half of the 19th century. basic plot: heroine left alone in world, finds a way, meets rakish young rogue, then either reforms and marries him [happy ending #1], avoids him and marries a pre-existing nice man [happy ending #2], or is corrupted and ends up pregnant and alone [sad ending]. jane austen wrote happy sentimental novels, but most of them were worse. anyway.) but it was great, i could totally just picture her sitting around reading like, susanna rowson and giggling madly.

oh yeah, and if any of youse guys watch basketball, the grinnell v. beloit (@ grinnell) game will be broadcast on espn2 on thursday. at 9. or 8. i don't know. but um... go grinnell!

also, i was re-reading a bunch of kid ethnic stuff and this is just... so funny. or maybe it's just me. but to me... hilarious.

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listening to: pippin, morning glow

wow. that physics lab was ridiculously easy. especially since it was just me, my silent, smokey partner, and professor cunningham who lurked around, waiting to jump in any time we were the least bit confused. and i realized the extent of my paranoia regarding math. like...
professor cunningham: so if you double the mass, what happens to k? (focusing on the part of the equation that's like... l/m = k.)
me: (panicked though process) dividing it by twice as much... would make it twice as small. right? but what if it's a trick!
lab partner: *is silent and smoke-reeking-of*
me: (in a panicked tone) it would be twice as small?
professor c: right!

and it just kept being stuff like that. and my partner kept copying down every single digit from a calculation, and then professor c would wander by and be like "think about how many significan digits you have!" and then he'd keep doing it, and and then he'd be like "um... see how you have 3 non-zero digits here? you only need 3 non-zero digits THERE." anyway. so the writeup might be hard, but the lab was basically like.. push the spring. now count it for awhile. and hit the stopwatch. and professor c is really nice. yes.

and i realized that, for someone who's not good at math, i'm good at math. like on a sliding scale, i'm way at the bottom among people who are good at math, but among the world, i'm pretty average. go me.

playing e-scrabble with my mom is still depressing, though. right now it's 161 to 278. dammit mom. and MY mom is still like, "welll, i'm still not as good at scrabble as your grandmother..." great. well, at least if i reproduce i'll be able to kick my kids' asses, assuming the trend continues.

i'm tired. mrr.

here are some things that are generally funny, alone or in combination:
- pirates
- robots
- jesus
- dinosaurs
- george bush

i think so, anyhow.

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