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Monday, January 31, 2005

listening to: pippin, no time at all

i like this song a lot!

anyway. i've been going to the pec fairly often this semester. startlingly often. go me. i like it, though... i like the after-workout feeling. plus it gives me lots of time to analyze spice girls lyrics.

which brings me to the song "last time lover." have you ever listened to this song? like really listened to it?

it doesn't make any damn sense.

let's discuss the chorus, for example:

Last time lover (lover)
Do you think I'm really cool and sexy
And I know you want to get with me
Last time lover (lover)
Do you wanna be my last time baby
could it be your first time maybe

first off... it begins with a question. and then assumes that they know the answer. i mean why would the last time lover want to get with her (them?) if he didn't think she was really cool and sexy? and what the hell do the last 2 lines mean? "do you wanna be my last time baby/could it be your first time maybe?" is she seducing a virgin just prior to declaring a life of celibacy?

it's weird, man.

in other news, scipe got our t-shirts today, and they're so wicked hott. on the front they say "are your politics chunky or smooth?" and on the back they have our new logo, which is a peanut butter jar that says "SCIPE" (see... we pronounce SCIPE like skippy... even though technically it should be scipe-rhymes-with-tripe. but it's not.) and it says grinnell college student campaign for increased political engagement.

i am sad that the harvard iop [institute of politics] conference is the same weekend julia's visiting ~_~ i miss julia so hard. but at least i can see her a little thursday and friday before i leave. and at least i get to go to a cool conference in boston for free. my glass is half full.

also, i went to a guest lecture about shakespeare & railing plays ("railing" is basically a formal elizabethan style of insults) and i'm definitely going to use the phrase "errant butter whore" way more often.

argh, i'm so screwed, homework-wise. actually, not that bad.. but i definitely should be working on it right now. and not, you know, blogging.

and listening to pippin. damn you, k8! i mean, kait.

and by damn, i mean, love.

wouldn't you rather be a left-handed flea
a crab on a slab at the bottom of the sea
than a man who doesn't learn how to be free
not till he's cold and dead?

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

update: girl-who-hates-me didn't come to the physics meeting. grood! it ended up just being julie and i, and we english majored our way through. and it was good! we had a supportive learning environment. and un-dyslexified a few conversions. and were awesome. i should spend more time with julie. *nod* because clearly, harry potter and the music of the 1980s are things that need to be worked into every conversation ever.

("um.. is your future so bright, you have to wear shades?" "well, see, i have polarized lenses.. to block the light waves. like physics!")

megan, thanks for the support. i may well stab her. with SCIENCE. (julie and i were talking about how we hope she screws up something simple on her homework and gets points taken off. hah! oh, i'm glad i'm so mature.)

oh, and talia, i think blogback ate your comment?

my cheap crappy planner has these "inspirational quotes" every month. but i really like this one: "most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." -- abraham lincoln. oh, abey babey.

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my elbow hurts, i think i hit it on something. *frowl*

um. but yesterday was fun! i went to iowa city because there was a random free shuttle bus. grood. and i hung out with miriam and some of her friends, and i went to stores and bought things! because you can't do that in grinnell. no. but we went to target and i got awesome socks for $1 (per pair). and prairie lights and i got awesome notecards and take the cannoli by sarah vowell. and theeen i got back and watched txf with mary, xine, and anna. and started coding the 50ways stories and realized that as of now i have like, 14 ways to leave your lover. so seriously, if you write fanfic go break up two characters and send it to me. do it!

haha, i just realized, that girl-who-hates-me... the email i sent out about getting together to talk about the physics in the arts homework, the subject line was "physics in teh arts!!!1!!!one", because i knew julie and leah were into fannish intarweb things and would appreciate it. but when she replied to it, not only did she call the homework "laughably easy"... she also corrected the spelling of "the"! hahaha! (she didn't fix the exclamation points, though.)

oh, life's funny.

seriously though, what a bitch.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

listening to: ben folds, the last polka

random amusing vbrown quote: "don't worry, taking drugs in college won't completely destroy your brain cells... you'll just have to work harder to compensate." (after successfully naming everyone in the class)

i <3 vbrown. today was her birthday, so as her "party" the women in us history class watched a documentary about flappers this afternoon, and she brought cake. upon which was frosted "another milestone in women's history. she's great.

"ooh, is this the documentary where it talks to all the ex-flappers and gives their flapper names?"
"great, you ruined the surprise beginning!"
"yeah, AND darth vader is the father of all the flappers."

aw. plus, no physics in ze arts on fridays. so life's good. & after the flapper movie brad and i went to the opening of the swedish photography exhibit in the campus gallery. (he was abroad in sweden last year so every so often he'd be like "i've been to that subway station!" & i asked him if people in sweden spoke like the swedish chef and he said no but someone walking by overheard and turned around and said that.. oh, i forget now. danish, maybe? people DO talk like the swedish chef, without the "bork borks" and that made me happy. i love grinnell.)


ooh, and girl-who-hates me is in physics with me, and i emailed her and the couple other people i know in the class to see if any of them wanted to get together over the weekend to talk about the homework, and she replied-all and said "the homework's pretty laughably easy, as long as you know how to divide" and i just want to write back and be like, "fuck you, i was just trying to be nice. i don't even want you to come."


ooh, but now i'm reading the random plan of someone, and they said "I got i tunes to work. Joy! I am very happy about Renata's music of doom as she has both bitch and animal and Melissa Ferrik!" hooray, the music of doom is being enjoyed by others.

also, i get to go to the harvard institute of politics' youth voter reg conference... thing. woot. but it's the weekend before the first b&s comes out. the weekend in which i would traditionally do lots of last-minute things. boo.

but, it'll all work out... somehow. *hides time turner under sweater*

also: julia, yay for sarah vowell! she has another book, take the cannoli, i think i'm going to try to get it when i'm in iowa city tomorrow. also another one called radio on but all the reviews of that were like, "this is different! we don't like it! >(" but i don't know. it's apparently a diary of her listening to a different radio station every day for a year? (katie, maybe she found the random countdown station, too.)

um.. i think that's it. oh, except HI KEITH.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

okay hi. sorry. i am so desparately enamoured with sarah vowell at present. reading this book is a sort of... THIS PERSON IS LIKE ME moment that i don't think i've ever, really, encountered in a book before. and i've read kind of a lot of books. i mean, there are always fragments of recognition, in every character or author... and there are books i've related to, and characters that have been similar to me. but sarah vowell's essays are SO much in tune with so many aspects of my interests and personality that... man. it's great.

okay. so this essay. "nerds vs. jocks," which incidentally deals with al gore and buffy the vampire slayer and is wholly, strangely, wonderful... but i'm just going to quote one more part (you know, i keep saying "just one more" and i'm only on page 115 of a 196 page book, so you know i'm probably going to post more) part:

... revenge of the nerds II is the one where the nerd fraternity attends a frat convention in florida and all the jock frats want to get rid of the nerds. the jocks dress up as seminole indians to try to scare the nerds away. one of the nerds, poindexter, shouts some gibberish at the "indians," but nothing happens. he turns to his nerd friends and says, "i don't think these guys are indians. when i said 'bite my crank' in seminole, no one responded."

i told doug, "i was sitting there taking notes and actually yelled at my television, 'hey, there's no such language as seminole! the seminole speak two dialects-- creek and miccosukee!'"

doug reflects on this admission for a mment, then asks, "did you notice that when you told me that story, you did a voice? see? you even did it to yourself. you used the nerd voice!"

the nerd voice. that's what it should be called, that self-deprecating impulse that gore lacks. doug's right. i apologize for being a nerd, even when talking privately to another nerd. it was organic, unconscious, i didn't know i was doing it.

and then it continues with more awesome political commentary, relating the 2000 election to buffy.

and. the nerd voice. i have a nerd voice. i have a nerd face too, a kind of quirk of the eyebrows that goes with it. i mostly use my nerd voice on myself, as in, "what'd you do friday night?" "oh, you know, < nerd voice > i stayed at home and read about mythology < eyebrow quirk > ." not admitting that that's what i wanted to do or that, fuck off, it was interesting. (this is a made-up example at present, though i'm sure it's happened at some point or other.)

anyway. oooh she has a new book coming out in april. i think i'll pre-order it. (note: there are like, two authors whose books i buy new in hardcover, and those two are neil gaiman and jk rowling. and that's what class i'm elevating sarah vowell into after reading half of one book.)

*fangirls so hardcore*

OH, and speaking of fangirling and books, i pre-ordered hanging out with the dream king, a book of interviews with neil and a bunch of people he's worked with, like 123490 years ago, and it got delayed forever and then it came a few days ago. and i haven't read yet, but i will just say that every page is edged in black, so when the book is shut it's black all around, and it's the coolest damn thing ever. you can't imagine how oddly strange and wonderful a black book looks. or maybe you can, but the thought had certainly never occurred to me.

life is so full of awesome stuff. and in african american lit we read part of oladah equiano's slave narrative (i probably spelled his name wrong, as i do) and it was overlapping with stuff we did in immigration history and... i love being a liberal arts student soo much.

and i love sarah vowell. also soo much.

in case i hadn't mentioned.

i really think i should listen to npr. there are so many cool people on it. but somehow listening to the radio is so unappealing to me, compared to reading an essay. i don't know why. well,i guess i kind of do. with the radio you get the added inflection of the voice of the reader. but with a book you get to control your pace. and.. stuff.

i think i want to talk about sarah vowell some more, actually. i think... i appreciate her appeciation of knowledge, of history, of good stories. and there's a sort of twin personality going on... the sort of happy-person, it-could-be-worse perspective. coupled with the "seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?" vibe. and an awareness of her snobbish tendencies, while at the same time a... i don't know.

i think the interest in history and stories and knowing STUFF is a big part of what i like about neil gaiman, too. but with him it manifests itself in awesome fantasy, and with her it's reality. (i typed "just reality" as a contrast to "awesome fantasy" and then i realized that no, that's the point, it isn't "just" reality. it's reality. no reductive adjective.)

okay. sorry. like i said... it's exciting for me to connect to this book & this author (or at least this author's presentation of herself). also, on a more shallow level, i was just thinking how weird it is that almost all of my favorite authors are dudes, with jk rowling and jane austen sort of pushing themselves in around the fringes, and anne lamott yelling "you like me too, remember?" but my favorite-favorites, dudes. so... yeah. i was also wondering if it wasn't kind of eurocentric of me to have mostly white favorite authors. but it's not like i intentionally pick books by white people. i pick books that sound interesting and then get to the back cover flap and go, hmm.

anyway. why do i apologize for talking about things that are interesting to me in my blog? it's not like i'm calling all of you up and talking to you for hours without pause. you can always scroll past. i suppose i feel some sort of obligation to entertain, since you're here. and i'm putting it out for everyone to read. and stuff.

hey, if i hit the option key and a letter it makes crazy symbols! ??? ha! good thing i can't type, or i never would have figured this out. (i hope blogger publishes my crazy symbols. if it doesn't i'll be awfully ??.)

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*drops giant stack of paper on the floor* hear that satisfying *thwack*? that's the sound of a completed grinnell-in-london application, plus 3 photocopies.

it is much paper.

actually, not quite completed-- i need paula smith's signature, but she said just drop them under her door sometime and she'd sign them and drop them off in the ocs office for me. so completed, as far as i personally am concerned.

also, met in person with professor-who-thinks-i'm-racist (not crazy-professor-who-thinks-i'm-racist, just regular type) and briefly discussed the internship and then also briefly discussed the b&s, and he was actually very nice and reassuring and said he hoped it didn't turn into a big thing, and that most things on broadcast tv are much worse than the b&s (um, it's true) and that he usually finds the b&s funny, which is "unusual among college humor publications." so.. yes, yay. (one moment: "i hope the situation didn't make the end of your semester too difficult." me (thinking): "dooon't say 'actually i was a total basket case and cried all week.. think of something else... think!" me (aloud): "oh, well.. it's done now.")

so, yeah. that's good.

also, i love sarah vowell SO much. i will now quote her some more!

... If i had to nail down the objective of my historical tourism, it's probably to collect evidece in support of my motto. and my motto in any situation is "It Could Be Worse." it could be worse is how i meet every setback. though nothing all that bad has ever happened to me, every time i've had my heart broken or gotten fired or watched an audience member at one of my readings have a seizure as i stand at the podium trying not to cry, i remind myself that it could be worse. in my self-help universe, when things go wrong i whisper mantras to myself, mantras like, "andersonville" or "texas school book depository." "andersonville" is a code word for "you could be one of the prisoners of war dying of disease and malnutrition in the worst confederate prison, so just calm down about the movie you wanted to go to being sold out."

"texas school book depository" means that having the delivery guy forget the guacamole isn't nearly as bad as being assassinated by lee harvey oswald as the blood from your head stains your wife's pink suit. though, ever since i went to salem, i'm keen on "gallows hill." as in, being stuck in the boise airport for ten hours while getting hit on by a divorced man with "major financial problems" on his way to his twentieth high school reunion is irksome, but not as dire as swinging by the neck on salem's gallows kill.

see? see why i love her?

also um, just one more. i promise.

the more history i learn, the more the world fills up with stories. just the other day, i was in my neighborhood starbucks, waiting for the post office to open. i was enjoying a chocolatey caffe mocha when it occurred to me that to drink a mocha is to gulp down the entire history of the new world. from the spanish exportation of aztec cacao, and the dutch invention of the chemical process for making chocolate, on down to the capitalist empire of hershey, pa, and the lifestyle marketing of seattle's starbuchs, the modern mocha is a bittersweet concoction of inperialism, genocide, invention, and consumerism served with whipped cream on top. no wonder it costs so much. and, thanks to sophie and michael coe's book the true history of chocolate, i remembered that cacao beans were used as currency at the moment of european contact. when christopher columbus's son ferdinand captured a mayan canoe in 1503, he noticed that whenever one of the natives dropped a cacao bean, "they all stooped to pick it up, as if an eye had fallen." when you know such trivia, an act as mundane as having an overpriced breakfast drink becomess imbued with meaning, even poetry. plus, i read a women's magazine article called "5 fabulous morning rituals," and it said that after you "bask in bed" and "walk in nature" you're supposed to "ponder the sins of the conquistadors."

AHH. love her so much.

(both the above, plus the one from yesterday, from the partly cloudy patriot. go read it, read it now.)

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

oh, also, i'm way more entranced by tori tour stats than i should be. for instance, in the 2 tori shows i've been to, only 7 songs were played at both.

these songs were:

Cornflake Girl
I Can't See New York
Precious Things
Sorta Fairytale, A
Wampum Prayer

and i have heard 3 songs designated "rare" (apparently have been played live fewer than 10 times). these 3 songs are:

Tiny Dancer
Vincent (Starry Starry Night)

also, Rattlesnakes, which she's played live 13 times, and i therefore designate "demi-rare."

also, her most commonly played song is Precious Things, having been performed live 521 times. as far as the database is aware of.

i'll stop now.

(but omg new tori album in a month.)

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listening to: abba, knowing me, knowing you

i think this might be my favorite abba song. just so you know.

also. i've had "carry on" by timothy b. schmidt stuck in my head all day, which, oddly, increased my appreciation of the song.

(insert 7-hour time gap)

so... definitely started this post at 4:30 pm. hmm.

um. let me pose a purely hypothetical question to you. suppose there is a girl who has submitted some unfunnyish articles to the b&s, which have been rejected, leading to her bitching about me in her plan and also emailing dylan to ask why i hate her so much. i meanwhile have tried to be nice to her. dylan has forwarded me this email. she is now in a class with me, and when i attempt to make smalltalk with her she seems vaguely hostile. tonight i sent out a cheery pep-talkish sort of email to the first-years who have been involved with b&s (all 4 of them) encouraging them to keep being involved, not to take it personally if stuff got rejected, told them that they were all funny and if they kept writing stuff they'd get even funnier, told them that dylan and i probably reject about one of each other's articles each issue, etc. this includes girl-who-hates-me.

should i leave it here? or should i also email this girl and say, "look, dylan showed me that email you sent him, plus i read your plan, and i just wanna say that i'm sorry you think i hate you, but i don't. stuff happens. you're irrational. etc." (except maybe nicer). oor should i just let her keep thinking that i'm oblivious to this, yet continue to try to obliquely encourage her? should i just go "fuck it, she's not that funny and also kind of annoying anyway"?


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i just started reading the partly cloudly patriot by sarah vowell, and it's great so far. it's a collection of essays, and the first one is called "what he said there." it's about her visit to gettysburg and, particularly, seeing a lincoln impersonator (hee, priscellie) reenact the address... and i'm just going to quote the last 2 paragraphs.

this is what garry wills says happened after lincoln stopped talking in 1863: "the crowd departed with a new thing in its ideological luggage, that new constitution lincoln had substituted for the one they brought there with them. they walked off, from those curving graves on the hillside, under a changed sky, into a different america." this is what happened after the lincoln impersonator stopped talking in the year 2000: the eight-year-old boy sitting next to me pointd at getty [the lincoln impersonator] and asked his mom, "isn't that guy too short?"

i glance at the kid with envy. he's at that first, great, artsy-crafty age when americans first learn about abraham lincoln. how many of us drew his beard in crayon? we built models of his boyhood cabin with elmer's glue and toothpicks. we memorized the gettysburg address, reciting its ten sentences in stovepipe hats stapled out of black construction paper. the teachers taught us to like washington and to respect jeffersonn. but lincoln--him they taught us to love."

and it's trueee. especially, i think probably, here (i mean, there, since i'm in iowa now) in illinois. also, and i'm going to get this out here now, as an illinoisian, i automatically love lincoln more than you do. (unless you're an illinoisian too.) we are so attached to this man. and we can joke about it on some levels. but on a deeper, subconscious level, growing up in illinois instills you with a pride in lincoln that's sort of hard to describe. so what if he was depressed and had a crazy wife and, well, stuff? he was great. (the weird stuff actually makes us like him more. jefferson has this going for him too.) and he's ours. you guys can like lincoln too, though, we'll share. but we're going to keep him on our license plates just to remind you.

<3 lincoln.

the end.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

this might be the funniest red meat in awhile. actually, all the mime red meats were pretty funny too.

red meat's been good lately.

good thing i'm not vegetarian.

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listening to: pat benetar, we belong

mm, i'm eating a VELVETY POTATO soup at hand. it combines two of my favorite things, velvet and carbohydrates. omg, if you grow potatoes underground... would you grow velvety potatoes in the velvet underground?! eh? get it? velvet underground? man, i crack myself up.

anyway. i've been so, so productive today. i got up early and went to the pec (!!). i went to the pec yesterday too. it's insanity. (pec=physical education complex=gym.) according to the bike that's smarter than me (tm), i've gone 9.something miles this week. which isn't like, a lot, but it's a good start. also, the bike that's smarter than me (tm) has the most uncomfortable seat ever. ow.

and then i went and made copies of posters to advertise the b&s meeting this sunday. and i copied my passport. and then i went and printed like, 120343 things i needed to print, including the last part of my gil application. yay! now i just need for paula smith to return my email so she can sign it. and go to the writing lab and have them let me know if my internship essay sucks, and fix it if it does. and then copy the entire 2308943 page application. and turn it in. and go to london!

in other news, i hate the cdo. so much. i've been trying to apply for this stupid summer internship since like, october. i went to all the advertised meetings, i signed up for the email list every time, i went to a resume workshop, i made a personal resume appointment, i stopped by the day the application was supposed to become available (november 1st) and they didn't have it yet... a couple weeks later... didn't have it yet... anyway. so i was perusing the campus memo today and there's a meeting for established summer internships TONIGHT and i wouldn't have known about it if i hadn't happened to read the campus memo.


*gets distracted for like an hour*

*comes back*

i did something else this morning, but i forget what. the point, though, was: go me.

i have african american lit in an hour. i hope it's cool.

in response to comments i keep forgetting to respond to:

sarah: constantine maroulis, formerly roger in the non-equity rent tour, and soon to be the next american idol! (well, prolly not, but he's on the show anyhow.) he's kind of a tool. in a hilarious way. not like, constantine the great, or john constantine.

(awesome) cindy: yes, i did get the cc.com $, thanks! sorry i didn't let you know before.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

i forgot to mention something kind of absurd: everyone in our room now owns an ibook. we are soo hip. or something. yes.

the guys across the hall from us? the ones who like to play mediocre guitar renditions of "say it ain't so"? they have a new instrument now. it is, i kid you not, a didgeridoo.

the didgeridoo, if played poorly, sounds like a cross between a fart and someone spitting.

the guys across the hall from us play the didgeridoo poorly.

anyway, so, first day of classes: art history seems like it'll be fine. nothing too crappy, nothing extraordinary. chick history should be asskickingly awesome.

physics in the arts... will be interesting. professor cunningham seems really nice and good professor-y. the first 20 minutes of class i was like "he reminds me of someone... who? whooo?" and i finally realized it was, weirdly, matthew broderick. not in looks, just in voice and mannerisms. like matthew broderick playing a mild-mannered character, not mathew broderick playing a neurotic character. anyway. but he gave us all a pre-quiz and i was like "....?!" but apparently so was everyone else. it was all this frustrating "i know i know this but i haven't done it since sophomore year of high school" crap.. like scientific notation and logarthims and... oh god. but he did a review of metric units (shut up, all you science types, we needed it). i know a couple people are planning to drop after the first day, just because it was all sciencey. but i think i'll stick with it, at least for awhile... i don't think it'll be that bad, and looking at the syllabus, it seems manageable.

also (hopefully) reading the textbook will help.

haven't had african american lit yet, but it should be cool. this assumption is based entirely on the fact that one of our texts is a graphic novel with a blurb from alan moore on the back of it. also someone said the prof was nice.

(yes, this is enough information to form a fair and valid opinion regarding the class, what are you talking about?)

i have a meeting soon, but first i'll leave you with a conversation i overheard:
guy 1: oh, i need soap too, do you want to split a bar?
guy 2: sure!
guy 1 (or maybe it was 2 again): but, honestly, i don't really use soap anymore. i mean, i rinse myself, and i scrub.. just no soap.
guy 2 (or 1): yeah, that's okay. i think i really only wash my hair once every.. 5 days or so.

and then they started talking about a friend of theirs who worked at the "cannibis club" over break (this is appanently a quite well-paying job- $17.50/hr, and you get free pot- they were envious) i was walking ahead of them and trying not to giggle. because they're totally dirty hippies. literally.

off i go!

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

new!julia wins, because she noticed my fish and asked his name, and i said trey, and she said "like trey anastasio?" and i said yes! and we were amused. (because... he's the lead singer of phish, and my fish is a fish... and no one else really gets this/finds it funny.)

(i still love and miss real!julia, though. THE LOVE IN THESE.)

my eyes are tired. i think i might go to bed early. because boo, 9am class (+ i was going to get up and try to get stuff done between 8-9.)

also... somethiing. oh. yes. anyone who has ever called me "on top of it"-- and that's frankly a lot of people-- would probably take it all back if they could see the printing schedule i just made for the b&s. cuz i couldn't find my planner, and i didn't want to go walk to a lab to print a calendar, so i found one online and got a sheet of notebook paper and copied it down. not terribly neatly. and i switched march and april. and i put spring break in the wrong week. and... well, it's crazy.


kait: 1. yes, i can still beta. 2. yes, renata at frowl dot org. 3. $14 for frowl. 4. i'm numbering these but i don't think i'm answering them in the order you asked. 5. i think adding question marks to the end of random sentences is perfectly valid?

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listening to: ani, the million you never made

- i like lists
- i'm back in grinnell
- i'm very tired
- i've eaten lots of good food today
- mary & i caught carmen sandiego
- i have class at 9am tomorrow
- that's early
- kait & others: yes, frowl $ is traditionally due in feb so we'll go with that, even though like no one actually pays me and one day i will just delete everyone who hasn't paid me's stuff which is like everyone except kait and melody (i believe, i may inadvertently be maligning someone) except really i won't but i'll think about it.
- i'm wearing socks
- i downloaded the new tori song ("sleeps with butterflies") & i dig it.
- the end
- or is it?
- yes.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

listening to: the nylons, kiss him goodbye

soo hi. let's see. yesterday trina & i hung out. and it was fun. we finally watched amelie and were, frankly, a little bewildered by it. i think we both had the same basic reaction, which was, "these people are all CREEPY." at the end of it, we were both like "i liked it... i think?" like, it was entertaining... but so creepy. omg. apparently french people aren't charmingly neurotic like american and british people. they're just creepy.

oy. and then we watched random teevee, as we do. (the best random teevee ever was when the two of us and miriam ended up watching like, the bible channel or something, and there was this toll-free number at the bottom, and we eventually could no longer resist the urge to call it, and we did... and "i'm sorry, your call could not be completed as dialed' and we tried it on all of our cell phones and trina's home phone and it didn't work. stupid jesus, not answering our calls. who does he think he is?)

today i baked more pumpkin bread. and the first batch got all craazy, like it was starting to get burnt around the edges but it was still all raw in the middle and i was like omgwtf? but the second batch is good. and i put cinnamon chips in it. mmm.

also, i'ma cross-post this from my plan:

today is my mom's birthday. here is the total of what she received from the family:
- chai tea
- licorice (or liquourice, if you will) altoids
- book of humorous travel stories (i think the title was it wasn't funny at the time or something)
- promise of a handmade clay pot as soon as it gets done firing ("in the kennel, i mean, kiln")
- gold pin that looks like a spoon, with a pearl in the spoon
- taxidermied pheasant

yep. taxidermied pheasant. and this was the gift she was most excited about. apparently, "oh, i used to have a pheasant like that! back before your father and i were married. i kept it on top of the refrigerator. his name was 'fucked.' that way, when you told someone to 'get fucked,' it meant to get the pheasant. (pause) well, we thought it was funny."

< broadway randomness > gah! saycon sengbloh is the new elphaba standby! i wish megan still like, existed, so she could be horrified with me. actually i bet she'd be okay as elphaba. but still. "satan disregards all that is mimi."

oh yeah, and omg constantine is a tool.

anyway... also today, reid and i discussed our plans to break our mario kart tie "with real cars." "and real bananas!" "mom, do we have any mushrooms?"

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

0_0 on sunday comedy central is showing, in a row, bill & ted's excellent adventure, dogma, and jay & silent bob strike back. how hott is that?

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watching: mst3k: the movie

i forgot how this is the BEST MOVIE EVER.

"increase the flash gordon noise, and put more science stuff around!"

anyway, i bet you were wondering what kind of a sense of humor i have. well:

Sunny/Dark: 4/10
drY/Gross: 4/10
Traditional/Offbeat: 5/10
Active/Passive: 6/10

You are a SYT--Sunny Dry Traditional. This makes you a Sophisticate.

You like conservative humor -- implied rather than explicit, and a well- timed eyebrow raise rather than a punchline. You're exactly the right kind of funny a well-bred hostess would want at her functions. You might be Jewish.

You're not afraid of a risque joke -- you just don't often make them. This means that people may keep it squeaky clean around you, and that when you do work blue it's super too so funny.

You're like Jon Stewart on that fake cover of the public domain Victorian erotica textbook in the back of America. You should get that book. You'll think it's funny as hell.

You might like The Daily Show, Remember Wenn and when Hamlet says, "Do you think I meant country matters?" You would snigger thyself all the way to the buttery bar.

Of the 4310 people who have taken this quiz, 27.1 % are this type.

Your Active humor score of 6/10 means you are ju-u-ust right. You're probably pretty popular -- a walking social lubricant. You know how to take someone from on edge to relaxed, and from relaxed to larfing. You're kind of like an episode of Arrested Development. That show is good. Anyway. Rave on, funny one.

hooowever, i was 50/50 on traditional/offbeat, so i might be:

You are a SYO--Sunny Dry Offbeat. This makes you a Sly Boots.

You are the cutest! You come off so nice and sweet that people don't think you'll be funny, and then SHA-POW you're pouring the Beringer and making gentle but searingly accurate fun of the people you work with.

If there isn't one of your type at a party, then I don't want to go.

You would never use humor to hurt somebody. You start slow and finish big, sometimes dropping little humor bombs no one gets until later. You know how people are always like, "Hey, you should invite so-and-so." You're so-and-so.

You might like Mystery Science Theater 3000, A Fish Called Wanda and the following story (stop me if you've heard this one):

My boyfriend and I were touring Ireland in a rental car. Every time he saw castle ruins, which was about every hundred yards, he'd say, "Look at that castle! It's RUINED!" He was totally SYO. I shoulda tapped dat sh1t. (Story reprinted from article talkback.)

Of the 4319 people who have taken this quiz, 6.2 % are this type.

hmm... i might be amused by jon stewart OR mst3k? what a preposterous quiz. absurdly inaccurate.

*shifty eyes*

anyway, the quiz is here if you want to find out what kind of funny yooou are. (ps, i'm mildly intrigued as to which of these two you guys think i am. or some third one. like, "lame and easily amused." anyway... leave a comment if you feel strongly either way. or weakly.)

"joe, i'm in one of these boxes, fiiind me!"

ha... classic.

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listening to: indigo girls, closer to fine (live)

yay, today i hung out a bit with trina, and we totally won at reading highlights for children! (yes, you can lose at reading highlights. they ask a lot of trick questions!) and we met mike & steve for lunch. and i drove everyone around in the minivan and dropped them all off at class. it was like a startling glimpse into the future. (mike: mooom, i need lunch money! me: ask steve.)

anyway. so i swear one day i'm going to have a conversation that goes like this:

polite person making smalltalk (ppmst): you're in college, eh? what's your major?
me (me): i'm an english/history double major.
ppmst: oh, so do you want to teach?
me: I WILL STAB YOU IN THE FACE! *stabs ppmst in the face*

or possibly:

ppmst: you're in college, eh? what's your major?
me: i'm an english/history double major.
ppmst: history, eh? i always hated history- too many dates to memorize!
me: I WILL STAB YOU IN THE FACE! *stabs ppmst in the face*

and i feel bad, because these people have no way of knowing that one of these two things are apparently the gut response of 95% of the population upon hearing that someone is majoring in english and/or history, and no way of knowing that it's annoying. BUT ONE OF THEM WILL BE THE STRAW THAT BREAKS MY BACK. and then face-stabbing will commence.

do any of you guys have annoying responses to your majors? like "you're a biology major? do you want to... build a biodome?" or... something.

*shifty eyes*

oh, mildly weird story... so today i went to the post office, cuz i was sending a card to my friend molly, who's spending the semester in rome. so i needed an air mail stamp. so i hand my properly addressed, neatly sealed card (it wasn't even weird, no "of doom" or hello kitty stickers or anything!) to the guy, and he goes "is this a card?" and i say, "yeah..." and he gets a pen and writes "card" on it and underlines it like 3 times. and then he says, "it'll get there in 7 to 10 days, is that going to be quick enough for you?" and then looks up at me suspiciously like i'm going to break down and say "noo, that's not fast enough! because you see, it's not really a card... it's a BOMB." also, he didn't just give me an 80 cent stamp, he made a little label for 80 cents.

it was weird. seriously. what if i had been like "no, it's not a card. it's a LETTER. in a weird envelope." would he have written LETTER on it?

i bet that guy hates history cuz of all the dates.

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watching: i <3 the 90s part deux!

i <3 the 90s part deux, 94 and 95= clerks AND mallrats.

which rocks.

also, for the record, <33 jason lee forever.

hey, shut up... guy... mallrats isn't a movie written for 15-year-old boys!

or else, it is, and i'm a 15-year-old boy.


whatever... almost time for new west wing. *shakes fist at college basketball* i'll teach YOU to pre-empt west wing... with the back of my hand!

or, with help from kait and cj.

renata: *frumble* tww got preempted by basketball
kait: Awww... I dunno if it got pre-empted here... I should check, because I'm taping it at home.
renata: prolly n ot, it's just cuz of a local basketball game
renata: unless your local college is also having a game
renata: they're still showing it, just at 1am. fortunately i'll probably be up then anyway
kait: That's good, at least. That's so random here. Well, it probably seems random beccause Purchase has zero-ish sports.
renata: yeah, it doesn't usually happen here. (and by ehre, i mean, peoria, because that's where the college and the teevee station are) so i think this is probably an important-type game or something
renata: or maybe they just hate the west wing *shakes fist*
kait: I bet that's it. I bet they're all communists too.
renata: republican communists.
kait: YES.
renata: *shakes head*
renata: will they stop at nothing/
renata: ?
renata: i bet they INVENTED basketball. just for this reason.
kait: Just to annoy us! And by "us" I mean "you", clearly
renata: yes. but one day they might come for you
kait: Gasp! Oh no!
renata: yes! i mean.. maybe! but then maybe cj will protect us.
kait: Yay! Yay for CJ!
renata: because she'sthe best damn basketball player in ohio!
kait: We can challenge them to ashoot off. Or whatever you do in basketball. And we'll have CJ as our secret weapon. And their secret weapon can be... wiat, who are they again? Well, whatever. Their secret weapon can be not as good as ours. Yup.
renata: that's right. *nod*

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

listening to: pippin, with you

oooh dear. i was just flipping through my fake science (physics in the arts) textbooks, cuz molly sent them to me and they just got here today... and they've got like, angles and sines in them. it creeps me out a little just thinking about them. ooh my god it's a sine wave. aww man, and it's got a musical scale too. i can't read music anymore!

*deep breaths* i can do this. i CAN DO SCIENCE really.

and math, i can do that too.

as long as it's not 4 cubed.

oh man, where's my calculator?? i'm going to need a calculator. *frowl*

*finds calculator* whew.

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this quiz is weird, man. also the code like, broke my blog. but i think i fixed it. maybe.

You scored as Severus Snape. Your alter ego is Severus Snape. Well your a tricky one aren't you? Nobody quite has you figured out and you'd more than likely prefer it to stay that way. That said you are a formidable force on anybodies books, but there is certaintly more to you than a frosty exterior and a bitter temper.

Harry Potter


Severus Snape


Remus Lupin


Ron Weasley


Draco Malfoy


Hermione Granger


Sirius Black


Albus Dumbledore


Peter Pettigrew


Lord Voldemort


Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with QuizFarm.com

not only does it think i'm snape... but i'm EQUALLY snape, harry, and remus.


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listening to: pippin, magic to do

kaaait they had the pippin obcr at the library and i checked it out so that i can be cool like you.

ben vereen was totally the effeminate cat mayor of zoobilee zootown.

i've been soo productive today. i baked pumpkin bread. two loaves! well, one is still in the oven, because we only have one loaf pan. and it's the one i bought at a garage sale this summer. also i think it's possible that the nutmeg i used has been in the cabinet since the reagan administration. we're not really a family of bakers.

(the pumpkin i used was definitely "best used by september 2003" but i figured, whatever, it's canned. and it was fine. unless my entire family suddenly dies due to slightly aged pumpkin.)

also i did laundry. go me.

i think... i had something to say and now i don't know.


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oh yeah, & the movie meme is done. no one got spiceworld. so congratulations, you're all slightly more cool than i am ;)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

watching: clueless

you know what i hate? when my dad leaves the teevee on the history channel and i go and mean to watch cartoons but then i get all interested in what's on and next thing you know i've spent an hour watching modern marvels: forts.

and by hate i clearly mean enjoy in a nerdy nerdy way. and what other kind of enjoyment is there?

i had the worst headache evarrrr but then i took a 3 hour nap and it went away. yay!

hahaha this is the best line from clueless ever. "he's a disco-dancing, oscar wilde-reading, streisand ticket-holding, friend of dorothy, you know what i'm saying?"

and then what convinces her is "... he does like to shop, cher..."

kait: my friends ARE delightfully insane. & woo, beta.

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listening to: tori, caught a lite sneeze (live)

hooray. last night was so funny in this bizarre, bizarre way that only seems to make sense to trina and i. but like... just weird stuff happens to us. and things are funny. like... i went to trina's house to watch the FAIRLY ODD WISH-A-THON featuring a new episode with guest star norm mcdonald at 8/7 central! but, i had gone like a mile and my car was making this weird bumpy sorts of noises, so i called my dad and said "hey dad, my car's making weird bumpy sorts of noises" and he said "do you have a flat tire?" and i said "let me check.... yes." so then i had to turn around and drive back at like 15mph and take the van. so i was almost late!

so we turn on the teevee, and i say, "wait a minute.... this episode was on before i left..." and we look at her preview channel and they have fairly oddparents going until 10:30. and we're like whaaat? and we look at a bunch of different online teevee listings, and finally we get one that makes you type in your zip code and pick your cable provider, and apparently at trina's house they get nickolodeon in pacific time. so our new exciting episode doesn't happen until 10pm.

SO we decide to go out to denny's and get my cellphone, which i had left there. (funny story, right, i couldn't find my phone and i called it and someone answered and was like, "is this your phone? you left it at denny's." and i was like "oh... thanks... *is stupid*") anyway, so we went to retrieve it, and like, 3 different workers were like, "oh, this is your phone? your dad called."

oh but anyway, because of my lost cellphone i couldn't call trina earlier because i couldn't remember her new number, and i was like, frantically trying to call the few people whose numbers i did have memorized, an d i couldn't look in the phone book cuz she moved recently, and it wasn't online either... it was crazy. but then i called information and they gave it to me!

anyway, cellphone retrieved, and then trina said she was hungry and we drove by krispy kreme and the "hot doughnuts NOW" light was on, so i said, we could go get free doughnuts! and she said what? and i said yes, when they're hot they give everyone who walks in a free one. and so we go in and get them, and the lady says "what can i get for you?" and trina says.. give us a minute, and the lady walks away and we sort debate the merits of getting coffee, and decide against it, and walk out.

and the thing is we felt really like, guilty/pleased with ourselves, like we'd robbed a bank or something. and we were driving around in the minivan, cuz my car had a flat tire. and we're badass.

and then... we went to family video to try to rent amelie or clueless. both are checked out. we briefly consider renting harold & kumar go to white castle but resent the idea of paying new rental price for it. we leave and go to blockbuster, which is also out of amelie and clueless. we go home. we congratulate ourselves on visiting 4 commercial establishments and purchasing nothing.

so... we watched fairly oddparents yay best show ever!

and then we sort of lazily ended up watching arachnaphobia on tbs and came up with our idea for the best horror movie ever. in it, the people would be smarter, but the movie itself would be stupider. like, in arachnaphobia they were forever zooming in on random corners and then a spider would crawl out of nowhere? well, in our movie, we'd zoom in on random corners, and play suspenseful music.. and then nothing would happen, and it would zoom back out.

but the characters, ah yes. see... when they found out that there were huge fucking deadly spiders in their house, they would not prance around with t-shirts and flashlights. no. they would put on big beekeeper/government-guys-from-ET suits. and bring pesticide.

also, we watched conan. and seriously, the face he makes when he pulls the walker, texas ranger lever is the best thing on the planet.

i think conan pulling the walker, texas ranger lever would also be in our horror movie. somewhere.

aalso we finally watched the end of that masterpiece theatre we saw awhile ago! man, it was crazy. and we kept talking about how it would be great if all of a sudden theyu ZOOMED INTO A CORNER OH MY GOD IT'S A SPIDER oh no it was just a lamp.

one more thiing that needs to be preserved: a conversation held in the denny's parking lot. hilarious primarily due to the tones of voice involved, which clearly cannot be conveyed properly in text.

me: weird, there are chicken bones in the parking lot.
trina: (vengefully) that's where it belongs!
me:... what?
trina: (confusedly) i don't know...

yeah. it was great.

oh man, i just sneezed really hard 4 times in a row and i think my head almost exploded. i'd better publish this now in case i sneeze again and something tragic happens. plus i have to go pick up reid from skool.

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Monday, January 17, 2005

listening to: tori, crazy

sitting around in my nice warm bed is, well, nice and warm.

yesterday was full of shenanigans, including but not limited to:
- mango ice cream (mmmmmmmmm)
- pocky in exciting flavors, like chocolate-covered strawberry and hello kitty
- new bowls and a baking sheet and stuff for the room
- watching a random wicked video boot at tony's house
- 2am steak & shake runs

ooh, and bryan- creepy ex-co-worker bryan- was at steak & shake, and we had to be all stealthy and sly to avoid him. but we were ultimately successful.

*shakes head* oh, bryan.

(no, seriously. like... amanda had come into subway a few times to visit nathaniel or i, when bryan was working with one of us, so he kind of vaguely knew who she was. so awhile ago she and tony were at steak & shake, and bryan was there, and he just went and sat with them. because she was a co-worker's friend he had briefly met a few times.)


i'm like [this] close to finishing emma- i have like 20 more pages- and i keep getting distracted.

ooh +. tonight there's a fairly oddparents marathon & trina and i are so watching it. because we're awesome.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

listening to: dan fogelberg, lovers in a dangerous time

wow. kait totally just pwned the movie meme. i kind of expected she would, but only because we're the same person. i mean... nothing to see here. these aren't the droids you're looking for.

(still two more movies left... someone might know them, and that someone might be you. actually, i bet if kait thinks about it, she knows the other two too... and nope, sorry devon, it's not saved. i'll give you all a hint and say that none of them are saved. anyway. now you can all go read my flimsy rationalizations for liking the movies i like! which is why i usually don't try to justify them. they're just awesome, that's what.)

anyway, lunch & such with grandparents was fine. you know. reid and i kept ourselves entertained, cuz he discovered that he can record stuff with his new cellphone, and then set the recordings as his ringtone. so now when his phone rings, it's me yelling "ring! ring! ring!"

it's great.

i think i'm going to go watch chasing amy now.

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woot. saw in good company and enjoyed it much more than i expected to. but i had no idea what it was and we weren't actually planning to see it, so, i didn't really have any expectations. i deem it funny & non-lame. and who knew that that 70s show guy could act?

progress has been made on the movie theme. hurrah. (sorry michelle, not saved, but that's a good guess.)

so yeah... keep guessing.

also, i'm sad that lj is down. this is why everyone should use blogger instead. because blogger never goes down. ever. *shifty eyes*

and, i'm going to chicago tomorrow to visit grandparents. so... i'll be back... sometime later tomorrow. and i'm going to bed now. mmm, sleep.

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Friday, January 14, 2005

listening to: alanis morissette, not the doctor

oh what the hell, steve & co aren't picking me up for at least another hour, so... meme!

1. Pick one dozen movies that are ones that you have special feelings about.
2. Pick a few lines of dialogue that mean something to you.
3. As people guess the film, strike out that entry.
4. If possible, after the film is guessed, explain why that movie made the list.

umm, i'm not sure if i have "special feelings" about a dozen movies. i'm not sure if i have "special feelings" about any movies, really. i've never really connected with movies in the way that i do with books. ooh, i should do this meme with books sometime. anyway... so these are really just... movies i like. mostly. yes. go.

1. "It's not about who's right or wrong. No denomination has nailed it yet. Because they're all too self-righteous to realize it doesn't matter what you have faith in, just that you have faith. Your hearts are in the right place, but your brain's got to wake up."
dogma (kait)
i heart this movie. and this line. a lot. i really like what this movie says about religion. and platypi.

2. "Don't tease me about my hobbies. I don't tease you about being an asshole."
garden state (miriam & megan)

3. "The Internet is a communication tool used the world over where people can come together to bitch about movies and share pornography with one another."
jay and silent bob strike back (kait)
not my favorite kevin smith movie, but it has its moments. and i thought this line was appropriate to post in my blog ^_^

4. "You hate people!"
"But I love gatherings. Ironic, isn't it?
clerks (kait)
clearly a knowledge of kevin smith is required to win my movie meme. yes, clerks. <3 randal. also <3 dante, but you know, sometimes you need someone to cut through the crap. and provide transexual porn.

5. "Oh my God. I'm a trend pimp!"
josie and the pussycats (kait)
best movie ever! (i really do think it's underrated. because it's a shallow teen movie that satirizes shallow teen movies. it's brilliant. it's postmodern. one day it will be recognizes as such. actually probably it won't, but i'll keep watching it anyway.)

6. "This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time."
fight club (kait)
<3 chuck palahniuk. gooood book-movie. & i really do like what it has to say about our society. even if i'm not a dude.

7. "When the rabbit of chaos is pursued by the ferret of disorder through the fields of anarchy, it is time to hang your pants on the line of darkness. Whether they are clean or not."
noo one got this and clearly it's spiceworld.

8. "There's no mystical energy field controls my destiny."
star wars: a new hope (mary)
representative of the trilogy. aww, i remember the first time i saw these movies.... when they were re-released in the theatres, and miriam and trina and i went, and we had pop rocks and we'd explode them during the battle scenes. yeaaah.

9. "It just feels so weird."
"You mean that Mr. Aeral's dead?"
"Yeah, that... and my pants are filled with starfish."
muppet treasure island (kait)
i juust watched this the other day. muppets + pirates + tim curry = yes.

10. "Mankind isn't evil, just uninformed."
x-men (kait)
hellz yeah. you know, as a superpower-metaphor-for-otherness, x-men works well. plus wolverine is hot. plus omg erik/charles otp!!1!one!

11. " Do you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour?"
"No, but I love his work."
hedwig & the angry inch (kait)
yep, my favorite musical with a song based on plato's symposium ever.

12. "Be excellent to each other."
bill & ted's excellent adventure (mary)
aww, this is a great movie. so many bad history jokes. and really, you know, bill and ted aren't the brightest guys, but when you get down to it "be excellent to each other" is a pretty damn good life philosophy.

look, i found 12. yay. and go.

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listening to: simon & garfunkel, the boxer

ok, all i'm gonna say about my 50ways fic, is that its entitled "parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme heal all wounds." and that it's kait's fault for not discouraging such a title.

also, you know that song "higher love" by steve winwood? the other day in the car reid and i listened to it like, 5 times trying to figure out the words to the chorus, cuz it sounds JUST like "bake me a higher love" and that's really funny, but probably wrong. so we thought maybe it was "make me a higher love" or possibly "baby, a higher love." and then we thought maybe it was different things throughout the song. but i just looked online and apparently it's "bring me a higher love." every time. omg. seriously, if you have access to this song, go listen to it. it's totally "bake me a higher love." of course he kind of mumbles the whole song anyway. but seriously, no way in hell is he saying "bring me a higher love."

actually now i'm listening to it again and i guess it sounds a little like "bring me." kind of. if you know what you're listening for.

anyway. i was just reading this article in ladies' home journal (because it was on the kitchen table and i was waiting for something to microwave, that's why) about how people who are grateful for little things live longer and are happier and are awesome. so fuck all of you, i'm going to live forever because omg shiny things are great. (ps, it also said that some people are more naturally grateful but everyone can cultivate such an attitude. so c'mon get happy.)

okay. i'm off now, i've got some baking to do. anyone know what temperature i should preheat the oven for to bake a higher love?

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watching: family guy

"can bees think? a new study confirms that no, they cannot."

i like how an hour and a half ago i was like, "iii should go to bed. no wait, i think i'll watch 3 episodes of family guy instead.

"hey, make like siamese twins and split! and then one of you die."

anyone want to beta my 50wayas story? it's tww. 700some words & myriad of characters.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

listening to: paul simon, the boy in the bubble

i heart this song times a million.

anyway uh.... working on my grinnell-in-london (btw, i've probably talked about "gil" a lot without really explaining it, or maybe i haven't... either way, it's grinnell-in-london. just so you know.)

so yeah, working on my gil essays. um, and blogging. and playing kingdom of loathing.

also i hurt my right thumb and it hurts to type with it so i'm typing with it at a weird angle and whenever i need an m or a space, mostly, it gets confusing.

god dammit, looking at this application i swear i don't need to meet with professor who thinks i'm racist, but professor who as far as i know doesnt' think i'm racist but maybe a little slow witted (on meeting me: "renata, eh? just last night i watched an opera with the great soprano renata.. something something.. in it. [latin joke]" to which i think i responded "oh... yeah?") said i did. but the form says not with both, only one, AND with the internship adviser, who is anne. who i met with. whatever.


of course the form also says not to staple it and it COMES stapled. maybe it means not to staple it futher.

or something.

*frowl* in other news, my 2nd-favorite fanfic witer ever (cuz #1 is kait!) finished a totally awesome story series. it's taken her like, 3 years (posting in installments) and if you're into really good x-men fic you should go read it.

these are the days of miracle & wonder
this is the long distance call

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

hahahaha life is funny.

i was just looking through the cc.com email account for the first time in forever (cuz cindy is awesome and does the site/email now) and a certain former benny tour stage manager emailed megan and i (or so he thought) attempting to sell us a bootleg. for like, a ridiculous sum of money. and judging by the cast list it's one of misty's boots. and he totally misspelled shaun earl's name.

that's classy.

ps, remember how captain puffy pants is the best thing ever?

because he is.

ps2, does anyone besides kait know what i'm talking about? and i'm not sure kait even knows who the certain classy stage manager i'm referring to is. or maybe she does. maybe i'll just go do some SHIFTY EYES forever.

ps3, *shifty eyes forever*

ps4, i forgot to mention earlier how reid and i were using bond movie titles to threaten each other, and it was the best thing ever. it started off vaguely sensical and then just got crazy. like...
"you only live twice, so i will kill you.. twice."
"yeah? well... i think you'll die TODAY."
"well, i've got a view to a kill. with my goldeneye. and my.. gold finger."
"well, i'm the man with the golden gun. and i will shoot you with it!"
"dr. NO you won't... because i'm in.. on her majesty's secret... plan to kill you."
"well... diamonds are forever... going to kill you."
"um... octopussy. will kill you."

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listening to: paul simon, you're the one

hi let's see. last night miriam 'n mike came over here (! no driving for me) and we played "national geographic: on assignment" because it was the only boardgame none of us vetoed. and that was because none of us knew what it was. it turns out it's sort of like trivial pursuit + carmen sandiego - hilarious henchpeople. but it was great because it's this geography game from like... 1989. that no one in my family has ever played. literally, never. all the cards were still sealed in shrink wrap and stuff. but so anyway, this of course means that we had things like... "uh.. germany?" "*peer* sorry mike, this game was pre-unification... you'll have to give me an east or a west here..." "this is crap!'

but my favorite part of the game is that there were these green tokens, and they came in this sealed plastic bag. and the game also came with an empty ziplock bag. and one of the instructions was "transfer the tokens from the plastic bag to the resealable plastic bag." because... they couldn't have just put the tokens in the resealable plastic bag to start out with, no...

anyway. also we watched tww aand the muppet show. yay!

and today trina, miriam, amanda and i got breakfast, and then trina and i went alll over town and did stuff. and listened to spice girls in the car. and talked about how old we are. cuz we've known each other for haaalf our liiives. and that's crazy. and we ate lunch with mike and we got to go in the employee break room even though the sign said "employees only" and we weren't employees omglol.

and i bought 2345089234 nutrigrain bars at sam's club. and, at two different stores, items of a religious nature for humorous purposes. oops, sorry jesus.

OH yes and i still can't find my 50ways story, apparently i didn't save it, or something. i didn't have that much of it. but i LIKED what i had. ah well, so it goes.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

listening to: ben folds, wandering

i slept until like, 2pm today. it was nice. because sleep is nice.

miriam and trina (and i) dyed my hair last night. it was supposed to be "caution red" but it's mostly just dark brown with the occasional vaguely reddish tint. my mom didn't even notice. c'est la vieeee.

we also watched garden state. i was vaguely surprised to discover that i liked it as well the second time as i did the first. it seems so very much not my kind of movie. my attention span just doesn't work well with movies-- with tv you get breaks every 10 minutes or so, and with books your mind is occupied on multiple levels. but with movies you just keep watching and continually being shown what to see. ooor something.

anyway, yes. we also watched masterpiece theatre which apparently comes on at 1am.

i started writing my 50ways story a couple days ago and now i can't find it. damn and blast.

maybe i should work on my london application.

or i could do one of the many things that isn't my london application. hmmm...

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

i don't think it will ever cease to amaze me how many kind, thoughful, NICE people there are in the world.

i just wanted to get that out there.

also, another amusing quote...

reid: is that the x-files movie?
me: yeah.
reid: ah. i liked that movie. they got covered in bees.

that's all really, for now.

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listening to: urinetown, follow your heart

god, i love this musical. i'm SO glad i made the semi-random decision to see it the first time i was in nyc.

some random amusing quotes before i forget them:

reid: hey renata, have you ever listened to brian wilson's album smile?
me: nope.
reid: oh. it's pretty good. it has a song on it called "ed roberts."
me: really?!
reid: ... no, that was a joke.
me: oh.
reid: i thought it was funny.

my mom: really the only thing i don't like about tori amos is her voice. (not said as an insult or anything, just very matter of factly.)

ooh my god professor simpson just quoted ani in his plan. THE LOVE IN THESE (A BEAR).

have i told the "the love in these
a bear" story here? i don't think i have. see, mike gave me this weird knockoff hello kitty sort of engrish notebook for my birthday last year, and it has this rabbit on the cover, and it says (wait for it) "the love in these
a bear" with a linebreak like that, and no punctuation. and we thought it was hilarious. and i had it in my purse when i visited grinnell this summer, and i showed it to anna. and we thought it was funny, and started using it as a greeting. (it's now evolved to have hand gestures too-- grab your breasts on "in these" and give yourself bunny ears on "a bear".)

aanyway she was the only one i showed the notebook too, and then i forgot to bring it back to skool with me, so she's really the only one who's seen it. but we kept doing it and now my friends say it anyway.

so yes... the love in these.

ummm... the show was good. it was cold. outside, i mean, waiting, not in the actual theatre. it's weird seeing it really. every time is like "OH yeah, i do like this show." the audience was weird. nobody yelled during "rent" but they all clapped after "will i?" no one eeever claps after "will i?" honestly.

kids these days.

mark was good. i judge casts by their marks. or really mark just sort of defines the show for me. it's a good thing i've only had decent-to-great marks. noo wait, that's a lie. damn you dominic bogart!

anyway, whatever, the show. some girl greeted me by name in the rush line and i was like "?!" but then i went back to sleep. i think i met her in des moines. but she didn't look familiar. but then it was 6am so whatever. i hope i wasn't a jerk to her. i said "hi!" and then went back to my end of the line. *shrug* i talked to some nice new people at the end of the line. we united in our angst about thinking some guy had cut in line. damn you guy with headband!

oh also i have a story leftover from florida that i wanted to tell. see um, you know that episode of family guy where peter loses the house and stewie stays and lives with the yuppies who have it? and they're playing pictionary and stewie's drawing and the new dad is guessing? and he's going "jackal! jackal! is it a jackal? it looks like a jackal! jackal!" and finally time runs out and stewie goes "it wasn't jackal the first 500 times you said it, why the deuce would it be jackal now?!"

yeah, that episode? anyway, there's a certain circle of people i know, myself included, who think that's one of the funniest things ever.

so in the car in florida we played a lot of "guess what i'm thinking." (guess what i'm thinking is a game we invented in costa rica, it's like 20 questions but with unlimited questions. because a.) it always took us more than 20 and b.) we were too lazy to keep counting the questions.) and whenever we'd get stumped we'd go "jackal! is it a jackal?!" and then we'd all laugh merrily. and then on the trip back, i had something, and it was taking miriam and amanda awhile to guess it. and finally steve jumps in and goes "is it a jackal?!" and i said "yes!!" because it was.

yeah, that was great.

anyway... here's what i need to dooo before i go back to schooool:
- gil app (2 essays and make my parents sign all the forms i filled out)
- read some of my history book
- finish reading emma, watch clueless
- send thank you cards
- send xmas cards (let me know if you want one, i've already done a handful which shall be mailed monday)
- laundry >_<
- dye hair (red, temporary, if you were wondering)
- work on 50ways
- work on own 50ways story
- read new graphic novels so as not to have to take them back to school
- go to dentist (tomorrow)
- visit grandparents (saturday)
- try to work out travel plans to visit sarah & julia (ps, talking about grinnellians who have plans AND ljs is confusing, because i'm like "[adamsj]! no wait, lj user=piratej. noo... just julia.)
- update time fies
- redesign boron (maybe)

okay, some "stuff i want to do" crept in on the "stuff i need to do" list. but whatever.

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Friday, January 07, 2005

listening to: simon & garfunkel, kathy's song

renata's winter travel tip: drive slow when the road's covered in ice, or else you, too, could end up in the ditch on the other side of the road and have to wait for your neighbor to come by with his pickup truck & chains. ("i hope i'm not making you late for anything," i said, and he replied "oh no, my wife just saw out the window that you were stuck so i figured i'd come by and help," and these are the neighbors we never ever talk to, and this is why i've never gotten in the habit of locking things.)

sometime today we're leaving for st. louis, we're going to see rent. it amazes me how gradually and utterly i've drifted out of this fandom while still remaining entrenched. i still love the show, but i had no idea it was coming to st. louis. my mom was the one who knew it would be there and orchestrated the trip. and i have no idea who's in the current tour.

and hey, first sentence of first post of each month of 2004 thingie:

*blows party horn* yaay, just watched hedwig and rent. i'm SO amused that when sarah (the religious studies major, mind you) came into my room, asking after the 4th horseman of the apocalypse (she had war, famine, and pestilence) i said, "death!" and when she questioned me, i grabbed my copy ofgood omens. i was going to write something funny for april fool's day but then i couldn't think of anything. this story is so amusing. so you know what's cool? i would like to share with you an excerpt from a song that really means a lot to me right now: i feel like i blogged last night. dude, it's the obcr. that's right, i bought the footloose soundtrack at wal-mart. i've been playing stu allll the time now because julia and mary and amelia (and miriam!) and i are going to see stu on friday.

you know, that almost makes sense.

hmm. oh, we watched shaun of the dead last night which i very much enjoyed. i can't really believe that a movie like that actually exists. but it does, and it was great.

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

listening to: howie day, all along the watchtower (live)

why is the west wing the best show ever? "do you mind if i make a few phone calls, to make sure tennessee's still a state and stuff?"

so yes. today so far i've finished up that christmas story (shut up, january is like december, except with different letters) and then sat around in my pjs and watched tww. mmm, season 3tastic.

it's wickedcold out today, and there's snow and stuff. frowny face!

i need to write thankyou notes and send christmas cards and do laundry and i just really don't want to.

it's yesterday's "do nothing" mood still, i think.


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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

listening to: ben folds, philosophy

i've been on a big ben folds kick lately. he's so great though.

anyway um. today i went and returned some stuff to some stores. and bought some different stuff. and picked up reid from skool and went home. and then i was going to go watch garden state with trina & miriam but there had been some rain and then some freezingness since then, so the roads were ridiculously bad. and so i'm home. but i watched the west wing. in essence:

<3 cj
>:( cj's knee socks.

oh and <33 bartlet and <3 santos.

hmm... yes, i kind of want a day where i can just do nothing. at all. that should happen.

reid taped a piece of paper on my door. it has a picture of tom green with some cheese on his head on it and it says "you can't hurt me! not with me CHEESE HELMET!"

i'd be lying if i said i understood. good think the rest of my family is crazy too.

there was something i was going to say? but i don't know what. i think i'll just paste some ben folds lyrics instead!

won't you look at me, I'm crazy,
but I get the job done
yeah, I'm crazy, but I get the job done
and I say:

go ahead you can laugh all you want
but I got my philosophy
keeps my feet on the ground
and I trust it like the ground
that's why my philosophy
keeps me walking when I'm falling down

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

i got all excited because i thought i was almost done writing this story but then i went back and in the middle there's a paragraph that just says "Blah do blah" and.. it definitely needs to be a paragraph. or more. i apparently just got really tired of the story as it was and wanted to move on to the next part.

speaking of stories, there's still room for more signups at 50ways. tell your friends, cuz valentine's day is for losers. and fanfic is for cool kids.

actually maybe i have that backwards. either way, though, paul simon is pretty cool.

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listening to: ben folds five, magic

hooray i just spent my $75 amazon gift certificate in an utterly amazing fashion. 2 muppet show dvds (the harry belafonte/ linda ronstadt/john denver disc and the peter sellers/john cleese/dudley moore one), the american hi-5 cd, jill sobule's new cd underdog victorious, and paul simon's graceland.

and omg tonight reid and i watched the muppet show dvd i got for christmas (the mark hamill/paul simon/raquel welsh one) and it made me so happy. i haven't really watched the muppet show since i was small. but we used to watch these old tapes of them forever. and then they got lost or dad taped over them or something. but watching those 3 episodes tonight really crystallized 1.) how fucking funny the muppet show is and 2.) how clearly influential the muppet show has been in the development of my personality, sense of humor, and attention span.

and omg the episode with mark hamill in it is clearly the best thing in the entire world.

& i never really said but i got ltos of neat stuff for xmas (besides my covered in beeeees t-shirt). basically my amazon wishlist was respected. mm, books. and dvds. and ben folds cds. yay stuff.

(i'm not materialistic. noo. i just like stuff.)

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listening to: tmbg, i should be allowed to think

let me see. there are some things that haven't been blogged due to travel... the tsunami, for one... we were on the road to tampa when we first heard about it and every so often we'd flip on the radio to hear a new death count... i was just reading priscilla's blog about how weird it seems to blog and have life go on normally in the face of something like that. but it does. it just gives a little more perspective to things. like... yes, i'm still alive and i can still blog whiny entries about people fighting in the car. and it's not like i lose my right to be annoyed when other people die. but it's weird. you know?

also, grades. i'm fairly pleased with mine: a-s in trads2 and poli sci, a b+ in cof, and a b in history. i'll admit i was hoping for an a- in cof, but a b+ is certainly fine. and i'm way proud of my b in history. especially since i got cs on the first exam and the biggest paper of the class.

i won't lie, though, i really wish somoene besides kathy kamp would give me an a in a class. seriously, a-s are nice, but a 4.0 thrown in now and then would help my gpa a bit. not that those 3.7s or whatever aren't nice too.

but whatever man, i'm content with my grades and with what i've learned thus far in my college career. and as long as my gpa is above 2.75 (which it quite comfortably is) i keep my scholarships. so... go me.

also i'm annoyed that i have to go see son of the mask since it has alan cumming in it. he's playing loki! it looks like crap, but then i'm almost always pleasantly surprised by the seemingly crap movies he's in.

ps j.tart says he'd like to be mark in rent and all i have to say is omgyesplease.

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listening to: nirvana, lithium

hiiii i'm home. the trip back was uneventful with a slight chance of bitchiness, but basically it went as well as an 18-hour car trip can be expected to go.

it was a good trip. i will summarize with bullet points:

- previously mentioned tax-writeoff manatees
- malling (purchases: 1 pair shoes, 3 books)
- busch gardens: roller coasters, wildlife (including one incredibly lazy alligator that didn't move at all, not even blinking, during the 10 minutes we stared at him, and we thought he was a statue, but then later we walked back and he was facing the other direction), and tony's christmas show
- the florida holocaust museum, which was quite well-done, and some wandering around st. petersburg, which was, from what we saw of it, a v. nice city
- happy new year! + cranium, in which steve and i kept getting the most ridiculous things ever to have to act out ("florist," "levitate," and "the gold rush," for example)
- st. pete's beach
- hillsborough river state park, hiking & canoeing & monkey bars (i fell down on the playground monkey bars and bruised my leg and knee, and miriam and i canoed into multiple trees; hiking was fortunately uneventful)
- really freaking good pad thai
- teh drive back.

sooo yes.

and today i unpacked and sent a couple emails and played some kingdom of loathing and saw tori amos on teevee for about 30 seconds. (seriously, i'm apparently ridiculous. i was half-asleep on the couch in the living room and my mom was watching some show in the kitchen, and i heard the beginnings of tori's "smells like teen spirit" so i ran in and it was some show about nirvana and they talked to her for a tiny bit. but my mom laughed at me and went "do you have tori amos radar or something?"

yes. yes i do.)

and for the rest of the day my plans include sitting around, reading, playing more kingdom of loathing (and maybe even some sims), writing, and being lazy. i will do most of this wrapped in at least one blanket.


oh! and joel, thanks for the christmas card, eh? i still swear i'll send some eventually.

and zach, just saw your comment! thanks for the tips, we ended up going to the holocaust museum and not dali. oh well. it's funny that you mentioned the sponge docks, since i called my mom the day we were in st. petersburg and she said "oh, you're not too far from tarpon springs, you guys should go to the sponge-diving docks!" and we were all like "... sponge diving what?"


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