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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

hi all!

still in florida. yesterday we went to the manatee viewing center, which was not as cool as we thought it would be. but kind of hilarious, in that it's clearly a tax writeoff for the power plant, who was just like "heeey we have this little bay here... let's put up a little trail and stick in some manatees... it'll be great. did we mention that we cared about the environment? because we do."

aaand we went shopping. i bought the bfg for $3. which is awesome, because it's one of the few roald dahl books i didn't already own. and it was the only roald dahl book on sale. crazy.

aand we're going to busch gardens tomorrow. wait, i mean today. *blink* in like an hour. today. oh, i was going to finish that sentence with "today, and tomorrow..." but i got distracted. cleaaaarly.

anyway, TOMORROW we're going to st. petersburg and going to either the dali museum or the holocaust museum. because we know how to have fun in florida.

in conclusion... "this trip is like a threesome. the more details we work out beforehand, the more comfortable everyone will be during and after."

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hiii i'm in florida. i don't think i actually mentioned here that i was going to florida. but i'm here! with miriam, amanda, and steve. we're at tony's apartment. it's craaaazy.

it was a good trip. except amanda wouldn't let us stop at rock city OR for the 17-foot great white shark. but we did stop at the outlet mall and that was okay.

and kait i wanted to call you from the bible factory outlet store but it was like 9am and i didn't think you'd be up yet. but they had t-shirts that said "PROPERTY OF JESUS" and i wanted to buy you one but they were like $10 and i didn't really want to give them any money. but in thought, i got you a PROPERTY OF JESUS shirt.

it's warm here and i'm wearing flip flops.

the end for now!

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

ganked from my plan cuz i'm too lazy to write two separate updates:

i'ma make this quick, since i need to get up early tomorrow, but: i totally just got the coolest christmas present evaaaaar!!!1! my family decided to open presents tonight (because, as i just mentioned, we have to get up early tomorrow and go visit my grandparents) and my brother was like "open this one last, it's the best thing ever." so i said ok, and then i finally opened it, and...

it's a t-shirt, with a cup of coffee and some bees on it, and it says "i like my women like i like my coffee... COVERED IN BEES!" reid took a screenprinting class this semester and he made me this... and it looks really cool, cuz he's all artsy like that.

and it's covered in bees! aah!

life=so good. merry christmas, and to all a good night.


also, i definitely haven't gotten around to sending christmas cards to anyone. except for the people i also got and sent gifts to. but one day, one day i will send cards. and they will be cool.


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Friday, December 24, 2004

listening to: ani, out of range

oooh my god, worst idea ever. see, under my nose was all raw and chapped from all the cocaine nose-blowing, so i decided to rub some burt's bees on it. because you know.. tingly, soothing, sounded like a good plan.

but oh my god it BURNS LIKE JUSTICE*

* i realize that this is not actually the line from "short skirt long jacket." i realize it's actually fingernails that shine like justice and something that burns like cigarettes. i don't care, i like saying "burns like justice." and dammit, that's what my nose burns like.

seriously, it hurts a lot, don't do it.

also, kait, i think our little brothers should hang out. they can be geeky together and talk about how crazy their big sisters are.

my sandman paper draft approaches completion. i'm at like 9.5 pages. i think when i cross over to the 10th page i'll call it a night and then edit it tomorrow and then send it to be actually edited.

and mary said the ultra-rough draft she read was interesting, so yay! (and if anyone else wants to read this, let me know. but i won't be offended at all if no one else wants to read an 10-page academic paper about the sandman and orientalism. seriously.)

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

listening to: beatles, getting better

it's cooooold. hi.

last night we (my family + i) went to east peoria to see the festival of lights. ooh. and folepi's enchanted forest.

(me: who the hell is folepi?
mom: .. festival of lights east peoria illinois.
me: oh. well.... how's anyone supposed to figure that out? honestly.)

and we got these free candy canes but they were weird and, well..
me: these candy canes are chewy!
dad: hrrrrrngrrr! (wookie noises)
me: what?
dad: you said they were chewie!


also, reid and i watched empire strikes back (well, i only got through about half of it before getting distracted and leaving, as i do when watching movies), and like.. the first time a droid was onscreen, reid went "robot number one, flip the switch and... have some fun?" and we thought that was hilarious. so we did it. with every character. and every random thing. ever. and it was funny every time. especially "red five number one, flip the switch and turn me on."


soo yes. i'm up to page 8 (barely) of the crazy sandman paper. woo. it's been hard but exciting to write, just cuz... no one has ever written about this before, so it's not like i can go to the library and ask for all the books about sandman #50 and orientalism. i have to like, think about stuff. weird.

but i've mostly been playing a couple turns of kol, then writing a few sentences. and then hitting print preview. yep.

why is kol the best game ever?

You encounter a large, ghostly stone face in Whitey's grove. You inspect it, and find it to be a slightly-too-dark shade of pale.

A flick of the wrist, a quick incantation, and all is resolved.

You gain 5 Enchantedness.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

watching: txf

.... i definitely just saw a commercial for the fat albert movie, and from the commercial, it looks like fat albert et al somehow get sucked out of the teevee and come wander around the real world for awhile?

i can't really decide if that sounds cool or just lame.

ooh and now there's a commercial for the sw trilogy on dvd and it kinda makes me want to watch it. and it's definitely sitting like, three feet away from me.

but probably my attention span/energy level aren't really up to it right now. (i've been sleeping so much, and so soundly the last few days. man, it's been great.)

haha a cow just almost fell on mulder.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

ooh. my mom gave reid and i down comforters as early christmas presents and they're great. like, i only have two blankets on my bed (the comforter and my electric blanket). usually i need at least three. woohoo, warmth.

the level of freezingness in my house causes me to spend much of my time in a hibernation-like state. if i'm not actually asleep, i'm probably in bed reading or in bed with my laptop. cuz blankets=warm.

anyway, yesterday was the crazy random sort of party that ended up happening at my house. it was awesome to see people again. and shenanigans ensued, as they do.

mom, reid and i tried to make caramels earlier and they're too hard and they stuck to the paper. but we ate some anyway and now i feel sick. boo.

this is an interesting cb thread. hmm.

also my crazy sandman paper is coming well. i'm not even up to 5 pages yet (i need 10, and my deadline is, in practice, christmas) but i'm not too worried about finishing it. it's coming together. and it's interesting. yes.

it's coooold.

sorry, i'm apparently not really in a blogging mood.

so... the end!

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

listening to: barenaked ladies, hanukkah blessings

i forgot to mention here, i got home okay. so did trey, although i keep glancing at him out of the corner of my eye and he doesn't seem to have moved recently. not sure if he's dead or just lazy. (an update: just lazy.)

anyway. last night was exciting, miriam, trina and i watched the stepford wives. (we have this problem where we can never agree upon a good movie, so we pick something bad.)

oh, and there was a preview for lemony snicket, and i was like, "omg trina doesn't klaus look like gordo?" and trina was like "yeah, he's cute!" and miriam was like, "oh my god, he's like ten!" and trina and i both said, very defensively and in unision, "fourteen!" yeah, we're cool...

ahem. and then after the movie, the teevee went back to whatever channel it had been on, but on mute, so we were watching the cable guy with no sound because we were too lazy to fix it, and then we just started making up our own dialogue. scenes from the new cable guy went something like:

"look, i brought you some juice!"
"i hate juice!"
"but it's orange juice! you might get scurvy without it!"
"get out of my house!"
"you'll want this juice one day!"
"no i won't, get out!"

but then we got to this one scene and we were so confused we couldn't even make shit up, so we had to go turn the sound back on.

hey look a quiz!

(the table code they give you had some broken tags and stuff that was fucking up my template, so i just copy and pasted.)

Take Jung Explorer Test

Actualized type: ISFP (who you are)

ISFP - "Artist". Interested in the fine arts. Expression primarily through action or art form. The senses are keener than in other types. 8.8% of total population.

Preferred type: ISFJ (who you prefer to be)

ISFJ - "Conservator". Desires to be of service and to minister to individual needs - very loyal. 13.8% of total population.

Attraction type: ESFP (who you are attracted to)

ESFP - "Entertainer". Radiates attractive warmth and optimism. Smooth, witty, charming, clever. Fun to be with. Very generous. 8.5% of the total population.

my basic problem with these tests is that i'm so borderline between everything. like, just on this one i had two perfect 50/50 splits, and a lot of like, 51/49s. but which one it picks makes a huge difference. like, on my "who i prefer to be" i was 50/50 split between introvert and extrovert. so whenever i take these there are a bunch of possibilities for me to be. i think last time i took it i might have been infj. i'm always an "i" but at least one of the other 3 letters changes every time i take a jung test. i contain multitudes!

(also, don't esfps sound sort of universally attractlve? fun to be with and generous? radiates attractive warmth? those jerks.)

so yeah.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

i just feel the need to clarify: i'm not drunk, nor have i been at all this week... just that people are great. (i was just skimming my post and realized it sounded awfully close to "i loooove you guys... sooooo much.") so i thought i'd comment on that.

i'm just full of love. and not so much stress anymore. really.

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oh yeah, and in response to priscilla's comment (which was v. warm & squishy. aww <333): my phone at skool is (641)-269-3559, and my cell is (309)-825-2766. (it gets crap reception most of the time.)

so if anyone wants to call me, those would be the numbers to try.

you could also try 867-5309, but probably that wouldn't be the best way to get ahold of me.

really, i heart you all. and... on the whole, really, it's... just a handful of people who are... yeah.

oh my god, and i seriously just got twelve emails from nick. (he's in new zealand, and apparently the computer he was using would kick him off after about 10 minutes... so he wrote 12 separate emails in order to convey his points. the last of which was i'm glad you're so invested in the b&s.  and for what it's worth i'm proud of you. )

really. people are just great. and i'm glad that i came back from the movie to find a christmas gift from carly on my desk, so i went to go visit her and say bye and stuff, and i came back to find a card from abby on my desk.


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Friday, December 17, 2004

listening to: ben folds five, smoke

lemony snicket hooray!! i'll like... i don't know. i'll do spoiler text for most of this, i think, because even though the movie only covers the first 3 books i think in talking about it i kind of need to talk about all 11. but before i dip into the land of spoiler text i will just say that it was v.g., overall very true to the tone of the book. also, if you go see it, make sure to watch the end credits because they are so freaking cool.

(highlight for spoilers.)

okay, the beginning of this movie is the best thing ever. i liked that like, the 4 people i was with (julia, molly, christine, and mary) and i all were like, giving each other these really confused looks, and then we were liek OMG WE GET IT pretty much simultaneously, and we all started cracking up. definitely true to the tone of the book.

apparently i'm going to the special hell, cuz i found klaus kind of um cute. shut up. but i really did like klaus's character a lot more in the movie. he got sassy. in the books he's usually more like, "i'm quiet." and sunny was sassier too, almost over the top. i'm glad they did her with subtitles.

ooh, and the lemony snicket scenes were all so great. especially cuz you kept being like "where is he? what?" and then at the end he ties the book to the clock mechanism thingie.

the reptile room was so great. and omg these things are more sad when they're in movie form, somehow.

i also really just like, the look of the movie, how you're like "... when does this take place? what? and why is violet wearing fishnets on her arms?" but somehow it all works.

(okay, seriously after this are spoilers through like.. ersatz elevator at least.)

but okay, like the fire... lenses thing? that was crazy. so we were trying to figure out if the movies have continuity in the books, like if that's something that's going to happen in the books? but then why is there the tunnel to 665 dark avenue? and what's with the spyglasses? is that just a tangible symbol of vfd? aand... yeah. it was crazy how quickly they found out about vfd, but i guess if it had the same pace of buildup as in the books... it just wouldn't work as well.

okay, i think that's it. for now!

anyway. people are great. like i got this email from aron that said, in part, Hang in there.  I, too, enjoy crying in the office of Vbrown. which is just such a great, grinnellian note of comfort. like... we all go crazy, eventually.

(tonight at dinner:
molly: this morning at 6am i was just sobbing in the shower, and i was like, man, i bet it would be funny to walk into the bathroom right now.
me: aww, i'm sorry. i cried in the shower yesterday.
mary: yeah, that was me during midsems week.)

i swear we're all usually pretty happy people. but when you do go crazy, as you inevitably will... everyone understands.

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listening to: paul simon, the boy in the bubble

whew. hi. the fall 2004 semester is officially done for me! and i may or may not have written the following things on my trads2 exam:
- write your name here:: "your name here" hahaha! (followed by my name.)
- "... man, that's depressing." (as the concluding statement about the inability of characters to connect with each other in "clay" and endgame)

yeah, i was a little punchy. these things happen. but i feel like i did relatively well, especially since i spent most yesterday like, crying and being melodramatic and not actually studying.

anyway um, i'm feeling better about everything. i think i had like a lot of stuff and i was probably due for some sort of emotional breakdown anyway. plus like living in the grinnell bubble it gets easy to get a couple emails and go "OH MY GOD EVERYONE HATES ME AND I DON'T DESERVE THE FIRST AMENDMENT ANYMORE." also, i just picked up this month's gum (the gum is the grinnell underground [read: satire. it's school funded, it's not really underground] magazine, which comes out less frequently than the b&s, is in magazine form and focuses more on photoshops and stuff and less on being like, a fake newspaper, and has a long history of being offensive. not to be confused with the b&s, which is a fake newespaper. and has only been around since last year and thus has pissed off fewer people. they're "the oldest college humor magazine west of the mississippi," the s&b is the "oldest college newspaper west of the mississippi,' and we're "the newest fake paper west of the mississippi." yep.)

anyway, i got the gum, and all i'm sayin is that if anyone was offended by the speedy gonzales article they're going to be offended by this. In one of the most extensive and vocal uprisings in its turbulent 150-year history, the Grinnell student body has begun a large-scale protest against the offensive racial segregation that occurred recently at a Fifties-themed special dinner at both the Cowles and Quad dining halls. Concerned Black Students, the student group spearheading the protest, maintains that, on the day of this dinner, students of color were forced to entere the dining hall in "a line completely separate from, and clearly more inconveniently located than, the line which white students were allowed to use."

and like, i understand that it's a joke, and frankly i think it's funny (because really, isn't it weird how everyone thinks the 50s is a cute theme for something to have? like maybe if you're an upper-middle-class white guy, sure.) but i'm just saying, if you're going to comment on us referencing a cartoon character, maybe you should comment on this. (especially if you're going to somehow compare me running the speedy gonzales article to plessy v. ferguson. YES I'M TALKING TO YOU CRAZY LADY PROFESSOR.) and maybe the holocaust joke. and.. well, anyway.

or maybe everyone could just friggen get a sense of humor and go do something productive. oh what, did i type that out loud? what?

(sorry. i don't know. i do think it's important to talk about the line between offensive/funny. and i do think that stereotypes are bad. but i just feel like humor is a good way to DEAL with stereotypes. also have i mentioned that i think people should get a sense of humor?)

ahem anyway. i might take a nap and start packing for to leave tomorrow.


yes. (also, if anyone is confused about the whole speedy gonzales thing, because i know when talking about it here i've mostly been like "I'M SO STRESSED I WILL BE INCOHERENT AND USE CAPSLOCK AND STUFF," and actually wants to know more, let me know and i can try to explain the situation. otherwise, um, just know that i was upset about it, but am now feeling better about the situation. and things.)

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

listening to: paul simon, the boy in the bubble

yeah i think paul simon and all the amazing people in my life and i are all gonna get through this week okay.

it occurs to me that i have sent no holiday cards thus far this year. except to my professors. maybe one day i'll do that. email me your address if you want one.

anyway um. i'm feeling better about stuff. thanks to everyone who's been awesome. you know who you are.

i think... i just don't like it when people are upset at me. for whatever reason.

i should go study for that one class i'm taking. with the books in it. and stuff.


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okay. hi. soo after breaking down in tears in vbrown's office following an innocent comment on her part (i'd been keeping her informed and asking her opinion along the way) i'm actually feeling better. she hugged me and gave me a kleenex ("these get a lot of use during finals week") and explained that the professor who said that "this is not about freedom of speech but rather an abuse of a mechanism of democracy which should not be permitted and which goes against the spirit of the College's mission." (direct quote) was basically crazy and does this to people at the drop of a hat. (this isn't the one who's been emailing back and forth with me-- he's been basically respectful and it's been an interesting if stressful exchange).

anyway... so yeah, she doesn' think it's going to be a big thing, and i felt like a big dork just like.. breaking down like that, but i really feel like she understands both that... this is stressful, and that it's not something i intended to happen, and that i am trying to learn from this while still like... not being ridiculous (see how i said "both" and then said like five things? it's cuz i'm an english major).

anyway. thanks to everyone who's been supportive, both via intarweb and real life... i really... it's just been stressful. but knowing that other people think it's not-offensive, and furthermore that all you guys would still be my awesome friends even if it were something that was actually, like... i don't even know. anyway, you're all great.

i'm going to go watch west wing. and maybe cry some more, just because it's that kind of day.

oh, but i did turn in my history paper (hence me being in vbrown's office to fucking break down at her...) .. all i have left is trads. yaay.

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this sucks. i'm sorry. i just spent an hour on the phone with my mom, most of it in tears.

i'm just tired and stressed and i don't want to have to deal with planning a panel discussion on offensive humor for the campus community.

it's just a stupid joke.

like at least hopefully some sort of good discussion will come out of it. but it just. why does it have to be this huge thing? argh.

i'm really ready to go home.

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aw man. turns out getting hit in the shins with a golf club hurts a lot. like every time i move my leg. and i move my leg a lot because i'm kinda fidgety.

life's so hard!

and by hard, i mean ridiculous and still basically awesome. because really. my leg might hurt... but it's because of a freak pinata accident. how cool is that?

... plus lemony snicket on friday!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

oh man. so molly made this amazing squid pinata for tim's birthday, and tonight (randomly, since his birthday was like.. 3 weeks ago) we went and hit it. and they had rigged this elaborate contraption up in the loggia, with twisted yarn and a hanger and such. and tim had found this random golf club to hit it with, so we're happily smacking away at this squid.

and then the hanger breaks, so we decide to start like... squid golfing. only tim hit it too hard, or it was just a crappy golf club, (or both), and the club snapped in half and part of it flew off and hit me in the shins.

it kind of hurt. but now i'm holding a little bag of carrots over my bizarre-looking wound and it's ok.

but we had this great conversation about how, if it left a scar i'd have a hilarious story to tell. especially if i embellished and/or ended up losing my leg and needing a pegleg. (tim: "you could use part of the golf club for your pegleg!")

so the final version of the story is something like, "renata, how did you get that strange-looking pegleg?" "well, you see, my friend tim had these anger management problems, and he was just beating this squid. and i said, 'tim, stop hitting the squid, that's mean!' but he was CRAZY and then he hit me, too! and then he fled the country, evading justice and leaving me with nothing more than half a golf club. also, there was a shark."

so, just a headsup, in case next time you see me i have a pegleg.

probably i won't, though.

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listening to: paul simon, the boy in the bubble

for some reason this is ridiculously funny.

Renata is a Giant Lizard that Stomps Around a Lot, spins Vast Webs, cowers from Radiation, is Radioactive, and has a Massively Swollen Skull.

man, it sucks for me, eh? i cower from myself! but i spin vast webs, and that's hella cool. oh, but that's when i have a random space at the end of my name. just my name isn't as cool.

let's try... renata of doom vs. kait of doom!

haha, Kait of Doom is a Giant Squid that swallows Aeroplanes Whole, carries a Samurai Sword, has a Long Neck, and rides around in a Metal Tripod.

OMG molly made a squid pinata and we get to hit it tonight. it's gonna rule.


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you know what's better than studying??

it's memes!

1) Sally forth to Fanfiction.net. Gird thy loins. Plunge in.

2) Choose a book, movie, show, etc. you have never heard of (or, in a pinch, at least one you know nothing about aside from the name) that has at least ten fics listed.

3) Read only the first page of story summaries.

4) Using what you have learned from these summaries, describe what this book/movie/whatever is about. Be as silly as you like, but ONLY use whatever you just learned...

(note: kait, the person i took this from did jonny quest [how has someone never heard of jonny quest? what? but anyway...] i have a feeling you'd find it amusing.)

meanwhile, i have chosen my life as a teenage robot.

it is a cartoon, since it is listed under cartoons.

there are characters named jenny and drew. they live on earth. sometimes they need to escape from someone or something called cluster prime. oh, cluster prime is acually a place. a bad place. jenny is a robot. there's a guy named brad. sometimes jenny apparently likes brad. these robot (?) teenagers go to the improbably named treemorton high, where they have a teacher named mrs. wakerman. or possibly mrs. wakeman. either way, somebody's spelling it wrong in their story. queen vexus is evil and might also be a robot. or else she's evil and there's another queen who is a robot. also there are guys named shelodon and sam and sometimes they get paired with jenny. apparently she is the only girl in this cartoon (except the evil queen and the teacher). and she's a robot.

that's weird, man.

(now i'm actually reading about this cartoon. apparently mrs. wakeman is jenny's mom/creator. like i said: weird, man.)

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listening to: paul simon, the boy in the bubble

man, i've been listening to this song on repeat for... a long time.

These are the days of miracle and wonder
This is the long distance call
The way the camera follows us in slo-mo
The way we look to us all
The way we look to a distant constellation
That's dying in a corner of the sky
These are the days of miracle and wonder
And don't cry baby, don't cry

so much goodness. man. i should be studying for trads2 but it's a little hard to work up the motivation.

mary, talia, anyone else who tried to leave a link (or possibly a <3 or something) in a comment, blockback doesn't like html, so i can't read your comment (mary) or see your link (talia.) could you try again? danke!

in other news, apparently the dean of admissions found the b&s very funny and laughed out loud several times while reading it. hooray!

and i believe these are days
of lasers in the jungle
lasers in the jungle somewhere

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listening to: paul simon, you can call me al

omg kait's comment wins. (speaking of... kait... kait, i don't think i ever posted this but that awesome mix cd you made for me like 12340983245 years ago was in with the cds that got stolen from my car! and it's like the thing that makes me angriest cuz it was an awesome cd and i never actually ripped it onto my computer and it's sad. and this song always reminds me of that cd. because, it was on that cd. yes.)

i also like that blogback ate your link but i know it was to the MAGIC BULLET anyway. also that's totally awesome that i left out y. i have a feeling that like, i did x, and then got really excited when i realized i could do "zombie" for z and then wrote that instead of doing y. it just seems like something i'd do. also i'm going to go write you an email right now so if you don't have an email by like, tomorrow sometime, it means i forgot to click send (because i do this sadly often) and you should remind me! but hopefully this won't be a problem, since i've remembered that i forget.

also, zach wins for knowing bitch and animal, even if i didn't notice the other comment until after i posted the answer. hurrah zach!

okay. i'm feeling much better now, cuz of kait's comment and cuz i got to a good place in my paper and cuz of good music and cuz of roommate!hugs and... cuz. but you should all still go leave happy comments to my last post and i'll save them in a word file somewhere and keep them for ever and always. or at least until microsoft word becomes obsolete, which is probably about the same amount of time. seriously, do it. a bizarre inside joke, something that happened on seinfeld that one time, a haiku about weasels... whatever floats your boat.

thanks kids. <33

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

listening to: stu, eclipse

hey guys? if you could all do me a favor, i'd really appreciate it. here's what i want: all of you (yes, you) to leave me a comment with something that you think will make me smile. a joke, a link, something that's beautiful in the world... the word frozen (ahaha, frozen).

i'd be happy to reciprocate.

thanks in advance.

*moodily listens to bright apocalypse*

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listening to: joni mitchell, chelsea morning

hi. poli sci final: done! i think i did ok, although i never know like.. how he's going to grade stuff. or whatever. or like... when he asks a question like, "what is a filibuster and why did i predict they would continue to exist?" and i answer like, "a filibuster is [blah blah] and i don't know why you predicted their continued existence, but i think [blah blah]..." not really sure how he'll take that. but whatever. it's done.

i... am no longer going to keep updating you on the whole speedy gonzales thing. unless someone's particularly interested.

i like hot chocolate!

i'm kind of ready to be done with stuff, really. that would be nice.

but i guess the best way to be done with stuff is to go do the stuff.

so maybe i'll do that.

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interesting dimension of the speedy gonzales offensiveness thing... so i was talking to vbrown about it, and she pointed out that the "speedy gonzales will be a positive role model to mexican americans" line could definitely be offensive. and i said, "oh, but that's like... what some latino advocacy groups actually say about speedy, because they disagree with other groups who think he's a racist stereotype character," and i sent her a link about the whole speedy getting pulled from cartoon network thing.

and she said, oh, that was interesting and made sense. but like, if vbrown, who teaches immigration history and is basically a supergenius, was unaware of this, apparently it's a lot more obscure than i had thought. cuz to me, like, hey, ooobviously everyone knows about a few year old minor controversy involving one of the lesser-known looney tunes, right? ... no. (as i said to vbrown... lesson learned: not everyone is a member of the comic book legal defense fund.)

but what's ironic here is that because i'm INFORMED about this topic of controversy to the latino community, it never occured to me that other people WOULDN'T be. and since clearly many people are not, i get called ethnically ignorant.

i sent the professor another email explaining that it's actually a joke about the controversial nature of speedy himself. and not about how there aren't any mexican american role models or whatever the fuck he thought it was supposed to be about. he still hasn't replied to my first email though. so. whatever.

does anyone else see irony here? please tell me you see irony here.

i also like that i still have yet to hear from like, a latino person about this. all i got was this professor (who helpfully cc-ed the latino student organizaton letting them know that they should be offended).

anyway. hopefully this won't turn out to be a big deal or anything... it just annoys me that this guy is going to be one of two professors from grinnell with me in london. so i sort of have a lot of incentive to work this out with him. but at the same time... i really don't feel like i've done anything wrong. except apparently write an article with some obtuse and unfunny jokes in it. aah whatever, i'm tired so.. the end. (oh, but after i publish this i'll go fix the song lyrics meme post, in case anyone is burningly curious.)

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Monday, December 13, 2004

listening to: third eye blind, thanks a lot

so uh, studying, eh? *shrug* i finished doing all the review questions for poli sci, and i think i'll re-read (or at least re-skim) the chapters again, but i have all night and all tomorrow morning since the final's not until.. 1 or 2? whenever afternoon finals are. i think 2. but i'll, um, check.

in other news, the b&s (read: i) is (am) culturally insensitive and use hurtful ethnic humor. about cartoon mice. but my favorite part of the email i received informing me of this (from a professor who i'll leave unnamed), was this: My guess is that editors, who usually are white and thus have rarely or never been the target of ethnic slurs and innuendoes themselves, don't have much sensitivity about how hurtful such images can feel to members of the group being attacked.

so it's okay for you assume that i'm white and insensitive, but if i print jokes about fucking cartoon mice i'm making hurtful ethnic jokes?

sigh. (by the way, professor in question? definitely a white dude.)

i wrote back a lengthy explanation/sorta apology-- i apologized for the fact that he was offended, and stated that it certainly wasn't my intention, but i never apologized for it being ethnic humor. because it's not. it's cartoon mouse humor. i'd have written the same article if there were a cartoon character called speedy ashcroft. but there's not.

i also liked this part of his email: nobody needs the added burden at this time of the semester of dealing with other people's ignorance about racial matters. because this is exactly what i need at this time of the semester?

aaand what's great is that he's one of two grinell profs who will be going to london next fall. aand now he thinks i'm racist. whatever. i feel like my reply was pretty respectful and apologetic, while still being like "it's satire! about a cartoon mouse! and why are you making these assumptions about me? what?"

(i agree with dylan's summation of the situation: "i think the moral of this story is if you want to mention race, religion, etc you have to put it on page 4." cuz yeah, this was on the front page... silly me.)

um... stuff.

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listening to: bnl, the old apartment

i have no finals today. which means i'm still in my pajamas and i just ate some easy mac for brunch. mmm. i've been going over my poli sci notes and doing my review questions. and basically being like, um, this is lame. (i just tried to calculate my current grade but then i realized that since everything's in percentages instead of points i'd have to do some like fancy algebra and i don't really care that much. it's pretty good, anyway. good thing it's not a math class, eh?)

an update on the song meme. it's kind of ridiculous the number of tori songs that ended up on there. fortunately it looks like less tori than it actually is, since a bunch of them were actually cover songs. which is weird too. but seriously, like, 1/3 of those were either tori songs or tori covering someone. and granted, i do have a lot of tori mp3s. (about 400). but i have... 2743 mp3s total. (7 days, 32 minutes, 50 seconds.) and i know math's not my thing, but... 400 is not one third of 2743. *nods decisively* but then it also did TWO josie and the pussycats songs within like ten shuffles, so... whatever, itunes shuffle.

anyway, i'll probably post the answers later tonight, since i imagine probably everything that was going to be gotten, has been gotten. (maybe i'm wrong, though!)

so, you know, stuff. good luck with your finals, those of you in collegeland! (or highschoolland!) and good luck... with... life... those of you not.

*runs off*

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listening to: foo fighers, walking after you

*waves* hi! i had delicious pancakes this evening. and now i'm working on my delicious paper. it's not even due until thursday. but i'm writing it at this ridiculous "write one sentence, get distracted by the internet for 5 minutes" sort of pace, so it's good that i've got a headstart. and i really need to go over it a lot. just to keep vbrown from thinking i'm retarded. because this is, as you know, a great concern of mine.

an interesting tidbit noted in a random plan... princeton review ranks grinnell a 99 in academic difficulty. (99 is the highest, it doesn't go up to 100 for some reason.) harvard's a 94. and, obviously, these numbers are probably totally arbitrary and whatever. but it kind of makes you feel good when you're sitting there going "oh, my god, why am i stupid?" because yeah, take that, harvard.

we also have a fire safety rating of 92.

in other news, ooh my god i friggen hate boo so much. you probably forgot about boo, since i stopped going to campus dems meetings and stopped talking about him. but theeen he wrote a letter to the editor talking about how scipe is both useless and pointless, yet also managed to single-handedly swing the election in favor of danny carroll (our incumbent republican state representative). and now there's been a super lame plan war and... dammit, boo.

uh... the end.

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

omg a meme. (finals week what? procrastinating? i.. who are you talking to?)

Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play!
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 25 songs that play!
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from!
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly! P.S: no cheating and pasting the lyrics into a search engine

when someone gets one, i'll edit the post and strike it out. aaand go.

(i un-struck the ones people got, but i left the ones that no one guessed in bold. just because.)

1. your hair sticks up, your shoes are untied, i hope that you got that shirt at half-price - josie and the pussycats - pretend to be nice (priscilla)
2. can't you just see the sunshine? can't you just feel the moonshine? - james taylor - carolina in my mind (except this was actually a tori amos cover)
3. and then it sucks, he said, suck that! so go look all around, you can try your luck, brother - the clash - jimmy jazz
4. so what's wrong with making mealtime a joyous occasion? yagbcm - suppertime (kait)
5. nobody can make a doughnut do the things you do- believe me, baby, believe me, i've tried brak/spaceghost - mashed potatoes (kait)
6. caught a lightweight lightningseed - tori - caught a lite sneeze (talia, priscilla)
7. i was lying in a burned out basement with a full moon in my eyes - neil young, after the gold rush (except actually a tori cover)
8. "it's not you," she says, "it's just that life's so hard" - ttb, come to your senses (priscilla- well, you got the title wrong technically, but whatever. plus i know kait would have known if if you hadn't posted, so.. it got crossed off.)
9. she's not a girl who misses much - beatles, happiness is a warm gun (talia, priscilla. ps, talia, good job covering the tori factor but that line's not actually in her version.)
10. don't leave me with scars no one else can heal - aqua - be a man
11. i've been to hollywood, i've been to redwood - neil young (except actually mine was tori's version but it's not like you can tell from just the lyric)- heart of gold (kaait)
12. banging around the world with, wish you could be friends with, dujour dujour - dujour around the world (priscilla, julia [in non-comment form])
13. when i said i wanted it all-- doesn't every woman want it all? - tori amos, ruby through the looking glass
14. let's cut to the chase, you couple of geeks, and get to the family tree! mst3k, godzilla genealogy bop (kait)
15. a, b, c, d, can i bring my friend to tea? - beatles, all together now (talia, priscilla)
16. as he flies through every moment that he fears, he rises from a sky of make-believe and reappears - scott chasolen, back again (kait)
17. sometimes it's like somebody took a knife baby edgy and dull and carved a six-inch valley through the middle of my soul - bruce springsteen - i'm on fire (kait. okay, actually all she gave me was that it was something by bruce springsteen, but i basically figure that if you, priscilla, and talia couldn't get it, that's as close as i'm getting. partial credit also to priscilla for her answer of " I know it's Tori, but I can't place it" because um, it was tori's cover.)
18. like a good book, i can't put this day back - tori - a sorta fairytale (talia)
19. the mirror on the wall says you're the fairest one of all-- one day won't be so kind - jill sobule - someone's gonna break your heart
20. i'm gonna slip into the field like han solo - soul coughing - rolling
21. my dick, it's like chick bait, one bite and they're hooked - bitch and animal - best cock on the block
22. i followed your perfume out away from all the rabble, right up to your room for a drink and travel scrabble - bnl - conventioneers (kait)
23. your lips and my heart, let's go - melissa ferrick - sky above
24. and the man with the golden gun thinks he knows so much - tori - cornflake girl (talia, priscilla)
25. just give up and admit you're an asshole, you would be in some good company - ani - as is (zach)

(ps, i think kait should know like half of these. maybe not.)

not sure how many of these people will get. but um, let's try anyway!

(gold stars to everyone who knew some of these!! ***

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

oh, my god, we just saw this grinnell alum standup comedian and he was so, so funny. i just want to try to reproduce one of my favorite bits...

so iraq might have had a nuclear weapons program... so what? those are passe, everybody's got a nuclear weapons program. what they should start is a giant robot program! the weapons inspectors would come in and go "giant arms, everywhere!" and the scientists would be like "ooh, no, it's nothing, just don't touch the head, it's got lasers." and then it would start this world giant robot race, and the us would win and build the biggest fucking robot ever, and then go "that's it, no more robots. nobody else gets robots." and everyone else would be like "aww no! we were so close, we just needed like, a right hand! and you guys have got optimus prime! we can see him!" and then you'd hear like "china just sold a giant index fiinger to pakistan! bastards!"

and yeah. it was great. and i love that his advice to grinnellians on adjusting to the real world was, well, get used to the grinnell/cornell confusion. that never goes away. i introduce yourself to people and, 90% of the time, they go "oh, cornell! you must be very smart!" and i say, "well, i am, but i went to grinnell, it's a liberal arts school. and they go, "oooh. is that accredited?" um, also, eat a lot of big cookies. because you'll get back into the real world, and all we have are regular human-size cookies.

(big cookies are a forum staple. they are delicious. and big.)

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listening to: tmbg, cyclops rock

dear they might be giants,

i love you. but why don't you make sense ever?

your (non-racist) friend,


whoa, i was just looking at away messages, and i thought i looked at amanda's and it said "out with harttimo" and i was like "why is amanda with tim?! and how does she know to call him harttimo?!" and then i realized i was actually looking at molly's away message... which made much more sense.

haha, i'm writing my book review for history and i'm all pleased with my biting academic wit: Michael Walzer’s What It Means to Be an American makes interesting points regarding the American experience, pluralism, and nationalism. Unfortunately, he never actually reveals what it means to be an American, nor does this seem to have been his purpose.


(i'm a narr.)

sigh. pretty soon we're going to go watch some standup comedian and then play mare nostrum. it'll be our last mare nostrum for quite some time... most of my friends are going abroad next semester and then i'm going abroad in the fall and that means i won't see them until 2006. and that's sad. frowny face!

i think i'm going to go brush my teeth now because i have a weird taste in my mouth and it's, um, weird.

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more about last night:

so molly, tim, and mary met us at our room so we could go find a lounge and play pretty pretty princesses and watch the librarian. we sort of messed around in our room for awhile, and then headed down to the loggia. the first couple lounges we tried had people in them, and then we stopped by loose to get pretty pretty princesses out of the games cabinet. at this point, i went "... where's christine?!" and it was pointed out to me that she had decided to not actually come with us and had been in the room the whole time.

anyway, alll the south campus and east campus lounges were full, so we ended up on (gasp) north campus. and we're walking up to dibble, the first north campus dorm we'd gotten to-- and the door opens, and christine walks out and says, "hey guys, the lounge here is open." and we're all like "!!" so, christine is our deus ex machina.

also, i colored holiday cards for all my professors (except for klarner) and they're so geeky. like, the one for professor simpson has a christmas tree with a gift and a big spool under it. the gift box says "3" on it and the spool says "5." (haha, it's a beckett joke. "box three, spool five" is from krapp's last tape which we just read...)

and then the one for vbrown has a snowman with some question marks above his head, and he's saying "but what does it mean to be a snowman?? (because, we read what does it mean to be an american?) oh maaan feel the geekiness.

hahaha the end.

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OMG we just watched the librarian: the quest for the spear per kait's recommendation... oh my god, it was the best thing ever. seriously. i might watch it again on sunday.

so all of you out there.... go watch the librarian. worst best movie ever.


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Friday, December 10, 2004

book meme! ganked from kait.

copy & paste, and delate the ones whose books you don't own at least one of. add more until you get to 10. (line break = my additions.)

J.K. Rowling
Neil Gaiman
Terry Pratchett
Chuck Palahniuk
J. D. Salinger
Bill Bryson
Tom Stoppard
Kurt Vonnegut

Roald Dahl
David Sedaris

aaand another quiz, also ganked from kait.

Open Eyes
One on One
Green Grass
Take the Quiz and build your portrait!

apparently i'm freaky looking.

and, what the hell, a tree astrology thingummie from priscilla's friend.

Fig Tree (Sensibility) -- very strong minded, a bit self-willed, honest, loyal, independent, hates contradiction or arguments, hard worker when wants to be, loves life and friends, enjoys children and animals, few sexual relationships, great sense of humor, has artistic talent and great intelligence.

enough memes/quizzes. con brio sang carmen sandiego! twice! it was the best evaaar!

let me see. what must i do?

- study for poli sci (not tooo concerned, i figure if i do all the discussion questions, read my notes, and skim through the readings again i should be good. final is tuesday afternoon.)
- write history book review (5 pages, should be tricky but manageable. OH WALZER YOU TOOL.)
- study for trads2 (again, not too concerned, plus the final's not until friday morning.)

really, it's totally not bad, i just need to sit down and like... DO IT. raaaaaaar.

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listening to: what's her face, i think i have a chance with this guy

oh jeeze. that firstyear b&s girl who doesn't like me sent this email to dylan with the subject line "renata hates me" and it's this angsty thing about how i don't liiike her and it's so mean that i don't print her articles. there are many funny things about this.

1. she's looking to dylan for sympathy about me? i mean, i don't think any of you guys know dylan, but like... he's... very blunt. and like the first thing he was going to do wasn't forward this to me with a note about how hilarious it was?

2. i, in fact, tried to run one of her articles last issue because it was moderately funny and i felt bad for her (which, yes, i realize is a bad reason for running an article), and dylan put his foot down and said, "no, it sucks, seriously, give me an hour and i'll go write something better you can run instead." and he did.

3. (i got distracted by my email.) anyway, it's funny. but i do feel bad that she thinks i hate her. whatever though, i mean, i really don't know where she'd get this besides the fact that i've rejected her NOT FUNNY articles. actually, i guess that's what's ironic as well-- i tried not to come out and say YOU AREN'T FUNNY so i said stuff like "well, we got a lot of really good stuff this issue, blah blah blah" and she must have taken that as "my article was good too and she just hates me" instead of "she's trying to nicely tell me that i'm not funny."

eh, so it goes.

one more class of the semester. eep!

the guys across the hall from me are playing & singing "say it ain't so" and i bet it would be a lot funnier if i were drunk. but it's pretty funny as is. oh man, they just got to the "heeey the water slips away from me every day" part (or however it goes. c'mon, you know the part i mean. yes you do.) they're both actually pretty good guitar players and okay singers, usually. but this, this is just not their song.

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

listening to: urinetown, run freedom run!

this song is so great. aww. urinetown is such a good musical. in that totally insane sort of way.

aaanyway. i finally turned in my double major declaration form. it's taken me like, 4 tries. (first, i forgot to have vbrown sign it. like, i met with her, we talked about it, she said it looked good,a nd then we started talking about something else and she never actually signed it. and then i tried to turn it in again, and i had forgotten to have the head of the department sign it. and then i did that, and she was like, "your adviser needs to sign it." and i was like "she did! right here! where it says, 'your adviser must sign here'!" and she looked dubious but it was there. and then she was like, "also, you need to make a copy." and then i had to go make a copy and give her both. aaah.)

but now it's done.

i've had "i should be allowed to think" by they might be giants stuck in my head alll day and it's crazy.

i saw the best minds of my generation
destroyed by madness, starving, hysterical
i should be allowed to glue my poster
i should be allowed to think

what's great about this song, is that once it's in your head... you can't think. you just go crazy. *cries* i should be allowed to think too.

the b&s comes out tomorrow, which i'm excited about. we totally pulled off this issue in like a little over a week. and it's good, too. (if i say so myself.) being in london will be great, but i'm totally going to miss doing the b&s. (despite the bitchiness, stupidity, and stress involved with it from time to time...) like, and i'm sure i'm not even as attached to it as nick 'n aron, since they started it and all. but still, you know, a lot of time poured into that thing. but i'm also excited that carly wants to do it when i'm gone, cuz she's awesome and i know that... that means there will still be a b&s.

.... but that's next year. today, today i should go study. so that i can go to a study break. in 20 minutes.

aw man.

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listening to: stuu, only changing drugs (live)

haha this is off julia's computer. I'M LIKE CANCER BUT I DON'T KILL YOU.

anyway um things i need to do:

- get paaaula smith to sign my add/drop forms
- drop those off, along with my declaration of second major form
- london application
- absolutely final story edits (shouldn't take too much time)
- history book review (5 pages, due.. .sometime? ah, thursday)
- study for poli sci (tuesday afternoon)
- study for trads2 (friday morning)
- saaaandman paper yay

it's really not so much? which... scares me a little. OTHER SHOE WHERE ARE YOU? (we've got some work to do now.)

i think writing the book review will be tough. because a.) it's for vbrown and b.) omg walzer what crack are you on?

a random amusing quote because it's been in my plan all day and it makes me laugh a lot still:

jake: renata, do you know what movie "lafonda"? is from? i saw it on a sign and i thought it was funny, but now i don't know why.
me: ah, i believe you're thinking of the great wordsworth poem, "to lafonda."
jake (excited): is there such a poem?!

(btw, we were later informed that it's from napoleon dynamite. so no need to tell me again. i think the best part of this story is his reaction. "is there such a poem?!" man, jake's great. awww man and i don't get to see him for all of 2005. or like, half of my friends. damn you, studying abroad! *shakes fist*)

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

listening to: tori, take to the sky (live)

hee. history is even better when we're all angry at the reading.

(before class)
me: so um... is he arguing that ethnic diversity reduces voter turnout?
eli: yeah. well, actually, it's tolerance. tolerance reduces voter turnout.
me: obviously. i mean did you see his persuasive references to rosseau?
eli: and how he never actually defined what plurality meant in his context?

okay, i just realized that like... no one else ever is going to enjoy reading that conversation. but i assure you it's a very biting commentary! (i'm ridiculous, i know.)

also, i so got a 91 on my history exam. yaaay vbrown doesn't think i'm retarded!

wow, i just re-read that conversation and realized that like... i wrote it as an amusing quote, but it definitely probably just looks stupid and pretentious to anyone who's not in the class. my grinnellification must be nearing completion.

eww i just got distacted by something and totally drooled on myself.

i need to remember this moment whenever i start being a pretentious liberal arts student.

aaaah okay i go do work now.

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listening to: tori, sister janet

i've been SO stuck on this song the last few days and i don't know why.

anyway, yay, i got my add course form signed! i did indeed randomly stop by professor cunningham's office, and i was sort of peering at his door to see if he had a schedule posted, and there was a note on his whiteboard that said "11 @ the forum" (this was just before noon) and christine was like, "leave him a message!" and i was like "that says... what?" and she was like "um.. 'be in your office'?" and then this guy comes up the hall and says, "are you looking for me?" and i said "if you're professor cunningham.. then yes." and he was and he signed it and he seems like a nice guy. you know, in the whole 30 seconds i talked to him.

so yay.

and i'm tired. i just want to sleepsleepsleep.

but i should go look over my history readings again, right now my mind is sort of like "... i'm tired... but... what? you think ethnic plurality decreases voter turnout? what? and why do you keep talking about horace kallen? and what is your fixation with pornography?" yeah, that's what i think of you, michael walzer.

oh, also, i apparently got a 96 on my poli sci paper that didn't make sense, plus a note saying i had good critical thinking skills. this despite him pointing out places later on in the paper where like.. i clearly did not display any critical thinking whatsoever, cuz i was just making stuff up.

um... and i have an 8am lab on tuesdays next semester. boo >_< (christine gave me no sympathy here. i think her exact words were, "ooh, i'm renata, i'm taking fake science!" this is true. but i want my fake science in the afternoon, dammit. or at least at like 9. i could deal with that.)

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ooooh nooo the nutrigrain bars are gone!!

this is a travesty!

because... i'm hungry. (our room is so full of food. but all i want is a nutrigrain bar. *cries* i'll stop at the forum before class.)

hmm, i just checked the class lists for african-american lit... right now there are 6 people in it. i'm assuming a few more will add it, but... crazy. this means i'll actually have to "be prepared."

argh. and i need to get my add class form signed for physics in the arts, and he was like, "just drop it off anytime and i'll sign it" and i was like "but.. i need it back so paula smith can sign it... when will you actually BE IN YOUR OFFICE?" and he was like "i will ignore your emails." (he didn't actually say that, that was a dramatic reenactment.) maybe i'll just start showing up at his office at random times. he's bound to be there eventually.

anyway i had this brilliant plan wherein i'd get up early and do my reading for history so i didn't have to do it all over lunch. and then this morning i had a brilliant plan, v 2.0, wherein i hit the snooze button six times and then got up and blogged. (this is actually brilliant plan v 2.1, since 2.0 also involved me eating a nutrigrain bar while i was doing this.)

... hooobgoblins, hooobgoblins, what do you do with those hooobgoblins?

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wah i'm tired and i started coughing a lot as soon as i tried to go to bed. and now i'm hungry. and my finger is bleeding.

and i have this weird blend of "brilliant mistake" by elvis costello and the "hobgoblins" song from mst3k stuck in my head.

cleaaarly life=so hard.

at least i have creepy baby jesus to get me through the hard times. heh, that made me think of strong bad. "and this little weirdo would be a modestly hot girl to get me through the hard times..."

ok i'ma take some fake nyquil and try this "sleeping" thing over again.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

listening to: stuuu, flower of a zero

we have the best quad dinners evaaar.

random amusing quotes: (note: i just tried to do "random" as a tag. like, < random > amusing quotes and then i went to close it and was like... waaaait.)

"... so why are pregnant women taking diet pills anyway?"
"you gain weight when you're pregnant!"
"but it's a BABY!"
"oh man, i wish i could lose this... seven pounds... RIGHT NOW!"
"that's the best.. and worst... advertisement for abortion ever! lose seven pounds today! ... don't tell anyone i said that."


"what's the point of pretty pretty princessess?"
"to get all the jewelry of the same color. but NOT the black ring. because black people are ugly. it's the moral of the game."

"we [tim and alex] can't play pretty pretty princesses anyway!"
"anyone can play pretty pretty princessess, male or female! as long as they're white."

*gets distracted for half an hour*

so uh... yeah.

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i stole it from professor simpson's plan, who said of it, "This goes so far beyond good taste as to careen right past offensiveness into sheer hilarity. In my opinion."

and it's true.

omg jesus.

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Monday, December 06, 2004

because it's been awhile since i posted a random kol adventure:

In the Dungeon of Doom, you find a sink. Because it seems like a good idea at the time, you kick it.

A voice booms out "The dishwasher has returned..." and a very ampersandy Incubus walks into the room.

"Hey there, pretty lady," he says... "Wanna help me work up some suds?"

Long story short, you have a magical evening. Short story long? Anything by Dickens.

You gain 11 Magicalness.

i'm working on my poli sci paper... it's only 3 pages, and i'm done with it (i know, 3 page papers are lame). but i'm not sure if it makes sense or not... la.


this moment of random capslock brought to you by mary, stuart davis, and the letter sleep depriviation.

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hi i'm tired but i went to a cool talk about immigrant rights and civil rights and... stuff.

a thought or two: yesterday julia asked me, in exasperation (after i explained to her that she had to go to blogspot if she wanted to read recent boron) why i didn't just use livejournal. and i said, half-jokingly, that then it would be harder for me to talk about people behind their backs.

but really. why am i still using blogger after everyone and their mother has jumped ship to livejournal? (i exaggerate: courage, priscilla, megan, megan, talia, joel, devon, et al. bloggers unite!) i like the format. i like being able to have much more control in my designs. and to me, one of the things i like least about livejournal is something that others like most about it, and that's the "community" aspect. i don't want to have 200 people on my flist and i don't want to be on 200 flists. it does not offend me in the slightest if you choose not to read my blog. but, i suppose, if you're going to read it, i want you to want to read it. and if that means you have to bookmark a separate page and check it on your own, that's what you have to do. i don't mean this to sound as like... snobbish? as it could maybe be interpreted. *shrug*

but there you go.

also, katie: i think stu's email address is stu at stuartdavis dot com (this isn't like, secret information, it's on the website somewhere) oh, here's an email form thingie from his website. other than that, that's all i got.

also also: priscilla, i'm so glad that you were actually able to come up with another zombie musical. a zombie musical, i suppose, since technically moving out isn't actually a zombie musical. technically. in that it doesn't have any zombies in it. you know.

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*frowl* oh good, i'm getting sicker. because that's exactly what i need, isn't it?

buut at least the ftp is working again. yay!

(by the way, for those of you who only read my blog and not my lj-- and there's generally no reason why you should read my lj-- i haven't been able to publish here all weekend, so if you want to read about this weekend there actually are entries if you scroll down. if you don't want to read about this weekend, then definitely do not scroll down. ever.)

also, just so you know-- if boron's ever actually down, you can check my livejournal and/or the blogspot version of boron (which i only use when frowl is down).

like i said... just so you know.

i'm going to go be cranky some more until my cold medicine kicks in and then go to class.

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i would just like to say that this probably the best thing the b&s has ever produced. even moreso than the hamburglar thing, although that was gold.

the look on his face? so priceless.

i'm teh tired and poli sci doesn't make aaany sense. but at least i got my schedule fixed for next semester.

i swear i'm never going to hear the end of this from nathaniel, but i'm taking physics in the arts.

yes, physics in the arts.

BUT THEN I'M DONE WITH SCIENCE YAY. also intro art history. *shrug* and african-american lit and women in us history. with vbrown. so much awesome.


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Sunday, December 05, 2004


okay so do you guys remember my rant about the cranberry store? (if not, i've just linked to it.)

well i checked my email today and:


One of my friends found your blogger about your trip to Wisconsin.  I just wanted to let you know that Cranberry Connections opened for business 8-24-04.  The strip mall was about 2 months behind schedule which cased the delay in opening the store.  We really do have 6 different flavors of cranberry ice cream.  I hope the next time you come up to your family’s cabin you will stop in and check it out.  We are open year round.  My family has a cranberry marsh outside of Warrens, Wisconsin which is an hour north of the Dells.  The marsh has been in my family for over 100 years.  The activity center is important to help teach kids about Wisconsin’s #1 fruit crop.

 Have a good weekend

Carrie Anderson


that is amazing. i wonder what else i can rant about and get bizarre emails.

um... the garlic press is awesome, but they should give me free stuff. and have six flavors of cranberry ice cream.

i like target, but i'd like target better if it had more information about wisconsin's #1 fruit crop.

saint's rest is a good coffeeshop, but they should have an activity center. with cranberries.

life makes me smile. (even though i had to send out rejection emails today and that makes me sad >_< but i also got to send out accepting emails and that makes me happy ^_^)

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listening to: the clash, four horsemen

i forgot to post this here yesterday, so, happy birthday, sarah!


sometimes being all (borderline) (?) ADD is really annoying. like, say, when your friend kait is on aim and you're like "yay! i haven't talked to kait in forever!" and then you start talking to her and you're like "hee, kait is funny, i'm glad i'm talking to her" and then you're like "HEY LOOK THERE"S A THING OVER THERE!" and then you get distracted by the thing (i think it was a book, i don't even remember) and then you're like "i think i'll go to bed!" and then you do and then right before you fall asleep you remember "aw shoot, i was talking to kait." but then you're too tired to crawl back out of bed and sign off.

yeah, like that.

i'm tired and hungry and my snot is a really weird texture.

upon further consideration that last thing may have been tmi, but these things happen.

at least the cb boards are working again.

okaay. i have work i need to do. because all i did yesterday was sleep and eat and go to waltz. oh, and i worked on the b&s but clearly not enough because i need to go work on that more, too.

i like that i've been checking the frowl blogs all weekend even though i know they won't be updated because our ftp is disabled. old habits blah blah blah.

also, i'm excited that cindy and sandy are seeing moving out today. because hey, best zombie musical ever!!!1!!one!

raaar ok the end.

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hi! waltz was fun, and i managed to keep my shoes on all night! i think this is a first for me and formal dances. oh, and i don't think i mentioned this, but waltz was great gatsby themed. and we were all like.... waltz never has a theme. and seriously... gatsby? did you finish reading the book? what? but it was cool, there was a green light, and a fountain. and we plotted to drown creepy-tim in it.

and jake and i decided i should write the great american novel about disco eye poking. and like. when you got your eye poked out, you'd get a sequined eyepatch. and being blind is a symbol of america. and the fingers were phallic symbols. and the sequins symbolize prettiness.


i'm sad that the cb boards are down >_< it's thowing my schedule for a loop. i need to check plans, check my grinnell email, check my frowl email, check my blog for comments, check my friends page, check blogs, and then check the boards! and now i can't do that! life = so hard.

oh, and i forgot to mention, here, that i've been losing and finding my voice all evening, so every so often i'll say something and sound like a creepy child molester and/or parselmouth.


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Saturday, December 04, 2004

la la la, writing blog entries that won't get posted until monday morning because our ftp servers are getting moved to another state. (edit: except they will, because of blogspot! i'm a supergenius!)

i'm tired. i got up at like... 9:30? because the phone rang. and then i went back to sleep and got up at like.. 10:30. and then i went back to sleep at like.. 3:30.

BWAHAHAHA christine is listening to stuart.

it's waltz tonight, i need to get pretty soon. (i just looked at this sentence again and was like, "wait, i left a word out!" but really i didn't. because soon, i need to get pretty. see?)

but i'm LE TIRED.

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dear blogger,

please publish my posts. is this because i used livejournal the other day? i'm sorry, baby, you know you're my favorite means of conveying my random thoughts to the internet at large. it's just that sometimes you don't have the time to publish my stupid posts and i just need a little love.

a little love, blogger. is that so much to ask?

with all due respect,


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listening to: tori, sugar (live)

woohoo, stu! i'm excited that i got to see miriam and megan (and miriam's roommate and megan's parents. craziness!) and the back room of the mill was a perfect example of the viral nature of stuart. a chart: megan's parents -> megan - > me -> miriam -> kariel but also me-> mary, christine, and julia. (and amelia, who was there with us but got into stuart through her own viral system.)

anyway, the show was great. he actually... played requests! which is crazy. (usually he asks for requests and then... won't play them. but tonight he did!) and he played most of my favorite songs without them even being requested! it was great.

random amusing quotes: "take it off!"
"everyone would be so distracted by my muscles, they wouldn't pay attention to the lyrics, the songs would suffer... that's why i wear shirts! *pause* actually, what happens is people are like 'is that a bone or a muscle?'"

"you don't get to choose who you get to spank!"

"who's gonna be laughing when i impregnate and conceive with myself? *pause* anal babies!"

and now, a mostly annotated setlist.

kid mystic

smoke: i dig this song.

jonah: omfg my favorite stu song ever and i didn't even have to yell it out 012384 times. or even once.

inventions: honestly i'm not crazy about this song. but whatever, it's still good.

grace: i like this song a lot better live.

progress: this song was dedicated to the unabomber.

sugar bullets: woohoo, sugar bullets.

wizard: wizard live is the best thing ever. (no, it's not. but it's pretty good.) you wouldn't know love if it sprouted horns and spit shit in your face. i AM love.

sexy messiah: yay! i love sexy messiah! and he never does it live! except.. for when he does.

savoring samsara: savoring samsara acoustic is so different from the album version. i like them both.

is: on my setlist i wrote "os" and was really confused just now.

?: see, this works on two levels, because i don't know the song, but "question mark" was part of the chorus. it was cool, he played most of it up on the neck. and it was crazy.

beyond before: i like this song. i hope it ends up on an album eventually.

glass: i like this one too. except i totally spaced out during most of it. like, he started playing and i was like "cool!" and then the next thing i knew the song was over and i was staring vaguely at the wall.

anaesthesia necrophilia: !!! yay!


doppelganger body donor


it's all just because: this is such a good song. it just is. and it was awesome live, as always.

giving in: how random! this is one of those songs that i would never be like "oh man, i hope he plays 'giving in'!!" but then he does play it and i'm like... man, that was great.

universe communion


invincible: this was gorgeous.

human girl

windmills and wheatfields: i'll be honest, i've never been a big fan of this song. i've never really understood this song.

chow down: i don't really understand this song either, but i like it a lot anyway.

i touch myself: "when i think about stu i touch myself." anyway... uh... if you've never heard stuart davis sing "i touch myself," you've never heard "i touch myself."

anyway, great show. woohoo. and noow... i need to go write my column. and like... do homework or something. (who does that? really.)

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Friday, December 03, 2004

listening to: lilo and stitch, hawaiian roller coaster ride

i have trouble spelling "hawaii." i'm always like "okay... it has the same letter twice in a row. hawaai? no, that's not right."

i'm tired. and sick. boo. but i get to see stuart tonight, yay!

seriously, though, being sick? i've been taking vitamins. i've been eating broccoli. i've been sleeping for heaven's sakes. what more do you want from me, body??

i feel this conversation between mike and myself needs to be saved for the ages. i've helpfully provided translations in italics for those of you not fluent in spanglish.

renata: tu madre (your mother)
mike: y tu mama tambien (and your mother as well)
renata: whoa
mike: si, yo dico? is that how you say, yeah, i said it
renata: uh... hang on. decir.. yo digo... what is the preterite? (... to say... i say...)
renata: dije, maybe? (i said. maybe. i never did remember the conjugation with a 100% confidence level. this isn't important.)
mike: man, i have no idea
renata: whatever. tu madre. (your mother)
mike: y tu mama tambien (and your mother as well)
renata: y aqui estamos una vez mas (and here we are again)
mike: man, i lose
renata: heh. mike tiene un pene muy pequeno. (mike has a very small penis.)
mike: no, my pene esta grande, que una casa (no, my penis is big, like a house.)
renata: como una casa para las munecas, a veces (like a dollhouse, maybe.)
mike: man, i got nothing
renata: that's right, dollhouse penis
mike: aww man
renata: haha, i should totally call you that from now on.
renata: or not. but i'll think about it and smile.
mike: that's a terrible nickname
renata: i could call you DP for short
mike: and i'll call you sheepgoat beefdairy

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

listening to: barenaked ladies, testing 1 2 3

so this morning in poli sci he asked if anyone could summarize the article we read for today. so i raised my hand and he called on me and i said some stuff about labor organizing and collective action problems and the like. i was pleased because i understood it and the historical context because it talked about the bracero program and we had discussed that in history last week. and then i notice everyone looking at me blankly.

"did i read the wrong article?" i asked.

"sounds like," he said.

apparently the article we were really supposed to read was about senate gridlock. who knew?

oh, and this afternoon, our small group met for cof and discussed each other's stories, etc. and like... okay. creepy vampire kid's (cvk) story has a creepy vampire in it, and this other kid. and it keeps flashing back to the other kid and talking about how he has some connection to the vampire kid. and so cvk goes, "well, paula smith wants the story to be shorter, did you guys think anything could be cut?" and all 3 of us are like, "can't you cut normal kid? i didn't really think he was necessary."

and he looks at us and goes, "well, vampire kid only exists in the imagination of normal kid." and we're all like "oooh. well, maybe you should make that more clear." and he says, "well, i didn't want to make it too obvious."

and we're like "well okay, but right now it doesn't make sense and it seems like a random character." and he was like, "well, i like it like this."

whatever, cvk.

i kind of feel like both cof and my brief flirtation with nanowrimo have sort of confirmed that i don't especially want to be a fiction writer.

i wanna be bill bryson when i grow up.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

HAHAHA i have an enemy!

excerpts from this girl's plan. backstory: she's a firstyear who comes to b&s meetings and has written articles, many of which were not funny, and one of which i did end up printing. i've been feeling bad about not running most of her crappy articles, and actually just had a conversation yesterday with brad and dylan where i was like "i feel bad for this girl and this article was kinda funny" and they were both like "no it's not, don't feel bad and don't run it" and i was like, okay.

so anyway, i stumbled across this girl's plan. she says:

So I'm starting to get more than a little irritated with the clique-y atmosphere of The B&S. Arrogant upperclassmen. Anyway, if neither of my latest articles is published, I'm so going to paste the nasty one in here...

woohoo, i'm an arrogant upperclassman. who is a sophomore. as is half the staff. this is also funny because the b&s is really... not terribly cliquey. like... i'm more or less loosely friends with everyone now, but half the people i didn't even know before b&s. whatever. call us socially awkward, call us unfunny, but cliquey?

also, Renata just turned down a perfectly brilliant article for The B&S

hey look, that's me! alas, i am incapable of recognizing brilliance when i see it.

sooo it goes. (i thought about emailing her and confronting her or something, but then i decided i'd just be snarky behind her back. see, this is why i'm afraid of livejournal. livejournal=friends lists=more readers=more people knowing i'm a bitch.)

i wrote a page of my sandman #50/orientalism paper today. why do all my hobbies involve bibliographies?

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listening to: stuuuuart davis, progress

i've been playing stu allll the time now because julia and mary and amelia (and miriam!) and i are going to see stu on friday. hurrah!

in other news, vbrown is my hero. she's sassy. "i was talking to one of my old students the other day, and he was worried about having to do this thing in a year, and he said 'what am i going to do when i have to do it?' and i said, 'i imagine you'll take out the big bottle of pills marked "grown-up" and start taking them.' *pause* afterward, i didn't say 'it was good for me, was it good for you?' but i assume it was."

anyway.... we now go in search of roots and berries. or, you know, bagels or something.

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