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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

listening to: you're a good man charlie brown, you're a good man charlie brown

yagmcb is the cutest damn show in the universe. imagine if curtis were in yagmcb. i think it might explode the cuteness meter. (i know, i know, i don't like musical theatre-musical theatre. whatever, it's still the cutest show in the universe. just don't let's talk about webber. or les miz.)

fun story: the yagmcb nbcr (ooh look at me, i used 2 theatre acronyms in a row) was like, the 2nd thing i ever bought on amazon.com. because keith sent me an amazon gift certificate. aww, keith.

that wasn't really a fun story. it's just weird that i remember. (the 1st thing i ever bought on amazon.com was sam and max: surfing the highway. amazon doesn't know about this. it was before my frowl email address. it was Before Frowl.)

anyway. let's see. i've actually finished my readings for class tomorrow. how ridiculous is that? so i could:
- start on stuff for thursday
- start on stuff for hell week
- work on grinnell-in-london application
- go to sleep
- research orientalism for the sandman papers project thing

so... which one am i doing...? (er... it's the last one.)

For although you are no good at music,
Like Schroeder, or happy like Snoopy,
Or lovely like me,
You have the distinction to be
No one else but the singular, remarkable, unique
Charlie Brown.

I'm me!

Yes- it's amazingly true,
For whatever it's worth, Charlie Brown,
You're you.

damn the mind-boggling cuteness of this show!

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listening to: joshua kobak, rhyme

in poli sci today the professor kept talking about legislature (unexpected, i know) and i kept thinking about ap euro and wanting to laugh. a lot. because man... legislature. and... the corn laws.

i've been thinking lately about how easily i could be replaced by a low-functioning robot. you'd just have to program it with like 10 phrases. "whatever," "i hate this game," "your mom," "yarr," "that movie has alan cumming in it," "omg," "kitties!", "robots!", "[adjective]er than jesus." i think that might cover it. and sometimes it would have to flail its hands about.

in fact... how do you know i'm not already a robot?!

... moving on.

oh, i kept wanting to blog this because i thought it was funny. when we went to see bridget jones, miriam, trina, and i started playing this game where we'd try to guess what the commercials were for. and um, we were bad at it.

"no piracy!"
"adoption? do they have commercials for that?"
"... perfume?!"

"being naked!"
"... toothpaste?"

"oh wait, it's a piano."

"it's a car?!"

"no, it's... soap. shut up."

it was great. and then i got excited because i thought some movie preview was series of unfortunate events and then it totally wasn't. oh, it was phantom of the opera. which i suppose also contains some unfortunate events. (by the way, i totally acknowledge that we are the people in the theatre everyone hates. but we usually do shut up once the actual movie starts.)

ok. and, because my afternoon class was cancelled and i don't want to do real work, i will gank and complete the foto survey. go go gadget google image search! (and gadget hotlinking!)

what do you look like?

where do you live?

significant other?

favourite band?

favourite movie?

favourite character?

drugs you've tried:

female celebrity you'd date:

male celebrity you'd date:

favourite food:

favourite hobby:

favourite book:

who is your best guy friend?

who is your best girl friend?

what does your family look like?

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oh good, blogger's working again. in the meantime, in case you don't read my lj (seeing as how i never use it and all,) you missed a super-special post.

also i've updated snow, glass, kiwi with some books.

one day i will post about bridget jones and the commercials game.

that day is not today.

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stuart davis are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

hee. it must be programmed to do "are" whenever something ends with "s"... but "stuart davis are love" is so hilarious, especially at 1:30 am.


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Monday, November 29, 2004

listening to: tori, here. in my head

oh yeah, i made it back to grinnell okay. it's good to be back. even if i have 1234089 things to do.

i realized that the thnikkaman song has a tendency to combine with "chickenman" by the indigo girls in my head. and um, they're different.

i can't really think why i opened blogger. there was something and then thnikkaman/chickenman just drove it all out.

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

listening to: beatles, i've got a feeling

yaay the power's back! and i did a lot of holiday shopping! and i have clean dry clothes! and i'm going to go see bridget jones in an hour and a half!

heh, i was just looking at my amazon wishlist, and i looked at its recommendations, and i was like.. i own that. and that. and that. so i keep clicking the "i own it" button and it keeps recommending more stuff that i already have. it's really not all that impressive, since like... it recommends neil stuff, and i say i already have it, so then it goes "she likes neil gaiman! let's recommend sandman number FIVE!" and i'm like, i own that. and then it goes "she really likes neil gaiman! let's recommend ENDLESS NIGHTS!" and then i'm like... sigh. i own that. really.

but, apparently you can buy stu cds on amazon now? and it thinks i should buy them, which is impressive. unless i somehow told amazon that i liked stu in which case, less so.

i really need to write this stupid thing for ins & outs! aah! i wrote like 300 words and then decided to check the boards. and then... it spiralled out of control.

i like hot chocolate! and electricity.

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Friday, November 26, 2004

so the power at my house? the power at my house that went out WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON? still out.

i'm at amanda's dorm. we went to big lots. and target.

if the power's not on when i get home tonight/tomorrow i... will do nothing. but i'll be sad.


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Thursday, November 25, 2004

okay i wrote an entry last night about how the power was out. (interesting, i know.) and blogger was all "there were errors!" and i was all "shut up, bitch!" and blogger was all "... errors!" and then i was all "i'm cold because there is no power!" so i gave up on getting it to publish. hopefully it will show up now.

anyway. i'm at my grandparents' house which has both power and food. and intarweb. yaay.

happy thanksgiving, crazy kids!

last night i was reminded of the ridiculousness of local news. (which we were using our generator to watch. because... we were. *shrug*)

anyway, so they showed this little segment about this pro golfer's new motorcycle and they said something about how like... it would handle well on curves or something. and then cut back to the anchors.
anchorman 1 (to anchorman 2): "well, you certainly know a thing or two about interesting curves."
anchorman 2: (chuckles) "i certainly do."
anchorman 1: (some random segue back to some other news story)

and this was all said perfectly straight-faced. what? how does that get on news? oh man. life is hilarious.

anyway yes. happy thanksgiving! i already said that. but seriously. have a happy thanksgiving or i'll set you on fire.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

i'm sitting in an entirely darkened and freezing room typing this. our power is out. good thing sam's battery is still 41% (you know what's ridiculous about that? is that i can touchtype, except for the number row. so i have this flashlight here that i turned on to type the percent the battery was full. and i'm going to need to use it again to close this parenthesis.)

(no wait, i found that one on the first try. apparently i can find the parentheses in the dark, but not the numbers. hurrah.)

anyway, so, yeah. cold. >_< we're running the generator so downstairs is warm(er) and we could have hot food for dinner. and watch the west wing. but soon we have to turn off the generator and it's going to be soo cold.

but earlier today was good, i had coffee with lovely uhigh people (i feel like i already blogged this. did i?)

anyway. happy early thanksgiving, guys. i'm thankful for all of you.

and for electricity. i'm thankful for that. also flashlights.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

hello, i'm home! and cold. and tired. home, cold, and tired. also full of indian food. mmm. (although that was back in iowa city, so i suppose it's mostly digested by now.)

and there are, as promised, kitties.

let me see. the meeting with paula smith went well! she doesn't think my story sucks! she liked it! yay!

i can't find my canteloupe lipgloss aaaanywhere and i'm more saddened than i should be about this. >_< it wasn't with my stuff at school, so i just assumed it was here. but it would seem not to be. and it's my favorite ever.

anyway... i'm tired. so, i'm just letting you all know that i have arrived home safely. and things.

also, devon: well, it's not so much that the class is hard, as that the professor is ridiculous. frequently endearingly so, but... yeah. thanks for the encouragement though ^_^

kait: i'm so glad you can comment now ^_^ i missed kait comments, kait comments are awesome. i told the cats you said hi, they seemed nonplussed. i'd try the family but they're asleep.

and i think i now shall join them. mmm... sleep. homesleep.

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listening to: ben folds five, missing the war

first of all:

happy birthday to my favorite priscellie!!

in other news, i have r0x0red my poli sci exam. 97.75%. (yes, .75%. on some of the essay questions i only got 1.75/2. i am not making this up.) anyway though, that's a relief. i'd feel like a big dork if i ended up with a b in intro poli sci. (which is still a possibility if i screw up the final, but this was heartening to me, because it means that if i actually "study" and "read the book" [which i didn't so much do last exam] i can thwart his oddly phrased questions.)

my mom is coming in a few hours! yay home!

also, christine has informed me that the guy who played alexander in j&tp played ax in the animorphs teevee show. life is so exciting.

i have to meet with professor smith in an hour to talk about my story and i'm so anxious and i don't know whyyy. it's not like any of the comments about it i've gotten thus far have been bad, or anything. i just don't want to talk about it.

AND CREEPY VAMPIRE PORN KID IS IN MY PEER REVISION GROUP. but that's not until next week. and the other two girls in my group are cool. but... WAH CREEPY VAMPIRE KID.


* including tyrone.**
** that was for julia's benefit.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

look, new comments! by which i mean... the old comments!

i don't technically have any homework until after break! if i were clever i'd start working on some stuff now so i wouldn't have as much to do at home! but i'm not clever!

i like exclamation points! i'm tired!


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listening to: sheryl crow, mississippi

so, both my wednesday classes were cancelled. yay! i'm leaving tomorrow afternoon, which will be good. i've been a little anxious. editing my cof story has reallly just... been stressful. and then my history takehome exam. and i got back my history research paper today and i definitely got a c on it. and i don't... get cs on papers? (except clearly i do.) and it's less even that it's not such a hot grade and more that i don't want vbrown to think i'm stupid. (which i know is dumb.) but just looking at it and seeing her notes and being like "wow, she's right, this is a confusingly organized paper" is like... meh. but, it's the learning process. etc. (why did i think it would be a good idea to take a seminar with this woman? oh, because she's awesome. still.)

anyway... so... yeah. and i'm getting my poli sci exam back tomorrow and i'm afraid that will be bad too. though in that case, it's more that... i felt it was a very poorly written test. so i'm not sure how.. well, whatever, i'll get it tomorrow.

(in the meantime, if you could like remind me that i'm awesome, that would be cool.)

now i will do a holiday meme, which i have ganked from kait.

Step One

- Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered...whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

- If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.

- Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your LJ, or link to this post (it'll be public) so that the holiday joy will spread.

Step Two

- Surf around your friendslist (or friendsfriends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:

- If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.

You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

my wishes:

1. a "covered in bees!" icon
2. acapella music. burned cds, mp3s sent to my gmail (glassapples@gmail.com), actual cds (who does that?), whatever.
3a. a death action figure.
3b. random hilarious action figures. not ones that anyone actually spent money on. ones that you found underneath your little brother's bed and went "oh man, is this a street shark?!"
4. a letter. from you. handwritten.
5. socks. especially since one of my quidditch socks has developed an enormous hole in the heel >_<
6. books. good ones.
7. one of those squishy crazy pillows. you know the ones. they're like silky? and crazy?
8. a wicked and/or aveq bootleg
9. hot chocolate
10. notecards

now you!

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listening to: indigo girls, tried to be true (live)

i am le tired. i got up early to read mrs. dalloway and by the last 5 pages i was reading like 2 sentences on each page. these things happen.

also, i just looked at my history syllabus... november 24 says: experiential learning: migrate in search of welcome and thanksgiving.

does that mean no class? i think it means no class. i was just thrown because november 26 says: THANKSGIVING BREAK.

i hope it means no class. then i might go home on tuesday. that would be nice. that would be tomorrow.

64 crayons = joy.

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

listening to: indigo girls, shame on you

i baked brownies today for the b&s meeting, and they smell SO good. yay. it's been a pretty good weekend. i've actually been fairly productive, although i still have to read mrs. dalloway and re-edit both my takehome exam and my cof story (aaah). but. still, pretty productive.

speaking of b&s, i got an email from nick that was like, "wow! this b&s is SO much funnier than your first two!" and i'm glad he thought it was funny, but i think he's really oblivious to the fact that his phrasing leaves sort of unsaid "than your first two, which were crap." and i know that's not what he meant, and because it's nick, and nick's compliments always sound like veiled insults (but never, as far as i know, actually are) it just makes me laugh.

let's see. julia and went and saw a play today. hooray. las meninas. act one was really funny, act two was kind of depressing. but it was really well done. hott setwork. we were like, 44 and 45 on the waitlist for seats and we still got in. hooray!

and yesterday i saw garden state which i quite liked, and we watched josie and the pussycats again and that was exciting ^_^ and we played mare nostrum and i won, with my sneaky bumbling strategy.
alex: wouldn't it be funny if she got 12 this turn?
me: (sarcastically) yeah, it's all part of my strategy.

and then later that turn i was buying stuff, and was like "hmm, i think i'll get... oh, the pyramids!" (which cost 12 and win the game.) and then everyone looked at me and i cackled. and then was like "no, seriously, i win."

it was great.

and i played with crayons. i like crayons!

also, part of my history takehome exam was to write a fake memoir based on some data from the dillingham commission, and mine is about this italian woman immigrating with her parents and brother to go live with their other brother who is working at a factory in chicago. and her two brothers are definitely named mario and luigi.

life is so good.

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ok, so the thing about me and penny arcade is that i'm always pleasantly surprised to discover that it's hilarious, so every few months i'm like "oh yeah!" and read a few months of archives.

so. this is from september. and it's hilarious and i don't know why.

oh, and this one. especially if you happen to be mary, which one of you are. is? you are mary, one of you is mary. hmm.

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

listening to: ani, out of habit

i hate starting things. (not things i want to do. i love starting those. but things i should do, those take me as long to actually get started as to like... do them.)

also, i want a muffin. mmm, hypothetical muffin.

and i want to redesign boron. and otgar. i think my white-on-black phase is over. (though, curiously, i have no desire to redesign breath mints & cigarettes.)

i'm hungry. and. work. *frowl* okay, going to go look for a muffin (in case one miraculously apparated on our foodshelf somehow) and then start my history takehome exam. seriously. i will start it.


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oh yeah. and b&s volume 3, issue 3 is online. it's pretty funny. i don't normally do this, but i will say that i wrote this one and i think it's pretty damn funny.

(i wrote some other stuff too and it's okay, i guess.)

if anyone really wants a paper copy let me know and i'll send you one. unless you live in normal or thereabouts, in which case i will give you one personally next week. (and talia, yes, i'll be home. let's hang.)

i'm updating otgar. some people are smart. and some people are stupid.

but everyone is different. no two people are not on fire.

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Friday, November 19, 2004

listening to: josie and the pussycats, you're a star

realization after making julia watch josie and the pussycats with me: i'm a trend pimp. (christine telling me "i'm turning into you!" last night, while listening to rent and reading american gods, has also helped me realize this.)

i don't MEAN to be, usually. i do confess to actively trying to get people to listen to stuart davis and watch josie. and read neil, but mostly only IF i've been asked to recommend books. usually, i think, i just get really excited about stuff i'm into and it spills over onto other people. and i have such good taste that it's immediately recognizable by others.

or... something. *SHIFTY EYES* (seriously, if i get obnoxious in my trend pimping, though, let me know.)

yaay it's friday. and julia and i don't make any sense, and have Very Serious conversations like this one:

j: parthenon?
me: parthenon. *nods* i made you this. *holds up shredded napkin*
j: thank you.

and just... we have these totally nonsense conversations with this amazing gravity. it's great. also jerkin.

also, i miss kait. aalso all my uhigh friends. most of the people i know here seem to be kind of, "oh, my high school friends, whatever" but my high school friends are awesome. i'm excited to see you all in 5 days. yay!

zach: yay for your sandman project! yaay neil. and school.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

oh! i just realized what i.. okay. in my Longest Post Ever mary left a comment saying "what about dream being black?" and i was like "?" and then in real life she was like "you said something about dream being black, but i think he's pretty pale." and i was like "?" again because i'm really ooout of it this week and then she said "you said something about todd and neil?" and i was like "oh.. i must have meant how dream speaks in white-on-black." but i was just re-skimming the post and i realized that what i actually meant was that neil said dream had once been white like daniel, and then gradually turned black. and like... yes, dream is pale.. but not like daniel. so dream used to look like daniel. but then he changed.

isn't that COOL? (he also mentioned how one sandman story that hasn't been told is why dream is so exhausted at the beginning of sandman. it's never explained, and neil says he knows and it's a big epic story and one day it might get told one day. but now he likes being the only one knowing it because "it gives us all a reason to want him alive.")

ALSO, i know kait can't leave comments anymore because of crazy blogger comments. and i know that like, fewer people leave comments anymore. is this just because fewer people are trying to leave comments? or do blogger comments also not work for other people? let me know, drop me an email or an im or something, if blogger comments also don't work for you. i like blogger comments because they get emailed to me, but if it would help i can put back blogback comments too. let me know, collective-you.

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man, i definitely just ate a whole forum mini-pizza in about 5 minutes. i hadn't realized i was hungry, but then in class adam (who looks like he should be called tyler) had a forum mini-pizza, and i was like... MAN that looks really good. even though it's forum pizza, it never looks that good.

and then i got one after class and ate it and it was on the tasty end of mediocre. mmm.

i'm tired & i need to revise my cof story & i don't want to. um.

yay, someone wanted to be my friend on facebook, and i was like who is THAT? but i looked and it's that firstyear who likes howard dean and south dakota. and who i thought was jake's firstyear but actually is not.

(you know... that guy.)

in class today professor klarner made some joke and then said "that was a joke" and i wanted to be like "YOU MEAN (JOKE)!" but i didn't.

oops, i thought i published this before, but i didn't.

the end.

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listening to: jill sobule, don't drop dead

man, i love this song. it's like "i love you, so don't die. because man, i'll be so pissed if you die."

but in song form. and awesome.

anyway, i tried to get an internship application AGAIN today and they were like "no, this is the meeting for grant applications, the established internship meting isn't until december." and i was like "but yesterday you said... oh, nevermind."

i'm tired. i only got half as much sleep last night as i did the night before. (*cough* but that's still 8 hours. *cough*)

anyway um. oh, i got an email from joe sanders about the sandman papers project, and he's like yeah, that sounds like a good idea! 3500-7000 word draft by the end of december! and i'm like "woohoo, i get to write an esssay! ... waaaait."

i'm such a dork. hee.

and i'm so tired. but.. i like people.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

i literally just gasped in horror when i saw my "friend awaiting confirmation" on the facebook. ew, it's totally d-rob. maan i hate that kid.


i'm so dizzy...

but i went to the forum and to grab and go (this a two-step process) and got cereal and milk and ate it and it was good!!

and i bought kleenex at the bookstore and i tried to get an internship application but they were like no, you have to go to an internship meeting and i was like, but i went to an internship meeting, and they were like, well, this is a different meeting, there's one tomorrow. and i was like... fine.




oh, mary, just read your comment- doh, i actually did tell the guy i was an undergrad. it's only in the blogging of the story that i inadvertently become a liar. yes.

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so much sleep...

yesterday i kind of took a nap after class, and then i woke up and did some stuff, and then i took another little nap, and then i got up again around 7, did (you guessed it) stuff, and then lay down again around 8. and then i fell asleep until 2am, at which point i woke up, changed my pants, and went back to bed.

and got up now. at 10 am.

and now i'm going to go sit in bed and do reading. and quite possibly, fall asleep again.

this is a weird phase of illness. i'm glad it's not a sore throat, though. i hate sore throats SO MUCH.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

oh man. last night mary and i were talking about how we have to trick ourselves into being productive, and it's so true. (i ran into her in arh because she was hiding the sims from herself.) but it works in good ways too. like, this morning (by which i mean just now) i was like, i wish i had some juice! but i'd have to walk all the way to the forum to get some!

and then i realized that last night i had anticipated this, and bought an extra bottle and stuck it in the fridge.

wasn't that considerate of me? past-me is so good to future-me.

i'm skipping poli sci right now. ha. i just didn't think i could take 2 hours of him today. anyway, he likes me because i'm so charming and brilliant (joke). heh. (one of these days i'm totally going to forget and do the parentheses-joke thing to his face and he'll be confused. hopefully he won't be paranoid enough to make the connect to "oh man, i bet you read that email i sent you to all your friends and now you all add (joke) to random things you say. that's so weird!")

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Monday, November 15, 2004

haha, i'm looking at abby's b&s copyedits and i'm SO pleased that one article has the margin note "this is funny!" and one has "i think this whole article is in poor taste."

clearly, i am doing my job well. (seriously, though, if we didn't get any hate mail at all from the "trail of tears" article? we're so golden. that's what's great about editing a publication nobody reads!)

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man. the good news is it seems that i'm not quite enough of a fangirl for merely being in the same building as neil gaiman to make me dizzy. the bad news is i'm dizzy all the damn time.

so i went to the forum to get naked juice and vitamin c drops to cure myself. and they were out of both things!! all the naked juices were gone! except some "protein zone" ones and i think those would make me even more sick!

at least they had some v8 splash. but still. do you want me to be sick, forum? is that what you want?

i could skip poli sci and sleep in tomorrow. but... again, i'd feel so bad about that. even though it's such a useless class. rawr. (funny story... so one of the kids across the hall from me is in my poli sci class. i don't think we've spoken to each other all year, we just kind of nod at each other to vaguely acknowledge that yes, we live 10 feet away and yes we have this class together but okay whatever.) so anyway, this kid came over earlier today to ask what the reading for tomorrow was, and i told him, and he asked to borrow my book because he had an older edition that didn't actually have that chapter. and i said sure. and then he brought it back and i was like, "so, what do you think of this class?" and he was like "i think it's a bunch of bullshit!!"

and it was great because he's just this... unassuming quiet sort of guy. and the class is a bunch of bullshit. like. rawr, first semester professors.

moving on, vbrown signed my double major application. hooray! and she corrected a hyphen misuse in my four-year plan. i love that woman so much.

oh man, i came over to gencomp to actually get some work done and then i opened blogger.

at least i haven't logged into facebook. (sidenote: grinnell just got added to thefacebook.com, you should go join if you're a college student. and then be my friend. seriously, go join, it's cooler than friendster. and you can waste alllll your time. i mean... meet... people... *shifty eyes*)

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listening to: bnl, what a good boy

i did a wordcount on my longest entry ever and it's half the length of my nanowrimo. but then my nano only got up to about 7500 words and i think i'm abandoning it. these things happen.

anyway. i just ate lunch at 4pm and it was tasty.

i neeeed to go do laundry and homeworky things and i really want to actually update my american gods page. since i haven't since like, july.

there are these two guys in cof, named adam and tyler. and adam looks as if he should be named tyler and tyler looks as if he should be named adam and it really weirds me out.

mm, i really like orange foods. like.. oranges. and sour cream and cheddar baked ruffles. i've been dizzy all day and i haven't even take any cold medicine and i don't know why except that i'm sick and ANYWAY that was me trying to explain my complete and utter lack of segues and logical connections.

you should have heard me in class today trying to be the us department of labor in the 1950s. (no, you shouldn't have.)

ooh, maybe i can get julia to take me to wal-mart tomorrow, and then i can drop off film and get some kleenex. wait, what's that thing... i need to go see that speaker. but that's at 8, i could go before. right. (other people have calendars; i have stream-of-consciousness blog entries.)

OKAY seriously i need to go take a nap and/or do laundry and/or eat things that are orange and/or read for poli sci (but probably not that one).

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listening to: arrogant worms, the war of 1812

argh. last night just as i was drifting off into a nyquil-induced (well okay, walgreens brand nighttime multisymptom cold medicine-induced-- real nyquil's expensive you know) sleep, i realized that my cof end-of-story exercise is due today at noon.

and i had been planning to get up earlyish to do my reading for trads (which is at eleven). i had a decent start on the exercise and i think i can finish it up on time and have it at least not be terribly suck. i'm sure professor smith would be understanding if i asked for an extension, but i'd feel bad about it, especially since i already told her why i was planning to be out of town all weekend. and i could cut trads, but i'd feel a little bad about that (although we do have our 2 "free" absences") and really, i don't want to miss it. and it'll be okay if i haven't done the reading. i'll be confused by the lecture, but we're not discussing it, so i can just sit there.

dammit professor simpson, making me want to go to class and all. there are other things i could do with that time.

(deep breaths.) ok. just have to: fix the vfd room, fix the vfd signs, copy the vfd signs, do the stuff i was just talking about, do one more reading for history, shower, go to history, meet with vbrown, fix copyedited b&s, give new b&s to abby, fix b&s again, go to scipe, do poli sci reading.

all manageable, provided i quit blogging and go do it.


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Longest Post Ever, i know. (and if you read it relatively recently after i first posted-- i just edited it and added like 2/3 more stuff. i wanted it all to be in one post. so.. it's there.)

you can probably just read the stuff in capslock and get a good idea of what happened.

oh, and the part about me and neil and cold medicine and the philadelphia public school curriculum. that part's good too.


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Sunday, November 14, 2004


fiddler's green was so great. even though i was sick. grrrr. i will try to document this as fully and accurately as possible. if you are not a neil fan, or if you do not like the overuse of capslock and/or exclamation points and/or words that aren't really words, you might want to skip this entry.

OKAY so first my mom came and we left grinnell and drove to minneapolis and found the hotel and stuff. and then we checked in and i met anna and tim, 2 of our 5 roommates. (dude, that was an expensive hotel.) i'd technically already met anna once before, at a tori concert. so i go and put my stuff away and check into the con, getting my spiff name badge ("Renata/heyjupiter") and schedule of events and gorgeous con program book. then we go and mill around a bit and meet a few people from the world's end (the off-topic section of the neil boards, henceforth the WE, maybe. or the we. or we-ers. anyway.) and then we go and sit down for a reading from anansi boys, which neil announces will not actually be a reading from anansi boys but rather from a short story he's just finished. it was the one for holly's birthday he mentioned on his blog. i believe it was called "sunbird" and it was v.g.: quirky and funny and just "..." enough and, well, you know, it's by neil. without giving too much away-- it's about an epicurean society who believe they have eaten all there is to be eaten. (and it's not "babycakes".)

and then he did read a bit of anansi boys which was delightful and i cannot wait for that book to come out. neil + funny + mythology = even-more-fangirly-renata-than-usual.

and then he talked a bit about mirrormask and showed us a few scenes and it looks SO COOL i can't wait to see it now. he talked about he and dave mckean getting to stay in jim henson's old house for a bit to work on it, and neil found an old goat puppet in the basement and put it on his hand, and then discovered an attached bulb to make it blink, so he blinked the goat... but it was old latex and so his eyelids slowly disintegrated.

anyway, so he explained that he'd love to show us all of what there was of mirrormask but there were 400 of us and something would end up on aint-it-cool-news and then the jim henson workshop would send out hitmen-- "i'd open the door and there would be fozzie and kermit, and headless chickens in my bed and that sort of thing."

so anyway. what we saw of mirrormask was the very opening, where helena (the protaganist, a preteenish girl) fights with her mom-- they're a circus family, and helena wants a "normal" life, and then there's some very beautiful and cool circus scenes. and then a later scene, in helena's dreamworld, where there are these amazingly creepy big music boxes singing the carpenters' "closer to you" (you know-- "why do birds.. suddenly appear, when you are near?") very creepily (neil said he and dave both agreed it was a very creepy song, and if they could just make it a little creepier it could be in the movie. so they did. it is, apparently, the only song in the movie, except for end credits music.) they are very clearly Dave McKean Music Boxes. they turn helena into a princess.

it is creepy and Dave McKean and great.

oh, and i forgot to mention that we were sitting in the 2nd row for this, which put me directly behind caitlyn kiernan, who is very tall, and alessandra (who was next to me) directly behind jill thompson, who looks exactly like you think she should.

and uh, yeah. and then... wossname? there was a we-er party and i went for a bit, and everyone would say "hey renata!" and we'd giggle because, hey jupiter. and we're easily amused. but then i was like... waah i'm sick, and i did feel a little awkward since i only post on the boards sometimes and didn't know everyone as well as they knew each other mostly. but as i was leaving someone said to me "i hope i can talk to you later this weekend, you're never on the boards anymore and i just... your website really helped me become a bigger neil fan." and i felt sorta warm and fuzzy. but also feverish and sick, so i went back to the room and tried to sleep. and i was so stuffed up that i slept with my mouth open and i was snoring and i drooled allll over the place and it was way, way gross.

and um, the next morning... alessandra (one of my other roommates) and i went to get coffee and cold medicine. and then... let me go get my schedule. okay. first i went to sandman: behind the comic which was a panel discussion with karen berger, charles vess, todd klein, jill thompson, and caitlin kiernan. i left in the middle because i wanted to make sure i could get to the dealer's room before stuff started selling out. i bought a v. cool fiddler's green t-shirt which has on the front a cartoon of neil and todd klein (i assume it's supposed to be todd klein, it looks like him and otherwise the joke doesn't make sense)-- anyway, todd is sitting on a mushroom and holding a big book and saying (in destiny's lettering) "neil, neil! what happens next!" and then neil is saying "..." and then below that it says "fiddler's green. a sandman convention."

and on the back it says some other stuff which i can't read because i'm wearing it right now, but i know it says "HOOM" in big letters.

and i bought seasonal gifts for a few of you. *SHIFTY EYES* and then i went and got my mom cuz i thought she might want to see some of the jewelry they were selling and she shiftily asked me if there was anything i might want for a seasonal gift and i shiftily said maybe the neil live at the aladdin video and she shiftily bought it and hid it in her purse.

shiftily. and then she and i went out for a quick lunch and got vietnamese food, and i felt sorta sick and then i took some more cold medicine.

and then i went and got in line for the neil and todd signing. i was feeling dizzy and i didn't think it was just because of neil, although, neil!!!

so first i had todd sign brief lives and the fg program book. i told him he looked like my spanish professor. i don't know why i told him this. he told me he did not speak spanish and i said that was okay i didn't speak it very well either.

and then, neil. asdk. i will try to recreate this as well i can.
i hand him my endless nights to sign and he looks at my nametag to personalize it. he says, "oh, you're a a tori fan" and i was confused and i said "well, aren't we all" because i forgot my nametag said "heyjupiter" and didn't realize this until like an hour later but anyway! so then i said "um i'm renata, which you know because you just looked at my nametag, and um, i have a website, about um, gods, the um, gods" and he said "oh it's you! i meant to tell you-- american gods is part of the philadelphia public school curriculum now, and it also includes your website" and i said "oh! um, cool. um, can i please get my picture with you?" and he said "sure, come on to the other side of the table" and i had to walk all the way around and i thought about crawling under it but even in my cold medicine haze i decided that was a bad idea and anyway, then someone was taking it and i said to neil, "i feel um bad, the first time i met you i was like 'ee!' and now i'm like, 'i'm stoned on cold medicine' and he said something like it was okay.

because he's neil.


aaand in my books? in endless nights he drew the coolest damn dream ever, in silver on the black front page. it's SO COOL. and then in the fg program book, after i had told him who i was, he wrote "love renata (squiggle) neil gaiman." THAT's RIGHT, NEIL LOVE SQUIGGLES ME.

and then i ran up to the room and put some books back and got some new ones and got in line for the charles vess & jill thompson signing. there's a couple behind me and they are very nice.

oh, my god, i need to go finish the fucking b&s so i can give it to brad so he can copy edit it so we can have a non-bad publication. rest assured, i will resume this narrative soon.

okay i'm back. oh, and then i went to a cool panel called "the currency of belief in sandman" and it was very cool although it wandered very heavily off topic and i was like, "but i don't knoooow anything about wonder woman" but then they talked about stuff i knew about again and that was cool.

and then i went back to the room and crashed for a bit and then tried to get some juice and realized that i had somehow lost my money so i had to pay for a little bottle of juice with my credit card and i felt dumb. but then i went back to the room and found my money and that was good.

and then i went to the end of another panel about the kindly ones which seemed cool. and the guy said he was collecting academic papers for a book called the sandman papers and would any of us be interesting in contributing? and a few people said yes and i said yes too and then they were all like, i'm a professor/librarian/grad student and i went up and was like "um i'm just a grad student but i have this mythology thing and i'm an english major and stuff" and he said "you're probably a better writer than most grad students, so sure" and i said yay. and he said what would you want to write about and i said maybe something about "ramadan" and orientalism? and he said cool.

i paraphrase.

anyway. and then...thingie. oh, neil and the president of the comic book legal defense fund talked about the first amendment and it was SO HOTT. remember what i said about neil + mythology + funny? like, square that for neil + first amendment. jesus. and i joined the cbldf because they were pretty persuasive. but seriously, some of these cases... so ridiculous. cops hve better to do than go into the adult sections of comic stores, buy comics marked "adult" and then press charges against the store clerks for selling obscene materials. TO ADULTS. and because it's comics it gets overlooked and because it's comics they think they can (and have been getting) get away with it.

um yes. and then i felt bad because my mom was like "do you want to go out for dinner??" and i was like "nooo i want to sleep" but i was so tired. so i did. and then i went to the cbldf benefit auction and there was some amazingly gorgeous and cool stuff and all of it it way, way, way out of my price range.


but it was fun to watch, and neil was a very funny auctioneer. and then i went back up and changed for the masquerade ball: black dress, black fishnets, black shoes, and crazy japanese mask. except i had no peripheral vision with the mask so i had to keep taking it off or else running into corners.

and i talked to some we-ers, and they were all nice and cool and wonderful, and there were some awesome costumes. and one girl had this big, knee-high paper mache meatwad. and she stuck it in the middle of the dance floor and was talking pictures of it, and i had to go up to her and be like, "excuse me... is that meatwad?" and she was like "YES!!" and i was like "that's AWESOME! did you make it?" and she was like "yeah! it's just paper mache!" and then she showed me pictures on her digital camera of meatwad in other random places at the con and it was so great. meatwad girl, wherever you are, you are amazing.

and then some people were getting their pictures taken with neil in their costumes and i was kind of lurking around and not wanting to interrupt but then other people would go interrupt and then people would interrupt the interrupters and i was still stoned on cold medicine but i kept like, creeping closer to neil and i was like "this is getting ridiculous, i should just go ask," and hten i was like, "but that would be RUDE" and then i was like "but right now i'm just being CREEPY" and then shield, aka gmzoe, aka the neilboard moderator, aka a neil bnf, aka a very nice man came up to me and was like "are you too shy to talk to neil?" and i was like "i don't want to interrupt!" and he was like, "but you should!" and i was like "taht would be rude!" and then he PUSHED me into neil and i was like "aah!" but like, just then someone was interrupting neil from the other side so i was pushed into him as he was turning toward someone else and he didn't like.. see me? and then shield did it again and was like, "she's too shy to talk to you" and i was like "but i didn't want to interrupt!" and i was all sheepish. baaaa.

and then um i got my picture taken with neil again, once with the mask and then once without and then i was like "dammit i should have some really brilliant mythological question to ask neil that's not about the forgotten god" but i was STONED ON COLD MEDICINE AS I MIGHT HAVE MENTIONED plus i suffer from neil's-presence-retardation, but i did manage to say something like, "i realize how warped i've been by your works.. i wrote this story for my fiction class, and there's this fortune teller named cassie and no one believes her and no one in the class got it except the professor and they had never heard of cassandra and they're all english majors..." and he said, "yeah, that's like when people say to me 'oh, i'm sure american gods could be kind of interesting, i mean if you had your masters degree in mythology or something' and they just don't know." and then i think we both might have said something else but i don't remember. anyway... he sounded kind of almost bitter? not bitter exactly but it made me think that you know, he probably appreciates having fans who actually get it, and will look stuff up if they don't.

i'm still kind of stoned on cold medicine which explains the lack of punctuation.

(seeing the copyedits for the b&s stuff i just finished will be interesting.)

but it was cool. and then there was a post-ball party in this dome sort of thing with 80s music. and jill thompson was dancing with a big blue bunny she had won at the auction. the bunny had 3 ears and 6 limbs.

it was fun and i talked to some more we-ers.

and then i was tired and went to sleep and then i woke up again.

and um.. i got coffee again. and i got 10 cents off for knowing the answer to the trivia question at caribou! it was about grapes of wrath. who said being an english major wasn't profitable?

then i went to a panel called "evolving the establishment" about the mainstream-ification of comics. and this one very comic-book-guy-but-nicer guy was talking about "civilians" reading sandman, and someone was like "what do you mean by civilian?" and he was like, "oh, people who were never into comics before but started reading sandman" and i was like, oh. hi. and then the guy from dream haven books talked about how he thought it was important to be able to appeal to "civilians" and geeks alike and i raised my hand and told about acme and metropolis and how they were across the street from each other and metropolis went out of business and i attributed it directly to acme being nicer to me about neil-related things than metropolis was.

because clearly. instant karma eventually caught up with metropolis comics.


and then neil interviewed todd klein about lettering, and seriously, you don't think much about comic book lettering (except i do, because ihad previously read interviews about/with todd and gone "damn, you're right") but seriously, todd klein is so so good. i mean each of the endless having their own script? and it's all so perfect. aaah. anyway, that was interesting. AND NEIL SAID THAT DREAM HAD STARTED OFF WHITE BUT GRADUALLY TURNED BLACK BUT ONLY HE AND TODD HAD KNOWN THIS AND TODD HAD PROBABLY FORGOTTEN. (todd had.) he said the only time it shows up in the series is when it flashes back to dream creating the ruby but you can't tell because everything is red.

so, a tidbit.

and then neil got interviewed by the friendly-comic-book-guy guy and this other woman who i didn't really know who she was except she had written some short stories and she was there.

and then there was a panel with all the guests of honor (neil, todd klein, jill thompson, caitlin kiernan, charles vess, and karen berger) and um... let's see. jill told about working on brief lives with neil and he suddenly said "i've got it, i know exactly when and why delight became delirium!" and she said "really?! how?!" and he said "i'm not telling." and he's not. but he said he wanted to do a 3-comic delirium story with jill sometime in the future and it might be that. he also said he might someday do a story about how the first despair died.

neil is a big tease.

a random thought while i'm thinking it: we all had our official convention nametags, and neil had one too. it said "neil gaiman" and somehow this was just funny and unassuming and wonderful.

um.. and then i said goodbye to people and left.

but i just... at the panel, all the guests kept saying how NICE neil's fans are. and it's TRUE. everyone was just SO NICE. so door-holding and pleasantry-exchanging and "why yes that is a sandman #842348, do you want to look at it?" awhile ago i was wondering if the neil fandom was especially nice or if the rent fandom was especially bitchy. and i think it's both. but i'm so in love with the whole neil fandom.

neil fans: you are great.

i think this might be the Longest Blog Entry Ever. sorry non-neil fans, i just really wanted to get all my recollections down.

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Friday, November 12, 2004

so... i think the reason i've been feeling tired and sick all week is that i am, in fact, sick. (unexpected, i know.) but, this sucks. because it's fiddler's green weekend. rawr.

and plans is down!! aah! i can't check PLANS?

ooh, but i did just come up with a really sweet last sentence for my backpage column this month. it's about arafat, see, and i made a reference to gandalf earlier in it... so now it ends:

I want someone I trust and respect to sit me down and tell me what I should think about this, and I want them to explain to me why. And I want Burling to have that "Middle East for Dummies" book (they don't, I just checked). More than that, I really want a "Middle East for Moderately Intelligent But Poorly Educated With Regards To This Particular Topic" book.

But until I get my hands on one of those books, or receive an explanation from someone, I?ll continue to be more informed about Middle Earth than the Middle East, and that's a little sad.

oh man, i think i'm going to go get some juice and try to drink it. this game sucks.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

listening to: soul coughing, 16 horses

random amusing quotes:"evil heathens!"
"evil heathens!"

"well, i mean it's not like we believe in the jesus as the filling body of the world.. thing... guy..."

oh, man, julia and i just had the best conversation about religion ever. and i realized that i have entirely coopted kait's use of the word "jesus," as in like, "oh my god! this pen is better than jesus!" now that i think about it, it's also stolen from john lennon and del. awww man del, i miss you.

(that was random.)

so let me see. leaving for fiddler's green tomorrow! yay!

i've been so tired lately, but also so happy.

i just want to get this out there... i feel like i'm so lucky to have these three bases of friends. like, a lot of people here don't really keep in touch with their friends from high school anymore, and i do, if sporadically since we're all busy. but i'm really looking forward to seeing you all at thanksgiving. you are all so wonderful. i keep using our random inside jokes sometimes and then explaining to them. and now like, all my friends here know about "the legislature *gavelly hand motions and nonsense noises*" and it's great.

and my grinnell friends. are great. duh.

and my intarweb friends. i've really fallen out of touch with most of you except for kait and to some extent priscilla. which is kind of sad but you were so great for me in high school and kait and others to greater or lesser extent still are.

and kait and i are the funniest people in the world. but only we understand this. *nod*

oh man, and today at lunch... ok, i should explain, that we have this joke about both christine and i, but especially christine, ending stories abruptly. (classic example: "... and then i went to dinner.") so alex said that we should end all our stories with "and then i killed someone. the end." so today at lunch, christine was talking about how she watched a lot of west wing this summer, because the people she was doing summer research with didn't like law and order, because it was too gruesome.

so i said, "you should have killed them!"

and molly and tim and i kinda laughed, because killing people is funny, especially when it's sort of in context. but christine loses it and spits out her mouthful of hot chocolate, right across the table. at me. and my white sweater.

it was the funniest thing in the entire world.

(and then i killed someone) the end.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

listening to: josie and the pussycats, i wish you well

i've been listening to so much j&tp these last few weeks. woohoo, manufactured girlpop.

this semester i've discovered that i actually kind of like getting up early. okay, by early i mean like... 8:30-9, but if i don't have class until 11, that's something. i like going to breakfast and getting coffee and catching up on readings. i'm so much more productive when my roommates were gone. (note to roommates: i love you! but that's why i'm less productive when you're around, because i'm like... "i could talk to them! or, i could read about the holocaust. hmm, which would i rather do...?")


man, i went to the pec yesterday and rode on one of the bikes for awhile, and i think i bruised my butt. ALSO i ran into a lightswitch (not in the pec) and bruised my shoulder.

and, amazon won't let me track my package. all it will tell me is this:

Items shipped on November 8, 2004
Delivery estimate: November 5, 2004 - November 8, 2004

psst, amazon... you might want to change your delivery estimate, unless you can somehow get this package to me before you send it. unless... oh my god, amazon has time travel. it all makes sense now.

(that was a lie, it doesn't really make sense.)

anyway. yes.

i think the problem with josie and the pussycats is that it has a target audience of like, three people. (me, kait, and mike.) because it's funny, in a goofy way, but at the cost of its apparent target audience, the preppy/cool/whatever crowd. however, people who are not members of the p/c/w crowd assume that the movie is lame, because it was marketed as a teen romantic comedy sort of thing and not as the amazingly bizarre meta sort of thing it actually is.

and yet by not waching the movie because they assume it to be something targeted toward the people they don't want to be like, the non p/c/w miss out on a movie they might enjoy, and make themselves victims of the system they claim to be outside.

so it's only people like kait and i, who watch bad movies for their entertainment value but are also unpretentious enough to laugh at stupid things, who really enjoy this movie. (i mentioned this to kait as part of the "why i love you" meme-- it's a theory of mine that, to really like things which are cheesy and/or bad, you need to be able to drop some pretenses.)

or maybe this is just me uncessarily over-justifying my affections for random things, i.e. j&tp and, say, case closed.

(it's part of a trend i've noticed wherein i've become increasingly earnest, and not in the victorian-code-for-gay sort of way.)


edited to add more random thoughts: i guess it's just like... i'm tired of sarcasm and hipness and the whole... mm... i don't know. thing. like where i know i'm a big dork and i'm okay with that but i still preface things with "i'm a dork, b ut..." but like, all the things i associate with being a dork are things i like. when you're cool you're detached. i like being into things. and then the second part of being cool is that the things you like-but-only-kind-of fall within the category of "cool."

and i'm definitely guilty of the same, although like.. i realize when i'm doing it and it's not like it's something i get worked up about, but yesterday i said something to julia about like, "i can't believe someone made fun of the west wing when he watches smallville." and not that smallville is cool or uncool or whatever, just that my implication was sort of like, he clearly watches bad tv, why is he judging me? but then i was judging him within my condemnation of his judgment of me.

oh the craziness!

i also dislike the idea that just because i like some things which are fun and silly and cheesy, my taste is invalidated, although i, too, joke about this. i'll say things like "well, i thought it was good, but then i own spice world, so..." you just have to be able to step back and acknowledge you like things for different reasons. i mean, i like spice world, and i like w;t, but i can defiitely admit that these are two very different calibers of movies. (and play, but i've never seen w;t live.)

i'm not-- really-- sure what i'm trying to say here.

oh, also, i feel weird when i'm like, "yeah, my friends and i are geeky, we sit around and play boardgames on weekends." but we LIKE playing boardgames. we have LOTS OF FUN playing boardgames. if we went and got drunk and went to harris, we'd probably just feel sort of awkward, and it would smell weird (as harris does) and the music would be bad (except for "like a prayer"). and i'm not saying going to harris is cool or uncool either. i'm just saying that why can't whatever's fun to you be cool?

and why does it matter? i don't know. i'm just thinking.

and now i'm going to go print off my double major rationale and meet with professor smith to talk about why i like learning things.

(see, see, there? i phrased that to make fun of myself for liking to learn things. WHY IS THAT UNCOOL?)

i'm going now. i think the stuff i added to this post after i originally published it is longer than the first post.

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listening to: stu, it's all just because

i just posted a huge plan rant about how much i love stuart davis. i haven't done one of those around here lately. you all probably know this, though, so i'll keep it brief: I LOVE STUART DAVIS.

moving on.

it's soo cold.

i was going to write more of my nano, but i'm cold and tired and sort of emotionally exhausted by all the holocaust reading i just did. i mean, it's not like the holocaust itself is cheery, but reading page after page of "the us had 2304325 opportunities to help the jews out but, eh, they didn't really care that much" is so... mm.

(i oversimplify some. but not much.)

on the less depressing side, i emailed professor simpson (aka erik whose marriage is being threatened) to ask about a recommendation form and i signed my email "thanks, and good luck defending the sanctity of your marriage," and he replied "sure, and thanks for the marital encouragement" and i don't know, but that's very funny to me.

i think this bears quoting again: A husband can be a LADY! A wife can be a DUDE! Who ARE we?

this is even better if you can envision him saying it... but oh my god.

okay. sleep. sleep is something that is going to happen to me. soon.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i am near hyperventilating with laughter from professor simpson's plan. since you non-grinnellians don't have plans, i shall share excerpts with you.

[molly] asked me, among others, what she now says was a sarcastic question about whether my marriage to [my wife] is troubled or threatened by the existence of gay married couples in the U.S. Clearly there are some people on Plans who need a little education in how gay marriages destroy otherwise happy TRADITIONAL marriages such as mine. A typical day for me:

I wake up around 6:15. I see Carolyn, who most days has already gotten up for her commute to work.

Erik: AAAAAAH!!! Who are you?

Carolyn: Um, Carolyn. It's OK. I'm your wife.

Erik: WIFE? What the hell does that even MEAN?

Carolyn: It means we're married. We have been for almost four years. Now we're having a baby, remember?

Erik: Yes, yes, I remember all about the baby. But what do you mean by "married"?

Carolyn: You know we go over this every day.


Carolyn, in a comforting tone but revealing a bit of exasperation: Well, yes. Because of the people in Massachussets, right?

Erik, gnashing his teeth: You know very well it's about them! After what they've done, who knows whether I'm a husband or you're a wife? A husband can be a LADY! A wife can be a DUDE! Who ARE we?

(Carolyn goes downstairs to feed the cats. Later, Erik descends as well and sees the cats eating.)

Erik: AAAAAAH! Who are these cats?

Carolyn, after a sigh: You know they're Giddy and Kirby--the boys. You've lived with them for more than eight years.

Erik: But I mean who ARE they? Are they married? If, so, which is the husband and which the wife? These were impossible questions even a year ago, but I have no answers now! OHNO OHNO OHNOOOOOOO!


Carolyn pauses for a moment, checking whether ignoring the question will make it go away. She sees that it wonít.)

Carolyn, anxiously: What?

Erik: Well, the liberals say they still want a marriage to have two people, right? But couldnít it be a slippery slope?

Carolyn: . . .

Erik: No, this is SERIOUS! OK, for instance, think of this: in binary, the decimal number two looks like 10, right?

Carolyn: Well, yes.

Erik: Donít you see? Next thing you know, weíre going to see all kinds of signs saying you can have 10 men or women in a LEGAL marriage, and the liberals will giggle and cackle and rub their hands, secretly knowing that they mean 10 in binary, but everyone else will think its 10 in DECIMAL, and people will get used to the idea and then get tricked into legalizing any old thing! Do you realize how many possible marriages Iíll have to investigate in a class if any number of students can be secretly married to any other number of students? It boggles the mind!

(i cut out an also hilarious scene of his classroom confusion because it's pretty long. but OH man isn't professor simpson great? you see? you seeeee why i love all my professors so much?? [non-joke])

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Monday, November 08, 2004

listening to: weezer, the sweater song

why am i listening to this? i don't even like this song. anyway. i'm so cold. but i've been productive. my poli sci exam isn't until THURSDAY and i started studying. by which i mean doing the study questions we're supposed to do for class every day and i never do.

so cold.

anyway. and then i read the stories for cof and one kid is just writing the worst vampire (heh, i accidentally typed 'campire' which is appropriate, except it's unintentionally campy) pretentious goth bad erotica crap thing. i kept giggling and reading lines to julia. one of my favorite parts is that the last draft had a line that was something like, "and then i get out a condom and we do the deed." and in workshop i was like, "um, can you please like... not use the phrase 'do the deed'?" and the rest of the class was like "yes. please don't." so in this draft, it's... wait for it... "and then i get out a condom and take her."

take her.



yes, i fangirl my professors. but omfg you would too if you had my professors. except for klarner. but even he's endearing in an awkward, awkward way (non-joke).

i really like that my friends and i have all started saying "joke" and "non-joke" and when we say it we make parentheses with our hands. but really, when you try to say "(joke)" your hands just automatically pull themselves up and curve. on some basic level we're clearly all hardwired to mock professor klarner. (it's not even really mocking him. i mean, it is, but not mean-spiritedly.)

and i might be able to go to bed early. omg. i just have maybe 10 pages of poli sci reading. and then i think i will go to bed, since i didn't get to sleep until past 2 and then got up at 8 and have been sort of whatever.

why is it so cold?

why is life still so awesome?

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listening to: stu, whisper

oh, man. someone posted photos of the aurora borealis above campus last night, and they're wonderful. this is my favorite. the lights + gates tower look so amazing.

the others are lovely as well.

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listening to: indigo girls, midnight train to georgia (live)

today's just been... i put so much stuff off last minute, and then i got it all done in a couple hours, and it was good, and i think i did well on my trads2 exam, and i was fine. and then i got to history and i was just like "OH MY GOD I HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO." and i tried to explain to myself that i actually already did it. i mean, i still have stuff to do, but all the overwhelming stuff is done, and i handled it efficiently and competently.

but once i did it i started freaking out. not like, yelling in class or anything, just feeling very deer-in-headlights all hour. i think maybe the 2 cups of coffee at breakfast also played a role here, but it was just 2. and i didn't even have a ddp at lunch.

i need to make a "stop freaking out" playlist, and this song needs to be on it. as does all of bright apocalypse by stuart davis. i'm sayin, that cd needs to be handed out like candy by mental health professionals everywhere.

okay, i actually did just get distracted and make a "stop freaking out" playlist. it's great. i'd post it but it has 37 songs and that's kind of long. it's really random though, because i just kind of went through my full playlist and reacted very viscerally to everything and some of the songs that ended up on the list really surprised me. like "and your bird can sing"? one of the few beatles songs on the sfo list. not one of my favorite songs. not one i listen to that often. but i saw it and was like, YES. and i'm listening to it right now, and i was right, it is making me stop freaking out.

i just realized i can't remember my mom's cell phone number right now. i'm trying to give it to someone and totally blanking. omg. i'm the worst daughter ever. (or just.. the daughter who always uses her cellphone and thus doesn't have to remember phone numbers. whichever.) SERIOUSLY what is it? i have to go look it up. on my cellphone. damn you technology, you're making my brain cells atrophy.

the universe is made of notes
that only exist in someone's throat

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(tell the northern lights to keep shining)

so the northern lights? you can see them right now? in iowa? and they're pretty.

and i'm cold and need to go to sleep so i can get up and study for my test tomorrow. raaar.

still, though. beautiful.

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

listening to: rachael sage, memory

so earlier today i had a little fragment of this song stuck in my head and i was going crazy trying to figure out what song it was from. because most of her lyrics aren't online anywhere, and anyway the part i had was "it's love love love love love" which really wouldn't be a helpful search.

(it's really not as dumb of a song as you'd think a song with the line "it's love love love love love" would be. because duh, it's rachael sage.)

anyway... we played some ridiculous mare nostrum last night. we had to declare a stalemate because it was past 1:30 and i was passing out over egypt and we all thought it would be at least another hour before anyone was in a position to win. (i could have won the NEXT turn and then alex took his roman pimpmobile right across the mediterranean, i mean, mare nostrum, and sacked one of my damn cities.)

so yeah. and then at noon today i went to a grinnell nanowrimo coffeehour. my nano is so many words behind. but it is meta as fuck. believe me when i say this. meta. as. fuck. it is really three novels in one.


and my four year plan is so, so sexy, i hope i get into the religious studies special topic (religion and us public life) because that would be like, +3 hottness.

a fact i have always known but was humbled to admit: i am in absolutely no position to judge anyone's tastes in anything, ever. i made some joke about the daredevil movie and brad got all defensive about it, and i was like, "dude, i'm not judging you. MY favorite comic book movie is josie and the pussycats."


oh, and i saw the last five years today ("this logo makes me think that the count should be involved. the last one, two, three, four, five! five years!") anyway, a really great show. another one i regret not having tried to see when it was in chicago (with teh norbert).

i like that julia and i just had the following conversation:
julia: "KITTIES!"
me: "KITTIES! that was in capslock AND bold!"

yeah, and that was in real life. like.. i just got louder. and claimed to have spoken in bold.

i think maybe i need a trial separation from my computer.

also i like kitties.

i have kitty scratch marks on my hand from professor simpson's cats. awww.

oh, and in other news, we cleaned our room this weekend. i think the warning sign that something had to happen was that i made julia take me to wal-mart to get some ddp earlier this week. and then a couple days ago i moved a couple books and discovered an unopened 24-pack of ddp. (this actually reflects more on my less-than-keen powers of observation than on the dirtiness of our room, since it was really in plain sign, albeit behind my chair. still though, it was bad.)

but now i have enough ddp to last quite some time. sweet, sweet ddp.

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

listening to: bnl, call and answer

hi! i like things.

let's see. what have i been doing since last i blogged? it was wrap bar night in the dining hall, which always pleases me, except yesterday it made me realize subway had eaten my brain when i was elaborating on the differences between dining hall wraps and subway wraps.

and then... oh, we did a murder mystery! and it was great. and this is a short story which will delineate several reasons why i heart grinnell.

so, we're going to do this murder mystery, and i went down a few hours early and stuck a sign (which i had done in crayon) on the door. it said "7:30-? lounge reserved for homicide and/or debauchery" which amused us. so anyway, we did the mystery (it was CARLY, that tramp) and then half of us left and the other half were just sitting around. a couple people came in-- at this point, molly and i were both wearing fishnets, and molly was wearing a scandalous red sequin short evening gown thing, and tim was wearing this great 30s vest and striped button-down shirt, and julia was just wearing regular clothes. and we were all idly fidgeting with these huge plastic weapons. (they didn't come with the mystery, molly just got them at wal-mart because she thought they were funny.) anyway, so this is what was happening when these people came in. and we said, "oh, you can use the lounge, we're done."

and they said, "oh, that's cool, you can stay where you are. we just need the tv." so they put in this tape, which is apparently an argentinean show, and it's just these people doing a ridiculous pseudo-belly dance in front of a really, really bad cgi taj mahal (the people are real, the background is fake, and the names have been changed to protect the innocent), and the 3 people who came in the lounge start trying to dance along with them, although 2 of them have clearly never seen this before.

it was ridiculous, and by ridiculous i mean amazing.

i am le tired!

but i fed professor simpson's cats today and they're soooo cute. because they're kitties. awww.

in other news i feel a little bad that "(joke)" has already been co-opted by my friends and i. but it's not like professor klarner will ever know. just like how creepy tim will never know that we call him creepy tim and have a hand signal for him and everything.

do you ever wonder if people you've never met have a nickname for you? i do sometimes, but it's probably just because of my guilty conscience (joke).

also, i have the worst canker sore ever (non-joke).

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Friday, November 05, 2004

i forgot to mention, that also, mary and i went to feed professor simpson's cats. kitties!!!11!one! and i get to feed them again tonight and tomorrow!

also, i have 2 very special requests from my artistic friends, who can use photoshop and suchlike.
anyway, 2 lj icons i would LOVE to have:
- something that says "covered in BEES!" this can be anything. it can be a picture of eddie izzard, it can be something covered in bees, it can just be a white square that says "COVERED IN BEES" and i'd be excited. or, if it had coffee or something and said "i like my women like i like my coffeee... COVERED IN BEES!" whatever.
- something with magneto (preferably movieverse) that says "magneto incognito."

because those things would be funny.

and i would like you a lot if you made me either or both of them.

but i'll like you a lot even if you don't, so.

in conclusion: kitties.

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listening to: ani d, fierce flawless

woohoo, sam works now and i didn't even have to take him to the helpdesk! i just needed a paperclip and alex's expert advice. (it WAS the spice girls breaking sam: because he didn't get properly shut down, apparently he was trying to use them as a boot disc. and while the spice girls frequently wear boots, they're not very good at booting osx. good thing i'm friends with computer science majors. or... one of them. but yeah, so i got the cd out and everything's peachy again. whew.)

i tried to give blood today, and failed. i've never successfully given blood... for awhile there (like, you know, 16 years) i was too young, and then i had spent time in malaria zones, and now my one-year-after-being-in-a-malaria-zone has expired... but my hematocrit levels were too low. and i didn't even know what a hematocrit was, but they gave me a pamphlet. it is apparently "a reading of the percentage of red blood cells relative to your total blood volume." apparently the average female has a level of 36.1%- 44.3%, and i had 36.5% but they didn't want to risk it.

they recommend a daily multivitamin with iron. mm, iron.

speaking of iron, mary and i decided earlier today that if magneto were incognito, it would be the funniest thing ever. but only if he said it aloud, including his name. like, if he were incognito, and then whispered to someone, "shh.. i'm magneto... incognito!" but then the other person would inevitably start laughing and very probably blow his cover.


i don't understand how i can be any good at satire at all when my usual sense of humor seems to revolve around bad puns, stuff that rhymes, and hand gestures.

*makes creepy tim fingers*

making creepy tim fingers would be a bad way to be incognito. especially if you were magneto.


in other news, my poli sci prof? possibly the most socially awkward man ever.

there's a long backstory to this, but i won't share, since it's pretty boring.

Hi Renata,

Oh, good to know it's unclear when I'm joking (non-joke).† From now on, I'll guffaw really obviously when I am (joke).† Statements in parentheses are jokes (joke).†

See you in class, and thanks again for participating so much, it really helps the class.†

if this were ANYONE else i'd be suspicious that he was making fun of me. but he's NOT. or if he is, he's holding his cards SO close to his chest that absolutely no one else is in on this joke of his.

i think he's a robot. in fact i'm highly tempted to reply to this email with "are you a robot or something? (joke)."

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

i think i'm getting sick.

and sam is sick too and he's REALLY fucked up and i don't know why but it all started when i put in my spice girls cd and itunes was like "what? spice girls? i unexpectedly crash on you!" and then sam was like "eject disc? i have no disc!" and then i was like "restart!" and sam was like "no!" and finally i had to just turn him off and then on, and then he STILL wouldn't eject and then i was like fine, i'll just check my email, and i opened safari and it locked up right away and so i forced it to quit, and then i tried firefox, and, well, long story short, absolutely nothing on my computer works right now and it's all because of the spice girls.

i'll take him to the helpdesk tomorrow and hopefully they'll fix him.

but, i'm editing images to put on the b&s website and right now i have the hamburglar picture open in photoshop and it makes me SO HAPPY.

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listening to: rachael sage, marmelade

soo hi.

okay. the election. okay. we'll deal. we as a nation. we're got some problems. some apathy, some ignorance, some homophobia, some latent misogyny, some racial tensions. we've got these problems on both sides of the party line.

it sucks being a crushed idealist. but it happens. and america's been through worse. we have. we'll get through this. (this is why history is so reassuring to me.)

and personally, it's been a pretty good day for me.

i met with the grinnell-in-london coordinator about my london internship application, and she thinks i have marketable skills (!) and will fit in well in british work environments. and she saw my b&s stuff on my resume and asked me if i had written the "female president" article in this month's issue. and i said yes, i did. and she said she had thought it was really funny and had, in fact, cut it out and sent it to her brother.

full of squishy.

but, besides being told that i'm funny (which i always like to hear ;)) i realized she's right, i am pretty marketable. besides all my computer skills (and the b&s alone has given me enough experience to at least be "familiar with" like 032943 things) there's a... satire is handier than you think. it's really about being able to boil everything down to salient points.

it's always cheery for me to think that i might have a job one day.

oh, and the west wing stole a b&s story. before it was printed. but, after i wrote it, so. and, as brad and i pointed out to each other, nobody watches the west wing. and no one reads the b&s, so it's okay.

("no one reads the b&s" is something we console ourselves with fairly frequently, actually. mostly what we like is that no one reads the b&s closely. people skim headlines and hangquotes and get a good chuckle, but probably most of them don't sit down and read full articles. which is why headlines and hangquotes are so important. )

okay, it's definitely bedtime now. now that i've mused on the past and future of america, my own marketability, and the importance of making one's publication funny to people who don't read it.

tune into boron next week, when i'll give you my broccoli casserole recipe and propose a quick solution for peace in the middle east.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the soundtrack on campus today is a deep, shuddery sigh.

i posted this earlier on my lj cuz i couldn't log into blogger. but now i can. clearly.

OK, I haven't been able to log into blogger all morning/afternoon.


I guess I was still holding out hope, and then I ran into my friend outside of class, and she said "have you heard anything new?" and i said "nope, just that they need to count provisional and absentee ballots in ohio..." and she said "ok, i was just asking because someone's crying in the bathroom..." and then it turned out to have been our friend anna, and we said what's wrong and she said "kerry's conceding."

and i'd be angry about that but i'm really just numb

ugh, cnn.com's headline is "BUSH WINS." no exclamation point. just big, grim letters.

i can't...

17% of ages 18-24 (or maybe 18-30?) voted this year.

do you know what percent of that age bracket voted in 2000?


what is wrong here? what is the problem? what's it going to take for people to learn? i talked to lots of people who said they had secretly hoped bush would win, or weren't happy about bush winning but thought, "well, at least this'll kick the democratic party into shape."

and it didn't, it's not, what's wrong?

i think i'm suffering from the arthur dent effect. i simply cannot imagine 4 more years of this, it's too big to wrap my head around right now.

to paraphrase jon stewart last night, "this is just like this dream i had, where i woke up crying."

i think i'll now just quote some musicals because that seems like a reasonable thing to do.

What does it take
To wake up a generation?
How can you make someone
Take off and fly?
If we don't wake up
And shake up the nation
We'll eat the dust of the world
Wondering why


Why do we follow leaders who never lead?
Why does it take catastrophe to start a revolution?
If we're so free, tell me why?
Someone tell me why

So many people bleed?
Cages or wings?
Which do you prefer?
Ask the birds

-- tick, tick... BOOM!

Only for now! (Sex!)
Is only for now! (Your hair!)
Is only for now! (George Bush!)
Is only for now!

Don't stress,
Let life roll off your backs
Except for death and paying taxes,
Everything in life is only for now!

-- Avenue Q

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so in denial.

tomorrow's another day.

this game sucks.

what would creepy tim do?

please not 4 more years.



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funny but not terribly funny momenet of tonight:

dylan: man, we endorsed the wrong candidate!*
me: nah, look at it this way: we get another month of election humor!
us: *nervous laughter* ...

* he didn't actually speak in hyperlink, that would be weird. rather, that was what he was referring to.


we had like 4 different channels on in the forum and then we all got mad at nbc and then the local channel was like, "we're tired, this isn't going to get settled tonight. bye!" and julia and christine and i decided that sounded like a good idea.

and lemony snicket didn't call.

this game sucks.

not even laughing at creepy tim* can make this better.

* see, there's our friend tim, and then there's this guy who looks just like tim, but with a mustache, and creepier. we call him creepy tim. we think his real name is rolf. tonight at dinner we developed a complicated hand signal that uses all your fingers in a zoidberg/creepy tim mustache-esque fashion. and then you say stuff. and it means you're being creepy tim.

it's the best thing ever.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

just sitting around, waiting for daniel handler to call me. aaah. i changed our voicemail message today, now it says, "you have reached renata, julia, and christine. unfortunately, we're not here to take your call. if you are daniel handler, thank you for calling! i've already voted, and thank you for writing such awesome books. if you are not daniel handler, which is far more likely, please leave a message and we'll call you back."

and molly's is something similar, and she called me and i answered on the first ring and was like "hello!!!" hoping it was lemony snicket. and she was like, "oh, i just wanted to hear your message." and then i called her and she was like "hello!!" and i was like.. "um.. i just wanted to hear your message."

because we're ridiculous.


but yes, i voted today.


(i'm transferring all my election anxiety onto daniel handler anxiety, because i can cope with that one. if daniel handler doesn't call me, oh well. if kerry doesn't win the election... oh shit, now i'm thinking about it. LEMONY SNICKET.)


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Monday, November 01, 2004

my mom amuses me SO much. okay, see, the thing about our family and christmas cards is that my mom always writes a really funny letter. (not like those crap christmas letters YOUR mom probably sends.) and she sends them to basically everyone she's ever met. and she always sends them late. like january. i think once not even until february.

and today she told me this over im:

September 19th--Talk Like a Pirate Day? I'm wanting to send our Christmas magnets out early this year---like before Tgiving or right after--only I'm going to apologize for being late for Talk Like Day...and do some of the letter in prate talk...is there a pirate talk website?

isn't that great? my mom isn't sending christmas cards. she's sending belated talk like a pirate day cards.

so much wonderful.

anyway. oh, i remember what i wanted to post. i've been playing with josh (scrabble and such) and setting up new playlists. and one of them is the acapella playlist, which is not as full as i'd like it to be. so here's what i'm proposing:

does your school have an acapella group? i bet they do. do you have their cd? want to send me a copy? and then i will send you a copy of the g-tones (male) or vox (female) or both (but not con brio [mixed] because i don't have their cd) and you can hear how we do it in grinnell. and when i say we, i don't mean me, because i can't sing. and because of gmail, we don't even have to mail cds. we can just email the files. or we could send hardcopy burned cds if you want.

let me know.

and did i mention you should vote tomorrow? cuz you totally should.

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listening to: kenny loggins, footloose

that's right, i bought the footloose soundtrack at wal-mart. and i'm playing it at full volume on sam (admittedly not very loud). woohoo!

i can't express how pleased i am about this. really.

please! louise! pull me off of my knees!

also, some girl tried to tell me that i was mispronouncing "lemony snicket." but i just checked and she's wrong.

(it's just... lemony snicket. pronounced the way you'd assume it would be.)

uh... you should go vote tomorrow. probably most of you know this already. or aren't eligible to vote. in which case, you know, cross your fingers.


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