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Sunday, October 31, 2004

listening to: the byrds, all i really wanna do

i just did a random google search for "frowl" out of curiosity, and dude! it's listed in urbandictionary,com as:

1. frowl

combination of a frown, scowl, and growl, to be employed when each of these individually just isn't enough.

I just poured coffee on my crotch while reading my girlfriend's break-up letter in a traffic jam! *frowl*
Source: tyld, Dec 10, 2003

buwaaahahaha. who's tyld? i'm not tyld. the word is spreading!

so anyway. in the last few days i've:
- gone to two wonderful lectures by deidre lynch (i don't know why it amuses me so much that professor simpsons's website starts with "www.math.grinnell.edu" but it does)
- finally seen the shawshank redemption which was good and didn't make me do other things while i was watching it.
- successfully completed a scavenger hunt with julia and alex, involving me breaking into all my friends' rooms and searching for their condoms, only to discover that everyone uses lifestyles (because they're free) and no one uses rough riders, which were what we needed. so then alex started calling random rlcs and asking if they had any. meanwhile, julia was hardboiling an egg and i was wandering around asking random drunk people if they had parking tickets. oh excitement.

some other stuff? that now i can't remember?

and now i'll go work on... something, anyway. and work on my resume because AAAH internships AAAH.

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i should be sleeping, but instead i typed up my cof lightning story and then started working on a christmas fic. (hey, the last time i wrote a christmas fic was in january, so, i'm getting there.)

anyway. so yes, tura, they're making a rent movie. i love it that whenever anyone hears anything about rent, they have to tell me. (i mean that, i love it. you guys are great.) but yes, chris columbus, and idina, adam, and anthony are are all confirmed. and jesse too, i think.

i would have been SO excited about this in 8th grade, and i won't lie, i'm still enough of a fangirl to be a little "OMG anthony posted at cb!! omg his screenname is 'whiteboy spice!' omg anthony!"

and i'm looking forward to this movie. i think it will be really interesting, and of course it won't be 100% true to the play. it's a movie. it would look dumb in a movie to have one person singing and one person holding an answering machine.

(on the topic: this is adorable. or should i say, adorkable.)

um... some stuff happened tonight, maybe i'll blog about it later. or maybe i won't. buwaha.

i felt like there was one other thing i wanted to post about tonight, though. but... you know, things. happy halloween.

i'm a big lamx0r and have no costume. except for the bits of pirate costume that i have lying around my room anyway. (fun story: earlier today i was looking for my sword for the scavenger hunt, and i apparently opened my drawer, pulled out the sword, and handed it to julia. then i continued rummaging through my drawers going, "now... where did i put that sword?" when i figured out i had already given the sword to julia, i asked her why she was letting me still look for the sword. she said she assumed i was looking for something else. but i wasn't, i just totally blanked out on having already located the sword. it was very strange. and no, i wasn't trashed. just confuuuused.)

soooo confuuuused.

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Saturday, October 30, 2004

an announcement: my ipod is now named josh. because he's such good friends with sam. so i'll have sam the pink-keyboarded computer and josh the purple-covered ipod.

OOH, and maybe i could name josh's iskin donna. heh. (sam's iskin will still just be the keyboard condom, of course.)

edit: i decided that this post would be better with pictures. so here are some.

here's what sam + keyboard condom looks like. except his screen isn't creepy and pink.

here's what josh + donna will look like, when donna gets here.

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urgh. hi. how are you?

let me see.

yesterday afternoon was scipe's debate between danny carroll (r) and eric palmer (d), our candidates for iowa state house. it went really well, lots of people came and stuff was good. but. when danny carrol got asked about gay marriage... oh, man. so funny. until you stop to think about the fact that THIS MAN IS OUR INCUMBENT.

a few of his points:

- "i'm just saying, if two men want to get married, how do we know they're gay? do we just believe them because they say so? what if two businessmen want to get married to help their business?"
- "or what if a bisexual man and a lesbian woman want to get married? and then... the bisexual man also wanted to marry a man?"

right. i think the holes in that logic speak for themselves, so i'll move on and say that mr. carroll was a very nice man, very friendly and personable and somehow not seeming like a "politician."

the disconnect creeped me out a little, but i suppose homophobes are people too.

and now i would like to share two things with you all. the first is an excerpt from my summary of our trads2 group discussion yesterday. yes, this really happened, and yes, i turned it in like this.

We then took a moment to lament the lack of ‘80s song references in this week’s discussion, and strove to connect “Baby Got Back” with Jane Eyre. We concluded that while Mr. Rochester may have formerly liked big butts, (i.e. the hardy Bertha and the “Amazonian” Blanche), he ultimately prefers the smaller Jane. In this, Mr. Rochester is actually more similar to Weird Al’s version of the song, “Baby Got Jack.”

This naturally led to a discussion of Matthew Arnold’s “Dover Beach.”

the second is the purpose statement of the new student group mary and i just filled out the paperwork for, called voracious fans of daniel handler, or VFD.

Members of VFD will devote themselves to appreciation of Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket's, literary works, notably the Series of Unfortunate Events. We will meet to discuss his works, drink parsley soda, and keep an eye out for the sugar bowl. We will probably also discuss some of the broader themes pursued in this books, such as censorship, social justice, and pinstripes. We will also attempt to coordinate activities for kids at Stewart Library. VFD will serve as a friendly place to meet new fans of this brilliant kids' series, as well as Handler's more adult novels. Sometimes we might also play board games, or invent secret codes.

"The world is quiet here."

also, i think my ipod is working now. it turns out i'm an idiot and i do have a firewire port. yippee! *snuggles ipod*

oh, and i did end up going with the purple iskin. thanks for the input, tura ^_^

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

listening to: mary chapin carpenter, rhythm of the blues

mmm jalapeno kettle cooked chips.

anyway. paula smith, thank you thank you for reducing my stress levels. that might have sounded like sarcasm, but it wasn't. this week we're just supposed to forget about our stories we've been working on. ("stop thinking about them! i mean, i can't control your thoughts... but just be very buddhist about it.")

ooh, now i'm listening to (i mean, listening to:) "higher love" by steve winwood. *rocks out*

... so easily distracted. *shakes fist at itunes shuffle* anywayz. so then she had us make a list of things we were frustrated with about out stories, and then 5 things we'd rather be writing about. and i was like... uh? #1 on my list was "something funny." i don't know why i always do that. i'm always like, "i should write something serious" and then i start writing it and i'm like "you know... no, i shouldn't." anyway, and then there were... 4 other things i don't remember. and then she was like, "okay... now use the rest of class time to write a story using those 5 things. go!"

and i did, and it's a decent first draft of a short-short story. and it's very reassuring.

my ipod's not working now. i think it's transferring music? but the ipod icon isn't showing up in itunes and christine said it should.

hm. you know what's weird? is that i'm pretty good at writing funny things, but i'm not that funny in person. like, most of the things i find personally funny are bad puns, weird inside jokes, CAPITAL LETTERS...

i mean, i know people think i'm funny. but it's not.. the same. also i'm awful at telling stories.

just an observation.

another observation: i really, really heart kingdom of loathing.

You're fighting an Anime Smiley

This innocent combination of Shift+6 and the underscore has somehow mutated into a freakish grinning face.

You failed to hit the monster.

You use the dictionary.

You begin to read from the dictionary.

Your opponent writhes in pain, suffering 30 points of spelling damage.

omg it kekekekes j00 in teh elbow!!!11!!! ;___; Ow! Ouch! Eek!

You lose 8 hit points. (bad spelling damage)

this, of course, takes place in The Valley of Rof L'm Fao.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


renata: OR EVEN BOTH.


renata: SAM.
renata: SERIOUSLY.

renata: SNEAKY.
renata: *GASP*
renata: YES IT DOES.

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christine (playing e-scrabble): i have three i's!
me: i have two. *considers* or four.
christine: are they blinded?
me: by the light. and my lack of penis.

and christine (re: wedge antilles): "HIS NAME IS A SIMPLE MACHINE!"

to which she and i absolutely lost it. and got stared at in the loggia.

heh. simple machines.

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woohoo, my free ipod came today! thanks guys who signed up. it's so hot. *pat pat*

now i'm looking at ordering an iskin for it. (sam's keyboard condom is an iskin too, and it's the best thing ever. seriously, i really recommend them to anyone who has an apple laptop. or an apple keyboard for that matter, but it's a little less critical-- i mean, if you fuck up your external keyboard it's a pain, but you can get a new one. if you fuck up your laptop keyboard, though... not so good. so the iskin is amazing.)

anyway, enough product endorsement. onto color choices. i'm debating between blush (bright pink) and vamp (bright purple.) if i got pink, it could coordinate with sam. purple, on the other hand, glows in the dark.

and is purple.

choices, choices.

i have a meeting with vbrown in an hour. i should go look at my paper again.

oh, and i have a paper due in poli sci tomorrow. i should start that, sometime.

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listening to: byrds, i'll feel a whole lot better

i had the weirdest dream last night... i signed up last-minute to do some job shadowing thing, and i was with dave barry. and i was like, whoa, dave barry. but then he just left, and i and all the other grinnell job shadowers ended up in this big pool. as i remember, we were all dressed vaguely victorianly. and there was some sort of monster, or something. and indiana jones? but he didn't really help us at all. and then i went back and talked to dave barry for awhile, and then he left and i realized i didn't know how i was supposed to get home, and eventually some woman told me. and i left a note for dave barry on his desk but i had to write it on a dryer sheet because it was all i could find.

and then i got back my evaluation for the job shadowing thing and whoever was grading me gave me a c, because when they had stopped to watch me i was in the pool with the monster.

oh, and somehow this guy i kinda know was there and he really wanted me to drink this cup of beer he had. and i didn't want it.

it's been awhile since i've really remembered my dreams but i think this is probably one of the weirder ones.

it occurs to me that i should really update the boron glossary one of these days. today, however, is not that day.

christine: "hey renata, did you know that wedge antilles is ewan mcgregor's uncle?"
me: "really??"
christine: "yeah, he's the one who inspired ewan to go into acting."
me: "so he could be like wedge antilles??"
christine: "yeah! and just think, if you married ewan mcgregor, your uncle by marriage would be wedge antilles!"
me: "whoa."
christine: "hee, there's this quote from ewan about someone asking him why he did star wars even though he usually likes indy films, and ewan just said 'but it's star wars!'"
me: "WHOA! wedge antilles is obi-wan's UNCLE!"

my favorite part of this exchange? we consistently refer to the guy who plays wedge as wedge. i didn't even ask his name. he's just wedge antilles, always and forever.

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can someone answer this for me before i ask it in class tomorrow?

in older literature, what does it MEAN when they use long dashes as part of a name? like "mr. ---- of -----shire." or whatnot.

christine theorizes, "maybe it's so you can make up your own place name."
me: "or so that you can personalize it, and think every story is about YOUR neighborhood! i mean, i totally thought jane eyre took place in grinnell-shire."

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i like that i've just left kait the series of the most like.. insane, seemingly drunken, confused comments ever. and i'm tired.. but like, i'm not acting like that in real life. or even elsewhere online. but somehow open up kait's comment box and i weird out.

or something.

something smells like roast beef. what?

i have so much scipe stuff to do. and i need to... well, nevermind that, maybe i'll just go to bed and do all that tomorrow.

also sometime tomorrow i need to find time to go to north campus and get the poster art from dylan, because our artist ran into him in the forum and decided it would be a good idea to give it to him.


i mean.. yes, technically, he's the art editor. (see, admitting that just made you all question the validity of that caps use, didn't you?) but he doesn't actually make the posters. or scan the comic. or um, things. and she knows this. oooh well, it's haaaard to be me.

in other news, good fic feedback is like hot chocolate for the soul.

and that's better than chicken soup. plus, no jesus.

and now christine and i are going to take our respective phallic symbols and return to our death house, thankyouverymuch.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

listening to: rent, what you own (live)

man, i was listening to this, and i went "dude! this guy sounds like scott hunt!" and then i looked and, sure enough, it's scott as mark. (and matt caplan as roger! ever a mindfuck.)

aww man, you know who's great?

scott hunt.

not great? my homework and it's not-being-done-ness. and my scipe shit and its not-being-done-ness. b&s, though, that sucker's done. except my artist is supposed to drop off some poster art so i can make some posters. i really need to have a nice talk with her about deadlines, motherfucker. and actually replying to her emails. whatever, she draws real pretty.

also i need to talk with some of my writers about second-guessing my editorial descisions. bitches.

but um! stuff.

i wrote a new x-men story? yes. and it's at both cw and stuff. (i'm glad i have the least pretentious story archive name ever.)

i'm tired.

i like things.

you know what's a good song? "alms" by stuart davis.

take me
where the sheep are catching wolves
where the parts are weaving wholes
where the drop contains the sea
you are me

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laaa i haven't started any of my homework for tomorrow.

but, had a good b&s layout meeting, a good scipe meeting, and a slightly less-good b&s meeting. *shrug* issue 2 is going to be so, so fucking funny though.

i make no promises regarding issue 3. and fall semester 2005? i have my worries.

dear kettle-cooked salt and vinegar potato chips,




oh, i almost forgot... my entire reason for posting... 50 ways to leave your lover. check it out and tell your fandom friends. i'm already over 1/5 of the way to 50. hotttt.

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

aw nuts. i typed a whole entry and then cleverly closed the window before publishing it.

i'll recap: i tossed this idea out on CW earlier today and got some good response, so i thought i'd ask around here, too. i want to start a cross-fandom projecty thing called "50 ways to leave your lover," which would basically just collect 50 breakup (or other stories in which one's lover is left) stories from different fandoms. i had already been planning to have the deadline be in january sometime, to give some breathing room to people doing nanowrimo and so that studenty types could use their winter breaks to write, and then christine had the brilliant idea of february 14th. so, i think the deadline will be january sometime, with the full project being launched on valentine's day.


so, leave a comment if you'd be interested.

the end.

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listening to: nena, 99 red balloons

those who are interested: i updated some stuff i wrote. some b&s bits as well as an xmm bit of erik angst. mmmm erik!angst.

those who aren't interested: the above is still true, you just don't care.

a night of productivity: i worked on my cof story (it's all in one tense now! i have a huge problem with that.) and updated stuff and started a new fic. woohoo. i haven't had time and inspiration simultaneously for a long long time.

woohoo. and christine and i watched x2 and now we're watching two towers which, of course, led to lots of magneto/gandalf/picard jokes. because. we're awesome.

and we watched our favorite part! "i see you still speak in riddles, old friend." bahahaha.

um.. i like things.

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

listening to: tori, i'm on fire (live)

whew. i just hit a good point in my cof story, and it feels so good. i'd been stressing about it all week, mostly, i think, because i ended up doing my last exercise last minuteish and it was pretty weak, and professor smith commented on it and i felt guilty. but, you know, it was midsems week. and such.

but i wrote a good 5 pages of it, and it's going in i think a good direction, and it's just really relaxing. because now i have... certainly a little more work to do on the story segment before i turn it in (before monday at noon), and a little more jane eyre to read, and a little more b&s stuff... and i think maybe a little more history reading... but it's definitely manageable.

and i have a cold ibc cream soda. mmm.

i think i'm going to go curl up in bed, drink my cream soda, re-read the unauthorized autobiography of lemony snicket, and not worry about things.

oh, and in half an hour i'll go put my laundry in the dryer.

laundry aside... doesn't that sound great?

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listening to: bitch and animal, scrap metal

omg omg omg. first off, rent was so good, good good cast, especially andy meeks. and <3333 christine, mary, and jake. so much fun. and we went to target and i got a zippy black sweatshirt and carebear socks! and we got thai food!

and i just checked my email, and:

Dear Operation Ohio Participants,

Thank you for signing up to receive a phone call reminding you to vote on November 2nd. The author calling you is Daniel Handler, AKA Lemony Snicket, author of The Series of Unfortunate Events Books.


and right now-- it's looking like, if i manage my time, everything is manageable. i just wrote like, 2 more sentences of the story, and they weren't even that good, but they were good for letting me come to terms with the story and where it's going. whew.

and. yes, things are pretty good. minor freak-out abating. my reading for immigration history was soo exciting. that class keeps blowing my mind. whiteness studies, gender stuff, the definition of citizenship... oh, my god, so fucking interesting.

also, i fully endorse penknife's fanfic. she mainly writes xmm and hp, and apparently star trek, though i've not read any of her stuff in the latter. and apparently there's some good omens under miscellaneous? sweet, i'm on that like ugly is on your mom's face! oh!

uh... yes.

also, x-posted from my plan, a list of things that are funny:

- aswad
- bangkok
- kae mart
- theatre seats of doooom
- "let's give the boy a man!"
- highway 69
- lunchables

please note that there are many funny things not included on this list; however, everything on this list is funny. oh yes it is.

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

so... i always thought it was kind of pretentious when writers talked about characters "not doing what they were supposed to" or whathaveyou. until i started writing. and then i realized, oh. and then a couple weeks ago when steven sidor was talking about writing, he said it was nonsense when people talked about characters didn't do what the writer wanted them to do. you created the characters, he said, you can make them do whatever you want them too.

and technically, that's true. technically i can write and then harry said, 'ron, i love you very much and i've been waiting to ask you this for a very long time... will you marry me?' and then ron said, 'alas, no, harry, i appreciate your affections but i'm currently involved with my brother charlie.'

there, i wrote it, i made them do it. but it's just so ridiculous that it's not... real. real fiction.

so the thing is: it's not so much that the characters "won't do that." it's that the characters you have created (or interpreted) are not the sorts of people who would do that, and if you write them doing it it seems silly or forced.

just... sayin. so maybe i'll go look at my story some more. oy.

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this break is just really not giving me what i needed. i really shouldn't have done the dems alt break. but i wanted to help. and i didn't think it would suck so much. and working on my cof story is just really stressing me out. i haven't... i'm just stuck and i don't want to write any more and i have to.

and i have some reading to do and some last minute b&s stuff. and i'm out of commission all day tomorrow to go see rent in ames, which should be aaawesome. but.

this story. just. don't want to work on it. have to. jskdjf[psaodijgf.

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HAHA i just typed "tick, tick... DOOM!" (instead of "tick, tick... BOOM!") and that's the funniest thing in the world.

why is amazon.com giving me 29% off on things? couldn't they just round up to 30?

i have so much work to do! i shouldn't have gone on alt break! aah!

(note that this doesn't actually make me do work, it just makes me whine about it.)

but... you know... things.

i'm going to go do some now.

things, i mean.

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omg. so.

this friend of a friend is apparently a masters student in sexuality studies, and he posted this poll on his plan. basically, he said, he's been reading some victorian hardcore pornography, and seeing how he's doing reserach in sexuality, not a lot shocks him anymore. but he came across one story that just threw him for a loop. he decided to post the elements of this story on his plan and try to have people guess the scenario. this story included:
- one man
- one woman
- one stool
- one cow

and people have been guessing, and it's been quite entertaining for all. and a few days ago he posted an excerpt of this story, which was... so bizarre. and hilarious. because.. it's hardcore porn, but the characters still talk like they're, well, victorians.

anyway, i was telling julia about this, because... like i said, funny. but she was disturbed, and wanted to tell me a different joke. so i said ok.

julia's joke went as follows:

knock knock!
who's there?
the cow with bad timing?
the cow with--

after she told this to me, i laughed. a lot. because... cow. heh.

and she hadn't realized... and... life's funny.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

watching: tww

guh. back. 11 hour volunteer days suck. the shorter ones too. i hope kerry gets elected, but this volunteering sucked.

is all i'm saying. like. i hope it made a difference. and i really want kerry to win. but i'm not going to say anything coming together and it being a great experience. or anything. because it was menial office work and talking to people who didn't want to be talked to.

but, i got a free t-shirt.

so... yes.

bartlet: "i'm just going to sit here and think about plutonium and the things i can do with it."

i'm tired.

and things.


just so we're clear.

sam: "were you the recording secretary of the princeton gilbert and sullivan society for two years?"
lionel: "no, but then again i'm not a woman."

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

hi gang. i've been (and am) volunteering for kerry in iowa city.

it kind of sucks.

but i got to see team america: world police with miriam last night (after being made to feel guilty for leaving after an 8-hour volunteer day), so that was awesome.

so... yeah. iowa is kerry country.

or something.

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

oh, i should maybe mention that i'm going to iowa city for alt break. we're doing some democratic party volunteering, and i'll get to hang out with miriam. should be hott.

i'm not bringing sam, so i'm not sure how often i'll have intarweb access.

so... see you all sometime. have a good break, if you're on break.

have a good week, if you're not.


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Friday, October 15, 2004

well okay.

info on my name from thenamesite.com with the terribly false stuff stricken out. (striked out? struck out? .... with a line through the middle.)

Name Origin: Latin
Number of Syllables: 3.00
Gender: Unisex (so that's why simawe's son is named renata.)

More interesting facts about the name Renata:

Lucky Number: 5 (i like 5!)
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Primary Color: Blue
Traits: Active, both physically and mentally. Inquiring, exploring. Fond of reading and researching. Good at languages. Would make a very good teacher, writer, secretary. Makes friends easily. Usually methodical and orderly; adept at simplifying systems.

eta: right now "hired! the musical" (from mst3k) is the funniest thing ever
"i suck at my job!"
"no you don't!"
"yes i do! my salesmen are slobs!"
"no they aren't!"
"yes they do!"

in this vein, i've realized that some of you have never heard the glory of "covered in beeeees!" which makes me sad. so if you haven't, leave a comment, and i'll im it to you or send it to your gmail or whathaveyou. seriously, all of you, i want you all to hear it. (in the comment, also leave how you want me to send it to you.) because. eddie. bees. yes.


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You're fighting the Spirit of New Wave

This spirit somehow embodies an entire flock of seagulls, a couple of durans, several bangles, some cars, two identical thompsons, and much more.

He gets the jump on you.

He plays screeching synthesizer music, but you cover your ears and say "Lalalalala" until he stops.

With great Moxie, you sneak up behind him and hit him for 32 damage. SPLAT! POW! WHAM! BONK! ZOT! BONK!

You win the fight!

You gain 42 Meat.

You acquire an item: Disco 'Fro Pick

You gain 1 Magicalness.

You gain 2 Chutzpah.

(the spirit of new wave is my character's nemesis, because i am, of course, a disco bandit.)

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

listening to: tmbg, birdhouse in your soul

tonight was good. i finished my paper, and finally picked a title for it.

(rejected titles included, "The Rainbow Connection: Insanity, Nativism, The Irish, The Dillingham Commission, and You." "It was the Best of times, it was the Craziest of Times: [same subtitle, minus the 'and you'.] " "Should They Stay or Should They Go?: [again, same subtitle]" )

i finally settled on "The Nativist, the Environmentalist, and the Ugly: The Dillingham Commission's Portrayal of Insanity and New Immigrants."

(note: "environmentalist" here doesn't mean greenpeace... in this era "essentialist" vs. "environmentalist" was basically nature vs. nurture. so basically if irish people are inherently crazy or if living in ireland makes them that way.)

anyway, so finished that, title and all, then went to bob's and got a tangerine spritzer (they were out of mango, but tangerine turns out to be delicious so that was ok), then watched some of pocahontas. and then my roommates came back and i made them play the where in the usa is carmen sandiego? boardgame with me. because they love me and i love geography.

or something.

aand... then i worked on my four year plan and it's so hot. i hope i get into all these classes.

and then i wrote one sentence of my gil application essay.

and then i played kingdom of loathing.

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this is the second day running i've mistakenly believed to be friday. man, tomorrow's gonna be sweet.

anyway. i want to proofread my paper once more, but then i think i'll be done. except for the works cited page. and i really, really don't want to write my works cited. i only have like, three sources. but i just don't want to go write them out. i'm so unmotivated.

of course, one of the sources (or maybe three) is (are) senate commission reports, which seem like they'd be hella complicated to cite.

and i'm tired.

stupid not-friday.

i'm considering heading for cowles (*gasp*) just for brie and pear sandwich day. (see... cowles is the north campus dining hall, and quad is the south campus dining hall. i live on south campus, plus quad looks like the great hall and cowles looks like a high school cafeteria. quad is clearly the superior dining hall. and up until this year both places had the same food, but now they're on the same schedule, set off two weeks. so i could get two brie and pear sandwiches in a month, instead of just one. but i'd have to go to cowles. which i'm debating the merits of doing.)

covered in beeeeeeeeeeeeees!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

listening to: julia's crazy french pop music

i forgot to post about the highlight of my day! so in trads2, we're talking about jane eyre, as we do, and out of nowhere, professor simpson goes, "okay, and how many of you have read at least the first harry potter book?" and most of us raise our hands. and he says, "good. now, this is just a theory of mine, but i think that dudley is based almost exactly on john reed, down to the physical details and everything." and we were like, "whoa." and then he talked about harry/jane being "justified" in everything they do to/think about their families. and things.

and then he asked if people had questions, and some people asked stuff, and then there was this pause, so i said, "do you think that, since helen dies, ron will die in the next book?" and people kind of laughed, and one girl went, "but ron isn't helen!" and professor simpson said he'd talk about it later. and then right when class was officially over, he said, "back to your question-- there's a document floating around the internet, i direct you to weasley is our king."

yes. professor simpson referenced "weasley is our king." in a conversation related to jane eyre. life=so good.

also! the hp/jane eyre thing is pretty solid, really. john=dudley, jane=harry, miss temple=dumbledore, jane's parents=lily and james (both died doing something good when their respective children were infants), the reeds=the dursleys (both really hated their adopted niece/nephew, but promised their brother/sister they'd look after them; lied about child's actual parents), helen=ron&hermione, kinda, that one french teacher=mcgonagall. the red room=the cupboard.

where it falls apart, a little, is that lowood =/= hogwarts. but lowood + thornfield = hogwarts, kinda.

the wildcard is mr. rochester.

also, victoria brown made me question my sanity not once, but twice today. first, i met with her, and in my paper i had used mla style quotation excerpting, i.e. "it was the best [...] of times." and she freaked out a little, like "what is that? where did you learn that? no one does that!" and i was like, oh my god, why do i do that? did i just make it up? because she insisted that i should do chicago style (and she made no mention of mine being mla style). so then i went back and looked at my mla handbook, and it was all [...]. and i was like, yay, i'm not crazy!

and then in class, she said something about "earlier today, renata and i were talking about the proper tense to be used when talking about history." and i was like "um?" and then she kept going, and said things that i had supposedly said, and i was really confused. because we didn't talk about that. so i raised my hand and said, "um.. professor brown, are you sure you were talking to ME about that?" and she said "oh, you're right, it was alicia!" and i said "oh good, i was starting to wonder if there were other conversations i didn't remember..."


yes i'm awesome!

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aaaaaah i just geeked out with victoria brown and she liked my paper and gave me really good feedback for reorganzing my paper and i'm really happy.

and once i kick my 4-year plan into shape i WILL ask her to be my history advisor.

also, i was making a joke on plans, b ut now i really want to start an organization called Voracious Fans of Daniel Handler, or VFD.

it would be SO GREAT.

life is SO GOOD.

even if i did get a c on my first poli sci exam. (i rocked out my paper, and if i actually like.. study for the other 2 exams, and continue to rock out my next two papers, and continue my active class participation, which is some.. huge percentage of the class grade... anyway, i should be fine, which is why i'm not terribly concerned.)


*runs around*

and now i'm off! only 5 more classes stand between me and fall break. sweet, sweet fall break.

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some political links insteaed of doing my reading! yaaay!

are you a college student in a swing state? i certainly am. one of several authors, including daniel handler and david eggers, will call you personally to tell you to vote.

who's your favorite author voting for? my favorite living author isn't a us citizen. but daniel handler (aka lemony snicket) will do in a pinch.

(he says: Anyone who reads my work knows that I favor de-escalation rather than inflammation of violence, the discouragement rather than the display of avarice and careful contemplation over rash action. For these reasons and more I am voting for Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards. i say, hott.)

and finally, and most importantly-- for those of you who haven't heard, sinclair broadcase group is pre-empting all shows on its syndicates to show an hour-long "documentary" about kerry which says, basically, that he supported the viet cong. sinclair has 60+ stations, many in swing states like iowa and pennsyvania. here's a list of sinclair's advertisers. let them know that you plan to boycott them if sinclair continues with its plan to show this propaganda. then let sinclair know, particularly if they have a local office near you.


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i had this dream that my alarm clock would no longer play spice girls, it would make the sound of a truck backing up, because that was "more zen." and then this morning, 20 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off, this truck backed up outside my window and i was like "wtf?"

but then i realized that it was just a truck and not my new, more-zen alarm clock.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

listening to: josie and the pussycats, spin around

random amusing quotes: (re: dante's inferno) "well, the lust layer wouldn't be so bad, you'd just get blown around all the time."
"*thoughtful nod* OH, by the WIND!"

"we're laughing at dante's inferno jokes."

"oh, denied!"
"yes... but you're the one having trash thrown at you, i hope that puts things in perspective."

is there anything cooler than josie and the pussycats? the answer is no, at least of right now.

i'm tired. um... i went to the first meeting of the family guy appreciation club, and it was hott.

and, i got a b+/a- on my pirates of the caribbean/"rime of the ancient mariner" paper. (professor simpson: "yeah, i hate those in between grades too, they're a copout. but i couldn't decide!") whatever, i'm happy with a b+ if it comes to that. because this is a paper that uses the phrase "really bad eggs," a paper that discusses jack sparrow's role as a byronic hero (sidenote: SO amused by neil gaiman's latest blog entry re: batman as a gothic hero but not a byronic hero), a paper that has "yo ho, yo ho" in the title; in short, a paper that is awesome.

and i'm actually mostly done with my history paper. i need to slap on a works cited, and edit it. and i want to meet with her about it during her office hours tomorrow. but i'm done with the ultra-rough draft and the slightly-less-rough draft, where i went through and picked out words like "Itaqiw."

ooh, my where in the usa is carmen sandiego? boardgame came today!! i'm way excited.

in other news, boo has a mustache now and it's the FUNNIEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD OH MY GOD.

seriously, i walked into the dems meeting today and saw him and almost lost it. like... yesterday at the alt break meeting, he had cultivated some random facial hair, and that looked... much less goofy. somehow when it's all conglomerated into just the mustache, it's hilarious.

i think this post is very quintessiential me. let's recap:
- geeky amusing quotes
- love for josie and the pussycats
- english nerdiness
- pirate nerdiness
- history nerdiness
- cartoon nerdiness
- carmen sandiego nerdiness (see: history nerdiness)
- making fun of boo

now i just need to complain about being tired and make some reference to kerry loving kittens, and i'm good to go.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

*runs around*

my history paper is so hilarious. and the irish were so, so crazy. no, i'm not prejudiced, have DATA. The Irish make up 15.9% of the total white foreign-born population, but an estimated 29% of the white foreign-born insane [in 1900].

isn't that crazy? doesn't that make you want to investigate the hell out of their research methods? doesn't it make you wish they'd give you a definition of "insane"? also "feeble-minded," of which only 7% of foreign-born persons are irish?

but no, you'll be getting none of that information.


damn you dillingham commission!


i should so tell vbrown that i posted an angry blog entry about the poor statistical procedures of the dillingham commission. i think she'd be amused.

also, in history today we had to take these ww1-era intelligence tests... SO hard and SO ethnically biased. no wonder like, 60% of immigrants or something ridiculous were quantified as retarded. but it was really funny, we were doing the math part, and she called time. and the entire class (i was only a little over half done) lets out this incredibly shocked/dismayed gasp. o the cry of the humanities/social science majors.

but seriously. uh.. i just did a quick search to find one of these tests online. but i couldn't find them in my 30-second search. um... if your library has going to the source by victoria brown and timothy shannon... you should go get it and look at these tests.

and none of you will, because you're busy and don't believe me how cool it will be.

but you SHOULD.

the end.

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listening to: bnl, these apples (live)

urgh. i'm working on my dialogue exercise, it's due in 3 hours and and i have class in 2. and. it was all going well until just now, when i reached this point of not caring about the characters at all.

okay, now i'm done. er. well, i turned it in anyway. ow, my thumb hurts.

um... my feet are cold.

i'ma go read darwin now.

darwin and dickens are different. no two victorians are not on fire.

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Saturday, October 09, 2004

listening to: g-tones, call me al

today= successful. i got $15 worth of awesomeness at goodwill.

($15 worth of awesomeness = one pretty striped button-down men's shirt which fits really well, one pretty off-white sweater, one long pretty black skirt, one pair of pretty tan corduroy pants, and one impossibly ugly, neon orange, long-sleeved grinnell middle school t-shirt. huttah!)

i picked up the first book for graphic novel book club... i'm so amused. i thought this was high school aged, but it's actually sixth graders. and the book is... well. it's called rave masters: the quest begins. and... mmm, here's what i said about it in my plan:

i feel confident in judging it by its cover and saying it looks like pokemon, but worse.

and seems to have nothing to do with the bright colors-ecstasy kind of rave. which might have made it more interesting.
the back cover:

Sixteen-year-old Haru Glory has never left the cozy confines of Garage Island. He likes fishing and eating snow cones on the beach-- not exactly the lifestyle of a future hero. Meanwhile, the evil Shadow Guard society is threatening civilization as we know it. When they come to Garage Island and start messing with his friends, Haru is forced into action. With the help of a transforming sword and his magical guide Plue, Haru sets out on a harrowing quest: to find the five missing Rave Stones and to kick some major Shadow Guard butt!

i will also point out that haru's (apparently transforming) sword is very large and very phallic.

but then what sword isn't?


it's sad how excited i am about the page-jump feature on ebrary. but it's making my dillingham commission research so much easier. i'm looking into "the immigration of insane persons, lunatics, imbeciles, idiots, and the feeble-minded" and it's so exciting!!

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listening to: swim, swimming

i've been listening to this song all day. and all day yesterday. well. i mean, whenever i was listening to music, it was this. but i was also frequently not listening to music.


have i mentioned that i heart kingdom of loathing?

A witch, in the Dark Arts astute
Quickly transforms you into a newt
But soon you get better
And write a stern letter
That threatens her with a lawsuit.

anywayz. um. i could go canvass for dems. but. i just don't want to. i don't want to have to deal with the people i'd have to deal with.

and i don't even mean boo. (not that i particularly want to deal with boo.)

also i don't mean the townsfolk.

also i don't mean the other grinnell students.

what i'm trying to say here, is that i really don't like the guys in charge of dems downtown.

also i just don't feel like canvassing today. i'm sure i'll be doing enough o' that over break.

going back to boo for a second... last night we were playing mario party, and the board was like... boo's haunted something or other. because in mario.. those fanged ghosts are called "boo"s... but it made me laugh whenever the word 'boo" came up. and it was a lot.

especially when big boo stole stars from people.

ha, boo.

ha, kol!

As you near Whitey's Grove, that rascally old Tom tricks you into whitewashing a fence for him.

Man, you hate that guy.

You gain 8 Fortitude.

one more. then i promise i'll stop quoting kol at you. but it's so funny!

You're fighting a white chocolate golem

This is a golem made of white chocolate. White chocolate is neither white nor chocolate. Discuss.

It gets the jump on you.

It chocolizes you in the throat. Eek! Ugh! Ugh! Oof!

You lose 13 hit points.

i lied! last one! really!

bejeweled accordion strap:

This is an accordion strap with inlaid silver and semi-precious gems. Wantssss it, sort of. Kind of wantssss the semi-precioussss.

this game rocks so hard.


um... let's see. my current tentative gameplan for today is:
- shower
- work on history paper a bit more (order may be flipped)
- walk downtown, return liberry books, possibly get new liberry books
- walk to goodwill, possibly get something snazzy
- walk back to saint's rest, get coffee, and read jane eyre
- return to campus, get dinner
- await return of nerdbowl kids, work on paper
- see saved!
- play no more kingdom of loathing until midnight, since i've used up all my adventures today.

ok, i'ma go start on phase one of this masterplan. hot.

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Friday, October 08, 2004

Your LJ Halloween Party by Karen_Walker
You're Dressed Asa Super Hero!
The Rock Starlucky_dana
The Naughty Nursebenjiecs32
The School Girlsallyblue
The Witchdivachelle
The Care Beareillek
The French Maidpsychic_refugee
The Dominatrixmindmaven
The Clownleiascully
The Cowboycowboybill
The Porn Starclumsygoddess
Quiz created with MemeGen!

some of these are funny. like melanie as a dominatrix. and reid as a cowboy, if only because he has cowboy in his lj name.


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the dillingham commission for the us senate, volume 1, page 46, contains the phrase "alien seamen."


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Thursday, October 07, 2004

man! i was looking for my prospie-sheet, that tells me who my prospie is and whence she will come. i suspected my desk. thus far have not found it, but have found:

notepad shaped like cat
roll of tape
scott chasolen cd
4 kinds of lipgloss
rape statistics left over from sex signals
the original of "amazing girl"
2 purple pens
kait's list of funny things
my grinnell-in-london application
my b&s/scipe notebook
2 hairclips
2 tickets to 6 characters in search of an author
a bookmark with the bill of rights on it
2 ben folds eps
a receipt from the bookstore
a note from the cdo about resume workships
the lid to a waterbotte
my phone card

and that's not even the whole desk. that's just the pull-out part where a keyboard would go if i had one.

ridiculous, as they say.

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i'm updating my resume and i really really want to put "made sammiches" as a bullet point under my subway career. well, not a bullet. the bullet. it would just crack me up if i had
"Sandwich Artist. Subway Bloomington, IL. June-August 2004.
- Made sammiches"

on there.

but perhaps potential employers would not be so amused.

or maybe they'd be MORE amused.

*shifty eyes*

so anyway, the reason i'm updating me resume is that there's this new summer internship i'm really excited about applying for. like, i don't want to get my hopes up cuz grinnell internships are all really competitive. but, i do have a fairly kickass resume, as they say. even without the "made sammiches" bullet point.

but, the application isn't even available until next month, so.

*runs around*

um, i have a prospie tonight. and tomorrow night. and i've seen one of my old prospies here like, 3 times in the last few days. but not at all before this. we have brief, awkward conversations.

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i heart kait! i love getting package slips, and then going to the post office window and having them be like "oh... YOU're renata of doom?" and me being like... yeah.

<33 pirate hello kitty AND mcdonald's employee hello kitty! they can be friends!

also, kait sent me a list of funny things. and they're funny. so, i'm going to post them.
1.) frozen
2.) the lion king billboard
3.) jackhammers at 10pm
4.) zombies in movin' out
5.) the guy from the dead zone appearing in jeepers creepers
6.) josie and the pussycats: the musical
8.) pants! (because there are butts in them)
9.) jesus (because he's jesus)
10.) kerrytron

if you're not laughing by now.. um... congratulations,on not being me or kait.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

listening to: indigo girls, power of two (live)

random amusing quotes: "i'm gonna name my kid semi-colon, and whenever i want to get his attention i'll just add a longer pause in the sentence."

"i have direct second-hand accounts!"

(vbrown quotes!)

"think about it... this is my tribute to the working class, but would i actually blow my nose on it? noo. that means i'm a complete fraud. but quite fetching!"

"the image of jane addams marching around with a hankie is so delightful to me that i can't bear it."

"people actually think i'm taking notes at these meetings- eh, screw that!"

"forgive me if i'm a bit chippy today, i was trying to figure thise out last night while watching television and thinking bad thoughts about... people."

"i thought i would drive the point home better if i took it from a bit of a different angle."
"right! it works gangbusters for george bush."

vbrown was hilarious, but also frightening in class. but i hid behind terril so it was ok.

talking to amanda tonight was highly entertaining. i should talk to amanda more often.

(re: boo)
amanda: I think it would be funny for you to just see what would happen if you reacted....differently than you normally would...
renata: like if i was just like "GO AWAY YOU'RE CREEPY" or if i flirted with him?
renata: actually both would probably be pretty hilarious
renata: especially if i did both in the same conversation
amanda: ooo, Renata has her fiesty face on

amanda: Even creepy democrat secret enemies?
amanda: (not that the two are synonomous)
amanda: :-D
renata: democrat and creepy? :-)
amanda: you said it, not me :-)
amanda: haha
renata: just don't ask what republican is synonymous with ;-)
amanda: That's ok...I'll use my imagination....besides I'm not really committed in either direction...so I'm really just a mass of atoms wandering aimlessly
renata: whoa. if i knew things about science that would probably be concerning
amanda: aimless atoms?
renata: yeah
renata: you'd fall apart!
amanda: that would be tragic...what would that make me then?....aimless protons and neutrons and electrons walking around being creepy trying to hug and cling on to atoms with aims?
renata: there would be so much more creepiness to go around!
renata: oh god, i hope boo stays all in one piece

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this month's b&s is gonna be so fucking funny. oh man. it should be an election year EVERY year, if only for humor purposes.

umm. i actually went to burling [the library] to study today! and i got to be in one of the jungle gyms! i love studying in the jungle gyms. it's like i'm in my own tiny hobbit study world.

(the jungle gyms are these like.. study cubes, and there are little study nooks all around the outside, and you can climb up and there are more study nooks on top. but there's an awesome study nook in the middle, with cornery couches and triangular tables. they're great!)

let me see. i fell asleep for like, 2 20 minute periods of time today. once in the jungle gym and once over my poli sci readings.

kingdom of loathing is so funny.

While sneaking through the alley, you are approached by a hobo begging for meat.

"Please, adventurer, could you spare me some meat? I only have 30,000 and need 20,000 more." he begs.

"Ah, but today is opposite day," you say. "That means you should be giving me meat."

"You didn't say it was opposite day!" the hobo huffs.

"I declared it oppositively by not declaring it." You reply. "Now fork it over."

The hobo grumbles and whines, but forks over some meat. He keeps the fork, though.

you should all play it. it's so grood.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

oooh my god kingdom of loathing is a great and awful game. great because it's fun and awesome, awful because i'm so addicted and i have so much work! *cries*

an adventurer is not me :(

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listening to: melissa ferrick, drive

i give you now two illustrations of why boo is my secret enemy.

illustration the first: last thursday i put up a bunch of posters around campus giving the deadlines for absentee ballot requests in different states. friday morning they were all torn down, and had mysteriously disappeared. this is odd, as when drunk people tear down posters, they usually just leave them on the ground. these were just GONE. i suspected boo, since he's really pressuring people to vote in iowa (i agree, it's a swing state, i'm voting here- but he's making people really uncomfortable about it, and i think if people want to vote in their home state that's their own damn business.) but i brushed it off as being paranoid. then yesterday at scipe, i mentioned the disappearing posters, and eli goes, "i bet it was [boo]!" and then we all spent like, 5 minutes talking about how obnoxious he is.

illustration the second: last night there was a study break with free ice cream and tom reilly and eric palmer, the dem candidates for state senate and state house in our district. so julia and i went, and i was glancing around to see if i knew anyone else there. i noticed boo looking at me and inadvertently made eye contact. it got awkward so i gave a little wave, by which i meant, "I SEE YOU LOOKING AT ME STOP IT" and which he must have interpreted as "please come here." so he comes up uncomfortably close to me and does this weird thing with his arm like he's going to put it around my waist. i must have unconsciously backed away because i was really weirded out, but i'm not sure. anyway, he said something, and i was just like "yeah" because i was still too weirded out to function. and then i was like, "wait, what?" and he goes, "reilly's person who used to work for dean is here." and i said, "okay," and he stood there and like.. didn't tell me which person that was, or anything. and then he turned around and started talking to reilly, who was behind me.

so then i leaned over to julia and whispered "let's go let's go let's go!", by which i meant that we should go.

and i thought maybe i was misreading the creepy arm thing, but then julia was like, "did he just try to hug you??"

fucking creepy.

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*runs around*

uh.. in poli sci today his point was basically the one i made in my b&s backpage column. sweeet. (media is biased, you should read more than one source. with one of them preferably being the bbc.)



seriously, when i'm sleep deprived i find myself functioning at roughly the level of strong mad/delirium/baby hocky. short sentences, capital letters, i state the obvious and i repeat it.

i state the obvious and i repeat it.

also i find myself very aware of colors. like, everything else is kind of hazy, but dammit, i have a grasp on colors and i will cling to it firmly. so i find myself thinking things like, "MY SHOES ARE RED! I LIKE RED."


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Monday, October 04, 2004

last january if you would have told me i'd enjoy my stats class, i'd have thought you were crazy. but seriously,the more i think about it? i mean, i liked it at the time, it was fun, it was easy, it made sense. but now, doing my poli sci reading and writing my paper, it's so great. i'm all like "hellz yeah gimme that p-value! whoaaa significant at the .001 level! omg!"

also it seriously has changed my thinking sometimes. like, my other poli sci article? the one that i was bitching about NOT giving its data? to me it was SO blatant that they were leaving out the canada data and.. well, all this stuff. that you don't care about. because you didn't read the article.

but seriously, stats/my critical thinking skills=otp.

watch out, i just might declare a math major.

haha, just kidding.

(i think they'd probably make me take calc or something if i were a math major.)

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i just remembered that when my parents were visiting my mom gave me a box of junior mints when i was riding with them to their motel. and i left them in the car.

i want my junior mints!!

also i'm reading this article for poli sci and it's so methodologically unsound. i mean they're just like, "the bbc has a good reputation, so british people know more." how hard would it have been to set up an experiment randomly sampling hours of programming on the bbc compared with some american channels and counting the average number of "international" stories? lazy bastards.

and then i think, wait a minute, i crawled under a table at quad tonight and stayed there for awhile, who the hell am i to criticize someone's statistical procedure?

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listening to: indigo girls, scooter boys

this song always makes me think of this one x-men fanfic.

anyway. my humanities majordom descended upon me today like the chandelier at the end of the first act of phantom, when vbrown announced that our midsem papers (due in 2 weeks) should be 7 pages. and i went "only 7 pages??" and i was so relieved.

and now thinking about high school makes me laugh. like junior year ms. scott gave us like, 3 months to write that 8-10 page paper for history fair? and we were all so stressed about it?


in other news, i just realized i have a paper due in poli sci tomorrow. but it's like, a 2-page summary of the readings for tomorrow, so no sweat.

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yaaay professor smith said she'd be my advisor! (sidenote, everyone else spells it 'adviser' but i maintain 'advisor.' maybe one day i'll look it up or something. but seriously, adviser? it looks so weird.)

i think she was moved by my tale of advisee woe. but, yay! (seriously, what's up with me fangirling my professors?)

in other news, i'm not sure i'd be willing to say outright that naked juice preemptively cured my cold, but: naked juice preemptively cured my cold.

when i was in school in the yearbook i was voted most likely to forget what he was voted!

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priscellie: yes, i'm mad... mad for the weasley twins!!(11!one!)
sarah: neat, i just grabbed the first picture google images would give me... see?! they've gotten even hotter now!!

also, you two, plus my vote, brings "hot" into a clear majority in the weasley twins debate. woot.

in other news, professor smith is so cute! and awesome. see... there was that speaker on thursday night, during the same time as the debates, and she said she'd tape it, and if people wanted they could come back to her house and watch it with her. (and that's not even the best part of this story.) i didn't end up going, but yesterday i emailed her and said that i had remembered she had taped it, and would she be willing to put it on reserve in the a/v center so that people could watch it? (scipe was looking for copies.)

and she wrote back I am so sorry--since no one had requested it, we taped something else over it last night. I feel very bad about this! I did say I was willing to make the tape available. and told me where to find it online, and then said Also, I would be more than willing to assume the cost of making an extra copy or two of the SCIPE tape, if that can perhaps be done at the A-V center or in the Burling Library listening room. Just let me know.

because she taped over a tape. that she had no idea anyone would want. SO MUCH LOVE.

i want her to be my advisor. maybe i'll ask her now. i have a meeting with her on wednesday. aah.

also i need to finish my history reading. before history. instead of obsessing. because i eventually want vbrown to be my other advisor and she might not if if she knows i don't do my homework.

uh... or something.

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i can't sleep and half a stuart davis lyric is running through my head. "we think of such unlikely ways to..."

to what?

what song is it from? i'm not even 100% it's stu. it just sounds like him in my head. and it's very frustrating. good thing there's google.

aha. it's from "dream usher." and i had it wrong.

You think in such unlikely ways
to whisper out your careful phrase
Never ending verse arrives
divided into many lives

what that means is.. i don't know. but maybe i can sleep now.

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i hate it when i write satire and i'm like "haha, this is funny. no wait.. it's true."

stupid reality.

(this is a frequent problem at b&s meetings. lots of things fall into the category of "true and sad" rather than "fake and funny." but sometimes the line is so thin.)

i should sleep. i have homework. but i'll get up early. i've actually been getting up early and doing stuff. it's so crazy. time management what?

right now i'm feeling like time is too slow and too fast and i'll never get everything done and everything will be over and done too soon and i want to re-read rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead (again.) also brief lives and watchmen.

and sometimes i worry that i'm too self-absorbed and sometimes i worry that i don't think enough of myself.


and i really want to re-read r&g are dead.

and i want to hurry up and declare my double major in history because sometimes the only way to know where you're going is to know where you've been. and really people who have happened are just so fascinating.

i think i'm feeling like i want to know how the rest of my life will happen before it does.

which of course i don't. not really. that would be.

i should go to bed.

or bead, as i first typed.

Autumnal - nothing to do with leaves. It is to do with a certain brownness at the edges of the day... Brown is creeping up on us, take my word for it.... Russets and tangerine shades of old gold flushing the very outside edge of the senses...deep shining ochres, burnt umber and parchments of baked earth - reflecting on itself and through itself, filtering the light. At such times, perhaps, coincidentally, the leaves might fall, somewhere, by repute. Yesterday was blue, like smoke.

-- r&g are dead

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

listening to: indigo girls, jonas and ezekial (live)

wow, that was a great shuffle, itunes. it went from "tear in your hand" to "jonas & ezekial," great songs both.

anyway, seriously, vote in my weasley twin poll. this cannot be settled by my roommates alone!

i so haven't done any of the reading for history, and i ran into anna in read and she told me it took her 5 hours.

maybe i should do that.

or something.

uh... the weasley twins are hot! and there is two of them!

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very important poll:

the weasley twins (circa poa movie), hot or not?

please reply via comment.

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this is such a great sentence. i read it like three times before i could move on.

Tennysons' liquid vowel sounds and Browning's clotted consonant clusers are trademarks of very different styles, but both poets use their distinctive music to prove the psychology of the speakers in their dramatic poems.

"liquid vowel sounds," "clotted consonant clusters"... how great is that?

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listening to: ben folds, rocking the suburbs

sometimes having the spice girls in your alarm clock is amusing. i.e.:
alarm clock: tell me what you want, what you really really want!
me: mmm ok. *hits snooze*

i crack myself up.

anyway. i haven't even looked at my reading for tomorrow. and i really don't have a lot of free time left today. but i'm ignoring that fact, at the moment.

sigh. i just checked the b&s email account, and i was all excited about having a new message, cuz we didn't get very many submissions for this issue. but it was someone asking if we were still hiring a layout editor. and she said she didn't know how to use adobe pagemaker.

wtf, we totally already had an issue come out. do you think that laid itself out? how is it that you could find one poster left in the back corner of who-knows-where, but not a giant stack of newspapers in the post office? and why would you apply for a job that clearly asked for pagemaker when you didn't know how to use it. granted she said she could use indesign. but seriously. if i asked for someone who could bake pies would you apply for my baker position a month late and then say "well i've never baked a pie, but i sure like cake?"

(i can't tell if my blog makes me sound angry or not. because, i'm rarely actually angry, i'm much more often amused or just wtf-ing, but then i go back and read it and am like, damn.)

hee, our reading for class is a christmas carol. (don't worry if you're not amused, i'm just thinking of one of my own fairly obscure fanfics. because i win.)

zach: dude!! the other day i was canvassing for kerry, and one lady opened her door and her cat got out and i had to chase it down the street. which is kind of the opposite of your story, actually, but um... kerry loves kittens and kittens love him and yes i'm awesome.

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Saturday, October 02, 2004

listening to: spice girls, viva forever

viva forever indeed.

um, my family came, and that was good! and we got food!! chinese and thai and american! and none of it from the dining hall!

mmmm food. and like, we talked and stuff. and they bought me america (the book): a citizen's guide to democracy inaction! now i don't have to covet alex's copy anymore!

two things that will amuse priscellie and possibly also you:

(from the back of america (the book):

"i would certainly read this book if i were alive today, which, for all of you geniuses out there, i am not."
-- abraham lincoln

from project vote-smart's john kerry page:

Favorite President: Abraham Lincoln. 'Abraham Lincoln saved the Union. We wouldn't be the United States had he not summoned the greatest courage imaginable during the toughest period in our history.'

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Friday, October 01, 2004

listening to: rent, tango: maureen

dude, it's the obcr. it's anthony. i used to be so obsessed with him (but who wasn't?)

aaanyway. i haven't watched the debates yet! i went to see steven sidor instead, since professor smith was all anxious about it being at the same time as the debates (and rightly so, there were only 4 students there and not many more professors). it was interesting... his book isn't really my type, but it was interestng. and there was SO MUCH leftover chocolate bread and chai tea, and we got to take it. and it was delicious.

oh, steven sidor, if i didn't mention, is a grinnell alum who just published his first novel. it's called skin river. it's about a guy who finds a severed hand. and stuff ensues.

also, i was talking to a girl i usually sit next to in cof, and we bonded over being english majors who don't really like poetry. also, she said she liked my story (and i liked hers) and we talked about how we feel bad saying bad things about other people's stuff. but, sometimes you have to. like, say, if someone in your class writes bad, awkward, creepy, misogynistic vampire erotica. and the vampire had talons for some reason.


and i finished-finished my trads2 paper (i strenghtened the transistions and conclusions, and fleshed out the jack sparrow=aztecs connection a bit. ... yes i'm awesome.)

did i mention that the reason amazon trail was so boring was because i was playing wrong, and missed the stupid time portal? it's evil, though, because it doesn't TELL you you missed a time portal. it doesn't show the time portal on the map. the map doesn't even have cardinal directions. if i hadn't rememberd, "waait, when i played this before in like 6th grade, i think there was some sort of time travel," and started a new game, i never would have known. because, if you try to turn around, your guide's like "nope, don't need to turn around, we're fine. everything's fiiiiine." and you only get the time portal if you go down the middle of the river, not near the shore.


i'm tired and i just wrote a whole paragraph about time portals.

also i think it would be funny if you tried to harpoon an electric eel and you died.

in the game. not in real life.

that would be sad, if you harpooned an electric eel and died.

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