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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

listening to: beatles, good day sunshine

i HEART this song.

anyway. um, if one of you stuck a sign on my back that says like, "if you're a socially awkward boy, please talk to me" i wish you would have gone with something more traditional, like "kick me."

i should do work.

or something.

instead i'll quote lemony snicket at you. because i'm reading his unauthorized autobiography and it's so hilarious.

Even after more than a year writing theatrical reviews for this publication, there are many things I do not understand. I do not understand how Inspector Auster knew that the taxi driver was lying in last season's production of The Case of the Vegetarian Murder, or why there was a tap-dance number in the middle of Look Out For That Axe! I do not understand why the Vancarrow Theater allows the audience to bring live sheep into the theater, but only on Saturday nights, or why a play about singing cats was allowed to be performed at all. I do not understand why Shirley T. Sinoit-Pecer won the Brooks-Gish Award for Best Actress even though some people suspected she was actually an actor, and I do not understand why some people attend the theater when it appears they would prefer to be unwrapping candy or talking on the phone, and I do not understand why I should be expected to applaud for a bunch of skinny dancers just because they can stand on tiptoe longer than I can.

so much love.

aaand now i'll go read something that isn't by lemony snicket, but is about the slave trade.

... so.... yes.

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Monday, August 30, 2004

listening to: joshua kobak, in your eyes (live)

it is a sign of my dedication to the democratic party that i am working with the head of campus dems. grr.

(eli and i keep having elaborate discussions about staging a campus dems coup...)

an update on the jelly sprite bars: they weren't magic, and they didn't taste like sprite, but they were relatively tasty. kind of like sugar and jelly. in bar form.

i heart professor simpson, and here's just one reason why:

Here are the groups for English 224.  I formed them by arranging you all according to the
conventional alphabetic sequencing of your last names, beginning with the first letter,
moving onto the second, and checking further letters as necessary.  I'm thinking of calling
my system "alphabetical order," after the Greek.  Clever, eh?

unforunately, this "alphabetical order" of his means i don't get to be with christine >_< but, a couple of kids from hum101 are in my group, so it should be cool. (also, it means i don't have to be with the aforementioned head of campus dems. this is the second time in three semesters i've had a class with that boy. and it's really just two times too many.)

i also love my immigration history prof. and i'm pleased to discover that i'm actually like, making intelligent points in class and not being all intimidated. let's see if i can keep that one up for a semester.

ahahaha i just got an email from campus dems and he sent it after midnight, so it says "meeting tonight" instead of "meeting tommorrow." freakin' sweet.

also! i checked the unauthorized autobiography of lemony snicket out from burling today. yaaay.

(homework? what's that? multiple chapters of readings? i don't... huh? ... oh, that. well, i'll do it eventually.)

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listening to: caroline's spine, sullivan

i just got back from grab and go, and dude! they have strawberry fanta now! mm...strawberry. also cooler ranch doritos. man, life is exciting. (the only conceivable way this could be better would be if today were chicken caesar salad day. but, since it's not, i'll just enjoy my turkey sammich.)

i was, however, concerned to discover that my desert choices were peanut fudge bars or something mysterious and vegan called a "jelly sprite bar." i went with the jelly sprite thing,as my curiosity was piqued. does it have sprite in it? does it have magic powers?

i will investigate and report back, as you are all NO DOUBT as interested as i.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

listening to: weezer, the world has turned and left me here

i forgot to mention: i jjust logged into gmail for the first time (because it's incompatible with all my browsers..) and apparently i have 6 invites. so if anyone wants a gmail account, let me know.

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listening to: bnl, am i the only one?

i have been productive today. fear me! i did all my readings for immigration history, volunteered for 2 hours at the dems office (i spent all 2 hours writing postcards thanking people for registering to vote absentee, and encouraging them to vote for tom reilly-- my wrist has only recently recovered), and baked cookies to bring to the b&s meeting, and went to the actual b&s meeting, where i was forced to defend the honor of my cookies. and felt kind of vaguely paranoid that nobody likes me. but i'm pretty sure they actually do, and even if they don't, i'm in charge of payroll. hee.

so, you know.

i had.. a thing i wanted to say.

oh, lately, christine, julia and i have all been playing sims. and we've all created sim familes that consist of me, julia, and christine. and we play with them at the same time. and we yell at our sims. and it's SO INSANE.


which shouldn't surprise you. cuz it's us.

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listening to: bnl, brian wilson (live)

woo, kevin smith movies!

boo, homework.

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

listening to: ben folds five, smoke

i'm on a ben folds kick. mmm, ben folds.

anyway. you should all join team emily, an offshoot of emily's list. (Early Money Is Like Yeast, it raises the dough. "early money is like yeast, it raises the dough." "i get it." "it raises the dough!" "i really do get it, cj.")

they raise money for female candidates and pro-choice candidates. and things. and it's cool. another post-dean online grassroots organization.

also they have a section where you can submit stories about people who are changing america. and i wrote about ms. scott. because i love ms. scott.

in fact here's what i wrote about ms. scott. it's a little cheesy. but i've been in kind of a cheesy mood lately, apparently.

also, marcella (the disspirited loner, apparently)-- i'm glad i crack you up! but, er, do i know you?

oh right, the ms. scott thing.

Peggy Scott is working to change America, by making sure that students know what America is, what it has been, and what it can become. She has been teaching history at University High School in Normal, IL for over 25 years, but still brings enthusiasm, love for the subject and care for her student to the classroom.

Whether it's taking History Club on a trip to the Art Institute, inviting her AP students over to her house for a review session/party, or helping her students prepare an extra-curricular presentation on history as portrayed in The Simpsons, Ms. Scott is always willing to go the extra mile (or several) help her students.

Even beyond this, Ms. Scott takes care in her classes to give students a glimpse at America , to help them understand that the America of the Bill of Rights is the same America that didn't allow women the right to vote until 1920-- and why.

She teaches her students more than who was President in 1852 (Millard Fillmore), but WHY.

She helps teach her students how to look at the facts and make their own decisions, and if that won't help change the face of America, I don't know what will.


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listening to: ben folds, there's always someone cooler than you

i love this song.

i think i'll be obnoxious and post all the lyrics.

because i love them.

Like you've got nothing to prove
No matter what you might do
There's always someone out there cooler than you

I know that's hard to believe
But there are people you meet
They're into something that is too big to be
Through their clothes
And they'll put up with all the poses you'll throw
And you won't
Even know

That they're not sizing you up
They know your Mum fucked you up
Or maybe let you watch too much TV
But they'll still look in your eyes
To find the human inside
You know there's always something in there to see
The veneer
Not everybody made the list this year
Have a beer

Make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall
But there's always someone cooler than you
Yeah, you're the shit but you won't be here for long
Oh, there's always someone cooler than you
Yeah, there's always someone cooler than you

Now that I've got the disease
In a ways I'm relieved
'Cause I don't have to stress about it like you do
I might just get up and dance
Or buy some acid-wash pants
When you don't care then you got nothing to lose
And I won't
'Cause every moment life is slipping away
It's ok

Make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall
But there's always someone cooler than you
Yeah, you're the shit but you won't be here for long
Oh, there's always someone cooler than you
There's always someone cooler than you
There's always someone cooler than...

Life is wonderful
Life is beautiful
We're all children of
One big universe
So you don't have to be a chump

And you know
(And you know)
That I won't
(I won't)
'Cause every moment life is slipping away
It's ok
(It's ok)

Make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall
Oh, 'cause there's always someone cooler than you
Yeah, you're the shit but you won't be here for long
But there's always someone cooler than you
Oh yeah, there's always someone cooler than you
Because there's always someone cooler than you

Cooler than you, boy
Cooler than you, girl
Cooler than you, sir
Cooler than you, my lady

Nerds go wild!
Yeah, yeah

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listening to: ... oh hey, nothing, the loud boys across the hall just turned their music off.

random amusing quotes: "oh wait! they're not getting married, they're in a cage!"

"obviously it's a gay penguin wedding."

"but then i thought, heeey, one elephant can't get married."

"man, i wish i had a camel on that fish."

"it's caesar's pimpmobile"

oh my god, i just spent like... 3+ hours of awesome geekiness. molly, tim, julia, christine and i just played this incredibly complex board game called mare nostrum... it's kinda like risk, but in ancient greece/rome/carthage/egypt/... somewhere else? shoot. um. a 5th country. but there's also trading and taxation and... oh god. but it was so fun. oh, and the troops are shaped like little men, so naturally, being trogdor fans all, we were constantly making reference to the "mans." tim killed all my mans >_< but, he still lost.

but, so did i. because julia won. sneakily. that's why we call her sneaky julia. (er... actually we call her belligerent julia. but if we did call her sneaky julia, that would be why.)

much more fun, i'm sure, than either the moose party that occurred across the hall from us, or the harris party.

i love everything, you know, i do. i love the rain and i love the humidity and i love my roommates and i love my family and i love all my friends and i love fruit rollups and i love fanfiction and i love postage stamps and i love squishy things and...

can you guys even imagine what me blogging drunk would be like? can you? i mean, damn.

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Friday, August 27, 2004

listening to: bnl, what a good boy (live)

hee. as soon as this song started playing, julia and i just looked at each other and giggled.

anyway! had my first trads 2 class. shoould be cool. lots of good kids in there, and of course professor simpson. w000t.

with three zeros.

ran into professor klarner (my poli sci prof) in the post office and had an endearingly awkward conversation with him, which began with "hey sarah!" and me looking around and realizing he must have meant me. but he made a joke about me having recovered from my gaffe in class yesterday, so like... he knew who i was? just not my name. anyway. and then he told me a depressing story about trying to save a deer from a fence but then it died.

still, though. you know. he's a good guy.

my arm hurts and i went to the health center and they were like "you probably strained it, have a bag of ibuprofen" and i was like, "thanks!" but i wanted to be like "no! MAKE IT BETTER NOW!"

i have immigration history in 45 minutes which i'm so looking forward to. oh my god. i love all my professors and all my classes and someone please have the presence of mind to remind me of this in a few months when i'm stressed out to the teeth.

does that piece of imagery make sense? can you be stressed to the teeth? where does stress go? does it start in your head and work your way down? because if so, being stressed to the teeth wouldn't be so bad. if it starts in the feet and works its way up, though, that would be bad. except that doesn't make any sense.

hey! it's friday!

gabba gabba hey! itunes just shuffled to ramones! *dances*

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

listening to: the blenders... a song about gray that julia's playing. which i've just been informed is called "gray matters." sometimes the amount of internet/real life crossover that i experience weirds me out.


it's raining hardcore and christine and i went out and ran around in it and jumped in puddles, and it was so wonderful and fun. i just... this semester is going to be so amazing. i have a great room on a great floor. a great schedule and a great job and a great student group and it's an election year (this is related, see, cuz the aforementioned student group was scipe. but also it'll just be awesome.) and there are great people all around campus. there ARE.

and i have a big box of goldfish colors. AND a loaf of zucchini bread from the farmer's market.

why is life so lovely?

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listening to: bnl, it's all been done

we're a room who loves our bnl. like, no matter whose computer is playing the music (in this case it's christine's)... there's going to be some bnl.

dear god it is SO HUMID. it was okay earlier today, but somehow i went to craft of fiction at 2 and it was fine, and i left at 3:45 and it was like DEATH. just sooo ridiculous. which is also how i look, at present, because i was wearing corduroys and a semi-dressy sleeveless button-down shirt, and i took off my pants and put on simpsons boxer shorts. but i kept the shirt.

go me.

also, my shoulder stopped hurting earlier! i'm not sure when, i just suddenly noticed that it wasn't hurting. but i can feel it starting to hurt now, which confirms my suspicion that it was computer-related, or at least computer-aggravated. shit. not good for someone whose major, job, and hobbies all involve a lot of typing. (which could also.. explain it. still not good.)

perhaps will visit health center if it gets worse.

happy news: craft of fiction looks like it'll be a great class. and i got to have the following conversation with christine:
her: "do you have any homework?"
me: "some.. due monday"
her: "too bad."
me: "yeah.. but i WANNA do it."

i also love that before class, before the professor came, someone was like "is anyone else really fired up about this class?!" and we were all like "yeah!" and none of us were being sarcastic.


it is so fucking humid. i showered yesterday morning and hung my towel up to dry, and it was still way damp this morning. and paper is picking up this weird bendy quality.

stupid midwest.

okay, i'm getting off the computer before i hurt myself again. but i really, really want to finish getting issues 7&8 online before things get too hectic. stupid shoulder!

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listening to: bnl, take it outside

i heart this song. everything to everyone has really been growing on me the last few weeks. mmm, bnl.

anyway. i had my first intro to poli sci and i think i heart it. i really like the professor-- he took the time to look at the class list and memorize everyone's face to their name, which i thought was really sweet. and okay, he called me jessie the first time, but he came up with renata with no prompting on the second try, which was pretty impressive. he's a young guy too, which surprised me, and then i realized that it's because his first name is carl, and somehow to me, carl is an old person name. in fact, now that i think about it, i think subconsciously i expected him to be carl from aqua teen. which amuses me a lot.

the downside of the class, though, was he asked people what they wanted to learn. and everyone was like "..." so finally i raised my hand, and said, jokingly, "i wanna be able to watch the west wing and understand everything that's going on." but he took it really seriously like, "really? i've never watched the west wing, i don't have cable. what do they talk about on the west wing? what sorts of things? like the supreme court?" and i felt like an ass and was like, "um... i really can't think of anything." and i felt all awkward.

and then at the end of class, he said if anyone had anything to say to him, he'd stick around. so i went and was like, "um, when i said the thing abou the west wing... i was mostly just kidding.." and he was all, "oh, no, don't worry about it! it's fine to want to learn about the show." and i was like, "no really, it was a joke, and it seemed like you were taking it seriously, and i felt like an ass." and he was like, "no, don't feel like an ass!" and... yeah.

one day i'll laugh at this.

probably tomorrow.

anyway. yeah. it's just a good thing that everyone at this school is so fucking neurotic, i don't stand out at all...

looking forward to craft of fiction today!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

listening to: tww, bartlet's 3rd state of the union

this morning was... an interesting way to start the day. first breakfast in quad, with a disappointing blueberry pastry. then i got my registration bizness worked out,and then i darted over to mcnally's and bought candy to give out at the student org fair. and then-- in the rainy rain-- i went to my room and the pubs building, and grabbed my umbrella and some old b&ses and our powechuckle and a pirate hat to hold the candy in. and... well, anyway, lots of stuff. which i carried all the way over to mac field, in the rain, dropping half of it along the way. also, it's really hard to walk in wet flip flops. so i took those off and carried those too. and then, apparently when it rains, the student organization fair gets moved to the forum. so i had to scurry back there.

but once i got there, it was fun, and i took free stuff wherever it was offered, ranging from candy and cookies, to writing utensils, to a shirt and a clock. woot. and lots of people signed up for both scipe and b&s, which was cool.

i started to have a spiel, which amused me. it was a lame spiel though, it was like... "hi! do you have any questions? uh huh... do you ever read the onion? yeah, we're like that. and we're always looking for new writers!"

yes, i'm lame. but... um... shiny.

my shoulder still feels like burning. i probably shouldn't use the computer. but instead i put issue 6 of the b&s in website form.

in retrospect, that was dumb.


but, mary gave me the best backrub ever. which helped. also, i can now get into the pubs building. AND its came and fixed the computers! now they can both print AND go online! (it turns out, um, that the reason that the one woudln't go online is because it didn't have a cable connecting it to the, well, internet. as it happens. but that's fixed now.)

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

listening to: the arrogant worms, mounted animal nature trail

ow ow ow. my neck/shoulders/back hurts SO MUCH and i don't know why. like, i have to sit perfectly straight up and i can't really turn my head. and it was SO random and sudden. it wasn't like, oh, my shoulders kinda hurt, and now they really hurt. it was like, i was standing in line for food at all-campus picnic with julia, and i was like, "la la la, i'm fine, la... OH MY GOD THAT HURTS."


friggen ow.

and i have to hire people. which is fine, except it means i have to NOT hire people. like, already six people have applied to be layout editor. there's only one layout editor! *frowl*


um... kerry's on the daily show tonight! that should be cool!

unlike my neck!


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listening to: super loud lawn mower outside my window

stupid lawn mower. weren't they just mowing yesterday?

anyway. uh... you guys might remember last year, how i'd occasionally bitch about how the head of campus dems would send out emails that said "meeting tommorrow" and he'd always misspell tomorrow? and how that drove me CRAZY?

so i was checking my email (sidenote, checking my email has become a ridiculous process that involves four separate accounts...) and what's in my inbox? CAMPUS DEMS MEETING TOMMORROW.

argh. i really want to email him and politely correct him, since it's clear that it cannot possibly be the same typo every time. he must just not know how to spell it.

would that be bitchy of me? shouldn't i just let it slide? gah.

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Monday, August 23, 2004

random amusing quotes: "shut up! wilderness is pointy!"

"sure, girls say they like the sensitive type, but i mean, frodo isn't getting any. *pause* except from sam."

"i'll give you a dollar. to buy things with."
"darn, i wanted to spend it on loose women."
"like christine?"
"hey christine, wanna dollar?"
"hey! i'm not a loose woman!"
"of course not, you're a haines woman."*

*haines is the dorm we live in. loose is the dorm two dorms down from us. aha, it's funny.

oh, christine just reminded me to tell the "grilling on the loggia" story... so last night i was putting up posters on north campus, and i hear this security guard further down the loggia saying "you guys need to put that out!" but i didn't see anyone else.

so i looked up. and there were people grilling on top of the loggia. and they're like, "what? we can't grill on the loggia?"

and he was like, "no, you can't, i'm sorry."

and they were like, "why not?"

and he was like, "don't you think it's kind of a fire hazard?"

and they were like "... okay, fine."

but i was so amused.

ummm. went to the harrris pirate party with (hahaha, i just noticed that i typed "harrris," it was unintentional and yet hilarious) julia and xine. it was kinda lame. as harris parties are. but even more lame than usual, since it was mostly first years and none of them dressed up. boo! i wore my pirate hat, and julia had a hook, and xine had an eyepatch.

what else did i do today? i bought my books, and... oh, i went to dinner with the sex signals people, and went to the sex signals program, and then led a group discussionon, you guessed it, sex signals. (sex signals is part of new student orientation, it's a program about, well, sex, and date rape, and what constitutes consent, and etc. it's a really good program, i think-- the actual presentation is part improv comedy and part like... serious rape discussion, and somehow all works really well, and then after that they break up into small groups and have discussions led by older students. including me, this year. it brings up a lot of imporatnt issues, i feel.)

hmm. yes. so that's aboot it. for now. *laughs evilly*

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listening to: dar williams, as cool as i am

whoa. it's hot. august must've gotten my letter. also my left foot is getting blisters from my birkenstocks. why the left and not the right, i have no idea.

oh! and happy birthday talia!! congratulations on not dying yet!

did i mention it's hot? and also humid? because it is.

i thought i had more to say. actually, i do, there's an entertaining story about grilling on the loggia, and some interesting bits about going downtown today and... well, things.

but those'll have to wait for later.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

*sigh* okay. so julia, christine, and i are here in our room. and we're-- we like to think-- fairly intelligent people.

we have a plastic shelving unit. it consists of plastic tubes and plastic flat things, with the plastic tubes holding up the plastic flat things. and we're missing one of the plastic tubes. however, i discovered that three cambell's "soup at hand"s are about the same height and diameter as a plastic tube.

so, all is good.

but i was explaining this to my mom, and i said, "yeah, it's great. too bad we can't eat the soup, though!"

and she said, "well, you could always eat it and then put the empty cans back."

and i just went "WHOA! we COULD!" because this had honestly just not ocurred to me.

so i was telling this to julia and christine. and they both looked at me with the same wide eyes and said "WHOA! your mom is smart!"

... go team.

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listening to: the olympics on julia's teevee

random amusing quote: "pineapple pineapple pineapple pineapple FUCK!"

whew, it's so humid here. and i just walked all around campus putting up posters that say "can you make adobe pagemaker your bitch? normally i can, but i threw out my back humping your mom last night. that's why the b&s is hiring a layout editor!"

wouldn't that make you want to work for us?

but yes, humid. and i had to walk back to north campus twice because i had a bunch left over.

hmm. anyway.

i've been having a frustrating email exchange today... the publications building has a swipy card reader, and only people with permission's cards will open it. and my card won't work. so. in essence:

me to head of security: can i please get into the b&s office?
head of security: let me forward this to dean of student life.
dean of student life: are you on aly's s&b list? i activated everyone on aly's s&b list. [aly's the editor of the s&b.]
me: ... no, i'm not on the s&b list. i'm editing the b&s. it's different.
dean of student life: oh. sorry. yes.

me: *trying to open door several hours later* ... dammit.
aly: *opening door for me* yeah, nobody's been activated.
me: ah. thanks.

anyway. so once i'd gotten into the office, for the simple task of printing off posters insulting people's mothers (and my own artistic abilities), i sat down at the printing-computer. (we have two computers. one of these can successfully print to the network printer. the other can successfully get online. in theory, both should be able to do both. *shrug*)

so i type my poster, and hit print. and get an error. no worries, i'm a capable individual... so i copied my stuff onto floppies and went over to the internet computer, and tried to print there. no dice. soo i took my disk into the s&b office and asked aly if i could print there. she said sure. then i realized that the s&b office only has macs. with no floppies.

so! i went back to the internet computer, copied the files off the disk and onto the harddrive, and then off the harddrive and onto the b&s online storage. and then back to the s&b computer, opened them off storage, and printed them.


oh, and the reason i didn't just print in my room is because my own printer is giving me mysterious errors.

life = so hard.

i realize that's probably a pretty boring story. but it entertains me.

but, despite all those trials and tribulations, life is good. lots of my favorite people have also moved in early. including julia and christine, my roommates of dooooom. and lots of them have cars this year! it's a novelty to go to wal-mart and be like, "wait... i could come back here any time!" whoa. and we went today. and i bought a harry potter folder. and some things.

also, i got the last mango fandango spritzer at bob's. mm... mmmango.

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hello! i'm back in grinnell. but its has stolen my computer to scan it for viruses >_< so, i'm in the lab.


grinnell is lovely. our room is lovely. trey anastasio II (my new fishie) is lovely. the huge giant moth that flew in mike's window last night when we were playing mario kart was, if not lovely, then hilarious.

& what more can you ask for?

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

listening to: annoying cricket

everyone knows now
that every night now
will be steven renata's
last night in town

or, actually, just tonight. but it was a good last night. there was ice cream and good company. and miriam gave everyone one of her grandfather's old post office shirts. mine's a bit tight in the bosomish area, but according to amanda it looks hot. (am considering future career in the postal service.)

and... yes. we just sat around and were generally offensive and entertaining.

hey, remember my free ipods link? you should all go actually complete your offers. look, wired says it's real.

should go to sleep. moving tomorrow. gah.

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Friday, August 20, 2004

listening to: swim, fall into the sea

laaa. our internet has been SO utterly fucked-up lately. grr.

i'm packing. slowly, distractedly. i leave tomorrow.

apparently i'm not in a blogging mood...

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

watching: andy griffith

dammit! dad set the vcr and now i can't change the channel! at all! it's stuck on teevee land! *frowl* and it's case closed time. grrr.

oh my god, i LOVE that the punchline to that commercial was "dad, the sixth amendment is the right to a speedy trial."

wow, reid just came down and he was trying to change the channel too. and then he figured out that not only had dad set the vcr to record, the vcr was also playing a tape. it was a tape. you can't change the channel of a tape. aha.


tonight was fun. we tried (and failed) to see fast food nation. and reid was with me cuz he had wanted to see the movie, so he just sat around whilst we... sat around miriam's porch. as we're prone to doing. i'll miss sitting around miriam's porch for hours on end. but, i'm looking forward to seeing all the kuh-razy grinnellians again. and my classes. and... well, grinnell. in general.

also, i was pleased to discover that today was wednesday. and not thursday, as i had thought. woo, i gained a day and i didn't even have to cross the international date line.

uh. the end!

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watching: case closed

dude, it's the first episode of case closed again! does that mean there aren't any new ones? because there were like 2943343 episodes in japan, or something. hmm.

... oh richard, you lovable abusive alcoholic, you.

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watching: family guy

this is SUCH a good episode. ("to live and die in dixie.")

"ulysses s. grant. you invite me to lunch and then show up an hour late. drunk?"
"i was looking for your wife.. to give her the old eeehhh..."
"sir, this means war!"
"uh.. i am vanquished!"
"i declare victory in the name of the confederacy!"
"uh... i'm pretty sure the civil war didn't go that way."

"look over there! it's a newly married interracial gay couple burning the american flag!"

anywayz. i've been spelling that with a z a lot recently and i have no idea why.

so uh anyway. worked my last night at subway! yay!

i'm not sure i've mentioned all the internet-related angst we've been having lately. and by lately i mean all summer. because like... well, nevermind, i'm not going to explain the detailed problems there've been. but anyway, it works now! wireless and high speed!

oh god i hope i didn't jinx this. but as of now... it works. life=hott.

dig it like dirt.

reply to some random comments:
jen: hi! i'm glad you like josie and the pussycats! because it's the best movie ever! (join the army!) um, but who are you?

devon: snow, glass, apples is a neil gaiman short story. a really good one. about snow white. (see, get it?) um. and then... kiwi. because i like kiwi.

julia: i suppose there's the arrogance thing. i don't know. i guess i just feel bad whenever people lose stuff and people who are nowhere near as good as they are get all angry about it. or something.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

just an update... for those of you interested, for whatever reason, in my reading habits, i've started a book journal.

snow, glass, kiwi. add it to your flist or your bookmarks. or don't, you know, if you don't care what books i read. whatever ^_^

(aha, get it, it's like snow, glass, apples but with a different fruit. god, i crack myself up.)

right now it's just cross-posting from 50bookchallenge. but we'll see what else i put there. or maybe i'll get tired of it and not put anything there. whatever.


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Monday, August 16, 2004

listening to: tom petty, you wreck me

grr. thank you, blogger, for taking five minutes to load. yes, i appreciate that. i have to go watch case closed now. it's part two, you know.

i'll be back.

... okay, i'm back. aha. (seriously kait, get online, because that episode was SO INSANE.)

let me see. some random thoughts regarding tennessee and et cetera:

~ saw prisoner of azkaban in imax. it was, in the words of peter griffin, "freakin' sweet." just a few comments: the weasley twins are even hotter in imax. dear god. like... hott with two ts. apiece. so hotttt. also, on the marauder's map, a few things i never noticed before... 1. newt scamander is randomly in hogwarts. 2. when harry is walking at night looking for peter pettigrew, he's right outside the "ROOM of DOOM." (if you're kait, you already know that, cuz you received an excessively amused voicemail.)
~ there was a sanrio store and i bought a pencil and some stickers!
~ this chair leans back really far and i almost tipped over.
~ mom and dad and i went to this bar in downtown nashville and this band was playing and the lead singer looked like buddy holly and then he put on the glasses and sang "peggy sue."
~ um... i feel like... there should be more to this weekend than "hot weasley twins", "sanrio store", and "buddy holly guy" (since "wobbly chair" doesn't really count)... but... hell if i can think of anything.
~ no wait, i lied. we stopped at metropolis (home of superman!) on the way home, and this guy has a superman museum with all his superman stuff... he has this collection that's worth $2 million or something ridiculous. and looking at it just made me really, really sad. just... i don't know. what does it matter, really, if you have every single 1973 hardee's superman glass? (or whatever.) i don't know.

there was... OH! i was reading my west wing script book, and kait, omg, the pilot? when sam is talking about laurie's apartment? and bestficever? and we are SO AWESOME.

i feel like i've been talking about kait an inordinate amount in my posts as of late. she's pretty awesome, that's true, but you're all pretty awesome. i think it's cuz lately we've NEVER BEEN ONLINE at the same time and it's SAD. because the awesomeness that is combined kait + renata needs to be unleashed more often.

(and we will light many fires.)

additionally, i feel bad for the us men's olympic basketball team. because the newspaper headline in tennessee today was, basically, "boy, does our olympic basketball team suck. hard." and... not that i've been watching the olympic basketball games... or any basketball games... ever... really... but anyway, it seems to me like maybe that's kind of harsh. poor guys. i mean, hello, it's the olympics, everyone's supposed to be good. so why don't you just back up off of them, hm?

(i think it's people like me who make people like mike hate female sportscasters. on the other hand... i'm not a female sportscaster. so.)

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Friday, August 13, 2004

watching: fairly oddparents

it makes me happy that fairly oddparents comes on from 6-6:30 on nickW and 6:30-7 on regular nick. (anyone know what the hell nickW actually is? nick walker bush? nick we've decided to give you a random extra channel?)

well whatever it is (hey, maybe that's it, nick whatever), i'm glad it gives me an extra half hour of oddparents. because i love this show.

"cosmo thinks he's funny!"
"cosmo thinks everything is funny! here, look! ... pudding!"
"ahahahaha! ha! she said 'pu' and then 'ding'! hahaha!"

anyway. it's still cold, but i just heated some chili and it was delicious times ten. and i've been re-reading the fic kait and i are working on, and i heart it. i can't wait until it's done. like, i laughed out loud at least ten times. (and a couple of those were at lines i'm pretty sure i wrote, and i'm feeling a little sheepish about it.)

"april fool's!"
"... pudding."
"what? that's not funny!"

hmm. apparently nickw is "nick at nite (west)", and it only took me like five websites to figure that out. interesting. in that not-terribly-interesting way.

"well, we're off to read bedtime stories to underprivileged, confused little dolphins!"
"we're going to read the little dolphin who cried EEEEEEEE!"

okay. i'll stop quoting fairly oddparents at you. probably this will be my last post before i leave. but i'll be back sometime monday. and hopefully soon we'll get our wireless interweb fixed. not that it really matters, since pretty soon i'll be connecting at school anyway.

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listening to: beatles, across the universe

an open letter to august:

hello august. i write to you as a concerned fan. you've been successfully serving your role as transition between july and september for quite some time now, and i wonder if-- and please take this with no offense-- you've become a bit addled? you see, i'm writing you from illinois, where you've traditionally served us with mind-bogglingly high humidity levels, not to mention warm temperatures.

in other words, august, i should not awake shivering in the middle of the night, forced to dig a spare blanket out of my closet. i should not be wearing jeans and sweatshirts.

not that i'm complaining-- this is, to me, greatly preferred to your typical fare. however, i feel it to be my civic duty to check in on you, make sure everything's okay. are you okay august? would you like some juice, or perhaps a throat lozenge?

let me know.

love, renata

anyway. um, tonight i'm leaving with my family for nashville. yee-ha! hee. it should be fun though. and it looks like i get to see harry potter in imax whilst reid is watching phish. *dance*

hee. you should go find your ramones name.

i was just getting all angry because rand mcnally roadtrip planner couldn't find grinnell. but then i realized that i'd spelled it with three n's. yay me.

so cold... must... find... socks...

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

listening to: stu, caravan

six flags was fun yesterday ^_^ especially... well, let me back this up. a few nights ago, we all watched predator, and arnold schwarzenegger's character says the line "GET TO THE CHOPPER!" like, six times. and we found it progressively funnier each time, and began quoting it endlessly. and, to our delight, it was funny every time. (except to amanda, who has my sympathies, cuz i'm sure it would be really annoying if you didn't think it was funny.)

so for the last few days, we've all been doing "GET TO THE CHOPPER!" in our best ah-nold. (mine's awful, but i do it anyway.) we've also made the recent discovery that it's also funny if you insert random nouns. as in, "GET YOUR MOM TO THE CHOPPER!" so naturally, at six flags, if, say, some of us were on a coaster and some of us were still waiting next to us, the ones waiting would yell "GET TO THE CHOPPER!" as we went by. or if we were all on the same one, going down a hill you'd hear "GET TO THE CHOPPER!" from behind you. (or sometimes, "OBAMA!!" because mike and i believe it's a good thing to yell.)

i'm sad because i don't think words can accurately describe how impossibly funny this was. um. but yes, it was nice. there were hardly any lines-- well, maybe like 45 minutes for the boss, but it was only like.. ten minutes for batman. and we got to go on batman twice, which is happy, cuz it's my favorite.

and then we had some minor adventures trying to find a restaurant in st. louis. this is hard because, when it comes to picking restaurants, we all have huge passive-agressive streaks. "oh no, anything's fine with me, i don't care." "how about [random restaurant]." "eh..." "okay... how about [other random restaurant].." "well... anything... but that." and it just keeps going, with everyone taking turns suggesting places and everyone else pretending indifference. it's great ^_^ but, we finally found a place, and got some tasty tasty food. and i was craving red meat, and got an ENORMOUS hamburger and it was delicious.

and i discovered that i can make it from my house to amanda's house in less time than it takes for all of aqua's cd aquariuim to play. going seventy-five and treating stoplights like stop signs, i'm sure, helped. (aqua, in case you were wondering, is AMAZING for preventing sleep behind the wheel. i think that if truck drivers were legally mandated to listen to aqua after they'd been driving for a certain number of consecutive hours, the number of accidents in the us would decline substantially. but c'mon, crazy danish [are they danish? idon't know. crazy scandinavian, anyway] dance pop. it's great. you can't fall asleep when you're listening to "be HAPPY! c'mon be HAPPY! everybody let's go have some fun! be HAPPY!")

... and then we all got to the chopper.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

listening to: stu, nothing in between

eee! i mailed my registration off for fiddler's green con!! i'm so excited. it'll be my first con. and a lot of people from the world's end (neil off-topic boards) are coming. can i just say that the neil fandom is quite possibly the nicest fandom in the world? or maybe it's just because i'm so into the rent fandom that i've come to just expect bitchiness and when i don't find it i'm floored... but seriously, all so nice. these are people who-- even though i hadn't been posting for a few months, and i never posted that much to begin with-- somehow remembered my birthday this year and started a thread for it. seriously, half you guys didn't even remember my birthday.

i think part of it has to do with everyone being older? and more... i don't wanna say smarter-- there are lots of smart people in the rent fandom too-- i don't know. more... mature. but also smarter. even though i didn't want to say that. less of a need to prove themselves, i suppose.

also, they all like neil.

oh god, i have to get up in five hours. and then drive an hour. and then like, two more hours. (to amanda's house, and then to six flags. hurrah, six flags.) i can sleep in the car, which'll be good... but mm. i get so tired of driving. i am so looking forward to school, when the farthest i'll have to go will be north campus. or, i suppose, wal-mart.

also kait: it'd only be for two years... and for most practical purposes, there's not much difference between me being in iowa and me being in like, belize. and i don't even know. like... i still have a few more years to think about it, we'll see if it's just a phase. um. also i miss you >_< we need to spend more concurrent time online. and aaaah the show is on but i'm so going to bed. damn, i haven't seen the show in forever. life is so hard.

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listening to: the byrds, my back pages

hmm. hi. i've been... i don't know. i read edith hamilton's mythology today, including the story of odin sacrificing himself to himself... and i never really understood that before. how can you sacrifice yourself to yourself? you just end up with yourself again. but today it made me think of fight club, of tyler telling the narrator that he needs to have lost everything. and if that's not sacrifice, what is? when you've lost everything, and all you have left is yourself?

and then it got me thinking about the thinking i did earlier... about how subconsciously i've been testing myself all year-- deliberately going to a school where i didn't know anyone to see if i could make friends, deliberately taking on some roles i didn't think i could handle. (and handling them.) and maybe it's not hanging from the gallows tree for nine days, but it's something.

too, i thought about how for awhile now i've been vaguely thinking about applying to the peace corps after graduation. and maybe it wouldn't teach me twice-nine charms but i bet i'd learn a lot about me.

here's a flow chart for anyone who lost their ticket for my train of thought:

norse mythology -> chuck palahniuk -> my fucked-up self esteem -> peace corps


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Monday, August 09, 2004

listening to: beatles, your mother should know

KAIT! the newspaper was open to a random page when i got home, and it was about how some broadway shows are closing before the republican convention, and one of them is frozen! i was clearly fated to read that article. poor byrony. sometimes the world is just so inhumane.

uh anyway. today reid and my dad and my dad's friend and i took our boat up to chicago and went around lake michigan and downtown. it was fun, except like... the entire loop is a no wake zone. which means it took approximately 342354 years to get through it. and then, in our wee little boat, lake michigan had crazy excessive, stomach-thudding wake*. there's just no happy medium.

* if you would like to simulate this, just sit in your chair and have someone stand behind you with a plant mister. as they spray you, have them lift your chair up a few inches and then drop it. then hit yourself in the stomach with a brick. repeat as necessary.

but yeah. and now i'm back. and eating a banana.


right now i'm looking hard at fiddler's green con... ooh i wanna go.

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

listening to: idina menzel, once upon a time

sometimes my family is so random. like, i wandered downstairs this morning, and my mom is like, "hey, what are you doing next weekend?" and i was like, "um... i don't know..." and she was like, "well, we're going to nashville to see the last phish concert in imax. wanna come?"


anywayz. (with a z.) last night we all watched josie and the pussycats and it made me really, really happy. i heart that movie. so few people in this world appreciate the beauty that is josie and the pussycats. (gold stars, hence, to kait and mike. and you, if you like that movie. but don't worry if you don't, i'm sure you can earn a gold star some other way. soccer, maybe, or baking.)

um. anyway. good movie. ("if i could go back in time, i'd wanna meet snoopy!")

i need to leave for work in like, three hours. and i don't want to. *frowl*

sometimes it scares me a little how good i am at those games. i used to have to listen to the clips at least a couple times before i'd get it, but now i can usually get them in one. and they're *short* clips, like maybe two seconds.

i mean.... yes i'm awesome!

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Saturday, August 07, 2004

listening to: stu, sexy messiah

hi! wireless internet is still broken, so only one family member can be online at once. we're not used to sharing >_<

the wedding was, well you know. (wait, no you don't.) um... it was outside on the riverfront, and it was gorgeous day. and it was a nice short ceremony, as far as these things go. i had to bite my lip when the minister told luuc that he was supposed to be his wife's spiritual leader, cuz the bible said so, and then went off on this rant about how too many women were the spiritual leaders of their familes, which is wrong, cuz the bible says so. he also told him to love her as jesus loved the church, which, between you and me, doesn't sound terribly romantic. "oh baby, your eyes are like starlight, and your lips are like velvet, and i love you as jesus loved the church."


anyway. so yeah, though, it was nice. she's my favorite of my cousins. not that that takes much, since my nuclear family has never been too close to the rest of our family. still though, she's really nice, and he's a great guy too. from the like, three times i've met him. but yes. i think weddings suck for single people, though, because you're like, "aww, i'm so happy for you... but also bitter."

and then you eat cake.

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Friday, August 06, 2004

listening to: bree sharp, fool's gold

hi, she said. our wireless internet is broken, she said, and now she is writing about herself in the third person. not much has happened to her lately, nothing out of the ordinary anyway, although she supposes she did get to see talia and reijo last night, and it had been awhile, hadn't it? and she got to play the board game of where in the usa is carmen sandiego? and she had fun.

she likes having fun. also, she likes it when people tell her their birthdays, and she likes it when people named joel send her carmen sandiego trading cards! and she is now tired of the third-person bit, so.

happy belated birthday, joel!! damn, i should have asked for birthdays last week, and thus been prepared for this. damn. well, happy birthday anyhow, hope it was lovely ^_^

soon i need to leave for my cousin's wedding. they already got married, once, in holland. but now they need to do it again, here. he's dutch, you see. crazy immigration laws. or something. anyway. there will be cake.

i like cake.

anyway. i just read past perfect, present tense by richard peck, and it rocked my face off. seriously. and i'm typing up his introduction. or part of it, anyway. because it's awesome and you should read it.

A short story, like fiction of any length, is always about change. Even in a handful of pages, the characters can't be the same people in the last paragraph whom we met in the first. If there's no change, there's no story, unless you write fiction for
The New Yorker magazine.

A word writers use is "epiphany." In ancient Greece the word described the miraculous appearance of a god or goddess. The Christian church uses the word with a capital E to define Twelfth Night, the moment when the Magi, the Three Wise Kings, made the long-heralded discovery of the Christ child.

In fiction writing, the epiphany is a sudden breakthrough of understanding, of self-awareness. It's that moment of change that changes every moment after. It's the lightbulb switched suddenly on over somebody's head. Novels tell of epiphanies acted upon. A short story tends to turn upon a single epiphany, sometimes in the last line. The change to come is to play out in the reader's mind.

In real life we have epiphanies all the time. But we wait for them to go away. Change is too hard, and threatening. That's why we have fiction. Stories are better than real life, or we wouldn't have them. Stories for the young present the metaphor of change upon the page to prepare the readers for the changes coming in their lives. Non-readers will never be ready. (emphasis added)

Again, like all fiction, a short story is never an answer, always a question. Writers with answers write nonfiction: advice columns and government pamphlets and textbooks. Fiction writers have only questions, and the eternal question all fiction asks the reader is:

I DO? (emphasis his)

This is the great gift readers receieve: They can be anybody and go anywhere. They can try on all these lives to see which ones fit.

(the above copyright richard peck, who is awesome, and not me, although i'm also awesome, just less eloquent.)

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

watching: futurama

VERY IMPORTANT POST: i've just gotten a new address book. (it's sparkly and has fairly oddparents on it! but that's not why it's important.) no, it's important because it has a spot for birthdays. and i figured this might be a good way to help me not forget birthdays. SO. comment or e-mail me your birthdays. yes, you. all of you. and while you're at it, your addresses. seriously, please. i'll be pissed if you don't. and if you do, the odds are good i'll send you a birthday card.

seriously. send them even if you're pretty sure i already know your birthday. maybe i do, and maybe i don't. so you'd better make sure!

right now. birthday and address. to renata at frowl dot org. or in a comment.

or else!

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

listening to: wicked, for good


i saw napoleon dynamite today. it was v. funny... definitely different from any movie i've seen. the guy playing napoleon was amazing. (as a sidenote, napoleon reminded me, very muchly, of a more hostile dan w.)

also, i went to target, and i got a new purse. it has hello kitty and a plotline. no really, it has like... comic strips all around it. but the story gets cut off abruptly. hello kitty and her mouse friend go to the park to draw things. and hello kitty draws lots of stuff. and then the mouse falls down a hole and says "help me!" and then the story repeats itself. so... i'm guessing the mouse eventually got helped? it'd be kinda tragic if he didn't.

michelle... i'm in awe ^_^ and hi! where have you been? you need to start updating your blog again!

devon: yay! i hope your move went well!

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i had this dream that i was reading a book and the author had used emoticons in it and i was just outraged.

so if you're planning on writiing a book, make sure to use actual words.

also: gold stars to kait and mary! yay!

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listening to: sealab 2021

weird, last time i watched this show it was the robot body episode too.

anyway. sat around miriam's porch/living room tonight. i was feeling a bit snappish. i blame the headache.

"have fun on the robot reservation, suckers!"

this show reminds me of my friends... everything's going to hell and they're all bickering about the semantics of a hypothetical situation. (and i mean this in the best way possible; to anyone who disagrees with me, i point you to the "if you could sweat icing" discussion.)

earlier today reid and i watched the video game awards on tech teevee... it was a random repeat, i guess the original award ceremony was last year. and let me tell you, this was the most amazingly surreal teevee viewing experience i think i've ever had. (and i watch aqua teen hunger force on a regular basis.) but just like... they had a cosplay fashion show. and they had two musical guests: public enemy and a flock of seagulls. and hal sparks dressed up as link to accept an award on behalf of legend of zelda: windwaker. and there was a mortal kombat dance piece. and elijah wood and dominic mona..gahan? ... let me start over. frodo and merry were there, randomly. and ed robertson sang "one week" on karaoke revolution, and the game rated him "poor" and he was like, "but i wrote that song!"

it was amazing, and i highly recommend you watch this if you happen to see it being re-aired.

uh... whenever miriam and i go to y-pump, we always have the same instructor, and she always plays the same song when we're cooling down. and it was in my head tonight. the thing about this is that the song is something like... will i dance for you jesus? will i be blinded by you glory? something something hallelujah... i can only imagine... something something jesus...

where is everyone lately? my flist has been soo infrequently updated the last few days. and no one leaves me comments. (except for you, kellie. gold star!) and no one updates their blogs, either. quit having lives! stop it!


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Monday, August 02, 2004

listening to: stu, brilliant mistake

hey frowl kids: i just got an over disk usage notice from y-s. you get 10 megs. please go check and delete stuff, should you be using more than ten. we're only over like, 2 megs. so. yeah. thanks.

and now we return you to the blog entry already in progress:

why i am awesome: i have a can of lemonade. it has five calories and three percent lemon juice, and it is warm because no one bothered to put more in the fridge after drinking the last one. thus, i also have a glass of ice, with some of the aforementioned lemonade in it. i placed my glass on the edge of my desk, then pushed it back a little to put it on more secure ground.

in the process, i knocked over the can.

also, at the library today i checked out some kids' books: one about the pullman strike, one about benjamin harrison, and one about phineas gage. (also a wayside school and one about uncle remus and one by karen cushman because i vaguely recalled liking out of the dust.)

i'm cool.

um. conversations with my manager, today (which i would like to preface by saying that she is a very nice woman and i like her well enough):

her: "so what are you going to school for?"
me: (brief silent panic regarding my future): "um, i'm an english major. and maybe going to declare a double in history." (hopes against hope that she does not follow this up with "so what do you want to do?")
her: "ohhh... you're one of those smart people."

her: "have you ever been to outback steakhouse?"
me: "um... i don't think so, no."
her: "oh. well, where do you and your family like to eat out?"
me: "oh... well... ming's wok, and there's an indian restaurant called puran cafe that we like..."
her: "really? there's an indian restaurant in town?!"
me: "yeah, there are a couple actually."
her: "wow! what's indian food like?"
me (vaguely): "um... it's good... kinda spicy... there are lentils?"
her: "it's weird that i've never had any, since i'm from arizona, and there are indians all over the place there."
me (blank look while i process this): "... no, sorry, i meant indian like, from india. not like native americans."
her: "oh, like indonesia?"
me: "um. no. like india. the country. india."
her: "oh... india."
me: "right..."

anyway. um... things happened. as they do.

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