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Saturday, July 31, 2004

watching: full house

dear rock the vote lady,

if you're so interested in "developing a relationship" with scipe, please learn how to spell "grinnell." also, give us some free t-shirts.



anyway. does adult swim not repeat itself on saturday? that's crazy talk. um... awhile ago kait said that someone on her flist posted their list of 50 favorite books. so i decided to think about my 50 favorite. and i tried to make a list. but i couldn't come up with 50 favorites. 50 good ones, okay. but here are 40 favorites, having limited each author to one appearance on the list. (excluding neil gaiman. but he only got one novel, one graphic novel, and one short story collection on the list. and anyway, he's neil.) thus, sometimes books on the list might be random books in the middle of a series.

also note that these are favorite not best. and... hmm, there's a lot of YA here. i figure it's partially for sentimental reasons-- if i first read a book when i was nine and i still love it, well, that's something. and partially, i think, YA lit (good YA lit) can sometimes get to the point better than "adult" lit. i suppose some authors are just good no matter what age group they're shooting for. not in any particular order, but they are in the order that they came to mind, so book #1 probably left a better impression on me than book #40. so, for the interested, here are my forty favorite books. at the moment, anyway.

i'd lj-cut this if i could, but i can't, so feel free to skip down to the next entry if you couldn't care less about my 40 favorite books.

1. american gods, neil gaiman
2. me talk pretty one day, david sedaris
3. last chance to see, douglas adams
4. slaughterhouse-5, kurt vonnegut, jr.
5. a swiftly tilting planet, madeleine l'engle
6. pride and prejudice, jane austen
7. travelling mercies, anne lamott
8. the watchmen, alan moore
9. 1984, george orwell
10. the eyre affair, jasper fforde
11. the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe, c.s. lewis
12. harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, j.k. rowling
13. a separate peace, john knowles
14. brief lives, neil gaiman
15. the westing game, ellen raskin
16. anne of green gables, l.m. montgomery
17. the adventures of sherlock holmes (collected short stories), arthur conan doyle
18. fear of flying, erica jong
19. the child that books built, francis spufford
20. wicked, gregory maguire
21. the giver, lois lowry
22. the wonderful tale of henry sugar and six more, roald dahl
23. rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead, tom stoppard
24. a walk in the woods, bill bryson
25. fight club, chuck palahniuk
26. the adventures of huckleberry finn, mark twain
27. the picture of dorian gray, oscar wilde
28. ender's game, orson scott card
29. on the banks of plum creek, laura ingalls wilder
30. the laramie project, moises kaufman (et al)
31. and the band played on, randy shilts
32. sophie's world, jostein gardner
33.the golden compass, phillip pullman
34. the symposium, plato
35. a christmas carol, charles dickens
36. smoke and mirrors, neil gaiman
37. holes, louis sachar
38. a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, dave eggers
39. diary of a young girl, anne frank

and the guilty pleasure book: 40. i, jedi, michael stackpole. ... it's a star wars novel. but i've read it like 123434 times. shut up, it's good.

perhaps, now, sleep.

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Friday, July 30, 2004


but tonight we only did it in time for the last line ("myriad puzzle pieces are all around me." or something.)


(remember when i said nothing was important enough for bold + h1? well, this is close.)

anyway. watching full house is weird when you've seen uncle jesse in cabaret and michelle's in rehab and "you oughta know" was written about uncle joey.

just sayin.

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

listening to: tori, smells like teen spirit (live)

hi. tired! agh. but still, today's been a good day. worked for a few hours, and then i went to the park and ate my free salad and read some milan kundera.

(The man hunched over his motorcycle can focus only on the present instant of flight; he is caught in a fragment of time cut off from both the past and the future; he is wrenched from the continuity of time; he is outside time; in other words, he is in a state of ecstacy; in that state he is unaware of his age, his wife, his children, his worries, and so he has no fear, because the source of fear is the future, and a person freed of the future has nothing to fear.)


and then miriam and i went to sam's club, sneakily (they called me susan) and i bought an eighteen-pack of easy mac. back-to-school shopping, complete.

also i got my new glasses. hurrah.

and... we sat around her porch for a bit, and i came home and tried to return a book to the mackinaw library, but apparently they close at five and have sealed their book drop. you'd think they'd want people to be able to return books.

oh yeah, and one more thing about the free ipod thing: for your requisite "one offer," just register an ebay account and make a bid. if you already have an ebay account, sign up for freeipods with an email address that you *didn't* use for ebay, and then go sign up for ebay again. and then make a bid on something you won't win. then laugh evilly, because you have beaten the system. go you.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

watching: full house

watching this... i realize how familiar i am with the tanners' house. i know the weird slanty wooden ceiling in their kitchen, and the layout of their living room, and the pink bunnies on uncle jesse's walls...

strange the things you know, locked into the back of your head like the number of stairs in your house (fourteen) or your first set of sheets (blue, with mickey and friends flying blimps around merrily, oblivious to their flammable potential) or the layout of a teevee family's house.


peoria was fun! we went to applebee's and split two desserts three ways, and they were both weight watchers-approved but SO DELICIOUS. especially the lemon cheesecake. mmm.

also we saw i, robot. and it was good. but my attention span was a little all over the place. as it is so prone to doing.

dear kait,

i miss you, and richard is an idiot. OH! they think his parents are in the HOSPITAL! that's why no one says anything about his lack of parents! amazing. i hope you have fun at the con, and take pictures cos i want to see you with red hair.

also, john kerry loves kittens. adorable, fuzzy, baby kittens. and teresa likes squid. because she's not shallow.



dear everyone else,

you should watch case closed and then you'd know what i was talking about.

except for that last bit. that's just kait and i being losers awesome.



dear renata,

why are you writing letters like this? maybe you should get some sleep.



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listening to: tori, yes anastasia

i make no apologies for thinking that this is one of the funniest things in the world.

oh, man.

anyway. my thumb STILL smells like garlic. ew.

i'm excited that steve and amanda are picking me up in like, an hour. (because we're going to peoria and so, for once, i'm on someone's way. hurrah!)

also, um, freeipods.com. (click there, and i'm your referrer.) kellie said it was legit cuz someone on *her* flist said it was legit, so, like, what more do you need? and anyway it's free, so even if it's not all it costs you is some spam. and if it is, well, free ipod.


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listening to: elvis costello, beyond belief

i think my sleep schedule is beyond help...
yesterday, for example, i got up around 12. was still tired, depsite having gone to bed at what, like 2? 3? meaning at *least* nine hours of sleep. so then i fell asleep around 6:30 pm, and woke up around 9:30. then i decided to go to sleep around 2. but i couldn't, probably because i had just had three hours. also my nose was all drippy and i felt like i was coming down with a cold. although now i'm fine. um. anyway, i finally fell asleep around 5 or 6 am and got up around 10 am.

and what's weird here is that i'm not tired. at all. unlike the last several days. and now that i think about it, this one more closely emulates my school sleep schedule, which involved comparatively little sleep at night and a nap.

(speaking of school, grinnell's only #6 on the list of politically liberal colleges. but what really cracks me up is that we're #12 on the "students ignore god on a regular basis" list. i don't know if it amuses me more than such a list exists, or that we're only #12 on it... but either way, i suppose this means rusty k won't be buying jesus in bulk any time soon...)

sorry, i'm still sitting here, very amused. i think it's just the phrasing. it makes me picture like, a group of students walking around campus, and god is chasing after them going "guys! guys wait up!" and they're all like "oh, there goes god again... c'mon, let's pretend we didn't hear him and walk faster..."

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listening to: tori, pretty good year

an open note to anyone who uses html: please do not, ever, use both the h1 and the bold tag. there is nothing in the entire world that is important enough to require such emphasis.

thank you.

so um anyway.

<333 for the daily show, tonight. if someone wanted my eternal love, they could make me a kerry icon that says "ending economic scurvy with the oranges of fiscal responsibility." you know, if they wanted to. *whistles*

i'm sad that i didn't get to see obama's speech at the dnc. i fell asleep and i was all happy cuz i woke up at 9:30, which was, i thought, just in time. but i had forgotten that i live in central time, so i just wathed teresa h-k. (and i have to admit, she won me over with her line about women being "opinionated" and men being "intelligent and informed.")

i'm tired. maybe i'll go back to sleep. i've been up for a good six hours, now...

hee. kim possible is funny.

"tomorrow we go full contact!"
"isn't soccer pretty much no-contact?"
"that's what the other team thinks!"

"a hands-on approach to soccer... interesting."

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

listening to: anne heaton, megan and kevin

i am SO tired. i have beeen SO tired since like, friday, and i don't know why. but it's kind of an exhausting continued state of existence.

i made some pistachio pudding today. it was good. but i don't like pistachios. i like pistachio pudding, though, cuz it doesn't taste like pistachios. it tastes kinda like... green.

pistachio is a funny word. but i think i should stop using it for this entry, i'm way over my quota. and i'm not even sure i've been spelling it right.

hee! i'm looking at samsclub.com, to try to figure out how many friends i'm allowed to bring in with me when i steal my mom's membership card, and it's inviting me to purchase a 50-pack of the passion of the christ. it claims it's for religious organizations, but there's something about buying jesus in bulk that cracks me up.

my eye is twitching. quit it, eye. argh. i need to do some laundry. and re-punctuate like six more issues. and... mm... i think i might take a nap first.

... which i did. for three hours. and am now posting this. hurrah!

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Monday, July 26, 2004

listening to: ani d, brief bus stop

oh god. it wasn't bad enough that the b&s website was unspeakably bad, so i had to re-do it. no no, also, apparently, when i open the files to edit them... they lose their punctuation. but not all of it, mostly just commas and quotation marks. so i have to go back and add those. to every article.

not amused.


the experience has, however, re-emphasized, for me, the importance of proper punctuation in good humor. don't believe me? try this.

Right now added club member Joe burning Down the Library Thompson?06 we just have a lot of very hot Bibles and Ray Bradbury novels.?


"Right now," added club member Joe "Burning Down the Library" Thompson '06, "we just have a lot of very hot Bibles and Ray Bradbury novels."


(also what's fun is when we can't stick to our own stylebook. not that our stylebook is an actual stylebook, like one that's been written down or anything... no, our stylebook pretty much exists only in nick, aron, and my heads. perhaps that's another project for another day... jesus. but this will all be worth it when i'm done. because it will be kick-ass.)

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listening to: jill sobule, big shoes (live)

hi! just in case you were worried by the lack of updates, i'm not actually dead or anything. it's just that my schedule the last few days has been something like:
2 am: come home.
10 am: get up. go to work.
2 am: come home.
10 am: get up. go to work.
2 am: come home.

but here i am. *nod*


anyway. um... here are some random amusing quotes that i've been storing in the back of my brain for awhile. actually, now that i think about it i might have posted a few of them already. but they amuse me so i'll post them twice, if need be.

random amusing quotes: "you're an english major, right?"
"so do you read a lot of literature, then?"
"... i can't even think of a witty response to that. so, yes."

"eh, i have cables in the trunk, you can jump me."

"should i turn here?" (*gestures to susan drive; my mom's name is susan*)
"yeah, turn onto YOUR MOM!"

"hey, where did you park?"
"over there... next to YOUR MOM!" (we had inadvertently gone to the same store as trina's mom and discovered it in the parking lot)

there were more, but... eh.

ow, i just stretched and now my neck hurts. *frowl*

so yeah. my weekend... i worked at the way of subs a fair amount, and then... oh, saturday steve and miriam and i saw hot shorts (4 short plays) at heartland theatre, and it was really funny. hurrah! and we watched dress to kill which was, of course, hilarious, though that didn't stop miriam and i from falling asleep on the couch.

and then sunday i worked, went to miriam's house and ate some brownies (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRIAM!) and went back to work. and then i went to steve's house and we watched the 4400 (i called him and made him tape it ^_^) and an ep of mst3k (red zone cuba!) and then i came home and went to sleep. mmmm... sleep.

i have some stuff i should be doing. but um, i'm not.

my hands STILL SMELL LIKE GARLIC because on saturday when we cooked stuff, i got to peel and chop the garlic. and i actually the smell of garlic, so it's not that bad... but i'm sitting here like "mmm... garlic... hey waitaminute, hands shouldn't smell like that..." and i've washed them so many times, and showered, and everything... but still, garlic. it's imbedded into my skin or something >_<

oh, also, you can add the cash register to the list of things i've cut myself on at subway. in fact, i will make that list for you:
~ the cash register
~ the subwrap
~ the oven
~ the tomato slicer

curiously absent from this list: the knives.

i like that i'm all impressed with myself for being able to read harry potter in spanish, when i've read much more complex things than this already, for class. i suppose, as miriam pointed out to me, harry potter is something i actually really want to read, and it's cool to be able to do that in another language. if i so desire. (sidenote... i think miriam wins a prize for receiving the weirdest phone call ever, because friday night i called her from work and asked her to look up "immolate" in the dictionary. and she did, because she's a good friend ^_^ [nathaniel and i were quarrelling regarding the definition. and i was right! go me. but, apparently i've been mispronouncing "feta" for years, so, i guess i can't be that cool.])

mm. i was reading my mom's ladies' home journal cuz it had interviews with bush and kerry (and their respective wives.. sidenote, wouldn't it be funny if they interviewed bush and theresa together and kerry and laura? i think that would be exciting.) anyway. so, reading that, and apparently theresa h-k thinks atheists are megalomaniacs, but that's not my point... i thought it was interesting that they asked each candidate what they think the biggest problem with americans is.

kerry said that we're too busy and don't spend enough time with our families, and we don't spend enough time reading. (he was appalled that 80% of americans get 100% of their news from teevee.)

bush said that we don't exercise enough.

just, you know, slightly different, there.

dee dee da digga digga dee da.

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

listening to: the clash, rudie can't fail

i forgot to post about something that happened earlier: my mom and i were at wal-mart, and i was looking through the bargain dvd bin, as i am wont to do, and they had josie and the pussycats! and i was very excited. (sidenote, i just tried to emphasize that with a < v > tag. v for very?) so yes, very excited, and i put it in the cart and we went on. and then later, i was still excited, so i picked up the case and looked at it some more. AND IT SAID EDITED FAMILY VERSION! they had edited it! from a pg-13 to a pg! wtf? (this, ironically, caused me to become much more potentially offensive than the movie ever was. i believe the phrases "wal-mart nazis" and "fucking censorship" were bandied about. fists were shaken. frowls were frowled.)


hmm, i just erased something from my bookmarks bar and i don't know what it was.

tonight i am, randomly, missing grinnell very muchly.

tonight i am nearly being crushed by the weight of my impending future.

but i am indiana jones and my future is a big rock and i will kick its big rock ass.

perhaps it would be more accurate to say that i am indiana jones and my irrational insecurities are a big rock and i will continue to (just barely) outrun them; the point is that i have a cool hat.

a cool metaphorical hat.

memo to me: dear renata, you have things you want to say to kait but right now you are too tired to go leave her an lj comment. you will contact her tomorrow. good night. love, renata.

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Friday, July 23, 2004

listening to: tori, i don't like mondays

for those of you who were concerned (i.e.) kait, i did indeed get to watch case closed last night ^_^ however, it was at nathaniel's house, while everyone (including me) was playing in pursuit!, which is like trivial pursuit, but more exciting. or something. anyway. so i was watching, fairly intently, and every so often i'd have to answer a trivia question. it was amusing. (but if you're kait, you already know that i got to watch it, because i called you and left you a voicemail rambling about it.) but seriously, i can't believe it was the fat guy,

i am so tired. but, i'm getting new glasses, which are slightly different from my last two pairs! (still black plastic, but a little more cats-eye.) also, apparently, once you hit a certain age, black plastic glasses just make you look like andy warhol. my mom has reached this age, and i am counting on all you to inform me when i too have reached it. and my new optometrist reminded me of someone throughout the exam, and i finally figured it out, and it was bryan singer. and then i just felt geeky.

which is, you know, different from how i feel most of the time.

also, i got three new pairs of shoes... but they were all cheap, so cheap, and my mom bought them for me...

... i have to go to work now.

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

listening to: eagles, peaceful easy feeling

oh my god, sometimes i am so ridiculously add. right now i have four books, all lying down open, because i read a bit of one, set it down, and get distracted by one of the others. but i also have three open browser windows, two open html documents, and mail, which i keep checking. oh, i also have my bottle of ink sitting here, because i got it out to write a letter, but then i couldn't find my quill, so then i... well, got distracted by one of the things i just mentioned.

(the four books, in case you were wondering, are the x-men movie novelization [my favorite bad line from it, thus far, is, "Rogue laughed, smiling." like.. as opposed to all those other times when she laughed, frowning? what?], a shakespeare four comedies, edith hamilton's mythology, and harry potter y la piedra filosofal.)

sometimes i think it would be really cool to have an attention span.

anyway. kait, yes i watched the show! god, rachel's friend is a bitch. i'm excited to watch part two tonight. oh no... i might not be home for the midnight one, and i shouldn't stay up for the three am one cuz i have to get up at god's time tomorrow... mmm... well, i probably will anyway ^_^

(no, i have not gotten to the point where i'm revolving my schedule around bad anime. i haven't. now if you'll excuse me, i'm in the middle of ten things, and i simply do not have time to be mocked.)

this novelization is so spectactularly bad. "The Senator Kelly?" Logan asked, actually shocked. yeah, that'll teach you to put your toaster in the bathtub, logan.

hee, i just started reading about the cyclops in mythology.. but... x-men... er... hee.

(oh, stop judging me, she said, projecting her insecurities wildly.)

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listening to: stu, beyond belief

post cranberry almond cereal is sooo grood. i bet if the cranberry store had been open, they would have sold it.

i think i should... i don't know. but here's reason #235454 why i heart neil (from the blog):

I've long known that Claptrap means rubbish or nonsense. I was browsing in a dictionary the other day, as one does, and learned that it came from things one could say on a stage or to an audience that meant very little, but were automatic applause-getters. (Things that literally trap, well, clapping.) And it's also the name of a machine they had once in old theatres that simulated the sound of applause. It's such a good word: anything declaimed from the stage that gets people clapping without thinking. Claptrap. And just as applicable to any side in a political debate.

"i was browsing the dictionary the other day, as one does..."

and i think there are really two kinds of people in the world, the ones who read that and think it's funny, and the ones who read that and go, "yes, yes, as one does, of course." anyway. claptrap. neat.

so anyway, one of the books on my plate at the moment is the x-men novelization (shutupppp) and it's so... not good. and they spell erik's name with a c. and no k. (i had to clarify, lest there be confusion that i meant they spelled it "erick" or even "erikc," which would be absurd.)

the mary: oh.. i just can't get into inuyasha at all. granted, i've never watched more than a couple minutes at a time. but those couple minutes always end with me going "wtf?" and changing the channel... and i used to not like athf either, but it's reallyreally grown on me. and case closed is hilarious. in that sort of earnest cute bizarre sort of way... like if a bunch of 5-year-olds wanted to do a play for you, and you were like, "aww, that's so cute..." but then you got all caught up in it and wanted to know how it ended.

wow, it suddenly got really dark in here... so i'll go downstairs now.

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watching: aqua teen hunger force

can i just say that the changes to the weekday adult swim schedule annoy me? it used to go athf, case closed, cowboy bebop. and that was nice. but nooow it's athf, inuyasha, case closed, lupin the third, cowboy bebop.

fortunately, noggin shows daria at 2:30 so i can watch that after athf instead of inuyasha.. but.

(shh, yes, i know i'm far too familiar with the teevee listings between like, 1-4 am.)

i remembered the thing i wanted to say about wisconsin: we kept driving past big chief's mount olympus theme park (yes, you read that right. only in the dells do you get the blend of native american and greek stereotypes.) anyway, they were building a new roller coaster, and it had a big sign saying "HADES! coming 2005! the world's...?"

yes. the world's ellipsis question mark. it was, as sarah said, "like the advertising guy was going to come back to it, but the sign painting guys got ahold of it..."

mmm... a bunch of us watched requiem for a dream tonight, and it was good. not my usual kind of movie, but good. also, apparently amanda could deal with me on speed, but not steve. i'm in agreement that steve on speed would be... ridiculous. (and sometimes kind of superfluous.) also, i got to explain apostrophe usage rules to ashvin. it's been a grammariffic day ^_^

anyway. devon, what? there are higher aspirations than best subway employee ever? well damn. good thing i'm trying for that ba. (what do you do with a ba in english? apparently you don't become the best subway employee ever...)

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

listening to: my dad watching history channel in the other room

hey neat, we have high-speed wireless now! we tried to get it like.. a month ago, and it wouldn't work and i tried all this shit and spent an hour on the phone with apple tech support and the isp people came over like, 3 times and it was madness. and then i gave up for awhile, and today i was like "hmm.. well.. i'll just start over." and i plugged in the base station and restarted it and it was like, hey, i think i'll work now!

i don't really understand. but i'm not complaining.

.. except now it's all like... NOTHING CAN BE FOUND! *frowl*

anyway. i'm excited, cuz i was helping reid edit a paper for his class, and he had misused a colon a couple times, and i was like "... do you know how to use those?" and i went and got strunk&white and made him read the pages about colons. and he was like, "maybe i should read this whole book!" and i was like, "yes!"

*laughs evil english major laugh*

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listening to: sheryl crow, tomorrow never dies

dude, i was reading this kids' book about women in ww2, for arks... and you know the "we can do it!" girl with the bandana and her arm pumped, whom everyone calls rosie the riveter? SHE'S NOT REALLY ROSIE THE RIVETER. rosie is a norman rockwell painting, and she's more butch. and she has a lunchbox that says "rosie."

& the thing is that, had you asked, i could always have told you that rosie was a norman rockwell painting, and had i ever stopped to think about it, i would have realized that "we can do it!" girl does not look like a rockwell. but no one asked, and i continued my life of ignorance.

weird that i've taken so many history classes and been to so many museums, and i had to learn it from a kids book. although somehow i felt that i had known that, once, and forgotten. and sometimes i wonder what other things there are that i know on some level but have forgotten. (well, of course, "she told me everyone can know everything destiny knows. and more than that. she said we all not only could know everything. we do. we just tell ourselves we don't to make it all bearable.")

so you know.

i cut myself twice at work last night, and both in inutterably stupid ways. well. the first time, the lid to one of our metal pans fell off a shelf, and somehow handed with the corner in my palm. and it stabbed a little hole in me. and then i cut myself on the rack of the oven. which was fine until i got floor cleaner in it, and then it was kind of burny. but you know, it's good. it keeps me on my toes. or something?

(if nothing else maybe i'll get some scars to make up cool stories about. but probably they'll heal and i'll have to make up the scars before i can make up the stories.)

("she is. um. right. kind of. not knowing everything is all that makes it okay, sometimes.")

and now i think i will shower.

(quotes, incidentally, from brief lives.)

my copy is signed renata, dream dangerously... neil gaiman and it makes me smile.

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watching: aqua teen hunger force!

i just baked cookies and they are hotttt. because they're fresh out of the oven, and also delicious. and i used applesauce instead of butter.

i worked with bryan again tonight. he cracks me up, for two primary reasons:
1. he's such the closet case. i've never met anyone more obsessed with asserting his own heterosexuality, and yet the person he talks about most is nathaniel.
2. he's always like... inadvertently insulting me and never, ever does he realize it. my favorite is when he talks about how he and nathaniel are the only two good employees that subway has, and no one else who works there can ever do anything right, etc. it's hysterical.

i'm tired. there was one other thing that i wanted to post about wisconsin, and i forgot it, and then i remembered it at work tonight, and now it's gone again.

*is sad* kait just signed off before The Show. *sends long distance hearts to kait*

what what what was it that i wanted to post?

um... well... it probably wasn't important.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

listening to: tori, crazy (live)

hmm hi! so wisconsin was fun ^_^ lots of mosquitos, per usual, and the CRANBERRY STORE STILL WASN'T OPEN >_< but, we went pirate's cove adventure golfing! it was full of adventure. and also pirates. and... we pursued trivia. also, we went to noah's ark, "america's largest waterpark!" (we also went to ravina bay, the restaurant with the WORLD'S LARGEST UMBRELLA. and thus, whenever we'd walk beneath an umbrella at noah's ark, julia would say, "that's a pretty big umbrella!" and i would say, "eh, i've seen bigger." because we are easily amused.)

also, there was this ride called "noah's incredible journey" and... well, we all had our glasses off, and none of us could see very well. at all. to the point of ridiculousness. but. so we went on this ride, and it... didn't have any water? despite being in a waterpark? and so you walked through this thing, and it was like, "archaelogical excavation!!!1!one! look, we found noah's ark! it was at the top of a mountain... buried beneath a waterpark in wisconsin! yay!" and you went down this elevator to look at the excavation. and then, for some reason, you got ON the ark, and you strapped into these seats and it rocked back and forth. and then you got off and walked around this mirror maze (kinda tricky when you can't see!) and occasionally there were animals. but they weren't even like animatronic animals. they were just statues. and then it was over.

it was SO amazingly wtf? but the rest of the stuff was fun. hurray!

interlude: dear texas, this is ridiculous. love, renata.

and then.. we left.. and julia and i listened to lemony snicket on our way back! the highlight of that was something like..
tape: "sunny (the baby, who speaks in baby talk which gets translated) said, 'orlando!', by which she meant something like, 'it's the one who looks like neither a man nor a woman!'"
r&j: "*snerk*"
r: "... are you thinking about orlando bloom?"
j: "YES!"

it ruled. and then i spent the night at juuulia's house and left in the morning, and got spectacularly lost trying to get back on the highway from her neighborhood. spectacularly. it took me, no exaggeration, an hour. when really it should have been... maybe ten minutes. it was ridiculous. but then it was fine...

and then... trina and amanda and i got ready for miriam's surprise birthday party! because we are sneaky sneaky! teehee. which went off well, despite such random setbacks and miriam subbing for someone at work from 5-7, when we had meant to have the party start at 6, and miriam calling me on her way back from work to be like, "hey, what's up?" and i, sitting in her backyard with everyone there, and cake and things, was like, "uh..... nothing...." and then her stupid dog started barking, and she was like, "... where are you?" and i was like, in the shiftiest possible voice, "umm.... downtown? someone's... walking their... dog..." but! like i said, it all worked out, and it was fun! and surprising.

this song makes me really, really happy. it's almost as good as the mediocre presidents song.

in other news, i've been listening to american gods on tape in my car, and it had seemed vaguely weird to me, and i didn't know why. and then i realized that, in my head, shadow has always sounded like keanu reeves without me realizing it. i don't know why. it doesn't particularly fit his character or anything for him to sound like keanu. ("the storm is coming? whoa...") i mean i guess they both have that same sort of (by the way, i always only think of keanu reeves as ted or as neo) "average sort of guy in WAY THE FUCK OVER HIS HEAD" thing going... but i just don't know.

... *shakes head* keanu reeves...

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watching: case closed! with kait

hi! i'm back from wisconsin, and also miriam's surprise birthday party! teehee! lots of fun was had, but i'm way tired. so i think i'll post later. like tomorrow.

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Friday, July 16, 2004

listening to: bree sharp, the boys of summer

alright, sugarbobs, i'm shortly off to wisconsin for the weekend! hopefully when i get back i'll be able to make a post without referring to case closed.

also, devon and julia: thank you for your reassuring shoe comments ^_^

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watching: case closed

kaaait, where are you?

anyway... can i just... how can i explain how great this show is? like... the opening, conan reads the episode title: MURDER AT THE TELEVISION STUDIO.

cut to a big builing. giant subtitle above building: TELEVISION STUDIO.

random guy to other guy: hey, miguel! giant subtitle above miguel: MIGUEL.

anyway. work tonight... oh my god. i was working with bryan, who is... such a tool. he's a nice guy. but his girlfriend broke up with him... around the time i started working. and now he's obssessed with getting a new girlfriend. but the thing is, there is no girl in particular he wants. so whenever i work with him.. he just rambles constantly about all the girls he knows, and how he hopes he has a chance with one of them, and his plan to meet new girls... etc. apparently (in case you're available and interested), bryan likes "girly girls" who look like "*uses hands to make hourglass figure*".

i like that all the other characters are just as shocked as we are whenever richard knows anything. wow, and his actual good advice comes complete with seizure-inducing light flash.

i should go pack for wisconsin and such. but instead... i'll finish watching this! and... such.

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

listening to: tori, only women bleed

oh god, i just cleaned out my closet (kinda) and i am so boggled. SHOES! when did i get so many SHOES? and so many improbable shoes, at that! silver dress shoes! i have three pairs of silver dress shoes? who needs three pairs of silver dress shoes? you'd think one would be enough, or two at the ouside. but three? and red shoes. i have two pairs of red shoes. and granted... my feet haven't really grown since eighth grade, so some of these shoes date back quite awhile. but it seems a little preposterous to me.

but the thing is i really can't think of any one pair of these shoes that i can get rid of. I NEED THEM ALL. yes, even the black ones with the hole in the side, and the third pair of silver shoes, and the wooden ones that make me sound like i have a peg leg when i walk...

so my question is... when did this happen to me?!

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listening to: avenue q, for now

i think one of the reasons i like ave q so much is that this song is basically my life philosophy. and really, how often does one get one's life philosophy turned into a song and sung by puppets?

uh... i never actually talk about my days in my blog. because i always open blogger and go, "what have i done today? what did i... hey wow! GREEN post-it notes! wow! i didn't know i had any GREEN post-its! this is AMAZING!" and then everything that happened before my latest distraction just flees my head.

i got american gods on tape at the library ^_^ mm, neil.

suddenly i'm very tired. and i went to bed early! like... 1!

mm. and i have to work tonight. and i want to work on this fic i'm writing. but i left my copy of midsummer downstairs. (and isn't it sad that i can't write my x-men fanfiction because i need a copy of a shakespeare play? swear to christ, sometimes i take nerdiness to a whole new level. i guess this still isn't as bad as needing a copy of the constitution to write my west wing fic...)

there was CRAZY weather around here yesterday, or no... day before. hail and tornados and everything. but it totally passed over mackinaw, so i was at home and my mom called and was like, "how's the weather?!" and i was like "um... it's kinda hot... sunny... why?" and i was confused.

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watching: case closed

it was the first new century
in one hundred years

and i'm getting way too into this show.

i was all excited because i just remembered conan's clue from last night and i think i solved the mystery.

fuck. if i start writing fic for this show, ever... just shoot me. seriously, do it.

or shipping. (conan/richard otp!!11... oh god, i can't even type that.)

tonight was fun. hung out with my homegirls. (hee.) and we visited miriam at jeffrey allans and looked at all the crafts. and! we went to barnes & noble and they had a sunburned country by bill bryson, marked down from $25 to $5! plus (minus) i get 10% off! and it's one of the few of his books i didn't have! <333 bill bryson. times ten thousand.

(re: case closed) did richard just pass out into the bushes? what's going on? and why doesn't anyone notice that richard is totally unconscious yet still talking? (thanks to conan's voice modulator thing.) conan is SO LUCKY that everyone in japan seems to be completely stupid. oh god, you should all watch this show.

oh, and if you want a free kerry/edwards bumper sticker, you should get on that.

oh. i didn't figure out all of the mystery. but most of it! conan, telling someone to "count on the unknown" is possibly the worst advice ever. just so you know. also, "one truth prevails" is a really shitty catchphrase. maybe it loses something in translation.

it's just my imagintion
the sort of empty concentration
something something sip of ovaltine
let's walk something infections
something something muppet bossanova

-- the case closed end theme song. as heard by me.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004



i think i'd be a terrible existentialist because i spend too much time living just slightly in the future. too much time thinking, "well this'll be over soon," too much time thinking "i'll be glad i did this when i'm done."

(i hate writing, i love having written, said dorothy parker.)

ooh, i haven't watched strongbad in forever!

good thing i'm easily distracted, so there's always something exciting in my near future.

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watching: daria

random amusing quote: "like eliza doolittle, on the wild thornberries! *long pause* is that her name?"
"i don't know, it sounds right, but... *long pause* no wait, her last name is thornberry."

i hit a kitty on the way home ~_~ poor kitty! *is sad* but it was on market street... and... there aren't supposed to be animals there... and... it got up and ran away. so... i don't know. aww, kitties.

i posted this earlier but blogger was being dumb, so: i re-did the frowl main page. i took down all the links to sites that haven't been updated in awhile; let me know if you want something back up.

if i were smart i'd go down and get my sheets out of the dryer and go make my bed. but since i'm not, i'll sit here and watch bad anime for a few hours, then be exhausted and cranky and confused when i find my bed bare.

yeah, that sounds like a plan.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

a brief update: i re-did the frowl mainpage. because i figured... it was time. if you haven't updated your frowl site in what i consider a reasonable amount of time, i took down your link. let me know if you want it back up, or if there's anything else i should add, etc.

dig it.

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wtf? i drop out of the the peripheries of fandom (where i'd been hiding for awhile) for like, a week, and matty c releases his new cd? finally? aaah! he might not be my favorite mark. at all. but i dig his solo music. i might even like his music more than i like joshua's. shhh don't tell.

ooh, "look alive" is on it! dig!

additionally, i would like to announce that: 1. fairly oddparents is amazing.
2. so is case closed.
3. so are me and kait's detective skillz. because the bald guy totally had shifty eyes. shifty, shifty eyes.

the more times you say "shifty" the shiftier things get. shifty, shifty, shifty, shifty eyes.

but not hungry eyes.

i have string cheese, and it cracks me up because it's "natural" string cheese. bitch, please. nothing that color of orange and nothing in that shape is allowed to call itself "natural." because I SAY SO.

oh shit. alan cumming just spoke on teevee and i wasn't expecting it and i squealed. literally. more of a squeak, really. why am i such the fangirl?

haha, i was just reading the cdbaby description of matty's cd. and it's funny. hence the haha. but:

Intimate and tonally rich, Overtones resonates with original tunings in a layered accoustic framework from this new American voice. It's a nourishing collection of music and poetry, from sublime and playful, to intense and dark. Only 11g net carbs.

really only the last four words are funny, and the rest of it is just a little pretentious. but hee!

i think this dvd is too smart for me. there *has* to be something more on it than just a "sneak peek" at x2 and a daredevil trailer. but i can't find it! dvd case! you promised me deleted scenes on this disc! dn't you lie to me! oh, there everything is. that was sneaky. *frowls at sneakiness*

yes, i'm blaming the dvd for being sneaky, not me for being dumb. aha.

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watching: futurama

i love how like... i never use my computer at my desk, except when it needs to charge. so now i somehow associate the desk itself with charging, and not like... the charger. like today, i came home and tried to use sam, and freaked out when he wouldn't turn on. and then i plugged him in. and... yes i'm awesome.

anyway, today was fun. watched the butterfly which was better than i had expected.

kait posted all the books she's read this summer... and i want to be like kait. so yes. (i've been posting these on the 50 book challenge too). so! here are the books i've read this summer:

The Miserable Mill, Lemony Snicket
The Austere Academy, Lemony Snicket
Roanoke: Solving the Mystery of the Lost Colony, Lee Miller
Tainted Legacy: 9/11 and the Ruin of Human Rights, William Schultz
Join Me, Danny Wallace
The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction, Justine Larbalestier
Running with Scissors, Augusten Burroughs.
The Chocolate War, Robert Cormier
Losing Matt Shephard: Life and Politics in the Aftermath of Anti-Gay Murder, Beth Loffreda
The Life of Pi, Yann Martel
Lost in a Good Book, Jasper Fforde
The Ersatz Elevator, Lemony Snicket
A Separate Peace, John Knowles
Ella Enchanted, Gail Carson Levine
Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte
The Well of Lost Plots, Jasper Fforde
A Gathering of Days, Joan Blos
The Princess and the Pigpen, Jane Resh Thomas
Don't Panic: Douglas Adams and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Neil Gaiman
The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases, edited by Jeff Vandermeer and Mark Roberts
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Dave Eggers
Eats, Shoots and Leaves, Lynne Truss
The Sandman Presents: Taller Tales, Bill Willingham
Artemis Fowl, Eoin Colfer
The Comical Tragedy or Tragic Comedy of Mr. Punch, Neil Gaiman
Fear of Flying, Erica Jong

<3 books. (you should go read one.you'd be in the minority of adult americans!)

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Monday, July 12, 2004

listening to: eagles, take it easy

yay! i was all sad cos i thought the person who was supposed to write for me for donnaficathon had skipped out, but it turns out i'm just dumb. or at least, unobservant.

hmm. today was fun! what with sugar creek arts fest and matt and i getting TWIN shakes that were both the WRONG shakes (see, we ordered in lowercase and they came capitalized... or rather.. we ordered orange and vanilla, and we both got peach and vanilla, and we were all like "... does yours taste like peach? mine tastes like peach. but it LOOKS orange. oh my god, maybe this is what orange tastes like and we're just confused. ... no, we know what orange tastes like, and it's not this. ... right?" but, it turns out that they mixed up the peach and orange syrup. and then we got new shakes. the end.)

and... it rained a lot and i was tired, and then we went to steve's house and watched cruel intentions which was amusingly sketchy. and then we watched this teevee show called the 4400 that steve had *taped* because he thought it looked good, but it turned out to be like... this txf/x-men/left behind sort of rip-off. but really bad. but we watched it anyway.

except i got this really bad headache and it hurt to look at stuff, so i watched it like this:
everyone else: *gasp*
me (face covered with pillow): what?
everyone else: *ignores*
me (louder): what? what HAPPENED?!
everyone else: we can't hear you, you have a pillow on your face.
me (takes pillow off): what happened?! ow!
everyone else: bird-guy is gonna heal coma-guy!

and so on. but then i took 5 tylenol and eventually felt better. *frowl* this is the second time in a month or so that i've had a headache like that. i hope i'm not starting to get migraines. i never did before. but these were both realllly bad headaches, that involved me not being able to look at light.


also... no, i lied, there is no also. not at the moment, anyway.

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Saturday, July 10, 2004

listening to: josie and the pussycats, shapeshifter

this song is so ridiculously fun to sing along with.

guest lister!
big thinker!
she'll turn around and diss her!
gate crasher!
if you think that's cool...
whatever, dude

but you have to sing it with the exclamation points. or else, no go.

anyway. kait, did you watch case closed last night? or no, night before last. because.. apparently conan gets nosebleeds when he's aroused? and i thought this was hysterical and you weren't online.

my nose hurts a lot. and i don't know why. and i have to go watch a video about subway's new cleaning and sanitation program.

oh, life is pain.

and there are EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND books that i want to read and not nearly time enough.

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Thursday, July 08, 2004

dear world,

why are we so awesome?


kait and renata

kait: That one... who likes kittens...
kait: ... and democracy. (Or, as I initally typed, democrazy.)
renata: that's so amazing. democrazy.
renata: i'm democrazy for democracy!
kait: That's probably one of the best typos I've ever made.
kait: It's up there with "scray", I think.
renata: hehe
renata: almost on par with "frowl" ^_^
kait: Almost, but not quite.
kait: I feel the need to randomly use that expression in conversation now. "I love politics." "Me too. I'm democrazy for democracy!"
renata: i feel like it needs some sort of hand gesture too
renata: like in a bad car dealer commercial
kait: Oh yes, that would make it perfect. What could it be...?
renata: i'm seeing like.. an arm pump sort of thing
renata: on "crazy"
renata: and then you keep holding your arm up for the rest of the sentence.
kait: Oh, brilliant! I'm so surprised none of the campaigns have come up with this yet!
renata: i know, and none of them are actively u sing kittens eitehr
renata: it's so hard to believe we aren't getting job offeres
kait: honestly! They should be beating down our doors! We have the truth road to the White House planned out here - kitten!love and awesome catchphrases.
renata i know! we rule.
kait: We really, really do.
kait: Just wait until we find a candidate who appreciates us!
renata: it'll be amazing.


(has anyone else noticed a disturbing spike in my use of capital letters? it's WEIRD. i blame KAIT.)

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*frowlsigh* it's times like these that cause me to recall the words of one of the great minds of our generation, randal graves: "bunch of savages in this town."

SO YES. i never lock my car... because i never really worried about it, living here, and i have manual locks and i'm lazy. and it was never a problem until tonight!

because tonight someone stole my cd player and cds! aah! it wasn't even MY cd player, it was my dad's! it was his father's day gift! but, it was a really cheap cd player. (not because we don't love him, but because we DO: he is easily confused, so we got the one with the fewest buttons.) but the CDs! and.. i should be happy... because there were relatively few... and i had them all imported onto sam, so i can burn new ones... oh dammit, except the new anne heaton cd! cuz i just got it! dammit! i hadn't even listened to that all the way through! *frowl* and... god, what else... boys for pele! THEY STOLE MY BOYS FOR PELE!!! YOU SHOULDN'T DO THAT TO PEOPLE! jesus. and... lots of ani difranco... and MY NEW ELLIS CD! AAH!

and i don't even understand why you'd STEAL them. it's not like a bunch of used FOLK ROCK CDs without cases have any re-sale value whatsoever.

*shakes head*

bunch of savages in this town. but, i cheered myself up on the way home by (this is true) running a red light, and screaming to the empty car "COVERED IN BEEEEES!"

seriously, you should just yell out the phrase "COVERED IN BEEEES!" it'll make you smile, i promise.


hmm. anyway... to whoever stole my cds, i hope you're enjoying them. BUT I BET YOU'RE NOT BECAUSE PEOPLE WHO LISTEN TO FOLK ROCK DON'T STEAL STUFF.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

leaving a comment for kait just now has made me come to a decision. and that decision is: the first person to make me an lj icon that says "COVERED IN BEES!" will get five gold stars.

because... COVERED IN BEES!

*is so amused*

oh god, and all the non-eddie fans will just think i'm totally insane. totally. but i'm not really crazy, i'm just... COVERED IN BEEEEEES!

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watching: x-men random behind-the-scenes thing

oh my god, this has the best thing ever... between takes, the actor playing senator kelly is randomly singing this song about being the son of a mermaid...also hugh jackman does a crazy little dance. it's so hard to see him as wolverine when now in my mind he's all BOY FROM OZ. but the crazy little dance was a good way to end that particular cognitive dissonace.

do more crazy dancing, wolverine! do it!

um anyway. aww, there's a cute little boy talking to hugh. and telling him to scratch people. you know, wolverine should do more of that. *amused*

um.. and now i'm off.

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listening to: tori, yes anastasia

*frowl* i had a dentist appointment this morning, and i was scolded for not flossing my bottom teeth... because i don't... because i have a retainer wirey thing, and i have to thread the floss around it... and it's hard... and... oh god, i'm dirty. and she flossed my teeth, and i was bleeding all over the place... *cries* i have oral hygiene angst!

ooh, but i forgot to post about the button miriam gave me! (the button miriam stole from her brother, and gave me.) it says "B_SH S_CKS" in big letters, and "i'd like to buy a vowel" at the bottom.


in other news, i'm going to the special fandom hell, and kait knows why. (and it's not even because i posted one of my stories to a community. using the wrong title. and not noticing until just now.)

and... i'm tired.

hmm. i wish there was a post option that would give me a timestamp like this:
started at: 10:30
fell asleep at: 11:00
published at: 1:30

but probably it'll just give me that first one...

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

watching: x-men

random amusing quotes: (license plate frame:) "26.2 miler-- marathon runner"
"shouldn't it say, my other car is.. me running?"
"or maybe... i'd rather be driving... my feet!"
"i like that we're making fun of people who are in much, much better shape than we are."

"there are benefits to anal sex!"
"like what?!"
"well... you won't get pregnant."

"mm, jewish cookies."
"we should make some christian ones too, and they could fight!"

the movieverse muses are out like whoa, the last few days. 3 new wips: two of which are erik!angst and the other is a horrible mutilation (or should i say mutation? baha) of a midsummer night's dream. *cries*

um let's see. what's happened since i last blogged? the 4th... i worked 5-close, but got to watch fireworks from the parking lot. and then, went to ihop with my palz. with a z. because we're oldszool. that word would be improved with even more z's, i think. zoldszool. whoa.

and i've seen fahrenheit 9/11 and spider-man 2. i lead a full and exciting life.

i'm glad that kait is home!!!!1!!one!

also isn't talia home soon? *peer*

teehee, it's animorph!jake. i mean... iceman.

i'm such a winner.

hey! broadway kids (i.e. kait), whatever happened to heather headley? i was listening to aida the other day (before i remembered i don't really like aida) and even if it's not the best show, she does have a fucking amazing voice. and i haven't heard anything about her in the last few years. *peer* i guess she's trying to get into music? hm.

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

hello everyone! hope you're all doing something crazy and exciting for the fourth. i, for example, woke up to discover that the rest of my family has apparently left without leaving a note.

*shrug* they'll be back eventually, i suppose... uh....

yes. i've been reading a lot in the last few days and that's happy. writing, too.

weird, someone just drove back in my car. i realized that someone had taken it, since it was gone... but it's just so weird to see your car driving around. (obviously, not as weird as it would be if the car were driving around on its own.)

*wanders back* apparently, mom and reid went grocery shopping, and dad's at work.

but we've scheduled a family 4th of july dinner for 3:45-4:15. (after dad gets back from work, but before i have to leave for work.)

oh GOD. i was just reading some official tori amos email newsletter thing, and... and... RAINN marks it's 10th Anniversary

*sigh* people who write such newsletters should really re-read what they've written before they email it to thousands of people.

*shakes head*

the end.

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Saturday, July 03, 2004

oh my god, i remembered what it was i wanted to post before.

see, over mochas at saint's rest, anna and i inadvertently discovered the one true trinity: jesus, chainsaw, penguins.

and jesus (with his chainsaw) lives in antarctica, with his 12 penguin disciples, the 12th one of whom is not just a penguin but the penguin.

yes. we are indeed geniuses.

oh, also, to show our devotion to this trinity, we all have to wear tiny chainsaws around our necks.

baha, this is still incredibly hilarious to me, although i imagine that, at this point, the majority of you are still in "what the hell?" mode. don't worry, you'll come to understand... one day.

also! for those of you who are interested (not sure who that all involves, since i already told sarah and kait already knew, but!) blessings of liberty is done. yes. it's done. and posted. so if you want to check out some hott political fanfiction, you can check it out. and if not, you can go read a selection from the book of penguin.

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listening to: indigo girls, world falls

i like this song. it makes me sort of want to drive around the country and just go camping.

illinois aclu sent me a bookmark with the bill of rights on it. that is so hott. also, i checked out another spanish book at the library: harry potter y la piedra filosofial. hurrah.

i had some things to say maybe? but i don't know.


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Friday, July 02, 2004

i would like to share with you an excerpt from a song that really means a lot to me right now:

i'm not wearing underwear today!
no, i'm not wearing underwear today!
not that you probably care
much about my underwear
still, i gotta say:
i'm not wearing underwear today!

hee! although, much of the day did see me wearing underwear. then, i went swimming at molly's house. but, i didn't have a swimsuit, cuz i couldn't find mine. and so, i went in my underwear and a big t-shirt. and then, my underwear was wet. so, i chose not to put it back on under my dry pants.

i have no idea why i felt like sharing that all with you. oh, the beauty of the interweb.

and, i'm tired. goooing to bed, i think.

oh, and i meant to wish joel a happy canada day. so: happy canada day, joel! *makes festive gravy-fries for joel*

posted by ~renata~ at 11:59 PM
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