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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

hello! i'm in xine's room in china house. mmm, grinnellian.

v. tired. oh my god, i had so much caffeine today. see... i didn't get home until.. after 1? almost 2, prolly. and then i got up before 7 >_< but, then i had: 1 can diet dr. pepper, 1 frappucino, 1 bottle diet dr. pepper, and 1 cup coffee.

the end.

not really. just the end... of today's caffeine consumption, really.

but i think i'm off to bed. or soon, anyway. just let it be known that kait and i will design the best computer game ever: virtual san diego zoo 2: the tiger strikes back!

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listening to: stu, progress

aha i'm tired. i got up early to meet miriam and amanda for coffee (um, and take reid to school. but you know.) and... that was early. *squinty eyes*

um and i'm off to grinnell! soon! like... as soon as i publish this. my parents are, i feel, much more nervous than they should be. because, i'm 19. and just because i have no sense of direction doesn't make me a bad driver. like... i get lost more often than the average person, yes. but i obey traffic laws and don't hit people while i'm in the process of getting lost.

(famous last words, eh?)

*stretch* but yes, off to grinnell! get to see christine and abby and anna and other lovely people! i'll be back thursdayish.

i leave you with this thought:

what in the world is a hoodleehoo?

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Monday, June 28, 2004

in case you were wondering, scout from to kill a mockingbird's real name is jean louise.

matt asked me that a few hours ago and i couldn't remember and i went a little insane. but now i'm home, and looked it up. huzzah.


uhhh. i've been very spacey tonight. at work natty kept talking to me and i kept doing the "... i can tell by your expectant look that you've just said something to me..." thing.

but! before that, i saw saved! with miriam, trina, and matt. and it was funny. and then we went to the park and invented some games using the swingset, a ball, a frisbee, and miriam's shoes.

aaand i went to the liberry and got the giving tree en espanol! (el arbol generoso..) argh, and nathaniel had a spanish oral exam tomorrow, so he was looking over his notes... and it was 6 sentences. and i was like, dude, my last spanish oral exam was 15 minutes on the role of sleep as a symbol of freedom in los mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios. oh, intro-level spanish, how i miss you. (but it's okay, cos i'm done with spanish forever! huttah! uh, at least, forever until next time i go to mexico. or.. until i read el arbol generoso. er... okay, i actually do like spanish, and i'm frankly kind of annoyed with profesor perri for making me resent it. and annoyed with myself, for letting myself resent it. okay: self, spanish is awesome! spanish rules! me encanta el espanol!)

er. yes. i like that when i use webmail i get all confused about which icon is "send." when really, it's clearly the little envelope with flying marks. but i never see that, and am always like "is it the disc? the life preserver? probably not the question mark. what's that one that looks like a box of kleenex? is that one send? hmm..."

anyway, i'm off to bed. mm, bed.

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

i recently read don't panic, and it mentioned an amusing tv "interview" with several of douglas's characters, while douglas himself was in the kitchen with some random crew members, looking for "something like a pub, but smaller." it turned out that he was looking for the refrigerator.

i mention this because i just opened a new browser window and promptly forgot what website i had wanted to visit. i tentatively typed "www.the" and then stopped, perplexed. i thought about it some more. and then i remembered: livejournal.

i just had this sudden, overwhelming craving for jalapeno potato chips. mmm... spcicy. also spicy.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

"she called you callow!"
"you say that like it's a bad thing."
"it means frightened and weak-willed!"
"really? shit, i thought that was the only part of the letter that was complimentary."

i <3 brodie. the voice in my head when i'm annoyed or stressed frequently takes on the guise of brodie.

"it's a schooner!"
"you dumb bastard, it's not a schooner! it's a sailboat!"
"a schooner is a sailboat, stupidhead!"
"you know what? there is no easter bunny! over there, that's just a guy in a suit!"

(<3 willem too.)

oh kevin smith, why are you a genius?

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watching: pocahontas

i swear to christ grandmother willow just said "rerum natura." but i'm pretty sure she doesn't speak latin, so i must have misheard. still...

(i'm tired and cranky and thus, spending a night here watching bad-good movies and such.) and, catching up on neil's blog, because things like this just amuse me too much for words:

And seeing that Father's Day is coming up soon, I thought I'd plug the Orka Silicone Oven Gloves (or, as they are known in my house, the Zoidbergs, because once you put them on you can wave your lobster-clawed hands above your head and say "Look, I am Zoidberg" while your daughter rolls her eyes in embarrassment).

omg. neil as zoidberg amuses me.... oh, too much for words, i already said that. (because... there are no other words! aha!)

a few comments on the comments:
1. yes, yes, i'm sorry you have to leave "anonymous" comments if you're not a blogger user. i didn't think this would bother people, but it apparently has. if it does: uh.. you could always get a blogger account (they're free) and just never use it. except to leave me comments.
2. but if you do leave anonymous comments, could you please remember to type your name at the bottom? thanks.

another reason why i love neil (besides his books and things):

I need to start listening while I'm talking. I was having an incredibly respectable telephone conversation with an extremely respectable person this afternoon, and the subject wandered over to Basque whalers, the way that it does, and I was explaining that whale meat was one of the few red meats that the Catholic church historically allowed to be eaten on Fridays and during Lent. "And, oddly enough, beaver was classified as a fish too," I explained earnestly and helpfully and accurately. "So on Fridays and during Lent people used to eat beaver." There was the sound over the phone of a very respectable and respected person making a sputtering sort of snorting noise, and I noticed that statement was capable of meaning rather more than I'd meant it to...

(by the way, while i'm talking about neil-- as i am so prone to doing-- if you've not read the strange days tourbook yet, you should. even if you don't like tori. even if you don't like neil, for that matter. but he just... does so much with so few words, and it's so incredibly perfect. gah!)

oh! and while i'm fangirling-- i love peppermint records a lot. they're just so damn cute and earnest, and i love all of their artists. and you get a free peppermint when you buy stuff!

i've been randomly sneezing lately and my mom keeps threatening to take me to the doctor. but eeeverytime something like this happens to me, the medication is always worse.

i was... i don't remember. last night was fun? things happened.

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Friday, June 25, 2004

my dad amuses me a lot. i just had the following phone conversation:

"hi dad."
"are you home?"
"are you in the kitchen?"
"... is anyone in the kitchen?"
"will you go to the kitchen?"
"now, i need you to get the ice tray off the deck, and put it back in the freezer. and make sure to turn the ice maker back on. you might want to get reid to help you."
"i think i can handle it, dad..."
"are you sure?"
"okay... (dubiously) well, thanks!"

ps, it turns out that he had left the ice maker on the whole time anyway. but still.... *amused* like, wouldn't a normal person just be like, "are you home? could you get the ice tray off the deck and put it back in the freezer, and make sure to turn on the ice machine?" but nooo. also, you'd think a normal person would assume that their nineteen-year-old daughter could work the ice maker. (but i guess he knows me too well!)

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listening to: josie and the pussycats, pretend to be nice

for the sake of my dignity, i will not tell you how many times i have listened to this song in the last few days. (well, i don't know an exact number. but it's MANY.)

also, i would just like you all to know that i originally typed "josie, and the pussycats." oh, those crazy commas.

well, that's enough josie and the pussycats related talk, i feel.

julia called me! but i was at work. but then i called her back! and we talked! all the way from subway to walmart, and then all while i shopped at walmart (except when i was checking out) and then all the way home. except for close to home when my signal started dying. but yay! talking to julia! and while i was at wal-mart with julia, i bought tostitos salsa con queso! which is such a grinnell food. like, it's up there with chicken patty parmesan and forum sandwiches (i mean, "forum sandwiches").

speaking of food, i had good food today! yay! like, at subway, for my employee meal, instead of my usual mediterrean chicken salad, i decided to make myself a chicken bacon ranch wrap. and it was really, really good. i heartily recommend it to all of you. except for you vegetarians. and... then papa john's (there is no apostrophe in their name, according to their logo. but i stubbornly apostrophize them. oh, and what i initially meant to parethesize is that they're next door to subway.) gave us some random pizza and cheese bread. yay! and then at wal-mart also, i bought really good apples.

mmm... food.

one more random anecdote! the other day i was thinking about this random story-fragment (which is not unusual for me-- i very frequently remember random sentences or scenes from books and then go insane trying to figure out where they're from. which explains why you all get the occasional posts that are like, "DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT'S THE NAME OF THAT BOOK WITH THE TREE IN IT?! YOU KNOW... THE TREE? AAAAAH!") anyway. so the other day i was thinking about a moment in some book wherein there's a traveling peddler-type, and he has two pairs of scissors, and one costs twice as much. and this little girl asks him what the difference is. and he tells her that they're exactly the same, but people assume that the more expensive one is nicer.

flash forward a few days. i am at the library, and i pick up a couple young adult books for arks, including a gathering of days, because i needed a newberry-winner, and i had never read it.

OR SO I THOUGHT! because i'm reading along, and there's that scissors bit! but the thing is... none of the rest of the book seems familar to me. at ALL. but i remembered that scissors thing almost verbatim.

these seemed much more significant to me earlier. typed out it seems sort of lame. but seriously! it's crazy!

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

hiiii! *is sad* i missed watching case closed with kait, and nooow she's leaving. *sniff* yes. but, i hung out with miriam and amanda and nathaniel. and i made them watch eddie izzard and amanda and nathaniel really weren't amused. and i felt really bad and kept offering to stop the tape. (... swear to christ, they're the only two people EVER who don't think he's funny. honestly.)

i like that plans is taking *forever* to load. since it's TEXT-ONLY and all, i can see why you'd need a whole minute to load christine's plan. right.

in response to kait: *hearts* yes. and the weird thing is that i always looked up to you. and like, since it turns out we're the same person and all... it's funny. it's cheng saying, "eng, i really respect you." which, you know. and yeah, i remember being like... what does it take? do i have to stand on a table and scream for someone to notice that something's wrong? and sometimes i would just... want to. but i never did. ah! well, mustn't dwell, no, not today! not on rex manning day! (and before anyone asks who rex manning is: that's an empire records reference that no one ever gets. so you'd think i'd stop making it, but no...)

WHOA! i just had a crazy small-internet moment... i was reading a drabble on tww100, and someone had already commented, and it was airika! like, kait's friend airika! jim poulos airika! AH!

funny old world.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

so this is just... just... i want to say some things. and normally i'd say well, if you don't want to read this, go ahead and skip it. (and of course you're welcome to.) but the thing is, if you're reading this blog, you probably do want to read this. because that's why you read blogs: to try to sneak some glance into the psyche of the author, to try to get some confirmation that deep down, everyone is just like you.

so anyway. like i said, i've been thinking about high school, and how depressed i really was junior year, and how none of my friends really noticed or knew. and i just felt so, so insecure about my looks, my abilities, my everything. and i was so tired of feeling like an afterthought all the time. but i just kept pretending everything was fine. and i'm pretty good at pretending everything's fine. and just... and "online friends," especially kait... you guys helped me more than you probably know. so thank you.

and then i think a couple things really helped me snap out of it... i ran for thespian dramaturg, and i didn't really think i'd win (because i didn't think anyone liked me) but i decided to run. and then... like... 2 other people ran. and i got all the votes. except 2. so i thought, well okay. and that was good. um. and then i dated adam for a bit. because he said, "well you're the 2nd-prettiest of your friends" and i thought well okay, that's as good as i'm ever going to get. and then after like.. a week? two weeks? some small part of me was like, "wait a minute, you're better than this!" and then the rest of me was like, "oh right! let's go." and we did. i mean, i did.

but i think what really... i think grinnell was so exactly what i needed. i needed to remove myself from high school. i needed to know i could succeed in things. and i would... i think i see now that i would put myself in situations where i thought i would fail, to prove to myself that i had been right in high school when i was thinking all those things. but i never did. i thought, well, i'll go to a school where i don't know anyone. probably i won't be able to make any friends. but i did. i made some amazing, wonderful friends. and i thought, well, i'm not such a good writer. it's just that u-high's english teachers aren't very good. when i have professors who know what they're talking about, they won't give me a's. but they did. (and happy, happy constructive criticism, to boot.) and then i thought, well, i don't know much about politics or leading things, but i'll try to help out leading scipe. and well, i know more about politics than i thought, and i can get shit done. i can! and i thought well, maybe i'll try writing something for the b&s. probably they won't accept it, but whatever. but then, of course, they did. (and even then, i was trying to cut myself short, and say well, i bet they accept most of their submissions. it wasn't until much later that i learned that nick and aron did not accept most of their submissions, and... well.) and anyway. i think what i didn't accomplish senior year of high school, i definitely accomplished at grinnell. and i'd say i'm fine to the point of cockiness, now.

and most of the time, i am very happy, and i do look at it all as a learning experience. i do. and most of the time, i am not bitter. but once, once in a while i think, "hey. why didn't any of my friends NOTICE and DO SOMETHING?" and i am a little angry. and most of the time, i do realize that i'm being unreasonable. and that i was trying my hardest for them not to notice. because... i don't know why. because i was kind of ashamed. because i didn't want to bother anyone. i don't know. and i guess because i do want to be a good friend, and think of myself as one-- i listen when people talk to me, and i try to do what i can to help my friends. and... well yes. but i think. i think i forgive myself. and i forgive... everyone.

i think it's good that blogger doesn't have a friends lock. because i'd probably lock this. and i think... maybe some people should read this.

and for now, i am listening to the josie and the pussycats soundtrack, and i'm very happy. and i have amazing friends all around the country, and i'm comfortable in my skin and i'm fairly confident in my abilities. and that's much more than enough.

(testing one two three
can anybody hear me?
if i shed the irony
would anybody cheer me?)

okay yes. i just wanted to say that. and now i have.

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watching: case closed (but really now it's cowboy bebop)

i love watching case closed with kait. (krafty kait ^_^)

renata: *flail* are you watching the show?
kait: Yes!
renata: oh good ^_^
kait: The theme song makes me giggle. "It was the first new century / in one hundred years" It's just... so incredibly amusing.
renata: hehehe
renata: and i love how like, the credits and everything try for this classy noir style that totally doesn't fit the show
kait: I know! ::laughs:: It's so amazing.

kait: ::laughs:: I just love it so much. ::pets Conan:: I think it's great that he doesn't have a family and no one has noticed.
renata: japanese people are remarkably unobservant
renata: and like, you'd think they wouln't be, since their eyes take up a third of their head and all.
renata: maybe they keep getting giant sweatdrops in their eyes whenever they look for his family.
kait: ::falls over, laughing::
kait: Maybe! That's a brilliant thought!
renata: or bangs.
renata: so, does he live with the detective and his daughter? or just on his own?
kait: I have no idea. I thought he lived with the detective and the chick - he certianly travels with them enough.
renata: ok. so the detective is just a jerk who doesn't care about the kid who lives with them.
kait: Probably. He seems pretty dim - I don't know how he was able to make a living as a detective before Conan came to live witht hem.
renata: judging by his mustache, i'd bet he had a side career in porn.
renata: just a hunch, though.
kait: Ah, so the whole detective thing was just a front. He had to start for real once Conan moved in and started questioning everything.
kait: That's the lost episode - the one where Conan discovers his dirty secret.

renata: i love the way these cops work. "kidnappers are lazy, don't be silly. your kids are fine!"
kait: The cops on this show are so awesome. "We have no idea what's going on. Ever. The only person who can solve crimes is ten."

aannyway. i realized that earlier, i couldn't have gone into work anyway, because my dad had my car. go me.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

let's not talk about how many different variations on my birthday and name i typed in before getting results i found acceptable. (cary shields kept being involved, or it would tell me that my favorite show was godspell... any number of inappropriate things.)

dude, i said let's not talk about it.

(ETA: this code totally screwed up my blog, so if you actually want to take it for yourself, you can get it here:)

Which Broadway Hottie Will You Date etc.?

Name: Renata of Doom

DOB: 06.21.1985

Favourite Color: purple

Your favorite musical is : Rent

You are dating: John Tartaglia

You are having an affair with: Norbert Leo Butz

You are married to: John Tartaglia

You are selling drugs to: John Tartaglia

You have a HUGE crush on: Hugh Jackman

but look, i'm dating and married to and dealing to j. tart! and cheating on him with norbert. mmm, norbert.

(i like that i have bloglust for punctuation and broadway actors. oh, and british fantasy authors. mmm... neil.)

i am precariously leaning back on my folding chair with my feet up on my desk and sam on my lap, and if i never post again it's because something went horribly awry.

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this is a wonderful, wonderful headline.

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listening to: g-tones, insomniac

i like that i spent a good half of my afternoon in a half-awake half-existence curled up in bed. and it was so nice.

also nice was my birthday yesterday! thanks to those who sent well-wishes, and to those who didn't: yep, it was yesterday. don't worry, you've got 364 days to prepare for the next one.


mm. but during my few waking hours i watched txf! "hollywood a.d." was on, and it made me happy.

"you've seen that movie 42 times?"
"doesn't that make you sad? it makes me sad."

i was going to... um... i don't know.

there are so many books i want to read, and so many things i want to write, and instead i waste all my time on the internet...

mm. someone just called and wanted me to work a few extra hours at subway... "uh.. when would you want me to be there?" "as soon as possible!" "uh.. .well... that'd be like, an hour..." and i said no. and i probably should have... since i'm only working 11 hours this week... but i did not want to. and... i'll be making more money on campus next year. blah.

in other news, i really like idina menzel's new cd.

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Monday, June 21, 2004

listening to: barenaked ladies, everything old is new again

*flails* yay! my mom gave me eats, shoots and leaves for my birthday, and i've just been dying to read it! (because, you see, i'm firmly opposed to the death penalty, except in case of repeat offenders of misused apostrophes.) and practically the first sentence of the book is this:

For any true stickler, you see, the sight of the plural word "Book's" with an apostrophe in it will trigger a ghastly private emotional process similar to the stages of bereavement, though greatly accelerated. First there is shock. Within seconds, shock gives way to disbelief, disbelief to pain, and pain to anger. Finally (and this is where the analogy breaks down), anger gives way to a righteous urge to perpetrate an act of criminal damage with the aid of a permanent marker.

*dies* yes! that it is IT! and i try so hard to bite my tongue and not correct everything in sigh, because i don't want to be the obnoxious pretentious english major girl, but sometimes just... dammit, people.

so anyway, judging by the first page, i'm really going to enjoy this book.

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listening to: anne heaton, too high

hi! let's see... yesterday i worked an incredibly slow shift with nathaniel... our last customer came in a little before 8. we close at 11. yes. and i was in a really weird mood, and i kept calling him affectionate nicknames like "natty," "sparky," and "scooter" (i.e. very un-nathaniel names) and he didn't really react, so i kept doing it. and it amused me. also, i gave myself a really really bad papercut on the subwrap.

and then... we went to miriam's house and played some 3-handed euchre. and had interesting conversations. yes.

and today i went out for lunch with miriam and amanda, but i had to pick up reid and then drop off one of his friends, and ended up getting there pretty much right when amanda had to leave ~_~ but, i had a nice lunch with miriam and reid, and then nick and eliz came and we were like whoa!

and now i'm home and i got the mail, and i'm kind of touched by the randomness. i got one card from one of the scipe co-leaders, and i was like, "how did SHE know it's my birthday?!" but it turned out to be a serendipidously-timed thank you card for my work with scipe. and then i got a postcard from the neil board postcard circle (which dude, i haven't sent any of those out in forever... oy!) and the girl it was from was like, "i haven't seen you around the boards in awhile, i hope everything's still fine... i had a note on my calendar that your birthday was soon, i hope that's right... so happy birthday!" and yes. people are nice.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

listening to: indigo girls, land of canaan (in my head)

so let's talk about how i disliked the kid i worked with tonight more than i've ever disliked anyone.

and let's talk about how i'm typing with 8 fingers because i cut the shit out of 2 of them on the tomato slicer and it seriously took like, half an hour for them to stop bleeding, and it was more blood than i'd ever seen in one place outside of teevee.

actually, let's not talk about that, because that's depressing.

instead, let us talk about how kid-i-dislike doesn't actually work at my subway, he works at a different one and was just filling in for someone, so odds are delightfully in favor of me never seeing him again. and let us talk about how my fingers have, finally, stopped bleeding. and how after work, i went to wal-mart with my lovely friends amanda and tony and bought some lovely band-aids to further protect them with.

yes. let us talk about those things.

it would also be acceptable to talk about how i'm hungry, but food is downstairs.

devon: yes, i do hate those abbreviations >_<

xine: yay, i'm glad!!

kait: *sniff* i miss you too! and, out of that whole roll of film, you know which one didn't come out? THE ONE WITH ME AND SCARY SPICE. *frowl* but, we'll always have the memory. oh, and her autograph. yay!

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Saturday, June 19, 2004

listening to: tori, strange

i opened blogger several times last night, and once i even typed a sentence. but i never really got into the blogging mood. *shrug*

one of the highlights of last night was my grilled cheese sandwich.

why did my car just drive by? dude.

um, as i was saying. sandwich. i really wanted a grilled cheese sandwich, and i went down to make one, and we didn't have any damn cheese. so, i drove into mackinaw and got some cheese, and came back and made my sandwich. and it tasted even better for my effort. kinda like the red hen and her bread. except, if you would have asked, i would have shared my cheese with you. i'm not a bitch like the red hen. (but then, i didn't make the cheese from scratch. i suppose if i had been all "who will help me milk the cow?!" and you had all been like "... not me!" i might be a little more possessive with my cheese.)

anyway, i didn't do much at all last night. it was nice. i watched some west wing and the interviews on welcome to sunny florida and i opened up simsafari and then didn't play it.

i had some weird dreams. one of them was a continuation of the well of lost plots? and thursday had a baby chicken? it was v. strange. and in another one... this guy kept calling my cellphone, and he wanted to kidnap me? but he wanted me to like. drop myself off at his house. to be kidnapped. and like... he was really persuasive, and he really wanted to, and i was like... sure, okay. only i never ended up leaving the house, but it was weird. and he kept calling my cellphone. and i woke up this morning because someone was callling my cellphone, and then i didn't recognize the number... but, it was just someone from one of the other subways asking me to work today. and i was like, no thanks.

um, here, have a meme!
1. Use fanfiction.net's Search >> Story By Summary and look up your name in either Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

2. If there are any Mary Sues that share your name, pick the worst-sounding one and post the summary.

(these are both by the same author: apparently the only hp ffn-er to use the name renata. i feel so... so... something.)

This is my first songfic. And it's kinda mushy. I use Renata , an OC from my fics. This is with Misty's Song (no Pokemon references). This is the first time they say I love you. It's kind of corny but I think it's sweet so RR if you can manage not to barf.

Harry is on his final train ride home from Hogwarts. Post-last fight with Voldemort. He muses about all that's happened to him in the last 7 years and thinks about the girl sitting next to him (Renata).

omg, here's the author's note on one of those: If you like Harry/Renata read some of my other stories. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix they’re just friends. But the Harry/Renata ship shows up in Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch as well as Harry Potter and the Fortress of Shadows. Though here’s a warning for those last two: Renata puts Harry through a whole bunch of garbage (but it’s pretty funny) and my bf says that it’d be much more merciful to just stab Harry with a knife and end his pain.

there's a harry/me ship! harry/me otp!!!! too bad i'm apparently a bitch. (i bet harry wouldn't help me make cheese. that wanker.)

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Friday, June 18, 2004

watching: aqua teen hunger force

does anyone else see certain parallels between frylock and dante (hicks, not alighieri)?

yeah, you know you do. and speaking of dante (note the smooth, smooth segue) here are some more pictures from me and kait's awesome nyc/njtime! yaaay!

jay and silent bob? or... kait and renata?!
you know, if they were open all night, they could totally pick up the vampire/prostitute crowd
kait + mooby!
yes, yes that does say "cheesequake"
frozen is so humane. look, it says so right there. (eta: dammit! the glare totally covers up the "humane" in the scanned version. but trust me, it's there.)
isn't this the most hilariously cryptic billboard ever?
kait + renata + best show ever!
*sniff* @ the airport

and again, i was going to be sad about the poor quality of these, but then i remembered: i have a cheapass camera, a cheapass scanner, and free photo-editing software. so yeah, they're awesome, considering that ^_^

take the "what's your dark secret?" quiz
| courtesy of mewing.net. where darkness and secrecy abound.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

listening to: scott chasolen, you knew you would

for some reason i always want to add extra syllables to his name, like "scott chasolensen." and then i kind of blink at it and go "that's looking awfully scandinavian.." and then i figure it out. (usually, anyway. but if you ever notice me listening to like.. "scott chasolensentoningham" it's probably the same guy.)

caffeine withdrawal has rendered me cranky, tired, and easily confused. (yes, yes, moreso than usual.) like... i wandered back to my desk and discovered a cup on the floor, and orange freeze on my desk. and rather than being like... annoyed, or going to clean it up... i just sort of stared at it, baffled. like.. "empty cup on the floor.. stuff on my desk... i don't get it. what possibly could have happened here?!"



kait: yeah, i totally remember when james came back as a zombie! that was the best ever!!!1!one! <3 zombie james! and i missed it too! nooo, now we'll never know what happened to our favorite teen detective! oh, and there's the postcard, but also something else. but i think i sent them the same time so hopefully the other thing will come soon.

oh! i can pick up film today!! and it'll have scary spice! and other things!

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watching: futurama

so! i almost died on my way home! only not. but, it was foggy and crazy and i had to take scary backroads because townline road was randomly closed. and i kept being all like, "240 E? what? that's not a real road!" (& i just know that, had a responsible sort of person, i.e. miriam, been with me, they would have been like "240 E? obviously that means you're 240 miles east of canada. and, since your address starts with a 3, you need to be at 1000 W."

aanyway. but i'm home, and not dead. (unless... oooh, zombie update!)

i totally went grinnell on my co-worker tonight. i used both of the following sentences:
1. "gender is a social construct."
2. "you're not registered to vote? i have a bunch of universal reg forms at home if you want one..."

actually, i guess that was three sentences. still.

i just ate some cookies. mmm... cookies.

don't you love it when i run out of actual things to say so i start making random comments about my surroundings?

the carpet is green.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

listening to: ben folds, zak and sara

so the headline event of the aclu membership conference?
"gov. howard dean and
gov. bill owens (r. co)
debate hot issues"

oh man, wouldn't that be hottt? stupid conference, all being in san francisco.

also, kait, did you ever get the thing i sent you? cuz if not, i'm TOTALLY coming back to new jersey just to set your post office on fire.

in other news: if staring at a blank text document, mentally screaming "funny! be funny!" is incredibly depressing, it's worth it when later there are words there, and they're funny.

oh gross, a bunch of skin just peeled off my little toe. eew. and only the left one, the right one is fine. *frowl* it doesn't hurt, but still... ew.

but, ms. scott emailed me back and said she'd be happy to be one of my references for my planned parenthood volunteer application. (dude, this application to volunteer is more complicated than any of my applications to work places...) yay! i heart ms. scott.

the end.

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i'm happy that stu is updating his road journals again, and here's a prime example of why:

i have become one reactive son of a bitch. and why? i didn't used to be so reactive, i used to be like one of those little carved statues of a mermaid mounted on the bow of a ship, which stretches forward headlong and unwavering through whatever waves may come. but now it's like my mermaid has attention-deficit-disorder, and every two seconds she goes "OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT??!! I THINK I SAW A ROCK, TELL THE CAPTAIN TO CHAAANGE COURSE!!! OH SHIT, A BIG WAVE, TELL THE CAPTAIN TO CHANGE COURSE!! SHIT THERE'S DOLPHINS SWIMMING ALONGSIDE THE BOAT, WHAT ARE THEY SAYING IN THEIR SQUEEKY CLICKS AND POPS? THAT WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE??! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

oh man, showbiz moms and dads just came on after queer eye and i've never seen this before and i really feel physically ill. DUDE YOUR DAUGHTER IS FOUR YEARS OLD PLEASE STOP DESTROYING HER SELF IMAGE. HER PEERS WILL DO THAT FOR HER WHEN SHE REACHES JUNIOR HIGH. THANK YOU.

whew. between me and stu, this entry has definitely exceeded my caps lock quota. i'll have to make up for it by using some extra low lower case.

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watching: queer eye

this is so crazy, this episode is uniting like 235 of my interests. well okay, like.. 3. and one of them is queer eye itself. but still! jai is teaching this guy how to sing "you belong to me," which is one of the songs tori sang for the mona lisa smile soundtrack. and jai, of course, is a rent alumnus. (plus now, queer eye and sam from tww are permanently linked in my mind. speaking of which, kaaait, it's your turn ^_^)

that's it. i think.

oh, except i updated otgar, if you're into that sort of thing.

kait, i love that your summary of cold case was "Oooh, let me see... Conan was hanging out with his kid friends... and one them, a chick who the other boys liked but Conan obviously didn't like because he's really seventeen, she was kidnapped. And they had to find her. and... they did. I think that was all." and like... i'm totally sure that i'm not missing anything from the episode.

also, i love those chiclets commercials, where the gum stands up and says words that sound dirty but aren't. too bad i don't like gum very much. or that it doesn't really talk. but you know, other than that, i'd definitely buy some.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

watching: boy meets world

hi. i'm kinda tired. but it's a long and complicated story involving circuit breakers and things.

this episode has the most annoying studio audience forever.

my printer fixed itself though! see... the circuit breakers in my room were all crazylike... and then dad reset them, and the printer started making this crazy noise and i was like "uh... going back to sleep." but then i got up, and the printer wasn't making its angry blinky light anymore! when the power went back on in my room the printer spewed all the paper out, and it somehow fixed the secret hidden paper jam. yay!

also i talked to christine on the phone today! yay!

meme ganked from kait:

What’s your favourite story of all the ones that you’ve written? Particularly in terms of your least-read, least-rec’d, or least known little guy.

i don't think any of my stories are terribly well known ^_^ uh... i'm reallyreally proud of blessings of liberty. it's an idea i like a lot, and i like that i got to use all of my favorite characters ^_^ and i think it's a good line between funny and, you know, plot-having. i like strange and i like case of the stolen school. because the idea just cracks me up, and i pulled it off.

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watching: family guy

*is sad* aww, i missed cold case. uh.

and i'm tired. oh, and i like that when i checked my email just now, the stu newsletter was there. and it was all like, "go buy davis does elvis!" yay. (so devon, it looks like your story checks out, and there isn't actually some vast conspiracy to hide awesome stu-y goodness from me.

(or maybe there is. *flail*)

i really really really really should update otgar. note to me, do that tomorrow.

additional note to me, also do laundry tomorrow.


oh my god, i don't know why the adult swim "paint by numbers" tag cracks me up so much. but it does.

i should go sleep. well, first i should find a fan, since my last one broke this morning. *frowl* although if i wait a few minutes, i can watch athf... hmm. sleep vs. talking food... the age-old debate rages on.

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Monday, June 14, 2004

i'm feeling very eddie izzard here... "but... i CAN access printer! it's right here! see, i'm touching it!"


but, "shibboleth" was today's 10am tww re-run, and i love that episode more than life itself.

"we're working on the thanksgiving proclamation."
"and possibly a new action-adventure series!"

aah i just got smudgy printer ink on my hands and knee. good thing sam has his keyboard condom on.

*flails vaguely* i need to go pick reid up from summer school. oh, pilgrim detectives, printer ink, and brother retrieving. what an exciting life i lead.

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life is so good!

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listening to: stu, bright apocalypse

whew. so that wasn't the greatest drive home, ever...

miriam, ashvin, reijo and i were playing euchre at miriam's house, and it was fun. and then we left, and said goodbye to reijo cos he's leaving for finland tomorrow.

and so yeah. and then i was driving home, and i was like... hmm, won't see reijo again for 8 weeks. and then naturally, of course, i started thinking oh my god i graduate in 3 years and then i'll live somewhere else and i'll have to make new friends and i won't and i'll be ALONE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE and i just felt really... anxious. and then i wanted to listen to bright apocalypse because that's what i always listen to when i'm freaking out and it helps SO MUCH (i need an alert bracelet: in case of freakout, play bright apocalypse). and for this reason, i always have a copy of it in my car.

but i didn't. so i freaked out some more about it not being there. and put in late stuart davis instead. and that helped some.

i think for me the worst thing of all is the unknown. like... i hate it when i know i have to make a phonecall. anticipating calling someone, particularly someone i don't know, just sucks for me. but once i'm actually talking to the person, i'm fine.

i think worst of all is when i'm not writing anything. i don't mean like, literally not writing anything-- i mean when i don't have anything in progress. because then it's like... what if i never come up with another idea EVER AGAIN? *shiver*

(and right now... i'm not writing anything.)

also i think some of it was residual-- i finished reading a separate peace last night and it got under my skin a little bit.

but i'm good now!

take me
where the sheep are catching wolves
where the parts are weaving wholes
where the drop contains the sea
where you are me

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

listening to: ani, to the teeth (live)

THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER HAPPENED TODAY but it's only exciting to me and two other people and the other two don't even read this. woe. but! here's some backstory: when i was in 5th grade, and martin and nate(elmo) were in 4th grade, we were all in junior great books. which was like, a book club basically. we had this book of short stories and every week (or maybe month, i forget) we'd read one, and then talk about it and eat cookies. and one story was about a hedgehog named mrs. tiggywinkle. and martin thought that this was the most hilarious thing ever. like, he couldn't say "mrs. tiggywinkle" without cracking up. so we started calling him mrs. tiggywinkle. (sometime in junior great books nate also picked up the nickname elmo, but we can't remember how.)

and then in 6th grade you couldn't be in junior great books anymore and i forgot about most of this. but then... last year? in costa rica maybe? martin was all, "hey, remember how you used to call me mrs. tiggywinkle?" and i was like, whoa! yeah!

< /backstory >

so today, i was reading the well of lost plots (<33 thursday next) and! MRS. TIGGYWINKLE IS IN IT! they refer to her as a jurisfiction agent who fights for hedgehog representation in literature!

anyway. there are two entries on my flist, within 2 minutes of each other. each with the suject line "interesting..." and the entry "this is very interesting." with "this" as a link. whooo wants to bet that the link just says, "post a link to this in your lj saying 'this is very interesting?"

(close- it apparently updates your lj FOR you with the above.)


right hand's still a little shakey and my wrist muscles are starting to hurt. from the shaking and all. and my left hand feels weird cuz i've been using it to do stuff instead of the right one and it's all like, "wtf? i don't usually do this... waah."

i'm going to go read now. i'm in the middle of four different books and it's amazing. i missed reading for fun. oh books, why are you so good to me? oh wait, while i'm talking about this, i wanted to type out this bit from well of lost plots (it's not the mrs. tiggywinkle bit):

"After all, reading is arguably a far more creative and imaginative process than writing; when the reader creates emotion in their head, or the colors of the sky during the setting sun, or the smell of a warm summer's breeze on their face, they should reserve as much praise for themselves as they do for the author-- perhaps more."

This was a new approache; I mulled the idea around in my head.

"Really?" I replied, slightly doubtfully.

"Of course!" Snell laughed. "'Surf pounding the shingle' wouoldn't mean diddly unless you'd seen the waves cascade onto the foreshore, or felt the breakers tremble the beach beneath your feet, now would it?"

"I suppose not."

"Books"-- Snell smiled-- "are a kind of magic."

isn't that wonderful? i love that the thursday next books are books written by a man who is clearly in love with books. they're lovely.

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Saturday, June 12, 2004

listening to: ani, dog coffee

dammit all, i wish my right hand would stop shaking. i was putting the dishes away, and we have these knives that go in one of those big block things? and it took me like five tries to get the knife back in its slot. i kept hitting either side. oh, life is pain.

but, i just read my flist and kait said happy things about bol and that makes me happy because i'm a feedback whore.
mm. and i did that laundry last night, because i *knew* our dryer is messed up and takes forever to dry, so then i'd have all afternoon to make sure my stuff got dry. only i went down this morning and there was orange fuzz all over everything in the washer. so it's running again, and...yeah. *frowl*

but i got some happy mail today! funness from mary, and dinero from my grandma, and a nice paycheck from grinnell. i hadn't realized how long the last pay period was. woohoo!

(basically, today's a even mix of stuff that sucks and stuff that does not suck. but i think the stuff that doesn't suck is winning out.)

priscilla: thanks! i *knew* racketball looked wrong to me, but then i was like... well, it's weird to play racquetball with a racket... yeah. but now all is clear ^_^

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listening to: elvis costello, god's comic

tired and hot. (temperature-wise, not attractiveness-wise.) uh.

i need to go start a load of laundry but that's down so many stairs.

priscillla, sorry i missed your call! *flail* and, uh, that i didn't answer your question before. but, check your email.

today i slammed my finger in the cash register and then burned it. on the oven, not the cash register. i almost typed "crash register" and i think a crash register would be amusing. or something. did i already say that i was tired? i'm sure i did because when i am it's usually the first thing i mentioned. uh.. like in this post.

mriianm (or miriam) and i played racketball (racquetball?) todaaay and i had never played before and it was fun except we didn't know the rules so really we were just hitting the ball against a wall and also the ceiling. the amount of punctuation i use decreases exponentially with how tired i am. when i am alert and rested i use many commas and semi-colons and things but when i'm tired i just go on and on and on but i always like long sentences just when i'm not tired i mark them more properly but see i think in long sentences so.

my knee hurts cuz i accidentally hit it with my racketball racket.

and my arm hurts from hitting stuff with my racket.

and my hand won't stop shaking and it hasn't for um a lot of hours now.

also i'm really bad at pool. but i bet i'd be better if my hand hadn't been shaking.

also. see most people shouldn't post when they're drunk but i shouldn't post when i'm tired but probably also i shouldn't when i'm drunk except that doesn't happen very often.

maybe i should go to bed. but first put in the load of laundry cuz i got chicken salad on my work shirt and it's gross.

the end!

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

watching tech teevee (reid's a tech teevee addict. but i get to watch athf in 5 minutes.

daily show was soo grood today. <3 lewis black. i like that his reaction to ll cool j and carol channing on the tony awards was pretty much the same as mine. ("...")

and there was a clip of ave q! on the daily show! yay!

the end. jeezy creezy i've been watching a lot of teevee.

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dude, i was just checking out the adult swim schedule (kaaait, we have to watch case closed again tonight, it's part 2 of the moonlight sonata mystery! i mean... no, i don't watch bad anime... i... dammit.) anyway, apparently captain planet comes on at 4:30 am. next time i'm up that late i'm so there.

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listening to: elvis costello, chewing gum

so hi! first day of work was fine. so much better than the dining hall. although i have decided that people who order wraps should die. or possibly just forced to order something else.

got an email from my grandfather today: I hope that your vacation is going well. Working in a sandwich shop will truly be a vacation to what you have been through.

what the hell is that supposed to mean? what have i been through? school? the dining hall? sitting around on my ass for a few weeks? that time i was in a japanese internment camp? huh?

also he asked me if i had read my mom's book yet. shit. he gave me a copy of this manuscript my mom wrote forever ago (it was both written forever ago and he gave it to me forever ago) and asked me to read it and tell him what i thought about it... and i haven't... and... shoot. i was hoping he'd forget about it. *is a bad granddaughter* but... it's long and she said it was a crappy romance novel and i have other books i should read and... shit. *is a bad daughter*

priscilla: wellll since you asked, i suppoooose i could change the mouseover color ^_^ but... later. *is feeling lazy*

i'm so amused that this candybox violence guy keeps trashing campus dems (specifially their leader) in his emails. teehee.

i'm sleepy. must.. not... nap... must... preserve... sleeping... schedule.

*wanders off*

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

watching: aqua teen hunger force

(note: let it be said that i just typed "watching to:")

man, i heart this show. i don't know why i didn't like it before.

anyways. here's some more pictures. for looking at and things.

is that anna, carly, and molly... or is it teen girl squad?!
waltz! pretty dresses!
the march for womens' lives
chicks marching in front of the nation's biggest phallic symbol... hott.
grinnellians march!
penises against patriarchy! (too bad you can barely read it >_<)
the lovely people i spent 36 hours on a bus with

played some exciting frisbee golf this evening. (if reijo were here, he'd like me to say that it's not frisbee golf, it's disc golf. but he's not here, so i'll call it frisbee golf all i want. frisbee golf frisbee golf frisbee golf.)

and i got a mosquito bite and it itches >_<

i start work tomorrow. everyone cross your fingers for me that i don't do anything too terribly stupid.

hee, i'm glad that little carl has a receding hairline. wow, little carl had a really depressing childhood. god, no wonder he's so fucked up.

this is a weeeeird athf episode. *blink*

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listening to: tori, omlaboomleigh

so i finally got around to scanning some stuff. and so i give you, 2003-04 in just 13 pictures! (our scanner is slow, so i just picked a good sample. only i just noticed that all the march pictures, which were the ones i started scanning in the first place, are... not here. i must've left them on my mom's hard drive. *frowl* well, i'll post those later.)

dean! pre-harkin steak fry
bill clinton! (in theory) @ harkin steak fry (okay, see that stage in the very back of the picture? he's somewhere on it)
this was supposed to be a close-up picture of clinton. but it's really just a picture of his hair. luckily, he has pretty recognizible hair.
dean, at the pre-jefferson-jackson dinner rally
dean again, before jj
but i did more than just see dean and clinton. i also saw denny k. (and edwards and kerry, but my pictures of them didn't turn out at ALL. >_<)
also, there was halloween. i'm the pirate.
dean again, this time at grinnell
only liars and thieves eat grumblecakes. that's why we made some cheatcakes.
mary b. james! aka grinnell's cross-dressing party. i make a terrible dude.
the pirateki, day of graduation. yay for class of 2004 pirates!
scary spice! on a taxi!
me and j.tart! it's the worst picture of me EVER but he's cute!

okay, i'm noticing 2 things here:
1. i'm definitely missing some pictures i know i scanned, and
2. these are really poor quality.

i say c'est la vie.

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why am i an idiot? seriously. now i'm left with two awkward choices for bol...
1. reduce entire pheonix saga to parenthetical.
2. re-write ending of fic using different character.

oh, or there's
3. pretend like ending of x2 never happened.

dammit. these choices suck.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

listening to: stu, karma pyre

(spoilers for poa, if you haven't read the book and are still planning to. or if you just don't want to hear anything about the movie or something? whatev.)

so! just saw poa, finally! my friends and i were utterly the people everyone hated in the theatre. i'm so ashamed. here's but a small sampling of why:
~ *sob* my cell phone went off! oh god, i am who i hate!
~ whomping willow: *hits bird*
rest of the theatre: *silence*
our rows: *giggling*
mike: "it's funny every time!"
~ assorted nudges and whispered "did that happen in the book? i don't think that happened in the book." "maybe it happened in the book." "no, i don't think it happened in the book." "what are you guys talking about? did that happen in the book?"
~ and et cetera.

nevertheless. enjoyed it. felt... well, i think this conversation i whispered with trina explains it...
*executioners come for buckbeak*
me: "doesn't this happen later?"
trina: "this is later!"
me: "no, this is earlier. later is later."
trina: "well, but now it's later."
me: "oh."

(of course, earlier we also had the following conversation... "hey, if you were deaf, and had a hook for a hand, how would you talk?"
"hmm, that would suck... well, maybe you could talk like that one guy, what's his name...?"
"stephen hawking?"

yes. i just felt like... lots of little things were missing but i couldn't really put my finger on what? also the ending? i wasn't a fan. no.

but david and gary were great. and when did the twins get hot? and 70s glam haircuts? not that i disapprove, mind.

maurader's map? hella cool. i really really want to re-read poa now. yes.

in other news, i have a jazzy subway uniform now. i start thursday. and on saturday i work a shift with nathaniel. buwahaha.

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Monday, June 07, 2004

*sigh* it makes me sad when adult swim turns to crazy anime. kaait, i thought this was the sherlock holmes show but it seems to be a different anime about a child detective. *blink* i think... this kid is really an adult but he was somehow trapped in a kid's body? and now he solves crimes? but is bitter. uh...

i think i fixed the comments. you should all test this theory by leaving me comments ^_^

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1. yeah, i know the comments don't work. i'm on it >_<
2. this is SO the best episode of aqua teen hunger force ever. "sometimes just being around you makes me want to die."

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listening to: tom petty, wildflowers

wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome! to boron v 10.0. if you're still getting old graphics or things, hit refresh.

yes. also i'm trying out blogger comments. i know it's an annoying extra step for you, the comment-leavers, but it emails comments to me, the comment-reader, so that makes me happy. (hopefully it won't deter the comment-leavers from leaving comments, cuz i like comments!)


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*taps mic* is this thing on...? anyway! check out the new boron in progress. i'd especially like it if someone could check the scrollbars for me? they should be black with orange arrows and an orange outline? (i don't want a repeat of the oregon layout, where i had those random bright green scrollbars for like a week until i checked it on a pc in inslab and flailed about.)

so yes! let me hear your thoooughts.

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yaaaaay i love priscilla!

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no really, pleaaase someone fix that image for me? the sooner someone does, the sooner you all get to stop looking at this layout... *bats eyelashes*

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

if someone wanted to do me a huge favor, that someone could take this image and bucket fill the background pure black (like, 000000 black, not the pseudo-black it currently is). i feel like that's a pretty easy thing to do, right? only when i try to do it, it fills the entire image, like.. over the non-black images and all. uh... yeah. let me know if i'm wrong here, but i could swear that that's like... not how the fill bucket is supposed to work... (stupid arcsoft photostudio...)

*frowl* anyway, 2349084578 thankyous to whoever can help here ^_^

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listening to: spice girls, never give up on the good times

i'm SO HAPPY that ave q won best musical! oh my god! (absolutely cannot believe that wolverine beat out jtart for best actor, though! at least stephanie got to lose to idina! no offense to hugh jackman- any other year i'm sure i'd be fine with him winning. but oh jtart!)

also: the guy from frozen won best supporting actor! i love that his speech was like "um, thanks.. everyone go see frozen! frozen is the best show ever!" ticket sales for that must be as bad as they looked from the wicked line. poor frozen.

$3 spice girls and 3 tonys for ave q! life is so grood! (is it scary that i want to send like, a congratulations card to the cast/crew? someone tell me honestly, would that be weird? even if it wasn't a creepy letter, if it was just like, "i love the show, and i saw it a few weeks ago and you were all great, and i was so happy when the show won the tony"?)

*sigh* so content. i was so prepared to be all bitter about wicked being best musical.

anyway. god, i don't know if i'm extra-emotional today or what, but i swear i was on the verge of tears like 345 times during the tonys. like, anytime anyone cried during their speeches, which was a lot. and during "defying gravity."


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*flails more* avenue q just won best score! aaah! again with the misplaced pride. i guess it must be a fandom thing... like, i like the show so much, so when the theatre wing likes it too, i feel validated?

uh... yay!

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random tony thoughts, 1st hour:
~ aww, and hugh kissed lucy/stephanie in the opening number!
~ why is idina so awesome? <3 idina!
~ YAY! avenue q won best book! and jeff was so cute accepting it! i feel this weird sense of pride, like i'm the one who wrote it or something. awww.

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listening to: spice girls, spice up your life

*flails happily* i found a copy of spiceworld (the cd, not the movie, mind) at co-op... not only was it used, it was a half-price used cd. also i got elvis costello's spike (partly because i was intimidated by the hip indie-type employees and didn't want to purchase *only* spice girls... *sigh*)

*dances around* maybe i'll redesign boron with a spice girl theme! or maybe not. (i'd never again be able to look hip indie-types in the eye, i fear.)

aaanyway. yesterday was fun, i will now give you a rundown of my exciting garage sale purchases!:
~ 1 pocahontas drinking glass (25 cents)
~ 1 harry potter drinking glass (50 cents; chipped and broken-- it used to have a floaty snitch at the bottom, but the liquid's all gone so now it's a shakey snitch. still awesome, though.)
~ fear of flying by erica jong and a separate peace by that one guy (10 cents apiece)
~ little mermaid erasers (25 cents for 2)
~ the wishbone card game! (free; i originally took it for kait but then i looked at it and it's really cool so i might just keep it. er.. sorry kait ^_^)
~ trivial pursuit (genus iv) ($1)

mike got some good stuff too, like a pet screw. (a pet screw is, of course, a metal screw in a little cage, with a plaque that says "PET SCREW (PATENT PENDING).")

and last night was funtimes with stuff and junk and all. but! soon the tonys are on! (7 central! on cbs! you should watch!) a quick guide to my responses to tony outcomes:
~ any awards won by wicked: renata will be happy but not surprised
~ any awards won by avenue q: renata will be delighted!
~ "best musical" won by ave q: renata will be shocked and overjoyed!
~ "best actor" won by j. tart: renata will squee!
~ any awards won by frozen: renata and kait will probably die of laughter. someone should probably call us to make sure we're still breathing.

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~ am tired, so i'll keep this short
~ used over half a tank of gas today (!)
~ went to... hmm, at least 20+ garage sales
~ spent $2.20 and got some cooool stuff, which i'm sure i'll discuss in detail tomorrow
~ tied at trivial pursuit
~ just ate some potato, tomato, and spinach potato chips (the tomato ones are good; the spinach are not)
! just accidentally typed an exclamation point instead of a tilde
~ uh... doorknob.

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Saturday, June 05, 2004

listening to: stu, belle

things what are awesome:
~ lemony snicket audiobooks read by TIM CURRY!
~ coffee
~ going garage sale-ing tomorrow with mike
~ sleep

also, making fun of ffn reviews theatre is pleased to present:

Um...that was...different...Why were they in the US to begin with? The time turner can only take you back in time, not to another place.

if i were to reply to this, my reply would be as follows: "uh... the Force?"

there's a cat on the roof. he's meowing at my window. but he's a black cat and it's dark out so i can't really see him, except for his eyes, and it's a little creepy. (and by this, yes, i do mean that i hate all black people. oh, except for shaft, he's one bad motherfucker.)

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Friday, June 04, 2004

& i can only imagine what the checker at wal-mart thought when i purchased cereal, milk, and air freshener at 2am.

but well, i wanted some cereal. and there's been a weird smell in my room and i didn't want to come back to it again.

think am only one of my flist not seeing midnight showing of poa. but, i want to see it with some friends, and we have schedule conflicts until like... tuesday. and since i haven't really been getting into all the hype and stuff... i'm excited to see them, yes, but i can wait a few more days.

oww my arms. seriously, my ear itched and i unthinkingly reached up to scratch it... dude, that was a whole new level of pain, there.

haaave my subway interview tomorrow (today). severely hope that it is, as people keep telling me, only a formality. *flail* (that was a mental flail, a real flail would probably result in something like "owwww ow ow.")

awww, magnetocat came to visit me. i think i'm going to pet him for awhile and then head off to bed.

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Thursday, June 03, 2004

dear west wing drabble community,

"drabble," contrary to popular belief, does not mean "short story with the most improbable pairing you can think of." for example: are hogan cregg and annie bartlet ever even onscreen together? is there any reason whatsoever for you to believe that they're secretly lovers? NO THERE BLOODY ISN'T.



also! have finished aforementioned geekyfic. it neeeds a beta, so if you want to do that? you'd rock my world. if not though, you can read it anyway. just keep in mind, it's raw. harry potter and the oregon trail.

oh yes. and:

mary: yes yes, the surrey with the fringe on top. but i didn't think "surry" was an acceptable spelling of that. and it's very clearly "surry," not "surrey." also "surrey" isn't really a verb... "can you small carriage? can you picnic?" so... yes. i was hoping there was another definition. but maybe the song just doesn't make sense. it is called "stone soul picnic," after all. ah well.. *surries*

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oh my god, the world is hilarious sometimes. seriously.

i was bored and reading plans of friends of friends, and i stumbled across this:

i have an old friend on imdb now too! we weren't close but we knew each other for a really really long time. david oliver cohen. always a pretentious bastard - and a really bad actor too.

and kait pointed out to me that he's the guy in the arby's commercials! the one who gets upstaged by the talking oven mitt!

oh, rent alumni, they're just everywhere these days.

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listening to: tori, professional widow

you know what they say about living in small towns? it's true, it's all true.

so i was driving into mackinaw (population 1400ish) and on my way to the internet place (which is incidentally owned by my high school english teacher/theatre director's husband), i see the lady who cuts my hair (i never know what to call her. hairdresser? i suppose, but it seems like the wrong word to me) standing on the corner, talking on her cell phone. then, as i'm walking down the sidewalk to the internet place, some guy, leaving the internet place, turns around and says "i'll be back in a second, renata!"

so i blinked, said "okay!" and went in. tuuuurns out the guy who works there used to be my neighbor, and in my grade in school and stuff. um, and i used to have kind of a crush on him. (note: crush appears to have abated.) so we talked for awhile, and then i hopped down the street (i didn't really hop, i walked) to the liberry and try to use the computer to look for some books. and one of the librarians says, "have you used the internet before?" and i said, "no, i'm just trying to use the card catalogue," and the librarian said, "oh, well, if you're going to use the internet you need to sign a contract." and the other librarian said, "which you'd know, renata, if you came in here more often! where have you been?" (keep in mind that i have not regularly gone to this library for at least... 7 years. i drop by whenever i need to get my card renewed, and maybe once in a great, great while when i happen to be in town.) so i talked to the librarian for awhile.

and then i pulled out of my parking spot and ran over my 2nd-grade teacher.

okay, i made that last bit up.

but yeah. craaazy small world.

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listening to: eddie izzard, puberty

ow ow ow. miriam and i decided it would be a good idea to go to "y-pump!" at the y last night. and there were weights. and this 60-year-old lady was lifting like, 5 times as much as we were. and we were like, ow. but not as much as i am this morning. (it would, in fact, appear that i have 3 times as much ow this morning.)

presumably this will be worth it when i'm able to take on batman and wonder woman. at the same time. with one incredibly buff arm tied behind my back.

um anyway. last night was exciting, when we finally solved the mystery of who lives across the street from trina? unfortunately this was solved when they backed into miriam's parked car and we had to fill out a police report.

(we're not exactly nancy drews.)

so, yes. remember that time when i said i had written the geekiest fic ever? and then the time after that when i wrote the next geekiest fic ever? i'm pretty sure i'm really in the process of the geekiest fic ever.

i'm very excited about this ^_^

can anyone define "surry" for me? as in, "can you surry? can you picnic?" because i sure can't, and neither can merriam-webster.

apparently i can't surry. but i can definitely picnic with the best of them.

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

listening to: ramones, bop 'til you drop

blogger, seriously, load faster or i'll fucking cut you. i swear i'll do it.

(i don't understand why it loads so much slower than everything else. i mean, it's relatively low-graphic, etc. *frowl*) yeah. apparently our local isp now has "high-speed something.. or something? you should call them." (says my mom.) so i did... and it's apparently high-speed wireless, so they were like "you live out of town? can you see the tower?" "uh.. let me check... maybe?" "... where on morgan road do you live? .. okay, we'll come out and look."

ah, small towns.

but, they haven't come yet. and i'm cleaning my room >_< it's very "give a mouse a cookie..." i was trying to put away my books, but i didn't have room, so i moved some non-book stuff off one of my bookshelves, and then i needed a place to put that stuff... so i'm getting rid of a lot of stuff. possibly a family garage sale will be involved?


devon: (with luck) we'll be sandwich artist twins!!

priscilla: i think it's probably a pretty safe bet that i won't be a sandwich perfectionist ^_^

& now back to cleaning and things. boo-urns!

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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

listening to: anne heaton, bellyside

so you know what's cool? it's when your internet is SO FREAKING SLOW that blogger takes TEN MINUTES to LOAD.

i lied, that's not cool at all. additionally uncool: buying a birthday card for kait before i left, and coming back to realize that the card is still on my desk. oops. um, happy belated birthday, kait ^_^

anyway. i reallyreally need to reply to some emails.

also, i'm hungry. you should go make me some macaroni and cheese.

yes, you! right now! *shakes stick*

er. so wisconsin, yes. (for those of you who don't know this-- and i'm not sure why you would know this, actually-- my grandparents own this random cabin in wisconsin, near wisconsin dells. sometimes we go there. like this weekend. key facts about this cabin:
~ it was built by my grandparents and my mom and uncle. when they (my mom and uncle, not my grandparents) were young, family vacations would consist of going to wisconsin and building this cabin.
~ the stairs to the 2nd floor are like... a 60 degree angle with the ground. they are STAIRS OF DEATH. and they are too narrow to put your whole foot on them. the sensible way to descend them is either sideways or backwards.
~ it's about half an hour from the city of wisconsin dells. more on the dells later.)

look, it's later!
wisconsin dells is a tribute to american.... something. the dells themselves are these very pretty sandstone formations from the wisconsin river. the city is full of ridiculous tourist traps. i swear it must have more fudge shops per square mile than anywhere else on earth, and it's probably in the top ten of olde-tyme photo booths/square mile too. (this year we actually got one >_< but we were pirates, so, uh, yay!)

anyway, so we did some touristy things, like the aforementioned olde-tyme photo, and a duck tour (the ducks are like, boats with wheels-- old ww2 amphibious vehicles that somehow found their way to wisconsin, and now give tours of the dells. *shrug*) and ate at the lakeside restaurant where if you sit on the dock you can watch the waterski show for free and laugh evilly, cuz it's like you're stealing from the waterski people.

(you have to take your pleasures where you can get them, people.)

oh, and we went to pirate's cove adventure golf! yay! (it's not mini, it's ADVENTURE. *nod*)

but! what would have, i'm sure, been the very highlight of our trip was unfortunately closed. *frowl* i was flipping through the wisconsin dells attractions book, and i found an ad for "cranberry connections! store and activity center!"

intrigued, i read on. yes! not only did this place sell all the cranberry-related stuff you could ever want (candles! dried cranberries! jelly! 6 kinds of cranberry ice cream!), it was also an activity center! PLUS there was a coupon for buy one, get one free on cranberry ice cream cones!

i knew we HAD to go find out not only how you could possibly have six kinds of cranberry ice cream (i could only think of one kind, myself: cranberry) but also cranberry-related activities. so we went on a quest to find this place, adn it turned out to not be in the dells itself, but in the crazy next-town over (which is actually still attached to the dells) so we found it... and... oh, cruel fate, all that was to be had was a big sign that read "COMING SOON! cranberry connections!"


anyway, i'm home. yes. aaand i have an interview at subway on friday. hopefully you will soon be reading the blog of a sandwich artist.

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