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Thursday, May 27, 2004

mmm... blessings of liberty is v. close to being finished. if i stand on my tiptoes and wiggle my fingers i can almost grab the ending.

anyway, tomorrow morning we're leaving for wisconsin. oh wisconsin, that crazy state. we'll be back either monday or tuesday. if you need to reach me before then... you can't, sorry.

talia: yay, we should watch wtsf sometime! tori-licious. also: note that my list was things i should do, not things i have done. so don't feel lazy yet, anyhow ^_^

kait, priscilla, and zach: word. well, if i ever go back there and he says something stupid, i'll whack him upside the head. and then i'll be like, "for kait! for priscilla! for zach! for the shire!" it'll be great. (also, kait: when i get back we need to finish the best fic ever. which i will, from now on, refer to as the bfe. because dude. aaalso i put the tony hawk shirt in my to-goodwill bag, so let me know if brendan has a sudden change of heart or something and i'll send it back pronto. woot.)

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oh my god, tori amos is so so insane.

also her dress in the welcome to sunny florida video looks like lucy's (from peanuts). except it's a lot more low cut. and has like, a red cape thing.

oh, and when i say insane, i mean awesome.

okay, also insane.

also: "bug a martini" is a really cool song.

< /torispeak > ... for now!

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listening to: urinetown, overture

things i should do at some point in time (as much for my own personal reference as for your enjoyment. actually, much more for my own personal reference. sorry!:
~ get job. (phase 1: drop off 24039845 applications, complete. in process of phase 2: sit around and wait for someone to call. next week, if necessary, begin phase 3: call places i applied to and tell them how awesome i am.)
~ finish unpacking.
~ redesign boron
~ redesign b&s website, and actually put.. content and things on it. whoa.
~ call the nso people
~ call the candybox violence guy
~ read the 324098 books i have lying around that i haven't read yet
~ watch welcome to sunny florida
~ finish assorted fics that need to be finished
~ finish copying cds and tapes and things and send them to the people they should be sent to.
~ pack to go to wisconsin tomorrow.
~ send kitten to john kerry

aww, kerry. and aww, kittens.

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*is excited* omg, this girl's icons site has star wars icons with tori lyrics! why is life so awesome?!

wow, that last sentence was like 23 kinds of dorky.

aaaanyway. so yesterday i met my mom and reid at guitar world, where he has his lessons... and i caught the end of a conversation jim, the owner of the place, was having with my mom... and he was all like, "9/11 was totally clinton's fault, he didn't have any intelligence in place at all... blah blah" and my mom was just like "uh huh..." and i didn't want to say anything since he wasn't really talking to me, and i didn't want to cause an incident.

& then i was talking to my mom, and she was like "yeah, he's kinda crazy... earlier he was telling me how gays are causing the downfall of society, just like the romans."
"... he thinks gays caused the decline of the roman empire?"


so i think next time i'm in that place i might be forced to cause an incident...


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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

listening to: bnl, straw hat and old dirty hank (live)

*is mildly confused* so i somehow pulled off an a- in major asian religions? i don't really understand. but um, go me.

(a in stats, a- in asian rel, b+ in humanities, and b in spanish. in case you were wondering. and of course, you were.)

minor progress has been made in the cleaning/unpacking progress. i'm a little confused... i know i have like, 2 boxes of books in the garage but my bookshelves seem to be full. THESE BOOKS CAME OFF OF THOSE SHELVES! how can they be full?! maybe this is why i should have paid better attention in phyics, i'm probably forgetting about the heisenberg principle of bookshelves or something.

why does my isp have the worst website in the entire world? and one that won't even answer my questions, at that? *gasp* and one that misuses apostrophes?!

oh, life is pain.

ooh, but they announced the tony performances... idina and kristin are doing "defying gravity," which'll be awesome. and ave q is doing "it sucks to be me!" yaaay! (if you're interested...)

k. more unpacking. really.

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listening to: tori, father lucifer

man, it would be so awesome if crappy minimum wage jobs had a common app.

stupid applications. and prolly none of them will hire me anyway...

oh, and i meant to say: sorry to everyone who imed me last night! as i mentioned... i was asleep.

i took some stuff downstairs. but there's still lots up here. in boxes and bags and piles and things. stupid stuff.

*wanders around*

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*blinks a lot* oh man, i think i might have just broken my sleeping record... i went to take a nap at like.. 8 or 9 ish? and then i woke up at 1 am. so i was like... meh, and changed into some pajama pants, and went back to bed. and got up.. nowish, cuz my mom came in with 3 points:
~ she thought i'd been sleeping too long and might turn into ozone ("... ozone?" "well yeah, or.. something.")
~ she was bored
~ she found the perfect job for me. administrative assistant, some computer skills necessary, good hours... at a church. right. i'm sure i'll fit in nicely there.

so, on account of the sleeping and all, didn't get much unpacking done. oh the woe.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

listening to: wicked, one short day

i don't quite know why i like this song so much, but i do.

know what's weird? i had itunes on shuffle, and it played "a sorta fairytale," followed by... another version of "a sorta fairytale!" *sigh*

anyway, home again and my room's a pit. i have sooo much to unpack. and yet here i am, blogging. isn't life funny?

*tear* i miss kait already. (oh, and here's how smart i am: i bought a postie in the airport at detroit, wrote it to kait, stuck it in my purse... got home, was wandering around downtown whilst awaiting reid's guitar lesson to be over... found a stamp in my purse and dropped the postcard off in the mailbox. then, promptly remembered that i had forgotten to address it. damn, i'm awesome. but! i went in and was all 'dude, i'm really stupid, help me' and they were all 'okay' so they opened it up and got the card back out for me. yaaay thanks normal post office!)

i'm tiiired.

but there were lots of good things waiting for me at home:
~ welcome to sunny florida (which i just ripped while trying to de-shrink-wrapify)
~ tww season 2
~ my hi-5 dvd! (i don't know if you read this, but just in case: yaaaay thanks cindy!)
~ kitties!

also, dinner! now! so more later. (and kait, type that fic!! yaaay bestficever!)

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Monday, May 24, 2004

few random thoughts:

~ leave for illinois eaaarly tomorrow. *tear*
~ kait and i are co-writing the BEST FIC EVER. (except for this other fic that kait wrote for me and needs to type up, because IT is the BEST FIC EVER. this new one is really only second-best.)
~ priscilla-- make sure you and your friends bring student ID, too. and have a totally super-awesome lovely time!!
(eta: i just realized that the tonys will have been awarded by the time you guys are there, and that'll prolly make some shows wicked harder to see. cuz that's up for 10 and i'm sure it'll win some big ones, like best musical for sure. uh yeah... good luck ^_^)
~ jeepers creepers is a really hilarious movie. in that lame sort of way.

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haha, mary, i just realized you said "frozen's mom is feeling the burn"... and it's funny.


*apparently actually is as slow as wicked thinks she is*

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quick post:
1. mary, i know dry ice is pretty cheap (we get ours for free cuz we take scraps from the factory! and when i sawy "we", i mean uhs theatre, not like... me and kait.) i was just attempting to use hyperbole to emphasize the fact that wicked is a gorgeous, gorgeous, incredibly well-put-together show. with lots of costume changes and hydraulic lifts and SHINY THINGS and a BIG DRAGON. and CAPITAL LETTERS just ALL OVER THE PLACE.

2. priscilla, being a student IS YOUR FRIEND. seriously, kait and i randomly showed up at movin' out like, an hour before curtain, and were like "do you have any student tickets?" and they were like, "sure! have these 5th row, $100 tickets for $30!" and we were like, "yaaay!" it won't work with shows that are selling out (i.e. wicked) but if there's something less popular you want to see, definitely try for that. also, the wednesday matinee is your friend. also, some hard-earned advice re: wicked: don't waste your time with the lotto. it's usually around 200 people trying for 26 tickets. instead, get to the cancellation line before they draw lotto (which is 2 hours before show) and hang out there for awhile.

3. devon, sweet jesus that would annoy me. *sob* ice cream in the theatre... *flail*

4. talia, i didn't see your comment before. and yes! i'm getting home tomorrow, we'll tawk.

5. more random thoughts about wicked: i think my last post made me sound more negative about it than i meant to. it is a really good show, and it's definitely... the end of "defying gravity" gave me chills and the end of "for good" had me blinking back tears... and it is very well done and amazing. it's just things like... now, boq and nessa apparently have the most fucked-up relationship ever. and it tries a little too hard to be cute sometimes? but it does succeed in being cute. also... the ending... (i won't spoil it, but...) i want to not like it, on principle. but the more i think about it, the more i'm like... "you know, that actually is kinda cute."

yes. sorry to all my non-theatrical readers. soon i'll return to my boring non-theatrical life, and you can read about that instead ^_^

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you should all leave me comments because you make me sad when you don't!

i know you're reading this! it's not like you have anything better to do! now click that little link down there and leave me some comments! i'm attention-greedy!


soooo anyway we waited in the cancellation line for wicked for like 3 hours today, and we got tickets! and saw it! and despite my paranoid fears, idina was, in fact, on for the matinee! yaaay! <333 idina. and she kicked a lot of ass. and fiyero's character isn't nearly as much of a tool as you get the impression from just the obcr. he has dialogue and things. yes.

and um... wow, so, the musical is... it's really good, and has an amazing cast, and very clearly has a budget of 23454 billion dollars. per day. (that dry ice doesn't come cheap, you know.) but damn if they don't assume you're a moron. and damn if most of the audience didn't prove that assumption by doing things like... clapping whenever the leads walked on stage. and whenever they said anything that related to the movie. at all.

and eating candy. *frowl* i don't know WHEN it started being "okay" to eat and drink during live theatre performances but it's NOT OKAY PEOPLE. especially not when you leave your EMPTY BOXES UNDER YOUR SEATS and OH GOD SOMETIMES I HATE PEOPLE.

but not kait! and not you people! and not the cast of wicked! and not john kerry, and not the cast of josie and the pussycats: the musical! (kait and i are going to produce this, it'll be the best thing ever.)

anyway: wicked is awesome. people are stupid, except for the ones who aren't. also, frozen is apparently also awesome, having been nominated for 4 tonys. now i feel kinda bad for making fun of it all week.

oh wait, no i don't. haha, frozen, you got nominated for more tonys than any other new play AND STILL NO ONE WANTS TO GO SEE YOU!

oh, frozen, what an endless source of joy and mirth you are.

priscilla: DEFINITELY you guys should go see avenue q. because it's the BEST THING EVER. wicked's great if you can get tickets, and you should see it before the cast leaves. you should also definitely go see frozen and let me know how it was ^_^ oh, and IT IS TIME to see the lion king. not really, i just like saying IT IS TIME. (and it's a decent show and all, with cool stuff, just not on the same level as avenue q. because, damn.) kait says hairspray is good if you haven't seen that.

you could always go see scary spice in rent. (kait adds that not only can you, but you should, cuz she's good.)

general consensus is that assassins is good, if you like sondheim.

but DEFINITELY see avenue q. or else!

also, you could go see swim in this thing on the 21st?

okay, the end, kait and i are gonna go make fun of frozen some more. and frozen's MOM! oh!

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Sunday, May 23, 2004

sooo hi. today was exciting, we went to red bank and visited jay and silent bob's secret stash! and i bought some cool shit! including this crazy graphic novel that's like, sandman but not by neil? and it's got a story called "merv pumpkinhead: agent of d.r.e.a.m."? and it looks like a james bond parody, with merv pumpkinhead? i'm excited to read it. yes.

aaalso we went to leonardo. well, we got lost for awhile, and then we went to leonardo. and visited quickstop and rst video! it was exciting. like, the mecca of kevin smith. if there were a kevin smith based religion, we would have completed our... oh damn, what's the name for a pilgrimage to mecca? a... it's... hajj.

kait and i (and her brother and his friend) have completed the kevin smith hajj.

go us!

also we visted a rest stop in cheesequake.

i kid you not: cheesequake. i took a picture.

i also want to visit whippany and mahwah. god, new jersey has such awesome place names.


two more exciting things:
1. we watched josie and the pussycats tonight! best movie ever!
2. john kerry likes kittens! a lot!

why are kait and i so awesome? the world may never no. er, or know.

so, tomorrow we're going to go lose the wicked lotto again, and i'll wait in the cancellation line. (sidenote: everyone here waits on line for things, not in line. it's weird. there is no physical line that you are on, people! unless there is; in which case, carry on.)

aaand if that fails, we might student rush for the producers? cuz, neither of us has seen it, and we watched the movie last night. and it was slashy. i mean funny.

plus no one wants to see it anymore. all the cool kids are seeing frozen these days. (frozen is the show at the theatre next to wicked. kait and i keep trying to encourage people to go see it, but it doesn't seem to be working. really, i heard it was humane and riveting! [it says that on the poster, which amuses me. i wonder if all the other plays i've been seeing are inhumane? man, movin' out was totally tested on monkeys.] uh, i'm very tired.)

the end!

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Saturday, May 22, 2004

this is the second-best thing in the ENTIRE WORLD (after avenue q.) seeeeriously, go play it.

because omg!!11!one!!! it's SO AWESOME the end.

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Friday, May 21, 2004

hi kids! kait's upstairs getting clean. she'd probably say hi if she were here though, so: hi from kait.

today we're having a lazy-random sort of day. hopefully we will visit kait's dollar store so i can buy a spider-man pencil case with a haiku on it.

(really; kait already got one. they're swell.)

to clarify any confusion: rent is still my favorite show, but avenue q is THE BEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. hopefully you can all see the distinction ^_^ (so, mary, i won't have to change my name, although i do like ravenaqta. maybe i'll name my firstborn that.)

meanwhile, kait and i are experiencing minor shame: we would like to announce that we have been successfully manipulated by the kerry campaign into actually liking the guy. dammit! it all started 2 days ago, when we were reading dear abby... and apparently, awhile ago this girl wrote a letter that was like, "dear abby, i'm 13 and i want to be president, but everyone at school told me i was stupid and that girls can't be president." and john kerry wrote a letter back to the kid being all like, "of course you can be president!" and it was cute.

and i KNOW that this is a political move designed to make me like the guy. i KNOW that it was prolly just some random intern sitting there reading the paper and going "hmmm..." and then writing a letter and being like "hey jk, can i sign your name to this and send it to dear abby?" but dammit, it worked.

and theeeen yesterday, in the times, they had this article about dean and kerry working together, and they had this picture of them playing hearts on the campaign plane, and kerry looks all happy and he's doing this crazy leg-kicking-up thing (seriously hang on, let me try to find this picture... ah, here. if they make you register or whatever to look at it, DO IT, it's great.)

so anyway, kait and i are reading this and looking at the picture, and we were so like... "aww look, he lost at hearts but he can still kick his leg up!" and we were just so happy about it.

so i was going to vote for kerry anyway, but now i'll be happier about it.

(i know it's hard to tell, but i'm completely serious about this. i seriously, seriously like kerry a lot more now and it weirds me out.)

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this post was brought to you by overly-cryptic the lion king advertisements.

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oh my god, i've been fangirling so hardcore the last few days, it's great


why does gee hyphen dee hate me?!

okay okay, let me try to start over and re-create this post, in all its fangirlish glory.

i'm so distressed that i just misused an apostrophe. *flail*

anyhow, so i had some leftover avenue q fangirling to get out of the way... so seriously, the show is amazing and so is everyone in it, but they're all also so insanely nice. like, after the show, kait and i were hanging around fangirling (cuz we're fangirls) and we talked to stephanie d... hardtospellname (kate/lucy) and she was the cutest ever. and then she wandered away, and we were still hanging around, and she came back and said "are you guys waiting for j. tart?" (okay, she didn't actually call him j. tart) and we said, "yeah, but it's okay, we're not in a hurry!" and she said, "oh, let me go get him, he's so slow!" and we said, "oh, it's fine, don't worry about it." and she was like, "no, no, he's just talking to his friends!" so she went back and told him we were waiting for him.

and we were like... awwww.

so yes. also it's the best show ever and should win six tonys.

but it won't.

anyway, i have more fangirling. first though, the metropolitan museum of art.

it has many paintings and sculptures.

some of them are naked.

some of them are of jesus.

i didn't see any naked jesuses, but we didn't look at all of the exhibits.

also apparently there's a school of art wherein everyone, regardless of age or gender, is depicted as a 30-year-old man. (sidenote: kait and i made this joke in the museum, on the subway back, again on the bus, again in kait's livejournal, again in the post i just made and then accidentally killed, and then now, and each time we think it's hilarious. in fact, last time i typed this i laughed so hard i choked on some water and almost DIED.

okay, i didn't really almost die. but maybe.)

also there were these paintings of george washington that didn't really look like george washington, which is good, because they turned out to not actually be of george washington. and then one of them was pointing to a painting of george washington, like "no man, you're totally thinking of that guy."

"george" is a hard name to type.

anyway. so after we got done with all the excitement at the museum (what with the george washington and the nudity and the jesus and all) we went over and lost wicked lotto again. and then we went by the neder, cos kait wanted to talk to seb.

and then it turned out that he was on as mark, so we were like... ! and got some student tickets, which were decent seats and such.

and! i got to see scary spice as mimi! (!) and jeremy as roger, and i totally forgot that i love jeremy as roger. oh god, and the show is so good when it is good. and it was good.

oh, i like that i haven't actually used the word rent so far. i just assume that you all know what i'm talking about. so if you don't, well um, maybe you could go read like red meat or something for awhile.

aaaanyway. so the show was GOOD and that was HAPPY because the last few times i've seen it, it's been good but not GOOD.

does anyone know what i'm talking about anymore? whatev.

(kait does, so, yeah.)

but after the show! (i keep typing "shoe" and that's wrong. and just now when i tried to type "shoe" i actually did type "show." why does it suck to be me? oh right, because my shirt says so.)

anyway, after the show! i got to meet scary spice! and i got her autograph! and a picture with her! and she's a SPICE GIRL! (and i'm 12!) and, she was being all like... "i'm polite but i want to go home now!" which is so understandable, because yeah, i'd want to go home now too. but then she noticed my aforementioned avenue q shirt and she got all excited and we talked about it for a bit! scary spice is an avenue q fan! thus, everyone in the entire world who is cool likes avenue q. let me compile a list:
- scary spice
- neil gaiman
- kait
- me
- you (assuming you like avenue q; if not, sorry, but you suck)

anyway, only kait knows the secret of how incredibly poorly i'm typing tonight (because i think i fixed most of the typos, anyhow) so maybe i should end this now.


man, it totally doesn't suck to be me.

goodnight ^_^

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

*flails* i like that my fingers were one off and i typed *dali. i think we should all *dali* more often. *melts*

anyway... so... kait and i just got back from avenue q and I WANT TO HAVE THE ENTIRE CAST'S BABIES! aaaaaaaah! SO GROOD. seriously, look at all these capital letters, man, you know it's good. and we fangirled!! and i got my picture with j. tart! (aka... john tartaglia. because j. tart is a much cooler name.) AAAAH.

seriously, it's the best show in the entire world.


(if anyone leaves me a comment referring to rent i'll smack you. just because i'm feeling belligerent.)

anyway. so we went into the city and tried wicked lotto and lost. and then, kind of randomly, got some student tickets for movin' out (the billy joel musical. yes.) they were good too, 5th row. yaaay. it was a good show, but like... it has no dialogue. it's really like, the billy joel ballet. and kait and i got confused and had to consult the program's plot synopsis pretty frequently. but we did decide that it was probably for the best that there was no dialogue, cos we figured it would probably go like this:
eddie: whoa! hey judy, haven't seen you in awhile. i'm totally sorry i got your fiance killed in vietnam.
judy: hey, no big deal.
eddie: cool, want to jog in this direction with me?
judy: no thanks, i'm busy jogging in the other direction. see you later!
(they jog off.)

eddie: man, i'm happy about that. really, really, happy. whoa.
(continues in this vein for 8 minutes.)

baha. but seriously, it was pretty good. yes.

aaalso, kait and i are the coolest people ever, and here's why...
kait: i need to use the atm... here's one, i think.
(we walk downstairs into a grocery store.)
me: hey, this is a food emporium! *giggle*
kait: yeah.. aw, it's not the right kind of atm.
(we leave.)
me: *pause* DUDE! we just almost used the atm in the food emporium!!
kait: aw man, and we already know the code!

and i'm really not sure which is better, that we were so excited about it, or that it took us so long to figure it out.


anyway, tomorrow we're going to do some stuff. and try wicked lotto again. (oh, i forgot to mention that we did it twice today. and lost both times. because god hates us. or g-d, because you can trick god by not typing his full name. *nod* he's omnicient and omnipresent, but that hyphen fools him every time.)

i'm tired and totally going to hell.

night kids!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

watching: futurama

hi kids! i'm blogging from kait's house! yay!

i'm tired!

tomorrow we're hopefully going to see wicked and ave q!


that's all i got, really. i mean, that's all i got, really!


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Monday, May 17, 2004

i think maybe i've been at college too long, when i look at my lj flist and am annoyed that only two people have updated since the last time i looked at it.

you know, that prime window of updating between 2 and 9 am.

i just ate some chocolate chip mini muffins and they were delicious.

in an hour my friends will start graduating.

didn't i just go through this? sheesh, kids these days.

nevertheless: congrats class of 2004! you're all sooooooo goood!

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

some random thoughts:
~ i have a headache and i should drink some water but instead i'm drinking mr. pibb. which somewhere along the line dropped the "mister" and gained an "extra." i think i've commented on this pibb thing before. in fact i know i have, because an uncommonly large percent of boron's referrals are searches for "pibb extra." probably this post won't help with that.
~ i worked my last dining hall shift ever today! barring some horrible twist of fate, anyhow. (oh b&s, i'd edit you for free, but if you will get me out of the dining hall, so much the better.)
~ a commerical last night instigated a severe taco bell craving. i tend to crave taco bell about once a year, i guess i was due. mmm... tacos.
~ mary got a merry action figure, and it comes with "sword slashing action!" or maybe just slashing action. baha.
~ ... yeah, got distracted for like 3 hours and had a really really bad headache, one which wrapped around my brain and was all like, "ahaha, you'd like to see and hear things without pain? WELL TOO BAD!" but, i think the tylenol finally kicked in. i hope. rahg.
anyway, off to storage place/subway with christine & co!

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oh my god i had the weirdest dream ever. it combined several strange aspects of my school career to date...

i was at metcalf, but it was my humanities class with simawe. then, all of a sudden he pulled out a gun and started waving it around. but it was very slow and peaceful, somehow, and i didn't feel very threatened. still, i ran out the door and up.. like... a lot of flights of stairs until i got to what looked like metcalf's 3rd floor. mrs. schuster was there and i talked to her for awhile, but then i went down the hall and into ms. scott's room and we were having a debate or something? but then (and this is the best part) i went back to humanities, and simawe was still there, not talking (nor gun-waving) but everyone was talking about how this was just like in that play they saw last night, when the lead actor had pulled out a tube of toothpaste for no good reason and started waving it around.

and i was thinking, you know, there's a difference between a gun and a tube of toothpaste.

that's the moral of this entry: there's a difference between a gun and a tube of toothpaste.

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Saturday, May 15, 2004

listening to: tom petty, free fallin

ew ew ew i just accidentally ate a chocolate-covered peanut. or maybe an almond. it was gross, whatever it was. that's what i get for eating mystery dining hall gift-food.

(it's not that i'm a picky eater, it's just that most of the foods i don't like are foods that are pretty commonly beloved. you know, things like nuts, scrambled eggs [or eggs in any form, really], milk...)

anyway. here are the quote boards from my floor this year. we're pretty funny kids ^_^

my family came today to pick up most of my stuff. and to eat at quad, which they were much more enthusiastic about before eating. baha, that'll learn 'em. it was a pretty boring shift, since most people's meal plans are over (except seniors and essential students) and saturday brunch is usally pretty dead anyway. so christine and i started planning "working at quad! the video game!" it'll be so great. you'll have to run out and switch the fries, and avoid rita! earn points by sneaking cheese into the vegan bar! in level 10, no one else shows up to work and you have to work all three tbd positions! oh no, it's "soul food" night and you're working the deli bar!

actually, it wouldn't really be that fun of a video game.

i like kitties.

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listening to: vox, mahna mahna! (i mean... "hidden track")

i have to be at work in like,. 15 minutes. so probably i should put on pants. (.. as opposed to the *shorts* i'm wearing.)

but i just had a "freaky shrieking-laugh aloud" moment so i thought i'd share. anyway. so there's this band called candybox violence and they're like, a political band? and they're doing this swing-state tour of free performances at colleges, and then doing voter-reg stuff. and they emailed the scipe account to see if we'd like to help bring them to campus, and i said sure that would be fun, but if you're going to be partisan (they're a pretty liberal band) you might want to talk to campus dems not us. (because if we sponsor partisan stuff we could lose our sga funding, because they won't fund groups that favor a particular candidate.)

and he said, well, we're really more interested in general issues awareness, and anyway we talked to campus dems and they didn't seem interested.

and i said, well yeah, the kid in charge is kind of incompetent. but it was worth a try.

and he said (just now) And great to hear that the College Dem guy is a
bit of a tool because he seemed out of it. Good to know people like that are
at the helm!

which is so, so funny if you have any idea how many times i've called ben (the head of campus dems) a tool. because damn, he's just such a tool.

anyway. last night's pride & prejudice party was superfun! and i ate lots of cheese. mm, cheese. aww. i'll miss all the crazy graduating seniors.

... *professor frink laugh* ben is such a tool. m'blavin.

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Friday, May 14, 2004

listening to: beatles, the long and winding road

You're an Etch-a-Sketch!! You're the creative,
artsy type who doesn't need to actually utilize
a single muscle group in order to have fun.
Doesn't matter though, you're still cool.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

*whines* i don't want to pack!

yeah, that's all i got.

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you can totally tell it's finals week when you walk to the bakery at 2am and run into at least 3 different groups of kids from campus.

mm, half-price day-old doughtnut.

in other news, i totally caught carmen sandiego today. (in the old-school where in the world? game, and it's sad that i have to specify.)

tomorrow, must pack. gaaah.

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

listening to: bnl, thanks that was fun

surreal experience which just occurred:
"*knock at door* hey, do you have any garbage we could throw out for you?"
"... uh, what?"
"yeah, like.. especially in a form we could huck out a window?"
"*blinks* here... *proffers trash bag* thanks...?"
"no no, thank you!"

*blinks* i imagine this would be about the same level of confusing if i hadn't just gotten up from a nap a few minutes ago.

mmm, nap.

anyway, the asian religions final... i dunno, i definitely made a lot of stuff up. but, i also knew a lot of stuff. er.. we'll see how he grades it. who knows? i'm done with my first year of college. i need to pack.

i. uh. i think that i will make a bulleted list. because i like them.


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listening to: anne heaton, spinning

i have my asian religions final in 3 hours, and once more i'm not studying. i feel like i have such terrible study skills. but i mean... i do okay in classes. it's just like, i reach a point where i'm like, "okay, i know this." but then people around me are like "STUDY STUDY I HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO!" and i'm like.. "uh... maybe i should study some more?" aaaalso i definitely do a lot of low-quality studying. (thanks, short attention span.) but yesterday i did good studying, i made flashcards and everything.

so anyway, in buddhism, there's kuan-yin, the bodhisattva of compassion. and if you call her name she comes and saves you from peril. there are 8 kinds of peril she especially watches out for:

isn't that great? she's so flexible. "help me kuan-yin, i'm on fire!" "help me kuan-yin, i'm being robbed!" "help me kuan-yin, it's johnny depp!"

cnn is labelling this "offbeat news" but i think it's really more like "horribly depressing news." jesus, poor guy.

oh yeah, and kitten bait? i was just thinking-- am i going to need any semi-dressy clothes for next week? like, i know i don't need to dress up for rent, cuz yeah... but it's been very ingrained in my brain that you need to dress up for theatre. but i know there must be lots of random tourists seeing shows, especially in the summer, and i can't imagine they're all looking sooo good.

oh, and i'm just now reading your comment re: cast. no more danielle? woe. so who's joanne now? oh, i guess i could go check cb. merle? hmm, i've never seen her.

I am making a list of things for us to do. So far I have:
RENT, Ave Q, Wicked, Seb's reading, Josh's gig, Red Bank
Can you think of anything else?

that's all i can think of. *squee!* maybe some random nyc sightseeing? i've done most of the major stuff i think (statue of liberty, empire state building, central park, ellis island... the tenement museum [kind of randomly], this random art museum whose name i forget...) maybe like the moma or something? er... whatever you think is cool ^_^


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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

listening to: the beatles, julia

julia is belligerent. that's why we call her belligerent julia.


mike: so you get back ext weeken
mike: weekend
renata: tuesday after next
mike: lame
mike: it should be sooner
renata: i'll give you a sock puppet version of myself
renata: and i'll make a sock-mike
renata: and we can pretend.
mike: i'd be sweet as a sock puppet
renata: i'll be all like, "how's it going, mike?" and sock-mike will be all like, "get back in the kitchen, woman!"
renata: and you'll be all like, "how's it going, renata?" and sock-renata will be all like, "i like tori amos and howard dean!"
mike: yay
renata: it'll be great.
mike: better than great

it's going to be a good summer.

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listening to: tori, tombigbee

gaaah it's superwindy and my curtain keeps whipping around and hitting me/knocking random stuff over.

stupid curtain.

apparently the stock answer to the question: "do you know what 20 dozen cookies looks like?" is "like 2400 cookies." which suggests an impressive level of mathematical competency among my friends.

but anyway, it's a lot of cookies. and i moved them all from trays to different trays today. it was exciting. or something. uh.

so i had this random free sample of tampax pearl tampons (oooh) and whoa, the logo on them is a creepy swirly eye. note to tampax: to me, a big creepy swirly eye on your tampons sends the message "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING" and that's really not something i would want my brand of feminine hygiene products to be associated with.

maybe that's just me, though.

regardless, i'll stick with playtex, and their slightly less creepy poorly-drawn-woman logo. i don't think she even has eyes.

*devours dried cranberries*

i'm going to go study for asian religions some more. can i just say that the sanron school of buddhism is totally baffling? here are the things that they deny:
- character is permanent
- character is impermanent
- character is some combination of permanent and impermanent
- character is neither permanent nor impermanent


yeah, hell if i know what that means.

oh, and priscilla: blogger statistics are in your new blog profile. yeah, i couldn't find them either, until talia told me. sneaky blogger.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

listening to: nirvana, come as you are

yes i'm awesome!

by which i mean, kind of obsessive.

spent 3 hours not-studying by watching rotk. mmm, aragornlicious.

have some blogger statistics! have them i say!

Avg Posts Per Week: 14

Posts Written: 2,096 [i guess this is bigger than my total post count cos it counts deleted posts?]

Words Written: 368,337

Outbound Links: 1,138

that's a lot of boron.

as proof that nothing ever changes, you should read this post.

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listening to: stu, anaesthesia necrophilia

you know when you're not really in the mood to listen to anything in particular, so you just listlessly skip past every song on shuffle?

this is one of those songs that always makes me stop.

done with stats forever! *obligatory dance*

i think the drop period is over, so it looks like i'm taking all the classes i wanna be taking next semester! omg it's going to be the hottest semester ever.

craft of fiction tth 2:15-4:05
trads of english lit II mwf 11:00-11:50
promised land: us immigration history mwf 2:15-3:05
intro to poli sci t 10:00-11:50, th 10:00-10:50

probably it will also kick my ass a little. but it'll kick my ass with awesomeness.

and i'll never have to be in class before 10. mmm.

i gave up on the blogger comments and went back to blogback. maybe later when i have time on my hands i'll try to beat the blogger comments into submission, because email notification *would* be nice.

talia, where did you find all those statistics about your blog? all i can find is the post count. (duh, because it's on the main page.) fyi, this will be boron's 2044th post. oooo.

anyway, now that i can no longer procrastinate studying asian religions by studying statistics... i'ma go do that.

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Monday, May 10, 2004

here is how you can tell my brother and i are related:

reid: oh..well
reid: maybe he jsut look like some other asian guy
renata: lol
renata: they have powers!
reid: and karate
renata: and use chopsticks really, really well


reid: din't you ahve like, 3000 teeth pulled?
renata: or 8. yeah.
reid: i like to over do it
renata: kinda like YOUR MOM
reid: that's not what your mom said last night

... yeah, i have a stats final at 9am tomorrow. yeah, i'm blogging im conversations instead of studying. at a 95% level of significance, i don't caaare! bahaha.

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listening to: stu, i need (live)

*flails* so i was talking to trina about me coming back from school, and i said i'd be back monday but then leaving again on tuesday (to see kaaaait!) so i wouldn't really be back until the 25th, and she said "oh no, i'll be moved into my new house by then!" and... i'm distressed. because... it's trina's house! and she's on the other side of town now so it'll prolly take me like, twice as long to get to her house now. and.. like... trina's house! it has the trina's house smell! and there are so many memories.. like...
~ walking to family video all the damn time
~ fort pavo (aka trina's desk)
~ me watching trina's neighbors out her window
~ trina's closet o' mystery
~ sleepovers with enormous piles of blankets on her living room floor
~ all those hours of watching disney channel

RIP, trina's house. *sniff*

anyway. i'm testing out crazy new blogger comments. so like we'll see how this goes.

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listening to: rent, what you own (5/20/01mat-- curtis&josh!)

okay, prompted by talia, i'm actually looking at the new blogger features... you can blog by email! and have blogger-hosted comments that give you email notification! and have lj-esque profiles. actually, basically all the changes are to make blogger more lj-esque. which is odd, because presumably the reason we're all using blogger is because we wanted it to be bloggeresque, not lj-esque.


but not as interesting as the stats final review, no doubt! *flounces off*

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listening to: avenue q, if you were gay

so i get the top5 emails and usually they're at least relatively amusing but i thought today was hilarious, and thus am sharing it.

The Top 5 Recent Secret Service Busts

5> Detained 84-year-old Winnie Mae Davis at LaGuardia when her
monogrammed knitting bag raised the suspicions of an alert
security guard.

4> Motorcycle stunt fans across the nation were rounded up
after a Google search revealed an underground Web ring of
subscribers to an "Axis of Evel Knievel."

3> A small band of first-graders was detained for questioning
after agents overheard a destructive plot directed at London

2> False alarm: It was just the Bush twins in the East Room
playing "Spin the Iraqi Prisoner" again.

and Topfive.com's Number 1 Recent Secret Service Bust...

1> After years of undermining the current administration, Martin
Sheen and his shadow government were finally taken down.


anyway. stats poster session was nice. we got nametags; rentana sanchken and i gave a lovely presentation.

also there were cookies.

oh! christine just reminded me... my mom sent me this bubble thing, and it claimed to be spillproof. and i was all like, whatever. so i took it to the sink and flipped it over... it really is spillproof! it doesn't spill! oh my god! technology these days!

finally, meme rhymes with dream. m-w will say it for you.

i lied when i said "finally" just then. because really finally,

If you starred on The West Wing by rachelflax
your name
your age
favorite character
you partnerthe powerful, powerful President
defining momentyou graduated from Berkeley
deathSTD from that call girl
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!


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quick poll!

the word "meme" rhymes with:
a. dream
b. mimi
c. uh... phlegm
d. other. please explain.

(my vote's for a, by the way.)

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Sunday, May 09, 2004

listening to: rachael sage, seraphim smile

wow, blogger's pink. how about that?

pancakes with sketchy christine and beligerent julia was fun! (i'm sneaky renata. because that's what they call me. yes, they.)

mmm, pancakes.

iiii should study.

but i want to write fic. i want to write some x-men fic, i haven't written that in awhile. at least, it feels like i haven't. and i want to be done with blessings of liberty but i don't want to write it right now. aaand i really don't understand my previous fascination with kurt/ororo. other than the alan cumming obsession. i want to write a good logan piece. or something funny. but not a funny logan piece.


aaah and i'd really want that too, if it weren't so damn weird.

*is unsettled*

i can't blog any more, at the moment. because... AAAH. *flails* and his hair's all combedy and he looks all... kind of like my uncle scott... but not.. and... man.

(i really want the sandman poster, though. i keep meaning to buy it. maybe one day i will.)

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*gasp* i just remembered one other thing i have to be excited about!! when i go see kait (aha i love using that phrase) we can see scary spice!!! i can't believe i forgot about that! (i guess that's what happens when you avoid the b'way forums...)

omg girl power!!!!1!one!!1!

*is reading reviews now*

what the? when did enrico come back? and d'monroe? and danielle? what? oh, the eternal soap opera that is rent casting.

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listening to: tori, upside down

oh my god, i did nothing productive yesterday and it was wonderful. i felt a little guilty cos all my friends were like "stress! study! papers!" but my finals week isn't going to be that bad. i just have to study for stats, which is tuesday and which i'm not at all worried about, and for asian religions, which i am a little worried about, but it's not until thursday. so yeah.

plus after last week i think i deserve some lazy time. yes.

god, i really really really should clean my room.

isn't it weird that i'm almost 1/4 done with college? well, i think it's weird.

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i love having friends who tolerate my sick, sick pocahontas addiction.

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Saturday, May 08, 2004

listening to: tori, juarez (live)

wow, this song kicks a lot more ass live.

anyway. i'm in the process of sending trina the classiest letter ever. i wrote it with quill and ink! and i'm sealing it with wax! using my kum & go lighter!! (it's the kum & go lighter that really makes it a classy endeavor.)

so... didn't end up going to st. louis (or random suburb thereof) cos megan had to work. and i have no car. *frowl* so, no megan, no curtis, and no hi-5 for me. but i did get lots of sleep, which was good.

(weird story: i had my alarm set for 5:30, because that's what time i would have had to get up if we had actually gone, and i still wasn't sure if we were or not... so anyway, i was having this dream that someone was knocking loudly on my door, and they had this message they had to give me. so i woke up. and then my alarm went off. craaazy. wouldn't it be cool if there were alarm clocks that send you like, crazy-dream-waves to get you up?)

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Friday, May 07, 2004

listening to: tori, whole lotta love

random amusing quotes: "that guy's such a douchebag... he's all like, 'douche douche douche, i'm a douchebag!'"
"because douchebags, much like pokemon, communicate using only their names?"

"'a is for adultery': a steamy bodice-ripping alphabet"


talia: no, i'm not going to stu tonight. sorry i didn't say so earlier, i kept forgetting to mention it.

kait: i like cristina! she was my first maureen. aww.

everyone else: posted some new humor stuff. enjoy. (& i know the pictures are huge, sorry. i'd have to boot os9 to edit them and i'm just really not up to that kind of effort night now.)

and now i nap.

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Thursday, May 06, 2004

ps, priscilla, just listened to the sam/gollum tater rap... v. amused.

also disturbed.

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listening to: wicked, one short day

SO DONE WITH SPANISH YAY! my presentation actually went decently well, i think. my topic kept getting a lot better as i was working on it. like, initially i was just like "um.. people sleep a lot in that movie. i'll talk about that." and then things kept clicking together and it ended up being pretty decent.

(last night, me working on my presenation and also talking to julia about yaks:
julia: [something? i don't remember. i think it was something about the yak being in a lake.]
me: dude!! that's a good point! *starts frantically scribbling*
julia: ?
me: oh, sorry... i was thinking about my presentation while you were talking...)

but yeah. perri seemed to... well... he disliked it less than other things, at least ^_^

and now just have to revise my stats poster, which shouldn't be bad; take the stats final itself, which also shouldn't be bad; revise my asian religions paper, which shouldn't take long; and take my asian religions final. which i really really really should study for.

... and because i forgot to hit publish before i left, i'm done revising my stats poster now. go me!

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

listening to: wicked, the wizard and i

this song is kind of depressing.

stop that, song.

i'm officially done with humanities! officially.

priscellie: gollum and sam tater rap?! that sounds amusing but i have no idea what you're talking about. i figured you were kidding but i didn't get the reference. except for the obvious general gollum one. yes.

by this time tomorrow i'll be done with spanish forever, and that's totally hott.

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listening to: idina menzel, larissa's lagoon

oh idina, i can forgive your occasionally mediocre songs for your amazing voice. and when you're singing good songs? whoa.

anyway, i feel that this comment of kait's needs to be saved for posterity:

~ cross-breed potatoes and kittens to make some sort of crazy kitten-potato

Dammit! Will no one breed the Taterkitten?!

priscilla: i don't know what a taterkitten is! you should breed one so we can find out!

michelle: hmm, interesting idea. maybe if you pay me in taterkittens i could give you some sort of bonus entry.

*stretch* muwaha, i can count the number of dining hall shifts i have yet to work ever on one hand. muwahahaha.

oh yes, and feliz cinco de mayo, mis amigos!

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just read and timed what i had of my spanish presentation... 3 min, 45 seconds (of a target of 7-10 minutes.) not bad, i still have stuff to stay. and probably it'll be slower when i have it on a notecard, because i'll have lots of pauses. (right now i'm just writing it out like an essay.)

oh my god, i'm sorry that my blog has been the most boring ever lately. it's just um, my life is kinda boring lately. so i will take a page from the book of matt & rob and tell you some things i haven't done:
~ rescue a family of sea otter and taught them judo
~ narrowly escape imminent death by cheez-it
~ calculate the exact circumference of the earth using only a post-it note and a lemon
~ cross-breed potatoes and kittens to make some sort of crazy kitten-potato
~ perform an interpretive dance titled "furniture on mars" for president bush and all of his cabinet (except for the secretary of education)
~ legally change my name to "anna banana"
~ build a secret tunnel to china
~ get confused and actually tunnel to canada

that's about it.

oh my god, i'm ridiculous. i started this entry and now i just found an old, unfinished entry in another window. i give you now.... that entry.

listening to: jill sobule, don't let us get sick

i didn't used to like this song, but now i do.

the end.

not really.

but the end of that thought.


i don't know why every individual thought is getting a line here.

probably it's getting kind of annoying to read.

i am surprisingly indifferent to your pain.

aha, i just bit the head off a chocolate bug. (it's not really a bug. it's just shaped like one.)

see, now it's like two entries for the price of one. woot.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

listening to: potc soundtrack, he's a pirate

the word "soundtrack" makes me cringe a little, even though it actually is a soundtrack.

so you know what's really hard to explain to people? "well, the weekend before finals i'm driving 6 hours to go see this live kids show thing... well, see, my friend, whom i met on the internet, and i know him from rent... and see, we have this website... well, no it isn't weird! lots of people my age go see it! anyway, i emailed curtis and said we might be there-- well, yes i know his email address.. uh... look, it's perfectly nomal."

*shifty eyes*

fandom is so hard to explain to people.

(next time someone asks me what i'm doing this weekend, i think "i'm going to a concert" will be my answer...)

anyway. should be preparing for my spanish presentation, or studying for humanities. although like, last week he gave us an old final to help us study, with the caveat that "this one will be different!" and then today he told us we could look at the new final for 5 minutes. so we were all crowding around copies of the final... and it's almost exactly the same. there are a few different terms in the identification section, but the essays are the same. so... i know what to prepare for, which will be nice.

and... i think stuff is pretty much under control. i mean. you know. yeah. our stats poster is almost done (then we need to meet with professor kamp and go over it, and prolly make a few changes then, but hopefully nothing major.) my spanish presentation i'm a little worried about, but hopefully it'll be okay. i've already watched the movie (twice) and taken decent notes, so it'll just be formuating my thesis (which i think i have) and... well, putting together a presentation. aha. and humanities final shouldn't be too bad, for the aforementined reason, and we sent the b&s off to the printer last night, so unless something goes horribly awry somehow, we're done with that. so then i'm done with that wave of stuff by thursday. and during finals week i'll have to present at the stats poster session, which won't be bad at all. and then i'll have my asian religious final and my stats final. stats is the easiest class ever, so i'm not worried about that, and the asian religions final is only supposed to have "5-10%" of the questions from stuff that has been covered on the first two tests, so i won't need to do too much review.

and then... i'm done. whoa.

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listening to: space ghost, coffee

*is pleased* so i convinced nick and aron that for the last masthead of the year, we should give ourselves snazzy nicknames. so now the b&s is edited by nick "danger" l and aron "bringin' home the nachas" (apparently this is some sort of yiddish joke) s, and junior edited by renata "life is pain" s. (i wanted to be "of doom" but they assured me that this was funnier. which is true, in an abstract sense. but... doom!

(by the way, i'm intentionally not using last names because i fear google.)

anyway. i was just talking to julia about how the majority of my speech could probably be condensed into 5 phrases: "... stuff," "yeah," "life is pain!" ... and then i couldn't think of any more. and then i remembered "your mom!" and there's always the random strongbad quote.

um yes. but now i'm really going to study. aand.. possibly sleep. or something.

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

listening to: spaceghost, it's not easy being evil

"no one gets to play with zorak, zorak is a menace!"

aww, poor zorak.

anyway. long time, no post. last night was waltz, that was exciting and also sparkly.

i just got back from a chili dinner for tom riely, our democratic state senate candidate, with julia. woo. it was so cute and ridiculously small-town. there were 3 batches of chili, one made by mayor riely, one made by state senator black (who used to be grinnell's state senator before redistricting awhile ago), and one made by "chef avi." (he's a grinnell student. they needed someone to make something vegan...) and yeah. it was just very cute and small and fun.

meanwhile, here are 3 reasons why may 18th will be one of the coolest days ever:
1. west wing season 2 released on dvd!
2. welcome to sunny florida, the new tori cd/dvd will be released!
3. welcome to sunny new jersey! i'll get to visit kaaait!


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Saturday, May 01, 2004

why am i such a narr? i was trying to look at priscilla's pictures, but there's a glare on sam, so i couldn't see the screen very well.

so i muted itunes.

it remains to be seen if i'll close the curtain to try to make things quieter... *blink*

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mrr... i keep finding spanish words i could play in my e-scrabble game with julia.

i mean... i keep... doing my spanish homework like i'm supposed to be doing, and am not at all procrastinating.


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listening to: npr, talk of the nation (re: flash animation)

this story is so amusing. (<3 julia for posting the link.) and it's making me really want quizno's. which is weird, because i've only eaten at quizno's like... twice. and the other day i was hardcore craving greenbean casserole. you know, the kind with the weird fake onion things on top?

so weird.

anyway. this aforementioned story is reallly hilarious, cuz it's these middle-aged guys very intellectually discussing strong bad. i love the fact that last week when we were doing the murder mystery, we were all trying to do italian accents (except mary, who was trying to do a french accent) but actually we all just sounded like strong bad.

i got some stuff done yesterday, which is good. i really thought my spanish composition would take longer, but it's mostly done. whew. now i just need to touch that up, watch the movie, prepare my presenation, work on the stats poster, and study for humanities. (... that was supposed to reassure me, which on second-thought seems to have been a poorly-conceived idea.) er... i'ma go shower now.

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