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Friday, April 30, 2004

listening to: bnl, too little too late

sometimes spanish is so ridiculous. like this sentence from my spanish paper: La mayoridad de las apariencias de Carmen son en los monologos de fluir de consciente de Mar?a de los Angeles.

do you know how many times the word "de" is in that sentence? uh... me neither, let me count. 6! that's a lot!

wow. um... huzzah for friday. but my weekend won't be terribly restful. here's a schedule of stuff for the next week for me, just cuz:

- hopefully get some work done
- quiz bowl party (cuz nothin' says geeky fun like inebriated trivial pursuit, apparently)

- get more stuff done
- waltz

- b&s meeting

- asian religions paper due (4-5 pages, mostly done)
- b&s meeting

- get lots of stuff done
- b&s meeting

- work
- humanities final!
- stats poster draft due!
- spanish paper due!
- b&s due to printer!

- spanish oral exam (10 minute presentation on a movie i have yet to watch- if i'm lucky i'll get a friday time slot, but i don't have much faith in my luck)
- final stats poster due!

- work
- sleep a lot.

whew. okay.

i think it's manageable. i hope. *blink*

meanwhile, more news from hill house:

Neil has seen the manuscript and is pleased, so everything is a go.

One thing, however--he thought it might be interesting to have us include his brief annotated bibliography for the books used for AMERICAN GODS. It would follow your GUIDE TO THE GODS in the book. Would this be okay with you? If so, Neil will also sign the books, so we'll have both your signatures on there.

there are just so many squee-inducing things about that paragraph. *squees*

between this and assorted b&s goodness my ego may well parallel adam pascal's. (and then i will look at my spanish homework and it will shrink back down to normal levels.)

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Thursday, April 29, 2004

why am i such a narr?! i just turned in a 7-page paper on the phaedo. in which i consistently referred to it as the phaedro.

aaaah. should i email him and be like "i just noticed that.. sorry..." or just hope he doesn't notice? mrr.

oh well, it's still a decent paper, even if it does give the wrong name... *sigh*

i just spent the last half hour teaching reid factoring over the phone. what are they doing in schools these days? *tsk*

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i don't know why this amuses me so much, but man, does it ever. make sure to check out the failing flags.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

listening to: ani, what if no one's watching

random amusing quote: "i don't need your sass!"
"my sas? side-angle-side? ooh, geometry!"*

*it is important to me that i clarify that i was not in fact the one making geometry puns.

*is pleased* so the basic conceit of my asian religions paper is, "hey lady who wrote our textbook, you're foolish and vastly oversimplifying things, and here's why, using this bizarre daoist ghost story as a framework," aaand i found this essay, the basic premise of which is, "hey lady who wrote that textbook, you're vastly oversimplifying things, and here's why!" (no ghost story, though.)


christine and i played a highly successful round of the penis game in the hallway.

isn't that way hot?

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listening to: wicked, defying gravity

ooooh i found a bunch of botan rice candy at the bottom of my easter care package. how did i miss those before?! i looove botan rice candy. it's so... lemony and yet.. not lemony. and it comes with tattoos! (although it used to come with stickers, and i liked the stickers better. that's okay.) and the rice paper is all dissolve-on-your-tongueish. and you can eat a whole box and it's only 60 calories.

mmm... rice. (not condoleezza.)

so anyway. i finally got around to reading the book wicked, which i loved a lot. and i think maybe...what i like best, are things that take old things, and give a new look at them. like... well, wicked. but if you look at like... most of neil's stuff is like that. american gods? new look at mythology, as well as sandman. 1602, new look at both history and the marvelverse. (sidnote: i got this book about roanoke for 50% off at the bookstore and i'm super excited!! when i was really little i had this random book of like... cool facts/stories, and one of them talked about roanoke and it really left an impression on me. it's just such a cool story! gah! and this book is really awesome so far, it analyzes the whole story as if it were a crime... oh man.) stardust, new look at fairy tales. etc. and then even sci-fi/fantasy in general, as well as non-genre fiction that i like best... tends to involve a new perspective on the ordinary.

and then like... the musicals i tend to like. generally, they're not the classic "musical theatre" kinds of musicals.

and satire is really just finding an unusual perpsective on a situation. (and making it funny.)

even when i write stuff for class, i'm usually not happy with writing an ordinary paper, i usually prefer to have some sort of strange thesis.

aand it also explains why i enjoy history so much, really learning history tends to be a completely different perspective than what popular culture and junior-high level classes teach.

okay. enough navel-gazing, i have woooork to do. dear god, do i have work to do.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


i'm tired of being tired. also tired of being dizzy.

i have work i should do.

maybe i should do that.

hi steve! i heart you! i'll see you in a few weeks, maybe we could pay a visit to the jeffrey allans bathroom... *wink wink*

my room's a mess. i should maybe do something about that.

sorry. uh. stuff here is mostly good, i'm a little close to the wire i think. but mostly good. i'll blog later. maybe.

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so okay, i was just lying there, not being asleep (fuck off, insomnia) when it suddenly occurred to me that when i last blogged, i said "vertical" when i really meant "horizontal." i always get those two confused, even though if i stop to think about it, i'm like "oh right... like... the horizon. aha." (why doesn't that work the other way? what's a vert? i mean... vertices are corners, but not necessarily vertical.)

anyway... so... i thought, as long as i'm not sleeping, i might as well let you all know that i meant to say that, when i do fall asleep.. it will be horizontal.

not vertical.

the end.

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listening to: wicked, i'll be that girl (reprise)

random amusing quote: "eh... whatev."
"okay, when you say 'whatever', could you please just say the whole word?"
"no! 'whatev' and 'whatever' are two different words!"
"'whatev' expresses a whole new level of ambivalence. 'whatev' is like, 'i don't even care enough to say the whole word!'"

really i'm just posting to say that soon i will be experiencing vertical sleep. and it will be great.

bed are so amazing. (said the girl who slept on a bus for the last two nights. in case you were wondering why this got its own entry.)

oh yeah, and listening to wicked last night triggered some interesting thoughts which i might post tomorrow. er. today. if you're lucky! (by the way, whenever i use the phrase "if you're lucky!" you should hear it in your head as brak, because that's how i type it. as brak. in my head. yes. uh, just though you all should know that. and now.. really, i'm off. for aforementioned vertical sleep.)

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Monday, April 26, 2004

penny arcade + engrish= best website ever!!!!1!1!!one!

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*is pleased* the contents of my mailbox today were happy! i so got a $30 reimbursement check today! aaand a coveted b+/a- from simawe. ("/" grades really annoy me in principle, though. would it kill you to just give it an a-? would it?) also i met with him to talk about our next paper, and i was like "so that paper you assigned? uh, i wrote it on something totally different, does that jive?" and he was all like "yeah, i jive."

okay, the word "jive" was never actually used, but whatever. i'm glad, cos i like my new topic. (the old topic was to critique socrates's beliefs on the soul in phaedro and mine is to compare socrates's beliefs with buddhism. so.. it's more of an evolution of topic than anything else. but yeah.)

meanwhile, kitten bait: oh nooo! *is sad* no stalking jon stewart? alas. but i'd love to go to seb's reading. i want to see this boy! also, i need your address. your school one i think? how much longer will you be there? if i should send it to your house i already have that address, but let me know which to use. yeah.

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listening to: arrogant worms, the last sasketchewan pirate

whyyy are my carrots salty?

let me try that again.

hi! how are you? i'm good. (much better now that i've showered.)

the march? was awesome. i'll start at the beginning: so, i was born, and... er. well, the bus picked us up saturday afternoon around 2:30, and we.. got on the bus! and there were some other people there, from planned parenthood in des moines. and we rode for awhile, and picked up some other people in the quad cities, and then we were full. and... they gave us songsheets. yes. they made us sing camp songs, re-written to be about being pro-choice. it was so, so surreal. like... the row row row your boat one? it was like... oh, i don't even remember... something something something, walking hand in hand... reproductive freedom, all across the land.

and then we did a round.

isn't that amazingly absurd?

anyway. so.. we drove a lot. 18 hours in a bus really isn't as bad as it sounds, though. and then.. we got dropped off at the arlington cemetery? and took the metro to the mall. (the metro made me realize how freaking geeky i was... i kept relating every stop to the west wing. like, "rosslyn! that's where josh got shot! aww!") and then, we got there... and it was insane. SO MANY PEOPLE. and we kept getting handed free stuff, which was awesome. my favorite things, though, were the hot pink planned parenthood traffic cones. (i think you were actually supposed to use them as megaphones? but they were totally little traffic cones. so cute.) and there was vaguely a grid system in place. they told us iowa people were supposed to be in C23, so we found that. it was pretty far back on the lawn. we sat down next to a bunch of iowan socialists, who were very well-organized and let us use their sharpies. they had big teevee screens up so we could watch the speakers. we got there in time to see the last half of hillary clinton's speech, and lynda carter (wonder woman is pro-choice!), and ana gasteyer (from snl) and cybill shephard and... lots of leaders of pro-choice organizations. and some mediocre pro-choice folk singers. (as well as the non-mediocre alix olson!)

and then finally, it was time for the actual march to start! it took us over half an hour just to get off the mall to "officially" start marching, and we just.. walked. they had blocked off the streets, and we all walked, holding our signs and sometimes chanting. there were some anti-choice people along the barricades, but they were mostly pretty peaceful-- just quietly holding their giant pictures of dead babies. once in awhile they would yell, but we would chant over them.

i just... i can't communicate the enormity of it. the march organizers estimated over 1.1 million people. (they had tons of people out, making people sign in, and then you got a bright green sticker once you had been counted.) and sure... 1.1 million people is a lot, but it's impossible to describe how many it really feels like when you're one of them.

hopefully your paper has a picture of the march, so you can at least see the sea of humanity... but oh, there were so many more of us than a photograph can show.

& now i'm off to stats class.

(oh, but one last thing-- this morning around 6 am we stopped at a big gas-station/rest stop/mcdonalds/convenience store type deal in indiana, and i bought a copy of the chicago tribune, cos we were on the front page [well not us specifically, but we the march] and was looking at it off to the side, and this big american-flag-hat wearing trucker looks at the headline over my shoulder, then at my "grinnellians for choice" shirt, and says "did you guys go to that?" and i said "yeah" and he said "good for you!" and i thought, "that will teach me to judge people.")

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

listening to: tori, little earthquakes (live)

one last thing-- went and checked my mail, and i had two package slips, which was super-exciting. but even more exciting, cos one of them turned out to be for my limited edition of american gods... oh god, it's gorgeous. i feel like i shouldn't be allowed to touch it. wow. *blinks*

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listening to: tori, jackie's strength

*blink* so i don't usually make playlists, i just have my main master playlist, and then one that's just tori. not really paying attention, i hit play, and it played like.. 3 random tori songs, so i just assumed it was on the tori playlist.

and then it played the james bond theme. and i was like... waaaaait, that's not tori!

and then it played another tori song.

a sign that i have way the fuck too many tori amos mp3s?


uh.. last night's murder mystery was superfun! my character's name was tara misu! and i was innocent! innocent! i only slept with my fiance's twin brother to try to get pregnant! i didn't kill him!

(this is true. i mean, according to the game.)

mary, on the other hand... well. i'd watch my back around her, is all i'm saying.

no respect!

okay, i need to go shower and turn in my stats homework and pack and get some dayquil and some kleenex and possibly eat breakfast, i mean lunch? and... then leave! for dc! yay!

i'll be back monday, see you crazy kids later!

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Friday, April 23, 2004

listening to: ani, how have you been

dear renata,

you know how you were sick and didn't really eat very much at all the last few days? and then you just went to cafe pheonix and ate a vast, vast quanity of food?

that was dumb.



still though, feeling better. the murder mystery tonight should be lovely. and tomorrow we leave for the march for women's lives! yay! (sidenote: i'm terribly amused that aron's advice to me was "be safe in washington!" "um, thanks!" "no, i mean it.. don't take any brown acid or anything...")

also on the terribly amusing front: apparently when i'm feverish, i dream in episodes of teenage mutant ninja turtles.

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listening to: tori, god (live)

rrrrr how long does it take to mow the lawn?! they've been at it since like, 9 am and i swear it's been right outside my window the whole time.

basically this is just an update to let you all know that i'm still sick, and that sucks. but i've been having some craaazy great dreams, including one that was an episode of teenage mutant ninja turtles.


(& kait: i know! i went back and looked at your list... and... whoa. is all. *blink* good thing we're both so awesome! ^_^)

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

listening to: ani, pixie

ah, my theme song.

anyway. so like, still feel kinda weird... but ate garlic bread! and a banana and a potato. feel less dizzy now.

i hope i feel better by saturday >_<

uh.. ishould be studying. but, last night, instead of studying i updated my fic archive's about me page with a list of 100 things about me (because i wanna be as cool as kait.) so, if you were wondering how many things you knew about me? you can learn some more.

i have a bigass cookie. and no appetite. dammit.

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oh yes, and i'm pleased that my "title of the song" reference was caught by both priscilla and mary. if i had cookies, i would give them to you.

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things that suck about today:
~ weird illness that was poking around my throat last night is definitely out in full force. weird throat-feeling, dizzy, nauseous... oh, joy.
~ need to write like... 1.5 more b&s articles by tonight and my FUNNY IS COMPLETELY GONE. (the deadline itself is totally not a big deal. i'm just concerned about my funny. i want it back, please. oh and mary, if you're reading this, don't freak out. nick and aron and i have self-imposed early deadlines, [which is why it's not a big deal] you've still got till monday. [just wanted to clarify that before confusion ensued.])
~ finally got around to reading the last 1602, mildly disappointed with ending. (!) will have to re-read series.
~ sleepy.
~ woodchips in shoe.
~ lost verbs?

things that don't suck about today:
~ humanities got over with like, 45 minutes early!
~ got to listen to hedwig in humanities!
~ got new tori boot!
~ pasta bar! that means garlic bread, assuming i'm un-nauseous enough to eat it by dinner.
~ workload? reasonably under control. (she said, timidly, awaiting the drop of the other shoe.)
~ got my spanish quiz back. yeah, spanish poetry? totally 0wned. by me.
~ uh... stuff. oh, cookie decorating study break tonight! mmm... cookie. (again, this is contingent on me not being nauseous by then.)

but overall i'm doing pretty okay. probably more stuart-listening-to will be in order, however.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

listening to: stu, infinity hymn

most of you probably know what kind of day it's been if i'm listening to infinity hymn...

but you know, it's much better now.

so anyway, i was going to go study for asian religions but instead i'll do this meme.

Load Up a Random Playlist of 10 Songs. In Order, List Your Song Titles As Your Answers To This:

1.Your Life's Philosophy: Howling at the Moon (Sha La La) [you know, there are worse philosophies to have]
2.How You Feel About Family: Time to Move On [... aah!]
3.How You Feel About Love: House of Light [iiinteresting]
4.How You Feel About Sex: The World is Not Enough [what does that mean? i feel like... something dirty but i don't know what.]
5.How You Feel About Work: A [um?]
6.How You Feel About Politics: I Kissed a Girl [bahahahaa]
7.Where You See Yourself In 20 Years: Bruises Without Blue [!]
8.Your Last Words Will Be: Black Swan [how.. cryptic of me]
9.Your Life Will Be Described in Your Obituary As: California [my obituary is going to confuse a lot of people, i feel]
10.When Your Friends Think Of You, They Think Of This Song: Come in from the Cold [of course they do.]

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[music i happen to be currently listening to]

[expression of current level of tiredness]

[comment about nature of spanish class]

[vague, overly excited comment with lots of punctuation]


[description of distraction]

[bizarre shoutouts]

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

this is for talia, but you can read it too.

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listening to: tori, glory of the 80s (live)

so remember awhile ago, when i couldn't find my lip gloss and i accused you of stealing it? well... er.. the thing is, i found it in my pencil jar. i'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. that was wrong of me.

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listening to: bnl, the old apartment

aaaaah worst headache ever feeling all... bad. like. dizzy? and cold? although that last bit might just be the rain.

but, have new (and last!) 1602 in my possession. mmm.... 1602.

and you know what's totally awesome?
renata (attempting to do thucydides readings before class): *reads one page* aah... this is boring, and i don't care. if we discuss it in class, i'll just bs something...

simawe (in class): these readings won't be on the final, because they're just too boring. does anyone want to discuss them?
class: no.
simawe: good, let's move on.

i think i might curl up and nap now.

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listening to: da vinci's notebook, magic kingdom in the sky

random amusing quotes: "what are you protesting?"
"it's uh.. we're protesting anti-abortionists.. *pause* it's the march for women's lives"
"you're protesting women's lives? what do you have against women, renata?"
"it's hard to say... i just hate them SO MUCH..."
"you know, i think if you looked deep inside you, you'd find something you have in common with women..."
"my uterus?"

"jesus is neutrogena for the soul"

hello there. today's been interesting.

*sigh* make that last night. i wrote everything above this line at like, midnight and then wandered away without posting. so, this morning. um, it's raining, which is great because i can use my awesome umbrella.

okay, i did it again, i walked off to take a shower. attention deficit disorder, why do you mock me?

apparently this blog entry is just doomed. i'll try again later.

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2 more things-
priscilla: no, your school address... you are still at school, right? wait, of course you are, because you have trojan women this week. (break a leg, btw!)
kait: yaaay kevin smith trip!

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Monday, April 19, 2004

random amusing quotes: "it's been so long since we just ripped bush!"
"uh, this month's issue had the headline 'bush to unveil new campaign slogan: TERROR TERROR TERROR! THE TERRORISTS WILL KILL YOU!'"
"... see? it's been almost two days!"

"... i don't actually know how to cook, i'm just here to make fun of you and then eat your food."

"wow, you'll have the sga president and vice president on your floor? that's a whole lot of self-governance."
"yeah, we'll be the most governed floor ever!"

i'm tired and kinda hungry. but spanish didn't suck today. we're reading a novella that, thus far, doesn't seem to suck. craaaazy. like, it's somethign i might actually have read in english.

i'm in inslab "doing my statistics homework" if you know what i mean.

(i mean "blogging.")

aaah.. i'm always going to do all of my stats homework and then i'm like... wait a minute, i understand this. this is redundant. right.

oh, i never posted about room draw. aha. room draw is a quirky little grinnell thing, i think. see, everyone gets a random number. and then by class and by number, you get to pick what room you want next year. (so like, a senior with #1400 still gets to pick before a junior with #1.) and... yeah. so christine and i were going to room together next year, and she's gonig to be a junior so we'd use her number, even though my number was better. but then julia found out that she could live on campus next semester (she'll be student teaching.) so.. she asked us if we wanted to get a triple with her. so we said yeah! because we love julia. and beause the triples are awesome. (but mostly because we love julia ^_^) so... because she's going to be a 9th semester senior... she got to draw before all the people who are going to be 7th semester seniors... so.... after the sga president and sga vice president (who get to draw before everyone else regardless) we were the first to draw. hott. so we got a 4-room triple (a big common room and then 3 bedrooms.) on the same floor as the sga president and vice president (who also took triples like ours.)


and mary will be on james 2nd, and we'll be on haines 2nd... so next door! woot!

okay, i'm ending this pretense of working on statistics. the end!

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i am a sleepy bunny.


christine and julia and i are hanging out. woot.

tomorrow will, per usual, be an insane day. but i wrote a lot of my humanities paper today. and, it has a pretty kickass thesis. aand... oh, i need to explain about soup in the pure land. this issue is very, very important to me. see... there's a school of buddhism. called pure land buddhism. and baaasically... if you're pretty good, but not good enough to be enlightened... you get reborn in the pure land. it's sorta like heaven, but it's... well, it's more like purgatory. but a totally kickass purgatory, and you hang out there until you reach enlightenment. and so in the book, it quoted some pure land scripture, describing the pure land. and buddhist scripture tends to be really wordy and redundant... i will now quote it at you.

... if beings wish the water to be cold, for them it becomes cold; if they wish it to be hot, for them it becomes hot; if they wish it to be hot and cold, for them it becomes hot and cold, to suit their pleasure.

it goes on in that sort of vein for awhile. and then:

and the beings... do not eat gross food, like soup or raw sugar; but whatever food they may wish for, that they perceive as eaten and they become gratified in body and mind, without there being any further need to throw the food into the body.

NO SOUP! the soup nazi is in the pure land!! i like soup! i want soup in my ideal world! and sugar too! but soup! aah!

so this is very important to me. i brought it up in our group discussion. it's. yeah.

soup is good.

oh!! kait! question... like, i don't know my new jersey geography at all... but, how far away are you from like... red bank? could we make a kevin smith roadtrip? if it's out of the question, that's cool... but yeah, for me, new jersey=kait and new jersey=kevin smith. *nod*

sleeep now.

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Saturday, April 17, 2004

listening to: hedwig, origin of love

(just like plato!)

ahahaha yes. last night was v. lovely, methinks. it raaained but it was so nice out that i didn't even use my umbrella, even though i've been waiting so long to use it. (look, isn't it cool?!)

and.. we ran around in the rain! but before that, we were girly. *giggle* we did face masks and painted our nails and giggled. yes. and then we.. well, and then we ran out in the rain. but then we played the lemony snicket board game. and then sleep! because sleep is amazing.

and, i finished my spanish homework, and some of my humanities homework. but now i have more stuff to do. and, i'm going to go do that, because tonight we're cooking! and seeing brenda weiler! yay!

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*yaaawn* so tired.

mary wants me to update.

um, it's raining! it's so nice, since today was all hot and stuff.

i'm too tired to have a clever update.

... no, really.

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Friday, April 16, 2004

listening to: yktr, fayth

life is delicious today. i got done with my bake shop shift over an hour early. muwahaha.

also, cuz i know you've all been shivering in antici.... pation: new b&s stuff has been coded and uploaded. enjoy ^_^

uh... uh... stuff!

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listening to: wicked, thank goodness

*stretch* thus far today, i've:
~ printed some pictures for the scipe table for the organization fair that's apparently happening today? i need to go give them to kate soon.
~ participated in an asian religions discussion that turned into a discussion of 1. soup in the pure land (this is a big concern of mine, i'll explain later) 2. the english department and 3. the spanish department. goooodtimes.
~ took a spanish quiz. got to leave class early. mmm.

i totally love the line "as terrifying as terror is..." it's almost as great as "there are bridges you cross that you didn't know you've crossed until you've crossed..." oh, glinda.

anyway, now i'm off to work in the bake shop. oh, the excitement.

oh-- and, would any of you out there be interested in helping out with cc.com? i think most of you are either crazy-busy or have no interest in the curtis (or both) but i thought i'd extend the offer here before i went to the boards. because, i just... it's ridiculous, i've been so behind in updating stuff but i have... a lot of stuff on my plate, and maintaining all the websites is like...an afterdinner mint? which i don't usually have time to eat? which is actually a bad analogy because there's always time for the mint. i don't really know. the point here is... i'm kinda busy? yes.

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

listening to: urinetown, run, freedom, run!

*yawn* so i have an 11am appointment with professor perri (el profesor que esta todo encima de mi kool-aid.) and i set my alarm for 9, and it seemed to me like there was a good reason for it. but this morning at 9 i was like "... huh? it's not going to take me 2 hours to get ready..." so i re-set it and went back to sleep for another 45 minutes. (just in case i remembered a reason for setting it so early.) and then i did, but it was just that i needed to run next door to read to spellcheck my spanish paper. ("read", by the way, is the name of the dorm next to mine. i just realized that that sentence looks really confusing if you don't know that. anyway, there's a computer lab in read, and their version of word has spanish spellcheck. unlike sam.)

but, that took like 5 minutes. yes.

i was really amused also, because yesterday i was looking for the lid to my nalgene, and i coooouldn't find it. but this morning, i stretched my arm out under my pillow and... yeah, there it was. (it reminded me of that scene in dogma where she finds the maracas. except, i'm pretty sure that the voice of god didn't put a nalgene lid under my pillow.)

dude, so you know the song "origin of love" from hedwig? (just smile and nod if you don't.) aaanyway, i totally didn't know that was from plato. well, not the song itself. although it would be AMAZING if plato wrote rock musicals. but yeah, i'm sitting here reading the symposium for humanities, and all of a sudden he starts talking about there being three genders, and... yeah.

for another thing, the shape of each human being was a rounded whole, with back and sides forming a circle. each one had four hands and the same number of legs, and two identical faces on a circular neck. they had one head for both the faces, which were turned in opposite directions, four ears, two sets of genitals, and everything else was as you would imagine from what i've said so far. [...] after much thought, zeus had an idea: "i think i have a plan by which human beings could still exist but be too weak to carry on their wild behavior. i shall now cut each of them into two; they will be weaker and also more useful to us because there will be more of them. they will walk around upright on two legs. if we think they're still acting outrageously, and won't settle down, i'll cut them in half again so that they move around hopping on one leg.

like whoa!! (i really hope that someone else didn't know that, because i'll feel reallly dumb if i'm all excited and everyone else is like, "duh renata, of course hedwig and the angry inch references plato.")

with that, i'm off like a bride's nightie.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

listening to: g-tones, kryptonite

check it out, yo, you're all officially reading the blog of an english major. no, this doesn't mean i'll start using capital letters. aaand if i stick to my 4-year plan i'll be able to declare a double major with history, which will be totally hot.

hey, i just realized that both my advisors have had alliterative names! petra perry and saadi simawe! how awesome is that?

anyway, i'm off to a meeting about studying abroad. woooot.

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listening to: bnl, shoebox

i have a stats exam in.. 20 minutes. i shoould be studying. um. but i feel like i've kind of reached the saturation point for statistics.

um, i'm almost declared! soon i will be an English Major. muwaha. i just need to fill out my 4-year plan and get simawe's signature. (he and i reached an understanding-- i had to ask him to be my advisor because half the english department already has too many advisees, and he has to take me because he's the head of the department ^_^)

quick replies to comments:
kait: yay curtis pictures! <3

priscilla: well, i do have clean dean clothes... *points at clean grinnellians for dean shirt* i'll post my new b&s stuff when i get a chance. in theory you can read the whole paper online but it's a few issues behind. i don't really know why. *shrug* (the about the b&s page is how you can tell the editors are both history majors ^_^)

talia: heeeere, freshmen are required to take tutorials, which are very small, writing-intensive classes. your tutorial prof is your first advisor, and they're from totally random departments. (my tutorial prof was a german prof. *shrug*) when you're ready to declare a major, you need to find an advisor from the department you want to declare in.

aah okay, time for some super last-minute stats studying, and then off to take the test!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

listening to: wicked, defying gravity

random amusing quotes: "i especially like the rhino!"
"that's a hippo! rhinos have horns!"
"yeah, and they stamp out fires."
"yeah, rhinos are nature's... fire stamper-outers."

"it's the most fun you can have with your clothes on!" (regarding arguing marriage law cases)

"tarzan, passover... not the same!"

i am way, way too addicted to this song. it's weird, it doesn't seem like a song i'd usually like. i mean... it's rather musical-ish. but, oh man.

i'm sooo... i'm... i will divide today into a list of good things and bad things:
the good!
~ bo from hrc turned out to be not a tool! he was very cool! and he called me tenacious!
~ the debate went really wellllll and lots and lots of people came and it was great
~ april's b&s, more or less ready to print. (at least, it was when i left. and, it's hilarious.)
~ i'm.. pretty sure i have an advisor now? judging from simawe's rather cryptic email?
~ i have juice!
~ i have clean clothes!
~ i fixed my paycheck problem!
~ no humanities on thursday!
~ i finished my spanish!
~ i had good food for lunch and dinner!! (yummy thai kitchen soup, and grinnell house catering, respectively.)
~ the more i think about thucydides the more actually excited i get because i get all, "omg it's just like ww1!" mm, geeky.

the bad:
~ the iowa family policy center guy (for the marriage debate) was possibly the most offensive person EVER and he didn't even like... i mean... he... one of his points was that "straight people don't get aids." and another was "you can choose who you love!" and.. he... has a phd! people listen to this man! and he's so full of... i mean... he really thinks he's helping people... and... oh, it makes me sad.
~ isn't it really depressing that thucydides is still relevant? i mean he wrote this like, 2400 years ago and it's still pretty much the same shit.
~ so tired.
~ need to study for stats.
~ stuff on quickly approaching horizon needs to be dealt with.

but... mostly, good things, good things. and! someone just sent me curtis pictures!! it's been so long since someone has sent me curtis pictures! OH MY GOD HE BLEACHED HIS TIPS! *fangirls*

so if you care to find me
look to the western sky
as someone told me lately
everyone deserves the chance to fly
and if i'm flying solo
at least i'm flying free
to those who'd ground me
take a message back from me
tell them how i am
defying gravity...

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listening to: wicked, no good deed goes unpunished

your-site kids: they claim that our old email is in the process of being transferred from the old server to the new one, and isn't actually lost.

also, i finally got pop mail to work!!!!!1 no more relying on crappy webmail! (although this new webmail does seem much more stable than squirrelmail.) oh lovely, lovely.

hmm. i started writing this about... 6 hours ago. whatev.

it's a nice day out, bit chilly though. i really need an advisor. *frowl* i've asked like, 4 people now. i just sent an email to simawe... it wouldn't be ideal, but it'd be okay. i seem to get along with him better than most people. and he is the head of the department, which could be good. (and also means that even if he says no, he can tell me someone else to ask...)

okay. now it's been another hour. i lose, i'm just going to post this.

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listening to: tori, yes anastasia

oh, dried cranberries, why are you so delicious?

oh, thucydides, why are you so boring?

just for my personal reference:
- laundry (tomorrow, sometime)
- finish thucydides (tomorrow, before 12:45)
- finish aristotle thing (tomorrow, before 12:45)
- study stats (before wednesday at 2)
- b&s (tomorrow, 4)
- meet conservative christian guy (tomorrow, 5:30)
- dinner with conservative christian guy and hrc tool guy (tomorrow, 5:45)
- scipe debate with above (tomorrow, 7:30)
- spanish homework (before wednesday at 9)
- call members of english department at random, if necessary, and procure advisor (before preregistration, whenever that is. next week?)
- longterm: start humanities paper (next thursday), study for asian religions quiz (next friday)

... time management. neeed some time management.

*blinks audibly*

no wait, it'll be great. i'll finish the aristotle thing now, i'm mostly done. then to bed, then i'll get up reasonably early and start laundry and finish my humanities reading. then, i will eat lunch and go to humanities. then i will return from humanities, and i will start my spanish homework. no really. then, i will head off to the pubs building, then to the chrystal center then to grinnell house then to the forum then i'm done! and then i will study for stats.

yes i'm awesome!

(by the way, i do realize that this post was incredibly boring, and was really just me disguising my schedule as a blog entry. um... sorry, that's what you get.)

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Monday, April 12, 2004

listening to: tori, past the mission (live)

so.. today. there's a lot of stuff i should be doing right now. such as, compiling a dictionary of aristotlean terminology. and reading lots and lots of the peloponnesian war. and... well, lots of things.

clearly, however, i am not doing these things.

the scipe gay marriage panel was today, and it went pretty well! yay! it was super-packed, and tomorrow's debate should be even better. yay scipe!

i find myself resenting spanish less. and i find myself actually being better at spanish. but... i don't want things i don't like to be good for me. *is petulant*

this is... mm. sad. funny. those things.

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hey neat, this time it actually let me join the wireless network!

*blogs from forum*


well, now that i've established that it works, i'ma head back to my room.

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

listening to: pat benetar, heartbreaker

ooh, listening to this song makes me feel like much more of a badass than i actually am.


mary's cardboard cutout of david duchovny is staring at me and it's fucking unnerving. whatever david, you're 2-dimensional! i could take you!

may 18th is going to be the coolest day ever. because, i will be in new jersey with kait, and welcome to sunny florida will be on sale.


oh! happy easter, everyone! i didn't do anything special or eastery. um. i slept a lot? and that was nice. and i did some stuff and watched txf and now i will do some more stuff.

the internet is so great for doing stuff. but so very bad for getting homework done.

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listening to: tori, cornflake girl (live)

interesting discovery, thanks to itunes: i have 4.5 days of music. i have 1 day of tori.

hmm. anyway. mary is in the process of moving in, which should be lovely.

my body has apparently decided that the best solution to the problem of me not getting enough sleep during the week is for me to sleep all day on sundays. i can't really argue with its logic. *curls up for another nap*

yesterday... what did i post yesterday? *peer* oh. yeah, yesterday was good. had a town adventure with julia and christine, and christine and i watched some happyhappy tww. well, actually it was sadsad tww. but i mean, good episodes. (in the shadow of two gunmen parts 1&2.) and.. stuff... and... took a nap, and went to bob's, and... what the hell was that chicken noise? oh, aha, itunes shuffle went to beatles, "good morning good morning." whew.

spanish poetry is not my friend, but it's okay because you are.

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

listening to: wicked, wonderful

prospies: gone. yay. it was fun having them, but also a little awkward sometimes. and... yeah. and soon julia, christine and i are going into town! yay town!

priscilla: thanks for the icons! i'm sad to learn that the lyric is actually "if you care to.." because i liked it better the way i heard it. um. also, of couuurse i can set aside a copy of the book for you! i'm not sure how many others of you would want one, and i hate to have to decide who gets one and who doesn't... but.. i only get 10. yeah. but priscilla, for sure. because... i've known you forever, and you're a neil kid! (and like i expect to be on the guest list at all your gallery openings and suchlike ^_^)

*flails* i'm so happy. i wish happiness were like... a pitcher, and i could go and pour my happiness into my friends. *sprinkles happiness all over*

(one last like.. extra ounce of happiness-- i emailed neil to just say like... i heard from the hill house people, and they said it was you who mentioned the website to them, so thank you so much! and he emailed me back and said



love! love n! aaah! *fangirls so hardcore*

i wonder what people who read this blog and don't actually know me in real life think about me.

(i do realize that neil doesn't actually love me. that's okay.)

hmm. anyway.

i mean, i do fangirl pretty hardcore in real life too. but...


*squeals and runs off*

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*flails a lot*

so like, i still have the prospies here so i'll post more later, but i had to mention this, because it's the most exciting thing ever (yes, even moreso than that book thing):

so, there's another renata on campus, and she lives next door to mary. and last night, mako had a prospie also named renata, and she was hanging out with our herd of prospies. and then.. we went to mary's room... and i was like, let's see if other renata is home!! but she wasn't, so we left a note that was like, "hi renata! renata and her prospie renata said hi!" and giggled. but then, as we were leaving, other-renata came back... and we were like, hi, we're renata! and there were three renatas in one room!

isn't that out of control?!

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Friday, April 09, 2004

listening to: wicked, defying gravity.

i like this song. i like it a whole lot. idina has such an amazing, amazing voice. i need to dig out still i can't be still. (does anyone have her new cd? is it good?)

*flails more* i got more details about this whole otgar-book thing. (btw, thanks for all the congrats, everyone!)

pretty soon i'ma go play uno with some kids. *nod* but, while i'm thinking on it: mary and kait and other friends of mine who like to make icons, sometime if you're in an icon-making mood, i would like some new icons. specifically:
- something with cj and big bird
- something (j/d?) with the line "maybe i'm just the horizon you run to"
- something (any fandom?) that says "you're so vain, you probably think this icon is about you"
- something (any fandom) with the line "so if you can't find me, look to the western sky"

(and when i say any fandom, i really mean any fandom i like. uh. yes.)

i will <333 you forever! (and no rush, or anything. just like i said, if you're in an icon-ing mood.)

and for the curious, here's the details about the book:

Hi, Renata,

We're very glad you're interested in pursuing this. I think that the "Guide
to the Gods" will make for a very special addition to the Lettered edition.

Here are our preliminary thoughts. . .we'd start the book out with your
introductory material from the site; then, we'd go into an alphabetical listing of
the Gods. We'd also ask Neil if he'd write a brief intro as well.

Does this sound okay to you?

Another question is, do you have a printed manuscript for the site? Or maybe
a Word file with the content? If you don't, we can simply copy the text off
the site and import it into a Word file.

We'd then have the text designed and then printed as a beautiful little
hardcover book. As I mentioned in my earlier email, this book would be included
only as an additional element of the Lettered edition of AMERICAN GODS, of which
we're doing 52 copies. We would print 80 copies of the book, however, and
would be happy to give you ten or so copies for your own use.

You would retain all rights to your material, of course, and your name would
be featured as the author.

As to compensation. . .given that we're not selling this book separately,
it's not going to generate any revenues. But we would of course want to
compensate you for the work you've done on this. Here's what we're thinking of: a
flat fee of $300, plus a free copy of the Lettered Edition, a free copy of the
regular limited edition, and the ten free copies of the "Guide to the Gods."
Does this sound fair to you?

By the way, we're also doing what we're calling The Reader's Copy of AMERICAN
GODS--it's coming out in May. It will be a trade paperback of the book that
will be distributed free to all who bought the limited edition. However, it
will have one thing that's not in the limited--it's a piece that Neil found in
his papers after we went to press on the limited, something that he'd cut
early on from AMERICAN GODS. It's a scene in which Shadow, while hanging on the
tree, meets Jesus.

If you're open to this offer, Renata, let me know your thoughts and we can
take it from there. Also, I'll get you a copy of the limited edition right
away--the only thing I'd need is your mailing address.

Thanks again--and we're looking forward to working with you.

All best,

and thus i feel justified in saying: OMG!!!!111111!!!!one!!!!1

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

listening to: wicked, for good

so i've been listening to wicked, and i like it, but i'm confused. i know i should read the book, and i will, when i get around to it, but in the meantime will someone plot summarize for me? *bats eyelashes*

meanwhile, yay cubed! (or should i say, yay to the power of.. x?! buwahaha... yeah.)

my prospie wanted to spend time alone in the prospie room instead of hanging out with me. sheesh. (but i can't really blame here, flying in from california and then immediately visiting a new school has to be kind of tiring and overwhelming.)

so i have like 45094 kinds of lipgloss/chapstick but i can't find the one i want. and i don't want any of the other ones, i only want that one. you took it, didn't you? i see you there, with your shady shady eyes. and glossy glossy lips.




oh. um, i should probably tell you what i'm talking about.

Hi, Renata,

I don't know if you're familiar with Hill House, Publishers--we just
published the Author's Preferred Limited Edition of Neil's AMERICAN GODS.

We'd been talking to Neil about doing something special for the upcoming
Lettered Edition of AMERICAN GODS (of which only 52 will be done). He brought up
your Guide to the Gods site.

My partner, Pete Atkins, and I have read through the whole site--and it's
truly impressive!

And now here's our thought. . .we'd like to discuss with you the idea of
printing the Guide to the Gods in a small-format hardcover which would be included
with the Lettered Edition of AMERICAN GODS. Would this be of any interest to

Aside from any financial compensation, we would certainly give you a gratis
copy of the Lettered (which retails for $750) and a regular limited (retail of
$200). It would also be great if you would be willing to sign the title page
of the book--we would also ask Neil to sign it as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.

All best,
Peter Schneider

.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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listening to: wicked, defying gravity

hey kait, does wicked have a lotto or anything? i kinda wanna see that too.

um, nevermind, apparently i need to go pick up my prospie now.

bye kids!

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listening to: stu, hellilujah

*yawn* i'm tired. and cold. but i get a "buddy" tonight (like a prospie, but they don't stay the night) and a prospie tomorrow! yay! (i've explained prospies, right? prospective students? they come and stay with admitted students to visit the college?)

mmm... jakada.

anyway. i feel weird when i post entries that are like "i'm happy and people think i'm cool!" because that seems really conceited. but then i realized that well, it's pretty conceited to post the inane details of my life every day and expect people to read them, and like... uh, you all do. so i feel justified in that.

on a random note, ganked from priscilla: apparently an anti-semitic hate site has googlebombed the word Jew so that an "i'm feeling lucky" search for Jew leads you to a hate site. so, if you have a blog/website/lj, go here to find instructions for linking to a different site , which will increase its google-rating thing, and thus make it the "i'm feeling lucky" site when you search for Jew.

*hums* i have soooo much work i should be doing... and i'm not doing it... la, la... i wish squirrelmail would work... doot do... oh! i forgot to mention, but my family sent me the most delicious care package ever. mmm. (because they love me, and they want me to be fat.) chocolate-covered espresso beans (which i left in the sun and melted, but now they're solid again, except the color got weird. that's okay, they're still tasty.) and dark chocolate eggs, and those marshmallow chocolate eggs that come in cartons... and... lots of other stuff that i won't list in detail.

doing work! right! ah! (sidenote, i hate spanish sonnets. so, so much. they're so much more crazy than english sonnets. and those are pretty damn crazy.)

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

listening to: they might be giants, 88 lines about 44 women

random amusing quote: "... don't be silly, if we outlaw things people just stop doing them! and abstinence prevents kids from having sex! i mean, abstinence-only education... uh, abstinence itself actually would prevent sex..."

sooo tired, and yet i must heed blogger's siren call.

today was such a... day.

i'm feeling almost ridiculously pleased because like... and this sounds stupid in the re-telling, but anyway, i was sitting next to eli at dinner tonight, and he said something about talking to nick and aron somewhere, and he was like, "yeah, nick said you really have your shit together, and i said 'yeah she does!'" and it's just... um it's nice to know that people think i have my shit together. which i mean... yeah, i pretty much do have my shit together. (at the moment, at least. 3 years from now... oh god, i don't want to think about 3 years from now.) but it's nice to know that other people agree with this assessment of myself ^_^

ooh, and i get a prospie on friday!! her name is sofia, and she's interested in "swimming, water polo, service, history, and biology." *shrug* still, i'm happy. also they emailed saying they need more people, so i said i could take a last-minute one tomorrow. and, maybe i'll have one. umm... yes i'm awesome.

& now i'm off to bed. mm. sleeeeeeeep. (hey insomnia, what's that over there? yeah, that's right, it's tylenol pm. prepare to be THWARTED!)

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fuck you, insomnia. fuck you, 8 am classes. *frowl*

... and how are you today?

i'm doing stats in inslab. i like stats. isn't that weird? i mean... gah.

mm... coffee.

here's my schedule today, just cuz:
8-9: asian religions
9-10: spanish
10-11: blessed, blessed freetime
11-1:30-ish: work @ quad
1:30ish-2: change out of work clothes, check email
2-4ish: stats
4-5ish: more freetime. mmm. (probably will be used for nap.)
5-6: yoga
6-7: dinner
7-9: b&s
9-10: x-files!
10 onward: freetime. but really homework time.

and the thing is like, i don't mind any of these things. i mean, i'm not a big fan of spanish, but it was actually pretty enjoyable today. and work at quad is boring, but i just have this mind/body disconnect, so my hands are sorting silverware and cutting brownies, but my mind is off doing other things.

it's just... uh... yeah.

i just spilled coffee on my homework. good thing she doesn't collect it.

... it's a really good think she doesn't collect it, since one of my answers is as follows: "the sample size significantly affects the significance of stuff."

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

quit being sassy, blogger.

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listening to: jill sobule, stoned soul picnic

not having class until 12:45 is totally awesome, i'm still in my pajamas. (although i wish my dryer loads would be done soon, so that i would also have the option of not being in my pajamas.)

yesterday was so ridiculously busy, yet fun.

by the way, none of you are as cool as mike. sorry, but here's why:
1. he wrote me a haiku!
Renata is sweet
Sweeter than words can describe
But sweet works quite well
2. the poll in his blog is who would win in a fight between bishop and cable.
3. he's very tall. (and merciless.)
4. also very white. i like white people, because i am one.

so, keep up the good work, mike.

(this may or may not become a boron feature, so watch for yourself to be the coolest person ever someday. or i might never do this again, in which case you'll all just have to live with the knowledge that you're less cool than mike. *shrug*)

ooh hey, and my laundry should be done now. so, i'ma go get that.

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Monday, April 05, 2004

listening to: ben folds five, smoke

so i was thinking today in stats (*gasp* thinking?) and i decided that now i would blog about it. because god knows i don't have half a play to read for tomorrow and some stuff to write for tonight and like, 3 hours of meetings and...

so clearly i need to blog.

anyway. so before stats today i was sitting in the lab, checking plans or something, and this girl comes up to me and says, "hey, i know you're the smartest person in this class, so what did you get for this question?" and i was like... *blinks audibly* (and as it turns out i hadn't actually done that problem.) but. agh. i don't think i'm the smartest person in our stats class and i'm not really sure how anyone would have gotten that impression-- i don't talk that much, and i mean, i do well on the exams but i don't know how she would have known that, since professor kamp doesn't post a list of class scores or anything. *frowl* so, i'm not really sure how to talk about this without coming off as some horrible, whiny, pretentious, evil person. but: it sucks being the smartest kid in the class. (i still maintain that i'm not the smartest kid in my stats class. but i've been there.) really, it sucks. everyone hates you. no, don't deny it, i hate the smartest kid in the class too (when it's not me.) your teachers call on you when no one else knows the answer and if you were spacing out or say something dumb, you get the look. and i mean, i'm not saying that there aren't plusses. like the smartest kid in the class can get away with a lot of shit, this i know.

in other news: constantine is a tool, i almost officially have a new roommate, and... someone tell me something funny about martha stewart.

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Sunday, April 04, 2004

aaaahahahahaha priscilla i love you so much fo posting the original rml story.

"My spider senses are tingling!" Mark shouted at the Minivan of
Doom rocketed madly down the highway.

"No, that's your burning passion for Roger that drives you to
self-mutilation, insanity, and eventually suicide," Kait explained

"Oh." said Mark. He sat down.

oh man, i've been laughing so hard the last few minutes. (and it's my freaky, gasping, giggle-chuckle-laugh, too.) i love you kids so much.

(eta: omg, rml can predict the future! more or less, anyway.

She clung
desperately to Chad, who had to turn away from the horrifying scene...
Brian the BackStreetBoy as Roger... Justin the NSyncPerson as Mark...

(eta again: [this is what i get for poisting before i finish reading the story] i'm so amused that i tried to set up a suspenseful cliffhanger ending, and no one actually finished it. baaahaha.

in closing: oh, the SAM. how i missed thee. or not at all. muwaha.)

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listening to: ttb, louder than words

god, why do i always forget how freaking AWESOME ttb is?

anyway. i posted that thing like, 5 hours ago and i just noticed that it didn't publish. so... hopefully now it did.

oh, and i keep forgetting to blog: happy birthday, michelle!!!


(that was a really confusing bit of code/text, there. oh god all the pointiness!)

um... i think i had something else to say, but i forgot.

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listening to: ani, letter to a john (live)

i was going to do some homework, but instead i decided to steal this meme from priscilla. woot.

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. he couldn't stop now. (preludes and nocturnes by neil.)

2: Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?
the window. ow.

3: What is the last thing you watched on TV?
it must have been that episode of txf i watched with mary, julia, and christine the other day. the last thing i watched on actual teevee, i think, was richard clarke on the daily show. mm, daily show.

4: WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is:
eeeh.. 11:20?

5: Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
11:29. but that's my computer, my watch says 11:26 and my clock says 11:41...

6: With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
well, i'm playing music... just the wind outside.

7: When did you last step outside? what were you doing?
walking back from mary b james last night.

8: Before you came to this website, what did you look at?
priscilla's blog, where i stole this meme. before that i was at my blog, reading all the blogs i link to.

9: What are you wearing?
pajama pants and my "students for fair trade and clean energy" t-shirt. no socks, no shoes. (no hair no haaaaircut!)

10: Did you dream last night?
yeees.. it was... something? i don't remember, it was weird.

11: When did you last laugh?
it was... must have been last night (since i just woke up). i laughed a lot at the cc.com/random folder. hee, and now i'm laughing aloud at the memory of kevin spencer's sneaky walk.

12: What is on the walls of the room you are in?
my ravenclaw crest, my bulletin board with random posties and my tori calendar on it, my tori scarlet's walk poster, my late stuart davis poster, my hard day's night poster, a couple simpsons mini-posters, my boys for pele poster, the painting matt gave me, my mirror, a horribly defaced picture of dubya that my mom sent me. angela's side is blank, because.. she's gone. although she did leave behind a kitten poster because she didn't have room to take it.

13: Seen anything weird lately?
just your MOM! ooh!

although i suppose an entire room full of people in drag would count as weird at any other school.

14: What is the last film you saw?
in asian religions we watched this movie about daoism. but the last film i chose to see was eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. (what's the difference between "film" and "movie"? is it just the level of artiness? priscilla?)

16: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?
i might buy a new pair of tennis shoes, mine keep wearing out in the back of the heel. lots of books. an ipod. aww man, it totally sucks that i'm not a multi-millionaire.

17: Tell me something about you that I don't know:
i... i don't know what you know about me! um! okay, i don't really entirely understand fair trade vs. free trade but i nod when people talk about it as if i did.

18: If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Dean in the White House. Do you even have to ask? (says priscilla. and i'm trying to come up with a better answer.) i don't know. it might ultimately be more useful to have some way to fair-ify the media. (by which i mean, make them more fair. not like, a carnival, because that's what they already are.) or cure a major disease. hm.

19: Do you like to dance?
in the context of mad loggia dance parties, yes.

20: George Bush: is he really doing Dick Cheney?
oh, thanks meme, that's something i wanted to think about. sheesh. (and cheney shouldn't be having sex with anyone, it'll probably give him another heart attack.)

21a: Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?:
i... you know those girls who have their weddings all planned out, and lists of names all ready for their kids? i am not one of them.

21b: Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?:
not aswad, that's for sure.

22: Would you ever consider living abroad?:
Only somewhere where they speak English with fast, reliable internet service. (ganking priscilla's answer, here.)

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listening to: wicked, the wizard and i

hee. back from mary b james (the annual drag party.) i was a really girly dude, i must say. like, i had jeans and a white button down shirt... but it was a woman's shirt, so it was fitted. and then i borrowed a tie from brad... but it had smiley faces all over it. and then i put on a backwards baseball hat... but it was an ani difranco hat.


rent writeup is still forthcoming, although it has per usual inspired a wave of benny tour nostalgia. you know what i love? cc.com/random. i mean the crazy shit that's saved in there... it's so great.

and omg i want purple hair again. now.

also, matty caplan? he's a tool.

last random thing pulled from the random folder: the story of DOOM. buwaaahahaha.

sleep now? maybe.

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Saturday, April 03, 2004

teehee, i'm cleaning out my documents folder, and i found some old history club posters (*sniff*, ah, the 4th reich) and anyway, one of them read, in part, as follows: Come to the History Club meeting!
Tuesday, October 15 at 3:10 in room 20brb… 1.

i wonder if i actually printed them like that...? 20brb...1. *amused*

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listening to: ttb, 30/90

woo, back from rent trip! first, priscellie, thanks muchly for ttb and wicked! and you have positively uncanny timing, since it got to my house friday, and my parents brought it with them. woot. haven't listened to wicked yet but i'm looking forward to it. and it rocks having a non-skipping ctys. yay.

burned my tongue awhile ago eating soup with julia, but i'm just now noticing. ow.


it was supergreat to see meeeegan! and some other kids were fun.

okay, nevermind, i'll blog about the trip later. although i did just remember that i never blogged about this week's tww. so i will say now that i liked it muchly. <333333 cj.

(priscilla: woooot! we can work out details later. but yes, hopefully lunch or something! and then, sticking it to the man! rar.)

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Friday, April 02, 2004

listening to: ani, god's country

ow ow ow. so i just got done with my dining hall shift, and my hands were all gross and dining hall-ish. (fancy that.) so i decided to wash them with my spiffy salt scrub, forgetting that i have a bunch of scratches and ripped hangnails.

salt+open wounds? yeah, ow.

mmm... friday. (and mmm... rent trip! woooo!)

and in spanish today, we finished the Worst Story Ever. dear god, did this story suck. (las ataduras by carmen gaite. it sucked. as i think i might have mentioned.) although we are now starting a poetry unit, and i'm willing to bet that if there's something that annoys me more than poetry in general, it's going to be whatever spanish poetry we have to read. (aaah, and after class he asked dae gon and i to stay, and i was like meh? because i mean... i haven't done anything particularly stupid, nor anything particularly good lately. but, he wanted both of us to read one of the poems in class on monday. *frowl*)

also, i turned in my money for the bus to the march for women's lives! yay! i'm so excited to go to that.

hmm. oh, and i was thinking about my "angriness"... i think, perhaps, i have... reasonable anger? like, i don't usually get angry about little things. (at least, not angry-angry. i mean, i might frowl a lot when, say, sam's trackpad fucks up, but i'm not really angry.) but there are things that are just... i feel compelled to be angry about. grr.

aaand now i think i will take a nap. because, i can. mmm, nap. but first:

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

yeah, that's right. grammar is my bitch!

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a realization: so we were having a b&s writing session, and i had finished a few things and was sort of stuck for ideas, and aron asked what i was interested in writing about... and i said, well, i guess usually i just write about things that piss me off, and over break i was sort of cut off from the news, so i don't have anything new to be angry about.

which, while being flippant, was true.

and then i realized that almost everything i write is driven by anger. seriously. my fanfic? all about things that piss me off, in one way or another. sometimes it's not as obvious, because the fic itself might have been prompted by some sort of anger at the fandom. (a lot of my kuroro fics are like that... things where it was like, "hey fandom, what about this? how come no one's writing about this?!")

and i never really considered myself an angry person. but i guess i really kind of am. (i'm actually kind of interested in this now... leave me a comment, if you would, regarding your thoughts on my level of angriness ^_^)

and so i will leave you with two quotes and then i will go to bed.

humor is just anger that has been to finishing school. -- richard peck


if you're not angry
you're just stupid
or you don't care
how else can you react
when you know
something's so unfair
the men of the hour
can kill half the world in war
make them slaves to a super power
and let them die poor

-- ani difranco

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Thursday, April 01, 2004

gaah. i was SO annoyed with the rent tour website, because it wouldn't load, it just told me i needed the flash 4 plugin.. so i installed the plugin, went back.. and it still wouldn't work. so i loaded it with explorer. and then i realized that safari's popup blocker was killing the rent site. doh. (safari has an amazing popup blocker, but it never blocks ones that you click to open. but since this just launches its own popup, safari was all like BAM! and... yeah.)

i really hate the rent tour website. popups+flash+ugly layout? thumbs down.

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duuude. i was just looking at my humanities midsem in more detail, and like... sometimes it's hard to read his handwriting. and next to one question, he just wrote one word, and it looked a lot like "sneeze?". and i was like, well, it couldn't possibly really say "sneeze?", that doesn't make any sense. so i looked at it some more, looked at the question... was generally confused.

and then i remembered that this particular question (i don't have the questions anymore, just my answers) had involved something weird about a sneeze, and i had just been like "wtf? i don't remember a sneeze?" so i just ignored the sneeze thing.

... so, it really does make sense. but the fact remains that professor simawe wrote "sneeze?" on my paper, and that, to me, is incrediby hilarious.

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listening to: tori, smells like teen spirit

i so 0wnx0red my humanities midsem. woot. (well, a b+, but it's simawe, so i feel secure in declaring 0wnx0rship.)


Tue, May 18, 2004

BMI Bloomington-Normal Airport

DTW Detroit Metro

Connecting:   Detroit to Newark

DTW Detroit Metro

EWR Newark Intl.

Tue, May 25, 2004

EWR Newark Intl.

DTW Detroit Metro

Connecting:   Detroit to Bloomington

DTW Detroit Metro

BMI Bloomington-Normal Airport

oh yes, i'm booked. squee! kait& renata take manhattan! (or something.)

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listening to: tori, i'm on fire (live)

i was going to write something funny for april fool's day but then i couldn't think of anything. i'm teh lame.

(homestarrunner, however, is not teh lame, so if you usually have the menu page bookmarked, check out the frontpage today ^_^)

okay, and reading priscilla's blog... see, people are so much cooler than i am.

i love that simawe requires papers to be in courier, cuz you write like 3 sentences and hey! a page!

even so, i still need a conclusion. so i'ma go write that.

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