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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

listening to: tori, winter (live)

omg. this version of "winter" makes me fangirl HARDCORE. wow. so this girl wanted to trade tori boots with me, and i was like, well okay, just pick your favorite show and i'll take that (since i really only have the one tori boot and i don't know too much about... stuff) so she said, okay, here's pittsburgh 11/6/98, and i said, okay.

and then i looked at the setlist and i was kinda like, "meh"... there's some good stuff, but it's from the plugged tour so it's a lot of choirgirl stuff which isn't necessarily my favorite...but thus far it's really good, and this "winter" just caps it... first she does this really beautiful improv about, um, being electrocuted and the dead people she'd hang out with (no really, it's pretty.) but the best part is before all that, at the end of the song before it ("little earthquakes"), when she was randomly like... um, it's an improv, asking obi-wan kenobi to bring her a beetle.

yes, you read that right. (and yes, i heard it right.) oh god, it's awesome.

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listening to: tori, caught a lite sneeze (live)

sometimes my stats book amuses me...

e. does the interval contain the sample proportion?
f. explain why the previous question is silly and did not require you to look at the interval at all.

isn't that beautiful?

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listening to: stu, savoring samsara

THANK YOU GOD OF COMPUTERS!! sam's trackpad is, totally randomly, now functional. (of course, its prior lack of function was also totally random.) oh please, please stay working. i love you, sam. i love you, sam's trackpad. i promise i won't take you for granted anymore. <333

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

You are Balder! His name means "The
Glorious". He was also called the
"god of tears" and the "white
as". Balder, the son of Odin and Frigg,
was described as a very handsome and wise god.
Some consider him to be a god of light since he
was so bright, light shined from him.

Balder's wife was Nanna and they had a son named
Forseti. Balder and Nanna lived in Breidablik
[The Broad-Gleaming], where nothing unclean
could be and there were "fewest baneful
Balder is loved and respected by everyone, he
believes in justice and what's right above
everything else.

Which Norse Mythology character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

dude, i so just made a connection... oh man, someone remind me about that justice thing next time i have time to update otgar.

i promise that tomorrow will be a 100% neil gaiman-free day in boronland.

(so before it's tomorrow, i should point out that i've been way too influenced by sandman, check out this thesis for my humanities paper... [... some stuff about the odyssey, the iliad, and agamemnon] Together, these three portrayals almost create a triple-aspected Agamemnon; unlike the mother-maiden-crone trio of the Furies, Agamemnon is a king-father-ghost; each aspect is different, but only when they are combined does the true character of Agamemnon become apparent.


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i am soo amused by my attempts to explain rushing to christine and julia.

"so... you sleep.. outside?!"
"how do you SHOWER?"
"sometimes you get a hotel room. or go to someone else's hotel room. or someone's house."
"... and then you see the play. and then you see it AGAIN?"
"yes! it's so fun!"




meanwhile: sam, i adore you, you're my favorite computer i've ever had. please, whatever i did, i'm sorry. now will you please tell your trackpad to start working again?

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listening to: beatles, your mother should know

grrrr argh!! sam's trackpad has randomly stopped working! i looove my trackpad! i had this really efficient way of navigating where i'd use the arrow keys with my right hand fingers and then reach out with my right thumb and use the trackpad... it was gread. *frowl*

i have no idea what prompted this. i tried restarting, cause well, sometimes that fixes everything. but no!

and yes, the mouse still works, but still, it's really annoying. but, sam's still covered by applecare, sooo with luck this weekend in des moines i'll take him to an apple place, and they will fix him for me, and it will be free. *frowl* or ELSE!

... i have no other half to that threat, by the way.

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listening to: tori, indian summer (live)

hee, shuffle went from indian giver by the ramones to this. it's theme night for itunes!

anyway. had a b&s meeting today, in which we worked out some scheduling issues and i wrote 1.5 amusing articles. yes. but the scheduling... okay. so, basically ever since i started doing stuff for the b&s, they've been meeting mondays at 8. scipe also meets mondays at 8. and every time, i'd email and be like, "um, i'll be late because i have this other meeting which is also from 8-9... and i need to go for part of that." and then finally, last night, they were like "you know, we should really move this meeting so that you can come for all of it..." and then today, we were talking about times for just the 3 of us to meet, not a whole meeting... and aron is like, "hey, how about monday at 8?" and i just sort of looked at him and he was like, "oh right." but yeah, i was terribly amused by that.

much like i am by this conversation with christine:

christine: yar
renata: a novel idea! you givst the TRINKET to DENNIS and he happily agrees to tell you what parapets are. with this new knowledge, ye escapes from yon dungeon in order to search for new dungeons and to remain...

off in search of parapets and trinkets. back later.

renata: avast
christine: how goes it?
renata: you know what's weird? is in the story i read for spanish, they talked about parapets. and then i eralized, hey, i really *don't* know what a parapet is...
renata: it goes, it goes. and you?
christine: lol
christine: someone mentioned fire at dinner, and i yelled "fuego!"
renata: yay!
renata: 1:a wall, rampart, or elevation of earth or stone to protect soldiers :BREASTWORK
2:a low wall or railing to protect the edge of a platform, roof, or bridge -- called also parapet wall
renata: iiinteresting.
christine: LOL
christine: "Breastwork indeed"
renata: teehee.
renata: i like how it was in all caps.
christine: LOL'D

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Monday, March 29, 2004

listening to: caroline's spine, sullivan

sometimes it is hard for me to not reply to emails with "I WILL FUCKING CUT YOU!"

"I didn't look for it, but did you or anyone try to guess at the Forgotten
God in Vegas' name/legend?"

is an example of such an email.

oh man. this entry has been hours in the making. i wish you could do like, time stamps for each line, because the first few would be like.. 7-ish, and then one at like 9:30-ish, and then one at like.. nowish.

anyway, i meant to post earlier today (but got distracted, repeatedly) that mary, julia, and christine gave me the best early birthday present eeeever! (don't worry kids, my birthday's not really till june.) but anyway, it's this umbrella, with caillebotte's paris street, rainy day on it! which is like, well, not only is it one of my favorite paintings ever, but it's got people... with umbrellas on it! so my umbrella... has people with umbrellas on it!! (ganked from mary, here's the painting if you're not familiar with it. although it looks so much cooler in real life. mmm, art institute.) but, yes. <33

hmm. i have a free song from itunes. what do i want to buy with it? (suggestions accepted via comment ^_^)

and now i really, really should do my humanities.

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(in which renata falls over.)

so, squirrelmail finally loaded, i'm looking at my inbox... some stuff from a tori list, word of the day... and a From: Neil Gaiman.


and in case you were wondering, shadow lives in eagle point, indiana, which does not in fact exist.

also, have found my roommate and apparently she's leaving wednesday for the rest of the semester, for medical leave. but, i might be able to room with mary, which would make 3 roommates in one year.

i swear to christ i'm an easy person to live with.

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and isn't it strange when i get two emails titled "5 young japanese women" and neither of them are porn?

(baha, and talia, they're both about kitsunes!)

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squirrelmail, why must you suck SO HARD?! *sob* i just want to read my mail. please.


so last night i definitely went to bed around midnight and fell asleep around 4am. and i still don't know where my roommate is.

am, however, remarkably chipper.

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Sunday, March 28, 2004

listening to: rem, the great beyond

well, i'm safely at grinnell-home. so nice and cozy, and the fm people did a really great job cleaning up the fire extinguisher dust, apparently.

did some reading on taoism for class tomorrow. it's nice because the masters tend to be really, really, super redundant, so i can safely skim most of the texts. ("all is nothing. nothing is all. everything.. is nothing. and nothing... is all." okay, i just made that up. but it's along those lines.) no offense if you're taoist, by the way. i think it's a neat religion. but when you have 50 pages of reading, it's nice to be able to skim ^_^

i have yet to see my roommate... when i got back there were a couple notes on our whiteboard... "renata! sos, locked out!" "never mind, but don't shut the door" and "call christine"

*shrug* so, she's around. or else someone is forging notes from her.

you know what's annoying? when your browser crashes every time you send an email.

priscilla: woot! *fame jazz hands* (or something...)
talia: danke, i'm glad you agree about the hottness of my maps ^_^ also, yes: internet is good.
megan: whoa. thanks ^_^
kait: i knoooow! and all these crazy kids i never would have met, and fandoms i never would have found... and... oh, man.

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just a note: otgar has been updated, and all you neil kids can check out the (hott) geography page.


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Saturday, March 27, 2004

listening to: g-tones, insomniac

i'm a sleepy kid. i was watching mst3k with reid and i fell asleep for like, an hour. i was going to wonder why, but then i realized that i was up 'til 3:30 making maps and then some random noises woke me up around 8ish. (not that i actually got up then, of course, but my sleep was intermittently interrupted for the rest of the morning.)

so, going back to school tomorrow. *shrug* i shooould have at leas started my paper for humanities, but it's not due until thursday and it's only 4-5 pages... and those are 4-5 courier pages, which is really like, 3-4 real pages. so yeah. *is petulant*

anyway. you know what i love? the internet. i just. people are so concerned about stalkers and whatever. but.. well, i mean, obviously all you great kids, who i wouldn't have met without the internet. (a side note: do you know, i never did learn the difference between who and whom? i just sort of use it on instinct. hm. when do you use whom? ... he=who and him=whom? that's it? i thought it would be something more complicated. hm.)

what was i talking about? ... *gets distracted by the grammar website she was looking at* dude, as of 1998 the oed declared that it's okay to split an infinitive! my new goal in life is to boldly split infinitives. or something.

in summary:
1. grammar is neat
2. so is the internet
3. people are nice (this was inspired by people sending me tori bootlegs, but i never actually got around to maknig that point, because of #1)

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listening to: tori, i'm on fire (live)

priscilla: don't be silly, even if i hadn't been watching x2, there's always room for a random "mm, alan" ^_^ and nooo, you're a fabulous person! didn't mean to guilt trip, you've certainly had more than enough going on! less-than-three!

anyway. this new geography section of otgar is going to be sooo hott. yes, i did just use "geography" and "hott" in the same sentence. but oh man. like seriously, if you haven't read american gods yet, you need to, just so you can look at this geography page and be all, "omg that's so hott!" and then you, too, can ask me who the forgotten god is ^_^

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Friday, March 26, 2004

watching: x2

so, i'm re-reading american gods (and taking careful notes, for a big update of otgar. like, the way i should have initially set it up. and, i'm blogging. because yes, this is how i watch movies.)

anyway. american gods. yes. the thing i tend to forget about neil, is that while yes, he is a frighteningly brilliant genius man, he is also incredibly funny.

It was a trick he had found in Perplexing Parlour Illusions, but the intructions were infuriating, unhelpful, and vague. Phrases like "then vanish the penny in the usual way," occurred every sentence or so. In this context, Shadow wondered, what was "the usual way"? A French drop? Sleeving it? Shouding "Oh my god, look out! A mountain lion!" and dropping the coin into his side pocket while the audience's sattention was diverted?

... mm, alan cumming.

damn these attractive, brilliant united kingdomians! *shakes fist*

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listening to: nirvana, polly

first, a moment for some tori-gushing: hey you ewfs (by which i mean... hey talia and melody..), have you seen the track list for "welcome to sunny florida"? i mean have you seen it?! i could have picked that setlist. i mean... sorta fairytale, sugar, cornflake girl, concertina, take to the sky, bells for her, cloud on my tongue, cooling, professional widow, tombigbee, hey jupiter... asldhjasfhdf.

anyway. today was exciting, i had lunch with mike, tura, and archie, and then frisbee golf with mike and nathaniel. (just between you and me, the latter set the feminist movement back about 20 years i think. but that's okay, because i'm a girl.)

um, and apparently someone set off fire extinguishers on haines 3rd and now all our stuff is covered with "a very fine powder"? *frowl*

priscilla: thanks for the discount on wicked ^_^ let me know if you think it's worth buying. (erm, also sometime when you have time, do you think you could send me ttb? *bats eyelashes*)

kait: yaay!! okay, here's my nyc list:
~ the show
~ the daily show
~ avenue q
... um... i think that's it as far as my really, really want to do stuff. i'm open to suggestions ^_^ maybe someone will have a gig or something? also don't worry about the ave q lotto, we'lll just umbrell everyone else in line. (umbrell: v. to strike with an umbrella. orig. mike.)

michelle: yeah, i just made the buffalo thing up. i mean, i guess it could have really happened, i wasn't listening all that closely...

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

this is a fun page. it makes me really happy that neil said this: "While I’ve been travelling I’ve been listening to the soundtrack to a musical called Avenue Q that’s sort of an explicit Sesame Street for adults."

*flails* neil likes avenue q!

... obsessed with neil gaiman? what? eh?

i'm feeling sort of cranky in that i'm-sick-and-tired-but-i've-spent-the-last-three hours-in-a-semi-awake-stupor,-and-as such-can't-fall-asleep sort of way.

la. maybe i'll go to that spanish i've been resenting all break long. you know, i haven't actually looked at the assignment yet, i just know it's there. waiting for me. hm. it's only 12 pages, although i don't understand the title of the thing we're supposed to read ("Las ataduras") and it occurs to me that i've left my dictionary at school. and i suppose i could wait to do it until i get back but NO RENATA BE STRONG DO YOUR HOMEWORK NOW and maybe i'll just see if babelfish knows what that word means. apparently, the fastenings. right. *nods*

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listening to: tori, putting the damage on

somehow this makes me like "not the red baron", ever one of my least-favorite tori songs, more.

anyway. woke up with a bad cold this morning. *frowl* but, had lunch and applied for jobs with trina. woot. and then dinner with dad and grandma. which... wasn't that bad. mostly it was just the two of them talking about the recently deceased. it's almost like trading cards or something... "hey, did you hear so and so died the other day?" "no! really, how?" "oh, she got run over by a stampede of buffalo. damnedest thing." "that's a shame. well, did you hear that what's her face passed on last week?" ... and so on.

um. i'm really tired. think i might just nap. mm, nap.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

listening to: ben folds five, fair

there's a kitty on the roof outside my window (my room's on the 2nd floor). it makes me smile. awww... kitty.

hee, i waved at him and now he's slinking over to my window. i wonder how he got up there? i guess dad left up a ladder or something. aww, hi kitty. sorry, there are screens up, i can't let you in. sweet cuppin' cakes, there's another kitty, too. hello kitties.

baha, i was looking through some old files for something, and i stumbled across this... man, that never fails to make me giggle.

anyway. talia: my problem wasn't so much with the map itself, or with finding the place... i mean, i know where it is, it's just i had to figure out how to direct someone there... which involved things like "okay.. he'll be coming from des moines... which is west of here. and then... oh god, he needs to turn... what? north? left? what? *melts*" i have fundamental issues with the cardinal directions. see, a majority of my brain still believes that north=up.

kait: i blame you for this 2nd-person thing ^_^ but yeah, i forced myself to start writing this thing in 3rd-person, but every so often i find myself reverting and i have to mentally slap myself.

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listening to: rent, what you own (live)

oooh man. copying tapes for some kid (haven't done that in a right long time...) anyway, it's scott!mark. i love scott!mark. ohsomuch.


that's really all i have to say. i haven't done much today... woke up... made some coffee. drank the coffee. watched half an episode of tww. (anyone know if it's new tonight?) stared at a campus map for about half an hour, trying to figure out directions to grinnell house. (it's really shamefully simple, but directions and i... we're not so much on speaking terms.)

ooh, it is new tww. with glenn close? what the... "When a Republican Supreme Court justice suddenly dies, the Bartlet administration scrambles to find a worthy replacement and the halls are flooded with candidates" hey now west wing, you can't full me, you've had that episode before!

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fixed the archives. yay me! also: 2nd-person really, really needs to stop being my default writing mode. stop the insanity! (i was going to be all clever and write that in 2nd-person, but i'm not really sure how that would work. would it be 2nd-person me or 2nd-person you? i.e. you yawned and opened blogger. you began typing... or since you had nothing better to do, you began reading renata's blog. it said... yeah, see, it just doesn't work.)

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weird. my archives from mid-february onwards have disappeared. dammit, blogger, i need those! for... stuff. mrr.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

listening to: lynyrd skynyrd, sweet home alabama

the other day at von mour, they had a bunch of lynyrd skynyrd t-shirts. i was terribly amused to see them at a supposedly classy store. well, not lynyrd skynyrd themselves. but you know. in t-shirt form. it'd be even better if they were there in person, like if they just showed up and beat up the elderly pianist and started rocking out in the middle of the store.

also: i would like to announce to the world that i have missed mike. i have missed the presence of someone who is both nerdy and offensive.

mike: so, who will you vote for between cable and bishop?
renata: ooh. i don't know.
renata: i guess bishop, he's one bad motherfucker
mike: that's just nasty though
mike: i'm thinking bishop, black and don't take crap
mike: from nobody
renata: yeah
mike: and can shoot energy from his hands, if his huge guns don't work
renata: yeah, plus bishop could always just be like, "hey cable, tell me your family history! now!" and it would probably make his head exlode

now, go reject george bush's credit! (if you fill out the form, it donates $1 to moveon, for free. to you, anyway.)

in fanfic news, have found the plot. (well, not the plot, but a plot, anyway. also, have a weird plotbunny frolicking around. hm.)

meanwhile, go read your palm. or don't, see if i care.

First let's take a look at your Life Life. You have the best kind of Life Line, long and clearly marked. (yay me!) This shows that you will possess good health, vitality and a very nice life expectancy. The wide swooping motion of your Life Line indicates strength, enthusiasm and an improved love life. The little lines you see extending upward from your Life Line are representative of your ability to recuperate. The little lines you see extending downward from your Life Line are indicators of your tendency to waste your energy.

Now let's see what your Head Line had to say. Your Head Line is deep, long and straight, stretching across the palm. This indicates a logical and direct way of thinking. The straighter the line, the more realistic the thinking, and the deeper the line, the better the memory. If your Head Line is forked near the middle of your palm, it shows an important new interest. If it is forked at the end, it shows a descent into second childhood. (mine's forked near the end, fyi.)

The last line we'll look at is your Heart Line. A long Heart Line like yours, running almost all the way across the palm, represents an idealist in love. In love you tend to look for those whose status rises above your own, and you have a great respect for them. The small lines you may see extending upward from your Heart Line are a good sign, as they illustrate happiness in love. Those little lines you see running downward from your Heart Line indicate disappointments in love. (stupid self-contradicting hand...)

You have a spade-shaped hand. This is the hand of an inventor. You are probably very good with all things mechanical. Often those who've forged new paths in science and engineering have a spade-shaped hand. Women who have this type of hand enjoy do-it-yourself projects (decorating and sewing). It also gives these women a manual dexterity greater than most men have. (uh.. right. *shifty eyes*)

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Monday, March 22, 2004

listening to: tori, tear in your hand

wow. had a remarkably fruitful and painless shopping experience today. mom decided that i needed a new dress for waltz. (i haaaate shopping for dresses. gaaah.) but, at the first store we went to we found a dress that fits. and shoes. sale shoes.


also we went to b&n and got bookses ^_^

my canker sore is raging out of control. i've been using hydrogen peroxide and orajel like nobody's business, but it's still bad. and it looks really creepy in the mirror. *frowl*

also, i just started working on "blessings of liberty" again... i had written about 2.5 sentences of part 5, and looking at them... i realize that i must have had some sort of plot in mind, and i have no idea what it was. check it out: The events of the last few weeks were entirely a blur to you. It had started with the MS disclosure, but then the re-election announcement, RU-486, Haiti, the mutant attack... and now this. Just when you thought you were able to

and that's all i have. when she thought she was able to what? and why can't she? what is this? huh? would it have killed me to finish that sentence when i actually understood how it was going to end? hmm. (and it's not like re-reading part 4 helps, either, cause part 4 is like... Charlie Thinks, and then Writes a Paper. not terribly plot-driven, that part.)

anyway. i saw a bumper sticker today that amused me a lot. "my other vehicle is the mahayana." teehee. (um, see, there are 2 branches of buddhism, theravada [little vehicle] and mahayana [great vehicle]... and... it's funny.)

now if you'll excuse me, i have a plot to find. i'm sure it's around here somewhere...

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bloody wanking hell!! safari crashed when i was about to post an entry. and it was a good entry, too! too lazy to retype it, so now all you get is summary:
~ my family is endearingly strange. (and melody, if my mom ever writes a parenting book i'll make sure you get a copy ^_^)

(ETA: hey, apparently the other post published anyway. yay! but i'll leave this up, so you can all see me getting angry all british-like.)

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melody: baha, my mom should write a parenting book. that would be hilarious. i just had another totally random conversation with my mom. not quite as good as the one where she tried to talk me out of the closet, but still amusing ^_^ it involved such moments as:
mom: you know who you remind me of?
me: ... kait?
mom: no, the one i read that article about.
me: ... .... tina fey?
mom: yes! (also, julia stiles reminds her of megan. *shrug*)

she also told me lots of totally random stories about her college years, including:
~ the time when she was at work and her friend carol randomly walked into the store and told her boss that mom's sister had died and she had to leave right now. (mom doesn't have a sister. um, and never did.) so my mom walks out with her friend and is all like, "wtf?" and her friend is like, "i want to go to boston, you should come." and my mom was like "... i have to work!" and her friend was all "no, you have to go to the funeral. c'mon, let's go." so... they just (from chicago) drove out to boston, ate dinner at some seafood place, and drove back.
~ another time when this same friend brought my mom back a live lobster from maine, and they kept the claws and apparently on a fairly regular basis would walk around in public with their hands tucked up their sleeves and the lobster claws sticking out. (mom later used these claws to make a "candelobstra" which she still has in our library. it's pretty much just what it sounds like.)
~ the time they drove down to new orleans in a red vw minibus which they had painted "mama tina's travelling bordello and roadshow" on the side of.
~ etc.

also, we had a rousing discussion about whether or not mom's cousin ka-su (it's pronounced "kay-sue." *shrug* apparently her parents were too cheap to buy any more vowels.) is a lesbian. like.. we've been wondering about this for YEARS and no one wants to ask her. she always brings her friend ann to our family reunions... and they act like they're a couple, sort of, but... ann is married. and lives with her husband. and... yeah, it's just sort of strange.

in conclusion: my family is endearingly strange and kait+renata=awesome!

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

listening to: bree sharp, cheap and evil girl

discovery #23 of break: this song is totally awesome driving music. totally.

last night was much with the fun. i picked up miriam (and, kind of randomly, won $2 from her dad for a hand of euchre...) and we went to the castle, where we met nick, eliz, martin, megan, and clayton to see eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, which absolutely no one could remember the full name of. i think each person i talked to got about one word of the title right (including myself), and then said "oh.. you know, the one with jim carrey?" to which the other person inevitably replied, "oh yeah!" (i think i referred to it as "eternal sunrise of.. something something...") anyway, that was good.

and then, miriam and i headed over to trina's house, where we watched spiceworld (best movie evar!!!!1!one!! [by the way, randomly a lot of people have been commenting to me about my use of "one" and i have to say that i unabashedly stole it from kait. but um, we're married, so half her stuff is mine. including that.]) also, we read highlights. oh man, we have so much fun with that magazine. there's a set order. first, we do the riddles. then we read goofus and gallant, and yell at gallant. then we read the "stories and artwork" section and make ourselves feel good by making fun of little kids. then, our favorite part, "headwork." after that we do jokes, and we might check out the arts and crafts page. and finally, the advice column. oh highlights, how much joy you bring us.

i started this post like, an hour ago and then wandered off to make hot chocolate and... well, you know me. (but hey kait, my mom made some reference to me visting you, and she used "when" not "if"!)

i'm copying this over from my plan, because it amused me a lot.

bahahaha. the scipe account got this email titled "paddle for the presidency," which sounded vaguely dirty to me (oh, don't give me that look.) but apparently they are:

a non-partisan, non-profit organization created to combat political apathy by providing fresh and exciting ways for young people to engage in politics.??We are going to?canoe the entire Mississippi River?this summer with as many young people as possible and throw Riverside Rallies the whole way to New Orleans.??P4P will break the cycle of apathy through platform education, the establishment of an influential?Young American?constituency, and through direct dialog between young people and politicians. We will also register as many young voters as possible and have a whole lot of fun.

wtf? they're canoeing the mississippi river to get people to vote? next are we going to climb mt. everest to decrease teen pregnancy? (although i guess douglas adams did climb mt. kilimanjaro dressed as a black rhino to promote awareness of their impending extinction... and i suppose they're not extinct yet... hey, maybe they're onto something. *shrug*)

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Saturday, March 20, 2004

watching back to the future, part 2

mmm... futurey. (no, not futuristic. don't you start with me.) family gone, except for grandparents. i'm all full of food now. mmm... food. (not futurey food, though. just regular type.)

anyway. am bonding with reid. aww. we played his rogue squadron gamecube game, which is fun, even though i suck. also, it forces me to reveal my own nerdiness when i catch myself saying things like, "real x-wings can lock onto their targets!"

yeah. real x-wings.

hee, this movie has some great lines. "well biff, you're forgetting one thing... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!"

... my little brother is SO nerdy. he just said to me, "hey, i got this new game and it said to install it on windows 98 or greater... so i installed it on linux!" baaahaa.

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listening to: ani, how have you been

hiding from my family reunion. meep! although half of them seem to have disappeared, i think maybe they went into town or something.

um. i uploaded a few more humor bits if you're into that sort of thing. the dean one i'm quite proud of and the other one... i think aron and i each had different articles in mind, and i wrote the one i wanted and he edited it a bit to make it more like the one he wanted and now it's just a little confused.

mm, speaking of writing, i still need to write at least one more part to that tww/txm crossover. i just haven't had time and motivation concurrently for awhile now. (right now i have time but am too tired to be motivated. or else not tired enough. i'm in that hazy area.)

ooh, rachael sage has a new album out. oooh, and she's in des moines may 22. hmm. that's after school's out. drat. maybe a roadtrip, though? but there's still a lot of open space on the schedule, maybe there'll be a chicago stop too. or closer. *plots vaguely*

man, i was exhausted a couple minutes ago but now i'm just really restless. *fidgets*

i really want this shirt.

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Friday, March 19, 2004

i'm sooo tired. gah. also back home. yes. goodbye, julia's house. (also.. julia. and mary. and julia's family.) um... stuff.

had lunch today with some cool, cool kids. and then miriam and i decorated some caucus cookies for history club. (because, we always have cookies for history-related events.) and then we went and talked to ms. scott!! yaaaay! and then talked to history club about caucuses for awhile, and then talked to ms. scott for awhile more. aaand i talked to mrs. clesson for awhile, and picked up a brome. yay megan!

then, dinner with grandparents and family. nuclear family. yes. and then i went back into town and watched teevee with miriam, mike, and stephanie, and had many interesting conversations, about topics such as whether or not we'd date ms. scott (we all totally would) and what it would be like if mike were hitler. (all of our friends would be dead except me, mike, and possibly amanda.)

anyway... i'm sure i have lots to talk about, such as ... stuff, and whatever... but instead i'm off to bed. night, kids.

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

one of kait's cb posts just made me laugh out loud. loudly. julia came over from the other room to ask what was so funny ^_^

cuz yeah, i've seen the show 5 times. *shifty eyes*

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aaaah i'm such a narr, i totally need to update cc.com! the hi-5 tour starts like... today... and i definitely haven't mentioned anything that. and i need to update otgar, and i was going to revamp it over break but... aah.

anyway. the field museum today was much fun, although we were totally, totally 0wn3d by chicago public transportation. utterly 0wn3d. man.

i'm sleepy.

um... the krispy kreme by julia's house gives free doughnuts. all the time! to everyone who walks in! isn't that insane?

the end.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

yo, kids.

sitting in julia's house. *swivels* yay, and i can swivel! i haven't been able to do that since my chair broke! yay! anyway, stuff here is fun. tomorrow we're going into chicago and going to a museum of some sort. mmm, museums. or possibly shedd aquarium. which is like a museum. a museum... of fish! (aha, you all thought i was going to say "of doom," didn't you?!)

anyway. as i mentioned, stuff is good. and food. mmm... non-dining hall. except i don't know where my retainer is and i'm terribly concerned about shifting teeth. shiiiift!

*swivels some more*

mary says to talk about how cool she is. and she is. also julia. we're a bunch of cool kids. possibly also kidz. with a z. (mary is dubious of our z-worthiness. or rather, of the worthiness of the z. whatever, she's a hater.)

aaanyway, if you're a normal kid (teehee) i'll see you friday or so. or maybe not. and if you're not... i'll see you sometime.

dag, yo.

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Monday, March 15, 2004

watching: family guy

just a quick reply to comments:
1. kait! yes! i was so thinking daily show. but also forgot to mention it. oooh god that would rule. also, i briefly mentioned an nyc trip to my mom and she seemed really okay with it. like.. she might want to come with me? i'll try to talk her out of that one, just.. cuz.. but i'd be okay if she came. (& if there's not room in your house for her, she can stay in a hotel or something. but... asdjk yeah.)
2. taaalia: hopefully? i'm not sure when, since tuesday-friday i'll be in geneva (illinois, not switzerland. with julia and mary.) but maybe friday night? i'll be back by then. oh wait, but my family reunion is saturday. umm... well... dammit, i totally forget that not everyone else has 2 weeks of break. *flails* i'll talk to you this weekend though, hopefully.. stuff.

in general: yeah, the new comments are freaky. freaky like whoa.

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listening to: avenue q, the internet is for porn

*yawnstretch* mm, i was tired. last night was gooodtimes. mary, julia, miriam and i saw hidalgo, which was pretty good. i flailed a lot, because i do that. *flails* also, i bent forward to pick something up off the floor, and i hit my head really hard on the seat in front of me >_< it left one of those pseudo-bruises, the kind that hurt a lot but don't visibly bruise. wah.

anyway, then we stood around the lobby of university cinemas for awhile, because we do that. and theeen we stopped by subway and visited nathaniel for awhile. (also his sketchy co-worker.) next, we went wal-marting and bought lots of exciting things, such as baked cheddar and sour cream ruffles. mmm.

then, (minus miriam ~_~) we came home, and watched star wars (anh) and mary and i totally geeked out. totally.

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

listening to: ramones, the kkk took my baby away

hi kids! mary, julia, sam and i are all safely home. w00t. the drive home was happy and acapellaful, and iowa city gave us indian food and shinyshiny lipgloss. (well, it didn't so much give them to us as it did provide us with places to purchase them, but close enough.)

and i haven't even been home 24 hours and sam's keyboard condom is covered with cat fur. aww... kitties.

mary and julia are asleep in the other room. maaayhap i will go wake them up. *shrug*

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Friday, March 12, 2004

listening to: tori, josephine

man, you know who i love? is tori amos.

... not that that's earthshattering news, or anything.

anyway. today we had group discussions in asian religions... and... man, let me just say, 8am class on the day before spring break? not the most motivated group of people, there. so.. we talked for a couple minutes about what are we supposed to discuss, again? we finally came to a consensus on what we were supposed to be talking about. and then we talked about spring break plans for awhile, and then various other classes that members of the group were in. and then we were like...um, is the professor even here? is he going to be here?

and then we decided that if he asked, we relocated our discussion to the liberry. and we left. and it was great.

i reaally don't want to work my shift at quad, but it won't be that bad.

spring break will be so great. i haven't really been sleeping well the last week or so. much with the random waking up. and not falling back to sleep.

i think i might go play carmen sandiego for a bit before work. (last night i caught bessie mae mucho! teehee! i put myself in jail.)

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

OMG SCARY SPICE IS GOING TO BE IN RENT! (i mean...!!!!!1one!!1!)

*fangirls hardcore*

okay, kait, i'm definitely coming to visit ^_^ (uh, not that i love the spice girls more than i love you... but... oh man, how priceless is this going to be?!)

does anyone remember if i used to have shame, or not? because let me tell you, it's soo liberating to not have any.

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listening to: g-tones, mary anne

(again... this song... so much with the happiness.)

it's ridiculously windy again today. also, i've taken two naps. well, renata-style naps. (renata-style naps don't usually involve actual sleep. [that sounds sort of dirty. let me continue.] usually they just involve me lying in bed and spacing out. more like mediation than napping, really. they're lovely, though. especially when the temperature in the room is appropriate for me to wrap up in my happy comforter.)

i should pack and stuff.

i <3 trina a lot. i just got this letter from her that was like, "hey, i just found this letter i wrote to you awhile ago, and lost. i'll just sum up what that one said." and then she did, with bullet points. and then she glued a picture of a baby with a mustache to the bottom of the page, with the caption "spring break is so close i can taste it! and this is what it tastes like!" (also, she told me to keep sending her stuff or she'll have me set myself on fire.)

... you can see why we're friends, can't you?

anyway. you know what's really convenient for me? the fact that i have almost no discerning musical ear. like, last night we were sitting around listening to the new g-tones cd (they're our boycapella group) and mary and julia kept cringing, and christine and i would be like, "... what?" and one of them would say something about being flat, or dissonant, or whatever. and we'd be like... "it sounds good to us..." so anyway, it works in my favor, because i can listen to apparently bad music and enjoy it. go me! (although i suppose it's comparable to the fact that... like, it sort of pains me to read things that are poorly-written. not quite the extent of some english majors, but... it's getting there. so probably, i'm completely failing to appreciate really good music. oh well, nothing to be done.)

my dean sign is falling off my window. maybe that's a sign i should take it down. but it makes me so happy to look up to haines 3rd and see the bright red "win with dean!" (denial? what? uh... somebody's throwin' stuff.)

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listening to: melissa ferrick, mercy

soo done with spanish until after break! *dances* so yeah, my oral presentation went okay. i think. (he said good comments, but there's somethign about professor perri's voice that makes even praise sound like he's... not disappointed... um... confused? *shrug*) one of his comments was that this was more detailed and organized than what i said in class, and i wanted to say, "no shit? my 5-minute individual presentation was more detailed than when i participate in class discussions?" duh.

(don't mind me, it's the spanish-resentment speaking.)

and speaking of resentment,when i was done he handed me this bigass packet. apparently it's homework for over break. *frowl* i haven't even looked at it yet, but rest assured that, whatever it is, i'm bitter about it. oh, so bitter.

but, as i was saying, done with spanish (at first i typed "exspanish" which i guess was some combination of "espanol," "spanish," and poor typing skills.) and i shall celebrate by drinking this mocha jakada. (these things are sorta addictive. because on one level, i recognize that... they don't taste that good. they're kind of absurdly sweet. but at the same time... must have more!)

another reason today is good: since my exam was at 9:25, i actually got up for breakfast today. and tuesday/thursday breakfasts are waffle days! oh man, i haven't had a waffle all semester. it was so delicious.

also delicious was last night's revelry. julia, mary, christine and i walked into town, and went to the liberry and the grocery store and saints rest! (the latter being a happyhappy coffeehouse/art gallery.) and then, mary made walking lasagna, which neither walks nor is lasagna. it's pretty tasty, though. mmm, tasty. and then x-files and... ooh, itunes just shuffled to "learning to fly" by tom petty. *swoon* uh.. anyway. so last night was craaazyfun. much like spring break will be, except christine will be in texas. ~_~

& now i think i might take a nap.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

listening to: ben folds, happy birthday tori (live)

*wibble* the possibility of visiting the kait this summer (insert distraction here)... oh, is very exciting! whee! *attempts to tone down excitment, since it's only.. march*

that means i should start saving money. stupid money. but.. it's only march.

i went to the cashier's office about my paycheck, and they gave me some number to call... apparently, my february paycheck is terribly baffling. i mean, i guess it kinda is.. since i have hours at two different pay rates (my bake shop dining hall shifts pays a bit more than a regular dining hall shift), and then i also got money from sparc (student publications and radio committee) and grinnell magazine (our oh-so-pretentious "give us money" magazine, which i wrote a thing about scipe for) which doesn't have hours... but still, it should not be so confusing that they decide that i worked 50 hours. instead of the like.. 20 that i actually did.

i'm not entirely sure the preceding paragraph made sense. when i read back over it my eyes get confused by the html tags. but you kids won't have those to look at. (agh, i'm so midwestern. where are my prepositions at, eh?)

anyway. umm.. i'm going to sleep. cuz.. spanish oral exam at 9:25, and the more tired i am the more i suck at spanish. this is fact.

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listening to: g-tones, mary anne

this song makes me 17 different kinds of happy. mm.. happy.

so apparently the new sam and max game got cancelled. and that's sad. possibly even 17 different kinds of sad.

also, i got my paycheck today.. and uh... i'm pretty sure they gave me more money than they should have. like, kind of a lot more. argh, moral dilemma... should i go.. talk to someone about this? or just cash the check and be happy? my parents would definitely tell me to cash it. because... i know them.

in case you were wondering, yes, it does hurt to have not one, but two massive papercuts in between your thumb and index finger. yes. *frowl*

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baha, the afa makes me laugh. i loove that their polls have been totally taken over by liberals. like, first there was their infamous "gay marriage" poll, and i just got an email asking me to take their "who will you vote for?" poll... kerry has 90% of the votes at afa. nader is, in fact, beating bush in the afa poll. baaahaha.

anyway, whilst i was poking around that website, i was intrigued by this article's headline... "Pornography: A Woman's Struggle, Too." the subheadline? "One in six women in America struggle with pornography. Sadly, that number includes many Christian women, too."

at first, i was totally baffled by this. i was picturing women like, physically fighting with pornography, sort of like wrestling a bear. so i read the article, which really provides no clue as to what it's talking about for the first half of the article. (apparently, by "struggle with porn" they actually mean "look at porn." who knew?)

Loneliness, being abused as a child, or having been introduced to pornography are among the reasons some women give for viewing pornography.

right. okay, sorry afa, but what about horniness? c'mon now.

"Historically, we would have said women are addicted to romance novels or women are addicted to chat rooms. That's still somewhat the case, but it's changing. If you look at women 30 to 35, in that age range and under, they're getting more visual. They're getting more aggressive .... Culture is rewiring the female brain. And I literally mean rewiring -- neurochemically, neuroanatomically, women are getting rewired to be more visual and aggressive."-- Dr. Mark Laaser.

what the? what exactly is this man a doctor IN? oh god, my brain is being rewired by my culture... must... view... pornography... (oh. i just checked his website. apparently he has a PhD in Religion and Psychology from the University of Iowa. so not a medical doctor then, at least. whew.)


... !

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

listening to: g-tones, spiderman

mmm... acapella boys.

i totally should be studying for my stats midsem. but i feel so weirdly confident about it. stats just clicks really well with me. and professor kamp is so, so amazing. she just makes such an effort to make sure everyone understands, and to try to get everyone as excited about stats as she is (and... she's pretty excited about stats ^_^,) and just... makes sure everyone knows when her office hours are, but feel free to email her anytime, or come by even not during office hours because she'll probably be there... yeah. <3

in other news, kait is awesome. *giggles* i love it when we make these identical posts over at cb. anyway, speaking of cb (mmm, segue.) i was filling out one of those "top 3 favorites" polls, and i started to wonder about who i'd seen in each role and such, so i was looking at time fies for the first time in awhile.. and... aww, check this out, from the curtis!mark show in des moines...

I finally end up getting seated right before Tango:Maureen, and I'm SO tired/stressed/ecstatic that I start crying. I ended up sobbing the entire way through T:M. I'm such a loser.
i miss being that into the show, i do. (although i completely don't remember that. i'm such a narr, i can't believe i cried through t:m. sheesh.)

and then there's this classic iowa city moment:

A range rover pulls up to Hancher and I want Megan and Elmo to go sit on it so I can take a picture, but they are lazy. I whine and whine. The ranger rover drives away. I am sad. THen we start coloring on animal crackers to make them look like Rent characters. I save them in my wallet for distribution later.

and this bit from nyc makes me laugh a lot from the sheer, delicious irony:

It was more or less full cast, except for Sebastian as Gordon, and D'Monroe was randomly there as Paul. So, Kait was sad about no Chad, and I was too, because.. I wanted to see Chad, having been brainwashed by Kait. But Sebastian was good.

and i love how, as time goes on, my rants (and pictures) become less and less about the show and more about the line. aww. i'm so excited for des moines next month. i haven't seen the show in a year. whoaaa. (and i still haven't put normal up on time fies. i'm lame.)

and one last quotation of myself:

Clark continues to be cute as the proverbial button. Perhaps a button shaped like a piece of toast.

(ps, don't worry if this doesn't make sense to you, especially if you're not a renthead. or even if you are.)

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listening to: tori, tombigbee (live)

*flails a lot* oh noo!! curse my poor mailing skills! (and laziness.) noo, kait, i didn't just send you an empty envelope! at least not intentionally! *flails more* it was so cool, it was a pin, with linus.. but he was a pirate! it was pirate linus! i prolly should have used more tape. but.. i figured... it's so small... and... it.... stupid post office! *frowls*

that's really all i have to say, at the moment.

(yes, maybe i could have just emailed kait instead of devoting an entire entry to describing the thing i attempted to mail her. but... deal. *nods*)

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Monday, March 08, 2004

listening to: tori, honey (live)

random amusing quote: "you look nice today!"
"thanks, so do you!"
"no, but i really mean it!"

mmm, colin firth on snl. so... gah.

you should all be reassured to know that i have duct taped my window shut, and all is peaceful. (the downside of course being that i can no longer open my window.)

today was a glorious day. mary and i basked in front of the pubs building for awhile.

melanie: i can understand that some people don't want to register in iowa, but we also had universal registration to send back to your home state, if you wanted. (& we made this clear to people.) i'm totally fin with people voting wherever, but to just say "i don't vote" or "all politicians are the same" strikes me as totally lame, especially when there are so many insane, landmark things going on right now. full of crap or no, there's a huge difference between republican crap and democratic crap as far as a lot of issues go. i.. yeah.

*frowls at voter apathy*


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listening to: tori, baker baker

random amusing quote:"are you registered to vote?"
"oh... well, would you like a yellow piece of paper? it's yellow!"
"you should start the yellow piece of paper project!"

*sigh* so new voters project was registering kids today... it's fun, but so frustrating when you have the same conversation...
"are you registered to vote?"
"would you like to be?"
"no, i don't vote."

we make it SO easy for people! we'll give you the form! we'll give you a pen! we'll mail your registration! we will look up your phone number for you if you don't remember yours! we will tell you how to spell "grinnell-newburg!" why in the world would you not vote? (um, assuming you're a us citizen, which some of our students aren't. but they weren't the ones who were saying that...)


also, just in case it wasn't clear... it wasn't just that wang ch'ung's first name (or rather last) is wang, but that the whole name is "wang chung"... like the song. "everybody have fun tonight, everybody wang chung tonight!" ("everybody have fun", by wang chung. yes.) i mention this because priscilla's comment mentioned only wang, and not chung.


and now that i've said the word "wang" about 3204935 times, i'm off to class.

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Sunday, March 07, 2004

ahaha, i was just doing my readings for asian religions, and it talked about a treatise on spirits written by wang ch'ung (ca 27-100 ce.) that totally made my day.

(everybody have fun tonight... everybody wang ch'ung tonight!)

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listening to: ani, used to you

oooh my god. the wind today is so, so, so loud. i just... i do not have the words to describe the loudness of the wind. specifically, the wind against our window, i don't think it's this loud when you go outside. (at least, i really hope it's not.) ... if i managed to successfully describe the sounds the wind is making, you would all think that i was exaggerating. but... man, it's fucking loud.

(the wind woke me up around 7 this morning. undaunted, i stayed in bed for 3 more hours. sloth is definitely my favorite deadly sin. i love lying in bed after i'm awake. it sort of prolongs the happy restful feeling, and my mind can just wander all over the place and... yes.)

devon: (sidenote, sorry if i don't notice comments right away... safari is a wonderful browser, but there are a few javascript thingummies that just aren't compatible with it, and one of them is the thing that tells me how many comments i have.) anyway. we got indian food at masala. which is very yummy. mm. and i thought it was a cover too, because... i don't know, it seemed like a cover. but i googled some of the lyrics i remembered, and i didn't come up with anything. (well, i came up with something, but not the right things. yes.)

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Saturday, March 06, 2004

just a short note- awhile ago i typed up all my old setlists (stu and others), and i've just uploaded them. so um, in case you're interested, here they be.

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listening to: stu, whisper

the studio version of this sounds really weird to me now. aand i can't find my setlist. i was going to type it. but i did find my paychecks, which is v.g. (i don't have a bank in g-town, so i have to wait until i go home to deposit them. actually i'm sure there's some way i could get around this, but it's not like i ever use real money when i'm here, so... i'm not too concerned. losing them altogether, however, would be bad. now where the hell is that setlist?)

oh. um. there it is. in the trashcan.

sometimes i wonder how i haven't already perished in some hilariously tragic incident involving household appliances.

hee, i'd like that, because it would confuse people. they'd be sad but secretly they'd want to giggle, and then they'd feel bad. so guys, if this ever happens to me, you have my express permission to laugh, and you may each use the word "dumbass" in reference to me up to three times.

anyway, here's last night's setlist...

random amusing quotes: "it's like your in the inverted world of atmospheres and physics!"

"it reminded me of a song... actually it reminded me of the time i had gay sex with george bush"

"are there any italian speakers here? not one? that's implausible."

"wouldn't that be weird if there were a venereal disease wherein your genital area became mirrorlike?"

"humans cause existence in the animal world" (during "it's all just because")

"you can retroactively request a song i already played! what was your favorite song that i did play?"
"um.. it's all just because"
"yeah! i played that just for you!"

there were more, but i sort of stopped writing them. sooo it goes.

Flower of a Zero
Chow Down
New Song ?
Nothing in Between
Only Echoes
Human Girl
Kid Mystic
It's All Just Because


Doppelganger Body Donor
Sugar Bullets
7 Wonders of the Soul
I Touch Myself
Universe Communion
Atavistic Viking
Anaesthesia Necrophilia
Beyond the Mirror (? Either a new song, or a cover I didn't recognize... hmm. Now I can't remember if he said it was new or not.)
Ara Belle
Angel with Two Backs
Rockstars and Models

now don't you wish you had been there for that?!

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listening to: rachael sage, satelite

who just watched four episodes of space ghost coast to coast? oh, definitely me.

yes. um, last night/today was totally awesome. stuart was great as usual (seriously kids, there are few things as amazing or as hilarious as seeing stuart davis in concert. if you pass up the opportunity to see this man, you are foolish and wrong and probably eat kittens.)

~ seeing miriam, talia, miriam and talia's friends, and devon (i think. ummm, someone was waving at me at the mill, and i was like, i think that's devon, so i waved back, but then i wasn't sure and i didn't want to be waving at a random person so i didn't. yes.)
~ indian food with miriam. mmmm.
~ thai food with miriam. mmmm.
~ coffee with miriam. mmmm. (see, this is what the dining hall does to people.)
~ being stuart's water princess.
~ being randomly interviewed for a campus teevee show. (has anyone else noticed that i type out "teevee" yet not, say, "ceedee" or "deeveedee"? did you ever wonder why? yeah, me neither. but i blame .al.)
~ buying a "mini baby in a matchbox" at the TOY LIQUIDATORS which sounds like the most evil store in existence, but is actually just sort of depressing.
~ stuff.

i'll type the setlist later. yes.

in the meantime, dan savage is great.

Humans aren't the only animals that engage in homosexual activity, MM, and that's a well-documented fact. (Check out Bruce Bagemihl's book Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality And Natural Diversity, which discusses the homosexual lifestyles of orangutans, whales, warthogs, fruit bats, chaffinches, and more than 200 other animals.) And maybe you missed the recent story in The New York Times about two gay male penguins at the Bronx Zoo who adopted and cared for a penguin chick. So it would seem that the big difference between penguins and humans isn't that we practice homosexuality and penguins don't, but that straight penguins aren't threatened by the existence of gay penguins. There is no penguin equivalent of the Traditional Values Coalition, no penguin Gary Bauer or Lou Sheldon, no penguin president trying to prevent so-and-so from loving each other and adopting chicks, and no straight penguins talking about sewing gay penguins' assholes shut.

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Friday, March 05, 2004

listening to: bnl, this is where it ends

yaaay fridaay. both my classes were relatively painless this morning. woot. work made me feel kind of incompetent, but um... it's done now. aand my space ghost dvds came!!!1one!!

and soon miriam will be here (i hope? she hasn't called. hmm.) and then talia and megan and devon and stuuuuart... mmm.

i had some stuff about last night that i wanted to post but i think i might take a nap instead.

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listening to: ben folds, fired

tonight was a lovely, slackerish evening. mm. thanks to all my enablers. you know who you are.

aaaalso: i was using my inbox as an address book. and now it's gone. so all you kids out there, send me your addresses. especially if your name starts with a "k" and ends with an "ait". "kitten bait" would be an example of such a name.

i have to wonder what our mail carrier thinks of my family, considering the large number of mail we get addressed to "_____ of doom." and it's not just me anymore, oh no. my mom has taken to signing her letters "mom of doom." (so i of course address my replies in turn.) it's so great. dooooom.

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

listening to: ben folds, rocking the suburbs

this is totally the theme song for a lot of people i know. i wonder if they know it's their theme song?

Let me tell y'all what it's like
Being male, middle-class and white
It's a bitch, if you don't believe
Listen up to my new CD

I got shit runnin' throught my brain
So intense that I can't explain
All alone in my white-boy pain
Shake your booty while the band complains


i didn't really do much homework tonight. i wrote like, 2 paragraphs of crap which i can discuss in spanish tomorrow. and i might look over my notes to lead the discussion in asian religions tomorrow. might. but it's dumb, because we have these discussion groups, and rotating leaders and all this... and then he gives us like 10 discussion questions.so in essence, all the leader really needs to do is show up to class, write down the questions, show up to the discussion, and ask aforementioned questions. right.

i feel like a slacker. but i'm enjoying it. mmm.

you know what's great? the onion.

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oh yeah. and some txf-related musings, too. so last night mary summed up the last half of season 8, and season 9 for me... because i definitely lost intrest in the show around the beginning of season 8. anyway. so all i really have to say about that is wtf? no really, wtf? anyway, so now i'm reading some episode summaries. and i'm so, so amused that the episode that gratuitously killed off my favorite characters ever (grr) is called "jump the shark." (but dude, guys, the shark had been jumped by that point.)

mmm.. i want to watch some the lone gunmen now. and i have mary's tapes all sitting here, temptingly. mmm... tlg.

(i get so much more nostalgic over fictional occurences than i do real life...)

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listening to: ani, virtue

thing #345 i love about grinnell: when the professor tells the class that we can all leave, but everyone sticks around for another 45 minutes anyway.

humanities exam definitely wasn't that bad, although of course i'm not sure how harshly he'll be grading the essays and such. still though, i'm feelin' pretty groovy. mm, thursday. (and... pasta bar! hence... garlic bread!!! sweet, sweet garlic bread.)

and tomorrow's going to rock SO HARD. also tonight, because i have not-too-much in the way of homework. although perri wants us to go watch the carmen movie again. but... i really, really don't want to. i mean, i watched it two days ago.. i took notes... i don't think i should have to spend 2 hours of my life in a little av center cubicle watching it again. and yeah, i'm sure i'd understand it better the 2nd time around. but... there were subtitles, for heaven's sake. so um.. that, and my resentment of spanish... make it highly unlikely that i will go watch it again. ahem. yes.

also, i'm a bad daughter and forgot my parents' 30th anniversary. doh. (in my defense, they never really make a big deal out of it... i knew it was.. sometime in march... uh.. yeah.) but um, good work guys, way to not hate each other.


replies to some old comments:
devon: yaay! see you tomorrow ^_^ also... how do you know i wasn't setting things on fire, huh? er, but you're right, i was being more asocial. (and don't worry, i too understand the need to nitpick. english major. well, undeclared, but good as.)

del: would i associate with non-fancy carrots? i think not. *giggle*

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listening to: tori, bliss

a few random thoughts about tww:
~ cj/big bird otp!!1one!!
~ dammit bingo bob, i wanted to like you
~ dammit swimtern, i wanted not to like you
~ dammit josh, what's your problem?
~ yay for elly!
(also i'm glad that debbie shares my preference for the muppet show muppets. and abbey is all up ons with her muppet knowledge. and <3 charlie. that is all.)


so... i feel like i should be studying for my humanities midsem. but the concept of studying for an english class is so bizarre to me. i can't really wrap my mind around it. i really feel like.. i did the reading and discussion questions, did the discussions, read sparknotes and re-skimmed both books, know "the timeline as far as we've gone" (which is... the first entry, homer...) and... yeah.

on the other hand gina told me that simawe's tests are really random. but... um... yeah. if i fail this, you'll all know why ^_^

and now i'm going to go put on shoes and go to convo. i'm really excited about this week's topic: “Race, Slavery, and the American Memory” given by the author of “Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: An American Controversy.” oh jefferson, you slut.

(oh, and sidenote frowl kids... um, all your saved emails are gone. yes, i'm bitter too. yes, very. *frowl* there's more information here.)

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

blogging in inslab. *yawn* slightly north of tired.

wednesdays involve far too many changes of clothing for me. i mean, first i change out of my pajamas and into some regular clothes. and then, i have to change into my snazzy dining service shirt+hat. and then out of dining service and back into regular clothes. and theeen, into yoga clothes. and then back into regular clothes (although sometime i skip this step) and then, back into pajamas.

you see how hard my life is? sheesh.

if i'm ever charged with manslaughter, this will definitely be the defense i use. (or not.)

the civil war 2. vermont vs. new hampshire? (eta: fixed the link, thanks kait ^_^)

cnn provides me with far too much entertainment.

in other news, apparently the muppets are on tww tonight?! that's so exciting. because i mean, if anything's better than the muppets... clearly it's the muppets *and* the west wing. the only way this could be cooler is if sam also came back. (and.. if he were a muppet.) *strokes chin thoughtfully*


i'm kinda sad it's the sesame street muppets, though. i mean, they're cool and all... but not as much as the real muppets.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

hey frowl kids: if you got an email like this:

Dear user of e-mail server "Frowl.org",

Your e-mail account has been temporary disabled because of unauthorized access.

Advanced details can be found in attached file.

Best wishes,
The Frowl.org team http://www.frowl.org

it's a dirty lie, and also a virus. (see, you can tell, because i am the frowl.org team, and i would never use so many capital letters in an email. also i'd probably be much nicer about suspending your email account. or else much less nice. um, depending.)

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listening to: tori, cloud on my tongue (live)

random amusing quotes: "excuse me, but who are you to say that goats can't legally give consent?"
"well, the constitution has a little-known 'goat clause.' madison knew of the goats, and he was trying to prevent the inevitable day when the united states will bow down before our goat lords."

"if it weren't for eve, we'd all be stuck in that boring garden for eternity..."

"why are you here? i'm sure most of you applied to yale and princeton, but you are all here! does that mean you have done something wrong?" (<- more amusing because it was professor simawe...)

so. kinda tired. new tww tomorrow! get to see ic folk & stuart on friday!

i grabbed mary's banana from her crotch, and then i fondled it for awhile, until i noticed that it had a sticky spot.

isn't that hot?

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listening to: tori, after all

*stretches* tuesdays (and thursdays) are so happy. 10 am is a much nicer time to wake up than 7 am. (and i could sleep even later if i wanted, but through careful calculations i've settled upon 10 am as the ideal time to get up. it lets me feel all happy and rested, but it still gives me a couple hours before class to get stuff done. stuff like.. blogging. *shifty eyes*)

except after class today i have to go to the av center and watch a movie for spanish. oh spanish, the perpetual rain on my parade. (la lluvia.. en mi parada? i just made that last word up. um... babelfish says the word i want is "desfile" but i'm pretty sure that has military connotations. dammit spanish, you're doing it again. don't make me get my anti-spanish umbrella.)

sga elections are tomorrow, and whoever put up "wedge antilles for sga vice president!" posters all over campus is officially my hero. (also herd.) i'd vote for him.

here look, have some quiz results.

 Conscious self
Overall self
Take Free Enneagram Personality Test

note the way my unconscious personality contradicts my conscious one. no wonder i'm so confused ^_^

oh, and one comment i wanted to... comment about. uh. was from talia. " I think you really ended up in the place that suits you best. It shows through the very little interaction I still have with you." & i just wanted to say that non-grinnell kids, just because i don't talk to you or see you as often as i do.. grinnell kids.. doesn't mean i don't still love you! really. also, my aim status rarely reflects reality. so... feel free to im my away message, because i probably just forgot (or.. just didn't care enough) to take it down. similarly, if i appear to be ignoring you, i probably wandered off (or was kidnapped) and forgot to put one up. um... yes. and talia, i'll see you on friday! so yay! *frolicks about*

*frolicks back to agamemnon*

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Monday, March 01, 2004

lemony snicket makes me giggle.

... But even if they could go home it would be difficult for me to tell you what the moral of the story is. In some stories, it's easy. The moral of "The Three Bears," for instance, is "Never break into someone else's house." The moral of "Snow White" is "Never eat apples." The moral of World War One is "Never assassinate Archduke Ferdinand."

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what the hell kind of question is "what meaning does thinking have in the play?"?

i ask you.

umm... i don't want to do my homework.

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listening to: tori, enjoy the silence

i'm SO amused that when sarah (the religious studies major, mind you) came into my room, asking after the 4th horseman of the apocalypse (she had war, famine, and pestilence) i said, "death!" and when she questioned me, i grabbed my copy of good omens. this inspired her to get her copy of the bible. teehee. (see... apparently, biblically, "pestilence" isn't a horseman, but rather.. a horse. death's horse. the 4th horseman is "conquest". but... no one really cares about him. *shrug*)

it's raining today, but i enjoy it.

omg new teen girl squad !!!!!11one!!!1 soooo good. yeah, lincoln rocks so hard.

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