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Sunday, February 29, 2004

listening to: bnl, lovers in a dangerous time

yay, i'm officially trained to host prospies. (whew, i'm so glad i know now not to get them drunk. now i'll have to think of some sort of alternate activity.) as utterly corny and cheesy and sappy (... hey, i could go make some sort of... sweet cheesy cornbread... um... thing) as it sounds (and is) i love grinnell. a lot. and i think it will be exciting to show some kids the awesomeness of grinnell. awww.

(& now for some more pointless introspection. if this bores you, here is a picture of kittens you may look at instead.)

i think another big part of my... whatever you want to call it... is that subconsciously, i don't feel like i deserve everything i have. i mean... i had (& have) great friends in high school, and i had a great time there. and then i came to grinnell and i love it here, and i have a lot of great friends. and i seem to just... stumble into things. i stumbled into having amazing piratekids on my floor. i stumbled into joining and co-leading scipe, which is great. i definitely stumbled into this b&s thing. and... i guess i'm really sort of subconsciously waiting for things to suck. & then i started to think well, maybe it's not necessarily that good things just happen to me, as it is that i only focus on the good things? i guess ultimately i've been assuming that i'm a passive participant in my life, and eventually something will come along that i can't handle. and i mean.. i'm sure that will happen. but i think. i think i can handle most things. and i think i used to giggle when people would tell me that i was really "together" and "with-it" but now i think maybe they were right. more or less.

okay, i apologize if the last few days of boron come across like "hey, look how awesome i am!" but i just... needed to work some of this out. you guys all rock. <3

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listening to: ani, untouchable face

so.. the editing thing went really well, i think. they gave me some stuff, and were like.. um, make this funnier. and despite me freaking out and feeling pressured, aaas i am so prone to doing, i did. and also elegantified them. except now i feel like... a little shaky, just because of my (not-so) secret complete lack of social skills, which mean that... basically, i can usually interact well with strangers, if i'm a bit on the shy side... but inside my head the whole time i'm like "oh god oh god oh god..."

(insert interlude in which i am kidnapped, walk to the forum to get ice cream, return to h3 and eat aforementioned ice cream.)

"it's the end of the one sweet whirled as we know it... and i feel fine."

anyway. mary and christine, thanks for the loving ^_^ *is awesome*

in conclusion.. i am an awesome, competent kid. really. *shifty eyes*

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i knew there was something i forgot to post before! i can never remember everything i want to say. anyway, priscilla posted a meme about looking at entries from exactly a year ago, and sam had a birthday on the 26th! (that was when he was still called bessie. because that was before i had an lj. yes.) well, really, i guess sam and i had an anniversary.

aww. *pats sam*

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listening to: ani, rush hour

one of the highlights of nerdbowl yesterday... i was reading this question, and it was like .. "a deficiency of this vitamin can result in bleeding gums, stiff muscles..." and i realized i was reading a definition of scurvy, and i just lost it and started cracking up, and then julia started laughing too.. and all the high school kids were just like "wtf?" and i was like "uh.. sorry, i'll keep reading." and so i finished that sentence, and then it was like... "scurvy is caused by..." and at the word "scurvy" i started laughing again. it was great. also, 15/16 of the moderators wore glasses. coincidence? i think not.

someone emailed me and all they said was "does curtis have a girlfriend?" and i'm so tempted to reply with "yes, YOUR MOM!"

ahem. anyway. i found out today... like, there were originally going to be 2 junior editors, and apparently now it's just me. which makes me feel nervous. but also... flattered, i guess. it's just like... last semester i wrote a couple random things and sent them in, and at the beginning of this semester i was one of 2 freshmen at an... "inner circle" type meeting, and... basically on one level i don't really understand why they picked me. but on the other hand, they only had a limited number of lowerclassmen to choose from, and they did tell me that my stuff was the most... usable? the stuff they generally didn't have to edit much? um. don't mind me, this always happens when people have... expectations of me. (i think my biggest problem is that i tend to assume that it's not that i'm good at stuff, it's just that other people are bad at stuff. which is really just unfair to myself and everyone else. so... uh... yes i'm awesome!)

so maybe i'll stop whining and go do some homework now.

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Saturday, February 28, 2004

listening to: ani d, blood in the boardroom

i realize that i haven't been very upons with my ani love lately. but i assure you, it's still there, if a bit dormant.

yay ani!

also, not ani, but yay stuart! and ic-area folk (ie.. talia), stu's back at the mill march 5th. so... if you're free then... you should come. *nod* miriam's going to get me. and i will be there. and it will be rocktastic!

today was pretty fun. mm... nerdbowl moderating. and then we played some trivial pursuit. which is like nerdbowl. but not. and i finally got a green piece of pie ^_^ (green is sports >_<)

mm... sleepy. should do homework, since tomorrow evening (my usual prime homework time) will be eaten up by meetings from 4-7 and 8:30-9:45.

priscilla: i always say "purple-esque". (like... similar to purple.) but as far as i know it's not a specific tori-reference, so i mean... it *could* be purple-skew. but.. yeah.

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Friday, February 27, 2004

further proof that i rock harder than you do ^_^

(yeah. see look, i'm spending my friday night weblogging proof that i'm a tori nerd. isn't that awesome? don't you want to BE ME?)

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listening to: melissa ferrick, crack the mirror

*amused* so our blinky voicemail light was, well, blinking, and i checked it (dropping and destroying the phone in the process... every time i touch our phone, and sometimes when i don't, it falls off the table and the faceplate falls off...) and i had a message from aron that was like, "can you meet with us on sunday? um.. email me or call me. my number is... um... i don't actually know my phone number. so.. email me."

well, i was amused.

went to see ritalin test squad (our improv troupe) with carly, julia, and mary. they were much with the funny. i'm kinda sleepy now. and i have to get up early to moderate for nerdbowl tomorrow. and if i were smart, i'd do some homework tonight, cos all day tomorrow i'll be busy (aforementioned nerdbowl, followed by pirateki revelry... por toda la noche!)

discovery: tropicana twisters black cherry lemonade is very tasty. it earns the official boron narratives stamp of approval.

i think i might spend the rest of the night being anti-social, and i think it will be lovely. *hermitizes*

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listening to: tori, doughnut song

oh, man. spanish today just would not end. (until it did.) i was so tired, it was so easy for me to just space out... so i made my one comment at the beginning of class. and blinked for 50 minutes. woo. and then i went to the dining hall, and i did some stuff. and i got to peel carrots! which was fun! (yes, i realize it's sad that i'm so starved for entertainment that peeling carrots is exciting. but... uh... shut up.)

also, i made an almost entirely successful phonecall. although i did accidentally refer to the human rights campaign as the human rights council, and was corrected. whatever, man, i got the acronym right. ooh, and tonight is wrap bar! which is my favorite dining hall night ever! chicken ceasar wrap, here i come.

squirrelmail, i hate you and will eat your babies.

aaaalso julia and i went downtown today, and got coffee and liberry books! and they had league of extraordinary gentlemen! yay! <3 alan moore.

the underwear ball is tonight. i feel that i will probably not go. underwear is nice and all but i usually prefer to wear things over it. just a quirk.

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

listening to: ani, buildings and bridges

whew. so i did my spanish reading earlier today, and then i did some stuff, and just now(ish) i sat back down to do the analysis part. good thing, because apparently part of it was due by email tonight before 10.

my chin keeps breaking out. what the hell is up with that? skin, you were so good in high school. i disapprove.

also, i would like to nominate del for best comment ever: renata. i got the da vinci code from the library. and oh my god. it's the best thing since sliced kittens! i can't put it down. the book, not the sliced kittens. when i'm done with it i must catch you online so i can gush. verbally. not literally. that seems kind of messy.

caffiene. hyper.
i love you del. you need to come to one of the hi-5 tour stops. preferably one of the same ones i go to. or rent in des moines. or both! whoa.

priscilla: whoa. that's weird. potc... *giggle*

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i think i've taken this before. um... yes i'm awesome!

Advanced Big 30 Personality Test Results
Sociability ||||||||||||||| 42%
Gregariousness ||||||||||||||| 42%
Assertiveness |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Activity Level ||||||||||||||| 46%
Excitement-Seeking ||||||||||||||| 42%
Enthusiasm ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Extroversion ||||||||||||||| 49%
Trust ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Morality |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Altruism |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Cooperation |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Modesty ||||||||||||||| 50%
Sympathy ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Friendliness |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Confidence |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Neatness |||||||||||| 34%
Dutifulness ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Achievement |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Self-Discipline |||||||||||| 38%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Orderliness |||||||||||||||||| 52%
Anxiety |||||||||||| 34%
Volatility |||||||||||| 38%
Depression |||||||||||| 38%
Self-Consciousness |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Impulsiveness ||||||||||||||| 46%
Vulnerability |||||||||||| 34%
Emotional Stability |||||||||||||||||| 59%
Imagination ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Artistic Interests ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Emotionality ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Adventurousness ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Intellect ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Liberalism |||||||||||||||||||||||| 78%
Openmindedness ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Take Free Advanced Big 30 Personality Test

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Your muse is Thalia, the Flourishing. She is the
muse of comedy, and her symbol is the comic
mask. You love comedy, whether it be Monty
Python, Mel Brooks, Terry Pratchett, or Jim
Carrey. I have no doubt I'll see you on Comedy
Central sometime soon...

Which of the Nine Muses is your muse?
brought to you by Quizilla

hey talia, you're my muse! *giggles* (is it nerdy that i was hoping my muse would be clio? ah well, this works too. i mean... studying. right.)

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for some reason this excerpt from the iliad sparknotes really cracks me up:

The river, sympathetic to the Trojans, calls for help from Apollo, but when Achilles hears the riverís plea, he attacks the river. The river gets the upper hand and drags Achilles all the way downstream to a floodplain. He very nearly kills Achilles, but the gods intervene. Hephaestus, sent by Hera, sets the plain on fire and boils the river until he relents.

uh. exam in an hour and 45 minutes! go study, renata! do it!

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i am the sleepy. christine and julia and i are studying. also mocking mel gibson.

*takes a moment to frowl at mel gibson*

whoa. got distracted. by stuff. and piracy. i think i might go to bed now. since it's been like.. an hour since i opened blogger. go me.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

listening to: tori, a sorta fairytale

woohoo, i successfully talked to 2 people from lambda legal defense on the phone (for scipe) and managed to not sound like a complete idiot. i hereby reward myself by doing nothing.

mmm... nothing.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

listening to: tori, glory of the 80s

hmm. i got myself all freaked out about having too much homework to do, so i did it all... poorly... and now i have time left. i could go prepare better for asian religions tomorrow. but now that i think about it, we're watching a video tomorrow anyway, we were supposed to prepare that for friday. bah.

i've been so much more add than usual lately. like tonight... gah, just everything, angela typing, sam's fan, someone opening a package of something down the hall, someone giggling down the hall... everything was so much more interesting than my homework. it was ridiculous. i think i'm just. i think. i think break could come now and that would be okay.

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*flails a lot* dude, purplesque's new layout... has pirates!! piiiirates! *loves purplesque*

uh. regresare a mi tarea de espanol ahora.

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listening to: tori, spring haze

<3333 aclu. if the link i posted earlier pissed you off, let someone know. it totally could not be easier. make your voice heard, bitches.

people who can't take literature with its historical context really annoy me. look, no, homer was not a feminist. deal with it, or fear my bitchslap. bitchslap.. of history. *shifty eyes*

anyway, i'ma go do some laundry and studying now. woot.

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listening to: tori, 1000 oceans

aaah! no no no bad! *flails a lot*

tuesdays are good, lazy days. mmm... tuesday.

priscilla: because i'm lazy ^_^

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i don't know why, but this morning i woke up and decided that i should archive my stuff. so um, i did. *stretches* yes.

and so i give you: some stuff i wrote.

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Monday, February 23, 2004

listening to: tori, josephine

i am saddened that there are people in this world who have not heard the song "i am the walrus". i should sneak up upon them and play it for them.

um. i'm feeling so weird today. like.. just.. off. kinda shaky. i'm choosing to blame it on caffeine (at two cups today, i'm at twice my usual amount) but i don't think that's it. i've definitely had way more caffeine than this and been fine. but maybe i've lost my tolerance.

i bought a tiny stapler today and it makes me very happy.

whoa, i (i left in the middle of this post and i just got back. hello again) just ran into aron and nick (editors of the b&s) and apparently that junior editor thing that was on and then off is back on again. yay me! ("we'll pay you!" "i'd do it for free!" "i see... well, that $150 we were going to give you.. now it's in my slush fund." "he means a fund for slushies.") also, now i have cheese.

(unrelated to the b&s.)

aalso that asian religions quiz i thought i bombed? turns out i got an 82. which isn't like.. great, but i'm definitely happy about it. yaaay.

so in conclusion, being me is totally awesome. (sorry if this comes off as me bragging. it's actually an attempt to spread positive happy energy in a digital form, as opposed to the negative angsty energy that blogs tend to create.)

mmm, cheese.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

oh man. "ascension"... *small voice* it made me wanna write some m/s.

i feel so dirty.

but.. mulder... so cute... aaah!

i'm excited for spring break. because (me + julia + mary) - school = teh r0x0rs!

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so uh, over at the cb boards we got into a bit of a religious discussion.. thing... and since i mentioned that i was an atheist, someone asked me what i believed in. and this was my response. and i kinda like it, so i'm going to post it again here.

What do I believe? I believe that life itself is miraculous and beautiful enough without a divine. To semi-quote Douglas Adams (because I left my books at home and don't remember it exactly)-- "Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?" I believe that (and again, um, this is a view that was better voiced by Alan Moore than I could, and I *do* actually have this quote):

And yet, in each human coupling, a thousand million sperm vie for a single egg. Multiply those odds by countless generations, against the odds of your ancestors being alive; meeting; siring this precise son; that exact daughter... Until your mother loves a man she has every reason to hate, and of that union, of the thousand million children competing for fertilization, it was you, only you, that emerged. To distill so specific a form from that chaos of improbability, like turning air to gold... that is the crowning unlikelihood. The thermo-dynamic miracle.

But the world is so full of people, so crowded with these miracles that they become commonplace and we forget... We gaze continually at the world and it grows dull in our perceptions. Yet seen from another's vantage point, as if new, it may still take the breath away.

Um. And now that I'm done quoting sci-fi at you (or.. am I?) basically, I guess I just believe that life is special because it is so ephemeral. I don't believe in a higher power, because it just doesn't make sense to me. I believe that Jesus and Muhammad and Siddhartha Gotama and so on and so forth.. were good men, who preached good messages. But I don't believe they were divine. I don't believe angels are watching over us, but I believe that a stranger helping you jump your car or a single mom finding time to volunteer aut a soup kitchen are the real angels, and the fact that they're motivated only by human nature and their own kindness, and not by some divinity, makes them all the more amazing.

... and that's what I believe.

and now i will go read some more about what chinese people believe.

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listening to: (or should i say lystening to): lyrnyrd skynyrd, sweet home alabama

mm. today was much with the happy. mary and julia and i braved the rain for a jaunt into town, where we purchased eggs and warm beverages. and then, using aforementioned eggs, we baked cheatcakes!! they're totally awesome. (we just made a yellow cake, and then used chocolate frosting to make real the cheat spots.)

and we ate our leftover indian food and our cheatcakes in the nook, and... mm, tasty.

and i have fought my homework down to completable levels, and then there will be txf tonight.


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*amuuused* so angela just came home, fairly drunk ("i'm not drunk... i'm tipsy" diana: [whispering] "she's so drunk...") and we got her into bed and made her drink water.. and now she keeps talking about how sorry she is to be keeping me up, because i'm "a pretty cool roommate, even though you keep threating to set me on fire..." also she keeps telling me that next year i should live in the substance free dorm, so i won't have to deal with this. (as a side note.. i love that all these people are SO outraged about us having a substance free dorm next year [not because we're only having one, but because we're having one at all] whereas i'm just like "oh.. well, that's a good idea... but north campus? ew.")

*is amused* yeah. hmm. it's like, 3 am. maybe i should go to bed. but, i'm really not tired. probably because i took a nap from like.. 8-9.

also, i'm amused that this is definitely the most trashed angela and i have been, ever. except... for her, it's to the point of wobbling and blurred vision (and, from what i gather from her ramblings, she's not entirely sure if i exist or not, but if i do exist, she likes me.) and for me, it was like.. 3 sips of wine. uh.

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listening to rachael sage, painting of a painting

uh.. bored. meme, ganked from talia!

Write a random phrase from each of the following:

Nearest book to you: "a mutinous crew undid me-- that and a cruel sleep. set it to rights, my friends. you have the power!"-- the odyssey (trans fagles. hmm, i wonder if dean read that?)

Nearest cd insert: "the internet is for porn!"-- avenue q obcr

Nearest piece of paper that you wrote on: "buddhas in bikinis, going all the way!"-- from my stu setlist/quotes list last month

Nearest piece of paper that was written to you: "dad and reid went snow mobiling yesterday and i had to rescue them"-- from a postie from my mom

Something on your desk: the swirly purple lipgloss carly gave me for christmas (because lipgloss for all is sga money well spent!)

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listening to: rachael sage, better from mars

random amusing quotes: "but the cheat is a fine looking young man!"
"yeah, but i only date girls"

"our cheese cost more than our wine..."

"stoned wheat crackers!"

tonight was so much fun. yay ^_^ we went to loteria (although julia and i were unable to match our previous fabulous winnings of post-it notes and laundry detergent ~_~), and then we had our wine&cheese.

and.. it was good. and we played the perilous parlor game again ^_^

i'm amused by a conversation i had yesterday with angela...

angela: doing homework? hmm.. not from what i can see
renata: "i'm totally bummed that school is happening again this year!"[doing homework]
renata: .. .maybe this IS my homework. and you're weird ;-)
angela: huh? why am i weird? can't a girl have an online convo with her roommate who is two feet away?
renata: plotting my roommate's demise. back later.
renata: there, is that more accurate? ^_^
angela: *meep
renata: teehee.

so yeah, goodtimes. and tomorrow, we're going to make cheatcakes! (cuz only liars and thieves eat grumblecakes... and those people go to prison!)

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

i would just like to take a moment to say that i can't wait for 1602 #8.

< /moment >

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listening to: tori, real men

today is SOO grood. .. wow, itunes shuffle cracks me up... it went from "real men" (which is a sweet, sad, slow kinda song) to... TROGDOR!

yesterday was pretty grood too. yay for the perilous parlor boardgame! and today, julia and i got up early (um, 10-ish. *cough*) and went into town, and we went to the hallmark store and the post office and the liberry and saint's rest and got coffee! aand at the liberry i got the first lemony snicket book. yay! aaalso road to perdition, to feed my graphic novel addiction.

and the weather is gorgeous and i walked to steiner with julia and also the post office and i wore a jacket not a coat and i had an abraham lincoln postcard awaiting me and there were puddles and also good conversation and i am happy.

oh, also, i cleaned my room, and i even washed my bedding, and... yeah. and tonight, there will be spanish bingo and then cheese&wine with the pirateki. it will be delightful, and possibly even classy.

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Friday, February 20, 2004

listening to: strong bad, the cheat is not dead

bloooogging in the room of mary, doing madlibs with mary and julia. life is good. and earlier, there was delicious indian food. mm, delicious.

teehee. so much fun.

also, i sooo want a the cheat plush doll. seriously guys, if you want to buy my love... that would definitely do it ^_^

did you find the spare key to my apartment yet?

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listening to: tori, winter (live)

kind of a meh day. the weather's kinda meh, and i feel like i did pretty meh on my asian religions quiz, and work was kinda meh. but mustn't dwell, not on rex manning day!

also, i got really lost trying to find winsdor house and it turns out it was exactly where it was supposed to be. stupid house. *frowl* (it didn't have a sign in front, like all the other campus houses do... so i thought it was just someone's... house. but, it wasn't. uh. and i had to get my picture taken for grinnell magazine, and the photographer yelled at me for having too coy of a smile. coy, that's a new one...)

but, sooon i will get to go to iowa city with some of the pirateki and we will get indian food and it will be happy! and right now i think i might take a nap. because i can. yay!

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

oh, deankids, did you read the latest dean email? oh, it's so cute.

It feels a hell of a lot better to try and lose than not to try at all. In any case I have to say that I don't really feel like we have lost. We only lose if we quit. There is an enormous amount of power in numbers, and we can still change this country (and that is exactly what we're going to do!).

aww. (even if it is cliche-ridden.. it's adorable.)

i just... sigh. so frustrated. oh well, kerry and edwards are both beating bush in the head-to-heads, and that's fabulous news.

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Robert Thompson, a professor of pop culture at Syracuse University, said "The Grey Album" comes at a time when the Beatles have re-emerged as "an avant garde band" for a new generation.

"If you're a 16-year-old listening to the Beatles, it makes you really on the edge of cool," he said.

when did the beatles stop being cool?! wtf? how can they re-emerge when they've always been cool? sheesh, these people.

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listening to: tori, in the springtime of his voodoo

so... i just got this email. the subject line is "hi hi," and i figured it was probably spam but i decided to read it anyway. the text of the email is as follows:

Question who reads this. like what ever i write to you guys who reads them? i
will have questions for u after u tell me kk.

so... either it was written by a crazy person, a really bad spammer, or... (and i think this might be it?) someone off of cc.com who was trying indirectly to ask if this was curtis's email address, or something along those lines?

also, i'm apparently addicted to sass. who knew?

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i want to write the scripts for statistics videos!!

"on every bag of potato chips, all the ingredients are listed. the only one missing is the most important one: (dramatic pause) proper sampling."

*gasp* will all the bags of chips meet their required net weight? oh, the drama.

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so, did you know that they have statistics videos?

because, they do.

3 words: random potato sampling.

this is oscar-worthy stuff, friends.

(thank god this class is in a computer lab...)

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listening to: bnl, the flag

man, gordon is such a great album. i especially love how it's like.. "fun song, fun song, fun song... depressing song about abusive relationships! fun song, fun song, fun song.... another depressing song about abusive relationships!" it's like duck duck goose or something. (by the way, that's not sarcasm. i think it makes the songs more effective. i mean, if you had whole album of "wrap your arms around me" and "the flag" it would just be depressing. prettily depressing, but yeah. this way it's... surprising.)

watching txf has reminded me of how much i love scully. i mean, i love mulder, and i love krycek (though notsomuch season 2 krycek)... but i love scully. (although i love the lone gunmen.) which is interesting, because back in the day i was more of a mulder girl. (levels of krycek love would appear to have remained constant.) um... discuss. *runs off*

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

listening to: bnl, break your heart (live)

this song is sooo grood.

le sigh, howie. it was a good campaign. oh, but one last huzzah... i have to share this quote from this week's newsweek...

"Now that we're on dog pee, we can have an interesting conversation about that. I do not recommend drinking urine... but if you drink water straight from a river, you have a greater chance of getting an infection than you do if you drink urine."
-- Howard Dean, taching an 8th-grade science class in La Cross, WI

isn't that gorgeous? dean, the anti-urine candidate.

anyway. i was thinking that life would be easier if i were a sim. because then like... i wouldn't have to wonder if i was boring someone, i'd just look up and see the big red minus sign above their head. likewise, when people started rambling about baseball, they could just look up and see the big baseball with an x through it above my head. it would be great.

on the downside, though, if i were a sim, it would take me a half hour to pee.

(see, it all comes back to urine. or something. uh...)

i'm soooo sleepy. i should go study a bit for asian religions, cos i have tww at 8 and txf at 9. yes.

oh! and kait, dude, you know what's weird? i just realized today... julia also really likes l&o and tww!!! my wives could hang out and watch teevee together!

also: yay, thanks to the people who said i was classy ^_^ (although this post will probably change their mind.) also, tura.. whoa, classy sassy.. that's hott.

oh, and priscilla: like jar jar himself. i mean, he's not pink or anything... it's just his facial structure... and then like, his dreads tend to look like that jar-jar ear thing. it's like... oh, hang on. here's his stalkernet picture. the smile sort of ruins the effect, but... yeah.)

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

i can't believe i just emailed a professor to ask about font choice for a paper. but... he said "courier or equivalent", and it's only a 2-page paper... and... 2 pages with courier is so not enough space. whereas 2 pages with times new roman would be much more acceptable. and... yeah.

okay, i'm a narr.

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a boron poll: i've decided that i would like to be thought of as classy. so, please reply in the comment box:
1. do you consider me classy?
2. if not, how could i become classy?
3. isn't classy a cool-sounding word? classy.

(in case you were wondering, i'm not really sure if i'm joking or not. *shrug*)

talia: yay, i'm glad my frequent-blogging is appreciated ^_^
tura: well, i live on the 3rd floor so i couldn't really see him all that well. (so, he wasn't so much outside the window, as below the window.) but, i've seen him around, he's the guy we all think looks like jar jar binks. (and apparently his name is nate. or so says christine.) so.. i guess the answer to your question is... no.

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Monday, February 16, 2004

there is a guy outside my window doing tai chi or... something.

he has long dreadlocks.

in the snow, in the lamplight, it looks a bit surreal.

now he kind of looks like a robot.

how do i ever get any work done? (it's probably because it's not last-minute enough for me. i don't feel pressured, therefore i'm okay with wasting time being creepy and watching some guy out my window, and blogging lots of bizarre random things. i mean, this baby's not due til thursday afternoon.)

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nytw rent makes me happy. SHE GOUGED HER EYES OUT!

wait a minute, i said, i have cable too but i haven't blinded myself and wandered into the desert...

also, if this makes no sense to you, that's okay.

i'm tired.

children-- artists-- lovers jump over the moon every day! i can't even get off the ground!

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listening to: dar williams, as cool as i am

there's something weird about this peach-mango juice; specifically, it tastes like peaches and mangoes. while i applaud this honesty in labelling, there's just something about the combination of peaches and mangoes. like.. it's good... but every time i take a sip, my taste buds are like "wtf? this taste like.. peaches.. and mangoes? huh?"


uh.. go read this. (ganked from neil's blog.) i'm busy being puzzled by my juice.

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listening to: stu, human girl

yoga + stu = sooo grood.

also, i heart the drabble-matic.

Josh paced up and down, jiggling his calf. His very good friend, Mary Sue Sock, had arranged to meet him here at the mall. "I have something spastic to tell you," she had said.

Mary Sue Sock was late, which was very unlike her. Any moment now, Josh expected to see her bounce up, her sadistic hair streaming behind her and her soporific eyes aglow.

Josh heard footsteps, but they seemed rather shiny for a delicate and sparkly girl like Mary Sue Sock, whose tread was scintillating. He turned around and found Sam staring at him.

"What are you doing here?" Sam said slowly. "I thought you said you didn't want to see me again."

Josh had said that, but now he was beginning to wish he hadn't acted so sharply. "Mary Sue Sock asked to meet me here." As he gazed at Sam, his ear began to throb sleepily.

"Oh," Sam said, softly. "I'll just go then."

"Wait," Josh said and caught Sam by his nose. "I was wrong. I still love you. Can you ever forgive me?"

"Yes," Sam said, smiling. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed, like Lovezilla, satistfied after a hard day's work of defending love.

From behind a stone, Mary Sue Sock watched with a smooth light in her silky eyes. She took a list out of her pocket, and checked off "Josh/Sam". Then, she skipped off to help an embittered man find love again, just as soon as she'd saved the llama from extinction.

(by the way, if you noticed an abundance of s-words, it was intentional. well, the first few were coincidental, but then i decided to stick with it.)

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listening to: stu, sexy messiah

this song just makes me want to rooooock out. praise the fuckin' lord.


had kind of a bizarre (but also happyful) conversation with professor simawe today...we all had to go in individually to discuss our papers. so i go, and he looks at it, and says "oh, good job, this was one of the highest grades in the class!" so i was all.. yay! and then he says, "do you participate in class?" and i said... sometimes... and he says, "well, you should." and meanwhile i'm thinking... dude, a significant part of our grade in the class is, in theory, based on participation... shouldn't you know if i'm participating or not?

i'm just sayin'.

uh. had a stats exam today, i think it went okay. *shrug* i finished super early and i was like... dammit. so i checked it like 3 times, and then i played some calculator bowling, and still no one was done.. so then i turned it in. yes.

devon: aw. yaay for yay me! i used to say that all the time when i was younger... i remember i said it once to my french horn teacher (whoa. waaay back when.) and he was like, "okay, phoebe!" and i was like "wtf?" [er, i'm paraphrasing here] and he was like "oh... pheobe on friends says that a lot." so... apparently, phoebe on friends also says "yay me". but i've only seen friends a couple times so i can't really verify ^_^

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

yay me! so, before x-files, this girl turns to julia and i, and says "if you were going to break into someone's house, tackle them on their coffee table, and shoot them, what kind of gun would you use?"

and so we were like "..." and then she said, "oh, it's for craft of fiction... my character need to do that, but i don't know anything about guns... do you guys?" and i said, "um.. mulder and scully use sig sauers..." and julia said "lots of people on law and order use 38s!" (and later, mary walked in and answered the same question with "a sig sauer!" woo, nerdiness.)

and then we joked about learning about weaponry from teevee/movies, and trying to think of other kinds of handguns (because we established that one would use a handgun in this situation) and i was like "oh, and james bond uses a handgun! it's a.. a.. .fuck, what kind of gun does he use?!" and everyone was like "oh... that one kind... uh... i don't remember!" and i was freaking out, because... well, you know how annoying it is when you can't remember stuff. and i still couldn't remember and couldn't remember, and just now i was about to look it up... i typed "james bond g" into google and then suddenly, before i could even type "un", i remembered: he uses a walther ppk.

uh... yes i'm awesome!

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i win! i finished my spanish paper! yay! (i think i might take it to spanish lab tonight, though. i've never been to spanish lab. but it seems like... it would be a good idea. yes.) i think one of my biggest problems with writing things in spanish (and my attitude problems) is that like... i can analyze the book/movie whatever, and i like doing that. but then to have to do it in spanish... it impedes my ability to express myself, and i'm opposed to things that do that. it's also why i don't like poetry that much, i think it's a less expressive form than prose. (yes yes, i realize that i am Wrong and that poetry is the end all way to Express Yourself. but whatev, give me paragraphs any day.)

and.. it's just... another step. *shrug*

also, the essay prompts tend to be stupid. just sayin'.

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dude, this is so me in stats.

and this is me RIGHT NOW.

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an update on my spanish paper:
i open word.
i type a header.
i get dictionary to look up the word "role", because i needed it for my title. (now that i think about it, i shouldn't have needed the dictionary... the word is "papel" but whatever, because then i)
set down dictionary, get distracted for like... half an hour.
i decide that i didn't even want to use that word in my title.
i boldly and decisively title my paper: El simbolismo de la confesion en la pelicula La Historia Oficial.
i boldly and decisively open blogger.

... stupid freakin' spanish!

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Saturday, February 14, 2004

bloody hell... *sigh* the other day, i was telling people how, when i was very wee small, i didn't laugh, and my parents were starting to get vaguely worried... and then one day they were unwrapping something, and apparently, i thought the sound of crinkly cellophane was hilarious, and laughed at it a lot. they, in turn, thought that this was hilarious, and just now i've been having wrappers crinkled at me.

and the worst part is, it still makes me laugh.

stupid cellophane.

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listening to: stu, sexy messiah

this song makes me soo happy. also, i found some peanut butter cups that i bought before break and left on my windowsill (they were obscured by the curtain). hey, they're still good.

i've had a fun v-day... finished watching little mermaid 2 (last night we watched the first half, along with pocahontas 2, before julia and i ran off to the vagina monologues. mmm, crappy disney movies.) then, saw love actually and ate dinner with julia. (we ate at cowles, and it was so weird. *flails*) and then... i attempted to work on my spanish homework, but instead took a nap. and now i'm back at the attempt, but am instead blogging. stupid freakin' spanish. (i really don't understand my bad attitude towards spanish. i mean... i guess i could just be burned out, since i have taken it since 5th grade... but i mean, i've taken english for longer than that... i guess it's different, though. *shrug* whatever it is, i wish i could.. not be quite so resentful about it, it makes life harder.)

oh, i totally forgot to say: happy birthday, megan!!

man. you know those crappy young adult novels about how exciting college is? i should write some. "saturday night, and rosetina rae was in for an exciting time. while brushing her silky brown hair, she inadvertently discovered some forgotten candy on the windowsill. 'huzzah', she said. then, just as she was settling in for an eventful her friend julietta marie came visiting. 'rosetina,' she said, 'it's saturday night! let's... eh, i just got bored writing this. sorry.

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*gaaaasp* omg, just got my mail... i had two pocahontas valentines awaiting me!!!!1one!! my friends know me so well! (seriously... i'm way too excited about these things.)

also, thanks to miriam, i have learned what it looks like when a peppermint patty goes through mail-sorting machines ~_~ thanks anyway, miriam ^_^

seeing love actually again today! yay!

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listening to: matt caplan, river can break (live)

happy v-day, kids.

oh man, i definitely had this dream that i was writing a paper for class about sandman, and i was really excited about it. and i was like "oh man, i should get up and work on that paper, since i'll be busy with stuff today!" but... there is no sandman paper. life is soooo hard.

also, the hpvp is apparently incompatible with both of my broswers. with safari, all the text on a page condenses itself into one line, with layers, and in explorer i can't see any text at all. *frowl* oh wait, i also have netscape somewhere... i'll go see if that works. bizarre, it does.

.. oh, beautiful. everything works except for the text box to type in a greeting for the card. *frowl* but wait, maybe... since i can read the text with this browser, i can just copy the link for the address of the popup window and paste it into a different browser... uh, have i mentioned that life is hard, lately? let's see. with safari i still get crazy layering... ooh, it works with explorer! yaaay!

so anyway.

i lied, there is no anyway, i'm drained of content for now.

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from neil's blog: "it's Az-IR-a-phale." oh my god! all this time, i've been saying "az-EYE-ra-phale."

weirded out!

in other news, the vagina monologues continue to be amazing, and you should go see them if there's a v-day anywhere near you.

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Friday, February 13, 2004

listening to: matt caplan, sideways

i'm sooo sleepy. much with the insomnia last night.

okay, i definitely just downloaded like 10 matty c mp3s from the cb ftp. (and... definitely just used too many abbreviations in that sentence. yipes. [yiiiiipes. just yiiiiipes. do you think they're cognizant of how bad they've got it?...])

mm. in spanish today i was sorta half awake and i definitely thought this kid said alicia es una hamburguesa que no sabe la verdad. (alicia is a hamburger who doesn't know the truth.) and like... it's true, alicia doesn't know the truth. but... she's not a hamburger. and the thing was, i very very clearly heard "hamburguesa" and i absolutely cannot think what he actually said. like... there aren't that many words that sound like that. i mean... there's... "riqueza", which means "richness".. but that makes even less sense. and.. uh.. "marquesa".. but she's not a marquess, so that doesn't work either. uh... yeah.

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

mike and i have made a decree: from this point forward, the past tense of "zing" shall be "zung".

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leave it to trina to put things in perspective:

trina: and i don't really like the whole valentine thing
trina: well, i don't like it when people are all upset about valentines day
renata: me neither
trina: its okay you don't have a boyfriend, some people don't have kidneys

of course, if you had neither a boyfriend nor kidneys... whoa buddy, sucks to be you. especially since you'd probably be dead. also, re: the new version of aim:

trina: well is there a little eye on your thing that stares at you?
trina: because there is one on mine
trina: and its really bugging me
renata: an eye?
renata: uh.. no.
renata: trina, is sauron watching you?

oh, and if you haven't seen yet... rml is back, baby.. (i know i referenced this earlier, but i didn't post the link. so... in case you didn't see it somewhere else... now you just have no excuse.)

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listening to: stu, wizard

*kicks spanish homework* when did this become a film analysis class? when? i ask you.

i'm hungry. there'd better be garlic bread in the dining hall tonight. or else... fuego. *shifty eyes*

no quiero hacer mi tarea de espanol! es muy dificil ser yo! *frowl*

lately i've been ripping all my cds onto my harddrive. i resisted doing that for a long time, because i was all like "no! don't want to use up all my space!" but i've come to terms with the fact that... 1.) it's SO much more convenient to have mp3s and 2.) what am i going to use all that space for anyway? like... yes, i do have 5 gigs of music (and that will only go up.) but i still have over 13 gigs left. and my word documents, html files, and the sims program data... not going to use that much space. ever. so yeah.

i don't know why i felt compelled to share all that with you. uh... yes i'm awesome!

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listening to: anne heaton, black notebook

i'm so excited about the rml renaissance. it's hott. ("We're going to go to LiveJournal! And DeadJournal! And Blogger! And Xanga! And OpenDiary! And TeenOpenDiary! And then we're going to go to Topica to take back the mailing list! Yeeeaaaugh!" <- just one of the thousands of reasons why i heart priscilla.)

best. game. ever.

um. talia: yes! yaaay txf!!

devon: dude, i didn't have enough to worry about... water poisoning?! sheesh ^_^

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

listening to: anne heaton, spinning

oh, the x-files. i tried to stay away from you but. i just can't. oh man. back in the day, you were such a good show. you made me laugh, you made me cry. and then you just made me go "what the fuck?! ... no really, what?" still though, we'll always have paris. (by which i mean... season 6.)

i'm sleepy. need to read more odyssey. then sleep. (but now... blog. there are priorities.)

frowlmail has been so ridiculous lately. *kicks it*

you know what's an absolutely adorable song? is "lucky in love" by jill sobule.

i think over spring break i'm going to lock myself in my house and watch re-runs of txf and re-read books i like and add that new section to otgar. except i also want to hang out with people. man... people, getting in the way of my nerdiness. also first i need to get through another month of school. but hey, when i'm done with that, i'm so ready.

is it anal retentive of me to get mildly annoyed when people refer to tori as a "cornflake girl" when the whole point of the song is that she is, in fact, a "raisin girl"? i think it probably is. but dammit, people.

uh. i wish i could blame my excessive randomness (also i noticed in the last post i had a few bizarre misspellings, or just... wrong word usages...) on cold medicine. but um, i haven't taken any. but... i've been drinking a lot of water. maybe excessive hydration makes you crazy.

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*giggle* i <3 my family. see... my mom sent me some stuff in this fiestaware box (that is, a box that used to contain fiestaware, not a box made out of fiestaware... that would be a highly imprudent packing material. is imprudent a word? or is it unprudent? at first i thought it was imprudent but upon reflection i may have been thinking of "impudent". *checks oed.com right quick* oh good, it is imprudent.)

aaanyway. so she sent me some stuff in that box. and then i used it to send reid's birthday present back home. and today, i got a package slip... and it was that box again. aww. and i just opened it in the middle of inslab, where i want to do my stats. but then it only took like.. 5 minutes, so i'm killing time before class. anyway... dude, whoa, she sent me some sponges... from the mcclean county republican women's club. this brings up two equally puzzling questions... 1.) why does the mcclean county republican women's club distribute sponges? and 2.) why does my mom have them? oh my god, and she sent me a peter pan happy meal toy... it's a hook!! yay!

*is pleased*

my day's gotten so much better. it started off kinda crankylike, since, despite being v. tired, could not fall asleep. and then... spanish was so boring. gah. for some reason i always end up loathing my spanish classes. which is weird, because like... i like spanish, and i like reading stuff in spanish... i just really hate... talking about stuff in spanish? *shrug* and then, i got my mini-paper back and i got a "b-/c+" on it... which, i wasn't expecting to do well on it, because this professor actually "reads things" and "grades them" which i don't think professor saenz was so much about... and also because it was a crappy paper. like... it really was. but still.

but then.. i called in sick for work. because... yeah, still pretty sick. (besides, it probably wouldn't due for me to contaminate the food of others, yeah?) *nod*

and thus, had a highly amusing nook!lunch with highly amusing kids. and got my mail, and got my happyshiny box, as well as a paper back from humanities, which was a much more happyful b+. and i was SO amused because his handwriting is sort of illegible, so i thought he wrote "very grood" and i was like, "whoa! professor simawe made a teen girl squad reference?!" but no.


dude, i was just checking out the b'way cast list... what the hell? when did all the leads become ex-collins kids and the ensemble ex-bennies? o the world is unjust. okay, actually i guess it's really just krystal. but still. krystal as fulltime mimi and karmine as a swing?! (see... this is why i don't usually follow the b'way forums, i tend to just get outraged. probably unfairly so, but still.) aalso justin as angel and enrico as steve seems a bit weird to me, but then i never saw justin's angel so i shan't pass judgment. oh dude, and danielle greaves is back?! awwman, she was my first joanne. aww.

< /rent >

there was something else i was going to say. oh, melody-- i never really talked about anne heaton/ellis in depth, no. i sort of did while frowl was down. but, they were both awesome. um... yeah.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

*sigh* sam's been acting weird the last day or so. like.. especially safari, but stuff keeps crashing without warning. then i got the bright idea to restart him, since i hadn't done that for awhile. (i know, duh.) so far it seems to be helping, although itunes had some random skipping for a minute just now. uh. *shrug*

i'ma go read about buddhism now.

(by the way, has anyone else's grammar been entirely reworked by strong bad? because seriously, now i say stuff like "i'ma" and "(NOUN)ED!" all the time. god, i'ma be a terrible english major.)

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listening to: anne heaton, black notebook

a couple quirky things about actually having a roommate this semester...
~ her parents call like.. multiple times a day. this is a little weird to me, since mine call like.. once a week. and we talk for maybe like.. 10 minutes. *shrug*
~ i tend to leave the door open when i'm in the room, so as people passing by can talk to me and stuff. and when i'm not in the room (and neither is anyone else), i tend to leave the door shut. you know, to keep people out of it. she, on the other hand, leaves the door closed when she's in the room, but leaves it open when we're gone. and i mean.. it's not really like i'm worried about people stealing our stuff (not like we lock the door when it's shut, or anything)... it's just kinda weird.
~ also she's more affectionate than i'm used to with people i don't know that well. seriously, i don't care who you are, the odds are high that i don't want to snuggle with you. especially if you ask me in baby talk.

soo yeah. but those are just minor weirdnesses, i'm not complaining or anything. because mostly things are lovely here in haines 4322.

and as a complete sidenote... in order to combat illness, i've been drinking TONS of water and juice, and as such have been peeing about every 15 minutes. it's ridiculous. my kidneys are all like, "dude, back off." and my mouth and throat are like "nooo! we're dry! give us water! waaaater!"

it's hard to be me. *nod*

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listening to: tori, tear in your hand

it cracks me up (and, to some extent, flatters me) that some people seem to think that if they ask me just right, i will reveal to them the mysteries of the forgotten god (from american gods.) cuz seriously, i don't know. (like it says on the site.) no, really. i don't.

one theory that someone sent me, though... and i've been thinking about... (i think i might have offhandedly mentioned this before) is that he's actually dream. and... i still don't think i buy it. (mostly because since when has it been an aspect of dream that no one remembers him? people do remember him; hob does, john does. i'm sure he could make people forget him if he wanted to. but it doesn't fit. also, while he did sneak death and delirium in, i don't think neil's really self-referential enough to do something like that. but hey, maybe he is. *shrug*)

aalso the god is referred to in relation to money. which isn't so much dream.

but then like... he is described as always dressed in black, and has the same sort of... aloofness that dream does.

and... there was something else. *rummage* gah. neil needs to stop being so fucking smart. and i really need to re-read this. again. uh. yes. (by the way, apologies for all this rambling if you haven't read american gods. your loss, though.)

my mom forwarded me one of the "mydoom" virus warnings and asked if i was somehow responsible for it. teehee. (she's also taken to signing her letters "mom of doom". aww. <3 my mom.)

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sooo much sleep. mmm. feel so much better.

melody! i'm sorry, i totally blanked last night. so yes, melody is also very SUPERCOOLAWESOME.

it really, really bugs me that the campus dems emails always consistently say "meeting tommorrow!" i mean once or twice, i could see, okay, it's a typo. but he ALWAYS misspells "tomorrow"!

so uh yeah.

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Monday, February 09, 2004

oh my god, a picture frame fell off my shelf and hit sam and now he has a tiny little scratch on his screen and i'm really a lot more upset about it than i should be.

i'm such a negligent mother. i'm so sorry sam! *sob*

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the following people are SUPERCOOLAWESOME:

that is because they have paid me for frowl.

if you would also like to be SUPERCOOLAWESOME, you too should send me money for frowl.

unless you don't use frowlspace. in which case.. uh... you're already SUPERCOOL. good job. (alas, only paid frowlers can hope to attain the level of SUPERCOOLAWESOMENESS. sorry, that's just the way it goes.)

(also, there's still one space open. you know you want it.)

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oh god, the boredom is crushing my skull. this is actually my second attempted blog from stats class, but blogger ate the first one. too bad, it was funny (because it quoted bill bryson.) probably i will attempt to re-create the bryson-quoting post at some point in the future. but for now all you get is me whining about being bored. maybe you'll get lucky and blogger will eat this one too.

la la la. i have matt caplan stuck in my head.

zeus used to have athena stuck in his head you know.


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update: oh nooo, can't find priscilla's valentine... must be one of the kait valentines! shoot. but.. aww shoot.

update to update: *amuuused* okay, so i figured it out... i opened them both up, right, and sure enough, one of them was kait's... but priscilla's valentine... on it.. *giggles* i never actually wrote her name, i just rambled about slash. (hey, it was appropriate for the valentine in question...) so apparently when i was putting stuff in envelopes, my thought processes went something like "let's see.. slash, must be for kait!"

yes. *giggles*

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oh dear. so i did valentines over the weekend, and just put them in envelopes with names, figuring i'd look up addresses later. so i was just doing that.. just had an envelope addessed to "kait sudol", all well and good, i addressed that.. going through the pile... now i have one for "kait of doom!".

so... uh... did i just make two valentines for kait? or did i address someone else's valentine to kait? hmm. i suppose i'll have to open one of the envelopes. or.. just send two to kait and she can figure out what happened. yeah, i think i'll just do that. surprise, kait ^_^

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oh good. all is right with the world once more. back up at frowl/hj.

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Sunday, February 08, 2004

it's so nice to know that other people are even bigger slackers than you are. whew. i finished my iliad readings earlier today, but i was feeling a bit pinched since i still have to do all of my (not insubstantial) asian religions readings for tomorrow... and then i ran into someone from my humanities class in the dining hall, and she said "how are you doing in the iliad readings? i just finished book 8..." (there are 24 books. and we're supposed to be done by tuesday. woot.)


have to go watch a spanish movie at 7. should be doing readings now, not blogging (or other such time-wasters.) but hey, nobody's perfect.

julia and mary gave me a calendar called "365 DAYS OF DOOM!" and i'm very excited about it. today's day of doom is about a freak blizzard that doomed new york's mayor into, um, not being reelected. in 1969. i'm hoping future days of doom are more exciting. hmm. hey, tomorrow is about a dog who accidentally sets a house on fire! fueeego!

today i was really concerned, because i walked across campus to watch the september 11 movie (the one with various short films from different countries, that are all 11 min 9 seconds 01.. milliseconds? centiseconds? whatever that unit of time is.) um anyway. so i walk into the cinema, after being outside in the blindingly white iowan afternoon... and i freak out, because it's totally dark. i couldn't see anything. so i waited for my eyes to adjust... still nothing. and then i realized i was still in the little foyer thing. i still needed to open the other door to get into the theatre.


but then once i was in the theatre my eyes still couldn't adjust... i couldn't see the chairs, at all. i just had to blindly fumble down the aisle for awhile. life=teh hard.

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*sigh* switched to blogspot, temporarily at least.

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so frowl is STILL down. meaning that... you're not reading this. *frowl*

also i think i'm coming down with a cold. *frowl*

but other than that, stuff is good. what with all the happenings and goings-ons.

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Saturday, February 07, 2004

feeling sort of meh. physically, that is. tired... got enough sleep last night (more than enough. mm.) but then felt compelled to take a nap just now. after having only been awake.. 3 hours. also my throat is all like "stupid bitch, why did you take me to that concert where there was smoke?!" and i'm all like "dude, there were like.. 3 people with cigarettes. settle down." and my throat's like "... no. *sulk*" and i'm like "*sigh*. *cough cough* dammit."

okay. now that you're all caught up with my conversations between myself and other parts of me...

i really would like for frowl to be back up. i feel so disconnected. can't check my email, and i don't have my master list of blogs to check... *flail*


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except one other thing i wanted to talk about... anne did a new song about chicago vs. new york, and she said that she felt like chicago was a much more unassuming city but new york was more. about following ones crazy impractical dreams. and i was thinking. most of you probably know how i really hate pretention. but (or maybe you don't know this, i don't know) i try hard not to... judge people completely based on one aspect of their personalities. right? like i'll say "well such and such does this which really annoys me but they're still a fun person" as opposed to "god, such and such is annoying." anyway. back to pretention.

(another thing i do to prevent myself from becoming bitter and hateful is to remind myself that most of the annoying things people do stem directly from their insecurities. and the reason they annoy me is my own insecurities. and probably most of the annoying things i do come from my insecurities. and yeah.)

so pretentiousness, right. why does it bug me so much? i mean really the more i think about it the more i should just feel sorry for pretentious people, because they're not happy enough with themselves to be like, okay, this is me. they have to be like... this is me, and i'm better than you and smarter than you. ha! (and i mean it has "pretend" right in the word. or mostly, anyway. it's just pretending that you're better.) and the only reason that would bother me is if i start to suspect that they're right. and... yeah.

but you know it's still annoying as fuck.

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listening to: anne heaton, spinning

dammit frowl, get back up. *kicks things*

so anyway. anne heaton and ellis were both amazing. i think. um. i like anne's music better as a whole, i think. but some of ellis's lyrics (i'd never heard any of her music before) got under my skin. very... from a place i've been. am.

like this song.

which actually i was just going to post a couple lyrics to and then give the link but then i changed my mind and decided to be annoying and post the whole thing. er.

once in a while we sit down to talk
i get lost in my thoughts
and i canít see through all of whatís there
i just want out, i want out of here
and i feel like i am midnight, far from the sun
and i have to be quiet

i wanna be free like lifeís just begin
(there are tigers above me)
i can be strong and tender just like the ocean
(there are tigers below me)

once in a while all is right in the world
i fit in my skin, i donít feel unsure
and i can breathe easy- my steps are light
i donít feel trapped- my chest isnít tight
and i donít know how i can feel this way
i wish i could keep it Ė i want it to stay

i can be fearless and i can be brave
meeting myself in the fire today
i am the tiger and i am the prey

rolliní like the tide
i will be here- along for the ride
i can see beauty in all the change
like the weather- we feel joy and pain

i wanna find grace in all that iíve done
(there are tigers above me)
i wanna be free like lifeís just begun
(there are tigers below me)
i can be strong and tender just like the ocean
(there are tigers above me)
i can feel love- when my heart is open

but yeah, i'm pretty tired. i shouldn't be allowed to blog when i'm tired. i mean. this tired. uh.

you see?

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Friday, February 06, 2004

listening to: tori, virginia

gaaaah. this morning i woke up with "crazy little thing called love" in my head. and it won't go away. and i don't even know all the words. most of the words. in fact, all i know is "this thing... called love... *mumble mumble* ... crazy little thing called love..."


also, remember the spanish homework i didn't want to do last night? turns out i'm illiterate... there were these paintings online, and we had to look at them and write a paragraph about their messages, and how the artist showed his message... and i thought we were supposed to do that for all of them. all 20 of them. turns out... no, we were just supposed to pick 2. dude. i did 10 times more homework than i actually had to do.

heeey, someone's sharing queen's greatest hits on the network. hott, maybe if i listen to it i can get it out of my head.

i'm so incompetent at my dining hall jobs. it's ridiculous. also i have to lift many heavy things and... yes. my arm strength could best be compared to that of the mighty t-rex. or possibly the mighty penguin.

i'm v. excited about anne heaton tonight! (um. and ellis.)

let's see.

send me your address if you want a valentine. unless i already have your address. also feel free to specify if you'd prefer finding nemo or a rotk (but i make no guarantees in the event that one turns out to be overwhelmingly popular. also please remember that i have only a limited number of aragorns ^_^)

zach: forgot to say this before, but: yes, i'm definitely a liberty-hating liberal. *burns flag*

kait: if when i learn to knit, i will definitely knit you a ravenclaw scarf ^_^ i just make no guarantees with regards to time.

mary: todd's fine. he says thanks for asking.

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Thursday, February 05, 2004

christine: but i'm getting blue and bronze yarn to knit my own 'claw scarf
renata: yay!
renata: i n eed to work some more on mine. i sorta gave up.
christine: or you could get mary to do it for you. she's a knitting machine sometimes
renata: yeah, but i want to learn how to knit.
renata: i'm just lazy.
christine: or not sexually frustrated enough
renata: yeah, the whole bigamy thing is really working out for me
christine: lol
christine: with your wife julia and todd on H4
renata: also my wife kait
renata: todd and i aren't married.
christine: ahhh
renata: wouldn't want to be tied down, you know.
christine: of course not
christine: well tell your wives to stop sexually satisfying you, so you can knit, damn it!

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gah! i don't WANT to do my spanish and i don't WANT to go to spanish class tomorrow and... yes.

but i want to KNOW spanish.

so i guess i'd better.

*frowl* *el frowl*

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so thus far my evening has gone as follows...
decide to do spanish homework.
check email.
check blogs.
check plans.
check email again.
get backpack. remove spanish folder from backpack.
notice preludes and nocturnes and read for a while.
decide to take quick nap.
half an hour later, decide to do spanish again.
open folder.
realize that this assignment is online.
open spanish website.
check email.
open blogger.
(projected: at some point, will return to spanish website. perhaps not.)

ah, the internet. my greatest friend and my worst enemy.

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listening to: tori, i'm on fire

*sigh* it's sad when i overuse words to the point where they amuse me in any context. "doom", for example, as well as "fire". thus, while this is a pretty song (both tori's version as well as the original), i can't help but smile anytime she sings "i'm on fire".


let's see. i went to convocation today for the first time, go me. it was really interesting, the topic was... let me look... "When Faiths Collide: Menace of Strangers". yes.

humanities today was interesting too... i <3 professor simawe. we got done talking about our assigned reading about 25 minutes early, so he was like "um... so. are any of you english majors?" and a couple people raised their hands.. and he asked one of them "do you like it?" and she said yeah, and he smiled and said "thank you!" (he's the department chair.) and then he asked if anyone had read any good books lately, and we spent the rest of the time talking about random good books, and how fiction can be truer than real life.

also there was both garlic bread and oreo pie in the dining hall tonight. mmm.... garlic bread.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

dude! this thought just occurred to me... dean got all this credit for using the internet to run his campaign, and, not that he doesn't deserve it... i feel that priscellie and i pre-dated him by a good 4 years. go us. screw blog for america, we blog for the sake of blogging.

.... all night long.

also: bob dole's on the daily show tonight... just guessing here, but i have a feeling that it will be fabulous.

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*flails happily* dude! anne heaton and ellis are both going to be here on friday!!! yaay! (i like how it's actually "ellis.. with anne heaton" but i'm like "anne heaton! yaaay! ... also ellis." incidentally, did you know that ellis and ellis paul, despite both being female indie folk singers, who are named ellis, are not the same person? the one who's coming to g-town is just ellis. yes.)

so... that'll be cool.

also did yoga today. mm, yoga. that'll be fun. aaalso new tww tonight. aaalso got large box of chocolate and shiny things from mom today.

life is good.

so anyway, i googled myself today (because... i was bored.) and sure enough, the first hit is this. it made me giggle. a lot. oh, those were the days.

sleeeepy. don't waaaaant to read the iliad. you can't maaake me.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

listening to: tori, leather

so theoretically if you're only being mature because you hope later you'l get some sort of amusing karmic payback, does that negate your maturity?


so wow, oklahoma really hates dean, then.


dean, you'd better take new mexico, or i'll... um... set kerry on fire. actually, i think i'll do that anyway.

zach: congrats! yay valedictorian-ness! (and no worries about christmas cards ^_^ just adjust for whichever holiday happens to be closest. ie lincoln's birthday, or easter.) and, whoa! i always wanted a younger, male, lives-far-away counterpart! (tori is kind of an acquired taste i think. but man, once you acquire it, you get addicted.

tura (or 2ra, if i may): er... "out on the edge" was actually on last night. i wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a series or just a special? *rummage* oh. just a special. but i'm sure they'll reshow it. or you could just watch alan. worth the download if only just for the way he says "hookers". also, looks like they'll be showing it 2/8 at 1:30 am and 2/20 at 10 pm [cst]. so uh yeah. woo alan!)

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Which Evil Villain Bad Habit are you?

it's true, you know.

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listening to: tori, playboy mommy

whee. um.

i remembered what i wanted to rant about before. see... for this stupid stats assignment, we had to sort the states by whether they were east or west of the mississippi river, and then compare their birth rates. and, i needed a us map, because like.. i couldn't visualize the river and thus couldn't figure out if wisconsin was east or west of it. (stupid wisconsin. "he sent them to hell?" "worse. wisconsin. for the entire span of human existence.")

anyway. so i just darted over to sam, and opened up the world book atlas that came with os x. it had a gorgeous 3d globe, and you could do some stuff with polar coordinates. but.. no 2d maps. at all. so then i opened up the encyclopedia. that gave me lots of different maps of north america. but none that showed state borders. so finally i remembered i had downloaded a map of all the primaries. (wooo super tuesday!) and printed that.

what the hell? i have an atlas and an encylcopedia but if i need a regular us map i need to rely on my political nerdiness? *kicks the world book and runs away*

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Monday, February 02, 2004

listening to: tori, pretty good year (live)

man. if there's anything hotter than alan cumming talking about his penis, it's probably alan cumming in a black leather skirt. so yeah, "out on the edge" gets my thumbs up just for that.

mmm... alan cumming.

what was i saying? something.. something... juice.

the end. (no really, i had something to say, but apparently alan pushed it all out of my head. woe.)

hmm. ps: my grandfather sent me this forward... because he forwards everything... but this was really just ridiculous. it said "have you ever seen an iceberg?" and then it talked about icebergs for awhile. and then there was an attached picture. and i figured it was supposed to be a joke, and it woudl really be like.. a picture of margaret thatcher or something. but no... it was just a picture of an iceberg.

why in the world would you send all your friends a picture of an iceberg? ... ?

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listening to: tori, northern lad (live)

just killing time until scipe.



EXOTIC FOREIGNER ALIAS = Favorite Spice + Last Foreign Vacation Spot: posh batapilas. (yes, i realize it meant the food kinda spice. tought, i don't have a favorite food spice.)

SOCIALITE ALIAS = Silliest Childhood Nickname + Town Where You First Partied: nana normal

"FLY GIRL" ALIAS = First Initial + First Two or Three Letters of your Last Name: r san

DIVA ALIAS = Something Sweet Within Sight + Any Liquid in Kitchen: riesen coffee

GIRL DETECTIVE ALIAS = Favorite Baby Animal + Where You Last Went to School: penguin grinnell

BARFLY ALIAS = Last Snack Food You Ate + Your Favorite Drink: funyun cranberry

SOAP OPERA ALIASM = Middle Name + Street Where You First Lived: kay morgan

PORN STAR ALIAS = First Pet's Name + Street You Grew Up On: joe morgan

ROCK STAR ALIAS = Any Liquid on the Bar + Last Name of Bad-Ass Celebrity: tequila depp

PAGAN FESTIVAL ALIAS = Your Birthstone + Favorite Childhood Stuffed Animal (hyphenated with) Something Growing in Your Yard: alexandrite bingo-dandelion

"GIRL FRIDAY" ALIAS = Favorite "Sexy" Flower + Favorite Classic Author: orchid twain

okay, most of mine weren't that interesting, although i'm fond of "alexandrite bingo-dandelion".

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

an update: man, do i suck at knitting.

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doot do doo. walked to wal-mart with mary, angela, and sarah. (it's warm out! in the double digits!)

aaand i got funyuns, and spice world on dvd (for $5!!!11one!) aaand some yarn and knitting needles. and under mary's tutelage, i will knit a ravenclaw scarf. (real ravenclaw, blue and bronze, none of this pansy movie blue and silver business.) thus far, have one row. am currently at a loss until mary comes back.

um. kinda tired. stufff and junk.

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yaay, just watched hedwig and rent. enjoyed hedwig, and of course watching rent with virgins is always great. (although i felt bad about initiating them via video. at least it's a good boot.) and it's good to know that, even after countless viewings, "goodbye love" can still punch me in the stomach.

also: anyone who doesn't think that joshua is teh sex is clearly asexual. (or, um, has no idea who the hell i'm talking about.)

so um yes. also: curtis=teh cute.

also i got more emails about the forgotten god (from american gods) and there's this theory that just... i don't know. i want to reject it outright but then i keep thinking about it and... okay, no one knows what i'm talking about. sorry. but it's just. gah, i need to read that book again. stupid school, making me read... other things.

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