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Saturday, January 31, 2004

listening to: tori, strange little girl

wow. i just made an all-tori playlist... and... wow. i didn't realize i had quite so many tori mp3s. *coughs*

(and no, i'm not going to tell you how many there are.)

priscilla, i looked a little bit more into the indigo issue, and huzzah! The fact that some person or group has dropped indigo from the "official" list of colors does not mean that we can not continue to use "ROYGBIV" to describe the spectrum. I, and a bunch of other optical physicists, still consider indigo to be a color of the spectrum.

indigo, you're still a color to me.

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listening to: nirvana, lithium

random amusing quotes: "it's either orc blood or licorice.. i think i'll lick it!"

"you can't spell chocolate without chalk! well, actually you can. but you can't say it.."

"denethor SO needs queer eye for the straight guy"

"oh my god! gollum kinda looks like.. kucinich!"

teehee. yesterday was good. made a walmart trip with melanie and sarah ^_^ and then... oh, there was actually good food in the dining hall. it was ridiculous. (ridiculously tasty! ooh!)

and then i downright revelled in my geekiness. as i explained to sarah... "not only did i spend my friday night writing fanfic, and not only did i spend my friday night writing x-men/west wing crossover fanfic... i spent my friday night writing fanfic that quoted the constitution."

but then i headed over to the trogdorm to watch ttt:ee for awhile. (i left a couple minutes into helms deep. because, whatever. also it was like 1:30 by then and i was way tired.)

let's see. oh, also yesterday morning i got to frost donuts with my fingers. teehee. but then i had to wash ridiculously heavy dishes >_< (not that i mind washing dishes, i mean, it's par for the course when one works in the dining hall. but these were like... the industrial strengh mixer parts, and i could barely lift them. it made me sad.)

but mostly life in the land of renata is pretty damn cool.

and soon my roommate and i will introduce each other, respectively, to hedwig and rent. (dammit, i did the "renata thing again. i don't know why i feel the need to tell people about typos i make, after i fix them. but i guess they amuse me and i assume they'll amuse you too.)

but yes. mmmm, the glories of the curtis!joshua tape. (haha.. glory.. ha.. er. yes.)

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Friday, January 30, 2004

listening to: avenue q, sucks to be me

(originally typed "sucks to me be" and stared at it for a long time.)

just took a happy nap. mmm, nap.

everyone else is either in missouri or watching star trek or on east campus. well, not everyone else; that would be ludicrous. just my everyone.

looking forward to a quiet night, though. might work on the fics i've been shaaamefully neglecting. or just play the sims.

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listening to: indigo girls, galileo

i've had this song in my head all day. and now i get to listen to it. huzzah.

very tired. going to do some homework though. *kicks self* really. it'll be great.

this song really is awesome, you know.

how long till my soul gets it right?
could any human being ever reach that kind of light?
i call on the resting soul of galileo
king of night vision, king of insight.

mm, indigo. (did you know that indigo is officially not in the rainbow anymore?!? julia [i think? possibly melanie? or... someone?] told me the other day. indigo was always my favorite. it went both ways.)

mm... weekend.

Here is the result of your Lit-geek Purity Test.

You answered "yes" to 72 of 175 questions, making you 58.9% lit-geek pure (41.1% lit-geek corrupt).

mary's geekiness puts mine to shame.

still though, that's pretty damn geeky.

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

because yeah, i get around. *wink*

(btw, i originally filled this out, and looked at it, and went, "heeey, i haven't really been to oregon..." *sigh* i must have gotten real life confused with oregon trail again. also, this will probably wonk out those of you using 600x800. sorry, but i think it's hella tight. also... to get to florida, i must have driven through either georgia or alabama. but i have no idea which one. so clearly it must not have left that big of an impression on me...)

[map erased cos of formatting issues]

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listening to: weezer, say it ain't so

god. i'm still just feeling a bit off from that dream. i'm not... afraid or sad or anything... just somehow i feel a bit off. mm. i don't like it. (the really sad thing is i'm almost postive i can trace it back to a star wars novel... same thing happened to luke skywalker. oh god, i reek of nerdiness.)

stats quiz today was really easy. (now watch me fail; damn you karma!) if i were smart i'd get a jumpstart on next week's homework.

yes, i certainly would.

instead i think i might just go giggle at kait's new icon for awhile.

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in case you don't read priscilla's blog... dude, make sure to read this.


let's see. last night got to meet some alumni friends of the piratekids, who returned to see the moscow festival ballet with us. which i enjoyed, although ballet always makes me feel kinda like i'm missing something. same with classical music. also opera. (or, as i explained to julia, "i'm not really engaged by things in languages i don't know. or languages without words.") *shrug* it makes me feel kinda bad.. but i like words, okay? i do. when i go too long without hearing words i start talking to myself. (inside my head, i mean. not like i'm sitting there msting the ballet or anything.) but yeah, it was really beautiful. and terribly amusing when the fog machine set off the fire alarm... and from the angle we were sitting at, we could see the stage manager waving the dancer off stage, and she just got this look on her face like, "are you shitting me?" it was great.

rrr. i hate it when i finish writing something, and i go back and read it, and i have no idea if it's crap or not. none. like... i recognize some good stylistic things... and then i'm like "no, this paper is obvious and cliche and trite and aaah..." and then i'm like, "oh wait, i only think those conclusions are obvious because i just wrote them. right. but... what if they're obvious to everyone?! aah! ... oh, i'm just going to turn this in now."

had a really panicky dream last night, about being in a room with the oxygen being sucked out of it. usually i don't get freaked out by my dreams but i'm still sitting here being kind of edgy.

it's snowing. it's pretty. but also cold.

have a stats quiz today. oddly not concerned. *shrug*

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

apparently cnn does do some useful reporting once in awhile.

they just hide it.

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my brain usage profile.

Auditory : 64%
Visual : 35%
Left : 81%
Right : 18%

okay, i'm not a very visual person, so that part sounds about right. but... left-brained? meh? just because i have a basic grasp of mathematical concepts? maybe standardized testing killed off my creativity, but they LIE when they say there "is no right or wrong" answer to those questions. (the shape analogies and such.) anyway, here's what it concluded about me...

Renata, your results indicate a strong left-hemisphere dominance with a mild preference for auditory processing. This blend would suggest that you are an extremely efficient person, logical perhaps to an extreme. You tend to structure your life and learning in very precise ways.

You benefit from experience, seek the rational in situations and feel most comfortable with routine.

You are a detail person. You see each piece of a puzzle or situation with equal clarity and value, and thrive on your ability to fit each piece into a unifying structure.

Your learning style tends toward the auditory, which suggests that you process inputs sequentially and classify each before moving on to the next. You do, however, possess sufficient visualization skills and interest to supplement the auditory tendency and render you more active than a person who is purely auditory.

In all likelihood you will be somewhat reserved in appreciating your own talents and understate your abilities even to yourself. You will organize your time and set schedules for yourself and, in that sense, lose sight of spontaneity and other needs - both of yourself and others. Your enviable organization, structure, and efficiency make you a valuable asset to a team effort.

... logical? efficient? quoi? i took the quiz while i was procrastinating from writing a paper which i was writing while procrastinating from doing my spanish. you're fired, mindmedia.

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so, kerry's won nh (with 50% reporting) but dean has more delegates? what? what the hell? julia and i are most confused, and cnn is no help. they're good for people dumber than us, or smarter than us... but we just need to know if nh can split delegates. also... how dean can lose and have more delegates. but we don't need the definition of a primary, nor do we need the raw numbers. (well okay, the raw numbers are good... but... quoi?) here, look:

Kerry 39% (Vote %) 14 (NH Del) 95 (Total Delegates)

Dean 25% (Vote %) 8 (NH Del) 112 (Total Delegates)

*flail* oooooh! okay. there are delegates from other states!

whew. so... neat! (or as i said to julia... you know, i think i probably understand democratic republicanism better than the average person, but this still confuses the fuck out of me!)

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listening to: tori, past the mission

w00t. writing a paper for humanities-- only 3 pages, so not bad at all. but i was writing along, and kept waiting for that happy dashed gray line, letting me know that i had progressed to page 2. and it just wasn't coming. so i figured... well, you know, it's been awhile since i wrote a paper, maybe i just forgot how long a page really is. so i kept writing. and then finally i looked at print preview and, wow, i was up to 1.75 pages.

stupid page line. (or lack thereof.)

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listening to: avenue q, my girlfriend, who lives canada

i really feel like i'd be doing you a disservice if i didn't strongly strongly recommend avenue q. asodjfsdfjg. so fucking brilliant. *flail* (i know i already mentioned this. also in sgt. pepper. but really. it's that good.)

also, i feel that i have reached a new personal low. seriously. no, really.

have just composed poem which contains the lines:

So I'd like to tell you about Margaret Sanger
Because man, do I want to bang her

... yeah.

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Monday, January 26, 2004

listening to: tori, tombigbee

oh, tombigbee. i had nearly forgotten my deep and abiding love for thee.

if you didn't catch dean on the daily show, oh man, make sure to watch the re-run tomorrow. regardless of who you support, it was PRICELESS. (and make sure to watch the moment of zen, too. *giggle*)

angela raised her bed today, and it's weirding me out. it's so.. tall. and rather precarious looking. i prefer my bed at a height that wouldn't kill me if i were to drop from it. (it's not a loft... just.. raised. yes.)

that's all, really. back to the iliad, interspersed with writing more crappy love poetry. (buwahaaha.)

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isn't it sad that my laziness is such that i'd rather do math by hand than walk 3 feet to grab my calculator?

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listening to: the dean techno song

so like i took this about ten times with different variations of my name before it would give me ravenclaw. (yes, i'm a sad sad soul. but dammit, i'm a pathetic ravenclaw.)

Your Years at Hogwarts by nevermindless
The Sorting Hat places you in:Ravenclaw (Blue and Bronze)
Subject you are naturally best at:Astronomy
Your favorite book:Madcap Magic for Wacky Warlocks
Pet you bring to school:Eastern Grass Owl
You are most known for:Bewitching the armor to pinch people's bottoms as they walk past.
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

anyway. done with asian religions and spanish now. woot. (professor perri cracks me up in spanish, so so much... he gets up there in with his sweater vest and his gray hair and JUMPS around in excitement when people make good points... like, literally, just bounces there. it's great. also he's so terribly midwestern. aww.) so then just... working a lunch shift (subbing for someone. sigh.) and stats. yes.

talia and julia: danke ^_^

kait: i knooow, isn't it awesome? i almost feel guilty, because i'm like... uh... i'd do this for free...

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Sunday, January 25, 2004

in which renata's kickass weekend improves yet more:

we had another b&s meeting tonight, and 1st. nick and aron apparently really liked my crappy love poetry, and they asked me to write more, because for the february edition they want a whole page of crappy love poetry. (also received other compliments regarding writing style and such which made me rather giddy.)

aand 2nd. they unofficially offered dylan and i positions as apprentice editors (they still need to get the budget and stuff approved, but they were talking like it was a sure thing.) so basically we'd be in training to take over when they graduate. and it would be a paid position. on top of being paid per article.

the only thing right now that would make me happier would be if all my friends were this happy right now.

also if dean wins nh tomorrow.

*radiates joy all over the fucking place*

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i sgt. peppered. yep.

have lots of reading to do. shouldn't really be online. but i need breaks, to keep my focus. yes.

your mom's a taco!

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listening to: avenue q, it sucks to be me

maybe putting off like... 130 pages of asian religions reading until the day before, along with however many pages of reading (plus questions) for spanish... wasn't the best idea. but whatever, i'll get it done.

dean's techno song is almost as good as strong bad's. yeagh!

i was going to make some cappucino, but then i realized it's like.. .4:30. and if i drink it it'll muck with my fragile sleep patterns. *frowl*

oh, also, that last post is dated about... 3 hours too early. but you'll have that.

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listening to avenue q, everyone's a little bit racist

random amusing quotes (stuart edition):

"what tune am i in, he wondered aloud."

"buddhas in bikinis, going all the way"

"all the buddhas in the future will be silver. or gold. they've been gold for thousands of years, though... maybe the past is the future!"

"(to the tune of "footloose") fall awake! everybody fall awake!"

"are you sure you wanna hear wizard? it's gonna fuck you up!"

"to put a bunch of naked people in a burrito you have to relax some social conventions."

"this is really fun cosmopolitan way to be cheated on. i didn't-- i mean, there's-- oh, you'll hear, there's lyrics."

"play sexy messiah!"
"this is sorta sexy messiah, turned upside down and buried."

"you know you look at my body and think: master bluesman."

"... a million dead iraqis causes national pride!... this song is 10 years old."

"spontaneity causes you to forget the lyrics..."

"it's all just because.. that guy is god!"

"it's all just because of canada"

"hey, suck and blow! together we created vortex!"

"i told you kids to quit pissing on kittens!"

"if you don't have any hits, play someone else's!"

"songs are cool, but sometimes you just want tuning. if you wanted songs, you'd go to a hiphop show, or a rock show."

"i'm really gallagher!"

*dies dies dies* okay, first of all, i want to send out a huuuuge thank you to everyone who's ever recommended (or even mentioned vaguely) avenue q... i picked up the obcr sort of randomly at best buy yesterday... so in love. "everyone's a little bit racist" might just be my favorite song from a musical ever.

anyway. my last couple days have been so awesome. friday afternoon my beloved miriam came and picked angela and i up, and then we went back to her dorm in iowa city and sat around for a bit... called talia, and met her to go to the mill. and.. sat around, got some food (mmm, non-dorm food) and saw megan! and devon! hi megan and devon! also some assorted random friends of megan's, and her parents. the stu show was awesome and hilarious and amazing and... here's the setlist:

doppelganger body donor
sugar bullets
little white town
flower of a zero
fall awake (and fall awake footloose style)
nothing in between
anaesthesia necrophilia
(noncore) 8 days in the lotus


dresden (although i mistakenly believed it to be "windmills" for about half of the song. which was weird, because next was...)
windmills and wheatfields
it's all just because (including the "school" verse twice because he forgot)
universe communion
atavistic viking
(as elvis costello, including hat, glasses, and a sharpie gap between his teeth)
beyond belief
watching the detectives
(< /elvis >)
and she was
burning down the house
happy birthday
practice dying
your house

sooo yeah, that was great.

and then saturday, miriam and angela and i hung out around iowa city for awhile. whoa, civilization. and then, back to g-town. (mad, mad love to miriam for coming out to get us and take us back ^_^)

saturday night was a looot of fun... watched some mst3k with julia, gina, and angela, and then julia and i went on a random freezing walk around campus/town with some of the other haines3rdians and honorary haines3rdians. which was fun. also cold. and then we came back and made assorted hot beverages, and played the paper game... where you sit around and write like, "who", and then fold over and pass it, and then "what they were wearing" and fold over and pass, etc. until you get a story... which was much fun. there was one about me ^_^ let me go geeet it.

renata, wearing a neon yellow muumuu on haines 4th, with walt whitman playing tiddly winks, said "that's what SHE said!", because sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

that's not an especially funny one, but i saved it because it's about me. *nod*

sooo yeah. and then... this morning, ate brunch. came back here. wrote this. yes.

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Friday, January 23, 2004

listening to: ani, face up and sing

ooh my god. today is such a sexy sexy day. i am so, so full of happy. *wibble* had probably my 2 favorite classes this morning (asian religions and spanish) and then, after worrying about the whole dining hall-breakfast-shift& no-sub-for tonight thing, i went in and talked to jeannette, and she was soo nice about it. turns out my breakfast shift is actually bake shop, which she said i could easily come in at 10 for, and which i think will be fun. aaand i said i really only wanted to work two shifts, so she said i could drop my friday dinner shift. aaand she found me a sub for tonight. aand in a few hours miriam will be here, and then i'll get to see stuuuuart and my other iowan friends and they will get to meet my new, happyful roommate and... and... oh, and before that i will have a happy friday lunch with my happy grinnellfriends... and right now i will go write some things and people will think that they are funny (with luck) and i might eveeen work on fic. or do homework, if i'm feeling particularly ambitious.

also i will water albert, my chia pet.

and hang out with julia! yay! <3

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

*wibble* wow, the b&s meeting was fun. last semester i was such a feeb to skip them for free the planet. dude, this semester the planet's going to have to fucking free itself without me.

*flail* and for the first (and prolly last) time ever, i was greeted with "oh, you're renata? hi, you're hilarious!"

sorry if this seems like ego-padding: it is. *pats ego*

*is happy* yeah. and for next friday... i get to write political haikus *and* crappy love poetry *and* something mocking a campaign slogan *and* i get paid for it.

sweet christ, life is good.

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*flail* just got an email, apparently i'm supposed to work a friday breakfast shift at the dining hall? quoi? i have class from 8-10 am on fridays... and i definitely mentioned that on my schedule... and i definitely also requested not to work breakfasts. i mean, i'd be understanding if they had to schedule me for a tuesday or thursday breakfast shift, although i wouldn't want to work it especially, but at least like... i wouldn't be in class for the majority of the shift. *frowl*

*flails a lot*

i just returned her email explaining all that... but she only sent it out at 9:45.. and... gah, i hope she reads it in time. maybe it's all just a mistake. of doom.

in other news:

talia, stu's at the mill at 8:30 pm. (we'll prolly be there earlier, but... *shrug*) tickets are $10. yes.

i'm really excited about the play we're reading in spanish. it's really neat! it's all like... historical-mystery-family-drama type... stuff. at least, act 1 is. woot.

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My life has been rated:
Click to find out your rating!
See what your rating is!

doh. it's true.

had something i was going to say. forgot. uh.

it's my mom's birthday. happy birthday, mom! also i got a happyful care package today. aww. *feels the love*

er. sorry, apparently i'm not in a blogging mood.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

listening to: ben folds, rockin' the suburbs

random amusing quotes: "tommy thompson isn't real! bush made him up in 3rd grade!"

so yeah, watching state of the union with scipe (and other random grinnellians) was highly amusing. everyone laughed at the all right moments ^_^

dean made me bleed today. *frowl* my "caucus wild card" pin came undone and stabbed me when i was walking into stats, and i was bleeding all over the place. (back off, buddy, i voted for you, remember?) it was terrrribly exciting. except, not. so far stats seems to be reassuringly easy. i expect it'll get worse soon, however.

i'm taking a break from my iliad reading. i've convinced myself i'm over half done, because i just finished book 4 out of the 1-7 i need to finish by tomorrow, but 3 and 4 were wickedshort so i stilll have a lot of reading left. shh, don't tell me.

ooh, and for major asian religions (when people shorten this to "major asian" i picture like... an asian drill sergeant.) we read about soma... and i was all like, "*flail* american gods *flail*!" oh man, it's a good thing i left that at home, or else i'd definitely be re-reading it. and that would just... i don't have that kinda time right now.

loooooking forward to friday!! get to see miriam and stuart and (hopefully?) megan and (hopefully?) talia! w00t! and they'll get to meet angela. yes.

well, back to the big happy nipple-fest i like to call the iliad...

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

reason #1 i <3 the b&s: got my paycheck today. realized i made only slightly more for a month of dining hall shifts than i did for writing 2 articles. (granted, i only worked one shift finals week and there were only 3 school weeks in dec. still.)

reason #2 i <3 the b&s:

Please meet with vs, Thvrsday the 22nd of this week, at 10:30 in the
Pvblications bvilding. You have been fvnny in the past.

As the B&S looks towards the fvtvre, we wovld like to learn from the past
while looking towards the fvtvre, while still in tvrn looking towards the
past, but not too much, as our focvs needs to be fvtvre centered. We will
have another meeting on Svnday, bvt please attend this meeting as it will jvst
be a grovp we are calling ovr inner circle of people who have been really
fvnny in the past, bvt can still look towards the fvtvre.

My friends the articles revolvtion has BEGVN!

*flail* people think i'm funny! (or, apparently, fvnny!) inner circle funny!

okay, sorry, that just definitely brightened my day.

and now i'm off to be introduced to hinduism ("an introduction to hinduism? hi hinduism, i'm mary!") for a bit, then the state of the union. goodtimes. (also, mary&julia, thanks for the info about.. caucus people. *is grinnell-ignorant freshman ^_^*)

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listening to: tori, bells for her (live)

humanities seeeems like it'll be cool. also, just going by syllabi, it looks like i'm in for an easier semester. (trying not to get my hopes up, though ^_^) like, just 4 3-page papers. although i guess last semester i did have my tutorial, which was supposed to be writing-intensive, and 2 200-level classes, and then crazy insane bio... so... yeah, this semester should be easier. (still very reading-intensive, though. oy.)

interlude: hee, itunes just went to the captain planet theme song, and it juuust played my favorite bit... "you'll PAY for this, captain planet!" yay ^_^

anyway. for the curious (and posterity's sake) i'll give a rundown of the caucus. yay! so, we went to the dean pre-party and ate pizza, and then got a ride over to the grade school, where the caucus was to be held. then, you found your letter and signed off, assuming you were on the list of registered voters. (if you weren't, then you went off to register.) i found it a bit odd that you didn't have to show any id or anything if you were already registered, just say your name and sign off. but i guess they don't get too many people trying to break into the caucuses. (... and if they did, it would probably be an improvement, given the ~10% turnout rate.) so then, we went into the gym to hang out. there were some signs up along the wall, indicating candidates. dean people were in the middle, so we just stood around and talked amongst ourselves for awhile. at 6:30, a guy stood up on a chair to call the caucus to order, and we elected a chairman and secretary. (this was done as follows. "does anyone have a nomination for the chairman of the caucus?" some random people: "don smith!" guy on chair: "okay, don smith!" {he's a prof at grinnell, and a well-known democrat, so... yeah.} guy on chair: "i nominate what's-her-face for secretary!" random people: "second!" guy on chair: "okay, what's-her-face is the secretary!")

and then we all went back to standing around in a slightly more organized fashion. then at 7, the guy got back on the chair and asked for a 5-minute delay, as peopel were still registering. 10 minutes later, he got back up and told the dean people to go down the hall, and the kerry people to go down to the other end of the hall. the other candidate supporters went to various corners of the gym. i, of course, went down to the dean hallway. nick (our precinct capitan) told us to walk single-file into a classroom. as we walked through the door, 2 people were counting us. (we filled two or three classrooms, i think?) then they went off to report the number of people. then they did some fancy mathin' to determine the total number of people, and then to see which groups were viable. (meaning 15% or more of the voters at this precinct.) then someone came back and told us that we were viable, and the caucus was recessing for half an hour, so we could sit around (which we did) or go try to convince all the new voters to be dean people (which we figured was rather futile.)

so theeen we all went back out into the hallway and went back into the classroom, doing the counting thing again. new numbers were reported, and we sat around some more waiting for more mathin'. then, we found out our standing (2nd) and how many delegates we get to send to the county convention (9). we could leave if we wanted to, and most of us did, myself included (because dude, it was late and hot.) but the people who stayed voted for the delegates for each candidate. (who, like the electoral college, aren't obligated to vote for the person they were elected to vote for.)

oh, and if you're wondering about the republicans, they have their own caucus, and they do a straw poll. this year, of course, it's just a formality since bush is unopposed for the nomination.

and that, my friends, is democratic republicanism in action.

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Monday, January 19, 2004

random amusing quote: "so, we'll start you off with one or two feet..."
"... how would you play with more than two feet?!"

soo yeah, just had a ddr experience with julia. (with two feet ^_^ [in case you're ddr-ignorant, as i was/am... the dances are ranked by hardness, 1 feet being the easiest and 9 being the hardest...]) it was fun! although my lack of coordination ensures that i suck. still, though... fun ^_^

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*frowlfrowlfrowl* kerry?! keeerry? grah.

(in case you needed further evidence that grinnell is a strange place: three candidates were viable at our precinct. they were dean, kerry, and kucinich...)

kerry won here, too, but dean had a good showing. & there's still new hampshire. still though... woe.

that's all. sorry, kind of dazed. the caucus took hella forever and i'm tired...

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wow. so i just had a rather surreal experience, even for grinnell... we're leaving the dining hall, and walking down the loggia is a GIANT CARTOON HOWARD DEAN. dude.

apparently the guy in the big cartoon dean outfit.. thing... and his associates were on campus to sell... wait for it.... deanie babies.

the sad thing is, i kinda want one. aww, look how cute they are.

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listening to: ramones, howling at the moon (sha-la-la)


Don't bother me, I'm grieving.


s'anyway. major asian religions looks like it'll be cool. the professor is really enthusiastic. (bwaha, and his name is xue yu, but he told us to just call him yu... and then he said, "so it's just yu and me!" *laughs* oh man, am i easily amused.) he also has this habit of trailing off in the middle of sentences and ending then with "...yeah." which reminds me of me. also, melanie is in the class too. woot woot.

spanish seems good too, the professor is a lot more... let's say... stable than professor saenz. (this i think means more work for me, however. still, though. he seems good.)

and then.. i still have to go to stats, and then pre-caucus dean party, and then caucus! yay!

oh, man. and i started reading the sandman companion, and i just... love them even MORE now. so much stuff i never never picked up on. like... in one of the interviews, neil just casually remarked that whenever dream speaks to shakespeare or marlowe, it's in iambic pentameter. and it is! it fucking is! how cool is that?!? *flails a LOT* also, this amused me very much:

"my great daydream when i was ten was to travel to a parallel universe exactly like ours-- except in that other universe, no one had ever written lord of the rings. i would bring along my copy, get someone to type it out for me as a manuscript, send the pages off to a publisher, and then be celebrated as the author of lord of the rings without doing any of the work."


oh neil gaiman, i want to have a million of your babies.

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Sunday, January 18, 2004

listening to: stu, sugar bullets (live)

yaay! back in g-town, moved in, and such! my new roommate is much cooler than alicia. (no offense, alicia. in case you ever read this.) mm. those of you who weren't aware of the roommate situation-- my roommate (alicia) and i got along fine, but she was really good friends with katie, who lives in haines pit. and katie's roommate was angela, who also got along fine with katie, but was better friends with me. so we decided to switch at semester ^_^ angela is a kevin smith-loving pirate. and she saw johnny depp over break.


looking forward to classes tomorrow (gasp) but even more looking forward to caucus. yay!

had some stuff i was going to say... forgot it. suuuch is life.

oh! and i wanted to plant my chia pet today, but apparently i need to soak it in water for 24 hours. so, my chia pet (which is a human head) is currently soaking in a pot of water. it makes me look all cannibalistic. ooh, and in my campus mail, i got back my history final paper and final exam... A-s on both! *is v.v.v. pleased* *especially re: the paper grade*


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Saturday, January 17, 2004

listening to: bnl, what a good boy

la. my tummy is all full of tasty tasty thai food. went dooown to springfield to get it. but it was worth the drive. (priscilla: i was going to very excitedly point out that the last time i was in springfield was with you but then i realized that assorted nerd bowl tournaments and theatre tickets have made that statement patently false. however, the last superawesomecool time i was in springfield was with you! ^_^)

kait: i had a dream about you last night! or rather, i dreamed that the headline of one of the front page stories in our paper somehow involved the phrase "rookie2k" so i clipped it out and mailed it to you. yeah, that was the whole dream.

anyway. the last few days have been fun (although made crappier by cramps and sick-feeling-ness) buuut i think i'm ready to head back to grinnell. speaking of which, this chick at magic kitchen (the awesome thai restaurant) was from grinnell! but she just lived there, she didn't go to the college. still, though. (she saw reid's sweatshirt and got all excited. aww... grinnell people.)

i totally packed like i'm homeless. i put all my clothes in my laundry bag, and then i have 2 canvas sacks, a plastic bag, and a big mesh sack.

oh thank god. blessings got an intelligent review off ffn. thank you, random reviewer, for restoring my faith in humanity at large ^_^ (and it helps that it was positive, even! although some intelligent criticism would have worked, as well. btw, i haven't abandoned the story, in case anyone cares. i've been writing part 4 like... 10 words at a time. my attention span's been worse than usual....)

speaking of attention span.. what? (*grumble* i wish i were joking. focus, please come back, i need you for school!)

oh, priscilla-- did you ever get your christmas gift?

hmm. oh, and here's my final list of books i read over break, just in case you were wondering ^_^

maus (& maus II), art spiegelman
the world and other places, jeannette winterson
chasing dogma, kevin smith
anna in the tropics, nilo cruz
1984, george orwell
black orchid, neil gaiman
monkey, ch'eng-en wu
the color of magic, terry pratchett
the watchmen, alan moore
the dark knight returns, frank miller
the davinci code, dan brown

still in progress: midnight days, neil gaiman, the sandman companion, and the general in his labyrinth, gabriel garcia marquez. (i have like, 30 pages left of this one, and i just don't care enough to finish it. *shrug*)

anyway... sleep, i think. or something.

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Friday, January 16, 2004

i stole this meme from megan. because... i want to.

01 | large spiders
02 | 1984 or brave new world or any of those crazy dystopian fantasies becoming real life (we're inching ever-closer, you know.)
03 | ladybugs
01 | jon stewart
02 | kevin smith
03 | david sedaris
01 | sleep
02 | the collected works of neil gaiman
03 | when you learn something new and it clicks with something you already knew and you're like OH MY GOD!
01 | cilantro
02 | hypocrisy
03 | pretention
01 | the imaginary number e. where the hell does it come from? junior year i asked k-thom and he totally dodged the question.
02 | the popularity of ashton kutcher
03 | how on chocolate oranges, there's a pattern on every slice. how does it get there?! the orange is solid when you get it!
01 | my magnetic windup gary. mrowr.
02 | a framed picture of scott hunt.
03 | 2 empty coffee mugs.
01 | typing this
02 | breathing
03 | listening to the revs
01 | go to europe
02 | see the barenaked ladies in concert
03 | write and publish something i'm proud of. (semi-achieved thanks to the b&s but i'm hoping for something better ^_^)
01 | make a grilled cheese sammich
02 | successfully navigate the oregon trail
03 | tell you all about Brassica oleracea
01 | easy-going
02 | easily amused
03 | random
01 | roll my tongue
02 | calculus
03 | dance
01 | bright apocalypse by stuart davis
02 | pink pearl by jill sobule
03 | tick, tick... BOOM!
01 | "anyway..."
02 | "um."
03 | "i will set [person/inanimate object/abstract concept] on fire!"
01 | homemade chex mix
02 | potato wedges
03 | chicken fingers
01 | yoga
02 | how to cook
03 | enough about politics to be able to discuss things intelligently
01 | water
02 | coffee
03 | diet dr. pepper
01 | where in the world is carmen sandiego? (ya think?)
02 | inspector gadget
03 | teenage mutant ninja turtles
01 | fresh mown grass
02 | my red currant and thyme tea lotion
03 | coffee
oh god. i'm so not one of those people who has names already picked out for their kids. i'm going to be like my parents, i just know it. (i don't think i was named until i was a week old or something like that.)
01 | daphne
02 | sophia (more as a middle name. i don't actually like the name that much, i just like that it means wisdom, ever since i read sophie's world and now the da vinci code. it's a good name to give a kid.)
03 | um... ethelred. (hey, he was a saxon king. leave me alone, i'm 18, how'm i supposed to know what i'm gonna call the stupid kid?)
01 | alan cumming
02 | jason lee
03 | curtis cregan (c'mon, he went from playing the man to being on hi-5! [okay, yes, grease was in between, but... shut up.)
01 | riesens
02 | mint cups!
03 | orange slices
01 | dogma
02 | bowling for columbine
03 | return of the jedi
01 | barenaked ladies
02 | stuart davis (not a group, but shut up, that's why)
03 | tori amos (see above. i feel obligated to mention her ^_^)
01 | the watchmen, alan moore
02 | slaughterhouse-5, kurt vonnegut
03 | the da vinci code, dan brown
(note: i'm not going to mention american gods because if you haven't gathered by now that i think you should all read it, well, you're never going to, are you?)

that took awhile. la!

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listening to: trevor horn orchestra, istanbul (not constantinople)

this is driving me crazy, because i'm so used to the tmbg version that i just want to poke these guys with sticks and yell "faster! go faster! aah!"

but i'm okay.

so yeah, my plan for this morning: set alarm for 9:45. get up and actually do stuff.
which was amended to: turn off alarm and sleep for 5 more minutes.
which was amended to: fall asleep again and wake up at 12. eat lunch and watch family matters for an hour.

erm. but now that i'm awake and productive, i will start packing and work on fic. yes. *pokes self with sticks*

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listening to: tori, murder he says (in my head)

whee! saw mona lisa smile, which i rather enjoyed. sgt. pepper later, because i'm sleepy.

i stopped at wal-mart on my way home because i was really craving a mint cup. (you know, they're like peanut butter cups, but with mint? only wal-mart brand makes them, that i've seen.) aaand i couldn't find them!! i hope they didn't stop making them, that would be so tragic. *flail* but, i did buy, totally on impulse, the mona lisa smile soundtrack. which i listened to on the rest of the way home and am fairly happy with. especially (besides the tori)... *flail* chris isaak's version of "besame mucho"! my namesake's namesake!


hey neat, someone i wrote a letter to for dean e-mailed me back! (& she's planning on caucusing for dean. huzzah!)

talia: no clue about times, other than evening? also, i'm pretty sure the plan was also to get dinner beforehand, so even if you decide against seeing the movie a 3rd time, you should still come for that ^_^ i'll call you when i have more details.

priscilla: 1. i got your christmas card today! w00t. (i was amused, because my mom took it, looked at it, said "priscilla has very blue eyes!" and handed it back to me.)
2. re: the kuroro icon: those are lyrics from a sorta obscure stuart song (yes, more obscure than other stuart songs, even) called "elizabeth ascends". i really wanted the whole verse on there, but i'm not that cool.

sometimes a clumsy goddess
slips and falls between the skies
and you put your hand in hers
before she thinks to rise

i thought it seemed kuroro-esque, although i wasn't terribly happy with the way the icon turned out. suuuch is life. (also: just between you and me, the jack sparrow icon makes me giggle terribly every time i look at it. *flail* it has a double-meaning! *giggles*)

i have a weird taste in my mouth. i'm brushing my teeth and going to sleep.

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

listening to: beatles, one after 909

i just tried to pack to go back to school, but that failed. i got a bag, and put a book in it, and then decided i didn't feel like packing. and that was that.

anyway. over break i've been making lj icons for some reason. *shrug* i'd just see or hear something and go, hey, that would make a good icon... and then i'd make it... even though i have a free account and can only have 3 at a time. and i definitely don't use lj enough to justify (or want) a paid account. so... yeah. i uploaded them (& i know a lot of them aren't that great, be kind, i'm new with photoshop and such.) but yeah, if you want any of them, you're welcome to them. (just credit bessiemaemucho in your keywords, please.)

hace click aqui.

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listening to: the clash, lovers rock

random amusing quote: "everyone did hester because she was so easy..." (re: scarlet letter character analysis)

*flaaail* like whoa. on one hand i'm sad for carol mosley-braun, because she is so truly awesome, but yay for her endorsing dean!! superkeen!!

so yeah. post-kickboxing lunch today with miriam and trina. goood times.

i should do stuff today. and stuff.

and talia: yes, we should do stuff *flail* saturday night i'm going to springfield with my family, and sunday morning i'm leaving... but, friday night i think we're {the nebulous we} going to see big fish, so... yeah, if you're free then, you should come ^_^


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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

listening to: billy joel, piano man

i heart mary and she is my herd. *nod*

because yay, now i have a totally awesome cj wallpaper. with my favorite cj quote. "set fire to the room. do it now." (even though i always misremember it in slightly different ways. that's the right one, i looked it up. *nod*)

sitting in this chair, in the style that i sit in it, hurts my bum.

stupid chair.

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The following review has been submitted to: The Blessings of Liberty Chapter: 3

The only thing I don't like about the story is that the author keeps on throwing in
"you" instead of a random character name - without directly saying who "you" is.

is it really that hard? is it? if one of you kids will tell me that the story is confusingly written, i would happily make edits. i'd believe that version of events over my current hypothesis that people are really stupid. but i just don't think i should have to spell things out for you. i mean, yes, i *could* write "CJ POV!!! PlEaSe R&R!!1one!1!1" but. i don't know. i'm not making it intentionally hard, here, but... yeah.

< /rant >

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mid-tww post to say: wow... i really didn't see that coming. at all. wow.

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listening to: yktr, fayth

muwaha. watching 4 delicious hours of tww today. (earlier: the pilot & post hoc ergo propter hoc with family, then at 8 the new episode, and then at 10 college kids on bravo.)

life is good. also juice.

(by which i mean that life and juice are both good, not that life is good and that life is juice. because life is, rather blatantly, not juice.

*is sad* there was a commercial for movin' out so i thought maybe the tour was coming hereabouts, but it was really just a visa commercial. apparently if movin' out ever comes here, we can only buy our tickets with visa. *shrug*

almost west wing time! yay!

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listening to: stu, hellilujah

*flail* i was reading the teevee guide listings, and there was some show about obsessive compulsive disorder but i misread it as being about compulsive bowlers. it's sad how excited i was for that split second.

priscilla: thanks so much! *madlove* and no worries about ttb, i'm in no rush. *giggle* i love this page, so much. "if this is the marvel universe, what are all the tiny dinosaurs doing?" anyway, i just want it for an lj icon, so i don't think i'll need it bigger. but thanks! *heart*

*got distracted for like... an hour*


so now i'm listening to eddie izzard acting like a vaccuum cleaner. ah, i was distracted for so long that i disconnected. i wish safari would tell me stuff like that, instead of just telling me it can't find pages. i'd prefer a blunt browser. "hey lady, you're an idiot! you're not online, quit trying to make me find pages! sheesh."

*stretch* ow. lots of situps yesterday at kickboxing made getting up this morning an interesting experience. it was sort of like... "hey, think i'll sit up no... ow! ow! okay, lie back down. uh... let's.. roll out of bed! yay! aah, watch out for desk. okay, less rolling. let's just... slither out of bed! yay!"

which is sorta weird, since we always do lots of situps and usually i can still, welll, sit up. *shrug*

anyway... i'm gonna go do some stuff. and possibly junk.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

oh! and officially announcing: frowl.org has an opening! (insert dramatic fanfare) $14 a year gets you 10 megs of storage and an email address (with pop3 and webmail.) so, if any of you blogspot kids want to upgrade (no more banner ads!) or if you want to start a fansite for billy boyd's philtrum or something... here's your chance.

(we get our space in blocks of 50 megs, which is why we try to keep our members in multiples of 5. it works out nice that way ^_^)


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listening to: jet, are you gonna be my girl?

*frowl* looking at booklists...
3 for spanish (but already have one from last semester! huzzah!): $31.50 (used)
5 for asian religions: $134 (used)
2 for stats: $12.75 (used) (plus however much "Discovery with Data & Minitab" costs; the bookstore doesn't list prices for "art supplies" which that apparently is.)
8 for humanities (but already have one from world lit): $55 (used)
which brings us to: 18 books (or rather 17 books and one mysterious art supply) and.. wow, only $233 (plus that art supply thingie.). i thought it would be more. yay! (assuming i can find them all used.)

which (sort of) brings me to a question.. how do they number classes? like.. this semester i took spanish 217. this is followed by.. spanish 285. wouldn't it make sense for them to be like... 217 and 218? or 284 and 285? i mean, it's not like there actually *are* 100 200-level spanish classes. they're not using all those numbers. is there some sort of system or is it just arbitrary? (this isn't me like.. ranting or trying to be all seinfeld "what's up with thaaaat?". this is me actually wondering. so please let me know if you know ^_^)

do any of you kids out there have:
a. an undying love for me
b. a bit of free time
c. access to a scanner and 1602 #5?

if yes to all of the above, could you please scan the first page of that (really all i want is comic-neil) and send it my way? i'll make it worth your while. *wiggles eyebrows* (i left all my 1602s at school. teh w0e.)

speaking of comics, i was downtown and browsing at acme today (<3 acme) and they got some new boxes, and i think they're my new favorites ^_^ (at acme, all their comic storage boxes have amusing comments written on the front on marker, ie "make these comics happy! take them home and paint their toenails!") anyway, these have a strongbad theme. my personal favorite? strong sad, saying, "i'm sad that these comics are so cheap!" aalso i went to the coffeehouse and got coffee and a scone. mmmmm, scone. *sigh* i'd been so long without one that i'd almost deluded myself into thinking that grinnell had good (or at least, okay) scones. but oh no, there is a much higher par for scones in the world.

(i really like the word scone. don't you?)

megan: sorry you can't get a copy of it ~_~ i just stole it from my mom.

mary: i think that's mostly just because you're a big snob ^_~

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listening to: eddie izzard, italians and fascists

i blogged last night, but safari crashed and i didn't feel like typing it up again. you didn't miss much, though ^_^

i've been reading the da vinci code and it's such a page turner. (on occasion, annoyingly so... like would it kill you to just say something outright, just once, huh? you're such a fucking tease, dan brown.) but it makes me excited when i can break a code before they can. also, nicolas flamel! like whoa.

yesterday i bought a bath plug, because our drain-stopper-mechanism-thing is broken. and, geeet this, it has a rubber duck chained to it!! *flail* so it's got a built in toy! how exciting! yay!

i'm cold. loooost my train of thought. *moves books slightly to the left*

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Monday, January 12, 2004

listening to: maaaaaaatt caplan, divide and conquer (live)

this boy needs to release his 2nd cd already. *frowl* hurry up, matty c.


from the ongoing story of why it's hard to be renata:

so my tww dvds didn't come again today, and i was frowling about it, when my mom pointed out that maybe they were on the porch, since that's where ups stuff usually is. i pointed out that i had just walked over the porch in order to reach the mailbox, but decided to look again. i didn't see them, but long story short: my tww dvds were in the bushes. the bushes! gah! who knows how long they've been there? *pats dvds*

anywho. annoyed with the muses right now. i *want* to finish priscilla's giftfic (that i started over 2 months ago) but i'm so uninspired. meep.

my cats are so cute. aww. like, one of them has this game he likes to play with me when i get the mail... he runs out a few steps ahead of me, and then rolls over on his back and starts writhing until i pet him. and then he gets up, runs a few steps ahead of me... it's very cute. and they all absolutely love to sleep in boxes that are too small for them. it's ridiculous. you know those pictures of "bonsai kittens" that always get forwarded around? it's kinda like that. aww... kitty.

yes, 12.5 years of school, and this is what i'm reduced to. "aww... kitty".

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Sunday, January 11, 2004

listening to: queen, crazy little thing called love

*stares* i had a reason to post when i opened blogger, i think.

let's see. family lunch thing was... *shrug* boring, but good pie.

last night was interesting, as most of it was me, miriam, and nathaniel keeping ourselves amused, and that's always an entertaining combination of people.

i think i'm going to go sgt. pepper, cos i just finished watchmen & i want to gush.

replies to random comments, though:
kait: you are correct, flower=frowl+glower. i decided that one has been underused, as of late. also, if tour!mark is anything at all like jim/scott/dean... oooh.

priscilla: (nelson voice) ha-ha!

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listening to: neil diamond, sweet caroline (in my head... for reasons unknown to me)

pretty soon i'm off for a family lunch with the grandparents. but i wanted to post about this dream i had... it was bizarre. miriam and i were at this political thing... i got the sense that it was supposed to be something really big, like the jj dinner, but the place it was in was about the size of my garage. anyway, so we sat down, and then we were hanging dean posters up on the wall, and john edwards, who was seated next to us, yelled at us for being partisan, he said we should just support the democratic party and not do something for individual candidates. and then we were like, whatever. (because other people had posters up too, so we knew it was okay.) and then george w. bush came over and said something about how it was hypocritical of us to have these posters, and i got really mad and said something like... "you're calling US hypocritical? what about those hundreds of soldiers that you KI-" and i was about to go off into a rant about iraq, but then i remembered that i was talking to the president so i just shut up and glared at him. and then i woke up. with "sweet caroline" in my head.

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Saturday, January 10, 2004


just tracked my tww dvds online, and:


they've been in bloomington since wednesday night! why aren't they here?!


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listening to: tori, crazy

cary shields is definitely a wizard. oh, that crazy canadian.


senator harkin endorsed dean, that's pretty hot. (non-iowans: harkin is iowa's super-cool [and influential] democratic senator. w00t.)

shoot. my lips taste like blood and coffee. *frowl* and now, i add carmex to the mix. and my hands are freaky-dry. i'm talking scaly here. damn you cold weather! *shakes fist*

anyway. last night was a girl night with my homegirls (word) and much fun was had. and much chocolate was eaten. mmm.

one week left of break. i don't know. i want to go back, i miss the haines3rd girls and i'm excited about [some of] my classes. but i will miss privacy. and a private microwave. and sleeping until noon. (or, um, later.) and my family & friends here. and the kitties. aww. won't, however, miss... half an hour drive any time i want to do anything... doing laundry for people other than myself.. cleaning things belonging to people other than myself... 56k internet, not having fellow fangirls down the hall from me... & the like.

(and since i seem to get sick every time i'm home, i'm secretly hoping that my return to grinnell will cure me of this ever-lingering cold of DOOM.)

one last comment: i want my tww dvds! now! *stomps foot* they didn't come in today's mail, which means i have to wait until moooonday at least.

i lied, one other last comment: we had to get up before 7 this morning cos trina had to work. egads! (i know, pooor me, i got to go back to bed and she had to work... but still.) anyway, and then i was going to watch mst3k since i was up anyway... but it was final justice so i went back to bed instead. but i'm definitely bringing final sacrifice (wait, is the other one called final justice? maybe i just got it confused with final sacrifice. uh.. something justice, with joe don baker, at any rate.) back to school, and i will force the pirates to watch it. muwahahaa.

oh, and according to amazon, the estimated delivery date for my tww is jan 9-12. which means if they're not here on monday, i'm setting something on fire.

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Friday, January 09, 2004

listening to: bree sharp, america

people are stupid.

(re: blessings of liberty)

You need to check all your chapters, You keep using "you" to identify a
character, and I have no idea who is saying what. It is so confusing that I cannot
read the story. I recommend using characters names at the start of when thay
are speaking. So please redo the entire story

i wanted to write the guy back and say "sorry, you must be at least [this] smart to read my fic, and apparently you fail." but i didn't. *sigh* i even went back to re-read the chapters to see if he had a point... but i'm pretty sure that, assuming you're not an idiot, i did identify the speaker within like.. the first paragraph. (ie... chapter 2, if you didn't gather it was the president because 'you' were calling the first lady "abbey" and not "mrs. bartlet", you should have gotten it when mrs. landingham called 'you' "mr. president"... maybe that's just me, though.)

so yeah, i think that's my new favorite feedback. (replacing... let me find it... I love stories where no one gets stuck with the fuzzy end of the lolly-pop or in this case candy cane... what does that even mean? ah, i shouldn't make fun of people who actually bother to read my stuff. but sometimes they deserve it ^_^)

feeling better today. sleep is my friend. *dances*

plus mom rented pocahontas 2 and road to el dorado for me ^_^;; life is good.

wow. kaaait, thanks for pointing this out ^_^ (medieval oregon trail *and* clerks?! whoa.) i read neil's blog about once a week... i try to save it for when i get really bored.

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Thursday, January 08, 2004

dude. this would look great on my car.


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listening to: the beatles, hey bulldog

it took me 3 tries to type beatles ("neatles, beatels, beatles, ah, that's the one!").

*whinge* i'm sick and tired. not in the sense of fed up. more like... ill, and tired. *frowl* the cold resurfaced, bringing his friends mr. fever and mr. exhaustion. bwaha, good thing i have my friends, mr. tylenol, mr. dayquil, and mr. nyquil. and mr. cranberry juice.

i played some frowl oregon trail, and i'm happy to report that we all made it to salt lake city. polygamy ho!

ugh. i'm dirty. i never showered after kickboxing, i just sorta passed out. and here i am. still dirty. oh, and my mom explained to me why my nail polish remover is so weird... apparently it's 100% acetone. and you're supposed to get.. acetone free. oops. life's so hard.

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oregon trail update: cj, toby, sam, and leo made it to california in good health. josh never recovered from donna's tragic drowning, and remained in "critical" condition for the entire rest of the journey. (i rested for 2 months and he never got better, so i just gave up and kept going. but he wouldn't die! it was weird. maybe he's a zombie. zoooombie josh.) i was a little annoyed, though, cos when i finally got there it only gave me points for "4 people in good health." c'mon, isn't a dying josh worth anything? i mean at least he can die in california. sheesh.

also, we found 97 ounces of gold, and i was really amused because in the "what lies ahead thing" it said that cj got elected to the city council, where she served well and was respected, and her ancestors followed in this line of public service. because it's true! whoa!

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aah! *flail* i got a new thing of nail polish remover the other day, and i was just using it.. to remove nail polish.. and it turned my thumb white! ew! i guess it does say "maximum strength"... maybe this is one of those times when i should actually read the packaging and not just grab the cheapest one of whatever it is i'm getting. (maybe breaking this rule would also get me a pack of hairties that doesn't break every time i try to use one... mrr.)

eta: i just washed my hands and my thumb returned to its normal color... so it didn't like, bleach my skin or anything. whew. still though, it was really freaky.

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listening to: stu, is

33.333333333333336% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?

this quiz was nerd-stereotype slanted, ie lots of star trek and math. alas. still, though, a third of me is a huge nerd... that's not bad ^_^

ngh. i've been so tired this week. i don't know why.

also i have nothing to say. i think i'll go finish off my tww game of oregon trail. (please, kids, keep 1848-josh in your thoughts ^_~)

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

[pirates], sorry i wasn't online for our post-tww chat... my internet was being wonky & now i have to go into town. damn my inability to say no to people. (actually, i did say no, like 3 times, and yet now i'm off to watch movies at mike's house.... uh.)

but, first a cute anecdote: i was playing some west wing oregon trail, and i accidentally drowned donna (dude, the river was like 2 feet deep... silly donna) and then josh got really sick and was in critical condition for like.. a month. he's pining! aww! (actually, he's still in critical condition, i just saved the game and quit. i hope he doesn't die.) also cj got mauled by a bear. but she's okay.

anyway, i'm off.

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watching: new tww (commercial break)

just a qucik commercial break entry: dude! i wrote a drunk-singing-toby drabble right before tonight's ep... and what does tonight's ep feature? a drunk-singing-toby! *flail* man, next week i'm definitely writing a sam-comes-back and josh-and-donna-make-babies drabble ^_^

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watching: tww (actually, an ll bean commercial)

wow. been busy. stuff... and junk. yesterday i finally saw casablanca! woot.

today, my mom and i had a date with reijo's mom. which was yeah.

ooh. sam + sweater = hott.

anyway. some other stuff happened. i was going to go to the normal dean meetup tonight, but now i don't feel like it. i've done (and am doing) enough dean crap. and it's cold out, so cold. *shiver*

oh! oregon trail 5! let's see. it's v. similar to oregon trail 2 (i've never played 3-4 so i don't know how this varies) but there's this fictional family and sometimes you have to watch crappy animations of them telling stories. after the first couple i learned to skip past them. by far the coolest addition is foraging. yes, in addition to hunting, you can gather. also, you can fish, which sounds cool but actually sucks. because... the fish don't bite. ever. it's roughly as exciting as real (i mean.. reel! ha, it's a pun!) fishing.

so in the car last night i was listening to rent for the first time in forever. and. yeah. it was the obcr which i definitely haven't listened to in forever and a half... man. forgot how much i love the show. and the cast. really. i mean, adam is... adam, but damn he can sing. and ant... aww. i should go dig up his solo cd. and idina's solo cd. and.. well, not daphne's. uh. what i'm trying to say is that i really want to see the show again. right now. mm. i might watch a boot tonight.

also, i'm a sleepy kid. fkgjkjfg. but, i do have a whole box of waxy chocolate dougnuts. and some dried cranberries. and tangerines. aha, i love it when i do the grocery shopping.

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Monday, January 05, 2004

listening to: ani d, here for now (live)

*flails happily* guess what i bought today?? oregon trail 5th edition!! i'm so playing it. right now. i'll let you guys know how it works out ^_^

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You are NIGEL!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

yay! i'd rather be dory, but still.. yay!

so anyway i'm not sure which is geekier, the fact that i've had "too shy" by kajagoogo stuck in my head all day or the fact that that song always makes me think of the x-files epsiode "2shy". i think maybe the latter, but what do i know?

(&miriam, i would love to go shopping tomorrow. call me.)

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Sunday, January 04, 2004

listening to: tori, a sorta fairytale

sweet cuppin' cakes, i have a lot of nail polish, especially considering that i never wear any. but i was going through my old nail polish, cos my mom gave me 2 new bottles for christmas (the opi broadway line! guess what color my nails are? yes, they're "rent"! crazy.) anyway. i have a lot of neat colors. i should wear nail polish more often. and hey then maybe i'd have nails past the quick. and... ooh, shiny. *nod*

i can't believe i'm about to post an entire entry about nail polish, but.. i really don't have anything else to talk about. *shuffles feet*

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watching: the debates

random thoughts:

god, carol mosley-braun is such a class act. seriously, i just... man. <3

haha, lieberman, you're a tool and paul anger just shot you down.

dean actually has a neck now! crazy! although it keeps shrinking as the debates go on. wow. can't believe dean just said "i hope osama bin laden gets what he deserves, which is the death penalty." aslkd;jasdf. you couldn't have just left that with the first part of the sentence, there? jebus.

john edwards, what in the world is up with your hair?

david yespen, leave carol alone. jerk.

trina called me in the middle of the debates, and we decided that al sharpton is like the kid who never gets invited to parties among the candidates...
"i mean, if we were friends with al sharpton, we wouldn't invite him to our parties either."
"yeah, it'd be like.. 'oh hi al... no ,sorry, i have to wash my hair tonight!'"
"*merry laughter*"
"poor al sharpton."
"of course... we're the ones pretending to be friends with him..."

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listening to: tori, another girl's paradise

priscilla: this is simply unaccaptable. you're not allowed to have a social life! you're supposed to be ever-vigilant at your computer, checking journals and cg-ing. sheesh ^_^ and the debates are today at 2pm (cst) on cnn. probably another channel too, but i don't know aboot that.

sarah: your tapes are in good hands ^_^

kait: did your 2nd person muse perchance run away from home? cos i think she might be hiding out in my house somewhere.

i've become such a fanlisting junkie over break. (i knew this would happen if i got into fanlistings... i tried to fight it for a long time by *only* joining the tori fanlisting. but then that shut down and i joined 2 replacements... and then i got hooked on west wing and then... and now there's like 10 of them. sheesh.) but what can i say? i like the little buttons. also i'm definitely nerdy enough to appreciate the concept.

and now i'm going to go eat some leftover mexican food, and it will be delicious and tastyful.

(oh, one other thing.. just a note of personal amusement, i think... a common theme of comments re: the layout change seems to be "why did you change it?!" and... yeah, oregon trail was definitely the 8th version of boron... implying 7 precedents... change happens ^_^)

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Saturday, January 03, 2004

listening to: tori, rattlesnakes

so family dinner was fun and good-food-filled but a few hours too long, i feel. meh well.

i'm v. excited about the democratic debates tomorrow, though i wish i had the haines 3rd kids to watch them with.

i think i'll go play some carmen sandiego now.

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listening to: tori, sugar (live)

*flails a bit* my uncle and aunt and cousin and her dutch boyfriend are coming over for dinner tonight. yes.

i've gone into m-town numerous times in the last few days, which is weird, since i almost never go there. (why would i?) but yeah, they're expanding the grade school, it's going to be like... twice as big now. wild, since when did the dee-mack school system have any money?

800x600 kids, i did a little more tweaking lateish last night, and on both safari and explorer i don't have any unnecessary scrolling. i mean, it doesn't look great, but it shouldn't make your browser explode or anything. therefore if you still have problems i'm just going to say they're on your end, and you're on your own ^_~

i've been reading (amongst other things) monkey which is this old chinese folk novel.. thing. and i've decided that it reads like a video game. you've got your quest(s), your sidekicks, your magical items. every chapter is like a different level. buddha is the ultimate boss!

kait: no, priscilla said she'd take care of my ttb woes. thanks though!

people who liked the new layout: thanks!

people who didn't like the new layout: yeah, well, your layout's ugly too. *cries*

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listening to: tori, bells for her (live)

let's see. kait: 1. i shrunk the left-hand image a bit, which should help out on 600x800. and yeah, the comment box doesn't allow any html, which also means that anytime anyone tries to do >_< or <3 it thinks it's html and cuts off the rest of the comment.

mary: glad you like it, and i added the noscrolling tag. (because i'm a moron [and mron] and forgot it before.) so.. hopefully it doesn't scroll any longer.

julia: *pat pat* oregon trail went to the big blog in the sky.

had a lovely evening at home tonight... watched raiders and mallrats (with commentary! and deleted scenes! mm, kevin smith.) also some family guy. man, this break has been like.. the month of family guy. wild.

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Friday, January 02, 2004

watching: raiders of the lost ark

so... uh... i didn't actually intend to make a new layout this evening, it just sorta... happened. hope you like it, let me know of any bugs. (and yeah, you all knew a tori layout was coming sooner or later. it was inevitable.)

you might have to refresh a few times if old images are showing up. best at 1024x768. offer not valid in hawaii or alaska.

priscellie: thanks, love! and.. i get the kuroro monopoly picture?! *flails* aah! that's awesome!! <3 <3 <3 <3!!!

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listening to: jill sobule, jesus was a dreidel spinner

hey, grades are in.

1 TUT-100 26 Lit Travel Nrtvs & Inv of Self A- 4.00
2 SPN-217 04 Intermediate Spanish A- 4.00
3 HIS-235 01 British History I B+ 4.00
4 BIO-150 02 Intro to Biological Inquiry B- 4.00

Semester GPA: 3.335

& i am more than content. (can i just say it annoys me a little bit when people are like, oh, i'm sure you got straight as, renata! i mean i appreciate the vote of confidence, people, but hi, college is harder than high school. i worked harder for that b- in bio than i did for any of the as i got at u-high. so bite me.)


frowl kids, we're up for renewal in february. $14 to me before then, please. unless: i know some people have been having trouble with frowl, especially with email (although supposedly they've fixed that, i know it's been working for me much better the last few weeks) so, if you want to switch hosts, let me know asap. also, if you want a change, look for possible replacements-- a big thing is enough email addresses. we get 25. (speaking of which, frowl kids, if you still haven't set up an account, and want one, and need help, let me know! right now we're using less than half. and if yuo're not a paid frowler, no, you can't have one, cuz then we'd have to let everyone have one, and how would that be?) also, if you want out of frowl, or if someone wants IN on frowl, now's the time. leeet me know.

in other news, updated sgt. pepper (let me know if you want to join this, too.) please post stuff, kids... it's break, people actually have time to watch movies and read books for fun, so if there's something you saw/read/heard that you think everyone should experience, or something you really hated... or something you're indifferent to... post! whee!

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listening to: rufus wainright, hallelujah

if my mom's passive-agressiveness wasn't so amusing, it might be a little annoying. it took about an hour to establish three things:

1. it would be okay for people to come over.
2. when she said it would be okay if people came over, what she really meant was that it wasn't okay.
3. nevermind, now she wants people to come over, and she'll make chex mix.

i blame mike, just cuz he's tall. and white. umyeah. goodtimes tonight with the gang. we're not really a gang, we just play one on teevee.

now i think i shall cough a few times. *does so*

damn you, cold that will not die! i gave you oranges! i gave you orange juice! i gave you chicken soup! i gave you vegetable soup! i gave you hours and hours of sleep! i gave you quil of the day and quil of the night! what more do you want from me?!


*sets things on fire*


*disappears into the night*

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Thursday, January 01, 2004

listening to: ttb, sugar

*flail* my ttb cd is scratched! it skips during ctys now! *bats eyelashes* would any of you kids be willing to burn me another one? i'd be happy to send you a blank & shipping. or i could burn you a copy of oregon trail ^_~

finished watching neverwhere today, which i'll sgt. pepper soon... but right now i just have to say that gary bakewell (richard) looks vaguely like a young paul mccartney and has a scottish accent and oh dear me if he's not damned attractive. mm, scots.

*dances about for no real reason*

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listening to: ttb, louder than words

aaah god. itchy red bumps on arm. if i got fleas from one of the cats (again) i'll be so irked. i always feel so dirty when i get fleas. but i mean... i bathe every day, i wear clean clothes (usually)... it's just when you have 3053454532 cats, at least one of them is going to have fleas..... dammit.

so if you notice any unusual swellings, don't worry, it's just the black death, i'm pretty sure it's not contagious.

wrote some stuff, posted it at cw. (also tww100.) the muses have been rather more bountiful in the last few days than they have in the last few months.

oh, and my mom re-ordered my tww dvds... doh. this time i'm taking them before she has a chance to lose them ^_^ (i feel guilty about this, but it's so not my fault. and she's the one who offered to buy them again. *shrug*)

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*blows party horn* happy new year, kids!!

partay at molly's house was fun... we all played cranium, and then attempted to watch the ball drop, but failed. then, matt, mike, nick and i played a rousing game of "which obscure simpsons character am i thinking of?!" goooodtimes. and yay, got to see people and stuff! oh, also we stopped at reijo's house first, and played some hardcore ping-pong. also the madeline lost puppies game. yup.

would it be tmi to say that my ass hurts? because man. after kickboxing yesterday miriam and i are both just like... ow. too many lunges. *wince* far too many.

so yeah. hope all you kids had good new year's eves, and even better new years! <3

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