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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

listening to: simon & garfunkel, the boxer

*amused* so i'm writing this thing (it's going well, i expect i'll be able to post it before i leave tonight) but i realized that when i write indignant!magneto i write him like stewie from family guy. so now i'm running with that. (it works for this fic, i think.)

soo.. yeah. the cold's making a resurgance. stupid cold. i don't think it helped that i cleaned out some closets today. *sneeze*

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i just realized in my last post i used the phrase "question her unquestioning..."

i'm such a narr when i'm tired.

or always, really.

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in which renata begins to question her unquestioning love for educational software

renata: i got new educational software today!
renata: yaay, liberries.
renata: man, and i so suck at it.
mary: why?
renata: lol.. well, it's the mayaquest game, and you have to ride your bike around
renata: and i keep riding off the path and breaking the bike
renata: but it's hard to control with the trackpad.
mary: heheh
mary: so you say now
renata: stupid bike. stupid mayans. stupid quest.
mary: :D :D
mary: http://www.ninecompanions.net/HUMOR/tttsummary.html {note: check this out, you!}
renata: *giggle*
mary: :D
mary: nasty kinky hobbitses
renata: ARAGORN: Hi. You handle pointy things very well.
renata: *amused*
mary: heheheh
mary: nooooo comment
renata: *giggles a lot*
renata: *then goes back to crashing bike*
renata: this game is really bizarre.
renata: i have to ride my bike around mexico... find some clues from ancient mayan artifacts.. in order to stop a meteor from hitting a space thingie.
mary: um
mary: sounds terrific
renata: yeaaaah.
renata: i dunno, i wasn't listening very closely to the intro video
renata: crap. now i'm stuck on top of a sun pyramid.
mary: I hate when that happens
renata: dude, i know.
mary: man
renata: crap. stuck on another one.
mary: well, quit that
mary: badgers badgers badgers
renata: whelp!
renata: stupid game!! i found the stairs! let me go down them!!
renata: man, i'm so jumping.
mary: leap!
renata: if it would let me, i so would
renata: i'd probably just break my stupid bike in the process.
mary: well, get off the bike
mary: how did you get a bike up the stairs anyway?
renata: i'm not on the bike anymore
renata: but i'd probably fall on it.
renata: i got off the pyramid!! yaay
mary: woo!
renata: you know what my biggest problem with this game is?
mary: pyramids?
renata: if there's this big scary meteor thing and i'm the only one who can save the world, why do i ahve a bike?
renata: couldn't they give me a helicopter or something?
renata: well yes, the pyramids are troubling too.
mary: heheh
mary: no technologys
mary: electromagnetic fields
renata: but i have the internet!
mary: *makes eerie technology sounds*
renata: they email me clues!
mary: meh
mary: negates my argument, therefore false
renata: oh. i spent too long biking and the meteor countdown went to "imminent"
mary: you destroyed the world?
renata: okay, i'm trying again, and this time i'm watching the stupid intro video... maybe then the game will make sens
mary: huzzah
renata: mary, this game is retarded. that's all i hve to say.
mary: so sorry
mary: you checked it out
renata: and yet i continue to play.
mary: yes
renata: *finally closes game* yarr.
renata: it ate my brain, mary
mary: sorry
renata: yeah, no big loss
mary: rofl
mary: good attitude

seriously, though, this game? it sounded cool in concept. okay, the meteor thing, that's a stretch. but, you know, searching mayan stuff for clues, archeological mystery, all that, sounded fun. but noooo. it has the most counter-intuitive interface ever and it's just really super lame. also it focuses way too much on the bike riding aspect. and the bike doesn't respond very well so you're always veering off the path. in short, the mayaquest game gets zero stars and a frowny face.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

watching: the simpsons

*flails about* hi.

i got this target gift card for christmas and i was going to spend it today. but there was *nothing* i wanted. it was so weird. i was looking at cds, dvds... naught. the only thing i could see was oregon trail 5. which i refrained from purchasing but still might go back and get. mmm, oregon trail.

but, i did check out mayaquest: the mystery trail at the library today. yay! also i saw everyone and their mother there. well, really just ginny, aaron, and elizabeth's mother. but still, it was eventful.

i made tater tots today. they were yummy and crispy. there's still some left, you can have them if you want.

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Monday, December 29, 2003

watching: batman & robin

this movie is soo bad-good. i always pretend i'm watching it for cheese value but actually i really like it. *sigh*

hey photoshop kids, can one of you help me? i made the graphics for the stu fanlisting, and they look great in photoshop, but to save them at high quality is huuuge. and then when they're down to 1 or 2k they look crappy. there has to be some middle ground, right? so i have some bigger jpgs saved. how can i make them smaller but not crappy? advice would be loved.

ah, the governor of california just froze some guy solid.

went shopping with miriam today, bought some exciting books. *flails happily* and some lotion. yaaay sales! life is good.

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whee. finished my project!

breath mints & cigarettes: a (really the) stuart davis fanlisting. you should join, if you're a stu fan. *nod*

that's all.

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... i can't believe i slept for 12 hours without the aid of nyquil. wow.

definitely opened blogger and wrote that like two hours ago. *blink*

let's see. last night we attempted to go bowling, but were thwarted, as bbc was closed and we were too lazy to go to another alley. so, we went to steve's house and played muppet's monopoly, where we were all owned by steve. yes. and nathaniel kept stealing my dean buttons and miriam and i had to beat him up. but hey, what's a get-together without a little physical violence?

hmm. & when my mom got home she asked me what i was doing, who i was with... and i said "aah... it was me, miriam, steve, ashvin, nathaniel, and the mikes..." and she goes "so you and miriam were the only girls?" and i said yeah and then she said "wow, that could have been a real orgy!" (and then i said "....")

working on a thing. details later. *nod*

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Sunday, December 28, 2003

listening to: eddie izzard, italians and fascists (but really reid vaccuuming)

feeling so incredibly unmotivated. i want to write something, and there's so much i could (should) be writing... the grinnell hp roundrobin, the giftfic for priscilla i started liked, 2 months ago... other things... but... just... meh. feeling... kind of tired (after like, 10 hours of sleep? only i suppose it was really 10 hours of lying in bed, fewer hours of actual sleep) but not tired enough to sleep. tired like i just want to lie around. yes.

*dances about*

so at bennigan's last night they stuck us in the smoking section and i've been coughing like no other since. hm. oh, i could post about the family christmas dinner on saturday... but... don't feel like it.

aww, magneto's on my lap. (magneto my cat, not... right.) hey, mike gave me this rockin' oldschool gambit action figure for christmas, maybe he could fight magneto. aw, that would be cute.


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i was going to blog, but then i decided hey, i'm tired and coughing up lungs here. so maybe i'll just go to bed.

and then i did.

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Friday, December 26, 2003

listening to: background teevee, some show reid's watching

ah, the family. *flail* so christmas night was nice, we ate some food, opened some presents. yup.

and then i took some nyquil and went to sleep, and maaan, nyquil gives me craaazy dreams. i posted about the burning car one, right? well last night i had like 3... one was just scary and involved my biology final (haha dream, you can't fool me, i already took my bio final), one was something weird with snow? and a bridge? oh, and i was telling trina about the bio dream. but my next dream was in comic book form. it was SO cool. it was a very dave mckean-influenced dream. like, it was mostly a comic book, but it had collage elements. like i remember for sure there were parts of goldfish boxes on some of the pages. the story itself wasn't much... some old people talking about cheese, if i recall. but i dreamed! in comic book form! how cool is that?

anyway, this morning we went to the art institute. <3 art institute. except... we split up, right? so i was with mom and grandma. and they spent an hour in the gift shop. they would have spent longer if i hadn't been like "uh.. i want to look at some... you know, art? before we have to meet the rest of the family in... half an hour?" oy. but, i did get some totally amazing christmas cards. *flails* they're caillebotte's paris street; rainy day which is one of my most favorite paintings eeever, only they have santa and the elves in front of it.. like he's a tour guide? oh man, they rock.

anyway, so after i got them out of the gift shop we went up to the impressionist galleries, which are my favorite. especially paris street and sunday on the island of la grande jette... i'm a sucker for big paintings. seriously, seeing reproductions doesn't do these things justice... you walk in and see them and they're practically life size and you're just like... asiofduo[iufgsfgh. oh, man. also i love looking at the paintings up close and then you go across the room and look at them and it's like two different paintings. and it was nice today because hardly anyone was there (well, compared to a regular day) so i could wander about and spend as much time as i wanted in front of stuff.

except for my grandma. because every time i was looking at something, she would point to the next gallery and say, "you know, there are more paintings over there!" gee, thanks grandma, i didn't see that giant glass door! and who would have thought that there would be more paintings behind it? i figured it was just a room full of mittens. oy.

still though, it was fun. and impressionist art is even cooler when you're all stoned on dayquil!

then we got lunch at greek islands. mmm, saganaki. and then... kind of randomly we stopped at the mexican fine arts museum. which is a really, really nice museum and you should all go there. aand then i took a nap.

*swivels in chair*


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Thursday, December 25, 2003

whee. hope everyone had a loverly christmas morning ^_^

sam got an iskin and it feels really weird. like typing through a condom. (which, i suppose, is what it is. a keyboard condom.) lots of goodness and stuff. yay. although my cold has progressed to the "gollum" stage and i spent all morning making interesting noises. amusing occurrence, though... i knew i was getting the tww dvd for christmas, because i pre-ordered it (cheaper, you know) and had it sent home... but this morning, it definitely wasn't there. reid remembered seeing it on the table awhile ago... so my mom went on this mad search for them. thus far her search is unsuccessful. i am amused.

i was going to post "nicholas was" but priscilla beat me to it.

anyway, i should go pack, i'm off to chicago until saturday. yarr!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

whee! so my mom got a karaoke machine as a gift for the family... which... slightly confuses me, okay. but dad had fun with it, and i successfully did "one week" (and impressed the family by being able to keep up with it. much excitement.

wow, apparently today is libya's independence day. i never would have known had trina not sent me an e-card. so uh... happy libyan independence day, everyone!

oh, and, as is our christmas eve tradition, we opened our stockings and one present tonight. i got potc! yay! (although i'm a little concerned.. i asked mom if she knew which one was my tww dvds, so i could open them [and watch them] tonight... and she got all confused... but, i definitely ordered them at least 2 months ago, and they were supposed to ship here... mrr. yo quiero mi... wing de oeste!)

anyway... super happy christmas, kwanzaa, chanukah, atheist children get presents day, solstice, saturnalia, and libyan independence day to all you kids! <3

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*whimper* so much doom. between the coughing, the general flu-ish achyness, and the fact that on monday miriam and i didn't so much get to stretch at kickboxing (they secretly rearranged the schedule while we were gone, just to trick us).. i hurt. a lot.


so yeah, this sort of blows.

also: let it be said that nestle is a very scrooge-ish corporation. (she says as her father pulls into the driveway, having just gotten home from working a double shift on christmas fucking eve.)

ahem. but actually i've been feeling better in the last 10 minutes. like.. i successfully walked across the hall, and i've been sitting up and stuff. go me!

*feels sorry for self* oh, wooooe is me. life is sooo hard. okay, i'm going to go play some carmen sandiego now. woot.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

watching: still pocahontas (i paused it for a long time and came back..)

hmm. so while i was wrapping presents, my mom, in her roundabout attempt at apologizing for blowing up earlier, told me that she had tried to buy me the $200 super-special all-singing all-dancing edition of american gods but had failed in her attempts to do so (hill house never returned her emails and barnes and noble thought she was insane)... and she said that she knew it was stupid and that we couldn't really afford it but she wanted me to have it and then we both cried because, i don't know, that's what we do. (no one in our family is very emotionally competent. we can't really deal with anything in any way other than crying or sulking.)

& everyone says that christmas is a time for family and the thing is that no one in my immediate family really likes anyone in our extended family. i mean my uncle scott's alright and so are my maternal grandparents but really? mm. yeah.

but the immediate family? yeah, they're good people.

sooo u tgubj u;.,... oh. ahem.

sooo i think i'm going to go take some nyquil and fall over somewhere. hopefully my bed. ooor i might sprawl out over the couch for awhile and finish watching this movie. mm, cheesy.

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watching: pocahontas

i have seen this movie so many times. it is a sad and, frankly, inexplicable fetish.

anyway. let's see. kickboxing this morning was goodtimes. yarrr. and then i came home and tried to take a nap. amusing interlude::

RENATA is, rather fitfully, sleeping.


RENATA: meh?


RENATA fumbles for glasses and looks out window. is puzzled.


RENATA, still sleep-hazy, wanders into hall. THUMPING appears to be originating in bathroom (NOTE: bathroom and bedroom are both on the 2nd floor.

RENATA'S DAD (THUMPING): renata! um... go outside!

RENATA finds shoes and makes her way downstairs. she walks onto the deck.

RENATA'S DAD (on roof and looking rather sheepish): um, could you hand me that ladder?

RENATA does so. RENATA'S DAD climbs down from roof. RENATA goes back inside to finish napping.

but yeah, i've been pretty sick most of this afternoon. bleaaah. and i had this really weird dream that involved being chased by a car that was on fire. fueeego.

and now mom's having her christmas meltdown and i'm going to my pocahontas happy place. happy christmas eve eve, kids. if you'll excuse me, i'm going to go take some dayquil and paint with all the colors of the wind.

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Monday, December 22, 2003

listening to: tori, muhammad my friend

so yeah, kickboxing definitely kicked my ass. ow. so of course we're going back tomorrow morning. whee!

aand afterwards miriam and i went shopping and had many exciting adventures. yes. and i got this month's issue of vanity fair, because viggo is like totally h0tt. um, i mean, i wanted to read the fascinating article about indonesian islam. (er, i actually did. but... viggo! c'mon.) he's a really interesting guy. also insane. but interesting!

devon: yes! she has two songs! ("you belong to me" and "murder, he says".) yay tori!

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listening to: stu, i eat meat

why i should have been late to the dentist today: well you see, it all starts with my hatred for commercial radio. and last night my dad stole the cd player out of his car, so i had to listen to the radio during allll my driving last night. and so today i decided i definitely couldn't handle any more of that crap. (and no, i can't drive in silence. as much as i hate the radio, being alone with nothing but silence and my own thoughts is way too boring. i need to have at least the radio on so i can ignore it.) but so yeah, i was all ready to leave, and then i go out to grab the cd player from dad's car. except, the tape-adapter thing is stuck in his tape player. so i fought with it. for fifteen minutes. was eventually victorious.

why i wasn't late to the dentist today: i drive very fast.

anyway. gooooing kickboxing with miriam tonight, which should be exciting, since neither of us has done it since, you know, august. and man, all the soccer moms could kick our asses then, so now that we're all out of shape i have no idea how this is going to go down. but still, should be fun.

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listening to: tori, blood roses

exciting and eventful (or not) evening of shopping, and then we all ended up at steve's house and discovered that titanic was on teevee. and then we decided to actually watch it. except we didn't actually watch it on teevee, oh no, we watched steve's copy. and we only watched it up until they hit the iceberg, and then we got bored and left. (although i came right back because i forgot my purse. that, and i was hoping to see steve naked. i mean...)

but you know what i totally didn't remember about that movie? it is just FULL of boobs! breasts, all over the place on the titanic. (i just almost made a really horrible pun but i'm refraining.)

my mom made homemade chex mix! with no nuts!! i'm so loved.

julia: Gah! Mary has the measles for the third time
julia: !
renata: eeep!
renata: isnt everyone supposed to be vaccinated for that?
julia: *giggles* On the Oregon Trail. Sorry,
renata: oooh good
julia: I was talking to Sarah about it earlier and I forgot I wasn't talking to you.
renata: i was concerned.
julia: Sorry.
renata: whew :-)

(mary, i'm glad you don't have the measles.)

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Sunday, December 21, 2003

listening to: polaris, adventures of pete and pete theme

man, pete and pete was such a great show.

uh. anyway. last night i went and watched x2 with the mikes, stephanie, miriam and tony. was duly mocked for my insistence that no one talk when "alan is TALKING!" (oh god, but then we were watching the extras and he was being all scottish... aaah.)

i think i've slept more in the last few days than i did all of finals week. mmm, sleep. also i think i'm allergic to my house now. i'm not sure if it's the cats or the fact that our house doesn't so much conduct heat very well, but now and over thanksgiving break i've been sneezing like crazy. and it stops when i leave the house. *frowl*

hm. oh, and after the movie i went to walmart. i love shopping at walmart after midnight, it's so much better than walmart any other time. i'd probably love shopping anywhere after midnight, but i haven't really experienced it. (well, i suppose technically i always shop after midnight, if you want to get technical about it. but... uh... i like shopping... recently after midnight. YES I'M AWESOME! *runs off*)

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Saturday, December 20, 2003

yay, did laundry!! this was oh-so-necessary, since i forgot all but one of my pairs of pajama pants, and those were dirty, so i've been wearing the last-resort pants... which are... oh god. they're v. cute, with ice-skating ducks... but they fit really crazily, by which i mean they don't fit at all, and keep falling down. these are drawstring pants! but the string doesn't do anything, it's just like.. decorative! i don't understand! aah!

without hyperbole, these are the worst pants in the entire history of civilization.

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listening to: tori, past the mission

*flail* rotk = SO MUCH HAPPY! whoa. steve kept laughing at me because i kept flailing with fear/joy/lust.

speaking of which, i'm going to take a moment here to revel in completely shallow fangirlism, so bear with me:

aragorn is so, so, so so hot! hot with 234908235289 ts. dear lord, he is hot. *swoon*

right then.

~ eowyn kicks so much ass.
~ slashtastic. slaaaashtastic.
~ spiders! aah! *flail*
~ did i mention that aragorn is hot? and he can sing!
~ so so good. aaah.
~ attention span fared quite well, given that it was a 3hour+ movie. *fidgets*

Congratulations! You're Elrond!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

i took this once before, i think, and i was someone different but i don't remember who.. but this works too ^_^

(&kait, no, i don't have megan's address. megan! send us your new address! *flail*)

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Friday, December 19, 2003

hey neat, i made some new lj icons! nothin' fancy, but i like them.


... rotk in 3(ish) hours! *squees and runs off*

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listening to: stu, smoke

whoa!! so why didn't anyone tell me that metropolis comics closed?! although such blatant schadenfreude makes me feel a bit guilty, i can't say that i'll miss them. i never got anything but condescension from there, and they were right across the street from acme, a far, far superior comics store. (speaking of acme, mom told reid to pick something up there but not to let me see it, which makes me suspect that i'll be getting something hella cool for christmas. because really, if it's from acme how could it not be?)

also i went to two libraries today and now i'm all full of books. mm, books. (and i bought 5 books from the mdl for 50 cents. ah, small town liberries. good books, too! lysistrata and wuthering heights and inherit the wind and the chocolate war and um interview with a vampire just because i felt like i should really read something of hers at some point in time, right?)

also: rotk, tonight, 7:30 @ university. we're meeting at 7, everyone who's everyone is gonna be there. *nod*

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

watching: clerks uncensored

oh my god, i love this show so much. between kevin smith, adult swim, and nintendo, i may very well spend the vast majority of my break not using my brain at all.

man, it'll be great.

"the weed of crime bears bitter fruit, you old hag!"

hey, in randal's flashback his shirt says "down with sadaam!" (and then in the flashback within the flashback, it says "down with paul reiser!")

whoa. randal's clothing can predict the future.

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what the hell is this crap?! 9:30 = x-men: evolution time! not samurai jack time! fuego, cartoon network, fuego!

also apparently cc.com is on hold for late payment. um, maybe they should have given us some sort of notification of this? maybe? and why do we have to pay now? we renew in january. more fuego!

but hey, boy meets world is on and i just might make popcorn and tomorrow i get to see rotk and my amigos... life is good. and when it's not, there's always FUEGO!

(Devilish laugh)

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DOOM! i left my cd-rom holder at school!!! that means no educational software for me! for a month! AAAAH!

oh wait, i still have oregon trail and carmen on my desktop, from when i was burning copies for people. whew.

still, though, grr.

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listening to: stu, karma pyre

mmm, home. warm (actually, it's pretty cold. shh) and fuzzy and full of cats. awww, kitty.

highlights of my journey home:
~ me dropping all my clean clothes in a mud puddle on the way to the car
~ me exploding gum all over the car
~ getting chinese food on the way and eating brassicas! mm, brassica.

that's about it, actually.

wow. i'm SO not stressed right now, this is amazing. mmmm. grr, the new squirrelmail is so friggen slow at home. it was pretty slow at school, but this is just... *frowl*

other than that, though, life=good!

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x-posted from my plan...

wow. now i feel like i over-prepared for my spanish oral... so i go into the general spanish-office waiting area about 10 minutes early, and there are a couple other kids there... so i ask them when their appointments are, and one of them said "10:35". and i was like, "um... are you sure?" because that's when mine was, so we checked the schedule.. she listed all the 10am appointments twice on the schedule sheet, so she was double-booked for the hour. yeah. anyway. so i finally go in her office and start giving my presentation, and she's like.. checking her email and rummaging through her desk. and then (the presentation was a 2-part question) after my first part, she's like "sorry if it seems like i'm not paying attention... it's just that i don't need to, you're good, i already know you're good." so i was like, "um, thanks." and then i gave the second part and she continued to do other things.

(i'm definitely not complaining, mind you.)

ayano: i got your card today! yaaythanks! (although i was momentarily confused by "dec 04" because i thought you meant the year not the day and i was like, is it the future already? and then i was like oh. i'm kinda tired.)

kait: aww, yeah, i miss the purple. *frowl*

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listening to: stu, sexy messiah

i have a spanish oral exam in half an hour. i just did a runthrough. it went.. okay. and i just don't care that much. because i'll have to screw it up pretty freaking badly to lose my a in the class. so yeah.

i get to go home today! yay! and i'm wearing knee socks! colorful argyle knee socks! yaaay!

so.. that's about the level i'm functioning at today.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

listening to: stu, let's go broke in rock 'n roll

i love stuart. have i mentioned that lately? because man, i love stuart.

anyway. very slowly writing my spanish presentation. sugar + almost time to go home! = ADD out in full force. ooh shiny.

we had a painting study break though, and that was supergreat. i painted an abstract expression of my feelings towards biology, and a trogdor for carly and a wagon (going west) for julia. and julia painted me a pirate ship. it was happy! happppy.

by this time tomorrow i'll so be home.

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listening to: ramones, rockaway beach

if i could describe my biology final in two words, they would be: IT'S OVER!

yeah.. i don't know. it was a little insane, like one of the questions... design an experiment to test the effect of [some hormone] on mosses and ferms, blah blah, draw a graph of your expected results... so finally i went up and was like, "um, are we supposed to be familiar with this hormone?" her: "oh no, of course not!" me: "oh. well, then how are we supposed to graph our expected results?" her: "just make something up."

.... yeah. SO random.

also, cc.com is down for no apparent reason. and aplus.net won't tell me why until i can tell them my registration number, which i have at home somewhere. (registration number or no, however, our contract doesn't expire until january, bitches.)

talia: whoa! new frowlmail! yay! except now "delete & prev" is gone and that was my favorite button ever. dammit.

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listening to: ramones, needles and pins

the power came back about 45 minutes after it went out. huzzah!

i have a bio final in a little over an hour. i feel like i should study. but i studied sunday, i studied last night, i studied (a little) this morning... i feel like i either know it or i don't. (um, and probably i don't.) but really, i just feel like... when i study stuff, i'm like yeah, i know that.

i can't check any of my email accounts and it's making me a little twitchy. i'm such an addict. (your-site's busy being on fire, and the grinnell server is still messed up from the power outage. well, i suppose i could check the curtis account, but there's never anything good there.)

mm. i have 1602 #5 and half a slice of chocolate oblivion. both of these things will be used for their intended purposes after bio. (ah, forced motivation.)

but now maybe i'll go study a little more.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

listening to: tori, scarlet's walk

so, the power definitely just went out. (yay for sam having a full battery!)

it better come back soon. or i'll set something on fire.

besides my candles.

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aah. wow. just slept for over an hour. meh well. (it was like "aah... cannot.. function... need sleep! *thunk*")

oh well, sleep is good.

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My LiveJournal 12 Days
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7 irritatedscones a-gyrating.
6 leiascullys a-typing.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.


the other day i had this dream about nerd bowl and they asked us to define the world "gymnobus" and i was like, um, that's not a word, but i was trying to reason it out, so i was like, gymno.. naked.. bus... uh... bus? a lot of? maybe? a lot of.. nudity? man, it's so not even a real word and then this kid from the other team buzzed in and said that it meant "a lot of gymnasts" and apparently that was right and then nathaniel broke my arm. sheesh, nat, that was so uncalled for.

i'm pretty tired.

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listening to: the byrds, my back pages

this made me giggle and then feel vaguely guilty about it. i particularly liked the tips on dealing with atheists. ("jesus wouldn't love me anyway, coffee is the only thing that gives me solace!")

bwahaha, yes. i lay down another sacrifice before the altar of coffee.

anyway. british history final today.. i don't know. pretty sure i didn't fail it ^_^ both my essays were like... good, but carefully constructed to attempt to hide the holes in my memory. (one paragraph in particular... "uh... scotland and ireland.. things happened there... with religion... uh... yes i'm awesome!")

last night was fun and exciting... studied with mary and julia and went on a bakery run at 2am, then fell asleep amidst a giant pile of stuff on my bed. i woke up like... tangled with my comforter into a weird sphere, with like.. my backpack, coat, sweatshirt, and pillow kicked down to the end of the bed.

hey neat, apparently i'm getting a teen girl squad shirt for christmas. (because apparently my mom uses my email address for online shopping now? buwaha.)

i have so many emails that i need to reply to. but i save them until i can write a good reply. the thing is, i can never write a good reply, so they're just stuck in the limbo of my inbox. poor little emails.

oh, and mary pointed out that scary weird girl has another blog. like whoa. (apparently curtis wants to get married but she has commitment issues. *giggles* *a lot*)

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Monday, December 15, 2003

listening to: ani, virtue

random amusing quotes: "we should have a wood-daver study break!"
"yeah! it'll be phenomenally successful!"

"well, the course catalogue says 'through 1660'... if i asked about 1665 you could all sue me!"

"the good ship fuego!"

"shark of love? maaan, you guys are weird!"

i'll henry viii you! with the back of my hand!

this made me giggle a lot. danke, priscilla.

i had a really tasty lunch today. mmm, chocolate oblivion.

apparently opening blogger completely destroys all my coherent thoughts. (like i had sooo many of them to start out with.)

frowlmail's working again though, which is good.

i can now say fire in 4 languages: english (fire), spanish (fuego), greek (pur), french (feu). fiiiiiiire!

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can't log into frowlmail at the moment.. which means that about half of you probably can't check your mail either, so: today's postie day, kids!

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listening to: ani, going once

chelle: whoa, there are PICTURES? (although i have to admit i got all distracted being nostalgic for awhile. like.. "awww, curtis and the giant tuning fork! aww, san fran! i mean... HEY! these are mine!")

devon: mwahaha. jill's music is folk-rock... sometimes it's very funny and sometimes it's very emotional and sometimes it's both. awhile back her songs "supermodel" and "i kissed a girl" were semi-popular and then she sort of fell off the map, pop-culture wise. jillsobule.com has some downloads available, as does sobulian.com. (make sure to check out "heroes" if nothing else, it's one of my alltime favorites.)

so, i got our bio poster evaluation in my mailbox today... 90! yay! and with her crazy grading scale... 90-100 is an a, 87-89 is a-, etc. which is good. (although frankly i'd take a regular grading scale and a less evil, anal-retentive grading style any day...)

i'm so ready to be gone, i don't think it's really clicked for me that i'm actually going to have to take finals and stuff. aaah.

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Sunday, December 14, 2003

listening to: jill sobule, under the disco ball

i was... what? i opened blogger. i can see that. and i was listening to that song. yes. which was now about half a cd ago.

pancake study break was funtimes. pirate girl squad!

uhh... finals. british history tuesday morning, bio wednedsay afternoon, and spanish oral exam thursday morning. and then i'm done.

i really have nothing interesting to say. at all. lots of amusing things have happened. i just can't think of them at the moment. have some jill sobule lyrics instead.

i know you hate my country
but you've probably got a right
i came here to liberate
and change my boring life
i know you don't drink whiskey
but you've got a hookah pipe
you've seen my hair and ankles
so c'mon, let's spend the night
i'm a war correspondent
in love

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Saturday, December 13, 2003

update: my inbox now contains 16 messages. i rule.

and now i will go study british history, and thus will rule even MORE.

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listening to: stu, nothing in between

aaand the inevitable process of doing everything possible to avoid studying begins. thus far today i have:
~ returned all my library books
~ gotten my mail
~ revised my tutorial essay
~ gone to inslab to print off said essay
~ sorted recycling
~ put the film i got developed over break into my album
~ put my shoes away
~ cleaned out my email inbox. (so far i've gone from 755 messages to 489, and i'm definitely still working on it. stupid email. oh, and that's just in my inbox, not counting my subfolders. damn my packrat-ish nature!)

however, i also read two chapters of history and looked at my notes a little. huzzah.

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listening to: spaceghost, deck the halls

listening to spaceghost christmas music, watching the snow fall, and had a secret santa revealing last night... mm, decemberween.

talia: it's just some girl's blog who's pretending to be maggie benjamin, by stealing entries from me and megan's blogs. it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense any way you look at it.

megan: dude, i know. that cracked me up oldschool. curtis + "windmills and wheatfields" = disturbing^2.

x-posted from my plan:

oh, so yeah i definitely have the rest of my life mapped out. i'm going to write the little sayings under nantucket nectars lids, and also create a line of hallmark cards. (the "i'm sorry i tried to set you on fire" line.)


you're someone i really admire
i'm sorry i tried to set you on fire


oh yes, it's true
i didn't mean to burn you

or even

although i wanted some vindication
i shouldn't have resorted to incineration

it'll be great. (i still need an illustrator, anyone want to jump on board?)

anyway. studying for finals. right. thaaat's what i'm doing. uh.

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Friday, December 12, 2003

(in my best tgs voice): weirded out!!

oh my god. so kaaait found this blog. and it's like. half of it is boron entries stole verbatim, except with names changed. like, i am now "maggie" and del is "talia" and talia.. isn't in any of the ones she stole. she also stole stuff from megan's blog, but megan is also "maggie". and.. wait, i think.. i think stuart davis became "curtis". but.. i think curtis is also still curtis, because there are some random refences to other rent cast members... and then sometimes there's stuff that's not from me or from megan, it's just like... "maggie" talking about her life with "curtis" and as an actress i think... oh my god, it's fucked up.

some highlights:

sidenotes: curtis was in such a "let's humor maggie" mood tonight. seriously. dunno what the deal was with that, but i'm not complaining. also, he promised puppies to anyone who came to the carolines and cutting room shows. and as initiative to sign up for the mailing list. "if you can't pick up your puppy this weekend, we'll mail it to you!"

this following a stuart setlist. uh. and also a direct quote from megan, talking about a stu show.

talia: and jesse and i were talking about bl-arrr-som, b-arrr-bles, and b-arrr-ttercup
talia: and i was explaining it to trina
me: ha ha ha
talia: and i accidentally called them the piratepuff girls!
me: this merits use of capital letters!

wait. trina? um. that was definitely an im between me and del, with me being "me" and "talia" being del.. and then.. trina was... aah!

and then there's stuff like...

i talked to curtis. for like a million hours. we had a fight [not that anybody should be surprised on that one] and then we just started talking and got around to talking about the bennies [made me cry. damn bennies.] and then about random things. and then. we started talking about iowa city...and the night it had rained. [um so this was also the night we kissed for the first time.] anyhow, he showed me what he had written about that night. he put it in story form. o-m-g. it is so amazing. and he had NEVER showed me before because he thought i would think it was stupid. well. no. it was NOT stupid at all. i want everybody to read it!

not mine, not megan's.

... i'll end this with a conversation between me and kait, who, for some reason, is still called kait. because, it still cracks me up, even after it was stolen by scary weird girl.

yeah. silly maggie. oooh well. i'm pretty sure i did. and if not, well.. then i'm just a mron. (i tried to type moron like, 3 times, and then i just gave up.)
kait: Hehehe.. ::is amused:: I thought that said mormon and I was like, "Hm... Maggie's a mormon...oh wait, moron... no, mron..."
me: *nodnod* i'm a mormon mron. wanna be one of my wives?
kait: Sure!
me: woot!
kait: ::goes around making bread and not drinking or smoking::
me: don't forget makin' babies!
kait: mm, babies
kait: ::makes some babies:: Nothing like the smell of fresh babies in the morning.
me: especially cinnamon babies

man. here's the link if you want to stare in confusion for awhile or anything. (and hey weird girl, if you're still reading this... man, you're weird.)

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oh man. so today in british history we were talking about the instrument of government, which is england's only written constitution... and one of the provisions is basically, as long as you believe in god and jesus, you can worship however you want, unless you're: catholic, episcopalian, or licentious. this brought up the question of... what religion is licentious? & professor drake responded, well, the muggletonians for one... (i almost lost it but didn't. go me.) but anyway, apparently, the muggletonians believed so devoutly in salvation by faith that they would walk around nude, sometimes to the extent of public sex, just to show that no matter what you do god will forgive you if you're faithful.

man, didn't i tell you guys this was the best religion ever? ^_^

the b&s came out today, with my articles, which was exciting. wheee. and soon i'm off to my last ever spanish class, to take a test. of doom. (i got my homework back, by the way... all she wrote on it, besides correcing my random stupid grammar mistakes, was an ambiguous mark that's either a V or a checkmark. or maybe a slanty L. very cryptic if you ask me.)

kait: i keep remembering to remind you to show me that thing except you're never online at the same time as me. (that was a terribly constructed sentence right there. wow.) also: bnf... yes, that makes sense. woo.

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Thursday, December 11, 2003

i am SO tired. why why why? it's not even 9:30 and i even had a nap.

mad props to nathaniel, for standing in for the entire male gender. *applauds*

and now perhaps i will study for my spanish exam tomorrow or perhaps i will, with glazed eyes, stare blankly at the wall for awhile.

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You are Kermit the Frog.
You are reliable, responsible and caring. And you
have a habit of waving your arms about

"Hi ho!" "Yaaay!" and
"How Green Was My Mother"

"Surfin' the Webfoot: A Frog's Guide to the

Sitting in the swamp playing banjo.

"Hmm, my banjo is wet."

What Muppet are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

whoa, kait, we're twins! and i do tend to wave my arms about maniacally... *flails*

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listening to: ani d, glass house

oh, man. so today in bio we just asked questions about the finals and then did course evaluations, so we were only there for about 45 minutes... so i came back and took a nap. and then i woke up at like 3, looked at my watch, sat bolt upright and went "OH MY GOD i slept through spanish!"

and then i remembered: it's thursday.

which means garlic bread in the dining hall tonight! yaaay! (this is always a high point of my week. except last week they didn't have any and i frowled a lot. so there'd better be some tonight or i'll lay the smackdown on... someone.)

anyway, back to spanish. i'm feeling sort of guilty about my homework for the novel we did.. because she never collected it, so i always did a really half-assed job.. i mean, i read the story, and i was familiar with it, but as far as the worksheets went.. yeah. and then she collected them all at the end of the story. doh. but, whatever.

one week from now i'll be on my way home. or... possibly even home, if we drive fast. whoa!

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listening to: tori, baker baker

this song is so great. i'm way happy that it was on toal even though it's not a "greatest hit". (which is of course why it's called "a tori amos collection" and not "tori amos's greatest hits". but yeah.)

i think you should all go listen to "baker baker". right now, do it. i'll wait.


okay. good work, guys.

uh. i saw jimmy carter's son today. also his old campaign manager. they talked about dean for awhile. *nod*

i'm pretty tired. *yawn* i actually like, talked to my roommate last night. whoa. we never ever talk to each other, and if we do it's never for more than a minute or so. (it's not that we don't get along, it's just that we're never never both in the room and awake at the same time, between me hanging out in the nook and her hanging out in the pit and class and extracurriculars and our weird napping schedules...) so yeah, that was interesting.

neat, everything's crossed off my to-do list except "study for finals". except, i just made a new to-do list and it has more stuff on it. but still, it's comforting.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

oh yes, yo soy la awesome. (and quite possibly also the r0x0r.)

definitely finished my henry v paper. twooo days in advance. two! 1+1!

*pets paper*

also i have a huge fuck-off care package. i cannot even put into words the sheer amount of junk food that this box contains. wow.

kellie: whoa, i'm one of your away messages now? i'm touched ^_^

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listening to: g-tones, walking in memphis

*flails* so, it's pretty cold out. yup.

my communication skillz as of late have been crappy, and i'm sorry guys. i know i'm never on aim and when i am i get distracted and never finish conversations. but i still love you. really.

it's just that i'll love you more after finals. (not true, per se, but i'll be more expressive with the love after finals ^_^)

del: c'mon, you know hitler was a hendrix fan. there's nothing nazis like better than black american guys singing rock&roll. duh.

kait's sense of motivation: oh. well... you two have fun. *fidgets*

nothing here to fear
i'm just sitting around
being foolish when there
is work to be done
just a hang-up call
and the quiet breathing
of our persian
we call cajun on a wednesday

if i had a persian i definitely wouldn't call it cajun. but the part about being foolish when there is work to be done is true. also the part about wednesday. yep.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

gah. SO tired. probably because i didn't sleep very much last night. *frowl*

uh. celebrity poker showdown was supercute though, it was all tww cast... aww.

priscilla: no, i still didn't get to see dean ~_~ people left for that at like 10:30. s'ok, though.

my id and superego are totally bitchfighting right now...
id: i'm tired!
superego: write your paper!
id: no! tired!
superego: you really should work on your paper!
id: TIRED!
superego: but... henry! the commoners! it's, um, interesting!
id: your MOM's interesting! i'm tired!
ego: i'm pretty tired, too.
superego: HEY!
id: hey look, juice!

so... yeah.

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got out of bio 2 hours early! yaaay!

got into humanities 101! yaaay!

< /yay >

until i finish my paper, my half of the room will continue to look as if a library has thrown up all over it. because the way i write... like, i went through the books and made some notes to get me started, but now it's to the point where i'm writing a sentence... grab the book i want to reference.. and then go "hey! this reminds me of that other book!" so i lay the book down (open to the page i was on).. look through books.. don't find the one i was looking for, but do find something interesting.. so i stack that one (also open) on top of the last one...

& in the meantime have apparently not yet escaped drama. i send love to all.

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Monday, December 08, 2003

*grumble* remember that dean thing tomorrow i was whining about? because i can't go? because it's my last bio class before the final?

you know what it is?

it's al freakin' gore announcing his endorsement of howard freakin' dean!

and i could go! except i can't!! (uh, you know what i mean here, right?)

on the plus side, the henry paper is up to a good 5.5 pages. which i will round up to 6. because 6 pages sounds so much better than 5.5. (that's not me being sarcastic. it really does sound better. to me, anyway. 6 pages! yay!)

also, the word of the day is farraginous (adj: consisting of a confused mixture; formed of various materials in no fixed order or arrangement) but i definitely thought it said "fangorious". man, i wish the word of the day was fangorious.

*fangoriously devours biology*

mm, cotyledons.

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dear renata's sense of motivation,

please come back. we're sorry for anything we may have done to offend you, and promise to rectify our slackerly behaviors. however, we still have at least 5 pages of this paper to write, not to mention finals to study for, and we feel that blogging and reading plans is not the best way to accomplish this. help.


the rest of renata

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listening to: tori, take to the sky

dear dean campaign,

please stop having events on tuesday fucking afternoon. thank you.



*frowl frowl*

anyway. uh. so my alarm clock definitely didn't go off this morning. i woke up.. well, actually i woke up at 5, because i dreamed that someone kept asking me what time it was, so i woke up and looked at the clock. and it was 5. anyway. i woke up at 8 and went "AAH! i have class now!" and then i remembered that my clock is 15 minutes fast. and then i went "AAH! i have class in 15 minutes!" so yes.

made it to class 5 minutes early, however. which is good, because it meant that fewer people were around to see me spectacularly fail to sit upon my chair.

it's all good, though... i have mini muffins. (the scroll, the scroll, the button, the button.. smooth like butter on a muffin!)

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Sunday, December 07, 2003


from shakespeare: the history plays: "those dishes of skim milk in the audience who are not already aroused by this skillful induction will not be stirred by the accomplished piece of oratory which follows."

i'm so using "dish of skim milk" as an insult. ie... dr. robertson is such a dish of skim milk.


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listening to: stuart, world learns english

i've been listening to this song alll day. well. not all day. but several times in the last few hours.

blogger wasn't working for a long time and now it is. so yay!

waltz was fun. except (or perhaps because ^_~) my dress was like... super cleavage enhancing/displaying and certain unscrupulous friends of mine took delight in throwing things down there. when i undid the corset at the end of the night like $0.06 fell out. it was sad. but yeah, goodtimes. i sorta learned how to dance a little. (although bumper-waltzing is more fun than real waltzing ^_^)

oh, also i couldn't breathe when i sat down. and i was relatively sure that if i passed out, jack sparrow would not, in fact, rescue me. stupid lazy jack sparrow.

i'm hungry. i wonder what's for dinner? ooh, i can check online. i think that.. i will. hmm. stuffing, yay. also peas. (mm, cotyledons.)

hi devon! jeeze, how many closet boronites are there? hmm.. i know how to drive you kids out of hiding... if you want a festive holiday card from me, send your address my way. (if you got one from me last year, or frequently receive mail from me.. no need to send it again. probably. unless i lost it. yeah.) renata at frowl dot org. *nod*

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Saturday, December 06, 2003

my heroes.

gaaah. so i did my spanish homework a couple days ago, to get it out of the way. unfortunately, i did the wrong assignment. *frowl* íte odio, antionio vallejo! íte odio!

however, did meet with bio group and finish our poster. woo. although like.. i don't know. anal-retentive girl was driving me a little crazy. especially because she'd always argue with me and she'd always be wrong! and just over little things, like formatting for citations or something.. .but still! always wrong! she even admitted that she was always wrong! *flail* but i was probably in a more irritible mood than usual, due to... well, i hate bio. and i'm kinda tired. yup.

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okay. sorry for all the politics around here lately, but well, there's a lot of politics around me lately :)

but have you guys seen the latest new hampshire polls??

Dean: 45%
Kerry: 13%
Clark: 11%
Lieberman: 5%
Gephardt: 5%
Edwards: 3%
Kucinich: 2%
Sharpton: 1%
Braun: *%
Undecided: 15%

is that not kickass? (this is another one of those posts that assumes all my readers are dean kids, which of course not all of you are. tough, feel my joy!)

and latest polls in iowa show him leading by 10%. *frolicks*

so anyway. waltz tonight. i'm not usually into formal dance-type things, but apparently this is lots of fun and whathaveyou. so yeah. also, i'm going in renaissance attire. so... yeah. (sarah: "hey renata, want to wear garb to waltz with us?" me: "um, i don't have any." sarah: "that's okay, i have extra!" ... man, i love my floor.)

if i were a smart kid i'd work on my term paper this weekend. yep. i sure would.

*reads douglas adams*

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Friday, December 05, 2003

random amusing quote: "... and then if he didn't burn all the way, i'd have to be like, 'sorry i set you on fire', and that would just awkward... and it's not like hallmark makes a card for that occasion..."

whoa. this morning and afternoon i was registering voters with students for dean, and we got SO many. like.. i'd say at least 100. out of a campus of 1400. just amazing. dean=keen.

also i got to be cromwell in british history this morning, which was hott.

i tried to put a "iowa democratic party" temporary tattoo on my hand today, but i'm incompetent and it just says "W ocratic".

maybe my hand is still leaning republican? (ooh, and it was my right hand. spooky.)

ayano: by my count, we're on #6 in the circle. (you should send to jason, i believe.)

hi zach!

kerry: you can't use <3 in the comment box, which i assume is what you were trying to do. but, i <3 you anyway ^_^

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

in which george w. bush loses the support of renata and kait!

renata: *sigh* it's so hard to be me :-)
kait: Me too, sometimes. ::nodnods::
renata: there should be an offcial "it's hard to be kait and renata" day
kait: There definitely should >_<
renata: and kaits and renatas would get free cookies.
kait: Yes. And tea. ::nods::
renata: also coffee.
renata: i blame bush for this day not existing!
renata: that's it, from this day forward i'm officially not a republican!
renata: ... *whistles*
kait: You know what, I was totally leaning towards Republican policy
kait: what with the anti-gay and free speech views that I support so fully
renata: i know, like, i totally love how they're saving babies
kait: but now.... no. I'm not even gonna consider it anymore.
renata: but this lack of a kait&renata day, man, i just can't support it.
kait: It's too intense and far reaching. You can't just ignore something like this, despite how cool the patriotic anti-terrorism party is!
renata: oh, i know. it will be tough supporting crazy flag-burners
renata: but it's just a sacrifice we'll have to make
kait: I know. ::sighs:: I'm really going to miss those "Pro-Family Values" rallies...
renata: and the 10 commandments, man, those are so great.
kait: Oh, man, trying to combine church and state? That's so much fun...
renata: i know! it's like a delicate tapestry
renata: and whoo will protect us from pornography?!
kait: Oh no, maybe this not being Republican thing won't work out too well afterall... I mean, SOMEONE has to make sure America continues to bully the rest of the world into submission!
renata: man, you're right.
renata: maybe we're just being petty about this whole kait&renata day thing.
renata: on the other hand, though.. free cookies...
kait: ::sighs:: Life is so hard... cookies sound really good...
renata: yeah... but if we don't vote for bush, some children might get left behind!

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listening to: stu, anaesthesia necrophilia

oh stuart, you make everything okay. damn, alicia just came back in and went to sleep. *mute*


anyway. my feet hurt a lot. uh. i got invited to have lunch with a former senator today, along with some other "politically active" students and i felt SO out of place. like, we went around and introduced ourselves.. eeveryone was a poli sci major, except one kid who was a poli sci/history double major, and another who is creating an independent major that's also political. and i was like "uh, i'm undeclared.. but.. probably i'll major in english." and then i said nothing for an hour. except i was sitting right next to him and i was like AAH! but yeah. (senator culver, btw. he was an iowa senator for a long time and now he's a lawyer and does something or other with harvard.)

also, i will set biology ON FIRE.

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my tutorial was cancelled. w00t.

i'm tired. i've been staring at some data for awhile now, and it doesn't make much sense. it probably won't make much sense if i stare at it some more, but it's worth a shot.

happy birthday, sarah! yaay!

i'm tired. i finished my tutorial paper aand my lab writeup. yay. noow i just have this bio worksheet (the one with the incomprehensible numbers) and my spanish composicion (i have to write an extra scene for that play about blind people we read...) um, and my term paper. and read a lot for history. and study for finals and wow, this is depressing. *frowl*

and what i really want to do write now is curl up in bed, possibly with some hot chocolate but definitely with a cat, and re-read sandman. all of it. mmm... sandman.

but instead i'll probably stare at biology some more.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

this entry is dedicated to julia, my central time-zone wife.

Which Clue character are you?

Which Clue character are you?

ETA: i just realized after i published this that it could be interpreted as me insulting julia. which i would of course neeever do. it's just that it's her favorite movie and all ^_^

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listening to: simon and garfunkel, kathy's song

s&g are the only music i can listen to while doing homework. they're great, it's mellow so it doesn't distract me too much, but it also keeps my stress levels way down, because it's just like.. aaah... simon and garfunkel.

although at this particular moment i am clearly not doing homework. but i have been! all morning! (well.. most of the morning!) *flail* i'm so good.

anyway. of course neo-muggletonians can have funny hats! i assumed that was a given. mmm, funny hats.

i just heard an explosion i think. uh. but, the science building appears to still be intact... and haines is still intact... so... meh.

it snowed last night! it's muy bonita, but also very slippery. i wonder what the spanish word for slippery is. i'd look it up if my dictionary wasn't all the way over there. *points across room*

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

because clearly i am no longer getting anything done tonight:

priscilla, i asked him, as a physician, what are his views on the partial-birth abortion ban? and he said. well, 1st of all technically there's no such thing as a partial birth abortion, it's really a late-term abortion. and that like.. in vermont, during all the time he was governor (or maybe just one term? i don't remember.) there were zero late-term abortions performed. so it's like.. really rare and drastic. also, that he didn't think the government had any right to decide things that should be between a woman and her doctor. yeah.

go dean!

(if i see him again, i'm definitely asking him his opinion on neo-muggletonianism, however.)

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meanwhile, julia and i are starting a religious revolution. we're neo-muggletonians. (and yes! muggletonians actually existed! during the english civil war, they were a sect of protestantism. i have no idea what they actually believed, though. that's why we're neo-muggletonians, so we can re-define things as we go along. it's gonna be great.)



The term Muggletonian came into vogue about 1676. Muggletonian more properly refers to the later movement under the leadership of Lodowick Muggleton and his teachings from 1658-98.

yadda yadda...

Muggleton preached a form of anti-Trinitarianism, or Unitarianism. The Man Jesus was the true God who had come down to Earth while the Old Testament prophets, Elijah and Moses, kept an eye on Heaven. Man was in the Third Age of the Spirit.

Toleration and a lack of strict religious doctrines attracted numerous disheartened followers from other radical sects of the Interregnum. Muggleton preached more of a heaven on earth rather than an afterlife. A strong dose of both Reason and Faith were instilled in the faithful.

Common themes were: the soul was mortal; Hell existed within Man; no formal religious ceremonies. A private gathering at a local inn or tavern with a reading or two from the Bible, and the singing of the "Divine Songs" to traditional tunes over a few beers would be considered a "service". Not the high profile of other dissident groups after the Conventicle Act (1664) which declared religious meetings of five or more illegal.

Unlike many of the other radical sects of the period the Muggletonians enjoyed a happy middle ground of political and religious thought.

cool. c'mon, jump on the neo-muggletonian bandwagon while there's still good seats! sarah just did!

mm, muggletonian...

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... i simply cannot bring myself to work on bio tonight. i can't. the paper's done, i need to re-analyze some data and fix a few things. but i can do that tomorrow. *sets biology on fire*

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w00t! my 7-page tutorial paper is now my bitch! (despite the fact that it wanders a bit and assigns like, 3 different symbolisms to one character as necessary. these crazy postmoderns, it's entirely possible that alice represents innocence, germany, and the entire post-ww2 generation. all at the same time!)

also, i very nearly just set a book on fire. *giggle* but.. it was just because it was too close to my candle. and actually, it probably didn't come anywhere close to catching fire. uh.. i was still amused.

.... fire!

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listening to: tori, snow cherries from france

*dance* not only did bio get out in time for me to go see dean, i got to ask a question! and hence, was on cnn! and cspan! (this actually might be a bad thing, since i stumbled all over my words. but, shh.) so uh. go me.

that is all.

(except that, i think it's a sign that i'm a little over dean-ified when like.. he starts listing off the countries that have health care for everyone, and i go, "hey, he left out costa rica!" ... but perhaps not.)

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listening to: tori, mountain

*frowl* so like... guess who's coming to grinnell from 2:30-4 today? oh, it's howard dean! and guess who has class from 1:15-4? oh, it's me. aand guess who threatened to take 25 points off the final paper of anyone who wasn't in class today? oh yes, it's dr. robertson.

although i guess i can't really be that bitter about it since i've already seen him like 4 times. still, though.

anyway... they're going to be broadcasting it live on cnn and cspan, so you should all watch it. and maybe like tape a picture of me to your teevee ^_~

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Monday, December 01, 2003

renata: oh hey trina, i was thinking abot this today... have we ever been mad at each other?
trina: um
renata: like.. i can't really ever remember being mad at you... have you been mad at me?
trina: let me think
trina: no, i haven't
trina: at the most we've gotten annoyed at each other
renata: yeah
trina: but like for a few minutes top
renata: i was just thinking, because guys are always like, girls fight so much, blah blah
trina: but we never have
trina: bitch

& that, i think, is worth something.

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*flail* julia julia julia! i just got a call from dean! yay!

(it's just a recording... but julia just got one and was all excited. and i was like, i want dean to call me! and i pouted. and then, he just did. yay!)

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listening to: the clash, london calling

you are lavender

Your dominant hues are blue and magenta. You're the one who goes to all the parties but doesn't quite fit in at every one... you know what you want, but are afraid of what the world might think of it. You're a little different and that's okay with them, and if you're smart it's okay with you too.

Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the spacefem.com html color quiz

oooh, lavender.

now julia is sticker-ifying my calendar! yay! because.. it came with a bunch of stickers (stuff like "happy birthday!" and "test!") and i didn't use most of them.. so now the month of december is allll full of stickers. yay!

okay... so its emailed everyone to say that.. email wasn't working, and if your email still isn't working, you should do such and such... except that, if your mail isn't working, how would you read that? i ask you.

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so my mind was wandering in history and i came to this realization, which i think is sort of a cumulation of all the thanksgiving-musing i was doing this weekend...

most americans like to think of history as being like britney spears. whatever, she's hot, so who cares if she doesn't write her own music and her boobs are fake? god bless america!

but really history is more like... i don't know. like katherine hepburn. you know, maybe she's not perfect but if you put a couple drinks in her she's got some great stories to tell.

and what people don't understand is that katherine hepburn is so much more beautiful and classy than britney spears will ever be...

(and this, my friends, is probably as close to a "patriotic" post as you'll ever read here ^_^)

i was going to say something and then i got distracted by looking at kait's icons. (that sounds like a euphemism... "wanna look at my icons?" "all night long!") um. oh, send your postcards today! do it!

now i think i will go write a paper. and probably i'll sneeze a couple times.

*sneeze* well, that's one thing checked off the to-do list...

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