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Saturday, November 29, 2003

aww. so yeah, i'm definitely trying to write my paper but my cat is like, "no! pet me!" and how can i refuse? also it's really cold so i'm sort of using him like a muff. aww, kitty.

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Friday, November 28, 2003

listening to: matt caplan, kalamazoo

every time i listen to this song while i'm blogging i tell the kalamazoo story. so... i don't think i will, today.

so yes.

went shopping (veeery early) this morning with miriam, trina, and aman. got to the mall around 7am, completely having forgotten that we hate the mall. doh. so, we poked around a bit and then went to shoe carnival and barnes and noble. mmm, shoes and books. so yes. had some good times, then went home and took a nap. mm, nap. then... finally saw matrix: revolutions with reid. it... i'll sgt. pepper later. yes. and.. came home and watched an episode and a half of tww, and reid watched them too. i'll addict him soon enough, oh yes. *cackles*

it's really cold in my house. so i think.. i might get some blankets. and work on my paper.

(all night long!)

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Thursday, November 27, 2003

listening to: jason mraz, the remedy

happy thanksgiving, kids! (aww, and happy thursday, joel ^_^)

mine was pretty decent... the standard random bickering amongst my grandparents, but good food. *nod* and we played cranium, which had some highlights... like my grandparents totally missing any pop culture references... my dad constantly humming the wrong song for the humdingers (like... he couldn't remember the james bond theme, so he just hummed "goldfinger" and assumed we'd get it.. impressively enough, mom did... and then, he couldn't remember "staying alive", so he was humming like... i swear, the addams family theme... it was great.)

woohoo, just went over one page for my history paper! yay! (granted.. this is only like... 1/10-15... but still! it's a start! *dance*)

think i might go to bed... have to get up early tomorrow to go shopping with my homegirls (teehee, i said it again. ["that's great jay, now hang up!"]) yes. ahem.

i was going to give you a rant about the pilgrims and the history of the plymouth colony but you've been spared. for now. *shakes textbook at you menacingly* but it's really terrifyingly fascinating, you know. fascinating!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

listening to: tori, thunder road

oh man, i'm totally hottt (with 3 ts.) *flails* this kid emailed me about otgar, and was like, i love your website, blah blah, i used it as a source in this paper i wrote but to cite it mla-style i need your last name... and i was like "well, actually with mla if you don't know the author's name you can just skip it and sort it by title.. but here's my last name."


also, tww made me giggle a lot. because, donna is canadian. only not.

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listening to: tori, northern lad

i'm not even telling you how many tries it took me to type "northern".

anyway. sam and i are home! yay! aalso on the way back home, mom and i went shopping, and i got a shirt, and pants, and a sweatshirt, and a new coat. huzzah! and tonight i get to see love actually with my homegirls.

(i just said "homegirls". *giggle*)

i'm going to go watch tww and huggle my cats some more. in the offchance that i don't blog again tonight, happy thanksgiving, kids!! (except you, joel, you already used up your "happy thanksgiving". crazy canadian ^_~)

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

listening to: tori, ring my bell

i'll ring your bell... por toda la noche!

soo yeah. i need to write some papers and stuff. but i'm like... i'll do it over break. and i think we all know how this usually works out for me. but whatever.

on the subject of boys and such things... i really think high school just sort of fucked up my relationship sense.. or whatever.. i don't know. it sort of just left me with the deep feeling that i am inherently un-dateable. *shrug*

michelle: for your first jill cd.. hmm. do you remember any favorite songs from her gig? i'd prolly say pink pearl, or maybe i never learned to swim which is sort of a greatest hits type thing. her new one's quite good too, but more covers and less original jill. which is both good and bad. yes. mm, jill sobule.

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sarah: hey, would you do me a huge-ass favor?
renata: if my ass is huge enough for the job, sure :-)
sarah: problem is, your ass might be too small ;-)
renata: sounds kinky.. what's the favor?

[sarah knocks on my door and gives me her grad school essays to proofread]

sarah: is proofreading kinky?
renata: well, maybe not the way *some* people do it
sarah: *waggles eyebrows* how do YOU do it?
sarah: Do you proofread....all night long?
renata: oooh yeah.
sarah: LOL

we also caucus... all night long. in case you were wondering.

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oh! and i meant to say, that i shut my wrist in a door like a week ago, and it still hurts. a lot.

stupid doors.

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listening to: g-tones, call me al

this song makes me all kinds of happy.

but um okay guys, i definitely think the cute bio boy was flirting with me today, and i'm totally confused. because i mean i never really pick up when people flirt with me (besides like, my wives and mistress and stuff) because i'm just like "what? no, no one would want to flirt with me... they're just... nice people. yeah." and there are definitely at least two girls in the class who flirt with him, and in that class i'm always just like "... *frowl* lab sciences suck *frowl frowl*" so i'm not exactly like... uh... yeah.

and the thing is um that if i were controlling the universe this wouldn't have been the boy i would have picked you know? but um.

*flails* boys are weird.

*flails more* girls too.

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Monday, November 24, 2003

blogger! i'm getting my matches!

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listening to: tori, god

*frowl* blogger wasn't working for awhile. but now it is! yay! anyway, this was in my plan, too. so... yeah.

my random thoughts on the debates:
~ can we talk about john edwards's hair? also, he blinks way too much. almost to the point of batting his eyes. is he a malfunctioning robot? possibly.

~ clark: religion goes over here, and state goes over there.

~ kerry: hee, you're a floating head.

~ mosley-braun: rocks.

~ kucinich: is an angry little gnome. kinda like your mom.

~ tom brokaw: last i checked, there is no "r" in washington.

~ gephardt: quit stealing from tww. i mean it.

~ dean: haven't managed to lose my vote yet, sir.

this brings us to the far more exciting topic of: democratic party games! it all started when gephardt kept talking about us "all being tied together" and mary and julia thinking about 3-legged races (or kinkier things...) so then, of course, they'd pin the tail on the donkey, and break an elephant pinata... and play twister. (kerry would lose. *nod*) let's see... oh, and definitely truth or dare.

"general clark, i dare you to kiss representative kucinich!"
"on the mouth!"

"okay senator kerry... is it true that you have a crush on ambassador mosley-braun?!"

oh man. it's supergreat.

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listening to: tori, angels

man... i fell asleep and dreamed that i was asleep. good work there, subconscious, way to be creative. (in case you're wondering, the reason i know it was a dream was because in it, i was asleep in the nook, not in my room. also, eli came in and was talking to me about avanti's and i was like "what? you're from washington, you guys don't have avanti's! and neither does iowa! i'm going back to sleep.")


(see, i've been remembering my dreams more, because i've been sleeping less. this is because thanksgiving break is coming soon, and whenever i have an impending break, my body decides something along the lines of "you have a break soon!? let's make sure you appreciate it!!" so then i don't sleep well for awhile and my world gets a little brittle. but it's okay, because... 4 more classes until break!)

oh, but i have good news! i just checked my mail, and i got my bio exam back.. an 81!! i didn't fail! or even get a c! and dr. robertson didn't write "wtf?" on it! yaaay! (she can still eat a kitten, though.) oh, i am the r0x0r. lab science, 3 more weeks and i'm done with you forever.


peace out.

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quoi?! just tried to publish and it said it can't accept more than one connection from one user?! *frowl* man, if you're logged in as me, i'll totally set you on fire.

also, i will set ms word on fire. (or, m sword, as i like to call it. actually, i don't, but maybe i should.) because, apparently it will only give me bulleted lists when i'm typing random things that don't require bullets, but when i actually want to make a bulleted list i have to individually insert bullets every time? wtf? i highlighted you and i clicked "bulleted list"! that means a bullet on each line!

in other news, my newspaper froze to my window last night. it's true, there's still little bits of the headline stuck to it. stupid snow.

mm, venting. (and if you don't publish i'll set you on fire too, blogger.)

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just posting becuase i just noticed that last night i said something about putting chocolate on top of my radio, when in fact i meant to say "radiator".


so i think maybe i'm going back to sleep now.

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Sunday, November 23, 2003

things i have learned today:

if you put chocolate on top of your radio, but also next to a window (when it is cold outside), your chocolate will make interesting shapes.

there are apparently multiple acceptable pronunciations of "america". (thanks, dick gephardt.)

things i hope to learn today:

what do you really think of me?

c'mon, do it, it's anonymous. i can take it ^_^ (and feel free to set up your own!)

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my 80's lyrics iq is 55.5, what's yours?

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whoa! i just remembered a dream i had last night! i met phillip pullman, and he was like, "here, have this book!" only.. it wasn't any of his books. but i figured, whatever, and i asked him to sign it, even though he didn't write it. but then he said.. "i can't, i don't have a name."


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happiest of happy birthdays to priscellie!

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Saturday, November 22, 2003

listening to: tori, tear in your hand

i am so, so, so, so tired. let's see. i'll give a recap of highlights of my weekend to date:
~ finished bio lab! go me.
~ had dinner with julia
~ watched clue with julia, melanie, and mary
~ explained (with mary) to julia why tim curry is hot with 4 t's
("oh man, tim curry is so hot. hot with 4 t's!"
"i don't see it."
"oh, he so is."
"explain it to me!"
"it's just like... he's tim curry!"
"also, he's a sweet transvestite.")
~ vaguely debated possibilty of watching another movie, but instead sat around the super-boatcouch and read cosmo and giggled
~ went to sleep.

~ woke up
~ caught bus.
~ arrived in iowa city, hugged miriam
~ wandered around
~ ate lunch at pancheros. mmm, tacos.
~ shopped some. bought fun things!
~ received call from megan. yay megan!
~ wandered around some more with megan, and her roommate ivy
~ went back to megan&ivy's apartment
~ watched a weird episode of i dream of jeannie
~ played sega, including some sonic the hedgehog (in which many lotr references were made), some game that we thought was x-men but wasn't, and then two games that were, in fact, x-men.
~ made plans for renata&megan: the video game. i would have a big red pen, and i'd run around fixing people's grammar. also i would have dean buttons that i would throw at people. megan would have lots of eye makeup and glitter. it'll be awesome.
~ caught bus again.
~ ate indian food with these awesome girls. *nod*
~ read about henry v, took tiny nap
~ went out and read with mary and julia
~ came in and blogged after mary and julia went off to play ddr
~ (projected) went to sleep.

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so there's this beeping that i can barely hear, but it won't stop. it's like when your car door is open. and i have no idea where it's coming from. but it's driving me so insane. *frowl* it sounds like it might be coming from gina's room. but.. she's gone for the weekend. man, i hope it isn't in her room... because then it will prolly just keep beeping until she gets back. unless... she left her door unlocked. no... actually, i think it sounds like it's coming from anna and lucy's room. but, i'm a little afraid of them. so... i'll just go back to trying to ignore it.

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whee hi. just got back from iowa city, which was superfun, and i got to see two of my most favorite people. yay! (hi miriam and megan!) and... yeah. but, apparently the pirates are in the pit lounge.. so i'm going to go hang out with them. yarr.

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Friday, November 21, 2003

listening to: jill sobule, lucky in love

i <3 this song. so much. even though i'm not lucky in love. that's okay. because, i'm lucky with friends. <3

(note, if you will, that my relentless good mood continues.)

yaay. finished (more or less) my bio exam! it's not great, but it's pretty good. and that's pretty much all i can hope for. now, just have to work on my term paper.. and my final paper for tutorial.. and studying for finals... and okay i'm going to kill my good mood. bad renata! bad!

watching clue tonight with julia and co, cos it's her favorite movie and she couldn't believe i hadn't seen it, and neither had mary i think? anyway, so we're watching that. yay.

aaand tomorrow i get to go to iowa city! yay! and see miriam! and hang out! in a city! with stuff! woo!

and i'm in the s&b twice this week! wow! once in a picture with kucinich, and also my self-righteous letter to the editor. eat it, kerry kids. eat it!


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listening to: tori, riot poof

i like this song. a lot.

you know what you know
so you go break the terror
or the urban spell

i have a spanish test in an hour. and i'm kinda like, meh. because it's just essay and vocab and stuff for the play about blind people/fascism we read. and i feel pretty prepared. and i have an a in the class. so yeah.

i was going to say something. but what? possibly just that i love my floor. so much.

oh, i know what i was going to ask... hey dean kids, do you guys have any big rivalries with the kerry kids at your schools? because at students for dean last night we kept talking about how much we hate the kerry kids. but really i think it's just because their leader is insane and obnoxious and... grr.

mm, friday. get to go to ic tomorrow! and home on wednesday! huzzah!

hmm. oh, and just for fun, some more dean/barlet parallels: their campaigns are both "_____ for america". their wives are both doctors. (although, dean is also a doctor. and bartlet is one too, but not an md.) ... there was another thing but i forgot. also, i can never ever type "dean" correctly. i always type "dena" and that makes me think of christian mena and then i giggle a little and then i wonder what he's been up to. and then i fix it. dean dean dean.

oh, and i sgt. peppered last night. w00t.

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Thursday, November 20, 2003

listening to: tori, cornflake girl (toal version)

oh, man. so the bio exam... it was supposed to cover everything since our last exam. meaning, nothing that we've been tested over before would be on it. so since we had a signal transduction pathway question on the midterm, i didn't bother to review that. and so i'm going along my exam, thinking, hey, this is pretty easy, think i'm doing pretty well here... 2nd to last page... giant 15-point signal transduction question! aaah!

so my diagram is like... "light... arrow... phytochrome... arrow... science word... arrow... science word.... phosphate". honestly if i were dr. robertson i'd give myself a big "wtf?" and a 0. (uh, on that question. not the whole thing.) but maybe she'll be impressed by my science words and give me partial credit. or even the arrows, they were pretty impressive too.

but no matter, i've been in a ridiculously good mood the last few days for no apparent reason. seriously... i've had insomnia like whoa, i'm so stressed... but i'm like whee! yay! i'm HAPPY about this!


but anyway. it's suuuuuch a beautiful day. i think i might go outside and read some henry v. (incidentally, whenever i type that i always type "henvry" and then look at it for a second to figure out why it's wrong...)

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listening to: tori, precious things

oh my goddess. this song. it was already such an amazing, powerful, fierce song but this version of it is just. it made me gasp. just the.... uh... i don't know music words really. the background stuff. it all just plays together and with tori singing it's like like BAM!

(so yeah, tales of a librarian came today.)

i juuust put it in, i wasn't going to listen to it until i was done with studying for bio. and then i was like... screw you bio. anyway.

can i just say that this album is proof that nerds are hot? wow. i love that she categorized the songs by dewey decimal. samples:

970 History of North America
973.928 Politics of Illusion
Sweet Dreams

630 Agriculture
638 Insect Culture

man. okay, i'm going to go study a tiny bit more for biology.

(oh yeah, and do you know why flowers are so pretty? it's because they have style!! hee... get it get it get it? because the style is part of the pistil? it's the tube that connects the ovary to the... thing... stigma, to the stigma. yes. see, i told you nerds were hot.)

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

listening to: jet, are you gonna be my girl?

hey neat, i just bought a song off itunes! (this one!) yay! it's just so catchy. *dances* (it's in one of the ipod commercials.)

*dances more*

and can i just say that i hearted tww tonight? man, bartlet was kicking some ass. josh too.

also would it seem obsessive if i were to say that there are certain parallels between bartlet and dean? i mean they're both liberal former governors of new england states, who were complete dark horse candidates and then randomly were like "uh... hey look, i'm the front runner? what?" and, to me at least, dean seems to have the same sort of earnestness as bartlet.

wow, i'm a nerd. i'm going to go finish my paper for history. (he keeps giving us these 1-page "question and observation" papers on the broadest topics, like "the house of commons" and then a bunch of documents...and then we just have to pick one thing and write about it... so, i try to pick the most random things ever. like, right now i'm writing that the reason james i wanted to be the king and the pope is because scotland was all amok. which actually makes sense. except not in the way that i just summarized it. whatever, i'm going to go finish my paper now.)

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*frowl* stupid biology. but i got a lot done, so i'm taking a blogging break.

also a dean break. see this picture? see the kid with the red sox hat on the far left? we were like, right behind him. (so... just out of the picture. but still!)

and look at the buses! dude.

hmm. oh, and it's both really cool and really bad that 1602 and my british history class are now colliding. because i just know sometime in class i'll be like "well, no wonder james i was such a suspicious king, i mean, after elizabeth got killed by dr. doom's minion..." actually, probably i won't. but if i did, everyone would look at me weird.

and now back to biology. *frowl*

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well, that's convenient...

Iowa is your perfect state!!! It's SO cool there!
All those corn fields and such! But seriously,
I do wish I lived there sometimes. hardly
anyone lives there

What State Is Perfect For You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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so explain to me how it is that i'm much less tired after 4-5ish hours of sleep (i stopped looking at the clock after 2, not really sure when i actualyl fell asleep) than i am after 8ish hours?

stupid insomnia. at least i'm not tired, though.

mary: seeing as how you've narrowed it down to 30 or 50, i feel that i must have dodged fairly well ^_~

kait: see, i knew you'd understand. that's why you're my favorite wife. (but shh, don't tell julia.)

anybody wanna write a 1-page history paper for me? c'mon, it's only one page. or a lab report, i have an opening there, too... or a term paper? it's superfun, you should pay me to let you write it for me... and then you know i have a fence you could paint... (you know, our fence really *does* need painting... uh...)

oh, this explains why i'm not tired, i'm apparently just delusional instead. whee!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

listening to: tori, snow cherries from france

ooh, man. just had "the rent conversation" with mary and melanie. *sigh* it was something like... mary was talking about lotr rps, and i was like "rps is so weird, especially with rent people.. because it's like, dude, i know those guys! aah!" and then it went to "wait.. you know them?" and the ever dreaded "how many times have you seen it?" (which i dodged. go me!)

it's just such a damn hard fandom to explain to people. argh.

also, i'm tired. and neeeeed to read my history. and see this is why i'm so many chapters behind, because i always put it off till last, because i'm like "oh, i like this, so i'll save it for last!" and then i'm like "well.. i like it.. but i'm going to sleep now."


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listening to: tori, snow cherries from france

so yeah, i'm so in love with this song. and not, as melody would suggest, just because it talks about pirates. (although that is a great line...)

"they look like pirates from here"
boy, i've been one for years
just keeping my head

anyway. feeling lots lots better. have cookies! also, lots of homework to do. i made a list, and decided that i would do 3 things off it tonight. although.. it's really unbalanced, because it has things like.. "revise spanish paper", which i just did in about 3 minutes.. and "write term paper".. which is supposed to be 15 pages. uh. but you know, it's a start.

oh, and i wrote a really smug and self-righteous letter to the editor today. man, it's great, i hope it gets printed. (because.. i just got around to reading last week's s&b, and both the president and vice-president of students for kerry took it upon themselves to write really, really strong anti-dean letters. right. so mine is like... well, i'll just post it. because it's not like my blog isn't political enough, right? right.)

I find it ironic that many have accused Howard Dean's "politics of anger" as being divisive, when it appears that he is actually working to unite people. He has, in fact, united all of the other candidates (and their supporters) against him. In the debates, in their advertising, even in last week's S&B. Why is that? Is it because Dean is just a terrible guy who kills kittens in his backyard and secretly attends Hitler Youth meetings?

Well, no.

It's because the other candidates see Dean as the guy to beat, and if that means taking things out of context or blowing things way out of proportion, that's apparently fine.

I would encourage everyone to do some independent research on the candidates before the caucuses. I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, I just hope that you make an informed decision when you do vote, and beware of hyperbole from any side.

uh. yeah. i swear to god, next time i post it won't be about politics or me feeling sick. it'll be... oh, it'll probably be about tori. or maybe 1602, or possibly homework.

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listening to: tori, snow cherries from france

hey kids. not dead. feeling better. ate crackers and a banana! yay!

don't have much else to say. except, sleep is good, and homework is bad.

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Monday, November 17, 2003

listening to: sheryl crow & steve earle, time has come today

oh, god. this sucks so hard. i went to the health center, and was like "uh.. i feel really bad..." and they were like, "well, come see us if you get another symptom! drink clear fluids!" and i was like.. waah.

and it's like... man, i'm hungry. but when i think about food, i want to puke. so it's like "i'm hungry. i wish i had... some pizza! wait, pizza! oh god, ew!"

it's really horrible. try not to catch whatever i have.

*sniff* oh, it's hard to be me. *strikes melodramatic pose on fainting couch*

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oh, god. when i was blogging earlier, i noticed i was shaking... but i figured it was just because i was kind of really angry. and then, like.. i started feeling sorta hungry... since it was lunchtime... but then i realized that the thought of food made me feel really sick. so now i'm just like... sdhkfjlk;asd.

and i don't think i've taken enough tylenol in the last few days to overdose but i'm not ruling out the possibilty. also apparently stomach flu is going around campus. either way: suck.

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*frowls even more!* maan, and postcard day was saturday and i totally forgot.

the end.

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listening to: tori, in the springtime of his voodoo

oh god. thinking about thanksgiving break just stresses me out, becuase i think of all the shit i have to do before break and it's just like


although i was a good girl and got a lot done last night. and i just read a chapter of my history book. which is, in fact, why i am blogging. because there was this quote... hugh latimer said, "where there is quietness, there is not the truth" and granted this was in reference to the reformation, but i just felt like... it really bugs me when all the democratic candidates, gephardt in particular, trash dean for being angry, and blah blah, the politics of anger are divisive, blaah we're sore losers blah. and i just feel like... we have an incompetent president who was selected by the supreme court, not elected... we're in a war that we got into over a lie, hundreds of people my age are being killed because of this lie... a woman's right to choose is slowly being chipped away at, our civil rights just got huge chunks taken out of them thanks to patriot act and patriot 2...

don't we have the right to be a little pissed off here? more to the point, don't we have an obligation to be pissed off?

and when people say, "why do we need to learn history, it already happened, it's just a bunch of dead white guys..." ... this is why!

because europeans are right to make fun of us! because so many of us don't know what's going on, don't know what our rights are! and i think if a lot more people did know, they might have entirely different opinions. but people just think that the most american thing to do is give george bush blind obedience. and it's not! america was founded on rebellion! freedom! and yeah, there was a lot of hypocrisy going on there, and yeah, there still is, but come on! look how far we've moved forward! and now all of a sudden bush is going backwards! and i mean sometimes i just want to go staple the bill of rights to everyone's door! but it wouldn't matter, because no one would read the damn thing!


yeah, and you thought i was done. i'm not! yesterday, i went to see kerry speak, and i was kind of overhearing the kids behind me... and one of them said, "yeah, i don't really know anything about the candidates... i think i'll just vote for dean, i'm a college student, seems like the thing to do..." and while yes, i am for dean... that is entirely the wrong reason to vote for someone! hooow can people be so apathetic? and come on, i'm not saying you have to religiously follow the debates or anything. but sometimes i really feel like you should have to pass some sort of test to vote. nothing hard, mind you. maybe just something like... "is the person you just voted for pro-life or pro-choice?" or "is the person you just voted for in favor of continuing the war with iraq?" or even "was saddam hussein responsible for 9/11?" (by the way, if you're among the 60% of americans who apparently think he was, sorry! he wasn't!)

*frowls some more*

.... i'm going to go read some spanish. maybe if you're lucky you'll get a coherent entry later ^_^

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Sunday, November 16, 2003

listening to: john lennon, give peace a chance

i forgot to mention 2 things about last night that i wanted to mention, so here goes:

1. the dean staffers were handing out cowbells, so we could all be even more loud and obnoxious than we already were, and i totally broke mine within half an hour. like... when they were announcing hillary, i was ringing it really, really, really hard... and the clapper flew off someplace and we couldn't find it. awwwsad. so then i just kept whacking the bell on my chair.

2. on the way back home, we were all hungry, so we stopped at perkin's. (well, first we stopped at culver's, but they were closed ~_~) it's about 11, so it's pretty empty. there are only 2 full tables, both with people wearing dean shirts at them. so then we sit down, and about 10 minutes later some of the hawkeyes for dean came in and sat down. then awhile after that, a couple edwards kids come in, and everyone stops and looks at them... and then one of the random dean people was like, "sorry, this restaurant is dean-only!" and... it was v. funny.

but last night was just so awesome. i felt so... inspired and empowered and just like... i don't know. like, i'm so not into sports, but i imagine it felt something like being at the superbowl and being with a bunch of supporters for your team of choice and just screaming and being so enthused and... yeah.

hmm. anyone who can get des moines radio, 93.3 is having a beatles a-y weekend. ("why? because there is no z!") right now they're on the g's.

oh, and priscilla: yeah, iowa rules. caucus power! i'm sure closer to the pennsylvania primaries you'll get more candidates nearby.

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listening to: tom petty, free falling

random amusing quotes: "have you guys seen the vets center? oh my god, it looks like howard dean threw up all over it."

"this song awesome is! i mean.. whatever."

"you know, i really don't think this ["smooth"] is a very good campaign song."

"oh my god, the edwards blimp is out of control! it's turned on edwards's supporters!"
"and they really can't afford to lose any!"

"you know who else used blimps?! the nazis!"

"hey, it's that guy!"
"wow, that guy!"
"sarah, look, it's that guy!"

oh, man. yesterday did, in fact, rule. had a quick lunch with sarah and gina (well, mine was quick, they had to wait like.. half an hour? for their sandwiches...) then ran over to see kucinich speak. i like the guy, but he's not electable. and there's some... mmm... i don't know. he's kinda weird.

anyway. then we met up with the dean folk, and got our new grinnellians for dean shirts! yay! and then, drove to des moines, where sarah and gina and christine and rebecca and i ended up parking like... really, really far away. (but then when we walked back, it only took like.. half as long. so i think we must have wandered about in a circular way for awhile. not really sure...) and then we went to the deaaaaan rally. which ruled. except melissa etheridge's flight was delayed, a lot, so she was still in arizona or someplace and couldn't come. but that's okay. *nod* and lots of cool dems spoke, and then dean! and it was great. and then we all got into school buses to go to the dinner.. and there were like... a million school buses full of dean supporters. like... we looked ahead of us and there were so many that we thought we were the last one.. and then we looked behind us and it turned out we were pretty much the middle bus. it was so amazing. so we all pulled up to the vets center [des moines's civic center/auditorium dealie] together, and got out, and formed this huge crowd, and we were all chanting (we all got chant sheets, believe it or not, with such brilliant cheers as "i say people, you say powered!" and "we want dean!") and then, dean walked up through everyone into the building, and yeah i definitely got to shake his hand again. w00t. and the gephardt supporters were sort of by us, and they kept trying to drown us out, but there were like 20 of them. so... they sort of failed.

and then in the auditorium... we were all in the balcony, because the lower level was like... really fancy and expensive and such. and it was so, so great. dean supporters were again, a huge, blatant majority. i felt bad for the edwards people, and the gephardt people, oh, and especially the clark people. because.. yeah. although the edwards people did have this really cool blimp. also the kerry people. but we didn't need a blimp, because we had 33% of the seats.

anyway. lots of people spoke, like the governor, and "that guy", the head of the iowa democratic party, who spoke at the mock caucus and was like, "i love college kids! let me buy you all pizza!" [well, not all of us, just like.. 20 of us who stayed lateish.] so we were like, "um, okay." and then he bought us cheeseburgers, and all the vegetarians were like "hey! this isn't pizza!" but i'm not a vegetarian, so i was okay with it. aaanyway.

aand... either the governor or senator harkin left "indivisble" out of the pledge, and everyone got all confused. like, at first i thought i had just gotten off, because i don't say "under god".. but no, it was definitely him.

and.. hillary clinton spoke! yaaaay! <3 her so much. and.. all the candidates, except clark and lieberman, who dropped out of iowa, and sharpton who... is sharpton. yes. dean was great. carol mosley-braun was supergreat too, i dig her. i feel bad for her, like.. i want her to win...but her campaign has like a $3 budget, and she's a black woman, and as a society i just don't think we've evolved enough to have a majority of voters chose her. which sucks hard. *frowl* but anyway.

when dean spoke, it was SO great. we were SO loud. oh, man.

one thing that surpised me (in a good way) is that... since i live, well, on a college campus, and all the media keeps calling dean the candidate of college students, blah blah, the youth... well. let me tell you guys, the majority of dean supporters there were definitely not college students. it was so great. there was this one really old guy wearing this homemade anti-bush button that was really hilarious and i forget what it said. aaand, on the bus we were talking to this guy who was telling us stories about some great rally he went to in 1984, and we were all like. "cool. we were babies/not born yet."

whew. anyway, it was definitely awesome. here's what cnn has to say about it, if you're curious.

... my condolences to any readers who aren't really interested in politics ^_^

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Friday, November 14, 2003

listening to: pat benetar, heartbreaker

random amusing quotes: "look, she jumped off the phallic symbol into the feminine symbol!"

"john smith has an awful lot of crackers in his pants.."
"maybe he wants to attract animals... to his pants..."

"did she say the l-word?"
"whoa, whoa, i said i'd always be with you, i didn't say i loved you, that's way too much commitment!"
"i mean, there's meeko to think about..."

"... we should never be allowed to watch children's movies, should we?"

"gender is a social construct!"
"well, now it's a pretzel."

oh, man. gooodtimes this evening. gina and her prospie and i watched hp&tcos and pocahontas (which sarah joined us for)... and oooh man. let's just say that you should not let a bunch of fandomy history/womens studies/religious studies type people watch that movie. we totally deconstructed/slashed the hell out of it. we sort of startled the prospie, i think. but man, good times were had. and my mission to steal gina's rye chip was a complete success.

on the keyboard protector: hmm, i never even thought about the clear one turning colors. good input, guys! ^_^ also, i'm not worried about backorderedness, the last time i checked they were all on backorder except yellow, so i assume it won't take too much longer for blue to come in. *ponders more* pink might be bad for sam's self-image, on the other hand he is kind of a pixie...

oh, and kait, i'm so jealous that you had molly. i wanted her soo badly. also addy. (because, as you might recall, when i was younger i was kind of hung up on the american civil war and the holocaust... so of course, escaped-slave doll and ww2-homefront doll, that's what i need to be playing with.)

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listening to: ramones, sheena is a punk rocker

apologies to anyone i was talking to on aim last night... there was a fishmaking extravaganza occurring outside my door, and it was v. distracting, in the good way. also, there were heated discussions of the american girls dolls to be had. there were really 2 conversations... one went sort of like "oh, i had felicity! and her superspecial christmas outfit with matching lunchbox and hairtie!" and the other was like "well, if my parents would have let me have one, i would have wanted molly, with her halloween costume and radio with matching ferret...". (i was involved with the latter.)

oh man. i just suddenly started craving a gyro. from the rock. mmm, the rock.

let's see. was subbing for someone at work, and had to load the giant scary dishwasher. boo-urns. but at least i don't have to work tuesday night. rock on.

anyway. tomorrow's going to be awesome. yay!

oh, and v. serious poll which i would like everyone's input on: i'm getting sam an iskin keyboard protector. what color should it be? i'm thinking.. "blue mist", "white frost", or "bubblegum".

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Thursday, November 13, 2003

listening to: anna, julia, and carly discussing german in the hall

whoa!! sarah and mary and i were on c-span!! when we went to the mock-caucus! sarah just heard from her mom. yay!

that's all.

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listening to: tori, angels

still trying to decide how i feel about this song. it'll probably be easier when i have the actual album version and not a crappy stream.

anyway. got really, really squicked out today when i saw my biology prof in the bathroom and she didn't wash her hands. gaah! she's a biology professor, she should knoooow how gross that is! ew! and then she used those dirty hands to hand out papers! aah!


hmm. oh, and yeah, i definitely have $110 that isn't mine sitting in my purse, and i'm really nervous about it... see, awhile ago i was meeting with my tutorial professor about something... and we were talking, and somehow it came up that i had friends in iowa city... this was like.. at least a month ago. so today in class, she's like.. "we need food for our movie night on tuesday... renata, you can take people to iowa city and get some!" and i'm like, "um, i don't... have a car..." and she's like, "great, here's $110 and a shopping list!" and i'm like... ellipsis question mark... but then, katy and lizzy were like, we have cars, and lizzy also knows how to get to new pioneer co-op.. so... we're pretty much all going. whew. but, i still have the money.



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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

listening to: tori, angels

whee. i've been trying to avoid catching all the ilnesses going around, so i've been drinking so much water. it seems to be working (except i felt a little feverish today, but shh) but i definitely have to pee about every five minutes.

because yes, you needed to know that.

i'm really excited about the thing my history book has to remember henry viii's wives: divorced, beheaded, died; divorced, beheaded, survived. (now let me see if i can get the names in order too... catherine of aragon, anne boleyn, jane seymore, anne of cleves, ... somebody... catherine parr. well, apparently i can't.)

man, my blog's been pretty nerdy lately. oh well. i'm pretty nerdy too. (and hey did you hear about dean getting the afscme and seiu endorsements today? is that awesome or what? [well, if you're not a dean kid i guess it's probably not terrribly awesome.]) hmm. i get to go to a dean rally on saturday! and melissa etheridge will be there! aaand earlier that day, kucinich will be on campus, and after both of those i get to go to the jefferson-jackson dinner, which is a huge democratic fundraiser, and all the candidates will be there, and hillary clinton! man, saturday's going to rock so hard. like.. democracygasm.

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listening to: beatles, martha my dear

it's really, really, really windy out.


also, i'm tired. but, tww tonight! and simpsons themed dinner!

let's see. stuff and junk and classes. last night seem to have agreed to co-run a multi and/or non-partisan political group. see.. uh.. eli and chad put up signs all over, and wanted to get this group started.. and then we all got there, and talked... and they were like "oh,by the way, neither of us have time to run this group. who wants to lead it?!" so... uh.. me and 2 other girls were like "uh... sure, why not?"

so i'll keep you guys posted on that one...

i'd be much happier if frowlmail would load. but it won't.

and then they kissed, the end.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

listening to: tori, pancake (live)

man. today is like, this [------------------------] much better than yesterday. thus far, anyhow. always room for worsening, i suppose...

but. got some stuff back from tutorial and biology, and am feeling rather accomplished and pleased with self. also, started research for term paper, which makes me feel less stressed. whew.

thus, will do the birthday meme.

(you can get your own month from kait since i don't have lj-cuts here.) anyway, just strike out anything that doesn't apply.

Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Talkative. (this one depends.) Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Abiding. Able to show character. Easily hurt. Prone to getting colds. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Brand conscious. Executive. Stubborn.

executive? quoi?

whatev. feeling like i would just like to loll about and read for a bit, and i can. granted, there are other things i should be doing, but none yet are crushing me with their urgency. mm... not being crushed.

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Monday, November 10, 2003

listening to: stu, inventions

man, biology is messing with my head. like, yesterday i was eating peas, and i split one open with my fork.. and i was like, "whoa! cotyledons!"

aaaand, oh man, this is so cool... cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts.. some other thing. they're all the same species! just different variations! isn't that wild? Brassica oleracaea. so you could say to someone, like "hey man, wanna come over to my house and eat some Brassica oleracaea?" and you'd mean cabbage, and they'd think you meant like, broccoli, so they'd be like "sure, i love Brassica oleracaea!" and then they'd get there and you'd both be confused. so then you'd eat pie instead.

but, the main point i'm trying to make here is... how can my juice be 100% juice if the main ingredient is water? i mean, yes, everything listed after that is a juice... but water =/= juice and that is that.

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listening to: tori, riot poof

feeling a bit blah today. i had 8 hours of tylenol pm-induced sleep last night, plus at least another hour of napping.. but i just feel soo tired. and. there's a b&s brainstorming meeting tonight, at 8. and i should go i think, but it seems like way too much work to walk over to the forum. in the rain. and i'm so dead and tired (note: not dead tired. dead and tired.) i don't think i'd contribute anything.

so maybe i'll take another tiny nap and then work on the stupid oral report on a stupid german article i have to give. (and i won't even mention the difficulties i had in finding aforementioned article... suffice to say they were many.)

oh, but happy story: awhile ago i asked my mom to send me stamps, and she sent along some flag stamps, and i was happy. because, they were stamps. so today i got this card from her, and she sent me... oh, i can't even remember. ogden nash stamps, zora neale hurston stamps, movie stamps, reptile and amphibian stamps, roy acuff stamps, cesar chavez stamps, arctic animals stamps... <3 my mom.

the end.

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Sunday, November 09, 2003

listening to: tori, concertina

aww. got back from watching a man for all seasons at professor drake's house... he is too cute. not cute like rob lowe, cute like.. he's the entire class's grandfather. for the last two weeks he's been so excited about this optional movie, and the fact that he was giving us popcorn.. seriously, every class for the last 2 weeks he's reminded us and mentioned the popcorn, and how much he likes popcorn.. so cute. aww.

let's see. yesterday was supergreat... got to see miriam and amanda and tony! hearts! and an awesome dance gala at u of iowa. aaand got good chinese food, and good pizza. mmm. and some neato stuff from the behemoth that is coral ridge mall, including some moisturizer, as winter is upon us and that confuses my face. it's all like.. "i'm dry! but also oily!" yes.

gooooing to read about the tudors now. ooh exciting.

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Saturday, November 08, 2003

The Big Five Personality Test
Extroverted|||||||||||| 46%
Introverted |||||||||||||| 54%
Friendly |||||||||||||| 58%
Aggressive |||||||||||| 42%
Orderly |||||||||||||| 54%
Disorderly |||||||||||| 46%
Relaxed |||||||||||| 50%
Intellectual |||||||||||||||| 64%
Practical |||||||||| 36%
Take Free Big 5 Personality Test

Extroversion results were medium which suggests you are moderately talkative, optimistic, sociable and affectionate.

Friendliness results were moderately high which suggests you are good natured, trusting, and helpful but possibly too much of a follower

Orderliness results were medium which suggests you are moderately organized, reliable, neat, and ambitious.

Emotional Stability results were medium which suggests you are moderately worrying, insecure, emotional, and nervous.

Intellectualness results were moderately high which suggests you are creative, original, curious, imaginative but possibly not very practical.

Overall, you scored highest on Intellectualness and lowest on Extroversion.

so test, noncommital much?

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listening to: tori, bliss

mm, bliss. tonight was a great evening. sarah and melanie and i went into town and rented some movies, and we also went to the grocery store and bought lots of tasty, bad-for-you food. but also applesauce and cranberries, which are good for you. and also tasty. aah, i did "and also" again. anyway. then the pirates convened, and made indian food. well, mary made indian food. but we all ate it.

then, we curled up in the boatcouches and watched the trippy cartoon hobbit and part of the 10th kingdom, which was SEVERELY fucked up. whoa. but it was supergreat, because earlier that day, we explained to melanie what a mary sue was... which mary did, by example... in this high pitched 12-year-old-girl voice... "once there was a beautiful princess and her name was esmerelda and she fell through a magic portal and then she met legolas and they kissed the end." so then, all day we'd been amusing ourselves by telling similar stories.. "and then george w. bush fell througha magic portal and he met aragorn and aragorn said 'i am the king!' and then he ruled america happily ever after the end."

but anyway... in 10th kingdom... they fall through a portal! yes! it's supergreat. and i <3 wolf. a lot. and everyone in the entire movie is terribly sketchy, especially the shoe-fetish trolls. whoa.

also, kait, remind me to show you this thing, okay? because yeah.

anyway.. .get to see miriam and amanda tomorrow! yay! it'll be supergreat. but i should probably clean my room tomorrow, otherwise it might alarm miriam.

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Friday, November 07, 2003

listening to: tori, baker baker

random amusing quotes: "so, aristotle is opposed to mary sues?"

"aristotle was a pretty pretty princess, and he wrote very well!"
"and then he fell through a portal and met captain jack sparrow and they kissed the end."

so man, my blood just got shot down. it was all like, "hey red cross, you want a piece of this?!" and the red cross was like "no way, i don't like mexican blood!" yeah. actually, i don't think it was a red cross blood drive. whatever. whoever was running the blood drive... didn't want my blood.

(they had this map, and if the place was red you couldn't donate... and i said i had been to mexico, and there's like.. one little red square. so naturally, batapilas and barranca del cobre, where i went, are right in the middle of the red square. uh. *shrug* so i can't give blood until next august. but i'm okay with that. and hey, a for effort, right?)

so uh yeah. my blood and i are off to class now.

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

listening to: ani d, self-evident

random amusing quote: "you know who gets discriminated against? vegetarians!"
"and also women and black people!"

oh, fucking hell. i had a hair ticket for tonight. at 8. *frowl* i looove hair. but i haaate coming to shows late. so much. so i guess i'll try to go tomorrow night. and i mean.. tickets are free. i just hope they aren't all gone. *frowls more*

but... the mock caucus was fun. even if.. we didn't actually do a mock caucus? like, there were speakers, and a panel discussion about caucusing. and we divided up, and heard speeches about each candidate. and then.. no caucus. but, i got lots of cool stuff. like, a "vote bush out!" sticker and also a "viva bush!" sticker. (i keep saying "and also" even though it's terribly redundant. doh.) the viva bush sticker, though... gina got one, and we all thought they were hilarious. so i zipped my sweater up over my dean t-shirt, and walked over, and was like, "can i have a sticker?" and the guy was like "why?" and i said, "uh.. to stick to things?" and he was like, "no really, why, ms. 'i have a dean shirt under my sweater'?" and i was like. "oh. um, really, it's for my friend. my republican friend. *shifty eyes*" and he was like "okay.. fine.." so i got my sticker. mwhahaha.

aand i also got 2 awesome buttons... one says "i'll give up my right to choose the day george w. bush gets pregnant" and the other one has the constituion with "void where prohibited by the patriot act" stamped over it. it's supergreat.

yes. and the ride there and back was great... hearts to liz, julia, and mary. also tom petty, james taylor, and the barenaked ladies. yes.

so um. i'm really tired. and still kinda pissed about missing hair. but, i get to see miriam and tony and amanda on saturday, which will rock. yay!

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listening to: stu, anasthesia necrophilia

uh. i was going to take this cd out today, but then i just had to hit play, and now i'm captivated by its siren call once more. stupid stuart, bein all good and stuff.

anyway. dean kids, don't forget to check your email today ^_^

speaking of dean.. mock caucus today! yaaay! *dances nerdish dance*

i tried to count my spores today, but i was thwarted. all the microscope cabinets were locked, and sue (the lab assistant) wasn't in her office. i suppose i could have found one of the other lab assistants? but i don't know them, and that's scary. so i'll just try back later.

mary and priscilla: thanks ^_^

kait: i'm pretty sure we're already married, a lot of times, but we could always renew our vows ^_^ or we could always get divorced just to remarry. i'm flexible here.

tura: well, there's one on campus, but they show older movies. and there is one in town, but it's closed for remodeling until next year... so it's not very helpful right now. *frowl*

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

listening to: stu, anasthesia necrophilia

man, this song is ridiculously catchy. it's buddhist bubble gum music.

c'mon c'mon
you know you wanna
cos godhead gives good phenomena

what's not to love? really.

Mary-Sue Generator by kabukikatze
Mary-Sue NameMary-Sue von Suesheim
Mary-Sue Secret IdentityRing Bearer
Mary-Sue Daily IdentityHeiress to a vast, cursed fortune
Super-secret Sue Power!Angst-ridden prophecy
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

mary sue von suesheim... man, that's great.

check this out: proof that i am, in fact, one of grinnell's more conservative denizens.

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listening to: stu, anasthesia necrophilia

i've been listening to this song on continuous loop since last night...

hmm. okay, since priscilla and talia asked... bush thwarted by magic 8 ball. please keep in mind it hasn't been edited or anything yet ^_^

i need to do laundry today. and possibly go swimming if i'm on top of things.

thanks to priscilla for bringing this to my attention. *giggle*

oh, and so how did i not know that matrix revolutions was coming out today?! man, i'm a terrible geek. sheesh. man. times like this i wish i lived in a town with a movie theatre.

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aww yeah, whose article got accepted by the b&s? go me ^_^ (the b&s is grinnell's onion, basically. see, it's clever, because our real paper is the s&b (scarlet and black)... yeah. uh. yay money!)

anyway. is it sad that the only thing that's motivating me to work on stuff right now (well, not right now, right now i'm blogging, but i have it open in a window behind this...) is that as soon as i finish it, i'm letting myself go home and take a nap? (but i have a plan, see... i'm working on it in inslab, because if i were in my room i'd just take a nap without being done.)

but today will be a good day. because of tww if nothing else. *swivels in chair* yup.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

listening to: joni mitchell, the circle game

oh, man. it's "regional tastes" day at the dining hall again, and today they chose america. that's all well and good, albeit perhaps a bit redundant, since we, um, are in america. but okay. then, though, they chose to serve apple pie and hot dogs. *shrug* okay, pretty american, if gross, i guess. but get this: they had 1/2 pound hot dogs. 1/2 pound! do you even know how big of a hot dog that is? it was like bad porn, all over the place! eew.

yeah. okay, and i think everyone needs to drop dean's whole "confederate flag" remark. this includes dean, as his self-defense isn't exactly coherent in the strictest sense of the word.

"No, I wasn't, John Edwards, because people who vote who fly the Confederate flag, I think they are wrong because I think the Confederate flag is a racist symbol," Dean said. "But I think there are lot of poor people who fly that flag because the Republicans have been dividing us by race since 1968 with their Southern race strategy."

uh, did he just blame racism on the republicans?

that's okay, i'm still with you, howie.

speaking of which, i get to go to a mock caucus on thursday! yay! (this assuming i can get a ride, which supposedly i can.)

oh, and if any of you are up in the air about your presidential candidate of choice.. well, 1. i'd recommend looking into dean, of course ^_^ but 2. i think rock the vote has a good site, especially regarding where everyone stands on the issues. (and you all should have watched rtv tonight! i would have if i hadn't been in hotdog hell ~_~)


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Monday, November 03, 2003

listening to: tori, another girl's paradise

random amusing quotes: "aanyway, dean is sneaking in and stealing kerry's thunder.."
"you make it sound like he's carmen sandiego!"
"yes.. he's stealing kerry's thunder and the eiffel tower!"

"we're just two ugly people getting it on. that was jane eyre."

frustration, defined: so i have my juice, and i can't open it, right? because i can never open my juice. so i decide, for once, i'm not going to ask mary or sarah for help. i'm going to open my own juice. so i struggle, and struggle, off and on, for 15 minutes, sarah and mary cruelly taaaunting me all the while ^_^ so finally, i walk off... get my pliers, come back. i twist the cap open. then julia walks in, sees my juice, and pulls off the cap.

*sigh* but it's okay.. because then i put it back on and took it off again. whew.

also, i've figured out who ben (the head of campus dems) reminds me of: nathaniel. a democratic nathaniel. and he's for kerry. it's scary. (dude, that rhymes.) but yes. he's just... so nathaniel. but, for forces of good. (uh, mostly.) he kind of.. needles me, though. but now that i know to treat him like nathaniel, i think i'll be okay.

hmm. oh, and i burned mary all my tori cds today. mwahahaa. *spreads tori love, kinda like the black plague, except not deadly and gross*

and now, i'm cold and tired, so i think i'll go to bed.

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neil gaiman is such a dork.

and that's (one of the many reasons) why i love him.

Okay, this has been driving my wife and I CRAZY. The god in American Gods that you can't remember after you talk to him. Was that modeled after an existing god or did you make that up yourself?

I believe you even stumped the internet on that one.

You'll have to remind me which character you're talking about.

Odd, I thought I remembered everyone in there. Ah well. Memory's a funny thing...


*a lot*

this is probably a lot funnier to me than it is to most of you, cos i get a lot of emails asking after the forgotten god... but still. <3 neil.

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listening to: tori, concertina

today's kind of a blustery day. but then i stopped at the forum on my way back from spanish, and got some hot chocolate, and now i'm here, and i lit a candle... and things are looking up.

writing a paper for my tutorial. i didn't really have a thesis, so i sort of started writing hoping something would come up. and it did, and now i think i have one. yay! i heart my tutorial. it's still a shock for me to get my papers back totally torn apart, and then "good job!" at the end. but the 2nd draft of my last paper, i got a lot of good comments. and... yay. it makes me happy, because it was a good paper. so go me.

it's dark in my room. because alicia's taking a nap. and here in haines... uh.. i don't know our room number. here in the room of renata and alicia, naptime is respected ^_^

and now i'm depressed, i found out that my thanksgiving break really starts on wednesday, not tuesday. *frowl*

but, i get to see hair on thurday and miriam and a dance concert on saturday, so life's pretty much good. woo!

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listening to: nirvana, about a girl

whoa. so i got my mail today, and i had 3 postcards from new york. isn't that crazy? well, really it's all very explainable. see... one was from trina. this is totally normal behavior for trina, because she buys postcards for people when she goes on vacation, but she writes and sends them several months later. then, one was from my other postcard circle. (and dude, *nina*... she wrote about you! it's amy! *flail* oh, the tiny tiny world of the internet.) and then one's from my mom, who probably just has a bunch left over from last year when we went to nyc.

meanwhile, i'd like to applaud gene robinson, the episcopal church, and the state of new hampshire. keep up the good work, guys.

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Sunday, November 02, 2003

listening to: tori, mary

this post is entirely dedicated to answering kellie's questions. (and procrastination ^_^)

1. there is no harry potter house. there's a dag house. dag=dagohir, which is the campus fake-sword-fighting club. dagohir is elvish for "i'm a nerd". er... like... "skilled warrior" or something like that, i don't know. since grinnell doesn't have frats, we have theme houses. there's the international houses, dag house, music house.... a couple years ago there used to be a pirate house! but now there's not.

2. re: accidentally cheating at uno-- julia didn't knwo that one of the rules is you have to play if you can, you can't save cards and draw. so she went out with an invisiblilty cloak 4 times in a row. (invisibility cloaks are only in hp uno [duh]-- it's a wild and it also blocks any action cards, like draw 4 or skip or whatever. so a good card to have.)


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listening to: tori, om la boomleigh

oh man. fanfic today was tooo much fun. we decided we're going to write an absurdly premised roundrobin, in which harry, ron, hermione, and draco go to grinnell. and... oh man, it's going to be great. we just talked about which peculiar social niche each one would fit into... and... yeah. can't wait to start working on it ^_^

(and then we were all humbled in the midst of mocking the dag kids...
"a lot of them are just big dorks!"
"um, but we're dorks too."
"oh. yeah. but... at least we don't have a harry potter house!"
"*pause* but wouldn't it be cool if we DID?"
"oh man, i'd so live in harry potter house!"
"okay... well, at least we all bathe on a regular basis.")

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listening to: bree sharp, guttermouth

random amusing quote: "yeah, if we weren't friends, we'd be arch-nemeses. *pause* good thing we're friends!"

aww. had a good weekend. one of the highlights was definitely me, mary, anna, and jake recreating strongbad's techno song in the superboatcouch. ("it's not a boatcouch... it's a shipcouch!") and julia inadvertently cheating at uno and thus winning 6 times in a row. (priscellie: it was harry potter uno! *sniff* oh, memories.)

also, a slightly tipsy gina learned why it's best not to question my rent knowledge, generally. *whistles* it was similar to john's attempt to argue with mary over txf...

hm. oh, and i got an email from the dean campaign with the subject line "Inform their discretion". just me, or is that more than slightly incoherent?

i'm tired. and, i just fixed the giant hole in my pants... with two safety pins. i mean... um, i'm a punk! these pants came this way! from hot topic! yeah!

uh... i'm going to go... work at the dining hall now.

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Saturday, November 01, 2003

listening to: jill sobule, stoned soul picnic

this is one of those songs that just makes me feel happy.

let's see. last night was fun. and i slept a lot last night. mmm, sleep. although now i have a tiny bit of a headache. meh.

and now i think that i shall count some spores (stupid biology) and try to find some articles on patricia highsmith that aren't, you know, in german (stupid... uh... people who don't write english articles about her.)

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