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Friday, October 31, 2003

haines3rd= most funnest floor ever ^_^

poe and his raven are playing baseball with juggling equipment down the hall, while they wait for the blood from what's-her-face's possum attack to dry. meanwhile, a slytherin and two whores are forcing julia to be a third whore, while i valiantly assist them with my hook and sword. a couple bums wander back and forth on occasion.

happy halloween ^_^

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listening to: stu, human girl

whoa! so my friend angela calls me, and says "are you busy?" "no.." "well, come down to my room. hurry!" so i was a little freaked out, like... i thought she had a problem or something... but instead, she had an extra pirate costume that she wanted me to wear! yay! and when i combined my pirate accessories with her costume... pretty snazzy. and she has a gyspy and/or wench costume. woot.

anyway. sarah, gina and i went to see chrissie gephardt. for the most part, i was fairly impressed. i think gephardt would be a decent candidate. however, i continue to maintain: dean is keen. and so is halloween! *giggles and rhymes*


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listening to: stuart, karma pyre

happy birthday, kellie! happy halloween, everyone else! (well, kellie, you can have a happy halloween too, i guess... ^_^)

so like, i've been shedding pieces of my costume at a rapid rate since i put it on this morning. let's see. the eyepatch i never even put on, because 1.) i don't have my contacts here, and an eyepatch over glasses just looks silly and 2.) i'm uncoordinated enough as it is, i just don't think reducing my depth perception and field of vision would be a good idea. next to go was the hat, since it doesn't quite fit and kept falling off. then went the hook, because it's just hard to do stuff with one hand. makes me sad for real pirates. finally, the clip-on hook earring had to be removed... because damn, those things hurt. i mean shit. now i'm really really confused by people who wear clip-ons instead of getting their ears pierced. because seriously, that thing hurt more than getting my ears pierced ever thought about hurting.

oh, and then i took my boots off when i got back to my room. so now i'm really just a kid in khakis and a shirt. and also my "bush frightens me!" button. so... uh... pirates for dean! *runs off*

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Thursday, October 30, 2003

okay, before i start the two papers i have to write tonight (funny story, my spanish professor emailed the class this afternoon and said "oops, i meant to tell you before break, you have a paper due tomorrow... but, hey, it's still due tomorrow!"...) i have to pat priscilla's ego a bit ^_^ so we were in sarah's room, and some of the pictures she had on her wall looked familiar... "who drew those," said i. "starling," she said. "aand... did priscilla color them, do you remember?" "yes!"

you're faaaamous! or something. rock on ^_^

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listening to: ani, face up and sing

let me think. oh man, in my tutorial today... we just read this novel, short letter, long farewell by peter handke... and it was really, really, really superfucked up. like... (james joyce * tom wolfe)^ angry german pomo. i mean whoa. and so we were discussing it, and being like "um.. it was really weird." because seriously, i can't even describe this book. anyway. and then our professor quoted this french philosopher whose name i won't even try to spell... it used an x in a way the letter just wasn't meant to be used. anyway. this philosopher said that a really good book forced the reader out of their chair to chase after it. and we talked about how books that we relate to and like, they come to us. but shit like this, you have to chase after. and... i don't know how i feel about that.

interlude: i'm taking a "which x-man would you date quiz?" and i bet anything it'll be bobby. anyway.

but then i guess, to an extent, it's true. (the book thing, not bobby. well, maybe the bobby thing too. but yeah.) because i mean like... if you look at like sandman or american gods or something, yeah, you do have to chase it a little. i guess i'm just not used to this much wtf?

of course, the possibility still exists that the book is just crap.


beast banner

Which X-man would you date?
brought to you by Quizilla

hey wow, not bobby.

anyway. worked out my schedule for next semester, i think. i don't think i should have any trouble getting into any of them *crosses fingers* so.

mwf 8-9: major asian religions
mwf 9-10: reading and discussion of hispanic texts
t 10-12& th 10-11: intro to shakespeare (technically i could take a 200 level, but i want this. because, other than this, there's only a 300-level shakespeare, not a 200... yeah. and i want shakespeare now! *flail*)
mwth 2-3: intro to stats (yes, boo math... but i feel that the fact that this can also be taken for social studies credit bodes very well for it.)

so yeah. early mornings again 3/5 of the week, but tth will be nice.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

listening to: stuart, sexy messiah

so you know who stuart looks like? is henry v. oh, you laugh. but check it out... henry v... and stuart i.

speaking of which, i get to write my term paper on henry v!! i get to compare shakesparean reality to real reality! how cool is that?! well, i think it's cool. but i also think henry v looks like stuart davis. so.

*thinks* west wing was crazy. and we made a new west wing friend! yay! well, we probably scared him, but it's okay. whee.

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listening to: tori, ring my bell

oh man. took a very confusing 3 hour nap today. "but renata, how confusing can a nap be?" you might ask. well, the thing was... i kept dreaming that people were waking me up... and then i'd really wake up, and no one would be there... and then i wouldn't be sure if i had really woken up before, and then fallen back to sleep, or if it had been just a dream... i'm pretty sure the people were all dreams...but see, they were all haines 3rdians, so they could have been real, it's not like i was dreaming that it was my mom or george bush or anything... yeah, it was weird.

and then i got a headache. so i took some tylenol. yup.

and... tww tonight! yay! and dean ice cream social! yay squared! although between now and then, i do have an insane amount of reading to do. aah well.

(and scott: you're right, dick cheney also has a lesbian daughter. those dicks, i tells ya..)

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

listening to: yktr, fire on the side

random amusing quote: "so anyway, dick gephardt's daughter, who is apparently an 'outspoken' lesbian-- not just one of those regular everday lesbians-- will be speaking on friday, and we should all go see her, if only for the novelty of hearing a lesbian talk about dick."
"man, how long have you been waiting to say that?"

so let's see. campus dems meeting tonight was great. haines 3rd totally represented. (seriously, like.. 1/4 of campus dems is haines 3rdians.)

taking a blogging break from a lovely nook evening.

*thinks* oh, got my bio midterm back-- 81, which is a whole one point higher than the class average. biology is my bitch. (uh, kinda.)

it is SO cute that the new cast and crew are posting on cb. aww.

feeling tired and disjointed. as you can probably tell from this post.

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Monday, October 27, 2003

listening to: tori, sometimes things break improv

so like. part of the dean campaign is letters for america, which involves sending handwritten letters to undecided voters. so i figured hey, might as well waste time in a political fashion... except...

renata: *sigh* maan... i want to get involved with the dean handwritten-letter campaign
renata: but the only stationery i have is pink, with hearts and flowers
renata: and i just don't feel that would send a keen political message.
kait: Me too... but I don't even have stationary.
kait: Or, you know, non-notebook paper.
renata: and then there's printer paper.. but that's so... not cool
renata: oh, whatever. i'll just write some on the "i am an 8-year-old girl!" paper

... and i did. man, this guy's going to be confused when he gets his letter...

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listening to: tori, pretty good year (live)

whoa. i'm editing my bibliography for my death in venice paper, and i must have been retarded from lack of sleep when i did the first one... like... it's not in alphabetical order... and um... i didn't actually put death in venice on it, despite it being, you know, ABOUT div and referencing specific pages several times...

i fail.

also, this morning i burned my thumb on my hair dryer and it hurts a lot. aand, i think i'm the only omnivore in free the planet and it was a little awkward talking about food today. i fear i will be outed as a meat-eater soon. aaand i have some era-angst. but at least kait shares it ^_^

(despite all my many, many woes, i'm actually in a pretty peachy mood. woo!)

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My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
bessiemaemucho goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as a pirate.
pocky_slash tricks you! You get a piece of string.
priscellie tricks you! You get a broken balloon.
indarae tricks you! You get a pen cap.
leiascully tricks you! You get a moldy pretzel.
sallyblue tricks you! You get a stick.
ash_ketchum tricks you! You get a broken balloon.
divachelle gives you 19 light orange raspberry-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
irritatedscone tricks you! You get a block of wood.
piratej gives you 9 light blue passionfruit-flavoured wafers.
sandyjoys gives you 17 white blueberry-flavoured hard candies.
bessiemaemucho ends up with 45 pieces of candy, a piece of string, a broken balloon, a pen cap, a moldy pretzel, a stick, a broken balloon, and a block of wood.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

what the hell is this crap? i guess i can't blame kait for giving me string, seeing as how that's what i gave her.... but the rest of you! sheesh! i guess only chelle, julia, and sandy really love me. *sniff*

(because love is measured in candy, duh.)

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this makes me smile.

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listening to: tori, mary (tales of a librarian version)

whoa. just whoa. this is soo different from the b-side version. (you can download it from aol first listen [whatever that is] if you have aol, or diagnosed sounds if you don't.)

i think i like the old one better. but i'll give it time.

i have a spanish oral exam in an hour. i have no idea why i signed up to do it today instead of wednesday. stupid me. i was probably thinking something along the lines of "i'll have all break to work on it, and then i can get it over with!" uh. so, i dunno. i went through the story a couple times, made my notecard.. have no idea how i'm going to ramble about this story for seven minutes. *shrug*


comments on comments:

talia: i think we'd have horrible custody battles if we tried to share it.

jason: hey, if $200 is only money, feel free to send me some ^_^

chelle: megan got the house on the rock shirt at house of funk, our crazy vintage-like store, so i don't know where you can get one ~_~ they do sell shirts and stuff at the actual house... but they were all lame and ugly, not cool like this one.

kait: wait, no graphic at all shows? or the old one shows instead of the new one? because... well, either way, i have no idea. but if it's the old one, my suggestion would have been to reset your cookies, because they have the same file name, i just uploaded the new one over the old one... but since that didn't work... i dunno, clear your cache maybe? *shrug* stupid internet.

kellie: i wish you could have gone too ~_~

megan: you should have yelled louder!

anyway. i'm going to go sit outside and practice rambling in spanish. i superhate preparing for oral exams/presentations. i feel like such a feeb talking to myself. then, i'm off to one of the labs to work on my biology paper. (i work much better on other people's computers, there's so much less to distract me.) yes.

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

*eyes glaze over*

i want this. *whimper* oh god, how i want that.

$200 for a book, however, seems a bit completely insane and i don't care if it comes with a japanese silk slipcase. i don't care if it comes with japan.


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argh. the introduction section of my lab paper is apparently doomed. i went to edit it... couldn't find it anywhere on my harddrive. okay, i thought, i bet i saved it to the server. checked there. nope. okay, i said, i still have a hard copy, i'll just retype it, no big deal. (well, i was a little more bitter about it than that. but whatever.) so i retype it, edit it a little, hit save.

... and word crashes. *sob* i don't even use windows anymore and microsoft products continue to ruin my life!

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listening to: jill sobule, que sera sera

okay, if i were in charge of excel, there would definitely be a way to run multiple t-tests all at once. but nooo.

*shakes cane at excel*

anyway. i forgot to mention a few stories from last night, that i wanted to.

~ my favorite... jill was talking about how a couple years ago, a stewardess wouldn't let her take her guitar on the plane, and she [jill] got really mad and called her a nazi... and then they took her off the plane and she had to talk to some airport guy, and she was like "no, no, she misheard me.. what i said was, i do NOT SEE why i can't take my guitar!"

~ and.. she kept parenthetically explaining random things in her songs, my favorite being (from "i kissed a girl")... "they'll have their diamonds and we'll have our peaarls (that's code for clitoris!")

~ michelle is living in footloose! aah! although i'm very sad for michelle, because i heart her and want her to have a perfect college... it makes me giggle. there's no dancing allowed! *giggle* and their motto is "we covenant". as michelle astutely pointed out, "covenant is not a verb!"

kay, i think that's it. so. back to grinnell, today. on one hand i don't want to go back, but mostly i pretty much do. i miss people. and my pillows. i didn't bring them back cos i wasn't sure if they'd fit in my mom's wee car... so i took the spare room pillows, and they all smell weird. but i'll miss people here, too. and cats. aww. but it's only a month till thanksgiving...

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Saturday, October 25, 2003

listening to: jill sobule, thank misery

okay, before i get aaaany further, i must admonish all you pc-using boronites: for the love of god, why did none of you TELL me i have green scrollbars?! dude! i checked it out on steve's computer today, to see what it looked like on a pc (macs don't get colored scrollbars *frowl*) and DUDE! that was an accident! i used the wrong hex code! they were supposed to be the same tan as the background!

you're all fired.

anyway. uh. trina and i finally watched holes, which i'll sgt. pepper later. but i will say that, dule hill (aka charlie on west wing) is in it... and his character was named sam, and it was a total mindfuck.


so goodtimes there. then, met aman and steve and meg and michelle and megan (sorry for the litany of namedropping in this post, but i feel like people will feel bad if i leave them out ^_^) to watch improv mafia, which was mostly funny. and theen, dinner, then met loads of peopel i adore to go see jill sobule, whom i also adore! *flails a lot*

let's see. i wrote a setlist. which i'm going to type up, mostly for my own future reference, but also for any jill fans out there (aka, talia! ^_^) oh, and i got her new cd: the folk years: 2003-2003 which is great. aaand i got it signed, aaand a picture with her! yaay! <3 jill!

oh! i forgot to say, megan gave me the coooolest vintage house on the rock t-shirt and i heart it more than life itself. *hearts megan*

anyway, let's see if i can decipher the setlist napkin of doom!

resistance song

sunrise, sunset: omg, when she played this... all the fiddler people at the table diiied.

war correspondent: "i wanted to write the perfect song about the war... but instead i wrote this."

*stares* heleos? what? uh... can't read napkin. well, actually, i can read the napkin. it says "heleos". *shrug*

.... okay, i'm an idiot. i typed up the whole rest of the setlist and came back to this... it says
heroes. which happens to be one of my alltime favorite songs. i'm such a re-re. anyway, she added a few new verses... one about the yankees and the cubs, and one about bush and rummy and condi rice (whom she later claimed "i kissed a girl" was written for ^_^)

"fabulous": so, apparently jill is writing songs for a show on nickelodeon? i meant to ask what it was called, but i didn't. anyway, she played the theme song, it's cute. yay!


bitter: i giggled when she talked about how atlantic wanted her to take "bitch" out of this, so she changed it to "cunt". and then 3 months later "bitch" was a #1 hit. yes.

jet pack

underdog victorious

margaret: i was going to request this. but then she played it. woot!

kissed a girl: someone requested this earlier, and she was like "no, that's the money shot.. i have to save that for later"

under the disco ball

kathie lee

good person inside


lucy at the gym

never my love ? didn't know this one.

work it: a missy elliot cover. i love it when she covers random songs.

mexican wrestler

karen by night

big shoes: i requested this! and someone else requested something else at the same time, and she looked over in their direction and was like "yeah, i'll play that!" and i was all sad. but then she started telling this story about her therapist, and her feet, and started playing this.. and i was happy!


houdini's box

all the young dudes: i didn't know this was a david bowie song. i'm so ignorant. le sigh.

when my ship comes in: so different live from the album version. cool both ways, though ^_^

rock me to sleep: heart.

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listening to: simon and garfunkel, the boxer

man, if there's anything i hate more than writing lab reports... it's... i dunno... salt in an open wound, broken bones, eating tuna, having a republican president... okay, so there's a lot i hate more than writing lab reports.

but there's a whole lot i hate less than writing lab reports!

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Friday, October 24, 2003

listening to: jill sobule, rainy day parade

i get to seeee jill tomorrow! yay! <3 jill sobule.

my cold is making my nose all twitchy. and i definitely need to work on my bio. *frowl* bio.

uh. don't have much else to say, really.

kait: *sniff* okay. have an awesome time seeing seb!mark!

jason: renata at frowl dot org.

chelle: here, have some imaginary cookies, fresh outta the imaginary oven. (and honestly i had nearly forgotten the sam until priscilla mentioned her. though now that i think about it, not sure how you could forget her. aah!)

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watching: some crappy hip hop video

man, the n is supposed to be my teevee safe zone, and here they go showing crappy music videos between shows. oh, life is hard.

anyway. i was reading this article in time about this survey of political corruptness... apparently finland is the least and bangladesh is the most, and i realized i have 2nd generation friends from both places.

i am far too fascinated by coincidence.

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

listening to: rhps, superheroes

kait! you have a mission! Scott Hunt and Joshua Kobak will be performing their own musical creations on Sunday November 2nd at SWAY, 305 Spring St (between Hudson and Greenwich) starting at 9PM. Joshua will be on at 10PM. *flail* go! and, um, send me a copy! *swoon* oh, scott.

yeah. so i'm taking that inkblot test right now and it keeps freaking me out when it asks me if i'm sexually aroused by any of them. dude, it's spilled ink. i usually end up seeing like.. faces or something. who looks at this stuff and is like "oh yeah, that's definitely two chicks making out. oh man, that's one hot ink blot." ?

uh. maybe that's just me.

anyway. so these sexy sexy inkblots apparently say that:

Renata, your subconscious mind is driven most by Peace

You have a deeply-rooted desire to make peace in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with loved ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to be able to influence the world in a positive way.

You have a deep respect for humankind. You care about the future of the world, even beyond your own involvement in it, and you inspire others to feel the same way. Your innate drive toward peace guides you in daily life towards decisions that are respectful toward yourself and others.

Your psyche is very rich; the more you learn about it, the more you will understand who you really are.

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ok, i was just in the shower and i was like, "SAM GAMGEE!"

i feel much better now.

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listening to: tori, honey (live)

okay, i just had to post to clear one thing up: eep! priscilla! my computer, sam, is in no way whatsoever connected to the sam! aah! he's named after sam seaborn! and possibly also sam... sam... fuck, i just forgot sam the hobbit's last name. it'll come to me. sam... uh.. okay, so it won't come to me. anyway.

the sam = bad; sam = good. *nod*

editing my paper now. yep.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

i've been watching my tori videos, and i really just have to say: man, tori amos is so hot.

that's all. for now.

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computer-formerly-known-as-bessie-mae-mucho has ended its long period of namelessness!

renata: oh, i would like to officially announced that my computer has been rechristened: sam. *pats sam*
sarah: awww.
john: lol, sounds good to me
sarah: are you on Sam? 0:-)
renata: no, sam's on me ^_~
sarah: LOL
john: oooooohkay
john: ...
renata: sam's a laptop! he's on my lap!
john: LOL
john: so you're on Sam and Sam's on you
john: what a loving relationship :-)

(i am reminded of david sedaris' essay regarding the gender of nouns in french... "say what you want, at least in north carolina a french fry is free to swing both ways.")

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watching: x-men evolution

i'll try not to rant too much about tww. but i will say: amy is the devil, and i told y'all that bingo bob was cool.

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listening to: joshua kobak, drought (live)

whee. slept a lot today. had some family bonding time (tm) which involved tasty chicken from gil's and some euchre. (gil's is this restaurant that's in the middle of nowhere, meaning about a mile from our house... and wednesday is chicken night. so you go there... and all you can order is a chicken special. that's it. it's great.)

and, west wing in 20 minutes!! eep!

feeling kind of.. tired. blah. but i did take a looong bubble bath today. which was nice. and then i took a shower to get all the bubbles out of my hair.

west wing aah!

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listening to: pat benetar, we belong

eep. someone needs to come motivate me! i'm revising my death in venice essay and i've changed like, two words. uh.

my thumb hurts, and my feet are cold. *frowl*

yesterday's word of the day was trichotillomania, isn't that great?

trichotillomania \trih-kuh-tih-luh-MAY-nee-uh\ noun
: an abnormal desire to pull out one's hair

Example sentence:
Randolph's affliction with trichotillomania left him with an unfortunate array of bald spots along the crown of his head.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

*giggle* sarah and i are geniuses who should definitely write for tww.

(whilst watching the episode "17 people"):

renata: toby's doing all encyclopedia brown
sarah: LOL
sarah: now THAT would be an excellent crossover.
renata: i meant going. but i guess doing works too.
renata: teehee
renata: actually right now i'm writing tww/nancy drew.
sarah: wow. Can I read?
renata: no, that was a lie
sarah: aw.
renata: hehe
sarah: that'd be creative...
renata: you should write it though :-)
sarah: I still plan to write dean/tww.
renata: yay!
sarah: just one scene.
renata: hmm. someone could steal gail
renata: and nancy could track her down
sarah: Oh no! poor gail!
renata: no, it would all be a crazy misunderstanding
sarah: Sam should've borrowed her.
renata because the cranky neighbor is actually a spy
sarah: *snicker* which cranky neighbor? Does the white house have a neighbor?
renata: i don't think so, that just seems to turn up in nancy drew a lot
renata: oh, it could be.. what's his name? that russian guy that wouldn't leave the driveway?
sarah: LOL! that'd be awesome!
renata: and he thought that there were secret messages in the bottom of the bowl
renata: but it turns out, no.
renata: and then he freaked out and hid her in the bushes
sarah: in the rose garden!
renata: ok!
renata: and then...donna found her. because donna rocks
sarah: Donna does indeed rock.
renata: no wait, nancy drew found her. doh
renata: but donna helped. the end.
sarah: ooh. Sam finds her, but wants to use her to impress Mallory, who does not know that Gail is CJ's.
sarah: oh. josh is sweater... yum...
renata: alternate endings, one for each character :-)
renata: and sam. mmm, sam.
sarah: *drool*
sarah: flowers!~?
renata: he sent her flowers?~!
renata: *gasp*
renata: dude, we both got excited past typing coherently
sarah: *giggle* and mistyped the same way..

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watching: queer eye (well, really, that freaky ipod commercial with the dancing sillhouettes)

man, i've watched so much teevee this break. mm, teevee.

tomorrow i should really really work on stuff for school. *frowl* and i realized like, the pinnacle of my nerdiness today... i ran into nick and martin, and they were like, "let's hang out tomorrow!" and i was like "yeah, about that... gotta watch west wing..." aww. but i heart them. but, i heart west wing. and what's a girl to do?

whee. trina and i made our ebola shirts today, and it was so much fun. and we had lunch with tj and stevie and aman, which was supergreat. hearts.

man, this guy has a hot wife. wow. i hope the fab five make him really hot too. not that i'm shallow or anything... oh no, and now carson is encouraging a most unfortunate hat. eep. aah! and those shoes! aaah!

anyway. our ebola shirts are great. i messed mine up a little on the back, and we totally screwed miriam's up. so then we spent awhile picking off the old transfer, and we're going to fix it later. but yeah. they say "meet me in room 123!" on the back, which cracked us up. (room 123 is the girl's bathroom at uhigh.)


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listening to: the ramones, i just wanna have something to do

woot. hmm. last night, i sat around and watched teevee and was lazy. and wrote like, 4 paragraphs of fic. adult swim last night was superb, which sarah can attest to. (doh, i just tried to give her planlove... but this is my blog, not my plan.. um. and, plans, for all you non-grinnell folk, are like... grinnell-blogs. sorta.)

tired. get to have lunch with trina and stevie soon, though! still can't find cellphone, which is super annoying. i wish everyone else had fall break now too, so then they could all hang out with me. but, this is okay too, because i really enjoy being a lazy bum.

kait: thank you soo much for the font! (however, lyon's den rob lowe has the scary evil hair of deaaaaath!)

tura: early edition reruns are on pax, at 8. (pax is such a weird channel. it won't like, come right out and call itself a christian channel, but they show touched by an angel and that miracle show all time.. and that other show, that's not touched by an angel but it kind of is? whatever. but, they show early edition, which makes me happy. and that's all that matters.)

michelle: yay! we're teevee twins!

meanwhile, get well vibes to tura and kait and anyone else who's sick! and stay well vibes to everyone else!! *vibe vibe vibe*

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Monday, October 20, 2003

watching: early edition

oh man, it makes me so happy that they're re-airing this show. i heart it so. mm, kyle chandler. (so much prettier on ee than he is on lyon's den. man, what is it with that show making pretty boys not-so-much?)

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listening to: spaceghost, crazy lovesick fool

hmm. i'm tired. blah. i successfully fought off illness the last few weeks, but i think... i had been like, keeping myself healthy through midterms by sheer willpower, and now my immune system is sitting in the green room, smoking a cigarette and going "excuse me, but what's my motivation?" and i'm like, beating it with a chair and telling it "helllo, i don't want to be sick so that i can go have fun and not be sneezing and needing to sleep all the time" and it's all like "yeah, i need to speak with my agent."

stupid immune system. let's see. yesterday, i watched bond movies. and had dinner with my family. and slept. a lot. like, usually if i'm left alone.. i'll sleep until maybe 10 am or so. so i figured, hey, no problem meeting trina at 11, right? well, i finally wake up this morning, find my watch (my clock's in my dorm)... it's noon. oops. good thing it's trina, who completely understands being 2 hours late. yes. so, we were going to make our ebola shirts, and then we couldn't get her printer to mirror print, so we decided to make them later. then... picked up reid, went to walmart.. came home.. made grilled cheese sammiches and watched west wing. yay west wing.

anyone: what's that font that everyone always uses in livejournal icons? and where can i get it? (c'mon, you totally know the one i mean. kait, it's in my babies icon?)

i can't find my cellphone. *frowl* and i can't call it and find it, because i turned it off. stupid cellphone. so um, if you need to get ahold of me for some reason, don't call my cell.

*sneezes* i'm going to go curl up somewhere. and quite possibly, west wing fanfic will be written.

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Sunday, October 19, 2003


presidential candidate selector.

oh, kucinich, if only i lived in a country where you could ever conceivably be elected.

in the meantime, deantastic! and it's ever so reassuring to know that i 9% agree with our president...

1.Kucinich, Cong. Dennis, OH - Democrat (100%)
2.Dean, Gov. Howard, VT - Democrat (98%)
3.Moseley-Braun, Former Senator Carol IL - Democrat (98%)
4.Gephardt, Cong. Dick, MO - Democrat (95%)
5.Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat (93%)
6.Edwards, Senator John, NC - Democrat (86%)
7.Lieberman Senator Joe CT - Democrat (81%)
8.Sharpton, Reverend Al - Democrat (73%)
9.Clark, Retired Army General Wesley K "Wes" Arkansas - Democrat (58%)
10.LaRouche, Lyndon H. Jr. - Democrat (47%)
11.Libertarian Candidate (22%)
12.Bush, George W. - US President (9%)
13.Phillips, Howard - Constitution (3%)

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man, one of the cats (we have like.. 143563546 of them now) ripped a huge hole in my pants.

aww. but he's just so cute. and dude, another cat just showed up last night. we're so the crazy cat family.

man. my feet are cold. and i'm being overrun with cats. but, i have spongebob macaroni. yay!

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watching: die another day

oh man, if there's anything hotter than bond, it's bond surfing.

actually, he kind of looks like a tool in his wetsuit. nevermind. if there's anything hotter than bond, it's bond... uh... in a tux.. which is... always... except.. for when he's not... um...


glad the new layout is liked ^_^ saturday i kind of like.. i was checking for comments, and i was like, "uh.. if i have to look at dante one more time i think i'll throw something" so i made that. and then i was in a giant hurry to upload it before i had to leave to drop reid off. so, i made a few color changes and whathaveyou. but, i like it. i was going to be all clever and have the "status" buttons and stuff be an image map, and like... "map" would be "boronic" and stuff like that.. but then i realized that would be a little crazy. so, they're just eyecandy.

anyway. yonkers last night was v.g., congrats to all involved. (especially my lesbian pirate lover, m-dawg. oh man, you were so hot as an elderly german jew, i couldn't take it.)

afterwards, reid and i went over to nick's house with nick and eliz, where we played clue, candyland, and the dr. laura board game. (yes, there's a dr. laura board game. and yes, nick owns it.) good times, good times.

awww. poor bond. they shouldn't torture him. because, he's hot. plus this torture scene is just really fucked up. it's like a psychedelic s&m movie. hee, and now it's 14 months after the credits! (*needs to watch final sacrifice. mmmm, mst3k.)

oh. back to what i was talking about. which was... oh, well, back a few paragraphs ago, when i was talking about the layout... i had trouble thinking of clever comment text. which is why, what i have now is kinda lame. so, any suggestions would be appreciated.

i'm huuungry. i wish megan could have stayed in town longer than jsut last night. oh well, at least i got to see her. and, trina and i are going to make ebola shirts tonight! yaaay!

i'm looking for food now.

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Saturday, October 18, 2003

yeah hi, new layout. woot.

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listening to: tori, tombigbee (live)

yay! michelle's getting comments! *is merry*

i decided that now i want to do that meme. i ganked it from kait, but i'm changing it a bit... hers was, pick your favorite artist and post favorite lyrics from each song on each of their studio albums. but, mine is, to the utter surprise of absolutely no one, tori, and with 8 studio albums... uh... that's a lot of lyrics. so i'll just post favorite lyrics from my favorite song from each album. wooot.

y kant tori read, "etienne"

by the morning
maybe i'll remember
who i am

little earthquakes, "tear in your hand"

i tell you there're pieces of me
you've never seen
maybe she's just pieces of me
you've never seen well

under the pink, "cornflake girl"

never was a cornflake girl
thought that was a good solution
hangin with the raisin girls

boys for pele... ngg.... i guess... "doughnut song" (this one is a harder call than most... mmm, pele)

and if i'm wasting all your time
this time
maybe you never learned to take
and if i'm hanging on to your shade
i guess i'm way beyond the pale

from the choirgirl hotel, "northern lad"

i guess you go too far
when pianos try to be guitars

to venus and back, "spring haze"

and i found out where my edge is
and it bleeds into where you resist
and my only way out is to go
so far in

strange little girls, "rattlesnakes"

she looks like eva marie saint
in on the waterfront, she says
all she needs is therapy
all you need is love is all you need

scarlet's walk... "wednesday" (this is another one that's superhard to pick a favorite off of)

can someone help me
i think that i'm
lost here
lost in a place

and now, because there's no such thing as too much tori.. my 2 favorite lyrics from my 2 favorite b-sides ^_^

"take to the sky"

you can say it one more time
what you don't like
let me hear it one more time then
have a seat while i
take to the sky


but you raise me twenty
well i'm raising you five
hundred treaties
signed by your father's lies

whoa. this entry is like, torigasmic.

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listening to: the clash, lovers rock

man, i'm such a re-re sometimes... definitely didn't pack my mouse, so i'm stuck using the trackpad all week. wooooooe is me.

i was going to do a meme. but now i feel too lazy to do so.

i'm going to see lost in yonkers at u-high tonight. thus, if you, too, see lost in yonkers, you will also see me. and won't that be exciting?!

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Friday, October 17, 2003

watching: clerks animated

maaan i love this show. and being home. had brief encounter with thetard whilst picking up reid. eep.

tired. but slept in the car. and... yeah. awww cats. comments on comments, in no particular order:

~ m-dawg: link away. can i reciprocicate?
~ kait: there are indeed more midgets in the car.
~ kellie: i read *nod* it's cool, we all have our hot topics.
~ *nina*: you live!! i shall make every attempt to see the decembrists, cos if they're good enough for *nina* (and sing about pirates), they're good enough for me ^_^
~ tura: i don't say "like" that much in real life. but my blog's kind of full of it. like totally.

"it looks like it was built by a re-re!"
"delicious! it does, doesn't it?"
"haha.. and this whole stupid building in the shape of an l.. what, in case you forget your initials?"
"that was uncalled for."

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listening to: beatles, fool on the hill

after british history all i wanted to do was crawl into bed. so i did.

my mommy will be here in an hour and a half. huzzah! and then i will get food with her, and then i will have to go to spanish (but, i might not go... the more i think about it... she said... we would be learning how to salsa dance... and we're allowed to skip twice.. and i'm so not in the mood. and it's not like we'll have to dance on the final. at least i hope not.)

yes. and then, we'll go to ic, and i'll get to see miriam (and hopefully megan? and talia? *flail*) aand then i get to go home! for a week! woot!

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

so like i realized that i say the word "like" an awful lot and i thought maybe i should stop. but then i decided that it's a charming quirk. um. even though it's not.

yes. and i didn't notice how stressed i was this week. because you know, usually i don't get stressed too easily. so i think i just.. assumed that i wasn't stressed. and now, i'm not stressed, it's like.. oh. uh, so, i guess i must have been pretty stressed this week, huh?

... man, did i make any sense back there? at all? whatever.

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oh man. i definitely napped the nap of the just this afternoon. i'd been a little stressed out about midterms and hadn't so much been sleeping well... but now they're done. and i had a very good nap. unfortunately i napped through dinner. fortunately i have mini muffins!

re comments: tura and kait, glad to know i have your support ^_^

also, glad to know that that neil thing sounded shady to you guys too. i was afraid i was being paranoid or something... but it was just so random! and so the wrong midwestern state!

m-dawg: oh, my pirate wife, how i've missed thee. totally thought you had the address to boron before.

talia: welcome to the good ship dean ^_~

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listening to: tori, have yourself a merry little christmas

... i just now realzied that i've been listening to christmas music, and the song's about half over. uh. oblivious much?

uh. midterms over. woo. bio.. there were a few questions where i was just like, buh?! but i think i did okay. like, there were a couple giant 15 and 10 point questions upon which i totally laid smack in a downward direction.

tired. may nap. took lots of tylenol. cramps suck. don't feel like using unnecessary words. got flu shot. hope does not make arm hurt. have juice. want chocolate.

fall break... so close...

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listening to: my boyfriend's back (in my head... *shrug*)

meh. taking a break from studying. (i can only really focus on anything for about half an hour, and then i need to take a short break... usually, i just spend a couple minutes blogging about how i need to study, and then i go back. as you've probably noticed. uh.)

anyway... i left this as a comment (or two) re a post that kait made but i wanted to post it here, too. because... yeah. fuck you, marriage preservation week (or whatever bush is calling it...)

(slightly edited to stand alone [ish], and also to fix a few typos. doh.)


because yeah. i'm straight, but i'd say right now gay rights is (and really has been) my #1 political concern. cuz it's not about gay rights. it's about, like you said, EQUAL rights. you know, like, "all men are created equal, even the ones who like to have sex with other men"?
and like i don't know. even when i was really little i was kind of obsessed with civil rights. like my favorite books were historical fiction about like, the civil war, the holocaust, the black civil rights movement... i had this one book about cesar chavez that i read like 1439073 times... and then to read all that and come look at a real world where "oh, we don't discriminate against gays! except you know you can't be in our military, well, you can, but we don't want to hear about it cuz it kinda grosses us out... hmm, and you can't get married... oh, and it's okay if people discriminate against you, because god does too."

and did you notice i started out my whole rant with "i'm straight but..." i HATE that i have to do that. i hate hate that i can't support gay rights without people assuming i'm gay too. not that like, it offends me to be thought of as gay. it pisses me off that people assume that you'd have to be gay to care about gay rights. i mean, i'm white, but i still think that slavery is wrong... grr. because it's not fucking about gay/straight/bi/whatever. it's about equality and so many people don't understand that and GRRR.

okay. the end really.

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listening to: tori, etienne (live)

.... i had something to say. i did. what was it? OH! yeah!! i brought neverwhere with me to breakfast this morning, cuz i'm re (well.. more like... re^4 or so)-reading it, and i wasn't sure if erin would be there.. but she was, and so was my roommate and a few other people. but anyway, i was taking it in with me, and the cashier chick was like, "oh? neverwhere? i love that!" and we talked about neil for a bit, and i was like, yay.

and then i sit down, and alicia (my roommate) is like, "i love neverwhere"! and i was like whoa! my roommate likes neil!? how'd i not know?! but it turns out, she's only read neverwhere. but still. and she likes mythology. mwaaahahaha i think i'll have her hooked soon.

but anyway. then like... this is where it gets kinda weird.. random girl next to me sees it and is like, "is that neverwhere?" and i'm like, yeah, i love neil! and she's like, "that's so weird! neil's my friend!" and i'm like, uh.like... not knowing if she means for real, or just you know.. she likes his books. so i said something vague, and she was like "yeah! he lives in rural wisconsin!" and i think i just said like, "yeah?" but um... i feel that neil lives in minnesota. so i don't know if... maybe he really secretly lives in wisconsin? or this girl forgets which state she lives in? or if she's a pathological liar? anyway, and then she said something about like.. holly and bryn mawr.. but i mean, i knew that, he talked about it all the time in his blog, it's not like you'd need to be his superspecial friend to know where his daughter is going to school... so i don't know. it seemed a little shady to me. but whatever.

uh. yes. studying for bio now. *frowl*

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

so like i bought one of these to support my real life presidential candidate.

but i'd superlike one of these to support my fantasy life presidential press secretary.

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listening to: barenaked ladies, call and answer

lesee. spanish midterm seemed okay. whatever. stupid baseball, all cancelling west wing. for TWO WEEKS! grrr.

julia and i saw john edwards today. he was a good speaker. but, he woudl have been cooler if he were invisible and covered with glitter. he was so dodgy, though. like especially when someone asked about gay right and marriage. me=unimpressed. (same with julia.)

i got distacted there for a minute, with a juice crisis. sarah couldn't open it either, but anna could. (after sarah and i had both exhausted ourselves in the process. stupid juice.)

mmm, juice.

anyway. julia and i were discussing being fangirls for dean. and i think dean is quite lucky to have attracted the attention of fangirls. we are an awesome political group. because, we are
1. obsessive
2. organized
3. internet-literate
4. creative
5. and so-on. every candidate needs fangirls. but they can't, cuz we're all for dean.

this of course brought up dean fanfiction. we decided that pure dean fic would be sort of boring. ("and then... he vetoed the bill. and then he drank some coffee.") so, we'll have to turn to crossovers. possible plots for dean/hp crossovers:
~ after being president, dean moves to england and becomes pm. there, he works closely with the ministry of magic
~ dean moves to england following a messy divorce with/death of his wife. there he finds love with sprout and/or mcgonagall.
~ new dada teacher anyone?

oh man. being a geek rules. and now, i study for biology. which doesn't so much rule.

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listening to: ani, out of range

eep. one midterm down, two to go.

british history... hmmm... i'm pretty sure i did okay. like for awhile i couldn't remember the 12th century, at all. but then i remembered it. and i realized i didn't need the 12th century. at least not for the essay i was writing at the time. so take that, 12th century, i don't need you!

hey, i can read 1602 now!! (i got it yesterday, but i succeeded in not reading it until after my history midterm. mmm, self-restraint.) or, i mean, i could study for spanish or biology... but heeey.

oh crap, it's postcard day. i mean... hey everyone, don't forget to send out your postcards... i certainly won't... *whistles*

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

listening to: matt caplan, wither (live)

matt needs to release his new cd. like.. now. right now.


am not watching west wing *frowl* am studying. actually, am blogging. but.. shh.

i'm not sure how much i should freak out about this. it's going to be in class essays. and we only have an hour. and i mean... all that ap history has made me pretty decent at the in-class essay. i guess i'm just not sure the level of detail he'll want. but i think probably the best thing for me to do would be to sleep. because... i'm an idiot when i'm tired. (moreso than usual, i mean.)

let's see. there was a theme dinner tonight... cheeseburger in paradise. it was crazy. and they made waaay too few boca burgers and i was afraid the vegetarians and vegans would unite in uprising. but they didn't. yes.

and i got a paper back in my tutorial... i was feelin' okay, because i got a b+ and she made some good commments, but also lots of criticism... and then she was like, "well, i don't usually do this, but those of you who did really poorly.. you can rewrite it and turn it back in on thursday, and i'll totally throw out this one..." so, i figure some people must have done a lot worse. which is always reassuring.

okay, i should definitely either be studying or sleeping. oh, one last thing... i just checked my email, and mike said.. "Man, i totally thought of you today cuz i heard that stupid sk8er boi song on the radio and i could think nothing but how i hVIII that song and it should be spelled out with roman numerals." oh my god, i so remember that... skvIIIer boi... goodtimes, goodtimes. *laughes merrily* awww nerdbowl.

man, if i flunk out of school, i should definitely sue blogger. mmm, overly litigious society.

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your mom's a tyrosine-kinase receptor!

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listening to: tori, cool on your island (live)

i would like to present you with a tale of woe: renata's night, in one act. all times are in "ish".

11:45 pm: can no longer resist soporific effect of assorted anglo-saxon kings. go to bed.

12:30 am: still haven't fallen asleep. get up to go to bathroom.

12:35 am: return to bed. scrape arm on bedframe.

12:37 am: feel unpleasant sticky sensation. turn on light, discover that apparently scraped arm rather severely, and am bleeding. kind of a lot. frumble a lot, apply bandages. attempt to fall asleep.

some indeterminate time: finally fall asleep.

4:30 am: sit bolt upright in bed, convinced that i have missed my tutorial. look at clock. realize that tutorial doesn't start for another 4 hours. attempt to return to sleep.

5:30 am: hear annoying rap music. discover that it is roommate's alarm clock. her lifeguarding shift apparently starts at 6. once more attempt sleep.

7:30 am: my alarm clock goes off. snooze button is hit.

7:36 am: alarm clock goes off again. snooze button is hit.

7:42 am: alarm clock goes off. i grudgingly get up.

so yeah. the weird thing is that i feel soooo well-rested. as opposed to yesterday, when i had 8 hours of tylenol pm-induced sleep, and was still exhausted. and took two naps. yes.

also, i definitely look like the victim of a very uncoordinated suicide attempt. stupid pointy bedframe.

and now, off to read about cell-signalling. mmm, cell-signalling. (oh, and miriam: i was drinking naked juice. the immune-booster kind. although they're all crazily vitaminized. but that kind is orange-pineapple-banana. and yummy. mm, naked juice.)

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Monday, October 13, 2003

okay, i just checked my email (i lied about the studying part) and this is an excerpt from something our spanish professor sent to us re: signup times for our oral exams... "The Soonest, the Choosest ( I love English language, it is so creative...not Spanish...remember that)"

aww. she's so cute. also insane. but cute.

studying now. really.

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listening to: tom petty, don't do me like that

oooh man. tom petty r0x0rs.

it's raining a lot. maybe this will get the rest of the jello out of mac field. (i hope so. maan, jello wrestling was what, like a month ago? and it still looks like some crazy civil war battle thingummie. maybe they shouldn't have used red. but whatever.)

i hate not knowing people's names when they know mine. like, i spent like... 10 minutes talking to this guy in the computer lab, no clue who he was. i didn't even remember he was in my history class until he said something about it. and i mean, there are only like 25 in there, you'd think i'd be able to keep track of them. but no.

speaking of which. i definitely need to go study for said history class. midterm eep!

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listening to: tori, cool on your island (live)

whoa buddy, this song is sad. the studio version.. i mean, i guess the lyrics are sad, when you think about it... but it's all like "it's the 80s! woooo! er... cool on your iiiisland..."

just like that.

so anyway, my juice has 500% of my daily recommended vitamin c, 100% of my zinc,, 8% of my iron, 12% of my vitamin a, 4% of my calcium, 26% of my potassium, aaand an unknown amount of echinacea and astragalus. (the latter i assume is a good thing, i'm not terribly sure. *google* let's see...

This perennial herb, also known as Huang Qi, is used in many of the Chinese medicinal formulas.
Astragalus can grow up to 18 inches tall. The flowers are white to yellow. The leaves are divided into 10 to 18 pairs of leaflets.
Plant Astragalus in well-drained soil, in a sunny location. Harvest the root when it is four years old.

Part used: Roots.

Don't use if you have a fever. Don't use if you suffer from skin disorder. Don't use the above-ground parts since they can be poisonous.

hmm. let's just hope i don't have a fever. or a skin disorder. (such as.. PSORIASIS!)

Astragalus membranaceus, a small, bushy plant native to northern China, has been used for centuries in Asia to enhance the immune system.

The first half of its Chinese name, huang qi (yellow leader), comes from the color at the core of its medicinal roots. The latter half stems from the plant's reputed ability to improve energy levels and treat a range of conditions, including cancer, diabetes and respiratory infections.

Uses: In the United States, astragalus is sometimes used by people infected with HIV for its purported immune-boosting and antiviral properties. Others take it in attempts to ward off colds and flu.

oh. well, sounds like a handy thing to have in my juice, then.

see look, i make learning fun! (or, you know, not.)

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listening to: duke pitchforks, beatles medley

random amusing quotes: "christ had syphillis?"
"makes sense.. he gave and he took."

"good luck coughing up chalk"

meep. feel as if i, too, am coming down with the grinnell plague. constant vigilance! *drinks juice and water*

oh, i forgot to mention... yesterday at fanfiction, it was just me and christine.. so we read our crossovers, and then just talked about weird fandoms... and inadvertently discovered the REAL otp.
we felt it would go something like this.

harry: "my parents are dead and i have to live with evil relatives!"
neville: "my parents are cracked up and i have to live with my scary grandma!"
harry: "my birthday's in august!"
neville: "mine too!"
harry: "let's snog!"
neville: "okay!"

(i say this in jest but the thing is i'm sure it's a thriving fandom.)

anyway... it's cold in here. um. i want some juice. and, i just got distracted. by... something. i don't even remember.

in conclusion, your mom.

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

what? me, wasting time?

jean grey
You are Jean Grey!

Beautiful and smart, you are still just beginning
to fulfill your potential. You have a strong
sense of right and wrong, but are open to
discussion and changes of opinion.
Unfortunately, when it comes to love you are
often torn between two options, and can never
seem to make up your mind.

Which X-Men character are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla

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listening to: bnl, be my yoko ono

this is me. not studying. yes.


A - Act your age: is that a command? or a question? um... i don't know. i guess not, i think 18 year old freshmen are supposed to be abusing their independence and getting trashed and whathaveyou. and probably they watch much less disney channel than i do.

B - Boyfriend: well, just todd. but he's a fictional river god who lives on a fictional floor of my building, so.

C - Chore you hate: dusting. it's so tedious. stupid dust.

D - Dad's name: robert

E - Essential make up item: if i'm wearing any, which i'm probably not, it's that eyebrow stuff. and chapstick.

F - Favourite actor: well, curtis. and alan cumming.

G - Gold or silver: silver

H - Hometown: mackinaw, but really normal.

I - Instruments you play: i used to play the french horn, but i quit after 8th grade. i sucked.

J - Job title: student food service worker? *shrug*

K - Kids: just my sims.

L - Living arrangements: i live with my roommate, on haines 3rd. aka, the pirate floor, and the only all girls floor on south campus.

M - Mum's name: susan

N - Number of people you've slept with: although del and i were very close that night in macomb... i feel that the answer to this is zero.

O - Overnight hospital stays: when i was in first grade i had mystery illness of doom and was in there for like two weeks. and when i was born, i think.

P - Phobia: hmmm. well, ladybugs of course. uh, i dunno. not such a big fan of spiders.

Q - Quote you like: "I'm a great believer in Voltaire's famous maxim, 'Sir, I may not agree with what you say, but I shall defend to the death your right to be a complete asshole,' but there comes a time when a line must be drawn." -- Bill Bryson

R - Religious affiliation: none

S - Sibling: reid, age 14

T - Time you wake up?: 7 am, mwf, 7:30 tth, weekends... by 10:30 on sunday (work) and saturday... oh man, if left to my own devices probably 12 or so. i'm a late sleeper by nature. mmm, sleep.

U - Unique habit: um... i invent words... i keep my nails really, really short... i... yeah, i don't know.

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: are avocados vegetables? they're green, i'm calling them vegetables. anyway, me no likey.

W - Worst habit: i'd say procrastination... but you know, i always get it done eventually. before its due. yes. *shrug* i dunno.

X - X-rays you've had: dental, and they x-rayed my chest a couple years ago because i was coughing a lot and they thought i might have... i dunno, something.

Y - Yummy food you make: grilled cheese sammiches.

Z - Zodiac sign: gemini/cancer cusp. yeah, that's right, i'm too cool for just one zodiac.

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listening to: joni mitchell, you turn me on (in my head)

Discworld: Which Ankh-Morpork City Watch Character are YOU?

brought to you by Quizilla

i'm sooooo tired. but, it's been a good weekend. yes. what with parents and food and pirates and bend it like beckham and roger & me and whathaveyou.

and i should really study for my midterms. but i can't really work up the motivation to do so.

OH! all weekend i've been meaning to blog this... on friday night, we went to see this folk singer guy.. dave moore, i think. and, he was pretty good and all.. but megan! he had this song about coralville.. and the chorus went, "who wants to go to the mill/when you can go to coralville?" and i was like, "i've been to the mill! aaand coralville! whoa!" it was exciting.

it's over!!

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just fyi, i posted the crazy crossover at collectivewords, so go read it. it's great. (and yes, i've been being intentionally coy about the 2nd fandom, so go read it if you want to find out! plus, 4 of you make secret guest appearences. dun dun dun!)

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Saturday, October 11, 2003

"A beer, a few rolls... oh, and that pink
thing outside." (Ford Prefect)

A true Elvis lover, you're fully aware that Arthur
doesn't and never will get it. You're not
afraid to go crazy every so often.

Which Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Quote are YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

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listening to: tori, iieee

something random i meant to mention last night... driving about grinell with my family last night, i turned the radio to the campus station... and i have no idea who the djs were, but they were playing spanish versions of beatles songs... and dude. we only heard "ob la di, ob la da" and part of another song..but it was hilarious. like, it was definitely a lot more salsa than beatles, as far as the instrumentals went.. but the song was definitely the same. verses in spanish, and the chorus in english... oh man. it was priceless.

anyway. did more stuff with family today. aww, family. and then, they went home, and i went to go see john kerry's kids. (fear not, i'm still a dean girl. i just want to be an educated dean girl, and i figured this was a good opportunity.)

i had something to say. i think. but, i'm tired and... so i'll just publish this now.

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Friday, October 10, 2003

listening to: taaaalia, machine

yaaay family weekend. my tummy is all full of good food ^_^ well.. okay food for lunch (china sea may be the best chinese restaurant in grinnell, but only cuz it's also the only one) , but v. yummy dinner. aaand you can tell they know me well, because they brought me the biggest bag of chex mix in the entire world (seriously.. let me go see.. 3 pounds. there are babies that weigh less than my chex mix!) and michael moore's new book, dude, where's my country?. yaaay!

kellie: over at cb, i'm heyjupiter. also, you can definitely join compulsive bloggers (and so can anyone else): aqui.

meagna: i just checked my voicemail for the first time in like.. a month, and i only had one, and it was from you! so.. i'm very glad to know that stuart's new cd is out ^_^ (also, rent, des moines, march, we're so there.)

in response to general confusion: nantucket nectars= juice. and they have random facts about nantucket underneath the caps. also, nantucket nectars fizz= carbonated juice. and it's SOOOO good. especially orange-mango.

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listening to: enigma, matrix theme

oooh man. i so took a 3 hour nap. and it ruled. i was soo tired during history. so i was like, okay, i'll take a short nap. and um. yes.

i super don't want to go to spanish. and, my mommy just called, and they're almost here! w00t!

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Thursday, October 09, 2003

listening to: tori, sugar (live)

man, does this song rock hard.

just sayin'.

i took a nap. it was lovely.

does anyone else think it's weird for john kerry to send his kids out to campaign for him? it seems kinda sketchy to me. but, they'll be here saturday. *shrug* and, my family will be here tomorrow! huzzah.

did you guys know that Nantucketer Bud Gifford has spent 40 years lining his walkways and gardens with upside down wine bottles? i bet you didn't. and i bet you never wanted to. man, if i were in charge of nantucket nectar bottlecaps... they'd be so much cooler.

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random amusing quote: "your mom's a sign of the apocalypse!"

oh man. so tired. i was trying to go to sleep last night and my roommate and her friend were relocating the boatcouch. *frowl* and, it was really warm. it did not help my falling-asleep problem.

oh well. it's almost friday!! and my faamily is coming! parents weekend! yay! (this also means... food! good food! huzzah!)

speaking of good food, our tutorial professor made us this marzipan cake with fresh raspconglomerate goo... mmm.

i'm in biology. but we're researching. *nod* hmm. i thought BIG was a crappy musical, but it turns out no...BIG: a calossin-like protein required for polar auxin transport in Arabidopsis..

oh man. i thought Tree peonies said "tree ponies". stupid not tree ponies.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

sweet. all the craziness that's due tomorrow is SO done.

and i still got to watch 3 hours of tww today. man, do i rock. (of course.. my biology writeup is... uh... not the finest sample of writing in existence.. er... i'm not entirely certain it's coherent.. but i'll be damned if it doesn't have 3 properly cited references to reputable primary source documents.)

talia: ooooh yes, we have the crazy asian beetles here, too. i have a bite on my arm, and it itches! a lot! stupid psuedo-ladybugs.

addition to list of my food cravings: chicken strips from culver's. mm. man, i have a feeling that over fall break i'm just going to visit a succession of fast food restaurants. (well.. really just... culver's and taco bell, thus far. but still.)

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listening to: joni mitchell, big yellow taxi

josh and amy make the happy llama DEAD!


but, mary gave me indian peas. and now my room smells like trina's house. awww... trina's house.

fic of insanity is coming along insanely. in the meantime need to read like... 150 pages of tremor of forgery by tomorrow morning. but i'm so on it. er. yeah.

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listening to: beatles, all you need is love

today has been weird. because i haven't been tired. at all. it's crazy. i haven't been sleeping well, at all. but not tired. *ponders*

hey, my juice is 100% juice! wow! the cranberry kind is only like.. 15% i think.

oh man, i was sitting here and i just remembered part of the dream i had last night. it involved the senate majority whip. this i feel is a sign that i have been watching way too much west wing, especially since i don't even know who the real-life senate majority whip *is*.

okay, the senate majority whip is mitch mcconell (r-ky). the minority whip is harry reid (d-nv). this will be good to know for my next weird political dream.

(by the way, the whip is also the assistant majority/minority [respectively] leader, and has nothing to do with kinky sex. well, almost nothing.)

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man, this sucks... i'm writing my lab writeup, and i have to say why our experiment was "interesting or important"... i'm stuck. it's NOT interesting OR important. it's stupid.

stupid spores. stupid fellowship. stupid ring. stupid quest.

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listening to: g-tones, insomniac

eep! good thing i'm going home week after next, my burt's bees just died a horrible death. *frowl* i sorta tried to put it back together... but.. uh... yeah. *pats burt's*

some comments regarding my fruitiness:
jason: i feel that i'm not nearly as phallic as YOUR MOM!
miriam: i can't be a pineapple!! nathaniel is a pineapple!

i've been writing my crossover. instead of doing homework. *is bad* but oooh man, this is definitely the most insane thing i've ever written. (yes, ever, for those of you who may remember certain ancient fics of mine.) but i'm having so much fun writing it, i heart it. i can't wait to find out how it ends.

why can't i check my frowlmail?! i want to check it! grr... i'll show you "unable to find server".. with the back of my hand!

i was planning on taking a nap, but it turns out i'm not tired. and in fact i'm kind of giddy. which you probably noticed already. *bounce*

i was just looking at my most-played list on itunes... 9 of the top 10 are tori. and the top two are, in fact, the same song. (though apparently i prefer tombigbee studio to tombigbee live.) two more of the top 10 are also the same. (take to the sky). #10 is, rather inexplicably, buddy holly. (by weezer. not like.. actual buddy holly.)

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

listening to: weezer, my name is jonas

look at me, all out of biology 45 minutes early. life is good.

lately i've been craving random foods. at the moment:
~ those cinnamon churro-esque things they have at taco bell
~ cheese cubes (ooh.. this desire could actually be filled at express tonight)
~ those chicken-stick things they have at ming's wok

speaking of food... the "love your body week" campaign put up signs in all the bathroom stalls... and one of them says "if you were a fruit, what fruit would you be?"

this intrigued me. at long last, i decided i would be a cranberry. because, some people like me, and some people don't. but i mix well with other fruits. in juice form. yes.

i conferred with others about this, and trina thinks i would be a kiwi, because i'm unusual yet universally liked. nathaniel said i would be a chokeberry, because i'm poisonous. however, i'm choosing to discard nathaniel's response from my data set ^_^ any thoughts?

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*dances* got my bio quiz back in the mail, i got a (low) b! huzzah!! it's not great, but considering the class average was a 76%, i'm v. content.

i just realized that my current tentative plan for tomorrow involves 3 hours of west wing. which is a little insane. but see, i can't watch tonight's 6pm rerun, because of work. so to see that episode, i'll have to watch it at 11am on wednesday. and then, there's wednesday's 6pm rerun, as well as wednesday's 8pm neeeew episode. eep!

it's just a damn good thing that i embrace my geekiness.

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Monday, October 06, 2003

paper = finished. go me! 941 words, and finished 3 days in advance. (not quite as impressive as it seems, when you think about all the other stuff that i also need to do, but haven't. eep.)

still, though, this is an accomplishment, and shall be celebrated by going to bed. huzzah!

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jason, i take back everything and anything bad i ever said about you. or your mom.

because, this is the best thing. ever.


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listening to: tori, cooling

random amusing quotes: "'culture dome' always reminds me of that thing on the ninja turtles."
"the sewer?"
"no.. the dome.. thing. you know, that the bad guys lived in."
"i think we should put that in our experiment."
"what, ninja turtles?"
"we could mutate the ferns!! and then teach them the art of ninja."

sweet deal. finished planning our group experiment for bio. i sense future conflict between myself and the other girl in the group. but for now, stuff is good. i sort of twister her arm into cutting out our other variable, so now we have a fairly simple experiment. huzzahtastic. plus, it only took about 45 minutes to plan. (i thought it would take longer. woot.)

and, my death paper is totally getting whipped into shape. it's pretty good too. not as good as the paper i wanted to write, though. (that one entailed a comparison between aschenbach and mark, as well as between tadzio's physical immaturity and roger's emotional immaturity. but then i figured well, since my first paper was an insane personal-narrative-extended-metaphor-thing, maybe i should reconsider the slashtastic 2nd paper. maybe.)

oh, this is no good. i got all pumped about accomplishing stuff, and now i'm just sitting and talking to my mom and trina, becaus ei think i have free time. but really i don't!! eep! because i need to read 2 chapters for history and an entire book for tutorial and write my intro and discussion for biology! aaaaah!

well, that was good and stress-inducing...

i'll leave you with this.

renata: On Thursday, about $19 billion worth of the bills [new $20 bills] with a new watermark, color, security thread and unframed Andrew Jackson go into distribution. The marketing includes TV ads, a sweepstakes and, in a government first, product placement in TV shows.
renata: okay, explain to me.. why do you need to market MONEY
renata: i mean it's not like there's an alternative
renata: except stealing stuff, i guess
trina: yeah
trina i don't get it
trina: yeah, you know that if they don't market money right, i'm gonna start stealing stuff because i'm not attracted to the money
renata: totally
renata: actually, i think i'm gonna start using euros
renata: their commercials are soo much better
trina: hehehe
renata: like did you see the one where jesus went to the store, and they were like "hey jesus, will that be us dollars or euros?" and jesus was all "dude, totally the euro"
renata: man, that was a good commercial
trina: i haven't heard of any of this marketing at all actually
trina: but it was indeed
renata: i haven't seen any either, i just read that article
trina: i personally like the one with godzilla
trina: because he's an international star

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*gasp squared*

just looked back at the original assignment... my death paper is really only 3-4 pages, not 4-5! *dances* huzzah!

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have 1 2/3 pages of the death in venice essay done already, and i totally haven't touched on my leitmotifs or on the aschenbach-mahler connection. (don't worry if that didn't make sense.)

yeah, i got scroll buttons like the day is long.

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listening to: rhps, whatever happened to saturday night?

so, i always thought this song was called "hot patootie", but apparently, on the movie soundtrack, it's called "whatever happened to saturday night?" however, on the nbcr, it is called "hot patootie". isn't that crazy? well, i think it is.

anyway. guess who doped herself up with tylenol pm and went to bed at 10:30 last night? oh yeah, it was me. mmm... sleep.

but now.. work! eep! the happy llama is busy!

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Sunday, October 05, 2003

listening to: beatles, all together now

random amusing quote: "this school would be so much better if hello kitty was in charge!"

my head hurts like whoa. *frowl* am sorta making progress with.. stuff. and junk.

for fanfic next week, we're supposed to write like.. the most insane crossover ever. i'm excited, i know which two fandoms i'm crossing. i reaally want to write it. now! but... death in venice.. biology.. spanish... avast. and history! eep. but... maybe.. if i get a lot done tonight.. i can get it started before i go to bed.

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Become a God or Goddess. by zerogirl
God/Goddess ofStarvation
Animal Companion:Bulldog
Weak againstEarth
Weapon:Big stick
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

big stick!! i'm like the roosevelt corollary! (and yes, i'm a dork. but.. at least mike thinks i'm, and i quote, a "hot piece of spaz bowl ass".)

gah. i wish this week could be over already.

*flail* mary, your bree sharp cd really confused me at first... because i was like, "heeeey bree sharp sounds *just* like gillian anderson when she talks! ... heeey that was on the x-files... oh." (mary's bree sharp cd is interspersed with txf sound bites. yes.)

*hits knee on desk* ow! okay.. i must needs be off to prepare for work, fanfic, and biology. *frowl*

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Saturday, October 04, 2003

listening to: sutart (did it again), karma pyre

random amusing quotes: "no, the answer was 'black bodies' but i would have also accepted 'your mom'."

"yeah, where's your god now, st. thomas?!"

"our waiter is god!"

"when he said 'does anything look good tonight', i really wanted to say 'yeah, your mom!'"
"*gasp* you can't say that to god!"

"why has our god has forsaken us!"
"it's because brad is a bad jew!"

"your mom never has to work for wood!"

so... today was a good day. and i think it's only going to get better! at first i was all bitter about nerd bowl, becuase i was like.. 8am?! insanity! but, it was fun. mary and i mocked people. ("josh! do you want to.. something... or do you want to mock people?!" "i want to mock people!") and.. yeah. i met some cool people. awww nerdbowl, i miss it. (cools vs. cares 4ever!) and there was food! real food! pizza hut pizza (as opposed to dining hall pizza. of dooom.) and theeen some of us went to the depot and got even more real food for dinner. mmm. and our waiter was god!! (he was omniscient. he always knew when we wanted stuff!! except for dessert, but we figured that was because brad's a bad jew.) and we made SO many your-mom jokes. and it was funny every time. funny how that works.

piratej: gah!! wednesday is west wing night!! that's just one less hour in which to do.. .everything! gah!

but that's okay, because tonight is pirate night! avast! (it's the pirate-themed party at harris!! haines 3rd is going in costume! and then to bingo! ahoy!)

You're CJ
You're CJ. You're hard as nails on the outside,
and not only for your job. But inside you hurt
just the same as anyone. Lucky you have such
great friends to help you out.

Which Senior Staffer From The West Wing Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

aww cj.

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Friday, October 03, 2003

listening to: stuart, flower of a zero

random amusing quotes: "how many college students does it take to change god?!"
(note: god=giant enormous spotlight set up over mac field)


"... you're well on the way to becoming a pirate yourself.. you've sprung a man from jail, commandeered a vessel of the fleet.."
"... killed a man in reno just to watch him die..."

in honor of having just watched potc twice, i give you:
renata's top 5 jack sparrow moments!
5. "i feel we've reached a good place here... spiritually, acumenically... grammatically.."
4. "and i'll buy you a hat! ... a really big one!"
3. "i can't bring this ship into port all by me onesies!"
2. "but.. why's the rum gone?!"
1. will: "you cheated!"
jack: "pirate!"

and, the top one will turner moment!
1. "ay! avast!"

but that movie is so sexy. gah. jack sparrow=sex on a stick. (or a ship, as it were.) and i mean... why make a girl choose between johnny depp and orlando bloom when she can have both?


You are Will turner. You are ignorant and refuse to
accept the truth that your father was a pirate.
You don't like to be betrayed but, unlike
Captain Jack, you forgive. You are hard working
and good with a sword.

Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

i'm not ignorant! your mom is ignorant!


Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean - Which character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

wow, i'm so attracted to my blog right now.

... and on that note, i'm off to bed.

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listening to: sutart, human girl

(i didn't fix the typo, because i'm frankly amused by the idea of stuart as a tart.)

just watched pirates of the caribbean! arrr! and, am off to watch it again soon!

have SO much to do. oy.
~ saturday: 8-5ish, helping with quiz bowl tournament (i'll never escape nerd bowl! i'm even wearing my nerd bowl shirt today! eep!)
~sunday: work 11-1:30, fanfic 1:30-2:30

but: must write 5 page paper for tutorial (by thursday),design original experiment (by tuesday), write up discussion and introduction to my bio paper (by thursday, and this includes finding those articles i couldn't find), read tremors of forgery (by thursday), read some book about parliament (by.. sometime)... correct and explain (every mistake! gah!) my essay (by wednesday)... yes.

it probably wouldn't be that bad if i had better time-management skills. but.. i don't.

so, who here feels that my wednesday night is probably going to suck? if so, how hard?

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listening to: ani, letter to a john (live)

so yeah, bell rocks. "+ dharma - drama" owns you. (dare i say... "ownz"?)

it usually takes people longer to notice that i say "your mom" more often the more tired i am. (see figure 1. a positive relationship exists between-- god, i hate biology.) but gina went and figured it out already.

yeah well, maybe if your mom didn't keep me awake last night...

er. yeah, i wish i could fall asleep at night somewhat sooner than like.. 2 1/2 hours after i go to bed... but now it's okay. because, i'm caffeinated and ready to watch piratey movies!


except first i have spanish. with craaazy professor saenz. gah. at least she's good-crazy. well.. mostly. *considers* she's not... malicious, anyway.

mm, pirates.

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*flails* bell came today!! yay! but itunes is being STUPID and depriving me of my stuarty goodness!! and... any sort of musical goodness, for that matter. grrsquared.

but it's okay.. because, pirates of the caribbean tonight! twice! avast!!

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grrr. grrrrrrrr.

trying to work on my discussion section of the paper for bio... at least 3 primary sources, she says. oh, there's lots, eeeveryone's doing experiments about population density in ceratopteris richardii. grrr. thus far have found one. and one other one that looked like it might vaguely have something to do with plants and population density, but oh, no full text available, and the library doesn't get the journal.

right now i'm actually logged into milner to see if isu gets any databases that we don't. (they have one, but it doesn't seem to have any different articles.)

and i swear to god, leslie hickok has written every single article about ceratopteris richardii ever. wouldn't you get so sick of that? it's not a very interesting plant, you know. (seriously... on this page, out of the 9 articles given, she wrote or co-wrote 7 of them.)

life=so hard.

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Thursday, October 02, 2003

You are 'Clerks:Uncensored'. ABC asked Kevin to
make an animated show about 'Clerks'. They
figured that the movie was so popular, a series
by the same name couldn't be bad. But, a lot of
fans cried in outrage because there was no
vulgarity or the like. There were 6 episodes,
and only 2 were ever aired on ABC. You can now
be found on VHS, DVD, and a few channels have
picked you up. There were scripts for more of
you, but alas. They are just going to sit
there. You are quite funny for an animated
show, as true fans would agree.

Which Kevin Smith Movie Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

i cheated. oh, clerks: uncensored, how i love thee.

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listening to: rachael sage, guardians

stuff n' junk! so, today i slept and did laundry and studied and, yeah. sooon i have to go to my history group. and talk. about history. *nod* the bio quiz went... okay. i'm positive that i at least passed. one page.. i'm entirely hit or miss on. like, i think i either did really well or totally messed it up. so, we'll see. and in the meantime, i don't have to go to biology for 5 more days! yay!

kait, can i just say that i love it when you leave comments? i mean.. obviously i love when everyone else leaves comments too. but kait has mad commenting skillz. *sends cookies*

what else do i want to say? hmm.. i love all of you. you are awesome, amazing, beautiful souls. yes, you.


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listening to: rachael sage, begin to stop

so, i've been studying for bio, and i really feel like i have a handle on it. which makes me nervous, because i probably don't really, or else i'm probably neglecting to study some really important thing. gah.

everyone: i'm impressed with your defense of "sk", good work with that. but i still think "skexcellent" would be a good word.

meanwhile, ranting.

i would like to preface this by saying that this is not directed at anyone in particular. and i don't mean that like, "it really is but i'm saying it's not but you'll totally be able to tell that it is", i mean it for real. i've just been thinking.

about.. angst. and how... mmm... i understand that clinical depression is serious, and sucks, and i definitely mean no harm to any who are afflicted. but i also know that a lot of people are definitely not clinically depressed. and i know that sometimes, clinical depression or not, you just feel crappy. and it sucks. but i think.. when you make a lifestyle out of it... i don't know. i think that people need to take more of an active role in getting out of their depression. because when it comes right down to it, what you need is to be comfortable with yourself. and nobody can do that for you. but i think what a lot of peoples angst is really about is selfishness. that's really too strong of a word... self-absorbedness. you want to justify the way you feel, so you make your problem seem a whole lot bigger than it really is. but... i think people should learn that you don't *have* to justify the way you feel.. you just feel it.

i guess the thing i dislike most about excessive angst is that it ends up making me feel guilty for being able to deal with my problems. like... i feel like i'm not an understanding person, or that i'm callous, just because i usually get over my own problems. and because i'm not able to suffer on the same level as they are. which is... what is that?! "hi, sorry i'm well-adjusted, but.."

(which is not to say that i don't have problems, or don't have angst, because of course i do. everyone does. i just like think of myself as having limited angst.)

which brings me to another thing i've realized lately... i don't have a fear of failure, i have a fear of success. it embarrasses me, and i have this habit of doing everything i can to explain it away. like, if i do well on something... it's just luck. or just because i have a good teacher. and never because "well, i'm smart" or "i'm a good writer" or "i'm just good at it!" even college.. i feel guilty because i like college and i'm having a good time here and a lot of my friends are homesick or having problems. why is that? why can't i feel sad for them and happy for me at the same time?

i guess... i don't know. nobody likes the smartest kid in the room. i mean even i don't. so i guess... i have this innate fear.. of what?

so uh.. whatever.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

listening to: stuart davis, sexy messiah

w00t. after whooo knows how long, i think i understand the paper i have to give an oral report on tomorrow. go on, ask me anything about the effects of abscisic acid and antheridiogen on ceratopteris richardii (wildtype as well as the mutant strains c18 and h48). c'mon, i dare you.

lessee. what do i have to do tomorrow?

~ not go to tutorial in the morning!! yaaaay!
~ read for history
~ laundry
~ study for bio!
~ bio: quiz and oral report (1-4)
~ (stupid bio.)
~ discussion for history (4-5)
~ movie for tutorial (6:30-9ish)
~ write fic! gah! i have all this stuffn'junk in my head, but i need to get it out on paper. or in bytes. whatever. all week i've been meaning to get started, but i just keep doing drabbles.

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listening to: tori, spring haze (live)

so you wanna know how big of a dork i am?! i'm reading for british history, and looking at my notes... and i keep going "mc? why is matt caplan in british history?! ooh.. magna carta, right."

in other news:

trina: hey renata
renata: apparently renata is idle right now. she might be off watching tv, or even studying, or maybe she's been kidnapped by pirates. i certainly don't know, i'm just an automated message. sheesh.
trina: just so you know, brocolli prevents herpes
trina: have an excellent day!
trina signed off at 6:53:49 PM.
trina signed on at 8:47:51 PM.
renata: so what's this about broccoli and herpes?
trina: hi renata :-)
trina: eating it prevents herpes
trina: and they say that 80% americans have oral herpes
renata: 80%?~
renata: ah!
trina: yeah, i don't like that number
renata: that's just... AH!

okay, blogger's yelling at me for not closing my tags. i closed my tags! i always close my tags! *frowl* stupid blogger. ooh.. but what i don't always do.. is use the right tag. because, b and a are not the same letter.

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listening to: rachael sage, guardians

so uh.. turns out that today's not october 3rd. oops. so of course today is the one day that professor saenz doesn't get so insanely distracted that we don't get to discuss the story, and of course it's the one day that she calls on me first. and then i couldn't remember the word for "mistake" or "accident" so i just said that i read friday's story.. *whistles* fortunately, as i've mentioned before, she's insane, so she didn't really care, just told me to read today's story for friday. *shrug*

(i felt bad though, because like.. 10 minutes before that she said that i was probably bored because i knew all this already... doh, she thinks i'm smart. *frowl* and honestly i feel like i maybe could have placed into a 300-level class, if i would have, you know, taken the test. but that's okay, because that would be a lot of work. so i'm good.)

i like rachael sage better when she's angry than when she's angsty. her music, anyway.

have you noticed that all the words that start with "sk" are bad? think about it: skanky, skeezy, sketchy, ska, sk8er boi... i think we should start a movement to redeem this poor letter combination, with words like.. skexcellent, and skawesome. who's with me? no one? well, okay.

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listening to: rachael sage, guardians

random amusing quote: "so then henry appointed his chancellor and whoring buddy as archbishop of canterbury..."

happy october 1st everyone! i'd throw a party, but, well, there's just no way it could top the awesome september 29th party joel and kait and i had.

i think i'd get more done if i didn't nap every morning. but, i focus better when i'm well-rested. so i guess it's quality vs. quanity. which is good, because low-quality studying is really worthless.

eep! have to meet with dr. robertson at 11, instead of 4! which means.. i should go finish my thing so i'll have something to talk with her about...

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