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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

listening to: rachael sage, the spirit we

there's a word in this song that i don't think is a real word. "in each others' inersity of the soul". wait, unless... she's saying "inner city"? inner city of the soul? hmm. *consults lyrics*

oh, it is "inner city". well, still, that's just weird.

anyway. i'm cold. i had some good conversations last night. which were good, because good things are good. i sooo need to go study for bio and read for history. if you see me online tonight, yell at me until i sign off. or just ignore me. really. because if i start talking to people, i won't wanna stop... and next thing you know it's midnight and i'm passed out over the keyboard and nothing's done. oh, and i just would like to say that like... aim ceases to exist for me if i'm not talking to anyone. so i tend to wander away and leave myself signed in, or come back and not take down an away message. so i recommend iming me no matter what my status is, but not being offended if i don't respond. because, that probably means i'm really gone. yup.

kait: i'll be waiting ^_~

scott: er, maybe if you gave me a predicate to your question, i could answer it...

priscilla: w00t.

jason: we've been through this! brett bretterson isn't real, you made him up in 1st grade.

toriphiles: check it out. i confess to being a bit puzzled regarding "way down"'s inclusion on a best-of cd, but... whatever.

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listening to: stuart, sexy messiah

i just audibly gasped. seriously. my copy of bell has been sent (and is being eagerly anticipated) buuuut you can download sexy messiah for free here. and i strongly recommend that you do so.


also, i got my methods&materials back today... i got a 4/5. and she said that no one got a 5/5 in the whole class. so yay! (although... grrr, i freaked out about that thing and it was only worth 5 points?! aah well.)

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listening to: rachael sage, momentary war

i <3 this campus. it's love your body week, so the radical cheerleaders were out and about today... "2 4 6 8! barbie likes to masturbate!"


hmm. and i took an aaawesome nap today. oh, it was good. mm, nap.

lunch today was good! except i ended up sitting with a bunch of vegans, and i was all "mmm, chicken nuggets and ice cream... er... uh.. yeah." my apple and salad were vegan though! no, i take that back. only the apple was, our ranch dressing isn't vegan. but, neither am i. rock.

i need to go meet with my biology group. *frowl*

also, i feel that someone should come seduce me. i have class, but you can catch me between class and work. 4-4:45, i'll be in my room. or after work, past 7:30.

just sayin'.

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Monday, September 29, 2003

listening to: bob dylan, it ain't me babe

everyone is sick. but i'm not. yet. *shifty eyes* having said this, i'll probably come down with the flu, a cold, and the black death by 7am tomorrow...

but yeah. i don't know why i'm not sick yet. it's not like.. i'm that nutritional (but i'm not that bad! i practice mediocre nutrition!) and my immune system sucks, this i know. all i can guess is that... almost everyone gets allergy problems here, i guess grinnell is like allergen capital of the universe or something. but i don't have any allergies, which i'm eversothankful for.

i'm tired.

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bloggin' in the inslab. sweet. (mm, blue blogger.)

got mail from both coasts today! huzzah! postie from kait and a disney princess purse (complete with full set of candy jewelry) from keith. (yes! he's still alive! yay!)

just printed off my rather mediocre spanish ensayo. i juuust didn't care enough to try that hard. *shrug* it happens.

uh. i'm tired. don't have anything particularly interesting to say. so...

happy september 29th everyone! *blows party horn*

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Sunday, September 28, 2003

listening to: tori, sweet dreams (live)

random amusing quote: "mmm!"
"you're a vegetarian!"
"... frogs are vegetables!"

time for a tori rant! i'll make it quick, though. tales of a librarian: the best of tori amos is coming out nov. 18!! and it's going to have two new songs, "snow cherries from france" and "angels". pluuus she's re-recording "sweet dreams" and "mary" for it. *is so excited* especially "sweet dreams", i've been digging that song so much lately.

and since i've ranted this much, i might as well gratuitously post song lyrics:

land, land of liberty
we're run by a constipated man
when you live in the past
you refuse to see when your
daughter come home nine months pregnant
with five billion points of light
gonna shine 'em on the face of your friends
they got the earth in a sling
they got world on her knees
they even got your zipper between their teeth
sweet dreams, sweet dreams

mmm, tori.


kellie: er... i'd like to have a crush, but just haven't met any crushworthy boys ^_^ (except for brett. i mean todd.)

i should finish my spanish. and study for biology. and write some josh<3donna.

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listening to: tori, doughnut song

let's see. wooorked today. i always feel like such an inadequate foodservice worker. seriously, i always manage to fuck up at least once. i have these haunting visions of myself at 30, with a masters, working at mcdonalds and screwing everything up. and when the customers yell at me, i will say "yes, but i bet my sat verbals were higher than yours!" and then they will ask to see my manager.

anyway. and then, i dashed over to fanfiction class. which was cool, because we read each others stories aloud... and i soo love being able to watch reactions to my stories. like, when everyone laughs out loud at something you wrote (er.. that was supposed to be funny. i'd be sad if they laughed at my angst.) but.. yeah, it was supposed to be funny, and they all thought it was, and... yay!

oh! aaand, someone left *another* message on my board! this one said that they hoped i died and they called me.. i don't remember. something else! *frowl* eeeveryone else gets secret admirers, and i get secret enemies. life's so hard. but, all the pirates were superindignant, and left nice messages. which made me happy.

hmm. oh, next postcard circle deadline is tuesday! aaand some of us still haven't gotten our *first* cards.. *pouts* ^_^ soo.. try to send those out, circlers.

miriam: dean?! you met dean?! yaaaaay!

kait: sheeesh, i can't believe you came all the way from new york to leave me jerky messages, and you didn't even stop to say hi.

jason: brett bretterson isn't real, and todd is. sheesh.

kellie: i <3 wrinkle in time but i didn't actually ever see the gi version of it. *sniff* and prospie= prospective student. lots of them come visit and they stay overnight with a student, to get an idea of what the college is like and suchlike. but usually they only stay 1 night, and this one stayed *3* nights (only two of them were with us, though.) yeah. but it was fine, really. everyone loves prospies, it's just confusing to have a couch in the middle of your floor at 1:30 am. yes.

hmm. i want some mashed potatoes. and some corn, to mix with the mashed potatoes. hopefully these two things will be part of the dining hall's fare tonight...

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*amused* just had to share this for priscilla's sake... there's a little sidebar in the campus paper that has amusing statistics... this week:

pop or soda?
cowles [north campus dining hall]: 58% soda, 42% pop
quad [south campus dining hall]: 60% soda, 40% pop

and: 53% of americans say "soda"; 25% say "pop". however, 80% of iowans say "pop".

so, there ya go.

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er. so, my roommate and the prospie set up one of the boatcouches in the middle of our room... *is confused* prospies sleep on the floor! that's where they go!

but, goodtimes were had tonight. oh! i forgot to mention one of the other more humorous aspects of last night-- so, we watched emperor's new groove, and then we put in road to el dorado... and it's opening credits, and we're not paying too much attention, and then all of a sudden it says "STARRING JOHN WAYNE" and we're all like "buh?!" aaand apparently, the video store people gave them el dorado, the 1964 western, as opposed to road to el dorado, the slashtastic dreamworks movie... but, they went back and straightened it out. whew.

anywho. let's see. tonight.. we had an omlet party, except i don't like omlets, so i just watched. but then... gina and sarah went to larp (live action role-play), aand julia and mary and i made brownies. except, we didn't have a pan. but some random guy wandered by, and was like "you can use my muffin tin!" so we made brownie-muffins. mmmmm. and we sat around awhile, and then we went to the sol (student organization of latinos.. or something) bingo. and it was great. at one point, julia and i were both one away from bingo.. i needed "el borracho" (the drunk) and she needed "la muerte" (death).. so it was fairly amusing. "i neeed the drunk! c'mon, drunk!" and, julia won post-its! and i won some laundry detergent! and mary didn't win anything, but we still love her.

and then.. we wanted to watch west wing, but none of us had a teevee, so we pretended to watch it. and theeen... gina and sarah were back, so we sat around and listened to music. and i introduced them to davinci's notebook. priscilla, be proud.

oh, and we were going to play truth or dare, but we were too lazy. ("uh.. sarah... what's your favorite... word that rhymes with your name?") but, julia asked me if i had a crush... and i said no, because i don't. and she told me to get one, so i could tell them about him. so, officially, i have a huuuge crush on todd. he lives on haines 4th (note: haines only has 3 floors), and he's totally dreamy. and he plays the mandolin, and has a ferret. ("does he have a girlfriend?" "yeah, me!" "i thought you said you just had a crush on him!" "welll... that was then. now we're totally steady." "but.. that was 2 minutes ago." "time flies!")

oh, todd.

anyhow, me and todd are going to go make babies. er... i'm going to sleep.

oh! but i forgot to say, that someone wrote on my whiteboard.. "renata is an ugly pirate, i hope she gets marooned on a desert island." and.. i thought it was mary, but it wasn't! it wasn't any of my friends! *is distressed* but then, mary changed it to "renata is a supercool pirate, i hope she stays with us forever", so it's okay ^_^

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Saturday, September 27, 2003

listening to: tori, she's your cocaine (live)

random amusing quote: "your lymph nodes are the size of cats!"

i feel that my quality of life would be greatly improved if i had chocolate and a nap. waait a minute. i *do* have chocolate! and i *can* take a nap!

well shit, life is good.

my roommate has a prospie. she seems sort of sketchy, just between you and me. but she'll be gone tomorrow. and.. she's gone right now. and.. really i've only seen her for about 15 minutes total.

okay, chocolation has been achieved. now... nap. mmm, nap.

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random amusing quotes: "it's road to hot gay sex! er, i mean, road to el dorado!"

"you make the happy llama EXPLODE!"

"it's okay to have big thighs! unless you're white."

"your name is.. the kakiro river!" (okay, i know i totally butchered the spelling of that. talia?)
"so... if he was filling out a form, would be be "river, the kakiro"?"
"maybe he hyphenates!"
"so.. the river-kakiro? his first name is the?"
"or.. maybe he goes by his initials. tk river."

*flails merrily*

last night was much, much fun. we had a pirate girly night. which sounds dirty, but isn't. we invaded the nook and set up gina's tv/vcr, and watched the emperor's new groove, road to el dorado, and spirited away. aaand we salt-scrubbed our hands and painted our nails. and ate pie. and oooh my god. i had seen groove and spirited before, but dorado i hadn't... and i <3 it so. like, when the two cute male protaganists showed up onscreen, i asked "is this movie slashtastic?!" and... wow, did i ever call it. as mary said, "this movie transcends slashtastic.. it's... slashtacular!"

so, if you haven't seen it, i highly recommend watching this with a group of slashy friends. *giggle* about halfway through the movie, we started noticing some parallels.. so we started calling the blonde one "josh" and the brunet one "sam" (don't worry, there was no donna. well, there was a girl, but she wasn't cool enough to be "donna". she just drove a wedge between josh and sam. *sniffle*)

a high point was when we were first discussing the josh/sam parallels, and 'sam' goes "just...." but with his crazy american-spanish-english accent, it sounded just like "josh..." and we all died.


and, i need to read an article for biology, and go to work in an hour. and then, go discuss the article right after work. *frowl* but, it's okay. because... look at what my inbox was:

Martin Sheen Fri, 6:10 pm A special message from Martin Sheen
Martin Langrall Fri, 5:36 pm Re: yarr

*giggles a lot*

(btw, the martin sheen thing was from the dean campaign. but still, yay.)

oh, speaking of dean.. i was sitting at the voter-registration table yesterday, and like... everyone put "county: usa". it was worrisome. i mean here are these supposedly-intelligent, college-educated (well... semi-college-educated, anyway) people and they don't question the logic of a us voter registration form asking what country you live in? i mean, i guess it's good that no one from outside the us tried to register... but... jeeze. (and even if the logic didn't occur to you, you could at least read the form.)

and now i understand why all the jewish grandmothers voted for buchanan....

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Friday, September 26, 2003

listening to: tori, tear in your hand (live)

ask;fhd. my mom's been reading my fic. which is SO WEIRD. and she left COMMENTS and she's my MOM and it's WEIRD.

and i don't know how to explain to her that it's WEIRD without offending her. *frowl* this is what i get for telling her i was taking a fanfiction class. i should have told her i was taking.. like.. knitting. no, that'd be bad, she'd ask to see my scarves or whatever.

(speaking of the fic class, i have to write an hp fic by sunday. am a bit flustered here... bit rusty on that particular fandom. and i still need a plot for the j/d fic. because, i could just write fluff... but.. i like plot. but not big plots, because those are long. just a mediumish plot. eep.)

hmm. oh, aaand my most favorite melody sent me clerks (unanimated) aand wolves in the walls. oh, witw. <3 neil&dave. i lovelovelove the page where lucy's family is sleeping at the bottom of the garden. just gorgeous. well, the whole book is. but that's my favorite. and i LOVE the sentence "but eventually everything was back the way it had been before, except for lucy's father's second-best tuba, which had sustained severe jam damage."

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my spanish teacher has a fucked up sense of humor. gah. i had a meeting with her this morning, because she wanted to talk one-on-one with everyone about our first tests. (if you'll recall, the one i finished 15 minutes early and freaked out about?) so, i go in, we exchange pleasantries, we sit down.. she tells me i had one of the best grades in the class. so i'm all yay! then she tells me that it was a C. so i was like "um... it was?" and she goes "no, i'm just kidding!" and really i got a 94.


it's not funny to play with tired students like that! gah!

but, i think i'm really finished with my history paper, and i'm using the science lab to print it out. mwahaha. (because 6 copies would make my printer cry. [and no, the professor didn't want 6 copies-- we have smaller discussion groups, so i need one for him, for my 4 groupmates, and for myself. yes.])

i really like the blogger that this computer gets. it's like the old one, and the new one, combined! why don't i get this blogger?! gah. aww, it even has post&publish! without the preview step! *sniffle*

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Thursday, September 25, 2003

listening to: tori, horses

sooo. still have a few more sentences to write, and a few... kinks to work out of the paper. (i'm still not entirely certain that it makes sense, for starters.)

but instead, i felt the need to meme.

1. Name your ten favorite fictional characters of all time and what book, movie, or tv show they came from. (no particular order)

death (sandman)
meg (wrinkle in time)
anne (of green gables)
mulder (x-files)
saaaam (west wing)
magneto (x-men)
delirium (sandman)
brodie (mallrats)
cj (west wing)
leia (star wars)

2. Name five fictional characters that you would like to have an affair with and/or marry, plus the source. You may disregard any pre-existing attachments for these characters. (in order)
oh dear.
right now...
sam seaborn is topping the list. *sob* foxy, sensitive, intelligent, and oh-so-liberal. why must he be fictional?
movieverse aragorn (lotr. mmm...)
gordo (lizzie mcguire) (shush you, i'll have none of your guff!)
gilbert (anne of green gables)
movieverse kurt wagner (oh alan.) (x-men)

3. Name five books/literary works that you would like to live in.
harry potter
the eyre affair
anne of green gables
uh... not a book, but.. west wing! *compares bartlet to bush and cries*

4. What classic/critically acclaimed work(s) of literature do you fully appreciate the artistic merits of but hate nonetheless?
twoooo words, starts with an anna and ends with a karenina.

5. Name five books that you would recommend I read.
just 5?!
american gods by neil gaiman. duh squared.
a wrinkle in time by madeline l'engle. seriously, if you haven't read this book.. we can't be friends anymore. go read it, and give me a call when you're cool.
a walk in the woods by bill bryson. i want to be bill bryson.
welcome to the monkey house by kurt vonnegut, jr.
the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy by douglas adams.

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listening to: tori, blood roses

poll: which do you think is a dumber reason for going to hell: wearing your hair the wrong way, or celebrating easter on the wrong day?

... stupid friggen roman christian church.

"We are not shaven in the form of a crown solely because Peter was shorn in this way, but because Peter was shorn in this way in memory of our Lordís Passion." hello! this guy (abott ceolfrid) wrote pages and pages about WHICH WAY MONKS SHOULD CUT THEIR HAIR! and he wasn't the only one! it's like god's cosmo here!

... one page to go ^_^

(and don't get me wrong, i dig this crazy shit, i do. but seriously, it just seems so absurd to me how seriously these guys took themselves. plus, i'm tired. but i do have clean clothes! lots of them!)

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listening to: tori, putting the damage on

... okay, this is getting weird.

anyway. let me see.

michelle: yes, you may certainly request cookies! .. i can't promise this request will be *filled*, and certainly not in a timely fashion... but yes ^_^

kait: juuust let me know when your court date is. (and aaalso, more specific regarding j/dness! because... yes.)

dude. this morning dr. perry wasn't dressed all in black. we all decided that this was the first time we'd seen her as such. and get this, she was dressed all in white. man, if she starts wearing a giant dream emerald, i'm going to be freaked. (oh, nerd humor, how i love it.)

also, she made us cheesecake ^_^ yay, cheescake.

biology today was goodlike! i understood! yaay!

plus, out of my checklist, all i have left is... like, 2 pages of history to write, laundry, kait's fic, talking to prof. saenz (and i have an appointment already!)! yay! aand i'm off to do laundry riiiight now.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

listening to: tori, caught a lite sneeze


*a lot*

gah! west wing! gah! rrrr... stupid john goodman... now i have a republican president in real life and in my happy liberal fantasyland. *frowl* and... *frowl*


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dude, i just looked at my arm and freaked the hell out because i thought i had like.. the plague. but then i remembered that i colored all my arm-freckles (moles? what's the difference between a mole and a freckle?...) anyway, i colored them all pink in spanish.


anyway... weeest wing in 20 minutes!! we have the lounge reserved! yay! and i keep pitifully trying to write my paper.. but it's not working. i did finish my biology, though. it's not really in english... but it's done. (sample sentence: "This process was repeated with dishes B-F; however, each subsequent spore suspension had a two-fold increase in dilution." you tell me what that's supposed to mean. seriously. but if i ever have a band, i'm calling it "subsequent spore suspension".)

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listening to: tori, putting the damage on

random amusing quote: "you all have trouble with accents. some of you failed the test, just because of accents!"
"*horrified silence*"
"no, that didn't happen, i lied. calm down, guys!"

i think this is the 3rd entry today that i've been listening to "damage" during... what can i say, i've been digging it lately. mmm, pelelicious.

so yeah. went and talked to dr. robertson today, and she was so so nice. she told me not to worry at all about the thing i screwed up. (the thing was, that i did the entirely wrong worksheet, not that i did the worksheet wrong...) she said it was only a reallly small percentage of our overall grade and it only mattered that i understood. and i feel much much better. and now i'm working on my methods and materials and i have to go run down to the lab to find out what type of lightbulbs and microscopes we use.

stupid biology. who the fuck cares what kind of lightbulbs we use? *flowers*

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listening to: tori, putting the damage on

aww jeeze. now i have to write happy josh/donna fic, alll because of kait. life's soooo hard.


west wing premiere tonight!! and i've checked a few things off my list! and now i'm attempting to work on my biology. oh god, i hate that class. it literally makes me sick to my stomach. i think mostly it just freaks me out that it's soo over my head. *whimper* but, i only need a 2.75 gpa to keep my scholarship... and we haven't even really had any assignments. well, we've had 3, and i already totally fucked one up. but i just don't feel good about that class. at all. but still.

er. stuff. *considers at length* aaand junk.

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listening to: tori, putting the damage on

this is my morning, verson 2.0. because... version 1.0 didn't work out so well. my coffee tasted weird, and i burned my finger on my bagel (there's a blister! *pouts*), and i spilled juice. and when i looked down to see if i had gotten any on my shirt, i noticed that not only had i spilled juice on my shirt, but sometime prior to that i had spilled a large amount of peanut butter on it, too.

so then, i ran up to haines3rd, ran over to arh3rd (and was like.. 10 minutes early for class? *shrug*)... went to class.. came back from class.. took a supernice nap.

and heeeere i am.

and i should be doing the following things instead of blogging:
~ 4-5 page history paper, due friday at 4:30 (status: have a page of random notes and a thesis statement. am hoping that when i sit down and start writing, it'll pull itself together, but right now i'm afraid to test that one out.)

~ methods& materials section for insane biology paper, due thursday at 1:15. (status: not even started.)

~ talking to dr. robertson about previous biological insanity.

~ talking to professor saenz about spanish, just because she wanted to go over everyone's test one-on-one. we haven't even gotten them back yet, so i don't know.

~ looking for light motifs in death in venice. (must be able to discuss by tomorrow morning.)

~ spanish homework of some sort, haven't even looked at the syllabus yet. (due: today at 2:15.)

~ laundry (has not yet become absolute necessity, but soon)

~ writing something for kait. (because, i heart her. so, she should tell me what she wants. *nod*)

... so you know, i should go do some of that.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

listening to: tori, talula

(at first i typed 'talula, tori'... but that's just not right at all.)

dude, you guys are so great. i mean really. you leave comments when i whine about them, and then when i whine about whining too much, you tell me that either.. i don't whine too much, or that you like it when i whine.

(and i don't really think that i whine too much, exactly.. i just feel like i whine more than i talk about good stuff, when really i have more to be happy about than i do to whine about. but... mm, so it goes.)

so seriously. like... if you ever need me to make you cookies, or testify on your behalf, or anything like that... let me know. *nod*

(priscilla, and anyone else: pirate west wing, and anything else i've written, can be found at collective words. *pimps collective words* seriously, all the authors there rock. so.. if you're in the mood for fic, head on over. because, not only is my pirate west wing, but so are lots of better stories written by better authors ^_^)

i'm tired. dear god, i need to go to bed early tonight. seriously, if you guys see me online past.. like.. ten... yell at me. use harsh language if necessary. it's for my own good. *nod*

(oh, just as a side note.. why has blogger taken to showing the post date instead of the publish date? because i mean sometimes i have the window open for hours, and then i get all confused when my posts travel back in time...*flail*)

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listening to ani d, face up and sing

random amusing quote: "fine, it's 100 words, you nazis!"
"... nazis of love!"

i feel that kait should write another serial. called "getting the hang of tuesdays". because.. that would significantly improve my tuesdays.

(and kim just called and asked if i'd be interested in permanently picking up a tuesday lunch shift and it was all i could do to keep "are you SHITTING me?!" from flying out of my lips. but fortunately, i just pointed out to her that biology conflicts with it. whew.)

i hear sirens. why are there sirens? *flail*

i'm tired. i was soo going to go to bed early last night. but instead i stayed up in the lounge writing west wing drabbles with sarah&mary&julia until 11:30. and then typing and posting the drabbles until midnightish. doh.

but it's okay. because... we all wrote about pirates. and it's so great to have fanfiction people in my real life. because instant gratification is awesome. and... yes. haines3rdlove.

i feel like i whine (and whinge) too much in boron. considering really i'm happy.

also, miriam: i feel that complaining about not getting comments when you don't have a blog is like... i dunno, compaining about not having babies when you're not having sex. i mean it's just unreasonable. sheesh.

that said: i love you! and a blog shoutout is *like* a comment, but not! so... here you are! hi miriam! *dances*

there's more sirens! *flail* gah. i have to go to work soon. and i'll miss west wing. but it's okay, because.. er.. i watched it at lunch. *sigh*

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listening to: tori, little amsterdam

i hate tuesdays.

just sayin'.

anyway. yay, i should totally guilt-trip people into leaving comments more often!

joel: i heart you! yay!

michelle: i heart you as well! and thank you for speaking for the masses ^_^

kellie: email is in the progress of being written (sorry, i suck at replying to email. and things.), and here you go.

kait: mmmm, babies with hats.

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Monday, September 22, 2003

comments regarding comments:

aman: what can i say, the word "butt" just makes me think of you :) but i do agree that you are much cuter than any sort of animal butt, and also howard dean. (however, howard dean would be a better president than you. partially because you're a pseudo-republican, and partially because you're a woman, and therefore inferior in every way. *nod*)

kait: i've only read maus, and that was a long time ago. *needs to re-read* but... his reputation preceeds him. gah!

and, more people need to leave comments. because my happiness increases in direct proportion to the number of comments i receive!

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You are Talula! Those who know you enjoy your
company; you are a loyal friend, and you always
have an uplifting word or two ready. Your
optimism knows no limits; in the words of the
Spice Girls, you always "look for the
rainbow in every storm."

Which Tori Amos song are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


that result doesn't make aaany sense at all. seriously. i'm listening to talula right now, because i thought maybe like.. i was thinking of a different song. but no. i wonder if the person who made this has even ever listened to the song? i mean, i know tori tends strongly towards the opaque... but seriously.

ran into the henchman
who severed anne boleyn
he did it right quickly
a merciful man
she said one plus one is two
but henry said that it was was three
so it was
here i am

does that sound optimistic to you?!

i don't want to lose him
he must be worth losing
if it is worth something

yeah, that's definitely uplifting. right. er. this quiz is fired.

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listening to: tori, sugar (live)

mmm... sugar.

miriam: guess what!
renata: chicken butt?
miriam: no, but close
renata: turkey butt?
miriam: think donkey
renata: donkey butt?
miriam: no
renata: ... amanda?
miriam: I'm going to a BBQ on Saturday and meeting Dean!
renata: YAY!

in other news, i love sam seaborn. oh, fictional democrats, they do it to me every time.

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listening to: tori, mountain

my printer is printing things all GIGANTIClike. *frowl* stupid printer.

and apppparently i skipped work over the weekend. eeeven though i put up a sub slip a week in advance, and i never got an email telling me *to* come to work. (which is how it usually works, if no one volunteers to sub for you.) aanyway. i only mention this because now i got an email asking if i can sub for someone saturday at lunch. and technically, yes, i can. but i soooo don't want to. it's for the deli bar. *frowl*

argh! this encylopedia entry has improper grammar!! "Although it's impact continued, Celtic Christianity..." *frowl* stupid encyclopedia.

despite all the frowling, today's actually been a pretty good day. hizzah! er... huzzah!

kait saw neil. and i'm jealous. even though, i've seen neil too. but.. she got a wishbone picture with neil! and she also saw art spiegelman! gaaah! the two graphic novel GODS under one roof! (and yes, we are indeed pretending that alan moore doesn't exist, for purposes of this paragraph.)

*whinges* stuart's new cd was supposed to be on sale today! meeeegan, why's it not?

hmm. well, i think that's about all the randomness i have to skim off the top of my brain for the moment.

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Sunday, September 21, 2003

listening to: idina menzel, still i can't be still

ah, grinnell sweet grinnell. yeah. the ride home was uneventful, although we did stop at the world's largest truck stop! aaand i got a doughnut there. (not the world's largest doughnut, though. just regular size.) millions of hearts to miriam for all her extra driving! *mwah* i heart miriam. and my friends. hearts for everyone, huzzah!

hmm. oh, on saturday, trina and i were at border's.. and we looked at this book called "how to be a hipster", and tehre was a checklist to tell if you were a hipster or not... and like, the first two were: "messenger bag and/or black plastic glasses" and "you have one republican friend that you always refer to as 'my republican friend'" and we were superamused. but then, the other ones didn't really apply to me at all. so, i guess i'm not a hipster. dammit.

but: if it's hip to be square, and i'm square... that would make me hip. however, by being hip, i would no longer actually be hip.

it boggles the mind.

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watching: spongebob squarepants

so... yeah. being home has been really great for me, on two levels. because 1. yes, it's been super to see everyone and hang out and see my family and sleep in my own room in my own bed and all that. but 2. i noticed that i miss grinnell too. which is a good sign, to me.

yes. stuff and junk and i broke 100 bowling last night! and trina got inquired-after by the shoe guy! and... good times. *nod*

okay, why would anyone want a toy called "dusty the talking vaccuum"? why would you want to pretend to vaccuum? i mean as long as you were going through the motions, why not actually accomplish something?

people are weird.

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so yeah. it's good to be home, i think. i missed my cats sooo much. and, you know, my friends and family and stuff. but my friends and family aren't sitting on my lap and purring, so they don't get first mention ^_^

aww kitty. oh, and today is dean visibility day! i'm wearing my dean shirt, are you?

i'm soo tired. i'm off to bed soon. hmm. oh! i picked up endless nights today! finally! yay!!! i've only read the death story and the desire story thus far, but aaaah! both were so worth the wait! (although neil looks like a complete tool in his author picture. seriously, he got a new one.. and.. uh, just look at it.) gah. i would sell my soul to write like neil. at least, as well as neil. if i wrote exactly like neil i'd just get called "gaimanesque" all the time. which i mean would be awesome. but... um, i'm tired and there's cat fur in my eye, i'm probably not making any sense.

oh yes. and tomorrow is the international day of peace. i recommend that you celebrate it by not declaring war on any nations. or you could just have cake.

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Friday, September 19, 2003

listening to: ani d, self-evident

uh. so, finished really early on my spanish test, which i didn't think was too bad. a few messups, i'm sure, but i'm not feeling too worried about it. but i really hate finishing tests early, especially first. it makes me so paranoid. so i sat there and checked it over for like, 5 minutes. and then i said, fine, and turned it in. *flail*

yeah, it's one of my quirks.

miriam's coming soooon! like, 10 minutes soon! yay! (but she doesn't think i'm a genius. sheesh, can you believe that?!)

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listening to: idina menzel, minuet

random amusing quotes: "she pushed me off the couch!"
"i didn't push you off the couch! i just... pushed you."

"cut me some slack, i've been staring at a slug orgy all night"

"we're sock twins! except renata's say 'hanes'."
"yeah, well.. we live in haines! the building is my sock twin!"

"haines is a much smaller building than florida"
"florida's not a building!"

avast, me hearties. today be talk like a pirate day.

which is so much work. arrr.

so. going home in.. 3.5 hours! well.. miriam'll be here in 3.5 hours, anyway. i expect we won't get home until rather later than that. unless miriam can tesser.

have a spanish test today. i feel that i should be somewhat more concerned about this than i am, especially considering that i'm not concerned at all. just like.. i dunno. i should definitely go review the irregular stems. but i have myself convinced that i know more spanish than i actually do, i think. well, either that or i know spanish.

duuude!! remember that picture of the pirates for dean that i showed you guys?! it's in the weekly dean email newsletter! *flails* we're famous! (and we look SO GOOD!)

y ahora estudiare. (er, with an accent over that last e.)

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Thursday, September 18, 2003

listening to: talking heads, psycho killer

trina: oh, and according to isu
trina: i just found out
trina: my race is white-non-hispanic
trina: i have no idea how that happened
trina: yeah.
renata: white-non-hispanic?
renata: that would imply that there is a white-hispanic
renata: and.. uh..
renata: that's weird.
trina: yup
renata: and... yeah, that's weird.
trina: i guess i should go fix it
trina: but it is funny looking at it
trina: and its funnier because above it it says approved priority
trina: and it seems like i have approved priority because i'm white non hispanic
renata: lol
renata: those white non hispanics, they get all the good stuff
renata: wait, i'm white non hispanic too. yay!
trina: hehe
trina: ah, its good to be white non hispanic
renata: hey trina, now you can sit with us at lucnh :-)
trina: lol
trina: yay!
renata: woohoo!
trina: i should enjoy my whiteness while it lasts
renata: yeah, being white is awesome
renata: what with all the...
renata: uh... sunburns.. and.. stuff
trina: and the
trina other stuff
renata: and the junk
trina: ah, its good to be white
renata: yeah! wooo!
renata: *waves white flag*
renata: hey waaaait.
trina: hehe
trina: you've just surrendered your whiteness to the chinese!
trina: oh no, now you're asian!
renata: no.. non-white-asian :-)
trina: i'm sorry you're no longer with the cool people anymore
renata: aww jeeze.
trina: but if one of us had to go, i'm glad it was you
trina: :-)
renata: do i get a rice cooker?
trina: haha, actually i have one
renata: so does talia
trina: so i can give it to you since i'm white now
renata: yay!
trina: this kinda reminds me of a story i wrote in the second grade
trina: it was called, isn't it great to be 8
trina: and somehow the title isn't it great to be white is stuck in my head
renata: lol
renata: but that doesn't rhyme
renata: it should be... isn't it tight to be white?
trina: hell yeah

(a note regarding trina: not exactly sure what the pc name for her ethnicity would be.. .but not white-non-hispanic, that's for sure. probably.. middle eastern? *shrug* yes.)

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you know what's really confusing? is when you have 10000 windows open and it takes you a second to realize that you're not reading josh/sam fanfic anymore, no, you're reading Unusual Properties of Plastocyanin from the Fern Dryopteris crassirhizoma....


(i'm very torn on the issue of josh/sam. because on one hand, it's so so cute. but on the other hand, josh loooooves donna! *flail*)

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listening to: a flock of seagulls, i ran

random amusing quote: "... presumed drowned, and dead."
"no! i presumed them drowned and evolved into merpeople!"

... i feel sort of not good. i think i'm just tired. but it's sort of... i don't know.

*shrug* i'm going hooome tomorrow though! yay!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

*sigh* i kneeeeew i was taking a bad step when i joined the tori fanlisting.... i kneeeew it would lead to me joining eleventy billion fanlistings, resulting in a cluttered sidebar! (*shudder*) it's already up to... 5. 6 if you count the tori doll, and 7 if you also count howard dean. and we all know that that number will only go up from here. i mean there's the beatles, harry potter, star wards, douglas adams... sheesh, i'm obsessive.

that's all.

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listening to: the buggles, video killed the radio star

*sob* it's so hard to be a fangirl! i just watched tww season 1 finale aaand season 4 finale. *flails* that's DOUBLE the usual amount of stress! i mean, granted, i know that no one died in the season 1 finale. because.. of season 4. but, but... *flails a lot*

oh god. it's been too long since txf, i got out of the fangirl groove. (... well, okay, the tv fangirl groove.) seriously, you guys should have seen us in the lounge... so much gasping and flailing and... and... *flails*

and then, we went over to express and drowned our sorrows in juice. and constantly reminded each other that babies come with hats.

i'm so happy to have a new fandom. and new fangirl friends!

sorry for excessive tv-related ranting. but since most of you are either fangirls or recovering fangirls, i feel that it will be understood ^_^ (actually... since like, everyone and their mother seems to be reading boron these days, the fangirl ratio has probably significantly decreased. but.. uh... that's okay. because babies come with hats.)

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listening to: ani d, hell yeah

random amusing quotes: "that's what's so great about america, everyone can be a bar wench!"

"mmm, bob graham. wait, i mean, oranges."

"did you say ship or shit?"
"no.. i think you clearly said shit."

"they named him 'huck'! he's going to get beat up so many times!"
"huck? ... is it short for anything?"
"oh. *pause* well.. he could always go by 'berry'..."

so. you know who rocks? is ani difranco.

some chick says
thank you for saying all the things i never do
i say
the thanks i get is to take all the shit for you
it's nice that you listen
it'd be nicer if you joined in
as long as you play their game girl
you're never going to win

and you know what beverage rocks? is nantucket nectars orange mango fizz.

and you know what random occurrence rocks? is having the laundry room maintainence guy randomly give you a free dryer. *is 75 cents richer*

but, what doesn't rock, is signing onto aim and seeing an entire buddy list of away messages. *sniff* so i'll just be here. taaaalking to myself. (er... well, really i'm going to go sign off and study biology more. but still.)

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so okay. gametophytes are haploid. they divide through meiosis to make gametes. 2 gametes fuse to create a diploid sporophyte. which uses mitosis to make spores. the spores take root, and grow into a gametophyte.

uh... why? *wrinkles forehead*

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listening to: the byrds, turn turn turn (actually, apparently the official title has exclamation points-- "turn! turn! turn!" but i feel that that is a tad excessive. it's not that exciting of a song.)

duuuude. so this morning i was walking to class and idly looking at all of the student organization signs that are up (ie... "students for dean, tuesday 8PM in the forum coffeehouse" and suchlike) and then i noticed the best one EVER. i kind of walked by it, did a double take, and took a few steps back to look at it again.... "students for wedge antilles. meet at the rendezvous point!" with a picture of him. i was SO amused. and the thing is, this being grinnell, i can't immediately discount is as a joke. (and i would so join it if it were real.)

(btw, if you're not as big of a geek as i am-- wedge antilles is the commander of rogue squadron. in star wars. and he rocks. hard.)

priscilla: yes, i say pop. i'm midwestern. sheesh. actually, i find "pop" and "soda" to both be exceedingly awkward words, and i try to avoid them whenever possible. so usually i refer to specific beverages. or i just say "something to drink." (ie "i love dr. pepper!" or "would you like something to drink?" rather than "dr. pepper is my favorite pop/soda" or "would you like some pop/soda?" but sometimes it just can't be helped.)

anyway. i need to do laundry. and study for biology. study haaardcore for biology.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Big Block of Cheese

Who is your West Wing boyfriend?
brought to you by Quizilla

okay. reaaally it said my boyfriend was president bartlett. but i was way, way, waaaaay too amused by this option not to post it. i mean... c'mon, the big block of cheese day cheese!

(anyway... really, my boyfriend is sam. because he is a severe hottie. mary and i are incapable of having a conversation about tww without bringing up this point. because... severe!)

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*amused* you can totally tell that haines 3rd is an all chick floor... i just looked in the can can (aka.. the aluminum recycling bin..) and it's completely full of diet pop.

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listening to: stuart, alms

i don't want to talk about biology. so, i won't.

i feel that my job satisfaction would be greatly increased if my job title were changed to "grand moff of the deli bar". because i mean anyone can "attend" the deli bar. but i rule the deli bar with an iron fist!

*looks menacing* grr.

moving on... i heart kait! a lot! and... anyone know wtf is up with compulsive bowlers? anyone? i feel like i should, since i'm a mod... but i'm clueless.

and finally, i'm not sure if the idea of keanu reeves playing john constantine in a hellblazer movie alarms or amuses me more.

really-finally, cb's working now. *shrug*

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hmm. i was just doing some research on add. and i think that if i do have it, it's a mild case. like... enough to keep me distracted and amused and that a lot of the classic symptoms sort of apply to me. but not really enough to interfere with my life. well, mostly. yes.

so kait, let's start the unofficial adult add club! yaaay!

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update: success! have finished biology and 1602 remains unopened.

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listening to: jill sobule, sonny liston

aaaah. i wish i wasn't so easily distracted. *flails generally* it's so hard for me to focus. and the internet is bad for me. because it's like, "doing research, doing research... i'll check my email! research.. i'll blog! research... read the boards!" gah.

maaaybe i should consider cutting back on the caffeine. that, or get myself tested for adult add. *shrug* hmm. i have 1602 #2 sitting right here. but i'm refusing to touch it until i finish my bio. it's a test of my willpower. *nod* so i'll let you all know how that one turns out.

i would, however, like to announce that microsoft excel is my bitch. *cracks whip* also that... what was i going to say? um... oh! congratulations to stuart, marci, and ara belle davis! yaaay!

(and... happy birthday pirate julia! who.. none of you know! yaaay!)

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Monday, September 15, 2003

this really is insane, i just posted like 5 minutes ago. but i have really really exciting news!!! at least.. to me! and maybe like... talia!!

*flail* new stuart cd sept. 22!!! wiiiiith "sexy messiah"!! i love "sexy messiah"!! so so much!

that's my sexy messiah
doing the splits off the crucifix
that's my sexy messiah
blowing a kiss to the mystic misfits

although i'm v. sad to hear about... well, just read the freaking website if you wanna know.

.... new stuart yay!

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well, if blogging makes jason, kait, and priscilla happy, then whooooo am i to limit myself to a reasonable number of posts a day?! woo!

Not too bad, but you can do better. Keep working on it- maybe try kicking a few guys wherever you want to, then start lighting them on fire. Slow and steady wins the race, okay? You've got a long way to go, but I think you'll survive.

*vastly amused*

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i feel really.. i don't know. i was in the scilab working on a graph for bio, and being really frustrated, and i started feeling really... bad. just... bad. i don't know. mentally and physically. so i relocated myself to the science library, and i couldn't find the stupid journal of ecology. aand instead of asking where they were, i left. and now i'm here, blogging for the 335th time today. (i always feel like i blog too much, and people get annoyed... will someone confirm or deny for me?)

hmm. i'll read comments. (i hate how sometimes blogback won't tell me if i have comments or not, so i have to click on all of them just in case i do.. and it's really disappointing to see the empty comment boxes. *sniff* because, i'm a comment whore.) aaanyway.

amanda: of cooourse i know about talk like a pirate day! avast! i feel strongly that everyone should participate.

kellie: i feel strongly that my point stands: it's freaking ghostbusters! (besides, if you get into paganness, some people feel that when you're menstruating, you're most in touch with the spirit world, or whatever. aaalso sometimes poltergeists are supposedly linked to menstruation. so maybe that's what the ghostbusters were referring to. also, no, i don't know why i know that stuff. but i didn't make it up. anyway.)

jason: brett bretterson sat by me in math today and asked me to study with him!


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*flail* check this out!!! yeah, that's me, second from the right! *flails more* the 4 people on the left i don't know, but they're from grinnell.. and then starting from the right it's sarah (pirateho), me, juila, and mary! yay! pirates for dean are famous! (or.. well, not really.. but i'm still way enthused!)

oh yeah, and i'm in the background of this one. i'm towards the left, between kucinich and graham. and i'm holding the sign, and actually wearing the hood of my sweater, and basically i look like a huge dork. but at least i'm a huge *political* dork, right? right. (plus, you couldn't really tell it was me, unless you knew it was me. which i do.)


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i wish i had some pocky!

what flavor pocky are you?

[c] sugardew

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listening to: tori, tombigbee

random amusing quote: "the fire alarm goes off every time you smoke.. that'll teach them not to smoke in haines!"
"it'll teach them not to smoke if i beat them!"

reminder: send out your postcard circle postcards (or.. pcp. teehee.) today! yaaay mail!

anyway. analyzing art in spanish sucks. grr. fire alarms also suck. grrr.

melody! *flail* hi!! i'm glad there are people like you in the world too ^_^

oh, got my first history paper back today: b+, and that's only because of some stupid typos. my raging insecurities and i needed that. dr. drake wrote: "this is a thoughtful and creative observation in which you draw out some interesting aspects of the text. you write well, though you need to proofread and focus more on details of your prose. keep up the good work!"

just wanted to share. (and to have this saved in a place where i could read it next time i go into superfreakout mode.)

i really hope that 1602 #2 came today! *flails* i'm going to go check, i think. (although i realllly should be working on my spanish, and not blogging and reading comic books and the like... meh!)

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Sunday, September 14, 2003

listening to: stuart, nothing in between (live)

i decided that i hadn't been listening to enough of the punk monk lately. yaay stuart.

kait: not sure if the "insomniac" i'm talking about is a billy pilgrim cover (i've never heard of billy pilgrim in a musical context; only in a vonnegut context.) *googles* yes, yes it is.

mmm. i hate feminists who don't have senses of humor. like, i just had more or less the following conversation with 2 girls:
"i was watching ghostbusters last night, and it's so sexist!"
"like, how?"
"well, this one woman sees a ghost, right? so they ask her if she's on any medications, and then they ask if she was menstruating."
"er.. that's not really sexist... i mean, it's just a medical question... and like... it's ghostbusters."
"yeah, but it's stuff like that that's really the most offensive!"
"i agree, i really don't like that..."

wtf? seriously guys... am i missing something? has my sense of social justice been so dulled that i can no longer recognize the truly offensive? i mean.. yes, i suppose i see the implications that menstruating women are more likely to.. uh... see ghosts.... er... okay, no, i don't really see it. and then these same two girls laughed like crazy when this guy was talking about "there's a really annoying girl in my class, she always says really smart things.. but fortunately, she's ugly."

which to me, if you were going to be offended by one of those things, it would be the latter. but nooo, we get offended by ghostbusters and overlook the spiritual violence women commit against each other every day. and it's not like i don't like these girls, i do, a lot. but they're just an example of a certain type of people that really annoys me. like, the people who on one level are so pc and "african-american" this and "girl power" that and then they go and.. they just don't always practice what they're busy pontificating about, you know? and i'm sure that if i said "yeah, i'm going to spend my weekend barefoot in the kitchen baking pies", clearly as a joke, they'd be offended. but if i said "hey, that girl's a slut" i bet they wouldn't even blink. and which is worse? and don't even get me started on the closed-minded atheists, who hate all christians because they're all closed-minded.

wow, i had no idea that rant was lurking around inside my head. but, now it's free. *watches rant scamper around blog-editing window* aww, they grow up so fast.

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listening to: tori, i know improv/cooling (live)

aaah my hands are all wet-latex-glove gross. which is a bad kind of gross. *frowl*

priscilla: i don't know molly thompson, i looked her up on stalkernet (the campus directory) and she looked vaguely familiar, but she lives on north campus. *shrug* (north campus is like, a block away from south campus, but we all act like mac field is the friggin continental divide..) it said she was from st. louis though, so i asked anne if she knew her. (because anne's from st. louis, too.) but, she didn't. alas.

aman: i'm almost positive i will be coming home next weekend! huzzah!

everyone else: everybody to the limit! everybody to the limit! everybody fhqwgads! *dances and throws lightswitch rave*

er.. i'm tired. and cramps suck. *overdoses on tylenol*

(has anyone else noticed an alarming increase in the number of strongbad references i make? pretty soon it's going to get to the point where nothing i say is actually original anymore. oh well, there are worse things that could happen...)

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listening to: grinnell g-tones, insomniac

random amusing quotes: "sam is a severe hottie."

"oh sam, i love it when you talk about fundamental freedoms to me!"

"naked mango juice! ... it sounds much dirtier than the other naked juices."
"yes, yes it does."

have i mentioned that i love this song? because, i love this song.

anyway... yay, just watched more tww with mary and julia. much fun was had. before that, i hung out with some of the other haines3rd girls, and a couple guys. and one of them is the most annoying guy in the entire world, and he always follows us around. and he was so trashed. except, we all think he was pretending to be moreso than he really was. and i was quite rude to him, and it felt quite good.

and now, i'm off to bed. because i have to work at 11:15 tomorrow. yarr.

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Saturday, September 13, 2003

listening to: tori, a sorta fairytale (live)

oh my darwin, but i've had an awesome day. it was cold and wet and muddy and totally amazing. (although as a side note, it was a terrible fashion day for renata. seriously. like... usually i don't overly concern myself with such things... but today... i was wearing brown corduroy pants, a light brown sweater, and my white and blue dean shirt... and then we got to the pre-dinner dean rally, and everyone got a bright orange dean shirt to wear. brown.. and bright orange. it was no good. but that's okay.)

so anyway. the rally was awesome (despite the rain). dean shook my hand his way out ^_^ and his speech was great, because he knew it was just to his supporters, so he was all like... cool. (for an undeclared english major, i totally suck at describing things...) oh, and mary and i noticed that the font he uses on his signs is the strong bad font!! (not the "howard dean" font, not the "for america" font, but the "the doctor is in" font. it has the same lowercase "i"s, and the same random spacing, and the same everything... yeah. it's so cool.)

at the steak fry.. yeah, that was cool. all the candidates spoke, and then we got some food, and just listened to bill speak because there was such a huge crowd. i did get a few pictures, though. and then we went and crowded aroudn the fence, and we were really superclose to him when he was walking back to his car. and then we went over to the other side, and got dean's autograph! aaand all the pfds got our picture with him!! *flails* but, it's on julia's camera, so i have to wait for it to get developed. sad. also, i got dean's autograph. *nod*

so i have about half a roll of film, which i need to finish and develop. *squee*

and i do believe that more tww will be watched tonight! huzzah!

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i shouldn't be blogging! i shouldn't be reading email! i should be doing homework! *flails a lot*

but since i'm not.... talia: yes, i love josh! and we're all josh/donna shippers, so we yell at him a lot too. i was telling kait last night that i love all the characters on this show. they're all just so well-written and quirky but just... yeah. you want them all to be happy. you care about them. aww. but, i think cj is my favorite. because she reminds me a lot of ms. scott. and she just kicks ass.

i'm so excited about the steak fry today. *squee* i don't remember if i mentioned this or not.. oh, yeah, i think i did. but still! yaaay! i get to see howard deaaan! and bill clinton! (and if anyone is reading this, *coughnathanielcough* and going "why would you want to see *them*?" i'd like to extend a cheery "fuck you!")

anyway. going to do homework now. really.

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Friday, September 12, 2003

listening to: tori, tombigbee

right now i am full of hearts for the west wing. <3 <3 <3. (although i'm very sad that out of the 3 showings of x2, i got to see .5 ~_~ see... we went to the early showing, and it randomly.. well, they were in bobby's house. and then all of a sudden they were at alkali lake and magneto was being all badass. and we were like... uh, there's a lot of movie missing there... and apparently, the movie company sent the reels in the wrong order, so they cancelled the rest of the showing. so i went back about halfway through the one tonight, to try to catch the end.and they still hadn't fixed it, so the only other showing will be tomorrow, during the steak fry. *sniffle* but it's okay.)

so yeah.. the pfds (pirates for dean) had a tww marathon in the haines lounge. and it was so much fun. and i love this show. i'm so sad i didn't start watching it earlier. but i would have been confused without sarah and julia (or.. someone, at least) to explain everything to me. but still. i heart it.

i have a ton of hw. and i have no idea when i'm going to do it. seriously. i totally should have done it earlier today. *is a slacker*

oh, and there are 37.5 grams of mentos in one roll. in case you were wondering. also, tww has the best taste in music ever. in the 5 episodes i watched, they had 2 of my top 5 favorite artists. (tori aaand barenaked ladies. and i've been told that jill sobule is in another episode. that just leaves stuart and the beatles.)

and. i think that's about all of my ramblings for now. except that i got a giant care package today and felt very loved. *is loved*

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listening to: kim possible theme song

maaan, when i go home (hopefully next weekend! *hearts to miriam and her car!*) i'm so watching the disney channel. yes. (i love the part of this song, where there's just a pause, and ron goes "kim posible!" *loves ron*)

yes. today has been a good day. history was very.. early. but then i took a two hour nap, and it was great. i enjoyed it immensely. and i have spanish soon. aaand at 4:30 i'm going to go watch x2 at harris. aand i might see it again at 7:30, because i am that cool, oh yes i am.

i want some juice. and some mentos. i've become addicted to mentos. although it makes me really suspicious that they don't give you the nutritional information for them on the package, you have to write the company and ask for them. i think that they know that everyone is too lazy to ask for them, and mentos secretly contain like.. i don't know... plutonium and ground up fish bones. and lots of selenium. *shifty eyes* oh, i wonder if mentos.com has any information... aw jeeze, mentos are italian, so it's all metric..

100 g of Mentos mint contains 385 kcal/ 1611 KJ

Total protein 0,00 g
Total carbohydrates 94,1 g
- Mono- and disaccharides (sugars) 71,5 g
- Polysaccharides 22,6 g
Total fat 0,3 g
- Saturated fat 0,3 g
Organic acids 0,0 g
Dietary fiber 0,0 g

- Calcium 10mg
- Iron 5 mg
- Sodium 40mg
- Phosphorus 10mg
- Potassium 10 mg

how much is 100 grams of mentos?! stupid mentos.

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Thursday, September 11, 2003

i heart trina. very muchly.

trina: hey
trina how do you score the top of the dough into 8 edges
trina: *wedges
renata: uh..
renata: make a octagonal cookie?
renata: i dunno. soouunds complicaed
trina: how do i score?
renata: well trina, when two people love each other very much..
trina: yes?
renata: they take spatulas and press the edges of the cookies
renata: if you know what i mean.
trina: lol
trina: you always press the limit on the edge of my cookies
renata: your cookies are always soo delicious

yeah. trina likes to score.

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eliz, i will now flaunt how much of a nerd i am. boys from lizzie/even stevens that i can think of:
gordo (oh, fair gordo)
matt (her little brother)
matt's friend that doesn't talk
ethan (stupid hot guy)
that weird kid that hangs out with lewis stevens and has a lot of money
the other kid who hangs out with lewis
that guy that ren dates

yeah. there's a cursive concert tonight. i've heard they're good. and it's free. so i feel like i should go. but i kind of don't want to. it doesn't start until 9:30, and.. i really like sleep.. .and... gah. and my stomach still hurts >_<

"hooker bastard", who are you? my first thought was tj, due to his fondness for the word "hooker".... but it didn't seem like a tj-ish comment. so i was confused.

and now, i'm going to go read some history. woot.

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listening to: elvis costello, beyond belief

ooh my god, in the middle of biology today i started feeling SO bad. my stomach just HURT. a lot. and i couldn't take full breaths, i could only inhale about half-way and then it just hurt way too much to even keep breathing. it was so awful. and if i bent over, liike.. to look into a microscope, for example.. it also made it hurt more. so i'm bent over looking in this microscope, and wanting to diiiie, but nooo, i had to count gametophytes, and figure out which percentage were hermaphrodites.

it sucked.

and then i came home (home.. weird, i just called my room "home") and lay down, and read the wake (speaking of which, my sandman ficlet was off by a few hundred years... i *knew* hob had to be older than that, but, yeah.) anyway, and then i felt sooo much better.

but now sitting up is slowly making it feel bad again. so i'm going to go lie down some more to prevent it from getting back to as bad as it was before. because, ow.

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random amusing quotes: "it takes 9 months for a baby to germinate!"

"eew! he shook hands with another guy! that's so gay! eeew! he touched the food without gloves!! now the food is gay too!"

"team sunday lunch rules!"

hmm. okay, apparently the lizzie mcguire quiz link doesn't work. (or, maybe that was just my clever trick, to get all of you to admit that you want to take it too! *arches eyebrow* okay, really, it was just a bad code.)

anyway, here's the real link, hopefully.

anywho. last night, we all had to go to this stupid dining hall employees meeting. and dude, working there is going to be so lame. like.. we all have teams. and anne and i were really confused about how to tell which team you're on, but it's just.. what shifts you work. so, i'm on the sunday lunch team, and the tuesday dinner team. and whichever team gets the most points.. gets pins that look like bananas, and say "best of the bunch!" yeah. so, anne and i made a plan to get fired. here it is:
how to get fired from quad dining hall, in 8 easy steps!
1. get drunk
2. untuck shirt
3. turn hat sideways
4. remove pants
5. steal pie
6. remove pie from designated work area
7. throw pie
8. eat pie

it's going to be great. *nod*

i feel like i should say something deep and profound about september 11th. but, i don't really do deep and profound. i do things like steal pies. so... er... yeah.

oh god, i just freaked out for a minute... i was looking at the dining hall student employee handbook (because that's what our 8-step program was written on) and the last page was like, "sign here if you got this handbook", and you had to tear it out and turn it in.. and i drew this really funny picture of anne and i (in process of getting fired) on the back of my handbook, and for a second i was afraid i had turned it in... but it was on the back of another page. so it's okay. *whew*

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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

oh gordo, how i love thee.

Gordo would definitely be the man for you. Neither
of you care what people think of you...with the
exception of your friends. You're both deep and
thoughtful and are sometimes taken for granted.

Which Guy From Lizzie McGuire/Even Stevens Are You Most Compatible With?
brought to you by Quizilla

shut up, i'm not a freak. really.

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blogger, stop sucking. *frowl*

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You should invite Death to dinner. Why? She's cool,
mellow, fun to talk to, and she'll teach you a
thing or two about life. Remember though, she
is Death, so if she shows up uninvited....well,
it was nice knowing you.

Which of the Endless Should You Invite to Dinner?
brought to you by Quizilla

... post options? when did i get post options? *flail* i look to blogger to be one of the constants in my life, and now it has to go and add craaazy buttons and toolbars and other such tomfoolery...

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woot! gina just gave me a sherbert lemon! *eats dumbledore's password*

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listening to: tori, etienne (live)

*gasp* megan! you knew there was a hi5 mailing list and you didn't tell me?! you are so fired.

*melodramatic hair toss*

hmph. megandee, you are now my primary megan. *gives meganhat*

aww.. itunes just randomly went to "buddy holly". *sniff* i look just like buddy holly, and megan is mary tyler moore. oh megan, how can i stay mad at you?! i forgive you.

megandee, you're co-megan with megan again.

i've used the word "megan" way too many times in this post.

.... megan megan megan!

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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

need to be at work in 15 minutes, but i juust read my comments... kait: there's a hi5 mailing list!? why didn't i know about this?! megan, did you know about this? and why didn't curtis email *us* about new episodes?!

life's so hard.

and i'm such a terrible stalker. doh.

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sigh. sitting in the science computer lab, with 10 more minutes of class. i finished my excel graphs way early, so i caught up on my blog reading and cb. woot.

i'm tired. i said that already. yarrrr.

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listening to: liz phair, divorce song

i'm tired. i don't want to go to class. i don't want to go to work. i want to go to sleep.


hmm. oh, i know what i wanted to say. i got my first college paper back today, and it was a b+. which i'm so excited about. because 1.) it's a good grade and 2.) it's also i think the lowest grade i've gotten on an english assignment in a good long time. which is not to say that my writing was better to say. just to say that my english teachers have had low standards. and i'm so happy that dr. perry knows her shit. (she's a german professor, but she did get her ba in english.) and i'm so happy to see it all marked up, with suggestions on how to improve. which is something i didn't get much of in high school. cuz what i know, what i've known for awhile, is that yes, i'm a good writer. but i could be better. need to be better. and thetard's crappy advice definitely wasn't cutting it. (and i love mrs. clesson, but in shakespeare she was just happy if you could string together a complete sentence.)

and i hate saying stuff like this, because it makes me feel like a snobby elitist bitch, like.. "i'm better than the teacher. and everyone else." and that's not.. exactly what i mean. like, i'm sure thetard and clesson could write stuff on their own. and i understand that they have to teach the class at the pace of the majority of the class. but.. it's just... argh, there's just no way to say this without coming off as something i don't want to come across as. so... yeah.


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listening to: indigo girls, closer to fine

so, i've decided that there's this girl in my tutorial that i just don't like. i mean... she's probably really nice. or at least, not hitler. but she just says things like.. "'they' is a plural pronoun, so it's inappropriate for formal papers. you should use 'one'." and she says them, and i just want to be like "well, maybe one should go fuck oneself!" and it's just.. i don't know why she bugs me.


um. reid sent me a card today (well, i got it today, so he must have sent it sometime.. before today) saying that he had finished reading stupid white men, and come to the conclusion that i need to run for president. he then gave a list of things that my administration would accomplish, and i'm sufficiently amused to post them all:

~ sign the nuclear warhead treaty with russia
~ sign the childrens rights bill
~ switch america to the metric system (note: not true, metric system makes me think of science too much. i'd just switch us to an even more insane system. like... the potato system. where everything is measured in terms of potatoes. like, it's 40505085 ptoatoes from grinnell to normal. or, i weigh 356 potatoes. actually, that's probably a lot. i'm not really sure. i haven't really worked all the kinks out of this potato system yet. but aaanyway.)
~ use the $2500000000000000 for bombs on updating the libraries/schools/academic stuff
~ free health care (like canada!)
~ legalize pot
~ legalize gay marriage
~ national neil gaiman day
~ end something that's troublesome (note: i'm going to end tuna.)
~ equal rights laws
~ pro-choice laws
~ raise taxes for the rich
~ make medicine free for old people
~ 100% welfare to those who need it
~ make jobs for the unemployed

*sniff* isn't that cute? look how liberal he is! yaarr!

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Monday, September 08, 2003

whee, just got back from a walmart run with jenny, angeline, and erin! i bought pringles, and diet dr. pepper, and q-tips, aaand crayons. for ten cents. well, i mean, the crayons were ten cents. not everything. although it would be awesome if everything was ten cents.

anyway. haev to write a paper. think that i'm going to write it about comets in bede's ecclesiastical history of the english people. oh, which reminds me!! i bookmarked this one page, so that i could blog it... the title of book one, chapter 14 is as follows:

Chapter 14: The Britons, made desperate by famine, drive the Barbarians out of their land. There soon follows an abundance of corn, luxury, plague, and doom on the nation.

isn't that just the best?!

oh yes, and priscilla (and anyone else): the mysteries of squirrel hands will be revealed to you in the latest strongbad email. (just remember: everyone is different. no two people are not on fire.)

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listening to: indigo girls, bury my heart at wounded knee

random amusing quotes: "i'm john henry. like... the steel driving man."
"oh, i'll remember that!"

"i'm off to class, hopefully i won't have to hurt myself."

*flails* dude, dean is paying for tickets to the harkin steak fry aand transportation for his supporters!! on saturday! this is so cool! *flails more* i get to go to a pre-dinner dean rally, aand bill clinton is the keynote speaker!

i'm excited.

in case you couldn't tell.

um. some people have squirrel hands, and gregor is a weird name.

i'm tired of peoples comments not working.

talia: yaaay for your cool cello people! i'm happy that you're happy!

megand: at least holland has a bowling alley, i don't think grinnell does. y, estoy muy feliz porque tu estas aprendido espanol!

meagna: i love rumors!! yay! audition! and if you get a part, let me know, i wanna come watch. and, i get cream soda and cleaning products confused allll the time. (i can't even imagine how that one went down... "heey, what's this stuff in the big jug with the childproof cap? muuust be cream soda! ... ow, it tastes like burning!")

(btw: megan didn't drink cleaning fluid, she just overheard someone else who did, at the hospital. yeah. just in case that pseudo-comment gave the wrong impression...)

okay, i'm going to do homework, because tuesday is my DAY OF DOOM. and i have campus democrats at 7 and free the planet at 9. *nod*

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Sunday, September 07, 2003

listening to: tom petty, american girl

random amusing quote: "they have a nice door!"
"i bet they're republican!"

there were more quotes. but i forget. um. my feet are owieful ~_~ i had to work today, which wasn't too bad. and then we canvassed for dean, yaaay! aand we all got t-shirts, yaaay squared! (sarah and i did about 20 houses... about 10 weren't home, two were republicans, and two were kucinich supporters, both of whom said that dean was their 2nd choice, for after kucinich gets kicked out of the running. er, which he will. so, huzzah.)

anyway.. and theen i had to walk over to my history professor's house for a makeup class (er.. a class to makeup for the fact that he was gone for the 1st two, not a class about makeup.. right). and, i was late, and it was sad. well, i don't think he even noticed really. so it's okay.

*thinks* oh, and i signed up for the exco fanfiction class! yay!

bwahaha.. i was just looking at the student organization directory, in hopes of finding the grinnell students for dean website (which i didn't ~_~) and i found this:

Campus Carnivores. To provide an alternative to the Vegan Co-op; to counter PETA's outrageous and offensive stunts; to educate the campus community about the health benefits of eating meat and to foster an appreciation for large predators.

the contact information? eatmeat@grinnell.edu

*vastly amused*

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Saturday, September 06, 2003

listening to: tori, hotel

i've been listening to too much tori lately. i need to listen to something else. oh my god, someone's itunes sharing folder is called "pirate bob's musical booty." *flail!*

oh, excitement. aanyway. i was just about to head down to the dining hall earlier, and sarah and julia were like, "no, mary's making curry, come with us!" and i was like, "um, who's mary?" and they were like "oh, she's a pirate, it's okay! besides, she said to bring people."

so, instead of dining hall food, i got homemade vegan curry! which i'm sure was good, but i'd never had curry before, and it turns out that i don't really like curry all that much. but it was okay. plus, now i get two meal replacements at express! woohoo! (i slept through breakfast. and if you don't use one of your meals, you get $3.50 in credit at express, which is like.. uh.. kinda like a gas station without the gas. and cigarettes. and lotto tickets. so you know.)

aanyway. so i was hanging out with them. and it was nice. and now, i'm here. blogging. and i think i'll stay in tonight. mwahaha. i'm such a rebel. (i'm actually doubly glad about the curry thing, because i've been occupied the last few hours, so i didn't have to be around to deflect party invitations, which makes me feel bad.)

so, i might actually do some homework, because tomorrow i have to work, and then we're knocking on doors for dean (we're like jehovah's witnesses, but we get christmas)

wow, there was like.. an hour in between me starting this post, and now. sarah asked me to come help her do her astronomy, so we walked over to north campus, where it was dark enough to see, but the moon was in the way. stupid moon. so, we walked back, and just then alicia came up to my room with katie and angela, from haines pit. and they were all a touch tipsy, not enough to be annoying, just enough that everything was just slightly funnier to them than it really was.. and yeah, we had an interesting conversation about 80s cartoons. woot. and, they juuust left to go to the harris party.


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listening to: tori, iieee

this song... is so emotional that sometimes when i listen to it, i feel like i'm invading her privacy. which is of course nonsense because it was commercially released on an album. but well, you know. it's that kind of song.

anyway. i just re-read last night's post, and it seems a little whiny. didn't mean to... yeah. it's really not that bad. and it's not like, you know, a dare video or anything. actually it's sort of the opposite, with the "moral" thing--- people are like, oh, i really respect you blah blah blah and it's like... you know, i just don't want to. don't like to. it'd be like if someone said "oh, i really respect you for not liking grape soda", you know? but, it's all good.

think i'm coming down with a cold, though. *frowls and drinks lots of water*

hmm. ate brunch this morning with sarah and melanie and julia, yay! and did some reading outside. (sarah was clever enough to bring a blanket, to avoid another pine sap debacle.)

ow, i sneezed and bit my tongue. mrr.

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Friday, September 05, 2003

listening to: tori, pandora's aquarium

just a. um. i don't know. so i was hanging out with the uuuusuals from my floor (anne, erin, and jenny) and we went over and were hanging out with these other people, and they broke out the vodka and were all getting pretty trashed. and whatever. so i got a little tired of them, and wandered up to our floor when mako wanted help with her laundry. oh, and there was another bat, and we totally kicked its bat ass. it was a really clever bat though. but i got to chase it around with the "give peace a chance" sign which was hilarious.

anyway. the thing... i don't know. eeeveryone drinks. and it's like, if you don't... well, people usually think 1. you're some really moral, upstanding person and 2. that you hate people who drink. aaand.. i'm not particularly, and i don't, and i don't think people who drink are bad. but drunks are annoying when you're sober, okay? they are. it's funny for awhile, and then it's just like... you know, iiii didn't need to know that.

hmm. and then, i ran into this reallly nice guy who had been sexiled, and was just sitting out in the hall. and, he doesn't drink either. so, we discussed not drinking. and.. the conversation sort of fell apart after that. i was doing my part, but. yeah. gah.

this is my least favorite part of college. which is ironic because it's most peoples' favorite thing.

*frowl* i miss my sober friends. (and ebola!)

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oh, and reply to ayano's comment which i just noticed:

sorry about poor phrasing re: the postcard circle. i aactually meant one postcard, twice a month. ie, if the circle went
(to pick 3 people at random)
then on the 15th, i'd send one to ayano. ayano would send one to kait, and kait would send one to me. then on the 30th, kait would send to ayano, ayano to me, and me to kait. er, it works better with a bigger list. but you see where i'm going, hopefully? woot.

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listening to: tori, she's your cocaine

say what you will about the new lj skin, i dig it. (like dirt.)

and i used to to write a 15 minute ficlet. saaandman. just a heads up in case you want to read it or anything ^_^

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listening to: tori, tear in your hand

random amusing quotes: "surprise! i hate you!"
"that would be the worst surprise party ever!"

"um, can i go to stonewall coalition if i'm not.. i mean, if i'm straight?"
"nope, we're highly discriminatory."
"yeah, you have to make out with another girl before you can walk in the door."
"and we wanna see tongue!"

so anyway. this song fucking rocks, and you should all listen to it.

hmm. after spanish today, i was sitting under this tree and writing, and being all thoreau and shit, and it was great. but then, i stood up, and realized i had pine sap aalllll over my bum. and then, it got on my hands, and it wouldn't wash off. grrrr. let's see. oh, and it will please some of you to hear that sarah and the other pirates for dean are rapidly converting me into a west wing fan. i've already seen it.. 3 times since i've been here. and i must say i like it. a lot. (aand sarah told there's a pirate episode, and she has it on tape, and we should watch it this weekend! *flail* pirates *and* west wing!)

(oh, and priscilla: i think it would interest you to know that the v. first thing i've written in the rocking morpheus notebook you gave me for christmas is kuroro. and kait: i think it'll be in response to your last-line challenge. but, we'll see when i get there.)

yeah. anyway.. talia's gonna swing by my crib and i'm going to scroll with her. *nod*

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listening to: beatles, getting better

woo, friday!

last night... a bunch of us were watching the democratic candidate debates. (no al sharpton though. *tear*) but dude, they were so hilarious. especially because it was hosted by the latino caucus (or whatever it's called) so all the candidates were trying to show off their spanish. (i'm pleased to say howard dean was by far the best speaker of the bunch. *applauds*) lieberman shouldn't have even tried, though. "muchos palabras" indeed. (i got really mad at lieberman [not because of his poor spanish] and yelled at him for being old. i feel like steve.)

other thoughts:

dennis kucinich looks like a vampire.

does anyone know where carol mosley-braun is ambassador to? (she really impressed me, as a sidenote. tooooo bad she's a black woman and thus will never be elected president. of this country, anyway. *frowl*)

john edwards was trying too hard to be witty. (admittedly, however, he was.)

joe lieberman is old. and bitter. he's an old, bitter man.

there's something weird about john kerry's hair.

aha. mosley-braun was ambassador to new zealand.

oh yeah and (not related to any democratic candidates): i sent out an email to everyone on the postcard circle. everyone. so go check your mail, and let me know if you didn't get one. yes.

voy a hacer mi tarea de espanol ahora. (take that, lieberman! er... yes.)

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Thursday, September 04, 2003

*open-mouthed, glazed-eyed stare*

my other spanish book finally came in today... i have all my books now. let me recount for you:
british history: 7 books
tutorial: 3 books
spanish: 4 books
biology: 1 book
total: $440.

(total resale value: $5. okay, maybe 10.)

knowledge: priceless. (at least... let's hope so. jesus.)

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i was all excited about this quiz. but then, i got this:

You're "Thomas the Alien". You like
hitting things with bats. Weirdo. Why don't you
go back where you're from?

Which Member of Teen Girl Squad are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

so i changed an answer. and i was still thomas. and i changed an answer 5 times and still got him. and then i just started clicking random answers in a desperate attempt to get some other result, and it was always thomas the alien.

woo, finally! (seriously... this was my 10th attempt on the quiz. i counted.)

You're "The Ugly One". You don't look so
good. You might want to look into some
medication for your psoriasis. You have a
crush on every boy, but you'll never get any of

Which Member of Teen Girl Squad are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

woo, the ugly one!


my tutorial met tthis morning at grinnell coffee company. mmm, coffee (and scone)! aaand the class budget paid for breakfast. woooot. let's see. last night, i ventured into downtown grinnell, for the student welcome thing. and... there was a really crappy band playing. the lead singer sounded eerily like david spade. which is no good. but, i got a free apple. aaand i'm a junior member of the grinnell police department! *has shiny sticker* and i discovered that grinnell does indeed have a comic store, of sorts. it's really a newsstand/deli, and they have every magazine ever, and 2 little racks of comics. (no 1602, but then it would probably be sold out by now if they did originally have it.) oh well, the subscription will be nice to have.

let's see. oh, and i stopped in this random copy shop, and it smelled bad. but (because) they had 9 cats. so i frolicked with the cats for awhile. awww.

and.. i'm tired. the end.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

oh yeah and:
everyone's comments need to work again, soon! *frowl*
and, if you want to be in the postcard circle, and haven't sent me your address... do it, do it now!

(megan, are you still at home? because i have that address. but.. otherwise... yeah. and jason, just freakin email me, i'm way too lazy to send you a private message everytime i want to talk to the list.)

and if you still want to join, just send me your address. wooot.

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listening to: tori, cooling (speedbliss mix)

this is a weird mix. i don't know who was smoking what when they decided to make this thing. but um. yeah.

so. i've had a really really good few days. let me think. i'll just list good things in random order, as they come to me.
~ sarah made "grinnell pirates for dean" posters for us! yaay! (btw, you can make and print your own custom dean posters here so feel free to start your school's chapter of pirates for dean. c'mon, we'll sweep the nation. arrr!)

~ i really like my floor. like, the first-years and i all get along well. but i also really like sarah and gina. (and gina is doing like... everything i want to do in college. english-history double major, spent a semester in london...) yaaay. and, i discovered that anne is a huge former x-phile too. we were trading stories of geekiness.
("i have a whole shelf of tapes!" "yeah?! well, i have *two* photo manipulations of me and david duchovny." "ooh. well... i have ACTION FIGURES!" "oooh wow.")

~ went to the campus democrats meeting aand the free the planet meeting (i swear, they have the worst acronym for an environmental group. unless maybe they were called like... um.. students motivated over green. or something.) aaand anyway, got really excited about the whole caucus thing. being naive and idealistic totally r0x0rs my b0x0rs.

~ went to the sci-fi club meeting last night, and watched a totally awesome mst3k. "future war"... it is, by far, the worst movie i've ever seen on that show. which says something. like... it had what maybe, possibly, with a good team, could have been an interesting concept... humans were taken to another planet by time travelling aliens and used as slaves, and trained dinosaurs kept them in line... well, okay, no, it probably never would have been a good movie. nevermind. but it was just... so poorly edited, and done, and... the nun was pregnant... but oh, it was hilarious.

~ my british history class finally met! the professor seems cool. and we can write our term papers about aaanything relevant to the time period. so i'm thinking.. shakespeare and history. dude! or i could write about 1602! and compare it to real history! ... could i write about 1602? i probably shouldn't write about 1602. (i love how i went from elated to deflated in about 10 seconds there...)

~ oh! i picked up an exco (experimental college) course booklet today... exco is like.. fun classes, not for credit... and, i'm torn between two. but i really think i'm going to take this one:
fanfiction writing
learn about fanfiction-- writing and reading stories written by fans about what they are passionate about. students will read fanfics (mostly harry potter, although we can and will branch into other areas according to interest), and we will discuss what makes a good fanfic versus bad fanfic. then you will be able to write your own and get feedback from the class.

although this would be cool too:
explore the first season of the x-files: see why a minor cult tv show with almost unknown stars became a mainstream hit with a worldwide following.


~ grinnell's waffle iron stamps the college logo right on your waffle!! and you can make your own waffles! yaaaay!

~ my first issue of 1602 came! (okay, well, i already had it, but the only subscription i could find was for all 8 issues. which is okay, i'm sure in the future, when neil is elected god of some major religion, i'll have no problem getting rid of a spare 1602 #1.)

sooo. yeah. enough exuberance. i still miss all you guys! but, i feel more like... i'm making friends here. and... yeah, i'm happy. (by the way, you guys will need to direct me to this post when i get angsty and homesick, which will probably happen in the not-too-distant future.) but in the meantime... gleee!

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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

so okay, i was bored, and decided to surf about ebay for a bit... random tori amos search turned up a delirium t-shirt, titled "TORI AMOS 80s Cartoon Red Lipstick T SHIRT". this listing never ONCE mentioned delirum, sandman, any of that. it's just a t-shirt with a screenprint of a frame frombrief lives on it (chicken and telephone ice cream ^_^) and it says "TORI AMOS" on it.


also, someone is listing a "vintage" scarlet's walk poster. um, the album came out last year, i'd say it's a bit premature for vintageness...

craazy, man.

(and yes, i'm a nerd.)

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listening to: bob dylan, mr. tambourine man (live)

you know who broke the tambourine?! well, me neither, but it definitely wasn't bob dylan, that's for sure.

my tuesdays are busy. want to see my schedule today? oh yes you do.

8:30-10: tutorial. goodtimes here.
10-11:30: miscellaneous, including: post office, p-card office, calling isu and yelling at them, bookstore, post office again, and poster sale. (woo! i got a hard day's night poster aaand a simpsons poster. and i resisted buying a tori poster, because i already have 2. and they're both better than the one the sale had.)
11-30-12: lunch. mm, lunch.
12-1: blogging, wasting time.
1-4: biology (of doooom)
4-4:45: more wasting time, possibly more blogging.
4:45-7:30: work
7:15: floor meeting (yes, i know this happens while i'm still at work.but i *should* be doing it)
8: either sci-fi club or students for howard dean. caaan't decide.


yeah, i rock. (and you totally scissors.)

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Monday, September 01, 2003

listening to: stuart, only echoes

gaaah. so apparently, there was a fire alarm at 6am today. but, alicia and i slept through it. (which concerns me, in the event of an actual fire. and i mean... i'm not usually that heavy of a sleeper! at all! i blame the tylenol pm.) yeah. and then i discovered that my 8am class was cancelled. again. which would have been nice, except i'm already awake, so might as well have class... *frowl* so i go back to my room, and i'm about to start working on my paper again, when the fire alarm goes off. grrr. (and now i understand why no one could believe that we slept through it, that thing is obnoxious.)


i'm not really angry, despite the grr-ing. just tired.

oooh my god. it just beeped loudly. but it's not actually going off. but if it does, i'm going to set something on fire. *frowl*

(oh, and megan: i'm definitely a big fan of the book trick. i've never tried the journal thing, i think i'm too uncoordinated to even attempt eating and writing simultaneously...)

(those of you who commented: thank you for commenting. note me not replying in the actual comment. woot!)

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