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Sunday, August 31, 2003

nathaniel: what's my favorite chickenshit liberal up to?
renata: i'm your favorite you?
renata: wait
renata: shit, i was talking to talia on the phone
renata: and i ttyped part what i was saying
renata:and now i can't talk. um. sorry, i'm sort of.. out of it. er. how are you?>
nathaniel: i'm good
nathaniel: and now confused
renata: yeah, me too

dude, that was so baffling. like.. i could not multitask, at all. so i had all these random pauses in both conversations. aww. i miss talia. and nathaniel. *sniff*

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listening to: ben folds five, your redneck past

renata: dude, the fake sword club.. thing.. here is called dagohir
renata: but everyone calls it dag
renata: and i just want to be like.. dag, yo!
renata: and.. it cracks me up.
talia: HAhahaha...that amuses me greatly
talia: Dag...
renata: yeah. hee.
talia: you should join it ^^
renata: iii don't think so
renata: i'll just like.. cheer them on
talia: haha
renata: "dag, yo! daaaag!"
talia: =) that works, too
renata: "you all look SOOOO GOOD!"
renata: "arrrrowed!"
talia: hahahaha *dies*
renata: and i'll be the cheerleader!
renata: now i just need so and so, what's her face, and the ugly one!
talia: I'll be what's her face!!
talia: Because I keep seeing possums everywhere!!
renata: yaay!
renata: does your blood hurt?
talia: i would say so
talia: i would also like to say it that my favorite thrift shops smell like grandmas
renata: let's get some pan-asian cuisine!
talia: MSGed!!!!!
talia: I'm so putting this conversation on my blog =)
renata: me too!

aaand here we are. in the now. yes. i got trained to work at the dessert bar and the vegan bar today. wooot. (as i explained earlier to talia: the dessert bar and the vegan bar are separate. because, we do have non-vegan desserts. like.. ice cream!) yeah. and they didn't order enough shirts, so i have to wear 2xl until the new (smaller) ones come in. it's humorous.

that is all.

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Saturday, August 30, 2003

*giggle* i was just talking to trina, and... well, we had a very interesting conversation that sort of went all over the place, and was interrupted by a bongo. stupid bongo. but aaanyway. we're starting a club. ebola. everybody be only less alcoholic. *nod* and our mascot will be a monkey. (whoooo remembers the ebola monkey?) yeah. and we'll have meetings, and drink lemonade, and conspire to get good parking spots.

we fucking rock so hard.


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there was a really confused bat in our hall a bit ago... it kept flying up and down the hallway, and once it perched up in the corner for a bit. but then it went back down. it was all very tense and humorous... this guy from the 2nd floor kept trying to trap it in a box so he could take it outside, but it was a very evasive bat. finally, we cornered him in the lounge, and he went back out the fire escape.

but it was all very exciting for about 10 minutes ^_^

sidenote: would people prefer that i reply to comments in the comment itself, or in a blog entry? i've been wondering.. like, yeah. i'm just not sure if people go back and read the comments again after they ask a question. whatever.

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listening to: david sedaris, jesus shaves

duuude, someone is sharing some live david sedaris readings! pluuus, all the lotr audiobooks, and several douglas adams books. *flail*

anyway. juuust subscribed online to 1602, due to grinnell's lack of comic stores. woot. i was really amused, though, when the store described it as "Neil Gaiman's most acclaimed and mysterious mini series release of the year!" and... also... his only mini series release of the year. (later, on a different page, it said "marvel's most acclaimed..." which makes more sense.)

last night... let me see. oh, we went to see the last part of the women's soccer game (we won, in overtime! it was all very exciting!) and then... basically, the other first-years on my floor (erin, anne, jenny, later alicia, and i) were trying to find sooomething to do, and we ended up watching dogma, which we had to do on my laptop, cos nobody had a dvd player. and then we discovered that there was an enormolous party on haines 1st. (i have no idea how we missed this.) so we wandered down, and it was loud and crowded and reallly hot. so we went outside and sat on a bigass rock (which was donated by the class of 1980... good work, guys, i was just thinking that the campus needed more rocks) and just talked for awhile. which was cool.

hmm. oh! and jenny told me that jason mewes was dead, and i was SO upset. but then i looked around online, because i was just so convince that i would have heard by now if he really were dead. and, he's not. but i guess he broke probation (for heroin) and was in hiding for awhile or something, and a pretty prevalent rumor about his death got started. pooooor jason mewes.

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Friday, August 29, 2003

sudden, startling, blog-worthy revelation: my british history class (to which the professor did not bother to show up this morning [man, that's an awkwardly structured sentence]) covers 1399-1688. thus, 1602 falls within that range of dates.


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listening to: tori, she's your cocaine

random amusing quotes: "is malaysia contagious?"

"where are you from?"
"st. louis."
"are you sure you're from st. louis?"
"are you sure you're not from... somewhere else?"

*sob* so allll yesterday i had "baby you're a rich man" stuck in my head. i mean, i love the beatles, but i fucking hate "baby you're a rich man". and now, nooow i have "pink triangle" by weezer stuck in my head. (just the two lines.. i'm dumped she's a lesbiaaaaan, we were good as married in my mind, married in my mind...)

so i'm trying to use tori to drive the badness out. out!

priscilla's layout is mac compatible now!! huzzzaaaah! hmm. and i have a lot of stuff that i want to read on collectivewords. but um. i can't focus on anything right now. so it'll have to be later. mrr.

oh yeah, and just in case you don't follow the cb boards (what's wrong with you?!), i actually updated cc.com; hi-5 clips for all! (including captain puffypants!!! wooooooo!)

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Thursday, August 28, 2003

listening to: beatles, all together now

so, yesterday i was wearing my pirate's booty shirt (i love my pirate's booty shirt) and anyway... by some extraordinary coincidence, there are 4 other girls on my floor who dig pirates. and we all liked them individually before meeting (well, the other 4 girls had already met, because they're all seniors, but.. before meeting each other, they liked pirates.) and, pre-potc. yarrr. aaaand, we're all dean girls. so we're starting a club: grinnell pirates for dean! (howarrrrrrd dean, that is.)

so yeah. had my first tutorial today, it seems interesting. the only thing we're reading that i've even heard of is "death in venice", but she said she intentionally picked obscure (but good) books. which is good, i was feeling inadequate in my booknerdiness. yeah. and she's really cool and enthusiastic and all. i have bio at 1, so we'lll see how that goes. hopefully 3 hour biology classes won't make my head explode. (but there's no separate lab, which is good.)


pirates 4 dean 4ever!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

dude. just bought books, and british history has like.. 8 friggen books. no, let me go count them... oh, sorry, i was widly exaggerating... it's 7.


but it's okay, because i was exploring the itunes shared stuff.. and this one guy has the best taste in music ever. so now i'm rocking the suburbs. with ben folds. and he has.. beatles, omg, and kim possible! lots of homestarrunner... travis, and rockapella... and lots of goodness.

yay stealing music! (more like borrowing, i don't even have to download them. mwahaha.)

okay, that's all.

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listening to: tori, another girl's paradise

dude! so, i finally updated all my software (because at home, i'd always get disconnected in the middle of software update it, so i just said fuck it..) but anyway, itunes 4 now has a thing called shared music.. and it confused me at first.. but i guess, if there are other people on the resnet with itunes 4 that have sharing enabled, i can listen to their playlists. or something. that's so cool!

*rummages* ooh, this guy has the chicago movie soundtrack up... yay, i have a new toy ^_^

anyway. registration, and the organizational fair today. i signed up for sooo much stuff. i probably won't do most of it, but it'll be nice to be on the mailing list so i know when i can go. alicia and i both slept through breakfast, but all the churches had cookies, so we were good to go ^_^ (one of the churches gave me several disturbing pamphlets along with my cookie. i mean, i'm cool with christianity, but this was unsettling. like.. one of them had a picture of a guy with a pierced tongue, and it was like... "think it hurt a lot to pierce your tongue? well you pierce your SOUL every day, every time you SIN...")

so anyway. registration.

it was so crazy, it reminded me of rushing. except for school, not rent. anyway. i got there around 10am with alicia (some people were there at 1am..) and i got pretty much all the classes i wanted. (i did get the 8 am history, but that's okay, really it is. hopefully it will fill in some of the many holes kinsella's teaching left in my edumacation.)

oh, aaand i registered to vote! yay! (note: yes, i did register democratic, not green party or anything else, no need to fret... for those of you who were concerned ^_^)

and.. i have a meeting, about working at food service. boo. but, it's only 4 hours a week, so i think i can manage. (and i requested not-dish washer, and i was among the first wave of people to sign up for quad... so, hopefully my wish was granted.)

that's about all. or well, not really, but i'm too lazy at the moment to rehash every detail of the last few days. (rest assured, i'll probably get bored and post more later....)

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Monday, August 25, 2003

hmm. so. there was this early-90's themed dance/party tonight, and even though i'm not a dance/party kinda girl.. i figured, well, early-90's, and it's something to do.. so i headed over with a couple other girls from my floor. and it was really lame, and no one was there. so they went to find someone to get them beer, and i went back to the dance. and it was still lame. so i went back to my dorm. aaand i talked to sarah and gina, who are two crazycool seniors on our floor. *hearts them* oh, oh, and earlier today they deflowered me of my buffy virginity, with the musical episode. which was exciting. and yes, i think i could definitely become a fan with proper guidance. aaand we watched the simpsons. (we were questing for air conditioning, so we went to the library. and in the listening room, they had the 1st two seasons of the simpsons on dvd, so we borrowed those and watched them there. well, 2 episodes. not all of them. yeah.) but yeah, they make me happy, and they've been soo nice to me. (and gina is a english-history double major! rock! oh, and sarah was the one who left the piratey message on my board. wooot.)

but anyway. like.. enough ranting about people who are nice to me. (although i do so love people who are nice to me.)

i had something to say. or maybe i didn't.

well, probably i didn't. i might go to bed, because alicia is aslepe, and i'm afraid my typing is noisy. even though it's not, i just feel a little strange. or something.

so, goodnight!

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listening to: toir (it's like noir, but not) amos, strange

i put amos. because i typoed tori. so you'd know. (see how i always go to these ridiculously long explanations about typoes, when it would have been much easier to just fix the typo in the first place? but it's the principle of the thing. okay, maybe there is no principle. shut up.)

um. but this post is dedicated to amanda. because i was walking down the hall, and i overheard the following conversation (or something like it, i didn't memorize it word for word...)
"i went to the dairy barn yesterday!"
"you went to the dairy barn without me?!"
"i couldn't find you, fatass!"

and i was like... aww, i miss amanda. and everyone. but, i didn't overhear conversations that remind me of everyone else. (i reaaally miss nathaniel, cuz around here if i say stuff like "maybe i'll vote green party" i get replies like "yeah, me too" as opposed to "you stupid liberal femnazi." which you wouldn't think i'd miss, but well, what can i say. i might go to a college republicans meeting and just pick fights with people ^_^)

but now, i think i might take a nap. (oh, and everyone cross your fingers that i get into my 1st choice history class, not only because it'll rock, but also because my 2nd choice is at 8. *flail*)

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listening to: tori, another girl's paradise

*waves* hi.

my roommate's gone somewhere, which i'm kind of happy about. not that i don't like her, i do. but it's nice to be alone sometimes.

yeah. my tutorial seemed really cool. the teacher (petra perry, if you'll recall)... i was wrong. she's not a secret agent. she's a gypsy fortuneteller. i mean, i really like her, and she's really nice.. but she comes in wearing this black flowy thing with like.. a random extra flowy bit over her shoulder, and her german accent and all... hopefully, she has the proper number of nipples. (ha! it's a good omens joke AND a mallrats joke!)

and we had to interview another student in the class for homework, and i got along reaaally well with the girl i interviewed (and was interviewed by.) so yeah. we're meeting for lunch today. woo.

i can't wait until i start to like... know people. because it's so awkward to be alone in public most of the time. like, there is no way to sit alone in a dining hall without feeling like a loser. (or if there is, please let me know.) so.. well, usually i've gone with my roommate or my floor or something, but this morning i slept in. so then it comes down to... sit alone, or introduce yourself to a stranger? and each have their own challenges. but i'm being much better about it than i thought maybe it would be. like, this morning, like i said, i slept in, and so nobody i knew was in the dining hall. but, i introduced myself to another kid sitting by himself, because he was wearing an onion shirt. *is proud of self* hmm. and i met two really cool guys last night, because at the hall meeting we had to do these partner introductions.. (i was with a threesome group of 3, and we messed it up horribly.. we forgot all our names by the time it got around to us, and one of the girls introduced me as "this is renata... *looks at my yellow submarine shirt* and she likes... yellow." me (whispering): "and submarines!") but anyway. so one kid said (well, his partner said) that he liked star wars, and then later he was doing a brain (as in pinky and the) impression.. so i started talking to him. and we talked a lot. and then we watched fight club and talked some more, despite it being far, far past my bedtime. *yawn*

it's time for a new paragraph.

um. oh! grinnell's student government association (sga) has alll this money. and it only takes 2 people to start a club, and then you can have some money. (you can also get money from the school to throw a party. isn't that great? you throw a party.. and the school will pay for it. anyway.) so anyway, benjy (i think that's how you spell it. if not, well, whatever.) and his friend (colin?) and i were coming up with clubs to start, in order to get money. let's see.... an alligator wrestling club, a cruise-missile building club.. a pirate club (benjy came up with a great acronym for this: youth acting rowdy and rebellious.)

and. more orientationy stuff today. and junk. oh, and yesterday emily (girl from my tutorial) and i went downtown (such as it is) and got coffee, and library cards! yay library cards! (we were very excited about this.) and she checked out hp&tss because she had never read any of them. and i was shocked and dismayed. and iii checked out some bill bryson. because i left mine at home. *sniff* yeah.

wooot. off. hope all you other firstyears (or freshman, if i must ^_^) are having an equally cool time, if not a more cool time!

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

i can't swivel in my chair here. sad. (first i typed "squivel" and that amused me. but anyway.)

alicia's napping. and i think everyone else on my floor is.. at religious services of some sort.. *looks at watch* possibly brunch, or... somewhere. so yeah. i will use this time to blog even MORE. mwahahaha.

i'm happy with our room. not airconditioned, but we have fans, and a window, and it's really pleasant. (and i don't usually get too hot anyway, so.) everyone on my floor seems really nice. (all like... 8 of them.) one girl, i forget her name.. she's from kenya, and she'd never been away from home before. i think that's just so brave. i mean... can you imagine? kenya, to grinnell, iowa overnight? goodness me.

um. our dining hall (there are two, technically you can go to either.. but this is the one closest to our dorm, so why go across campus to get the same food?) is cooool. it so reminds me of the great hall in hp. except smaller, of course. it's beautiful, it has stained glass windows and arches and all.

*peers at orientation schedule*

i have a tutorial meeting at 1:00, which i'm looking forward to. andd.. a financial aid meeting at 3, which i'm not really so much looking forward to. and.. a hall meeting at 7. and.. there's a hypnotist i might go to. and fight club at 10. uh, the movie, not an actual fight club. and capture the flag at midnight, but that's so past my bedtime.

there, now you're all up to date.

oh, i left a note on our whiteboard, and drew a picture of myself as a pirate (which i captioned "me! i'm a pirate!") and someone wrote back "yay, pirates! yarrr!"

... i think i fit in here ^_^

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wow, i just had to post because of michelle's comment. go michelle! dude, i never even *thought* about hogwarts... woot. grinnell just sort of threw out the frosh/senior system and it just has first year, second year, etc. (officially.) so like.. some people still use the old names, but after being called "first years" for an extended period of time, you start to call yourself a first year as well. right.

i'm so surprised to be up this early. but, breakfast is from 8-9. *frowl* and, i'd be happy to sleep through breakfast.. but i thought maybe that would be a little anti-social on my first morning here. so i got up with my roommate. and i'll take a nap later.

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Saturday, August 23, 2003

okay. hi.

greetings from haines 4322. (which, contrary to popular-- or at least, my-- belief, is on the 3rd floor. there is no haines 4th. but, whatever.)

i'm all moved in, and met my roommate. she's great. having a goood time. made a last walmart run and dinner with my family, cried some, and they left. but, yeah. our floor's theme is ninjas. which is great. (btw, the renata ninja on our door, she's totally kicking alicia ninja's ass. yeaaah.) lessee. alicia and i were hanging out with 3 other firstyears on our floor, and they all rock. we all love harry potter, the simpsons, and hating republicans. (we were, in fact, a little anxious about the blatant lack of grinnellian republicans to hate.) yeah. so, we went over to the observatory, because there was an activity there. and we all figured we were going to be looking at mars, because it's like.. at its closest point to earth for... a long time, nobody was actually sure. but instead, we looked at a double star. which was cool and all.. but not really worth the wait. (which was long, because about half the freshman class turned up. well, maybe not really half. but a lot.) and then, we went to tripod bob's and watched the g-tones and vox (male and female acapella groups, respectively.) goooodtimes. and now, i'm about to head off to bed. mmm, bed.

there was more stuff i wanted to say. but that's okay. because i'm tired.

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hello friends!

i'm blogging. from college!

happy birthday talia!!

more later.

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Friday, August 22, 2003

listening to: weezer, holiday

random amusing quotes: "we want you gordo! you and your carbs!"
"your luscious, luscious carbs!"

"that's so cute! let's fight!"

"*gasp* he's legal! aaand jewish!"

magneto just did a flying leap onto my lap.

magneto my cat, not magneto the mutant supervillain.

just in case we weren't clear on that.

*pets magneto*

uh, anyway. miriam and i went to visit amanda. yay amanda ^_^ and then miriam and trina and i watched the lizzie mcguire movie. yaaaay! except, trina's dvd player wouldn't work, so we had to watch it on her laptop. that's okay. but yeah... we had so much fun. like.. it's such a crappy movie. but trina and i love gordo (lizzie's guy friend) so, so much. soooo much. so we were squee-ing our way through the movie. and then we were starting to feel a little pervy about lusting after an 8th grader, so we did some research. and apparently, he's really 18! almost 19! and jewish! *celebrates*

dude, this is the second time in a day that i've blogged a rant about some attractive fictional boy. like, that's so totally het.

anyway. i'm off to bed. and tomorrow, i'm off to iowa. but i'm sure i'll blog again tomorrow before i leave. because i'm a blogger addict. mmm, blogger.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

listening to: nirvana, lithium

wow. finished packing today... so much stuff. soooo much stuff.

yeah. today i had my trina-renata time at lunch ^_^ and then, we got free stuff on the quad. (there was a bit of momentary hesitation about taking free pop from the christian coalition, but eventually we decided to just grab it and walk away swiftly.) aaand i got a nifty keychain from the isu res hall group... thing.

oh, and i went and saw ms. scott, and it was great. *sniff* i'll miss ms. scott. but we talked for a long time and i was horribly late for picking up reid. (well, technically i was at the school early. but he didn't know where i was.) and, yeah. she talked about the simpsons presentation at a history teacher convention ^_^ and, yeah. i just love ms. scott so much. and she said all these nice things about me, and i love it when she says nice things about me. because, she's ms. scott. (i said "ms. scott" about 50000 times in this paragraph. or...5. still.) so yeah. and i told her i'd let her know when i was in town and maybe i'd be able to come to the history club holiday party ^_^

aaaaand < /ms. scott lovefest >

i love my nerdiness. i just used pseudo html tags in a ramble about how much i love my history teacher. in an online journal. which has a chemical element in the title. which is self-hosted. and features a kevin smith layout. *thinks* yeah, i think that about covers it.

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listening to: barenaked ladies, if i had $1000000 (live)

woot, i have succeeded in converting priscilla into a bnl fan. *cackles evilly*

s'anyway. i'm picking trina up in 45 minutes and we're going to have some trina-renata time ^_^ and it's kind of kicking in that like... i'm having my Last Pre-College Encounters with people. like.. not sure what i'm up to tonight, but it's entirely possible that last night was my lpce (hi, i'm lazy) with tj, and steve, and amanda, and nathaniel, and reijo. and that's... i don't know. sad. but i guess it has to happen sometime. mm.

last night was fun, though... we watched mallrats. woo, mallrats! it put me in touch with my inner brodie. (i have this theory about brodie. everyone has an inner brodie, but some people let him out more often. and i wish i could. you know, just like... if someone pisses you off, you just yell "fuck you, lady!" and move on. he's pure id. and he's fucking hot, too.)

there's a kitten on my foot. awww.

um. i'm leaving now.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

listening to: frankie goes to hollywood, relax

so. i had fun tonight.

i should go to bed now, because i have to get up early to go kickboxing.

but instead, i'm putting all my cds in a bigass case thing, so i don't have to bring all the boxes and stuff to school.

and, i'm a huge fucktard, because i was putting them all in alphabetical order. except i forgot about thing. "amos, tori". so i had to take them all out (well, i had only gotten up to "beatles, the" so it's not like it was that big of a setback. but it was like.. doh!)


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listening to: tori, baltimore

this song is so bad.

but i'm listening to it anyway.


i'm packing. dear god, i have so much stuff. but i think maybe it looks like more than it is because the biggest box i have is a printer-box. so i have a lot of little boxes. and my laundry hamper. but if i had like.. two big boxes... it would look like less. i think.

my bookshelf looks weird. i couldn't decide what to take. so i packed everything by neil gaiman, and the wrinkle in time quartet. i kiiinda want to bring hp, too, but they'd take up so much room. oh, and david sedaris. and douglas adams. and kurt vonnegut. dammit! okay... i'll just see how much room i have. and then make my parents bring all my books on parents weekend. eeeexcellent.

i just typed and deleted a paragraph about how weird it is when people read my blog. mostly because i realized that like... hi, i'm putting it on the internet for people to read and then getting antsy when people read it. but well you know. (but i mean it's just no fair when people don't leave comments, so they're like... stealth reading it, and then you talk to them, and they talk about your blog! it comes out of nowhere!... no, i'm doing it again.)

i want a biscuit. will you make me a biscuit?

[insert appropriate response to your response]

oh, i finally got sick of ichat and downloaded regular macaim. i wish it could be all cool and integrated like ichat, but otherwise i like it a lot better. ichat was pretty, but i couldn't have a profile or an automated away message. uh. because you care. *nod*

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

listening to: pat benatar(rrrr), hit me with your best shot

*stabs ichat* duuude, sorry talia! it totally freaked out and refused to let me log back in, and i restarted and all this tricksyness, and when i finally got back on, you were gone. *sigh* life's so hard.

i started packing for school today. gah. just. gah. (btw, i emailed just about everyone in the entire world with my school address, but if i forgot you, just drop me a line and i'll send it along, savvy?)

hmm. also, i started importing&converting some hi-5 video clips. woot! *opens quicktime and watches captain puffypants over and over and over* so let me know if you have any requests ^_^

robot number one,
flip that switch and turn me on
robot number one
we're gonna have some fun!

it's better than shakespeare.

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sarrrrgeant peppered. woot.

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listening to: tom petty, wildflowers

hmm. i just woke up from a nap about an hour ago. whenever i wake up from naps i get all disoriented and i kinda sound like ozzy osbourne. anyway. let me think. yesterday. monday. oh! i saw pirates of the caribbean again with taaaalia and marrrrion! yay! and we watched the credits all the way through, and they never gave the monkey's name. *frowl*

and then, miriam and i talked ourselves out of going kickboxing, and instead we went shopping. (and rented 12 angry men for amanda, and dropped it off for her. ["so... you want us to rent a movie for you, drop it off, and then pick it back up after you're done watching?" "... yes please." "*sigh* dvd or video?"]) but then, we got to hang out with amanda for awhile, so yay. *hearts amanda* and theeen we went to tj&steve's dorm, and hung out with them, aaaand with reijo&nathaniel.

there, we spent like... jeeze, two hours..? looking up criminal records at mclean.gov. (public access.. it's great. we looked up all our teachers, and just about anyone shady we used to/still know. marcus apparently was charged with criminal assault with a deadly weapon.. that was the most interesting one. most people just had speeding or possession. or both.)

so that was fun. and then today, miriam and i did go kickboxing, and then we went home to nap. i don't know if she actually did or not, but i definitely achieved nappage. but now i'm awake.

or else sleep-blogging.

man, that would be so cool.

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Sunday, August 17, 2003

oh, and talia: piiiirates tomorrow at university at 1:10, are you free then? *flail*

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listening to: tori, hotel

dude. this is my last sunday night at home for awhile. *ponders*

i can't really decide how i feel about college yet. i still think i'm mostly excited about it. i think. but we'll see.

anyway. i spent my sunday night watching the simpsons, and then dogma (with commentary.) *hearts* my favorite movie ever, and i love the commentary. (like.. 75% of it is kevin either ranting about critics, making fun of ben affleck, and shamelessly plugging jay and silent bob's secret stash. *hearts kevin smith*)

but my point (as such) was that at the very end of the dogma credits, there's a list of storytellers and.. something (he had it phrased elegantly, but i can't remember it exactly) that kevin wanted to thank... a really eclectic list. but anyway, it included neil, and douglas adams. so woot.

oh, and speaking of neil (mmm, segue) i updated otgar. if you're into that kinda thing.

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listening to: tori, playboy mommy

so, yay. the going-away-to-college/welcome-back-marion party went off well. we broke the pinatas leftover from my birthday party (when, as you might recall, it started storming wildly as soon as we hung them up), and discovered that the cow pinata moo-ed when you hit it. it was hilaaaaarious. let's see. and before too many people got there, we were hanging around watching queer eye for the straight guy. and... it ruled. just about everyone i heart was there, except for reijo and tura. we played some hilarious catchphrase ("um.. they're not sisters!" ... time runs out.. "it was the wright brothers!" "uh,couldn't you have said, oh, i don't know... invented the airplane?" "yeah, seriously.. 'not sisters'... matt and molly aren't sisters either!" ... "if you can't eat it, it's..." "dead!")

and then, we dug up my old tapes, and watched some mad captain planet. (including the best line ever: "there's one thing the president will have to listen to: wasps! [insert my friends laughing hysterically] [screen pans up to beehive] "oh! wasp-wasps! not... right.")

and then, we watched some old x-men cartoon, and mike and i ranted like.. continously. (mike and i discussing x-men tends to be hilarious.) and, we came up with two absolutely brilliant (in our own humble opinions) ideas... our idea for x3: it's just stan lee, standing in front of a camera for 2 hours, explaining the phoenix saga. ticket price includes a notebook and pencil for taking notes. then x4 can proceed to actually show it. and then, super trading spaces, where superheroes and their villains trade secret hideouts and redecorate them. oh, and in the middle of one of magneto's rants ("oh dear god, the two most long-winded characters ever just met!" "the entire episode could be just magneto and beast talking!") about homo superior, mike made a comment about it sounding like the next evolution of homosexuals.. and i tried to make a joke about queer eye for the straight guy, but i was sooo tired that i said "5 homo superiors for the straight eye! i mean.. whatever." and then i laughed for about 5 minutes.

another highlight.. i was watching the trivial pursuit game, and the question was, what was the name of scrooge's dead partner in a christmas carol? and amanda goes, "marley! bob marley!" and we all lost it. just laughed hysterically, and she still hadn't realized what she had said... oooh man. (it's really.. jacob marley, in case you were wondering.)

oh, and nathaniel said he'd dedicate his hypothetical book to me! (he'll never write it, but if he did, it would be better than dickens. but i have to share the dedication with christopher reeve. i'm okay with that though, because my name hypothetically comes first.)

let me see. what else? oh, we also watched some teenage mutant ninja turtles. (the old, good one.) and.. just generally partied down. woot.

this morning, trina, miriam, reid and i went into mackinaw and got breakfast. mmm, breakfast. and that was terribly fun as well. trina and i made gravy faces. (we both got biscuits and gravy.. and they gave us soooo much gravy. like, after we had eaten the biscuit, the whole plate was still completely covered in gravy.) anyway... my gravy was happy, because it wasn't a lobster. and trina's gravy was sad, because it was gravy.

there's a moral in there, somewhere.

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Saturday, August 16, 2003

*grumbles sleepily*

i just made some coffee, and i looked at it, and i was like "daaamn, that's weak coffee!" and then i realized that i forgot to put the coffee in. doh.

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listening to: annoying cicada

i'm soo tired. and i have to get up early to go work at stupid braden. stupid braden. *frowl*

but, i just wanted to say that i finally got around to buying 1602 (i say "finally"... but really it only came out 2 days ago. whatever. and if you're going to buy it around here, go to acme. because metropolis not only doesn't have it, they have an attitude about not having it. *frowl*)

and i loooove it so much. it combines three of my favorite things! (two of these things are neil gaiman and history. the third thing... *arches eyebrow* just go read it.)

and. i should put this in poor, neglected sgt. pepper. and i will. and lots of other stuff. just not now. because now, i'm going to bed.

oh, and tura, and anyone else who wants directions: i'm too lazy to type them out right now. so call my cell phone tomorrow. (after noon, because then i'll be off work.) 825-2766.


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Friday, August 15, 2003

listening to: the offspring, i wanna be sedated

i love the fact that on this cd (we're a happy family: the ramones tribute album), "i wanna be sedated" is preceded by "i wanna be your boyfriend". it amuses me. anyway.

went to the grinnell cubs game meetup thing yesterday. it was nice. (cubs won!) my first trip to the friendly confines. (i've never understood why they call wrigley field that. but, okay.) the game itself was like... long and boring (except for when the jets would randomly fly overhead and startle us.) but i got to talk to several cool people, including a couple seniors who were giving all the first years some tips. (including one that made me glad i didn't get into my.. 4th choice tutorial, "shakespeare's history"... apparently this guy's friend had the same teacher for a tutorial, and the first day of class he assigned this 4 page paper. so this guy spends a long time on this paper, thinks he has a really great paper because he wants to impress the teacher with his first assignment. so he gets the paper back, and it has two things written on it: "d" and "no.")

anyway. so made a few... if not exactly friends, friendly-acquaintances. so that'll be nice. and afterwards, my mom and i stopped in chinatown, and i got some aaaawesome chicken chow main. so good. (i mean... soooooo good!) and some botan rice candy. woot.

however, i have cleverly saved the best part of this story for last, although it did indeed occur at the beginning of the story. we stop at this gas station, and i'm digging the trash out of the car to throw it out. and my mom tries to hand me her cold coffee. but instead, she friggen pours it all over my lap. allll over my lap. it looked very much like i had severely wet myself. exaaactly the impression i want to make when i meet people for the first time. sooo i go in the bathroom and wash off the coffee, and am trying to blow dry them. but, they won't dry. so my mom's like, okay, well, just get in the car, and take your pants out, and put them out the window, then they'll dry! so, i'm sitting there with my purse on my lap, clutching my pants as they dry. it was all veeery exciting. (note: this story does not end with my pants falling out the window.)

the end.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003


renata: taaalia
renata: wait.
renata: meeeegan
megan: *is megan*
megan: lol
megan: *amused*
renata: dammit.
megan: *points and laughes*
renata: doh, talia signed off while i was busy iming you

*sighs dramatically* oooh well. at least i'm talking to meeeegan, i haven't talked to her in a long time! and, soon we'll be sharing a state!

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dude, talia. neeeil was at the same tori concert we were! *flail* that excites me. (and, i checked the setlist for last night's chicago show. and our's was better. even though they got concertina aaaand glory of the 80's. still.)

that's all.

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listening to: jill sobule, i live like a freshman

so. oh, before i get, i'm having a party on saturday. and you should come. *nod*


oh dear. i just noticed that i wrote "before i get" instead of "before i get distracted". oh, the irony.

um. anyway.


i'm tired. i couldn't sleep, and then i got up early to go kickboxing. and then miriam and trina and i cooked a big breakfast, and consumed said breakfast. mmm.

last night we visited aman, tj, and stevie at their dorms. amanda had this awesome shoe caddy thing that hangs from the bar in your closet. i so need one. um. but, it's so weird that like... we're in college. dude. (this probably won't fully kick in for me until like.. may. may 2006.)

speaking of college, i found out which tutorial i'm in. and it was like, my 5th choice. (literary travel narratives and the invention of self.) i'm sure it'll be cool and all, but i'm a little disappointed. oh well. but, get this, the professor is named petra perry. petra perry, how cool a name is that?! seriously, with a name like that she should be a secret agent or at least a private eye. petra perry, private eye.

i've noticed that i'm a lot less sarcastic now than i used to be. and a lot giddier. like, a few years ago, if i would have said something like "colored staples! that's the coolest thing ever!" i would have been being sarcastic. but now, i'm serious. (speaking of which, they have colored staples at target, and they're the coolest things ever.) which i suppose is good. like.. it keeps me in a near constant state of amusement. but it's probably annoying to other people. iiii don't know.)

i'm getting my hair cut in.. 45 minutes. i'll probably hate it and get all flustered and grow it back out again. but, so it goes.

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Monday, August 11, 2003

listening to: tori, tombigbee

ooooh man. (or, as megan would say, oooooh gurl.) tori was SO... *swoon* ben folds was great, too. i wanna go buy rocking the suburbs now. hmm. talia and i went to the ewf pre-show meetup dinner thing. which was fun, but a little like.. awkward, i guess, just because we didn't really know anyone, and they all knew each other. *shrug* but, hey. aaanyway. now, i plan to post the setlist in full detail, so if you're not a toriphile (shame!) ookay. it was really cool how many of the songs that talia and i said we hoped she'd play, that she played. namely... "something from venus", "seaside", "take to the sky", "wednesday", "cornflake girl"... yeah. although i didn't get tombigbee, which i wanted ~_~ but, it's okay.
so here goes.

wampum prayer: everyone went craaazy when this played. (she just plays the album version while she walks on.)

a sorta fairytale: i heart this song. and i heart tori. gah. her voice was like... smoky on this. and it sounded soo good.

crucify: i love me some crucify, i do. this was soo long and good, she did this whole long ending piano solo and "i crawled my way back, said i'm never going back.. i crawled my way back" and... yes. *hearts tori*

bliss: oh god, this ruuuled live. as i explained to talia... i don't even know the words to most of the verses, and it doesn't matter. it's like... this awesome wave of incoherent goodness that just hits you.

"chicago" improv: this was SO cute. i'll try to see if i can remember it... she prefaced talking about being asleep this morning when they got to chicago... "then i heard a little voice... 'mommy, i know where we are!' and i said 'you do? you're only two!' and she said '.. chicago, chicago, my kind of town'..." yeah, there was more. but it was great.

god: i love god. the song. i mean. yes.

bells for her: another utp fave. very awesome and.. emotional.

take to the sky: GAH! only my favorite tori song ever! *swoon* and very awesome. she did like an extended ending thing and it was good.

past the mission: more utp goodness, wow. it sounded craazy when she first started playing (crazy good, i mean..but different.) like, at first i thought she was playing "only women bleed", until she started singing.

okay, i have to go take reid to register for uhigh. so, i'll finish this later.

okay, i'm back. but i have to leave again in 20 minutes to go kickboxing. maybe i won't go kickboxing. i should, though. i probably will. okay. anyway.

wednesday: my fave off sw. usually. yaay!

(roadside cafe)

crazy: this was really pretty solo-acoustic. very different from the album version.

seaside: i love seaside! yaaay!

starry starry night: one of my favorite tori-covers, and it was beautiful solo.

(back with band)

lust: never one of my fave tori songs, but i liked it a lot better live.

father lucifer: v. cool.

cornflake girl: yay! another favorite!

rattlesnakes: far and away my favorite strange little song, so huzzah.

hotel: i listened to this a lot when i was in mexico. i likes it. another "i have no idea what she's saying but it's still cool" song.

i can't see new york: not one of my fave sw songs, but i like it. (duh, it's tori.)

precious things: holy fucking shit. i think this was the highlight of the concert. it was just. so intense and passionate and... oooh my god it rocked. if the sheer ferocity of this song live could be bottled, it could be a very potent weapon of mass destruction. (not that i would condone using tori's music in such a fashion.)

(1st encore)

talula: she played this right when i was thinking there hadn't been much pele stuff. woot!

virginia: this was another one that talia and i were hoping for. mmm, virginia.

(2nd encore)

upside down: a favorite b-side. yay!

horses: very pretty.

*swoon* yes. now, i must be off. but this concert ruuuled.

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Sunday, August 10, 2003

seeeing tori in... 4 hours. (well, probably more like 5. but, seeing ben folds in 4 hours!)

um. i was just checking boron's referrals out of boredom. and. dude. one of them was "jem adult fanfic fic ". GAH! who wants to read dirty fanfic about JEM? *flail* (and who would write it? does anyone write it? eeeegah. heh, eegah. like.. mst3k. okay.)

so. yeah.

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Saturday, August 09, 2003

so hi. went shopping with my grandma, and i look okay! i mean, so good! (shopping with her is funny, because she's always like "i see this in a lot of magazines, so it must be popular.. do you want one?" so i always get whatever the trendy crap of the day is pushed at me. like, today it was denim jackets, and sweaters with built in cuff things.. and something else. right.) but, i got this grooovalicious simpsons shirt (at 50% off!)... it's like, psuedo retro, and it says "the simpsons groove", and then it has the high school versions of dr. hibbert, homer, marge, marty, and barney. it's so great. aaand we went to hot topic, and i got like... the most confusing jumble of things. a chococat button, a skull and crossbones button, a rainbow brite patch, and a ramones patch (for reid.) or, as my grandma says, "ramon-ees". and, some other stuff. (and, some other stuff, that's not so interesting. my grandma likes to buy me stuff...) anywho.

last night, importance of being earnest was sooo good. the theatre had an exchange program, so they were all british actors. and, it just rocked. awesome production. unfortunately, i was the only one who enjoyed it... it was all over reid's head, my grandpa fell asleep, and my grandma, who is in denial about going deaf, didn't wear her hearing aid and then whined that the actors were so quiet that she couldn't hear anything. (duh!) but, yeah.

most importantly, taaaalia and i are going to see tooooori tomorrow! *dance* (and ben folds. but, mostly tooori. and we're going to the ewf meetup dinner too!)

life is good. (but, also hard.)

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Friday, August 08, 2003

ringo was just on teevee. and i posted a kuroro bit over at collective words.

the two are unrelated.

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Thursday, August 07, 2003

watching: the daily show

duuude, my grandpa's computer gets the new-new blogger. or maybe the old-new blogger. iiii don't know. different.

so yeah. am, in case i neglected to mention, in chicago, visiting grandparents. woot. we have tickets to see the importance of being earnest tomorrow. *hearts oscar wilde* and, of course, toooori on sunday! *dance* (talia, check yer email, there's info about the preshow ewf dinner. which sounds interesting, methinks, so if it's something you'd be comfortable with, email me. and i'm sure i'll be online throughout the weekend. aaand i have my cellphone.)

oh, today miriam and i went shopping (and had a delightful lunch with amanda!) and i bought a dress at house of funk. and it's brown polyester and it's *great*. aaand i bought a hello kitty pillowcase. to go with my carebears pillowcase. *nod* and, a hair dryer, with ions! i wasn't aware that my previous hair dryer was lacking in ions (hee, originally typed "iowans"... megan! get in my hair dryer! and bring friends!) um. yes. but, apparently without ions, my hairs look like tarantula legs, and with them, they look more like regular spider legs. daddy long-legses, maybe.

peace out. OH! i forgot to say-- megan, priscilla has a sailboat!! she's your dream man!! *flails*

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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

listening to: rhps, sword of damocles

whee. trina and i had a wonderful trina-and-renata day ^_^ (oh, and kellie: sorry i didn't call you back, i juuust checked my voicemail >_< but, i hope your set-building went well...) yes. we sat around and watched the disney channel for awhile (the weekenders!) and then we went shopping and bought all sorts of stuff. like, 8 cent notebooks. and trina bought an aloe plant, which we named farrah. (well, really she named it vera, but i misheard, and then we decided that farrah was a better name anyway.) aaand i bought a care bears pillowcase, which is almost as wickedcool as the duck pillowcase was. oh! and, my prize from arks was really a $5 gift certificate to the normal theatre. which is much cooler than jiffy lube. (and jason, i have no idea what you're talking about. *looks innocent*)

oh, and somewhere in there, we ate. yay, food. and then we watched more disney channel (lizzie mcguire), and then we discussed whether or nopt lizzie and jerry mcguire were related. and then, we rented some movies. i'm too lazy to start a new sgt. pepper post (although i will later, i have more stuff to review), so i'll keep this here... we rented daredevil and american pie.... OY. daredevil was soooo not good. boring, and overly dramatic, and completely nonsensical in parts. and like... way too much random death. ("oh my god, is he going to kill the old lady?! .... he just killed the old lady!" "... maybe she's asleep?" "no! look, she's not breathing!" "*gasp* he just killed the old lady!") and just.. ugh. we fastforwarded through a lot of stuff, and thus ended up with some confusion as to whether or not elektra was dead. ("heeey, we haven't seen her in awhile, did she die back there?" "oh.. maybe, i dunno." .... "if she was still alive, wouldn't she be here by now?" "*shrug*") but, we decided we didn't care. the best part of the movie (besides kevin smith) was definitely our conversation re: late night priests. ("man! that guy is *always* there when daredevil wants to confess! doesn't he ever go home?" "aren't you supposed to be able to confess 24 hours a day? i mean, if you wanted to?" "i bet the late night priest shift is pretty boring. although i guess you *would* get all the superheroes...")

yes. and then, american pie, which we somehow felt like we were missing out on something by not having seen it. and, we weren't. at all. like... for a comedy... we didn't laugh very much. mostly we were... puzzled.

yes. that's all. i think. *thinks* sure.

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jack and eliz on island
You are "Welcome to the Caribbean, love."
You're more than a little world-weary, but also
intelligent and you keep your head when things
get dodgy. You're everybody's favorite
drinking buddy, but your stubbornness does get
in the way sometimes.

Which one of Captain Jack Sparrow's bizarre sayings from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

i wanted to be "but why's the rum gone?!" but i guess i'm not alcoholic enough. *pout*

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

listening to: rem, it's the end of the world as we know it

*waves cheerily* i'm home, and no worse for the wear. (although my pillow seems to have disappeared a few states back. i was hoping it would surface when we cleaned out the car, but no, it's gone. the pillow itself isn't much of a loss, it was old and losing fluffiness, but it was encapsulated in my ducky pillowcase. *frowl*)

i'm tired. um. i got a letter from grinnell about my roommate! (finally!) her name is alicia and she's from lawrence, kansas. tres exciting. and, i'm in one of the absolutely-no-smoking dorms. woooo! plus, i just dug out the campus map i got when i toured, and my dorm is about 3 buildings away from the campus coffeehouse (tripod bob's.) life is good. the only thing is that my room number starts with a 4, which makes me believe i'm on the 4th floor. boo, stairs. (okay, this might not sound like a lot to you isu and other large-dorm schools, but i think grinnell's tallest dorm is maybe 6 stories.)

aanyway. um. i won a prize from the arks drawing! woo! so i have to stop by the liberry and pick that up. (they didn't tell me what it was, it's probably something horribly useless like a $2 gift certificate to jiffy lube, but still.. woo, prize!)

i was going to say... stuff. interesting, eruditely-written, stuff. but instead, i think i might take a nap.

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Monday, August 04, 2003

alaaaas and woe, i must leave priscilla in half an hour ~_~ but much fun has been had! (and much harry potter uno was played!) go read cult of lincoln for further details of our exploits, including photographic evidence. (despite my unphotogenicness.)

that is all, unless priscilla has something to add. she says "umm..." i stand corrected, she actually says "ah... hmm."

Wah, I shall miss my Renata! Even though it's hard to come up with anything to do around the house other than Harry Potter UNO (it's addictive!), a splendid time was had by all. But now, Renata is off to the Cockroach Hall of Fame or something, learning more about obscure Dallas-area museums than I would ever dream of knowing, even though I've lived here 18 years. Though Poor Renata was stuck sleeping in with me instead of going with her family to visit the absolutely riveting Fan Museum (as in the spinny things that keep you cool, not people that obsessively like things). Renata says that if it was the latter, we would probably be one of the exhibits. Yay for having fandom people handy! Squee! We chatted ourselves to sleep talking about Nightcrawler and other merry subjects (okay, actually just Nightcrawler. Well, Alan Cumming in non-Nightcrawler form, too, but yeah.) And we decided that the next Cult of Lincoln layout will be Nightcrawler, because it's high time I stop resisting the obvious and just go with the flow. *cackle*

Glee! Loff to all.

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Saturday, August 02, 2003

listening to: davinci's notebook, title of the song

yaaaay! i'm blogging at priscellie's house!! and we're listening to davinci's notebook, which i am enjoying. (all half-song i've heard.) *squee* since we decided to leave mexico early, we crossed through texas, stopping in dallas! so i frantically contacted her a couple days ago. and after i finally 1.) dragged my parents out of the hotel 2.) dragged them out of the liquor store with the rattlesnake guy and 3.) dragged them out of the town with the really old horny toad... we made it to dallas ^_^ and, priscilla and i squee!ed and got chinese food, and then gelato. and were merry. and now, we're blogging together. woo. as such, i will turn it over to priscilla, and all you boronites will have the rare pleasure of capitalization. (... are there any boronites? there should be. go organize yourselves.)

Yaaaaaaaayy! And now Renata is here, and Boron is blessed with capitalization and Lincoln is deprived of it. Muahahaha! Now I'm playing "The Dreidel Song" for it, and all is merry. I will not rest until I turn her into a DaVinci's Notebook fan! I really have nothing else to say, so you might want to see our other entry or something. Yay, that would be keen. So hurrah! ::runs off to flail and be merry::

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