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Thursday, July 31, 2003

*sings* don't know how lucky you aaaare, back in the us.. er.. a... (no wait... the us arrrrrr!)

so, yeah. the family collectively decided that we were sick of mexico. (literally and figuratively. well, dad and i at least. reid was only figuratively sick. and my mom could stay in mexico for the rest of her life and be content, but we decided to leave anyway.) so. right now i'm in.. some little town in west texas. van halen? no.. van horn, i think? van something. spent the morning border-shopping in juarez. i like bargaining (sometimes) but i don't like it when they get touchy. ("no thanks, just looking!" "*grabs arm* no! look at THIS! for you, only..." "i saaaaid, no thanks! *pries self free and runs off*") but, it happens. let's see. drove a lot. i've been playing SO much pokemon on this trip. i brought all these books i was going to read, but instead i've clocked in over 30 hours of pokemon. (welll... a couple of those were reid. and we haev spent... lots and lots of hours in the car. but stillll.)

i want priscilla to log on! right now! because, i'll be in dallas in a few days, and i wanna go party down with her. *nod* leeet's see. what entertaining mexican antecdotes can i share with you?

interlude: i rule!

You're The Cheat

You are a very evil person, but lack true ambition. You are a follower instead of a leader. You have many entertaining hobbies, and are probably a real interesting person, but no one can understand you. You'll probably be kicked around your entire life.

Which Homestar Runner Character Am I?

*throws lightswitch rave*

anyway. oh, well, last night we were trying to find a motel in juarez. and we cooouldn't and then finally we found this place that claimed to be a restaurant, bar, and motel. sounded good. so, we tried to find the motel office to check in. didn't see one. so, dad and i went in the bar. (i have the best spanish out of the family, poor as mine is, so i went in case no one spoke english.) but, one guy did, so dad asked him about the rooms. the guy was confused, and was like "oh, just go in any room that's open!" and my dad was like "umm... don't we need a key? and to check in?" and he was like "no." so my dad was like "uh... how much is it?" and he's like "25 pesos.." (that's about $2.50. cheap.) "... an hour..." and then we look around the bar. and notice that the only people in there seem to be a couple scanily clad women and an old guy. so we're like "oh... OH... um.. nevermind." and we leave. but the guy runs out after us and is like "you need a hotel? this.. isn't... um.." "yeaah, we gathered." "oh, good. well..." and then he gave us directions to another hotel. and we got lost, and pulled into another random hotel. which ALSO charged by the hour. but, on the 3rd try we found a v. nice hotel at a reasonable (nightly!) rate.

hmm. oh, and earlier yesterday we stopped in the town of chahaqahacoafjswhatever (it was some unpronouncable indian name) and had lunch at kfc. (because we were all sick of mexican food.) there, i came to the humbling realization that eight years of spanish have not prepared me for the oh-so-daunting task of ordering lunch at a kfc. dear god. (but really... "extra-crispy" doesn't appear anywhere in my dictionary... well, maybe it does. i didn't actually look. but i'd assume it doesn't.)

one last comment: we ate at a restaurant here in van whatever for dinner, and i got chicken strips.. so i asked for barbeque sauce. and the waitress goes "oh, we don't have any barbeque sauce." wtf? this was a texas steakhouse (well, not really a steakhouse.. .but... a restaurant, and they had steak on the menu...) and they didn't have any barbeque sauce? *sigh* these people, i tell you.

so.. that's about it. there's a free computer in the hotel so i might blog later. or, not. i don't really know when i'll be home. we haven't decided yet. definitely within a week though. toodle pip ^_^

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Monday, July 28, 2003

fwee. hi. it{s raining like a mofo. came down... hey, reid just found the apostrophe. woot! *uses' apostrophes' for no good' reason*
wow, that felt good. anyway. came down with a touch of turista and all was not well in the world of renata. blah. but, i'm good now. ate lots of rolls at dinner. mm, rolls. we drove down to divisadero today, to gawp over the edge of copper canyon. it was veeery beautiful but all i wanted to do was curl up in the car. and, i did. anyway. lessee. just came from creel's museo palentolica, which was hilaaarious. like, it looked like mexico was having a garage sale. it was just in this big warehouse, and you walk in (through the gift shop) and then you see.. a table with telephones on it. then there's some random clothes, some of which is on frightening, ambiguous mannequins (think jack sparrow, but less attractive), and some of which is just on a rack... and then there's a random triceratops skeleton in the middle of the room. around it are some tables with random bones. there are a few glass cases, but mostly stuff is just out on tables. nothign anywhere saying "do not touch" or "no tocar". just... very strange.

i had this nightmare about something so inane that it shouldn't even count as a nightmare, but it really freaked me out. like... all it was was that i went to the tori concert, and forgot my ticket, so i had to go back and get it, and talia ditched me because she said she had a "cello... thing...", but i could tell she was lying. *sniff* and then i woke up, and i was sooo relieved.

hmm. oh! and, at the museum giftshop.. they had some of the funniest stuff. i got a button that says "i'm a vippy bunny!"and they had jesus keychains, that were also knives. it ruuuled.

and, i'm off.

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Sunday, July 27, 2003

sittin around in a desperately slow mexican cybercafe. hi, everyone... oh. i was going to do a smiley, but i can{t find the pointy-up key. aaand apparently instead of an apostrophe, they have a curly bracket. *loooks for apostrophe* *gives up*

hmm. so. am in creel, chihuahua. pleasant enough little town, though i{m (dammit!) feeling a mite sickly. noooo one is on my lista de amigos. life{s so hard. *frowls*

last night i watched early edition with subtitles, aaand i completely remembered how much i used to looove that show. dude. plus, gary is hot. <3 gary.

my favorite thing about mexico is manzana lift. mmm. it{s apple soda. and it{s yummy.

i can}t find a tilde key, either. they just have an ene () key. *pout* anyway... access is cheap, so i might be back later. toodlepip!!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

sittin' around, waiting for my parents to friggen pack...

you know what that means, kids! [*general confusion*] ... it means, memetime! ganked from priscellie.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlepersons:


1. Choose five to seven characters.
2. They may be from books, movies, comics, TV shows, games, and real life--but no traditional superheroes.
3. They may be from any place in the universe, any time. They do not have to be from the same time/place as the orginal League.
4. You must identify the recruiter, the villain, and the leader, and there must be at least one female.
5. Optional, you may identify their main mode of transportation.


1. lucien, librarian of dreams
strengths: encylopedic knowledge of all the books that were never written; is tall (and his keen organizational skills make him the clear leader here)
weaknesses: kind of cracked up after... well, you know.

2. dana scully, special agent and md.
strengths: medical skills; investigative abilities; general ass-kickingness
weaknesses: will come up with the most unlikely explanations for things to avoid seeing the paranormal

3. sam and max, freelance police
strengths: are hilarious; fight crime; have an awesome desoto
weaknesses: where does max keep that gun?

4. michael moore, filmmaker and political activist
strengths: enormous ego; extreme liberalness; an ability to film people saying things they'll later regret
weaknesses: enormous ego; fairly enormous girth

5. carmen sandiego, master criminal
strengths: master criminal; thorough knowledge of geography; can pull off red trenchcoat and fedora
weaknesses: likes to steal things; has bumbling henchpeople

6. penny, child
strengths: has neat little computer-book thing; good detective; cute as a button
weaknesses: has to keep saving inspector gadget

7. corran horn, member of rogue squadron (last i checked) and jedi
strengths: excellent pilot; the force is with him; mad investigative skillz
weaknesses: prejudiced against han solo

THE RECRUITER: metatron (dogma version)
strengths: sexy british accent; is the voice of god; fiery entrances; can turn baseball bats into fish and other such things
weaknesses: is as anatomically impaired as a ken doll

THE VILLAIN: i had the hardest time deciding this one. gah. but... IT, from a wrinkle in time.

i also really wanted to have strongbad and rosencrantz&guildensternmon.

i think it should be pretty obvious where most of these are from. but just in case: lucien's from sandman; scully's from txf; sam and max are from, well, sam and max; michael moore's from flint, michican; if you don't know who carmen sandiego is, i hate you; penny is from inspector gadget; and corran horn is from lots of star wars novels and comics and such; notably the x-wing series and i, jedi.

and now... goodbye, loves! for real, i swear.

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oh, blogger, i thought you had moved beyond your double-posting phase. *sigh* do you need to go sit in time-out corner?

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You are... 'Damn, he smells good!!!'  I really don't see how an old sweaty pirate COULD smell good, but then again, it IS Captain Jack Sparrow we're talking about.  What's not to li
You are... 'Damn, he smells good!!!' I really
don't see how an old sweaty pirate COULD smell
good, but then again, it IS Captain Jack
Sparrow we're talking about. What's not to

What random made up thought from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

yay ^_^ shooould be... sleeping, or something. instead, am taking piratey quizzes. and burning cds. for the road and all. *nod*

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

listening to: nirvana, come as you are

duuuuuude. the wireless thing is being insane. like.. i've been getting kicked on and off every 20 seconds. SO annoying. it kicked me off right when i was trying to tell megan that i didn't feel like dealing with it anymore. doh. so: bye, megan! *waves* i'm packing and suchlike. i'm excited, because mom brought up the possibility of looping over to roswell before we cross the border. and i'm still enough of an x-phile to be like "woohoo! roswelll!" so hopefully we'll do that. yeah. i'll miss you guys! i'll send postcards! (priscilla: i'm going to try like mad to finish and post my kuroro story before i leave. but i don't think that will happen. i think it's going to be longish.)

so. have an excellent next two weeks everyone! hasta luego!

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listening to: aimee mann, out of my hands

sooo tired. need to pack. gah. and my shoulder muscles hurt. which is weird. must be kickboxing related. *shrugs* (ow!)

anyway. last night, a bunch of us went to surprise miriam for her birthday. (which is on friday. because.. lots of us will be gone on friday. and, it's a lot more surprising to be surprised for your birthday 4 days early. i mean you'd never see it coming.) so, we were hiding in the bushes. and not being terribly stealthy. and her neighbor was like "hi! how are you guys?" and we all looked at each other and were whispering like... "is she talking to us?" "i think she's talking to us." "should we say something?" "you say something!" "i don't want to say anything.." "let's just pretend we didn't hear." it was terribly amusing. and we played movie charades, and trina and i had the best one ever. it went something like this:
me: *holds up 2 fingers*
everyone: 2 words!
me: *stands there looking really confused as to how to act this out*
trina: forrest gump!
me: dude! yeah!

it ruled.

anyway. today, miriam and i went kickboxing, and then brought chinese food over to our state farm intern pals. it was scary and office space-esque. although i enjoyed the dinosaur theme that amanda and reijo had in their cubicles.

i'm sure i'll post again later tonight. but in case i don't... i'll be in mexico for the next two weeks. and if you need to get in touch with me... you can't. so, don't need me. *nod*

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Sunday, July 20, 2003

isn't that reassuring? i mean really.

(and i finally changed my wallpaper! it's been nightcrawler since like.. march. but now, it's that, except it says "this computer guaranteed free of wolves". and the disclaimer says "this statement has not been approved by the international computer inspectors association. poster for entertainment purposes only and will not keep the wolves from coming out of the computer.)

awww. i love neil. *is a raging fangirl*

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listening to: jesse malin, queen of the underworld

random amusing quote: "yeah.. i'm not good at, like... talking"

ugh. it's sooo hot here. *fans self* went shopping today with reid, and ran into steve, miriam, and amanda... hee. poor reid ^_^ but, i'm sure he learned... some valuable lessons. about teenage girls. or something. right.

and then, miriam and i were gonna see johnny english. but we decided to go tomorrow, because ashvin wanted to come. and he couldn't tonight. right. (because you care.)

aand, i talked to talia! wooo(t)!! *misses talia*

priscilla: yes, am indeed writing more kuroro. not so fluffy. yet. i'm sure it'll leak in though. (... ororo: "i don't like you, kurt." kurt: "but i like you! [something german]" ororo: "okay, i like you too. let's snog." the end.)

got some film back... michelle, me, and nightcrawler!! woo!

mm. oh, and if you've not seen homestarrunner's 2001 halloween special, do it. strongbad has the < comic book guy > best. costume. ever. < /comic book guy > (and thank you, jason, for bringing this to my attention ^_^)

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Saturday, July 19, 2003

oh, man. if there's one thing i love more than fuzzy blue alan, it's eeevil alan. (and then sad alan. awww.) am much, muuuch cheered by my josie and the pussycats viewing. seriously. if you think you're too cool for this movie... no one is too cool for the pussycats, dammit. "i still haven't figured out why you're here..." "i'm here because i was in the comics!" "what?" "uh, nothing..."

and alan. with long hair. and being snarky. and british. ("but you're british!" "no, i'm not.. i just started talking like this one day, i thought it would make me more attractive.")

ooh man. i love cheesy alan movies so. *dances about*

you know, there's a definite reason why there are so very many movies that i haven't seen, and it's because, given the choice, i would rather watch the same movies that i know i enjoy over and over and over. (kevin smith movies, alan cumming movies, james bond movies, and disney movies, mostly...) a movie has to come pretty highly recommended to me, or else have an actor i know i like in it for me to watch it for the first time. *shrug*

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listening to: tori, tombigbee (live)

gah. boy scout thing was. boy scoutish. started feeling really sick halfway through. came home and slept. mm, sleep. woke up. made some macaroni and cheese. am blogging. mm, blog.

plan on staying in tonight. i rented josie and the pussycats (not just because of alan, i swear, it's because... yeah, well, because of alan.)

yeah. i have lots of laundry and stuff i need to do. because, leaving wednesday morning. bah. but i think i'll just watch alan. i mean... josie and the pussycats. right, right.

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the cat keeps puncturing my feet. ow.

i opened blogger, and typed that, but then my mom came home, and she brought me a chicken sammich and an orange freeze from steak n steak! yaaay! *looooooves steak n shake's orange freezes*

mm, food.

anyway. last night, ended up going to see grease at scottish rite, which was quite good, despite, well, being grease. (and having an overabundane of pelvic thrusts. seriously, who choreographed that?!)

gah. but now i have to go get ready to see tj and patrick become eagle scouts. *whoosh*

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Friday, July 18, 2003

the cat is trying to make friends with the laptop. however, i do not support this plan. *frowl*

man, even with endust it's tricky to get the fur out of this keyboard...

hmm. worked at another isu tour of DOOM. oh, and, finished magneto fic (also of DOOM). if you want to read it, i posted it at collective words. and i'll prolly just post everything there from now on, so if you ever feel like reading my fic (hey, it could happen...)... check there. yeah.

meanwhile, let's all take a moment to be envious of priscilla, cuz she's in orlando at a harry potter symposium. *envy... envy.. envy... done* yeah... well... i've got... some altoids! and some post-it notes, and.. a candle, and some other post-it notes with ninja turtles... and... oh, who am i kidding? ^_^ (hope you're having fun, dear!)

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Thursday, July 17, 2003


if anyone looked at boron in the last 10 minutes... talia can attest to this, it was this oddly pretty fairy, and it said "busted by vinrouge". um. so i changed my password... and you might want to do the same... *is freaked*

if someone hacked boron, i would kill them. *hiss*

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mm. random replies to comments:
megan, you can change squirrelmail's colors... options/display preferences. woo!
michelle, ap scholar (and other ones.. like.. ap scholar with distinction, and some other crap) are awards from the ap people... they don't really mean anything, you just have to have i think above a 4 average on 4 or more tests? something like that. i'm not really that bitter. i just like to rant about thetard ^_^

speaking of rants about thetard. this isn't really a rant, just a realization. i was thinking about, well, stuff. and i realized that i don't, and won't, miss u-high theatre. at all. i guess i'm glad i did it, i met a few good friends ^_^ but mostly, i dealt with people who annoyed the hell out of me, and did stupid busywork, and lost sleep. what i will miss is spaz bowl. i miss my spaz bowl boys, i miss playing "cares vs. cools", i miss c-money, doc weiss, and even papa holbs. i miss having an outlet for all my random knowledge. i even miss getting up at 6am to wear a bright blue shirt and sit in an isu van for hours. i miss tihc and dstm. and, hmm... i'm not sure what i mean to say here. i think. um. that i miss being smart and not feeling like a showoff. i miss the totally awesome feeling of it being a really close match and getting the last question. (not that that happened to me terribly often, but still, it rocks.) yeah.

< /nerdiness >

whatever, that's all. have to get up eaaaarly to work tomorrow >_< but, right now am watching x-men: evolution. woohoo!

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listening to: grinnell g-tones, call me al

holy fucking shit. just got the mail... and apparently, i *own* european history. i got a 5 on the ap test! *flail* and a 5 on lit. but not to sound full of myself, but i was sorta expecting a 5 on lit. but euro! jeeze, i was expecting like.. a 3 on euro! i mean i wrote a whole essay about the wrong effing phase of the french revolution! oy!

so yeah, you could say i was pumped about that.

(but i still can't be an ap scholar or whatever because someone didn't let me into ap lang last year... *frowl* not bitter, not bitter.)

anyway. went kickboxing this morning, then miriam and i picked up steve and aman at state farm, and got lunch. mmm, panera. and my mocha was bitter, so miriam went up and yelled at them for me. and i got a new, better mocha. yay! (i don't like bothering people who work at places. it makes me feel guilty. but miriam insisted that since i paid an insane amount of money for my mocha, it could at least be non-bitter.) lesse. oh, yesterday, i helped miriam's dad with his school website, and he paid me, and i felt guilty. but he insisted. so, well, yay money. hee, one of his students had done some stuff to it before, and they put up this stupid random quote applet, and it kept flashing really stupid quotes (like "earth be but a shadow of heaven"). and i figured out how to change them, and miriam's dad was like "oh, change that one!" "to what?" "i dunno.. you think of something!" so i changed it to "we all live in a yellow submarine". so this thing shows 5 stupid quotes, and then "we all live in a yellow submarine". and it amused us greatly.

anyway. did stuff last night, watched ellen's hbo special en la casa de steve.

oh! and thanks to kaitoriffic kait, i have a livejournal now. meep! but fear not, i'll never leave blogger! *hugs boron* this is just so i can join a community. and so i don't have to keep leaving anonymous comments. and i might set up a friends page. but. anyway, just saying, if bessiemaemucho leaves you an lj comment, that's me. (heyjupiter and hey_jupiter were both taken. so i went with bessiemaemucho, cuz she's my favorite carmen sandiego villain.)


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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

listening to: tori, crucify (live)

i love this mp3 so much. because she forgets the song halfway through. *loves tori*

um. i'm tired. i had to get up eaaaarly *whine* to go eat breakfast with mom and reid. at least i got waffles for my trouble.

mm. in the last week, i've written like.. 4 sentences in my damn magneto fic. doh. should *not* have started it on the computer. (the others thus far i've handwritten and then typed.) but. i cannot be productive on the computer. i can't. too many distractions. anything of note that i do, i write it first. even if it's just a sentence on a notecard. argh. but for soooome reason i decided nooo, i'll just type this. and it's. well, i really want to finish this damn story before i leave. in a week. and... rrr. i hate fictional characters. *frowl*

and i want the mail to come. *gasp* oh. right when i typed that, i heard a car, and i thought maybe it was the mail. but it was just a car. well, a truck. but not the mail. stupid mail.

but, it's okay. because... it is. um... because i figured out how to change colors in squirrelmail. so now my mail is purple. well, really just the sidebar. and stuff. but.. purple! so it's okay.

*swivels in chair* i have to go help miriam's dad with his website in.. 3 hours. but it's okay, because i dig miriam's dad.

in conclusion: it's okay.

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Monday, July 14, 2003

listening to: stuart, ani i adore

note: my blogger sweatshirt arrived today, so prepare yourselves for a winter of "dude! i'm wearing my blogger sweatshirt... and blogging! whoa!"

tired. whee. went kickboxing, then ate with miriam at her brother's cookout. aaand, i discovered a borders gift certificate i'd forgotten, and i bought dogma! the special edition! woohoo kevin smith! and, ice cream was consumed. mmm, ice cream.

okay.. friendster is constantly temporarily unavailable. *frowl*

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Sunday, July 13, 2003

listening to: rent, rent (bennies 9/26/99)

ooooh my god this boot rules. so very close to being a perfect cast. *glares at christian and julia* but who cares about roger and mimi anyway...?
this conversation with ashvin sums up my evening...

ashvin: hey hey
renata: greetings
renata: guess what movie i just watched?
ashvin: what?
renata: i'll give you a hint... it was excellent!
ashvin: matrix?
renata: no... this was *totally* excellen
renata: t
ashvin: my excellent or chick flick excellent
renata: your excellent
renata: (i don't usually like chick flicks.)
renata: but you're soo not getting it. it was EXCELLENT.
ashvin: i am not getting it....
ashvin: oh
renata: *sigh* it was about an adventure
renata: that was excellent.
ashvin: billy
ashvin: and teddy
renata: right-o ^_^
ashvin: most excellent

*loves ashvin* maan, bill and ted's excellent adventure is one of the greatest movies of all time.

that's all.

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i just joined friendster. because megan told me to. it's like a giant 6-degrees thing. so. be my friend. and then i'll meet all your friends. and stuff. and junk. *swivels in chair*

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listening to: beatles, yellow submarine

random amusing quotes: "go port!"
"which one's port?"
"i dunno..."
"wait! port is left... cuz in the movie, they went starboard, and that was right!"

"i'm the headboard! i mean, the figurehead."

"ashvin... you should get your face painted."
"you could get a butterfly!"
"and then your outside would match your inside!"
"... i have a butterfly inside me?"

dude!!! itunes just went to this at random, and i'm wearing my yellow submarine shirt! *is terribly excited*

anyway. last night was goodtimes. per usual, no one bought anything at the art fest, because no one ever actually buys anything at art fest, except for ice cream. in fact, there is no actual art. it's just a clever illusion. if you tried to buy anything, you'd be escorted from the premises immediately. *nods* oh, but pete made all of us stand in the middle of this complicated juggling thing that he and his juggling friends were trying to do. and i got hit in the head with a club. *frowl* damn imcompetent jugglers! and then, we saw pirates of the caribbean which rocked. arrr. (sgt. pepper latah.) then, everyone except amanda ate at schlotsky's, and then we all went to wal-mart and amanda bought a rotissiery chicken, which she ate while we were paddleboating at steve's house. (steve didn't know what the name of his subdivision's lake was. so we named it lake steve. and we were pirates! the scourge of lake steve.) then we watched chick flicks, because they were on teevee. and goodtimes were had by all, except for ashvin. and steve was too worried about miriam and amanda breaking his coffee table to truly enjoy the movie ^_^ (they kept getting into slapfights and amanda kept falling off the couch...)

meanwhile: damn you college board! send out the ap scores already! i want to know just how badly i did on the euro test! *shakes fist*

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all i'm going to say right now is that pirates of the caribbean... jack sparrow is the most glam-rock pirate ever. and i liiiike it.

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Saturday, July 12, 2003

(oops, i'm going to hell.)

Threat rating: extremely low. You may think you can
subvert the government, but if you should try
you will be smited mightily because God likes
us best.

What threat to the Bush administration are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Friday, July 11, 2003

blogger, you need to stop double-posting my posts and then refusing to delete them, oh yes you do.

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gratuitious lyrics posting! woot!

(also: stuart davis has the worst timing the whole world. first, he's playing in chicago. the same night that i'm seeing tori and ben in chicago. then, he's playing in iowa city... the night before i move into grinnell. which i probably cooould go to... but i bet my mom would cry if i asked to go see a concert my last night with my family. so... it's okay. he'll come back. *nod*)

anyway. i've been listening to this song. a lot. and you should too.

anaesthesia necrophilia
by stuart davis. of doom.

daddy built a droid and named it Wisdom
stuck it in a steel balloon
taught it how to spit out ones and zeros

said it's gonna colonize the moon

i mean it, i mean it
i'm kidding

mother made an alter in the garden
out of bones and feathers
she'll be sacrificing something
said it's gonna change the weather

i mean it, i mean it
i'm kidding
have a little anesthesia
i mean it, i mean it
i'm kidding
dig a bit of necrophilia
anesthesia, necrophilia

but we pilgrims do forget

how a world is born
god just gags on emptiness
till It throws up form

i mean it, i mean it
i'm kidding

we get baptised in a bathtub
full of antiseptic
we're submerged in analgesics

till we just forget it

i mean it, i mean it
i'm kidding
have a little anesthesia
i mean it, i mean it
i'm kidding
dig a bit of necrophilia
anesthesia, necrophilia

you cracked that void
and let it leak
such a pervert
playing hiding and seek

who wandered off from home
and ate the map
now beg yourself
to take you back

spitting out white noise
digging those black holes
shove that shovel
into what unfolds...

is but a laugh attack
about the fact it never happens
as the cause of all confusion
is the clues are all illusion

i mean it, i mean it
i'm kidding
have a little anesthesia
i mean it, i mean it
i'm kidding
dig a bit of necrophilia
anesthesia, necrophilia

ane-rock n' sthesia roll a'

c'mon, c'mon you know you wanna cuz
Godhead gives good phenomena

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listening to: stu, 8 days in the lotus

davis scores! enlightenment wins!

yeah. i just watched some clerks: uncensored with reid. and i was going to call talia, but like.. it was insane. everyone in the entire world kept calling me and i got all flustered, and then the battery in my phone died and i had to plug it in.. and it was insanity.

long story short, i'm staying home and watching teevee tonight ^_^ but tomorrow, sugar creek arts fest aaand pirates. woot.

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trina and i are gonna start a band called "forbidden bowling". *nod*

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listening to: stuart, anaesthesia necrophilia

dude, my copy of the late stuart davis came today. and, already i don't know how i lived without it. i waited sooo long to buy it, because i was like "iii don't need it... $15.. i'll wait.. until next time i see him, so i don't have to pay shipping." and then, i finally broke down and was like "i neeeed to buy this cd". and, i bought kid mystic too. but. yeah, i've had this song stuck in my head all week. and it rules to finally listen to it. ("c'mon c'mon you know you wanna/cuz godhead gives good phenomena")

anyway. work today.. was so... well, there were 3 of us, and there only needed to be one. and none of us had any idea what was going on, we didn't even know what was happening. ("is this where the tour is?" ".... uh... maybe...") but, i saw nick. so that made it all okay.

i'm wearing all white. and a cat is shedding allll over me. i look like some sort of not-very-intimidating monster. okay, really i just look dirty. doh.

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Thursday, July 10, 2003

i'm so addicted to blogger. but, i just wanted to say that neil's on the history channel! (the history of comics documentary.) i love neil so much. he's my boyfriend. *nod* along with curtis and matt and joshua and alan and... yeah, i get around.

one of the kittens was sitting on my shoulder, like a fuzzy parrot. but then he got distracted and bounded across the room. and now he hears someone pouring food so he ran into the kitchen. the kitchen... of DOOM.

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*sigh* bored to the point of cleaning. SO tired, but resisting napping. because, if i nap, i won't be able to sleep later, and then i'll be cranky and snap at patrons at 7 bloody 30 tomorrow morning.

anyway. so, i was going through my stickers, and throwing out the ones that are too old to stick (because sticking is after all an integral part of the sticker), and then i stacked the ones left in a pile, and i got a folder to put them in. then... i couldn't find the stickers aaanywhere. looked and looked, and finally they were just on the floor on the other end of the room. wtf?

when the going gets tough, the tough blog incessantly.

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*sigh* bored to the point of cleaning. SO tired, but resisting napping. because, if i nap, i won't be able to sleep later, and then i'll be cranky and snap at patrons at 7 bloody 30 tomorrow morning.

anyway. so, i was going through my stickers, and throwing out the ones that are too old to stick (because sticking is after all an integral part of the sticker), and then i stacked the ones left in a pile, and i got a folder to put them in. then... i couldn't find the stickers aaanywhere. looked and looked, and finally they were just on the floor on the other end of the room. wtf?

life's just so hard.

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listening to: beatles, lovely rita

yay, i love this song. i've been reading the beatles book talia lent me, and i was vaaastly amused that "fixing a hole" is apparently about, well, fixing a hole. because paul bought a crappy house with a hole in the roof. and he fixed it. and wrote a song about it. and john wrote "i am the walrus" because he thought it would be funny to confuse all the people who try to find deep meaning in all the beatles songs. (exact quote: "let the fuckers work that one out.") mm, meatles. and bleates. dammit! ... mm, band consisting of paul mccartney, john lennon, george harrison, and ringo starr. there, apparently that's easier to type. *frowl*

(did anyone else notice that my last post was at 10:13? it made me happy. and, if you don't know why, you're not a nerd. go away, i don't like you.)

pbs went out during the last half hour of the martin luther documentary. i need closure!! did he ever succeed in his quest to reform the catholic church?!

hmm. trying to write my magneto-fic. but it's not going too well. well, i haven't looked at it yet today. maybe it will look better today. but last night it had issues. i think it's because for the sake of the plot, he's got to be at the mall. specifically the gap. specifically the dressing room of the gap. and he's just terribly unhappy about this and he's pouting. and it's all terribly ridiculous. stupid plot. it would be so much easier to write without the plot. *frowl*

*thinks* oh, and i've been reading my simpsons and philosophy book and i love love love it. i need to go steal matt and mike and have a discussion with them about it when i'm done. (matt and mike are my simpsons boyz. plus, matt's majoring in philosophy [and art], and mike gave a presentation about modern philosophy and the simpsons during our rockin' simpsons history presentation.) but, yeah. it's great. and thought-provoking. mmmm... thought-provoking.

i'm tired. and i have to work at 7:30 (am!) tomorrow. oy fuckin' vey.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

hey geeks, could shadowcat phase through a magnetic forcefield... such as one magneto could create? lemme know ^_^

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damn you national weather service! stop your beeping and gimme back my martin luther documentary! i don't live in mason county! and even if i did i wouldn't go hide in my basement! *hiss*

(i need to get back in touch with my pbs-love. it's been awhile. i just so rarely watch tv...)

okay, it's done now. yay! and, it's narrated by qui-gon. aka liam neeson. (i'm not certain as to whether that's the proper spelling of "qui-gon" or "neeson", but i'm pretty confident about the "liam" part.)

i've been killing time here. you must choose!

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listening to: tori, honey (live) and excessive ominous thunder (live)

if the storm knocks out our power, i'll be terribly annoyed, because there's a pbs documentary about martin luther tonight. *frowl* (i dig martin luther, he was a craaaazy mofo.)

in other news, i randomly read a spanish hp fanfic today, and was terribly pleased to discover that i understood most of it. woot. (aunque sirius ama a remus, no a lily! que tonto! dios mio.)

my nerdiness never ceases to amaze me...

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gah! megan, i almost forgot! i bought some lotion at bath and body works (mmm, buy one get one free) and... and... it doesn't have avocado oil for natural fruit emergencies! *sob* it has "nourishing avocado oil" and "smoothing fruit enzymes." oh, the humanity! i mean what if i had a natural fruit emergency?! oy.

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listening to: tom petty, breakdown

just caught the last half-hour or so of branaugh's henry v on ifc, and it made me happy. aww.

vague panicky sensation just kicked in... summer's almost over! augh! i have two more weeks here, and then we leave for mexico for two weeks. and then when we get back, i'll have a few more days here, then off to chicago for a few days with my grandparents (and then tori on the 10th! yay!!) and then, like.. a week and a half at home, and then i leave for school. meeble.

bloody flearidden cats keep rubbing up against me, and then i get flea bites on my feet. *frowl* it makes me feel so dirty. but i bathe, i swear. stupid fleas. *sulks*

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

listening to: tori, sweet sangria

funtimes... miriam and amanda and i got ice cream ("because we're fat!") and sat around and talked. and then miriam and amanda went off to heyworth to drive around a muddy field in a pickup truck. iii declined and drove back home in the scary rain. eep. and now i'm here. and, i did this birthday thingummie i ganked from priscilla. relatively accurate, i'd say. (except for the bit about the children.)

june 21:
Very strong
a bit self-willed
does not allow contradiction or arguments
loves life
its family
children and animals
a bit of a butterfly
good sense of humor
likes idleness and laziness
of practical talent and intelligence.

dag, yo.

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listening to: billy joel, we didn't start the fire

hmm. the 1978 star wars holiday special was playing at isu tonight. and i was gonna go. but, it starts in 10 minutes... and i live half an hour away... so.

i'm tired. gah. (but, i did just successfully delete the extra 6 copies of my last blog that all posted. woot!)

perhaps will nap.

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listening to: beatles, strawberry fields forever

random, unconnected thoughts:
~ bought pants and lotion today! woot! exciting shopping excursion with miriam ^_^

~ only need 6 more books to be done with ARKS! go me!

~ it's wicked raining out.

~ i've noticed that my online communication skills seem to be declining. like, i rarely actually greet anyone, i just im them with their name, with extra letters in it. (except for priscellie, because "prisceeeeellie" looks weird to me, and "prisciiiiiiiilla" is even weirder.) and i use way too many smiley faces. (... ~_~)

~ my cat smells really bad. ew.

~ i'm tired, but i'm clean.

~ i got a postcard from new zealand today! woohoo, neilboard postcard circle! (which reminds me, i need to send forceful emails regarding the possibility of a "renata's friends" circle. because as much as i love priscilla, kait, and joel... 4 people is more of a postcard square than a circle.)

~ this sonic transducer... it is i suppose some sort of audio vibratory physiomolecular transport device?

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Monday, July 07, 2003

listening to: tom petty, learning to fly

maaan do i love this song. anyway.

there was a foxy muay thai boy at kickboxing today. mmm, foxy muay thai boy. and it was really freaking hot (not related to the hot boy). candie let us have three drink breaks. (candie goes through life overcompensating for having been named "candie". she'd do well in the armed forces, i've always felt.)

and then i came home and watched some of motocrossed on the disney channel. it's one of my favorite disney channel original movies, cuz it's all about girl power and keeping the french down.

this is a work of sheer, unadulterated genius.

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i really, really like cleaning out my inbox and saying "DELETED!" in my best strongbad voice. (which isn't very good.)


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listening to: nirvana, lounge act

*spins in chair* gah. magneto-cat kept me awake for a long time until i finally put him out. all the kittens have just been flea-medicated for the first time (and they needed it! *glares at flea bite on leg*) yeah, and they're all kind of drunk on it. it's v. odd.

anyway, when i finally did get off to sleep, i had the weeeirdest dream. it combined elements of the following: pride and prejudice, carmen sandiego, wal-mart, and my family. *blink*

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the cat just very gently dug his claws into the back of my hand (not being sarcastic: it was gentle, didn't even leave a scratch), left them there for a few seconds, and glared at me. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't a little disturbed...

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listening to: tori, carbon

gah. just finished (with help from priscilla ^_^) an insaaaane fic. but at least..

renata: *catches a few more typos* well, as insane as this things is, i bet it's the only x-men fic to quote a psychology textbook
priscilla: *snickets*
renata: *thing. it's only one. doh.
priscilla: certainly the only Logan/Cherokee dust bowl songfic to quote a psychology textbook!

... and really, what more can you hope for? on scarlet's walk.

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Sunday, July 06, 2003

megan: http://meetme.hotornot.com/r/?emid=RZNZR8
yes! a stuffed deer head wants to meet me!!
renata: ow ow!
renata:he's non sinical
megan: lol, i know!
renata:does that mean he's sincere, or that he doesn't sin?
megan: it's too bad that i am cynical and will make fun of him.
renata:ew, he's licking the deer
megan: lol
renata: tongues that touch deer don't touch mine.
renata: the end.
megan: agreed
megan: i'm glad we have such high standards as to where tongues can and cant' be.
renata: sinical tongues are okay though.

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boooored. someone entertain me. megan's doing a good job by showing me her hotornot losers, but it's not enough. *sob* if only i had a nice boy and a sailboat...

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listening to: tori, scarlet's walk

random amusing quotes: "noo... ash-vin. like, the kid from pokemon, and vin diesel."

"if i was going to steal a credit card, i'd buy more than ice cream!"
"i dunno... it waaas ben and jerry's, that's good stuff..."

highlights of last night:
~ ashvin almost getting a ticket (for having insurance that was a week expired)
~ steve trying to commit credit card fraud with his own credit card
~ miriam inadvertently flashing an old lady at wal-mart
~ miriam and i kicking ass at tribond. woot!

so yeah. working on a weird logan fic. strongly considering going downstairs to watch clerks. in fact, i think i will.

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i am rubbing my kitty's fuzzy belly and we are very happy.

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Saturday, July 05, 2003

listening to: tori, only women bleed

blog in haiku day!
does this mean all in haiku?
can i have prose too?

fireworks were fiery
but kind of boring; too long
i have ADD.

skipping school is here
squee! i am full of joy and stuff
(though it's sans gold dust) ~_~

i know where mike went
after the SOL crashed
i found lots of books

guides to mexico
by "mexico mike" nelson
coincidence? no.

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Friday, July 04, 2003

listening to: tori, seaside

mm. i'd just like to thank thank thank kait, priscellie, and talia for putting up with and encouraging my sudden burst of fic output. *looooove* it means a lot to me ^_^

that said: fluffy, oh dear god the fluffiness... kurt/ororo fic. fluff! (you've been warned. these two just incite cuteness.) skipping school. (it's happy for you kait! even though you don't like ororo. bah well, can't win 'em all...)

(scarlet's walk is ridiculously inspiring. i just listen to it and come away with stories running around in my head. and it helps that, well, i have nothing better to do than sit around and write right now. which is nice.) oh yeah, and i revived my ffn acount. but the newer stuff isn't showing yet. yes.

anyway. am observing fireworks tonight in pekin, con mi familia. it'll be nice. kinda wish i was going out to heyworth con mis amigos, but it's okay, i dig my crazy family.

pleasant evening, all!

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i think one of the funniest typos in the world is "magenta" in place of "magneto".

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listening to: paul mccartney, coming up (live)

i don't really wish death to pointy cats, by the way. only that they'd keep their claws out of my lap (and their fur out of my keyboard).

anyway. i finished the mystique fic that i started. and i love love kait for reading it and putting up with my unconfident exuberance. or something. well, and just because i love love kait in general. *love loves kait*

it has more of a plot than the last. and kurt's in it. a little. and so's magneto. it's a little uneven. but mostly i like it. um. strange. pg. feed me if you read it.

happy 4th of july to all you usaians (by which i mean everyone except joel ^_~)!

i'm off to bed. oh yeah, and bend it like beckham rocked hard and i'll sgt. pepper tomorrow. i mean today.

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death to pointy cats!

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Thursday, July 03, 2003

listening to: simon and garfunkel, 59th street bridge song (feelin' groovy)

whee. tired. note to all central illinoisians: we're seeing bend it like beckham tonight at the castle at 9:30. and if you read this in time, you should come.

in the meantime, i'm torn between napping (i got up early to go kickboxing) and working on a mystique fic i started today, while waiting for reid's guitar lesson to be over. yeah. (dammit, every single x-character except for kurt has taken up residence inside my head while i wasn't looking. and now they want out. i guess that's why kurt's not there, cuz he can just port out. wow, i'm nerdy.) (oh yeah, and i just noticed that i left a big chunk of "your cloud" out of "withered". doh. fortunately there was a good place to wedge it back in. *whistles*)


stuff and junk! (and pirates!)

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listening to: tori, gold dust

i'm kind of.. i don't know. happier than i've been in a while. (not that i've been unhappy recently. just that now i'm happier.) and, i'm really happy that i wrote that fic. because.. i don't know. i was sort of depressed junior year and i just stopped writing anything, except for this blog, because i was afraid it would be bad. and i just didn't even want to try. which... you know. *shrug* and then senior year i sort of. reevaluated. and then i wrote a couple silly little things for brome. and. yeah.

so it was good for me to just.. sit down and write. and it came out... better than i feared. not a great fic, but not something i'm ashamed of. it's hard for me to see things i've done in other people's eyes. because to me... i'm always afraid i guess that things i see... are just the obvious, that everyone sees things the way i do and i'm just being redundant.

so yeah. i'm glad i finally wrote that. even if it's not what i meant to write. and i'm glad i asked people to read it. which was hard. like.. even though it was kait and talia, and not like... someone scary and evil.. it's still opening myself up for rejection. aaah rejection. and then, while i still had my nerve up, i sent it to a x-men movie fic mailing list. and, one person emailed me already to say that they liked it. and they don't know me! a stranger liked it! *dance*

so yeah. i listened to scarlet's walk on my way in and out of town this morning, and i got sort of inspired. i was thinking about maybe writing an x2 series of scarlet's walk songfics, because.. well because the album is about this whole journey, so i can sort of see all the characters in at least one piece of scarlet. and i think, based on withered, the short-ish songfic is something good for me to... verbally teethe on, i guess. because the length of the song keeps it from being too long, and with "your cloud" it helped me when i got stuck, because i could just go back to the song, and be like "okay.. why did this remind me of scott in the first place.." and usually come back with something new. yeah. still trying to find kurt. i think the things that draw me most to kurt-- his devotion, his innocence, his... you know, stuff... make him hardest for me to wrap my mind around. we don't have much in common.

i don't know. i'm talking too much about myself again. i'm going to go shower. and then maybe try to write again. more. yay! god.. i'm sort of drunk on this whole thing.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

watching: futurama

wellll, kait and talia liked my fic. unless they were just lying because they like me. *flail* but, i kind of like it too. and... i trust and love kait and talia ^_^ (and like i told kait... praise from her is much more meaningful than praise from thetard. because, kait is an awesome writer, and thetard is a doomladen wench.)

so.. yeah. um. x2 spoilers, pg13ish. withered. feedback please, if you read it ^_^

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listening to: tori, om la boomleigh

so um. i think i just wrote a fic. *blink* an x-men fic, which i've never written before; a serious (non-parody) fic, which i've never written before; and a songfic, which i've never written before. crazy stuff. and, it's about scott. wtf? i don't even like scott that much. i wanted to write about kurt. but this came out instead. um. i have to type it, i wrote it longhand. but. i'll post it here once i do. i guess. eee. *cringe* i hate it when people read stuff i write. but i also know that it's the only way of finding out if it sucks or not, cuz for the life of me i can never tell...

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oooh god. i'm reading kurt/ororo fanfic (shut up, that's why) and kurt starts telling all the kids a story about pirates! arrrr!! ("enter the showman", archived here. priscellie drew kickbutt fanart for chapter 9 of it! except, i'm only on chapter 5, so i still have no idea what's going on in her picture. soon.)

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listening to: cabaret, willkommen

alan speaking with a german accent.. ahahaswoon.

anyway. nerdy night with talia was sooo much fun! *flails* we watched mst3k (time chasers and diabolik) and clerks:uncensored (episodes 1 and 4) and x-men: evolution. and then, we played super smash brothers melee until 3:30. woot! and then, we talked about.. people and stuff we don't like. haha, take that, people and stuff we don't like! and.. yeah. it was goodtimes. *hearts talia*

and she lent me a book called a hard days write, about all the beatles' songs, and it's reallly interesting thus far. woot!

i'm trying to figure out how much space cc.com is using. because i'm pretty sure it's not more than 200 megs. which means we have like... 300 left. *blink* in which case, i was going to donate some space to himh.com to host live mp3s, cos i figure, well, i've certainly downloaded enough from there, might as well give something back... oh god, now i have to get a *calculator* to add up all the individual subdirectories... wait, there's a calculator on my computer. oh well. wow. out of control. we're using less than 150 megs. (whyy do i feel the need to share all this randomness in my blog? sometimes i need to learn to just press publish and keep my thinking inside my head.)

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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

i forgot to mention two things:
1. i'd like to wish a happy canada day to all my canadian readers (by which i mean, joel)!
2. talia has a new layout, go look at it, it's pretty.

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listening to: tori, tombigbee

i'm so in love with this song. seriously. one of my new favorite tori songs. go download it, live ooor studio, from diagnosed sounds. or download it from scarlet's web, if it'll work on your computer. anyway.

talia's coming over!! yay! people never come to my house (except when they do). and, we're going to have an mst3k fest. and possibly watch amelie and possibly play some super smash brothers. but whatever happens, it will be good times for all. *dances*

... and megan, now that you mention it, i suppose we have known each other for more than a year, haven't we? ^_^

oh man. i've had tombigbee on repeat for so long. definitely.. among my top 5 b-sides. which might not sound terribly impressive, but it is. hmm. i wonder what my top 5 b-sides actually are... (because all of you care. or.. none of you except talia. shh.) so.
take to the sky, obviously
operation peter pan
and.. nnnh.. honey. but there are SO many good ones. mary, bachelorette, sugar, sweet dreams, upside down.. *swoons for the goodness of tori's b-sides*

and, i'm off.

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listening to: tom petty, even the losers

so, i almost got up and went kickboxing this morning. but instead i rolled over and went back to sleep. lately i've only been sleeping for about half an hour at a time. except then i usually go right back to sleep and i do that all night. which is weird, because usually 1. i sleep all night and 2. if i do wake up, it usually takes me forever to get back to sleep.

*swivels in chair* whee!

i made a new graphic for one of my fanlistings. *is pleased* but, captain ftp is taking forever and a day to upload it. grr.

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