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Monday, June 30, 2003

listening to: the clash, should i stay or should i go?

*bows down before priscellie* woot, my archives now match the rest of my blog! aalso i added a couple new pictures to the strange little girl page, if you're into that sort of thing.

renata: i was watching an episode of the old x-men cartoon, and rogue and gambit randomly found nightcrawler at this hidden monastery while they were skiiing.. and it was great.
priscilla: *laughs*
priscilla: I don't know about you, but I rarely frequent monasteries on ski trips.
renata: oh, you don't know what you're missing.. all the best parties are at the monasteries
priscilla: how could I be so foolish!
priscilla: The workshop dorms were an extension of a monastery for a bunch of cloistered nuns, and I could hear all the heavy metal music from my room.
priscilla: okay, it was all true up to the comma
renata: oh, those crazy commas
renata: they just lead straight to satan
priscilla: *hold up breadstick cross to the comma*
renata: *gets garlic*
priscilla: *imagines scene out of The Crucible*
renata: *gets tired of fighting satan and makes garlic bread*
priscilla: when you're tired of fighting satan with garlic bread, you're tired of life
renata: never were truer words spoken

*stuffs priscellie in a duffel bag and jets off to vegas for a quick shotgun wedding*
hearts, dear ^_^

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Hermione Granger is your Hunk of Burnin' Love.
Hermione Granger is your Hunk of Burnin' Love.

Who Is Your Gryffindor Hunk of Burnin' Love?
brought to you by Quizilla

*giggle* if i change one answer, i get ron. but it's all good.

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whyyy won't you republish?! i only want to delete the double post. *sniff* why must i continue to have to make pointless posts like this one just to get you to publish june, to say nothing of my horribly unmatching archives? sometimes your actions are very hurtful, blogger.

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ooh yeah and one more thing! just in case any of you who might be interested in this don't read the cb boards.. megan started a webring for renthead bloggers. it's called compulsive bloggers [who are also vampire welfare queens] and it rocks. you know you wanna.

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*blink* wow, i just re-read my last post and it's reaaally disjointed. i wonder what i'd be like high.

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listening to: barenaked ladies, life in a nutshell (live)

dude, i love this song! i especially love the part when he's like "and i fell... down".. um, yeah.

saw catholic schoolgirls again and helped with strike in a vague manner. witnessed many an exciting butt race. (this is a game that will invented; it involves seeing who can crawl all the way under a chair/desk thing the fastest.) dropped by kellie's partay, left, went home. have been working on the who's who?, as most of the boys in my life were oddly missing. also, i divided it into "u-high" and "elsewhere". (and, hopefully at least, soon i'll have a grinnell section ^_^) also, i alphabetized it, because i felt sort of guilty about the random order. like.. someone was going to be offended by being far down on the list because it meant i didn't love them as much. and this blog is an equal distributor of loooove.

more or less, anyway.

also, priscellie: the animatrix is a dvd with 9 short films with background or just.. having something to do with the matrix, all by a different anime director. they're neato. i'd assume you could get it at blockbuster or wherever you rent your movies. (or best buy or amazon or wherever.) i'll sgt. pepper it soon. it's neat.

sometimes, i feel sort of guilty because i'll be thinking about someone, and i'll just think man, i am so much cooler than that person. and then i feel even more bad because the thought i have in response to feeling bad about it is well, i am. and then i go home and play with my nightcrawler action figure and realize that i will never be cooler than anyone. which is what makes me cool. ... okay, no it doesn't. shut up, i'm cooler than you are! i mean.. uh.. dammit.

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Sunday, June 29, 2003

dude! the new version of safari has tabbed browser windows! gaha!

also, upon watching the animatrix i have concluded that one or both of the following must be true:
1.) all the animators were really horny while working on it
2.) women in the matrix just really like to walk around in their underwear.

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listening to: the ramones, we want the airwaves

... i was going to post an amusing quote, but i thought it might be terribly offensive out of context. moreso than usual, i mean.

anyway. i'm tired. went to see catholic schoolgirls, yay miriam and kellie and eliz and everyone! then miriam, mike, stephanie and i got ice cream. mm, ice cream.

i'm tired. i already said that. i've been playing much sims the last few days. because, i heart unleashed. megan, you and i adopted a siamese cat. named curtichu. and he has 0 intelligence points. doh. but he's very friendly and loyal ^_^ we're trying to teach him how to dance. but it's hard, because, well, he's not very smart.

oh yes, and talia: i use neither explorer nor netscape, but apple safari. which rocks. make sure to download it when you upgrade to osx. but i tried republishing with explorer (5 aand 6) and with netscape. and none of them worked. alas.


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Saturday, June 28, 2003


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Friday, June 27, 2003

mmm ok. except for my non-republishing archives, i believe everything's switched over. some non-mac person-- let me know how the right frame looks, because i can't see the colored scrollbars. and, it looks like it's making me arrow left. but it shooould be the right size. so um yes.

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okay, has anyone else tried to republish their blog with new blogger? cos for me, it just shows the "publishing" thing, and refreshes it allll the time, but never actually.. like.. does anything. and it's v. frustrating.

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just emerging from like... wow, 2 hours in the html zone to say that i've been working madly away at the clerks layout and it's now SO much better than the beta i posted last night. wow. so i think i'll be changing over soon, hopefully today. so if you have any last words for v6, it would be best to get them out now ^_^

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listening to: tori, tombigbee (live)

so uh... well, i dunno. new layout. in progress. needs some work with the tables, for sure. but i'm tired. and.. i don't know. it's.. different. and i don't know if i like it or not. like, it kind of looks like halloween to me. and i know it looks like hell on 800x600. so i think i need to get rid of at least one of them. and the natural thing to do would be to get rid of silent bob and leave dante and randal. (oh yeah, and these are the guys from clerks: uncensored in case you've not had the privilege to see this fine television masterpiece ^_^) but. i love silent bob. so maybe i could get rid of dante, and thus all the orange, and move bob over and have one on each side? except... gah. i don't know. and, i feel like the random orange doesn't tie in, until you see dante down there. so maybe i could have him up at the top and then the menus and suchlike below him, so you have to scroll down for them? iii just don't know. i might not end up using it at all. but i like it. kind of. except for all the stuff i just said that i don't like. and i need to make a new "boron" graphic. but i can't get the stupid clerks font (adelaide plain) to work with my stupid crappy graphics software. oh, and the jerkiness of the blue and green background. i could fix it by using a smaller bit of it to tile. but i sort of like it, because it kind of captures the animation style of that particular bit. (in case you haven't seen the episode this is from..the gimmick is that the script to the end of the episode was lost, so the end was finished by the korean animators, so it's all random anime-ish... very seizure-inducing.)

hmm. so aany feedback, including criticism (of a kindly nature ^_^) would be appreciated. (especially any tips about how to not have that random bit of blue and green at the bottom of randal and bob.)

eta: got so distracted in my ranting that i forgot to post the link. doh.

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Thursday, June 26, 2003

*frowl* so i can't take screengrabs when dvds are playing?! well, then, just how am i supposed to get screengrabs of my dvds? honestly.

hmm. hopefully this 3rd party software i'm downloading will let me. because otherwise, prospects for my vaguely-in-planning new layout look grim indeed.

*stalks off*

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mm. for some reason i can't republish at the moment, but i can post. so this is just to get the template to update, because i joined a couple fanlistings and compulsive bloggers. (and took down the ears with feet code, because apparently it's defunct now?)

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and now for the traditional renthead test post:

test one two three...

(anything but that)

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what the HELL? why did blogger change? what? i liked the old blogger! why do i have to preview my posts now? i don't want to preview my posts.. i... um. *pokes blogger*


listening to: patty griffin, moses

random amusing quotes: "oh... were you talking about voltaire the person, or voltaire the band?"
"voltaire the band, actually.."

"magneto's two most notorious enemies: nightcrawler and renata's crotch."*

so, yes. my party was terribly entertaining. ashvin gave me this patty griffin cd (living with ghosts) because "my sister said it was good angry girl music, i dunno.." which i thought was terribly nice of him ^_^ (and he also gave me two burned emo cds which i'll not judge till i listen to them. but just between you and me, bah, emo!) anyway. let's see.

matt was the only person to arrive on time. go matt! so we watched the simpsons and waited for everyone else. and, he gave me the best card in the whole world. he made it himself, and it has a polaroid of him dressed like a pirate on the front, and it says "now that you're 18, you can do things that you couldn't do before, such as...dressing up like a pirate for others' birthdays! happy b-arrrr-thday!" and it amused me TERRIBLY. and, he gave me a ninja turtles post-it pad that says "my homework" at the top. yes.

oh, and trina randomly started playing the hulk video game that reid had rented, and it was hilarious, because she kept trying to make him breakdance.. .and it was on easy mode, so it was almost impossible for her to die, so the hulk is just up there flailing around, and the guards are wandering around rather helplessly... hoo boy, goodtimes.

anyway, eventually people showed up, and we ate food, and played with our excessive number of cats, and juuust when we were about to break the pinata, this massive thunderstorm came out of nowhere and we all fled inside, and thus the pinatas' lives were spared.

we also started playing some good ol' n64, where i fared surprisingly well, considering my lack of talent for video games. there was this one rockin' mariokart race where i went from being last place to first all in like the last.. 20 seconds of the race. woot! much fun. oh, and eliz and martin gave me this game called "pop-up pirate", and we played that. arrr. sadly, elizabeth lost and was forced to walk the plank.

and, megan gave me a big nightcrawler, and i love him more than life itself. like.. it's movie nightcrawler, so it looks remarkably like alan. and he's wearing the goofy striped pants, and.. oh.

hmm. and, talia gave me some piers anthony books, yay! because people keep telling me to read him and i keep being like "yes!... later." and, yes. aaand miriam and trina gave me a reallllly cool series of gifts, look:
a wrinkle in time
bill and ted's excellent adventure
a pop-up hamper for nasty clothes at college
a totally trippindicular t-shirt (it says pirate's booty on it!! teehee!)
awakening chocolate-covered coffee beans

yeah. *hearts her friends*


oh, and, this morning miriam and trina and i were eating muffins, and i was thinking about those nutrigrain commercials, where the people eat cinnamon rolls or muffins and then their bodies turn into whatever pastries they just ate, and it says "respect your body", and that's supposed to make you want a nutrigrain bar? but the thing is, if you ate those, you'd just turn into a bar. really, that commercial subliminally promotes cannibalism. think about it.

* i know this one will require some explanation. see, megan gave me this awesome big nightcrawler action figure, and i have a kitten named magneto.. so i was trying to get magneto to play with nightcrawler, but instead he started crawling around my crotch.. and it was just amusing.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

random thought: wouldn't alan cumming as sirius ROCK?

(have they cast poa yet?)

(eta: gary oldman? pshaw.)

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watching: old x-men cartoon, yay

random amusing quotes: "you guys can't talk about harry potter, i haven't read it yet!"
"but dude, i looved that part when dumbledore and john lennon were making out!"
"yeah! but it was so sad when that guy died.. what's his name? oh, yeah, harry!'
"yeah, only then john lennon brought him back to life, cuz he's bigger than jesus."
"the part that surprised me most, though, was when hermione recorded that rap album..."
"shut UP you guys!"

hee. worked this morning, and then lunched with trina and miriam and elora, which was good times. (and ran into jeff k. aww i heart jeff.) and then, i got a shot. sad. (a meningitis vaccine.) and then i went home, and went back to work, and then back home. and here i am. watching the random x-men cartoon dvd. oooh my god i love gambit's crappy dialect. (petit's body look ok, but nobody home!) and the theme music. doo-doodle do, do do! doo-doodle do, do dooo... heey, beast just slammed jackson pollock. jerk. (frankly, i've never been able to tell jackson pollock's paintings from his drop cloths!) but, it's okay, because he's beast. dude, that morlock has an eyepatch! piiirate morlock!

oh, joy.

except now my arm hurts.

oh, and i talked to megan! and she's coming to my party!! yay! aand she told me that she got me a pirate duck, but i can't tell anyone. so shh, don't tell. *shifty eyes*

wow, jean's got some big 80's hair.

on that note, i'm off...

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listening to: jason mraz, the remedy

this song. it's musical heroin, i swear. (but musical heroin of a much higher grade than the tambourine song.)

anyway. i'm off to work sooon (yes, jason, i work... part time, at braden.) but, i was thinking, cuz a large quantity of my readership is off to college soon, or in college.. anyway, over on the neil boards we set up a postcard circle recently, and i think it would be really cool to do one with all you guys. basically, we have a master list of the addresses of everyone on the list, and then every two weeks we send out a card to the next person on our list. (i mean, you start out with the name after yours on the list, and then move down. not that like.. every 2 weeks one person gets a postcard from everyone. um, i suck at explaining.) aanyway... that's just how the neil board one is set up, we could do it every month, or every week, or whatever, depending on what you guys think and how many people are interested. i just thought i'd mention it, because i looove to get mail. and i don't think we'd start it until augustish, so we can use our dorm addresses and stuff. but. i just thought i'd post it now while i was thinking about it, and see how many would be interested? (open to all, not just college folk, of course!)

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Monday, June 23, 2003

listening to: the clash, lovers rock

i was so confused because itunes wasn't playing... because like, the volume on the computer was at full, and the volume on itunes was at full... but i hadn't hit play. go me.

just noticed a few things i about my last meme...
1. if i were a color, i wouldn't really be light pink. that was left over from megan. i'd be dark purple or maroon.
2. aaand my historical figure rant about the grimke sisters and sticking to one's principles.. i just wanted to clarify that that's who i'd like to be.but i don't know if it's who i am, because i've never really had anything.. to fully test how i'd react in a similar situation. so i hope that i would stick to my principles. but i don't know. i'd probably honestly end up being like.. one of those guys who signed the declaration of independence, but real small and illegible and down in the corner somewhere.

yes. and now off to work.

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Sunday, June 22, 2003

listening to: jill sobule, jesus was a dreidel spinner

this song makes me think of nathaniel. *sigh* i have no idea how i'm going to explain this to people later on in life... "oh, you know, jews always make me think of my friend nathaniel.. no, he wasn't jewish, we just liked to make jokes about the holocaust together..."


went up to chicago today with family to have lunch with my grandparents.. it was at this crazy romanian restaurant and one of the stained glass windows had a picture of dracula. which was great. but he didn't look like.. well, you know, dracula. he was just a guy. that would be a good book. "dracula: just a guy".

anyway. stole this from megan:

If I were a month I would be: september. because school starts, but you're not sick of it yet.. and it's all crisp and cool.
If I were a day of the week I would be: thursday. because i'm not cool enough to be friday, but you like me anyway.
If I were a time of day I would be: around 1am.
If I were a planet I would be: neptune. it's quirky.
If I were a sea animal I would be: a dolphin.
If I were a direction I would be: northwest.
If I were a piece of furniture I would be: a comfy chair.
If I were a sin I would be: sloth
If I were a historical figure I would be: oh, sweet. not jefferson, that's for damn sure. *shakes fist at jefferson* maybe one of the grimke sisters, they rock. or.. like, what are their names? the brother and sister that started the white rose in germany? maybe one of those. basically.. someone who sticks to their principles, even when sticking to your principles sucks.
If I were a liquid I would be: dr. pepper. i'm not for everyone, but i'm tasty.
If I were a tree I would be: an oak. just cuz.
If I were a flower/plant I would be: a dandelion
If I were a kind of weather I would be: just after the rain, but not too humid.
If I were a musical instrument I would be: a french horn
If I were an animal I would be: a cat.
If I were a color I would be: light light pink
If I were a vegetable I would be: a cucumber. only because they're my favorite.
If I were a sound I would be: purring.
If I were an element I would be: boron. duh.
If I were a car I would be: an old bug.
If I were a song I would be: take to the sky by tori.

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*giggle* highlight below for terribly amusing, to me at least, oop spoiler from a conversation with kait..

(did i mention oop spoiler? big time? right below this, in white writing? okay, then.)

renata:*sigh* book 6 needs to be called "harry potter and the bad dream which he wakes up from and realized that not only is sirius still alive, but his middle name is lee"

alright then. (note: be careful about leaving any comments in reply to this.. i'm trying to keep this a spoiler-free blog for a bit.)

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crap. i just deleted a whole rant. *frowls*


okay. so... i juuust finished order of the pheonix and i'm sort of... um. first i should say: nooo plot spoilers here, just reaction. so if you don't want aaaanything at all: get out now ^_^ (but really, i don't think i'll be saying anything major.)


can i just say, though, that i really wish jk hadn't said that someone would for sure die? because the whole time i was reading it, i kept thinking "whooooo's gonna die?!" and i kept hearing it in matt's crazy voice, which was, well, weird.

but. i didn't cry. which surprised me. but the more i think about it the more i might cry later. stupid fictives. um.

and i'm just really impressed with jk's ability to tie random stuff together. rather gaiman-esque (ah, high praise from me.) oh, and this is a spoiler, if you read the world's end forum at the neil boards: i called it, in the prediction thread.. .and now i feel oddly guilty, like if i hadn't guessed it then it wouldn't have been this person. um. (and yes, yes i know that the book was finished and printed long before 2 days ago. but still.) but i also feel oddly triumphant for getting it, when lots of other people said someone else. yes.

this book was so good. and i hated that.. person a lot. okay, you know what, this is not a spoiler if you've read like.. 100 pages or so. so:

i hated umbridge! stupid bitch! *stab*

but, i hearted this book. except for being sad. and angry. grrr. but good book. yes.

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Saturday, June 21, 2003

listening to: tori, honey (live)

whee! just bought... hey, wait. i've started my last three posts with "whee". i need something new.

um. so let's start over.

pants! i just bought hp and the order of the pheonix for 60%off! (40% for preordering + 10% readers advantage + 20% coupon, if i spent $50. which i did.) so yeah, i just had a gooood time at b&n, because of my aforementioned %20 off after $50 coupon. my grandma sent me some money for my birthday, soo i decided, hey, might as well spend some of it ^_^ so i bought harry potter, the simpsons and philosophy which i've long been coveting from afar, a walk in the woods by bill bryson, a simpsons trivia game, which i think matt, mike and i definitely need to get together and play, and a couple postcards for the ng board postcard circle. yay!

and, reid gave me this dvd he made of some old x-men cartoons. yaay! *hearts the old x-men cartoons, even more than evolution* and mom told me to just order 3 things off my amazon wishlist. hmm.. what to pick?

okay. so i just ordered myself
clerks: uncensored
the animatrix
and the sims unleashed.


*whooshes off to read harry potter*

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whee. my first post as an 18 year old!

anyway. nathaniel's party was muuch fun. well, okay, the first half hour or so sucked, because it was me, stephanie, ryan, reijo, and nathaniel. watching golf. dude. but it was all uphill from there. and. aww. i will miss nathaniel SO much. he was a cocky, arrogant, evil republican and i heart him. seriously. he got on my nerves every so often, but i really will miss him a lot.

okay. yeah. and the party was a lot of fun. just us sitting around, being stupid, and eating cookies. and occasionally being mocked by nathaniel's parents.

i stopped by b&n on my way home, but they were closed by then. (1:30. i figured they would be, but it never hurts to check...) so i'll just go pick it up tomorrow morning. mmm, harry potter.

(conversation i just had with my mom: "so what do you want to do on your birthday?" "read harry potter!" "well, you've still got a lot of cabinets to clean out..." "mrah mrah mrah, cabinets!")

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Friday, June 20, 2003

listening to: tori, concertina

random amusing quotes: "wait... why does it keep defaulting back to talia's clip?"
"oooh, steve's computer has a cruuush on taaaalia!"

"put the wiener in boiling water, and watch as it turns into an octopus right before your eyes!"


last night we had a hilarious video editing session at stevie's house from like, 11-2:30 am. and it was great. nathaniel's video is going to rock.

but. the part that amused me the most... well, i was really tired, and i was flipping through this magazine, and it had a recipe for turning hot dogs into octopi. and i thought this was a hilarious concept. and then it had the above r.a.q. stuck in the instructions, so i was trying to read it out loud to everyone. but like. i could not say the word "wiener" without laughing hysterically.

oh, and that bit about talia... it reminded me, that talia's dvd player is god. yes. because when you put a dvd in, the digital display says "LORD". (well, really, it says "LOAD" but you know that's not as amusing.)

am torn. on one hand, i reaaally want to go to the hp release party. on the other hand, tonight is also nathaniel's going away party. and i probably won't see him again until next summer. (he's off to the air force academy.) *frowl* so i'll probably just end up going and picking up my copy first thing tomorrow morning. but i want it noooooooow!

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Thursday, June 19, 2003

eeew. just skimmed my mail... apparently u-high's musical next year will be les miz, the school edition. ew ew ew.

haha, but i won't have anything to do with it!

< /gloat >

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listening to: tori, concertina

i have entered into a mad love affair with this song. sirius lee.

anyway. um. i dropped reid off at his guitar lesson today, and then i wandered around downtown normal. and. i bought the best shirt ever at house of funk (for $3! yay!) it's black, and it says "pirates" on the front, and "13" on the back. and then i bought another good one for $2, it's maroon and plain on the front, and on the back it says "spare parts" and "42" (which is why i bought it.. 42! yay!)

also, dropped by babbit's and picked up the giver for $2, cos last night i was cleaning out my bookshelves and noticed that my copy had mysteriously disappeared. and what kind of sick sick person doesn't own a copy of the giver? (note: if you don't own a copy of this book, babbit's had like 3 more. go.) and theeen, i went to the coffeehouse and ran into megandee! yaaay! and we talked for a bit, and then i had to go get reid again, and it was sad ~_~ but we blew kisses at each other through the window, much, i think, to the confusion of the girl who was sitting in front of said window.

before i forget: happy birthday, delanarrrr!! *dances a birthday dance*

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listening to: the clash, lost in the supermarket

this song fills me with an odd sort of quiet joy.

this morning.. went kickboxing, and then shopping with me mum. got some peace sign stickers at 50% off! and some flip-flops for $3. and some chicken strips. life is good.

and now i'm writing a thank you note to my grandparents, and it matches my calendar!! you have no idea how much this excites me! or maybe you do. but. yes. because, it's a hello kitty notecard, and i have a hello kitty calendar.. and this month it's "hello june, hello yellow!" and the notecard is yellow, and it has the same picture (of hello kitty in a yellow dress drinking lemonade).. and... um... hi, i'm a herd. dammit.. i'm a nerd, curtis is my herd.


can someone help me
i think that i'm lost here
lost in a place
called america....

(that's tori. not the clash. but maybe the supermarket that the clash are lost in is in america, and we're all lost together.)

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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

listening to: tori, girl

gah. my name is renata.. and i am a packrat.

oy. i've been cleaning, and i threw out two garbage bags full of stuff. not to mention like.. 2 other bags of clothes i gave to goodwill. and you can't even tell! my room is still insanely cluttered! but.. with such cool stuff! *flail*


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okay, i dug matrix: reloaded but i still think this is tres amusing.

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listening to: talking heads, and she was

whee. hmm. okay, i love the blogger sweatshirt too, but let's face it, anyone who owns apparel advertising a website is a nerd. and that's okay. *embraces nerdiness* (and i do really think i am going to buy one... i have "another hooded sweatshirt" on my "needs for college" list....)

anyway. last night was fuuun, taaaalia and i watched the nightmare before christmas, which i had never seen before, and enjoyed immensely. and then the a sorta fairytale dvd, during which we discussed 1. whether or not that freaky looking foot was really tori's (it's not, according to the behind-the-scenes thingie), 2. whether tori's freaky foot was supposed to be symbolic (it is, apparently), and 3. how sorry we felt for the person whose foot that was. (seriously, have you seen this video? this chick's pinky toe is like.. longer than her big toe, and it's all spindly and separated from the rest of her toes. it's unsettling.)

so yes. oh, and then we watched the final sacrifice, which continues to be my favoritest mst3k episode, no matter how many times i watch it. (and that number is.. well, quite large by now.)

then, we wandered over to trina's for a bit to work on project mayhem, by which i mean, of course, nathaniel's going away gift.

naturally. *shifty eyes*

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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

listening to: ramones, blitzkrieg bop

so, how big of a nerd would i be if i owned a blogger sweatshirt?

right. that's what i thought. but like... they're only $25, that's pretty cheap for a hooded sweatshirt. (i will never understand why hooded sweatshirts are so much more expensive than regular ones. hoods aren't that big, people.) yeah. i followed the link out of curiosity. and now i'm all like "hmm..."

anyway. um.

i was listening to the live tvab cd in my car, and i realized that there's a large chunk of "girl" in which i have no idea what tori's saying. it sounds like

russian rivers
threads so thin
aipfshidshjg drugstore
sal;dfhlkd;ghds heart
pillar to my doubt
one day, maybe one day..

so yeah. *investiages*.. oh my god! it's really:

rushin' rivers
thread so thin limitation
dreams with the flying pigs
turbid blue and the drugstores too safe in
their coats anda in their do's yeah
smother in our hearts
a pillow to my dots

dude, tori.. that doesn't make any sense. oh well, it sounds really cool.

*stretches* i got up early to go kickboxing. but then i took a nap when i got home. and now i'm talking to talia about the possibilities of doing stuff (tm). woot!

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Monday, June 16, 2003

listening to: jill sobule, the last line (live)

random amusing quote: "ooh, you're fingering renata... i like it!" (note: apparently, tj has a hole in his pants which he has named "renata". i'm a little disturbed, but it's okay.)

i had this really fucked up dream... me and marion and some random guy were in.. sweden, i think? trying to get money for a soccer team, i believe. but then we were in chicago. oh, but i had to be back home soon, because my mom wanted me to go visit macalester one more time. ("mom, i'm already going to grinnell! i cancelled my application to macalester because i got accepted early decision at grinnell, remember?" "oh, i know, but i still think you should go look at them one more time, just in case." "but moooom...") i was really annoyed with her about that, i remember. and nobody would give us money for our soccer team. but i think someone gave us a soccer ball. that was nice of them.


last night, good times at amanda's house. stephanie and i made everyone watch pocahontas 2, and it was great. we kept pointing out symbolism and/or historical accuracies. ("look! he ripped the union jack trying to kill pocahontas! it's cuz his HATRED is stronger than his love for his country!") (speaking of which, now that i think about it.... when did they start using the union jack? meh.) but. yes. it was fun. and we went swimming, and miriam and amanda kept trying to drown each other, and it was great. *blink*

today renata of doom got a credit card offer. it's great. they sent her a full-color picture of this credit card with "renata of doom" on it. i'd scan it, but it has a number on it, and it's not "1234567..." so i'm not sure if it's a valid number or not >_<

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Sunday, June 15, 2003

listening to: beatles, birthday

random amusing quotes: "it's totally trippindicular!"

"why does she sleep with a clown?"
"hey, i sleep with a clown!"
"oh, that's just your mom, ashvin!"

"wait, skip wants to sleep with his mom?!"
"no, no... this girl's mom wants to sleep with skip."

whee. i don't know where my family is. *shrug* i wandered downstairs about.. an hour ago, and was stumbling around making coffee and my dad popped in and said hi, and then left. and yeah. and i have yet to see reid or mom. and mom's car is gone. um. so i think she's not here. oh well.

last night was much fun. well, after the working part. went over to miriam's house, where (by this time; some other people had been and gone) she and steve and ashvin and nathaniel were watching valleygirl, this terrible-funny 80's movie that nathaniel had apparently chosen. i only caught about the last hour, but they rewound it and made me watch some other choice scenes.. such as when the main character, whats-her-name, was doing drivers ed with her friends, so-and-so, the ugly one, and the cheerleader (hee!), and the teacher.. and the whole time she was just rambling in valleyspeak, including referring to someone as "totally trippin-dicular", which nathaniel defined as "3 right angles" ^_^

it was good times ^_^

*scratches arm* oh, i hear voices! i mean, actual voices, not in my head ones. i think. um. *looks out window* heeey, i think my dad is hiding in our bushes. er, wait. i think he's behind the bush, but i can't see him because the house is in the way. whee.

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Saturday, June 14, 2003

listening to: barenaked ladies, random live medley

random amusing quote: "i could be the pee queen!" (note: more amusing because it was rob)

my kitty loves me and i love my kitty. seriously.. she's so adorably clingy. she follows me around places, and when i got home tonight she was pacing around the kitchen waiting for me. awww. right now she's melting into my lap.

worked at the 4+ hour dance recital from hell. gah. but i read most of fair weather by richard peck, so it wasn't a total loss. plus, i was getting paid. so you know.

then, an ihop excursion. mmm, food. and amanda brought a cosmo, and we all had too much fun with it.

where in the world is factor-five? it's been down the last couple days. sigh.

mm. oh. i believe my birthday party will be on june 25, as i'm working all the other days that week. *sigh* i was drawing a map to our house to stick in with invitations, and my mom and i got in a big fight... because, see, there's 2 slightly different ways to get here, and i like one way better and she likes the other way... and miriam and nathaniel and ashvin got terribly (there i go again..) lost with her way... and.. we fought. and then, i tried her way last night.. and she got 2 roads confused! she got "minier" and "mackinaw" roads confused, and it makes a big difference.. and i told her about this, and she was like "oh, well, it's the same road!" *sigh* but, it's okay.

*continues petting kitty* i think we're off to bed now.

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Friday, June 13, 2003

i was just reading my blog (just checking to see if anyone loves me enough to leave me a comment; you don't ~_~), and i noticed that i used the word "terribly" four times in the last entry. what the hell? who do i think i am, mary poppins? honestly.

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listening to: jill sobule, joey

random amusing quotes: "dude, that [stuffed] vampire is totally stealing the show!"
"well, it's not that hard.."

"so okay.. if they did it, and then he turned back into a 12 year old, would she go to jail? i mean what's the legality regarding people who have magically had their age increased?"
"well, technically he was still 12."


adj. unable to spoil clothes.
"What do you think of that girl, Frank?" "She's renata!"

(this according to the infinite teen slang dictionary.)

last night was vastly entertaining. miriam and i went to see big at miller park summer theatre, and none of our friends that we had called were available, except nathaniel, who had given us his standard noncommital, ".. well, i might be there.." and then, he showed up. so it was the two of us and nathaniel, which is always a terribly amusing combination. (nathaniel will say something offensive, miriam will get offended, and i'm usually terribly amused. although occasionally offended.) so anyway. big was... um... it was... terribly lacking... in... the area of being good. right. so, at intermission we went and talked to talia and josh and michelle and megan (who were playing for the pit orchestra), and then we went to steak n' shake. where we ate, and sat. for 2.5 hours. (well, most of the eating was done after the first .5 hour. after that it was just talking.) and.. i don't know, it was terribly entertaining. goodtimes.

and, tonight i have to work at another crappy dance recital. but, yay for money. hopefully will go shopping or somesuch with miriam and trina beforehand.

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Thursday, June 12, 2003

listening to: matt caplan, kalamazoo (live)


hmm. talia: big is over the 22nd, right? when are you going to be free? because, i want to have a birthday party (whee!) this year, but i want to make sure that you can come. *n od* (and like.. no one else i know has too many major conflicts [except for meagna], so i can schedule around you ^_^)

i had a terribly unproductive day today, and it was great. well, i went kickboxing, and went to wal-mart and bought ingredients for a casserole, and then i made the casserole, and then i ate some of the casserole. casserole casserole casserole.

um. and tonight i think i'm going to go see big with miriam and whoever else we call.

oh, and last night i beat carmen sandiego's great chase through time, and it was so great. golly, i love that game. *sniff* except now it's over, and i'll have nothing to fill my days with. except for laundry, and the sims. well, and regular where in the world is carmen sandiego?. and trying to find a job. erm. yes.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

listening to: tori, honey (live)

i loove this song. and i love that she descrives it as "... my favorite song from under the pink, but the thing is, it's not on utp, because it got kicked off at the last minute in mastering, because i'm such a dingaling... but anyway, she's my favorite, and it's like... you know..."

i heart tori.

i don't hate power kickboxing, though. a certain miriam decided that we should go, and i grudgingly agreed... and then she almost passed out, and i just got cranky. gah. i like the part where i get to hit stuff. but the other stuff sucked. and the part where i had to be hit sucked too. (you wear gloves, and the other person hits your gloves. but i'm not strong enough to take the kind of force these scary soccer moms can put out, so my arms would always come back and hit me. and since they're all short, as if they had streamlined away all their unneccesary bits into these little fierce fighting machines, this means that i spent a good amount of time hitting myself in the boobs. hard. which sucks.)

but you know. it happens.

talia and i are seeing tori aand ben folds in less than 2 months! *flails*

turn back one last time
love to watch to those cowboys ride
but cowboys know
cowgirls ride
on the indian side
and you know what you're doing
so don't even
you're just too used to my honey now
your'e just too used to my honey....

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dude. carmen sandiego's great chase through time is the best game ever. right now, renee santz and i are interviewing beethoven, and one of the questions you can ask him is "why do you scowl so much?" (yes, it would be better if it were frowl, but.. baby steps.) (fyi: beethoven scowls out of frustration towards those who don't understand his music and his impending hearing loss. also, probably because someone stole his 5th and 6th symphonies. but it's alright, because time inspector renata of doom is on the case!)

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you know, it's terribly difficult to get anything done with a cat looking at you petulantly. she doesn't like it when i get up. (and really, neither do i.) so she just sits there, glaring, trying to get me to go back to sleep and pet her. and when i put her on my lap, she just sheds into the keyboard.

i post this just so that, if i suddenly disappear off the face of the earth, someone will make sure to check my bed.

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listening to: bnl, the flag (in my head)

hmm. there have to have been some raqs, but i can't seem to remember any. aaah well.

eventful day today... went with reid and bought his books for uhigh, and barnes and noble, and the library, where i checked out the weirdest collection of books, ever:
~ lost in cyberspace and long way from chicago by richard peck
~ downsize this! by michael moore
~ a summer to die by lois lowry
~ peter pan by jm barrie
~ no exit and the flies by sartre (say it with me: "sar-tray" ^_^)

oh, and i meant to get a book about leprechauns (for otgar). rats.

anyway. and then i took reid to see matrix: reloaded, where i successfully convinced the stupid theatre nazi that i was close enough to 18 to be allowed to buy reid a stupid movie ticket.

went home, made a grilled cheese, went back into town, where miriam and nathaniel and steve and michelle and megan h. and i sat around and watched good morning vietnam. (and i imagine miriam had a rather surreal moment when i answered my phone at family video, and the end of the conversation she heard started off "hello? ... snick-arrrs? ... oh." hi jason.) woot. and now i'm home again. hi.

let's see. del: it would rock if you came up to see pirates of the caribbean! woot! when's it come out? july?

megan: it's looking like the week after (the week after) my birthday miiiight work better for you to come visit. or possibly the week before. *considers* and then you could leave on my birthday, and still make pride weekend for late saturday and sunday. except if i remember right, i have to work all week of the 23rd. must check on that. (and can't get out of it. well, i can, but i really, really need to work and this is one of my few chances to do so. stupid braden. stupid nowhere hiring. stupid capitalism.)

kait: have not yet received frowl money, although i did get the invitation to your party. woot, parrrty ^_~

everyone else: um... noodles.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

listening to: tori, take to the sky (live)

raaar! i'm trying to register for my tutorial for grinnell (tutorials are small, freshman-only classes at grinnell. the only required class, and there are about 30 different ones you can take, all on crazily varied subjects.) so anyway, i fired up ie6, because as much as i love safari, it is only in beta, and sometimes it has trouble with forms. so, i've been trying to log in, and it keeps telling me that i have the wrong password. but i don't! and then i tried to log in with safari, and it said "access data only."

how needlessly cryptic.

fortunately, i still have an ace up my sleeve... *toddles off to netscape*

*toddles back* okay, netscape thinks i have the wrong password too. maybe grinnell just sent me the wrong stupid password. *sigh* i'll just mail in the postcard...

whee. all the tutorial choices look so cool, i had a hard time narrowing it down to my top 5, which i'm now going to share with you.
1. cartoons
in this tutorial, we will watch, analyze, and discuss a number of animated cartoons. we will first focus on cartoons designed to educate as well as entertain, such as tennessee tuxedo, schoolhouse rock, and peabody's improbable history. we will discuss how successful these works are in teaching viewers and stimulating intellectual history. in addition, we will look at how sentiments of the current culture are intentionally and unintentionally reflected in cartoons and how these sentiments contribute to or distract from the main educational goals. in the second portion of the course we will examine long-running cartoon series, such as bullwinkle, the simpsons, and charlie brown, considering the social commentary that they make and the ideology of the period that commentary is based on.

c'mon, doesn't that sound like the best class ever?!

2. living an authentic life
socrates says that the examined life is what makes life worth living. this tutorial assumes that socrates got it right. focusing on existentialist thinkers: kierkegaard, nietzsche, sartre, camus, and buber, we shall seek to discern the qualities that make a human life authentic. although these writers are alike in their existentialist approach, they range from atheist to agnostic to theist in their ethical, metaphysical, and spiritual commitments. this challenging variety should provide a context within which the group can reflect upon urgent practical and personal issues: how a liberal arts education and one's choice of vocation can contribute to the quest for the authentic life.

that one sounds really cool, too. i'll just give titles for the last 3, since you're all probably tired of reading about school now.

3. shakespeare's history
4. exploitation and subversion: the politics of popular culture
5. literary travel narratives and the invention of self


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this quiz rocks. just because every song that's an option rocks. (tori's b-sides are some of her best songs.. i mean really, upside down, take to the sky, cooling, sugar, honey, operation peter pan... mmmm.)

and, i got my most favorite tori song of all! (well okay, sometimes it's cornflake girl. but usually it's this.)

Take to the Sky
You are Take to the Sky!
If you don't know the song (Don't worry, it happens
to the best of us) and want to know why it's
your song, than here:

*~* Take To The Sky *~*

And here I stand...
with this sword in my hand
You can say it one more time
what you don't like
Let me hear it one more time
have a seat while I
take to the sky

*~What Tori Amos non-album track are you?~*
brought to you by Quizilla

(it gave the whole lyrics, but i clipped it down to just that bit. if you want them all, they're in my soundtrack.)

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Monday, June 09, 2003

listenign to: tori, a case of you

i just wanted to post one more time while the date is still 6/9. ("hey bill, if you're really me.. what number am i thinking of?" "69, dude!")

Caught A Light Sneeze
You are Caught a Light Sneeze! You're dreamy,
different, and imaginative. People can have a
hard time following your train of thought but
it doesn't seem to bug you. You're the kind of
person who's gonna be famous, if not infamous,
for an idea.

*~What Tori Amos music video are you?~*
brought to you by Quizilla

although it is a little shady that this person went to all the trouble of making the quiz, and then incorrectly titled the song... (it should be spelled "caught a lite sneeze".)

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*frowl* haloscan won't let me leave comments. so these questions are for joel. (if you want questions from me, well, you'll just have to give ask me some!)

1. have you ever said "eh?" if so, is this a common occurrence for you?

2. dream vacation... where to?

3. what was your coolest childhood (or not) halloween costume?

4. if you could have any super power, what would it be?

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listening to: rachael sage, grace

*yawn* reid and dad and i went over to my grandma's house today, to set up reid's old computer for her, and give her a crash course. it was.. interesting. um.

questions from joel, yay!

1. Favourite Kool-Aid flavor?
i never really liked kool-aid. we used to drink it all the time at girl scouts, but, bleah. the lemonade kind was good, because it tasted more or less like lemonade. orange is okay. red tastes like death.

2. If you could bring any 2 Disney sidekicks on an Adventure who would you pick?
hmm. abu, from aladdin, cos he's good at stealing stuff and i'm sure that would come in handy. and tink, from peter pan, even though she's tempermental. because fairies are cool.

3. Better Pirate movie: Hook or Muppet Treasure Island?
*hangs head* i've actually never seen hook, although i used to have the novelization of it for some reason. i thought it was a cool idea, but never got around to seeing it. however, i doubt that it could beat the sheer creative genius that is muppet treasure island. oh, i want to go watch that right now! *flail*

4. Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego?
she's in canada, eating your weird gravy fries. lock your doors!

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Sunday, June 08, 2003

watching: adult swim, home movies

*yawn* tired. let's see. i tried to blog earlier, but blogger wouldn't work. stupid blogger. and, i'm tired. like i said.

last night... went to talia's recital, which was wondrous. yay, talia. then, a group of us went to fairview, and everyone played ultimate frisbee, except for me and amanda, as we were skirted and sandalled, and also not feeling like playing ultimate frisbee, so we walked and talked, and it was nice. that was a total runon sentence. anyway. then we sat and argued for about 20 minutes about what to do afterwards, and then we all ended up going home. (except miriam and ashvin and i got ice cream, and then went home.) today.. worked at a crappy dance recital, and riiight afterwards i talked to miriam, and she was all "we're seeing finding nemo at 7:15, at the palace!" and i was all, "aah, i might be late, that's all the way across town!" so i zoom over, and i got there around 7:10, and i get my ticket and go in the theatre... and they're not there. so i call miriam, and she's all "oh, we were at border's and we forgot about the movie.. but we'll be there soon!" ... but, it all ended gladly, and we all saw the movie, which was delightful. (sgt. pepper later.)

and now, del's questions. woot.
1. which is your favorite star wars movie, and why?
ngg. i'll go with rotj, just because i like closure.

2. people often look forward to "reinventing themselves" when they go off to college. will you be doing any reinventing?
oh... not too much, i don't think. although the thing is that.. i think a lot of people just don't know how nerdy i am, because i don't know too many people as nerdy as me, so i don't talk about all of my geekdoms. not because i'm ashamed, i revel in my geekiness... just because it wouldn't mean anything to most people if i said, well, for example, "duuude, i met neil gaiman yesterday!! and i gave him cookies and he gave them to his daughter!" they'd just be like "neil who?" and i'd be like, "a writer" and they'd be like "oh." so, anyway, i'm hoping that at grinnell i'll meet more nerdy folk who have more common interests with me. but like i said, it's not really reinventing, so much as being more vocal about the me that's already invented. and hopefully, i'll be more confident. i'm getting there.

3. your house is on fire. you have time to grab three things. what do you grab?
my photo album, my autographed scarlet's walk, and... *thinks* well, probably my autographed american gods. this assuming that all my family members have already successfully made it out of the house, of course.

4. mac or pc?
mac. definitely don't miss the pc.

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question-answering time! these are from chelle, she's the only one who loves me enough to leave me questions. (priscellie, and anyone else who was confused: it's simple, you just leave 4 questions as a comment.. anything, it could be totally random, something deep and philosophical or something you always vaguely wondered about me or something about who would win in a fight between captain puffypants and pirate mimi ^_^ and then i answer them, and then i give you 4 questions to answer.)


1. Favorite RENT memory
lessee. i think i've actually answered this before, and i think i said 6/21/01... my birthday, my last time seeing the full-cast closing bennies, i got to meet yoou and keith.. and megan was there, and my family, and we ate dinner with curtis, and we were in san francisco... and it was just great.

2. One original RENT cast member comes back to broadway but they are staying forever. Who would it be?
*pouts* well, it's not like i'd be able to see them anyway... and... i wouldn't want *anyone* to stay *forever*, they'd get all old and stuff. so, i'm just going to say aiko nakasone as alexi, because it would get boring having the same person as a lead all the time, and no one cares that much about alexi. like, an old, bored alexi won't ruin the show for anyone. plus, she's cute.

3. One book for the rest of your life. What and why?
deaaar god that's an insanely cruel question. one book for the rest of my life?! gaah. well. and i'm going to cheat a tiny bit, and say the entire sandman series, because it's one complete story arc, and therefore counts as one work. as to why... well, sandman is one of my very favorites of neil's stuff, and it has such range.. i could read some death bits when i needed cheering up (oh, and how morbid that sounds if you don't know neil's death), or when i was feeling angsty i could read some whiny dream bits... and.. yeah. i'm just insanely impressed with the entire sandman series.

4. Ok they have outlawed the sims and carmen sandiego and told you that you can only play one computer game for the rest of your life what would it be?
chelle, this hypothetical world of yours sucks hard, you know that? um.. i don't really play computer games that often, and when i do, it is the sims or carmen a good 95% of the time. um... i think, though, that i'll say sam and max hit the road, because it's hilarious and i adore sam and max. plus, if i waited long enough between playing it, i could forget the solutions to all the puzzles, and it would be a good challenge every time!

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Saturday, June 07, 2003

warning: contains language

no, that's been done. alright...

warning: contains excessive amounts of glee

that's better, then.


random amusing quotes: "humor is anger that has been through finishing school."

"well, neil has more fangirls than most sci-fi/fantasy authors, partly because he has more female characters, partly because of the caliber of his writing, and partly because he's pretty."

"so, i have a few things i'd like to read first, and then i'll open it up to questions.. does that sound good? yes? ah, the illusion of free will..."

okay. wow. well, let's see. i'd aked around, and people told me that i should get there around 9 to make sure i got a good spot. (neil was speaking at 11.) so, since it was in chicago... i've been up since 5, on rather few hours of sleep. (i think i finally dropped off around 3. my sleeping patterns are on the whack.) so, i read coraline to my mom on the way up, and we got there about 10 minutes before the library opened. and, we totally didn't need to get there that early... there were about 3 people there besides us. so, they let us into the auditorium dealie where neil would be, and we sat around. i struck up a conversation with the woman sitting next to me, who was waiting to see richard peck in the same place at 10. we talked about kids books and the like, and then she and my mom started talking about teaching and stuff. anyway. so then richard peck spoke, and they presented him with some young adult fiction award, and he read some excerpts of his work. i'd never heard of him before, but he seemed very cool. i'll have to check out some of his books.

anyway. (by the way, did i mention i was in the front row? because, i was.) then, he left, and neil came on. whee! he was wearing the classic neil black t-shirt and black leather jacket, which is good, because i think i'd feel somehow cheated if he hadn't been. so he talked a bit (and i'm really, really kicking myself for not bringing my trusty tape recorder.. but it's so hard to remember things before 6am... or after it, for that matter.) and then he read his new, coming-out-in-august-but-i-got-to-hear-it-today! kids book, wolves in the walls, which was adooorable. (although i'm not quite sure how good it will be when it's not being read by someone with a charming british accent.. i think the dave mckean illustrations will more than make up for the lack of accent, though.) and then he read a poem called "inventing aladdin" that's for some upcoming anthology, and then he read his coming-out-in-the-indeterminate-future ("hopefully, before you all have grandchildren... or at least before your grandchildren have grandchildren...") kids book, which i believe was called "dear mister crazy hair"...which was dude, so adorable and cute and funny. and it was hilarious when neil was describing the bad hair day he'd had that inspired it ("it looked like a vagrant band of hairdressers had snuck into my room that night and halfway tried to give me a perm.. i mean i had corkscrew curls sticking off my head at right angles!")

and then, he took some questions... let's see, he talked about the inspiration for sandman (ironically, his editor just wanted him to have a monthly comic so that he wouldn't be totally unknown when black orchid was releashed, and the sandman was about the only golden age character they coulod think of that hadn't been taken. in case you were wondering.), and then the possibilities of a sandman movie (and the apparently much more likely death movie [i think it was high cost of living but i can't remember for sure], which is apparently set to start in march, if nothing goes wrong). and, an upcoming short story collection (after a new novel and a new kids novel... oy.) which will include a neverwhere story ("how the marquis got his coat", i think?) aaand a new american gods story. yay!

and then, i went and waited for a long time (well, not that long, but it seemed longer because the man in front of me smelled very bad) and then, i got to meet neil! *flail* the conversation went something like this... i'll see if i can remember. i know i was blushing, because i could feel it. (i hate when i blush. but, well, nothing to be done.)
me: hi.. um, i'm terribly nervous.
neil: something along the lines of i shouldn't be
me: um.. i made you some cookies! *gives cookies*
neil: something about how nice that was; meanwhile i was quietly gathering the few wits i have left about me
me: um, i'm not sure if you remember this or not, but um, i have a website about american gods?
neil: *thinks a moment* oh! the one with the, you know, the list of the gods?
me: er, yeah.
neil: you know, i was trying to get ahold of you! do you have an address?
me: um, yeah.. well.. i actually wrote my email address in the card that's in the cookies (ah, hope, the most human of all emotions)
neil: no.. i mean, a physical address.
me: oh.. well, yeah. (inside head: confused *squee*)
neil: could you write it down?
me: um, sure... *writes down*
neil: i wanted to send you a copy of the turkish edition of american gods.
me: oh? *confused blink*
neil: yes, it has an appendix at the back of all the gods.. i thought that would be useful for you.
me: oh.. yeah, definitely!
neil: something about it being a good site, and for me to let him know if i wanted him to plug it
me: yeah.. thank you! some other probably incoherent stuff as i walked off

so... dude! how cool is that? i mean, i know neil has a ton of stuff to do and he'll probably just lose my address and not actually send me the turkish american gods(this is renata attempting to keep her expectations low) but really how cool is it that he'd even think of mentioning something like that?! *flails about* and that he remembered my site and stuff?

i mean, the mere fact that he gave maddy one of my cookies while i was right there was enough to fill me with fangirl-joy... but this whole thing.... wow. i may be a huge geek, but dammit, i'm currently the happiest huge geek in at least a 50-mile radius.

i wish i knew a lot of neil fans so i could go around telling them this story (think about it.... i'd get to use the phrase and then neil gaiman said to me...) but, well, i really just have talia. and, as kind as talia is, i'm sure she'd want to stab me after the 2nd or 3rd time i told this. so i'll just keep it here. but the june 2003 archives are probably going to get a lot of re-reading from me ^_^

*runs off*

*runs back*


*runs off again*

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Friday, June 06, 2003

listening to: pocahontas, random chanting song thing

random amusing quote: "dick's, give us experience!"

hee. i'm watching pocahontas. i heart this movie. hmm. i baked some cookies to give neil tomorrow. (my name is renata... and i am a fangirl.) i want to think of some terribly clever thing to write and put with them. but i'm sure i'll end up with something like "neil, i like your books, and i like cookies." sigh.

trina and i went to a garage sale today, and i bought a book called look out for pirates! and then, we went to the library and signed up for arks (adults reading kids stuff). yay! and then, we went and applied for jobs. boo-urns. the only place that we applied at that was actually hiring was dick's sporting goods, and we both think it would be hilarious if either/all of us worked there. seeeeriously.

oh, maan do i love this movie. i'm such a nerd. i stayed home on a friday night to bake cookies for a reknowned sci-fi/fantasy author and to watch pocahontas. (of course, i did have to be home because mom more or less said so, and i didn't want to push her. but still.)

gaaaaah getting to see neil tomorrow!!!! (and maybe some people from the ng boards, too!) *flails off in a spiral of joy*

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tired, but not going to bed until i finish updating otgar.

quiz interlude:

Smoke and Mirrors
You are Smoke and Mirrors! You are idealistic,
unpredictable, and hypnotic. People might think
youre a show-off and have a need to be
surprising, but really youre just talkative and
get carried away with some subjects. You might
easily get jealous or feel lonely if something
is going wrong in your life. You probably like
fantasy, fiction and things that can
temporarily take you away from the world. You
have a great sense of humor and are enthralling
to be around.

*~Which Neil Gaiman book are you?~*
brought to you by Quizilla

was hoping for amgods, as it's my favorite and all, but this does sort of sound like me. and, it's probably my 2nd favorite, especially if you consider that sandman wasn't an option. so, am content.

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Thursday, June 05, 2003

listening to: mulan, i'll make a man out of you

whee! this is mostly for talia, but can also be read by anyone who wants to share my exuberance! i bought our tori tickets!! row ll, seats 201 and 202, right section. (this sounds better than it actually is, if i'm reading my seating chart correctly... it actually appears to be the very last row on the orchestra level. but still.. i mean, at least we're not in the balcony.) and dude! we're seeing tori amos and ben folds! how cool is that?! (yes, this event is so exciting that it does indeed call for excessive use of the bold tag.)

v. exciting. anyway. molly's recital was delightful, but i didn't feel like driving alllll the way out to her house to partay, especially as my dad wanted my car by 10:15. so, i'm home. might spend tonight actually updating otgar (*gasp*).

or, might not. we'll see ^_^

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before i forget: ayano, i got your frowl money today, thanks ^_^ (and many thanks for the hello kitty stickers! sparkly! wheeee!) and, i sent off the hp game.. a couple days ago, i don't remember. i think tuesday. so. that should be there soon. woot.

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memetime, friends ^_^ kait asked me these 4 questions, and you leave me a comment, and i'll reply with 4 questions that you can go answer in your journal, and then you can give all your friends 4 more questions.. and.. oh, joy.

1) Who would win in a fight, Captian PuffyPants or Pirate Mimi?
ooh, good question! i think i'm going to have to go with pirate mimi, though. it breaks down like this:
1. puffy pants: handy for sailing, immobilizing in combat.
2. mimi has a hook. arr!
3. underneath those puffy pants, captain puffypants is curtis, after all. he's too nice and fuzzy to really fight someone. mimi is fierce and angry and probably high. she'd take him. (ooooout.)

2) Have you considered the finer points of visiting New York this summer? I hear the weather's fabulous. [/sarcasm]
gah, i meant to reply to your comment earlier! but i got all distracted. *flails hands about to symbolize "distracted"* um. i would looove to. *sigh* oh yes, i would. but, i don't think it's very practical this summer. like.. there's all this stuff.. and... yeah. maybe next summer, though... i'm hoping that if i demonstrate that i can successfully drive to iowa on my own, then they'll trust me enough to let me drive to new york ^_^ (because, plane tickets are expensive. and i am poor.) haven't discussed with megan or del, though.

3) What is your favourite memory?
hmmm. hmmmmmm. let's see. that day last year when a bunch of us went and sat around ash park after the psats was really great... in costa rica, after we went on that sky trek slidey thing... that was good. we were all dirty and hot and really exhilarated and just.. happy. (and then, we got ice cream.) um. when i found out that i had won the thespian dramaturg election, actually, was a good memory just because it was sort of like.. the start of me having self-confidence. i have so many more but i'll stick with these three.

4) Which is your favourite/most dear to your heart of all obsessions past and present?
eee. i think.. i'll probably have to go with rent, just because it was definitely the obsession i've been most involved in, and met the most people through. and the very nature of rent makes it a little different from other obsessions. like, txf was great and all, but it's not what i'd call life-affirming. (that said, txf is probably my second favorite. oh, how i miss the day. after that comes animorphs, just because without it i'd never have met priscilla or keith or ayano or.. darth nibenay? is that where i met him? maybe some others, too. plus, it was my first interest [i was never really obsessed with animporphs the way i have been with other stuff] that i really had any online participation with. and look at me now ^_^)

danke, kait ^_^

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listening to: tori, cornflake girl (live)

i looove this song. and i just talked to taaaalia, and there's a good possibility that we're going to go see tori and ben folds together!! waha! (or, as i oh-so-intelligently told her on the phone, "when i saw her before, i was like 'gaaah!' because it's tori, but i was all by myself, and if we went together and saw tori i'd be all like 'gaaaaaaaaaah!'"

i'm wearing my black pants, because i wanted to look semi-dressy to go to molly's recital tonight. so i probably shouldn't have my fuzzy kitty on my lap. but she's a good kitty, yes she is. *degenerates into talking baby-talk to the cat for awhile*

aanyway. have parental permission for both neil and tori. wooot. v. excited about neil. well, and tori. but that's still in the nebulous futurey area. whereas neil is in.. 2 days.

i'm becoming addicted to x-men: evolution. it's like a soap opera, but they all have super powers! (okay, the comics were pretty soap-opera-y too. but sticking everyone in high school just increases the drama. the mere state of being a high schooler multiplies all your problems by a factor of 10. well, to you, anyway. )

i ordered some cds from my cd club of doooom, because it was buy 1 get 2 free, and i felt i've been getting into a musical rut. so i ordered sheryl crow, c'mon c'mon (because i heart sheryl crow); jason mraz.. whatever his cd is called, something about a rocket (because everyone has been recommending him to me, and i saw that one song of his on muchmusic when i was flipping through, and it's been too long since i bought a cd by someone who i didn't already have a cd of. if that made sense.), aand they might be giants, dial-a-song. so. yes.

i'm tired. i got up at 7:30 to go kickboxing. life's so hard. and the morning classes make me feel like... really out of shape, because it's all these (well, okay, there's like.. 5 at most) really hardcore moms who bring all these kids and stuff, but they're all really muscular and in shape.. and they've had babies! babies! gah!

the kitty and i are taking a nap now.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

listening to: chicago, cell block tango

*squee* guess who's coming to the (freee) chicago printer's row book fair?

yes! neil gaiman! thiiis saturday, at 11 am. [but we'll prolly want to get there earlier, for guaranteed neilness.] *flail* who wants to roadtrip with me? (but talia, i'll deeefinitely be back in time for your recital... but, you probably have to like.. set stuff up or something before? i dunno. let me know if you can go...) yeah. anyone. *wibble*

also, tori is touring with ben folds. *double wibble*

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

listening to: tori, let it be (live)

random amusing quote: "x! for zorro! i mean.. wolverine! i mean.. x-men!"

hmm. last night, i was being productive again.. like, i cleaned stuff, and i did laundry, and i found all of my bedding (my sheet has been mia for a few months), and then i made my bed... which is really something, i never ever make my bed. i view it as a futile activity, because i flail soo much in my sleep (which is why it took so long to find my sheet ^_^). so. yeah. bed made, and then i took a nice shower and i did a face mask and i shaved my legs and it was alll great. so then i lie down and i'm reading in bed for a bit, and i notice something sticky on my foot.. so i investigate, and apparently i nicked my ankle shaving, and i dripped blood aaaaall over the bed and ew, it was gross.

so anyway, the moral of the story is: being productive is counter-productive, and highly overrated.

did more stuff today, errands and such. might stay home tonight, i'm tired and cranky. aand my dad just took my car. he said he'd be back in 2 hours at the latest.. but.. meh.

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Monday, June 02, 2003

listening to: grinnell g-tones, walking in memphis

random amusing quotes: "nathaniel still has property! it's in his pants!"
"oh, that's not public property!"

"i don't know what he's up to.. but it's something shady!"

"oh, just go, shady boy!"

whee. i slept so late today. (1:30...) but it definitely wasn't the like.. 11 hours of consecutive sleep that it would have been. if i would have been sleeping the whole time. um, right.

last night was goodtimes, we had another monopoly party. and it was so great. as much as nathaniel and i like to antagonize one another (he's stupid republican and i'm dirty hippie) i will definitely miss him when he goes off to air force academy boot camp. alas. i'll probably start like.. picking fights with miriam to fill the void. ("hey miriam! liberals are stupid!" "renata, you're more liberal than i am." "oh. yeah.")

hmm. oh, we got this barnes and noble catalogue, and i was flipping through it... and there's a book called shakespeare is hard, but so is life. i want it ^_^

anyway. i've been thinking about... mm, college and stuff. and i'm just really excited. and i've also decided that although i'll definitely miss all my u-high friends, i'm glad that i'm the only u-highian who will be at grinnell. that way, i'll have to make new friends, and i know that if there was even one person there who i knew, i'd be very tempted to close myself off and hang out with that person a lot. and.. the last few years have made me realize that in spite of my paranoid delusions that everyone hates me, i'm actually a rather likable person, you know? and it'll be nice to have people get to know me from scratch, and not have all these preconceived ideas about me. and then on a purely academic level, i'm excited about new classes and new things i can learn. like.... um, i don't know how to say this without sounding like a huge egomaniac, so i'll just say it... as far as writing goes, and i do think that i've managed to narrow it down that i want my future career to include writing of some sort... i just don't feel like high school has improved my writing that much. or well, if i've improved at all, it's because of me and not because of thetard's "writing workshops". and when i was visiting grinnell, one of the professors talked about how all the classes there focus on writing in one way or another, and she said something like... everyone coming here is from the top of their classes at high school, and you probably all know how it feels to have your papers come back with no corrections because there were other students who needed more help than you did. and yeah. because i look at the absolute crap i've written and gotten high marks on... and it's just... kind of frustrating.

let's see. anything else i want to say while i'm being introspective? i suppose.. i feel like more and more i'm becoming the person i've been pretending to be. like.. when someone refers to me as "together" or "responsible" or something along those lines... lately i've been thinking stuff along the lines of "well.. yeah, i guess i kinda am.." instead of "um... are they talking about the other renata?" which is good. i think.


i'm going to go shower.

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Sunday, June 01, 2003

attempting to restore some semblance of order to my computer shelf. therefore, does anyone want, absolutely free, any or all of the following programs? (i got rid of all the crap, but these are nice, pc games so i want to see if anyone wants them before i toss them.)
~ harry potter and the sorceror's stone
~ surething cd labeler (it's neat, really)
~ star wars rebel assault (flying simulator mission-y game)
~ myst (eew, myst.)
~ *eta: x-files: unrestricted access (man, this thing was so cool.. it's a computerized episode guide, and it also has screensavers and stuff)

that's all. for now. *glares at piles of stuff*

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listening to: ramones, beat on the bat


work last night was... hmm. well, there had been some sort of miscommunication, so we had all been told to be there 2 hours earlier than we really needed to, so ricky was like "well, you can all leave and come back, or you can stay here and get paid!" so naturally, we're all like "cha-ching!" so i got paid to sit there and look at the classifieds and mock all the singles ads with ricky and a couple other people. after that, the people started coming, which always makes my job worse. grr. and, i had to work at the handicapped entrance, so i spent most of my evening explaining to people that they could not use this door because they could walk, and then pointing to the giant handicapped sign above my head when they said that "there's no sign! this door needs to be better marked!"

but it's okay.

after that... there was some drama. and miriam and i got to be superspies!

but, i must leave to go out for lunch with reid and dad, so you'll all just have to get this particular story later. toodle pip!

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