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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

baha. just ran into ashvin in the hallway, and apparently in english lit they had to research an "empowered woman", so ashvin picked tori. (ah, what a good boy.) so he sees me, and is like "renata! guess what! i read about tori amos today! and she is so weird! i mean her life is so fucked up! and her lyrics don't make any sense! *pause* she's so COOL!"

*taps fingers together ala mr. burns* eeexcellent.

hmm. last night on the ap lit discussion board nathaniel and i had an interesting conversation about whether the savage in brave new world was more similar to jesus, moses, buddha, or morpheus. (morpheus from the matrix, not morpheus the dream king. although... mmmm, sandman.) yes. nathaniel amuses me greatly. (guess which one[s] i was arguing...)

also: mmmm x-men. specifically, mmmm alan cumming. i'm so glad that i have friends who are also x-men geeks. i'd feel dorky if it was just me like, "woohoo, 2 more days!" but fortunately mike greeted me this morning with "2 more days until friday!"

i am a joyful girl.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

listening to: the cure, in between days

*deep sigh* maybe i'm not as fucked for the ap euro exam as i thought.. just took a practice mc test from my review book and got a 62/80, which isn't too bad. (a 50% is like, a 3. i think. something.) still mildly worried about the amount of content i'll be able to pull out of my ass for the frqs... but on the euro exam you don't need any outside info on your dbqs! woo!

< /history geek speak >

i got new shoeses today. shiny silver ones for prom of dooom, and some black tennis-shoe-clog dealies, for not-prom. (the more time i spend with mike, the more i say the word "dealie".) woot. also, miriam and i reserved a park shelter for our graduation party. (the little one at ash park. woo.) so that'll be the saturday after graduation, from 3-6. all reading this are invited*, but expect a paper invitation sometime. maybe. if i get around to it. um.

today was free scoop day at ben and jerry's, so eliz and ashvin and i stopped by after spanish. um. and then eliz and michelle and i went back at 2:00... but, the second time, i got sorbet.. so it's almost like fruit. right. (um, and then i came home and ate more ice cream.)

i have a weird taste in my mouth. i think i'm going to go brush my teeth. teeth... of doom!

*especially if you're a freaky internet stalker type, then our party will be the talk of the town!

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"If teenage girls put on elf ears," I said today, back in the VIP room, pondering the unfairness of it all, "no matter how gawky they think of themselves in real life, they become beautiful. Whereas if I put on elf ears, I would look like a dissipated Vulcan."

i heart neil gaiman.

moving on.

somehow, this morning, aaron and rob and i got into a discussion about a rumble using assorted marine life as weapons. it was vastly amusing, but i'll just give you bullet points:

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Monday, April 28, 2003

listening to: sheryl crow, ordinary morning

random amusing quotes: "renata, i swear you and nathaniel are the same person!"
"um, yeah, except that we're completely different..."

i felt that quote was a good segue for the chief topic of this blog entry: namely, republican babies. see, we were talking today about how all our babies will be complete opposites of us, so steve will have really messy kids, and i'll have really clean ones who like football, and so on... so then we realized that this means we'll all have republican babies. which just won't do. so then we figured, hey, we'll just abandon them all on nathaniel's doorstep! and it amused us greatly to picture nathaniel opening his door, looking down and seeing a baby (it helps to imagine the baby wearing an "i heart george bush" bib), sighing and rolling his eyes, and taking it into the house. um. i think maybe you have to know nathaniel to realize how damn funny this is.. but... oooh my god. *snerks*

uh... babies. right. mmmm.

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have you ever had one of those days when you just didn't want to do anything?

me too.

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Sunday, April 27, 2003

listening to: sheryl crow, love is a good thing

um. still haven't touched my 2 chapters of spanish workbooks. (due: tomorrow at 1pm. go me.) that's okay. cast party at megarn's was quite entertaining. the highlight was when a bunch of us ended up watching american gladiator, and we all got insanely involved. like... it started out with the boys being involved and the girls mocking them, but then we all got into it too. i cheered for the gladiators with the coolest names; sadly, wojo and fluker both let me down.

stupid wojo.

anyway. i forgot that i like sheryl crow. like, whenever i'd find myself in the mood for girl-guitar-rock, i've been putting in ani or melissa ferrick. but. i heart sheryl too. yes. and i'm endlessly amused that when itunes got the cd track information for me (i loooove when it does that) it listed track one as "maybe angles". teehee. (it's called "maybe angels".)

*considers* um.. yeah. i'm going to... go now. *whooshes off*

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Saturday, April 26, 2003

listening to: matt caplan, seven seas (live)

ah, midsummer. i am almost done with you. ^_^ i thought the show went rather well. of course i only saw a little of it, i spent most of my time talking to people in 101 or reading stupid white men... but hey. naturally, thetard (duuuude! the r key got stuck and it went 'thetarrrd' which amused me a lot)... where was i? oh yeah, she's a bitch.

party at steve's was fun. spent most of it sitting on his kitchen floor discussing... uh, well, it's not important. i'll just say that we all concluded that we were quite happy to only have one asscrack, and you should be too.

let me think. i need to do my spanish workbooks. and more laundry than life itself. and i'm not entirely sure when call is. i think i'll just go at 5:30 unless someone tells me otherwise, because it's not like i even need that much time. (that'll be 1.5 hours. yes.)

um. *sneeze* happy birthday to my most beloved megarrrrn! *frolicks*


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Friday, April 25, 2003

my fingers hurt. maybe i should stop peeling skin off of them. um.

random amusing quotes: "do love or i'll kill you!"

"maybe you're afraid of eating spiders, or your friends"

oh my god. i can't believe class is almost over. i wonder how long i've been staring blankly. no really. this concerns me. *blinks a lot*

um. so yeah. i don't think anyone is having a good day today. but at least i have the courtesy to pretend like i am.

i've been reading stupid white men and it alternately amuses and angers me. like, the writing amuses me, but the subject matter pisses me off. doooooooom.

*burninates the countryside*

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Thursday, April 24, 2003

michelle is going to bleed to death from her middle finger, and then she'll have to have it amputated (because she'll come back to life) and then it will be replaced with a hook! a tiny little one! and then when she flicks people off, it will be with a hook! aah it'll be great.

a picture of me can be found at the bottom of this page. it is not a particularly good picture of me. i am carefully examining a piece of paper. it is yellow.

my eyes hurt. and. um. i don't wanna make a video poem. mrrr. *sneeze* mrr!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

woohoo, reading day in ap lit!

i would like to share with you this quote from my ap euro review book:

"The rail road, now called a railroad, unleashed the industrial beast within Britain."

just me, or is that hysterical? just me? fair enough.

factor-five is down. and it makes me sad. *misses megan, kellie, and michelle's blogs* yes.

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Sunday, April 20, 2003

listening to: matt caplan, kalamazoo (live)

i heart joel. *hearts* and this is one of the many reasons why:

(note to self: update links bar. soon! *kicks*)

aanyway. hope your easter was enjoyable. my grandparents came down, and we ate food. my mom gave me a bunch of candy, and some little norse rune.. thingies. she was really excited about them. at first i was confused, but then i realized that they were supposed to be stuart-related. awww. (too bad stuart doesn't use norse runes. but hey, they still look cool.) i looove the marshmellow eggs that come in a carton. those rock. i already ate like 5 of them. mmm eggs.

there was an x2 special on fox and alan cumming talked. and it was cute. *swoon* aaand hugh jackman talked with his regular australian accent, not his wolverine voice. *swooon*

back to uno night:

random amusing quote: "i look so sinister in this hood."
"like the unabomber!"
"no.. we're playing uno, so you can be the unobomber!"

"i got my tux for prom."
"you got a tusk for prom?!"
"no, a tux..."
"oh.. i was thinking like a walrus. .. man, that would be so cool."
".. the vest is gray!"
"*screws up shuffle and spills cards all over the table* .. sorry, thinking about you in gray just makes me all flustered."

so yes, last night, steve and talia and i played some rocking harry potter uno. which i won. because i rock! teehee. and talia's bird's pupils dilated a lot. and then we got fries, and watched lilo and stitch, which i adore. aww. and. that's about it.

tomorrow starts tech week (of dooooom). but i'll probably blog at school or something, because i'm an addict. *hooks up blogger iv* mm, blogger.

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note to renata: post about uno night. or else.

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listening to: madonna, die another day

random blog-related musings:
1. hey, i'm past 20k! woot!
2. this layout looks so much sexier at home than it does when i check it at school.
3. it makes me said that blogback seems to be having some issues, and not showing the number of comments. it used to make me happy when i had robot friends, but now i never do, regardless of whether or not i have comments! *sob*
4. i was also thinking about how people from school (lgf) are reading this more and more. it's kind of weird, because that was never really the intent. like.. i never really thought anyone would be interested in it, i suppose. it's something you can really take all the way back to the earliest incarnations of boron, "living without a script" and "tales of a raisin girl" and that diaryland one. so now. i mean, it's not like there's that much i have to say that involves the people who are reading this. but i'm definitely censoring myself on occasion. and. well, if i had lj, i could friends-lock them.. but then how could i really draw the line of who makes the "friends" list? or i could start a separate rant blog, but one of the things i like best about the whole blogging thing is that you can get feedback, and you can get validation that someone.. understands? i suppose. and i blog so much more now. i think it's because now it's my surrogate rml. like. i don't know, whenever i had some issue, i'd mention it there. and that would.. be good. and now rml is dead. and. well. just venting. probably going to end up making all of you paranoid, which was not my intent. argh.

well, whatever. happy easter, everyone ^_^

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Saturday, April 19, 2003

listening to: grinnell g-tones, walking in memphis

i actually cleaned my room some today. i rock!

the barenaked ladies have their own blog. they rock!

i told reid i'd go see spirited away with him this weekend, but apparently it's already out of theatres. university cinemas do not rock!

i signed up for virtual hogwarts and got sorted into ravenclaw. ravenclaw rocks! (virtual hogwarts level of rockingness is currently inconclusive.)

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Friday, April 18, 2003

listening to: grinnell g-tones, seasons of love (acapella)

random amusing quotes: "yeah, i go back home, on the east coast, and my friends will be like, 'why are you going to school in iowa? isn't that the potato state?', and then i stop being friends with them."

"if you're smart enough to get in here, you should be smart enough to stay out of trouble. just don't drink out in the loggia, don't snort crack in front of a professor, and don't try to break into the underground tunnels. ... i've said too much. don't look down!"

mmm this song combines 3 awesome things: rent, grinnell, and acapella music. *swoon* (also i must say that all of the g-tones are rather attractive. but that's neither here nor there. well, really, it's there, i suppose.)

so. list of further reasons why i heart grinnell:

~ t-shirts in the bookshop that say "where the hell is grinnell?" on the front and "who the hell cares?" on the back. (my mom wouldn't let me get one. ~_~ but i do have a new, hell-free t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt, so i'm okay.)
~ random sign, encouraging people to attend a track meet, that read "dirty hobbit sex!"
~ slushie machines in the dining halls! sluuuuushies!
~ the g-tones ^_^
~ dude, kait, "call me al" is on the g-tones cd!
~ the oh-so-adorable atmosphere
~ wifi in most of the buildings!
~ free cookies from the pagan discussion group
~ the valiant efforts of the college republicans ("we have about 12 members. well, we have a couple more, but they're in the closet.")
~ tripod bob's underground cafe
~ mango fandango spritzers from aforementioned underground cafe
~ and the following excerpt from the weekly student paper, the scarlet and black (3 guesses as to what grinnell's colors are!):

rachel nederveld asks: "will there be dinosaurs in the future? obviously not the same old ones, but new futuristic dinosaurs with guns and internet."

there will be dinosaurs in the future, as certainly as there are dinosaurs today- dinosaurs that live in secret pockets underground where the sun never shines and the party never stops. these dinosaurs have managed to feign extinction for tens of thousands of years, but they have not managed to develop guns or internet. when they resurface (only a couple hundre years from now), the dinosaurs will be intent on reclaiming their dominance over the globe; withough guns or internet, though, they will not stand a chance against the hugely complex human civilizations that they will encounter. desperate, the dinosaurs will send one able-bodied young dinosaur back in time (yes, they do develop time machines) on a mission to fin and steal internet from humans. does he succeed? do the dinosaurs win? i prefer to leave this prophecy unfinished. let it serve as a warning: do not give your internet to any dinosaur, no matter what he tells you. even if he tells you that he would only use your internet for good. even if he tells you that he adores your voice, or that he can talk to you about anything. even if he tells you that you're beautiful. even if he tells you that he loves you, baby. trust me, this dinosaur does not want you: he wants internet. it's hard to turn down such an imposing creature, but you must. reward yourself afterwards with a quart of ice ream, because you deserve it-- because you kept internet in the hands of human beings, where it belongs.

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Thursday, April 17, 2003

listening to: moulin rouge, spectacular spectacular

hey, last time i posted, i was listening to mulan, and now i'm listening to moulin rouge! coincidence?! well.. er, yes.

um. just one thing to say, really, and then i have to leave... but dude, everyone... go to burger king, now! *flail* and get a kids meal! they have the best toys, ever! they're spongebob, and i got gary, and.. he's wind-up AND magnetic!! so if you put him on something metal, like a car or a trashcan, and wind him up.. he slithers across it! it's SO awesome! we were all completely mesmerized by it.

yay, gary. *whooshes off*

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

listening to: mulan, i'll make a man out of you

random amusing quotes: "physics study group! with jesus!"

"so, if you're christian, and jesus is always with you.. sex is always a threesome?"
"a fivesome if you're catholic!"

"how long have you associated penises with evil, rob?"

teehee. shakespeare trip was SO fun. a winter's tale was really really good, even though i fell asleep for some time. (this i heard from marion, steve, and tj, who apparently mocked me rather than waking me up. bastards!) marion and i decided that shakespeare was either really drunk or really lazy when he wrote it, though.

but. i rock. why, you ask? check out this excerpt from my king lear sequel [king lear 2: france's bogus journey]:

MESSENGER: Greetings, good sir.
I bring news of a most important nature.

EDGAR: Well? Speak your part.

MESSENGER: It will sound most strange to hear, and yet it be truth.
The King of France was mourning his dear wife
When suddenly, a strange apparition appeared.

EDGAR: What? A ghost of some kind?

MESSENGER: No sir, far more strange. Some sort of large box
Suddenly appeared in the room, and two men,
Most strange in attire and in speech, did exit it.
They introduced themselves, but the names were unfamiliar?
They did tell us to call them ?Bill? and ?Ted?, and used many
Other words most strange to our ears.
They did say that our good King was most needed in another time
And without more explanation, they took him into their box
And vanished! Thus leaving France with no heir, you, as
England?s new king, shall be doubly crowned
And peace will smile on these two kingdoms.


if i don't blog tomorrow at school, this might be the last time i blog for awhile. so just in case, have an excellent friday/weekend/easter/stuff! *hearts*

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

i think this speaks for itself. (well, only if you have properly configured text-to-speech software, really.)

renata: i think it's hilarious how now, lizzie mcguire is like, the next big thing and all this
renata: and how long ago did we watch it and htink it was hilarious?
trina: i know!
trina: its hilarious
renata: we're prophets!
trina: yeah!
renata: i think.. that in the future, people will still wear socks
renata: cuz socks are really cool.
trina: i think in the future, there will still be crazy people who think they know the future
renata: definitely.
trina: and then people like us who know they can predict the future
renata:and also dinosaurs
trina: yes
trina: and there will be pizza
renata: and the dinosaurs will eat the pizza
trina: and then party like its 1999
trina: but not do it right and be all jealous cuz they weren't here in 1999

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listening to: ramones, pinhead

random amusing quote: "like the 80's toilet group!"
"*gasp* we're the 80's toilet group!"

allll day i've had "we both reached for the gun" stuck in my head, but not the real "wbrftg", the forbidden broadway parody... ("where ya goin?" "to chicago!" "what's chicago?" "it's a new show!" "is it brand new?" "well not really-- it's the cheesy concert version of gwen verdon's last excursion!")

i loove that this song ("pinhead") involves the phrase "one of us!" (gabba gabba we accept you/ we accept you/ one of us!) because i'm way too obsessed with that scene from clerks. i quote it at least once a day.

um. a winter's tale tomorrow in chicago! woooo! no school friday! but will be visiting my future school for orientation! wooo!

gabba gabba hey!

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Monday, April 14, 2003

listening to: bnl, george michael rap (live)

i love ed's impeccable logic in this rap. i don't want to type the whole thing, but it basically comes down to: 1. he saw george michael in concert, and it was amazing. 2. he wants this show to be amazing. 3. george's show was amazing because he started off with a george michael song. 4. therefore, if bnl starts off with a george michael song, their show will be amazing, too.

also, in some completely bizarre coincidence, a nice couple in princeton, il apparently received my ttb tickets in the mail. good thing 1. ticketmaster includes that address and phone number tickety thing, and 2. they were honest ^_^ cos i'd have been hella pissed if i never would have gotten them.. *frowls a lot at the very thought*

ummm.. yeah. i have this random craving for the other white meat. (no, kait, not babies.) like.. teriyaki pork sounds SO good to me right now, and i don't know why. because i usually don't like pork at all. intriguing.

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Sunday, April 13, 2003

listening to: bnl, a

i love this song this {----------------------------------------------} much. possibly more.

anyway. successfully procured prom dress. was on sale. mom and i thought it was blue. but apparently it's purple. whatever.

parents decided that it would be a good idea for the family to see bringing down the house today. reid and i did not feel this way, but we went anyway. um. yeah. our instincts were definitely on the mark for this one. whoa buddy.

rather than reading a farewell to arms, i think i'm going to do this survey, ganked from kait, that i've been meaning to do. you might want to stop reading if you're not a renthead.

10 Favorite Cast Members (past and present)
ooh.. scott hunt, curtis cregan, jake manabat, joshua kobak, matt caplan, karmine alers... bart kahn (and don't try to tell me he wasn't a cast member.. he's the best roger ever! *giggle*) um.. lessee, 3 more.. karmine alers, dana dawson, and haven burton.

9 Celebrities Who Should Be In RENT and the Characters They Should Play
i'll heartily second kait's ewan mcgregor, except i wanna see him as roger. stuart davis, also as roger. tori as maureen. alan cumming as... um.. well, actually, i can't picture alan being in rent at all, i just feel obligated to mention him. he should play bart, and flail around backstage a lot. a young john lennon as roger, with a young paul as mark. ooooh. um. hugh jackman as roger. (what's up with all the rogers? i don't even like roger that much.) yeah, i'm done.

8 Least Favorite Cast Members:
dominic bogart, pierre bayuga, saycon, the sam (*shudder*), fred jones, umm... just add the sam 3 more times.

7 Favorite Actors Playing Your Favorite Character
mark: scott hunt, curtis cregan, matt caplan, guy oliveri, david cohen... i refuse to allow dominic's name to taint this list. so, i'll just say.. anthony and jim, though i've not seen them.

6 RENT Crossovers You'd Like To See
hmm. rent/txf could be interesting. rent/x-men (mimi kind of already dresses like an x-man). rent/sandman. rent/.. star wars? ("roger.. i am your father." "*sigh* benny, take the bucket off your head, you're drunk, man!") rent/.. hgttg. oh wow, that could be really amusing. and.. rent/mst3k. (actually, that one's been done. but it was effin' hilarious.)

5 Changes You'd Like To See RENT Make
Treat their cast better, stop recycling cast members, listen to the fans about who is good, (agrees with kait on these 3) umm... less skanky tour. and... give cookies to everyone!

4 Favorite Songs
la vie boheme, what you own, rent, and out tonight.

3 Least Favorite Songs
i should tell you, santa fe, and, hmm, you okay honey?

2 Favorite Bootlegs
1/20/01 (curtis and joshua!) video, and audio... prolly 6/18/00 eve.

1 Favorite RENT Performance You've Been To
oh... let's say 6/21/01-- my birthday, full benny cast (with tricia!), with megan and keith. awwww.

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listening to: bnl, alternative girlfriend

um. the shower. wasn't.. that bad. but definitely not the best 2 hours of my life, by any stretch of the imagination. gah.

so then we went over to peoria for prom dress shopping. *frowl* there were a couple i liked. but it was just very frustrating, because apparently people shaped like me aren't allowed to go to prom. like.. you can be as hippy (in the sense of, big hips, not in the sense of tree-hugger) as me, as fat as me, as tall as me... that's all fine, they make dresses for people like that. however, they do not make dresses for people with boobs as big as mine. oh, no they don't. dear lord, that's frustrating. like, someone decided that the ideal shape for these sorts of dresses is like | | on the top, and / \ on the bottom. the bottom part, that's fine with me. but the top? wtf? the top of my body is more like... *looks at keyboard for awhile* well, i suppose more like this: 8. as my mom put it.. "why are all these dresses designed for little boys?"

so yeah. but we did go to hot topic. and i got a button with oscar the grouch on it, and it says "scram!" and i love it. also, the yankee candle store. and honeydew melon was the scent of the month (25% off, yay) so my mom got me some candles ^_^ also, they had some deal thing where if you got.. 18, i think, votives, it was cheap. so we picked some out. and now i have a ton of candles and my room smells sort of overwhelming. (i'm not even burning them, they just smell! and all the different smells are combining, and it's weird! *flail* honeydew melon, and green grass, and clean cotton, and ocean breeze, and mango.. something, and rainbow's end.. all combining into one weird smell. but i kinda like it.)

yeah. and peoria's mall is so poorly designed. like, it's open air, so you have to go outside to go between blocks of stores. and it's really pretty, there's trees and a little brook and all, and yesterday was a beautiful day out. but whoever designed this completely failed to take into account illinois weather. who the hell wants to go to the outdoor mall when it's snowing, or raining, or excessively hot, or just plain crappy out? well, maybe you do, but i don't. *shrug* yeah.

and then i went to go see frida by myself, because no one loves me. *dabs tear* but yeah, it was really really good. i recommend it fully. (i'll sgt. pepper soon.)

woot! *runs off*

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Saturday, April 12, 2003

argh. it's so hard being me. *flail* i'm looking for the mix cd kait sent me awhile ago.. it's not in with my other burned cds. and it's not in with the soundtracks/crs. and it's not in with the rent boots. and it's not in with the regular cds. (please note my keen organizationall skills: 4 categories of cds.) so then i remember that i saw it somewhere earlier, set it aside because i wanted to listen to it, and then... what? i couldn't remember what i did next. so i'm sitting here, looking for it, looking i'm sure like a bad cartoon. i literally lifted up my coffee mug and looked under it. just in case.

i'm sure this won't translate well into blog humor. but i'm intensely amused. and also frustrated. *sulks*

oh, and if anyone wants to see frida with me tonight, call my cell. (leave a voicemail if i don't answer.) i'm not sure when i'll get back, cos my mom has decided that we should also go prom dress shopping in peoria (*frowl!*) but i'm 99% sure i'll be back in time for the 9:30 showing. and if i'm not, it's moot, because i'll shoot myself.

.. now where the hell is this cd?! (eta: as soon as i hit publish, i found it. it fell off my desk and was just resting on top of the power strip. woo!)

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listening to: matt caplan & joshua kobak, walk on the ocean (live)

mmmmm joshua kobak.

anyway. my rant. well. not exactly a rant. something. um. coffee. thing.

... so yes. as most of you may or not know (actually, i suppose.. as all of you may or may not know.. because it's really either one or the other, in'it now?) my friends and i have developed this intensely offensive sense of humor. it's all in good fun.. none of us are really racist/sexist/anti-semitic/etc. at least. i'm pretty sure we're not. um. but i mean, nobody really takes it seriously, i make decidedly sexist (anti-women) jokes all the time, even though 1.) i'm a chick and 2.) a feminist chick... right. so anyway. last night at monopoly, i made some sort of joke about ashvin, regarding him looking like a terrorist. which obviously i didn't mean at all, and meant it as more of a joke against stupid people who think that everyone of, or appearing to be of, middle-eastern descent (ashvin is indian, and hindu, and um, not a terrorist) is a terrorist. right. but everyone was really, really shocked. (after laughing for about 5 minutes.) which i, given the amount of jokes that we make without raising an eyebrow, wouldn't have expected. which actually kind of upset me, because i think there's a double standard. i mean, people make the most offensive gay jokes, or sexist jokes, and if miriam or i react... "just kidding!" so i think, and said, that i don't see why it's okay to make fun of one group of people, but not another. to me, that's more prejudiced than making the jokes.

yeah. just wanted to vent. anyway. must get ready for samantha's bridal shower! (i'm not sure if i've already blogged about this-- samantha, who i used to be bestest friends with in grade school, who went to green bay on my first rent-trip with me, is getting married. in may. she's 17. i'm freaked out. and.. gah. i haven't even seen her in like 3 or 4 yearsish! do you have an idea how awkward this is going to be?! *flails a lot* gah.)

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listening to: joe jackson, real men

hmm. so. spirited away was so, so, so cute and so so so good! *squee*

dinner at monical's was pizza-ish. although none of us remembered to grab our leftovers, so they're still there. *sniff*

monopoly party was where it got interesting. we ended up with like.. team monopoly: everyone vs. nathaniel. by the end of the game, he had all the money in the bank. all of it. the ones, the tens.. all of it. everyone else had.. *maybe* $500 combined. and there was *maybe* $1000 in free parking. he had 16 $500 bills alone. it was ridiculous. and, we couldn't find the rule book, so we had agreed to settle any disputes with rock paper scissors. it was.. yes. and talia came! yaaay! i neeeever get to do stuff with talia! wooot.

i have a rant. regarding free speech. but right now i'm bloody exhausted, so i'll save it for tomorrow, when i have a greater chance of coherency. (and kellie: sorry! *flail* but the monopoly party had previous reservation of my time ~_~)

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Friday, April 11, 2003

oh my darwin this computer was being slow!! it took like, 10 minutes for blogger to load! argh! and supposedly isu has a t1! *flaail* definitely the low point of what i was about to declare the best day ever. sheesh, way to ruin it, isunet. *shakes fist*

anywho. i'll give a quick break down of my day, so you can all be suitably jealous. or, whatever.

8:00: shakespeare. marion and i trade identities, because our student teacher is an idiot. the other student teacher kind of looked at us, and came over and was like "you know, you're going to have to tell him your real names eventually.." pshaw. it was soo funny when he was like, "marion! come up here!" so i went up, and was kent, and the rest of the class was like.. question mark. also, we decided to set king lear in the 80's, it'll be great.

9:00: free day, because thetard was gone. talked all hour.

10:00: free hour. read farewell to arms and talked with tj and stephanie.

11:00: free hour. went to wendy's. weird wendy's guy may or may not have been hitting on me. (iii don't think he was; other members of my party felt otherwise.)

12:00: free day, because kinsella was gone. went to the park with eliz, megan, matt, josh, and nick. loooverly. it's so nice.. warm and sunny, with a little breeze... aah.

1:00: free hour, because my isu spanish is only m-th. played feudalism in the lounge.

2:00: free hour. got ice cream with elizabeth and mike, and then played mash with sophie while eliz and mike had a connect 4 tournament.

3:00: talked. blogged.


4:25: seeing spirited away with talia. woo!

6:30ish-??: possible dinner, and monopoly party with miriam, ashvin, nathaniel, and possibly steve and possibly talia. wooooo.

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Thursday, April 10, 2003

listening to: massive attack, protection

announcement of woohooness: now i'm actually happy that nowhere in town had the "sorta fairytale" dvds the day they came out, because if i order it online, i also get a free scarlet's stories (random interview cd). woo!

just watched but i'm a cheerleader on ifc. enjoyed it intensely. i've been meaning to go watch it for.. um.. years now. what a serendipitous tv-turning-on moment i chose.

currently, i'm listening to a mix cd from the neil boards cd circle. it's a journey of discovery, which i'm almost certain will end with the realization that i do not like trance music. but i'll give it a chance.

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listening to: howie day, all along the watchtower (live)

random amusing quotes: "mmm, cussy mustard"

"i'll ride in the jew compartment"

Which Founding Father Are You?

teehee. i'm a nerd. a very cold nerd.

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hmm. just reading my last entry (nooo one leaves me comments anymore *sniff*) and i thought i should just.. clarify.. becuase, i don't know, i'm always sort of afraid of insulting people, or something... but: for me, keeping things in perspective is how i deal with problems. and i fully realize that for other people, keeping things OUT of perspective is what helps them. um. yes. that's all.

also: kellie, thetard actually wasn't the one who said the stupid "poe" thing, it was our stupid student teacher. and michelle, you were still taking your test, i think. yes.

*frolicks off*

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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

listening to: barenaked ladies, a

this song is so friggen catchy, it should be illegal. a is for alegbra, i learned it in school/ a is what fonzie said, cause he was really cool

so yeah. i was listening to rock spectacle on my way home today, and i had an incredibly obvious epiphany: i really like simple music. not lyrically simple. but i think.. i don't like it when the music overshadows the lyrics. like... i don't know. it explains so much. how i love all of ani's old cds so much but can barely listen to up^6. and how.. i listen to so many solo artists. and my affinity for late beatles. and... *considers* well, it doesn't really explain at all why pele is my favorite tori album. i guess the harpsichord also adds to it muchly. *listens happily to barenaked ladies* i think, to some extent, this also applies to my personal life philosophy... some people think they need some fucking pit orchestra, but they completely fail to understand the entire range of sounds that one well-played guitar can produce.

that sounds kind of deep. but i don't really know what it means. i suppose it boils down, as do most of my thoughts on life, to.. well, something along the lines of... keep things in perspective. uh. right.

*strokes chin philosophically*

in other news, apparently, in san dimas, ca, a camel was officially made a sheriff's deputy. and i read that, and all i could think was, "oh my god! san dimas is a real town!"

i speak truth.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

listening to: ttb, louder than words

teehee! i'm on hold to buy ttb tickets! and they're playing the ttb ocr! (god, i use a lot of acronyms.) i'm so excited. i heaaart ttb. *dance*

what i don't heart, though, is that tori's a sorta fairytale dvd came out today, and neither best buy nor sam goody has it. *frowl* best buy said they'd have it by friday, though. and, while i was there, i bought maybe you should drive. for $12. yay! i've been on an enormolous bnl (see, another acronym... woo barenaked ladies) kick lately. and, and at sam goody they had clerks action figures! i so almost bought a dante. i heart dante. but, they were $10, and i reminded myself to save some money, for the tori dvd. the reason i went shopping in the first place. right.

i'm afraid i'm going to start singing along, and then i'll get off hold, and scare the ticket-seller-person, and then they'll put me on hold again. *is quiet*

and now, just to shake up the usual order a bit:

listening to: ttb, 30/90 playout (via the broadway chicago hotline hold music)

random amusing quote: "can anyone tell me anything significant about king lear?"
"well, the torture of gloucester is considered the most graphically violent scene in any of shakespeare's plays."
"good! but what about poe's the pit and the pendulum?"

woo! bought tickets! gooooin to see ttb may 13th! (dude, ticketmaster charges $8.50. per ticket. that is SO ridiculous. and the only other way to get them is at the box office. in person. damn the man. *frowls greatly*) oh well.. row d, though. row d.. for tick tick... boom! yay! *is cheered*

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Monday, April 07, 2003

talia: Hehe, we should go on a road-trip together.
renata: hehe, that would be amusing ^_^
renata: *wants to take a roadtrip sometime.. somewhere*
talia: Haha...it would be like...Sam and Max...but Renata and Talia...
renata: teehee
renata: and without the mayor.. and.. with more.. better stuff. and less grammar.
talia: less grammer sure does make things being gooder.
renata: yeah.. them goodly things do me happy make

i heart talia ^_^ she and marion and i are the same person. or rather, different aspects of the same person. like the furies (i mean, the kindly ones). or the holy trinity. whichever.

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oh yeah... eliz's filling out the 7 deadly sins meme reminded me that i left this one, and didn't come back to it. so i'll do that now, because it's better than homework:

- What item (or person) of your friends would you most want to have for your own?
*considers* i'll get back to you on that one.

and i'll go with... priscellie's plush delirium. and also her beatles cd collection. oh, and megan (meagna)'s umbrella lamp.

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listening to: rufus wainright, across the universe

I scored a 52% on the "How much Rent Elitist are you?" Quizie! What about you?

ha! i'm less elitist than kait! that makes me better than her!

mmm, irony.

i am. SO cold. argh. winter, you're done, you silly season! go away!


history club today was *hilarious*. history club is always hilarious, anyway (we're tri-partisan: hardcore liberal, hardcore conservative, and timid underclassmen.) but today especially. we decided to have a discussion and choose our top 10 best and worst individuals of the 20th century. naturally, this led to a brief semantics discussion, of how to define "best" and "worst"... we ended up with "most positive influence" and "most negative influence". this definition allowed me to successful secure the beatles a spot in the top 10 best. go me! we had so much discussion on the top 10. (we didn't order them except for #1 (gandhi and hitler, respectively), which would have made it even harder.) alex and i got into a bitchfight over who to add as our last member... i wanted jfk, he wanted tr. so we threw them both out and put margaret sanger on the list. naturally.

so yeah. goodtimes had by all. well, or by me, at least.

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Sunday, April 06, 2003

*hyperventilates* oh my god, they just showed an x2 commercial.. with nightcrawler!! finally! yay! and you could see the blueness and the fuzziness and the alanness and the tailness and the teleportingness and the... *swoon*

sometimes i frighten myself with my own nerdiness.

(spoiler: rogue/iceman?! wtf?! would it kill you to just introduce gambit? but.. could be interesting. and is much better than rogue/wolverine. so, i'll give it a chance.)

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teeheehee. i'm having such a nerdy weekend. i mean, moreso than my already nerdy life. x-men is on fx, so i'm watching that. woot. and i'm re-reading rogue squadron. (does anyone else think that a well-written star wars-x-men crossover would ROCK?[key phrase being "well-written", of course.]) and doing some euro. woooot.

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listening to: polaris, adventures of pete and pete theme

that was such a good show. i'm so happy i get noggin, so i can watch reruns. that's my favorite channel ever. woot.

i'm so happy the new york trip people are getting back today! yay! *hearts*

i mostly have the "band of brothers" speech memorized. go me. i keep getting tripped up on this one line, though... like... and good men shall this tale teach their sons? oh, gah. "this story shall the good man teach his son". ah well. still, that's... 32 lines that i do know, so i'm impressed with meself. (now watch me go up to recite this tomorrow, and be like "ummm... this story shall the good man teach his son!" and totally blank on the rest of it. damn you gods of irony!)

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Saturday, April 05, 2003

listening to: jedi, in the background

*revels in geekiness*

another story to further exemplify my extreme coolness:

so last night, i had to work, right? so i'm walking jauntily into the building.. well, across the streer really. wearing my oh-so-stylish white shirt and khakis. when suddenly, gravity shifts and this mud puddle just throws itself at me. dude. so, somehow.. somehow my shirt managed to escape completely unscathed. amazing. my hands were a little scraped, but nothing too bad. ooh.. duel. *pauses blogger*

talking. boo. anyway. so my pants get terribly muddy, and i ended up with a hole (a small one) in my left knee, and it's all scraped and owieful. so i stalk into the house manager's office, clock in, and announce that i'm off to wash my pants. (in case any of you ever find yourself in similar situations, just fyi, the east lounge does not have a hand dryer, but the west lounge does.) so. i'm standing there with my foot up on the counter, dabbing at my pants with wet paper towels, and then awkwardly drying them off. sigh. but i managed to do an excellent job of it. go me!

i somehow got promoted to ticket taker for this show. which isn't really a promotion, because i didn't get paid anymore. and i don't really like taking tickets, because i'm bad at tearing them and i always feel really incompetent. but. it's considered a promotion of sorts. which is good. i suppose. anyway. all of the ushers on the west side (west side, yo) ended up spending the whole 1st show discussing what a jerk david copperfield is, and how his magic is powered by dead puppies. (we got to see a tiny bit of something! but i had to sign a confidentiality agreement, so i don't want to talk about it, in case david copperfield makes me disappear. *shifty eyes*) then i ended up getting to see the show. which was admittedly cool. even though david copperfield's a skanky jerk. and old. and all. but he made a car appear onstage. and a duck. woo, duck.

anyway. and then i saw trainspotting with kellie! yay! and dan! yay! and some other people! yay? yay. *nod* it was.. well, i thought it was a comedy. and the first.. half hour of it was. and after that you're just like... dude, i want to kill myself. (i'll post more about this in the lhcb) but i will say that it takes place in scotland! and they all have scottish accents! yay! including ewan mcgregor! yay!

and, i slept until noon today! yay! yay yay yay!

(this in response to reid telling me to stop saying yay. that'll learn him.)

we're watching torj. i mean rotj. because we're geeky. wheee. also, we decided that whenever people use numbers in stupid chatspeak, we should replace them with roman numerals. ie "gIIg" and "skVIIIer boi". baha.

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Friday, April 04, 2003

baha. just had to blog because my shirt (the black 'bots one) matches my layout right now. i am the ubergeek. m'blavin!

also, i have to usher tonight from 4-11. shooooot me. (it's david copperfield, maybe he'll make me disappear! or, all the patrons... either way.)

oh yeah, and in euro, we'd all have to add an event to our review timeline.. and then mr. k would say, "tell us about it, (name)!" and every time all i could think of was "tell us about it, janet!" "i was feeeling done in/ couldn't win/ i'd only ever kissed befoooore" ("you mean she's..?" "mm-hmm")...

so that was interesting.

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Thursday, April 03, 2003

eeeeew, leia just kissed her brother!

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(still watching anh) a thought.... when random tech guy (tm) tells luke, "we'll get to work on him right away!", he's being so full of crap. you totally know he's going to go party with everyone else, and poor r2 is just going to have to wait until everyone recovers from their hangovers to get repaired.

also, why is luke wearing a yellow jacket to get his medal? why why why?

i think i'm going to watch empire now. *dance*

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listening to: star wars!

teehee. i'm geekin' out: watching star wars (anh) whilst blogging. on a mac, no less. i'd never really watched the geekumentary before the special edition, so i decided i'd do that. all i really have to say is: wtf happened to mark hamill? he looks like.. *considers* i'm not seven sure what he looks like. um. or even sure.

i'd never really noticed how hard it is to read the scroll-y letters are to read on a regular teevee. i'm so glad that the first time i saw the movies was the '97 re-release. *sniffle* memories. i kind of want to see the original, un-restored ones, though, just for contrast.

aanywho. yeah, i don't really have any homework, surprisingly. well, none that's due tomorrow, anyhow. so i was like, "woo! coming home after school! aand watching star wars! woo!" note to self: at some point in time, i need a sw-themed layout. not soon, because i still heart mst3k. and not next, because then i'd have two space layouts in a row. but sometime.

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take the nerd test.

and go to mewing.net. a nerd utopia.

it's funny, because what i came to blog about was how, in ap lit we're reading oedipus rex in ap lit, and i was like "*gasp* the corinthian! like the corinthian [in sandman]! oh my god! and he was a blind prophet! and the corinthian eats eyes and is a dark mirror of the soul!! aaah!" but then i realized that "the corinthian" was referring to the messenger from corinth, not to tiresius. dammit all.

the corinthian's still hella cool, though.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

listening to: stuart, pipe bomb guru

i heart stuart. i can't even... like... i was in such a bad mood. like, i started off all happy, and then i went to shakespeare, and we finished up henry v and i was all swooning over henry's cute lovey-doveyness (even though i was swooning alone, cos talia and marion and michelle and katie have all abandoned me!). awww, henry. so yeah. but then clesson's like, let's do some historical research! and we're like, okay! and then apparently like, in real life they just ignored each other and she married her bodyguard when he died. stupid reality. i mean really. and then like.. little things.. and then a none-too-brilliant spanish presentation.. and... yeah. so i was all like, *frowl*.. and then i got in my car to go pick up my scanner and suchlike, and i had beatles in the cd player, and i was like "*frowl* maybe i'll just change this to stuart... *frowlfrowl*" and just like... instantly... i felt so much better. it was so incredible. wow. woohoo for bright apocalypse! (i listened to "alms" at least seven times. it's my favorite off that album, at the moment. i especially heart the end.. take me/where the sheep are catching wolves/where the parts are weaving wholes/where the drop contains the sea...)


also, i had pie.

which about sums up my day. except for ziplock bag volleyball at 2:00... but i'll leave that one to your imagination. if you're currently in new york, but your driver's license says illinois.. i miss you! a lot! (not that i don't miss those of you who are in new york, and such places.. but see, i'm used to missing you, whereas this is a new thing. *sigh* silly chorus trip.)

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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

reason #4456 why i want to marry neil gaiman:

I think that everything would be simpler if the governments of the world agreed to use Food-Eating Battle Monkeys! to solve their problems. It reduces the names to food eating battle monkeys and tells you who wins. America beats Iraq, but I'm afraid France beats America. Peter Arnett (a Coconut Eating Librarian Monkey) beats NBC (a Plankton Eating Robot Monkey). I could have got Holly to have entered Bryn Mawr (a money-eating giant monkey) vs Smith (a fire-eating disco monkey).

(from his blog, a few days back.)

*snickets merrily*

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*yawn* so tired. stupid concert last night went over like, an hour. aah well. apparently all from uhigh who went enjoyed it (queens of the stone age and zwan), but it's not really my style, i suppose. working on spanish project tonight. boo-urns. and then euro review, hopefully, with mike and eliz. woot.

hullo fenny! *waves* i'm up to 1939 in my ap euro book, which i had fallen shamefully behind in reading. (now i'm up to like.. 1942.ish. about halfway through the ww2 chapter.)

my lip gloss tastes like dr. pepper and it makes me so happy.

the end.

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