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Friday, January 31, 2003

listening to: tori, only women bleed

random amusing quotes: "i want mike to rape me, because he has the most experience"
"your boyfriend is an experienced rapist?!"
"no.. i mean... sex, not rape!"

"it's never too early for chicken!"

"we're rape buddies!"

i have a sudden craving for frosted flakes. mmmm, frosted. gah.

and i'm really tired. i forsee an evening of sitting around doing nothing, and going to bed early. yup.

(*nina*, i got your check! mil besitos.)

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one more quiz:

I'm terza rima, and I talk and smile.
Where others lock their rhymes and thoughts away
I let mine out, and chatter all the while.

I'm rarely on my own - a wasted day
Is any day that's spent without a friend,
With nothing much to do or hear or say.

I like to be with people, and depend
On company for being entertained;
Which seems a good solution, in the end.
What Poetry Form Are You?

mmm,killing free hour...

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boo-urns, blogger!

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What Is Your Animal Personality?
brought to you by Quizilla

this amused me. a lot.

i changed one answer and got this:


What Is Your Animal Personality?
brought to you by Quizilla

*is fierce*

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Thursday, January 30, 2003

listening to: y kant tori read, etienne

i heart this song so much. it's soooo pretty, and it manages to use bagpipes in a constructive manner.

my cat bled on my grinnell acceptance letter. *frowl* but i forgive him, because he's cute and fuzzy.

meanwhile, just because we spent all of 2:00 doing this....let's play some frowl cliff game. hmm. me, meagna, and priscellie. pick one of us to live with, one of us to sleep with, and one of us to throw off the cliff.

let's try the factor-five girls. kellie, megan, and michelle. (this way... eeeveryone reading this should know at least two of the people mentioned.)

(btw... i think that i would live with megan, sleep with michelle, and throw kellie off. but i'd feel really bad about it! *flail* aaalso i have this cd that i need to give you, kellie. i think that i shall just keep it in my backpack at all times, so that i shall be ever-ready to give it to you. yes.)

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listening to: bob dylan, tangled up in blue

argh. people are dumb. "what's a bough (pronounced correctly)?"
"a branch."
"oh, okay. waait, what's a bough (pronounced "bow")?"
"um. that's the same word. it's still a branch."

hee. um anyway. tired. spaz bowl today, and none of the people i hate were there! it was so much fun!

and, i wrote odes to both megan and eliz, but i dont' have them with me, so i can't type them. alas.

did you know that the morepork is a real bird? because, i didn't. (but priscellie did, 'cos she's just that cool.)

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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

listening to: aaaani, names and dates and times

random amusing quotes: "he's a joker, he's a swimmer, he's a midnight toca!"

"loca for toca!"

"yay-o for reijo!"

"woohoo for drue!"

"huff is buff!"

"carin' for darren!"

"sinn-er is a winner!"

gooood times at innercity swim meet ^_^ we had difficulties getting toca to respond to our cheers, but it was eventually successful. and then we stuck our signs all over his car after we left. baha. and, uhigh won by one point. and beforehand, miriam, stevie, mike and i went to avanti's. and megan gave me free cheesecake, and mike and i discussed people we hate. grrrr.

but yeah, fun was had. although lately i feel as if i've been playing teleute to one too many oneiros..es. (oneirosi? ... many an oneiros.) boo drama.

i'm tired.

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random amusing quotes: "yeah, the thing i don't understand is why you get in trouble for drinking a gallon of milk in the lounge, but it's okay to get plastered in the auditorium?!"*

"go back to your toolbox, tool!"

*note for non-u-high folk: true story. *nod*

fwibble. saw kellie today! yay! and, am going to innercity swim meet today. yup.

the end.

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o'malley is a toooool.

stupid friggen 1 1/2 hour class night with no skits... *smashes tokyo*

that's about it.

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Monday, January 27, 2003

listening to: the who, pinball wizard

two things: this, link stolen from priscellie, for talia. (and this for kait ^_^)

and. i was downloading some tori remixes from winmx, and there's a remix of me and a gun. why in the world would you remix that song?! i'm tempted to remix it just for the sheer wrongness. [edit: dammit, my thought processes are all distracted today. i meant.. DOWNLOAD it, not remix it. grr.]

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listening to: dead or alive, you spin me

so okay. the highlight of my day was going to be the fact that i woke up at the time that i usually leave the house, and i still made it to class before shakespeare. [edit: what i meaaant was, i got to shakespeare before clesson. as far as i know, shakespeare never made it. jerk.] however, now it is the fact that i have been accepted to grinnell, aaand they're giving me $22,000 in aid!!! yaaay! and most of it is in grants! including the trustee honor grant, which apparently puts me in the top 10% of applicants? woot.

anyway. um. but, our spain trip got changed to a costa rica trip. daaaamn the man. i mean, costa rica will be fun and all... but seriously, spain vs. costa rica? boo-urns! damn you spanish terrorists! *shakes fist menacingly*

and. people keep reading my blog. like. people that i know. (i mean.. lgf.) and it's weird. because. it is. it's sort of like when someone you know sees you dancing in your car. you both feel a bit more awkward for it having happened, because it wasn't meant for them.

also, i'm really worried that someone i rant about is going to read this, and be like "gee renata, i never knew you had a deep simmering dislike of me!" "yeaaah well... uh.. the subject never came up. *cough*"

bah well.

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Sunday, January 26, 2003

i had to post this, 'cos stevie and kellie made it! and it's way cooler than my frowl quiz! (although it does lose points due to the fact that i'm not an answer... it gains them back, because the character i identify with most is holden caulfield from the great gatsby ^_^)

My angst level is 31%!

You are the Comforting Shoulder.
You have a healthy amount of angst in your life, but your friends see you as serene, fun-loving, and wise beyond your years.

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i fixed the quiz to include my favorite bwemo, and a million apologies for leaving you out in the first place, love! *mwah* so, go take it again, cos you might be *nina*!

am going to matt's superbowl partay today. have never actually seen a superbowl. thus, should be interesting.

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listening to: jill sobule, kathie lee

i heaaaart jill sobule. she kept me alive on my drive home ^_^ no, really.. the roads were pretty snowy and bad, and i was tired.. so i listened to "margaret" about 10 times in a row and it kept me focus. and then, i listened to "the jig is up" once, aaaand "resistance song" three times. because all i wanna do is hide in the bushes, shoot from the bushes, make love in the bushes, like theeeere is no tomorrow. (la la la la la la la la....)

yarr. i forgot to mention the blacklight dance. it sucked hard. but denny's afterwards was fun. anywho. today, we had a giiirl night and we watched steel magnolias and ate really, really good ice cream. mmm. galactic chocolate... it's one of the best things that's ever happened to me. chocolate ice cream, with colored marshmellows aaand chocolate chip cookie dough... aaah. *homer simpson-esque noises* yaaay friends! and yaaay chocolate! and yay both things together! *hearts*

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Saturday, January 25, 2003

What Kind of Pirate Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

mhwahahaha... erin, thank you soooooo much for bringing this to my attention. *hearts hearts*

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listening to: hole, celebrity skin

random amusing quotes: "secretion is the better part of valor."
"it depends what you're secreting."

"well, but in REAL LIFE spiderman has to make his web fluid. *pause* there's something so wrong with what i just said."

"it's not bobo fett!"
"yes it is!"
"*sigh* i'm far geekier than you! trust me, it's boba fett!"

gah. every saturday morning that i have spaz bowl, i wake up going "and i keep doing this because...?" and then every saturday afternoon i come home going "whee!"

today is no exception. fwee. we came in second in the tournament, despite the fact that we beat the 1st place team. twice. damn you "total point" tournaments! *frowl* but, whatever. i'm over it. unlike ryan, who will probably never be over it. oooh which reminds me.... there was this question, right, and the other team buzzed in and got it wrong, so it was open to us. the policy in this situation is that you aaalways wait until the end of the question, because they might say something else that makes the answer different. but, if you raise your buzzer, that means it's yours, and no one else on your team can buzz in. it's practically binding, okay?! eeeveryone knows the raising-hand rule. everyone. so, i raised my hand, and waited like a good girl. but RYAN buzzes in right after the other kid!! i mean, at least he got it right.. but he saaaw my hand! and he was like, "sorry renata, i just wanted to get on the board!" gaaah i hate him. not because he took the tossup, i mean... that's just like, a further example of his stupid arrogant jerkiness. and then, i had to be his partner in euchre. daaaamn the man.

but i mean other than that i had a lot of fun. mike and i quoted much simpsons. and there was much mockage of ryan. teehee.

my mum's having a partay tonight, so i need to get out of the house. caaaaall me.

oh yeah, and del: i dub thee friend who doesn't live too far away, but is still an online friend. ooor... fwdltfabisaof. *nod* ooor... you can just be a llgf-- lazy locationally gifted friend ^_~

aalmost forgot... my mind always wanders during the math questions, cos they're haaard and i can't do them.. so in the last match before the snack break (during which, incidentally, i choked on an orange and hurt my back...), i was thinking about waffles. and then i wondered what the spanish word for waffle was, and i didn't know. (i'm not sure if there even is one..) and then, i tried to think about how to describe a waffle in spanish. which first required me to describe a waffle in english... the best i could come up with is "like a crispy, denty pancake." out of those, all i knew was "like" ("como".) so i tried to think of equivalents... came up with.. "una torta de desayuno, pero mas duro".... "a breakfast cake, but harder." how confusing would that be?! *flail* i'm so looking this up right now... aha! barquillo. *commits to memory* i'd better look up pancake, too... just in case. hojuela. woooooot.

(seriously, you have no idea how much this distressed me at the time....)

anywho. off.

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Friday, January 24, 2003

Which Collins Tour Mark Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

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you look out of the kitchen window and you shake your head and say low,
"if i could believe that stuff, i'd say that woman has a halo,"
and i look out and say, "yeah, she's really blond,"
and then i go outside and join the others
i am the others
oh, and that's not easy, i don't know what you saw, i want somebody who sees me,
i will not be afraid of women, i will not be afraid of women

-- dar williams, "as cool as i am"

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today i had a surprising amount of fun in school. in ap lit, thetard decided that we should all over-analyze "jack and jill". (yeah, the nursery rhyme.) some of my theories:
~ it's a cry for public works projects! the hill was dangerous and needs a path.
~ the assonance of "a" in "jack" and "and" is symbolic, because the letter A resembles a hill. (the best part about this is that she called it "a stretch", but then said that a for "alpha" and o for "omega" was a good religious allusion...)
.. .gah. i don't remember any others. but there were more, oh yes.

and then... well, all of us (my lgf) have been saying the phrase "your mom!" way too much, so we instituted a limit-- 5 per day. ashvin, however, broke this limit before 8am. so we took to hitting him whenever he said it again. therefore, 1:00 was spent whacking ashvin with a newspaper. occasionally nathaniel as well, but i gave clemency to uses that amused me. such as, "your mom's a kissing trapeze artist!" bahaha.

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gaaah! in shakespeare today we discussed the stone of scone, and suddenly the scone of stone is SO much more amusing to me. dear god. i wonder how many other pratchett jokes have gone right over my head...

by the way, i think i've thought of a reasonable alternative for "online" and "real life" friends... locationally challenged friends, and locationally gifted friends ^_^ (or, lcf, and lgf.) thoughts?

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Thursday, January 23, 2003

listening to: lisa loeb, furious rose

my hands are numb.


and i'm thirsty.

stuff happened today.

joel drew me a pirate. see:


i'm downloading some hole songs. because i'm feeling badass. i used to have some hole songs somewhere. but they all disintegrated. dammit janet.

i got my senior pictures back. most of them are BLAH but a couple of them are okay. so um yeah.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

listening to: weezer, keep fishin'

so i just burned this cd, which i titled "music of the moment"... it's really, really random.

1. Three Dog Night - Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog
2. The Clash - London Calling
3. The Beatles - Revolution
4. Tori Amos - Operation Peter Pan
5. Rachael Sage - Obsessive Love Song
6. Nirvana - Come As You Are
7. Enigma - The Matrix Theme
8. Stuart Davis - 8 Days In The Lotus
9. MST3k - Song About The 70's
10. Dar Williams - As Cool As I Am
11. Modern English - Melt With You
12. Cake - Sheep Go To Heaven
13. Tori Amos - Song For Eric
14. RHPS - Dammit Janet
15. REM - Shiny Happy People
16. Matt Caplan & Joshua Kobak - Walk On The Ocean
17. Pocahontas - Colors of the Wind
18. Butthole Surfers - Pepper
19. Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire
20. Rockapella - Carmen Sandiego
21. Weezer - Keep Fishin'
22. Neil Young - Keep On Rockin' In The Free World

i defy anyone to NOT find at least one song that they like on this cd.

moving on. i just wanted to clarify that i don't mean to slight my "real life" friends in any way with my rants about "online" friends. i just wanted to make sure that everyone was getting enough love ^_^

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listening to: nirvana, lithium

random amusing quotes: "but mommy, i want to eat the moldy brownies!"

"no one ever slaps my ass!"
"i'd slap your ass if you were wearing fuzzy pants!"
"of course!! that's the answer to everything: fuzzy pants!"

"why would you want to put bubbies in that poem?!"

"so what did we learn from this scene?"
"oh, oh! the witches are bad!"
"because they kill people and steal their thumbs and stuff!!"

interesting. i'm trying to order 4 comedies from amazon, and it recommended two different lists called "ignorance" to me. what the hell?! *peer* oh.. okay, they both have the dilbert book since when did ignorance become a point of view? in them. and i once bought a dilbert book from amazon, so they keep trying to get me to buy more. aanywho.

s'anyway. kait: yes!! gah! i hate the stigma. just because you all live across the country, and sometimes in other countries, does not make it any less valid of a friendship. i mean, look at megan as a prime example of this (not necessarily becuase i love her more than the rest of you, but because our relatively close location has allowed the online friendship to turn into a fabulous, real-life friendship. of sorts. yes.)

another factor of this, i think, is interests... most of us online folk found each other through some common interest, be it rent, tori, or--god help us-- animorphs. whereas i have pretty few "real life" friends with whom i share many interests. (hearts to talia!) also, i don't like the term "real life" friends. because, i mean, it's not like the rest of you are in my fake life.

now that i have all that out. *deep breath*

well, i don't have much else to say, sadly.

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update: this freshman sitting in front of me keeps singing "cat's in the cradle" and now that's in my head too. damn the man.

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gah. so i have three different songs stuck in my head, and they keep shifting, and it's really random! and weird! inside my head, it's like "god is spirit/spirit is everything/even the devil is god.... feel witches burnin/gets a little toasty/hey.. gotta find, find, find/where you always go/ when the wind blows... does it all come down to the thing/one girl fears in the night/is another girl's paradise?" (points to anyone who can name all 3 songs! ^_^)

anyway. so while i was not paying attention in ap lit again, i was thinking about how much i heart the internet. gah, freshmen are descending, i hope i don't have to give up my computer! *frowl* anyway. so this thread is really just full of love, loooove for all my online friends. i mean it's so cool when i think about how long i've known some of you guys, and how much we've all evolved over the years, but we still keep in touch... and i think about how we're really the first generation to have this sort of connection with people like this. i mean, yeah, people had penpals and stuff.. but it's nowhere near the level of... i mean, we started out on mailing lists, and then we started talking on assorted messengering software, and now we all live through each other's blogs/ljs. but there's still the degree of separation... we don't see each other every day, or... well, sometimes ever...so there's something about that that makes you more open, i think. aand i think about all the cool things i've been opened to because of you guys. like... tori, i got into because of sonic... and stuart, because of megan, and neil.. well, i got into because of tori. and because of good omens, so also because of priscellie. and.... *just got horribly distracted for about 10 minutes*

so i'll just end this with a kiss to all of you. *mwah*

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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

oh yeah! and remember when i said that priscellie was a genius? well, now she's like.. a double genius. yeah. yarr.

i'm printing this out and saving it for sad days. *squee*

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listening to: nirvana, smells like teen spirit

*flails distressedly* so like, i was just in my brother's room to borrow nevermind, because you know, sometimes you just have to listen to nirvana, right? but theeen, i discovered my empire strikes back soundtrack aaand my clowns in the sky. jerk. i'm going to go back and see if he stole anything else of mine. *frowl* i just wanted to blog whilst the petty bitterness was fresh. and i'm sure nirvana will just serve to fuel it. *rages meekly*

... well. i didn't find anything else in my quick rummage. but that doesn't mean it's not there!

s'anyhow. "come as you are" brings back all these memories of my childhood. i didn't even know it was a nirvana song until like, 2 years ago. but that's another story. but yeah, it just brings back these hazy memories of friday nights at a bowling alley. yeah, see, my parents used to belong to this bowling team (they prided themselves on coming in last place in the league, like.. 5 years in a row), and they got sick of getting babysitters, so they just took reid and i to the bowling alley. *nod* and i guess they must have played this song a lot on the jukebox. or something. i have fond memories of the place. they'd always give us money so that we could get soda. which is you know, a big thing when you're 6. woooooot.

okay. now that i'm done with my nirvana-triggered childhood memories... um.. where was i? oh. history club today was fuuun. we had a discussion on iraq, and it was so funny to see ms. scott trying hard to be neutral. after awhile she just gave up. baha. so yeah, she and i and nick were the left wing, and then jeff and alex and charles were the right... and some sophomores were too scared to ever talk. and drue and alex and i made random simpsons references throughout the whole thing.

you know, i don't even really like nirvana that much. i just think that i do. and every so often, i'm like "heeey i haven't listened to them in awhile!" and then i listen to like, "smells like teen spirit" and "come as you are" and maybe like, "polly" or "lithium" and then i get tired of them. *swivels*

hmm. oh. i wrote this like, thing for brome and beyond (because i submit to megan), and michelle said that mine was the only piece she gave a 5 to. except she didn't know it was mine, because the names are all blanked out. so like. that was cool, because i know my friends will tell me stuff i do is good, because they're my friends and they rock like that... but when they think i'm good and they don't know it's me.. that's when it means a lot ^_^ *feels warm and fuzzy* although. i still don't think the thing was that good. but hey.

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wait wait wait. okay, i just saw this: ""Hellblazer" is described as Dirty Harry set in the occult world. Reeves will star as John Constantine, a man who dabbles in the occult and teams with a female police officer to fight evil forces."

so who the hell is john constantine?! he shows up in preludes and nocturnes, the books of magic, aaand this?! is it the same guy?! arrrrgh. *flails*

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gah! ashvin got into a bad car accident [he was fine, but the passenger side of his car was all smashy] on the way into the s-lot, and eliz and i are having a study in the difficulties of alternate realities... "oh god! if we would have been with him, we'd be like... not good!" "yeah, but if we would have been with him, we would have slowed him down, so he wouldn't have been there at the same time the car was!" "but, if we would have been on time in the first place, he would have left with us... so it wouldn't have been his car... but.. confused!" yeah. it was baffling.

i've just been informed that the superbowl will be between the buccaneers and the raiders, and this amuses me. a lot. teehee.

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*pokes blogger*

*and kait*

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*just got horribly distracted*

priscellie is my hero, and this is one of the many, many reasons why ^_^ (next, draw death as a scurvy wench!! please? ^_^)


anywho. i'm making signs for history club. i feel so pressured, because people always tell me that they're funny, and now i'm doing it last minute (the meeting's today...) and... aaah! what if it doesn't live up to everyone's standards?! *flail*

meh well. it's their fault for setting standards. speaking of which, clesson apparently thinks i'm a good writer and i don't know why!! *flail* it must be thetard's fault. *frowl* well, she'll change her mind when she reads my sonnet ^_^ aanywho. makin' history club signs. right-o.

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Monday, January 20, 2003

priscellie: http://www.fadedtimes.com/images/46.jpg Morpheus looks like John Lennon here
renata: woow, he does
priscellie: *is amused*
renata: i think dream and john lennon would get along.
priscellie: *nods* I concur
renata: death looks like a village person in the bottom-left corner
priscellie: *snickets*
renata: and delirum looks like tori... so now we just need like.. destiny to grow his hair out and be bob dylan
priscellie: *dies*
renata: and put on sunglasses over his blind eyes, of course
priscellie: Desire is ambiguously gendered, so (s)he would pair nicely with Hedwig.
renata: teehee
priscellie: *tries to think of something better*
priscellie: and Destruction?
renata: david bowie?
priscellie: *artbunnies multiply*\
renata: (for desire, i mean)
renata: destruction... hmm.
priscellie: *faints*
priscellie: I was thinking you were talking about Destruction!David Bowie, and that was scary
priscellie: yes, Desire!Bowie
renata: *grabs brief lives* maybe... um. hmm
renata: i don't listen to many boy-singers.
priscellie: nor do I. Except Beatles, o'course
renata: yeah. and bob dylan, and stuart.. and he's bald.
renata: all i can think of is like, kenny g? he has similar hair i think?
priscellie: yeah
priscellie: hmm... I don't remember what he looks like.
priscellie: ah well
renata: yeah. and then..despair.. gah.


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priscellie, my dear, [note: originally typed "my head"... *shrug*], yoooou are a genius. holy cow.

admire the bounty of priscellie's genius!! ("the bounty of your genius is sea chimps?!" ten points to whoever can place that quote.)

ooh my god. *giggles and convulses*

hmm. SOMEONE [*frowls at reid*] has eaten the last slice of my chocolate orange. aand, a menu bar has just appeared in my screen. whaaat the hell?! the categories are "sex", "travel", "careers", "credit", "computers", and "insurance". *frowls more*

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listening to: three dog night, jeremiah was a bullfrog

hmm okay. so frowl: so far the people who are definitely in again are me, megan, kait, and ayano. eliz is the new frowler, and i'm assuming talia and del are planning on sticking around, but i'm not sure. chelle, ali, jason, *nina*... let me know ^_^ (oh yeah, and megan- is erin still sharing your space this year?)

also: the pirate blog. whooo wants in? (i forgot who said yes the first time.) also, it needs a name. i was brainstorming some pirate-related words...
~ arrr [note: di-arrry!]
~ plunder
~ booty
~ captain's log
~ matey
~ scurvy
~ wench

but no name really jumped out at me. *shrug*

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*is amused* people always comment when i post the one-word posts to make blogger work, but not to my actual entries ^_^

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Sunday, January 19, 2003

listening to: the clash, london calling

mahaha. saw goldfinger at the normal with reid, and thus satiated my cravings for sexist british wit and raisnettes in one fell swoop.

and... whoa!! *got so distracted* i left winmx running whilst i was out and about, and it actually managed to download a bunch of stuff! yay! including an ooold tori song, "baltimore" (from when she was still myra ellen!) like... it's so weird. she sounds so young. well, she was. and it's such a... not good song. it was written.. there was some song-writing contest in baltimore, or something? sample lyrics: "it's so nice to live here/i'm glad this is my home/i've got a homestead on baltimore street/it's a place to call my own". yeah. also downloaded: hilarious 15-question interview ("have you ever seen a ufo?" "i live with them."), cooling (speedbliss mix), kurt cobain medley, and snow cherries from france. oh, and earlier today i got the original acapella "song for eric" which i like a lot. woooooooooooot.

anyway. on the way back from goldfinger, we stopped at family video and ran into eliz and ashvin. aand, i rented pocahontas!!!! you have no idea how happy this makes me. see, for the longest time they neeeever had pocahontas, because there was this crazy mixup wherein trina and i accidentally returned trina's copy of pocahontas while keeping their copy of pocahontas 2... and... craziness. anyway. i adore that movie. despite the fact that it's completely historically inaccurate patriarchial craaaaap. or maybe because of it. whichever. so um. i'm going to go watch that.

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listening to: stuart, whisper

last night was much fun. trina, matt, eliz, ashvin, miriam, rob and i went to culver's. and, ate. and defaced culver's property, and corrupted some youth, and were loud, and generally had fun. and then, we attempted to go bowling, but all the lanes were full... so we went back to miriam's house. las chicas walked over to family video, and we got gosford park, 28 days, and seabert the seal. and.. okay, do any of you remember seabert the seal?! because it was such a great show. well, i mean, it was really bad. but... i liked it when i was 5. it's like, captain planet without captain planet? like, it's an eskimo girl, and her whiteboy friend, and seabert the seal. who is mischevious and friendly, despite the fact that he's a bloodthirsty monster. right. aaanyway. so they go around and stop poachers. and they take seabert with! to like.. the rainforest and stuff!!! and they're both like 7, and they travel all over, alone. with their seal! gaaah! oh, and tommy (the white boy)'s uncle is a poacher! and his name is smokey! and then one of his henchmen is named sulphuric. and we weren't sure what the other one was named, so we called him acid. yeaaah. anyway.

we tried to watch gosford park, but we got distracted by triscuits. so i changed the tape to seabert. hee. oh! i forgot, when we came back from family video, los chicos were like, "what did you guys rent?" and we said like... a walk to remember and.. some other bad movie. teehee. and they believed us, because we're evil. oh, and we played some tribond. ("the game of threesomes")

and then, trina and i spent the night, and we rejoiced in the girl-sleepover-ness of it all. and, we watched 28 days, which was an acceptable chick flick. but we got really upset at the ending. ("we gave and gave to this movie! and it just takes and doesn't give us aaanything!! *sob*") ar. oh, and viggo mortensen is in it. but we sooo didn't recognize him, cos he was all like.. clean and blonde and southern and stuff. it was weird. anyway, i have to go do laundry and stuff.

call me if you wanna see goldfinger at the normal tonight! or just show up, it starts at 7!

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Saturday, January 18, 2003

listening to: stuart, infinity hymn

random amusing quotes: "i challenge you to a bald duel!"

"you spit at the wizard?! i'll turn you into a bald freak with a goatee! oh wait... TOO LATE!"

"want the rest of my hamburger?"
"i'm vegetarian"
"oh.. well, the bun is good..."

"it's the heroin of clarity"

"people from the dakotas all have telepathy.. it's from the radiation. that's how they knew it was my birthday!"

"doesn't it remind you of planet of the apes?"
"how so?! because, i realized as i said it, that i didn't really believe it."

so, stuart.. was fab. more people need to see stuart. yes. anyway.. i was reaally tired the whole way home. but now that i'm home, all i wanna do is blog. ("all i wanna do, is have.. some blog, until the sun comes up on santa monica boulevard...")

anyway. uncommon ground was soo crowded. but then, some people left.. and miriam, casey and i stole their seats. mwahaha. oh! and when i walked in, i was looking for megan, and then i was talking to this girl about the bathroom, right, and she's like, "hey, are you renata?" and i was like, "yeah!" and she was like, "i've read your blog! i'm abby!" (hi abby!) and then, i found megan.. and casey and rob and kismet and travis. *nod* and allll was good. so, yeah. i actually wrote a setlist.

savoring samsara: i looove savoring samsara. one of my faves off shiny naked cd.
anaesthesia necrophila: woot!
song i didn't know: *shrug*
sugar bullets: i looove sugar bullets!! it's my favorite new stuart song. (or "newart", if you will.) in my head, though, it always combines with a/n for some reason, so it goes "all i ever wanted was just breath mints and cigarettes, and all i ever wanted was just one blonde and one brunette... i mean it, i mean it, i'm kidding!" it's really strange.
nothing in between: gah, i love seeing this song live. it's sooo cool when he whacks his guitar.
ladder: ladder live is so far superior to the studio ladder.
inventions: inventions is one of my least favorite stuart songs. but, it's still stuart...
atavistic viking: woot!
universe communion: during this song i kept getting distracted by the painting behind him. it was realllly pretty.. it was like, a ripple in water... and it was great. i wanted it.
8 days in the lotus: by far my favorite song about hockey and buddhism, ever.
flower of a zero
human girl: before this song he talked about the concept album he had just recorded, that was all songs about the second coming of christ as a teenage girl... and i really couldn't tell if he was joking, i need to ask megan... because on one hand... well... yeah. but on the other hand... he has written this song... and "sexy messiah"... so it's highly possible that in his spare time he's written an album's worth of songs on the topic. (i wish he would have played sexy messiah instead, i heart that song muchly.. but he said he would have had to re-tune his guitar. lazy stuart.)
swim: i heart swim. but it's vaguely depressing. heeey.. swim is a song, and a band, and a verb!! what a versatile word!!

anyway... stuart is so great live. soooooo great. if you ever, ever get the opportunity to see him... taaaaake it! (taaalia, i'm still sad that you didn't get to come ~_~) people who live here: i talked to him vaguely about setting up a show at the coffeehouse, so if that ever happens... you're alllll coming!

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Thursday, January 16, 2003

listening to: mst3k, earth

this song contains the best rhyme in the entire world. "to earth!/the very birthplace of my birth/the thought of earth fills me with mirth/hey, maybe we'll meet colin firth!"

anyway. a few musings that probably not too many people will care about... but i do. ^_^

so yeah, i've been lurking on this tori mailing list, and someone just posted a link to download an obscure "song for eric" remix, so i downloaded it... and it's the same version of sfe that i already have!!! apparently the real sfe is acapella!! i'm so disillusioned now! *flail* so all night i've been trying to download the real one, to no avail.

i'm almost done reading a beautiful mind!! soon i can start reading all my fab christmas books... i have howl's moving castle and last chance to see and the books of magic and violent cases and harlequinn valentine aaand mort! gah! (that was a gah of joy, by the way.)

oh yeah, and meagna: rent is march 27, at 8pm. it's a thuuuursday.

one last random bit... one thing that i really, really, really like is the part in "sugar" (live) when tori drops all the music, and half-whispers, "just, watch, boys, watch, watch what they do..." and then starts singing again... "sweet boy if they find you out tell me what you think they'll do when they find you gotta little in here..." GAH! it's so good. i heart "sugar". and sugar. mmm.

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listening to: indigo girls, bury my heart at wounded knee

random amusing quotes: "i microwaved my cookie into submission!"

"your burrito is tardy!"

"well, what's the worst that could happen?"
"we could get into a horrible car wreck on the way to culver's, and we all die!!"
"um.. well, there's that."

this is my favorite indigo girls song, and it's not even written by them. but.. it's so great.

anyway. today was a good day ^_^ at 2:00, eliz and i beat her blog into submission. (well, mostly. *roughs blogger up a bit more*) and then, spaz bowl was cancelled, so we went downtown. but first, we got into a big fight with trina, molly, and miriam over which would be more disgusting: lobster cola or iced gravy. and then we got into a subfight about the definition of lobster cola, so we changed it to a lobster smoothie and a gravy smoothie. (trina and i say that the gravy would be better; miriam, molly, and eliz feel otherwise.)

i've noticed that i rarely talk to people online anymore. odd.

oh!! i think that you should all tell me your birthdays, right now, so that i don't miss any more of them! (happy belated birthday, ayano ^_^) and, yeah, i think i'm off now.

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yaaay, eliz is a frowler now!! go visit her!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

sorry.. but tori-related quizzes + boredom =... well, this.

Playful is your word of the lifetime. Youre always up for something shiny and happy, even if you do come off as flaky. Its ok, people that dont believe in faeries arent worth knowing anyhow...

me? controversial? find out @ snowcanwait.org

strong, powerful, unafraid
Your animal is the Phoenix

which video are you? find out @ snowcanwait.org

(i wanted to be uk cornflake girl! yaaay space eskimos!)

which concert pose are you? find out @ snowcanwait.org

(look carefully, she's wearing a hello kitty shirt! by the way, i LOVE it when she plays two instruments at once, i think it's the coolest thing EVER.)

Sometimes kooky, sometimes scary, youre always up for a good time. You know how to turn any situation into a fun event with a little class and a little more laughter. Maybe you were even voted the class clown of your school. Either way, everyone loves when you walk into a room because they know its gonna be anything but boring.

which Tori accessory are you? find out @ snowcanwait.org

that necklace is so ugly. meeble.

which video villain are you? find out @ snowcanwait.org

aaand spent. (these quizzes seem to fear me...)

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listening to: collective soul, goodnight, good guy

i forgot i had this cd. but, i do.

notes: 1. the von bismarck poem was a joke. i hope you all understood that ^_^ and the sonnet was written for shakespeare class. *nod* yeah.
2. kellie, feel free to play mafia with the most hideous people you can find, cos i meant to say "pretty big group" ^_^
3. i heart you *nina* ^_^
3.14. megan, i might go see stuart... i dunno. it's kind of up in the air as of now. so, don't expect me, but don't be toootally shocked if i show up ^_^
4. i forgot. but i know i had a fourth note. oh well.
5. oh yeah! harry potter porn... as long as there's no twincest involved, bring it on ^_~

at kickboxing today, they played a dance mix of ironic. it was the most wrongest thing ever.

except maybe the skit about the corn laws that megan, nick, mike and i performed today....

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*fwibble* 5th harry potter book comes out june 21! woot! when i turn 18, i'm buying porn and harry potter!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

i am... SO HAPPY!!! why, you ask?

well... you see, i've DROPPED my heartland math class this semester! woot! *throws party in pants* and second... well, sandy told me i needed to pick up another class... aaaand i didn't really want another class... so, she suggested that i take an independent study. with coach hubbard. (sorry, this will only be funny to uhigh folk. but really.. coach hubbard?! bwaahaha) so, as soon as my mom signs it, i'll be taking "kickboxing for fitness and fun" for .5 credits this semester ^_^ (i wanted to call it "kickboxing for fun and profit" but i decided against it.) sooo basically, i'll continue the kickboxing i've been doing since the summer, but i talk to coach hubbard once every other week about it. aaand i get credit for it. aaand i don't have to take any math.


mm. only POSSIBLE downside... grinnell recommends 4 years of math. however... i do have 4 *credits* of math. aand, the transcript they have still says that i'm taking math this semester. and by the time our lazy counseling center sends out my midterm report, i'm willing to bet that they'll already have decided on my admission. yaaay deviouness. (deviousity?)

i think it's time for some evil, "i-beat-the-system" laughter.


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Monday, January 13, 2003

buddha hates blogger.

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listening to: soul coughing, 16 horses

i think it's time for a boron poetry corner. i haven't had one of those in awhile.

so here goes.

your eyes are like two stars,
you're a better ruler than the czars
i love you so much
i'm glad you're not dutch.
you're better than the nanny,
the way you unified germany*
i love you in the light and in the dark
my dearest count otto von bismarck.

* say "gerMANY" instead of "GERmany" ^_^

and... renata's sonnet #1, featuring rather iffy iambic pentameter.

the singer takes the stage, he begins to
sing: "hist'ry puts a saint in every dream
and it's time, time, time that you love"**-- so true
he can see nothing, 'cause the bright lights gleam...
but he knows they're there. thinks about god,
thinks 'bout death. how do you know where they are?
who will think of him when he's under sod?
missing his family, he looks around the bar
wonders abuot people... why are they here?
are they escaping from previous lives?
he understands that, hiding in their beer
fleeing their past in all these dirty dives
all these poor people who just want to belong
he immortalizes as he writes this song.

** lyrics from "time" by tom waits. used in the wrong order.
so yeah... the rhyme totally controlled this one... like, i had no idea what it was about, so i just adapted it whenever i thought of another word that rhymed.

and.. this concludes poetry corner with boron. *closes curtain*

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listening to: caroline's spine, sullivan

i miss the days when i got home before i'd forgotten all my r.a.q.'s. i need to start writing them down or something.

i didn't go kickboxing today. cos i didn't feel like it. i watched the simpsons with trina. and i have to go to maaaaath starting on wednesday. so no more kickboxing. unless i find somewhere else that offers it. damn the man.

i don't really feel like blogging either. maybe i'll answer kellie's question about mafia. it's this.. game. and you usually play it with cards, but you can also just play it with paper and pen. you need a pretty group for it to be fun, i'd say at leaaast 6 or so. with cards, you take out one card for each player. ace of clubs is mafia, ace of hearts is doctor, and jack of spades is investigator. all other cards are just random low hearts/diamonds. (it doesn't really matter what you use, as long as everyone knows what's what. or you can just write "mafia" "townsperson" etc. on scraps of paper and hand them out.) you keep these secret. then the game narrator will say, "everyone go to sleep", so you close your eyes. then "mafia wake up and choose someone to kill" and whoever is the mafia (if it's a big game you can have 2 or 3 mafias) points at someone, and they will be dead. except.. then the mafia goes back to sleep, and the narrator says "doctor wake up, and choose someone to save". if the doctor points at the same person as the mafia, then they won't die. then the doctor goes back to sleep, and the investigator wakes up and.. chooses someone to investigate. they point at someone they suspect of being the mafia, and the narrator will nod yes or no. then everyone wakes up. here's the fun part.. everyone can make accusations now. like, "i think he's the mafia... cos he has shifty eyes!" and if you make an official accusation, you can vote on whether or not to kill them. (only one accusation per round.) the really fun part is that the investigator shouldn't really say "i'm the investigator!" because then the mafia will kill them (unless the doctor saves them), so you have to be all crafty. and the mafia can lie and be like "i'm the investigator.. " and stuff. (note: mafia can't suicide.) umm.. it sounds really complicated. but it's much fun. i suggest you all go play it.

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Sunday, January 12, 2003

listening to: tori, little earthquakes (live)

i forgot to post one really cool thing about theatrefest... at the end of the laramie project, they talk about the huge blizzard on the day of matthew shepard's funeral, and how like.. nature was mourning him too, and stuff... and then when we walked out of the theatre, it was snowing.

meanwhile. i will do my ap euro, dammit.

edit: wtf? i can't find the stupid online assignment!! it must be very cleverly hidden, because i looked at every single posting in this unit, the last two units, and the next unit (which isn't even up yet.) then i looked in the dropbox, on the main page... and it's not there! *frowl*

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Saturday, January 11, 2003

Which Death Eater Are YOU?

brought to you by Quizilla

mm, snape.

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listening to: tori, northern lad (live)

whee! theatrefest was much fun! but first... *SQUEE!* i got a tori bootleg!! of 11/29! which was the concert i saw! when i saw tori! (wow, that was.. really redundant. but hey!) and.. gah! it's so good! toori!

anywho. theatrefest. i roomed with michelle, megandee, and liz. so obviously we were the par-tay room. (which, just between you and me, got kind of annoying after awhile. but you know.) oh god... the cd just went to "wednesday"... *swooooon* tori's so sexy. anyway.

you should all go play with this, it's great. and it's delirium! delirium is so great for being a dress-up doll, because she could totally wear all of those clothes, together, and it would be fine for her. *hearts delirium* (and when you click on her, her hair changes!!)

anyway. theatrefest. thursday night, we saw 500 clown macbeth which was... weird. funny.. slapstick... i wasn't as amused as everyone else seemed to be, although it had moments. (the 2 boys are just throwing blood all over, and spitting it, and all this grossness.. and then the girl lifts up her skirt and smears blood on her crotch, and they're absolutely repulsed. hee, boys.) oh yeah, and back at the hotel we were watching some show about cirque de soilel (or whatever) and maggie benjamin auditioned to be the singer! *flail* but she didn't make it.

friday morning, a bunch of us saw the laramie project... which was.... amazing. so, so sad... megan and i cried so much. random girls in front of us passed megan back kleenex. it was incredibly well done, but it's also a really powerful script.. if you get a chance to see this, anywhere... go see it. oy.

friday afternoon, i saw quilters, which was... meh. not bad, not great. i didn't like the script (it was about pioneer women, and how important quilting was to them... it had potential.. .but then... it was a musical? so no.) but it was reasonably well done for being stupid.

then tj and megan and i went to the talent reunion... although there's no one from talent that i really wanted to reunite with. *shrug* it was fun, though. *got horribly distracted*

oh. um, and then we ate chinese food. and saw macbeth. but we were all really tired and kept nodding out, so we had to confer at intermission to piece together the plot. and then at the end i had to have michelle explain to me why macduff wasn't "born of woman". ("oh!!! was he a son of the witches?!" "no.. he was born by cesearean section." "oh, that's crap!") but. i liked it. (it was the all-state production... so yeah, kickass. just... not good for the sleep-deprived.)

back at the hotel, i randomly picked up this book of megan's while she was off swimming, and i just flipped it open to the middle.. and then i started reading, and i wanted to find out what happened... so i skim-read all the way to the end. it was interesting ^_^ although it was a historical christian romance, which is not my typical genre, to say the least. and then, megan came back and i accidentally spoiled the ending for her. *is a bad, bad person* ~_~ and, yeah, we had muuuch fun.

saturday morning... *thinks* oh, i saw rumors which was SO funny. it's such a great script, and they all pulled it off really well. omb. some sound issues.. but hey. then... oh, megan and tj and i were going to see.. i think it was called the ledge, the ledger, and the legend or somesuch? but then 3 girls overheard us talking about it, and said that it was really bad. so tj and i skipped it, and megan saw antigone instead, and tj and i and.. hmm, tony and liz and sophie and lauren.. and the 3 girls (two abbys and a hannah) all played mafia, which was loooots of fun. i'm terrrible at being mafia, though, i'm always like.. "*giggle giggle* noo.. i didn't kill you... " but one time tj and i were the mafia, and i was tricky and i made it aaalmost all the way to the end. but tj didn't. baha.

my feet are really cold.. and i'm tired, and i have a lot of crap to do tomorrow. crap. so, i think i'm offfff to bed. goodnight, frowl.. goodnight, moon. goodnight, owl. goodnight yogurt in a spoon.

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Thursday, January 09, 2003

so... eliz, aman, megan (la roja) and i just had an adventure...

see, someone had told amanda that there was a big sweatshirt/sweatpants sale at the interstate center. although this did not exactly make sense to us ("it's a sweatshirt expo?!"), we went anyway, as we had nothing better to do. so, we get there... and it's really windy, and there are a bunch of old men. and it turns out that it was like.. a tool show? or something? (but they DID have some sweatshirts tucked away in the back!) so, we found this hilarious, and the old men stared at us. so we left and got ice cream.

the end.

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i hate you blogger! (and hat!)

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kellie.. i was listening to your cd on the way to school this morning, and i heart it!! i reallly liked "god thinks". and, yay jill sobule! and... yay everything.

just checked my mail... the only bad thing about running otgar is that people assume i'm some kind of mythology expert, so i get emails like this one "Gwydion - in The Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley uses Gwydion as one of the names of King Arthur, and later for his son Mordred. Could this be significant here, as a folk hero of huge importance?" sheah, like i know. i had to go double-check my own site to double-check who gwydion was in the first place, let alone contemplate a link between a horribly confusing celtic god and arthurian legend....

at least people have stopped asking me if i know who the forgotten god is. (by the way.. if you stumbled on here from otgar, i so don't mean to sound like i'm complaining about getting mail, cos i love getting mail! i'm just mocking my own ignorance.)

i have to memorize a sonnet for shakespeare... i think the one i picked is.. 116, maybe? it has "doom" in it. and some questionable rhymes, like "love" and "prove", and "love" and "remove", and "come" and "doom". *shrug* i guess after the first 100 or so you start running out of good rhymes...?

um. yeah.

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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

listening to: beatles, she loves you

kellie burned me a cd, and i should be listening to it, cos it looks cool! but it's all the way over in my bag... *sigh* so lazy. am totally not going to get anything done tonight. i was SO going to work on the thespian website, or ap lit.. or something. or at least type up the poems i wrote today to share them ^_^ but, i think i'll go to sleep instead. (oh, and i'm leaving for theatrefest tomorrow after school, so this might be my last post till saturday.. unless i do it tomorrow at school. so yeah.) hearts!

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Who is your Ideal Lord of the Rings (male) Mate?

brought to you by Quizilla

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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

listening to: tori, smells like teen spirit

gah. i am THE most productive slacker ever. instead of doing homework... i did this. *sigh*

Which Frowler are YOU?

i hope to god that all the frowlers end up as themselves. if not, just cheat.

and yeah, i know that the images aren't really white. stupid paintshop. (now if ooonly i cared enough to fix them.)

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megan smells of green tea. it's pretty. *sniff*

aanywho. megan, eliz and i were discussing starting a pirate blog... would anyone else be interested in joining? it would be a group blog, kinda like sgt. pepper, except for posting pirate jokes. arrr. yeah.

note: priscellie, iiif you have time... sometime... could you draw a whimsical pirate for layout-y purposes? eh?

*thinks* i had... something else to say. but. now i can't recall. meh well.

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Monday, January 06, 2003

listening to: heather nova, we can work it out

i love this song. i think i just really like it when chicks cover beatles songs. like... sarah mclaughlan's cover of "blackbird", sheryl crow's cover of "mother nature's son".. this song... tori's covers of "happiness is a warm gun" and "let it be"... um... well, yes.

so anyway, i was just talking to trina, and she mentioned something about reading my blog... what the hell?! since when do people read my blog?! i'm so confused. just how many of you are there? and why aren't you leaving comments? *gestures pointedly at mystery comment theatre* hmph ^_^

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listening to: eddie vedder, you've got to hide your love away

random amusing quote: "mayor mccheese is the voice of our generation!"

at spaz bowl i got into a fight with jeff over whether or not "dear prudence" was a real beatles song. he thought i made it up. *frowl*

i'm excited about theatrefest. woooot, room with megan and michelle and liz! and... yeah. i'm in a really mellow mood, so i have nothing to say. *blinks slowly*

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listening to: beatles, dear prudence (iiin my head)

random amusing quotes: "yaay, i'm gonna make pants!"

"well, i don't want to go out with all girls!"
"yeah, that would be so gay"

yay! megan and i are "blogging together", if you know what i mean. *wink*

mrr. having class at 8:00 sucks. *sob* i'd gotten so used to having it free. oh well. shakespeare seems like it'll be a fun class. and talia is in it! yay!

i'm tired, though. oh, and i got my sat scores back.. 1360. *shrug* both my colleges take act scores too, though, so yeah.

mrrr. ooh, just put on burt's bees and now my lips are all tingly! mmm.

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Sunday, January 05, 2003

listening to: sarah mclaughlan, blackbird

doh, another quiz. (but hey, you know, i've taken more quizzes! i haven't even posted them all! but hooow could i resist posting this one?!)

i'm not posting the image, though, cos it's freakin' enormolous.

"you are sebastian arcelus! you're a heck of a nice guy. everyone loves you because you're so patient and down-to-earth. isn't it great to be so special?"

which silly white rent boy are YOU most like?!

(i wish curtis was an option. he's totally a silly white rent boy! *sniffle* curtis!)

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listening to: ben harper, strawberry fields forever

"dude, the mst guys are on the wrong side!! they should be on the left!"

megan, i love you ^_^ (note:... look carefully at them. and then look at your watch hand. *nod*) but yeah, they are on the wrong side (and futhermore, they're reversed! servo should be on the left!) but like.. otherwise, you end up with random leftover chairs. and it doesn't work. *nod* there's really no possible way to have them on the right side... priscellie and i brainstormed about it. a lot. yeah. (note: if you can think of a way to get them on the right side... let me know!)

gah. i'm tired. and i have to go to schoooooool tomorrow. but it's okay, because now i'm listening to sheryl crow's cover of "mother nature's son" which i adore.

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What Element Are You?

too bad boron wasn't a choice. (i checked ~_~)

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Saturday, January 04, 2003

listening to: jill sobule, vrbana bridge

was watching more clerks cartoons with commentary, and apparently alan rickman was originally going to play leonardo leonardo! just thinking about that makes me really happy. and thinking about alan saying "well played, clerks!" makes me even happier. *chortles* and then, i dug out my old tapes and watched an episode of txf... synchrony. that was the first ep i ever watched. *sniffle* and then, i stopped the tape to fast forward through the next episode, but then i got sucked into a disney movie. (i mean... disney channel original movie. not like, a good disney movie.) doh. those things are so bad, but they're so addictive. like nicotine. so i was watching it... i think it was called like, kick it up or up yours or something along those lines... it's about hispanic cheerleaders. *nod* anyway, so about 10 minutes into it reid comes in and says, "i'm watching the dumbest movie ever! kick it up or something... oh!" so we misted it together. whee. (sidenote: one of the most surefire ways to make either of us laugh is to say "i rule in favor of... big america party!" we both find it very humorous.) so anyway, the hispanic cheerleaders are throwing a party to raise money, and all of a sudden reid goes "big america party! disco dancing!" and then the head cheerleader's boyfriend, chewie (yup, really) drove up, and i was like "who is driving? bear is driving! oh no, how can this be?!" and we just diiied. [by the way, if you don't think that's funny.. either you have no sense of humor, or you need to go watch the clerks cartoon. or possibly both.)

anyway. i'm tiiired.

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listening to: stuuuart, rockstars and models

le sigh. i'm stranded at home on a saturday night. curse you lazy snowplows and salt truck thingies! *shakes fist* (but i understand. if i were you, mackinaw would be my lowest priority too.)

that's okay, though. mayhap i'll watch star wars. hm. or empire. oor i think slc punk! was on the indie film channel... of course... i own it so i could watch it anyway. hmm.

i just dropped a candle on my foot and it hurt. a lot. at least it wasn't lit. gah. i'm going downstairs before i hurt myself further.

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Which Annoying Two Towers Character are You?
By Lisa

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Friday, January 03, 2003

listening to: ani, dog coffee

random amusing quotes: "oh my god, we'll be in college by the time i get to 'hello september, hello chartreuse!'!"

"hello, mountain! hello, doom!"

"it's me, frodo! it's your sam!"
"sam i am!"

"we're on a hat mission!"

fwee. got senior pictures taken, got lunch with miiiriam, and did some shopping. woo, sales! i bought a calendar (50% off!) at borders-- "hello kitty, hello color!" this month is "hello january, hello gold!" whee ^_^ and also mort by terry pratchett. mmmm, gift cards. and then with my tarrrget gift card, i bought the i am sam soundtrack. haven't listened to all of it yet, but i like it so far, especially sarah mclaughlan's "blackbird" and sheryl crow's "mother nature's son". yup. then, we picked up trina, and met matt, and saw two towers again. it was muchfun. trina brought a fuzzy blanket with her (she wore it like a cape), and i'm SO bringing a blanket to the movies from now on. yeah. and, on my way home i rented the clerks cartoon dvds, so now i'm off to watch them!

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Thursday, January 02, 2003

listening to: ani, talk to me now

i just watched attack of the clones with all the commentary and stuff... and i was SO amused when george was like, "well, these are the guys that jay and silent bob were concerned about dying with the death star, but reaally they're just a bunch of big termites." whee. and, yay, megaaan is home!

quick poll: i'm getting senior pictures tomorrow, should i wear my glasses or no? i'm thinking yes... cause i always wear my glasses, and i heart them, and stuff. yeah.

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listening to: ani, both hands

i love old acoustic ani. *happy sigh* i don't, however, love that my break is nearly over. kinda. and talia and megan and i never did aaany of the stuff we were planning on doing over break, and it looks like we won't be able to. aah well, that's what weekends are for.

it snooowed again. woot. perhaps shall watch a movie and drink hot chocolate and wrap meself in a warm fuzzy blaanket!

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so reid just wanders into my room, hands me $10000 worth of hell money and a box of botan rice candy, and walks out without saying a word...

(mm, hell money... *sob* i miss txf.)

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okay, i'm cleaning out my inbox, and i have NO idea what this is about, but it amuses me a lot ^_^

Oh, you say that now, but just wait until he is EATING YOUR BABIES.

--Aiakt: uh... yes.--

>But Kait... we love the Glass Pig Lord! He is good to us and wants what's best for us!

oh, which reminds me.. hi bri! *flail* and yes, rml still lives... quietly. still on topica.

I feel so dorky. I thought only second graders got pink eye. Oh well. That's what I get for sharing my eye puss.


in other words Chelle is evil and a bad influence! I'm telling my mom.


so, this is sort of becoming a "best of rml" thing as i clean out my inbox. *sniffle*

I keep getting magnets from colleges. Like, "Look, our college has it's own MAGNET! how could you resist coming here?!" It's vaguely scary.

--Kait: Who, for the last time, does NOT want to go to Mt. St. Mary's College!!!! ::flails::--

i hope someone already select-o-quoted this, since i've been gone....


In a message dated 4/3/02 5:14:22 PM Central Daylight Time, keith writes:

>even I wanted to have sex with him then.

>What do you study, nina?

"how to stay in debt for the rest of your life."
"oh...........you're studying THAT....."
english lit.
*nina, bound to be po' for the rest of eternity*

What the hell is an emo boy? I thought emu, but noticed she spelled it emO at least twice, so it isn't a spelling error involving a large bird I imagine. So, then I thought of, emo is like, 3/4ths Elmo. But that doesn't work either, how can you have an L-less Elmo Boy?


It's Elmo at Christmas time. He celebrates the tradition of Noel.

(think about it; you'll get it)

I hat you ^_^ (stoy lat.. *hiss at kyb*)


*yawn* woot! an hour later, and my inbox is down from 1375 to a svelte 80. *dances merrily*

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listening to: ani, pale purple

oh hey, frowlers... somebody's been uploading stuff to the "users" directory, instead of to your own... so, like.. go fix that ^_^

and, neil fans.... did you know that "my ainsel" means "my ownself"?!?! because, i didn't. and that's so cool.

i really don't want to go back to school. aarrr.

i'm torn
rejecting outfits offered me
regretting things i've worn
when i was still playing roles
in order to fill out holes
in my conception of who i am
you know, now i understand
it's not important to be defined
it's only important to use your time well

-- ani, pale purple

i heart that. yup. oh, and i almost forgot! priscellie, i was watching a conan o'brien rerun, and his guest was this author, and she was talking about how people always asked her what conan was like, and she said that she "always tells them about your fascination with abraham lincoln".. and then they went off and talked about lincoln for a couple minutes ^_^ apparently, conan is the same height as lincoln. i think we should send him some pamplets for the col.

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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

listening to: ani d, talk to me now

hmm. if i had a lj, right now my mood would be "introspective" and it would have a cute little icon going "hmm". but, i don't, so you'll all just have to pretend. so anyway, i was reading my "about me" page, and thinking that it needs some revision. i think i'm a lot more comfortable with myself as a person now than i was when i wrote it. and i'm much less depressed. and the thing is that i didn't really realize that i was depressed until i wasn't anymore. (and i wasn't like... really depressed, by any means. but it was.. yeah.) and i think that maybe i'm becoming the person that people think i am and i think i like that.

or to put it in terms of tori... i think that i used to be little earthquakes but now i'm boys for pele.

and i think you should all really listen to this. (realplayer)

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listening to: tori, me and a gun

*frowl* stupid archives are bein' all... stupid. and, i decided to work on updating otgar... so i'm searching through all... 1375 messages in my inbox, for the like... 10 that have to do with the site. my life craves organization. well, not really. in fact, my life despises organization. but if it knew what was good for it, it would crave organization.

stupid life.

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mrph. i think i slept at a funny angle or something, i don't knoow, but the inside of my mouth on the left side is all cut up and stuff. *frowl* oow, frowling hurts more!


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listening to: tori, china

random amusing quotes: "someone turn the floor off!"

"mike, do you know how to play euchre?"
"what about don fernando in a basket?!"

"your car is a living orgasm! i mean.. organism"

"no one has ever stolen my car! it's just common courtesy!"

gaah... more, but, whatever. happy new year, all! i hope you all had as much fun last night as i did ^_^ hmm. where to start...? well... i went to trina's house, and then trina and i went to miriam's house, and put together a puzzle of moses. ("matt! give us back moses, you jerk!") and then, we met with matt and amanda and ashvin and elizabeth and molly and andrew *deep breath* and.. yeah, that's it... and went walmarting. mmm, party food. we bought the best cookies ever.. they're walmart brand "don't forget the cookies" cookies, which amused me. a lot. and then we went back to molly's house, and ate pizza, and waited for the rest of the party to show up. which they did, much to our relief. ("wouldn't it suck if nooo one came?!" "eh... we'd still have fun.")

new paragraph, i think.

hmm. oh! eliz gave me pretty candles, and a pretty candle holder (despite the fact that it in no way resembles a turkey), aand a chocolate orange! yay! (chocolate oranges are an eternal mystery to me... because they're solid until you crack them, but when you do, each slice has the little orangey imprint on it! how do they do it? hooow?!)

i mingled a bit at the party, which impressed me ^_^ miriam, mike, nick and i played some euuchre. woot. mike and i had some fab table talk. ("mike, what's your favorite bond movie?" "octopussy!" "really? are you sure it's not... diamonds are a girl's best friend?! .. wait, that's not a bond movie, i meant... diamonds are forever?!" "... ooh we're not talking about movies any more, aare we?! wink wink!")

oh, and we played mafia... which is like... er, sort of a primitive rpg? i suppose? and, i got killed for defending steve. which just goes to show you.. that defending steve always gets you killed. so don't do it.

anywho. then, we fell asleep on molly's heated floor. mmm, warm. in the morning, we played this movie-trivia game, and part of it was multimedia with a dvd thing... and i realized how far i've slipped from my prior x-philage... one style of question showed stills from a movie, and you had to figure out what it was... and so it shows like, a helicopter, and then a book titled "world domination conspiracy" or somesuch, and then a bee in a phial, and then a sillhoutte (meh?) of a guy... and it was the x-files! and i didn't get it! *flail* i was mildly distressed.

anywho. reaally tired, got like... 3 hours of sleep and my body's starting to catch on to my brain's clever deception. so. peace out ^_^

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