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Monday, December 30, 2002

listening to: jill sobule, vrbana bridge (live)

i smell pretty. lotion was 2-for-1 at bath and body works. aand i had a gift certificate. woot! *smells self* also bought a pretty shirt at old navy for $9. yay, sales.

ayano: ftch is yours, as soon as i get un-lazy enough to mail it ^_^

saw catch me if you can with my family today. i'll review it in sgt. pepper later. oh, and reid bought me r2-d2: beneath the dome as a late christmas gift! yaay! i *love* r2-d2! (i collect him!) it's a really funny mockumentary. *nod* i meant to watch it when it was on fox, but.. hmm, i think i had class. or something. and i couldn't watch it online, because dora (my computer) is evil. so, yeah, yay! it's muy chistoso.

Which Weezer album are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

(megan looks just like mary tyler moore! and i have buddy holly glasses!)

that reminds me, i haven't listened to weezer in awhile. hmm. i can never remember if i have the green album or the blue one... *rummage* oh, blue. good, good.

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Sunday, December 29, 2002

listening to: tori, gold dust

fwee. i just spent like, the last hour cleaning out my desk, and i found SO much neato stuff. like... i save everything. so i found postcards and stuff from rmlers yeaars back. like danna! i totally forgot she existed, but she sent me a postcard! with a beaver on it! and, yeah. and some *really* old stuff from when i used to go to camp, and from when i tried to have penpals... dude, those are a time trip. ("dear renata, my favorite bands are spice girls and boyzone, what are yours?") let's see. found an invitation to miriam's brother's graduation (he's been in college for 5 years now)... found megan's christmas letter from 2 years ago... and megan's senior pictures (i was looooking for those!)... heey, megan, where are you anyway?! i'm starting to worry. anyway. and i found some ani postcards, and my tori "baddy power" postcard... and a picture of me and aaron and tony from 8th grade. aww cute. oh, and some of the old rent postcards. (megan.. remember in st. louis when we tried to buy some?! and bill was like, we stopped selling them?! and then the theatre!nazi made us go outside again?! aaah, memories.)

mmm, the joys of cleaning.

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oh! if anyone wants a copy of from the choirgirl hotel, let me know. i got a real copy for christmas, so now i have a burned copy to rid myself of. it has a shiny holographic cover and everything!

just finished watching disney teevee movie, johnny tsunami, with reid. excellent misting opportunities.

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listening to: jill sobule, the jig is up

yeah. and you didn't.

and furthermore:

whee ^_^ we took down all our christmas stuff today, and did some tidying. and now i'm sitting around in my pjs, playing games on purplesque, which is the most funnest tori site ever.

oh dear. i made some hot chocolate, and then i put a bit of a candy cane in it to make it minty.. except i think it was a cherry candy cane. it tastes... interesting.

hmm. now i'm playing the "guess that song" game.. and... argh. this song...from these 2 seconds of it, i can hear all these lyrics perfectly in my head but i can't think of the name of the song. it's from scarlet, though. oh! got it. (but i'm not telling, in case you guys decide to go play too ^_^)

um. i'm off now.

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listening to: neil young, heart of gold

woot. redesign up and running, i believe. billions of thank yous and hearts to priscellie for her awesome graphical-doings and htmlish-brilliance, amongst other things. (and yeah, i got rid of the splash page, so i fear links will have to be changed if you have any. sorry! but i did put up a "moved" page at the old address, so that should work too.)

anywho. still working out a few things, so let me know if you find any non-workingness.

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Saturday, December 28, 2002

listening to: beauty and the beast, me

i would like to say that priscellie is my herd among herds. *heart heart heart*

secondly: new layout is in the works. i like it, i think. that said: priscellie, thank you *so* much for all your help, and now i must ask for more ~_~ (so, everyone else, you can ignore this.) so okay, i reversed the image, but the problem is that then the chairs don't line up right, either, because crow is sitting next to half a chair. this half-chair can't be removed, because his head is above it. so, thoughts: one. re-do the background chair, so that it starts off with a half chair. (tried to do this with photodeluxe, but, did not work, as pd is eeevil.) ooor.. if it would be possible to cut and paste crow and servo, so that they're flipped? (servo on the left, crow on the right, but mike's still pointing reversedly?) iii don't know... if what i'm saying makes sense, or is feasible. but if it is, and you have time.. either one of those things would roock. (and i'll probably talk to you online soon, to tell you such.) and if not, i still love you juust as much ^_^ *pokes layout* stupid varying resolutions.

(by the way, if you're not priscellie and you read that, you prolly gathered that the new layout is mst3k-themed. and, it is. yay.)

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listening to: jill sobule, resistance song

so, naturally as soon as i started talking about how i wasn't sick of this layout yet, i realized that i was. so i'm working on a new one. and priscellie helped me with neato graphics! yay! *heart* (she helps me whenever i need anything that photodeluxe can't handle, which is everything.)

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listening to: jill sobule, vrbana bridge

i heart this song sooo much.

anyway. note to certain aim-shunning individuals: i finally got yahoo!messenger to install! yay! so i'm on as teleute5. so.. if you're on.. im me, or leave your screenname, or somesuch. (and same goes for anyone else reading this who uses y!m ^_^)

in the meantime, i'm torn... steve invited me to go see two towers... and.. i wanna go.. but.. it breaks down like this.
pros: get to see ttt again; can continue illicit affair with steve
cons: have to leave house; have to spend money; risk wrath of mother returning to discover that i skipped out on christmas cleaning; would have to see bridget; talia can't come.

gah. i'll see it later. *swoon*

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listening to: jill sobule, vrbana bridge

oooh my goodness... *flails* *a lot* priscellie: thank you thank you thank you thaaaank you!! gah! (note to those who are not priscellie: imagine my excessive joy when i traipsed out to the mailbox this morning and discovered a package for me... and then imagine the vast amounts of further joy when i opened it, and it contained a dream notebook aaand some uber-spiffy sandman postcards!!!!!! gah!) they're the best things ever!! [and i only sent her chocolate! *sigh* curse my poorness!]

*waltzes about room with sandman stuff*

oh, and i had this dream... um... now i don't remember. about fish. and then i fell asleep again, and i had another dream. i was like, driving around.. and there were some random isu students sitting in the street, and i slowed down and stuff, but then one of them like... lay down, and i ran over her hand. and then she was all mad at me, and i was like "um, it's your own fault for lying around in the street! i'm late for class!" and then i was driving up willow into the overflow lot, and.. michelle and allison and some other people were in the intersection, and they all had french flags on their pants. and.. they kept talking about something to do with france. and then i remembered that i had to change my pants, except then i looked down and they were green, so it was okay. and then i drove past all the french-flag people, and parked, and went to class. which was world lit. *sigh*


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Friday, December 27, 2002

i did some minor updating, go me! *points at right sidebar* check out the who's who? and the grateful list. woot.

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oh yeah, and i fixed the comments for sgt. pepper... so go comment ^_^ and post, fiendish frowlers! priscellie and i can't keep it alive by ourselves! (well.. okay, we can, because we're that cool. but... it'd be more cooler if you guys would post too.)

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listening to: rachael sage, 93 maidens

woot, home.

priscellie's new layout reminded me... i've had this death layout for an unusually long time, and i'm still not sick of it. odd. i think it's due to death's incredible sexiness. hmm. well, i'm sure inspiration will strike.. sometime. ish. maybe. *hugs death*

megan and priscellie... you're my blogparents ^_^ *heart*

(although for some reason, blogtree thinks that there are 2 separate borons... one, at boron.html, which i registered, because it's the actual address of the blog, and then there's the index1.html one, which is sgt. pepper's mom. *shrug*)
(edit: fixed it, go me.)

so, yeah. my hands are cold.

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Thursday, December 26, 2002

randomness... priscellie, you're hosted with your-site, yeah? if so.. what do you know about renewing domains? i think frowl's up for renewal in february, but i haven't heard anything from them (although register.com keeps sending me letters trying to get me to transfer...), and there's nothing on their site about renewing. or at least, i couldn't find it aaanywhere. yeah. which brings me to the next point... how many frowlers wanna renew? also, is there anyone who's not a frowler who wants to be? discuss ^_^ (as a frowler, you get 10 megs and 1 pop3 account, and as many forwarding addresses as you want. $14 a year.. and you can pay me, like, whenever. so don't let money be a big thing. yeaaaah.)

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*yawn* i just woke up from a 3 hooour nap. we woke up early to go after christmas shopping. wheee. my grandma bought me 2 sweaters for $30. and, i bought myself a rainbow brite choker. yaaay. oh, and this music store was going out of business, so i got born on a pirate ship for $8. yay! and, they had this giant bin of tapes for $1, so i dug through it a bit, and i bought gifts for both megandee and talia ^_^ (respectively: bela fleck, and an orchestral arrangement of sgt. pepper.)

and, i got lots of neato stuff from my grandparents. like, the white album, and sgt. pepper and revolver! yay! (siiidenote: does anyone think that the drawing of george on the cover of revolver looks like dream/daniel [depending on the artist?]?!? yeah, you know you do.) aand, the books of magic and the quotable sandman (mmm, pretty art... including a picture of death with no pants on...). and, some other stuff. yay.

does anyone else think that kangaroo jack looks like the dumbest movie? ever? ever-ever? because yeah, i do.

i wanna see two towers again when i get home! argh! i'm re-reading the book right now, even though i have like, a million other books to read.

lol... i was just reading my archives from last december (i'm bored... and i amuse myself): okay so i have all these books i want to read. and like... i can only read one thing at once. well.. i was halfway through the two towers (second in lotr trilogy) and then i started reading me talk pretty one day. so i've been like... going back and forth between the 2 books. like... i'd get all caught up in 2 towers and then i'd stop. and read some david sedaris. it's been very schizophrenic. but i neeeeeed to read the 2 towers! *flail* and i neeeeed to see lotr again.

the more things change, the more they stay the same. or something.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2002

listening to: jill sobule, margaret

lol. so our christmas family bonding fell apart pretty fast. we were all going to sit around and watch yellow submarine (cos i got the dvd! yay!) but then, reid and dad left to go snowmobiling, and my mom fell asleep. *swivels* aah well.

materialistic me got some wickedcool stuff!! jill sobule, ani d, and tori cds (self-titled, self-titled, and choirgirl.) and.. yellow submarine and hard day's night, and 2 beatles puzzles (they came in really cute tin boxes!), and... some hello kitty notecards, and.. ooh, the hello kitty "what's your sign?" card game!! it's the best ever! it's like, rummy, but the cards have zodiac signs on them. tooo cute. some random duck stuff, and the tori amos collected videos (which i'm off to watch, momentarily)... and the atomic brain, and.. harlequinn valentine and violent cases (mmm, gaimanlicious). and some socks. oh, and the collected lewis carroll (random, but yay).. and a prequel-era sw novel from reid. it's been like.. years since i read a star wars novel. i'm slipping in my nerdiness. or maybe just evolving. hmm.

anywho. we're leaving for chicago soonish. have a faaabulous christmas ^_^

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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

listening to: jill sobule, i kissed a girl

snow update: it's like.. the thick fluffy, glittery kind! ooooh... aaaah.

anywho. family christmas party. i always remember these as being worse than they actually are. i mean, they tend to have a lot of awkward pauses. but the stuff in between tends to be pretty entertaining. like. my uncle scott.. is insanely funny. and i don't even know why. like. yeah. his answering machine message right now.. it's some guy with a crazy redneck accent, and he's saying like... "this is a terrible time to call! my wife, she's busy with social functions and keeping up appearances and all.. and this is just an awful time! it would have been better if you would have never called at all! leave a message, and maybe i'll get back to you, and maybe i won't..." ... it's longer than that, but i don't remember it. yeah. anywho. so. on with the main point of my story.

i completely realize that this will not be funny, as scott is not doing it. but i want to type it for posterity anyway. so like. you know those little wooden animals? and you press on the bottom and they collapse? well, my mom brought a couple and gave them to people... and he was SO amused by them. craaazy amused. like a 3 year old amused. so he picks one up, and makes it fall over, and says in this voice.. "i can't work, i'm too tired". (yeah, i know, it sounds stupid.) but no... it was THE funniest thing EVER. we all laughed for.. at least 5 minutes straight, i swear.

oh yeah. and our family, on this side, we do a grab bag gift thing, so that each person only has to buy one thing, right? so i ended up with: some monogrammed handkerchiefs (S), a cat-angel christmas ornament, aand some peppermint patties. mmm.. chocolate.

but seriously.. handkerchiefs?! whoooooo in the world wants handkerchiefs? ever? for anything?! meh well.

merry christmas, all ^_^ hopefully santa won't bring you handkerchiefs. unless you really want some.

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listening to: tori, doughnut song

so. announcment: it's snowing. white christmas! *dances* (unless.. it all melts suddenly. but... white christmas eve, at any rate!)

and, i got a letter from heartland.. i *did* manage to get at least a 50% on my final! go me! (it didn't tell me what grade i got, but i diiid get an a in the class. so that's all that matters.)

i alphabetized all my parents' cds today. they have a lot of really bad cds. like. one of kd lang's country albums. (which amused me a lot. hee! she's wearing a cowboy hat!) anywho.

must go to christmas party of DOOM. argh. family. (we're not really close to my dad's side of the family. well. he is. but um yeah. we pretend like we are once a year. it's the beauty/hypocrisy of the holiday season.)

um. yeah.

merry christmas eve, mis amigos.

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Monday, December 23, 2002

so um, i just watched part of fotr, and then some random like.. behind-the-scenes junk. and they talked to viggo.. ehm... viggo guy-who-plays-aragorn... and he was all clean and had short hair and no beard... and he was completely unattractive. i mean he wasn't like, ugly. but he was deeefinitely not foxy. it was really disappointing. because, aragorn... yeah, he could definitely lead my fellowship.

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look, joel drew a picture of me and him! except, he stole my glasses. but that's okay, because i'm all hip and stuff. woot ^_^

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listening to: tori amos, precious things (live)

it occurs to me that i really, really like tori amos.

and, that death in 80's workout clothes is possibly the cutest thing ever. (okay, fine... second cutest, to chibi-death.)

also, i like fire. *considers* and kittens. but not kittens on fire. not that i've ever experienced kittens on fire firsthand. it just seems like it would be rather unpleasant for all involved. especially the kittens.


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listening to: the refreshments, banditos

*flail* i just called megan's house and asked for talia. cell phones are so confusing. well. maybe i'm just dumb. but you know.

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Sunday, December 22, 2002

listening to: nothing... the speakers randomly died. *frowl*

omb... just got back from two towers.. but first, i'd like to discuss a few previews. 1. x-men 2! yay! except, no nightcrawler (aka alan!) none! *sigh* just have to wait for the movie, i suppose. 2. pirates of the caribbean!!!!!!! the minute that title came up, miriam, aman and i just like... died. and flailed and stuff. and then.... johnny depp AND orlando bloom are in it!!!! *flail* pirates! and foxy boys! gah!

anywho. really really reallly liked it. um. don't have much to say about it though, other than YAY on a stick. oh, and my mind started wandering whilst galadriel was whining, and i realized... arrrrwen! and arrragorn! *giggles* they'd be SO cute as pirates.

i'm eating a banana. it's really good.

i really like pippin's accent. i want one. (accent. but i also want a pippin.) and priscellie... if gimli's rant wasn't pratchett-inspired, we should definitely pretend it was. was that in the book? i don't remember it, but i read it forever ago. so yeah.

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listening to: stuart, whisper

woot, a couple episodes of the clerks cartoon were just on comedy central. kevin smith is a genius.

i forgot to mention a few significant events of last night:
~ megan's thneed. ("i turn my back on you for one minute, and you go turning scarves into dresses!" "it's a thneed!")
~ the world's worst coffee. ever. *shudder* and, i still drank like.. 1/3 of it. i'm such a junkie.

*thinks* yeah. oh, and stuart's big floppy hat. of doom.

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listening to: tori, winter (frostbite mix)

random amusing quotes: "inhale your penis with your pelvis"

"this town is getting unnecessarily large"
"maybe even... abnormally large!"

omb. i heart del.
del: did i tell you about our new pirate fraternity?
del: Alpha Rho Rho Rho?
renata: nooo!
del: ARRR!

anyway. stuart. rocked. yes. i got lost on the way to katie's house, thanks to aaron (aarrrron)'s bad directions. but, i called rob and he saved me. yay! so, then we left. and. got to rockford mostly without incident. and, the gig... was in someone's house. which amused us. and, i saw megan!!!!! yaaaaay! and i met kismet and rob (r2t3). woot. i didn't write a setlist.. but i bet megan did. but... jonah, yay, my favorite song ever! and, and she was.. and sugar bullets, and nothing in between, and sexy messiah *thinks* and only changing drugs, and... yeah. i heart stuart. muchly.

woot, del wants to come visit me over break! and i heart del too!

hmm. the door to my cd burner drive is missing. i'm so going to kick reid's ass if there's not a reasonable explanation for this. raaaar.

anyway, tired, sleep.

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Saturday, December 21, 2002

*niiiiina*... call your megan.

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Friday, December 20, 2002

*flail* meeegan, i just tried to leave you a voicemail.. but i'm not sure if it sent, i got confused. so um, anyway... i'm going with some other people, and we're leaving here at like, 5:30... so... we can't meet you guys earlier. *sad sad* but... we'll see you at the show!!

hmm. i wanna read some sandman. i.. hey! dammit! rob still has brief lives!! stupid.. friggen... grrr! *sob* i miss delirium. he's had it since friggen october, and i've only asked him like, 3 times to give it back... *frowl*

oh, and talia still has nomen est numen, but that's okay, because... it just is. *nod* so, go you, talia.

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listening to: oar, i feel home

i just typed and erased three separate posts re: my mom and senior pictures, because i decided they all sounded too petty. so let's just say that... i wish my mom would not talk to me about them. ever again.

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listening to: tori, sweet dreams

random amusing quotes: "yeah, every day, he hits me, and then i tell him to go kill himself, and then he says that maybe he will. and then the next day, i tell him i'm glad he hasn't killed himself. and then, he hits me, so i tell him to go kill himself..."
"it's good to have a pattern"

"stop calling me mom! i'm your wife!"

woot, done with school! for twooo weeks! i just got back from getting my hair cut, and i got the bottom half dyed, so it's my natural color again. i'm so sexy now. i need to go out. (i have to go... ooooout tonight!) unfortunately, all my friends are busy. *shakes fist* we were going to see two towers after miriam got off work at 9, but the next showing was 10:45, and trina said that was too late. *frowl* so, i'm sitting here allll alone being deaaad sexy. someone come seduce me.

hmm. after school, matt and trina and miriam and i went to miriam's house, and we tried to invent a card game. but, it sucked. ("okay.. now everyone take a card you don't like... and give it to matt!" "hey! i hate this game!" "fine, keep the card you don't like. but... fives are high!" "i hate fives!" "fine... sevens are high!" "yay!") so, we played bs instead. but then, we got tired of it. ("... ten fives!" "meh")

*thinks* woo, talia gave me a book, and, i forget what it's called, but it looks good! and, a jill sobule live cd! yay! and, jenny gave me a candle. but, now i have to get her something. argh.

hmm. oh, i need to cut this over to notepad, so i can post all my old blogs from when the phone was dead. woo.

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listening to: dar williams, iowa

originally written 12/19 sometimeish

*flaaaaaaaail* our phone line is *still* dead. dammit all.

it's really sad how distressing this is to me. but i neeed to blog. and, i need to do my ap euo. and... dammit dammit dammit. a working phone line is NOT an unreasonable request. and, i can't even call the phone company to yell at them, because my cell phone is out of range IN MY HOUSE and because my entire family is somewhere where i'm not, with their phones.

*continues flailing*

i need to find my grateful list, i really do.

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listening to: moby & gwen stefani, southside

originally written 12/18 around 9ish

stupid friggen... grr... still typing on notepad, cos our phoneline's still friggen not working. it's been 4 hours! *sob* i tried to call the phone company (on the cell phone of DOOM), and i pushed buttons describing my problem (not MY problem, thank you, YOUR problem, verizon!) and then, i was on hold for eeever, and then i got randomly disconnected, and by then i was too tired to go through the process again. i bet they do that to everyone. saves on employment costs, you know, to have no customer service people whatsoever.

not that i'm bitter.

at least notepad still loves me.

whee, i have NO finals tomorrow! and megandee and i are eating breakfast! and then mebbe i'll work on euro, and then eliz and i are crashing the apush party ^_^ woot.

mayhap i'll use this time to update the who's who? page. it needs a good updatin'. yarr.

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listening to: indigo girls, galileo

originally written 12/18 around 5ish

*frowl* i'm writing this post in notepad, which i JUST discovered has word wrap, which is possibly the best thing that's ever happened to me... anywho, my phoneline is making weird clicky noises so i can't get online. so yeah. aanywho. i'm in such a happyhappy mood. like, my senior year has really just been so great. i have so many great friends, and i've learned to deal with the fact that some people are not-so-great, and that's fine. my first 3 years of high school... i had a lot of fun, don't get me wrong, but it never really clicked like this year has. i was friends with my "group" and friends with the thespians and consequently, i sort of always felt like an afterthought with both groups. but like, i don't know, lately i've been realizing that people actually like me. like... when i ran for dramaturg last year, i so didn't want to because i didn't think anyone would vote for me, and i thought it would be really embarrassing if i was the only one who voted for myself. and then apparently i won by, like, a lot. and that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. and.. i don't know. i'm just so lucky, i have so many great friends. *feels loved* like, i was just looking (again) at the notebook megan gave me, which really is the sexiest notebook eeeever, and she wrote me a note in it, and, awwww. *hearts megan* seriously, i heart both my megans so much. and all my friends. and i heart all the people who aren't really my friends, but i'm friendly with. and i heart chocolate oranges. and cats. and, i feel like i'm doubly-lucky, because i have all my online friends too! you guys are so great. *bubbles* i love having people that i can talk rent to, and talk tori to, and talk mst3k to, (and see, i love talia doubly, because she's like an online friend, but in real life!! *mwah*) and... everything.

next time i'm depressed, somebody make me read this ^_^

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woot, just got a 32/35 on my ap lit exam! yay, online tests ^_^

the phoneline guy is supposedly coming to our house today, so with luck i'll be able to post my notepad-blogs soon. i know you're all shivering in antici....

(say it!)



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Thursday, December 19, 2002

breakfast with megan was wondrous! mmm, strawberry waffles. i'm currently enjoying a free hour with talia, because there's no pe final! yay! we discussed human-sized file folders. arrr.

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*flail* my phoneline (note: originally typed phonelion, and thought about how cute it would be if lions ran phones) is all dead and stuff. i blogged twice, last night, in notepad. *nod*

*reads comments quickly* scott.. hi ^_^ i don't know if you're from hereabouts, if so, she got it at other ports in downtown normal... if you're not from hereabouts... er.. well, that's still where it's from, that will just mean nothing to you ^_^

anywho, off to eat breckie with megandee!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

YAY! i'm in such a good mood!!! megandee gave me my christmas present, and it's a death notebook, and it's the best notebook EVER!! *dances* *hearts* aaaand, aaron invited me to go see STUART with him and katie on saturday!!! *dances more* meagna, are you going? rockford? i thought i remembered reading about it in your blog, but nooow i'm not sure.


i love everything!

*dances off*

*dances back*

except for ap euro!

*dances off again*

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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

listening to: tori, cornflake girl (live)

i think many of you will be far too amused by this.

i hate the ap euro discussion board. mooooore than life itself.

but, yaaay break in 3 days!! and i'll get to do stuff with talia!! i neeeever get to see taaalia. *dances about*

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listening to: ani, loom (live)

random amusing quote: "if you've got it, flaunt it. if you're jenny, put some clothes on."

renata: yeah. silly renata. oooh well. i'm pretty sure i did. and if not, well.. then i'm just a mron. (i tried to type moron like, 3 times, and then i just gave up.)
kait: Hehehe.. ::is amused:: I thought that said mormon and I was like, "Hm... Renata's a mormon...oh wiat, moron... no, mron..."
renata: *nodnod* i'm a mormon mron. wanna be one of my wives?
kait: Sure!
renata: woot!
kait: ::goes around making bread and not drinking or smoking::
renata: don't forget makin' babies!
renata: mm, babies/
kait: ::makes some babies:: Nothing like the smell of fresh babies in the morning.
renata: especially cinnamon babies

yaaay! my favorite kait has returned! *is joyous*

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listening to: barenaked ladies, hockey rap

whee, i feel much better. i ate some crackers aaand a tangerine last night, and i didn't die or throw up or anything! and, my mom wrote me a note excusing me from ap lit ^_^ which means that iii don't have to be at school until 11. but actually, i feel fine and i totally could go to school. but, all we're doing in that class is watching shakespeare in love, so, yeah.

*swivels in chair* i need to do laundry. aand bathe. but, hey, i have like 3 hours. woo.

i'm really amused by this: "Looking for a holiday gift that's as cheap and easy as YOU are, but will still make someone think of you every day for an entire YEAR?"

(incidentally, the gift they refer to is a club top 5 subscription. *nod* but i think i'm cheaper. aand easier. yup.)

and, i'm cold. *shiver* so cold. going downstairs now.

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Monday, December 16, 2002

listening to: tori, crazy

blah! well, i haven't thrown up for.. hm, several hours... which is good. but i still feel like doooom. better doom, cos i got christmas (and atheist children get presents day) cards from my favorite ayano and my favorite kait ^_^ ugh. and then, i went downstairs to get some water, and there weren't any clean cups.. so i was like, "there aren't any clean cups, can i just use a paper one?" and my mom is like "what?! there are too clean cups! show me that there aren't any clean cups!" so i opened the cabinet.. and she's like "see! there are clean cups! just no clean GLASSES!" *blink* i think maybe we definite the word "cup" differently. maybe she thinks cups are plates or something. iii don't know. but, it's all good, because i found my crayola cafe crayon cup! (alliterative goodness!)

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*frowl* i've been puking almost precisely on the hour, every hour, since 4am. somebody shoot me.

*sob* there hasn't even been anything left to puke since 6! stupid body. *frowl*

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Sunday, December 15, 2002

listening to: less than jake, history of a boring town

whoa. i went to bed last night at like, 7. i meant for it to just be a nap. but then i didn't wake up until 11ish, so i decided i might as well stay in bed. mmm. sleep.

reid and my dad were watching bill and ted's bogus journey when i went downstairs. dad kept saying how stupid it was, but he was more amused than reid. ah, boys.

*nina*- you think you have it bad, imagine... every day in class for like, the past 2 weeks "cos... eeeveryone is a fucking napoleon" has been running through my head. *sigh* ani is over-running my bran. and my brain.

*flails about idly*

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Saturday, December 14, 2002

listening to: oar, city on down

random amusing quotes: "stevenata"

"dude, ghandi has bitch tits like whoa!"
"i can't believe you just said that!"

"which one is the quiet one, bill or ted?"
"you're thinking of jay and silent bob, steve. and, silent bob is the quiet one."
"it all makes sense now!"

i wish i could remember more r.a.q.s, but, i can't. ah well.

"i sulphur when you argon".. that's classic. *amused*

anywho. last night we had a bill and ted party at eliz's house, and it was faaaabulous. fabulous! ashvin was a b&t virgin, so he kept getting excessively amused and falling off the couch. i left early though, because of spaz bowl. stupid spaz bowl. *frowl* as a team we didn't too great- well, i think we were like, 6th out of a pretty big tournament. so not that bad. *shrug* whatever. but i got a good number of tossups. more than ryan, so eat it, boy-who-cares! *quietly gloats* aand.. done.

and then, i went to milner, but it was closed, so i had to go to normal public library, but their computers were down, and they threw away their paper card catalogue. (*sob*) so i was like, wandering aimlessly looking for books about napoleon, and then aaron and rob came and helped me. woo. so, we just grabbed all the napoleon books, right, and now that i'm home i realize that one of them is called the murder of napoleon, and it's about-- i think only elizabeth will be fully amused by this-- how napoleon really died from the arsenic in his hair!!! *flails* heroin bob was right!

then, i bought chinese food, and cat food. but, not from the same place. and then i came home, and ate one of those things and fed the other one to the cats. *nod* and, finished watching b&t's bogus journey, because i left in the middle. which reminds me... steve and i were talking about how much death looks like brain guy from mst3k. it's weird.

oooh, and i totally forgot, at the tournament, some kid had a paper hat from long john silver's... but it was a pirate hat!! and it had a skull and crossbones on it, but the crossbones were a fork and knife! martin and i wanted to plunder it. arrr.

it's so cold in my house! i just want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep. sleep. no! *pokes self* read about napoleon! but... sleep... but... napoleon.. but.... arrr. arrrrrrrrrrr. *self destructs*

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Friday, December 13, 2002

congratulations to priscellie for getting into upenn, not penn state, although i'm sure she could get into penn state if she wanted to. *nod*

anyway, i'm bored. and, i hate napoleon. so, i'm going to post some random quizzes while pretending to research napoleonic art. yaaay.

Why Will You Go To Hell?

brought to you by Quizilla

*shrug* actually, i've never participated in an rpg. but it sounds like something i'd do, i admit.

What kind of porno would you star in?

brought to you by Quizilla

*gasp* it's maureen!

What Element Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

oh. it said element, and i thought it meant, like.. boron. but whatever.

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Thursday, December 12, 2002

oh! i forgot to post about spaz bowl. gaah. i always leave spaz bowl kind of aggravated. like... half the team takes practices very, very seriously. and the rest of us are like, hi, it's just practice, save the seriousness for the games! like, we usually divide up and play mock matches, and the teams were me, eliz, and ashvin vs. tj, ryan, and dan. and... okay, their team was very weighted towards math and science. and they haev much bigger egos. but they were all like.. "oh, this is COMPLETELY unfair!" and ryan was like, "oh, i'll trade with elizabeth!" and he made it sound like.. i don't know, like he was doing us some huge favor or something. and i was like "NO! it's just practice, who cares if the team is unbalanced?! and furthermore, elizabeth is smart, and i like her more than i like you!" he seemed a bit taken aback ^_^ even more so when we started off the game like, 7-0. yeah, eat it ryan.

well, then they caught up and ended up beating us by like, 2. but i bet we could have won if we would have been all hardcore and not sat there talking and drawing each other penguins. but dude, we had so much more fun.

sorry. just had to vent about that. stupid stupid arrogant boys!

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listening to: some song by weezer *shrug*

The Ultimate *Which Harry Potter Character are You?* Quiz

brought to you by Quizilla

it says "ultimate" but really, it's kind of lame. but that's okay, because i have napoleon haiku!

Win at Morengo
You go Napoleon, go
Sign the peace treaty

Catholic Church hates France
The pope is sad like a clam
Yay for concordat!

Emperor of France
Napoleon is so glad
In Eighteen Oh Four

Civil Code unites
But reduces civil rights
Nobody’s perfect

French empire is big
With Bremen, Lübeck, and such
Happy emperor


oh! and, congratulations are in order for my favorite future penn state student!
priscellie is fab
penn state will not be the same
after she gets there

okay, so, it's not the greatest haiku ever.. but a for effort, right?

my heartland math final was harder than i expected. probably because i didn't study at all. but hey, i'm reasonably sure i got my 50% to keep my a. and if not, well, bugger.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

del: i wanted a lobster
del: because logan said they were dwarf lobstars
del: but they're not.
del: they're the ones that get huge
del: i was going to name it Jesus. *sniff*
renata: lol
del: but now i'll have to name the newt Jesus
renata: it's hard to be del
del: yes. so, so hard.
del: *exaggerated sigh*
renata: i'll write you a haiku
renata: it sucks to be del
life is just so very hard
dark emo angst of doom
del: hee
del: yaaay!
renata: *beatnik snaps*
del: let me think of one
del: mimes are now in bloom
del: they flourish like daffodils
del: and they like Jesus
del: *snap snap snap*
renata: yay del!
renata: oh wait, i just realized emo is two syllables
renata: damn.
renata: um, dark eem angst of doom.
renata: or.. emo angst of doom. take yer pick.
del: definately "emm angst of doom"
renata: emm?
del: or........... eem.......
del: *cough*
renata: but, then it's only 4. sheesh.
del: i left off the dark
renata: yeah. dork.
del: because...... i'm a bit touched.
renata: by.. an angel?
renata: or.. *dramatic pause* an angle?
del: *bites knuckle*
del: yes................
del: an angle.
renata: is it... obtuse?
del: i have only 3 hours to live!
renata: *gasp*
del: i'm afraid so, little billy.
renata: nooooo!
renata: why god why?
del: *music swells*
renata: i wish i knew the rest of that song
renata: but i'll just make it up
renata: why god whyyy... did you only give me one thigh?
renata: were you high?
renata: why god why? will i die?
renata: la la la.. why god whyyyy?
del: lol
renata: *bows*

sidenote: megan and i have the same christmas cards *frowl* but, i bought mine first, because i bought them last year for 50% off. arr! so, if you get cards from both megan and i this year... she copied me ^_~

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listening to: tori, merman

my finger hurts. *swivel*

this 4 free hours business is fabulous, i love it. i went shopping 3 times today ^_^ at 1:00, talia and i decided to go downtown and shop, and we met megan and michelle in the parking lot, so we stole megan and went... and then we came back, and amanda met us in the parking lot, and she stole me, and we went to the world market.. and then after thespians, i had like an hour to kill before kickboxing, so i went to world market again. i'm addicted! but now i'm almost sure that i'm finished christmas shopping. woooo. oh, and i bought myself a chocolate orange, because they were on sale. mmmmmm chocolate oranges. (note: if you haven't experienced the sheer joy that is a chocolate orange, i highly suggest you go buy one. and there is no actual orange involved with it- but it looks like an orange, and tastes like chocolatey orange goodness.. *drool*)

i found out who my secret santa is... but i don't really know her. she's a freshman, laura something. she has good taste ^_^

oh, and while i was off on one of my shopping excursions, apparently my remaining friends were making lists... one was "most likely to..." and then they picked which of us was the most likely to do that, and then they gave all of us titles.. like, trina was the lazy one, eliz was the flirty one... and i was the cool one! wtf? i think my friends just don't know how desperately nerdy i really am. seriously. [sirius lee.] like, see? i just made a harry potter joke. meep.

note to jason: what's your address? does it still start with 1629... ? let me know.

word to your collective mother.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

i forgot to post this earlier... josh and i wrote each other poems today in psychology. mine for him was "go mosh, posh josh, osh kosh b'gosh" and his for me was "if i were renata, i'd drink a whole lotta pina colada." it was quality. and then we had to make lists of things that gave us stress, and mine was like.. "school, family, laundry, existensialism, josh". and then someone asked me what existensialism was, and i explained that sometimes i wasn't sure whether or not i existed, and it stressed me out. i like to keep myself amused in that class.

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listening to: lou reed, you'll know you were loved

i wrote ms. scott a haiku as part of her christmas present. would you like to read it? oh, good.

so very confused
the senile republican
is re-elected

(note: ms. scott hates reagan. with a passion. her dislike of him is second only to that for j. edgar hoover. i love ms. scott.)

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today in euro i learned that you can't ogle citizen robespierre, or mrs. hitler will slap you.


we watched this wacky video about the french revolution, and it was in french, so we had to rely on the subtitles.. and no one was really paying attention, and then all of a sudden, "mrs. hitler" (we're not sure if she's like, robespierre's girlfriend, or just a random bitchy revolutionary) backhands this chick, and then slaps her again..and, according to the subtitle, she said "you must not ogle citizen robespierre!"

kinsella let us rewind it 3 times to watch it again.

we're such a mature class...

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Monday, December 09, 2002

listening to: tori, sweet dreams

random amusing quotes: "a pie safe cabinet? is it to keep pie safe... or to keep things safe from pie?!"

"*gasp* chocolate pirates!"

"i hate you, i'll never have your babies! never!"

yay!!! talia and megan and i went shopping after school, and it was the most fun ever!! we went to border's, and the new world market place... and omb, the world market place is my neeeew favorite store!!!! i bought chocolate pirates for ms. scott! and they had so much neato stuff! and it's all reasonably priced! *flails* *a lot* and, at border's i bought gifts for my adopted toys for tots kid. kids books are so expensive! my god! but i bought him harold's purple crayon and then this... like, thing. yeah. (it said he was 4, and wanted books and educational toys. i bet his mom said that, no real kid wants educational toys.)

*thinks* and, megan and eliz and i went out for lunch, and went shopping. and it was good. and... blah. i'm tired, but giddy. whee. aww, i just sneezed and it got on my monitor.

oh, and break is going to be so much fun!! talia and megan and i are going to have a colin firthathon, and an mst3kathon, and possibly other things! and it'll be so great! *flails a lot* stupid school, interfering with my life...

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megan and eliz and i went shopping in downtown normal today over lunch, and i bought the cutest thing for my other megan. *is proud* and, i made posters for the history club quiz bowl, and they crack me up. "true or false: abraham lincoln single-handedly won the vietnam war with his brilliant 'log-splitter offensive'. if you know the answer to this, come to the history club quiz bowl!" and then there's another one about joan of arc. yeah.

i think the cut on my leg (from the poorly-constructed set,if you recall) is infected...it's like, oozing. i hope i don't die. *frowl* or have to have my leg amputated. because, that would suck.

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Sunday, December 08, 2002

listening to: beatles, in my life

*frowl* meagna, i bid on ebay for this cool thing to give you for christmas, and i got outbid... and i went to bid again when there were like 5 minutes left... but my computer is SO slow that by the time the bid processed, the auction was over. *sniff* so, you won't be getting an alice in wonderland mug from me. but... the thought is there. and that's alll that matters. so go drink out of my thoughts.

ooh, and, someone has bought things off my amazon wishlist! woot, i'm getting... jill sobule's self-titled cd, barenaked ladies gordon (gordon, hee), tori's ftch! yay!, harlequinn valentine and violent cases by neil!, aaand the hard days night and yellow submarine dvds! yay! *feels all sneaky and suchlike*

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Which Sesame Street Muppet's Dark Secret Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

2 quizzes in one day... i'm sorry. but this is like... the best quiz i've ever taken. oh, except maybe that txf one that said i was langly. mm, langly. *cough* anyway.

priscellie: i'd love to burn you choirgirl! except like.. i only have a burned copy (i burned it from elmo, aww, i miss elmo.) so i'm not sure how it'll work... but.. if it doesn't, i asked for a real choirgirl for christmas (really amused by that phrasing, so i'm not changing it) so i can burn one for you then. *long pause* let me think about that sentence some more... *thinking...thinking... done*

also, i re-organized my links, and i tried to keep the titles with the sandman theme... but now it looks like curtis is one of my past lives. which amuses me. a lot. maybe.. my other links could be the endless, and the friends links could be the gallery. oor... *considers* eh well.

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listening to: tori, amber waves

mwaaaaaaahahahaha! when i was at my grandparents last weekend, i was playing scarlet's walk, and my grandma liked it! and then she wrote to me asking me if i could make her a tape of tori! woohoo, my corrupting abilities are multi-generational!.



You are Willow! Or, Type Five of the Enneagram's personality structure: THE THINKER. You are perceptive, analytic, eccentric and paranoid.

Which Buffy & Enneagram's 9 Personalities Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

i've never seen buffy, but... sounds kinda like me, i guess. *blink*

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renata: but i'm happy, because i'm wrapping presents with harry potter wrappign paper
trina: ooh
renata: but it's funny, because ron and hermione are wearing robes, but harry is wearing a red and whie striped shirt, so he looks like waldo
trina: what ever happened to where is waldo?
renata: i don't know
renata: i was looking for him the other dya, but i couldn't find him.
renata: haha, it's a joke! but i really was looking for him. lol.

(note: i really was looking for waldo.... i found all my old where's waldo books, and i couldn't find him!! it was really distressing. stupid waldo.)

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listening to: ani, 32 flavors

i had such a weird dream last night. er, this morning. anywho... background on this dream: i live maybe a couple miles outside of mackinaw, and in mackinaw there is one ice cream place called the dairy king. (it's funny because it's a cheap knockoff!) so anyway, in my dream, it was summer, so i decided to walk into town and buy some ice cream. when i got there, i discovered that everything was craazy expensive, i think a cone cost $5. but then they had these blogger ice cream bars... they were shaped like the "b" logo, and it said blogger on the sign.. and i was really confused. so i went home and blogged about it.

so.. i'm blogging about a dream about blogging about blogger. kind of a mindfuck.

oh, anyway... my cd burner seems to be functioning once more. hurrah. so i burned myself a copy of my soundtrack (which has two new songs, "flying dutchman" and "somewhere in new mexico".) anyway, i couldn't remember who asked me if they could have a copy of it, a while ago... megan, maybe? anyway.. if anyone does want one, i'd be happy to provide. it's a cd of confused girl-power. (and a bit of boy-power, as provided by stuart and the barenaked ladies. hmm, that kind of makes it seem like "stuart and the barenaked ladies" is one band. hee, that would be funny.)


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Saturday, December 07, 2002

listening to: lloyd cole, rattlesnakes

random amusing quotes: "it's just like pride and prejudice!!! we got over our first impressions!"
"yeah! except, we didn't marry elizabeth's parents! *considers* or each other!"

".. name this wizard who aided frodo."
"... name illinois' democratic gubernatorial candidate from 1998."

"food is the most important part of a balanced diet"

yes, canadian stranger, i would be delighted to send you a christmas card, provided you email me your address ^_^

i'm so tired. doom. we went to go see isu madrigals tonight, and i think a rocky horror themed madrigal would be the best thing ever. ever! mrr. oh, and somehow at madrigals... my mom and i started talking about.. something... and she like, basically told me i should be careful about being friends with megan (brunette) because she's religious! [i quote: "she seemed so normal!"] and i was like, "what the hell? megan's like, the nicest person i know!" and she started talking about like, religious hypocrisy...and i was like, "er... how is that any different from you judging people based on their religion?" and she got really mad! she was like, "oh, you're 17, you know *everything*!! yeah, i bet you think i'm a racist too! let's just say i'm realistic, shall we?" and.. like.. dude. i was so mad. especially because she'd be so pissed if she ever heard anyone saying stuff like that about her because she's not religious.


moving on... i forgot to blog the tale of how jeff gave me herpes!! ahem.

the tale of how jeff gave me herpes:
at spaz bowl on thursday, i was sitting next to jeff, and like.. he had a cold sore. so he was like, "look renata, i have herpes!" and then he wiped his finger on the cold sore, and wiped it on me. (boys...) and we laughed, and i called him "herpes boy" and it was humorous. until i woke up friday morning with a canker sore....

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listening to: barenaked ladies, god rest ye merry gentlemen

oh, i forgot... go read priscellie's additions to sgt. pepper's happy juice club bar, 'cos she's a genius and one day she'll be president of the world, and then you'll be sorry you didn't read her blog, i bet.

also, holiday cards. i think i'm too late for chanukah, but then i don't think any of you are jewish. (and if you are, well, you'll just be getting a belated chanukah card.) if i don't have your current address, please email it to me. also, if you didn't get a copy of my christmas cd last year, let me know. lastly, if you have seen rhps or rhs, let me know. (see, i have two different boxes of cards.. and one of them is really funny, if you've seen rhps. but if you haaven't, i'll send you the other kind. meagna, you need not reply ^_^)

and, hi new-erin! er, i bet if you had a blog, i'd like it ^_^

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listening to: tori, strange

random amusing quotes: "yeah, why don't you just go make some juice that someone's already made?!"
"why don't you go kill yourself!"

"santa is a transvestite?"

whee. one-acts last night were good. except i haaaaate charlie brown, but nick and amber were in it, so it was okay. and elizabeth's character was so much like her real self! (... if elizabeth were a 30-year-old southern virgin with a deformed ovary, that is.) fwee. and kellie was there! but i think i lost the beatles-juice (beetlejuice!) napkin. good thing it's backed up in both talia's and my blogs.*nods*

so this morning i got up at 5:30 to take the sat. *frowl* aman, toca and i roadtripped off to champaign... we made him drive, and for some reason he had this enormolous plush santa seat-belted in his backseat. (when we asked him where it came from, he said the north pole...) it was a weird santa, it looked like it was wearing eyeliner. plus.. it was giant, and in nathaniel's backseat... so.... yeah. the test wasn't that bad, it was a lot easier than i was expecting. and we saw a bunch of other uhs folk there... sma, allison, archie, jenny, mary. goodtimes.

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Friday, December 06, 2002

5 seconds ago in the lounge:
"i wanna go blog!"
"me too!"
"let's go blog!"

so, now talia and i are blogging merrily in the library. or should i say... li-BERRY! *cackles* *cough*

anywho, in euro we "went to the library", so eliz and i went down to the lounge, and talia and i talked about sgt. pepper's happy juice club bar... and she and i and martin came up with a bunch more flavors, and were so amused. so, here they are:
~ strawberry fields
~ blackberry singing
~ fruit on the hill
~ hey juice
~ let it be berry
~ dear prune juice
~ tangerine trees
~ marmelade skies
~ carry that watermelon
~ come together cranberry
~ the ballad of strawberry and kiwi
~ i feel lime
~ i wanna hold your plum
~ lucy in the sky with guava
~ for the banana of mr. kite
~ sexy citrus
~ a hard day's nectarine
~ can't buy me mango
~ lemonade rigby

also, we will serve yellow submarine sandwiches, which are served with mean mr. mustard.

*snicker* we're so happy about this... we're just sitting here snickering.

at first we couldn't think of a fruit for "can't buy me..." so we considered just putting "can't buy me" on the menu, and whenever someone ordered it, we would tell them that they couldn't buy it.

we're clever.

wheeeee and i'm so happy, i'm done with school, for today. *dance* although i have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow to take the sats... i'm still happy. yes. oh, and i forgot about the juice bar by night!! martin suggested "maxwell's silver hammer", but we thought it sounded too alcoholic... so at night, we'll have alcoholic drinks. so far, we only have:
~ maxwell's silver hammer
~ octopus' garden
~ margarita metermaid

oh, and if you want whipped creme on your juice, you have to ask for it "with yeah yeah yeah". and diet juice is "she's so heavy". *snicket*


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Thursday, December 05, 2002

listening to: tori, sweet sangria

i keep forgetting to post this... the other day in psychology, josh kept hitting me and singing "strawberry fields forever", and it reminded me.. priscellie, remember when you were visiting northwestern, and we were walking around, and we decided to start a beatles-themed juice bar? with flavors like strawberry fields forever and blackberry singing? (please tell me you do, otherwise i'll feel really insane...) anyway... do you remember what we were going to call it? because i can't.

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listening to: tori, strange

random amusing quote: "quit giving me herpes!"

*reads comments* aww, erin likes my blog! and i like erin's blog! yay! and.. michelle, of coourse i noticed you at madrigals!!! i thought i said something about you too, but now i realize.. i didn't. but.. er... michelle was really good at madrigals too!! *nod*

spaz bowl today was so fun. jeff and i talked about veneral diseases for like, the first hour. (jeff's confusing that way. like, on one hand he's a stick-up-the-ass republican. but then he's really, really random. and we like to plot against ryan.) so then, ryan was being all stupid and cocky, and was like "hey! me and mike against renata and jefff! we'll totally dominate!" so we played for 15 questions... final score, 7-2. yeah, eat it ryan. mwahaha. (i just really like beating ryan, because he's so full of himself. i think he has a napoleon complex.)

oh, and josh stole my identity. that's right, he's now renata of doom. *sigh* and he has a sticker to prove it. damn the man.

last day of spanish!! yay squared! the grammar part of the final was kinda hard, but i only needed to pull a 70 to keep my a, and i'm pretty confident about my writing and listening, so... yeah, not too worried.

at 2:00 we were talking about journals and stuff, and people were talking about how theirs are all angsty, and they only write in them when they're sad or angry... and i was thinking about my blog. and i think the reason it's so low on angst is because i live so far away. so like, if something pisses me off, i'll talk to myself about it on my way home (or to school), and by the time i get home i'm over it 99% of the time. so i wonder if i'd be really angsty if i lived in town. hmmm.

i found my muscat gummies.. "its transclucent color so alluring and taste and aroma so gentle and mellow offer admiring feelings of a graceful lady. enjoy soft and juicy kasugai muscat gummy." *amuuused*

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Wednesday, December 04, 2002


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listening to: the generics, come on eileen (acapella)

i hate the ap euro discussion board. *hiss* more than life itself. ah well. i had a really productive shopping day after school. i went to hasting's, because they're closing, and all their videos were 40% off! so, i bought miriam a video (shh), an alan jackson video for my grandma (er, she'll like it), a making of tommy video for reid (for like, $2!), and for my mom to give me, i got the collected tori amos videos, and an mst3k (cave dwellers). woo! so, i highly suggest you head out to hasting's, if you live in these here parts. and, i went to best buy and bought a game boy game for reid (for my mom to give to him), and a wallflowers cd for my dad, (like.. he saw them on saturday night live, apparently, and ever since he's been randomly, almost daily, like "i sure did like that wallflowers song! do YOU like the wallflowers?" and we're all like.. "no, not really. stop talking about the wallflowers." so, um, yeah.) oh, and i bought myself a new mouse! yay! it's an optical mouse! ooooh... aaah. and it doesn't suck like my old mouse. woo. *mouses merrily* and, i went to target and bought all my gifts for my secret santa. i'm so on top of things.

then, i kicked boxes, aaand came home. and ate chili. mm, chili. and now i should be posting on the ap euro discussion board. but, as i think i mentioned earlier, i hate it. *sigh*

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i can now say that i have put my blood into theatre ^_^ i was helping michelle move props today at 10:00, and it was dark, and i bumped into the small stair unit.. and there was a screw sticking out of it... ripped my pants, cut my leg. i was much more upset about the pants, though. (my pretty brown cords!) but i duck taped them together. and my leg didn't bleed *that* much. so it's all good.

part 2 of my spanish final today, it was pretty easy. i think. i made my "list of things to be grateful for" in ap lit today. i'll scan it when i get home, maybe.

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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

listening to: tori, don't make me go to vegas

random amusing quotes: "i love scarlet letter! i mean, scarlet's walk!"

"a sorta fairy single tale"

*frowl* blogger ate my entry. so i'll try to reconstruct.

talia likes to commit wanton acts of adultery.

... very well, i'll explain.

see, my homework for psychology is to keep track of freudian slips people make, and then interpret them... and talia and i were talking, and she said "scarlet letter" instead of "scarlet's walk", so i said that she unconsciously wants to commit wanton acts of adultery. and then i said "a sorta fairy single tale" and said that it meant i was unconsciously obsessed with being single, and i want to write a tale about it.

yeah, okay, it was funny then.

meeegan (the brunette)!! we missed you today!! and christina and i had to work with rebecca! and it was sad! and rebecca kept knitting in class! knitting! in class! *flail* get well soon!

i'm tired. blah. end scene.

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Monday, December 02, 2002

*frowl* stupid blogger. it just posted my last 3 posts all at once. it's like time travel! except stupider.

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listening to: tori, crazy

random amusing quote: "how can you not know if you have hair on your ass??"

did you know that "disingenousness" is a word? i certainly didn't.

*frowl* this stupid having-to-publish-every-post-twice business is madness.

oh, *nina*!!! i had a dream about you!! i was swinging, on a swing... and then, this big red van, like an isu van drove up. and you were in it, and so was a cute boy. (cute boy didn't have a name.. but he had dark hair, and was scruffy, but wearing a nice suit.) neither of you were driving the van though, but no one else seemed to be in it. *shrug* anyway, the cute boy talked to me about how much he liked you, and i was like, awww, i like *nina* too! but i don't think i ever talked to you. *thinks* hmm.

oh! yeah, i hit a friggen median coming home from kickboxing and flattened my tire. *sob* i'm always flattening my tires. well. twice. which.. isn't really always. but... it's still a lot. although, i suppose i drive a looot more than anyone else i know, except maybe amanda... so i bet my miles driven/tire flattened percentage isn't that much higher than normal. or something. er. right. but my dad was really nice to me about it. which was nice, because it was completely my own stupid, stupid fault.

oh, and i heard two more old misheard tori lyrics on the way home, both from "girl"...
"violence fills with water" vs. "violins fill with water"
"russian rivers, fred's seville" vs. "rushin' rivers, threads so thin"

by the way, "fred's seville" actually makes sense, kinda, because i thought it was a reference to "fred's seville" from "me and a gun." but, it's not. because.. that's not what she's saying. yeah. go team!

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woohoo, the school computers are so much faster than my home one!

priscellie's comment reminded me of something... namely, i have a *lot* of misunderstood tori lyrics. and, because i'm bored and don't wanna read euro... i shall list them. (my lyrics first, then real ones.)

"i don't believe your miracles/ me and charles manson like the same ice cream" vs. "i don't believe you're leaving cos me and charles manson like the same ice cream"
"this house is like pressure" vs. "this house is like russia."
"chick around the tree" vs. "jacaranda tree."
"peace, love, and a heart attack" vs. "peace, love, and a hard cock"
"southern hurricane" vs. "seven hurricane."
*considers* there are more. but i don't remember them. but that's okay, because most of you don't really care. *nod*

it's so nice to use a mouse that doesn't suck! *mouses about* i sooo need a new mouse. gah.

erm. yeah.

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Sunday, December 01, 2002

listening to: jill sobule, survivor

random amusing quote: "my whole family is wearing a skirt! well, not my dad. and not the same skirt."

woo! miriam and i went shopping for trina's b-day, and it was highly successful. and, we saw megan and michelle and allison and anne at the mall! yay! oh, and i realized that the 3 main megans in my life all have different colored hair! i have megan the blonde, megan the brunette, and megan the red! this makes things so much easier.

and, we saw the madrigal dinner, and it was good! talia was a bitch ("but i like that!") and megan was jewish, and tony just rocked. dude. and everyone was so good! and they gave us meat wrapped in meat, and it confused us. (chicken wrapped in bacon. but it wasn't like, chicken cordon bleu... it was just chicken wrapped in bacon.)

and, um, yeah.

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listening to: tori, juarez

whee. hmm.. okay. priscellie, i tried to download y!m like, 3 times and it kept freezing. *frowl* i'll try again later. but i emailed you my aim name... and anyone else who wants it, email me or leave me a comment with your email address... because i don't like to put it up here. *shrug* just a quirk. (priscellie- i sent it to priscilla@theninemuses.net, is that the right address?)

priscellie again: whee! the only tori cds you're missing are under the pink, to venus and back, and strange little girls. i'd definitely buy utp next, it's one of my favorites. "cornflake girl", "space dog", "the waitress"... good stuff. venus and slg... it doesn't matter too much. i don't like the studio venus as much as some of her other stuff-- it's more... techno. but (it's a double cd) the live disc is great. strange little girls is like... maybe half songs i love, less than half songs i like, and 2 songs i never ever listen to.

we're decorating for christmas! woot. oh, and about my howie day rant... apparently, like... he had a groove box, and was recording stuff as he went along, and playing it back... so.. that's good... but still, he suonded like he was trying to be a one-man u2. and i don't really like u2.

random note: i always thought tori was singing "southern hurricane" in "pancake", but apparently it's "seven hurricane". hm.

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