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Saturday, November 30, 2002

listening to: tori, strange

*swivels in chair* it's nice to be home ^_^ i saw megan and michelle at walmart! yay!

mrr, i have to go write my euro essay... and pick up reid... mrr. hmm. oh, when we ate lunch at my grandparents, they had those lays "taste of america" chips... san antonio salsa, and california dill.. and we were discussing possible future flavors. my favorites:

~ idaho potato flavored potato chips
~ washington, dc. pork
~ illinois chips of lincoln ("what would lincoln taste like?" "human flesh!")
~ north dakota dirt

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*flail flail flail*

i wanna have a million of tori's babies! (and one of del's!)


i present: the annotated tori setlist.

howie day:
some songs. *shrug* i don't really know any of his music. but like... his backing music and vocals were taped... so there were times when like, he set down his guitar, and wasn't singing, and it sounded the same. it was like.. dude, why are you even here? ah well. he had an australian accent, so it's alright.

wampum prayer: she did this acapella (er, because it's an acapella song) behind the curtain. *sigh* so pretty.

a sorta fairytale: curtain came up ^_^ pretty background lighting- it had those leaf/face designs from the sw cd. *swoon* very kickass.

little earthquakes: the first of many le songs this evening. she played a lot of old stuff, which made me happy!! and it was so fabulous live.

sweet sangria: i love sweet sangria!!! one of my favorite sw songs. it was so cute-- she was sitting in between her piano and her keyboard and organ like... [I] (where tori is the capital i, the left bracket is the keyboard/organ, and right bracket is the piano) so she played most of the song on the keyboard. or the organ. er, i don't know, i'm not a music person. one of them :) and then she like... *whipped* around to play the chorus on the piano.

chicago improv: so cute!! it was something like.. "our favorite place along the trail/ sometimes don't wanna leave/ still... always something good next year" probably someone will post the whole thing on himh or the dent soon. hopefully. and she talked a little bit.. mentioned something about how she thought she'd met most of us already :) and then a long intro to....

cornflake girl: !!!!! so i about fell off my chair when she played this. i love cornflake girl!

strange: i forgot to mention- from where i was sitting, she was facing us whenever she played songs with the organ/keyboard (thus far: sweet sangria, and strange.) she's so sexy onstage.. like, between songs she'd just kind of turn up and stand around, and lean back on the piano and put one leg up on the bench and start playing like that. anyway. strange was great.

space dog: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies* i couldn't believe she played that!

northern lad: at the beginning of this, someone yelled "sugar!" really loudly, and she waved her hand and was like "in a miiinute!" anyway... this was reaally pretty. one of my favorites from choirgirl.

wednesday: my favorite sw song! very cool.

then, her band left, and they lowered a sign that said "roadside cafe" and she played solo for a bit.

winter: oh, the backdrop.. it was this flat with mountains, right, and they had lit it with different colors.. but for this song, they dropped all the colors, and it was just white. she sounded really.. melancholy. but i mean it's a melancholy song. oh! and at the very end, when she sings "things are gonna change.. my dear" she sang it really slowly, and she was holding out the "myyy" and someone yelled out "dear!!" i was so annoyed. but she thought it was funny, and invited the person to join her. but i was like, rage.

improv/cooling : really pretty improv!! like.. "i know you're not here.. i know... but sometimes i feel you.. i feel you on my shoe" (okay, now that i think about it, the shoe thing is kind of weird. but it was really pretty!! i wish i remembered the rest of it, it was pretty long.) and cooling! i heart cooling, one of my favorite b-sides.

tiny dancer: mmm. one of my favorite covers. very pretty.

then the band came back.

improv/ mrs. jesus: actually, the improv was still solo. it was pretty. i hope someone booted this.. i'm sure they did. but still. mmm. anyway, this was great too. the improv sounded kind of simon-and-garfunkel-ish.

taxi ride: yaaay. honestly, i'm just running out of good words to say. this was such an amaaazing concert.

girl: one of my favorite le songs!

horses: the bass was actually kind of overpowering for this song. still really pretty though.

precious things: that was a really nice trilogy. heart this song. she was really... passionate. ("little fascist panties tucked inside the hearts of every nice girl" was like... wow.)

i can't see new york: very pretty.. .ethereal.

spring haze: one of my favorite venus songs!! this was such a great set list. like. veery few songs i would have added.

1st encore:
pancake: this was pretty. i liked it a lot more live than i do on the cd.

sugar: yay! another favorite b-side!

scarlet's walk: another song she was facing me on ^_^ and another favorite from sw. mmm.

2nd encore:

in the springtime of his voodoo: woo. although one of my favorite parts of this song is the layering of "and right there for a minute i knew you so well" and "every road leads back to my door", which... obviously, she can't do by herself. but still, very nice.

etienne: gah! my favorite yktr song!!!! so prettttttttty.

playboy mommy: *flails* okay, at almost every other concert she ended with "hey jupiter"... *sniff* but i love playboy mommy too, so it's okay.

the end!

*sigh* she gave such an amazing concert. *dies*

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Friday, November 29, 2002

*quickly reads sgt. pepper* priscellie!!!! YAY! i adore you! *heart* when we saw die another day, we were joking about how in the next movie he needs a super-minivan, so he can carry around his illegitimate children. ("are you joking? he'd need a semi!") oh.. and i'll try to reinstall yaccs when i get back home.

anyway. quickly! renata's-meeting-tori-story! yay! so... we go downtown around 3:15.. stop at white castle to procure coffee and sustenance... get to the border's where shes' doing the signing around 4. i curl up at my place in line, and am very cold. however, it's not as cold as macomb, so i am happy. they give us ordered red tickets at 7am (i'm 26!) and let us go inside. in the waaarmth. then at 8, we have to get in line again with our scarlet's walk receipts and tickets, to get wristbands. then, we're free for awhile, and me mum and i shop around a bit. then, at 10:30, we get in line again. by this point, we all feel like cattle, but we're cattle about to meet tori amos, so it's alright. then... they rescind their previous "absoutely NO photography" stance to "eh, well, whatever" which makes me sad, because i left my camera in the caaar. *sniff* luckily, the super-nice girl behind me offered to take my picture and mail it to me once she gets it developed. i heart people. *squee* so, after our 10:30 line up, we wait until like.. 12:10, and tori walks in!!! she's SO adorable! she's tiny, and she's so pretty. *sigh* we were only allowed to get *one* thing signed, so apologies to all my tori-love-friends ~_~ (especially talia... but i still have your cd!) so... i went up, and i was wearing my death shirt, and so the first thing she says (okay, the first thing she does is ask my name)-- the second thing she says is "oh, death!" and i said something stupid, like "yeah, i love death!" and she said something like "it's always nice to see neil's presence" or something... and then.. she signed my cd, and said it was a pleasure to meet me, and i think i said something like, "no, it's a pleasure to meet you" (it's all kind of a blur of tiredness and stupidity and YAYTORINESS!) and then, she hugged me, and then i was done. it was really funny, when you got done with the tori-corral, there was one person whose job was to cut off your wristband, and one whose job was to offer kleenex ^_^ a lot of people were really crying though. i was like, wow.

and then, mom and i went to chinatown, and ate, and i bought some pocky and rice candy! oh, and some "muscat" candy, which i hope has nothing to do with muskrats, because the package was really funny. i left it in the car, but it said something like "the taste of a graceful woman". hee!

ah, i'm coherent. anyway.. i just woke up from about a 3-hour nap, and i need to leave soon to GO SEE TORI!!! *dies*

wheeeee i'm off!

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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Have You Forgotten How Good Renata Tastes?

well, have you?

meh. we're going downtown tomorrow at 4am to try to get tickets to the tori meet&greet at border's, and all i can think is "wow! that's so much earlier than for rent!" [they're giving passes to the first 150 people at 8am.]

arr. i'm loading scarlet's web on my grandparent's computer, because it's speedy! but, sw is kind of stupid. i thought it would be all cool, but it's not. oooh well.

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oh-- one last note (two last notes): i'm a ravenclaw too! *high 5's priscellie*

and, i use aim, but i keep meaning to download y!m, for priscilla-related reasons ^_^

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listening to: matt caplan, sideways

happy thanksgiving to everyone who's celebrating that particular holiday today, and happy thursday to those who aren't! *mwah* i'm thankful for all of you! ^_^

pretty soon i'm off to chicago with my family, it'll be just my nuclear {"nukulear. it's pronounced nukulear!"} family and my grandparents on my mom's side. mm turkey. and, tomorrow i'm seeing tori! yay!

last night reid and i watched dr. no... it is the stupidest non-mst3k movie i've eeever seen. so of course we misted it ourselves. (scarily enough, there were times when my mists turned out to be almost exactly what the character was really about to say. "it's dragon tracks!")

peace out.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

listening to: y kant tori read, cool on your island

random amusing quotes: "if spongebob were a basilisk, you wouldn't be dead!"

"steve, basilisks are much longer than you are"


saw cos again today. miriam and i swooned a lot for oliver. *swoon* and then reid, steve and i went to mcdonald's, and... we were talking about how rebecca has a crush on dan, and then joking about how tj has a crush on him too... here's the evil plot we came up with ^_^

rook, whoever you might be, i thank you muchly for the word "concubine" ^_^

oh, today i was watching a re-run of the conan o'brien show, and alan cumming was the guest! *swoon* yay alan! and they kept talking about his "bum". it was just the cutest thing. "my tush? do you call it a tush in america?" "no, we call it an ass in america!"

i'll leave you with this.

del: if the pilgrims had been pirates i would be so much more into this holiday.
del: pirates....... OR MIMES!
del: don't you think mimes are almost as funny as pirates?
renata: hehe
renata: yes
renata: now imagine.. mimi pirates
renata: lol
renata: and mime mirates
renata: dammit
renata: whatever, imagine something.
del: *chortles*
del: can i imagine there's no heaven?
renata: mimi pirates.. "arr, light me candle, matey!"
del: ARRRRRRR-t tonight!
renata: they say i haev the best arrrrse below 14th street!
del: omg
del: i just spit hot chocolate everywhere!
renata: *cackles*
del: i want a mime of my very own.
del: one of the good idea, bad idea mimes.
renata: a mime mimi would be kinda lame though.
del: i know
renata: i'll steal you one.
renata: a pirate mime (or "mimrate", if you will) would be amusing
renata: it'd be hard to act out "arr" though.
del: pira-mime? mimrate?
del: you could mime having a peg leg
renata: you could indeed
del: and you could swashbuckle
del: *giggle*
del: she drives me nuts!
del: sorry.

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listening to: sheryl crow, sweet rosalyn

*frowl* stupid blogger, all not-publishing and such....

hm. i have to do a 45-minute essay over the weekend. stupid philosophes, all "i'm too good for the letter r!" and stuff. *frowl*

history club was fab, we watched history of the world, part 1 and it was muy chistoso. and it snoooowed. and, i don't have to go to school until monday. *dance* i just watched tomorrow never dies and i was so amused. *sigh* moneypenny is so dirty, dude. i never noticed before that she stole the "cunning linguist" line from cabaret. hee! and she has this evil little smirk when she says it. like, "mwahaha, i'm the underpaid and unloved secretary, but i can still make bad jokes at your expense!"

i applaud that.

meh. i need to post a lot on the ap euro discussion board. i hate that board so very, very much.

*considers* i think that's about all i had to say, at present...

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

whee! breakfast with kellie and the megans was much good! and pride and prejudice, yay!

*flail* i just dropped kellie off at her class, and i was all "must hurry, have class!" but i forgot we're on a crazy schedule because of class meetings, so i really didn't have class! yay! (but i was really confused when i went to class and no one was there...)

yeah, that's all.

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Monday, November 25, 2002

listening to: lisa loeb, truthfully

so i've been listening to a bunch of old cds lately. well, old as in like.. pre-8th grade. sheryl crow, lisa loeb, jewel, savage garden. wooot. *hearts lisa loeb*

i randomly got "dirty deeds done dirt cheap" stuck in my head whilst kickboxing today. interesting.

i'm so tired. meeting kellllie and megan and eliz for breakfast tomorrow! yay! *dances*

hmm. oh, miriam and i made history club cookies today! they're great, i highly suggest you come to our meeting tomorrow to get one. (you need not be a member! we're watching history of the world: part 1, and all are invited.) i drew lincoln, and a king, a pirate, and a dollar sign! and then wrote assorted other historically-relevant (kinda) words on others. (short-named figures get precedent, so it's taft and adams' time to shine! as well as brahe, new deal programs, and dates ^_^)

i'm so tired. YAY tomorrow is an artificial friday!

blah. oh, nathaniel claims that a male mistress would be called a manwhore... any other theories? ^_^

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Sunday, November 24, 2002

listening to: jewel, what's simple is true

i'm so ashamed to be listening to be jewel. *sob* but i just had a sudden urge to listen to her. it's bringing back memories of 8th grade. i was a big jewel fan in 8th grade. bah.

i'm so tired. but i have these mini peppermint oreos, and they're like... the best thing that's ever happened to me. mm.

the orchesis concert was really good. and one piece was to ani! yay! ("kazoointoit" and "tamboritza lengua") it was cool, too, they used cardboard boxes and such.

oh, and i forgot! i found out that there's going to be a tori meet-and-greet in chicago on friday!! the only thing is, you have to be one of the first 150 people there, with a receipt for sw from borders. and i already have sw. that's okay though, i figure i can buy it again, and then take it back-- if i don't open it, they should let me exchange it, right? mmm.

european history makes me sad. *sigh* us history made me happy. oh well.

oh, i meant to mention this before! apparently, kevin smith has an honorary doctorate from iwu! that's so cool! *hearts kevin smith* apparently, it's mentioned on the dvd sleeve for jay and silent bob strike back. woot.

i'm tired. *frowl* stupid europe.

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musing of the moment: what's the term for a male mistress? (as in, a man who a woman cheats on her husband with.) technically, the male form of mistress would be "master", but that seems totally wrong for this sense of the word.

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Saturday, November 23, 2002

listening to: tori, winter

*flail flail flail* i had... SO much fun last night. and i have... SO much to talk about. but first... well, first: happy birthday, priscellie!!! *mwaaah* may the lincoln be with you ^_^

second.... *FLAIL* go read neil's blog!!! now! *flail* he called my site "excellent"!!! *falls over* and he signed the guestbook! *falls over again*

*dusts self off*

anyway. *rummages for quotes napkin*

random amusing quotes: "stop waving your thing in my face, i don't care how big it is!"

"i feel uncomfortable!"
"trina! we're your friends!"

"*gasp* did she take the quotes napkin?"

"so, to be us,you need to be intelligent, but to be a pervert, you don't. can i have a fork?"

"i'll crack you up!"
"i'll... um, nevermind... i can't believe i almost said that"

"my homework was to break a social norm, which i did, with steve."
"in public!"

"i'll give you the harrassing of a lifetime!"
"*watch starts beeping*"
"guess it's time for harrassment!"

"this is my wad of vegetables!"

"i hate age discrimination, unless it's against old people"

"porridge johnson?"

"if you don't want to be my friend anymore because of a little thing like screwing steve in a public bathroom, maybe i don't wanna be your friend anyway!"

*thinks* um, yeah. anyway... last night/today was SO much fun. sirius lee.

eliz, trina, stev(i)e, matt and i went to monical's... and none of us could find the door!! like, there's "exit only", and then there's "carry-out" but there's no regular door! (apparently, you're supposed to go in the carry-out door to get to the regular restaurant. stupid monical's.) so we were whining about that, and scared away our first waiter... and then our replacement waitress accidentally stole the quotes napkin. but she brought it back. and.. megan called me! yay! *heart megan* and her new cell phone number has 42 in it, but apparently so did her old one and i just didn't notice. doh.

so... after being quite loud and amused at monical's, we visited miriam at jeffrey alan's... and steve and i went off to the bathroom, and we decided it would be funny if steve's shirt was on inside out. and then i put some of my perfume on steve. and i put on lots of lip gloss and kissed him on the cheek. and then we went back and denied anything being wrong ^_^ it was terribly amusing. and theen, at the movie theatre (we went to see die another day, the new bond movie), trina made me go to the bathroom with her... and i came back with my shirt inside out. hee.

anyway. die another day.. i liked it muchly. but i'm a big fan of bond movies. especially pierce brosnan. he's just... sexy, sexy, sex on a stick. british sex on a stick. *dies* *another day* hee.

it wasn't like.. the best bond movie ever, but decent. i was... well, spoiler, but it's not like you can really spoil bond movies... you don't watch them for the plot, you watch them for the cool stuff and sexy people. anyway. so bond gets captured and is in a north korean prison for 14 months or some such. that doesn't happen to bond! it just doesn't, dammit! *flail* anyway. but it was good. lots of double entendre. *giggle* and there's a scene... where like, he's being chased, and runs off a cliff-like thing or something, and grabs this big random bell (in a bell tower) and he says, "saved by the bell!" and i laughed... so hard. like. steve had to restrain me. *chortle* saved by the bell...

then we went back to elizabeth's house, and played the lady lovelylocks game. ("seek and peek"!) it involves finding squirrels to put in your lovely locks. oh, and you think i'm joking. steve and i had to be the horse, though. *frowl* ashvin was "maiden curlycrown" which amused us.. a lot.

and... played taboo, and then just watched teevee, and started watching muppets from space, but the boys left, and we went to sleep.

in the morning... we were supposed to go rake this old lady's leaves for key club. but we went to her house, and she had already raked them. *shrug* so, we went to the mall instead. and then... home. and i did some laundry, and dishes, and oh, the whole top rack of the dishwasher fell down, and the handle broke off my aida coffee mug! *flail* aaand, my "becher" mug is cracked! *sob*

anyway... much fun. i wish megan and taaalia could have gone though ~_~

this is freaking long. i'm going to go do work now. or. something.

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Friday, November 22, 2002

listening to: tori, operation peter pan

this song is SO beautiful. it's the uk sorta fairytale b-side... go download it. now. seriously.

i was going to blog more, but i've just been informed i'm meeting trina and eliz at monical's at 7. it's now 6:23, with a half hour drive. you do the math. bye loves ^_^

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Thursday, November 21, 2002

dammit!!! (janet!) i just somehow erased my whooole post. *sob* so here we go again.....

listening to: bob dylan, most of the time

random amusing quotes: "it tastes okay.. like megan!"

"i'll be your mr. darcy!"

"cubes make me so angry!"

".. humans have 26 vertebrae."
"one for every letter of the alphabet!"
"*gasp* god planned it that way!"
"what about the russians? cyrillic has a different number of characters"
"*gaaasp* we're the chosen people!"

"who is the author of [something weird and obscure that i forget]"
"i would like to argue that since god is everything, and everything is god... god is the author."

*mrr* okay. re-typed the quotes. now, what was i talking about? oh yes. today was a goood day. i had lots of coffee, and we started watching pride and prejudice in ap lit. and it's funny! and mr. darcy is nathaniel/andy. and it's funny. hee.

and.. then i went to the orthodontist.. which wasn't so good. but. acceptable. and then i came back, and sat in the lounge for awhile, and went to class.. and then ap euro was a lot of fuuun. we had a reading day, so megan, eliz, nick and i had girl-talk. (i heart nick. he's such a nice boy. we told him that like, 20 times. i think it scared him.) i offered to go make out with him, but i, like amanda, am all talk.

spanish... we had our presentations. i don't even wanna talk about the puppets. so i won't. but my speech... was.. okay. *shrug* fernando didn't believe me when i talked about el noche de los rabanos, though!! (that-- radish night-- is my new favorite mexican tradition. december 23rd, in every town, they get together... and carve radishes into religious figures. it's a whole festival thing. i totally wanna go.)

spaz bowl was superfun, eliz, nathaniel, ashvin, and jeff were alll there. and nathaniel moderated, and he threw stuff at ryan. *hearts nathaniel* and he kept accepting "no" from me as an answer, and it made me happy. (i.e. "find the area of a circle with blah blah blah" "no!" "close enough!") and papa holbs wasn't there, which always improves life.

i've just been informed that tomorrow, i haev to come home at 2:00, pick my dad up, take him back into town, pick reid up, and take him home. and then i haev to go back in later, because we're going to see the new bond movie! yay! bond is so sexy! anyway.. the sad thing about this, is that i've just been informed that i'm going to have to drive.. *counts* 180 miles tomorrow, and all i can think is "yay! i'll be home before it's dark!"

i think i need to re-evaluate my life. *sigh* anyway, back to bond... nathaniel's not as sexy as bond, but he gets extra points for being real. *nod* oh, and chalk talks to him, but it calls him "j". stupid chalk.

yeah, that's the kind of stuff we talk about at spaz bowl...

oh!! oh! did you know that "no lemons no melon" is a palindrome?? i didn't!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

listening to: tori, space dog

random amusing quotes: "oh no, jesus' head fell off!"

"jesus is just a smiley face!"

"should we have a manger?"
"no, jesus is stapled to mary"

"mary works at the olive garden?"

ooh, i love the line "turtles racing/the grapefruit is winning"!! *sigh of contentment*

anywho. somehow i picked up another cold. my kittens are so cute. well. they're not really my kittens. but you know. and chelle, i sweaaar i'll post pictures this weekend. and if i don't... frowl at me. yeah. so, guess what i spent the last hour doing? oh, that's right, MAKING SOCK PUPPETS. dear god. we have these presentations for spanish, right, and my group's is tomorrow... so this girl is like, "let's do a puppet show!" and we're all like "um, no!" and she's like, "but i already made the puppets!" so we're like... fine. and then today, she's like "i didn't really make the puppets. i just said that. want to come make puppets tonight?" grr. and so like a tool, i went... and it was fun. but such a waste of my time. god. (sometimes you don't come through/ do you need a woman to look after you?)

the song "loveless motel" by jill sobule makes me really hungry. seriously, every time i listen to it i'm just like, "mmm... biscuits."

oh!! i just found out that this girl, who used to be my beeest friend throughout my formative years, except she was a bitch and left me completely emotionall scarred, but that's another story, anyway, she's getting married... like... soon, apparently... and she's... my age. a month younger actually. and... wow, i can't even... imagine. *blink* wow.

rrr. puppet girl's boyfriend smokes a lot, so now i'm alll... coughing up vital organs and such. *hack hack*

i didn't drink any caffeine today! i wanted to see if i could! and i can! yay! but, i'm tired. and i had some weird dreams this morning about laundry... it throughly... i mean... it was... i... weird.

*blink* yes.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

listening to: tori, a case of you

um. i hate my computer. and i feel sort of sick and shaky. *considers* i ate at fazoli's today, maybe i got food poisoning. *dies*

*flails* amanda, eliz and i did an extraordiinary amount of venting today. table-thwapping venting! we kinda scared reijo, i think. hee. role-reversal. um. i got to choke andrew in euro today. that was good. i think the excessive cold in my house is shutting down my brain. and my fingers, i'm making lots of tpyps. (see?!) *sigh* so i think i'm off. oh. but first i want to say that i love megan. and meagna. all the megans in my life are so cool. *heaaart*

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Monday, November 18, 2002

listening to: tori, smells like teen spirit

random amusing quotes: "i can't believe you guys lost to us by 100 points!"
"hey, guess what? i'm still taller than you!"

"speaking of centaurs, what do you know about the sex life of catherine the great?"

*sneeze* michelle, your picture is too freaking huge! i've only downloaded like, 8% of it in about 10 minutes. this better be the best picture ever ^_^ but if it's not, i'll still love you.

del: but i had no idea it was lucy-us
renata: oh, me neither!
del: instead of loo-shus
renata: *nod nod*
del: all night i was like "i am lucius malfoy. but you can call me lucy."
renata: lucy-us sounds all girly.
renata: hehehe
del: "or Fabio."
renata: sirius lee, call me lucy..
del: *giggle*
del: "seriously?"
renata: *giggle giggle*
del: *lucy and sirius chortle merrily*

i've noticed that the number of people reading boron is growing, whilst the number of interesting things i have to say is shrinking. dear god, the pressure! *sob sob*

i'm tired. and i hate my computer. but i diiid mail my college applications today. [grinnell and macalester] everybody cross yer fingers for me ^_^ i'll definitely hear from grinnell by february, but they say that they try to process their early decision applications within a month, soo.. that would be december. *shrug* weee'll see.

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watashi wa cay-zo-coo! = phonetic spelling of "i am a pirate" in japanese. teehee. (talia will probably cry at my butchered spelling... but that's okay. *pats talia* and surry for interrupting orchestra! i felt all bad but jason needed his paper, cos it's due.. now... and such.)

all i've eaten today are cookies. that's probably not good. *dies* aah well.

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Sunday, November 17, 2002

listening to: nothing, winamp just crashed ~_~ but it waas barenaked ladies, christmas medley

so um.. go sign my guestmap!! chelle has one too! and it's neato! it's.. over in the menu. *gestures* yes.

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listening to: ani, egos like hairdos

i just realized that i left michelle off the egoo list. sorry michelle! it was the spider's fault! hmm.. i wonder where the spider went. i didn't have the heart to kill it.. and i tried to shoo it off and it just like.. moved one leg. so i let it stay. but now it's gone. i hope i didn't swallow it in my sleep, that would suck.

i'm putting finishing touches on college apps, and i was like "heey... if amanda's a member of mu alpha theta, how come i'm not a member??" and i was all sad. but then i remembered that i am a member of mu alpha theta. so that worked out well. (mu alpha theta is our math honorary... you just have to have a 3.5 average in your math classes, and be taking a higher-level math class your junior year. so like.. half the class is a member. yeah. um. they don't do anything, except give you your certificate. and it's something else to put on college apps. so. here we are.)

i like coffee.

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Saturday, November 16, 2002

listening to: tori, wrapped around your finger

spaz bowl today was so fun. except we lost to macarthur! the team with donald!! noo! (that means nothing to all of you, and that's okay. just... picture... a really, really, really annoying kid. named donald. *hiss*)

elizabeth and i kept making all these intentional lesbian double entendres and freaking out ryan and mike. (ashvin's used to it by now ^_^) and we expanded the club: we decided to call it ex-girlfriends of outlier, egoo for short. ("ex-girlfriends of simple in theory" would be egosit, and we didnt' think that was as cool as egoo. egoo!!) we considered trying to get it recognized as an official uhs club ("yes.. it's called.. egoo. we do.. service projects. and.. are good role models. yes. er, back the pioneers!") so.. let me think. members of egoo: *deep breath* me, talia, eliz, amanda, megan, kat, sithru,.. oh dear god, big spider on computer!! *flails* .... mm.. stephanie dated rob, right? and.. kathy, who i don't know, but elizabeth does. oh, and trina. (trina's technically a current girlfriend of outlier, but we figure current girlfriend is just a future ex. "but what if they get married?" "well... he'll eventally die, and she'll be a widow, which is like an ex..." "but what if she dies first?" "shut up, mike.") we think we're still missing a couple of rob's exes, though. oh, and rebecca is technically a member of this club, but we decided that our first bylaw would be to permanently bar her entrance. *frowl* (note to kellie: curiously, we're both members via the same member of outlier... namely aaron. freshman year, which is probably why you didn't know about it. *shrug*)

oh! oh! i forgot! i was OUT for this question, and i was SO mad... it was a bonus, and the theme was that all parts would have a color in the answer.. and one of them was "name the maid from the rocky horror show"!!! and... nobody on our team got it! and then nobody on the other team got it!! i was saaaad. *sniff* stupid.. how can you not know magenta? ah well.

ah.. what else? *reads comments* oh, kellie.. socks... no deep meaning, i was just trying to think of something else to say, and i looked down and got distracted because my socks had cats on them. yes.

oh, and i had to leave the tournament early because my family had tickets for miss saigon in springfield (where the tournament was.) and it was really good.. i wasn't familiar with it all, except for "the heat is on in saigon"... but it was good. SO sad though. THE most depressing musical i've ever seen. dear god. chris (the lead guy) was so amazing. he was just kick-ass. kim was really good too. i usually hate "love at first sight" but i think it works reasonably well with this script. ellen was kind of mediocre, but she only has like.. 1.5 songs so it didn't matter. oh.. hmm. i remember reading in megan's blog awhile back that she saw this tour in ic? anywho.. she said that the engineer was trying to be like the emcee from cabaret, but failing.. and i so agree. he's like... aah i don't know. either underdeveloped, or overdeveloped, depending on what they were going for. he just really pissed me off. oh!!! and when he sings "american dream" and there's that whole slideshow thingie behind him... it really annoyed me that they used new $100 and $20 bills. hello, 1978... i don't care if it is a fantasy, he needs to keep his damn fantasies in the near future! *shakes fist* but... other than that, it really was a kickass tour, especially for non-equity. very non-ghetto. i approve strongly. the music isn't my usual preference, it's too.. musical-ish, but it's not flat out like.. andrew lloyd webber. more of a compromise. me gusta.

oh, and kellie (again).. my psych paper (tori-sandman-doom).. it's not very good, it was a 15-point assignment and i didn't put much effort into it... but if you want i can email it to you, it's about why i'm opposed to love at first sight, and how it's used in the media. yeah. i forget what the actual question was... something about... the ideal of love with a perfect stranger, and how it appears in the media... and yeah. *nod*

we went to walmart on the way home, and bought loooots of food because we didn't have any, and i bought justice league hot chocolate!!! it has colored marshmellows!!! except on the box they were really big, and i was all "oooh.. super marshmellows!!" but acually they're the regular hot chocolate size. (and i'm morally opposed to the spelling "marshmallow" so don't start.) aand i bought some blistex complete moisture, so i wouldn't have to keep stealing megan's in euro. i'm addicted now. and.. there are too many megans in my life. i need to differentiate. i was supposed to differentiate by calling iowa-megan meagna, but... i keep forgetting. i'll have to try to remember to do that. and then there's megan the red to further confuse the matter. ay yi yi.

woow. this is long. i'm going to go.... ah... do some ap lit, and work on webpagifiying the senior thespian surveys. arr.

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Friday, November 15, 2002

listening to: ani d, aids

random amusing quote: "dan, leather is murder! but it's sexy murder, so it's okay"
"yeah, and i think it's fake"
"sexy fake murder!"

argh. must be quick, must sleep... but also am compelled to blog. solution: no verbs! ^_^

~ harry potter good. accents sexy. parseltongue apparently german as spoken by mentally handicapped. dobby lame; flying car non-lame.
~ accents reaaaally sexy.
~ pioneer-palooza good too. too loud. dry ice factory awesome. talia awesome but mic quiet.
~ new club: former/current girlfriends of outlier/simple in theory. current members: amanda, eliz, talia, megan, trina, and i. need cards. possibly hats.
~ pirate-hobbit dance.
~ socks.
~ spaz bowl tomorrow. sad.
~ sleep.

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hmm. i had something to say but i juuust forgot it. erm. i'm seeing hp today! for archie's birthday! so... free ticket! of course.. i spent more on her gift than the ticket. so it's not really free. but you know. *thinks* thetard wrote me a really nice recommendation letter. she called me a dynamic young woman. woot. yeah. off.

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Thursday, November 14, 2002

listening to: tori, if 6 was 9

announcement: in my essay for psychology, i referenced sandman, quoted tori, and used the word "doom."

my life is now complete.

woo hoo, aand i found my ravenclaw pin!!!! yay! i was so sad that i lost it. but it was just behind the computer! which makes sense, because it used to be on top of the computer. yaay.

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listening to: rent, rent (*snicker*)

*sigh* i haven't seen rent in so long. well. since june. well. that's not really that long. but. um. you know.

*flail* megan!! i got a happy meal today, and they gave it to me in a plastic hello kitty lunchbox-ish thing!! it's the best thing ever! it's perfect for.. storing objects in! objects.. like rocks! i could carry rocks around in my hello kitty lunchbox, and throw them at boys!

oh.. i got totally sidetracked. um. a chupacabra's gonna eat your babies!!


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*flail* i have so much to do in the next few days.... *i* think i have enough time to do them all...

3-4:30: spaz bowl
4:30-5: go to bank, get money
5-6:50: math
7-whenever: spain trip meeting
whenever-whenever: use previously acquired money to procure birthday gift for archie, because...

3:30-whenever: archie's birthday party
whenever-11: pioneer palooza
11: sleep! resist all tempation to do otherwise, because...

early: wake up
slightly later-1: spaz bowl
1-whenever: miss saigon in springfield
whenever-whenever: nap.


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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

listening to: rent, la vie boheme (benny tour 6/18/00e) (note: mark=curtis. mmm.)

um. is there really a uhigh student named "justin connelini" or is this a horrible, horrible bastardization of justin lomelino? did justin do lights for the 2000 one-acts (or sign up to?) also: do any of you remember the names of the isu director for your one act? the choices are: miss.. drewes (or something), miss cacciatori, and miss... braschler? (all i have to go on are a poorly typed crew list with their signatures at the bottom.... so... yeah.) i know some KELLIE of TALIA you were involved with these... *cough* yes.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

listening to: tori, sweet dreams

random amusing quote: "steve and i are going out.."
"... to lunch!"

whee, i can talk again! except now i have this violent cough. aah well. um. *thinks* i went to barnes and noble today, because a percent of the sales today went to metcalf... so i bought the fifth elephant, and some very cool christmas cards. (hey, 30% off!) they're not as cool as my other christmas cards.. but i only have 12 of the other ones, and i have more than 12 friends. yes. *skulks about secretively*

meh. i don't have anything interesting to say. in no particular order, i'm off to sleep, cough, and play with the kittens.

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Monday, November 11, 2002

listening to: bob dylan, tangled up in blue

soo. how many of you out there used to read animorphs? i know some of you did... well, i did, and i'm not ashamed to admit it. (well, maybe a little.) *sniff* the morphers was my first online community... back in the day. (ah, the day.) and it's where i met keith, and priscellie! (and bri? is that where i met bri? not that i ever talk to bri... but i met kait through bri, and i heart kait!) oh! and ayano!! i met ayano through animorphs!! when she was iniss.. somethign somethign! and had the funny website!! *flails wildly*

anywho, this weekend i was really bored and low-functioning, so i re-read all the animorph books i still have (i sold a lot of them at a garage sale a long time ago) and you know what? they're not that bad! i still think it's a skippy idea for a book. and like... it's darn neato. really short, it took me about half an hour to read each one, but still.. not bad. anywho, so i did a quick google search...a nd apparently the series ended! last year!! ended!! i assumed that it would go on infinitely, like the babysitters club and sweet valley high! *flail* and appparently, it ended rather darkly... like... one character dead, and another one effing crazy...(spoiler note: rachel and tobias)

how... *considers* unique. but apparently the war ended. and like... suddenly i want to go read these. but i think i'm too embarrassed to go check them out from the library. maybe i can make reid do it for me, he's in the right age group... oh, christ, i'm as bad as rob refusing to check sandman out. *sigh*

okay. that was really cathartic. (side note: why do all successful children's authors use their initials? jk rowling, ka applegate, eb white... umm.. cs lewis... well, he wasnt' really a children's author, but narnia.. um.. who the hell wrote the babysitters club? i bet she used initials. um. yeah. i think i've proven my point, what with my 3.5 examples and all.)


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listening to: tori, carbon

so i think somebody in the pantagraph's layout department needs a good cup of coffee or something... today's front page has a big picture of a clown. the headline next to it? "teens arrested in man's beating."

yeah. (the real clown headline is beneath it, below the fold. but still... it amused me.)

oh, and i updated time fies. check out nyc for pictures of me and kait and sexy broadway stars, kansas city for line pictures of sexy del, megan and i (and quotes! "i didn't know nato made pizza ovens!"), and macomb for.. well, nothing.

priscellie gets lots of cookies for leaving me comments! and procuring tori cds! well... theoretical cookies. but.. they're very low-fat! *theoretically bakes*

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Sunday, November 10, 2002

listening to: tori, virginia

i had a highly successful day of lazing and lounging. mmm. i watched a lot of teevee, which i haven't done in a long time. i saw the most amusing commercial for spam... happy family sitting around table eating... "mm, this is great! can i have some more?" "sorry sweetie, we're all out of SPAM!" *random spam van drives through wall* "*gasp* look! more SPAM!" "yaaay!" and they were all eerily happy, like pod people. spam pod people. aand i saw a commercial for treasure planet, the treasure island: in space! disney movie. (they're tooootally desperate for ideas, now.) space pirates, though. arrrr.

i tried to watch close encounters of the 3rd kind, because someone had rented it and left it on the table. but the first 5 minutes were really boring, so i watched even stevens instead. oh, and throughout the course of the day i read about 5 animorph books... becuase i can't watch teevee on its own, i need to have something else to do. and i don't like to read good books while doing other things. so, yeah.

hmm. i have my spanish oral exam tomorrow, and i can barely talk. should be interesting. maybe if he can't hear me, he'll just assume everything i say is right! that would be excellent.

*considers* oh, priscellie! when you bought scarlet's walk, did you get the limited edition? and if so, which charm did you get? (i didn't get a reaaal charm, i got a plastic lizard.. stupid.. friggen.. grr.) yes.

yeah. i think i'm going to go sleeep.

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Saturday, November 09, 2002

listening to: howie day, all along the watchtower

mrrr. i went back to sleep after that last post, and just woke up a few hours ago... and watched spiderman, woo. but bleaah, i feel like doom. like, in all honesty, i probably shouldn't have gone to see rhs last night.. but *flail* i hadn't seen megan since juuuly... and... rocky... and yeah. and it's a 3-day weekend, so i can sleep and rasp all i want. yeaah. *thinks* oh, i remember what i was going to say... megan... do riff raff and magenta's big transylvanian hats remind you, in any way, of high-ranking catholic officials? think about it, you know i'm right.

okay, what the hell? first cuteftp gave me a much longer logon message than usual, and now it's snoring?
200 Zzz...
200 Zzz...

*blink* i swear it's never done this before... and i didn't update the software... maybe it's some cutesy thing my host randomly started.

i think i'm going.. back to bed. *insert unintelligible noise of tiredness and ickiness*

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listening to: idina menzel, all hail the queen

whee! i saw megan last night!! *is merry* and rhs was sooo good. and megan was quite glittery and seductive-like *meow* unfortunately.. like, i guess i'm allergic to iowa, because by the time we got there i sounded like an elderly man with emphyzema. and now i can't talk at all. well, i can kind of hiss and whisper (hissper?) but that's it. arr. and we couldn't stay at all after the show, because mom wanted to go hooome. which i understand, but it was still sad.

*rasps* oh, dude, i had another dream involving neil gaiman last night! i'm so confused by this recurring theme in my dreams. i mean... yeaah, i heart neil..but i never dream about like... tori or curtis or any of the other assorted people that i heart. i think my subconcious is trying for some elaorate sandman-pun here, but it's just not working.

*sigh* i'm going to go watch either lotr or spiderman... it's so great having a brother who randomly buys cool dvds, so i can steal them and not have to go to the trouble of renting them. oooh wait.. no, i'm not, since mom is napping in the living room, which is where the dvd player is. *frowl* maybe i'll clean my room. or take a nap, even though i woke up 2 hours ago...

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Friday, November 08, 2002

listening to: tori, heart of gold

*flails idly* i blogged earlier, but blogger ate it... anywho... del's car died, so now she can't go see rocky again ~_~ but theeen my mom was like, "i wooon't let you drive yourself, but i'll drive you!" and at first i said no, because i'd feel bad making her drive... but then she convinced me. so i'm going. yay! megan!

and del got to talk to the kittens on the phone! ("renata, why are your kittens screaming?")

anywho.. i'm off.

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Thursday, November 07, 2002

listening to: talking heads, aaaand she was

random amusing quote: "shut the fuck up, pigfucker!"

if i were to suddenly start writing in the 3rd person, i could write "and she was listening to 'and she was'!!" but... i won't.

i'm so tired. one of the kittens woke me up at 3ish this morning. he fell out of the drawer and was very upset, and very vocal about it. but they're all just so darn cute i couldn't be mad at them.

we did this... gender identification survey thingie in psych today, and apparently josh and i are equally non-manly and non-girly. (we're off-the-scale low in both characteristics.) we're going to go form our own gender. roaar!

i get to see del and megan tomorrow!! *flails* yay! (del, i emailed you directions. yes.)


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Wednesday, November 06, 2002

listening to: matt caplan, favorite puppet

yay! del thought she couldn't come see rocky but now she can again! *flounces* but the purple llama is in its death throes ~_~

ooh, i completely forgot to mention... yaay blagojevich!! our first democratic governor in 25 years! let's throw a democratic party in our pants!

i have too much snot. and too much cold medicine. it's making me all weird. and not even like.. funny weird, just stupid weird.

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listening to: harvard callbacks, silent all these years (acapella)

random amusing quotes: "the boys only like that warmup because they get to say 'loins'! well, guess what! loins loins loins!"

"so the devil comes once a year?"
"it's like santa claus, but with evil!"

umm. doooom. *flails about, sickly*

kait sent me the bestest postcard ever!! it says "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them" and it has a picture of a boy.. with rocks being thrown at him. yes. *sob* i miss kait.

today rebecca announced to the class that it offends her when mrs. thetard is late-- because "this is america!!" so yeah, the whole class laughed at her. *sigh* to quote nathaniel... "why does she talk??"

dellll... get online or email me or comment me or something... we need to work out.. junk about friday. *nod*

this illness is like, the best diet ever... i haven't eaten anything solid in the last 2 days. wait, except part of a bagel today. arr.

the kittens are so loud, they sound like screaming horror movie virgins. it's disturbing. and they have tiny little fuzzy old man faces. awww. *pet pet*

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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

listening to: ani d, superhero (live)

random amusing quotes: "i want something to drink!"
"oh, oh, i'm megan and i like to drink!!"

"oh, i'm renata and i arrr!"

"spit that out before you die!"

"spell the superlative form of ugly"
"t j!"

*flails about* last night, i couldn't get online at all, because our phoneline was making weird clicky noises. and i was sad. and then i randomly became irrationally tired and went to sleep at like... 8:30. and then i woke up this morning, and i randomly fel like doooom, and i realized that we were just having a reading day in ap lit, so i went downstairs to get my dad to write me a note, so i could sleep a couple extra hours... and he was like "um, by the way.. i had a little... mishap with you car... but it still runs!" so yeah, he hit a deer with my car... nobody was hurt, except the deer, and now my car's all crinkly. *frowl* anyway.. i kept getting progressively worse during the day, and ended up not going to any classes... *frowl* stupid plague. i was all.. tired and fevery and twitchy and nauseous... and such. but i decided i should probably go to my heartland math class, since i've already missed it a lot. and such. anywho, there's this calculator program we all used today for bernoulli.. junk... and it amused us all SO much because after you type in the numbers, it gives you the answer and says "MATH IS COOL!!" yes.

oh, and del, my poppet... seeing as how my car is all... um, smashy... would yooou like to drive to iowa city this weekend? i'll split gas and suchlike... *nod* and, our tickets are at ths box office. so. yeah. wooo.

what's a pirate's favorite beatles song?
back in the uss arrrr!

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Sunday, November 03, 2002

listening to: tori, mrs. jesus

i just shaved my legs for the first time in... mm, a while. but now i'm smooth. smoooooth.

yes. and, i really like scarlet's walk. yaay. and, i get to see megan and del on friday!!! *flails joyously*

the kittens are so cute. i'm officially inviting everyone over to look at them. of course, i could just go find the digital camera... but pictures aren't fuzzy.

get me neil on the line
no i can't hold
have him read
'snow glass apples'
where nothing is what it seems
"little sis
you must crack this"
he says to me
"you must go in again
only wants
to be unmade"
blade to ice
it's double diamond time

-- "carbon" (from scarlet's walk)

yay! neil! and one of my favorite stories of his, as well! *squee*

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listening to: tori, don't make me come to vegas

so i was just looking at my bookshelf, trying to find this book that i suddenly remembered i had read... it had been beautiful, and true, and i could remember nothing about it save the feeling reading it had given me. then i realized that i had read this book in a dream, and it did not exist. kind of a letdown, that.

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oh, and kellie: "killing people is wrong!" "then why does it feel... so right?" is from "snuff that girl" from urinetown, and "god sometimes you just don't come through/ do you need a woman to look after you?" is from the aptly titled "god" by tori. oh, and i'm curious about this "god" cd.. .but you might want to add "muhammed my friend" also by tori.. ("muhammed my friend/it's time to tell the world/ we both know it was a girl/ back in bethelehem..")


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listening to: tori, wednesday

yeah, that's right... scarlet's walk was awaiting me when i returned home. mmmm new tori!! so far, i'm only on track 3, and i'd already heard "amber waves" and "a sorta fairytale", but this is new to me, and i really really like it. more on this later.

so. god. went to tj's cast/birthday party last night... woke up this morning at quarter to six, showered, drank a frappucino... got some more coffee... completely forgot to eat breakfast, and expected to play spaz bowl. not the world's best plan. i ended up being so sick. ugh. first i got twitchy, but then i was just tired and nauseous and stupid. so stupid. i told holbrook not to play me because i was too not there. bah. but we came in 3rd at the tournament, despite my complete lack of.. what's the word? contribution. yeah. and um.

well, might as well say it... dan was there, and he played, and he got a few tossups... and yeah, i felt all... jealous. petty, stupid, and jealous. like. well, dan just annoys me. so much. and it makes me sad that i used to be so good at scholastic bowl, like in 8th grade... but now i'm just... maybe better than average. *shrug* so. i felt bad about feeling jealousish. and i also felt bad because like... the rest of the team and i spent so much time bad-mouthing rebecca and dan behind their backs. and i... i don't like doing that. i try so hard to like people. but some people are just raging bitches and that's all there is to it. and then like... dan... he's not mean like rebecca, but he's so arrogant and annoying and i just don't like him. and i feel like such a hypocrite being nice to their faces and actually despising them. but what can i do? i can't be mean to their faces, and i've already tried to like them. and somehow i end up feeling bad because they're annoying. *sigh* got enough guilt to start my own religion/why do we/crucify ourselves/everyday?/

aah well. footloose went really well. i felt so proud just to be a small part of it. i can't imagine how like... tj and steve and megan must have felt. i wish i could act. aah well. hmm. eliz gave me a candle and a really nice note, and i felt so loved. and i was looking for something in my purse, and i found all my hallo-grams... and people kept saying nice things to me, even people like toca*, and i just felt so loved. i felt like maybe i might actually be a cool person that maybe people might actually like. and i suppose maybe i should have realized that sooner. or something. but hey, better late than never?

*i don't mean this at all as a slight against nathaniel, i heart him muchly. but he's very very frank. and so if he says something nice to you, you know it's true. oh. and nathaniel and toca are the same person, for those of you who are non-uhighians.

this is long. i think maybe i'll publish and go to bed. and sleep. sleep sleep sleep.

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Friday, November 01, 2002

this post is merely for recording random amusing quotes. enjoy ^_^

"you're just saying words!"
"no!! well, yes, but... in a.. logical way!"
"oh! like in a sentence!"

"it was so freezing, i wanted to freeze"

"history club: the fourth reich"

"let's just go at it!"

"oh! there's... red lobster... which is a seafood restaurant.. and so is cj's.. so we must be in the right vicinity!"
"they have good seafood in maine."

"do i have a mustache??"
"i feel so much better now."

"i'm catholic! but i'm not real, because i wasn't done right."

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*amused* i just printed off posters for history club, and i went to get them approved to be posted... and i was denied. the reason? i wrote "history: the other white meat" on them, and apparently people would think of that as being racist.

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