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Thursday, October 31, 2002

listening to: ani d, loom

random amusing quote: "*long pause* you want a ride to juvie?"

no one leaves me comments anymore. *sniff* i hate you. well, not really. breaaak a leg megan! and megan! both megans had opening nights tonight! *flails* all 3 megans! *flails more*

speaking of which... footloose was SO awesome. i'm so awed by all my amazingly talented friends. dude.

two pirate jokes that were conceived backstage:

why couldn't the buddhist pirate attain nirvana?
he had bad karrrrma!

what do you call a pirate prostitute?
a hooker!

*giggle* also, aaron and i invented the "pirate high five"... curl your index finger like a hook, and then curl it around the other person's hook. it's fun for the whole family!

del.. i hope you're currently enjoying wss! woooo!

okay. sleep now. (and i go at sleepy time... this is not really what i want this is not really happening... you bet you life it is... *cough* sorry, random tori moment.)

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happy halloween everyone! (and happy birthday, kellie!) *flails* i have a whooole free hour with nothing to do! yay! i'm going to catch up on blogs.

last night sucked... a lot... the cyc ripped.. a lot... and thetard was... very very very very very angry. (exact quote: "you have got to be the stupidest people i have ever worked with! you have ruined this show!") i was very very very very very happy that this rage was not directed at me.

i like coffee. and my friends, i like my friends. i got some terribly amusing hallo-grams today. (key club sells these.. you can send cards to your friends and have them delivered in class.) anywho, you have to write the person's name on the back... and matt wrote "renata *scribble* i can't spell your last name, or anything for thaat mettar" and i was so amused. and then on the inside he wrote "this blow-pop was given to me personally by batman to give to you for being the coolest!" (see... i'm batman... because no one has ever seen me and batman in the same room. *nods*) and reijo sent me a really nice one. aww. *feels warm and fuzzy* and i wrote him a love letter for nathaniel: "dearest nathaniel, your eyes are like two stars in the sky, and your face is like layers of tissue draped over your skull. you write better than nathaniel hawthorne. love, reijo."

so yes. today is looking to be a decent day, surprisingly.


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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

i drank way too much coffee this morning (if such a thing is possible) so i was sorta twitchy in lit. and i could feel my heart beating rather quickly. probably unhealthy. but it did give me the energy to successfully argue that "the rocking-horse winner" by d.h. lawrence is a buddhist story. yay me! (it actually was a pretty good argument. it entertained me.)

my pants are fuzzy. *pets pants* hey, i should throw a party in these.

megan, i dreamed about you last night.. well, i dreamed that... well, there were about 3 suplots to my dream. but one of them was that a bunch of my friends and i went to see you in rhs. except.. tim curry was in it. which was really cool. also, someone stole trina's car, and i got in a fight with rebecca about god and faith.

dude, i wrote an email to fernando all in spanish, to tell him to give me a grade on my culture activity, and he wrote back in english. this is so disappointing, somehow.

scarlet's walk came out yesterday... i don't suppose anyone got it, did they? *sniff* i waaant it!! but i pre-ordered it from amazon, to save $5... so now i must wait. *waits*

right now, the 2 things keeping me alive are caffeine, and baz luhrman. (caffeine should be self-explanatory... and the moulin rouge soundtrack keeps me from falling asleep at the wheel on the way home.)

2 lyrics keep running through my head... "killing people is wrong!" "then why does it feel... so right?" and "god sometimes you just don't come through/do you need a woman to look after you?" is this independent or dependent on tech week? discuss.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

boo on tech week.

megan's bible is camoflaged, to hide from the bible catcher.

last night i bought some coffee and some kitkats, and i put the coffee in the refrigerator and i have no idea what i did with the kitkats. *sigh*

yesterday at spaz bowl was terribly entertaining... i drew toca a picture of himself, and a pirate ship, and rosencrantz and guildenstern (being dead). arr.

the barenaked ladies were born on a pirate ship, you know.


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Sunday, October 27, 2002

listening to: mst3k, godzilla genealogy bop

*frowl* i just downloaded an mp3 titled "tori amos - time after time (cyndy lauper cover)". unfortunately... it really is cyndi. (well, it's not that bad, i like her.) but still.. what idiot confuses tori with cyndi? and then spells her name wrong?

life is so hard.

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listening to: billy joel, piano man

*flails* i just opened word, and the stupid office assistant (i changed the paperclip to a cat, it's cuter) told me "this is the last tip." what? is my office assistant going to commit suicide? am i meant to fear impending doom? maybe it's because i just finished writing about rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead... i think i'm analyzing this too far. but still, it's disturbing.

oh, megan and/or rob/anyone else who reads this and speaks german... my coffee mug is from germany, and it says "i feel good! becher." is "becher" german for "i feel good"? what does it mean? wait, i just tried babel fish.. it says it means "cup". *is soo amused* my cup.. is a cup. i'm so glad that i know that now, it's like a huge weight lifted from my chest.

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listening to: tori, 1000 oceans (live)

dude, i just realized that i left the best part of my day out of my blog last night.... when we were driving home, we went past this church... and it had a big sign in front that said: "DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION: THE BIBLE!"

yes, take a moment to re-read that.

wtf? seriously... i could see, maybe, if they would have been like "mass destruction... of SIN!" or something... but nope, just... mass destruction. i'm still not sure how that was supposed to be interpreted, but it amused the hell out of me.

anywho. my mom randomly decided that i need to set up a drive for used glasses for poor people, because she read an article about it in the paper. "renata! tomorrow, go talk to ms. scott and set this up!" "um.. why ms. scott? and why tomorrow? i'm selling shit for key club over both my free hours tomorrow..." "no, it has to be tomorrow, so you can put it on your college applications!" "um.. that's.. a good idea... but... i'll bring it up at the next key club meeting." "no, don't do it through key club, do it yourself, so you can have the credit! it won't take that long!" she went on for awhile... and then finally i escaped and told her i'd think about it. seeeriously, what is wrong with her? *flails* she's like... taking a vacation from rationality.

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Saturday, October 26, 2002

listening to: tori, amber waves

random amusing quotes: "i'm bedtime bear, bitch!"

"don't worry matt, love-a-lot bear is the most manly of all care bears!"
"yeah... i wanted to be construction worker bear, but then i remembered that there's no such thing."

*shivers* i'm so cold.

i like driving home at night. it's so cool to look in your rearview mirror and see total pitch darkness. sometimes i pretend that the earth is falling away behind me and i'm fleeing from the ever-growing gap as fast as i can. but uuuusally i don't, because that would be depressing.

my family reunion was so... um. well, it was 4 hours away. *frowl* and my family is so crazy. like, my great-uncle jerry was talking to me, and i wasn't really listening, and then i realized he was talking about the shadow government, and how they all live in bunkers under washington and control everything, but nobody knows who they are. and then he started whining about how the government wasn't providing civilians with gas masks, even though we gave all the israelis gas masks. he went on and on about this, until finally chris asked him why he wanted a gas mask. he mumbled something about everyone dying, or something. and theen my great-uncle charles talked about how when he was in ww2, he saw an angel come down and kill 185,000 nazis. (yes... exactly 185,000. i guess he counted.) and... apparently, an angel is going to kill sadaam hussein. right.

so then i pretended to be asleep for awhile. and then i talked to my cousin chris, who proudly informed me that his cell phone cost $100 and his paintball gun was like... some obscene amount of money. and he's joining the army reserves.

*sigh* the worst part was that i had to miss neil for this experience. neeeeeeeeil.

at least all my relatives are really good cooks. mm... food.

hmm. oh, the harvest dance. we went as care bears ^_^ (i was bedtime bear. woo.) and we couldn't win a prize, since matt and amanda are both in senate. but nonetheless, it was fun. and allison went as death! yay death! and kait invited me to her manley's last party! but it's in new jersey so i probably won't go! wheee!

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Friday, October 25, 2002

um. well, fuck. i just wrote this huuuuge post and then i accidentally deleted it. and i dont' feel like retyping it. probably for the best... it was really probably a bit more sharing than i'm comfortable with. ironically, the topic of the post was about why i don't like sharing that sort of thing. hmm. i wonder just how accidental that really was, on a subconscious level... *considers* aah well.

go read about megan! (well, and the rest of the cast of rhs...)

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oooh hey, my tori ticket came in the mail today, and i realied that i'm not in row p, i'm in pp... which is 3rd row! just waaaaaay the hell off to stage right. *shrug* hey, that's still coool! *frolicks*

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listening to: tori, a sorta fairytale

soo tired. i came home today, and took about a 2-hour nap. mm, nap. um. oh, i just realized talia's in iowa, and *that's* why i didn't see her today! *waves to talia*

ooh, i got a private message on the boards... those are always exciting. oh, except when they're from morons. *delete*

i got my isu acceptance letter today! *waves little flag* despite... their not having my transcript or my act scores. so... apparently i was accepted by merit of existing, and having 30 bucks. woo.

i watched "bob the builder" today and i was really disturbed by how caught up in it i got.... bob forgot to feed his cat, so she was following him around, meowing pitifully, and he couldn't figure out why. it bordered on animal abuse, really. and i bet wendy only makes 75 cents for every dollar bob does, despite the fact that bob compliments her on her bricklaying skills. i bet he only said it to get into the sack.

um. anyway.

i have to leave in 15 minutes to pick up rob and megan.i'm still not exactly sure why i'm picking up rob... because... he has a car... but, he told me to, and i'm obedient. *blinks* anyway... we're going to see rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead at isu. yes. toca and i spent all of ap lit discussing how we could interpret it as an anti-semitic piece. (cleaaarly, it's representative of ww2... hamlet=hitler, he only kills r&g because they're jewish... because they have obviously jewish names, and are good with money. ["we're going to hell, aren't we?" "eeeh... well, we'll be in good company..."] we had some other reasons. we were considering writing them up, but then we discovered that stoppard's parents were in the concentration camps, so maaybe it wouldn't be in the best taste. [
"he has a high level of jewocity."]) yeah. toca and i enjoy interpreting literature in completely wrong ways... but we can always dig up enough evidence in support of our fucked-up ideas that they can't be denied outright. it's something of a hobby, and it keeps us from killing thetard. yes.

*sneezes* christina and i got a 95 on our euro presentation! and rebecca only got a 97, and she spent about 10 times more time on hers than we did. mwahhahahaha.

last night... i had this dream. i was in a desert call... i mean, i was in stroud. *blink* and the ending of footloose was that everybody died, and megan was sitting in the back of the house slicing bagels, to make it smell better. it was vastly amusing. oh, and talia said something mean to me, and i was sad, until i woke up. *sniff*

it's so cold. *sigh* i'd better goooo.

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Thursday, October 24, 2002

listening to: fastball, you're an ocean

i'm soooo tired. roar. let's see.. today... trina, eliz and i all talked about our increasing tendency to talk and think in spanish. it's weird. so then we started singing along with the radio, but in spanish... ("en los brazos de un angel, ojala que encuentre comodo aquiiiii") it was much fun. (muy divertido.)

ooh, and i went to the new borders today! it's pretty... all airy and such. they have a good cd selection, but they're expensive. but they impressed me by having *both* precious things, the tori amos string quintet tribute, aand the "winter" single, both of which i intend to buy, when i have money. woo.

and then.. i went to see abre los ojos (open your eyes) at isu, for one of my 3 required "actividades culturales." (next week i'm making ashvin go salsa dancing with me, because i think that would be fabulously entertaining.) speaking of ashvin.. i saw him at fazoli's, he came up behind me and freaked me out. *flail* aand i saw lauren, apparently she works there. craazy times. *crazy hands* oh, yeah, the movie.. well, apparently it's a spanish version of vanilla sky, but i never saw that... but i do know that it was sooo confusing. stupid dreams.

ooh, and megan and i spent 8:00 on our "art art revolution", consisting of a can-statue, two haikus (mine was about napkins, and megan's was about... oh... what was it about? markers? *flail* i forget. but it was cool.), and a pirate plate. and a notecard explaining it. but then bruce threw it away. *sniff* ah well. it had a fleeting yet beautiful existence, like a butterfly. or something.

okay, dude, talia.. i just wrote you a hella long comment, and then the comment box ate it. *frowl* but the basic jist of it was: everyone loves talia! yaay!

oh. and i would just like to point out that toca and i totally dominated spaz bowl today (him moreso than me) but as soon as holbrook showed up i started being stupid again. dammit, i'm never going to convince him that i'm not a moron. *sob* something about his presence dumbens me. ("i'm undergoing a process of dumbening! see! dumbening isn't even a word!")

arrrr. i'm off to bed.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

listening to: jill sobule, survivor

it's sad how much awesomer (yes, awesomer) jill's version of this is than destiny's child's. of course... it doesn't take much, i suppose.

*flail* after kickboxing today, i stopped by walmart to get a couple things... and then i was checking out, and the girl asks me, "are you over 18?" i looked at her kinda funny... and then i was like "well... maybe i accidentally picked up... um, some cigarettes or something..." so i glanced at my purchases... kitty litter, posterboard, envelopes, milk, rubber cement... everything seemed okay to me. so i said "no... why?" and she's like "you have to be over 18 to buy rubber cement." i must have given her my "what the fuck?" look because she clarified, "because you can get high off it!" oh. of course. but it's okay to get high off rubber cement if you're 18? *frumble* stupid rubber cement.

aaanywho. so. um. do you ever think of something/one, but you can't remember the precise name for it? it happens to me alllll the time. (yes, i am delirium. leave me alone. *turns self into fishes*) but usually i remember the name after a couple minutes... well, for the last... like, week... i've been trying to remember this guy... he was a poet, during the chicago renaissance (20'sish)... most famous poem was "general william booth enters into heaven" (which was about the guy who started the salvation army), and he killed himelf by drinking a bottle of lysol. and i think there's a v in his name. .... does that ring a bell to anyo.... oh!! i just remembered! vachel lindsay!!! vachel lindsay vachel lindsay vachel lindsay. *feels sane... kinda* seriously, though.. how come i could remember all that crap about him but not his name? *sigh*

in a similar vein... i have a... passage of literature stuck in my head, if that's possible. no idea what it's from, but i'm thinking it's something by neil. maaybe stardust. but that could be completely wrong. anywho. so there's these two guys... and one of them says that ___ is the most beautiful woman ever, and the other guy says that he's never seen this woman, so the first guy says, roughly, "well, when you see her, if you don't think she's the most beautiful woman, i'll kill you!" so then the two guys do some stuff, and then finally the second guy sees this chick. and the first guy is like "well?" and he says "no, i'm sorry... but _____ is more beautiful." and the first guy says "well.. i can't hurt you... for you have chosen the day and i have chosen the night." or possibly day/night are flipped, or possibly it's sun/moon... umm... yeah. does that sound familiar at all to anyone??? even if you don't know what it's from... tell me it sounds familar, just so i know i'm not totally crazy... please.

oh, and go read the comments from my last post, so you can read del's pirate joke... it's fab.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

listening to: bjork, human behavior

our cat (aida) just had kittens!! 4 of them!! they're so tiny... and they're all black. i wanna name one of them dream. or morpheus. and maybe.. didi, since i think my parents would object to a cat named death. (also, i want to get a fish and name her delirium. but that's another story.) *flails happily*

*flower* never should have taught mom how to use email...she's sending me forwards now. doh.

dude, the only people at kickboxing tonight were me, and tiffany jolliff's mum. yeah, we're a swingitty-hip crowd over at twin city boxing...

um. yes. voy a dormir.

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i would like to state for the record that i have no desire to suck rob's thigh.

thank you.

hmmmm. miriam and i made the democratic poster for the mock elections. we were delightfully vague, to make it all fit.. so there's stuff like "pro-environment" and "pro-criminal rehabilitation" without going into specifics. woooot.

i'm tired. i don't want to go to my maaath class. but i probably shouldn't skip it.. since i haven't gone the last two thursdays. yes. i'm fuzzy today. *pets shirt* yaay me.

um. yes. why do i never have anything to say? whyyy? oh.. at 10:00, using sig figs, tj [note: originally typed rob... hmmm] and dan proved that 5=6. i was unimpressed. and then dan ate all the salt that i picked off my pretzel, which was weird. but okay. um.

and rebecca made skanky muffins for the euro class, so i made mine into a happy muffin man (do you know the muffin man?) and gave it to megan.

and reijo was exceptionally clean today.

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Monday, October 21, 2002

listening to: rent, will i?

random amusing quote: "in the 17th century, everything was jollier!"

so... i decided that maybe if i deleted some stuff, my computer would suck less... but i keep finding all this really neat stuff!! like.. the pocahontas trailer! (little known fact... or maybe it's widely known, i dunno... but i looove that movie. no, don't tell me it sucks, i know it sucks. aaand it's completely historically inaccurate. but it's better than history.) and all these wacky oldschool-rent soundclips... like cristina singing the sol solo... and erin saying "i'm forbidden to produce milk.... is that a camera?? that is illegal! shame!" aah.. erin. *sniffs and becomes all nostalgic*

i'm so coold. and... hmm. today... nothing interesting at all happened, except we all wanted to kill thetard.... but i suppose that's everyday. *whistles innocently*

doh.. just spilled water in the keyboard *sob* you'd think i'd learn i'm not coordinated enough to have drinks near the keyboard... *sigh* i *think* i dried it all out in time... hopefully all the keys still work. arr.

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Sunday, October 20, 2002

guess who just did all of jason's thepsian work from last year in, mm, about 2 hours?

yeah, say my name, bitch.

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hee... random amusing referrals of the moment:
"turning girls into lesbians"
first island chain doomed hegemon
"soda fairytale"

and my favorite:
choking on smints
(and these are just from the most recent 20, which is about 2 days worth...)

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listening to: rent, you okay honey?

i had such a productive day today! i cleaned out my closet, and goodwill-designated a bunch of stuff, and cleaned some other stuff, and generally battled entropy. then, i decided to clean out my bootlegs (speaking of which, if any of you want a good rent boot, audio or video, let me know and i'll hook you up ^_^) i was going to get rid of the one i'm listening to... benny tour 10/6/99... but i'm listening to it and i just caan't. *sniff* scott as mark.. and racquel's first mimi... and maggie as mark's mom... and oh, fabulous.

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listening to: tori, icicle

i like the word icicle written out. not when it's said... but written. it has a kind of symmetry. icicle. anyway.

mrr. tired. we all went to miriam's house and sat around for like... *counts on fingers* 4 hours. and did nothing. a couple times we tried to play cards.. but by the time we decided what game to play, and dealt... we all lost the motivation to play the game. it was sad. matt and i played with dinosaurs for awhile, though. i put a hat on mine, and we had the following conversation: "hey dinosaur, want to come to my ranch?" "is it a homosexual ranch?" "yes, and there's lots of ranch dressing!" "okay!" fabulous.

oh, and miriam made me feel loved ^_^ apparently, she went kickboxing on thursday... and everyone there was like "oh hey.. you...where's your friend renata? is renata coming? aww, i wish renata were here!" and suchlike. aww. i didn't even know they knew my name. lol, and i felt bad for miriam.. because apparently they didn't know hers, and she was sad.

you know what i really like? in "cloud on my tongue" when she sings the last "in circles and circles and circles again..." and there's so much.. desperation in her voice. fantastic.

... leave me with your borneo.

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Saturday, October 19, 2002

listening to: stuart, universe communion

so.. i was looking at my counter stats, and it gives a list of all the individual search words people have used, in order of most common to least common.. and sometimes the words in order are amusing. it's like poetry, but without the art. for example: "from free city with shakira mongoose" and "download the pibb extra mp3". (sadly, the latter is the list of my top 5 referral words. SO many people find boron by searching for "pibb extra" which confuses me. i remember talking about it... one time... and... uh, whatever.)
"paneras not neil" (i'd rather have neil than paneras, but hey.)
"trinas listen wearing veggietales" (multiple trinas!)
"you test porn when songs incest" (yes, that's definitely when i test *my* porn.)
"how some scooby for doo?" (okay, i added the question mark. it fits.)
"tattoos taste streator" (mm... streator.)
"gaston founder fascism" (gaston's a jerk, but i didn't know he founded fascism!)
"drawing don date" (don date is the most unpopular veggietale.)
"cyanide corn cookies" (my favorites.)
"recommendation real pope" (i recommend the real pope! accept no substitutes!)
"wear wahoo underwear" (the real pope wears wahoo underwear under his robe.)
"autopsy anastasia aand rowlf" (i didn't know rowlf was dead! nooo!)
"nekkid mountain medley" (um, yes.)
"angry aladdin tolkien subtitle" (interesting.. did tolkien add subtitles to the aladdin movie, which angered him? or did an angry aladdin sneak subtitles into the lotr movie?)

okay.. i'm spent. hopefully you're as amused as i was ^_^

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listening to: stuart, pearls into the dirt

random amusing quotes: "tell me more about the failed sex"

"iowa: idiots out walking around"

"just so you don't get the wrong idea... we do more in this class than find sexual symbolism in comic books! last wednesday we talked about nuclear war!"

"i'm a republican... i think i'm one of 11 on campus."

woo. i'm home. so... macalester. well... first off, it's a 7-hour drive. that's a big sad face, there. actually... let me retract. first off: happy birthday, chelle! *tosses lemons about* now. macalester. well.. let's see. i really really like st. paul, especially the neighborhood mac is in. thursday night, my mom and i ate at this fabulous thai restaurant a block from campus... seriously, it was so awesome. i had this thing that i can't pronounce or spell... but it had these noodles, like ramen.. but much better.. and then beef and broccoli and carrots and onions and sauce... and it was SO good. like.. the highlight of the trip ^_^

anywho, so, the campus. it's beaaaaautiful. and dude, the class i sat in on... it was one of the freshman tutorials, and it was about comics!! *flail flail* and i was wearing my death shirt.. and the professor was like "hey! that looks like death!" "it is!" "i almost taught this class about sandman!" and i flailed. but yeah.. he was really cool and enthusiastic. and half of their tutorials are residential, which means all the people in the class live on the same floor. which is really nice, i think... it helps you get to know people. and such. um. oh, and macalester had much better food than grinnell. like.. their dining hall... you swipe your meal plan card, and then you just sort of go and take whatever food you want... and dude. they had 4 main bars... and they had... american food, mexican food, asian food, indian food, italian food... and they *always* have that much variety! they just have different stuff every day. and it was all really good. but seeriously, if i went there... i would be so fat.

so yeah. macalester was really nice... and it wins in the categories of food and superheroes. grinnell wins in the category of "everything else." and while food and superheroes are certainly very important... "everything else" is a pretty big category ^_^

but st. paul iiiis terribly nice. we went to this awesome bookstore called "the ruminator", and i bought barry trotter and the unauthorized parody, which is terribly amusing, thus far. *heart* oh, and we went to "cheapo discs", which is like..deadpan alley, only about 5 times bigger, and nicer. aaaand.. they had stuart!! and anne heaton!! and.. i guess i shouldn't really have been surprised about stuart, since he's from st. paul and all... but still. woooo. i bought self-untitled, since i didn't already have it. yaay.

oh, and i met this really nice girl at mac, and we talked for awhile... i have her email address... somewhere. hmm. anyway. oooh, and we went to the breadsmith... and they had really good, well, bread. we brought home some orange-cranberry bread. mm. and rolls. yes.

mm. and then my mom and i decided to just drive straight back, instead of staying another night and leaving in the morning. and... we listened to this really depressing book on cd, about how mothers fuck up their daughters...and it could possibly have led to an introspective conversation... but i was nooot in the mood. so i put in phil ochs instead. but that depressed me even more. *sniff* so then i put in stuart. and i was happy. yes. um. so. that's all, really.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

listening to: beatles, help

random amusing quotes: "... so rob and tj are sharing a room at theatre fest? hmm.. my boyfriend and my ex-boyfriend in bed together..."

"speaking of things that get around... hi rob"

whee. in spanish, we had these worksheets about palm reading. and it was neat. and my palm apparently says that i'm creative, neurotic, and lucky in love. ... well, two out of three isn't bad, right...?

i'm going to macalester tomorrow! well, actually, friday... but we're leaaving tomorrow. yes.

it's terribly cooold in here. hm. oh! i went to panera today and got some soup (mm, soup) before kickboxing (way before.. so then i had time to kill. so i wouldn't be sickly whilst kickboxing.) so then.. i took a nap in my car again... and then i woke up, and i was covertly changing my pants in the panera parking lot... and then this cop car pulls up. and then like... 3 more cop cars pull up. foortunately i was pant-ed by this point in time. but it was a bit alarming. and then they were like, handcuffing people and suchlike! terribly exciting. theen, i left.

oh, and megan... question. the panera vegetable soup has all these little round white things in it... what are they?

okay. i think that's it from me, at the present.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

okay. so i'm a moron. i was going to be all cool and buy my chicago tori tickets on the internet pre-sale date that i had access too, because i'm a cool member of the toriamos.com mailing list... except i thought that the date was this thursday, when actually it was last thursday. so now i'm all stuck in row p... but who cares??? i'm going to see toooori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*flails about and falls off chair*

*climbs back up*


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listening to: tori, crazy

random amusing quotes: "he doesn't molest me! he just touches me!"

"does your doctor make you take off your clothes and do jumping jacks?"
"i have a paper vest!"

so. i used to be confused about whether or not i liked this song, but now i know i do. i especially like the part at the beginning when she's all "oooh, oooh, oooh" with the strings and the whathaveyous.

yes. so. hmm. oh, talia and i are getting married, because i'm batman. yes.

let me think. oh, the spanish test today... it was over this chapter that combined the conditional verb tense, and el medio ambiente (the environment.) so there was a section where we had to translate the beginning of a sentence, and then finish it... and one of them was "if the government fined factories that produced noxious fumes, then..." the problem here: i didn't know the word for fine, factory, or noxious. oh, or fumes. (noxious.. honestly, what kind of vocabulary word is that? like i'm going to be in mexico, talking to some guy and all of a sudden i'll be like "*gasp* if only i could call this person "noxious", my life would be complete! dios mioooooo!" right.) so, my final sentence ended up being something like... if the industries that made bad chemicals had to pay money to the government, then there would be fewer bad chemicals. lol. but other than that one.. i think i did okay ^_^ he put all the words i didn't know into once sentence. *frowl*

hmm. my math test was pretty easy. except for the question about the simplex method. i haaate the simplex method. they should call it the hardplex method! ooh! (uh, or maybe.. complex. *blink*)

and then i took a nap in the backseat of my car for an hour and a half, and then i went kickboxing. and then i came home, and ate some chicken. mmm, pollo. pollo is kinda like apollo. i bet apollo eats chicken.

*shivers* soo cold. oh, and *nina* my love... go read your lj comments, and let me know what you think re: toooori. wooot.

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so um. hmm. well, this kid troy, he was a junior.. he died in a car accident over the weekend. and like... i didn't know him at alllll, but it's still really sad. so i was going to go to this memorial for him at 6:30 this morning, and i got up, and i was allll dressed and ready at 6, and i walk outside... and my car is gone. so i stood there and blinked, and looked at the space where my car used to be. and then i figured my dad had probably taken it. stupid dad. so i went back to sleep, fully dressed. (i couldn't have taken my mom's car.. it's a stick ~_~)

um. and we had a test in espanol today, and it was okay, and i have a test in math tonight... so we'll see.

and my lips are really tingly! mmm burt's bees.

arrrr. oh, and i got elected (okay, i ran unopposed) to be the history club publicity officer! more pirates for all!

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Monday, October 14, 2002

final update on the tea: i put a couple apple slices and some cinnamon in it, and heated it, to see if that would make it taste better. but it just made it a different kind of suck, so i threw the rest of it away. goodbye tea.

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listening to: y kant tori read, heart attack at 23

random amusing quote: "*sigh* say it with me class... muririamos!" (note: muririamos: we would die)

so. i just made tea. i don't recollect ever having drunk tea before, except at chinese restaurants... but i wanted something warm... and someone left a box of teabags out on the counter. it's steeping right now. *steep steep steep* so we'll see how this goes.

it smells nice though.*sip* tastes kinda like... a lemon. hey, the box said nothing about lemons.. *frowl* actually, it tastes more like.. pledge. well. it tastes the way pledge smells. i hope that makes sense to you. i once told trina that xerox copies smell the way cucumbers taste and she thought i was crazy.

*sip* i disapprove of this beverage. no wonder the revolutionaries threw it all in the boston harbor. yay coffee.

*continues sipping, as tea is warm and renata is cold* hmm.. it tastes.. less bad... maybe it's an acquired taste.

*sneeze* i have a cold too.

this tea is not taming my tension! i should sue. um. today. trina and i still hda spanish at isu. but we got pizza at micheleos. mm i forgot how good their pizza is. and the guy gave us one piece free. so. it amounted to lunch for like, 75 cents each. wooo. oh, and i've had really bad chapped lips the last week or so, so i bought some burt's bees. mm, i love that stuff. it makes my lips tingle!

okay. so i guess tea really must be an acquired taste. i remember when i was little i really didn't like coffee. but now... i'm so addicted. so maybe... if i just keeeep drinking this.. it will taste better.

anyway. um. i'll stop giving you all tea updates now.

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Sunday, October 13, 2002

listening to: mst3k, canada song

duuuuuuuuude. i just found the best thing ever in our library. ever ever. i'm sure you're all shivering in antici.... pation... okay... it's an unauthorized biography of vanilla ice! copyright 1991. *giggle*

(the price tag on the cover says 14 cents, which i can only assume is the reason it was purchased.)

this is SO funny. i mean the pictures alone are classic... but the words... oh, the words... "he dismisses critics who claim that he's a one-hit wonder, a flash in the pan, anothre "musical flavor of the month". "no way, man. i'm in this for the long run," ice asserts. (throughout the book.. they refer to him as "ice". like it's his last name. dude.)

oh my god, there's a rap glossary.

homie (also: home, homes, home boy, home girl): friend, buddy, pal
dookie: big or good
wack: unacceptable, not cool, stupid
word up: an expression of agreement

lol. there are a ton... this book was totally written by white people.

oh, the irony... "i'm 100% original, and that's what got me here."

there are 100 "must-know facts!" ... i'll give you guys 10 ^_^
1. vanilla ice is the first rapper in history to haev a number-one pop hit: "ice ice baby"
2. ice was born on halloween: october 31, 1968.
3. his real name is robert van winkle.
4. his favorite foods are pizza and lobster.
5. in 7th grade he began rapping at house parties. (please.. take a moment to envision a 7th grade vanilla ice. i dare you.)
6. he'd like it if you'd just call him ice.
7. he's considered rap's first major crossover artist.
8. his manager's name is tommy quon.
9. ice's first movie is teenage mutant ninja turtles: the secret of the ooze
10. ice says he's completely "blown away" by his incredible popularity.

dude. i think we should all go out and buy unauthorized biographies of like, the backstreet boys and britney spears and see if they're this funny 10 years from now...

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listening to: matt caplan, look alive

random amusing quotes: "i stopped playing this song for awhile.. but now there's another bush in the white house..."

"this... is the black guitar. okay, now that you guys are introduced..."

this song is so catchy. yaay matt. oh, and speaking of matt... megan, go check the curtismail ^_^

anywho. last night taaaalia and i went to blue moon, and saw jess klein and sonia (who spells her name SONiA, fyi. but i'm too lazy to type it like that on a regular basis.) and they were both good. but i liked sonia better ^_^ aand i got to see taaalia, which i never do. so yaay. and then, i went over to trina's house and she showed me her puppets (that sounds like a dirty euphemism... but really! she showed me her puppets! they're for brit lit!) anywho, and then we watched teevee for awhile. and talked. and i was terribly amused... we were talking about college.. and how much less housework will be involved... like, supposedly it will prepare us to live on our own, and be independent, and suchlike... but really i do more housework here than i will at college. like.. i'll only have to do my laundry, not the whole family's.. only my dishes, not the whole family's... i'll only haev to vaccuum one room, not the whole house... i won't have to cook aany meals if i don't want to... won't have to clean the bathroom at all... it'll be fabulous. the only downside will be more schoolwork. but you know i'd rather write a paper than do laundry any day. and then we whined for awhile about how boys never have to do housework. ("i don't even know where matt is!" "doing laundry?" "no.. he doesn't have to do his own laundry. boys don't have to do anything!")


*sneeze* it's so coold. *shiver shiver*

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Saturday, October 12, 2002

listening to: tori, space dog

ooh. i remembered something i meant to talk about yesterday... the parking at grinnell!! *flail* you can park aanywhere, there are always spaces!! and you can park in some lots for free! and a parking pass for a whole year is only $25!! *flail* my u-high parking pass was $60! you can neeever park aaanywhere at isu... and if by some miracle there is an open space... you have to pay for it. i was teeerribly excited about that. of course, i prolly won't have a car freshman year... but it's nice to know that if i did, i would be able to park it.

also, i saw a car whose bumper sticker i wanted to steal for priscellie: "save a life. don't knit and drive."

aand... why is kellie's blog down? and ayano's lj was deleted? *flail* madness, sheer madness.

oh, and blue moon tonight at 8! it's sonia! and jess klein! and sonia i knooow rules, and jess klein played with andy stochansky, so she automatically rules by association!


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Friday, October 11, 2002

listening to: bjork, isobel

random amusing quotes: "renatat?? you're renting a child??"

"this is the ocean.... as you can tell, by... this whale!"

"... and we get 8 free mental health appointments a year!"
"wait, a year? i thought it was for all 4 years!"
"nope, a year!"
"yay! i get to go 8 more times!!"

okay. so first the sad news: my mom told me i could go see neil, but then she changed her mind, and... like... well, i had a whole rant about this. but i mentally blogged it and i worked out my agression so i don't feel the need to repeat it. but. saaaaaaaaaaaaad. sad. at least i have my coraline... *pats it*

now the goooood news: i looooooooooooved grinnell. (oh. i think i forgot to mention that i was visiting there. but. um, i did.) love love love love love loooooooove. like... i'm almost positive i'm going to change my application to early decision. but i'm visiting macalester next week and maaaybe it'll be even better, but i really, really, really doubt it. cos dude, i just... looooved grinnell. *nod* it's in.. well, grinnell, iowa... and it's smallish... but not like... mackinaw sized. i mean they had a wal-mart and lots of stuff. (wal-mart, however, is the true sign of civilization.) anyway, so i spent thursday night in one of the dorms... and it was just SO nice. they have really small dorms (compared to isu).. like, 10 on a floor. and the dorm i was in had 4 floors. (the biggest dorm on campus has 95.) and... it sounds really cheesy but the floors seemed really close knit. like a family or something. awww. so yeah. and they're reaally diverse, especially for being in iowa. like... my guide, beth, was jewish, and her roommate amrita is indian. (not like.. indian-american... indian like, when she goes home for summer break, she goes to bombay.) and something like 13% of their students are international. which i think is cool. and each floor has a kitchen, and a lounge.

so, yeah, we went to sleep... and the next morning i went off to the program thing... and sidenote: they provided breakfast, and i swear grinnell had the best bagel i have ever, ever, ever experienced. it was so good. anyway. and then there was like.. an introduction-type thing... and then they talked about community service. and it's so cool, the students are SO involved with SO much great work. and it's all real volunteering-- there aren't greeks there. wooo. and then they talked about finaid..... so nice, their admissions are need blind, aand they give 100% of your need. like, they have enormolous amounts of grant money, and then loans and work-study and stuff. which is fabulous. and i don't thiiink i'll have a problem getting in-- their average act is 28, and i got a 33. and i was talking to one of the professors, and i told her i had a 3.9 gpa and she told me that was really really good. sooo yes. um. what else.

oh, their classes are SO small. like, the biggest ones are like.. 16. i sat in on a history class... 11 people. very cool. and i looked at their course catalog... so many awesome history and english classes. and they only have one requirement: freshman tutorial, and they're on really cool and random things. so like, i talked to one student, he's a senior english major, and this year he's taking an intro chem lab... his first science class all 4 years. niice. and they have a really big foreign language program-- for such a small school (1400) they have a giant number of foreign language professors. and like, 60% of the students do some sort of study abroad.

and dude, the students there are so nice and quirky. this happened to be grinnell coming out week, so they had all sorts of gay pride chalking on the sidewalks. and... dude, they have a rocky horror picture show society, and they had signs up for that. and they have kickboxing and yoga clubs. and the "radical cheerleaders". and they have a huge young democrats and a pretty big young independents, but no young republicans ^_^ oh.. and "students against scurvy", which i want to join. arr. and "vampire larp: a strategy game and theatre improv group; each player takes the role of a supernatural being in a machiavellian underground society", the concept of which amuses me greatly.

oh! and the library! they had jungle gyms in the library!!! well.. not really jungle gyms, but they call them that... and they're SO neat. it's like.. a square,and around the edge there are little study cubicles. and inside of the square, there's a little.. nook, with couches and junk. and then there's a top level of this, and there are study cubicles on top... but these don't have chairs.. like, the desks are lower, and you sit on the ground and you can dangle your feet. so cool.

so. yes. i heart grinnell.

but i was supposed to go see meeeeegan, but my mom got sick ~_~ and was like "noo, i really want to just go home..." but then we stopped for like, an hour in.. somewhere.. so i could get food. but apparently she was better by then. *sulk* ooh well. rhs in november! woo!

oh! but on our way to grinnell, we stopped at this outlet mall... and they had a store called socks galore!! and i bought these adorable hello kitty halloween socks!! she's dressed like a witch!! and some brown corderoy pants at old navy, and a messenger bag of doom for $2. whee.

so. i'm tired. but really excited. hmm. i bet this is really long. but i want to get all my impressions down.

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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

listening to: tori, a sorta fairytale

*flail* guess who's coming to chicago on october 26?? starts with a "neil" ends with a "gaiman"!! tickets are 5 bucks, whooo wants to go? it's a reading of coraline slash signing. wheeee.

speaaaking of neil...i bought book of dreams, the short story anthology the other day... it really makes me appreciate neil ^_^ like... the stories are good... but some of the authors in particular have really whack characterizations. oh god, i just said "whack". barbara hambly (yes, the star wars chick)'s story was good. and there was a character named renata! but like.. in one of them, desire says.. *rummage* "cloaks are nice. you can wear a cloak and have nothing on under it at all. and you can go anywhere you want like that!" and yeah... maaybe it's just me, but i so don't see desire ever saying that, like that. delirium, yes. desire.. no. eh. anywho.

i'm so tired. i had. a really weird dream. it sort of vaguely paralleled both star wars and world war two. (it was one of my cinematic dreams as opposed to one of my inane dreams.) mr. holbrook was the darth vader/hitler figure. which amuuuuses me. and like. um. i guess disney films were outlawed? so i was running away... with a copy of the little mermaid... mm. what else? i know there was more. but it's gone now. the night before last, i dreamt that i was trying to fall asleep, but i never did. i woke up terribly confused, but i eventually concluded that since i had woken up, i must therefore have fallen asleep at some point in time.

i'm clever like that.

oh, i remember what the other part of my dream was.... so... someone sold me a ticket to go see the emmy's. it was $6. and then i got there, and i sat down by myself on an aisle. and someone came out and said something... and then someone read a poem. and that was it. and i was like "hey.... um, aren't the emmy's usually longer?" and someone told me "oh... they're all taped in advance, most people don't realize that."

why are my dreams more interesting than my life?

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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

listening to: bjork, crying

random amusing quotes: "darth vader is hamlet's father?"

"if this is in denmark... why do they all have british accents?"

"bad bridget... evil hitler"

whee, talia burned me a bjork cd!! *flail* i've only listened to two songs.. but it's.. interesting. *considers* yes.

anyway. so maybe it's just me.. but i bet most of you have a favorite gas station? like.. one that you almost always go to? well.. i do. (the road ranger on route 9) but today... i decided to go to a different one, for variety's sake. and dude, it was so skanky. like. well, first off... the LOGICAL thing, the way that GOD INTENDED GAS STATIONS TO BE, is for the unleaded gas to be the cheapest, and the premium to be the most expensive, right? of course right! (*resists urge to sing "matchmaker"*) but at skanky thornton's, the cheapest was the premium, the most expensive was the plus, and the medium priced one was the unleaded. so i thought it was a mistake, and i went in and asked...and they looked at me like i was totally crazy, and said that that's how it always is! because the premium one has ethanol! (at my gas station, alllll the gas has ethanol.) *flail* so i was like, okay, and i got the premium kind. but i swear, it took me like 10 minutes to work the pump. it was the most confusing thing ever. and i'm suuure they were watching me on their little gas-station cameras and laughing at me. but that's okay.. i look at it as my way of giving back to the community. oh, and then.. i didn't have enuogh money to fill the tank... but i couldn't figure out how to stop it! so i got gas all over my arm. *sigh* see... my gas station.. it's cleaaan, and well lit (one might, in fact, call it "a clean, well-lighted place". *giggle*) and the pumps are non-confusing, aand their prices make sense..a nd they have good coffee, and slushies, and clean bathrooms, and t's just great. i heart my gas station.

dude. i just wrote way too much about gas stations. umm. anyway. at kickboxing, i made two important discoveries: 1.) i am incapable of catching medicine balls. 2.) i can, however, throw them rather hard. surprisingly hard. *flail*

i'll let you work on that visual imagery on that one for yourself.

*thinks* oh, and at 2:00, reijo, amanda and i discussed each other's good qualities. amanda and i were both "smart", and i was "funny" while she was "entertaining." reijo's good qualities were "amazing sense of self-righteousness" and "amanda." oh, and jason's good quality was his hair. and then he got mad and left. lol. oh, and spaz bowl started. and rebecca was there. grrr. but i'm proud to say that i was much better than she was. dan was there too... and i was only slightly better than he was. but i'm far cooler. and then this random junior that nobody knew totally kicked all of our asses. it was sad.

and, i'm tired. niiight all.

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Monday, October 07, 2002

arrr. i know i've been over-quizzing lately... but this one is just so timely! *flails*

Which Office Space Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

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searching for hotels for when i visit macalester next week... one of these things is not like the other...

1. FOUR POINTS ST PAUL CAPITOL Rate: USD 99.00 -- USD 174.00*
400 N HAMLINE AVE, St Paul, MN 55104
Distance from Search Point: 1.1 mi / 1.7 km

2. DAYS INN ST PAUL MN Rate: USD 62.00 -- USD 74.00*
1964 UNIVERSITY AVE, St Paul, MN 55104
Distance from Search Point: 1.6 mi / 2.6 km

1010 BANDANA BLVD WEST, St Paul, MN 55108
Distance from Search Point: 2.3 mi / 3.7 km

4. BW KELLY INN Rate: USD 69.00 -- USD 99.00*
161 ST ANTHONY AVE, St Paul, MN 55103
Distance from Search Point: 3.0 mi / 4.9 km

5. HOLIDAY INN RIVER CENTRE Rate: USD 99.00 -- USD 154.00*
175 WEST 7TH STREET, St Paul, MN 55102
Distance from Search Point: 3.2 mi / 5.2 km

6. IBIS INDAIATUBA Rate: USD 11.71 -- USD 11.71*
Distance from Search Point: 3.2 mi / 5.2 km

seriously... the fuck?? by what measurement, exactly, is brazil 3.2 miles from downtown st. paul??

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listening to: ani, tamboritza lengua (live)

random amusing quotes: "aw, there's a small child inside that big toca!"
"*shrug* i was hungry!"

"name 5 activities you do in your spare time"
"drink, party, read, do math, crochet"

today was a gooood day. in lit, we didn't do aanything. and then in psych... same. euro.. well, we had an in-class essay, and rebecca wouldn't shut up the whole time.... grr. but then... ash and trina informed me that we were skipping spanish, and i was down with that. so trina and meeegan and steve and i went to wendy's, and an overly-energetic employee who was standing out in the parking lot gave us frostys. but we threw them away... because taking food from scary strangers is bad. *nod* aand, i got a kids meal... and it came with a little dinosaur! and we let toca name him, and he named him gustav... but then trina's spider jorge wouldn't be friends with him if his name was gustav. so i changed it to roar. we had some good times with roar. then reijo got some scissors and threatened to cut off roar's head... but i don't think he would have reaaally done it. actually, i do, which is why i put roar in my pouch. um. of my sweatshirt.

ooh, and i made copies of my history club posters... they're so great. one of them has the lincoln pirate and it says "intrigued? come to history club..." and the other one says "where will all the cool pirates be on october 15? hist-arrrry club!" and they amuse me a lot. i gave ms. scott one of the lincoln ones to put in her room.

*flail* aaand i finished all my homework! i rule! *flails off happily*

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duuude. i slept so much yesterday. i'm surprised i don't have bedsores. sheesh. like.. i went to bed around 2am, got up around 12... took a nap from about 3-5... and then i went to bed at like, 9:30. and i'm still tired.

but it's a really... nice feeling. like just a vague sort of pleasant tiredness. *flail* yes.

hmm. the odd fact on the announcements just now was that the average office chair with wheels travels 8 miles a year. i bet mine travels more, what with all my swiveling.

oh. and everyone convince del to skip band so she can come see rhs with me! *flail* aand... does anyone have an email address for katie or kelly? i emailed them both, and they both bounced back to me. (sugahkitty@aol.com and caplancrunch@aol.com) life's so hard. aaah... a class just flooded the library. so i'm off.

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Sunday, October 06, 2002

How Emotional Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

hmm. not suuure i'd agree.. but whatever.

it's SO COLD IN MY HOUSE! *flail*

renata: it's soo cold.
trina: i'm okay
trina: my room is generally toasty
renata: mine is usually coold.
trina: i think the computer generates my heat supply in the winter
renata: lol
renata: i wish mine did
trina: u just need a magical computer
renata: or a heater ^_^
trina: but its two in one
trina: so it beats a heater
renata: hehe
renata: what about a magical heater?
trina: maybe
trina: theres something wrong with "magical heater"
renata: hehe
renata: a magical house?
trina: perhaps
trina: its a little too broad
renata: yeaah.
renata: ooh, what if *i'm* magical?
trina: that works!
trina: can i be magical too?
renata: yeah!
trina: i wanna be like harry potter!
renata: then we can have magical banter!

yeah, how old are we again...?

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*frowl* stupid being sick.

at leaaast my dad fixed the microwave (soooomeone ran the dishwasher and the microwave at the same time, which.. trips the.. breaker.. or fuse.. or... *considers* some electrical.. thing.. that's.. bad... and... you just can't do it! it's bad! *flails emphatically*) anyway... yeah. he fixed it. *nod* yaay. so i can make soooup. of doooom. wheee.

i did remember some random amusing quotes.. maybe i'll share them:

"you're having a plate of incest??"
"at red lobster!"

"i'd like my incest to go, please... i'm in a hurry!"

*we all stare at cookies*
"... if we split them 3 ways, it would only be $1 each..."
*pause* *gank*
"this never happened!"

"i'm going to go kill myself!"
"aww... well, we'll make you rice krispie treats too!"

"if you kill me, i'm going to be SO pissed!"

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listening to: tom petty, refugee

urgh. i woke up this morning with the most random cold ever. and then i went downstairs to make some soup, and the microwave wouldn't work! *flail* i checked to see if it was plugged in and everything! so i toasted waffles instead. *nod*

but i drank some juice.. and it's the kind with lots of extra vitamins and stuff added. woo. and i'm not sneezing constantly anymore.. so.. this is good.

dude. i'm so amused by the cover of this cd (tom petty and the heartbreakers greatest hits)... it looks like somebody made it with about 5 minutes in photoshop. it's the cheesiest thing ever. sidenote: tom always looks so unhealthy. like.. every picture i've ever seen of him, he looks like he's just crawled out of his deathbed to do one more song. and he's not even that old! i think he just turned like.. 50... so in this picture, he's gotta be 40ish... dude. seriously. whatever drugs he's doing, or not doing, or... something... it needs to stop.

< /rant >

i feel like such a hacker... i was trying to find kait's curtis pictures from her lj.. and then i was like "heey, i can just get into her frowl folder!" of course.. that's not really hacking... at all... since there's only one password. and all i did was download a couple files. *blink* still.

i'm.. gonna go.. work on euro. yes. *sneeze* dammit!

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listening to: tom petty, into the great wide open

i looove this song. whee. so yeah. today.. i got up.. and worked on some collegey stuff... and then i took a nap... and went to miriam's house. and she and amanda and i made rice krispie treats for eliz, cos she has mono and that's sad. and we called allll our friends and none of them came to help! it was quiiite sad. but when we went to jewel to get marshmellows, we ran into tj (almost literally) and we flailed a lot. but then... we went to visit eliz, and we picked up tony, and it was goodtimes. and then we saw office space, and we met tj and toca and matt and rob and mike and justin and katie and it was gooodtimes. except amanda fell asleep... and she and miriam fought the entire way to the theatre over who got to sit by toca. (me: "umm.. you could sit between him..." *pause* "i called toca!" "no! i get him!" "i called him first!" "you have a boyfriend!" "so?" "if you two don't shut up, i'm gonna sit on his lap!" *pause* "i thikn she's serious!" "... i call toca!" *siiigh*)

.. yeah. i love that movie, though. "the nazis had pieces of flair too! they made the jews wear them!!"

oh! and megan! (meagna) i need my rocky tickets for saturday at 7:30! *flail* because.. all my friends are losers and won't and/or can't roadtrip with me. (note: if you are reading this and would like to roadtrip with me, you're still welcome to... but.. on saturday. yes. november 9. *nod*)

and nooow... off to bed i go.

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Saturday, October 05, 2002

listening to: indigo girls, i don't wanna know

friday saturday five!

1. What size shoe do you wear?
8.5, generally. stupid half-sizes are a pain.

2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
oh.. hmmm. purple tennis shoes, black tennis shoes, blue tennis shoes, black-and-blue tennis shoes... black sandals... brown boots, red boots, silver prom-shoes-from-hell, silver non-hell shoes, black shoes, peg-leg clogs... random brown shoes i never wear but won't get rid of... *thinks* yeah. so.. 12. but like.. the black ones, and the black-and-blue ones... i've had since 8th grade... which is when my feet stopped growing, apparently. so. yeah. oh! and i have some flipflops, somewhere. so 13.

3. What type of shoe do you prefer (boots, sneakers, pumps, etc.)?
i'm not big on sandals, generally.. i'm a big fan of sneakers. (for sneaking!)

4. Describe your favorite pair of shoes. Why are they your favorite?
i heart my purple shoes. they're soo comfy. aand they're purple. *nod*

5. What's the most you've spent on one pair of shoes?
hmm. i think my red boots were like, $100, and they make me feel guilty because i never wear them... but... it's not really my fault... my grandmother really really liked them and basically insisted that she buy them for me... even though i told her i'd probably almost never wear them... *shrug*

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Friday, October 04, 2002

Which CowBoy BeBop Session Are You?

Session 3:
"What, there's a bounty out on me? ...only 6 million?!?" - Faye
Can you say fiesty?
You don't let people keep you from doing what you like.
You do it, no matter the outcome.
Hey, can't lose if you got nothing to lose, right?
You know how to play people like a game of cards, but they're all just another 3 when you need a Ace.
Don't worry though, under "don't care about anyone" exterior, everyone knows you really do.

*flail* i watched cowboy bebop when i visited megan! awww. i think we watched that one, too.. at least.. it seems vaguely familiar. *blink*

take the taboo quiz.

and go to mewing.net. nothing is taboo there.


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listening to: indigo girls, closer to fine (live)

random amusing quote: "when was the last time your family evolved?"

so. i finished my essay for grinnell, i think. if any of you are interested in reading how i answered the question "Submit an original essay on a subject of your choosing that will give us a glimpse at the real you. You may write abuot a personal experience, or an issue that is of genuine interest to you. This piece may be expository, fictional, or poetic and should exemplify your style and abilities" and incorporated both batman and oscar wilde into it... let me know, and i'll email it to you ^_^

... my mom thought it was funny. *nod* wheeee. and, i think i can basically recycle it for macalester because the questions are so similar. woo.

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listening to: indigo girls, bury my heart at wounded knee (live)

first off... i heart this song. moooore than life itself.

and now join renata on an exciting stream-of-consciousness rant as she looks at the scholarships fastweb tells her to apply for!

hmm... this one is for original short sci-fi or fantasy stories... and i'm like "eh... heymaybe i could write one... *shrug*" so i went to the website... and um... it says "L. RON HUBBARD PRESENTS THE WRITERS OF THE FUTURE!" and... i... really am not sure if i want to apply for a scholarship from l. ron hubbard. lol. on the other hand... maybe that scares off most other people too... so... there won't be too many applicants... *considers*

the texas sheep and goat raisers association scholarship? how am i eligible for this one, fastweb...? oh... i need to write a letter to my congressman answering whether or not our government owns enough land? *blink* uh.. i can do that... i suppose... *blink*

teenHIP award... hey, i'm hip, i'm with it... award me! sweet! i'm a non-smoker and my gpa is above 2.5! this is a possibility ^_^

hmm... oh, this one requires 100 hours of community service.... *flail* i wonder if i could convince them that thespian hours are community service, because theatre helps the community... nah.

ooh. peace. i dig peace, maybe i can write an essay about it...

*sigh* community service, community service... oy. why can't they just judge me on what an unbelievable froody person i am? why do i have to be helpful too? sheesh.

mmm. tired.

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so is anyone else as amused by my pitiful photodeluxe skills as i am? (it's for history club ^_^)

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listening to: indigo girls, least complicated

random amusing quotes: umm... *blink* they all just fled my brain. *shrug* aah well.

so. it occurred to me that i didn't know what grinnell's mascot was. so i looked... and... it's the pioneer.

there is no escape.

i'm tired. but today was a fairly good day. in lit, i wrote an essay about rosencrantz and guildenstern's inner conflict. and it was a rather good essay if i do say so myself. (and before you can be the 37th person to ask "what conflict do rosencrantz and guildenstern haaave?"... they were conflicted between their friendship with hamlet and their desire to be in the king's favor/ do what was best for their country. arr.)

in euro.. we talked the entire time, much to rebecca's dismay. but we had fun ^_^ at 1:00, talia and i went to fazoli's, and i spilled coke allll over myself, and it was terribly exciting. and at 2:00, aman and i spent the whole time trying to find reijo's pressure points. ("*poke* was that it?" "nope." "*poke* how about that?" "nope." "*poke* now?" "getting closer!" ...)

anyway. so. i want to go see office space sometime this weekend.. but sooome of my friends are going tonight and sooome are going tomorrow. but. there's cooonflict. *makes the universal hand gesture for "conflict"* buuut... i think more of them are going tomorrow. so i'll go then. *nod* but. my friends need to like... congeal themselves into one big group, so as to reduce my conflict. *nod*

this weekend i am going to: work on college apps, read all my euro, do the laundry... and update either cc or time fies. possibly both. *nod* hold me to it.

but i think right now i might possibly take a nap.

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Thursday, October 03, 2002

listening to: darrrr williams, as cool as i am

random amusing quotes: "nazi has such a negative connotation"
"uh... how is it possible to use nazi in a good way?"
"*pause* anti-nazi nazi?"

"what's a pirate's favorite amendment?"
"the right to bear arrrms!"

*yawn* i feel sooo much better after kickboxing. *roar* yeah. hmm. i hadn't eaten meat for like.. awhile before today.. not intentionally, just because, when left to my own devices, i am generally too lazy and too cheap to eat meat... buut, today i ate half a gondola... and i felt really sick. but noow i'm better.

my life is soo exciting. *nod* um. see, this whole not-getting-home-till-ten thing is really decreasing the quality of my blogging, cos i forget everything that happened and am reduced to "tired... blah... shiny." oh, i told miriam's dad some pirate jokes, and he was so amused. like, more amused than i generally am. he wrote them all down ^_^ *hearts miriam's dad*

there's a spider that lives in my desk, and he keeps making a web over my mouse. now, i'm quite willing to peacefully coexist with him, but he needs to learn how to share. dude. he can spin alll the webs he wants on top of my desk, or behind it. but he's overstepping his bounds. *frowl*

it would be so cool if this spider were like charlotte, only it wove "FROWL" into his web. but i think this is a lazy spider.

oh, dude! i totally forgot to post about megan, eliz, and my office supply art revolution!! it'll be great! it's gonna make impressionism look like... er... stupidism! yeah! think of all the cool stuff... highlighters, and different colored paper, and white out... paperclips, and binder clips, and overheads... and the different colored white out... yeah.

i've had "sk8er boi" stuck in my head for soo long. i blame ashvin. and now i'm reduced to downloading it. *considers* maybe i could just borrow it from him.

and. now i'm gonna read hamlet. really. *nod*

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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

listening to: y kant tori read, cool on your island

random amusing quote: "it gets better!"
"better than death?"

okay. so. um. i think it's done.... only the gods are real. please visit... right now the counter says 1, and it makes me sad ^_^ i'm not sure how/why i finished it so quickly.. other than... that's just the way i am. i get really excited about new projects, and tired of them relatively soon.. so i must work quickly if i ever want to finish ^_^ so.. yeah. let me know if you spot any typos, deadness, or anything... and if a couple people tell me it's okay, then... i think i'll email it to the dreaming and see if they want to link to it or anything. *shrug*

oh. and i tried to make the image more... readable? i think it's okay. and priscellie.. i really liked the non-carousel image map too.. so i used it on all the subpages, and then the full picture on the main page.

i don't have much to say. umm. fernando wrote on my oral exam grade that i had dominion over grammatical constructions! go me! except, ironically, i didn't recognize the word for "dominion" so i had to look it up ^_^

*flails vaguely* eh... that's it from me. go read about talia and phil, or the gods...

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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

listening to: tori, flying dutchman

random amusing quotes: "what can a nun do that a non-nun can't?"

(written on chalkboard) "65% doom"

*flail* there's a thing on my ankle and it itches and it's getting bigger! i hope i don't die. *nod*

mrrr. i'm tired. i told ashvin i'd help him study for spanish at 8, which meant i had to get up like.. 45 minutes earlier.. and it completely threw off my schedule. life's so hard ^_^

but, we had a meeting about the spain trip today! yaaay spain! also, i learned that fernando has a band. ashvin and i are deteeermined to go see him play sometime. dude.

*swiiivels* i'm actually quite excited about my whole american gods thing. i'm a little concerned about my level of motivation, though... i have like, 50000 things i should be doing instead... but noooo, i want to research mythology and code it! i'm such a nerd. *nerds about.. nerdishly*

hmm. speaking of... nerdy and unfocused... i was just messing with an image-mappish thingie for only the gods are real (which i decided was what i was going to call the american gods page... it's from the disclaimer. ["all people, living, dead, and otherwise in this story are fictional or used in a fictional context. only the gods are real."] because it amuses me.) anyway. so there are two slightly different ones involving the carousel [the difference is only in the color], and then one that only has the lights. yes. so, yes, i'm a feedback whore. color, font, picture.. anything. please let me know what you think, if you've got time ^_^

arrr. to bed with me.

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