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Monday, September 30, 2002

listening to: ani, dilate

so um. hmm. i went power boxing with miriam today, it sucked. i'm so godawful at it. like... take awful.. and multiply it by 40... and then add how bad i am at regular kickboxing... and then square it. roughly, that's how bad i am at it. aaand, miriam kicked me in the arm. but she's not that good either, so it didn't hurt that much.

buuut i did get ani's new cd!! yay! so far.. i like it. there's a really effing fierce version of "self-evident" that i like a lot, and a really funked up version of "tamboritza lengua".. and... hmmm. i loove the "letter to a john". and "napoleon" and "my iq" are both cool too. woo.

hmm. anyway. i finished a roughish draft of my american gods project. if you like, you may view it here. caveat: if you haven't read amgods yet... don't look at this page. or.. well, those who have read it... go look at it [skim, if you wish] and tell me if you think it would help newbies, or if it would spoil too much ^_^

umm. yeah. oh. and when i.. finish the rest of the site, there will probably be an introductory thing.. explaining that this is basically a list of all the mythological beings ever mentioned in the book. i.. don't think i mentioned that on that page. so. yeah. now you know ^_^ and let me know if you find any stupid mistakes or suchlike!

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Sunday, September 29, 2002

listening to: tori, sister named desire

mmmm sandman reference-y.

anyway. so. i'm working on my american gods-mythology... thing.. (yes, i actually decided to take a stab at it.. i'm like, 2/3 done.a nd i think maybe i'll put my house on the rock pictures there, too.) anyway. i was quite amused by this sentence: She created the world with her husband, Lisa.

*amused* (lisa, by the way, is an african sun god.)

kellie: my cd burner hates me, so i can't burn anything until i figure out how to fix it... but you can definitely borrow ttb! remind me to bring it next time i see you.

and, anyone: whooo loves me enough to take a road trip to iowa city? november...8th! it's a friday... to see rocky horror show.. cos megan is in it! and we love megan! *flail* and then.. spend the night at megan's house.. and leave saturday morningish. it'll be reaaally cool.. and i'm not allowed to drive by myself. *frowl* and rocky ruuules. (i already have a maybe from miriam... depending on her mom. but. are there any other maybes? eh?)

hmm. i think.. that's it, for now. woo.

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amusing referral of the moment:

pictures of trina's booty.


runner up: to tame a viking.

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I'm green. What colour are you?
What colour of Skittle are you?

i like the orange ones. and the red ones. yees.

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listening to: stuuart, love causes cancer

hmm. so. miriam's random homecoming date (apparently, andrew hesse's roommate) bailed on her.. sad. i felt bad for miriam, she really wanted to go. but insteaad, she went malling with meeee. well, and reid, but he was off.. someplace. *shrug* it was highly successful. i got a new jacket... it's corduroy. and tan. yes. and she got some new shoeses. aaand then we went to see raiders of the lost ark with reid and toca, and ran into like, half of uhigh. woot. *heaarts indiana jones* seeriously.. he's sex on a stick.

anyway. so i was thinking about how i usually don't like to watch movies because i don't have the attention span... but the ones i do are usually really different from the books i like. movies i like generally have fair amounts of fighting, clearly defined good/evil, vague witty comments... and suchlike. books, on the other hand... i like to be more complex... more... smart, i suppose.

*shrug* just an observation.

i randomly started writing my application essay for grinnell today. it has batman in it. i'm not precisely sure where it's going to end up, but it will either be very bad or it will be... decent. *shrug*

sleeeeeeeeeep is good.

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Saturday, September 28, 2002

stolen from priscellie!

1. What does your first name mean?

reborn. (think renaissance.)

2. Your middle name, do you have one?

kay. and not the letter, dammit.

3. What does your middle name mean?

"keeper of the keys"

4. What about that last name?

it means.... ummm... *researches* well, there are about 300 of us living in the us, and [lastname].com is available for purchase.. but.. no clue what it means. *shrug*

5. So, if you were to put the meanings of all your names together, what would it say?

reborn keeper of the keys. er.. of doom.

6. If you'd been born the opposite sex, what would your parents have named you?

no clue... my parents didn't have my name picked out before i was born, they just sort of flipped thruogh the baby-name book and picked the first one that jumped out at them. *shrug* oh, but they wanted it to start with an r, because... um, well, my dad welded his initials (rs) on all of his tools... and they wanted me ot be able to inherit them in the event that i should want them. which.. i don't.. but it was a nice thought.

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listening to: ttb, 30/90

hmm. oh, so, kellie, and anyone else who was confused: ttb=tick, tick... boom! and it's actually a musical, not a band. it was written by jonathan larson, before rent... but they just recently revived it and mucked around with it and suchlike. it ran for awhile off-broadway and closed, but not before joey macintire was able to briefly join the cast. (yes, that joey macintire.) but he's not on the ocr.... raul esparza is. yaaay raul. aaanyway. it's really good. some of the songs are a bit unpolished.. but hey, he's dead and all. *shrug* it's semi-autobiographical-- it's about him turning 30 (in 1990- hence, 30/90) and trying to decide if he wants to keep being a struggling artist or "sell out" (yes.. a recurring theme.) yeah. "louder than words," "johnny can't decide", "sugar", "therapy", "30/90", "green green dress", "come to your senses", "see her smile"... are all good songs. um. okay, well, that's like.. all of them. except for michael's songs. i don't like michael's songs as much. *considers* hmm. so, yeah, yaay ttb.


i'm teaching my mom how to use her computer. it's a battle. but i think i'm worthy of the task. *roooars a mighty battle cry*

oh. and apparently the indy movie at university is *actually* raiders and not doom. which... yaay raiders! i heart that movie more, even if it doesn't have "of doom" in the title. *nods* 11 pm... $3... yes.

anyway. offf now.

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listening to: ttb, sugar

roooar. so tired. i just used the word "enormolous" in one of my online euro posts. whee.

yeah. so. the game. i felt sooooo doomish for the first part... and tried to take naps in weird positions. and megan petted me ^_^ *hearts megan* eventually, however, my brief encounters with sleep seemed to have been enough to make me feel okayish again. so talia, megan, rob and i had a pirate orgy. arrrrr.

we left at halftime.. but uhigh was losing by a lot. hee. i mean.. that's so sad. back the pioneers. *arm motion* so yeah, we went to denny's... and the waiter kept coming by *just* as one of us was saying something terribly inappropriate, like "boca burgers are good when you grill them with cheese.." "and babies!" but yeah.. it happened like, 5 times... it was terribly amusing.

it's probably because i'm so tired... but i'm really amused by this thing that nick posted on the euro board...

I have a simple story for you. What if you lived near to some simple government building, say a post office, and for some reason the country of Germany decided they had all the right in the world to destroy our country because some rogue Americans had blown up a building in Germany. So they Laser Bomb the US. But some guy over in Germany misreads the satellite info and marks your house as that post office. So one night you lay in bed with your wife, kids asleep in the next room, and a bomb falls through your window killing you, your wife, your kids, probably everyone within a four house radius. How would you like that? You did nothing to Germany, in fact you love Germany. You visited Germany last year on summer vacation and you were just as mad about those attacks on Germany as the Germans were. But you are dead, all because Germany thought it had the power and right to do that. Sounds pretty freakin sad to me.

hee. nick and i are kicking some verbal ass on the board.

um. this story isn't example of that, though.

*nods* i'm SO going to bed and sleeping for hours and hours and hours. yaaay.

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Friday, September 27, 2002

listening to: ttb, therapy

why the hell do i keep getting email from colorado matchmakers? *flail*


i've been so tired lately... tired like when i had mono, the kind of to-the-bones tired where you're too tired to sleep. i hope it stops soon.

um. must leave soon to meet miriam to go to bloody homecoming game. roar. and miriam's now apparently going to homecomign with some guy whose name she does not know, which i believe leaves me by my lonesome tomorrow night. aaah well. i can sleep. god, sleep.

kinsella... makes me... angry. i'll explain more later. maybe. if i feel like it.

i watched princess mononoke when i got home today. i liked it. except it was hella weird to hear gillian anderson's voice as the scary wolf. like "noooo scully, don't crush her skull!" (ha, scully, skull... um, yes.)

shooould leave now. sigh.

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Thursday, September 26, 2002

listening to: ttb, green green dress

random amusing quotes: "i thought it was japanese, but it was just a fraction!"

"renata! remember that time when there was this computer and it was replacing everyone with robots and trying to take over the world?"
"... no."
"... on batman!"
"oh! i thought you meant in real life!"

"matt! *you* could be catwoman!"

this song is so sexy. *rowr*

there were more amusing quotes. pero no los recuerdo. all that crawling around in megan's heating ducts makes me tired. so um. go read this instead. because god hates harry potter.

ashvin and i had an oral exam in spanish today. it was funtimes. and i could see him writing "buen pronunciacion" on mine. but then he wrote some other stuff i couldn't see. i bet it was the spanish equivalent of "you suck!" well, not really. fernando [the professor] and i spent like.. the last two minutes [out of 10] talking about the x-files. (me: "oh! era un chupacabra en los... filos de equis" and then... he told me what they were really called in spanish. but i forgot. and then i spent like, 20 seconds trying to remember the word for "before". doh.) yeah. i heart fernando. he's so cool. he's from spain, so he has this accent... and he says funny words. like "cheesy poofs". and his voice goes up on the "oo" and it's SO funny. dude. and he says stuff like "what is that place.. chuckleheads? only it is not called chuckleheads?" "uh.. chuck e. cheese?" "yes! chuck e. cheese!" yeaaah. yay fernando.

aand i helped this girl in my spanish class with her math homework, and i felt all smart cos she's a college sophomore and she's doing like... high school sophomore math. but she's better at spanish than i am. but she's from columbia. *considers* yes.

it's sooo cold. *shivers* oh, we went to the bonfire. it was fun. i've never gone to one of u-high's bonfires. but yeah. goodtimes. i'm thinking maybe i should study for euro. buuuut i don't wanna.

aww. i'm going to save this for future reference: rob: You're like the impressive random amusement of Martin Langrall combined with the serious down-to-earth soul-searching conversation of JayLo, mixed up into one big Renata pie!

*heart* (the r got stuck when i typed that, so it was originally *hearrrrt*)

ooh. and if anyone who's not going to homecoming wants to go see indiana jones and the temple of dooooom with miriam, reid and i saturday night, at university... um... you should. *nod* it'll be doom-riffic!

del and i are plotting to pirate anti-piracy posters. mwaaaaahahahaha.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

listening to: ttb, louder than words

i loooooooooooooooooove this song. so much. not enough o's in the world to describe it fully.

i'm re-reading neverwhere and it makes me happy. well, and angry. i keep loudly telling door and richard not to do stuff, or to do stuff... but they just don't listen. but.. mostly happy.

woooow, rob imed me! rob never ims me! *feels special*

three of my fingers are bleeding. um. i had something to say when i opened blogger, i think.

the candle jenny gave me is like.. falling apart. i'm trying to melt it back together. but mostly i just burn myself. c'est la vie.

dammit... i could swear i had a point. of sorts. eh. oh well.... OH! reid's teacher is apparently teaching her class that the civil war started at the battle of bull run!! and it's not just reid being stupid!! apparently, she prefers to teach it that way to enhance the irony! (because bull run was the first real battle of the war, and it happened in this one guy... um.. oh, maclean, will maclean.. in his backyeard. and he moved, and then the peace treaty was signed in his house at appomatax court house. yes.) so anyway. that makes me angry. like. fort sumpter. dude. i should go smack her up. or.. frowl at her politely. something. *hiss*

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listening to: ttb, 30/90

random amusing quotes: "dude, on a scale of 1 to god... there's god, and then money's like.. a one."

"quit seeing the future! the church hates that!"

"i believe the esteemed martin luther needs to lay off the ganja"

"you're a slut nut!"
"i'm a NUN!"

so, i forgot.. yesterday at barnes and noble, my bill was $30.90!! *flail* not just another birthday, it's 30/90! so, yeah, i was excited. mmm i forgot how much i like ttb. i always do this, i go a couple months and then i'm like "hey! i forgot how much i like ttb!" and then like, a week later i go "oh... right, i don't actually like it that much." except i do. i think. um.

quote from neil's blog... "There's something about a real writer saying I'm a writer that makes me feel like maybe I could amount to something after all, if I just keep going." dammit, if neil frecking gaiman doesn't have any self esteem, how can i expect to have any? aaah well. finished the wake today... i heart it. although it left me vaguely unsettled. i do so like hob gadling. and death. and delirium and matthew and okay well really i like all of the characters. *considers* even desire. hmm. oh yes, and while i'm talking about sandman... rooooob, are you still reading dream country? no rush, but if you're done i woooould like it back.

duude, neil likes daniel pinkwater! *flail* i heart daniel pinkwater! *gasp* aand: "... an advance packet of "Nicholas Was..." Christmas Cards" omb, these could be even better than my rocky horror christmas show cards..... *flaaaaaaail* *sigh* neil's blog is just a source of joy ^_^ [note: "nicholas was..." is this really, really, really good and really, really, really disturbing short story neil wrote about santa claus. it's in smoke and mirrors should you desire to read it. and you do.]

it's cold out. and our house is covered with dead crickets. sometimes i feel like a dead cricket.

that was a lie, i've never felt like a dead cricket. it just seemed a fitting thing to say.

i'm as tired as a dying cricket, though. but then maybe dying crickets aren't tired. maybe they're determined to make the most out of their final moments of being crickets. *considers* i need to go talk to some dying crickets. except i'm too late, they're all already dead around here. life's a bitch.

especially if you're a cricket.

i like cookies.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

listening to: tori, enjoy the silence

wheeeeeeeeeeee! soo.. um. i did lots of things today. but i was at barnes and noble and they happened to have the wake and i decided that since they neeever have sandman, and since i get 10% off at b&n, then i should definitely buy it. (i'm quite good at convincing myself to buy things ^_^) i heart delirium muchly. "i want to name him!" "a good name, though, sister. it must be a real name that people can say." "plippy ploppy cheese nose?" "mm. no. try again." "eblis o'shaughnessy?" "okay." (and whee, i just finished feet of clay last night, and eblis is a golem! *flail* kinda!) aaand gas was cheap today (1.26!), and i bought some white out, and at kickboxing we got to kick the dummies (i love kicking the dummies! thye're not really dummies. in the sense that they look like people, i mean. but they're big.. and cylindrical... and you can kick them.)

aand elizabeth and i stuck a condom in andrew's binder. we're so mature. aand we visited ms. scott and talked about college and pirates for about 20 minutes. "renata! iowa is landlocked, there are no pirates there!" "*considers* land pirates!!"

oh! and she gave me this link! my pirate name is: Captain Jenny Bonney

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!

*gaaaasp* i'm pirate twins with ms. scott!!!! wooow! *flail* yes. i mean... arrr.

the only downside to today is that somehow i managed to cut my cheek open whilst kickboxing, so i had to taste blood the whole time. but eh. at least it was only on one side of my mouth...

*considers* yes.

a girl needs a gun these days hey on account of those rattlesnakes...

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whee. so, yeah, basically last night i realized i was being a selfish prat... i mean, i'm worried about being able to pay for college... but really, my worst case scenario is that i would have to go to isu. there are lots of people who want to go to isu, people who can't afford to go to isu... people who can't afford food. people for whom no amount of money could buy the sense of security that i, as a middle-class american, take for granted.

i realize i'm bordering on-- *gasp*-- introspection. apologies to those who only read this for the random amusing quotes. only not really... because this is my blog. and i can talk about whatever i want. nyah.

renata loves *nina*. and priscellie. and chelle and kait and talia and melody and... renata loves you all ^_^

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Monday, September 23, 2002

listening to: tori, daisy dead petals

dammit, i had myself all cheered up.. i made some hot chocolate, and i read some neverwhere... but then i watched part of the really cool civil war documentary on pbs and read some really stupid, ignorant things on the euro message board. and then i read the rentboards and apparently a couple of noam's friends were killed by a palestinean suicide bomber and one of their kidneys was donated to a 7-year old palestinean girl.

i think i'm just going to go cry a lot.

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listening to: dar williams, as cool as i am

random amusing quotes: "i am the pope, and i oppose bestiality!"

"you're excommunicated!"
"no, you're excommunicated!"
"no... you're excommunicated!"
(and on...)

gah. tired. stressed. *flail* i was filling out some college applications earlier and i was just overwhelmed with self-doubt. it was so horrible. like... all the colleges i want to go to, are private... and none of them are less than $30,000 a year. which um my family definitely doesn't have. so i have um... substantial need for scholarships. but the thing is see that... i'm good at stuff, but i'm not... great. not exceptional. higher than average... but not like... "oh god, please come to our school, we'll pay you" good. like.. my gpa is a 3.9, my act was 33... and... i mean i guess that's good... but... i dunno. i wish it was better. i wish i did more stuff. i wish i were smarter or i wish i were good at something. argh. people keep telling me i have nothing to worry about and that i'll definitely get scholarships but i think that everyone else has much more confidence in me than i do. and i think um that it's misplaced. um.

stupid college.

maybe i'm just in a bad mood because of the dream i had. it was a bad dream. it wasn't scary... dreams don't scare me because on some level i'm always aware that they're dreams. but it was not a cool dream. but it was.. okay because i wasn't me. i was someone else. i frequently am, in my dreams... i wonder if that has any sort of significance. so anyway. i was.. a girl, i tihnk a little older than me, apparently rich, i had a really nice house... and also i had an older brother... we were both blonde. and anyway, so, it ended up with him raping me and like.. slicing me to pieces. and i remember it didnt' hurt at all but it seemed like it should. and i was dead for awhile, but then i was alive and i went to school and people kept apologizing to me. i think my brother was dead, i'm not sure. elizabeth was there.. but no one else that i (the real me) knows. but the person i was in the dream knew them all.

um. so. obviously since this woman that i was died, i'm not getting into college. it's an omen.

right. maybe i should just go drink some hot chocolate and go to sleep.

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Sunday, September 22, 2002

listening to: jill sobule, guy who doesn't get it

i heart this song. "your heart's as big as germany/but you're as blind as they were back in '33/you're the guy who doesn't get it"


yeah. so. i did nothing today. well. i did some research on thomas munzer and wrote a paper on jane elliott and i baked cookies and it ried to help my mom work her computer but that didn't work too well. and other than *that* i didn't do anything. *nod*

and, it's cold. oh. and i took some stupid quizzes. hurrah!

Why know what you can look up? And why look up what you can extract from the minds of your enemies? There are those who think and those who act. I am the latter. I am a problem solver. I have a gift for reading people. I take pride in my wit and speed, not my strength or power. My power is of the mind. The ball is under the middle dish... Pay up.

What's your superpower?

What stupid online quiz are you?
What stupid online quiz are you?
oh! and slowish congratuations to the uber-smart priscellie! you go, you national merit semi-finalist, you!

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listening to: jill sobule, lucy at the gym

random amusing quotes: "i grew up in a treehouse!"

"at some point in time- big bird pumped water! with a pump!"

umm.. damn. there were more. but i forget them. i need a notebook.

um. my car died. and miriam had to rescue me. it was exciting. well. not really. my dad said a.. timing belt or somehting was broken. *frowl* but it's fixable.

so. carrie newcomer.. everyone said she was sooo good.. but.. she really wasn't. i mean she was good.. but not great. *shrug* and both she.. and especially the guy who opened for her.. they seemed to me like.. they were trying a little to hard to be deep. or something. err. i dunno. but the guy.. i think his name was.. lj something? (i wonder if his first name is livejournal...) yes. but he did a really amusing folk-rap. it was so great. and this amusing improv about how the bogeyman tampers with his guitar when he's not looking.

so. yeah. then kellie and steve and i went to steak n' shake. and it was good. and dear god i've had the worst cramps in the entire world today. i think i've taken like.... 20 advil today.

i think tomorrow i'll bake some cookies for miriam. *nod* and dude... this is terribly amusing.

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Saturday, September 21, 2002

listening to: bitch and animal, black-eyed girl

*swivel* oh, i juust talked to kellie about this... but, if you're not doing anything tonight, you should deeefinitely go see carrie newcomer at iwu.. it's free, she's supposed to be awesome, and talia and i and probably kellie will be there! it's at westbrook auditorium, in presser hall.. which, according to wesleyan's website, is at 1210 n. park street. i have no idea where that is, but i'm counting on the fact that talia does ^_^ yeah. more info: here. come!

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listening to: rachael sage, salvagtion (the g is silent)

random amusing quote: "if you drop my booty.. i'll have your booty!"

watched a reallllly entertaining episode of spongebob this morning. *snicket*

hmm. i'm writing this essay for euro abou martin luther, and whether he was a catholic or a protestant... and i'm just really amused by this sentence: "To use a cliché, actions speak louder than words, and Luther’s actions were jumping up and down and screaming, “I am a Protestant!”"

*amused* oh, and i checked my referrals again today (ah, boredom) and dude.. i have SO many tori amos referrals. i didn't realize i talked about her that.. well, okay, i guess i do... but... dude, boron comes up before himh if you search for "a sorta fairytale"! it's so wrong! and.. let's see. oh.. "mennonite blog" amused me.. and "funnel cake graphics". lol. and lots of people looking for "pictures of boron". so now i'm curious as to what boron looks like. if it's pretty maybe i'll redesign using boron!

which i'm searching for boron... i just remembered this amusing thing from euro.. rebecca came into class adn wrote on the board (with chalk...) "where is the chalk? is there a god? are there morals? is it possible to have morals without god?" my reply: "god stole the chalk! which answers all the questions... there is a god, but there are no morals because god is a thief."

back to boron... umm.. i can't find any pictures of actual boron... ifound lots of crystal structures, and some guys named boron. and a couple barns, and a motorcycle, and this, which amused me a lot... but... eh. stupid boron.

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listening to: ani, asking too much

random amusing quote: "what is good about the size of your... family?"

"which has a longer tail, an alligator or a tiger?"
"a kangaroo"

i smell like trina's house... mmm. so, yeah, she and miriam and i watched empire records... took us soooo long to find a movie we could all agree on. trina and i are like "we want a funny movie!" so miriam's suggestions were like.. 7 years in tibet, gone with the wind... oh, i don't even remember. but like.. 10 depressing movies. and trina and i wanted batman, but we were shot down. and i refuuuused to take part in the rental of dude, where's my car?. so um yeah. empire records. yay!

yeah. oh, and we were talking about the game war... does anyone remember if you're supposed to get all the cards? or get rid of them all? eh.

oooh, and megan(d), gueeeeess what i got at jewel? ... yes, you're right! a giant beach ball!! it's even the same sort of stripey one they had at talent! yay!

sleeeep now.

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Friday, September 20, 2002

listening to: ani, cradle and all

random amusing quotes: "woow, there's hungary, and ottoman hungary, and habsburg hungary... it's like hungry hungry hippos, but with europe!!"

"i nominate renata to be the pope!"
"who's catholic?? the pope has to be catholic!!"
"um.. we're not really electing the pope... it's just pretend!"

"enough of this, i want to talk about masturbation again!"

eeeh. i feel... eeeh. came home and took a nap. mm, nap. i have soo much stuff i should be doing. but all i wanna do is sleep.

school.. was funish. noooo spanish on fridays, which is nice... spent an enjoyable 2 hours lurking about in the lounge. yes. and at 10, tejota and i formulated a master plan: we're going to buy $2 worth of land in florida, and wait until someone buys all the land *around* our land and wants to build a mall or something, and then sell our $2 for much more.. because you can't have a mall with like, a square foot (or however much $2 worth of land is) of swamp in the middle of it... people would get upset.

my computer is being slower than slow. *frowl* and i wanna go see carrie newcomer tomorrow with talia, because i neeever seeee talia, and carrie's supposed to be really good... but miriam's all "renata! I never see you, we have to do something on saturday!" [obvious solution: ask miriam to go see carrie newcomer, too. was unsucessful.] well... i'll just... go see carrie with talia, and *then* do something with miriam. yeah!

umm.. bored. going to steal friday five from kellie. (i'm always too lazy to go to the actual friday five website, so i only ever do them when other people do.)

1. Would you say that you're good at keeping in touch with people?

i would agree with kellie that it depends on the people. if i want to keep in touch with you, i will, or at least i'll try ^_^ but i'm always afraid that everyone secretly despises me and they get annoyed when i talk to them, so if i don't get any reciprocation after a few tries then i sort of stop. yes.

2. Which communication method do you usually prefer/use: e-mail, telephone, snail mail, blog comments, or meeting in person? Why?

usually prefer? well, face-to-face. usually use.. i dunno. probably aim. i'm big on snail mail, though, i like to send random letters and such. real mail rules.

3. Do you have an instant messenger program? How many? Why/why not? How often do you use it?

i have aim... because... everyone else does. i use it.. allll the time. i used to have icq, but i only knew... 2 other people who had it, and i kept getting brazilian stalkers.

4. Do most of your close friends live nearby or far away?

okay. close friends? how do i define close friends? *considers* um... i'll define it as... if i were to have a party, which of the people i'm "friendly" with would i invite? i'm on a friendly basis with a lot of people, and i like them.. but.. *considers* yes.

hmm. [note: no particular order]

far away: meeeegan, priscellie, del, *nina*, kait, chelle, keith, ayaaano, jason, melody

nearby: trina, eliz, talia, miriam, amanda, rob, reijo, megan, toca, matt, kellie, tj, umm.. oh, i'll go check the who's who? page and see if i forgot anyone really obvious... oh, well.. molly would definitely be invited to the party, but the thing about molly and i... it's very odd, we have all the same friends, but we've somehow managed to go all these years without getting to know each other at all...um. yeah. oh, and jenny would also be invited to the party, but i bet she wouldn't come and i bet nobody would miss her. oh god, i'm such a bitch.

so, yeah, probably more nearby friends. but i think i'm closer to a lot of the far away friends than to some of the nearby ones. i'm not sure.

5. Are you an "out of sight, out of mind" person, or do you believe that "distance makes the heart grow fonder"?

well... it depends. like. i neeeever see megan but i still talk to her a lot and i heart megan! (*poke* october 11... go read your comments) but.. hmm. i guess i've never had a close friend move away, so... i can't really track that one.

*puts on hat* yes.

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Thursday, September 19, 2002

listening to: talking heads, and she was (i had this song stuck in my head alllllllll day today)

random amusing quotes: "why does marrrrtin luther have a trashcan on his foot?"
"... it's a PEG LEG!"

"i did john jay! no, wait, he's not a bastard! um... can i start over?"

"i was the honey princess!"

umm. let's see. oh, *nina*: when is tori coming to chicago?? when when when? because there deeefinitely needs to be a *nina*/~renata~/emily?/talia?/etc? tori-outing. duuuuuude. oh, and wheeere did you get those hello kitty cards? far too cute ^_^

priscellie: for some reason today during math, 4 words wandered into my mind: harold chung kao ping ^_^ aah... memories.

so, i *think* i've had my first recurring dream, but i've not yet outruled the possibility that i just dreamed that i had a recurring dream. either way, it was seriously messed up. like... it was almost... like a video game. a 3rd person video game. and the character i was.. was this blonde, motherish woman... like.. clark mims. and i.. we.. whatever.. were in this tall building.. and like, each floor was a level. one of the floors was almost like zelda, and i remember wondering how it all fit into one floor of a building...a nd then one floor there was miriam's family, except miriam and her brothers were little kids. and there were all these floors with random stuff. and... i want to say that the jfk assassination was somehow involved in this dream, but possibly that was a different dream i also had last night. i'm not sure. anyhow, so, then the building fell down and i managed to escape from the wreckage and i ran away along this highway and i was carrying a baby boy in my arms. and i'm pretty sure i had this same dream a few weeks ago... but like i said, maybe i just dreamed that i dreamed it.

oooh, and i was just thinking about how pooooor i was, and how much i want to get ani's new cd.. adn then my grandma mailed me a check for $250!!! she wants me to get a new winter coat with it, but dude, i'm cheap, whatever coat i buy will most certainly not cost $250... which should leave me with mucho dinero. hurrah.

and now i think i'm off to sleep. mm, sleep.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

listening to: ani d, worthy

random amusing quotes: "diane sawyer WILL swallow a fly!"

"white people just can't run a good riot"

"if you're going to leave 'liberty and justice' in the pledge, what do you have to take out? .. god!"

so um. i went to see jane elliott speak at wesleyan to get extra credit for pyschology... and was so cool. seriously. (she's the one who, after mlk was assassinated, went into her all-white [she's white] classroom and told them that kids with brown eyes were inferior to kids with blue eyes, and set up this artificial racism. yeah.) so. obviously she's anti-prejudice of all sorts. and it led to some interesting points. and one.. almost offhand thing she mentioned was how it was unfair that only men have to sign up for the draft, and how if enough women were opposed to it, and signed up for the draft, it would scare george bush and make him change stuff. i thought that was kind of... um, a stretch of a point.. but it did make me think. would i be willing to sign up for the draft to get rid of it? what if it didn't work and i did end up in the army somehow? that would just scare me. a lot. but so i started thinking about what causes would i be willing to die for?

religion seems to be the most common cause to die for. well, i don't believe in god. would i die for my right to not believe in god? i don't know. because the thing about this is that the technology does not exist to *make* me believe in god. you can make me say i believe in god. but inside my head i'll still be like "um, not." you can make me get on my knees and pray. but it's just going through the motions. so. i don't think that would bother me too much. i'm not certain i'd be willing to die for that. i think maybe if i had kids, though.. i'd be willing to die for their right not to have to pretend to believe in god, if they chose not to, or their right to believe in god.. or.. whatever. but, i don't have kids. and like... this is something that confused me when i was little. i'd read a lot about the holocaust and it would upset me so much that all these jews died.. i mean, obviously because the holocaust was a horrible, horrible thing. but to me the most obvious thing in the world would be for these jews to pretend to be christian. and to me it was like "well, in their heads they'd still be jews, so what would it matter if on the outside they were doing something else?" and obviously some people did that. but the majority didn't, the majority died for their faith. to practice their faith. and now, now i really.. respect that. that they'd be so willing to go "well, i'm going to die, but fuck you hitler, i'm gonna wear my yarmulke!" and of course that's an oversimplification. but. you know.

and then you read about all the martyrs who went through all this horrible torture and were still like "yay god!" and i'm a huge baby, so i just know i'd be like "oh, no, dude, god? what are you talking about, god? now please put those red hot tongs away". but maybe i just can't relate because i don't have that belief. i don't know.

i think maybe i would die for literature. for the right for really great books (and hey, bad ones too) to be shared. because books are just, have always been, a huge part of my life. like if fahrenheit 451 were ever true. i think i would be willing to smuggle books and memorize books and all that. although the sniffer robot thingie really scared the crap out of me when i read that book.

and i think that maybe i would die for freedom of speech. because i heart freedom of speech and i really do think it's something that a lot of people take for granted. i try not to, but i know i do. it's impossible not to, for those who have grown up with it and always had it and just accepted it as a fact of life.

so. uh. yeah.

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so yeah.. um, the other day i finally moved time fies, and i was just looking at the quotes... i'm still SO amused by them. dude. so i give you: the best of time fies.

"Dammit! Where's Jesus when you need fish and wine?!"

"Curtis! You're our HERD!!"

"The legions of two-headed evil cats melted in the car."

"I'm the king of the jungle!!"
"That's the third animal cracker fight you've had over kings of the jungle!"

"The fish are rebelling!"

"Renaaaaata, Jake's hair is all goooone!"

"Where's Gordon? Did you eat Gordon?"

"S&M Salvage and Marine"

"Mmmmmm. . . anti-scurvylicious!"

"It was a Floydian slip!"

"Satan disregards all that is Mimi!"

"Time fies!"

"Cheezit crust!"

"With avocado oil, for natural fruit emergencies"

"Yeah, but it's good doom."

"Either pull up your pants or learn how to skate!"

"Jeremy's such a hard worker..."
"... Like a beaver!"

"Moo! You can have antlers just like Elsie!"
*mouthed* "What the fuck?! Cows don't have antlers!"

"Hey Chelle! Nice socks! Going for the Michael Jackson look?"

"Well... I'm tilderenatatilde, but that's not nearly so catchy..."

"It's like a slumber party, but outside and with strangers."

"Just Say Ho"

aaaah.... good times. *is SOOO amused* of course.. ah... prolly no one but megan and i thinks most of these are funny... but you're not important. *nod*

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

listening to: tori, concertina

aw, tony just showed me this picture of me and talia that he took the other day.. people kept telling us we looked alike (iii don't see it) and so... he took a picture. yes.

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listening to: tori, suede

random amusing quote: "if you guys want to see some really hardcore porn, go read grimm's fairytales!"
"they're wacky!"

i got a 103% on my finite math test! yaaay me! yay for taking stupid classes! *prance*

i'm not really in a blogging mood.. but.. um.. this is funny...and so is priscellie ^_^

dude! the phrase "Boba Fetish"..... pure, unadulterated genius. *squee*

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Monday, September 16, 2002

a followup to the post i just published a second ago: ""Do you ever feel like you walk in a room, and you don't know why, but you're just so uncomfortable you're crawling out of your skin, even though nobody's touched you, physically? That's in 'Concertina,' when you feel like you haven't excavated enough of your different personalities that when one pops up, you're not sure where it came from, and you try to hack it out of yourself. It shocks you that you could have this kind of fault, or that other people could bring it out in you."

yay, i'm finding all these great quotes about the songs on venus i like the most. like. quotes that i really, really relate to. god.

okay, i swear, the last tori-centric post in awhile. i'm just in a heartful mood right now. heart!!

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listening to: tori, bliss

so um i know what i forgot to say... the full track list from scarlet's walk was released: 18 songs! that's a lot! as many as pele! and there's a song called "wednesday" and i wonder if maybe it has anything to do with american gods but maybe that's a bit of a stretch... but.. still, cool. should you desire more information: himh has all yer tori needs.

anyway. so i'm trying to listen to venus right now... like as much as i heart tori i've never been able to catch the vibe of this album. so every so often i break it out to see if maybe i can catch something new. and i always do, but never enough to be like "okay, cool, i really like this album!" but i'm approaching. anyway. so. um. i was looking at the lyrics for "bliss" on himh and there was this quote from tori about it: "Sometimes, when you express thought to people, you leave it open for somebody to tromp in there and start tearing it down. I sing, 'Father I killed my monkey,' to lead off the song, which explains that sometimes you even destroy your own so they can't excavate it. When I was growing up, I started becoming very secretive about my thoughts and the sensory world I would go to, because there's a lot of mind control that goes on constantly, people wanting access: 'What are you thinking?' So sometimes I'd have my own defense going, which would be to look them straight in the eye and make them think I've killed my imagination. But it's like, I'll take control."

and.. yeah. i very much relate to that. *hearts tori*

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listening to: violent femmes, blister in the sun (live)

angry/amused about this download.. it was labeled indigo girls... and i was like, "oh, cool, a live cover!" but no... it's really not, the person i downloaded it from is just a moron. aaah well. it's... a good song anyhow. *swivels*

i'm in a really good mood... i was in a mediocre mood all day... but then i went kickboxing and it was fabulous. but then i listened to pele on the way home and got all introspective... and contemplated existance and such... but now... i'm just happy and boring. cos i watched degrassi while i ate my lasagna. mm... and it was veggie lasagna.. mm. and a plum! hurray! (food and canadians make me happy ^_^)

ooooh, and i actually have a crew this year!!! i'm so excited!! i've never had an actual crew!! people always signed up to do props and then never showed up! (not that it matters, it's really a 2-person job, and angela and i were co-heads all last year...) oh, and trina did earnest. but she was not a happy bunny.

it's really cold out. brr.

ooh.. in lit today, you-know-who (no.. not voldemort.. the other you-know-who... oh, you don't? well fine, rebecca) informed me that "i don't like feminists... they're trying to destroy all our traditions! and they're all lesbian!" me: "oh.. traditions like not being able to vote, that sort of thing?"


*swiiiivel* i'm just in such a... peaceable mood right now. like.. i'm not sick anymore... and i'm mildly tired, but not the fullout exhaustion i've been having... and i don't have a lot of homework... and i'm not hungry... and i'm finally not sick anymore... and i'm listening to the real indigo girls.. and.. wow. yay. if this is what being on drugs feels like maybe i should like, look into that.

on the other hand, then i'd have even less money than i do right now. so maybe i'll stick with sleep and kickboxing.

... crap, i just dropped my swiss army knife and now i can't find it. *flails distressedly* i have like... 3 of them. and i can never find any of them. and. i'm talking too much. so i'll just publish this now. yes.

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Sunday, September 15, 2002

sorry, loves, but i'm so bored...

WATER OF WATER. Pretty lady! Fair and gentle, your empathy attracts others to you. Possibly psychic, you are pure emotion and are more likely to act on feeling rather than practical thought or logic. You think that's just fine because imagination is important. You are the Whore of Babylon with her cup of abominable things, the Medium of Endor and in the mundane world you usually make a good wife and mother. You shine when you are able to give emotional support to others.
created by Polly Snodgrass.

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which mr. men/little miss are you?
take the quiz & find out! :)
quiz made by jaded_dazey

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aww, someone from talent emailed me and said "You're sort of quiet, but when you say something, it's for a reason and it
brings up a good point." i feel all warm and fuzzy now. except i don't think it's true. but maybe it is. hmm. (i had wild variations in my comments- at the end of the day, we all wrote notes to everyone else in the group saying what each other's good qualities were- so i ended up being "so outgoing!", "an upbeat spirit" and what i *think* says "really calming", among other things. lol.)

but yeah... that was nice. aww.

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listening to: indigo girls, galileo

the indigo girls always make me think of stephen. which amuses me. oh, and kellie- there was a guy at talent who was SO much like ryan rappa, it was scary. apparently, tj told him and he was like "you know.. i've heard that before!"

i'm so tired... and yet i slept so very much last night.

lol, i just checked my referrals... almost all of them are from people searching for tori amos... and one was "bagelmen's"...also "mulan quotes" and "listen to Trina's songs online". go trina ^_^ (and yes, i know trina is also the name of a rapper.. it just amuses me.)

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Saturday, September 14, 2002

listening to: idina menzel, just kidding (live)

scanned/uploaded junk! go me!! (i would like to apologize in advance for the suckiness of these... my camera cost $6, my scanner is possessed, and adobe photoshop hates me. not a good combination by any means.)

kansas city (of dooooom)
megan and curtis the duck! (*hearts curtis the duck*)
megan, del, and i in line

house on the rock (of dooooom... and gods)
(okay... the lighting around the carousel really sucked. plus, it was, well, moving. so, whatever.)
is this czernoborg's centaur?
or is it this one?
fortunately, there was only one half eagle/half tiger, so this one must be shadow's...
i don't remember whether or not nancy's lion was armored... but.. uh, either way it's neato.
uh, i really don't think this is a wolf... but.. i couldn't find wednesday's real wolf, so, we'll just pretend
i'd like to be.. under the sea.. in an octopus' garden...

allison and megan!

*swivel* yay!

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listening to: rachael sage, maybe it's the way

wheee, just watched anniversary party... i heart heart heart that movie. and whenever they talked about shostakovich (er.. sp?) i thought of talia ^_^ (note to talia: if you haven't seen this movie.. you neeeed to. as does anyone else who hasn't seen it. *nod*)

um. not much else to say. except i worked on my euro test questions and i'm really annoyed by how many of the answers to the chapter 13 test were in chapter 14. but. that's another story.


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listening to: rachael sage, precious

random amusing quotes: ..... actually, these all just left my mind. but i'm sure that there must have been many of them, so just... think about something funny for a bit.

okay, you can stop now.

so. talent was a lot of fun. even though like, i totally didn't belong there. i mean, yeah, i'm on the board... but dude, it has "leadership" right in the name! i'm not a leader!! although somehow i ended up in a really meek group that forced me into vague leadership to end the awkward silences. ah.. awkward silence, my mortal emeny.

oh. um. for those of you who don't know... talent is a thespian leadership conference.. it stands for... fuck, what does it stand for? thespians... something... leading, entertaining.. and negotiating? i wonder if it says in my packet..oh. thespians achieving, leading, entertaining and negotiating. wooot. the highlight was when we had 30 minutes to dress zach in a california raisin costume using only newspapers and tape. goooodtimes. um, yeah, and everyone was really nice and.. stuff. and i think everyone there was a spongebob fan. it was insane. and tj had a harem. and people kept calling us (u-high's other delegates) his harem. but we revolted and became megan's harem instead. *nod*

*yawn* i'm tired. ooh, and i rented the anniversary party. yaay alan! i, um, wanted spiceworld but it was already checked out ~_~

oh!! and i almost forgot! this girl kelly had the same purple shoes as me!!!! it was terribly exciting! *flail*

... yeah. i'm off now.

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Friday, September 13, 2002

listening to: moby, james bond theme (remix)

random amusing quotes: "if you have sex with your clone, is it incest or masturbation?"

"go juggle yourself!"

ee. my head hurts. anywho. um. leaving tonight for talent.. (thespian... thingie...) so i'll be back.. tomorrow nightish. let me think. oh, i had this dream... let me think. i forgot it, but then i remembered it all in the middle of psychology, but then i forgot most of it again. so.. let's see. my family was driving in our van of doom up this.. mountain.. and it's all snowy out and stuff. and then we see this shadowy figure walking up the mountain, and we're like "oh, it's really cold out, let's see if they want a ride"... and then (this was very cinematic) we stop by the guy, and he's all shadowy, and then finally we see his face... and it's mr. holbrook. lol. but he doesn't need a ride, he was just walking back to his snowmobile. (and no, i can't see papa holbs on a snowmobile either.) so anyway, at the top of the mountain is this really nice cabin, and my family promptly disappears... but they're not like.. lost, they're just not important to the dream anymore... because it's megan (of doom, not of avanti's)'s cabin... so i'm like "yay! megan!" and... we go up to the attic... and we're looking for board games. but they're all in the ceiling. um. and that's all i remember. and then i fell back asleep and dreamed that i was telling megan about that dream. i've noticed i seem to do that a lot... have one really.. cinematic dream, and then dream about telling someone about the dream. i wonder if there's any significance to that. does that happen to anyone else?

anyway. um. oh, i went to walmart and picked up some film... some random (and mostly crappy) kc line pics (hi del and megan!)... one that *would* be a really cute picture of megan and i, were it in focus... some okay pictures of house on the rock... better than i thought they'd be. (shall scan these at a later date.)... an out of focus picture of rob, and a pretty good picture of megan (panda) and allison. megan looks quite fierce ^_^

at lunch today, we had an interesting discussion... well, two interesting discussions... the clone-sex one, and then one about how all our insults tend to be sexually oriented (i.e. screw you, blow me, suck it, go fuck yourself, etc.) so we decided to come up with some that *weren't* sexual... unfortunately, we realized that just about every word has a sexual connotation if you put your mind to it. but we settled on "go juggle yourself" just because it really amused us.

yeah. going to... try to take a brief nap, and then leave for talent! byeness!

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Thursday, September 12, 2002

listening to: tori, a sorta fairytale

tiiiiired. sleep soon. first: ayanoooo, thank you so much for the hello kitty apple-seller..thing. she's so cute ^_^ *frolicks about*

second... saw the devil's backbone at the normal theatre... we had to for spanish. (it's in spanish, with subtitles)... it was good. scary. and i haaate jacinto. boooo, jacinto. i actually have a cramp in my neck from all the times i had to like... quickly look away from someone bleeding or getting poked or somesuch. i'm such a wuss.

and my neck hurts. ow.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

listening to: cabaret, tomorrow belongs to me

you are a book called

dr. seuss book warped you?

it's true, it's true. although i did prefer cat in the hat.

question posted in the online european history forum: In 1998, terrorists bombed two US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Since those events, terrorists have attacked a number of US-owned sites around the world. Following all of these events, some of which fingered Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network, the European community did very little to support US-lead efforts to curb terrorism. However, following the events of 9/11 the European community became some of the biggest supporters the American led war on terrorism being waged in Afghanistan. What are your thoughts on how the European leaders have acted during the "War on Terrorism?" Why do you feel this way?

my reply: Is it just me, or does anyone else fail to see why Europe SHOULD help the United States in the "War Against Terrorism"? We as a nation tend to always be on about how we're the greatest military power and etc. The US generally doesn't seem to be terribly concerned with terrorism in other countries- unless they have something (i.e. oil) that we want. I don't want to come off as anti-American, which of course I'm not, but I do question what exactly it is that we're supposed to expect the European leaders to do.

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random amusing quotes: "note to self: ox"

"she speaks less educatedly!"

hmm. so. september 11. it seems so bizarre that it's been a year. i could believe.. less than a year... or perhaps much more than a year. but a year...

it seems so odd to remember something that you knew was history while you were living it... and... yes.

i... am too out of it to say anything meaningful. so instead i shall talk about shallow and petty things such as i wish i had more cold medicine and i am eagerly awaiting the 2nd x-men movie so as to see blue alan with german accent. and now perhaps i will sneeze.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

listening to: jill sobule, claire

random amusing quotes: "my thick outer shell makes it hard to sleep.. i get flipped over on my back like a turtle!"

"joan of arrrrc"

"*gasp* australian pirate!! arrrr, mate!"

duuuude, alan cumming is going to be in x-men 2!! as nightcrawler!!! blue alan!!! *swooooon*

wooow that was neat, i just felt like... wildly dizzy for a minute... but i think it's the cold medicine... not alan.

anyway... hey, where's nightcrawler from? does he have an accent? because that would rock my face off. mmm... alan.

kellie: i want to see bitch and animal sooo badly but i'm sooo sick and sooo broke and... yeah. why does it have to be a wednesday night? *frowl*

i feel soo lightheaded. it's kinda neato. but.. kinda bad. yeah.

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so... talia just told me this joke... and i laughed and i laughed and i squeaked and i feel really light headed and i think maybe i shouldn't have come to school today but um that's okay.

um anyway the joke was: "the moss is really lichen [likin'] that tree!!" except at first i thought she said "mouse" but i laughed anyway because... yeah.

um. yeah.

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Monday, September 09, 2002

listening to: ani d, the waiting song

ugh. felt like doom all day today. *clutches cough drops and orange juice*

the only saving grace of today is my steve irwin fruit snacks. they say "crikey" on the package! aaand they're anti-scurvylicious. who could ask for anything more? besides... my favorite kind of wildlife preservation is the kind where i get to eat the animals! and.. little jeeps. and this one says "danger". mm... dangerous.

seriously, these just made my day so much better. but nonetheless i think i'm going to go take some tylenol and go to bed. (yes... at 8pm. bleh.)

oh, and happy birthday frob ^_^ heart!

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Sunday, September 08, 2002

listening to: beatles, getting better

if you have read american gods and are relatively ignorant of norse mythology, you will find this interesting: Odin (or, depending upon the dialect Woden or Wotan) was the Father of all the Gods and men. The day Wednesday (Wodensdaeg) is named for him.


dude. neil gaiman is so smart. now i'm just wondering what other cool shit's in that book that i missed the first two times... there needs to be a website with like.. in depth explanation of all the mythology in the book. and if there isn't already one.. i should make one. (... yeah, not like i have nothing else to do...)

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so um i decided to add a new counter... so that i, too, can track amusing referrals. and i realized that my current count is 11312. and even if a large number of those are myself... that's still a lot of people. wow. and i never really expected people to read this. particularly not people i actually know in real life. it's vaguely touching. aww. group hug? (or... heavy drugs?)

oh.. and this jill sobule lyric keeps reminding me of meagna... "and lewis carroll i'm sure did alice" ^_^

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priscellie is just a never-ending source of amusement today... read this nooow.... now i say. arrr.

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listening to: jill sobule, mexican wrestler

i am so vastly, vastly amused. my reasons are twofold. (threefold, if you count this song.)

reason the first: this. (thank you priscellie for alerting me to this ^_^)

reason the second: apparently curtis is going to be on some new children's teevee show... the australian version was a big hit, so now they're making an american version... okay, dude. isn't children's teevee exactly where curtis belongs? *flail flail* this show is going to be so hella cute. i can't wait until it airs. (on discovery kids... in february. it's called "hi five." and dude, you guys are all getting an inside scoop, cos it'll be awhile before i work up the motivation to update cc.com... so feel special ^_^)

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listening to: jill sobule, somewhere in new mexico

sooooooooooo tired. but i want to blog some about jill sobule before i sleep, before i can forget everything. okay. sooo amazing. wow. let's see.. um, she's SO cute. like.. motherly. mark's mom. and so funny. and she has such a good voice. aaaargh. oh, and she had the cutest little guitar. it was like... a mandolin. but not. um. i dunno, maybe talia knows what it was. it was cute though. *nod* so. she didn't have a prepared setlist.. so she just tried to play songs that had a link to the previous song... i think the train of links was something like... "modes of transportation... ww2... french resistance... female name" and then she got distracted and stopped connecting them. yeah. she has a song called "if i had a jetpack" and it was so great. and she wrote a song about an imaginary affair with kathie lee gifford, and she only intended to play it once, for fun on some radio station... but then she got a letter from kathie lee's agent asking her to never play it again. so now she sings it all the time. i was amused ^_^ um. oh, and she had another song about how the smartest, most popular girl in her class ended up a porn star. (it's funny because it's true!) and... oh wow. she was just so great and funny and... eee. i ended up buying one of her cds (pink pearl) even though now i'm totally broke again. dammit. but it was woooorth it. *heart heart heart heart* oh, and she wanted to play a couple new songs that she hadn't memorized yet... so she had someone come onstage to hold her laptop so she could read the lyrics off the screen. and she did a cover of "survivor" by destiny's child... and it was sooooo much better than the original one. lol. and in the middle of it, she was like "wait!! i have to scroll!!"

*sigh* so yeah... so great. she kinda... reminded me of a female stuart. like with her randomness.. and amusingness... and all-around-kick-assness.

and then... went to see fight club... seriously fucked-up movie. dude. i liked it though. except i had to look away whenever they fought. and when they were carrying human fat over the barbed-wire fence. ew.

sleep now.

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Saturday, September 07, 2002

listening to: tom petty, mary jane's last dance

i had weirdest dream... trina, eliz and i.. and some other people maybe... were at this camp.. and there were a bunch of people in big animal suits. and we had to run all the time, but i kept falling down and getting left behind (ooh, metaphor much?) oh, and the camp had this rule about popes.. i don't quite remember what it was... we weren't allowed to say bad things about them unless it was about their first year being pope? or something? whatever, it was weird.

trina: tater tots are god
trina: lol
trina: they're good too


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listening to: tom petty, learning to fly

i heaaaart this song. so much. yeah, i've been in a crappy mood all day so i went through my dad's cds and stole some "comfort music". (simon and garfunkel, tom petty, rem.. mmm.) yeah, and my car is hella loud so i just blasted tom petty's greatest hits. yay.

anywho. the importance of being earnest was suuuuch a funny movie. go see it now. *gets pointy stick* (but of course rob was better than.. um... crap, who played jack/ernest in the movie? ah.. the guy. with the.. hair. and pants. him.) and theeen we went to liz's house and watched moulin rouge and someone should have come. *nod*

oh! and i heart megan! (and megan!) but megan the avanti's demon gave me a supercool strawberry shortcake air freshener!! and now my car smells all nice and strawberry-y!! (i saw that she had one... and i was all excited and told her i hearted it, and we talked about how my spongebob air freshener smells like the sea [but not the c] and megan said "i see" and it was funny. *nod nod*)

... i'm tired. but i still heart megan ^_^ *mwaaah*

oh! and eeeeveryone (er... everyone in b-n) should go see jill sobule tomorrow night at 8pm, at blue moon coffeehouse (iwu). it's free! and she kicks ass! i'll be there at 7, prolly, because they always fill up fast. which reminds me, kellie, i need to talk to you about picking you up... because i have no idea where your dorm is. and that could be a problem. *nod*

okay, i'm going to sleep. yes.

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Friday, September 06, 2002

listening to: simon and garfunkle, i am a rock

*yaaawn* i had the best intentions of coming home early from school and doing alll my homework so as not to worry about it over the weekend... instead, i came home early and fell asleep. ugh. and when i went downstairs, the first thing my mom said was "you wore that to school?" love you too, mom. anyway, so i told her about the weird car noises, and she told me that dad's in ohio for the weekend for a scooter convention (*shrug*) but she went out and drove it for a bit, comes back, and says "oh, that's the muffler... muffler on that car's been going for years! but you can still drive it, just don't go above 50." so... um... at least i can go see importance of being earnest tonight... but sheesh, people are going to hate me for driving 50 on rt. 9... ah well. they can pass me.

i reaaaally just want to go back to sleep... but i guess i can do that later. *yawn*

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listening to: simon and garfunkle, scarborough fair

(if i had $1000000, i would buy you some art.. a picasso or a garfunkle)

anywho. got out of school at 11:35 today! yay! *dances* went to the 7th circle of hell (aka avanti's ^_^) with megan and steeeeeve... and spent $1.25 of my last $2. *flail* so i was like "heey, i'll go pick up my paycheck!" except i'd never had to pick up my paycheck before, because isu used to just mail out the paychecks for civil service people... so i didn't know where to go. so i went to the student payroll thingie,a nd they were like "noo, we don't have civil service paychecks, go to the house managers!" so i did.. and they told me to go to the main payroll office. and i got lost and wandered around downtown for awhile, because left and right are not the same direction. and then i found it, and they were like "well, you don't have a paycheck, because we're doing a 3-week pay period and a 1-week pay period this month because of the new students.. and if you did have a paycheck, you'd have to pick it up at student services!"

life's so hard.

and then a couple miles away from my house, my car started making noises like it was going to explode. so i had to drive the rest of the way at like, 20. and it was still making scary noises, just not as loud.

i really need some chocolate. but there's nooone in the house and i have no money with which to get chocolate. *sniffle* (well, actually there's half a thing of chocolate frosting in the fridge, which i seriously contemplated eating plain... but i stopped myself. we'll see how long i can keep myself away ^_^)

maybe a nap will be almost as good as chocolate...

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Thursday, September 05, 2002

momentary vent: why is it so unacceptable for me to not want to go to homecoming? i appreciate the concern of... um, everyone... but sheesh, settle down, if i wanted a date i'd find one, or go by myself. *flail* what's so special about homecoming anyway?

(and yes, i'm only posting this here because i'm nonconfrontational and none of the people involved in this conspiracy read this. *vent vent vent*)

and how was your day?

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on why i hate juniors who park in the overflow lot:

so... i've gotten used to the idea that my sleeping-in means i never get to park in the senior lot. that's okay, the overflow lot is fine with me. well. this morning, i get there... senior lot is completely full, overflow lot is completely full, so i end up parking at a meter in the lot past the overflow! *flail flail*

hearts for rob ^_^ megan, i was going to mail your cd at 10 today, but then i realized how incredibly bitter i'd be if i moved my car again and lost my new spot... so i'm going to go send it in a bit. woot.

megan: i work as an usher at braden... but there wasn't anything to usher for, it was just an orientation meeting thing. yeah.

sooo tired. not going to be home until 9:30-10ish. sigh.


my shirt matches my purse and my locker today! *revels in yellow submarineness* this is almost as exciting as when my mittens matched my blog! *flails happily*

anywho, i'm off.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

listening to: bnl, the humour of the situation

so yeah... just had to go get orientated as an usher... *blink* yeah. everyone had to go to learn about "new policies". the only new policy i caught was that now if people fall, you have to tell one of the house managers. and all i could think was am i going to have to report myself? *sigh* yeah. and we had to watch this video to learn how to deal with "difficult guests"... it was SO funny and melodramatic.

usher with bright green blazer to supervisor with world's largest hair: "there was a patron smoking in section a1! i told him to stop... but i'm afraid he might do it again!!" he used the tone of voice one might use if they were saying, for example, "he just burned down a building and i'm afraid he'll do it again!"

but the best was when the angry drunk redneck left his seat, and like... 5 ushers all descended upon him and escorted him to the door. highly amusing.

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delanarrrr my love, your comments won't work *sniff* soooo congratulations on making concert choir! (and... stuff. *wink wink*) *puts on party hat*

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listening to: bnl, life, in a nutshell

i've been in a very barenaked mood lately (and yes, i'm just as amused by that phrase as you are)... i've got rock spectacle in the computer, greatest hits in the alarm clock, and maroon in my car. their music just makes me HAPPY. happy happy happy.


* except when it makes me sad.

anywho... yay! it's before 4pm and i'm home! i decided to come home before going to the stupid usher meeting at 7:30... because... yeah.

random musing: one of the harry potter books needs to have "of doom" in the title. harry potter and the order of the pheonix of doom.... harry potter and the temple of doom. (no wait, that's taken already)... harry potter and the dragon of doom.... harry potter and the voldemort of doom... harry potter and the doom of doom... harry potter and the houself of doom... anything would work.

um. i'm tired. maybe i'll take a nap. mmmm, nap.

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Tuesday, September 03, 2002

eep of the moment:

my toe was sorta ingrown (yes, again) but i was all picking at it and puting neosporin on it and stuff and it was getting lots better... and then i looked at it tonight and there's a big puffy white spot on the side of it. could it maybe be a blister from kickboxing tonight? it doesn't hurt... i poked it and it didn't bleed... *pokepoke* anyone have any ideas here...?

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listening to: dar williams, the party generation

random amusing quote: "lots of things are better than demons... shoes are better than demons."

hmmm. the curtis email account has one new message, subject line "Are you looking for the right one in Colorado?" this is either a dating service... or possibly refers to a cast list or somesuch from colorado. *checks* ah, dating.

anywho. i got gas on the way home and it was exactly $10! *flail flail*

kickboxing kicked my ass... prolly... because i hadn't gone for a week, on account of slicing open my foot... and... i was tired... and my food intake today was insanely awful (er... a donut.. frappucino... and a cheeseburger happy meal... *blush*)

i'm going through my day backwards. cool. well... let's see.

who's a finite math allstar? that's right, renata's a finite math allstar! *prances* eat it, ap calc! iiii'm learning about multiplying matrices!

oh, and i got a new alarm clock! my old one died... and i'm a spoiled brat and now need a cd-player alarm clock in order to be happy. the beeping (i was using my watch alarm) made me sad. so. i'm a petty, petty girl and i was terribly sad that they dont' make any more pretty cd-alarm clocks (the one i have that broke is transclucent blue plastic and pretty and such).. well, they had one pretty one, but it was $80. i told it to settle down. (luckily, no one else was in the aisle...) so yeah, that's good. i almost died on the way out of the parking lot, though... see, in renata's world, a turn signal is a binding agreement. if you signal, you are OBLIGATED to follow through with it. so, i'm trying to turn right out of target, and there's only one car coming, and it's signalling left and slowing down and giving every implication of turning left (into target.) so i turn out... and the car doesn't turn! it keeps going! it comes like, 2 inches away from hitting me! *flail* so i zooooom so as not to be hit and then i hit the curb.

there was much flailing.

school..... *considers* relatively uneventful. megan, eliz and i had an amusing conversation about avanti's demons.

oh, and rob is superior to carrots.

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Monday, September 02, 2002

*flail flail*

Which Animaniacs Character are You?

You have megalomaniacal impulses regularly. That's not necessarily a bad thing, however, as you have the cranial capacity of a small planet. Trying to take over the world is hard work, though, and you're not above exploiting your lessers. Even now, you have a plan that's being enacted which will pitch the world's economy into turmoil, leaving the floodgates of trade exposed for the sole owner of stock in the Pets.com © company! You are en route to taking over the world!

Oh, and you ARE pondering what I'm pondering.

and priscellie is pinky! hooray!

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listening to: dar williams, the party generation

hmm. so.

~ my dad tried to teach me how to drive stick. i suck at it slightly less than i imagined. but nonetheless i don't plan on making it a habit.

~ went to go see my big fat greek wedding, it was very funny and warm-and-fuzzy.

~ my light fixture seems to have exploded. *ponders* good thing i wasn't there when it happened.

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listening to: beatles, getting better

random amusing quote: "is that charlie chaplin?"
"noo, it's hitler!"

dammit! i just wrote the best entry in the entire world, and my computer froze!

(well, fine, it wasn't the best entry in the entire world... but it was quite long, and that's gotta count for something, right?)

so here we go again... *frowls*

i had this dream last night.. well, i had a lot of dreams last night... but the only one i remember is the one where in lit, we were talking about something, for some reason, so naturally tori amos shows up in class to sing "take to the sky" acapella for us. it was so cool.

yeah. so wisconsin. we all got tired of it around sunday night and decided to come home early. *sneezes* yes. so um. oh, i guess i should tell those of you who don't know already that my grandparents have a wacky a-frame cabin out in the middle of nowhere up there.

(insert break to bake and consume biscuits, and do laundry)

mm, biscuits. anyway. so saturday morning we go into the dells (abooout an hour away from the cabin, maybe?) oh.. non-midwesterners and such: wisconsin dells is like... well, the actual dells are these neato rock formationy things. but the city is a huge tourist trap-ish place... lots of stores, a crappy amusement park, some good waterparks (noah's ark is the largest waterpark in america *nod*), bungee jumping... all that stuff. so we went on a duck ride (ducks are these big... half boat/half truck kinda things... they were used to transport troops in ww2, and somehow they all seem to have ended up being used as a tourist attraction in wisconsin. there's a metaphor in there, i think.) anyway, so, you ride around in the ducks, and the tour guides point out rocks to you. and you can always tell the non-midwesterners as the ones who are utterly fascinated by the deer. merely by existing, these deer completely make people's days. good job, deer.

so then... hmm. we went shopping for a bit, and then ate at this restaurant that's right across the bay from the scary water-skiiing show, so you can watch it for free. muwahahaha.

then, my parents decide that reid and i need to be exposed to some seedy wisconsin bars. (in wisconsin, it's legal for minors to be in bars, as long as they... don't drink alcohol. yes.) *sigh* so, the first two bars we go to... my parents get all bitter because apparently they have new owners and aren't seedy enough anymore. (they were still pretty damn seedy, but apparently not as much as they used to be. *shrug*) so, i'm all for leaving and going to sleep (friggen coyotes kept me up all night and i was tiiiired) but no, we have to go to another bar... and this one has a band, so we have to stay. i initially have some hostility towards the lead singer of said band, as she spells her name "brittnie" with stars over the i's. but then i discover that she's 13, so that's acceptable. she had a nice voice... but they tended to play icky songs. i amuse myself by trying to tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue, until i almost choke on it.

hmm. when did i start writing in the present tense? *puzzles* eh.

aaanywho. so sunday morning, we went to this giant flea market. i got a (packaged) fbi mulder action figure (with little corpse on gurney) for $5! hooray! [sidenote: it makes me really angry that they package all the cool action figures with a lame one,a nd then charge you twice as much, so to get antartic mulder you have to buy a stupid alien pod, and to get fbi mulder you need to buy the itny corpse... and such. on the other hand, i feel quite certain that there will be a time when two miniature corpses and gurneys will come in handy. they just have to.) aaand two captain planet videos for $1. and some homemade boysenberry jam. mm, boysenberry.

so theeen we went to the house on the rock! yay! the infinity room was coool, it's just like.... a really long room, with all windows for walls, but it's not supported by anything... and the end is just... out in the air. it was a bit unsettling. and i got my fortune told! (fortunately, my lucky color is not dead. but my lucky stone is onyx!) i never found the drunkard's dream though, sad ~_~ oh, and the carosel.. (is that how you spell carosel? it seems like there should be a "u" in there someplace... ah. carousel.) was neaat. there were sooo many cool animals (and zero horses, according to the sign) i found czernoborg's centaur, and shadow's tiger/eagle, and i couldn't remember what nancy rode ~_~ and i looked and looked but i never found wednesday's wolf, so finally i decided that maybe this really ugly dog was actually a wolf. *nod* after awhile it made me really sick to watch the carousel... so... i stopped. oh, and the octopus' garden thing was neat too!

and there was SO much other stuff. i think it was like 2.5 miles of walking... i didn't think it was that bad, but certain other whiny members of my family (all of them) thought it excessively long. bah. (oh, and some of you are expecting mail ^_^)

theeen we stopped in some town in wisconsin that is apparently "america's little switzerland" and ate at this swiss restaurant (swiss food seems indistinguishable from german food to me... but i'm not swiss, i suppose.) and there was this polka band playing. it was somewhat surreal.

and then we drove and drove and got home and here i am ^_^

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