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Friday, August 30, 2002

listening to: bob dylan, desolation row


leaving for wisconsin tonight! house on the rock! yay! but no computer, boo.

*yawn* i might post again before i leave... but if not... bye everyone! back monday night ^_^

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Thursday, August 29, 2002

listening to: rent (k-zoo, 3/11/01), tango maureen

a couple people in spanish today gave a presentation about the tango. and they should have used the tango: maureen. but, they didn't. sad.

tired. um. megan, i stillll can't get stupid rhs (or anything for that matter) to burn, soooorry! buut i got your card today! i heart the annotations ^_^ and dude! i hate ink marks like that too! more than life itself! *flail*

rob: find me tomorrow, i have a gift for you ^_^

everyone else: my teeth hurt. but um... i'll tell you a pirate joke to make up for lack of entry. ummm.... who's a pirate's favorite rent character? marrrrrk! (and marrrrk's mom. *nod*)

kait: who's a pirate's favorite cast member? sebastian arrrrrcelus ^_^

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

listening to: tori, taxi ride

*rages* i am not speaking to my cd burner until he apologizes to me. suuurry megan, megan, kellie, and anyone else i told i'd burn stuff for... he's being SUCH a jerk right now. cds will burn and burn until 99%, and then stay there infinitely. unfortunately, the last percent is apparently when it closes the cd, so it won't play at all if it's not all the way finished. i've tried it at different speeds, track-at-once, disc-at-once.... *frowl* none of it works. and i have a growing pile of ruined discs. stupid cd burner.

yeah. and i'm so tired it's all i can do to sit up. so. i think i'll sleep.

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listening to: dar(rrrrrr) williams, if i wrote you

random amusing quotes: "there are rumblings of mutiny!"
"rumble rumble rumble! mutiny mutiny mutiny!"

"renata! are you still into pirates?"

yay! i got a new keyboard! mmmmmm! and it has neat buttons! *skips cd forward... and turns the volume up... and such* my last one only had an internet button! *parties*

i'm tired. and i hate homework. and math. and math homework... whoa.

meagna- yeah, i can burn you rhs ^_^ hooow asap do you need it? like should i send it priority? or is regular mail ok? and.. why are you having an rhs emergency?

random question: how is pibb extra different from mr. pibb? they taste the same to me... does pibb extra have more caffeine or some such? if so, i'm all about that.

12 things that annoy you:

* people who think they're better than me... even if they are ^_^
* people who are ahead of me at green left arrows but want to get over into the right lane so they waste the entire green arrow!! *sob sob*
* really fast green arrows that only let one car through
* eminem
* wbnq
* stupid evil pointy doormats of DOOM
* jerry falwell
* Very thin people complaining about how fat they are [amen, kait!}
* lost socks
* my mom's crazy mood swings
* People who's sigs on the boards read something like this:
"I'm the coolest!" - Manley Pope
"I do like chocolate!" - Matt Caplan
"Dogs are funny!" - Karmine Alers
"You're my favourite person ever!" - Maggie Benjamin
[once more... amen, kite]
* people who call me ren, or rentata, or rennie (except keith)... or... well, really anything but renata (correctly pronounced) or reanta. *shrug*

11 people you'd want to spend more time with:

* megan! *sob*
* trina
* miriam
* eliz
* taaalia
* amanda
* kait ^_^
* priscellie
* rob
* kellie
* deeeeel

10 things you're looking forward to:

* hmm. endless nights (february!)
* scarlet's walk (october something)
* ani's new live cd... september someting
* stuart's new cd
* order of the pheonix
* hooouse on the rock this weekend!
* the two towers movie
* my freaking death action figure to come in the mail... it's been a month already! *sob*
* sleep
* chamber of secrets movie

9 things you wear daily:

* Uh, underwear
* bra
* shirt
* pants
* shoes
* watch
* glasses
* deodorant
* a frowl.

8 movies you'd watch over and over:

* mst3k: the movie
* moulin rouge
* the matrix
* rhps
* dogma
* clerks
* mallrats
* assorted disney movies ^_^

6 objects you touch every day:

* my car
* my glasses
* my backpack
* computer
* the sink
* light switch

5 things you do every day:

* sleep
* brush teeth
* eat
* read
* go online

4 foods that you couldn't live without:

* potatoes
* toaaaast
* chex mix ^_^
* coffee

3 of your favorite songs at this moment:

* "are you out there" - dar williams
* "jonah" - stuart davis (*high fives kait*)
* "tear in your hand" - tooooori

2 people that have influenced your life the most:

* My mom
* My dad

*puts on red hat and trenchcoat* *steals kait's answer*

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

* reanta. *hugs reanta*

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

listening to: stuart, dresden

*sigh* i spilled water in my keyboard, so the "m" key doesn't work now... (i have to copy and paste it.) it's funny, though, because in im's, all my m's are bright red and bold...

renata: yeah... that woudl suck. ew. i hope i get a cool roommate.
renata: and i wish my stupid m key would work. sigh.
kellie: Is there some kind of hidden meaning in the red, bold... oh, now I get it...
renata: it's a code ^_^
renata: i secretly want you to go buy me some m&ms ^_^
kellie: LOL.
renata: lol. i feel like i'm on sesame street or something..
renata: "this im brought to you by the letter m!"
kellie: And the number 6!
renata: yay!

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listening to: stuuuart, drown

yaay stuart.

my arm itches. *scratch scratch*

i'm so proud with my on-top-of-itness... i've been getting all my homework done in advance and junk. go me. *pats self on back*

oh, and i seem to have inadvertently become the total pet of the new psych teacher... after class today, he was like "renata, have you taken a psychology class before?" "no.. why?" "wow! you're really smart!!" *blink* i wasn't even trying to suck up. wow. *taps fingers together a la mr. burns* this should come in handy when i need college recommendation letters, especially as he has a "dr." in his name.... muwaaahahahaha. ha.

*considers* i'm hungry. but i already told my mom i wasn't, because, well, i wasn't at the time. but if i go back downstairs to get food, she'll talk to me about colleges for another 45 minutes, i just knooow it. that, or why don't i have a boyfriend yet. but that's another story.

hm. i think that's about all i have to say for now.

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Monday, August 26, 2002

listening to: bat boy, whatcha gonna do?

aww. i heart bat boy. mil gracias, priscellie!

anyway. i'm (re)reading the great gatsby, and it's my mom's old copy.. i'm really amused by all the little notes she wrote to herself in the margin... "contrast or irony.. or whatever..." "daisy is really emotional!"

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listening to: ani d, buildings and bridges

*flail* so okay... my bookshelf.. the shelves are held up by these stupid little metal prong things, so that you can move the shelves around and adjust their heights... well, just now i heard this loud noise... so i look over, and one side of the top shelf has fallen over, and is now resting on top of the books on the shelf beneath it. then i realize that the other side is also only supported by the books under it, i just hadn't noticed because the books on that side are taller. and then i realize that this shelf, the one that is holding up the top shelf... it doesn't have any metal things either, it's resting on the cd-rom tower on the shelf beneath it. so basically... the 3 top shelves are all supported by this one shelf. *flail* so if i don't post again... someone come save me, i've probably been crushed by a falling bookshelf.

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listening to: guys and dolls, luck be a lady

so... i came home and had this sudden inexplicable urge to listen to guys and dolls. *flail* i'm so confused.

anyway. euro today was hilarious, eliz and i ended up in a discussion group with rebecca... and... ooooh my god. like. that girl is so full of herself it's just... vastly amusing. (and i don't feel bad about not liking her, because she's HORRIBLY mean to anyone who she doesn't think is as smart as she is. somehow i've made her grade, but seriously, she's SO rude to so many people. it makes me mad. who the hell does she think she is?) anyway. we had to make a list of 20 things in the category of "european culture and intellectuals", which was really vague, but you know, really easy. eliz and i had, you know, "shakespeare, bach, kafka, seurat, monet, einstein.." etc. and then out of nowhere rebecca's like "oh, there aren't any french intellectuals. at least, i never met any." (she spent like, a month or so in france.) *snicket* it's just so funny how she thinks she knows so much. but she had to ask me who seurat and kafka were. so eat it, bitch.

anyway. oh. on saturday at metropolis i saw this thing that i thought would be a perfect birthday gift for.. someone. but someone's birthday is a long way away, and i didn't have that much money with me, so i figured i'd come back later and get it... so i went back today... and it was gone! *sob* but the guy said that more of these things would come in in a few weeks. so yay.

my foot is really gross. like, it doesn't hurt that much any more.. but the skin isn't healing back together. there's like.. this very visible crack in my foot. it really creeps me out. feckin' doormat. *frowl*

aaanywho, that's about it for now..

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portmanteau word: a word coined by combining two other words, encompassing the original meanings of both component parts. (a portmanteau is a suitcase that opens up into both components.) lewis carroll invented the term, explaining it as follows: "you see, it's like a portmanteau... there are two meanings packed up in one word." some portmanteau words have become commonplace in english vocabulary.

examples: the word slithy from lewis carroll's poem "jabberwocky" (1871) is made up by combining slimy and lithe, humpty dumpty explains to alice. smog, coined from smoke and fog, has become familiar today, as has chortle, a word derived from chuckle and snort. contemporary portmanteau words include spork (a spoon and fork combined into a single utensil), splurchase (a splurged-on purchase) and spanglish (a "tossed salad" of spanish and english.)

... so, why, praytell, was frowl neglected from this list? i should write an angry letter to the authors of the bedford glossary of critical and literary terms. shame on them.

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Sunday, August 25, 2002

so... the cut on my foot is completely failing to heal. it's going to leave a really neat scar! i think i'll tell people that i got it.. in a knife fight. a knife fight... with ants.

hey, they can lift several times their own body weight, you know.

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listening to: rhps, sweet transvestite

i juuust watched beauty and the beast. yay! however, i noticed a disturbing time incontinuity (note: yes, i am a nerd)... the enchantress said that the rose would bloom until his 21st year. does that mean his 21st birthday, or his 21st year of being a beast? because later lumiere says something about it having been 10 years since the enchantment was placed. so if it was his 21st birthday, the beast was only 11 when that happened. and if it was the 21st year of being a beast... well... then that doesn't work at all. *flail*

and no, i have absolutely no problem with the logistics of talking furniture. but dammit, they could at least get their time sequence right.

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listening to: tori, sweet dreams

hurrah, i'm delicious!

Yummy...I'm an Entree!
Which Part of a Meal Are You?Find out!

Woohoo! I'm Big Bird!
Which Kid's TV Character are You?Find out!

i bet big bird is delicious too! er, i mean... next question.

Ooh...I'm Chandler!
Which 'Friend' Are You?Find out!

Mmm...I'm Belle!
Which Disney Princess are You?Find out!

dude... i want to watch beauty and the beast. right now. i hope i can find it >_<

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holy mother of lincoln, go check out priscellie's new layout. that's an order ^_^

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listening to: tori, winter (live)


so i was reading the archives at rockapella.com... "I've quickly become a hard-core kickboxing junkie, a coldly efficient middle-aged killing machine. Actually I suck at it, but it rewards me with an endorphin rush that feels like a mainline jet fuel injection. It also helps that, aside from the teacher, I'm the only guy in the class. "

and "So don't be looking here for any violently partisan commentary about the s***** b****** who s**** the election."

i baked a cake today! it was swirly! and then i made butterflies!*

*fine, i didn't really make butterflies. that was delirium. but i just didn't think the swirly cake was impressive enough on its own. *sob* i'm so inadequate.

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hmm. so i let my mom borrow barrel fever, and she bent the cover *sniff* so i was pressing it flat with this giant astrology book somebody gave me for christmas (i have nooo idea why... but that's okay. it comes in handy for flattening things.) anyway, it's called the secret language of birthdays so i thought i'd check out the secret language of my birthday. apparently i am a "mutable air." and sarte and i have the same birthday. and i'm ruled by jupiter! *flail* yeah. but... um... this is mostly nothing like me. apparently i'm egotistical and obsessed with style, and i'm a workaholic who's hard to get along with. but, i'm intense and good with money.

hmm. "in addition, if any one of their activities assumes an addictive cast it can crowd out everything else in their life, and require higher and higher 'doses' to satsify them. this kind of activity can lead to sociopathic behavior..."

*hides box of rent playbills* i'm not obsessive.. nooo...

also, i should be a vegetarian... to keep me grounded.

i'm SO amused.

let's see... according to this, trina is very pragmatic, but needs to learn to tolerate weakness in others. miriam needs to learn not to always act on her desires, and to curb her appetite for danger. elizabeth sees herself as a "defender of the faith, preserver of tradition." and she values wit, charm, and humor. talia "appears detached and cool." and she's handy around the house! priscellie is "quick to show her displeasure with all overt forms of authority and repression." and you have a ready wit and an excellent sense of humor :) megan is quick-witted and the "master of the short, ironic, and sometimes devastating comment". and she enjoys "sensuous activities." oh, and her friends are "earthy people who, though intelligent, know how to relax and have fun." woot.

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it would seem that my mom is in one of her moods today... she totally lost it a bit ago when she found out that reid ate the last little breakfast pizza thingie. she yelled at him for like five minutes about it, and then my dad came downstairs and she just sat there and bitched to him about how she wanted a breakfast pizza. and then she sort of glowered at me and asked me if i had any homework (and i was eating toast! i was innocent of stealing her breakfast pizzas!) and i said "a little", and she said "good, go get some windex and clean all the outside windows."


oh, and chelle... at the corn festival, i kept thinking people said "porn" instead of "corn", which led to some amusing mishearings... "hey, porn is only a quarter!" "the boy scouts are selling porn!" and et cetera.

priscellie is my herd!! *points at death* look how evenly her hair is outlined! and it's all neat and wispy and such! *heart* and yeaaah, i want to hear maa music! i remember listening to one of the songs a looong time ago, but... i hadn't read the book... so... it didn't make any sense. *nod* yeah. and now your discworld art makes sense! yay!

anywho. going to go clean the windows, now... *flower*

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Saturday, August 24, 2002

listening to: mst3k, rowsdower

*sigh* still bored... wheeeere is everyone? i know.. trina is in alabama, miriam is babysitting, and rob is watching chick flicks... and kellie's away message claaaaims she's "studying". right ^_~ so where are the rest of you? *flail*

anywho, priscellie.. the way u-high's scheduling works is that you're required to have 6 credits a year, and 24 to graduate. each class is 55 minutes, with a 5 minute passing period. each u-high class counts as .5 credits a semester. where it gets tricky is that we're allowed to take any 100-level (sometimes higher... it's a bit fluid) isu or heartland (community college) class we want, and those are 1 credit a semester. (also, if you have an "academic overload" you can waive pe. yay!) so my math class is at heartland, and it meets from 5-7, twice a week. *cracks knuckles* and this beautiful thing is how i have 3 free hours (4 if you count 7:00.) *purrs* and i'm graduating with... *thinks* 27 or 28 credits, i forget. yay!

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listening to: beatles, come together

*frowl* i'm bored. and i hate les miz. and i hate cosette.

I'm Cosette!
Sweet and sheltered, but not just another pretty face, I've overcome some tough times, and have nowhere to go but up. Only the most hardened sociopaths -- and, well, fanatical Eppie/Marius 'shippers -- have anything bad to say about me.

Which Les Miserables Character Are You?

You're Sister Simplice!
Who you are: Fantine's caretaker.

This is your life: You are a nun who works in the infirmary in Montreuil with your counterpart, Sister Perpetue. You are well-known for never having lied in your life, but you fib for Valjean's sake without batting an eye. Go you.

Random fact: You like getting mail.

...and what Obscure Minor Character In Les Miserables are you?

why do these online quizzes always think i'm nice? i mean... i suppose i'm not complaining... but it seems so incongrous to me. *blink*

*bites head off kitten and throws the body to del*

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listening to: dar williams, as cool as i am

soo... let's see. miriam and i went to cornfest... and... uh, ate some corn. *nod* ran into liz and tony... and stalked rob and aaron at the library. oh, and i went to acme to try to buy the wake but they only had it in hardcover... so.... no. and then.. miriam and i went to barnes and noble, and i bought tess of the d'urbervilles for lit, and also this reaaally cool beatles book for my dad (his birthday is tomorrow.) but when i got home i discovered that he already haaas it. life is so hard. anywho, then we went over to target and i got some more neosporin for my stupid foot, aaaand some hello kitty bandaids! they're SO cute! i can't wait until the next time i hurt myself so i can use one! *blink* um, yes. goooodtimes.

and then i dropped miriam back off at her car... and.. .went home. and here i am! oh, and i wrote a poem for megan. probably no one else will find this funny (maybe kait? kait, do you know the hat story? *flail*) but that's okay, because iiii do.

*runs off and changes into all black*

ahem... my life is a dark pit of darkness... and that bitch megan never gave me my stuart cd... the ravens circle me, calling my name, calling me to join them... but alas, i am far too emo to do so. so i sit and i cry, cry, cry for my lost stuart cd.

woot. i'm so emo.

*swivels* well, since priscellie and *nina* posted their schedules, and they're my role models, i'll post mine too ^_^

8:00- free hour
9:00- ap lit
10:00- free hour
11:00- psychology
12:00- ap euro
1:00- spanish 115 @ isu (m-th)
2:00- free hour
5:00- math 111 @ heartland (t&th)

pretty sweet ^_^ oh, and 2nd semester add shakespeare at 8, and a free hour at 11. and spanish 116 instead of 115. *nod* aand i'll be done with my math requirement by then. yaay.

so... yeah.

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listening to: bat boy, hold me, bat boy

"still, it's the heaviest of these volumes, and thus, in hardback at least, could undoubtably be used to stun a burglar: which has always been my definition of real art." -- from the afterword of the kindly ones


*but depressed* *sniff sniff*

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listening to: neeeeil, reading coraline *swooon*

yay! i just got the mail! *glomps priscellie* and yay bat boy! and i'm SO amused by the little pirate drawing... hee.

anywho... been reading more the kindly ones and i'm still terribly angry at that foreword. *flower* but. yeah. the corinthian really disturbs me... but... i guess he'd be a bit of a failure if he didn't. also, i realized that when this artist (*too lazy to go get the book and look*) draws him, he kiiinda looks like the new psychology teacher.... who also kinda unsettles me. but luckily, the psych teacher has eyes. so that's alright then. anyway. i'm just so amazingly impressed with how well the whole sandman series ties together. i mean each book technically does stand alone, but if you read them all in order... you really really notice how many characters and themes return. wow. (also, i keep seeing very very american gods-esque things crop up in sandman, which i think is cool. *nod*) *heaaarts neil*

oh, and i finally finished men at ar[rrrr]ms! yay! *hearts terry pratchett even more* hmm. i should really publish this in poor, neglected sgt. pepper... *consider* ah well.

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listening to: phil ochs, the ballad of alfred packer

this is totally the best song about a cannibal ever. well... maaybe 2nd best, if you count me and elizabeth's (elizabeth and mine? *shrug*) donner party theme song. but still... "they called him a murderer, a cannibal, a thief/ it just doesn't pay to eat anything but government inspected beef."

anyway. the dance kinda sucked, but i wasn't expecting much else... since ah... i don't like to dance... and... my foot hurts a lot when i put weight on it... and... well, such. *nod* but it was alright. steak n' shake afterwards was looooots of fun, we kept scaring the waiter. (elizabeth yelled out "INCEST IS THE BEST!" riiight as he walked by... *long pause* don't ask why we were talking about incest. it's tony's fault.)

i really freaked myself out driving home tonight.... i don't know HOW many times i've gone down this street, but for some reason tonight i was like "oh god! i'm driving down the wrong side of the street!! how long have i been doing this?!" and then.. i realized it was a one-way street. *nod*

anywho. priscellie, i heart you soo much! yay! and yeah, the picture is in my version of a doll's house, but mine is really old (i bought it used), and it has a different cover and such. and it's not on like.. glossy paper, it's on like, regular paper.. so i scanned it in, but it's kind of a weird color from the paper. heeere she is. (i didn't mess with the size at all, the one i'm using right now is, let me see... 204x375 pixels... so... *gesture* somewhere in that general size would be good.) anyway... thank you, merci, gracias, danke... er... *insert other languages and copious hearts here*

oh yeah, and tomorrow... cornfest, miriam, tony and i are meeting in front of the post office at 2:30ish... and you should too. *pokes people within poking range*

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Friday, August 23, 2002

listening to: tori, crazy

i can't decide if i like this song or not. but i think i do. *nod*

anywho. i realized that since i finished reading alll my euro books, i've fulfilled my bargain with myself and thus can continue reading sandman! yay! and um... if you haven't read the kindly ones yet... do not, under any circumstances, read the foreword. *flail*

anyway. so it's good so far, i heart it. it's a different style of art than the last 8... well i mean they were all slightly different.. but this is more... um.. *hand gesture* with the thingies... and the... lines... and... uh... *flail*... stuff. but i like it. *nod*

oh, and rob, i juuust tried to call you.. .but your family doesn't know where you are. *shrug* so anyhow, if you happen to read this, we're all *vague hand gesture to indicate "all"* going to be at the stupid dance.. prolly... around 9:30 or so. *shrug* yeah. and prolly steak n' shake (note: originally typed "stake n' shake") or somesuch afterwards. *nod*

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listening to: tori, upside down

hmm.. so... my mom just looked at the cut on my foot, and she flipped out... "renata! that needs stitches! why didn't you show me that sooner?!" "no... i don't need stitches, it's fine... *flees*" so yeah... if i get gangrene and have to have my foot amputated, well, it'll be my oooown fault.

oh yeah, and since i'm lazy and use my blog like email... priscellie, since you're home now and such... could you do me a favor? *big eyes* i think it should be fairly easy, but i'm not sure since... i don't have... graphicy software.. and.. talent... and stuff... anywho, *points at death* see how her hair is more outlined on the right side than on the left? it's cos the original picture [you can see it in the afterword of a doll's house, at least my version..]... half of her head is in front of dream, so it had an outline, but the other half was just in front of white, so whoever scanned that added a black background and an outline.. but it's different. yeah. so if sometime you had a bit of free time and could make one side more outlined or the other one less outlined, whichever's easier... that would be peachy keen ^_^ but if not, no big deal at all, just thought i'd ask. *heart*

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listening to: rachael sage, souvenir

random amusing quotes: "what station is the history channel on? *pause* oh, yeah, the history channel!"

"*writes on board* fishx. the x is silent!"

first offfff.... happy birthday taaalia!

anywho. today was a good day ^_^ i was on time for class, and nooo spanish on fridays! *prances* lesse... pobre amanda lost her keys, so she, ashvin and i had an adventure at 1 o'clock driving over to mccormick to try to find them. (unsuccessful ~_~) but while we were waiting for the parking services guy to come break into her car to see if she locked them in it, we played some parking ramp tennis... which was good times. (ashvin is a tennis player, so he had like 4 rackets and 50000 tennis balls in his trunk). so yeah, that was fun. but i hope someone finds aman's keys and turns them in...

anywho. so at 2pm it was just amanda and i, and we were bored and didn't feel like doing homework... so we invented this game. we set up a wall (er.. a water bottle, an empty dr. pepper can, a bottle of lotion, and amanda's purse) and the object was to flip the bottle lid over the wall. it was actually a whoooole lotta fun, and we were being really loud, as is to be expected. so then these 4 freshman boys come over and are like "what are you guys doing?" "it's a game! it's fun!" "what are you guys? *disdainful voice* sophomores?" "aaactually, we're seniors." "*annoying boys make more comments and walk away*" amanda: "god, i really hate annoying cocky freshman boys, don't you?" "yes, yes i do!" lol.

well, we were amused.

i'm so tired. amanda coerced me into agreeing to go to the stupid back to school dance tonight. (she's on student senate, so she has to go, so she bullies all her friends into going too. damn her.)

i'm going to do some laundry, and take a nap maybe, and... junk. *nod*

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Thursday, August 22, 2002

addendum to addendum: yes, i know it's really addendum and not annedum. really. *nod*

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annendum to last post: i remembered the thing i was supposed to do... bring ms. scott's ronald reagan paper dolls ^_^

yeah. oh, and i realized how impressively calm i was about being half an hour late for class. like.. if that had happened freshman year, i would have FLIPPED out. but now i was just like "... meh." i'm not sure if it's good that i'm less stressed out, or bad that i'm more of a slacker. hmm. anywho, that's all. *nod*

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listening to: beatles, hey jude

owie. kickboxing made my foot sad. *pats foot* aaanywho. this morning my alarm completely failed to go off, so i woke up around 8:45... my first class is at 9... and i have a half hour drive... so... you do the math.

yeah, go me. fortunately, it's thetard, and... yeah, she doesn't care. and apparently all i missed was a discussion on the irony of the cask of montillado. which... yeah.

*flail* i told my mom about the house on the rock, and she was like "oh, yeah, you've been there!" *flail* but apparently i was really little. (dammit, ths is like when i was little, and i wanted to go to disney world really badly, and my parents were like "you've already BEEN there!" and i was like "i was like 3 months old! that doesn't COUNT!") anywho. yeah, and she said we were thinking about going up to wisconsin next weekend (my grandparents have a summer cabin up there) and we could go! yay!

crap. there was something i had to do when i got home, and i was going to write it on my hand, but then i was like "naaah, i'll remember!" but.. now i don't. *thiiinks*

*thinks some more*

nothing homework related, i don't think...oh wait, maybe i just needed to remember to mail megan's sweatshirt. (which i did! *hearts to megan*) hmm. oh well.


Will Alan Cumming and Natasha Richardson return to Cabaret? Broadway.com has learned that plans are afoot to bring the stars back to the revival for a brief limited engagement for the production to be filmed for television.

dude, that would rock my face off.

oh, and i heart priscellie ^_^

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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

listening to: ani d, worthy

an update in the ongoing stupidity of renata:

so i go to do my spanish homework and realize i don't have my book. "okay," i said to myself. "i bet it's in the car. i'll just run outside barefoot and look." so i do... but i step on our doormat on the way out. our doormat, which i had previously thought to be made of woven plastic, actually seems to be made of some sort of friggen RAZOR material, and it takes off a good 2 inches or so of skin on the ball of my foot.


(oh, and rob, an update on the blood: it started leaking through the bandaids, so i had to change them >_<)

anywho. in other news, megan went to the house on the rock!! *flail* the house on the rock!! and she saw the carosel! and the "drunkard's dream"! and she bought me a floaty pen! *flail flail* (if you don't understand how cool this is... go read american gods by neil gaiman riiiiight now.)

*flail* anywho.. yeah. i so need to go. i knew it was in the midwest someplace, of course, since... it... says so in the book... but.. it never ocurred to me to actually like.. find it. yeah. it's in wisconsin. *nod* i so need to go there sometime.

but for now i just need to go to sleep.

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listening to: dar williams, teenagers, kick our butts

taking a break from my (boring squared) euro readings to point this out: "If records are accurate, enormous quanities of ale were consumed. A monastery in the twelfth century records a daily allotment to the monks of three gallons a day, far above the weekend consumption of many present-day college students." this brings three things to my mind: 1. wouldn't "drunk monks" be a good name for a band? 2. i'm amused that college students are the unit for measurement of alcoholic consumption. and 3. more than most college students? meaning there are, indeed, some that drink more than 3 gallons a day? *flail* that's a lot! think about it! it's mind boggling!

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*yaaawn* i could still be asleep! why am i here? why why why? *flail*

anywho. sorry kellie ^_^ if it makes you feel any better, i left out about half of my day in that post ^_^

so: on monday i saw kellie in the parking lot! and we talked! and then my mom flipped out because i had been 10 minutes late, but it was all thetard's fault. *froowl*

i'm SO tired. i'm going to go back downstairs and do some... math. eew.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

listening to: tori, daisy dead petals

random amusing quote: "it's so short and thick and it doesn't fit!"
"... the book!"

i got to sleep in today! like 2 hours! YAY 8 o'clock free hour! *flail* on the other hand, i didn't get home until 9:30, so... i guess there's a blanace. um, or a balance. right.

hmm. okay, kellie... 1.) "::sniffle:: Nobody wanted to be meeee??" i read that like, 3 times, and it still doesn't make sense... *flail* and 2.) ... crunchy dykes... it's like... originally it was crunchy granola dykes... like, you know the type.. like... earthy. birkenstock wearing. indigo-girls-listening. yes.

went kickboxing today... candie (the hardcore instructor) was really excited. *sob* out of me, miriam, trina, and jenny.. i'm the only one whose name she knows... and she thinks i'm like, "dedicated" and all this nonsense.

*yawn* going to go.. do homework now. yeah.

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Monday, August 19, 2002

listening to: annie, easy street

i love alan's voice. *sigh* but god, i hate annie. so... it's a conflict. *frowl* i need to break out my cabaret cd.

anywho. first day.... hmm. ap lit should be fun... the new psych teacher is weird, and none of my friends are in my class except ashvin.. euro... goodtimes there. i have two classes with two people who reaaaally get on my nerves... *hiss* oh well. hopefully all the other cool people will cancel them out.

ooh, priscellie, i'm ghandi too ^_^

Economic Left/Right: -2.88
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -4.21

oh, and megan: suuure i can get the sweatshirt for you ^_^ i'll try to go tomorrow after escuela and before my stupid math class *nod* and trina got a medium, and trina's tiny.. so.. yeah, i'll prolly get you a medium too? *shrug* but.. yeah, send me money asap, cos i'm poor ~_~ they're $20. and why in the world did you owe me $15? i totally can't think of anything. *swivel* but... why am i arguing? lol.

renata hearts rob!

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Sunday, August 18, 2002

listening to: stuaaaart, evil white man

dude, friggen ow... when i got gas on my way home, i decided to clean out my car, cos it was getting gross... so like, i was sort of crouching down on the ground so i could pick all the junk off the floor, and then i stood up and totally whacked my thigh on the bottom of the door... already there's this big swollen slash on my leg. it's totally going to leave the bruise from hell. say it with me: life's so hard.

anywho. megan! remember those grey and pink sweatshirts at aeropostale that we both liked a lot but were too cheap to buy at full price? they were on sale today ^_^ $15 off! yay! so i got one. aand this really comfy (i like the word comfy. comfy comfy comfy) sweater at old navy. and they both have hoods, so i can scare jenny! (jenny is afraid of people wearing hoods. we all enjoy exploiting this because we're bad people.)

anyway... i still have one more book to read for euro... and a paper to write about it... so... i'm gonna go... do that. yeah.

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listening to: indigo girls, closer to fine

random amusing quote: "what were we talking about?"
"umm... elizabeth, and tj... *thinks* and noodles"

dude, i completely forgot how much i heaaaaaaart "closer to fine". awww. yay for crunchy dyke music!

hmm. now i don't remember what i was going to post. ah well. i'm meeting tbt in a bit to go malling. *nod* and... i don't want to go back to school tomorrow. *frowl*

that is all.

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listening to: swim, fall into the sea

dude, maybe i should bitch about stuff in my blog more often... cos i woke up this morning, and my mom made coffee! aaand.. pancakes! with blueberries! and she wiped the counter herself! *flails merrily* so um... my car makes funny noises when i accelerate... [which reminds me, "my car" is now actually my car, because my mom got sick of sharing and went out and got a new.. well, new in 1991... car for herself. yay!] um... and... they stopped making the kind of mechanical pencils i like! and... my toe hurts!

okay, now i just feel really petty. let's move on. [sidenote: i love tom petty!]

i'd like to publically congratulate a certain meldoy for quitting her temp job with satan... i mean... billy graham ^_^

i was going to point out that i heart del, but then i realized that there are a lot of people i heart and i wouldn't want to exclude anyone. therefore, i heart everyone this morning! *puts flowers in hair and dances off into the suns... er... vague grayish mist...* [what's that about?]

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listening to: joshua kobak, swimming


reid: "um, renata, did your birthday already happen this year?"
me: "er, yes, two months ago..."
reid: "oh.. well... i got this for your birthday, but i forgot to give it to you.. so.. here"

awww.. and he gave me harry potter legos! and it comes with a little lego hedwig! and a sorting hat! and... awwww. *plays*

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Saturday, August 17, 2002

listening to: maaaatt caplan, virginia

so i just realized "dude, i haven't listened to a boot in FOREVER" so i grabbed this matt/joshua one... aww... del and i talking about flailing... *hearts* *sigh* my fondest memory of this whole show, i think, is when matt played "sideways"-- and this was in chicago-- so when he sang "lost my train of thought around chicago" he got really excited and like.. flailed towards the window.. like "look! i just said chicago and i'm IN chicago!"

i heart matt.

anyway, but, that's not why i posted.. i posted because i heart priscellie! here, listen! neil gaiman talking about lincoln's superiority! *heaaaaaarts* and can i just say that i love his accent? *sigh* i'm such a neil fangirl >_<

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listening to: rhs, dammit janet

i'd like to take this opportunity to state that i would SO have daphne rubin-vega's babies. if that were physically possible.

random thought: does anyone else think it's funny that meat loaf played eddie in the movie, and they ate eddie... and you eat meatloaf! *flail flail*



anywho. saw forever plaid again. it's SO funny. and everyone in it is sooo good. *frowl* i'm so jealous of people who are good at stuff.

my mom's in a really evil mood. frumble. so my last day before school starts is going to be spent cleaning. *frowl* the thing that kind of upsets me about my mom sometimes... is like... okay. she's ALWAYS on about how dirty the house is. but she never cleans. at all. in fact she doesn't do anything except make jewelry. and okay, fine, that's her right. but it seems to me that since she's not working (she's a teacher) and it upsets her that much that the house is dirty.. maybe she could clean a little bit too. or do the laundry. or cook dinner maybe. or.. oh well. i guess i shouldn't complain.

*flail flail* my aim logo thing in the taskbar.. it's flashing with a mailbox! *flail* what? i don't have a netscape email address! and i don't want one! which reminds me, i got this letter (in the mail. not email) that's like.. "your domain FROWL.ORG expires in FEBRUARY!" and it wanted me to move it to some other host.. and it was like "get a 3 PAGE WEBSITE" lol. "hmm, okay, who needs 100 megs? a 3-page website! that's a fabulous offer! where do i sign up?!"

i am easily amused.

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listening to: dar williams, teenagers, kick our butts

random amusing quotes: "i wanna see it, i wanna see it! ... is that all? it's so small!"

"remember the time when we went to jewel and we didn't get raped?"

"why did you stick out your boobs when you said 'god'?"

"how are you, elizabeth?"

so... haven't really blogged in awhile. *flail* haven't.. done too much. saw forever plaid, worked some, um... yeah. tried to burn a cd for rob just now, but my cd player is being a horrible spoiled brat again >_< life's so hard.

oh. and now i have to go. *sigh* maybe i'll blog some more later...

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Friday, August 16, 2002

listening to: bob dylan, like a rolling stone

*sigh* sorry, bored ^_^

which literary heroine are you?
Which Literary Heroine Are You?

yay! kait, we're twins!

What's Your Perfect Teen Movie?
What's Your Perfect Teen Movie?

Who's Your Josie & The Pussycats Alter-ego?
Who's Your Josie Alter-ego?

i've never seen josie and the pussycats. the movie i mean. but i want to cos alan cumming is in it... i just... never got around to it. yeah.

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listening to: rem, it's the end of the world as we know it

*frowl* i swear that quiz somehow made the font on the rest of the page smaller... but i'm SURE i took out all the html except for bold tags and img tags... *frowl*

stuff happened today.

but i don't feel like blogging about it. i rather feel like sleeping.

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Thursday, August 15, 2002

You are 43% geek
You are a geek liaison, which means you go both ways. You can hang out with normal people or you can hang out with geeks which means you often have geeks as friends and/or have a job where you have to mediate between geeks and normal people. This is an important role and one of which you should be proud. In fact, you can make a good deal of money as a translator.

Normal: Tell our geek we need him to work this weekend.

You [to Geek]: We need more than that, Scotty. You'll have to stay until you can squeeze more outta them engines!

Geek [to You]: I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain, but we need more dilithium crystals!

You [to Normal]: He wants to know if he gets overtime.

Take the Polygeek Quiz at Thudfactor.com


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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

listening to: beatles, come together

mmmm, my pajamas smell like trina's house now. *sniff* mmm.

(trina's house always smells pleasantly of curry, and it's impossible to spend any length of time there without coming away smelling faintly of it. it's a familar smell to me. it makes me wonder if other people smell like my house when they leave it, and if so, what does my house smell like?)

btw, kellie, i hope your party is progressing nicely ^_^ i wanted to come... but little sleep and dealing with uhigh put me in a mood best suited for skulking about my house in curry-scented pajamas, and not for being allowed near other human beings.

*skulks off*

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random amusing quotes: "oh, boys and their food dehydrators"

"all roni, no rice"

i always feel deeply sorry for people who get stuck behind me at left turns. poor bastards.

anywho. party at trina's house was much fun. this morning went over to isu and worked out my spanish 115 issues, then met miriam at subway for lunch... the kid's meals have crocodile hunter toys! yay! and theeen i went to target and bought some pens, and some more college-ruled paper (i just can't get enough, i just can't get enough *hums*) and i went to heartland and bought my stupid finite math book, and nooow i'm blogging at a free isu computer, because i'm a sad, sad person. *nod*

so now i think i'm off to the coffeehouse to.. drink coffee and read some european history until my appointment with jd at 4:15.

*just read talia's blog* OH! mike ducett HIT your car! i thought you said he HAD it and i was wondering why you were so upset about that! *flail* anywho, that sucks ~_~

here, maybe this will cheer you up ^_^


You Are an Officelady! It all seemed so blissful at
Wear cute little suits, meet friends with matching suits,
get a small salary.
Well, you're going to be making copies
for the rest of your life, and a good raise is not in your
And forget about marrying out of this glass cieling!
So you can make coffee at home and wash your
husband's underwear? Gross!

What's *Your* Japanese

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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

listening to: dar williams, are you out there?

sooo... did some junk with miriam today... got school supplies ^_^ there was a huge wide-ruled paper conspiracy. but i eventually triumphed and discovered my beloved college-ruled hidden under a box of wide-ruled paper. mwahaha.

also, got an r2-d2 pencil sharpener ^_^

then.. .waited in line at school for an hour and a half to buy books. and i couldn't even buy any because my schedule's fubar until i get to fix it tomorrow. froooowl.

anywho, apparently there's a party at trina's house... so... i'm off. *whoosh*

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listening to: k's choice, believe

I'm Velma, which ambiguous dyke are you? Quiz by Turi.


so did you know that the chick on strangers with candy is amy sedaris? as in david's brother? cos i didn't.

i accidentally started reading about a boy by nick hornby. it's quite good, although i am a bit appalled by the notion of a man pretending to be a single father for the sake of picking up vulnerable single mothers, and even more appalled by the notion that i'm SURE there are guys out there doing that RIGHT NOW.

*flail* honestly it's enough to push a girl right over the line of ambiguousness ^_~

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Monday, August 12, 2002

listening to: kind of pluto, sleepwalker

so i'm really amused that right now the featured item on ebay is "Destroy your Enemies~ Ruin Anyone~ Software."

it'd be better if it was just "destroy your enemies" though. *nod*

and megan, your comments won't work right now... but... i don't think you're pretty. at all. er. not really. *reconsiders* you're pretty, but that's not why i heart you ^_^ i heart you cos you're meganriffic and i'd heart you no matter what you looked like. and i'd neeever try to pick you up in a bar ^_^ yeah.

that is all.

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hmm. on winmx, someone with the cheerful username "F_U_Deutsch_Ass" is uploading all my joshua kobak mp3s. *blink*

so am i supposed to be the deutsch ass? or is he the deutsch ass? i just don't get it.

at least he has good taste in music, i suppose...

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Sunday, August 11, 2002

listening to: dar williams, are you out there?

first off... damn you kait, i'm so addicted to this song. i just bought end of the summer on amazon. i hope you're happy ^_^

second, i was watching kim possible earlier today (oh, who are you to judge me? ^_~) and i saw a commercial... they're making one of their delightfully awful tv-movies (oops, i mean, zoog movies) out of a ring of endless light! by madeleine l'engle! yay! i heart that book! and it walks that line between good and cheesy so well that i can just tell it'll be a great disney movie.

also, i like dolphins. *nod* so yes, i will probably be watching that. probably multiple times.

i want a rock to wind a piece of string around. *nod*

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listening to: rocky horror show, science fiction double feature

oops. seem to have inadvertently taken a 2 hour nap.

... that, or was abducted by aliens. *flail*

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listening to: tori, cloud on my tongue

i would just like to announce that after 7 tries, i have successfully exorcised the demon that was inhabiting my cd burner and burned kait's cd. yaaaaaaay!

also, i have read 100 pages of a distant mirror: the calamitous 14th century, thus leaving a mere 500 to go! yay me!

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listening to: tori, the waitress

so i had to rescue my parents from the gas station... it was highly exciting. like. they made it to the gas station, but it was closed... so... they couldn't buy gas... nor could they... leave... yeah.

i went to the heartland new student orientation today... i traded 45 minutes of my life for helpful advice such as "you should really attend all your classes" and "study!" and "please try not to answer your cell phone during classes". oh, and a cookie. i guess the cookie made it all worth it. well, not really. but it was a nice gesture.

and then i called miriam... and she was like "come over!" so i did, but she wasn't there. so i talked to her mom for awhile, and then miriam showed up. and.. we went to target, and the post office. and then we decided to see a movie... so we called talia.. and she was going to come with us and we were like "yay!" but then she changed her mind and we were like "aww!" and wow this is a really long sentence. *pause*

so um yeah. we saw road to perdition and it was really good. hella depressing, but good. and beaaaautiful. and then we went to liz's house and ended up swimming with tj, rob, megan, tony... some other chick. well, and liz. it was fun. *nod* except rob needs to keep his hands where i can see them ^_~

yeah. and then i came home and saved my parents from the gas station... and... blogged... and i think i may just go to bed.

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Saturday, August 10, 2002

listening to: tori, icicle

ooh, so, all last night i had this one line of a song, "history puts a saint in every dream" running through my head, and i cooouldn't figure out what song it was from.. and it's "time" by tom waits/tori. in case you were wondering. *nod*

i have to go to a freshman orientation thing for heartland at 3... bah.

bleh. i still have another pageish to write about candide. am debating whether or not to keep this line: "I suppose Candide was chosen as a reading to instill us all with paranoia and existential dread, so as to make us easier to control. Well, Iím on to your clever plan!"

and still i have nothing interesting to say. that's okay, though. *frolicks off*

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listening to: beatles, when i'm 64

*yaaawn* tired. saw footloose in peoria with rob and megan (not you) and tj and elizabeth. *nod* goodtimes. but there's no way in hell we're going to do it at u-high. and we stopped at arby's, and my happy meal came with a crocodile bracelet-y thing with stickers! yay! and megan (not you) and i got rob to read sandman! yay!

tired. i thought i'd have something interesting to say if i opened blogger, but, apparently i don't. so maybe i'll just go to bed.

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Friday, August 09, 2002

*sigh* i apologize for this ^_^

1 minute ago: ate some chips.. read del's blog
1 hour ago: *thinks* meh, i think i was still at the computer
1 day ago: asleep
1 month ago: sheesh. i don't know. i was probably asleep or at the computer though ^_^
1 year ago: reading my us history chapters ^_^

Words to decribe the current situation: what situation? *blink*
Things I want: um... the wake, scarlet's walk, a pair of corduroys... and... um... some cheese.
Songs listened to: right now... "tear in your hand" by tori amos... a minute ago... some barenaked ladies.
Things accomplished: today? went kickboxing... did laundry... um, laced shoes.
Windows open: aim, winamp, outlook express, the boards, del's blog, this window, ims with kait, del, and trina
Things around the computer: glass of water, oxy pads, 3 chapsticks, scissors, cd-rs, digital camera, framed picture of me, priscellie, trina, and miriam... ravenclaw button ^_^
Lyric: "they tried to take my special suit/ they said my head looks like fruit!/ what is fruit?!"
People online: 11
People away: 3
People idle: 1
Random: megan told me "and she was" is going to be on the new stuart cd! yay!

[Spell your name backwards] nekcnas yak ataner (hee! yak!)
[Where do you live?] Illinois. no, i don't live in chicago.
[Describe yourself in three words] lazy overachiever. um. ofdoom.
[Who is your worst enemy?] ladybugs
[If you could have ANY animal for a pet, what would it be?] a flying llama.
[Have you ever used a spork?] fo sho. (can't believe i just typed that.)
[Do you even know what a spork is?] duh.
[What is the latest you've ever stayed up?] eh... a long time?
[Ever been to Belgium?] no. and i've never been to boston in the fall. *blink* i think i've taken this survey before. oh well.
[[What's your favourite coin?] pennies have lincoln! but they're annoying.
[wallet] pink and shiny... with a blue man group keychain
[brush] er.. it's fake wood... and i have about 4 of them that are all alike, except only one has a handle, because the handles keep falling off, so i just buy another one like it, even though you'd think i'd learn that the handles will fall of... *deep breath* yeah.
[toothbrush] oh! it's blue, and the end has harry potter riding a broom!
[jewelry worn daily] my watch.. and... i wear my "but i believe in peace, bitch" necklace a lot.
[pillow cover] it's blue, with duckies.
[blanket] it's a reversible comforter... teal on one side, black on the other.

[coffee cup] ooh! keith gave me the coolest coffee cup ever, it has henry viii and all his wives, but when you put coffee in, all the wives disappear!! and i have the "ladybug, ladybug, fly away home" one megan gave me.
[sunglasses] i have some ppg ones. but i dont' wear them because i don't wear my contacts much anymore.
[underwear] today? um, it's purple, and it has random numbers and letters on it.
[shoes] i took a picture of them!
[nail polish] none
[handbag] it looks like a little teal bowling bag! and then i also have the yellow submarine lunchbox.
[favourite top] hmmm... i love my rent hooded sweatshirt. and my besame shirt.
[favourite pants] these jeans i just got at old navy...they're SO comfortable
[cologne] cologne? like on guys? *shrug* no clue. but i personally wear gap so pink. and so does megan ^_^
[cd in stereo right now] kait burned it for me ^_^ it's called "fizzy lemonade" and i heart it.
[tattoos] none.
[piercings] 2 in my left ear, one in my right... or maybe it's the other way around. *poke* yeah, 2 in the left. i never wear earrings though.
[current music] on my kaitriffic cd ^_^ kind of pluto - sleepwalker
[wearing] gray shorts, fleetwood mac shirt
[hair] longish... like to my shoulders
[makeup] none now. i rarely wear much... although i do have an affinity for glitter.
[in my mouth] del.
[in my head] here. in my head... i found you there... *cough* sorry, couldn't resist the urge to toriquote ^_^
[hearing] air conditioner.
[wishing] on a star.
[after this] sleep.

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Thursday, August 08, 2002

listening to: dar williams, are you out there?

random amusing quote: "oh, i'm all talk"
"yeah, you never follow through with anything"
"are you implying that i never follow through with anything?? i'll kill you!"
"no, you won't"
".. yeah, you're right. but i should!"

i hate my burner >_< i tried to burn a mix cd for kait today, and 4 times it gave me output errors at assorted points of completion... *frowl* and then just now it locked up twice while i was trying to get the cd out of the drive. it just wouldn't open. and then i tried to play it, and it locked up. *frowl* but.. i'll try again. because i heart kait ^_^

ooh, and i found these random shoes in my closet that i forgot i had, and they still fit, so it's like new shoes! for free! adn then today i bought spongebob laces for them, and they're SO cool. here, observe:

note my pasty, pasty ankle

um. and my brother came in my room to ask a question... and i answered it... and then i put a plastic bag on my head and announced "i am the pope." it amused me so i took a picture of that too. i was holding a wand too, but it wasn't in the frame of the photo, and i didn't feel like taking another one. *nod*

yeah. um. i need a hobby.

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listening to: paul simon, call me al

i heart kait and kait hearts me ^_^ *mwah!*

woohoo, last night i put a random bunch of playbills i found in my bottom drawer on ebay for $5, and someone already bid on it!! people never bid on the first day of the auction! *dances* so now not only do i have fewer playbills.. i'll have $5! (btw: if anyone wants any rent, les miz, or lion king playbills... just let me know and i'll hook you up ^_^)

i had something else to say. but it probably wasn't important.

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listening to: lloyd cole, rattlesnakes

you know how when you don't know what music you want to listen to so you just set winamp on random and keep hitting "next" until something feels right? i just did that for about 2 minutes straight and settled on lloyd cole. how very random.

anyway. my head hurts. i've been reading candide and it's so fucked up. i mean really. the plot is so absurdly contrived that it's almost monty-python-esque at times. and i mean i understand that you're supposed to read it for the social commentary and the philosophical content... but dude, would it have killed him to make it make sense?

i heart megan. and you should too.

hmm, i just realized something... in the original rattlesnakes, he sings "she's obvious despite herself" but tori sings "she's oblivious despite herself". okay, i'm a geek. *swivel* i think "obvious" makes more sense in the context... but that's okay, i still like tori's version better.

*yaaawn* i am SO tired. i don't know why. well. i mean i guess it's because i went kickboxing today and i didn't sleep well last night and i'm iron-deficient and it's 12:30 am. but i mean aside from that i don't know why i'm tired. right.

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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

listening to: talking heads, and she was (*pokes megan*)

hmm. so. those of you who have ever called my cell phone probably know that the odds are astronomically high that i will not answer it, but will call you back 30 seconds later and ask you, slightly frantically, if you just called me. this is partially because i never hear the phone in time, partially because i can never find it in time, and partially because my cell phone is satan. (yeah, i always pictured him as being more demony, or maybe more roblike... but nope, he's my cell phone.)

(yes, i am going somewhere with this. kinda.) so anyway, i missed a call, but it said i had a new voice mail, so i checked it. turned out i actually had 2 voicemails... the first one was about 5 minutes long, and proved to be a fuzzy version of "electric blues" from hair followed by about half of "everybody wants to rule the world." this confused me a lot at first... but then i realized that those songs are both on one of my cartapes... so i must have somehow... left myself a voicemail while driving. *blink*

go me!

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listening to: mst3k, godzilla genealogy bop

i LOVE the godzilla genealogy bop. "... and their firstborn was godzuki, and now we begin to sing! godzuki went to hollywood, an agent to the stars! he had an affair with lorna luft and smoked those big cigars..." [note: i wasn't sure how to spell 'godzuki', so i asked rob,but he wasn't sure either, but he thought it was 'godzookie'... but i liked 'godzuki' better. of course i could have avoided this whole mess by quoting a line that didn't involve godzuki. but, too late now.]

anyway. before i got distracted by the godzilla genealogy bop, i was going to post that i sorta worked on the thespian website layout. actually, it's a lot like this one.. but... without death. and different colors. *blink* ah well. all my layouts look pretty much alike. but with different colors. so. um. yes.

*swivel* i'm tired.

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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

listening to: beauty and the beast, me

random amusing quote: "actually, my name used to be lola. i ran, and i ran, and then i got tired and changed my name to trina."

excuse me for a moment. i believe i feel a rant coming on.

ah, the female body. so well designed for certain things... child bearing, for one.

however, for other things, it's just.. not so good. jumping jacks. jogging. the like. particularly females with ta-tas over a certain size. so then you wear a sports bra and try to smoosh them in. this is all well and good, but after a certain point there's just so much smooshing you can do.

it would do well for oh, kickboxing instructors and the like to keep such things in mind.

that is all.

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listening to: tori, gold dust

I'm Death!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?

yay! i think maybe i took this once before, a longish time ago... but... i found it again today. yes. yay death ^_^ (and i didn't cheat at allll! i was actually thinking i'd probably end up as delirium.. but nope!)

so. *swivels* i could sweeear megan told me to go to registration to sell tickets for forever plaid from 12-2 but appaaaarently it was really 10-2. not like it matters, since about 2 people bought them. anyway. then i went to best buy and bought some new blank cds, and talia, i finally got the tori cd to burn ^_^ yay!

i like blueberries.

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listening to: fastball, you're an ocean

oh god, a ladybug just flew into my forehead... i can smell its ladybug smell on me. *shiver* eeew. luckily i flailed it across the room. *frowl* i feel so violated.

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Monday, August 05, 2002

"have you ever spent days and days and days making up flavors of ice cream that no one's ever eaten before? like chicken and telephone ice cream?"

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listening to: the boomtown rats, i don't like mondays

random amusing quote: "did she just say 'let's get kinky?'"
"um, or 'let's get KICKY'..."

okay so this morning i started reading brief lives... ooooh my goodness it's so goooood. definitely the best sandman book so far. and um. that's really good. i heart delirium. "what's the name of the word for the precise moment when you realize that you've actually forgotten how it felt to make love to somebody you really liked a long time ago?" "there isn't one." "oh. i thought maybe there was." and i really like the way all her speech bubbles are rainbow-y. what can i say... simple joys ^_^

over the weekend my grandmother gave me a large sum of money, which i promptly went out and spent a majority of on books ^_^ i bought... worlds' end and the kindly ones (sandman viii and ix), men at arms, and after the black death. (er, that last one is for euro. in case you couldn't tell.)

i have a big bruise on my knee. i'm not sure where it came from. i probably ran into a table. that's where the bruises on my hip and shin came from, anyway.

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reason #57 why i heart the barenaked ladies: "if you think of her as catherine the great/ then you should be the horse that helped her meet her fate"

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listening to: beatles, she's leaving home

i had this really weird, complicated dream last night... i don't remember all of it... but there was this guy... and for some reason dr. romance [note: a frightening teacher from metcalf, and yes, that's his real name. dr. tom romance.] was trying to kill him. so my friends and i were trying to save him... and, okay, this is weird... the guy had a pool in his backyard, and dr. romance kept ranting about how he was going to "cloud his brain with chlorine" but somehow we knew what he meant. and it didn't really involve the pool. so naturally, we decided to throw a couch through his window and apparently that would solve everything. and i guess it did.

so then dr. romance runs out and gives this cartoonish monologue about us foiling his plans (although luckily, i don't believe the phrase "meddling kids" was used) so we all run off to our cars and drive away... except i was like, running in slow motion, and dr. romance almost caught me... but i made it to jenny's car, and we were trying to get away... but she drove the wrong way... and then, i'm not sure if the guy lived at chuck e. cheese or if the dream just moved... but either way we were driving around a chuck e. cheese parking lot trying to escape. (this is fitting, as jenny works at chuck e. cheese.) but this was a crazy parking lot... there were 4 sections, and like.. you had to drive over grass to get between them... and then the whole place was surrounded by a moat, but an empty moat... and the only way out was over this drawbridge... i woke up right around here, so i'm not sure if we ever made it over the stupid drawbridge or not.

yeah. *swivel* anyway, and then i was bored so i actually clicked on excite's little free astrology report thingie... and um, it was actually pretty fecking accurate. which sort of disturbs me. does this mean that everyone who was born on the afternoon of june 21, 1985 is like me? *flail* anyway... if you're also bored and want to read mine... click here.

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listening to: sarah mclachlan, adia

*frowl* so i thought to myself, "self, i think i'm in the mood to listen to some sarah mclachlan." "luckily for us, self, i have two sarah mclachlan cds over in that stack!" i successfully located both cds, and put mirrorball into the computer. then i realize it's one of those fecking enhanced cds that my computer refuses to acknowledge at all.. it won't play the enhancements, it won't recognize it as a music cd, it reads it as a blank disc. stupid computer. so i said "okay, self, we'll just listen to surfacing instead!" unfortunately... surfacing is also an enhanced cd. life's so hard. sooo i had to break out my discman.

i just wanted to rant about that. damn artists and their need for enhancing cds, damn them.

ooooh! and ani's nebulously-named 9-11 poem is apparently officially titled "self evident" and it's going to be on her new cd so much shouting, so much laughter! [so much shouting/so much laughter/ last night's underwear in my back pocket/ sure sign of the morning after/ take me home/ take me home and leave me there/ think i'm gonna cry/ don't know why/ think i'm gonna sing myself/ a lullabye...]

*fidgets* sorry about that... i got all caught up in the moment ^_^ anyway.. woohoo, and it's going to have dilate and tamburitza lengua and my iq and loom and revelling.. and.. actually, i hate revelling... but... still, yay! *is highly anticipatory*

there are a bunch of ladybugs on my ceiling. i keep threatening to kick them, but so far they seem highly non-threatened. it's a standoff. *frowl* well... as long as they stay on the ceiling... i'll be alright. *glances suspiciously upwards* but i'm WATCHING you guys, you HEAR me? *shakes fist*

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Sunday, August 04, 2002

listening to: cree summer, revelation sunshine

oh my goodness... i decided to clean up my room, since it was getting... a bit out of hand. but first, i had to clean out my desk so i'd have a place to put all the junk that's on the floor.. i found some neato stuff, let me tell you... a bunch of old copies of x-files magazine (yes, i used to buy txf magazine)... '98, wow. that's... 4 years ago. an earnest script... oops. a 1999 interview with heather headley, in which she discusses her fondness for divorce court. an unopened package of jelly beans, whose taste has not been affected by age ^_^ (oh, shut up, you know you'd have eaten them too.) about 53 kabillion rent playbills. seriously, what did i think i was going to do with these? i wonder if i could sell them on ebay? *ponders*

oooh, some old logo drawings! logo! yay! check these out:

sadly, this continues to be the pinnacle of my artistic ability.

this one is more puzzling... as i recall, it was a japanese class... yet apparently they taught us how to write "capital city of china"...so.. was i a moron who wrote "china" instead of "japan"? or did the teacher of the class have weird priorities? (talia?)

(by the way, these are dated 1992, which would make me 7. yeep.)

intriguing. anyhow, i'm going to go.. shove all this stuff back into a drawer...

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listening to: hercules, go the distance

i've never actually seen hercules.. but roger bart is hercules' singing voice, and he's just so gosh-darn cute.

trina: its sad how much we like batman
renata: well.. a lot of people like batman
renata: he symbolizes the classic fight of good against evil!
trina: that's right!
trina: and who doesn't love grown men dressing up as small mammals?
renata: exactly!
renata: and he has neat stuff!
trina: and alfred!
trina: which is cool cuz he's a cool old guy with an accent
trina: and his name sounds like alfredo!
trina: and who doesn't like alfredo?
renata: exactly!
renata: and then you get robin
renata: not to mention penguin and catwoman
renata: it's a virtual menagerie of human/animal types
trina: catwoman is by far the best
renata: yeah. yay catwoman!
trina: who could say no to that?
renata: not me!
trina: two face is pretty cool
renata: and mr. freeze
renata: haha
renata: he's a pretty cool guy alright!
trina: brrr :-)
trina: he's pretty cool for a white guy
trina: even though he's blue
renata: yeah
renata: hey, are there any black people in batman?
trina: poison ivy is way cool too
renata: totally
trina: haha
trina: ummm
trina: < sniff > batman can't be racist!
trina: we heart batman!
renata: totally!
renata: umm
renata: well
renata: there are girls!
renata: so.. he's not sexist!
trina: lol
renata: and he *dresses* in black
renata: he's the dark knight, if you will
renata: so.. um...
renata: it's like he's black.
trina: that totally means he's not racist
renata: totally.
trina: and alfred is totally a black man at heart
renata: yeah, i can see alfred getting jiggy with it
trina: well, i'm glad we got that settled
renata: oh, oh, i asked my friend keith.. "in the second movie Harvey was black, until he became two-face in the third movie and was white, since he was"
trina: superman looks pretty dumb next to batman
renata: very.
renata: oh. the rest of that sentence was supposed to be "tommy lee jones"
trina: so the black man is evil?
renata: well, when he's black, he's good
renata: it's only when he's tommy lee jones that he's evil
trina: okay, i can deal with that
renata: yeah
trina: i got the coolest garbage bags
renata: ooh, really?

i like the sudden change of topic at the end there ^_^

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listening to: idina menzel, all hail the queen

i just went biking and i'm sooo gross and sweatylike. ew. and there's a whooole box of krispy kreme donuts downstairs and i want one but i'm not hungry at all. so i'm just like.. sitting here waiting to be hungry so i can eat one. lol.

i've had winamp on random for awhile, so i think i'm going to steal a page from the book of *nina* and keep a list of the amusing randomity ^_^

idina menzel - all hail the queen (live)
matt caplan - wither (live)
barenaked ladies - god rest ye merry gentlemen (it's so disconcerting to listen to christmas music in august...)
cake - short skirt, long jacket
tori - song for eric
beauty and the beast - belle
tori - cornflake girl (live)
s club 7 - bring it all back
pajama party - can't live without it
soul coughing - super bonbon
mst3k - 1998 academy of robots choice awards special
tori - assholes are cheap today

anyway. so this morning we went to the museum of lithuanian history. so random. but it was actually really interesting. i mean before this morning the only thing i knew about lithuania was that they speak lithuanian and it's over in europe someplace. and now... i know.. um... some other things. *nod*

oh, and freaks was really interesting. it turned out to be closing night, which was cool. it was in one of those very-chicago-tiny-little-theatres... i think it maaybe held 60 people. but yeah, it was cool. it cut back and forth between the past in a freakshow, and the present (ish) with the main character in a mental home.. and he ranted about freaks in general. and yeah, i liked it. of course, my oh-so-anal-retentive grandfather's comments on the show were "you know, i bet there were an illegal amount of people in that room" and "i don't think they should call it a circus." *blink* riiiight then.

it's dark in my room. but the light switch is alllll the way over there. *gestures to show how far away it is* i'll wait until i get hungry and go get a donut, and i'll turn the light on on my way back in my room! it'll kill two birds with one stone! *swivel* no, actually, i'm going to go turn it on now. so much for my inspired laziness. *sigh*

eew, thetard wants to do footloose for the musical. *shudder* i object strongly to footloose. i'd rather do friggen cinderella than footloose. *consider* well, maybe not. but i view the two with equal distaste.

incidentally, i have a confession to make... i heart steve irwin. i have a deep desire to go see the crocodile hunter movie. *sigh* i think it's mostly his accent. and i love his boundless enthusiasm. like how he's practically orgasmic when he finds a rusty monitor. aww. he's so cute. anywho. i'm... just going to publish this.. and yes.

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doh, i just scraped my hand on the edge of this desk. *frowl* it's pointy.

anywho. so last night we went out for greek food [note: priscellie! greek islands! chungy's olive oil!] [note2: del! greek islands! the waiter who gave us wine!] [note3: jookie, jookie, it's a party in a can]

*long pause* where was i...? oh. greek food. so anyway, yeah, i managed to burn my thumb pretty bad on the saganaki (yeah, who'd imagine that flaming cheese would be so hot? *sniff*) but i was too embarrassed to admit it so the whole evening i kept clandestinely sticking my thumb in my water glass. yeah, i'm a nerd.

oh. we're leaving. i'll finish this later ^_^

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Saturday, August 03, 2002

listening to: the teevee, lizzie mcguire

i actually like lizzie mcguire *hangs head* i get so caught up in all her little traumas. and gordo. i heart gordo. i yell at the other characters when they're mean to him. oh, wow... i just learned from lizzie's dream that gordo's real name is david gordon... i always thought that was a really unfortunate name for him to have. anyway.

so yeah. we went to a flea market today... i bought a present for megan for 10 cents ^_^ aand a whole book of lion king postcards for 50 cents! yay!

oh, and tonight we're going to go see this play, freaks... it's about circus freaks. neat ^_^

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Friday, August 02, 2002


watching the simpsons, and nsync is the guest star...

"hey, the navy is out there 24/7 protecting us from godzilla!"
"and don't forget pirates!"
"and jellyfish!"
"yeah! those invertebrates will sting you up oldschool!"

*dances off*

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listening to: the teevee... some cartoon *shrug*

my dad keeps singing "planet schmanet"... it walks the line between amusing and frightening. i think i need to cut him off from my rhps tape. lol.

anyway, so yeah, i'm in chicago with my grandparents... we went shopping, and i swear, at every single store we went into, my grandmother tried to buy me a peasant blouse. i mean, i'm very appreciative that she wants to buy me clothes... but a peasant blouse? do i give off peasant blouse vibes? because i'm really a t-shirt kinda girl. speaking of which, i got the most amusing shirt at hot topic... it's camoflage, and it says "ha! now you can't see me!" no, really, you have no idea how much it amuses me... and i got this cool shirt that has like, a wannabe-l'autrec print on the front.. and it was originally like $68 (which is soooo much more than i'd ever pay for a shirt) but it was marked down to like, $28... which is still more than i'd spend on a shirt, but then, it wasn't my money. bwahahaha. and i got some purple shoes! purple shoes! yay! aaand some underwear with penguins on them! yay!

life is so exciting ^_^ ooh hey, someone started a post called "neil gaiman" on the boards... *whooshes off*

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listening to: joshua kobak, carving in a tree

*swivels* i'm leaving for chicago for the weekend pretty soon, to visit my grandparents... but i'll probably be online and blog and stuff there, cos there's not much else to do...

oh, and i'd be very thankful if you could download this (very short, very small) mp3 and tell me what you think is being said ^_^

anywho, bye all ^_^ (i say anywho.. and anyway... and anyhow.. way too much. but they're just such useful transitions!)

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listening to: moulin rouge, like a virgin [note: originally typed "virginia"]

i had this weeeeird dream last night... well, let me back up... i couldn't sleep, so i grabbed dream country (sandman III) and started to re-read it [i heart "a midsummer night's dream" SO much]... and then i did finally fall asleep, and i dreamed that priscellie and i were driving someplace, but i don't remember why or where anymore... anyway, so then my tire goes flat. so i pull over to the side of the road, and there's flailing and such, but luckily the first car that drives by pulls over to help. yay! so we [priscellie and i] walk over to the guy and at the same time we both realize he looks really familiar... we sort of glance at each other to confirm it... and then we both come to the really happy realization that the guy in the car is neil gaiman. lol. [and he had an accent in my dream too!] so, he helps us change the tire, and we thank him, and then i'm like "erm... are you.. nail gaiman?" and he laughed and said yes.. so then i think we both started gushing for a bit ^_^ and then i woke up... it was about 5am, so i wrote myself a note about the dream so as not to forget it, and then i rolled over and went back to sleep.

and then i dreamed that i was telling rob [why do i keep dreaming about rob?? well, okay, 2 dreams... but still!] all about priscellie and my's neil adventure, and then when i got to the end of the story i was like "wait, actually, i think that was a dream... i don't think it really happened..." and rob laughed at me >_<

my finger hurts. i cut it on something. *frowl*

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Thursday, August 01, 2002

listening to: tori, cornflake girl

random amusing quote: "i'm glad i'm not a shark.."
"yeah... but at least they're really pointy!"

hi, i'm renata and i'm really sweaty. ew. trina stood me up for kickboxing *sniffle* so it was just me and this other girl (lee or ling or leah or something...) and the instructor, and this random guy who was also instructing. *blink* sooo, dawn (one of the non-bitchy instructors! yay!) is like "since there's only 2 of you, let's do power!" nooo.... but it was actually a lot of fun. and the random guy actually helped me suck less instead of just letting me know i suck! yaay! but yeah.. and like... they keep the boxing side of the place at 80 degrees. sooo hot. the karate side is so much cooler. literally. *frowl*

anywho, so i go back out to my car and realize that it smells like rancid milk. ew. since i had to make a wal-mart run anyhow for my mom, i added "buy air freshener" to my mental list of things to do and AHHH there's a LADYBUG on my SPEAKER... AHH it just flew onto the MONITOR... *flail* oh dear... i tried to flick it away but now it's just crawling around on my desk... well... as long as i can't see it.. or feel it... *blink*

anyway.. so air freshener. i almost got this really cool shiny moon air freshener, but then i realized it smelled worse than rancid milk. so i got an aromatherapy stress-relief one, which relieved my stress over the fact that my car smelled bad. and then i decided that a popsicle would vastly improve the quality of my life. *nod* so i bought a box of these starbucks java fudge popsicles... they are the world's greatest food on a stick. i swear. it's like.. a fudgsicle.. dipped in frappucino and frozen.. and... *drools* soooo good. seriously, i'm all homer simpsony just thinking about them.

oooh, exciting quiz ^_^

Which Ani DiFranco Album Are You?

Brought to you by Tracie

You are little plastic castle. You're somewhat of an upbeat little creature. Sure, you have your moments of depression and loneliness, but in the end you always know you have your friends to back you up. And, that is something you've been blessed with: good friends.

i love lpc! oh god, i'm waaay too obsessed with tori... i just noticed that the person who made the quiz's livejournal name is "mentalyoga" so i immediately started mentally singing "well hey do you do judo when they surround you? a little mental yoga and they disappear..." (from "purple people" ^_^) and i didn't even realize what i was doing for a second... *sigh*

anywho, i'm going to go revel in my patheticness for awhile ^_^

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listening to: tori, a sorta fairytale

okay.. still playing with a few things, but i belieeeeve that i've got the new layout up and running. (please point out any problems you see, though!) btw, if you're at boron.html you're just seeing the inside frame... click here. (oh, and please read my note about death ^_^)

anywho, so, let me know what you think of the new layout ^_^

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listening to: tori, icicle


(so yeah, i'm bored and taking emode tests... *sigh*)

An Aquarius!
It's sooo you!

The planets are very complex. Maybe your astrologer will disagree, and maybe a few tendencies will vary, but overall you're an AQUARIUS. As an air sign, you're a great communicator and an independent thinker. Besides which, you've got an incredibly popular side -- people can't resist that inviting personality and your altruistic ways. You are ambitious and creative, but you also have a tendency to be inflexible when it comes to your views. Although you may be a great and giving friend, you tend to shy away from romantic relationships. Your sign -- the water-bearer -- indicates that you give off a special energy that others receive as a gift. You are definitely a people person, and you want everyone to be happy. You also have an analytical edge that comes out in your progressive thinking. In addition to all of these redeeming qualities, you are most commonly known for being the friendliest sign in the zodiac.

*blink* i don't think i'm that friendly... am i? i always thought i was sort of an unintentional (well, usually) bitch. (for the record, i'm really a gemini/cancer cusp... but i think i lean more towards gemini... split personality and all ^_^)


anywho, the death layout has megan-approval, talia-approval, kellie-approval, katie-approval, and kait-approval... and me-approval... so i think i'll prolly get around to changing it over sometime today or tomorrow. (oh, and i just read my comments- sorry priscellie!! ooh, maybe you could redesign col with a dream layout or something and we'd be twins! er, siblings, anyhow ^_^)

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listening to: aqua, happy boys and girls

shameful confession: i've been listening to aqua all morning. see... my calendar is clipped to my big cd-tower thing... so when i flipped the page to august, i saw it sitting there on top of my alphebetized cds.. and... it... i.... *sigh* it's so bouncy! *bounces*

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