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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

horrifying notion of the moment: i have a couple bug bites... i figured they were just mosquito bites... despite the fact that like.. i haven't been outside much lately, and they're almost all in places clothing covers... (2 are high up on my leg, one is on my stomach, and one is on my arm)... and then i realized that the kittens have fleas... do i have fleas too?? can cat fleas bite humans? or are they different? ugh.. i want to go take about 50 showers... *frowl*

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okay, so rough draft of new layout. thoughts?

(be honest, i won't be offended... this took me about half an hour to do, so feel free to rip it to pieces ^_^)

i don't like it with 1024x768... *boohiss at people with high resolutions* i don't like how her body just stops. unfortunately, that's all there is of the picture. and it fits quite nicely with 800x600. *frowl* also- is the small font in the menu too hard to read with 1024x768? it looks smallish to me, but maybe that's just because i'm not used to it. well, and i'm blind. i personally likes the way it looks, but if it's hard to read i can change it back.

oh, and the top frame... opinions? i'm mixed on it. i like it.. but i wonder if it would be better without it. *ponder*

so... yeah. comment! ^_^

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listening to: maaaatt and joshua, walk on the ocean [i heart this cover so much]

some random thoughts, in no particular order:

1. do NOT buy aquafina flavored water. no matter how nice the bottle looks or how good the concept of fruit-flavored water seems at the time... it's a miserable failure of a beverage.

2. the last 10 minutes of kickboxing sucked. owie.

3. carrots are good.

4. i think i have the new layout for boron designed in my head. now i just have to code the bugger. *cracks knuckles*

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i've been killing time all day... and... well, here i am... i had to go get yearbook pictures taken at 12:45... and then i went to the library to get a non-french candide, and rob was working, so i harrassed him for awhile... and then i wandered off to the post office... chelle and priscellie, you're now officially expecting mail ^_^ and i went to acme.. and half-heartedly tried to talk myself into not buying death: the time of your life... but it didn't work.. it went something like:
responsible renata: look, the corner is bent.. and... you have enough books....
rest of renata: shut up you, i want it!
responsible renata: well, okay.
renata: *buys*



anywho, then i went to walmart and bought soap, and looked at school supplies... i love school supplies. they make me happy. i bought a shiny pencil case ^_^ and then i went to barnes and noble, and frowled when they didn't have after the black death, but then they ordered it for me. so i unfrowled. and i drank some tazoberry and wrote megan a letter.

and nooow i'm using an evil free isu computer and talking to talia! sadly, i can't swivel, because you have to stand up to use them. *sniff*

anywho.. so... i'm off. i could go stalk rob some more... but... i don't think i will.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

listening to: blue man group, synasthetic

i've had such a boring day today. *swivel* and i've blogged like 5 times. about nothing. oh well ^_^

i was thinking though... and i'm thinking i lied when i said i wasn't going to redesign boron. and.. it's going to be a big 3d dragon! no.. not really. actually i was thinking about death. except then everyone would think i was a whiny gothgirl or something. and dammit, sandman-death is NOT gothy. she's happy. she quotes mary poppins. *hearts sandman death*

so, if i did that... i'm thinking this is the picture i'd use [observant ones may note that it's the same picture i have as my avatar on the boards and my buddy icon]... and maybe an ankh or something? any feedback? please comment ^_^

if nooot... i don't know. maybe i might do a tori layout... but i think that would just scare me. i'll probably stick to fictionals for my blog layouts ^_^

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listening to: tori, song for eric

*swivels in chair* oh, first off, priscellie: the raspconglomerate story... in kansas city, we were playing cranium, and one of them was a trivia question about raspberries and blackberries... and apparently they're not technically considered "berries", they're "conglomerates"... so we decided to start calling them raspconglomerates and blackconglomerates because it's more amusing ^_^ and i wiiiill read more discworld, as soon as i can procure some! but for the moment i have his dark materials handy, and i'm trying very very hard to keep myself from reading any more sandman until i finish reading all my euro books, because otherwise i'll never finish them, and that will be bad.

*sigh* i tried to read candide a bit ago, but then i realized it was in french. damn you normal public library! what with your tricky french books and all. and your evil employees ^_^

*gasp* priscellie's leaving until the 14th! i hope you find a cybercafe!! *waves frantically* goodbyeeee love!

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listening to: neil young, keep on rockin in the free world

*frowl* so i went in to reid's room to give him some photos of his i found on my carpet, when i look on the wall and... "reid, where did you get these star wars postcards?" "um, i found them..." "*glare*" "... in your room..." that little fecking klepto!

*frowl* aand i told him he could keep them... even though they were MY replicas of the original movie posters and they were cool and i heart them... but... he went to all the trouble to frame them and stuff.. and... but... *frowl* i'm too nice, i think. i even gave him my darth vader magic of the myth postcard that he managed to miss when he was plundering. but he can't have the c-3po one! *rawr*

aand my mom is making me take pictures of all her damn jewelry and upload it for her, because she's selling it on ebay, and she got really mad at me when i suggested she learned how to do it herself... and cuteftp is being SO SLOW. it's taken me over half an hour to upload maybe 300kb worth of stuff, if that. *frumble*

and, it's hot out.. and someone ate all the strawberry and raspconglomerate popsicles, so now we only have tangerine. *frowl*

wow, i frowled a lot in this post. *continues to frowl and then stalks off*

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hmm. i just cleaned off my desk and found a piece of paper upon which i wrote "33, 2, 10, 100" in a column. quite perplexing. i wonder if this is like memento and i don't remember someone killing my wife but i'm leaving myself clues in the form of cryptic numbers. wait, i don't have a wife. or... maybe i just don't remember having a wife!

*long pause*

... or maybe i was trying to do math.

nah, i think the first story is more likely.

also found some notecards from writing the giant research paper of doom... nearly every one has a coffee stain on it ^_^ and they're all really incoherent, like "letters 31- skyscrapers representative of chicago- fuller"

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listening to: tori, crazy

(note: yeah, i realize that only like... 2 of you share my hearts for tori. but i don't care, this is my blog and i can ramble about her all i want. ha.) so i discovered that there are actually 6 songs from scarlet's walk that are available for download! (there was a promotional disc released somwhere that got leaked online! yay!) so. i think "a sorta fairytale" is my favorite out of the 6. the others do seem more technoish. *considers* well, not "amber waves" i suppose. but like... tori's music keeps getting more complicated, i think. and sometimes i like that. but then sometimes you end up with stuff like datura (hey, let's just read off a list of drugs with some new-agey-techno background music! or... let's not.)


aaanywho. still looking forward to new album very much ^_^

don't have too much to say... i'm re-reading the his dark materials trilogy... and making progress in euro readings. roaaar. (that was a roar of knowledge ^_^)

btw, kait, i hate you. *nod* i was listening to bnl this morning and it occurred to me that "the old apartment" would be a good m/r song. *meep*

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Monday, July 29, 2002

listening to: tori, a sorta fairytale (!!!!!)

warning: fangirl-type gushing/rambling ahead.

so i finally got "a sorta fairytale" to download off winmx... it's the first single off tori's new album, scarlet's walk (october 29!) and it's not supposed to be released for like, another month...and yeah, i like it a lot. (lyrics available at himh.com if you're so inclined.) anyhow... it's cool. it seems like it's more of a return to earlyish tori, and getting more away from the weird techno tori that choirgirl and venus had. (don't get me wrong, i like choirgirl and venus a lot... well, i like choirgirl a lot.) but yeah. it's... hmm. there's a neat percussive thingy that sorta reminds me of "rattlesnakes"... hmm. if i had to place it on on of her earlier alums... maybe pele.. or pink. but yeah, SO excited for her new album. *frolicks*

oh, and ani's releasing a new double live cd in september! yay!

the more i listen to this song the more it sounds like she's saying "a soda fairytale" which amuses me a lot. "for although the brave knight coca cola did love the fair maiden mountain dew, theirs was a star-crossed love, as she was a daughter of the pepsi family, who were sworn enemies of the cola family. so mountain dew asked the renegade wizard dr. pepper to help them..."

.... um, aaaaanywho....

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listening to: ani d, superfreak


*mumbles incomprehensibly*

so i was trying to explain to my mum why i heart neil gaiman so much... so i grabbed smoke and mirrors and had her read "snow, glass, apples", because it's one of my favorite stories, and it's relatively short... so i ask her what she thought, and she's like "i didn't get it! when is it supposed to take place? is it supposed to be funny?" there was a *blink*, and then i said "um, it's snow white... it's a re-telling of snow white... from the queen's perspective..." and she's like "what? it doesn't say it's snow white! which one is snow white?" and i was like "ummm.. you know, skin as white as snow, hair as black as coal, lips as red as blood and all that?" and she's like "oh.. i never liked fairy tales..." *sob* sometimes i can't believe we're related. (and i can't believe she used to be a fecking english teacher and she doesn't know who snow white is!)


*forlornly eats cucumber and goes back to euro reading*

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listening to: soul coughing, rolling

*sigh* i was supposed to go get my yearbook photo taken at 1 today... i even wrote it down as 1... but then... it somehow became 3 in my memory.. i feel really bad, because like.. the people that own photography by kent.. i used to be in spaz bowl with their son doug, and they remember me, and they're always soooo nice to me... *sigh* oh well. i called and was like "i'm SOO SORRY!" and she was like "that's okay! we know you PERSONALLY" which always confuses me, because.. i don't even know her name... but that's okay. *nod*

anywho. so that completely wipes out my schedule for the day ^_^ maybe i'll read some more for euro. *stares balefully at stack of books* and i have i'll have to help my mom a lot... *sigh* she's been selling stuff on ebay, and every single thing confuses her... like... having more than one window open confuses her, the fact that she has to click "delete" to delete her email confuses her... so.. yeah.

btw, rob, i think the most interesting thing about that antichrist thing is that elizabeth was the one to say it ^_^ (with trina giving her the clues. *snicket*)

the bottom fell out of one of my drawers, so now there are t-shirts all over the floor. *frowl*

aww hey, i just found all my pictures from nyc! aww, kait. *sniff* and the random mattgirls.. and the jackhammers. lol. my mom randomly gave me a picture frame, so i'm trying to find a picture to put in it...i already have the picture of kait and i at the bus station framed... *sniffle* ooh, here are the afterprom pictures.. hmm.. maybe i'll frame the picture of talia looking confused... which everyone seems to think is a picture of me *blink* ... i have a shortage of pictures of talia ^_^ or maybe the picture of rob with underwear on his head. *ponders* or hell, maybe i'll frame the picture of carmen sandiego i used as the splash graphic for boron... (it's really a postcard! it came with my copy of where in the world is carmen sandiego! i have 3 of them! *hearts them*)

aaanywho. going to go read for euro now. really. *nod*

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Sunday, July 28, 2002

listening to: goo goo dolls, broadway

random amusing quotes: "where does the licking come in?"
"let's go upstairs!"

"rob is..."
"the antichrist!"
"the devil!"
"... why is that the first thing that came to mind?"

"does god only speak in rhetorical questions?"

*eats grape*

i haven't heard this song in SO long.... but then i randomly found this cd that i burned... a hella long time ago, and it was on it. *nod* i wish i still had the mp3 of this... but i only had it on my old computer. wait, that doesn't make sense, because my old computer didn't have a burner. so where the hell did it go? there are a lot of mp3s on this cd i don't have anymore! and i never delete anything! *flail flail* anywho.

amusing interlude:

del: and josh and i were talking about bl-arrr-som, b-arrr-bles, and b-arrr-ttercup
del: and i was explaining it to erin
renata: hehehe
del: and i accidentally called them the piratepuff girls!
renata: *SO AMUSED*
renata: this merits use of capital letters!

(btw, blarrrsom, barrrbles, and buttarrrcup/barrrtercup was our attempt to pirate-ify the pow(arrr)puff girls... but.. somehow piratepuff girls is just hilarious. lol.)

del: sugar. spice. and everything nice. - these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girl. but then prof. ut-arrr-nium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction: Chemical ARRRR. Thus, the piratepuff girls were born!
del: using their swashbuckling powers, bl-arrr-som, b-arrrr-bles, and b-arrrr-ttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting scurvy and free international overseas trade!

oh dear god. i am so amused. *thousands of hearts for del*

so aaaanyway. trina and i went kickboxing again today, and it was hardcore again! dammit! the most embarrassing thing about it is that like... it's not totally that i'm so bad at the actual stuff [although i am completely unable to do a roundhouse kick with my left leg.. it just doesn't work.. at all] ... but i get my directions confused. like.. a lot. *sweatdrop* seriously... i'm wondering if i'm dyslexic or something... except i don't get words confused [okay... generally.] sometimes numbers... but usually just directions. maybe i'm just stupid. oh well.

anywho, then i came home and jason called me! and he sang me the wonder woman theme song!! (including my favorite line... "you can stop a bullet cold/ and make the axis fold!") *hearts for jason*

and then i went and picked up trina and we went off to talia and molly's recital... and wooow it was good. i don't think i've ever actually heard talia play cello before... have i? *ponder* wow, now i feel like such a bad friend. lol. but wooooow talia, you're good ^_^ and i love how you get this really ferocious look on your face when you play... like you're fighting a battle with something no one else can see. or something.

dude, a giaaant bug just flew over my head, and i thought it was a huge mutated ladybug, but it's not, so that's alright then.

anywho, then trina, jenny, eliz and i got chinese food and sat around reading this book trina's dad has.. it's like this ultra-conservative christian parenting guide... and it's soooo hilarious. well, and frightening. and i have NO idea why trina's dad owns it, being as he's a democratic muslim, other than the fact that trina's dad seems to own a copy of every book ever written. so yeah, we amused ourselves with that for quite a while, and then we played taboo. goodtimes.

and noooow i'm home ^_^

note to priscellie: well, the original thing i was going to send you is a tori b-side cd i burned... but if you want any of her other albums, let me know and i'd be mooore than happy to provide ^_^ lessee... other musicals... you have cabaret right? um.. let's see... a chorus line? hair? tick tick boom?

sweet, the word of the day is "manticore"! *hearts word of the day*

oh yeah, and i don't know why i've been having a series of random inane dreams about my friends lately... but priscellie, i dreamed that you redesigned col, and it was really cool, it had a dragon, and it was 3d... and i don't mean like, rendered graphics... i mean it was 3d, like it actually popped out of your computer... it was SO COOL. i wish you could really do that.

i have such nerdy dreams. i guess that makes sense though, since i am a nerd. *frolicks about nerdishly*

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oh, two things:

1. yay! i'm past 10k hits! *dances merrily*
2. i have to check my archives, but i think my 1-year blogiversary is coming up soon... *rummage* oh, the 30th! yay! i'd celebrate with a new layout or something.. but see i'm really quite fond of carmen. i'll wait until i get tired of her.

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listening to: ani, egos like hairdos

random amusing quotes: "this is the cross-dressing-est disney movie ever!"

"stop sucking my brain out!"

hmm. i hope no one actually went to steak n' shake at 5:30, since trina and i sort of scrapped that plan and just kidnapped rob from the library... *blink* oh well. oh, i forgot... after i got home from kickboxing, i took a nap and had two really weird dreams... the first one involved trina asking me for 3 short stories involving families betrayed by a brother. the second one was weirder... for some reason j.k rowling was at my house, and so was megan and my mom. and like... j.k. was SO crazy. like.. i don't even really know what she looks like... i have a vague memory of seeing a picture of her somewhere... but... anywho. like i'd be talking to her, and suddenly she'd reach in my mouth and start playing with my braces. and she kept trying to make megan and i eat watermelon. so that was weird. oh, and then some little kids came into our house and were trying to find her to make her sign some hp books, but for some reason they couldn't find her, even though she was just sitting on the couch in the living room. *shrug*

anywho. so yeah, trina and rob and ashvin and i went to the fair... which yeah, was lame. waste of $5 >_< oh well... we got to see matt's 4-h speech.. and yell inappropriate things at him... and buy overpriced food that's really bad for you... mm, funnel cake. we didn't even go on any rides. but we diiiiid get free custard from elizabeth! (she had to work at the culver's cart... pobre eliz.) yeah. oh, and then trina and i watched mulan, and then like... this incredinbly amusing, and very random thing.. it was like... the making of a weezer video... with muppets... and i mean... weezer is good, the muppets are good, so put them together and it's like... good squared! woah!

oh, priscellie, as long as i'm sending you stuff, do you want a copy of the urinetown obcr? [or any other cd i have?] let me know ^_^

anyhow... this little renata is off to bed.

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Saturday, July 27, 2002

listening to: tori, space dog

random amusing quote: "okay... one, two, three, BOOM!"
"i'm not so good with the booming..."
"okay... one, two, three... FAIRY!"
"... fairy?"
"it was the first thing that came to mind!"

okay... so i managed to drag myself out of bed this morning after about 3 hours of sleep... met trina, went off to kickboxing as planned.. except we'd misread the schedule and went to a power kickboxing class, as opposed to the kardio kickboxing we usually go to... now... kardio kickboxing is sort of like aerobics, except with a lot more kicking and punching... but power kickboxing is like... real kickboxing. well, not real in the sense that you kick other people... but you kick stuff. and like... wow. i mean i thought i was bad at fake kickboxing, but damn i suck at actual kickboxing. fortunately.. it was just 2 instructors, trina and i, and then these 2 hardcore-kickboxing middle-aged women who like.. stuck to themselves. i think i frustrated my instructor.. i wanted to be like "I'm sorry i suck so much! it's not on purpose!" but yeah.. see... in my head i can do about 4000 things at once... but get my body involved and it's like "i can move my foot OR my arm... pick one" *sigh* oh well. it was fun despite my suckage ^_^

*yawn* i'm off to shower and nap, i think... and anyone who wants to come to the fair tonight, we're meeting at 5:30 at the steak n' shake off route 9... by the outlet mall and such. yes.

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Friday, July 26, 2002

renata: i've been reading stuff for euro.. dude, the popes were evil
renata: like, every single pope
renata: was evil.
trina: maybe that's pope criteria
renata: "is catholic, looks good in big hat, is evil"
trina: hehehe
trina: hey, i can be pope!
trina: aw, but i don't look good in a big hat
renata: hehe
renata: and.. you're not catholic
renata: so.. 1 out of 3.
renata: miriam could maybe be pope
trina: yeah she could
renata: i don't know if i've ever seen her in a big hat
trina: remember her cheese hat?
renata: oh yeah!
renata: okay, let's nominate miriam for pope

am tired... and hungry. mom woke me up from my nap because she can't figure out how to check her email >_<

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*sigh* someone please talk me out of bidding on this... look how cute she is! *dies* stupid ebay... having things that i want... and all...

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renata: i hate you, hondurob
rob: yes, well, Hondurob hates you too, and watch out
rob: You never know what us crazy Nationpeople are gonna do
renata: where in the world is hondurob?
rob: I might have nuclear weaponry stocked up, just in case
renata: yeah, well, we'll just see what renexico has to say about that.
rob: ..We should be a TV show
rob: or a world war, whichever comes first
renata: we'd need more countries to be a good world war
renata: like.. trinzil
rob: Nathanada
rob: Turkeliz
renata: mirtvia
rob: Jenpan
renata: lol
renata: talmany
rob: Panamaaron
renata: ashvance
rob: Portumanda?
rob: or Portugamanda
renata: i think portugamanda has too many syllablew
rob: yeah
rob: Portumanda
renata: trinzil and i formed a secret alliance. mwahahaha.
rob: I think I'm going to ally with Nathanada to keep you and Trinzil in check
renata: oh, trina and i decided that matt has to be mattagascar
rob: rofl, awesome
renata: she wants me to be renatadesh
rob: naaah, Renexico is better
rob: Besides, Mattagascar is obviously under Trinzil's thumb, so combined with you, you control a whole lot of area
renata: *ponders* yeah, i like it better too
renata: lol
renata: we decided we think turkeliz will side with us
renata: along with mirtvia, talmany, and jenpan
rob: yeah, well, Panamaaron is definitely on my side, severing your connection to Trinzil
rob: and Ashvance will probably join me
renata: pshaw.
renata: nah, ashvance would prolly side with us
rob: I dunno
rob: you've got Jenpan
renata: oh, true
renata: stupid jenpan
rob: eheheh
renata: oh well. ashvance is a surrender monkey anyhow.
renata: (2 points if you can place that ^_^)
rob: No points for me, it looks like
renata: hehe.. simpsons.. when groundskeeper willy is teaching french
rob: lol
renata: mwahaha.
rob: HAH! Talmany sides with me.
renata: no! me!
rob: I asked her
renata: talia: yes, I'll ally.
rob: onk!
rob: talia: oh, btw, what the hell, i'll be an ally ^^
renata: *gasp*
renata: she's a double agent!
rob: she's two-timing us, Renexico.
rob: Let's ally and get her.
renata4: a'ight
rob: Shall we declare war?
renata: let's do it.
rob: War has been declared!
renata: woot!
rob: Let's philibuster so we don't actually have to do anything!
rob: ooh, Turkeliz suggested Italia as a better name for Talmany
renata: hee..
renata: well, that's up to talmany.
renata: trina: well if hondurob is upset
trina: he can have andrew
trina: and with andrew u get moki
rob: she went for Talmany
rob: they still need nations, though
rob: nope, nope, she's Italia
renata: hmm.. mollistan
rob: hehehe
rob: Andrewba
renata: renata: talia, are you talmany or italia?
talia: 0_____0 i don't know. which sounds less like a food to you?
renata: hehe
rob: or Andruba
renata: andruba. *nod*
renata: i think she settled on talmany.
rob: nod
renata: is turkeliz with you or with us?
rob: She had to go with Mattagascar :P
renata: mwahaha
renata: trinzil thinks molly should be mopal..
renata: but i like mollistan
rob: Mollistan is good
renata: yeah. screw trinzil.
(this goes on for quite some time, and in fact is still continuing... but i'll end this now.)

so, the final alliance seems to be: renexico, trinzil, mattagascar, mirtvia, turkeliz, jenpan, and portumanda. (and prolly ashvance.)
and then hondurob, nathanada, panamaaron, talmany, mollistan, andruba, and tonsania.

*cracks knuckles* hondurob's going DOWN.

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Thursday, July 25, 2002

listening to: billy joel, we didn't start the fire

random amusing quote: "you guys are getting dirty for jesus!"

okay... first off, i can't believe no one else thought the phrase "getting dirty for jesus" was funny. so i had to pretend like i didn't either. but dude, i was so amused. see... mary had this shirt that said "i go bananas for jesus".. and we were moving all these bedframes... and they were, well, really dirty. so yeah.. this random woman walks by and says "you guys are getting dirty for jesus!" and... dude. it was classic. oh, and this other girl that helping... she had this shirt on and it said "EMU" in big letters, and i was really amused. but then i realized that under it in smaller letters it said "eastern mennonite university". lol.

anywho. so. then i came home and took a nap.. mmm.. nap. then i did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen and went kickboxing! my life is so exciting! *nod nod* ... really.

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*blink* okay... i had this dream.. and then i fell asleep again and had another dream, but i really wanted to remember the first dream... like... i was sitting in this room with rob, and two other people...the other two were just random. *shrug* anyway, all i remember is that the random guy (there was a random guy and a random girl) said to me "oh, so you're the only american here!" and i was like "dude, no, rob's american..." and he was like "oh, no, he's from honduras!" and then he started calling rob this weird nickname.. i remember it somehow combined "rob" and "honduras" but i don't remember how.. robduras? hondurob? lol. anywho. and then i woke up and i started to think that maybe rob really was from honduras. if you keep typing honduras over and over it looks weird. honduras honduras honduras. am i spelling that right? *pause* honduraaaaas! *runs off*

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listening to: tori, tiny dancer

random amusing quotes: "ert and bernie"

"miriam, i have your erection"

"saucy stalin"

"matt, trina has to dump you unless you're a dolphin"
"a lusty dolphin!"

"who takes the cheese?"
"the wife!"
"no! the MOUSE takes the cheese!"
"oh.. who does the cheese take?"
"i do believe the cheese STANDS ALONE"

"yeah, we're going to be in a boy band called wicked groovy booty call... our first song will be called 'grrr'"

hee ^_^ much fun at miriam's birthday party. it started and ended with us sitting around on miriam's porch, as is our norm, but in between we attempted to go mini-golfing, but actually ended up sitting around the park. well, we swung... swinged? ... um, swang? *blink* we.. played on the swings for awhile.


i suddenly have a craving for macaroni and cheese. i'm not even hungry. note to self... eat macaroni and cheese tomorrow.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

listening to: tori, thoughts

random amusing quotes: "so i was cleaning kitchens for jesus.."

so okay. last night ashvin asks me if i want to volunteer at this program called recycling for families.. so i said sure. so, we get there [we= me, trina, elizabeth, molly, ashvin, mary, and stephen hill] and well.. first off, it's a christian organization, and the guy will not shut up about 1.) his alcoholism and 2.) god. and i mean.. that's all well and good. but maybe he should have realized that out of his 7 volunteers, he had 4 christians, 1 muslim, 1 hindu, and 1 me. but whatever. then, he sends ash and stephen off to move furniture [recycling for families is this non-profit organization that takes donated furniture and distributes it to like.. single moms who can't afford furniture, or people who are just getting a place to live after being homeless, and such] and he tells the girls to clean the kitchen. which okay.. i can understand... you're a non-profit organization.. you need someone to clean the kitchen. and okay, the guys are stronger than we are and more furniture-carryinglike. but then.. after we cleaned the kitchen.. and assorted other things.. he sent us to vaccuum couches. lol. and it wasn't just me.. everyone was really annoyed by this guy. we all went to bagelmen's afterwards and ranted. lol. elizabeth actually seemed the most upset about his incessant religiousness... he kept saying how it was our "christian duty" to help... but i agree with elizabeth, it's not your duty as a member of your religion.. it's your duty as a member of the human race. argh. i'm going back to help again tomorrow.. but.. *rawr*

oh, and megan called me to tell me that renata the bunny won a blue ribbon ^_^ yaaay! and it confused my friends because they obviously could only hear my end of the conversation, and i was saying things like "see, i told you she was a good bunny!!" lol. and then i ended up walking around the parking lot doing the "can you hear me NOW?" thing. goodtimes.

and then i saw rob at the liberry... he laughed at my tale of woe *sniff* and i checked out candide. yay voltaire. which reminds me, i need to call rob, because trina is lazy. *frowls at phone*

so.. i'm going to go to that.. and then go to miriam's birthday party.. happy birthday, miriam ^_^ well, really her birthday's tomorrow. and she doesn't read my blog. so.. whatever.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

What's Your Inner Demon?

this quiz was made by Melissa

it's very true.

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listening to: ani d, loom

*yawn* kickboxing was fun, but tiring... i have a suspicion i'm going to be hella sore tomorrow. not surprisingly, i suck at it. *sob* just when i'd get the hang of a series, she'd change it *sob* it's no fair. some of us are directionally challenged.

momentary rant: i was starving when i got back, so i went downstairs and ate a piece of toast and some cherries... not exactly like... you know, a lot. but my mom looks up and really snidely is like "aren't you defeating the purpose of kickboxing?" it really pissed me off. i mean one... i just kickboxed for an hour, and i really don't think one piece of toast and some cherries is exactly that fattening... and two, well, i love my mom, but she really isn't someone to call anyone fat. or imply it. whatever. *raaawr*

in other news.. lip gloss at the gap is 47 cents. yay ^_^ *glosses lips*

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listening to: tori, song for eric

*frowl* cramps. argh.

anywho. exciting news in simworld... the skanky family has a daughter: priscellie ^_^ priscellie likes school, the weather, and aliens. i have some more pictures to upload but i'm lazy so it'll be awhile.

*eats peach smint*

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Monday, July 22, 2002

listening to: tori, mother

megan! guess what my mom bought for me? no.. nope, not that either... yes! a box of peach smints! apparently they sell them at jewel ^_^ *sniff* aww... peach smints remind me of megan.

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listening to: ani d, pick yer nose

*yawn* so tired. it seems like all i do anymore is sleep, or try to. hopefully i won't be like this when school starts again. (bleh, school.)

talia's back! yay talia!

went to the orthodontist today... turns out my appointment is aaactually tomorrow. lol. but then someone else cancelled their appointment today so it all worked out. no more pointy wire! yay! i hate braces though... while she was adding some different evil wires, she was like "oh, wow, it's really oozing blood!" argh. because i needed to hear that...

anywho. but then i went and met miriam at the coffeehouse. yay iced mocha! (also, yay fruit.) *nod* and then i went to barnes and noble and bought one of my euro books... a world lit only by fire. sigh.

i think i'm going kickboxing tomorrow with miriam and trina *blink* something seems so wrong with that picture. ah well. should be fun, hopefully.

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listening to: tori, pretty good year

had such a weird dream. i don't remember it really, except part of it was animated. *so* weird. i couldn't fall asleep, even though i was exhausted.. i took more than the recommended amount of tylenol pm, and then i made the mistake of picking up coraline... honestly, who decided that a book about an evil woman stealing souls was a children's book?? i mean really. that book is scary. *sob* albeit scary in a really, really, really good way.

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Sunday, July 21, 2002

listening to: tori, enjoy the silence

apparently, if i were an animal, i'd be a penguin. oddly accurate. what animal are you? (i like how my suggested careers are: writer, herbalist, journalist, actor, designer...waiter. lol.)

and yes, i'm bored again, more lame quizzes. shut up, you know you like it.


I'm Hand Soap! Most people aren't utilizing me nearly enough.

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yeah, you see that? utilize me, bitch! utilize me! *cough* yes.

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[i'm kellie!]

You are ... Mindy Simmons
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yay simpsons! and yay slacking ^_^

What Egyptian Deity are you? go to:the quiz!

I'm Tim as The Lord of Darkness!

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yay tim curry! never seen this movie, though... never even heard of it.

aaand last one, i swear:

Take the What Pair of Pants are You? quiz
by Bekka

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priscellie! i was looking through the paper, and i just noticed this listing:

abraham-- musical version of lincoln's life, 8 pm. july 19-21 and 6-28, theatre in the park at new salem state historic site. adults, $8; 12 and under, $3.

doesn't that sound like the cheesiest thing in the whole world?? i want to go!

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listening to: swim, rhyme

*yawn* just had a highly successful 2-hour nap. sleeping is so nice.

it's a good thing i have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow, this wire is loose (has been ever since my last appointment, actually) and it's cutting the hell out of the side of my mouth. like, it's so scarred on that side it's like a tiny mountain range or something. erm. or you could insert your own decent analogy, if you wish.

oh, priscellie, i finished reading guards! guards! today! and so i'm wondering... is there any sort of order the discworld books need to be read in? i wanna read men at arms so that maa: the musical will make sense to me *nod nod* oh, and i hate you for getting me hooked on another book series *bursts into tears* like i don't have enough books as it is, noooo... *sigh* [but i still heart you, really.]

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listening to: urinetown, snuff the girl

dude. SO amused... pirate lingerie.

*sigh* i'm such a bad person. miriam wants me to go see the wiz with her tonight, but i'm really tired and lazyish. like i just don't feel like leaving the house. but i'd feel bad blowing her off, especially since she's leaving on thursday. and i really can't think of a nice way to say "no offense, but i don't want to leave the house." *ponders* ah well.

*yawn* tired.

the dishwasher broke so reid and i spent an hour and a half cleaning really hot water off the entire kitchen floor. muchfun. or not.

just got off the phone with miriam, told her i felt too lazy to drive into town, which i feel is quite justified. *nod* so hopefully we'll do something tomorrow. *yaawn*

i think i might go take a nap.

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listening to: hair, initials

[sidenote: that's like, my mom's favorite song from hair, she walks around singing it like.. all the time.]

anywho. you know those things that you have that aren't exactly dreams because you aren't asleep yet, but it's not like.. 'daydreaming' because you don't really have control over what's happening, except that you know if you want to you can wake yourself all the way up? ... there needs to be a word for those. anyhow, i had a really scary one of those. but at first i didn't wake myself up because i wanted to see what would happen... but then... yeah.

right, i'm coherent. i just knocked over an (empty) class and then i hit my ear on my chair. it hurt.

i hate when i spaz out and accidentally re-launch the cd player on the computer (i have it as a quicklaunch icon, or whatever those things in the taskbar are called.. so i'm always accidentally clicking it) and it starts the cd over again. *frowl*

anywho... that's it for now.

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i'm so considering bidding on this... look! it looks like it's a whole BOOK of cute little baby endless..es... *blink* what's the plural of endless? is it just endless? ah well. it's cute ^_^ and that's all that matters.

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listening to: hair, ain't got no

random amusing quotes: "steak n' shake? more like.. sex n' shake!"

"this.. oh, um, i bet rob has done this!"
"actually.. another word for that!"

"mm... melted ice!"
"you mean.. water?"

hmm. let's see. my dad put a new, functional (mostly) radio/tape player in my car! yay! so i was listening to my rockin' 60's protest music cartape and i remembered how much i like hair. i hadn't listened to it in ages. yay!

oh, and i was bored today, so i baked cupcakes from scratch! they were pretty good, too. oh, and i made the icing from scratch too! exciting times! (i found some icing in our cabinet, but then i realized it was from 1987... so... i didn't use that. *nod*)

so a bunch of us were going to go see the wiz (with an all-white cast! normal parks and rec, what on earth were you thinking??) but then we discovered that there was only a matinee today. oops. so we just sat around miriam's porch and played some catchphrase. and then we wen to steak n' shake.. and then miriam and i ended up at trina's house, taking some stupid online quizzes.

oh hey, someone named Jacquilinie has been leaving me comments! yay! hi! er.. who are you? *blink* and where did you get your death shirt?? did you get it online? because.. i want one. badly. *nod nod*

hey, i just realized i can't hear the clicky bug! YAY!

sneezing is so satisfying. like a good sneeze just makes me feel so fulfilled. *blink* um, yes.

anywho... i'm done.

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Saturday, July 20, 2002

okay hi. apologies for the big-ish file size, but trust me, this is worth it ^_^ (violating copyrights left and right [hee], but i'm sorry, it's just too cute not to share. text (c) neil gaiman, art by i believe jill thompson, but i'd have to check. someone other than me, anyhow. from sandman, the parliament of rooks)

isn't that the cutest?? awww... baby death and dream. awww. the next frame is even cuter, dream falls down and death laughs at him, but it was up against the spine so it wouldn't scan right. stupid scanner. *pout*

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listening to: rufus wainright, april fools

argh. there's this stupid loud clicky insect somewhere over behind my desk... and it's so loud. last night del told me it was her, but i'm starting to doubt that *frowl*

maybe he's trying to talk to me in morse code... what's morse code for "shut the hell up already!"? or maybe just "die"?

*hiss* hopefully it'll die soon.. insects aren't reknowned for their long life spans, right?

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this is all kait's fault. *frowl*

American Beauty, Symbolism: The Color Red

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neopets.. i remember neopets!

What Was Your PastLife?

ever since i read smoke and mirrors i've been a bit wary of jack-in-the-boxes... *blink*

Take the Purrsonality Quiz!

I am 24% Tortured Artist

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er.. can't argue there *sniff*

Ooooo Shiney!

What Random Object From Ydoc Nameloc's Room Are You?

I'm Mimi from Rent!
What Daphne Rubin-Vega Character are you?

This Quiz Was Made By Mary, with lots of help from Marjorie and Josh

yay! *pours glitter on self*

take the which one of the trading spaces cast are you? quiz!

we're twins, kait!

wow. that's a whole lotta quizzage.

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Friday, July 19, 2002

listening to: tori, sweet dreams

it's SO humid outside. ugh. i rode my bike for awhile and i'm so gross and sweaty. ew.

note to kait: sim-roger got abducted by aliens, and they took all his "nice" points, so now he's a total jerk. possible fic? ^_^

anywho. nothing important happened today. hey, i just quoted king george in my blog. go me.

... yeah. so, i'm going to go watch teevee or something.

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You are Spider-Man!

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Thursday, July 18, 2002


renata: thought of the moment: "who needs a penis to have sex?! I know I don't." *amused* [quote from melody ^_^]
rob: Well, I kinda do...
renata: yeah, well, that's your problem ^_^
rob: Guess so.
rob: Jerk.
renata: hey, take it up with god
renata: or darwin.
rob: MAybe Darwin is god.
renata: maybe my left shoe is god.
rob: And Darwin.
renata: no, that's the right shoe
renata: they work together in harmony
renata: ruling the universe and keeping my feet warm.
rob: oooohhhh
rob: riiiight
rob: freeeaaak
renata: yeah. and satan is my high heels.
renata: oh, right, you have a penis and i'm a freak.
rob: He's my buddy
rob: Exactly.

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listening to: matt caplan, kalamazoo

does it make me a dork if i know matt wrote this song on a night he called out in kalamazoo? and does it make me even more of a dork if i was there for the matinee that day and am still bitter about not going to the evening show?

... i suppose it does. oh well. i'll wear my butterflies with pride. oh. and now i just quoted tori amos.. so i guess that's doubly dorky. well, yay me ^_^

i'm so bored. and i'm talking to a random girl i met on winmx *blink* she seems nice.

i played the sims today for the first time in a long time... sim-mimi made preserves! and sim-roger is about to get promoted. right now he's a surgeon. (in case mimi almost dies again, so he won't have to call that un-trustworthy 911.) mimi is in the army. *nod nod*

i want some hot chocolate. *darts downstairs to make some* mm.. hot chocolate. and almond cookies. [but not almondy enough to taste like arsenic.] argh. choking, bad.

so. i ran out of actual content for this post awhile ago...

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listening to: weezer, buddy holly

(i look just like buddy holly! and megan is mary tyler moore!)

megan, your photography skills are lacking ^_~ i just downloaded all the new pictures off the digital camera, and here's the only picture from the stuart concert:


oh, and i think someone should buy me this ^_^:

i sorta kinda cleaned my room today. but i got distracted. yes. *blink*

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

tag, you're it!!

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listening to: billy joel, piano man

*swivels merrily* i just watched indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark. there's nothing like the clear-cut good and evil of archeology to put me in a chipper mood. (plus, indy's foxy.) and i love that you can always tell whether what's happening is bad or good based on the music. dun da-dun-da, dun da-dun-dun-da! *hums*

anywho. can't take philosophy next year, since it conflicts with ap lit *frowl* although on the plus side, now i don't have to read all those books. still have to read the prince, though >_< and jd wouldn't even give me a name or number for the isu spanish department, he was just like "look it up in a phone book!" lazy bastard. argh. and unless i can find another class, i can't waive pe. rawr. i signed up for creative writing, but i think i'm going to drop it... hopefully i can take spanish at 2, and then find some other class to take in the morning... or if not... i'll take pe. *frowl* but i was really looking forward to not taking it. oh well. *sadly pokes schedule with a stick*

rawr. *perks* oh, and family video was giving out free lotr buttons today ^_^ *snagged legolas* ahh! someone just drove really slowly by our house, and it was not the paper guy! *shuts windows*


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listening to: rachael sage, colorized world

*yaaawn* oh... god... weirdest dream. it's sort of fuzzy now, since i fell back asleep and had another dream.. er.. two more dreams, i think, after that... but wow. it was like, the geekiest dream ever. like, remember a couple days ago i said i never dreamed about fictional characters? well...let's see. rogue squadron was there... just like... flying around... but not luke. and then for some reason magneto was at the beach and doing something evil, and then these two people came out of the sea... and one of them was like... fiery, and the other one was... er, watery... er. i don't remember their names. anyway, they buried magneto in lava. and then my shoes fell off in the ocean, but then they washed back on shore.

*sneeze* yup. goodtimes. oh. i have to leave in like half an hour to see our moronic counselors... so... i'd better go shower and such, i suppose.

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*gasp* talia blogged! hi talia! wheeen are you coming home? *looks forlorn* taaalia... come hooome...

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

listening to: beatles, back in the ussr (gasp! non-tori!)

midsummer night's dream was hilarious. so funny. i think maybe the best production i've ever seen there. and hey, anything that manages to combine shakespeare and no doubt is cool by me.

i like how i just used the phrase "speaking of pirates, i saw ms. scott today!" lol. i love ms. scott. *sniff*

gah. have to go talk to jd tomorrow. i swear, our school counselors are the two stupidest people i've ever met. le sigh.

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listening to: tori, winter

hmm. i've been on a tori kick lately. er. well, more than usual i mean. (scarlet's walk october 15! woot!)

anywho. if today's board meeting is any sign, next year is going to suck, theatre-wise... our president and vice-president didn't even show up. lol. (*pokes rob*) and our straight play is going to be shakespeare. eeew. hopefully, though, our musical will be clue: the musical which sounds really great and funny to me. but it might be cinderella. which, ew. i mean it's a cute show and all.. but... please god, no.

kellie's coming with me to midsummer night's dream! yaaay! *hearts kellie*

argh. so tired. perhaps will go imbibe large amounts of coffee so as not to fall asleep during play. dude. where did that sudden burst of bridget-jones-ness come from? *flail*

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listening to: tori, hey jupiter

SQUEEE! *frolicks* the fed ex guy came about 10 minutes ago, bearing the happiest package i've ever received! i'm going to name my firstborn priscellie! [or maybe priscilla ^_^]

here, look!

*happy sigh* [i actually apologized to the book when i put it on the scanner bed. *pats coraline* but she's okay now.]

argh. have to go to thetard's house for 4 hours today. *sob* that's like.. the den of evil. and i'm missing trina's monopoly party, too. *sniff* although knowing trina, the party probably won't end up happening.. but.. still. it's the principle of the thing. er. or something. okay, i'm just a whiner.

it just ocurred to me that i would really like a bowl of captain crunch. but there's none in the house, and no milk either. *sigh* life is so hard.

*wanders off*

*runs back and glomps priscellie one more time*

*runs off again*

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listening to: tori, flying dutchman

argh. first off... i've been bailed on twice now, so i have an extra ticket for midsummer night's dream tomorrow (tuesday) at 8pm... someone pleaase some with me? kellie? rob? michelle? ... who else reads this that lives here? *poke* anywho... if you read this... call me or leave a comment or email me or something asap. *looks pleading* they're goood tickets... and... i'll wear purple glitter...

< /begging >

so yeah. er. went, against my better judgment, to see mr. deeds with miriam. it was um. better than i expected. but much worse than the original. ah well.

tired. blah.

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Monday, July 15, 2002

listening to: y kant tori read, heart attack at 23

argh. just took like.. an hour and a half nap. damn soporific machiavelli! i'm seriously reading this thing like.. 3 pages at a time. good thing it's only.. 37 pages long. but still. that's like 30 pages too long. argh. look at this. "but coming to the other point-- where a leading citizen becomes the prince of his country, not by wickedness or any intolerable violence, but by the favour of his fellow citizens-- this may be called a civil principality: nor is genius or fortune altogether necessary to attain to it, but rather a happy shrewdness." argh. the whole thing is like that.

talia, this is for you ^_^:

You are Kusakabe Marron | Kaito Jeanne

You are generous and talented, though often widthdrawn. You tend to have just a few close friends, rather than many. You appear very cheerful and enthusiastic, but struggle to keep up with what others expect of you. In the end, your perseverance and sacrifices help you pull through.

Take the "What Magic Girl are you?" Quiz

i had this really weird dream and i typed it all up, but then blogger ate it. and i don't feel like re-typing it. stupid blogger.

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i hate you blogger! i hate you more than life itself!

rawr. um. so blogger just ate a big entry. i'll try to recreate it later. but i'm just not in the mood right now *sniff*

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i have the best friends in the world. i love how everyone is incredibly offended that anyone would not want to date me. and i'm like "no.. really, it's okay" and everyone is trying to comfort me and such. *sniff* aw. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

people are so cool.

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Sunday, July 14, 2002

listening to: y kant tori read, the big picture

i'd just like to wish del and i a happy anniversary. *glomps del* which incidentally means it's been a year since the bennies closed. *sniff sniff* but at least del and i got to meet. aww.

i took like an hour and a half nap. but then i woke up because i was too cold. in july. in my house with no air conditioning. so i'm thinking possibly that's not good. and it's probably not good that i'm now sitting around in a sweatshirt. oh well.

*swivels in chair* i think that's really all i had to say. oh, but i'll throw in once or twice more that I HEART PRISCELLIE!!!!!

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argh. 2 hours ago i so did not have a cold. but now i'm like this.. sneezing, watery-eyed wreck. ick. *sneeze* see??

on the plus side.. baked cookies ^_^ mm... sugar.

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listening to: tori, wrapped around your finger

just had to post this...

Which pop culture icon are YOU? | made by kt @ gFs.co.uk.

yay! but the beatles are not over-rated *sulk*

anywho. haven't done anything of note so far today, except move some books from one stack on my floor to another one, and take that quiz. if you're bored, and dig rent, this is one of the most amusing threads to pop up on the boards in awhile... (i heart you jason!)

*stretches* i've been reading fables and reflections a bit and i heart it so much. i love the fact that it's a comic with robespierre, thomas paine, and mark twain as characters... *sigh* i heart neil gaiman.

argh. when i run out of tori mp3s winamp goes to vanilla ice. which is such the system shock. *melts*

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listening to: tori, sister named desire

*yawn* SO tired. blah. exciting day at the arts festival though ^_^ was electromagnetically sucked into acme comics and emerged with a new sandman book and veeery nearly an adorable little plush dream. but i decided against dream due to lack of money. and i got a shiny new york shirt at house of funk, and the girl working there had an aaawesome shirt... it had death on it, and it said "you get what everyone gets: a lifetime" and i want it. the shirt, not a lifetime. well. i want a lifetime too, i just already have one. er. yeah. and miriam got a hilarious shirt, it's from this fence erecting company someplace, and so on the back in big letters it says "best erection in town." lol.

*yaaawn* so um then i went back to miriam's house because she had to babysit joel... and we watched jimmy neutron: boy genius with him. oh, and we played this hogwarts mystery game, which is exactly like clue, except with harry potter. yeah. exciting stuff ^_^ and then trina showed up, and we ate pizza, and went to toys r us so trina could return a bike for her mom, and then visited eliz at culver's... and then trina left... and miriam and i watched anastasia and played scrabble. but i lost SO hard at scrabble, i was beating her for awhile, and then somehow i ended up with like.. a q, 3 u's, a z, a c, and a y, or something horrible like that... so i had to pass about 20 times since the board was mostly full by then.. and... terrible letters. yeah. *sniff* life's so hard. and miriam wouldn't let me use "zim" as a word.

anywho. i think i might go to sleep. yawn.

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Saturday, July 13, 2002

listening to: bob dylan, mr. tambourine man

random amusing quote: "if he fell in the refrigerator, he'd be coldfinger!"

tambourine is a weird word. tambourine tambourine tambourine. aanywho.

funtimes at matt's house. well, once we got there... trina, rob, and i got quasi-lost a few times. ("he said to turn right!" "yeah.. but that was left!" ".. oh, it was!") i won clue! go me! but i did manage to lose quite spectacularly, twice, at bandu. (which is like jenga, except with like... all sorts of different shapes. and it's crazy.) yeah. and then we played an excessively violent game of spoons (amanda made matt bleed.) heh, do we know how to have a good time, or what?

had a weird dream last night, but don't quite recall what happened. just that it was weird. hmm. you know, i just realized that i never dream about fictional characters. it's always either my friends, or just completely random people who don't exist... but never like harry potter or anything. which is too bad. i think my dreams would be a lot cooler if someone besides my subconscious had a hand in there. because my subconscious just isn't very creative.

oh yeah, and i got my ap test results... 5 in us history. yay me ^_^

yay for megan's blog having arrows! *gives erin a cookie*

anywho, i need to leave soon to meet miriam (and rob? *pokes rob*) at sugarcreek arts festival... even though like... all the art there is either bad, or overpriced, or both... but... um... i'll prolly get ice cream. *nod* yeah.

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Friday, July 12, 2002

listening to: y kant tori read, fire on the side

ugh. so after i took a shower... i sat down on my bed to read some smoke and mirrors.. and fell asleep. just now woke up. still feel tired. ick. this'll learn me to take my stupid iron pills...

so yeah. leaving in 15 minutes to go to trina's house, to go to matt's party. mayhap will make coffee before i leave. *yawn*

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listening to: bob dylan, the times they are a-changin'

hm. my lip is bleeding. on one hand this is bad, but on the other i'm relieved because i was wondering why my chapstick tasted like blood, and this would seem to be a reasonable explanation.

i need to take a shower. lip needs to stop bleeding.

miriam got her ap test results, i want mine! *frowl* i hope they come tomorrow.

aaanywho. shower. yes.

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Which Recurring Kevin Smith Character Are You? Take the test here


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Thursday, July 11, 2002

listening to: ani d, willing to fight

random amusing quote: "who was that?" "matt" "oh, the guy with the big forehead?" "*blink*"

my mouse is being wacky. sigh. and right now i'm so jealous of priscellie that i want to poke my eyes out. or something. but i am eteeeeeeeeernally grateful to her ^_^ *mwah* and i hope your-site makes your site (hee!) available again soon! *frowl*

anywho. had a very nice me-evening. i read some more of smoke and mirrors (while listening to bob dylan's greatest hits), and then took about a 5 minute nap.. and then i went downstairs and watched part of diamonds are forever but i got bored. sooo i came back up here. i should really maybe clean my room. it's like this sea of books and paper.

*swivel* i'm boredish. i couuuld read through some of these plays i have sitting here so as not to appear total slacker to thetard... or.. i could just show up with a copy of waiting for godot. am leaning towards the latter.

argh. don't you hate it when you're online and you're bored and then you hear the aol door open and you're like "yay! someone to talk to!" but then you go look and it's not anyone you want to talk to and in fact you're not even sure why that person is even on your buddy list?

... yeah, me too.

maybe i'll go play the sims.

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i think i'm the stupidest person in the entire world. see, i'd noticed that (whenever i'm up this late) around 3:30 am this maroon car always drives in front of our house, stops, and then continues on. this struck me as odd, since no one ever drives by our house, and then the whole.. every night at 3:30 and the stopping thing. i was actually sort of starting to be minorly worried about it.

then i realized it was our newspaper delivery person.

i rule.

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and now, your moment of zen:

me: lol. i can't think of anyone else i'd have a discussion about melting heroin over flaming kittens with.
me: i heart you del :)

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listening to: everclear, amphetamine

i haven't listened to everclear in foreeeever, but then i spontaneously got "father of mine" stuck in my head on my way home. my brain is so weird. yes.

rob sent me this link and it amuses me vastly. i heart you, rob ^_^

so yeah. i went to go see miriam's softball game. except i ended up being er. terribly late. oh well. i felt really bad when miriam dropped the ball. i guess you know you're friends when it hurts to watch them fail. hm. at least her team won ^_^ and then we went to go see men in black 2 and there was a trailer for the two towers aaaand for the next bond movie, die another day. wooot! i heart james bond. and lotr, of course.

argh. someone on the boards is talking about american gods being required reading at their school. that is the coolest thing ever. i want to go there. or more sensibly, i want it to be required reading here, too. *sniff*

yeah. i think i'm going to actually update sgt. pepper.. it's been pretty dead lately. sad.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Which Lilo & Stitch Character Are YOU?

Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie

Who’s YOUR Rocky Horror Alter-Ego?

Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie

say what?

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sigh. so. yeah, i'm bored. and my mom has my car. so i'm bored and trapped. so. yeah. inane survey time.

When was the last time you...

just now when jason imed me with something funny

er.. see above.. i sort of.. smile and then i laugh... yes.

hm. i sort of blinked away tears at lilo and stitch... (yeah, shut up) um... i'm not certain, but er, i think maybe the last time i actually cried was um when the um lone gunmen died. (*sob sob*) and um yeah i'm a nerd.

Bought something?
gas, last night.

megan and i car-danced to jonah!

Were sarcastic?
well hmm. um. i suppose to jason just now.

Talked to an ex?
i suppose last night/this morning... *shrug*

Watched your favorite movie?
well i'm not really sure what my favorite movie is. but i think maybe it's dogma. (and if not then that's definitely one of them.) and i watched that last week. er. week before.

Had a nightmare?
well, a couple days ago i had that dream where i died. but it wasn't really a nightmare because i wasn't scared. because i knew it was a dream. although i was sorta surprised when i died because i was like "hey, i can't die in my own dream..." but then i did.

A Last time for everything...

Last book you read?
finished? death: the high cost of living by neil gaiman. but the last book i read from was guards! guards!. yes.

Last movie you saw?
in the theatre? the powerpuff girls movie! i watched wayne's world 2 with adam last night though.

Last song you heard?
listening to tori right now.. upside down.

Last time you showered?
last night.

Last thing you ate?
a dot. a green one. oh, but now i just ate a red one.

Do you...


Do drugs?

Have sex?

Sleep with stuffed animals?
yes. a big fuzzy yellow triceratops.

Live in the moment?

Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Have a dream that keeps coming back?
hmm.. don't think so.

Believe there is life on other planets?

Remember your first love?
i'm sure i will once i fall in love with someone.

Still love him/her?

Believe in miracles?
"i don't believe your miracles/me and charles manson like the same ice cream" ^_~ (yeah okay so only 3 people think that's funny. that's okay, because i'm one of them.) so anyway. i don't believe in divine miracles because i don't believe in god. but i believe that sometimes things happen that are really cool.

Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?

Like the taste of alcohol?
well. non-alcoholic beer is insanely gross. but megan's mom did get me drunk ^_~...

Have a favorite candy?
yes, riesens. mmm.. riesens. too bad every time i eat them i manage to pull lose a wire in my braces ~_~ but it's worth it.

Believe in astrology?
notso much.

Believe in magic?
not really. but sometimes it's fun.

Believe in God?


Go to church?
well, i went to see la boheme in a church... but that's just because prairie fire theatre company is ghetto and doesn't have a theatre. yeah.

Have any secrets?
nooot really...

Have any pets?
lots of cats: aida, billy, luke, leia, tyrone, mimi, and roger. (shut up, i didn't name them ^_^)

Have any piercing?
my ears, but i haven't worn earrings in like.. years.

Have any tattoos?

Hate yourself?
i'm pretty down with myself.

Have an obsession?
well, i prefer the word passion. but yes i have lots. tori and ani and rent and neil gaiman and sam and max and alan cumming and star wars and... such.

Collect anything?
rubber ducks, and r2-d2s. and books.

Have a best friend?
megan! and trina! and miriam! and.. and... yes.

Have any bad habits?
i trim my nails compulsively. and i pick the skin off my lips when i'm bored. which is why i obsessively use lotion and lip gloss. in case you were wondering.

Care about looks?
like mine? or other people's? and like not really.

Believe in witches?
real witches? or wiccan witches? because not real ones but it's pretty hard not to believe that wiccans exist. you'd have to be pretty deep in denial for that one.

Believe in Satan?
i believe in stan.

Believe in ghosts?
hmm well i don't think so.

Have a second family?
well... my friends? but not really, no.

Trust others easily?
well. it depends on if it's a trustworthy person or not ^_^ but i suppose i'm not the most trusting person in the world, no.

Like noise?

Take walks in the rain?
sometimes... it depends on how hard it's raining and what sort of mood i'm in, i suppose.

Kiss with your eyes closed?

Sing in the shower?
hmm.. sometimes. more in the car though.

Own handcuffs?

Have any scars?
i have one on my left knee, from when my stupid cat broke the stupid iguana terrarium... and one on my right hand that i don't know what it's from.. and... *looks* i think that's it.

What is your greatest extravagance?
well... i probably buy too many books. but i think it's a necessary extravagance ^_^

What is the sound you love most?

What do you regard as the lowest depths of misery?
for me? or for anyone? or... huh.

Boxers or briefs?

What is your motto?
my motto... hmm. i don't really have one. so i'll quote death: "it's no harder to be nice than it is to be creepy. and it's much more fun." or maybe ani... "you know there's no escape/ and no excuse/ so just suck it up and be nice." ^_^

What is your favorite curse word?
hmm. probably fuck, if it comes to that. but i'm really more likely to say "frowl!" or "flail!" (and yes, i actually just say "flail!".)

What is your most treasured possession?
possession? well i guess my computer? or... all my books? but.. that's multiple possessions... and.. er... well... yeah. and my ravenclaw banner and pin are up near the top of the list too ^_^

If you are not the winner, would you rather be the runner-up or just take your ball and go home?
be runner-up.. i'm not really about sulking and such.

and, since i know you've all been wondering about this....

People in your company think you are unreal, they are hallucinating. You are creativly inspiring aswell as you make people delirious and delusional. You make time appear distorted, colours appear brighter, sounds more sharper and things seem to change shape. Sometimes people are frightened by you and get scared of everything. You mess people up, one minute they could be laughing the next they are sobbing. Sometimes you distress people so much they try to commit suicide. When people have spent alot of time with you, they get a 'flashback', they could be on a train coming home from work and suddenly start mocking the bloke next to them who appears to have grown a long hairy snout like a rat.

Find Out If You Were A Drug, What You Would Be!

quiz by ravenritings

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so the most amusing breakup ever... in summary:

him: i think you're boring
me: what the hell? there are lots of people who don't think i'm boring, why am i wasting my time with you?
him: well, it's not wasted *exactly*...
me: um... yeah. you're a fuckwit.

lol. maybe it's because it's 4 am but this strikes me as quite funny.

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(re: rent)

del: listen to this old review
del: "O.K., I know it is supposed to be stylish and trendy, but no set design whatsoever is a little bit ridiculous. No curtain to hide the stage? A little more ridiculous.

That is not even the worst part. The entire play is the most depressing, uninspiring thing I have ever seen. Some characters have AIDS, some are poor, excetera excetera. Just an overall downer."
renata: lol!
renata: that's the best thing ever.
del: AIDS and vagrancy are so *dull*. jesus.
del instead of Mimi and Roger having AIDS, i think they should have kittens.
renata: TALKING kittens
renata: who want to go to the jellicle ball!
del: *rolls about*
renata: exaaaactly
renata: *snickets*
del: talking, singing, dancing kittens who flail about and present themselves within trivial incoherent plots!
renata: yay!
del: and i think they should turn the homeless people into giant lollipops.
renata: and angel should actually be an angel

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listening to: stuart, dresden

argh. just found out random nsync boy (joey) is going to be mark in rent. this is. um. argh. travesty. and. mark. no. noooo. sob.


*sniff* i miss megan already! my mom picked me up at like.. 1.. and we left.. and went to the herbert hoover museum. which um was actually really interesting. i'm such a nerd. heh.


Hero Guild Name

Villains fear me.

Heroes envy me.

Renata is...

The Costumed

anywho. talked to jason on the phone today, highly exciting ^_^ *mwaaaah!* i heart you jason!

and so yeah i was thinking... i'm generally a pretty nice, fun, likeable person, right? and so if someone would rather sit at home and talk to their cat than hang out with me... then they have a problem, not me, right?

... right?

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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

i toootally meant to blog this earlier today, but i completely forgot, and then i randomly remembered and wrote myself a note on my hand to blog about it when i got back home [er.. megan's home.] the note says "dream: death" but it doesn't refer to the sandman... anyway. i had this ridiculously complicated dream involving some conspiracy that i didn't fully understand when i was dreaming, let alone now that i'm awake.. but anyway... like, i was starting to piece it together, and megan is like "let's go downstairs!" and i was like "uh.. no.. i don't think so.." and then some random old guy was shaking his head at me.. and so megan pulls a gun on me and makes me go downstairs!! stupid bitch! and then once i'm downstairs another guy pulls a gun on me! and i remember thinking "well, i can't die, this is my dream!" but then, he shot me and i died. sigh. the dream went on for awhile though... i'm not really sure how though. sigh. and then i woke up and told megan about it, and she was like "hey renata, let's go downstairs!!" *sniiiiff* i hate megan.

well, not really. *thinks* sooo um anyway.. megan and erin and i went to go see the powerpuff girls movie! it was SO cute! and parts of it were sad. awww. but it was good. poor buttercup. she's always neglected. "and i'll call you.. buttercup! because it also begins with 'b'!"

yeah. and then.. we went over to their friend nate's house and watched like.. 5 episodes of cowboy bebop which i had never seen before but i liked it a lot. yeah. then we went on a mission for rice... which was successful.. and then megan and i went back to megan's house. and we rocked out to "jonah" on the way back even though that's really not a rock-out kinda song. hee.

megan just went to sleep. *sniff* oh.. but she just got up to go get water. hmm. well, i'm going to go publish this and see if anyone left me comments... *melodramatic sniff* and if no one did, i'll cry! *sob sob* er.. yes.

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Monday, July 08, 2002

woo hi. *sniff* noooo one comments anymore. except talia and kellie. good job, talia and kellie. *pats on back*

megan's furby keeps making noises and scaring me. *hisss* i hissed at it, but it didn't respond. stupid uppity furby. *sigh* meegan and her dad and her sister and i went out for lunch today. goodtimes. and then... we went to walmart, and i bought some pens.

argh! megan put a blanket over the furbies (she has two) and they were quiet for awhile, but then one of them just started making these weird.. orgasmic noises... *flail* maybe they should each have a separate blanket. i don't think this is appropriate. *nod*

i neeeed to shower. i'm so skanky. but megan is showering. er. going to shower. she just wandered back. *nod* ah! and now she's provoking the furbies! *sigh*

i just can't blog in this environment. *sniff sniff*

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woot! today was a fabulous day. but first, i'd like to rant about my shoes. see, my feet have been abooot the same size since 8th grade, sooo i've had some of my shoes for 3 or 4 years. and i have this great pair of brown leather clogs, with wooden soles, but the soles have a coat of rubberish stuff over them so that they're not insanely loud when you walk.. but on my right foot, the padding wore away at the heel, so it clicks loudly when i walk.. but only on that foot, so it sounds like i have a peg leg. *sniff* megan keeps calling me a pirate. which i wouldn't mind. but it's really annoying.

so aaaanyway. we went downtown today, and i bought death: the high cost of living at this great comics store.. and like, it combines 3 of my favorite things. (neil gaiman, death, and tori amos. [death is my favorite endless. but i'm not a scary goth or anything. and tori wrote the introduction. yes.]) aand... at claire's, they had this thing where you could buy 10 things for $5, so megan and i got together and found 10 things... woot, i got a leopard print steering wheel cover for my car! yay!

*swivels in megan's chair* by the way, megan thinks she left her notebook at the parking ramp, so sheee went back to go look for it, while i sit here and blog. aanyway. so. saw stuart at the mill! he was soooo great. i heart stuart. he played jonah!!! jonah is my faaavorite song in the whole world! and it was funny, because i went up and requested it at the break, and then another girl requested it right after me, and then another girl was like "oh! i was just going to request jonah!" stuart suggested we start a jonah fanclub. but it never really got off the ground. so sad. *thinks* aand he played dresden.. and and she was... and ooh... so many songs. it was so fabulous. *hearts stuart* megan will probably blog a psycho long review when she gets back though, so, i won't bother. but it was really good. yes.

so yeah.. i'll be back tuesday! i miss everyone! aww! (except megan.. because... for once i actually don't have to miss you. yay!)

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Sunday, July 07, 2002

which musical theatre heroine are you?

this quiz brought to you by Britt and lots of free time

*frowl* ah well.

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there's shake in my shoe and it's like, the most disgusting thing ever. i triiiied to wipe it out and it didn't work at all *sniff* and i'm never ever letting megan call me a crazy driver again. sheesh. there's shake on my pants and on my purse, and... oh, the horror. but yeah. we went to perkins with megan's friends tim and erin, and it was nice. *nod* they were both really nice. but i had no idea what they were talking about most of the time so i was just like *nod* yeah. hmm. um. megan is disagreeing with my disgustingness rating. but. i'd like to point out that she did not have the shake in her shoe. *frowl*

life is so hard.

i'm tiiiired. oh! and the waiter at perkin's looked like SUCH a mark and he was SO hot. argh. and at first i thought his nametag said mark but then i looked again, and it was david. oh well. he was hot. *nod*

stuart tomorrow! yay!

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Saturday, July 06, 2002

woot, i'm in iowa! *swivels* see, the more things change the more they stay the same. or something like that. yeah. our [well, megan's] drive to iowa was uneventful. although it did randomly rain really hard for a bit. but theeen it stopped. hmm. so then we went to megan's house, and it has stairs now! *was excited* and then we went to the mall... and... i bought some sparkly lotion at the gap for $3. (it's usually $9. so i was terribly happy about that.] oh, and megan stole me a bagel and some dr. pepper from panera. but iowa dr. pepper tastes like arsenic to me and i was freaked out. but megan says that's how it always tastes. i don't believe her. so if i die... you'll allll know why. *suspicious frowl*

megan's room seems so familiar to me. like it's all crazily cluttered like mine. and she has the coooolest lamp ever, it looks like an umbrella. *plays with umbrella lamp*

that stupid arsenic dr. pepper left a weird taste in my mouth. *sulks* so aaaanyway.... *wanders off*

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listening to: stuuuuuart davis, dresden

i'm seeing stuart sunday! yay! wait, sunday is tomorrow! yay squared!

*stretches and almost falls off chair* dammit.

so yeah, megan and i are heading back to iowa today (well.. for me it's not so much back to iowa as it is... to iowa... but... yes.) and i'll be there until tuesday, unless our plans suddenly change. yeah. but i'll probably end up using megan's computer to blog in iowa so... it's not reaaaally like i'll be gone. i just... won't be here. right.

so, i should probably go pack and such. yes. bye all!

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Friday, July 05, 2002

listening to: they might be giants, the sun is a mass of incandescent gas

that was a long title. and a long band name. frowl. yeah. umm. i'm tired. we just watched wayne's world, which i had actually never seen before.. exciting times. then we played mariokart with reid, and he was muuuch more mature about beating the crap out of us than certain other people i could name. *nod* *sneeze* yes.

earlier today we went to ming's with mriiam (yes) and talia, and it was merry. and then we went downtown (minus talia, sad) aand house of funk was closed for no apparent reason. stupid house of funk. yeah. aand i bought some cards at garlic press, and it was terribly exciting. then... we did lots of other stuff. oooh, and i bought smoke and mirrors at barnes and noble. yaaaay neil!

my hand itches. *scratches hand*

hmmm. yeah. off with me, now.

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listening to: forbidden b'way, ouch they're tight

*sneeze* i've been sneezing a lot lately. it's sad. i feel like i just blogged, but actually i just watched megan blog. so. um. go read her blog and preteeeend like it's my post. yes.

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Thursday, July 04, 2002

listening to: the other guys, take a chance on me

yay! megan is here! *hearts megan* we went shopping... and it was terribly exciting. i bought some gap so pink stuff for half price, because they randomly changed the logo.. and.. yay! *swivel*

megan and i are talking to adam. it's amusing. yes.

okay. this is a lame blog entry. meep. i'm leaving now.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

dude. that's like the cutest thing i've ever seen. awww.

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*siigh* hi jason!

happy now?

(hi everyone!)

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listening to: rem, shiny happy people

this giant moth keeps divebombing me. stupid moth.

heeey go look at talia's blog! yay!

i'm listening to "dammit janet" now... and i always think he says "here's the ring to prove i love yoga" instead of "here's the ring to prove i love ya." lol.

having interesting discussion with adam about why all the good fantasy authors are british. he's talking about british scientists and some such... meanwhile i theorized that maybe there are still faeries in britain. then he asked me if "faerie" was an accepted spelling. talk about right brain meets left, lol.

trina, matt, miriam and i played sorry at the public library today ^_^ exciting times. *sneeze* yes.

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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

listening to: ani d, looking for the holes

i heart this song. "and you can talk a great philosophy/but if you can't be kind to people every day/it doesn't mean that much to me" yay ani.

chad has the WEIRDEST look on his face on this month's picture in the rent calendar... go look at it, it's hilarious. it's like.. a perplexed grimace.

priscellie! i got guards! guards! today! thanks SO much! you rock my face off ^_^ could you kindly send me your address at the art.. camp.. thingie... stuff... that you're at? ... yeah, thanks, love!

*swivels in chair* i SO need to start my readings (and writings... argh) for euro and philosophy. sigh. sigh sigh sigh.

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listening to: tori, pretty good year (live)

i heart this mp3... she holds the "an-nn-nn-nn-nn-merica" part for SO long. (and don't ask me how "america" has an "n" sound in it, it just does. and it's damn cool.)

so. as a belated birthday thing for me, a bunch of us all went to go see lilo and stitch which was SO good. i'll review it in sgt. pepper later. much fun. then we went back to miriam's house and ate cake, and.. sat around on her porch. lol. trina and miriam gave me this wickedcool spongebob socks, and a t-shirt! woot! yeah. i heart my friends. *swivels in chair*

yeah. i don't really have anything else to say.

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Monday, July 01, 2002

hi sandy!

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listening to: ani d, million you never made

random amusing quote: "hey, what did the quakers ever to do you, miriam? i mean they have such great oats..."

sooo.. i think i'm going to take a stab at this:

chosen band: mmmm... tori. i think ani has a larger body of work.. but i'm more familar with tori... i guess.

1. are you male or female?:

sometimes the girls come and go...

2. describe yourself:

the girl who couldn't choose between the shower or the bath

3. how do they feel about you?:

straight suits, they don't understand...

4. how do you feel about yourself?:

i'm okay when everything is not okay

5. describe your object of affection:

thought we both could use a friend to run to...

6. what would you rather be doing?:

take a trip on a rocketship, baby, where the sea is the sky

7. describe where you live:

china decorates the tables

8. describe how you love:

you go to my head

9. share a few words of wisdom:

we both know it was a girl back in bethelehem...

okay. that was hard. tori's usually so abstract that it's hard to scrape together enough... tangible replies to questions. yeah. it prolly would have been better with ani. oh well.

so um. went to barnes and noble (starrrrbucks) pre-work with miriam.. then work, which utterly sucked. it was a quaker conference... thing... and like, there were so many bitchy people. i kept getting complained to about how braden was poorly designed. it's like "yeah, because it's MY fault they didn't put a center aisle in here 10 years before i was born, right!" sheesh. and i was working at the handicapped entrance, and all these (non-handicapped) people kept getting really angry at me when i sent them down to the main entrance. sheesh. *frowl*

*swivels in chair* anyway.. then i went to adam's house and we played trivial pursuit... and he beat me... but only by a little. *nod* trivial pursuit has lots of completely retarded questions. it makes me angry. like i'd rather just gank an old spaz bowl series and use those instead. oh. i'm such a nerd. anyway.

megan's coming to viiiisit soon!

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