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Friday, May 24, 2002

oooh! remember when i was going crazy trying to figure out what song it was that had the lyric "maybe we're the ones that love is gonna choose"? if not.. well, i was. anyway... it's "love causes cancer" by stuart davis. yay!

argh. i'm sitting here in this stupid dress waiting to leave and wondering if i look as ugly as i feel right now. and... god, i just don't think it's humanly possible. ugh. fucking mirrors. if it weren't for mirrors i'd never knooow how ugly i was and that would be fine. but noooo. *swivels in chair*


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Which Kiss are You?

Which Kiss Are You?


leaving soon for graduation, and then vacation...

bye everyone! i'll miss you! kellie and rob, break a leg with author's voice, sorry i won't be here to see it!

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oh hey, frowlers:

Dear Your-Site Customer,

Starting on Tuesday, May 28, we will be switching over our mail server to a new, more powerful software called Postfix. This will fix several of the mail issues we have been having as of late, as well as increasing the overall speed of the web servers and mail servers.

New passwords will be generated for users, which will then be sent to the current email address on the server. This means that if we host abc.com for you, and you have an account webmaster@abc.com then the new password for accessing this account will be sent to webmaster@abc.com on the old server shortly and before the password changes on Tuesday. Due to the fact that all passwords are encrypted, we are forced to issue new passwords to everyone. The few new settings that will be required are as follows:

pop3/smtp server: mail.DOMAIN.com (replace DOMAIN.com with your actual domain)
username: user@domain.com (This has changed from the old user/domain.com format)

SMTP authentication is now required, so you will want to look for a setting that is similar to "My Server Requires Authentication" or "Use SMTP Authentication" and make sure it is enabled on your client.

Replacing our current mailing list software will be Major Domo, which has been popular mail list software for many years. This will be configurable in the control panel listed below.

A new control panel for managing your email accounts will be available Tuesday at http://cpanel.your-site.com, and shortly at http://cpanel.DOMAIN.com . Normal users now can login here to change their password without having to bother the master user to do this. Remember to replace DOMAIN.com with your actual domain name.

A new addition is web based email will be available at: http://webmail.your-site.com and shortly at http://webmail.DOMAIN.com The username and password is the same you use to login via normal POP3 client. Remember to replace DOMAIN.com with your actual domain name.

PINE will no longer be available to check email with as of Tuesday.

Thank you for your continued understanding as we get email running fast and reliable as well as increasing the speed of our web servers.

Best Regards,
The Your-Site Team

so... yeah. spread the word to any other frowlers who (sniff) don't read my blog ^_^

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listening to: tori amos, crucify

you are officially reading the blog of a studly, studly girl. i calculated that i would need at least a 104% on my pre-calc final to get an a in the class... and i saw k-thom today and apparently i did quite well, and there must have been some sketchy rounding going on, cos... i pulled off an a! yay!

woot, and i'm leaving tonight after graduation on vaaacation. wooot. so last chance to send me your addresses if you want a postie. (del, i need your home address... i only have your school one.) oh.. and if you need/want to talk to me when i'm gone... call my cell phone and leave me voicemails ^_^ (if you don't know the number.. erm.. email megan and ask her... megan, screen out the crazies ^_~) i'll be back june 9th or 10th-ish.

soup is good.

woot, i totally randomly got a birthday present yesterday! yay socks! and.. assorted other things! (i have no idea why i got a birthday present yesterday, since my birthday is june 21st [*cough cough*] but... hey, i'm not complaining.)

ugh. need to pack and clean room and do laundry. bye everyone! *mwah*

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Thursday, May 23, 2002

take the emo quiz
.created by jessi

i'm vastly amused by this. oh, oh, talia and i decided that anakin should be an emo kid. he could start the jedi-emo style. ("jeemo.")

well, we were amused.

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listening to: tori, winter

random amusing quotes: "i'll overwhelm your jedi!"
"you always do..."

soo... saw ep2. was tres cool. i'll say more in the lhcb later. i'm tired. i have to marshall at graduation tomorrow, and then i'm leaaaving until june 9. whee. i'll miss you guys! *sniffle* but i'll send you all posties!

tired. blah.

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listening to: tori, girl

no more physics! ever! yaaaay!

i'm in such a good mood right now. no more physics, no more precalc, no more school for 3 months... leaving tomorrow... went to barnes and nnoble and bought breakfast of champions and coffee.... seeing ep2 tonight... the only way this could possibly be better is if jk rowling showed up at my door and handed me a copy of order of the pheonix.

i had this dream that i was sitting in the lounge talking to rob, and he was telling me about his chronic bedwetting problem. i'm SO amused by this, i can't even... express it. although i shouldn't laugh, poor dream-rob was very upset about it.

*swivels in chair* there are SO many books i want to read right now. but i'm trying to break myself of the habit of reading multiple books at onces so i'm oooonly reading american gods.

ooh. have to go take reid to get his stupid hair cut. sigh.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

... huh?


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so i'm re-reading preludes and nocturnes and i think i've re-read "a hope in hell" 3 times now. it's just so...



the words have this beautiful texture in my mind. and it just gives me chills. like when dream says "i am hope" and you can just feel and hear and taste the pause in the scene... you just... hold your breath until you can turn the page. i adore neil gaiman.

random thought: most of my favorite authors are british: gaiman, douglas adams, jk rowling, roald dahl, tolkien... is pullman british? his dark materials takes place in cambridge, doesn't it? anyway. although i suppose the americans do have david sedaris, and vonnegut, and anne lamott.

all i know for sure is my favorite authors are definitely not russian. *glower*

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listening to: tori amos, blood roses

endless metaphors circling
i'm a puppet, dancing for your will
the light changes;
i'm a city street and you're a taxi
blink and i'm gone
i'm a butterfly
high above you
or i'm a tarot card,
needlessly cryptic
or am i a brick wall?
unassuming, unnoticed
but i won't fall down.
... no.
...i'm just a girl.

*shrug* so i was thinking i'd never written a poem.

so. whatever. it took me about 2 minutes to write... the words just sort of... came. i... i don't know. tell me if it sucks, okay?


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listening to: duke pitchforks, acapella beatles medley

this is SUCH a cool medley. i heart it so much. *dances*

the pre-calc final was suspiciously easy. i finished early and drew math pirates for mr. thompson.

last day of apush... *sob* i'm going to miss that class so much. ms. scott wore her pirate hat to talk to an isu guy who ranomly showed up ^_^ yaay. but *sniff* it was sad. that class was just so great. i gave ms. scott "young zaphod plays it safe" to read ^_^ (she hates reagan. like fires-of-1000-suns hate. baha.)

my anna karenina speech went alright, especially considering the notecard i had said "1876, religion, love, boring, characters." although after i gave it i realized i totally forgot to mention how anna becomes disillusioned and throws herself into a train. eh. i can't be expected to remember every piddling detail of the book, can i?

after tomorrow i'm done with physics forever! yaaaaaaaay! (shh... no... no physics in college. never.)

finished salmon of doubt (except for.. well.. the *actual* salmon of doubt- i'm waiting until after i've read the 1st two dirk gently novels. yes, yes, i know, i don't know why i haven't read them before.) i missed reading books sooo much when i was on my ak mission. whee.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

yay, kellie made a quiz! ^_^

What Card Game Are You?

hmm... not surprising. yay euchre.

oh, anyway... in case i hadn't mentioned.. i'm leaving for vacation on friday! yay! so give me your address before friday, and i'll send you a postie. (note: if i sent you a christmas card this year, i still have your address. except you, jason, so please send me yours again ^_^)

my mom just asked me if i was sure i had time to make pirate hats and still study for finals. of course i'm sure. *scoff* what could be more important than pirate hats?

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listening to: ben folds five, fair

random amusing quote: "nafta is getting the shafta!"

aww.. that quiz i took 4 HOURS AGO is already a dead image. *sob* why must the internet god hate me?

so... tomorrow is our last day of apush, and we're having a party... and i asked ms. scott if i could bring hats. and she said yes. so.

hee. yeah. i made one for everyone in the class. i don't know why. i should totally be studying for finals and not making hats. oh well. yay hats.

aww.. this morning kellie gave me a senior picture. *feels loved* and megan gave me two. but i think i lost them.. er... no, they're over on the stairs.

yes, so... going to study. whee.

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hee. i'm in class.

so cute, so cute. actually, it looks sort of like an alien girl scout. hm. well, alien girl scouts are cute too.

you know who's not cute? anna karenina. haha, i'm glad she threw herself into a train. ha!

lol. i'm such a 5 year old. *dances around*

maybe i should go.. work on stuff now.

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Monday, May 20, 2002

dude, i totally forgot to blog about the most entertaining part of my day....

so in precalc, right, eliz and i solved this triangle and found one of the angles to be 66.6 degrees. this amused us, so we started laughing, and adam and brian asked us why.. so eliz goes "this problem has the sign of the devil!!" and i start laughing even harder, and barely choke out "siine..." fortunately, she knew that i was saying "sine" not "sign", and we cracked up... so then we decided to calculate the actual sine of the devil. bwahaha. (fyi: the sine of 66.6 is .9176, the sine of 666 is -.8090. just.. you know, in case you ever need to solve for satan.)

keep accidentally calling salmon of doubt, salmon of doom. sigh.

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listening to: stuart, someone else's ears

yay! i love getting mail, especially mail as COOL as this postcard jason sent me:

*squee* i heart you jason :)

dude. i've been coughing like a tb patient all day. my throat hurts so much. stupid throat. *frowl*

my paper for anna karenina is such crap. it's like, crap squared. crap queued, even. see, i have to recommend it... even though... i hated it... so... yeah. and i have to have 6 specific reasons why people should read it. so my reasons... are CRAP. one reason is, more or less, "because it is russian." (i expand a bit more on it... but that's the main point.)


it's cold in here.

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Sunday, May 19, 2002

is it possible to be too easily amused?

steve: renata of doom!
renata: renata of steve!
steve: bye renata of doom!
renata: lol.. bye renata of steve1
renata: !

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listening to: stuart, mermaid

my anna karenina paper reads like a soap opera. sheesh. i can't believe i didn't notice that before.

oooh, i forgot to mention... jill sobule is coming to blue moon next year!!! *prance* jiiiiill sobule! yay!

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listening to: rem, the great beyond (live)

ah... laundry. the henry cabot lodge to my woodrow wilson.

i can't believe i just said that.

anyway. my archnemesis laundry has fouled my previously chipper mood.

hmm. adam told my away message "ich muss leider raus"... which according to babel fish means "i must unfortunately raus". this amuses me. *proceeds to be amused*

oooh, and go check out the lhcb, it's beauuuutiful.

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listening to: stuart, i need

omb. am in SUCH an irrationally good mood. after careful analysis, have come up with several reasons:

1. finished anna karenina!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!
2. and so can now read salmon of doubt and american gods and sandman and... everything! *dance*
3. leftover folk high (boosted by stuart)
4. priscellie's pretty sgt. pepper design! it's sooo insanely awesome. just looking at it makes me happy. happy happy happy.
5. no longer feel sick!

yaaay! seriously.. i'm just like.... sitting here smiling. wow. so happy. whee.

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listening to: tori, cornflake girl

random amusing quotes: "we tune because.. we care"

"and now it's time for the 'fat illegal alien in a dress' part of the show! i'd explain, but there's no time."

good folk music... is like... when you take towels that are fresh out of the dryer, so they're warm and fuzzy and they smell all nice like fabric softener... so you wrap yourself up in them and run around screaming "wheee! i'm a fuzzy mummy!"*

*if you haven't done this, i strongly recommend it.

it's like that. but better. like... good folk music makes you feel strongly that the world is really a pretty peachy place. really good folk music makes you want to go out and change the world. *shiver* i just got back from like... 3 hours of really good folk music.

woah. yeah. phil ochs night at blue moon. [blue moon coffeehouse is this great thing that wesleyan does about once a month, with free performances by cool folk singers. it's so awesome.] oh yeah. and like... in case your parents don't happen to be former hippies... phil ochs is this awesome, awesome 60's protest folk singer. he's so great. er, i should say, was so great, since he killed himself when he was 35. but anyway.

so there were about... i guess... 9 or so singers doing assorted phil covers and a few of their own songs. and it was just... insanely great. they were all SO good. there was this duo called magpie, they were husband and wife and they were SO awesome. like... their last album was entirely songs about john brown (the abolitionist who attempted to lead a slave revolt.. but it kinda didn't work at all.) oh, and SONiA was there... she's so awesome. god. it was great. i feel so warm and fuzzy.

this is a really neat song that... oh dear, i can't remember her name... this one really cool woman sang. [william worthy, btw, was a reporter who got his passport revoked because he went to cuba.. but then there was angry protest, including this song, and he got it back. yay! and it's such a neat song.]

Ballad of William Worthy
by Phil Ochs

Well, it's of a bold reporter whose story I will tell
He went down to the Cuban land, the nearest place to hell
He'd been there many times before, but now the law does say
The only way to Cuba is with the CIA

William Worthy isn't worthy to enter our door
Went down to Cuba, he's not American anymore
But somehow it is strange to hear the State Department say
You are living in the free world, in the free world you must stay

Five thousand dollars or a five year sentence may well be
For a man who had the nerve to think that travelin' is free
Oh why'd he waste his time to see a dictator's reign
When he could have seen democracy by travelin' on to Spain?

William Worthy isn't worthy to enter our door
Went down to Cuba, he's not American anymore
But somehow it is strange to hear the State Department say
You are living in the free world, in the free world you must stay

So, come all you good travelers and fellow-travelers, too
Yes, and travel all around the world, see every country through
I'd surely like to come along and see what may be new
But my passport's disappearing as I sing these words to you

Well, there really is no need to travel to these evil lands
Yes, and though the list grows larger you must try to understand
Try hard not to be surprised if someday you should hear
The whole world is off limits, visit Disneyland this year

William Worthy isn't worthy to enter our door
Went down to Cuba, he's not American anymore
But somehow it is strange to hear the State Department say
You are living in the free world, in the free world you must stay

yaay. it's really kind of scary how a lot of his songs that were written in the 60's are still so poignant and fitting today. sad, though. sigh. hmm. should go to sleep now instead of trying to be reflective and such. bad idea. sleep=good idea.

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Saturday, May 18, 2002

listening to: y kant tori read, cool on your island

random amusing quotes: "well... children's discovery museum, hooters... they're both about discovery"

"you're broke?? i only have a euro! it's not even a whole euro, it's a euro penny!"

"well, there's more than one way to pay for things, if you know what i mean..."
"i meant she could try to pay with her euro... "

*bounce* went to barnes and noble today... bought salmon of doubt and sophie's world. am now broke. but that's alright. money may not buy me love, but it buys me books.

saw outlier... they were really good except i couldn't understand a damn word rob was saying. but that's alright, it sounded good anyhow. am slightly angry- i left almost right after it was over because i had to pick up reid, and then ended up waiting 1/2 hour for him. frowl. ah well. it gave me time to start reading salmon of doubt. yay!

phil ochs night tonight... yaaay folk music!

now perhaps will study for physics. indeed.

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i know i just posted a quiz.. but this one is just so delightfully dorky that i HAD to post it. *nod nod*


i'm dropping reid off to see ep2 in like an hour. unfortunately i can't see it cos i'm going to see outlier, whee!

and now, just to cap off the completely random mood i'm in.....

by tori amos

traveled far
from my home
foreign streets
paved with stone
deep in my dreams
moroccan sand
now i sail my ship
on dry land

there is a light that
shines on the frontier
pirates yeah
and on a dark night
when you feel lonely
and the world just
can't understand you
pirates yeah

steal the jewel
watch it break
it cuts with an eye
i can't escape
the ruby heals
alone i stand
when i sail my ship
on dry land

there is a light that
shines on the frontier
and baby someday
we're gonna be there
pirates yeah
and on a dark night
when you feel lonely
and when the world just
can't understand you
pirates yeah
there is a light that
shines on the frontier
pirates yeah
there is a light that
shines on the frontier...

hee. it's such a great song. but i'll never get over my amusement that the name of the song is "pirates". arrr.

wtf? that lightsaber website is giving me weird german popup ads... "Willkommen bie Flirt-Express". lol. "Die kostenlose flirtline!"
i think the emcee from cabaret should be their spokesperson. *nod nod* "Traumpartner, Seitensprung oder Sexkontakte gesucht?" i have no idea what that means, but i bet it's dirty. *snicket*

so um yeah... i'm off.

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teeth hurt... it took me half an hour to eat a piece of toast this morning because

< gross >

i couldn't actually chew it, i just had to let the little bits dissolve in my mouth..

< /gross >

so.. yeah. not raining, so hopefully will be able to go see outlier!

it's hella cold in my house. *shiver* god, i'm so whiny when i'm sick. i apologize.

perhaps i shall go study for physics now. or pretend to.

oh!! almost forgot... i had this WEIRD dream last night... like.. for some reason i had *another* dream about my world lit class, except the only people there who are actually *in* world lit were tura and i. and then there were some random friends of mine, like miriam and amanda, and some other random people... and then like.... we were dividing into partners to take a quiz or something. and for some reason *everyone* was asking me to be their partners [see, now you know it's a dream ^_^] and i was flailing about. and then del, YOU walked in, and i was all "dude! del! you're in this class now! i'll be YOUR partner!!" but then, you took your shirt off. and for some reason no one found this odd. instead... well, like.. you were wearing this really shiny, metallic rainbow bra. and we were all talking about how pretty it was. and you go, "really? you like it? i got it for $2!" and then i woke up.

i blame the drugs.

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Friday, May 17, 2002

You are Mokona!

Take the "Which Anime pet are you?" test!

that thing is sort of frightening. eep.

i lied when i said i was fine. ick.

have a song stuck in my head and have no idea what it is. think it's tori but am not sure. i can't remember as many of the lyrics now but i'm reasonably sure it was something like "and maybe we're the ones that love will find"?

am rummaging through mp3s and lyrics trying to find this song. sob. maybe it doesn't exist.

tired. blearg. want to go see outlier tomorrow but have been informed that i am not allowed to go if it is raining.*frowl* it'd better not rain.

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hmm. so. taking 5 tylenol on an empty stomach is a really bad idea. yet without the tylenol, i am unable to eat due to the intense pain radiating from my teeth.

but after a 3 hour nap and some chili i'm fine now :)

well. fine-ish. *sob* must study for precalc and physics and do my stupid anna karenina project... and not die... argh.

am considering not bothering studying for precalc... i need a 104 on the final to pull off an a in the class. fucking math. physics, though... i actually have a pretty good shot at pulling off an a in that class. only need an 82 on the final. and world lit.. like... i don't even need to do that stupid project to get an a in the class. bah.

i just wandered downstairs and got distracted by the star wars fan film contest thingy... omb. i love kevin smith so much. "it looks like some of these filmmakers could give me a run for my money! oh, who am i kidding, a visually challenged ewok with a polaroid could give me a run for my money!"

i keep typing "mommy" intead of "money". i wonder what my subconscious wants me to know...

rob is ignoring my ims and making me sad. *sniff* fine, i don't need you rob!

awww i'm invited to megan's graduation.... but i can't go. sad. but dude, megan, our schools have the same colors!!! unless your invitations are just randomly green and gold... in which case.. bah.

am tired. though just woke up from 3 hour nap. dammit. also, need to do laundry. sigh. perhaps will go do laundry and then sleep.

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Thursday, May 16, 2002

i feel that today can be best summed up with the following word: blaaarg.

class night had better be good.

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listening to: tori, take to the sky

oh GOD, feel AWFUL... went to bed last night at 8:30... just got up. ugh. my throat hurts so much. and i suddenly have a cold. and, most troubling of all, i can feel my lymph nodes hurting. am valiantly trying to ignore that, though, as could be a sign of something much more sinister, and do not have time for a sinister illness.

am still tired... why? after.. um... 14 hours of sleep, more or less... should not be tired. and should stop talking like bridget jones! *sigh*

kittens are so cute. i need to locate the digital camera and share the kitteny adorableness with you all.

but now i suppose i should make vague attempts at getting ready, so can go to school... stupid school.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

*gasp* was just looking at never better and kellie has a sim-me! *is so excited* and i'm in the intellectual family! in my own sim game i'm in the skanky family! intellectual sounds so much nicer than skanky! kellie, what does sim renata do?

melody's sim renata is a hippy. and i have purple hair and live in a loft with megan. but we don't do much. i think once we went to shannon's party and got naked and then left. lol. just like real life.... erm... yes.

my throat hurts a lot. maybe i'll just go to bed. now. at 6:30 pm. and never wake up.

.... well, i might wake up to go to new york. but i'll sleep on the way there.

oh yeah, and even though only like... 3 people voted for a tori doll (cookies for: kait, priscellie, and *nina*... am i missing anyone? ^_^) i just picked the new age doll. i decided that i like her best. yes. i think it's the glasses. so i killed off the other three. erm, i mean, i sent them off to live with a nice family on a farm. wait. i live with a nice family on a farm.

dear god. i have no idea where all this weirdness came from. perhaps besides having a sore throat, i am also delusional. that would be nice. *yawn*

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listening to: ani d, itch

random amusing quote: "well... she... i... it... words are hard."

sad, sad news: my mom thought that the rachael sage concert was on saturday night, not sunday night, and now i can't go ~_~ *frowl* sorry del!! *sniff* sooo.. everyone that's going better have twice as much fun to make up for my missing fun. also would it be possible for me to send one of you (*nina*?) dinero and have you pick up a copy of illusion's carnival for me, and maaybe like.. .get it signed? assuming it's released by then... i've been getting conflicting messages from her website. heh. sooo um yeah.

oh. and like... some of you keep asking me for prom pictures. so. fine. here. but it's such a terrible picture of me. ick. ick to the power of q. and you can't even see my evil ballerina hair.

*sigh* yeah.

megan, i can't believe you got to see a private screening of ep2 already. i hate you. *hiss*

am so tired. also, throat hurts. wtf? throat did not hurt before... sigh.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

oh yeah... meant to post this earlier.. but am bad, forgetful daughter ~_~ anyway, my mom had surgery on her arm yesterday... "bone spurs" or somesuch. nothing serious, but painful.. and i know a lot of you know my mom [in fact i suspect many of you actually like my mom more than you like me, sob sob.] and like... getting email totally makes my mom's day... so if any of you want to send her ecards or whatever, her email address is sbsanck@ilstu.edu.

that is all.

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listening to: tori, flying dutchman

random amusing quote: "rob, will you give me backsies?"
"oh, i'll give you frontsies.. i'll give you *both* frontsies!"
"at the same time?"

so... i come home today and look at the mail on the table... and... well... i think this speaks for itself:

yeah. SO amused. have no idea where they got that from... but... am vastly amused. and a tad bit frightened.

seniors' last day today... awww. will miss them. *sniff* bye kellie ^_^

is v. weird to think that will soon be senior.

*blink* so anyway. i reached a plateau in my dislike of anna karenina today. despite the fact that it annoys me and the characters are all fucked up, i enjoy levin's "is there a god?" rants much more than his communist rants...

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Monday, May 13, 2002

listening to: joshua kobak, rhyme

random amusing quotes: "math and wrath rhyme! do you think that's a coincidence?"

"actually, it hurt a lot when they fell on me... so it's both emotional pain and physical pain..."

"10 centimeters! that's HUGE!"
"you can't be *that* thick, tj!"
[please note: this conversation was about lenses, you pervert.]

heey what's joshua up to these days? anyone know?

so. i bet you don't know what number comes between 4 and 5. but rob and i do. *nod* it's Q. not to be confused with the letter Q- although Q and Q are visually quite similar, the number Q and the letter Q are veeeery different. *nod nod*

see... this is what happens when mr. holbrook can't number his worksheets properly ^_^ rob actually worked out a base Q math system... but it confused the hell out of me.

3 hours of sleep: not enough. but made interesting discovery that watching hard day's night is like getting sleep. it's very energizing. yay beatles!

precalc=doom. doooom.

omg.... SO AMUSED....

Two Muffins are in an oven. One looks over and says, "Gee, don't you think it's hot in here." and the other muffin says, "AAAAHHHH, IT'S A TALKING MUFFIN!!"

i heart you *nina* ^_^

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Sunday, May 12, 2002


i just fell asleep and dreamed that i finished reading anna karenina >_<

i swear, i have never disliked a book this much. damn you tolstoy.

watched x-files for a bit. looked... interesting, but not enough for me to sit through doggett and reyes.

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listening to: tori, cornflake girl

duuude.. that was SO weird. i have winamp set to random, and it just went from cornflake girl (unplugged) to cornflake girl (live at hamburg) ...

hmm. so. i just spent an hour on the phone with telecharge/ticketmaster.. but i bought allll our tickets for nyc... *squee!!!!!*
june 5: the full monty
june 6: cabaret
june 7: rent
june 8: forbidden broadway
june 9: urinetown (woot, i love my mom, she was randomly like "iiii want to see urinetown!" "instead of full monty?" "nooo.. i want to see urinetown AND the full monty..." so... yay!)

oh my god!!! the rest of the red just fell off my ladybug!!! i mean... the necklace.. that megan gave me... the red just all peeled off at once... now my ladybug is naked! *sob* this is so tragic.

diet mountain dew is possibly the most disgusting thing i've ever imbibed. but ya know.. when you need caffeine... you need caffeine. *twitch*

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listening to: beatles, revolution

computer is being SO slow. am becoming hostile. *hiss*

*sigh* confession... whenever i check my email and find something from curtis it just makes me happy. am such a fangirl. sigh. sigh sigh sigh. for those interested: he'll be in anything goes in north carolina this summer. why? why why why?

hey. that's kind of like dr. seuss. except. not. right.

so. i hate the fact that when nyquil says 8 hours, it fucking means 8 hours, no matter how long i wanted to sleep. heh, i just got terribly confused by the fact that i wanted to type a bold tag, and then the letter i.. i ended up with an italic tag. sigh. so. but i've been up since like.. 8:30. checked my voicemail and like... i *could* have gone to work. but she said "if you didn't get this in time it's no problem" sooo... i... didn't get it in time. right. *nod* i accomplished so much. i did a load of laundry.. and put away all the dishes... and read a lot in ak... the story is finally about anna again! woot! of course it'll probably go back to levin and his communist theories in like, 5 pages or so... but whatever. haha, typed "lenin" instead of "levin"... amused. anyway.

mother's day reflection: am scarily like my mom. i think it's a good thing. cuz i love my mom. but seriously... like almost all my personality traits, good and bad, are from her. am sarcastic and cynical like my mom... but also try very hard not to judge people like her. we both love to read but are bad at math... we're both rather prone to acting polite to people and then mocking them behind their backs. we both cannot accept compliments. i think it's so funny when people compliment her because she acts the same way i do... she'll deny it, and then finally say "thanks" but she'll have this look on her face like "you're wrong! wrong!" we have most of the same political views... and thanks to her ex-hippyness i have a healthy distrust of authority. la la la. think mayhap cold medicine is inspiring odd sense of introspection. also am talking like bridget jones again. sigh.

had something else to say but think have forgotten it.

oh, remembered: my mom bought this star wars cereal... it's SO great. omg. it's like.. kix... but it has marshmellows in it... and the marshmellows are shaped like lightsabers and yodas and ships aaand... r2-d2s!!! the r2-d2s really... don't look anything like r2-d2... but it's the thought that counts. and the thought here is that i just ate r2-d2 for breakfast.


yes. oh, and in case you were.. in suspense or anything.. i decided that the 4th show we're going to see in nyc is the full monty. woot.

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lol... i'm so amused by the randomness of my mp3s... i just set winamp to random and it went from the spongebob squarepants theme song to depeche mode...

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Saturday, May 11, 2002

six degrees of rent:
neil patrick harris played mark in the benny tour. nph is apparently the voice of spiderman in the new cartoon. woot!

and lisa loeb is mj! double woot! i heart lisa loeb!!

amusing conversation:

talia: mrowr
renata: hissle.
talia: *raises hackles*
renata: what's a hackle?
renata: like.. i've heard the expression before... and used it.. but i don't know what a hackle is.
talia: i actually...don't know...i think it's the equivalent of when an animal raises it's fur...but i can't giv eyou the direct definition of a "hackel"
talia: **hackle
renata: i wonder if it's in the dictionar
renata: y
talia: y
talia: yes
talia: i supose it would e
talia: *be
renata: hackle1 (hkl) n. 1. Any of the long, slender, often glossy feathers on the neck of a bird, especially a male domestic fowl. 2. hackles. The erectile hairs along the back of the neck of an animal, especially of a dog. 3.a. A tuft of cock feathers trimming an artificial fishing fly. b. A hackle fly.
renata: hm. i feel quite edified.

yay! i know what a hackle is!

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listening to: beatles, can't buy me love

mmm. i just had an x-files orgy ^_^ "unusual suspects," "the jersey devil", aaaand "jose chung's from outer space". hee. i'm such a loser. but i'm okay with that. sigh. SUCH good episodes. well. i'm not big on jersey devil, but i was too lazy to fast foward through it to get to jose chung. heey does anybody remember when my aim name was josechung5?? wow... that takes me back. *sniff* anyway. such classic episodes. "he said they just found your bleepin' ufo!"

"that's cash only, elrond, i don't take no personal checks from the bank of middle earth!"

"how could our government- the people who brought us amtrak- be part of some deep conspiracy?"

"say it... say it!" "*sigh* your kung fu is the best!"

and of course... "here's a tip: aluminum foil. it makes a lovely hat and it keeps out the government's mind control rays."

*happy sigh* oooh... when txf was good, it was great. but now that it's bad... it's bad. is the finale on sunday or on next sunday? if it's next sunday... hmm, i'm going to miss it to see rachael sage. wow. a couple years ago.. i can't even imagine how upset i'd be about missing the series finale. but now it's just like "eh..." siiigh. it's really sad to think about how freaking obsessed i used to be with that show and now... i'm not. yeah.

oooh. i just wandered downstairs and my brother was watching primetime glick and david duchovny was on! it was SO funny, glick was like "so... you were on the x-files. that's about illegal aliens, right? people from mexico?" and david was like "well, this year it is... they're running out of new storylines." bwahaha. the only thing is.... like... he was IN the illegal alien episode. lol. "no la migra! no la migra!" *giggle* goodtimes.

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dude. this mp3 is SO classic.

"so... the one thing i really believe in... is that guys, you are so good at poopy diapers. so.. since you're so good... ladies.. i don't think you should take away their calling.... *piano intro* ... this house is like russia/with eyes cold and grey..."

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listening to: bob dylan, like a rolling stone

sooo um. i made biscuits this morning ^_^

i have SO much homework to do but i've spent the last hour just dicking around. sigh.


so i found out that trina and i are going to be in nyc at the same time, how cool will *that* be?? pluuuus i get to see rent with kait!

and i'm trying to figure out what shows i want to see. i know rent, cabaret, and forbidden b'way.. .but then like. my mom says we could prolly see about 4. so.. .do i want to see urinetown? or chicago? or into the woods? or contact? the full monty? *sigh* sooo many decisions!


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Friday, May 10, 2002

listening to: tori, pretty good year

oh god. so tired. ap test not too bad. a couple multiple choices i had no clue on and a couple i was fuzzy on... the dbq did not involve jacksonian democracy, thank god. i'll be disappointed with myself if i don't get a 5 but i don't think i will.

blah. went to trina's with miriam... miriam and i talked about being depressed while trina looked on in confusion. and then she told me i acted like a drug addict. so um whatever. we had a really lazy evening cos we were all incredibly tired... we went to jeffery allan's and m&t got supplies for their architecture project and then we watched teevee.

aaah... so much work to do this weekend.... physics.. precalc... anna effing karenina... *sob*

i'm going to bed....

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Thursday, May 09, 2002

listening to: tori, yes anastasia

random amusing quotes: "in the navy.. you can sail the seven seas! in the navy.. you can... be at ease!"
"in the navy.. you can... commit piracies?"

"i wonder what the navy's official stance on piracy is..."

"stop raping my ankles!"

i am SO tired. i got home at like.. 4.. and promptly fell asleep and didn't get up again until 7ish. gah. i felt like crap all day today. and i like... couldn't concentrate at all so i'm certain i failed my physics quiz. i can't even muster the strength to care right now. bah.

today i discovered that i really don't like it when people touch my ankles. it feels SO weird. dude. rob is such the ankle rapist.

speaking of you, rob.. you were in the dream i just had. *thinks* i think our whole world lit class was there... and... a monster of some sort.. and.. i can't remember anything else. hm.

oh yeah- and rob and/or kellie... what's up with factor-five? is anything up there yet? eh?

maybe i should study a bit more for the ap exam.. since it's tomorrow.. and all... but... i dunno. we took a mini-practice test in class today and i got 24/25... and i know i know most of the stuff... and i'm so tired! *sob*

yeah. i'm developing a new appreciation for tori's songs that like.. don't make sense, per se, but since she's singing them, she makes them make sense... you know? i mean like.. just about anybody could sing "silent all these years" and you'd understand it. not so with "space dog" or "yes anastasia" or "icicle" or like... you know... a lot of songs. yay for tori.

after school my mom decided we should go get ice cream... and mine tasted weirdly like almond... and then i started feeling even worse.. and i went home and went to sleep and i think my last conscious thought was "heey... doesn't cyanide taste like almond? or is that digitalis? no.. not digitalis... because mulder didn't notice it until scully asked if the soda was diet... hmm. i hope i don't die." lol.


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Wednesday, May 08, 2002

listening to: tori, space dog

this is a wickedcool live version. yay for hereinmyhead!

the beatles almost killed me today. *nod* we were watching hard day's night in pe, and when it got to the "do you have a name for that hairstyle?" "arthur." part i started laughing really hard and i choked on my gum. well. it wasn't really a near-death experience or anything. but whatever. it makes for a more dramatic story this way.

i think i did alright on the precalc makeup quiz. (i got a 12/36 on the original...) i hope i did alright, anyway.

further revelation on dorkiness: anyone who thinks that "i think he ran against truman in 1946.." "well, that was his first mistake..." is funny is a dork.

i think our entire history class qualifies. hee. [see... '46 wasn't a presidential election year... and... it's funny, dammit!]

school... sucks. *nod* and the more of anna karenina i read, the more hostile i become towards it. (un?)fortunately i'm now reading it for a world lit project, so i have to finish it. school is a more important motivation to read this thing than my own feeble willpower. *shakes fist angrily at tolstoy*

aaanyway. homework and such. [break a leg, priscellie!!]

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Tuesday, May 07, 2002

listening to: rachael sage, brave

i just finished my whoooole history guidebook! i feel accomplished, yet strangely empty inside.

heeey... why is "crack of dawn" on smashing the serene twice..? is there a bonus track after this or something? waaait... this is longer than the original version... aaah, confusing. *flails about*

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listening to: rachael sage, cultivate [yes, i am just too lazy to take smashing the serene out of the player]

soooo um. i know i just posted a ton of quizzes. but how could i resist *this* one?? aaaand i didn't even cheat and look what i got!!

Take the Which Star Wars Character are you mostly likely to get it on with? quiz, by ProtocolDroid.

*giggle giggle*

so anyway. i just spent 2 hours at heartland. baaah. the placement test was SO long, after awhile i just started clicking random answers. and i STILL placed way above the math class i'm taking.

dude, matt came up with a great pirate joke at lunch today...

who is a pirate's favorite president?
f d arrrr!

bwahahahaha. i was SO amused. you have no idea. actually, i bet you do. heee.

this cd is SO good. i heart rachael sage. may 19th wooooooot! *dance*

*yawn* i'm so tired... i think i'll... bite megan! *bites megan*

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Monday, May 06, 2002

i think one of the kittens is confused. specifically, i think it thinks it's a duck. i swear to god it quacks. but awwwwwww they're so CUTE! i took a really cute picture of them but i'm too lazy to edit and upload it right now.

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listening to: rachael sage, alive before you

omb. today in history eliz and i just made up pirate jokes. lots of pirate jokes.

what are a pirate's favorite subjects in school?
the 3 arrrs!

what is a pirate's favorite vegetable?

what's a pirate's favorite state?

what's a pirate's favorite animal?

a pirate went to chicago. what did he visit?
the arrrt institute!

a pirate went to st. louis. what did he visit?
the gateway arrrch!

who is a pirate's favorite star wars character?

what style is a pirate's house decorated in?
arrrt deco!

what branch of the military was the pirate in?
the arrrmy!

who is a pirate's favorite playwright?
arrrthur miller!

what crime was the pirate convicted of?

what is a pirate's favorite fast food restaurant?
arrrby's! (partial credit will also be given for "harrrdee's")

who is a pirate's favorite actor?
arrrrnold schwarzenegger

who is a pirate's favorite us president?
chester arrrthur!

who is a pirate's favorite disney princess?

what is a pirate's favorite war?
the arrroostook war!! [fyi, the aroostook war was fought in maine in... 1848 or so... by lumberjacks!! it's my favorite war too!! it was about the canadian/us border in maine. it's fun to say. arooooostook war! whee!]

so. yes. as you can see we had waaaay too much fun with our pirate humor. so. um. that's really all i had to say.

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Sunday, May 05, 2002

woot quizzes!

I Am
Celtic Goddess of Love and Fertility.
I love everybody!! Like a Care Bear or Barney, I even like people that are stupid or have weird mental disorders!!!!
What Celtic Goddess are You?
Quiz by Aoibhell

You are the good ol' thumb! You are the family one, the one who not necessarily everyone loves but the one who everyone can't live without. Always willing to lend a hand or comfort a friend when they need it.

Which finger are you?
Take the quiz to find out.

Which movie heroine are you?

you know i never saw that movie. i heard it was bad though.

i've never looked at tapioca the same since somebody told me those little tapioca thingies were fish eyes.

Which Woman of Beauty Are You? Find out! By Nishi.

You are a Desert-Prarie Beauty!
Warm, Friendly, Sincere,
You are down to earth,
Practical-minded and you still know
how to have a great time!

well. go me.

i was bitter about this until i found out that purple wasn't an option. so that's all right then.

my eyes itch SO much. argh.

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listening to: rachael sage, cultivate

duuuude i just realized it's cinco de mayo! feliz cinco de mayo, mis amigos! woooooot.

i've used up TWO highlighters studying for history today. granted, they were highlighters i've had since the beginning of the year... but still. it was sad. goodbye, green. goodbye, orange. thank goodness for you, faithful pink... and whatever happened to yellow?

why am i talking to my highlighters in my blog? it's not like they can read. *blink*

my left ring finger hurts. owie.

i think the line "i will turn this ship around" from the rachael sage song "ode to a sailor" is so funny because i always think of her as like, a frazzled pirate mom.. "you kids shut up! i WILL turn this ship around! you just wait until your FATHER gets home!" although i suppose if he were a pirate too he'd live on the ship. but maybe he's not a pirate, maybe he's a respectable businessman who's ashamed that his wife is a pirate but he loves her so he'll support her no matter what, even though his co-workers ridicule him like you wouldn't believe.

... i don't know...

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listening to: tori, china

so i'm thinking it's probably not a good thing if 5 out of the 8 "warning signs of depression" apply to me, is it?

shay's rebellion was about taxes and the instability of currency and it occurred under the articles of confederation.

the whiskey rebellion was about excise taxes and it occurred under the constitution.

both were quickly put down, but both had lasting significance.

just fyi.

oh yeah. and i was looking at the tori dolls, and i realized talia was right-- the strange little girl doll DOES look like bjork! iiinteresting. oh, and only 2 people have voted for one of them... so everyone please do that ^_^ [i love you kait and *nina*!]

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Saturday, May 04, 2002

lol. i was just reading *nina*'s blog and... well, this just amused me SO much.

del: i always wonder if renata's mom is secretly jewish
del: i wish she has. judaism rocks.
*nina*: i don't know. i think she's a suppressed one.
del: she's got the accent!
*nina*: she does! that must meean she's like, 30% at least.
del: *gasp*
del: she's on of those mixed folk?
*nina*: she's not PURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
del: DIE!!!!!!!!
del: Genocide is for ME-O-CIDE!

bwahaha. i'm still giggling. but, you dorks, my mom has a CHICAGO accent [and just barely at that], not a jewish mother accent... lol. although she does occasionally leave me voicemails that start out "renata, this is your mother..." lol. i'm going to ask her to start ending them all "honey please caaaaalll... your mother..." teehee. so easily amused.... genocide is for me-o-cide... lol.

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listening to: tori, purple people

well hi. welcome to the new layout. thoughts?

answer to the inevitable question, "what's up with carmen sandiego?"... well, i love carmen sandiego. she was such a formative part of my childhood. plus she's just hella cool. also, if you'd like you can look at carmen as a metaphor for me... she's mysterious and always travelling and maybe travelling is a metaphor for changing and maybe i'm hiding something and so on and so forth. but then you'd be overanalyzing so i wouldn't recommend that. please let me know if you notice any errors.. or any pages whose html i forgot to change... or anything. and once again, many thanks to priscellie for really cleaning up the side image, and also fixing my foolish html errors. i bow before her superior webpaging skills ^_^

oh, and before i forget... i don't even know how many of you noticed my tori doll down in the menu box. but i love her ^_^ through the last 2 layout changes i kept the "boys for pele" doll [gray shirt and blue skirt.] but i noticed that her hair sort of blends in with the red background so i thought perhaps a change. so i looked at some of the other dolls and picked a couple other alternatives ["new age", "under the pink", and "strange little girl."] but i can't decide... so... everyone please vote, via comment, on one of them. (pele is the blue skirted one, new age has a tan skirt and glasses, under the pink has a white dress, and strange little girl is all in black.) thanks in advance, amigos ^_^

so yeah. my dad eventually came home and i made it to the history study group a mere 45 minutes late. lol. i reaaally need to study. *sigh*

afterwards, i went over to the bank and cashed a few checks, and then i was inevitably drawn to barnes and noble. i bought my mom a couple terribly cool mother's day gifts. and i bought myself a kakfa short-story collection ^_^ woot.

then i went and rode my bike for awhile, but i got my shoelace tangled in the gears and i fell. my hand was bleeding for awhile and i think i'll have a bruise or two, but i'm okay. much more okay than i should have been considering how i fell ^_^ so then i decided to turn around and go back, but after a bit [i'd probably only ridden a mile and a half or so when i turned back] i started to feel SO sick. gah. by the time i got home i wanted to DIE. i curled up and took a brief nap and felt much better upon awakening.

oh. and while i was driving home my mind was wandering like always and i suddenly realize how freaking similar i am to dinah, the protaganist of surrender the pink by carrie fisher. i mean i realized that when i read the book, probably a year or so ago. [we're both terribly insecure and we both tend to pick at the skin surrounding our nails, and therefore we also both go through a lot of bandaids.] but anyway, i was thinking about it a bit more in depth and i realized that dinah talks a lot about her 2 moods, rollicking roy and sedimentary pam... i believe she says something about "roy parties all night without a care in the world while pam sits by the river and sobs." and like. i'm like that too. i'll be perfectly happy [roy] and then all of a sudden pam will drop in. damn you pam. [excellent book, by the way, you should all go read it.]

oh, and another thing i was thinking about is how much i love to read all the frowl blogs [and you too, priscellie, honorary frowler]. it's weird how i see pieces of myself in all of you guys... and it's so nice... because i've noticed we all tend to share assorted insecurities and/or dysfunctions... and i don't know. it's just so reassuring when i read something that one of you has written and i go "hey i feel like that sometimes too..." and i don't quite know why it is that i feel like i know you better than i know most of the people i know in real life [arg, used the word "know" too many times] except that i know [there it is again!] that i'll blog things that i'd probably never say to anyone, just because i have to say it, just because i have to get it out. and i feel weird sharing things like that with people. blogging gives me a layer of semi-anonymity... a layer of protection. aww jeeze. i'm getting all sappy. but i heart you all.

anyway. i should go study for apush now. peace out ^_^

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listening to: tori, cooling

random amusing quote: "you taste like spiderman!"

arr. i needed to leave 20 minutes ago to be on time for the apush study group. unfortunately, despite being told repeatedly that i would need the car at 11:30, my father has not yet returned home with it. thanks, dad.

but anyway. i think i'm crazy. like yesterday during one of the spaz bowl matches, i suddenly realized "heeey, i don't remember who wrote spoon river anthology!!!" for no apparent reason. there hadn't been any tossups about it or anything.. i just.. couldn't remember. and it just bothered me more than i can even put into words. i was literally shaking because i couldn't think of his name. so the second the match was over i was like "mom! mom it's really important... WHO WROTE SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY???" luckily for my sanity, she remembered. edgar lee masters. edgar lee masters edgar lee masters. whee.

new blog layout progressing nicely- 1000 thankyous to priscellie.

response to comments from last blog entry:

1. spiderman was so freaking cool. i'll review it in the lhcb later.
2. talia, you're really pretty so don't even say that. *frowl*
3. i am NOT like the incredible hulk. *smashes jason for even saying that* well actually i don't really know anything about the incredible hulk so maybe i am. but i'm objecting on general principle.
4. rob- don't worry about it, it's not your fault that my friends are hot or that i'm a loser.

oh yes, and *nina*- yaaay for kafka!! one of my favorite sam and max jokes ever.. in the game, you go to this carnival and it has a freakshow, and one of the things is a.. human insect thing, and if you use the "look" button on it, sam says "mmm, kafka-esque!" it's great.

damn you dad. hurry up and get home or else i'll fail the ap exam and drop out of high school and become a CARNIE and it'll all be YOUR fault. *nod nod*

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Friday, May 03, 2002

argh. hate netscape. hate free isu computers. hate overly clicky keyboard.

like jr. high spaz bowl, though, easy questions make me feel smart ^_^ also, got free tshirt!!

eep. am talking like bridget jones.

just had depressing conversation with rob about how hot all my friends are. must make ugly friends. his attempt at comforting me was "but you don't need to be hot, you're renata!" lol. thanks anyway, rob...

must go time now. spiderman movie tonight. hurray ^_^

[megan, get well soon!!! *mwah*]

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Thursday, May 02, 2002

listening to: rockapella, carmen sandiego

random amusing quotes: "oooh! she said '1984' but i thought she said 'it's niels bohr!'"

"stop falling asleep! oooh... i'm SO going to beat you!"
"would the virtual aspca approve of this?"

"it's smooth... smooth like tj!"
"never say that again, tj..."

"so if an axe-murderer ever has a gun to your head and asks you what the hartford convention is..."
"why would an axe-murderer have a gun? and why would he ask about the hartford convention?"
"... he just would!!"

sooo um. i'm redesigning tbn. i just. couldn't deal with the pink anymore. and of COURSE the need for a new design project strikes me 8 days before the ap test and while i still haven't worked out all the kinks of the thespian website.


stupid... ness. but if i can get it to work the new layout is going to be hella cool. all i'm gonna say is... "where in the world am i?" *giggle*

yeah. i got to school at 7:30 this morning and realized it was schedule a so classes didn't start until 9. doh. so i was just like "well, that's okay, i'll use this time to do my history guidebooks!" but then.. people came... and... well, in 1 1/2 hours i managed to do exactly 3 true/false questions. sigh. buuut steve and i played with twiggy's gigapet!! and we were both sleep-deprived so we were SOO amused by it. like... and it was salem from sabrina the teenage witch, so it would drive its little car around and stuff... SO cute. but it kept falling asleep for steve so he got mad and kept beating it. lol. some people just can't be trusted with power.

i found out i'm getting paid to time at the iesa spaz bowl tournament!!! whee! i was going to do it for FREE but i get $15 and free food! woot.and i love jr. high questions because they make me feel smart. hee.

i have come to the conclusion that russian novelists write the way i think: they are easily distracted and they tend to spend far too much time on the things that do not matter. note to self: do not become russian novelist.


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Wednesday, May 01, 2002


instant star wars slash!

The twin suns of Tatooine were beginning to set, bathing the desert in a fiery crimson glow. Han was walking back to his ship after a long, hard day of dancing, and decided to pause to admire the sunset. He sat down in a handy park and gazed up at the sky. In this romantic setting, he couldn't help but think thoughts of Luke , his longtime crush. With a sigh, he began to stroke his arm, wishing desperately that Luke was there with him.

Meanwhile, Luke was having a terrible time down at the cantina. It had been a long day and he had gone down there to relax, but Grand Moff Tarkin just wouldn't leave him alone. The drunk, sloppy Grand Moff Tarkin kept trying to get into his pants. Luke sighed in frustration and slapped the hand that kept finding his knee.

' Grand Moff Tarkin! Get lost, you dork! '

Grand Moff Tarkin sniffled pathetically and slithered off.

'That's better,' Luke sighed in relief, downing the last of his drink. 'Now I'm outta here.'

He flipped a credit chip onto the bar and walked out, heading into the desert for a walk in the sunset.

Luke hadn't walked very far when he saw an absolutely gorgeous sight. There, sitting in a park and bathed in the sunset glow was Han. Luke couldn't help but run up to him.

' Luke! What are you doing here?' Han asked in shock.

'I apologise... am I not welcome?' Luke replied smoothly, staring openly at Han's beautiful arm.

Han blushed attractively. 'You're very welcome, Luke... in fact, there's no one I would rather have by my side.'

Luke felt encouraged by this, and swept Han into his arms for a lazy kiss. He put his hands on Han 's arm, massaging gently.

'Oh, Luke! pookie! That feels fluffy!'

'Oh really?'

Luke took this as a sign that Han wanted more, and pulled him over to the bedroom. He pulled out a convenient dildo, grinning lustfully, and pressed it to Han's knee. Soon they were involved in hot, passionate screwing, and all night long the park echoed with the sounds of their love.

rofl. the thought of star wars slash.. just... bwahahahahaha.

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listening to: random college acapella, freefalling

What Weapon Are You?

I fire

I don't like getting messy, but will fight if I have to, and some people consider me girly.

[i'm galadriel!]
I am Galadriel, the White Lady, Queen of Lothlorien. I was given Nenya, the Ring of Adamant, but I remained untouched by the Shadow. I gave shelter, gifts and advice to the Fellowship, but I turned green while they were around. My bad. In the movie, I'm played by Cate Blanchett.
|| Which Lord of the Rings Elf are you? ||

yeah for elves!

oh, so, i was sitting downstairs watching the simpsons, and my mom calls in from the other room "renata, do you want to score?" so i figured i'd probably misheard... ".... do i WHAT?" "do you want to SCORE? on friday?" "what are you TALKING about??" "for scholastic bowl! do you want to score at the metcalf tournament! .... oh! i guess that did sound kind of weird..." rofl. it was quality.

but. yay. i like to score. and so does moby. *nod nod*

arrr. i have to take a history test online tonight... it's from 1939-1970. hmm. oh well. hopefully i'll do okay. *nod* i managed to temporarily turn the conversation in class today over to carmen sandiego! woot!

*nod* yes. i should go study for that now.

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