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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

listening to: ani, my iq

random amusing quote: "well, i feel like we're walking in our ancestors' shoes... and these shoes SUCK!"

hee, i just watched "frontier house" on pbs [it's... sort of like survivor, but with no money and no voting off.. and you live like you would in 1883. so actually it's not really like survivor at all.] yeaaah it was cool. and my cat had kittens in the middle of it!

awww! they're soooo cute! except she had them in my closet and she got gooky kitten stuff on one of my shirts. *frowl* oh well. i suppose it's an acceptable loss. anyway... look, aren't they cuute??


anyway, there are 2 of them.. and if there are 2 girls, we're going to name them leia and mara, and if it's a boy and a girl, luke and leia, and if it's 2 boys, han and chewie. [we won't be able to tell for awhile though. so... yeah.]

oh, and i managed to log into frowl.org, so here's my soundtrack, if you're so inclined. *nod*

peace out.

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listening to: soul coughing, super bon bon

random amusing quote: "i'm socking myself! i'm socking myself!"
"maaybe you should enunciate 'sock' more clearly..."

*frowl* i just like.. well, i was bored, and i noticed i'd been posting song lyrics lately. so i decided to randomly compile my own personal soundtrack... and i was pretty proud of it and all, but for some reason i can't log into frowl. so. i'll upload it later and then you can all be dazzled by my geekiness.

so. i'm so tired. i honestly can't remember the last time i've actually slept the whole night through. it's really starting to be wearing.

ah well. that's what caffeine is for, i suppose.

i hate how in spanish, i'll look up and realize she's been talking for 5 minutes and i haven't heard a word. not that i didn't understand her, i just didn't hear her, because my mind was so completely and utterly elsewhere.

blah. study for history, i should, yeeees. [please imagine the previous sentence being said by yoda. it's much more effective that way.]

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Monday, April 29, 2002

listening to: sheryl crow, run baby run [i think this song should be on the run lola run soundtrack. *nod nod*]

random amusing quotes: "niels bohr is so boring! haha, get it? get it?"

"soo... light's bisexual."

"there's only one source of light in the entire universe!"

so tired. blah. couldn't sleep at all last night even though i was exhausted.

dude, i went downtown today and when i walked past... erm.. that one comic store that's not acme.... i saw that they had this little plush delirium in the window!! and i was like dude, i totally want that. buuut then i saw that it was $15. and i remembered that my car was running on empty. [i can go 90 miles on empty! i rule!] and so i was like "hmmm... delirium... gas.... delirium... gas... delirium.... dammit." and alas, in the ageold question of "transportation or delirium", transportation once more triumphed. but i swear i'll go back and get her someday.

i got a shiny certificate today. whee. apparently i'm a "purdue university junior scholar blah blah blah.. achievement in the area of english." which is so random. but apparently some committee decided i'm the best junior english student. to which i say: eat it, committee that decided not to let me into ap lang this year! eat it for breakfast!!


*nina* and i are awesome goddesses and you should bow before us. [also, we don't smell like onions.]

so. i don't know. apparently this is just my week for randomly re-discovering cds that i forgot i liked. it was alanis morissette a couple days ago, and then chicago, and today it's sheryl crow. woot.

*eats ice* apparently if you chew ice it means you're sexually frustrated. but i say it means that i'm too lazy to go downstairs and get more water.

*nod* yup.

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Sunday, April 28, 2002

listening to: ani d, names and dates and times

i adore this song. i just feel like sharing it with you all. it's another one of my theme songs.

i know so many white people
i mean, where do i start?
the trouble with white people
is you can't tell them apart
i'm so bad with names and dates and times
but i'm big on faces
that is, except for mine

i believe you when you tell me
we've met before
this time you've got my interest
this time you've got the floor
why don't you go and tell me something
i don't already know
give me something to remember you by
when you go

i eat too much
i laugh too long
maybe i'll like too much of you
when i'm gone

let's go over to the window
and sit in the neon light
let's go out walking
you know, it's garbage night
let's go down to the east river
and throw something in
something we can't live without
and then let's start again

the more you talk
the more i get
the sense of something
that hasn't happened yet
the more you talk
the more i want to know
the way i'll remember you
when i go

i eat too much
i laugh too long
maybe i'll like too much of you
when i'm gone

i am so many white people
i mean where do i start
they've got lots of personalities
i just can't tell them apart
and i never remember anything
except for those things
which i never forget you know
there's no in between

i'm big on your face
yeah it's big in my mind
you're like the rest of the human race
you're one of a kind

heeey i just found out that that new ani song she did in bloomington is called "play along." wooot. i'm not going to post the lyrics here for the sake of not having a reallly long entry, but if you so choose, click here. *nod*

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listening to: alanis, you oughta know

random amusing quote: "these are satan's shoes!!"
"why would satan need shoes? he has hooves!"
"... to step on souls!"

soo yeah. hi. hey! talia called me a kitten-eater on her new blog info page! *sniff* oh well. at least i don't eat powdered kittens like SOME people i know... ^_^

so okay. flashback to the pants story on friday: a group of us decided it woiuld be fun to buy sweatpants to wear to afterprom, and write "prom sucks" on the bum. so, we all went walmarting to purchase said pants. and then... trina and eliz got distracted by some shiny boxer shorts, and thought it woudl be funny to buy our dates shiny boxers and paint "prom sucks" on them, too. but they were like $8, and we're cheap, so instead we bought a package of little boys underwear. and trina bought matt batman underoos. teehee. so yeah, after amanda bought them, she ripped open the package and we all wore them on our heads out of the store. what was weird was that apparently underwear on my head is a look that suits me. like they all told me i should try to find a hat in that "style." which. um. well i'm not going to think about that.

so we went over to eliz's house to make our pants preeetty. and like. our pants are all more or less the same. (mine has a big peace sign on the ass too. so it looks like it says "prom sucks peace". but anyway.) but the guys' underwear is all SO funny. like on adam's... he speaks german so i thought it would be funny to write something in german on them. but right, the only things i could think of were "danke schoen", (thank you) and "willkommen" (welcome). and like... both of those are SO horribly inappropriate to write on a pair of little boys underwear. but i went with willkommen anyway because i'm a horribly inappropriate person. but i think the most amusing ones are andrew's, which said "big al" with an arrow pointing towards the crotch...

anyway. back to yesterday. hmm. i already ranted about my hair. it was all gross and raining yesterday, and it threw me into one of my paranoid-depressed moods. aaaand i had already painted my nails and trimmed them so i couldn't trim them to make myself feel better. (*shrug* trimming my nails makes me feel better. or ripping them. i do that when i don't have clippers. that's why my nails are so short all the time. in case you were wondering.) so i was driving into miriam's house because we were going to get ready together, and i was all obsessively stroking my nails while driving. rr. but then i got to miriam's house, and she wasn't there yet, so i talked to her dad. i heart miriam's parents. anyway, and then she came and we got dressed and glittery. then matt and trina and tony and adam came and we all left to go to grand march. which sucked. i hate having people look at me.

then we went to biaggi's and ate.. and it was good and fun. yeah.

so then we went to the actual prom. it was... hmm. the decorations were kinda cheesy but you know. whatever. it was nice. miriam felt sort of sick, so she and tony and adam and i sort of spent awhile just sitting and talking. i felt bad because adam just looked desperately unhappy the whole time. so then we wandered over to the dancefloor and just like.. stood. and adam still looked really effing depressed. so finally i was like "um.. are you okay? you look really... unhappy?" and he was like "no... um.. i always look like this." and i was like "*blink*" so finally i got sick of it and more or less forced him to dance with me. bwaha. i think he had fun. *shrug* i did anyway.

so then we went to miriam's house and changed into our happy sweatpants, and then we went to afterprom. i played table tennis for a bit with adam [i SUCK at table tennis] and then we [our group] went over in the other room and flopped about beanbags and watched ferris bueller's day off. and some other movie. i don't remember. or maybe we didn't. oh, we watched the end of austin powers. and then we watched that. and then we watched ninja turtles! yay! and then we left and went to eliz's house.. and like. everyone sort of was out of it. but i wasn't tired at all. so adam and i played connect 4.. but we were both tired [i know i just said i wasn't tired.. but i was mentally tired. in fact i'm mentally tired right now which is why this doesn't make sense] so we both kept making stupid mistakes. hee. and then we played excactly one round of scattegories with jenny before deciding that it required way too much thought. so adam and i played this weird trivia-style game. i kept being all spaz bowl and answering the questions before he finished reading them. i rule ^_^ dude! and he missed the following question: "what color is captain planet's hair?" !!!!!!! i mean. dude.

so yeah. he left around 5:30 am and i sort of curled up in a ball and slept. tried to. *nod* around 9ish eliz's mom made us breakfast and it was good. yay.

and then.. i went home... and... here i am! *wave*

so. prom didn't suck. which is good. yeah.

my hair is soooo gelled and gross. it's like. crispy. i swear there's enough hairspray in here to deplete the ozone layer 3 times over.

mrrr. i go in search of coffee.

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Saturday, April 27, 2002

Which Simpsons Character Are You?

You are Ned. You donít always see yourself as a rebel, but in fact you are high on the list of counter cultural activity for you have no embarassment about championing your cause. You laugh in the face of taste and style. Only truth matters to you. You will cry out when the Emperor Has No Clothes. You might not approve of rebels but you surely have a cause. Ned Flanders would be proud of you

okay see, i figured i'd be lisa. flanders? wtf is that? *frowl*

omb this rules! i swear i didn't cheat...

Which Star Wars Character Are You Most Like?

Artoo! *squee* [it doesn't give a cute graphic or anything. but i was just so pumped about this.]

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you know i have 5 chapters of history to read. so what am i doing?

taking inane online quizzes, of course.

Find your Role-Playing
at mutedfaith.com.


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listening to: alanis, empty house

i just sneezed like, 5 times in a row. arrr. i can't believe i'm awake at... 8:17 on a saturday. *frowl* my mom made me a 9 am hair appointment [*sob sob*] and then she woke me up at 8 to get ready for it. wtf? why do i need an hour? to do my hair? whatever. oh well. anyway, i couldn't fall asleep again so i was drawn like a moth to the computer.


yeseterday we had a highly successful wal-mart excursion. [by the way, "to walmart" is indeed a verb... as in "we went walmarting yesterday!" just as a sidenote.] like. i can't even tell the most amusing part of the story until tomorrow because i've been sworn to secrecy and rob might read this between then and now. so. and i don't want to tell the rest of the story without this key element, therefore... someone remind me later to tell the pants story, okay? ^_^

prom is going to be so much work. what with the getting dressed and the hair and the makeup and the aaaaaaaargh.

*sneeze* dammit i think i'm getting a cold. *shakes fist angrily at immune system*

the purse my mom got to go with my prom dress is sooo small. i can't even fit my wallet and my cell phone together in it. whine.

happy belated birthday to keith, and happy birthday to crystal! *bakes imaginary cake* mmm, it's imaginarily delicious!

right. so better leave to go get evil-ballerina-ified.

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Thursday, April 25, 2002

listening to: alanis m, all i really want

random amusing quote: "sooo... you wanna NOT have it in your mouth?"

so. i was in such a bad mood until i came home and discovered that my mom bought me "jedi fruit rolls." woooot! and they came with this free hologram card of luke and vader's duel!! when you tilt it, they fight! whee!

so. spent like 3 1/2 hours decorating for stupid prom. *frowl* stupid prom. prom. prom is a dumb word. it's like pram. prom pram prom pram prom pram prom pram.

pom pom.


i fell asleep after i finished one of the psae tests today, and i had this dream that i was falling, and i woke up because i was kicking the ground.

my muppetized name is apparently "renatalus." rob is "frob" and talia is "taliapagus." hee.


hi, i'm renata and i'm tired.

i got fanmail!!! well not really fanmail. but she called me cool! *waves* hi beth! i'm really amused that she found tbn searching for ways to decorate her dorm room. lol. it makes me wonder how other people randomly stumble on here... i wonder how many are confused science students. "hey! this doesn't have anything to do with boron! i feel so misled!"

you know when i was little i didn't say "misled" as "mis-led", i said it more like "missiled". you know? like "MIsled" instead of "misLED." it really confused my mom until she figured out what i was trying to say. that's what i get for reading. *nod*

did i mention that i'm tired...?

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listening to: alanis morissette, not the doctor

listening to alanis makes me angry. good angry. grrr. *nod*

del: cream of chicken soup? just add water?
renata: lol
del: am i being too cautious, or is that creepy?
del: did they squeeze chickens out over a big bowl and then dehydrate it?
renata: eew!
del: did they use an orange juicer thingy?
renata: stop talking about this!
del: *giggle*
del: "cream of kitten...... just add water!"
renata: nooo bad del!
del: Quaker Oats Powered Kitten
del: Powdered, even.
renata: lol
renata: "powered kitten! for when you need that extra boost to get you through your day!"
del: Power Kitten Granola Bars!
del: lol....... the commercial's got a guy sitting in a subway opening one, and then it goes 'mew'....
renata: bwahahahaha
renata: this just keeps going from awful to.. awfuller
del: what would cream of kitten look like?
renata: stop!
renata: i don't want to think about it *sob*
del: purrr.
renata: i add extra words to letters!
del: *gasp*
del: you TOO?
renata: yeah!


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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

I'm strange!

How much of a freak are you?

hee, i'm strange!

must.. resist.. lyrics... aah... strange little girl, where are you going? strange little girl, where are you going? do you know where you could be going? ... walking home in her wrapped-up world, she survived, but she's feeling old.. because she's found all things cold... strange little girl, where are you going?...


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*giggle* my blog counter is at 6969. hee, i'm 10 years old.

also i made a rough template for the thespian website... here if you're so inclined. [the only working link right now is "callboard". i probably won't do the rest until i talk to thetard and can move it to u-high *nod*]

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listening to: india.arie, video

random amusing quotes: "hey, i never saw matt leave!"
"yeah, and you know what..? i've never seen matt and batman together!"
"oh my god! matt IS batman!"
"aaand i've never seen him with the easter bunny, either!"

yeah. so there are like 1000 more amusing quotes but i can't remember them, or else they aren't funny out of context, or else i don't feel like typing them. sorry.

we took the act today... i thought it was fairly easy. hopefully i did well. yeah. but the best part was we all got out at 11:30, so a bunch of us went to godfathers and ate looots of food and talked loudly and generally made idiots of ourselves. gooooood times. and then we went to the park and frolicked... it was SO much fun. we played "telephone" for awhile, and i was sitting next to tony, and he'd always change it to something stupid, so i'd change it to something totally random... ie. "jen wants mr. kinsella." "jen sucks tj." "kittens are fuzzy." it was quality. and we left right before it started raining ~_~ rain is fun. yes. and i totally fell off the merry-go-round. i think it's going to leave a bruise. i so lose.

oh, random thought... okay, i know the act isn't supposed to be like... thought-provoking... but there was this reading section where the guy was going off on an angry rant about how americans watch too much teevee and are too mass-produced-stuff-oriented, and yadda yadda, and anyway he had this line about "people know fictional characters better than they know their friends." and you know what, it's true. i'm 100% sure that i know some fictional characters better than i know my friends. but that's because when you read books (or watch teevee or watch movies) you have sort of a godlike view- you can read their thoughts and understand them and... well... know them. whereas your friends, at least mine, don't go around explaining their motivation for everything they do. i mean after enough years you can eventually get to know them pretty well. but i think it's just about impossible to know a person as well as you know a well-written character. at least, a person with any real depth to them. *blink*


i like kittens.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

listening to: ani, fierce flawless

got back from the thespian induction banquet. cake=good, and the senior skit was hilarious.

in a past life, rob and i were irish tablecloth-folders, named reb and ronata (or is it ronata and reb?). and he was a cat and i was a leprechaun. and they were magic tablecloths. *nod*

woot, next year i get to waive pe ^_^ but like, they cancelled the math class i was going to take "finite math" at heartland. i don't even know what "finite math" is, but i like that it has "finite" right in the name. none of that infinity nonsense for me, thank you very much! so yeah... next year i'm taking 3 college classes, and 2 ap classes. and no pe. it's gonna rule.

okay, why is it so freaking hard to find some drama mask clipart? why why why? *sob* allll i want are the stupid comedy/tragedy masks... is that soooo much to ask? *sulk* stupid.. stuff. i hate stuff.

arrr. i think i'm going to bed. but if anyone happens to have any comedy/tragedy mask clipart laying around, i'll be your beeeestest friend if you want to send it to me ^_^

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Monday, April 22, 2002

Take the "What *NSYNC Hairstyle are you?" Quiz

okay first of all, i can't believe i wasted my time taking that quiz. and second of all, i can't believe i got such a stupid result. ew.

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oh.. so... random thought: fletcher, fletcher that i hated on the lone gunmen.... is he fletcher that i hated in "dreamworld" and "dreamworld 2"?? i never made that connection... but then like, he said something about being a man in black... and... i remembered that i hated the dreamworld guy too... but i couldn't remember his name... hmm. bah.

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listening to: moby, i like to score

i am in SUCH a good mood today. thank god. i was insanely depressed and paranoid all weekend. at least like... for me.

i think it's my socks. i have the cutest socks ever and i'm wearing them. it's impossible to be depressed when wearing cute socks. outwardly, this may seem shallow. but inwardly, it's... well, still shallow, but if it makes me happy, right? here, look at my cute socks:

see?? little vegetables! yay!

another thing that's cool:

look, that's my yard... it's all covered with reverse crop circles. it's so cool. i heart my digital camera.

i got out of all my other classes today to have an "in school field trip" for apush... so basically we watched history movies all day. it was great. but sooo cold *shiver*

it's cold here too. *pout*

aww yeah scully!

Which X-Files Character Are You? Take the Quiz

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Sunday, April 21, 2002

listening to: ani, two little girls

oh my god. i can't believe what a dork i am. but i'm totally in mourning over 3 fictional characters. oh my god. i can't believe they're dead.

no, seriously... i was SOBBING. oh my god.

oh. um. on the x-files, the LONE GUNMEN, the three BEST CHARACTERS on the WHOLE show, EVER, are DEAD. DEAD!!!! god!

for more detail, please read the lhcb.

i can't believe how many cool characters are dead. let's make a list:
the gunmen!!!
mulder (he's dead, right? or is he just "abducted"?)
krycek (i think? he might randomly come back though... just because he's krycek and does that. i do believe that skinner managed to kill him for good, though...)
... i can't remember his name!!! csm's son ,that at first we didn't like but then we did but then csm killed him? oh, kait just told me its spender. yeah.
fowley? did she die or just disappear? whatever.
deep throat
marita... whatshername? she died right? the black oil?
well-manicured man
samantha clone
real samantha?
anthony rapp
input from kait: "Fowley died. ::nods:: And Mulder did die, but he came back, and now he's "somewhere secret and he'll come back when the time is right". Meaning that he's signed for a movie deal as well as the last eps of this season -_-"
gibson the chess boy
melissa scully
bill mulder
bill scully (hey! their names are both bill! wheee!)
mulder's mom maybe
bounty hunter

wow. jeeze.

hey, i didn't know annabeth gish played raez!! she's in slc punk!! .. but i still hate raez. *frowl*

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i like the fact that i have a ton of homework and all i've done today are take stupid quizzes and watch a random "best of rowan atkinson" thing. yay.

*whine* i'm bored... someone get online and talk to me...

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well. i took this and got galadriel, but then i accidentally closed the window... so i took it again... and apparently my mood shifted in those 2 minutes... (i think i picked a different answer to one question...)

Which LOTR Woman are you?

*frowl* i am not disliked by slashers... am i? kait? ali? ayano? ... anyone? *sniff*

hmm. i changed that one answer back. i'm going to post galadriel too. i can be both *nod nod* i'll just lead a confusing double life. yes.

Which LOTR Woman are you?

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What's your FOTR slash pairing?


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listening to: ani, little plastic castle

random amusing quotes: "fuck! fucking fuck fuckity fuck!"
"what? it's fucking cold!"

"i don't believe in cell phones!"
"matt!! every time you say that a cell phone dies! clap your hands! claaaap your hands!"

"the russians all shop at the gap!"

soo. it's been one of those days. i left the house at like... 12:30 and i just got back. but it was fun. i went over to school to help build shit for prom (yeah, yeah, the things i'll do for my friends) miriam and aman and i spent like, an hour trying to find shiny stuff for the set thingie. ("shiny shiny... not like, aluminum shiny... but shiny. not glittery shiny either.. but shiny shiny. like a window... but not so.. reflective. shiny!" "um.. thanks mr. henning...") yeah.

so then miriam and i got coffee, and wandered about downtown and didn't actually buy anything. and then we called trina... and we went and got food. and then took trina back home because her parents wouldn't let her do anything after dark *shrug* so we went over to see fiddler on the roof @ nchs, just to mock their production... and then we met up with steve, megan, rob, and michelle. (and then amanda, matt, and jenny.) and like. okay. i know this is why everyone hates u-high but their show was so not good. i'm not going to go into it. but yeah. dude. steve and i were writing nitpicky notes back and forth on his program... we had 6 pages by intermission. when we left, and went to denny's. goodtimes... matt and rob are both fun people. even though i think they both secretly hate me. but that's another story. soo yes.

then we went to go see slc punk! at university. i loooove that movie so much. even though it's really effing depressing. but yeah, it's great. and only $3 woo! although i think our group was the only non-stoned people in the whole theatre....

then miriam dropped me back off at my car, which i left at u-high, because whenever possible i make people drive me places. they get the pleasure of my company (^_~) and iiii don't have to drive. it's perfect. yeah. but there were these 2 isu cops patrolling the glass house. like. wtf? (the glass house, fyi, is between uhigh's parking lot and the overflow lot. it's really random.) but it's like... the glass house? why? is it like... secretly a crack house at night? i mean whatever. but we were both afraid they'd try to give us curfew tickets so we fled.

the whole concept of curfew irritates me. grr. i mean like i can understand why most things are illegal. killing people is bad. stealing things is bad. drugs... well i can understand why they're illegal. even if i disagree with the hypocrisy inherent in that particular system. but right, that's another story. but to make it illegal just to not be home? because you're under a certain age? on a weekend? bah.

on that note i'm off to bed. arr. so tired.

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Saturday, April 20, 2002

quizzes of doom!

Disney Princesses
Which of the Disney Princesses are you?

exotic music family? huh?

i've never seen hunchback... but i liked the other disney priness quiz better. yeah belle! hey waaaait.... esmerelda wasn't a princess, she was a gypsy! bah.

Take the Concubine Quiz at Scared Ducky!

i... what? *bliiiink*

The Band Quiz By Rahel

you know i used to play the french horn and i really don't think "sweet and loyal" are the words i would use to describe it.

Red: 5/100 Blue: 12/100 White: 22/100 Yellow: 6/100

Take the Color Code Test
by Dano

that swan looks evil. anyway.

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listening to: ani d, pixie

i looooove this song so much. it's one of my theme songs. in fact i like it so much that i'm going to randomly put all the lyrics here, because it's my blog and i can do that sort of thing if i want. (and i do.)

i'm a pixie
i'm a paperdoll
i'm a cartoon
i'm a chipper, cheerful, free-for-all,
and i light up a room
i'm the color-me-happy girl
ms. live and let live
and when they're out for blood
i always give
the man behind the counter
looks like he's got a half a dozen places he'd rather be
and furthermore it looks like
he's prepared to take it all out on me
well buddy i don't really care what your problem is
just don't make it mine
c'mon kids lets all hold hands and
pretend we're having a good time
maybe you don't like your job
maybe you didn't get enough sleep
nobody likes their job
nobody got enough sleep
maybe you just had the worst day of your life
you know there's no escape, there's no excuse
so just suck it up and be nice
be nice
be nice
be nice...
all the privileged white kids on teevee
playing at death
brandishing their cold cuts
with their ghostly makeup
and their heroin breath
and all the little fishes are flapping wildly
on their hooks
while the great critics find great meaning
in the telephone book
and the little emperor he has no clothes
so he can't come out to play
and besides which
life is suffering and he likes that way
and the little guy is not so friendly
but you know life has been cruel
so wipe that smile off your face and try to be cool
maybe you didn't get enough sleep
nobody likes their job
nobody got enough sleep
maybe you just had the worst day of your life
you know there's no escape, there's no excuse
so just suck it up and be nice
be nice
be nice
be niiice...
i would like to perfect the art
of being studiously aloof
like life is just a boring chore
and i'm living proof
i could join forces with an army of ornery hipsters
but then i'd be out of a job
so i guess that's out of the picture
cuz i'm a pixie
i'm a paperdoll
i'm a cartoon
i'm a chipper, cheerful, free-for-all,
and i light up a room
i'm the color-me-happy girl
ms. live and let live
and when they're out for blood
i always give...

so. hi.

i woke up this morning at nine (mrr. early.) and i couldn't fall back asleep, as would be my norm if i was awake at that ungodly hour on a saturday. so i decided to ride my bike... it's hella cold out today! dude, yesterday it was like.. 80, and now it's freezing? i was wearnig jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and a jacket, and i was freeeezing. it was really windy too. so i rode a bit against the wind, but it was just crazy cold, so i turned around and rode the other way, with the hopes that it would be warmer by the time i turned around. well, it wasn't... and it was uphill. and against the wind. not fun. but then i came back inside, and we actually had milk in the fridge, so i had some crispix and milk and it was all good again.

heeey i have a new private message on the boards... hmm. hurry up and load. it's still really cold in my room... *shiver shiver* actually, i was really cold at steak n' shake last night too. hmm. oh hey, it's about tori ^_^ yaaaay! tori remixes, at that. *prance*

somebody sent me a bunch of cute curtis pictures. on one hand i'm happy, because, yay curtis! on the other hand, now i have to actually update the site. *frowl*

hahaha... jason's friend has my "eating kittens" quote in her boards sig...

okay. so i'm just typing random things at this point. whee.

my cat's breath smells like cat food.

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Friday, April 19, 2002

listening to: beatles, she loves you

grr. i'm so fucking stupid. stupid, stupid, stupid. in history today, we had this in-class essay... 100 points, on the cold war, right? and the prompt was to evaluate containment's logicalness and effectiveness... so i was like, "okay, i can do this..." one of my main points was kennedy's program to aid the latin american countries, to help close the gap between rich and poor, to help prevent communism from gaining popularity. it was a decent point... except i referred to it as the good neighbor policy. god fucking dammit, that was roosevelt's latin america policy!!! kennedy's was the alliance for progress!!! god. i can't believe i did that. ms. scott is going to think i'm so stupid.

yes, i know i'm dwelling... and yes, i know i shouldn't... but god!

so i was pretty effing ticked about that and i've been dwelling ever since i turned that in. dwelling dwelling dwelling. when i left steak n' shake, though, they played some dylan on the radio and i got all bouncy and happy and non-dwelling. but then they played like, 5 minutes of commercials and i started dwelling again.

oh. so. trina, miriam, rob, eliz, toca, tj and i all went to the orchesis concert, which was really good. i especially loved that one piece was to ani's "what when where..." (or whatever.) yaaaay ani! and then we went to steak n' shake (dammit, i keep typing "stake n' shake" and really being amused by it) and good times were had. rob compared me to adam... which is sort of unnerving. considering adam already compared me to rob. >_< but since they're both friends... i have to assume that they meant well? but nonetheless...

i'm totally blasting dylan and beatles and i feel much better now. aww, and joanne sent me an adorkable picture of matt and curtis. awwwww. i'd upload it... but that would be work. bleah.

oh, yeah, and tj told me i won the election for dramaturg, and by a pretty good percentage too. so that's good, i suppose. i just hope i don't fuck it up and make people regret they elected me...

i have this really amusing live barenaked ladies mp3 where he's like "my friends think i sound like... dyyylan when i'm stoooned..." and he totally does the dylan voice. it's so funny. i heart the barenaked ladies. and the fact that they randomly covered "cornflake girl" on canadian radio totally gives them like, 100000 renata-bonus points. ("i never was a cornflake girl... thought it was a big solution... hanging with the ethnic girls... something like that... going to the other side... givin us the old heave-ho, things are getting kind of rough, and i go sleepy time, which is a really nice tea... this is not real, this is not real, this is not really haappening..") okay, it's adorable. but it loses something in the transcription, i'm sure.

okay, this post is hella long, and hella whiny i'm sure, i'll probably want to poke my eyes out when i read it later.... but for the moment, i'm hella tired, and sleep calls....

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listening to: tori, blood roses (unplugged)

whee, friday five!

1. What's your favorite TV show and why? i... hm. i used to love the x-files SO much. that show had everything.. it was funny, it was scary, it always taught me weird trivia, all the characters were amazing... but it sucks now. so. um. whose line is it anyway? perhaps? or the simpsons. but really my answer is the x-files, seasons 1-7. (more like 1-6.5). oh, and the lone gunmen was awesome. well, it was kind of bad, but... it was the lone gunmen! *sob* totally shouldn't have been cancelled. oh. and mst3k. duh.

2. Who is your favorite television star? hmm. i... well... david duchovny? or one of the whose line guys? *shrug* or mike nelson.

3. What was your favorite TV show as a child? where in the world is carmen sandiego. totally. also, teenage mutant ninja turtles.

4. What show do you think should have been cancelled by now? the x-files. when mulder left, the show was over. it just took some of us longer to realize it than others *coughFOXcough*

5. What new show do you hope escapes the axe this season? honestly the only new show i've watched this year is greg the bunny. i don't watch too much teevee. but it was funny. so... i'll say that.

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Thursday, April 18, 2002

listening to: tori amos, take to the sky

random amusing quotes: "can anyone really tell me what indigo looks like?"
"ooh, she was the freaky kid on rainbow brite!"

"aah! we broke physics again!"

i got spiderman poptarts at walmart today!! yay! yes, the same marketing techniques that work on 5-year olds also work on me... i firmly believe that food with cartoon characters on it tastes better than regular food. the spiderman poptarts are hella good though... like, the pastry part is red, and then they have blue frosting with red web patterns on it... so cool. i was tempted by the powerpuff girls pudding, too.. but like... pink and purple are just insanely unhealthy pudding colors.

yeah. so apparently adam compared me to "a female rob"... i'm not sure which one of us should be offended ^_~ either way, i'm amused.

i'm wearing my supercool 80's shirt today!! yay! i thought i'd lost it! it's the coolest shirt ever...like, in the middle it says "1980's (1980-1989)" (in case you couldn't figure out the 80's for yourself) and then its surrounded by this big collage of 80sness. like... et, pacman, reagan, teddy ruxpin, di & charles, boy george, yoda.... it's great. i got it like, a year ago at target for $2 or something. and then i lost it... and then i found it again! yay!

random nonsensical tori quote of the moment: "ballerinas that have fins that you'll never find"

("you thought that you were the bomb yes well so did i")

i heart tori. and i really really really need to finish anna karenina. priscellie keeps talking about how good american gods is and i'm like "*sob* it's RIGHT HERE on my shelf! i could be reading it RIGHT NOW!" sigh. if i spent all the time i whine about that book actually reading it i'd prolly be done by now.

Take the What Kind of Slacker are you? Quiz

heh. how fitting.

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the best voicemail i've ever gotten: "renata, we don't need you to work at the donny osmond concert anymore..."


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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

You are the Presidental Barbie! While the rest of the world thinks the middle east is just where America goes to test out bombs, you actually realize it is an important section of the world. What's more, I bet you enjoy taking World Geography!! Politics are important to you. If you are a GOOD Presidential Barbie, you realize that the Green Party sucks.

the green party does NOT suck. hmph. i didn't even know there was a presidential barbie... guess you learn something new every day...

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listening to: stuart, dresden

i loooove dresden. i didn't use to. oh god, that's awful awful grammar... let's back this up. um. when i first got this cd, i didn't like dresden. but lately i've been all about it.

sooo anyway. i decided to run for thespian board dramaturg... i'm running against schini and sma. i think sma will probably win, but as long as i don't lose to andrew i'll be alright. that would just be humiliating. *shudder* and i know sma will do a good job at it. so yes.

yeah. and i felt weird voting for myself for a ruthie, so i voted for megan and angela. lol. i don't think i'd make a good politician.

hmm... my dad just wandered in my room and said "hey renata, do you ever listen to simon and garfunkle? they're great!" and left. lol.

you see my randomness is genetic. it would be unnatural for me to be.. non-random. at least that's my excuse. yes.

oh, and kellie- and anyone else- frowl.org is complicated. well, not really. but sort of. like. we can only buy space in 50 meg blocks. and right now we've just allocated 10 megs to each person, because that way it's easy- $1 a month. so, if you can find people to split up a 50 meg block, or if you want the whole 50 megs... let me know ^_^ your-site.com has all the info about what you get with the package. megan said her friend erin might be interested.. so if you can find 3 other people, or something, let me know. or if anyone else wants to be a belated frowler... feel free to leave a comment... or something... yes.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

oh dear god. i just cut the fuck out of my finger on my bedspread!!! i KNEW those rhinestones would come back and get me! *sob*

do you have any idea how many bandaids i go through?

eeew i just got blood on the keyboard...

and while i'm ranting... no doubt's new song "hella good" amuses me sooo much. it's such a baaaad song ("i'm feeling hella good so i'm gonna keep on dancing") but i really really like it. i like "hey baby" too. i think i just like no doubt. wow.

i totally want to go see rachael sage on may 19th at uncommon ground... whoooo's with me? eh? *nina*? del? eh? emily? anyone? bueller? she's tooooootally awesome! and it's a saturday... and it's her cd release party for illusion's carnival.... yeah, you know you want to go.

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Monday, April 15, 2002

listening to: stuart davis, ladders

um. well. aaron asked for it, and i'm ever-so-eager to please, soo... from my latest pre-calc quiz (taken the day after opening night)

frowl, frowl at the math

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listening to: rhs, science fiction double feature

daphne just said the "captain planet" line! yaaay!

anyway. i just got my hair dyed, so that it's more or less uniformly my natural color. yay that. but like... jan (my hairdresser.. person..stuff) was like "you're going to prom aren't you? oooh i want to practice your hairstyle!" so she made me look at all these books of really hideous hairstyles. i settled for one that made me look less like a possessed plant, and more like an evil ballerina. really, it's scary. and my hair is covered with gooky stuff. i hate gooky stuff in my hair. ew.

oh well. speaking of prom. rob (thanks rob ^_~) set adam and i up for it. which should be amusing, seeing as how we're the 2 most socially inept people i know. but anyway. we were talking, and it turned out that we both went to dee-mack from kindergarten-4th grade. eeew deemack. lol. but it was still fun to find out.

i keep seeing my evil ballerina shadow on the wall and freaking myself out. *sob*

myeh. stuff. DUDE! matt soundded JUST like anthony for a second in this boot... oh... i'm being a rent-nerd again. damn. *fidgets with sock*

my dad is fixing my stupid car, so i had to drive the stupid minivan of doooom today. it scares me. i feel like.. i'm driving a boat. on land. but at least the tape player works.

oh god my hair is scary. i'm going to go.. do precalc now. yes.

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Sunday, April 14, 2002

a preface... on sonic we were discussing this sextoy called the "real doll" which is supposed to be a... very realistic sex doll.. thing... so.. megan was investigating the website...

megan: Pricing
standard female model: $5749.00 - includes all three entries.
Body 3, 5, and body 6 models are an additional $250.00

standard male model: $6999.00 - includes anal entry if desired, plus one size penis attachment.

megan: oooh my god
renata: jesus!
megan: i need to stop, it's SO funny though
renata: you could like.. .buy a slave for that much money.
renata: at least, i assume so. i don't know how much slaves cost.
megan: lol
megan: slaves are pretty cheap if you go to florida
megan: but c'mon, slaves don't have interchangable penises ... and you don't get the option of the hair style and nail color and all that
renata: weelll..
renata: i suppose
renata: but the whole concept is still creepy.

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I'm Louis!

Which Anne Rice Vampire are you?

by Tera

*whine* i am NOT whiny.. i... oh.

Which Hacker's Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

these quizzes are not going well for me...

Come take the Comprehensive DDR Personality Test!

Created by ptocheia

well... i suppose i am rather pasty...

Are you a ho? Find out @ She's Crafty

yay! (*points and laughs* keith is a garden ho!)

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listening to: tori, lust

i don't really like lust. the song, i mean. hmm.

i think i'm going to steal keith's birthday present if i don't mail it soon. i keep looking at it really longingly. i mean... i already have one... but his is nicer than mine. and i want it. but i can't justify owning two of these things just because one is nicer.

thank god fiddler is over. i mean it was fun. but. yes. yay for the overness! there was a party or something at tony's... but i didn't feel like going. parties make me nervous enough, and i don't think any of my good friends in the cast were going. *shrug*

i should start my homework. *rocks* yeees. i should.


megan: hey
renata: *wave wave*
megan: wassup?
renata: yitrf
renata: um.
renata: i'll giv eyou a penny if you can guess what that was supposed to be...
megan: riiight
renata: nope, you're wrong
megan: aw
renata: it was "tired"

my precalc grade is ick. i don't think i'm going to be able to pull off an a this semester. but i find that i really don't care that much. i'm trying to convince myself that i do... but... no.

oh god. i should *really* start my homework. and finish ms. karenina. *frowl*

yup. homework. yup.

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listening to: ani, loom

i'm tired.

the show was great again tonight. but. backtracking. i got up this morning. and stuff. then i went to the garlic press and i bought cards for people. and then i went to the bank and cashed a check, and then went to barnes and noble and bought a birthday present for keith, and some coffee. and then i spilled the coffee on myself. it was sad. but not too sad, because i didn't get any on keith's book. that would have been tragic.

then i went to mcdonalds..... heeey my cell phone just beeped at me... i have new voice mail? wtf? it didn't ring *sob* arr. it's from one of my bosses at braden.... i wonder how old this is? oh well. *whistles*

anyway... mcdonalds... i got a happy meal.. and my toy was sooo creepy. it was this doll.. with glowing blinky eyes... and her name was "cool cathy". so i took her back to school with me, and rob and aaron and matt and whoever else decided it would be fun to try to smash her... so they did... and i kept the eyes, but i lost them... and then i remembered i had a different scary happy meal dolll in my locker.. so i got her, and they smashed her too. then we put the pieces together to make weird misfit dolls... kinda like in toy story.... it was great.

okay, this live version of 1000 ocens is annoying. i'll listen to.... bachelorette. yes. in case you were interested.

so. the show. whatever. party at rob's after it... parties sort of scare me. what with all the people. so i spent most of the time sitting in the corner watching aaron play rob's guitar. he's really good. but i felt bad because he kept playing songs that he thought i'd recognize... but i never could, not because he was playing them badly, but because i'd never heard the songs before... the few i did manage to know i knew because of tori... (smells like teen spirit and heart of gold) and a couple others, i guess. yes.

Which Rent character are you?

this is the stupidest quiz EVER. the questions were like... "what is your last name? cohen, davis, schunard.. " bleah. i'm not collins. i'm more joanne/mark. jork. mane. lol. tired.

the little engine that couldn't makes terrifying noises when i brake. i hope i don't die.

remember how i wasn't going to read anymore sandman until i finished reading anna karenina? yeah, i totally caved. but... like... it was right there... and ak was aaaaalll the way out in my car... um. yes. *sigh*

if anyone catches me reading anything not by tolstoy, please steal it from me. it's for my own good.

okay. am tired. night!

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Saturday, April 13, 2002

wellll... one more quiz :)

You are most like Amy who fell down the stairs!

Created by Thren.
Which Gashlycrumb Tiny are you?

fall down the stairs? me? neeeever! *cough*

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listening to: tori, yes anastasia

the show ruled today. dude. i love everyone in the show. well almost everyone. dan's song is so cute. i want to bottle it and sell it at a tidy profit. and kellie's vengeful ghost song (not snog) is wickedcool. yay kellie! (not jelly) and rob is amusingly russian. and. yes. steve is the messiah.

and i'm tired.

kellie and alison and i made a hilarious walmart/panera run. "it's funny because it's not!" and i went there to buy food and water. but i only remembered the water. but that's okay, we went to denny's after the show. ("which denny's?" "the one with the big sign that says 'denny's'!!") very fun.

want to know how i spelled "ithaca" this morning? "ifa". lol. and i didn't even notice it was wrong until talia (not tlai) pointed it out to me.

i. had a point. *thinks* oh, del, i miss you!! we're watching swing kids in world lit. and i'm like "dude! del kept telling me to watch this movie! whoa!" (wtf is it with you and the nazis, my dear?) also, i used the phrase "shit a kitten" today and i was like "awwwww, i miss del!"

megan, i tried to call you like 3 times. ("aww.. walmart reminds me of megan!") but it didn't work. i don't think i have the right number.

oh yeah. and chelle, *i* love you, so update already! :P

take the death quiz.

and go to mewing.net. laura = great.

take the "what's my fault" quiz.

(and then browse around mewing.net. because laura is cool.)

i am not ~_~

dude. i love the song "god". so much. i mean who besides tori could get away with "god sometimes you just don't come through/do you need a woman to look after you?"

We're not talking about the dog here. You get on everyone's nerves except the author's, because she is playing out her own fantasies of having a blond of her very own. The most out of character of all of these "archetypes", you morph from Draco Malfoy into a blond and perky Harry Potter. You are most often paired with Hermione, even though she's Muggle-born and you would never do that. Forget about the books- we have a cute blond guy in our midst!

Find out which Draco you are.

i... what?

Which Jewel song are you most like? Find out!

oh, the irony... you see my name on the boards is "hey jupiter", after the tori song... but some girl was like "oh, i love jewel!" and i was like "wtf?" and she was like "oh, i thought you meant the jewel song 'jupiter'..." and i was like "noooo!" because i don't really like jewel. but hey, whatever melts your butter. (and look, you can see jewel's tooties!! and yes, i did just really want to use the word "tooties" in a blog entry, and this seems like as good of a time as any...)

um. this blog entry has been about an hour in the making. well. what with the talking to keith and the reading the boards and the quiz taking and whathaveyou.

so. yes.

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Thursday, April 11, 2002

well. you know it's a great show when both the stage manager and the asm are crying by the end of the night. thetard... argh.

i have a feeling i'd be really stressed if i cared more.

but i don't.

apathy saves the day!

i don't know why i'm writing one line at a time.

it looks like some weird sort of freeverse poetry.

or something.

but anyway. you see, insults/negative comments generally only bother me if i respect the person who is talking to me.

therefore i am immune to thetard. bwaha. ... also to certain other condescending people. although they are more annoying than thetard. yes.

fuck it, i'm talking about angela.

tra la.

my chest says "unconscious argentinean", "frowl.org" and "walking progaganda." yay me! and yay masking tape and sharpies!

most importantly yay sleep!

home before 11! yaaaay!

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listening to: tori, space dog (yay! first try!)

i'm so sad. i drive my brother home and then i have 15 or so minutes at home before i have to head back... so what do i do? eat cereal, blog, and read blogs. and change my shoes. i'm so sad. i already said that. but i forgot that i said that.

but precalc makes sense.

which really should be a huge warning sign that i desperately need more sleep.

speaking of my utter (originally: udder) sadness... i was dating my paper (haha.. dating my paper.. i mean.. writing the date on my paper) and i was like "hmmm... 4/11... 4/11... why does that date seem significant? is it earth day? nooo.. that's the 22nd. it's.. half of earth day... it.... waaaait. i think curtis' first as gordon was 4/11/00..." i just checked... it is. was. whatever. i'm a dork. i subconsciously memorized his first performance date.

hey, i just went to kellie's blog and she made a little graphic to link to my site... and it's SHEEP! for some reason i found this HYSTERICAL. of course i think everything is hysterical right now. but still. sheep! it reminds of of alsoi.. back when it had.. sheep.. and.. the.. sheep.. and... i have to go now.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2002

listening to: tori, space dog [note: originally typed "space god", deleted it and then re-typed "space god"]

random amusing quote: "well, i try to avoid indiscriminately hating large groups of people... but i dooo hate driving 20 miles per hour..."

wow, i have *10* minutes before i have to go drive back for rehearsals! yay! so far the show looks good to me, but apparently not to thetard. whatever. i quote nikita: "thetard can suck it."

it was the day of silence today. it made me feel like silent bob. aaand i had "space dog" stuck in my head all day for no apparent reason... and you know... THAT SONG MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL. especially because the only part i had stuck in my head was that bridge part, the "deck the halls/ i'm young again/i'm you again/racing turtles/the grapefruit is winning/ seems i keep getting this story twisted/ so where's neil when you need him?" part. over and over *sob* and i kept being dyslexic and randomly flipping lines. mrrr. i swear, utp should have a subtitle: "under the pink: songs that make no sense on the literal level". but anyway. going back to neil...

i read like the first 20 or so pages of preludes and nocturnes and i'm SOOO addicted. it's so good. but i promised myself i'd finish anna karenina before i read anymore sandman. i only have..... 600 more pages to go....

oh my god. i just went to himh.com to look up the space dog (did the god thing again) and like.. it has a couple interviews with her about the song... i don't know what crack tori is on but i want some. i mean i love her music so much. but she is soo... well.... "I was flying in, and I felt this young boy, 13, 14 years old, with his family. He's eating peas. His family is like, some of those people that show up on Oprah Winfrey sometimes, that you just go, My God, if I had to go home with them, I would contemplate, like, eating Pledge. " full lyrics/interviews.

but i do love this song. especially "racing turtles/the grapefruit is winning." i don't know, i just love her tone and... stuff. and the line. and i have to go. *mwah* to all!

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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

there was something i wanted to say when i opened blogger, but i forgot it.

stupid tech week.

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Monday, April 08, 2002


1. there's a piece of glass stuck in my foot and it hurts.

2. i'm tired. tired like a mofo.

3. my hardback, still-sealed, preludes and nocturnes arrived today... mmm, gaiman-tastic... sadly i will be unable to start reading it until next week. damn you tech week!

4. bed.

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i have to leave in.. 2 minute for tech week. tra la.

i didn't "meet national honor society's requirements for membership." i'd think that this would bother me or something, but it doesn't. i mean jesus, annie didn't get in.. and annie is one of *the* smartest people i know. so fuck nhs, fuck nhs in the ear. (thanks, *nina*)

my 2 minutes are up... later!

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Sunday, April 07, 2002

listening to: bob dylan, hurricane


yesterday there was a 6 hour set work day. i'm pretty sure we could have gotten everything done in about 3 hours if everyone had actually worked. or even shown up. or just shown up an then NOT left for a 3 hour lunch. but that's the past now. and so are the paint-thinner fumes.

anyway. when i was leaving school at 4, trina calls and says "hey, molly's birthday party is at 7, are you coming?" at 4 i was tired and i smelled like paint... but hey, a party, right? soo i changed into my fiddler shirt, which is hideous, went over to miriam's house, and we shimmied (yes, shimmied) over to the mall to pick up a present for moki, and then we shimmied over to trina's house, in order to shimmy over to elizabeth's house, in order to shimmy over to molly's house. (... *shrug*)

the party was much fun... eliz read tarot... and we played scattegories. and discussed how rob is satan, and matt is a god(dess). yeaaah.

and then i went home. and slept. and then.. i woke up and my eerily prom-psychotic mother (really, she's frightening me... "renata, who are you going to prom with? i'm so excited about your prom! when are we going to get your dress? aren't you excited about prom? *starts to cry for no apparent reason* oh god, i'm not pressuring you, am i? *sob sob* i'm such a bad mother, i don't deserve a daughter like you!") yeaah. what was i saying? oh yes, we went dress-shopping. we looked around the effing mall for an hour or so and then bought the first dress we looked at.

so then.. i scurried over to eliz's house to work on the stupid pre-calc project... but i had forgotten to change my *watch* for daylight savings, so by the time i got there, i realized i had to leave so i could go meet miriam to see big trouble..... oy. so we split it up and i'm going to email my part of it to her. (the answer.. is 9. *hums*)

big trouble was HILARIOUS, btw. and brodie is in it! yay! but i'll talk more about it in the lhcb.

*frumble* tech week is going to suck. but at least i wont' have to be home to listen to my mom talking about prom. prom, for god's sake... prom! *sigh* oh well. i guess if she's so laid-back about everything else she has to have a few hangups... so... grades and prom. *shrug* could be worse, i suppose.


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quizzes, quizzes i say!

take the non-offensive quiz.

and go to mewing.net. laura = great.

what's your battle cry? |

which "monty python and the holy grail" character are you?

this quiz was made by colleen

dude, i heart dennis! *squee*

which children's storybook character are you?

this quiz was made by colleen


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Friday, April 05, 2002

listening to: bitch and animal, six states away

i was just playing sam and max hit the road for a bit... i haven't played it in a year or so. it's times like this i wish my memory sucked more, though, becuase it's just no fun when i can remember every single thing that you do and what you'll need the items for. well, i mean, it's still fun for the witty banter, but the puzzles itself have lost their allure.

so it goes.

i watched my ninja turtles tape, and it was so freaking hilarious. highlights include: michaelangelo using the phrase "what's the haps, dude?" [ryan, i'm on to you.. you're really michaelangelo in disguise, aren't you? aaaren't you??]; raphael using the phrase "oversized ghetto blaster" [we rewound it 3 times to make sure he was really saying "ghetto"... he was]... and then we started noticing all the latent homosexuality present and were even MORE amused. speaking of which, when watching beauty and the beast today in pe, sarah and i decided that gaston and lefou definitely have something going on... gaston is obviously the butch, and lefou is the bitch. however, gaston is in denial which is why he chases after the unattainable belle and makes such a big point out of flaunting his manliness.

um. so. where was i going with this? *shrug* am reading the old man and the sea, upon ayano's recommendation. i like it. anna karenina is good too, so far, but it's so hella long. i've read like 200 pages and i still have about 400 left.

i think i'm going to bed soon. i hate the fact that i'm always tired. tech week's going to be a bitch. but i'm not going to rant anymore about that particular subject. at least not here... i'll probably have some more mental rants. fortunately, i should be able to counteract them by picturing del with a bag of kittens...

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listening to: bitch and animal, six states away

i was just playing sam and max hit the road for a bit... i haven't played it in a year or so. it's times like this i wish my memory sucked more, though, becuase it's just no fun when i can remember every single thing that you do and what you'll need the items for. well, i mean, it's still fun for the witty banter, but the puzzles itself have lost their allure.

so it goes.

i watched my ninja turtles tape, and it was so freaking hilarious. highlights include: michaelangelo using the phrase "what's the haps, dude?" [ryan, i'm on to you.. you're really michaelangelo in disguise, aren't you? aaaren't you??]; raphael using the phrase "oversized ghetto blaster" [we rewound it 3 times to make sure he was really saying "ghetto"... he was]... and then we started noticing all the latent homosexuality present and were even MORE amused. speaking of which, when watching beauty and the beast today in pe, sarah and i decided that gaston and lefou definitely have something going on... gaston is obviously the butch, and lefou is the bitch. however, gaston is in denial which is why he chases after the unattainable belle and makes such a big point out of flaunting his manliness.

um. so. where was i going with this? *shrug* am reading the old man and the sea, upon ayano's recommendation. i like it. anna karenina is good too, so far, but it's so hella long. i've read like 200 pages and i still have about 400 left.

i think i'm going to bed soon. i hate the fact that i'm always tired. tech week's going to be a bitch. but i'm not going to rant anymore about that particular subject. at least not here... i'll probably have some more mental rants. fortunately, i should be able to counteract them by picturing del with a bag of kittens...

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listening to: tori, the needle and the damage done

random amusing quote: "it's a pop can!"
"what's a pop can?"
"the pop can!"

so. all day today i kept randomly picturing del with a bag of kittens and busting out laughing. i had it SO well pictured, down to the weird smile on her face and her "just say ho" shirt (because obviously that's what one would wear when preparing to feed kittens to alligators.) and i mean... how do you explain that to people? "what's so funny?" "oh, i was just thinking about my friend del with a bag of kittens that we were going to feed to some alligators.." "HUH?!" "well, you see, on the rentboards somebody called us evil, so we started talking about eating kittens.. at which point..."

yeah. right. it's times like that that the phrase "oh, nothing" comes in handy.

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Thursday, April 04, 2002

me: aww jeeze..
me: now i'm picturing YOU busting through a door with a big bag of kittens..
me: like santa claus, but evil
del: it's okay. killing kittens is funny.
del: loling
del: i was going to say 'with a big of aborted kitten fetuses' but i thought that might be a bit much....
me: lol
me: perhaps

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me, on the new rentboards: Yeah! And *I* eat cute baby kittens for breakfast! Also, sometimes I measure my life in cups of coffee instead of love.
del: i can't stop picturing you sitting at a table in your jammies, opening a cereal box and pouring kittens out into a bowl

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listening to: tori, icicle

i looove this live version of icicle... she starts off telling a story about hymns, and then she starts singing, and she's like "onward christian soldiers, marching as to war... icicle icicle..." it's the "unplugged" version, if yer looking to download ^_^

so anyway. i was all about furthering my gaiman/half.com love, and i ordered american gods and preludes and nocturnes... and BOTH orders got cancelled! *sob*

to quote megan... "life's so hard."

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listening to: rufus wainright, april fools

random amusing quotes: "do you know what i'm going to do? i'm going to eat your dog! and then i'm going to burn down every taco bell in the state. and theen, i'm going to make immigration illegal."

"ha! you may have gotten into julliard, but i beat you at putt-putt! who cares if you beat me at life, iii beat you at mini golf, and that's what really matters!"

so, today we went up to chicago to see the tempest at chicago shakespeare theatre, which happens to be at navy pier... for those of you who aren't lucky enough to have experienced navy pier... picture a crappy, crappy mall. now picture that they charge you twice as much for everything because it's on lake michigan. yeah. woo. oh, and it's always packed with tourists who are, for some ungodly reason, like "hey, we're in chicago! let's go to NAVY PIER!" i always want to poke them and give them a list of the hundreds of cooler things they could be doing in chi-town. but that's a separate rant.

this rant is about haagen-daz. (did i spell that right? well, i don't care.) so.. talia and i are hungry.. and we walk pass this haagen-daz thing and are like "oooh... ice cream!" so we decide to split this UNGODLY expensive chocolate.. thingie. but it was really good, and it is, after all, navy pier, so we decided not to resent the $6.50 we'd just spent on ice cream. but then we realize that it was trickily layered to have random vast amounts of fudge at the bottom.. which make you very thirsty. and navy pier has no water fountains. so they TRICK you into ALSO spending $1.75 for bottled water! and then you raaaage. *rages*

but anyway. the tempest was really good. like.. the production.. and the costumes.. and... i swear to god i took a class on this stuff... but now all i can say is "it was pretty!" and i fell asleep in the first act. i'm lacking in caffeine. oh, and iowa city high school was there too, and i was really tempted to go over to them and be like "umm.. hi... do any of you know megan?" buuut i didn't.

i love how none of my stories have a point to them. but that's okay, because it's about the jouuuurney, not the destination. (the journey is the destination, the journey is the destination...)

*ponder* i ate pizza for all 3 meals today. how unhealthy. at least breakfast and dinner were veggie pizza...

my head hurts. and i want my american gods *pout*

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Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Find out which Moulin Rouge song you are.

yaaaay moulin rouge!

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why does everything cool have to happen during u-high's fucking plays? it was tori during earnest and damned if it's not going to be neil gaiman in chicago during fiddler...

*sulks* and it's not like i even NEED to be there! i am THE most useless crew person. i don't even know why i do uhigh theatre. all i do is complain about it. and it's not even like i do anything useful. sheesh.

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listening to: rem, stand

random amusing quotes: "soo.. j edgar hoover did that from about 1919 until he died... which wasn't soon enough *glower*"
"you don't like him, do you ms. scott?"
"hooow'd you guess?"

"so... focal points... oh, they're like the death star!"

hmm. i'm missing.. my postcard of jesus playing roulette that i was going to send jason... the first communion card jason sent me.. and 2 random cds from the stupid cd club. they weeere on the table.. .but now they're not. *is sad* i still have the other cd from the cd club though.. india.arie. i like that song... video (killed the radio star) but like... the rest of the songs all sound exactly like it. oh well.

yaay, tomorrow field trip to chicago to see the tempest! with (aya)tolia!

am still SO tired, despite the.. 10 or so hours of sleep. plus i keep having really bad headaches. i wonder if something might actually be wrong.. but... whatever.

i didn't have much homework tonight so i randomly put up an "about me" type page... cleverly called strange little girl.

aww... one of my shelves just collapsed... *sulks* but at least it didn't kill me, right del?

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Tuesday, April 02, 2002

so i have no idea why i've been SO insanely tired lately (aside from the obvious fact that i've been unable to fall asleep and i wake up at random times) but i would just like to announce that it is.. 8:16 pm and i'm going to bed. thank you.

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dude... my mom just like, flipped out because i don't have a date for prom...
me: "it's not that big of a deal..."
her: "yes it is!! ask nate!"
me: "i think he's going with kellie..."
her: "oh. *long pause* ask that crazy kid from scholastic bowl!"
me: ". . . mike?"
her: "the tall one!"
me: "eh.. i think he has a date too..."
her: "but.. but... *flail* there has to be someone!"

*is amused*

*amused... amused and shameless* so... if anyone reading this wants to hook me up and get my mom off my back....

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listening to: bitch and animal, best cock on the block

i firmly believe "best cock on the block" to be the best song ever written about dildoes. of course... i can't think of any other songs about dildoes... but let's not detract from the accomplishment here. ("it's eternally hard!")

so anyway. in a random total opposite of what usually happens, i did really well on the physics test and not-so-well on the history test... of course, it was a take-home physics test and an insanely hard history test.. but still. i have a feeling my history grade isn't so great right now... *scuttles off to check* aww jeeze, she didn't update the online grades. *flails vaguely* oh well. my giant term paper of doom got a "superior" at the regional history fair dealie, so now it's going to state. yay. plus, i got a shiny blue ribbon!

lol. over on the rentboards for april fools day i set up a couple filters... so whenever anyone typed "rent", it would go to "cats".. "aida" would go to "oklahoma!"... "melody" would go to "goddess" and "manley pope" went to "ralph nader"... so it resulted in this really amusing post: "I was wondering if you guys could tell me how those phrases go that they used on Cats Ads that said things like "Cats is about being young and being brave..." and stuff like that."

cats certainly is about about young and brave... oh, my heart always goes out for poor mr. mistofellies *sniff* wait, that's his name, right? *shrug* whatever. the sparkly cat.

i was talking to megan (the red) today and apparently she heard from "a bunch of people" that angela and i hate each other... which is really amusing because i personally have nothing against angela. so i guess she's been going around telling people she hates me or something... which really amuses me. oh, the drama. stuff like this always makes me wonder if other people would be offended in this situation... i somehow suspect they would. oh well. *hums merrily*

*yawns* i have tiredness.

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Monday, April 01, 2002

aw, look, i changed the commenting text... it's all cute and boron-related now!

*is so proud*

oh, and i fixed the lonely hearts club blog... in case you were wondering.

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listening to: beatles, can't buy me love

random amusing quote: "can we change the topic of the essay to 'why i like kittens'? please?"

hmm. so. my mom has this thing about framing all my posters, but i have a couple oddly shaped ones that never had frames. but today she got some, and framed them while i was at school... but i have these double-sided ani posters (i got them free! well. randomly free with a cd i bought on ebay) and she framed the wrong side.. so i was trying to flip it over so that the other side was showing up... yeaaaah i'm bleeding. a lot ~_~ and she was more mad about the glass than concerned about my finger. it was gushing! i swear!

okay, it was more of a trickle than a gush... but it was still pretty impressive.

bleah. i have nothing to say. i'm tired.


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