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Sunday, March 31, 2002

Who's Your Movie Sidekick? Find out @ She's Crafty

i don't think i have a sidekick. i think i am the sidekick. or actually.. like.. my friends and i are all.. equally the sidekick. or equally the non-sidekick. aw damn, that didn't make any sense.

if i were to have a sidekick, i'd want silent bob. which reminds me of another rant.. in j&sbsb, how come jay got the girl and bob ended up with the stupid monkey? silent bob is so much cooler than jay. *frowl*

but anyway. i should... go start my homework...


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these jelly beans are evil. pure evil. i want to find whoever made them and... make them eat them. *frowl*
the green ones, rather than being an agreeable lime flavor, are spearmint. the horror.
the blue ones are some weird anise-centered flavor. wtf is that about?
the pink ones are bubblegum. ew.
the yellow ones are lemon, no problem there, and the purple ones are a happy grape.
then there's this bastard flavor.. it's like.. light pink with blue dots... it just tastes like sugar.

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happy easter everyone!

so... you know that line in "cornflake girl" where you have nooo idea what she's actually saying but it sounds like "peel out the watch juice"? or maybe that's just me? anyway... i alwaaays wondered about that but never got around to checking the lyrics.... but i just did, and it's "peel out the watchword." which actually isn't that far away from what it sounded like... it just never made sense in the first place. hmph. "peel out the watchword", wtf is that? although i suppose it's not like the rest of it makes too much sense... that's okay, it's still one of my favorite songs. despite the fact that now that i think about it... the whole song doesn't make much sense on the literal level. it's just that you can understand the rest of what she's saying. aaanyway...

if i remember right, priscellie makes her triumphant return today... yay!

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Saturday, March 30, 2002

listening to: bonnie pink, evil and flowers

the title of this song amuses me.. SO much. thanks, tra-la-lalia ^_^

soo.. today. i went over to trina's house.. and we played scattegories with her sister and her mom for like an hour. it was so funny, because... trina's mom cheats a lot. lol. and her sister is just so cute. amusing highlights include: the letter being "m", but for some reason i wrote down words starting with "e" and trina did "g"... trina's mom trying to pass "raking" off as a hobby... me trying to pass "octi" off as a term of endearment (and succeeding)... trina trying to pass "obese" off as a term of endearment (and failing).. trina's sister saying that "licking toys" is a bad habit, and when questioned, saying "lots of kids in bangladesh lick toys! it's very bad!"

heh. then.. we picked miriam up and went to goodwill... cuz it's half-price day! woot! i bought a shirt from the safe house in milwaukee (which is hella cool, by the way) that says "licensed to thrill" for $1.25, and a teenage mutant ninja turtles video for $1. bwahaha. i was so enthused by the ninja turtles tape. i almost bought a seabert the seal tape too... do you guys remember seabert the seal? miriam and trina didn't. but that show was so great. it was about seabert.. the seal... and his friends, and they lived at the north pole or canada or.. someplace cold.. and one friend was an eskimo, and then the other was a random white boy.. and people were always doing things that were bad for the environment, like poaching and junk... so seabert and his friends would have to stop them. it was so great. kind of like captain planet, but they didn't have superpowers... just a seal and a snowmobile and a determination to do good. wooot.

interlude: god, i hate it when people call me ren. it conjures unpleasant images of ren and stimpy, and footloose.. and i heartily disapprove. *frowl*

anyway. so then.. we went to walmart... and... bought some groceries.. and then we dropped miriam off, and picked up talia.. and went to family video to yell at them for giving us a dysfunctional dvd of the emperor's new groove, so they gave us another one.. and we went to trina's house to watch the ending. (the first one we rented wonked out for the last 15 minutes or so, so we never saw the ending. it was very traumatic)

and then... talia and i went back to my house to watch jay and silent bob strike back and mst3k: the movie, because i found out talia had never seen the latter.. and neither of us had seen the former.

so okay. the thing about j&sbsb... i was expecting it to be SO much better. there'd be these little pockets that were just hysterical.. and then it would go back to jay ranting about sucking cocks. and um. they were right; it's only funny in small doses. i mean all in all, it was a funny movie... but it didn't match the original genius of the first 4. although i loved the part with ben affleck.. and all the parts with dante.. and what's his name, the movie guy... yeah. mst3k:tm was hysterical as ever. i spontaneously quoted a few lines along with it. and then i was like "bad renata!" and i tried to stop. lol. "this planet needs to comb over its bald spot!" aah.. goodtimes.

interlude 2: i just remembered this dream i had last night.... it was really geeky. like, a bunch of people from u-high were all captured on the death star.. and we were all in this cell... it was like the one leia was in in anh, but bigger... and a couple of us were jedi.. like.. i was, and talia was, and tj.. and somebody else, i think... but we couldn't use the force... because.. there was some anti-force field... and even in the dream i remember getting angry because there was no such thing as an anti-force field, unless there were ysalimiri... but anyway. so we had this elaborate escape plan but then it didn't work because of the force-not-working thing. and andy was there and he was being all disdainful of the non-working-force. dammit, i can't even get away from my fear of andy in my own dreams! anyway, i don't remember how that dream resolved itself because randomly we were at disneyworld instead. it was a nice break from my recent rash of vonnegut-inspired living-outside-of-body dreams.

i thought this was one of the funniest onion articles i've read in awhile...

off like a bride's nightie.

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Friday, March 29, 2002

listening to: stuart, progress


trina and miriam and i went to the mall... for like... 3 hours... and the most expensive thing i bought was lotion for $3 at the gap. i don't know why we went to the gap. and i don't know why i bought anything there. but.. it smelled nice, okay? it's so pink ^_^ and my blog is pink! whoa!

yeah. and i bought a shirt at old navy. for $2. yay. it has a confusing design on the front. but i'll probably just wear other shirts over it so it's okay. and i had finally filled up my gloria jeans punch card.. so i got a free mocha... yay! (yes, megan.. it's the same one i had... last year, at the mall of america... when the scary lady wrote "march" on the top of it.. and then the random woman wanted to take a picture of us... awww goodtimes.)

we kind of were vaguely looking at prom dresses, even though as of now trina is the only one [of the 3 of us] actually going to prom... but like, i found the most perfect dress. it's pretty.. and silver.. and i already own shoes that match it... and i tried it on for the hell of it and it fits perfectly. so. now all i need is a date. lol. which isn't going to happen, because i'm the kind of girl who guys like to talk to about things like the simpsons and star wars, but i'm too unattractive and neurotic to actually be attracted to. but that's okay, because i'd rather be me than anyone else. and i enjoy my neuroses. i mean sure, it might be nice to have.. self-confidence... but then i wouldn't be able to enjoy compliments the way i do!

so anyway... then we went to miriam's house and ate dinner with her family... who amuses me vastly. and then.. we rented movies... the emperor's new groove, monty python and the meaning of life, and clerks, because miriam and i found out that trina had never seen it and we had to correct that travesty.

emperor's new groove was SO funny. and it reminded me so much of del... ("demon llama! demon llama! ... in peru4!") and clerks was as funny as always. although trina didn't seem as amused. i should have figured, though... she fails to see jay and silent bob as the comedic geniuses that sensible people recognize them for. hmph. that girl.

anyway... so... tomorrow is half-price day at goodwill. i'm totally going. so's trina. ("i want to go! i've never been to goodwill!" "yes you have! we went in 6th grade, with your mom!" ".. oh yeah!") and then talia and i are finally going to see jay and silent bob strike back ^_^

hmm. i'm going to go play some simpsons road rage. i'm getting much better at that game. i beat reid today ^_^

oh yeah! and talia... a lot of hp fan art is reaaally good. like priscellie's, for example...


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Thursday, March 28, 2002

Which HP Kid Are You?

yes. that's me. over-confident hermione. right. *hums*

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*pout* i don't wanna be destruction...

I'm Destruction!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?

... although admittedly, all i know about the endless, i know because of tori ~_~ *sigh* i really need to read sandman.. but... there are so many things.. i need to read...

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words cannot express my hatred for the harry potter game. but if they could, "frowl" would be one of them. *frowl*

especially the potions challenge... grr! i hate it almost as much as i hated the flipendo challenge... *sob* see.. the thing i hate... is when harry has to jump from one block to another... because... harry has this stupid tendency to over-jump, so he's constantly throwing himself off blocks. it's totally not my fault. i don't even want to think about how many times i re-did that motherfucking potions challenge... all because of that damn secret wizard card. *frowl frowl frowl* finally i gave up on the stupid wizard card and went on without it. i feel much better for it.

i was actually happy when the sound on the game randomly stopped working (it'll work when i restart the game.. i just didn't want to.) because it meant i didn't have to hear harry's pitiful little scream every time i walked him off the edge of a block.

oh, and the gnomes. i hate the gnomes too. *frowl*

i'm seriously considering going to bed. it's not even 9. but i have this like... deep, deep, iron-deficient exhaustion that i really think could best be cured by about 15 hours of sleep...


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sigh. i think everyone is out having fun but me >_<

oh well. i... don't like fun. *pets cat and looks evil*

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listening to: stuart, faultlines

dude. rob. i was just watching the simpsons.. and it was the episode with frank grimes and yada yada... and when the factory collapses, and all the rats run over to moe's and he says "okay.. everybody just tuck your pants into your socks..." ... remind you of anything? ^_~

oh, and kellie... "sex is proof the holy ghost crawls around in stuff that's gross" is a lyric from a stuart davis song... and i stuck in in my blog pretty much at random... (and to make megan happy ^_^) sorry to be confusing ^_^

*long pause* yaaaay 3 day weekend!

had a rather frightening argument with david today in history.... apparently, since the us spent $2 billion on the a-bomb "it would have been a waste not to use it!" "umm... what about all the junk from the arms race? should we use all that too?" "yes! otherwise it's just a huge waste of money!" "but david... um... if we used all that... it would kill everyone on the face of the earth..." "still!" and like.. he was just utterly convinced that to have weapons and not use them was a waste. and i.. agree... but... when i say that, i mean we should stop building so damn many bombs... but he means that we should USE them all... and he was serious about all this... *sigh*

hey, i just painted my nails! i never paint my nails... but i have a lot of nail polish... so i thought.. i should use it... yes. *looks at bottle* ooh, it's "sassy frost"... i'm sassy! yay! wasn't sassy the cat in homeward bound? hmm. i have a feeling this would look more impressive if any of my nails were longer than my fingertips. oh well.

trina's mom brought me this shirt that says "my friend went to london and all i got was this lousy shirt!" and it amuses me SO much. trina was really embarrassed about it. but i was like "nooo... it's awesome!" lol.

*swivels* i'm gonna go... watch tv.. or.. do.. something... yes.


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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

listening to: stuart, invincible

yay for not much homework... quiz orgy!!

I don't quite get it. I am smarter, fitter, and bolder than my potbellied brother ever could hope to be, yet he gets all the fame, fortune, and glory, not to mention Peach's heart. If only I was the first player in Super Mario Bros... things could have been different. Maybe I can make a comeback, now that I finally have my own game.. but probably not. After all, I'm just Luigi.

What Super Mario Bros character are you?

you know what, fuck mario. i never liked him anyway.

Which PPG are you?

i'm totally not like bubbles. that quiz was biased.

Click here to take
the quiz!

dude. when i was little my guy friends and i would always play tmnt. and they would always make me be april and get kidnapped. but i always wanted to be donatello. so finally i told them i wouldn't play unless i could be donatello. yeah female empowerment at the age of 5! um. yes. i realize no one cares. *pouts and mentally relives childhood*

I'm so like suzie!

I'm suzie, who are you? by Dru & Lexi

*dances about*


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listening to: stuart davis, doppelganger body donor

felt slightly less like doom today, although slightly more like killing thompson.

duuude... what's wrong with these pants? the hem on one leg is like... completely frayed off...and the other one looks like new! is one of my legs shorter than the other one or something? *flails*

megan and chelle... get well soooon! (and megan, i forgive you for not blogging *pat pat* ^_^)

where was i... hmm. in spanish we had to write these stupid stories using subjective pronouns. my favorite line of ours was "the dead man, whose blood is on the floor, looks sad." (el cuerpo, cuya sangre esta en el piso, parece triste.) goodtimes.

so anyway... sex is proof the holy ghost crawls around in stuff that's gross, yeah. discuss.

because everybody wants to taste a little something carbon-based

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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Take the Which Hedwig and the Angry Inch Character am I? Quiz

Check out the Hedwig and the Angry Inch web site.

Poll created by jsmusic

dude, hedwig was at the normal this weekend.. and i was totally gonna see it.. but then i got sick and slept all weekend. sad.

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listening to: stuart, atavistic viking

so... ashvin randomly burned me a weezer cd, and the first line of the first song on it is "my name is jonas"... but i thought it was "jonAH" and i was like "woot! another jonah song!!" cuz... my favorite stuart song is jonah.. but.. then i realized it was jonas, not jonah. and i was sad. sooo i put in stuart instead.

i heart stuart.

bodies scattered as i plunged my blade
through their gore-tex tents
and set fire to the family minivan
with their coleman lamps
then everybody watched daddy dangle
from a birch bark limb
a little visit from the instincts lingering
in the atavistic viiking!

hee. that song reminds me of keith. aw. keith. keith needs to come visit me. and stuart needs to do another concert in normal. or i need to drag my lazy self to chicago in... may.. or whenever stuart's coming to chicago. bah.

and speaking of stuart... meeeegan... when's your last day of school? you totally need to come visit me after school's out. *nod*

anyway. this morning i felt like doom (bad doom) so i stayed home for... eh, my first 3 classes. (counting the stupid class meeting.) yeah. woot. school was doom-ish. i really have no motivation to try to remember amusing anecdotes about the day.

i like the phrase "altruistic entropy."

i hate physics.

and pre-calc. tra la.


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Monday, March 25, 2002

take free enneagram test

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listening to: ani, hat-shaped hat

oh my GOD i'm fucked up on cold medicine today. like... rob said something along the lines of "your MOM did physics!" and i just thought it was hysterical. i laughed for like 5 minutes.

and then in spanish i suddenly realized that the light reflecting off the whiteboard was the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen and i spent about 15 minutes staring blankly at it.

and then sams-davis called on me and i had to make something up about relative pronouns, and when i looked back it was just a whiteboard again. i was so sad.

aand in physics (yes.. i do have a lot of stories about my out-of-itness today) i was like.. absently touching one hand with the other hand. and i could only feel it with one hand... you know? like.. the hand that was touching the other hand didn't feel it at all. it was sooo weird.

yeah. taking the history test today wasn't fun.... cuz imperialism is my weakest area anyway, it's boring, blah.. and then i couldn't focus at all, i kept spacing out. and then after i turned it in i got really angry when i found out that john hughes was the governor of new york... not at myself, for forgetting.. but at him, for being a governor AND a supreme court justice. i mean that's just greedy. and confusing. why, if john hughes were here right now... i'd throw this clothespin at him! grr!

and then i'd probably be pretty freaked out cuz he has to have been dead for at least 100 years. but first, the throwing.

yeah. and besides being out of it i'm really easily irritated today. i almost lost it with thompson today... he kept explaining something to eliz and i (that we understood) over.. and over. and each time i would say "we UNDERSTAND!" and glare at him... and so he'd explain it AGAIN. so then i'd say "we UNDERSTAND!!" again.. with more exclamation points each time. and finally he got the point and left us alone. but i was afraid i was going to like.. hit him or something before he would leave.

yeah. and in world lit we had this student teacher who was teaching us about the aftermath of ww1 in germany. but everyone already knows about the aftermath of ww1 in germany. jesus. i mean, normally this wouldn't have bothered me. but today i just wanted to like... i don't know... throw the overhead projector at him and teach the class for him. lol.

my head feels like it's full of weebles.

weebles wobble but never fall... they never fall... they never fall...

i hate john hughes.


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Sunday, March 24, 2002

listening to: ani d, dilate

whee... i was just looking at megan's blog and noticed she linked to me, and i was like "aww, yay! i should link back to her!" so i did *gestures at side frame* and then i got all confused. because there are now two megans... my megan, and then megan d. heh. but it's okay, because i realized that my megan is meagna, while megan d is megan. so that's all right.

did that make sense to anyone besides megan (meagna) and i? did it even make sense to you, meagna?

so okay... is this just cold medicine or what? or.. do i never make any sense?

alison and i are discussing rent actors. well actually now we're talking about my little ponies. but we WERE talking about rent actors. and.. like... i miss the benny tour SO much now. like, how everyone knew megan and i... and our curtis thing... and... curtis... and everybody knew everybody... and... it was so great. the collins tour is good and all.. but yeah. i dunno. maybe i'm just a benny tour snob now.

i should study for history.

*swivels in chair*

yup. i reaaaally should.

alison is jealous of my my little sheep ^_^ (like a my little pony, only it's a sheep.) i am amused ^_^ and i'm really awed by ali's insane knowledge of my little ponies. wow. (i mean that in a good way, too. i mean sheesh, this is the girl with 3 shelves of r2-d2s.)

*swivels more in chair*

i don't know what i'd do if this chair didn't swivel. i guess... i wouldn't swivel in it.


shouldn't post under the influence...

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listening to: joni mitchell, a case of you

hee! i was just playing the sims, and the most amusing thing happened...

mark was downtown shopping, and he had just bought these really stylish flannel pjs.. when out of nowhere roger comes up to him and starts flirting with him. (yes, i am a nerd.. and almost all of my sim families are rent families... i even downloaded the cute little rent skins for them ~_~ anyway.) so just for fun, i made mark flirt back. and then mimi came up and slapped him ^_^ so then mark apologized to mimi, and complimented her... so now ROGER slapped mark. so then mark went back to flirting with roger.. and mimi slapped him again! i think he ended up getting slapped about 5 times... and then mimi started following mark around the store and trying to seduce him.. like, she'd stand in front of him, and whip out her compact and start fixing her makeup (which reminded me amusingly of krystal's out tonight) and it was really annoying mark... he totally hates her now. like, whenever he sees her, he gets this bubble with her face in it, and a red x through it, over his head... teeheehee.

so easily amused. it also amuses me that i have two renatas (one is married to mark, and the other one is married to... erm... .not even going to say it, it's really embarrassing... another fictional character...) and one of them is the highest level of cop, "captain hero"... and she wears this really ugly superhero outfit. and the other renata is the highest level criminal.. i think it's like mob boss or something, i forget. lol. and they both look exactly the same, except evil renata wears this little black.. catsuit sort of thing, and good renata wears this weird pretty dress... hee. oh yeah. and good renata is married to mark, and he used to be a.. scientist or a doctor or something, but then he got one of those weird game messages that said somethign about like... i dunno... something went wrong with his job, so he was on the run from the law.. and it randomly changed him into the high-level criminal too... and he wears this like... BRIGHT pink pimp suit. lol. big pimpin mark.

*such a dork*

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listening to: ani d, not a pretty girl

hee... i typed "abu" instead of "ani"... *pictures the cute little monkey from aladdin with a guitar.. and dreads....*


last night i played the harry potter game for a bit... i beat the lumos challenge! woot! (stupid freaky lumos... *frowl*) and then, i found ron and went to potions.. and holy fuck, the computer animated snape is SCARY... he's all.. skeletal and possessed looking... and then the game froze. and i decided i didn't have the motivation to start it again.. so i played the sims for a bit. yay sims.

my wrist hurts, and i'm afraid it's carpal tunnel. i have this fear of developing carpal tunnel syndrome... like, whenever there's one of those ads that's like "do YOU have carpal tunnel syndrom? do you have any of these symptoms??" i always read them all frantically. but i never do. heh.

bleah. i feel so tired and dizzy. like.. whoaa.

(trina's mom just got back from bangladesh)
trina: my mom got u something from london
trina: and i'm apoligizing for it now
renata: cool
renata: lol
trina: u'll see tomorrow
renata: what, is it like.. a dead baby wearing one of those big fuzzy hats or something?
trina: lol
trina: now that would be cool!

by the way... being one of the only girls on the spaz bowl team means sitting through hours of ranting about sports and those damn dead baby jokes... *sigh* if you're not so lucky (*eyeroll*) as to have heard the dead baby jokes... here's a sample:

what's funnier than a dead baby?
a dead baby in a clown suit.

what's cuter than a dead baby?
a dead baby in a little tuxedo.

what's the difference between a dead baby and a mercedes?
i don't have a mercedes in my garage.

and on and on and ON. god. there must be at least 20 of the stupid things, and i'm sure i've heard them all.

aw. i got all excited because *nina* was on, but then it wasn't really her. *sniff*

all the stupid skin is peeling off my stupid nose from blowing it too much. i hate being sick. *sniffs melodramatically*

i need to update time fies and cc.com. buuut i don't feel like it. and i need to write a stupid letter about my stupid character's stupid bakery. *counts* i've used the word "stupid" 5 times in the last... 5 sentences. 6 if "*sniffs melodramatically*" counted as a sentence.

by the by, megan, are you sick? like.. your imood thing says sick... but is that just from the "mayo incident" or have we pulled off yet another interstate-synchronized illness?

dear god. this cold medicine is making me even MORE spacey and random than usual. like.. if i had a webcam... it would show these 15-minute intervals of me looking glazed and staring at the wall.. and then i'd suddenly blink and type a sentence or two. and then i'd go back to staring.



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Saturday, March 23, 2002

listening to: ani, here for now

bwahaha... oh, how easily amused i am...

in world lit, we're doing this... like... rpg thing... where we're all german citizens in like, 1933 or something (i forgot the exact date.) and so... the whole class is getting together to run a bakery. (um, yeah. *shrug*) so we had to pick our german names, and decide what we'd do in the bakery... well, my name was anja becker, because i could pronounce that ^_^ and i was a baker. so for homework we had to look up the meanings of our names.. and becker means baker! teehee! and anja means grace of god. hmm. *bakes god*

i'm totally going to blame part of this giddiness on this cold medicine... bwahaha... i'm seriously sitting here tittering. *sigh*

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listening to: ani, swan dive

bleaaah. my schedule for today:

11 pm last night: go to sleep.
9 am: yell incoherently at reid when he attempts to wake me, roll over and go back to sleep
~11:30 am: grumble and take a shower, wander downstairs for family reuinion
~11:50 am: decide that all this sitting-up nonsense is just too tiring, go back to sleep
~1:30 pm: wander back downstairs to eat some of the food that assorted relatives have brought
~2 pm: back to sleep.
~7 pm: more food.
7:38 pm: open blogger.

*coughs weakly*

the opening to "glass house" sounds oddly like a sheryl crow song. it's all.. like.. twangy and junk. *ponders*

so. the stupid cd club sent me these cds.. and like, if i keep them, i get 9 free ones. which i definitely want. but i don't really want alicia keys, blu cantrell, or india.arie. well. i might want india.arie. but not the other 2. maybe i could sell them on ebay. hmm. well. my mom is just like "blah, get whatever cds you want, and put them on my credit card... i have to go keep reid from failing all his classes now" hee ^_^

woot, i got a 90% on my term paper of doooom! i'm a little miffed at the fact that i missed 1 point (out of 20) for not enough secondary sources.. when... it was supposed to be a PRIMARY source based paper... and i had lots and lots of primary sources *pouts* ah well. i must have gotten a better grade on it than andy, or else he's really been slacking, because i'm still ranked 1st in the class. (heh. sorry. it just makes me really happy when i can be better than andy at something ^_^ and like.. i don't mean that maliciously or anything... it just... yeah. shut up, renata.)

hmm. i just got terribly distracted and forgot about blogger again.

yaaay, talia's online nooow. and i don't feel tired at all. i mean.. i guess i shouldn't... what with... hmm.. 19 hours of sleep...

oh. hm. i had something to say.. but.. OH! frowlers... i found out why no one is getting invites to the lonely heart's club blog... there's some.. dysfunction with blogger... wherein *only* hotmail addresses can get invites to blogs. *shrug* so.. if you want to set up a temporary hotmail address, and then change that to the email address in your blogger account (under "team") and then let me know, i'll try resending an invite to you ^_^

and now.. i'm off.


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Friday, March 22, 2002

random amusing quotes: "tag! you're jesus! no tagbacks!"

"you're such a bad jesus! heey, OW!"
"what? i was HEALING you!"

"socialism-mobile... AWAY!"

i'm so tired. and i feel sooo sickly. erg. sooon i will crawl into my nest-like bed and possibly sleep through the entire weekend.

kellie convinced me to audition for bang bang you're dead after school today... i think she thought i was being modest or something when i repeatedly told her i sucked. hah, well, now she'll believe me ^_^

miriam and i went to see the rerelease of et, cuz i'd never seen it before (yeah, yeah, i knooow)... omg. it was SO good! i cried *sniff* and then we went back out, and her car (the socialism-mobile) wouldn't start... so like, we went out and i held up the hood (because the wirey thing that holds it up is broken) and she did.. something with the wire... thing... and some guy was like "do you need help? i can help you!" and miriam was like "i think i got it!" and he just like.. looked at us.. like "i don't belieeeve you!" but then we got back in the car, and it started, sooo... eat it, random wannabe-good-samaritan! ha!

yeah. and then we discussed how whenever i try to hum a movie theme, no matter what movie it is, it invariably ends up sounding just like the star wars theme. and then we decided that the sw theme should be the socialist theme song, because "welll... the empire.. is like fascism.. and... the rebel alliance... is like... um... well, they share!" so we merrily hummed/sang it on our way to culvers.. and then.. we went to barnes and noble, and i got the books i need for world lit.. (night and the hiding place) and yeah.

i am SO tired. bleaaaarg. and i can't feel my nose anymore from blowing it too much. *frowl*


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Thursday, March 21, 2002

it reaaaally amuses me that anti-prohibitionism is referred to as "wettism."

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listening to: ani, gravel

random amusing quotes: "well, our group has two main points... and then there's reijo's point"

"i need to buy some paper!"
"what kind of paper?"
"you know... paper paper..."

"so... you want a line of personal hygiene products... for chili?"
"no one wants to eat chili covered with sunscreen and deodorant!"
"it would be chili-flavored! you'd never know!"

"the chili is flying! flying to its home! ... i can't believe you just threw the chili away!!"

"this cookie is reaaaally shiny... "
"maybe it's radioactive!"

sooo. i have three history guidebooks to do... each one usually takes me about.. an hour... so... maybe i should go do those. hmm.

speaking of history... i was so embarrassed today... we were debating about whether or not fdr should have been tried for treason following the attack on pearl harbor... and david made this really good argument that i agreed with (which should have been a warning sign right there, i was agreeing with david ^_~ ) but nobody understood it. so i was like "oh, i understood what he was saying.." and i went off into this long thing explaining and making a point and stuff. and when i was done... everyone just looked at me. and i suddenly realized that nothing i had just said made any sense at all. it was like... there was a tiny window of clarity, where everything made perfect sense, and then it just SLAMMED shut. i tried all day to think about the argument and make it make sense again, but i just couldn't. it was like... one of those puzzle balls.. where you have to slide everything in juuust right... and it just kept falling to pieces. i felt so dumb.

i'm probably exaggerating about everyone staring at me. but i know andy was. and he was like, "what are you talking about??" and i felt really dumb. because andy always makes me feel reallllly dumb. lol. spending any amount of time with andy is invariably bad for my self-confidence ^_^

it is HELLA cold inside my house. *frowl*

i keep thinking about that debate thing... i think... i realized where the logic fell apart. david and i were both using circular logic. IF japan HAD attacked, it COULD have saved american lives to enter the war, because we didn't know if they would attack again. but if fdr knew about the attack to begin with, then he could have prevented it and.. then.. the threat... it... damn. the pieces are SO close but they keep slipping away... it's like playing jenga with mittens. mentally.

okay. i'm just going to forget about this whole thing, i can already tell i'm dwelling too much on it. by tomorrow, everyone will have forgotten it but me. *deeep breath*

and it could be worse... i could be dan, and everyone, including ms. scott, would roll their eyes and start timing me whenever i started talking. *more deep breaths*

nnng. i'm going to go work on my guidebooks... maybe it'll make me less prone to saying stupid things.


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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

listening to: dylan, tangled up in blue

random amusing quotes: "i don't like it when you call my sister 'little johnson'... because that would make me 'big johnson'..."

"we be jammin, yo!"
"MON! it's 'we be jammin MON!'"

"i think pete got it... what did you say pete?"
"um... yoda."
"i said yoda!"

"yoda is the master of anastrophe... AND the force!"

yay! there's a spaz bowl picture on u-high's website! go look, quick, before they change it! i look like a skank in it, but you just need to see our awesome shirts...they're the coolest spaz bowl shirts in the whole state. they're like... BRIGHT blue (despite the fact that u-high's colors are green and gold) and they're bowling shirts... and on the front there's a little bowling ball and it says "university high scholastic bowl" and on the back, there's a big bowling ball that says "dstm" surrounded by question marks. they amuse me SO much. these are shirts that say "not only will we beat you, we'll look cooler than you while we do it!"


today i got all excited because i found a story we read in spanish (la casa tomada) in the world lit book, in english... (the taken-over house.) it's a really cool story. it doesn't make any sense on the literal level, in either language... but when you realize it's an allegory for world war 2, it makes looots more sense.

i'm tired. hee, winamp just played the space ghost 12 days of christmas... "hi my name is braaaaak!" (hi, *nina*)

anyway... yeah.


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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

wouldn't it be cool if the sun were a penguin?

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jason is mean ^_^ (talking about hp tradiing cards)

jason: but I did send you card of your favorite spell
renata: wingardium leviosa?
renata: *didn't know she had a favorite spell*
jason: nope, your other favorite spell
jason: You DO!
renata: alohomora?
renata: riddikulus?
jason: no, your other favorite spell
jason: nope
jason: the other one...
renata: ermm... there's..
renata: the death one...
renata: and...
renata: um..
jason: your favorite in the game
renata: ooh, that one that i hate?
renata: dissendium?
jason: no the other one
renata: *sigh* what the hell other spells are there?
renata: lumos?
jason: nope
jason: you know...just think
renata: what does it do?
jason: uhm
jason: it flips things over
renata: ooh, flipendo
renata: god, i hate flipendo.

i haven't played that game in way too long. i need to soon. yes. but i hate flipendo. and those stupid little gnomes.. *frowl* there AREN'T any gnomes at hogwarts!


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listening to: tori, american pie/smells like teen spirit (yeah, it's such a seamless transition between the 2...)

random amusing quotes: "i'll graph your utility!"
"i'll utilize your graph!"

"so... is eating babies good? do we support eating babies?"

"i'll get you next time, entropy!"

so. last night, i brush my teeth, brush my hair, blah blah blah... then i try to take my glasses off. and poke myself in the eye, because i forgot i was wearing contacts. yay me.

i hate sitting in the front row in spanish. sams-davis came up to me and was like "um.. if you're having trouble staying awake... maybe you should take more notes..." heh. usually i'm not so blatant about my disinterest... but class today was soooo boring.

i'm reading anna karenina right now... just because i really like the first line. ("happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.") also because i feel like... i just *should* read it. it's quite good so far, although the massive size of the thing is rather intimidating. hmm. that would be a really good select-o-quote... but it amuses me so i'll leave it.

"karenina" is fun to say, especially if you add extra syllables... kareninininina. whee!

does anyone know what tori's saying in "blue skies" that sounds like "needs a little chai?" oh! oh, i think it's "joy". that would make so much more sense. excellent.

things i can't wait for:
the next hp book
the next hp movie
the next lotr movie
tori's next cd
the ttb tour
the next time i can see meeeeegan! *sob*
the next time i can see curtis (road trip to nyc? anyone?)
mrs. ives' DAY OF RECKONING. (insert cackle)

i have no idea why i just did (insert cackle) instead of *cackle*, as would be my norm... hmm.


*yay for chelle's updation! mwaaah!*

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Monday, March 18, 2002

i totally meant to type all these up a long time ago... but whatever. here's part 3 of the manifest destiny project, to the tune of the jeffersons theme song.

well we're moving on out
to the west side
to a place where our religion
can't be denied
movin' on out
to the west side
we're gonna be mormons till we die!

joseph smith was our founder,
brigham young led us on the trai;
joseph died before we left nauvoo
but the religion still prevailed
in 1846
we headed out on our path
we wanted to set up a place
where we wouldn't have to fear god's wrath

well we moved on out
to the west side
we live in salt lake city, utah
and we're full of pride
moved on out, to the west side
we were the first to settle utah
that's no lie!

i love the line "gonna be mormons till we die!" it just cracks me up for some reason.

coming soon- the final song, with an unintentionally dirty verse!! (i only mention that to make sure people come back to read this again ^_~)


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listening to: michelle branch, all you wanted

ashvin burned me michelle branch's cd... it's pretty good ^_^

not to mention any names... but someone needs to update their blog...

tj and i congratulated each other about 5 times today... every time we saw each other... "hey!! i heard scholastic bowl was 3rd in state, congratulations!" "hey, you too!" yeah, we're losers. and eliz and i had SO much fun with our depression newspapers (oh, the oxymoron-ness...) there was a front page story about "peggy spott" [our history teacher is peggy scott] winning a pie-eating contest... and there was another article about elizabeth and her husband ebenezer [because in earlier projects this year... we've had ms. scott being married to one ebenezer mcflail..so we wanted to make her jealous] and then we found these hilarious depression-era ads, and put some of them in.. my favorite one is "are your false teeth false friends?"

sooo easily amused.

on the boards a couple random girls were talking about how much they like cc.com and i felt so proud. seriously, that site is my baby to an insane extent. i think i'd cry if it ever got hacked or anything like that. oh, and speaking of sites.. today steven told me he was looking at this site too! *waves* i wonder how everyone is finding it. (not that like.. it bothers me at all or anything ^_^ just curious.) it's like "woooow... people i know in reaaal life.. and go to school with are looking at this!!" hee.

nick timme looks oddly like ringo. young ringo.

on the far left. (i hope isu's server allows outside linking... if not, click here)

anyway. i'm off.


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Sunday, March 17, 2002

listening to: tori, love song

woooot! more quizzes!

You are Civilian Calvin!
You don't get to travel much outside your neighborhood, but you still manage to get in plenty of trouble. When you're not acting up, you like to wax philosophical.
Take the What Calvin are You? Quiz by contessina_2000@yahoo.com!

Find out which LifeSaver you are.

wow. i totally forgot there were lemon lifesavers. but now that i think about it i guess there are.

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego? Find out @ She's Crafty

i've never seen this movie... although i suppose that does sound somewhat like me...

Who's Your Inner Music Industry Diva? Find out @ She's Crafty

i hate her music. i frowl at it. *frowls* oh well, at least i didn't get britney spears or some crap like that.

Who's Your Inner Buffy Bad-Girl? Find out @ She's Crafty

i have a feeling this would mean so much more to me had i ever seen buffy...

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listening to: rachael sage, cultivate

aww... no publishing *frowl* anyway. i saw lord of the rings again today with talia ^_^ and, for the first time.. ever... our trip was wholly uneventful. we were on time... i didn't get a flat tire... we didn't get kicked out of the theare.... nothing. although we did sit down JUST as the ep2 trailer was ending *frowl*

so. yeah. this little girl and her parents were sitting behind us, and the girl kept saying really cute things... like "he's a wizard! like harry potter!!" and during the arwen/aragorn scene... "are they getting married? *pause* they're getting married!! *aragorn and arwen kiss* THEY GOT MARRIED!!!" although she did keep saying "is he dead?" and "is he a bad guy?" and "is it over yet?" which were slightly annoying after awhile.. it was still cute. i didn't realize until now what a really small part legolas actually has. i mean, he has like... 6 lines. and the rest of the time he just hovers around the background looking pretty. (sooo pretty.)

on the way back to talia's house, i *did* pull into the wrong driveway.. but that's such a minor mishap ^_^

my mom got really angry about the fact that the pantagraph only printed one sentence about spaz bowl, so she wrote a really angry letter to the editor. bwahaha.

i don't want to go back to school tomorrow... ungh. and i don't want to go to the freaking family reunion this weekend. must.. find.. plausible.. excuse.. for... skipping... too bad scholastic bowl is over ~_~ which reminds me.. i'm really sad that this season is over. i'm going to miss all the seniors. and it really makes me sad to think that after this year, i probably won't see any of them again... cuz like... i'm friends with them.. but not like... outside-of-school friends. but nonetheless, i'll miss them. aww. sheesh. i feel all nostalgic now... *sigh*


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Saturday, March 16, 2002

oh- i forgot that i wanted to blog this- yesterday i read cat's cradle by kurt vonnegut, and there was a particular passage that totally struck me, and i wanted blog it...

it's from the chapter titled "why americans are hated." it take place in the 50s/60s, but i think it applies today, too ^_^

claire minton's letter to the times was published during the worst of the era of senator mccarthy, and her husband was fired 12 hours after it was printed.
"what was so awful about the letter?" i asked.
"the highest possible form of treason," said minton, "is to say that americans aren't loved wherever they go, whatever they do. claire tried to make the point that american foreign policy should recognize hate rather than imagine love."
"i guess americans are hated a lot of places."
"people are hated a lot of places. claire pointed out in her letter that americans, in being hated, were simply paying the normal penalty for being people, and that they were foolish to think that they should somehow be exempted from that penalty. but the loyalty board didn't pay any attention to that. all they knew was that claire and i both felt that americans were unloved."

yeah. i heart vonnegut. i started reading welcome to the monkey house today, and it's so good. "harrison bergeron" really creeped me out. eep. but go read it, everyone. the opening paragraph:

"the year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. they weren't only equal before god and the law. they were equal every which way. nobody was smarter than anybody else. nobody was better looking than anybody else. nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. all this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th amendments to the constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of the agents of the united states handicapper general."

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listening to: beatles, in my life

woot! u-high spaz bowl is officially 3rd in the state of illinois! (and we *should* have been second, but i won't go there.)

where to start? well, first we met at stephen's house for breakfast, which was soo good. except i accidentally said something really rude to him. lol. we were talking about how we hoped amanda would be student body president next year, because the other people running are twits, albeit popular twits. so i said "it's just a popularity contest anyway," completely forgetting that stephen is student body president this year... ^_^ i *totally* didn't mean him, because i really like stephen. i think everyone does. he's just that kind of guy. but anyway. so i was apologizing profusely, and he kept bringing it back up all day. i think he was joking though. at least, i hope so... heh.

of the 4 matches we played, i was in for 6 questions. heh. luckily, i managed to get one of them. mwahaha. which is an insanely good percentage. but.. you know.. when you're only in for 6 it's not too hard ^_^ i was SO nervous when i buzzed in. i was like shaking and everything. whew. (the question, btw, was about the butterfly effect.. which i happen to think is terribly neat.) so yeah. i was pumped about that. (and i got a tossup and ryan didn't, and i always love when that happens. ryan's just that kind of guy. although he is very nice and all. it's just fun to spite the guy.)

oh, speaking of catty remarks... heh... i was talking to emily today, and she was like "i saw your website!" and i was like "*flail* which one?" and she was like "the frowl one!" and she said she thought it was cool. and i was mentally like "ahh! how did she find it? if emily can find it, everyone can find it! and then i'd have to stop making catty remarks about people because they might read them!!" but then i realized 1.) she probably got it from a link off talia's blog, and 2. i don't even make that many catty remarks in my blog, anyway. and if i do, and someone reads them, they can deal with it. hee.

annie told me she thought that i should have been a starter, because i know lots of random stuff. i was so... honored-feeling? heh. btw.. i'm not saying that to brag or anything. i just have really low self-confidence so when i get compliments from people i try to remember them. like i still feel mildly warm and fuzzy from when andy said i was good at history at sectionals. heh. so easily impressed, i am.

anyway. and we ate dinner at olive garden... cuz when teams go to state, the school pays for all their food/lodging. mwhahaha. we had to wait like, an hour and a half for a table. but it's ok. we had fun. and then i got the WORST headache EVER, and while i was drinking my lemonade i suddenly realized "heey.. i haven't had any CAFFEINE today!!" so when the waiter walked by i was like "myeh... can i please have a cherry coke?" and fortunately it worked. whee. yay caffeine.

so yeah. i'm SO tired. i just got home like.. 20 minute ago. and i left this morning at like... 7ish. beeed soon. woot.


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Friday, March 15, 2002

this is for talia... part 2 of elizabeth and renata's righteous manifest destiny project ^_^

(to the tune of "with a little help from my friends")
what would you do if texas rebelled against you,
and the us annexed that rebel state?
in 1844, between clay and polk
the issue was a great debate

texas survived with a l'il help from the us
the problem with mexico caused distress
mexico liked america much less

the us had its eye on california
but mexico did own that land
rich soil and the pacific ocean
were both highly in demand

california was bought by the us
slavery was a source of distress
and the south liked the north a lot less

don't you want to move out west?
we have lots of new land
don't you want to move out west?
go settle our new land

texas survived with a l'il help from the us
the problem with mexico caused distress
mexico liked america much less

california was bought by the us
slavery was a source of distress
and the south liked the north a lot less

good times, good times.

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oh yes- and priscellie, emily, and rick: you are all now expecting packages. teehee ^_^

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listening to: ani, garden of simple

random amusing quotes: "diabolical cholesterol!"
"yes annie.. it's EVIL!"

"renata... it's not you.. it's me. *pause* wait, not like that!"

how can you not love a song whose opening line is "some crazy fucker carved a sculpture out of butter and propped it up in the middle of the bonanza breakfast bar"? i mean really now.

so. um. the "hearts at home" conference was... interesting. it's a conference for like.. christian stay-at-home moms. (which is completely different from "hearts at homo", which is what i originally typed.) the whole time, damn you del, all i could think of was "jeezits." lol. well. at least until one lady said "when you take your children to the movies, you have to pretend you're jesus taking the 12 disciples to see the movie.. what would *they* approve of?" and then i got this mental image of jesus walking into a movie theatre... it was really amusing in my head. but i don't think words can describe it.

at least i got to leave early, cuz after 8 hours they would have had to start paying me overtime ^_^

so then i went to trina's house. and we went to miriam's house.. and ate pizza. woot. and then i went to spaz bowl. and then i came home. and.. here i am. in the now.

spaz bowl state tomorrow! woot! "all aboard the pain train!"

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dude. i totally cut the fuck out of my finger. on the LIGHTSWITCH. it's not even SHARP. i just like.. went to turn on the light.. and somehow jabbed under the nail on the edge of the plate thingie.. it's like. bleeding all over and crap. and it hurts. ow. ow ow ow. stupid lightswitch.

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Thursday, March 14, 2002

listening to: ani, outta me onto you

god. i do NOT want to go to the stupid "hearts at home" convention tomorrow. *frowl* money is good.. money is good.. remind self..
in case you were wondering.. here's the final tracklist of ashvin's "my first ani" cd ^_^
1. 32 Flavors
2. Shy
3. Untouchable Face
4. Outta Me, Onto You
5. Anticipate
6. The Next Big Thing
7. Names and Dates and Times
8. Pick Yer Nose
9. Out of Range (live)
10. In Or Out (live)
11. Little Plastic Castle
12. Fuel
13. Deep Dish
14. Loom
15. Carry You Around
16. Garden of Simple
17. Marrow
18. Heartbreak Even
19. Fierce Flawless

dude. back me up, guys... blink182 does NOT constitute "real" punk music. right?



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listening to: beatles, come together

talia and i had a beatle-riffic day ^_^ i went to her house and we watched hard day's night and help!. they were both SO funny. it's the first time i've ever actually seen a beatles movie. (i know, i know.. shame!)

so driving home i was thinking about how amazingly cool the beatles are. and i was trying to think of who our current beatles are. and it struck me: there aren't any. there are no groups that have the total success the beatles had (have) and i don't know if there ever will be. everybody likes the beatles. (okay, almost everybody, anyway.) they're so insanely diverse. the closest anybody comes to the total... film, music, everybody-loves-me level of the beatles, i think, is madonna. and even she's a looong way away from beatle-level-coolness.

it really pisses me off when groups like the backstreet boys or whathaveyou get compared to the beatles. it's like. no. no no no no. fine, they're both "boy bands" in the sense that both are bands with male members. i'll give you that. but hello. the beatles wrote their own music, played their own instruments... and in a word, are just SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE BACKSTREET BOYS WILL EVER BE. okay, that was more than one word. bite me.

ashvin asked me to burn him an ani cd and i got all flailingly happy... squee! i have this master plan to slowly indoctrinate all my friends to like the same music i do. but it's really not working well at all. i mean.. i got miriam into ani and stuart.. and aaron into stuart too... and i'm encouraging talia's tori-likingness to become scarily obsessive like my own... but other than that...

anyway. so i want to make him a mixed ani cd so i can have like.. the coolest possible ani cd, so as to better entrench him into the web of ani. whatever that means. which puts me into the position of having to pick the.. oh.. 18 or 19 coolest ani songs. myeh.
so let's see...
he specifically asked for untouchable face (well, fine, "the song with all the 'fucks' in it", but i knew what he meant.. especially since it was either "untouchable face" or "anticpate". lol.) so there's one. hmm.
32 flavors.. cuz it's a classic
gravel. cuz it's angry.
the arrivals gate, cuz it's not.
pick yer nose. cuz it's funny.
in or out.
garden of simple.
fierce flawless.
loom. cuz i want something else off of lpc, and i think swan dive would scare him.
oh, and little plastic castle.
names and dates and times.
carry you around.
out of range.
deep dish.
aand... heartbreak even.

hopefully that'll all fit on one cd.
by the way. these are not neccessarily my favorite ani songs. because i was afraid a lot of my favorites would scare him off. there's time for scary ani later. although... i think i did skip over all the overly political ones. um. so i'll stick fuel or to the teeth or something on there. hmm. there are more songs from revelling on there than i would have thought. (although none from reckoning. hmm.) \

by the way, for all of you non-ani fans out there, i would heartily recommend any of these songs to you ^_^ or better yet, go buy her cds... but baby steps, baby steps...

heey... my finger is bleeding... aw sheesh, i just got blood all over cat's cradle... *frowl*

"so are you a mod or a rocker?" "no.. i'm a mocker"

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listening to: barenaked ladies, alternative girlfriend

i had the weirdest dream. like. mr. thompson was there (why, god, why?) and i was talking about physics. and i was like"you should go talk to the physics teacher... oh... um.. what's his name? um.. it's... like... it's..." and like, the whole dream consisted of me trying to remember holbrook's name. oh, and thompson's hair was black. which creeped me out even more than the fact that he was IN MY DREAM. *frowl* but yeah... nowhere near as bad as the chemistry nightmares i used to have...

i also had a dream about the camp i used to go to. like this little boy kept following me around... and i got really confused because it is, after all, a girl scout camp. but no one else seemed to find it all unusual that he was there.

anyway.. i'm off to talia's house, and we're gonna watch beatles movies and mst3k, and it's gonna be greaaaat! *frolicks* *and sneezes*

aww, fuck.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

listening toooo: barenaked ladies, brian wilson

i think i'm getting a canker sore. dammit. *flowers angrily*

melody says i'm rational. melody is my role model ^_^

the above statements are unrelated, by the way. *fidgets*

i've inhaled psycho amounts of dust today.. omb. i've been coughing and sneezing like a mofo. i can't believe i just said "like a mofo." nyeeh. *eyes water* this sucks! *frowl* stupid dust.

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listening to: hair, the.. finale.. thingy

so... i've never seen six feet under. but this amused me so i'm posting it anyway. *nod*

I'm Claire!

I'm Claire, who are you? by pickles!

yeah. i'll prolly be cleaning most of the day cuz of the effing family reunion coming up and all. but i'm okay with that... because i finished my faux newspaper articles! wahoo! the great depression is my bitch!

anyway. i've been conducting research on my perceived rationality. so far i have two rationals, one "crazy bitch", and one "i don't know you well enough to decide that." lol. if anyone else has an opinion, feel free to let me know. lol.

*whooshes off*

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just fyi: the new deal and the public works administration have officially been molded into the bitches of renata. woot. and now... i'm off to bed. yay.

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listening to: hair, initials

i was listening to the beatles... but in my current sleep-deprived state i confused it with hair. and then i was like "hmm... i should listen to hair!" so i am. yeah.

i'm in the process of making the new deal my bitch. it's fighting me. lol.

i think i'm boring rob. hm. now he's ignoring me. that's okay, i have my friend the new deal.

well. and all the people that live in my head. but anyway.

i just remembered i forgot to post about all our fabulous table-talk when we were teaching trina euchre... "renata... i love you." "a lot? or a little?" "i love you a LOT." "hm. i love you a little. but my heart is BLACK." "dammit!" "you GUYS! table talk!" "shut up miriam, we're having a serious conversation here! can't you let us express our feelings in peace?"

well. i thought it was funny anyway.

i'm so tired. but i refuse to go to bed until i finish this goddam new deal thing. i totally should have done this in class. oh well.


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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

oh yes, and i'd like to introduce the joint endeavor of the frowlers... i give you:

sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club blog!

the idea was... like... almost everything cool i've read, watched, or listened too.. i heard about from someone i know online. so... why not get together and blog about it in an organized fashion? yeah. woot.


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listening to: y kant tori read, etienne [only took 3 tries to type..]

i got a letter from the telluride association today... a very thin letter from the telluride association...

mustn't dwell on rejection... mustn't dwell... only 52 out of 600+ get selected.... is no reflection upon my character... i didn't really want to go anyway. right.

at least elizabeth got rejected too. i'd really feel stupid if she got in and i didn't. (fortunately, we both felt the same way, so i don't feel like a petty, malicious bitch ^_^)

but actually i'm not that upset about it. perhaps am becoming better person. ahh! am talking like bridget jones! why? why why why?

... but enough about my inadequacies... hmm.

trina, elizabeth, miriam, amanda and i went bowling today... sadly, i won. and i didn't even break 100. but that's okay, because it's all about *fun*. hee. they all laugh at the way i bowl. apparently i twist my hand in a "painful-looking" manner when i bowl. i don't understand how *they* bowl. hmph. anyway. then we went to the coffeehouse... and i got a cranberry orange scone (and wondered, in passing, whether or not it was irritated) and it was the best thing ever. mmm... sconetastic... anyway... so then we were in the parking lot.. and eliz calls shotgun. so amanda and i simultaneously call not bitch, which clearly means that miriam had to sit bitch. however.. miriam decided she didn't *want* to sit bitch. so... like.. she tried to drag amanda into the center seat.. and like, it erupted into this all-out bitchfight.. so trina locks the doors and drives off. lol. (just like, a couple feet.. enough to freak them out, though.) it was SO funny. so anyway... i rolled down my window and started pimp-passengering (my foot was out the window.) and then, i encouraged amanda to join me... so we're driving down college with our feet out the window, totally blasting the "now and then" soundtrack and singing along... it was goodtimes.

interlude: i finished one of my papers last night. *cracks whip* the election of 1936 is my bitch!

so anyway. then we went back to trina's house and surfed around a bit, and ended up watching the disney channel original movie: cadet kelly. it was hilarious, but not as good as the one where the lawrence brothers are being chased by pirates. i dont' think anything could be better than that, though. ("manmade lobster!") hee. and we taught trina how to play euchre (finally!)

goodtimes had by all. now i need to go work on making statistically-based new deal documents my bitch, as well... *cracks whip*


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Monday, March 11, 2002

listening to: ani, loooooom

you have an ominosity quotient of


you are probably somewhat ominous. maybe.

find out your ominosity quotient

*flails about, somewhat ominously*

i watched dogma today. i heart that movie. and i called the intel tech support people cos my mom's computer is possessed. and then, i took her old mouse.. because my mouse was eeevil and possessed.

i like having a mouse that works. *squee*

my computer is in 256 color mode so i can play carmen sandiego.. and it makes everything look sooo crazy...

i found my thesaurus when i cleaned off my shelves. when i was 10 or so that's what i wanted for my birthday. a thesaurus.

... it's a really nice thesaurus...

remember that dilbert strip where dilbert meets bob and dawn the dinosaurs, and dawn says she's a nobodysaurus and bob is a thesaurus? haha... it's funny!

i like to reassure myself that my jokes are funny. *nod*



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Sunday, March 10, 2002

listening to: ani, blood in the boardroom

i love this song. it makes me feel like an angry, self-righteous feminazi. grrr!

i had to take everything off my shelves today.. .cuz i'm getting new ones... omb i have SOO much crap. i didn't realize i had sooo many star wars books! i filled a whole box with them. it wasn't even like...a little box. lol.

miriam and i went to tbt's house today and watched the musketeer and boys and girls... terrible movies both, i recommend neither of them. which reminds me... would any of the frowlers be interested in setting up like.. a communal frowl blog? just for recommending books and movies and stuff? i know i have tastes similar to most of the frowlers.. and yeah. let me know what you think of the idea ^_^

i was playing carmen sandiego today.. and i arrested "bessie mae mucho." it amused me SOOO much. (bessie mae mucho? besame mucho? "kiss me.. a lot" in spanish? ha, get it? get it get it get it? *laughs maniacally*)



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I am 76% worshipable! And you? Find out!

yaay! people commented ^_^ that makes me feel loved. thanks, guys! [except for megan, who called me a fork *sob*] i'm gonna go play some carmen sandiego now. whee.


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wait! i wasn't going to post again until someone commented! fuck!

well... i'm not.. .going to post... again until someone comments! ha!

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Take the High Yield Killing Method Test Now!!

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Saturday, March 09, 2002

listening to: melissa ferrick (hi melody), who knows why

*frowl* nobody leaves me comments anymore... i want a comment! *sob sob* i'm not posting again until someone leaves a comment!

... waaait. now everyone will make a point *not* to leave a comment just to make me shut up.

anyway. u-high spaz bowl is state-bound! yaaay! mike, tj, ryan, and toca were being mean to me because i didn't know what "selection sunday" is. and then they wouldn't tell me. and then they got mad because i decided i'd rather read neverwhere than talk about whatever sport they were rambling about. and then.. they decided they should teach me how to play hearts. i SUCK at hearts. it's such an irrational game. my god. what misanthropic individual invented hearts? "hmm.. i think i'll invent a card game that MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL! MWAHAHAHAHA!" if i find him (because no female would invent so dastardly a game... girls play sensible games, such as euchre and uno), i'll kill him, i swear.

oh!! i forgot about my morning! so like.. we had to be at school at 8 to get to the tournament on time. i live a 30 minute drive away from school, assuming i don't speed too much. sometime during the night, the power went off. fortunately, i woke up in the middle of the night and reset my clock. unfortunately, it went out *again* after that, so the alarm didn't go off. i ended up waking up at 7:35. you do the math ^_^ so it was like "*meep* pantsshirtshoes...brush teeth... grab some socks... out the door!" i wasn't even the last person there. mwahahaha.

so anyway. hearts sucks. i asked mike if he thought i was a rational person, and he said, "no, you're fucking crazy!" lol. must gather more opinions about my rationality. oh... random thing that made me really happy... i overheard andy telling annie that i was good at history ^_^ that just makes me happy because andy is insanely smart and really like.. intense and terrifying. and i always get the impression that he thinks i'm a moron. (even though.. like.. i was and am ranked #1 in our apush class... i still... he's just... scary. nyeeh!)

after spaz bowl i went over to the library to return my vachel lindsay book of doom.. i was hoping rob would be there so i could say hi.. .but he wasn't. *frowls at rob* damn you for not spending all your time working at the library! anyway. while i was there i was looking at the cd-roms, and i noticed that where in the world is carmen sandiego? was available.... yeah, i checked it out. i have a feeling i'm going to be wasting a looot of my break on this game...

... anyway.... i worked at the statler brothers concert. it was SO bad. that's all i'm gonna say. so bad.

What is your meaning of life?

Whole Brain Dominant
leaning to the right

You like flexible structure. You use your deep insight and logic to solve problems. You enjoy experiencing many new things. You have at least one area of expertice that allows you to demonstrate your creativity.

test yourself at geekykid.net

i've said it before, i'll say it again... my left brain is an effing cupcake. i flustered ryan today when i referred to myself as "math retarded." he was like "but you're in the same math class as i am!" and i was like "well... yes. but i'm still stupid." [and by the way, i do mean retarded as in "slow."]

anyway... soooo tired... must sleep.....


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Friday, March 08, 2002

more quizzes... yay!

Very cute, very pink, and very feminine. That's you.

Find your inner rubber ducky.

hm. no. but it *is* the quiz i was destined to take! ^_^

Which My Little Pony Are You?

and fitting with tonight's "geek" theme... the nerdy my little pony! god, i don't even remember there *being* a nerdy pony... although i suppose there must have been one. all cartoons have at least one nerdy character. lol. (at least i'm not the ghetto pony, like jason ^_~) also, all (good) cartoons have a charismatic leader, a slacker who pulls through in the end, comic relief... usually either a depressed character, or one who sleeps all the time, or one who is stupid. or some combination thereof.

thank GOD it's spring break. i'm going to sleep now.


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*sob* it just ate this HUGE entry! i hate you i hate you i hate you i wish you would DIE!

... well, so much for rationality....

i suspect the demonically possessed mouse had some role in this debacle *froooooowl*

oh, it's so true... which reminds me... i filled out my schedule for next year today... pe (*frowl*), advanced math topics (*frowl*), ap lit, ap euro, spanish 115 @ isu, and women in lit 160 @ isu. and i realized what a huge fucking loser i am when i was looking at the isu course booklet and i was like, "i can't wait till college because all these classes look so interesting!" not cuz i want to get away from home... or party... or meet new people... (although i do)... because the classes look interesting. dear god. *flails about, nerdishly*

hey chelle! gay man twins! *high 5*

*gasp* quess who pulled off a 90.3% in physics without counting the extra credit lab?? *dances about* i am a physics STUD! (oh god, spending too much time with amanda...)

so um. yeah.

the state fossil of illinois is the tully monster. telly monster is a character on sesame street.

So which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?

how come we're all c? is this test rigged or something?

why do i keep getting the nerdy characters? besides the fact that i am a nerd? lol. but that's okay. belle is my favorite disney chick. how ironic that it says "i also my fav subject is english." lol.


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listening to: ani d, marrow (again)

omb. i just watched rat race.... the FUNNIEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. i don't think i stopped laughing at all throughout the whole thing. seriously. SO funny. you all need to see this, if you haven't already. [side note: seth green is foxy.] oh, god... with the cow.. and the hitler.. and the helicopter... and the narcolepsy... oh god. too funny. *rocks back and forth*



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listening to: ani d, marrow

god... i love this song. "and i can't believe/you let the moral go by/while you were soaking in product placement/where was your conscience? where was your consciousness? and where did you put/all those letters that you wrote to yourself/but could not address?" so fab.

You are Drew Carey! Though not a favorite of most fans, you're the one that keeps the show together! Awarding points that don't mean anything and cracking jokes at the drop of a hat! Way to go!

See which Whose Line is it Anyway? cast member you are!

i think i was destined to be drew because i said "no" to everything except "do you wear glasses?" greg proops was my #2 choice though, and i heart him ^_^ i heart drew too, actually. i heart whose line. yay.

i am SO insanely glad it's spring break. i just... AHH! can't wait. i'll prolly spend.. a good 50% of it asleep. mm. sleep. (or as amanda put it... "i'll probably spend most of spring break.. in bed. alone. having fun. ... wait! not like that!")

Which Rock Chick Are You?

... okay FINE, so i picked all the answers i knew would give me tori... *frowl* i'll go take it for real, will that make you happy?!

Which Rock Chick Are You?

... interesting. "quirky." i like the word quirky. speaking of which... today in spanish, ashvin told amanda, elizabeth and i that apparently.. we're more like guys than girls. his reasoning? we're "rational. and you don't do stupid girl things!" when asked to elaborate, he couldn't ~_~ so now we're wondering if that was supposed to be a compliment or not. he *claims* it was. but i don't know. guys always *say* they like smart girls. but then they always go for the ditzy girls who put out. whatever. (not ashvin specifically... or any guy specifically... just in general. and yes i know there are exceptions, so i don't wanna hear about it. bah.) so where was i... oh yes. rational. "i've never been called rational before!!" ".. maybe i just don't know you well enough to see your irrational side.." i wonder which is my rational side. i wonder if everyone perceives me as rational.

maybe i should just.. sleep. or something. spaz bowl sectionals tomorrow! woot! i need to get to bed early so that i can be a well-rested benchwarmer! which is actually fun. mike, toca and i are the usual benchwarmers. and sometimes ryan. but we prefer it when he plays so we don't have to listen to him ranting.

neverwhere is so fucking cool. it fits into my favorite genre, "amusing british sci-fi and/or fantasy." which yes.. is a very select genre. but that's okay. it's quality, not quanity, eh?

anyway. pirate jokes. we were telling pirate jokes in apush today... and if anyone has any others, they should tell them to me so i can be amused ^_^

i went to see a pirate movie last night.. it was rated arrrrrrrrrrrrr.

what's a pirate's favorite letter of the alphabet?

what's his second favorite letter?


pirates are funny.


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Thursday, March 07, 2002

listening to: joshua kobak (/swim), drought

What Flavour Are You? Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.

I am a subtle flavour, quiet and polite, gentle, almost ambient. My presence in crowds will often go unnoticed. Best not to spill me on your clothes though, I can leave a nasty stain. What Flavour Are You?

tea. hmm. *flounces about*

my mousetrap car went 7 meters! yaaay!

i am tired.

i... totally forgot what i was going to say. blogger took HELLA long to load. 6 joshua kobak songs, to be precise. dude. i forgot how hella cool anomoly is. lol. that story joshua tells about wanting to name his daughter anomaly until he found out what it meant amuses me...

anyway. *falls into the sea*

oh. god. i am so tired. everything i wanted to say is like... waaashed out of my mind.


at least spring break will be soon. and like.. all i have to do is the apush depression project eliz and i have. and it shouldn't be that hard. yay.


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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

i just want to express my love for jason right now...

jason: whatchoo talkin 'bout willis? you is terribly smart AND funny
renata: aw
renata: thanks ^_^
jason: like, if I were str8
jason: I'd wanna be your b/f
jason: cuz you're like me
jason: except female
jason: kinda

*mwah* if you weren't... significantly older than me.. gay.. and seattle-residing.. i'd totally be your girlfriend, jason ^_~


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listening to: ani, untouchable face [did you know that uf on living in clip was recorded in bloomington? it's true!]

random amusing quotes: "i'll feed your babies to satan!"
"aww.. that's so cute!"

"i'll stick it to your herring!"

"can i be a lazy pirate?"

i just got back from the group interp, among friends and clutter at barnes and noble. and it was really good. and really funny. i wish i could act. or sing or something. like i wish i could be really exceptional at something. i wish i were just terribly smart or funny or pretty or something. hell, a terribly good juggler. anything.

oh well. there are worse things than being average and boring. *shrug*

i think part of my problem is that i've always tested insanely high above my grade level. except now i'm rapidly approaching the grade level i've always tested at. i think i'm going to be stuck here for the rest of my life. oh well.

it could be worse. (that, by the way, is my mantra. it could be worse. and it could. it could be much much much worse. i'm quite thankful for that.)

on the way home i heard "smells like teen spirit." and i've listened to tori's version so many times that the real thing confused me. it's like... "what? there are no guitars in this song!" lol. (if aaron is reading this he'll probably beat me up. *ducks*)

i bought neil gaiman's neverwhere at b&n, squee! i wanted american gods but they were all out. i think barnes and noble has some weird conspiracy to keep me from buying the books i want. like.. now that i already own good omens, they had like 5 copies. *frowl* damn them!

i'm going to go finish physics and sleeeeeeeeeeep. nyeeh.


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Tuesday, March 05, 2002

He's a sword-wielding bohemian card sharp who hides his scarred face behind a mask. She's a cynical streetsmart advertising executive with a birthmark shaped like Liberty's torch. They fight crime!

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Monday, March 04, 2002

listening to: phil ochs, i ain't marchin' anymore

like. i am so tired.

uhigh won regionals at spaz bowl. i saw some people i used to know from dee-mack. and they're all scary now. except for derek. but he kept calling me a traitor. i was like "dude. you're just jealous you didn't get out of the hell of dee-mack when you could." lol. but i didn't say that aloud. yeah. and i got a tossup. about thalia. which is so cool because thalia and calliope are the only 2 of the 9 muses that i know. woot.

stroud (the auditorium) flooded. again. it floods like, every year. seriously... every year i've gone to uhigh, it's flooded at least once. but this time it like.. pyscho flooded, and all the fire alarms went off (from.. the flood? *shrug* it was something electrical.. or something) and we all got out of school an hour early *dance*

while mike and i were sitting out, i made one of those fortune-teller things.. except every one said "mike is a skank." by the end of the night.. one of them said "mike is a skank," one said "mike is a block of empty space," one said "mike eats baby kittens," and one said "mike is yogurt."

good times. and now.. i neeeeeeeed to sleep. *goes into zombie mode*

cheeseit, it's only like.. 10! *sob* but i'm so tired....

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Sunday, March 03, 2002

renata: guess what song i'm listening to?
renata: a hint: it's good for.. absolutely nothing (huh!)
trina: like a virgin?
trina: yay!
trina: i typed that in before the hint :-)
trina: war!
renata: hahaha
trina: lol
renata: no, you were right the first time
trina: hahaha
trina: what' s a virgin good for?
renata: olive oil?

dude. del is describing an episode of spongebob squarepants to me and i'm absolutely cracking up. is there such a thing as tooo easily amused??

... nah. i mean.. really. it's spongebob ^_^

~renata squarepants~
are you ready kids?
aye aye, captain!
i can't heeeear you!
aye aye, captain!
ooooh... who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
spongebob squarepants!
absorbent and yellow and porous is he!
spongebob squarepants!
if nautical nonsense be something you wish!
spongebob squarepants!
then drop on the deck and flub like a fish!
spongebob squarepants!
spongebob squarepants, spongebob squarepants... spongeboooob.. squarepaaaants!

thank you.

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oh yeah... and i put up a front page to frowl.org.woot. frowlers.. let me know if you want me to change anything or add anything... or.. whatever. *nod*

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listening to: ani, little plastic castle

"slam on the brakes," he said.

perhaps this requires more explanation. my dad decided i needed some experience driving on roads of solid ice. so we get in the car and drive off at about.. 25 mph. "slam on the brakes," says he. i gently brake.. because obviously if you slam on the brake on ice, bad things happen. "no, no... slam on the brakes." soo... i slammed on the brakes.

. . . after we figured out that there was no way we were getting out of the ditch on our own, i whipped out my cell phone and offered to call mom and have her come rescue us with the van. (we were about a mile from home, if that.) "no, no," he said.. "someone will come along soon." 30 seconds later, i again offered to call mom. ".. yeaah, i guess you'd better."

upon hearing of our predicament, my mom says "i'll be there as soon as i put on my socks! ... and finish my euchre game!"

*giggle* goodtimes had by all. (btw.. everyone is fine, the car is fine, the road is fine..)


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listening to: tori, china

i should be listening to winter.. because it would be all appropriate for this post. but, i'm not. so it goes. (eep, spontaneous vonnegut-quotage... *flail flail*)

so anyway. the snow, revisited:


maybe i'm just the horizon you run to

whee. snow is so pretty. despite the fact that i HATE it like no other. i'd really like to see the pictures someone like ellie could take of this stuff, as opposed to me leaning out the window and snapping shots more or less at random. and yeah.. i have no idea why i've felt the need to post so many pictures this weekend. i'm just feeling visual... like.. you all need to see what i'm seeing. or something. (to quote megan: "it's all about the feeeeeelings")

i'm supposed to go to spaz bowl today. but i don't think i'll be able to. there's too much snow. and like.. i don't really want to go. it's not like i'll even be playing at regionals, unless like.. annie and andy and emily all have horrible accidents between now and tonight. and i don't want that to happen. i'm just sayin'. *nod*

oh. dude. i had the WEIRDEST dream ever. like.. trina and i and some other people were in.. this other school. for something. i don't know. and mr. weiss was there.. and we were talking about.. joules.. and... marie curie.. and... some other stuff i don't remember.. and then for no apparent reason he decides to show us that he has his arms pierced... yeah, his *arms*. i have no idea how it worked. but it was really creepy. so trina and i were like "aaah!" and then we went.. away.. and we were playing basketball... and... dude. it was just hella weird. [damn you megan!]



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Saturday, March 02, 2002

listening to: rent boot, what you own

and it's beginning to.. and it's beginning to... and it's beginning to snow!

lol. i'm such a dork. but like... the digital camera was sitting out.. and it's so pretty out. and sooome of you happen to live in places without snow (lucky bastards) so i thought i'd share these with you. even if they turned out really trippy looking and not at all like it actually looks. that's okay.

the christmas tree goes up in flames

the snow dances

woooot. i like how.. the snow is dancing! it makes me feel like mark! or something. or maybe i was just shivering because it was cold once i opened the window. whatever.


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listneing to: ani, rockabye

procrastinating with the digital camera...

i am ravenclaw, hear me roar!

del gave me this for christmas... isn't it the coolest??

mitteny goodness!

see... my mittens DO match my website!


i collect ducks.. and.. um.. this is one of my favorites. his beak is pierced, how cool is THAT?

beep beep

i collect r2-d2s too. here they are, in all their geeky majesty. (by the way-- the doritos bag is from when ep1 was released.. and it has r2-d2 on the package... i don't just randomly leave bags of chips about my room. in case you were wondering. and yes. i am a nerd. and yes. there is more stuff back behind the other r2-d2s you can't see. lol.)


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listening to: ani, anticipate

i heart anticipate sooo much. definitely one of my top five ten ani songs. (there are so many! *sob*)

i was supposed to go to trina's house to work on the mousetrap cars today.. but noooo, the roads just had to be terrible *frowl* i hgate you snow! aaand i hate you! ha!

colleges are so stupid. they keep sending me letters.. and none of them actually have any information, they're all like.. "return this postcard to get MORE information!!" this one school in minnesota someplace was listing all the reasons i should go there, and it was like "beautiful campus.. small teacher/student ratio... blah blah blah... indoor plumbing.." rofl. except now i'm mildly afraid i'm going to go off to some college and it's not going to have indoor plumbing, and they'll be like "ha ha! you should have read the brochure more carefully!"

dude. and all these ivy leagues schools keep sending me packets about their summer schools. it's like "um, right.. if i had an extra $10000 laying around, i'd be happy to go! but.. no." *frumble*

harvard didn't even mention indoor plumbing. sheesh.


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Which Angelina Are You?

rofl. wrong on every count. [cursing, hotness, and ass-kicking.] oh well.


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listening to: ani d, not so soft

don't you hate it when you start coughing and you can't stop and it feels like you're going to cough up all your internal organs?

yeah, i hate that too. but on the plus side, mayhap all this coughing will make me really ripped. lol.

i have so much i need to do. and i just don't foresee any of it actually getting done.

dude... megan... whatever happened to.. you... i want details! damn your vague blog! *flower*


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Friday, March 01, 2002

listening to: tori, here. in my head

random amusing quote: "it's like this never-ending cycle of snot!"

guess how many classes i fell asleep in today?

two... but i fell asleep multiple times in spanish. we were taking a practice test for the national spanish exam, and during the listening comprehension part i'd suddenly wake up and realize i'd missed 2 or 3 questions.. lol. also i fell asleep in world lit while we were watching don quixote, in russian no less. (yes.. in russian. i don't know why.)

dude. i am so sick. blearg.

my mommy bought me naked today! yaaaay david sedarisy goodness!

i want to sleep. and sleep and sleep. but i also watnt to watch the mst3k that jason sent me. aww. also i have to clean my roooom. bah. mst3k wins. *wanders downstairs*


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