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Thursday, January 31, 2002

listening to: rhs, dammit janet

hee... the jv spaz bowl coach is mr. weiss... and i think if he ever has a daughter, he should name her janet. *is so easily amused*

anyway. i was thinking it would be so cool if i could have a huge party and invite *all* my friends, not just the ones who happen to live here :) it would rule. like.. megan and i would megan-and-renata about merrily, and *nina* and i could chase elves and eat cheese.. ellie, you and i could go back down to springfield and stalk lincoln (side note: my rent calendar marks jonathan's birthday, which i notice is next week... can you believe it was really two years ago that we saw rent together???) and kait and jason and i could watch mst3k.. and jason could bring dazzler and she coud party with all my cats... and del and i could play with our henchllamas... and chelle and megan and i could eat subway and talk about socks... and keith and i could stalk each other... and melody and i could listen to tori and rant... and ayano and i... well, i don't know what we'd do, but it would be fun...

and we'd all wear powerpuff girls party hats.


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listening to: rhs nbcr, hot patootie

random amusing quotes: ".. disney's inferno?"

"what state are the headwaters of the pecos river located in?"
"the rio grande!"
"... HOW did you get into harvard??"

"turn on the faucet!"
"tj's good at turning things on!"

"well,i live 7 minutes away.. but i can get here in 4."
"ha! i can get here in 2!"
"well, i live half an hour away.. but i could fly here on a magic faerie and get here in NO time!"
"*30 second pause*"
"well, *that* was a conversation killer..."

i missed almost all of precalc this morning... the power went out, so nobody's alarm clock went off. i remember vaguely waking up at some time, looking at the clock and going "my clock is broken.. i'd better not go to school today." and then i went back to sleep. (this all made perfect sense at the time.) so anyway, then my mom woke me up around 8.. and yeah. god, those 2 extra hours of sleep were nice. aah. i stayed up too late last night finishing those tasp essays. i sent them out today... it would be SO cool if i got accepted. but i won't be. so whatever.

so... papa holbs accidentally signed the varsity team up for 2 tournaments this weekend... one in streator, against a lot of hard teams, and one here at central catholic, where we could probably beat most of the teams blindfolded. er.. not that being blindfolded would affect your scholastic bowl ability... but... um, you got the point, right? so anyway.. he was going to just back out of the cc one, because we didn't have enough people to take full teams to both. but then eliz and i were like "wait...can we revive X-FACTOR??" and he laughed and said sure, so... me, mike, and eliz will be representing uhigh on saturday :) (by the way... elizabeth and i by ourselves went 2-2 at this fairly large/good tournament. we're awesome. although mike did join us for the last 2 matches. shh.)

i can't feel my fingers. and i'm tired. and it's only 6:30. dear god it's cold in here.

whenever daphne says "forbidden planet" (in sfdf) i always think she said "captain planet." hee.. it amuses me.

also, i used to think the line was "my granny was ill the day the earth stood still.." lol! (it's "michael rennie" ^_^)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2002

listening to: bitch and animal, passports

i'm a bit concerned about being compared to the plague in *nina*'s blog... but i guess it was in a good way... i guess....

woo, i finished my 2-page essay about the assassination of roosevelt, i'm working nicely on my tasp application (hopefully it'll be in the mail tomorrow, a big one day before the postmark deadline...) it's SO full of bs. like, for one of my "school and community activities"... i listed "head of normal stuart davis street team member (grassroots organization to promote independent folk music.)" dude, i should totally be a pr person. *giggle*

saturday night i'm working at the travis tritt concert... *sob* nothing good ever comes to braden... you see why i was so excited about veggietales?? at least the veggies were cute... *sigh* but hey... i'm getting paid.

anyway. off i go, back to essayland.


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listening to: rhs nbcr (acronym much?), time warp

whee! my rhs and bitch and animal cds came from amazon today! *prance*

i should really be working on all the homework i have. but how can you do work to the time warp? hooow i ask?

also, i wanted to post this.

Darth Vader
Tall, powerful, and the darkest of the dark. You've got armies, fleets, and the dark side of the Force wrapped around your little finger, but you still have a soft spot for that little wuss you call "son." How sweet.

Take the Imperial Test at Bucketheads!

pink vader amuses me. so much. apparently he wanted to match my new blog, how kind of him ^_^

*jumps to the left*
*steps to the right*

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hee! i'm a genius! i got rid of that really wide athena graphic, and now the tables work! *prance*

tonight i have to write 2 pages about who killed teddy roosevelt. except... no one killed tr. that's okay. eliz and i worked out a whole conspiracy between emma goldman, haywood, and sanger. *cackle*



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Tuesday, January 29, 2002

hee... this question really amused me: "Are you a mysterious Ranger, who very much enjoys STRIDING places much like a STRIDER?"

If I were a Tolkien character, I would be Samwise Gamgee.

I am Samwise Gamgee the Hobbit. I'm quite happy to have a crappy part following Elijah Wood's arse around the set for fifteen months and fetching everyone's coffee.
Click here to find out which character you are!

okay... this is the 3rd lotr character test i've taken, and the 3rd different character i've gotten... so i'm apparently some random combination of celeborn, legloas, and sam. hmm.

If I were a Tolkien species, I would be Human

I am a human like Aragorn or Boromir... or myself... I am possibly the most boring creature alive and nobody likes me, least of all me.
Click here to find out which species you are!

i can't believe the quiz doesn't like me! *sob sob*

If I lived in Middle-Earth, I would stay in Moria

I would stay in Moria amoung the bones of old soldiers and A HIDEOUS BEAST MADE OF FIRE! to remind me the true value of life. OH MY GOD, THE UTTER PAIN!

Click here to find out where you would live

that's... creepy...

"Would you describe yourself as any of the following terms: Orlando, Bloom?" no... no i wouldn't. anyway.

If I were an actor in FOTR, I would be Sean Astin

I am Sean Astin, the cute and squishy one and a fabaroonie child star. I had to put on weight to play the part of Sam and I am NOT a HAPPY BUNNY! I may well kill Peter Jackson in the night. Why, I can never look at a Shepard's Pie the same way again...
Click here to find out which actor you are!

i am indeed not a happy bunny.... and hey, i'm sam and the actor who plays sam! wow! *easily amused, easily amused*


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hmm... i just discovered that the table issue resolves itself nicely in 1024x768. most excellent.

tori's hair clashes with all the pink. maybe i'll change her to a black-haired tori, like new age or strange little girl.

... nah... i don't think pele really cares if she clashes.

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listening to: alanis morissette, right through you

i heard her new song today on the radio, and i was like "wow! i haven't listened to her in forever!" so now i am. *nod* fun fact: "jagged little pill" was the first cd i ever bought. woot.

the table/percent thing is still driving me crazy. but whatever.

oh, i just remembered this story i meant to blog yesterday, because it amused me... and it's such a typical example of how bizarre my brain is... there was some question at spaz bowl to which the answer was lady chatterly's lover. i knew that i knew the answer, but i couldn't think of the words i needed. fortunately, i also knew that the words i wanted could be found somewhere within idina menzel's song "all of the above." so i started singing the song in my head, got to the line "i'm lady chatterly/or lady chastity..." and buzzed in just before the 20 second time limit ^_^ so random. and like it all made perfect sense to me. "scandalous 1920's novel by dh lawrence... of course! sing an idina menzel song to yourself!"

click to take it!

You sometimes doubt yourself - who you are and what you can do. You're a curious person, with questions and concerns about the world. You go along with the crowd and aim to please others to your best ability. But when you finally discover what you're really capable of, you can do some serious ass kickin'! You're fast and furious, and you will always stick up for what you believe, and those who you care for. Not only that, but you're charming and charismatic, so you get along with people well, and others often look up to you.

hmm... i've been getting lots of main characters in those quizzes lately... harry, daria, neo... hee, neo reminds me of last year at theatrefest... "the matrix! the musical!"

this is such a stream of consciousness/conscience post (*nudges nina*) teehee...

it amuses me how much people are worrying about the prom. i don't know... arguing over what color the balloons should be seems so inane to me. i guess... i don't know... i don't want to say that i don't worry about the details of things, because that's not true (sheesh, look how ticked off these improper margins are making me) but... like.. prom? who cares? oh well.

okay... so... the january and december archives aren't table-izing properly, but the other archives are, as is the archive index, the who's who? and the glossary. is there some sort of pattern among the ones that do work and don't work? do any of those pages look right/wrong to anyone else? oh... bah.

jfk assassinated teddy roosevelt. it's true.

wow... i just learned a lot more than i ever wanted to know about vibrators... thanks, *nina*! hahaha... "The Sears and Roebuck catalogue featured a multi-purpose appliance that included a buffer, grinder and mixer along with the vibrator attachment. “Will be found to be very useful in many ways around the home!” it beamed. Indeed, the vibrator was part of the early vanguard of electrical appliances; it preceded the introduction of the vacuum cleaner by 9 years and the electric iron by ten – “possibly reflecting consumer priorities” says Maines." (maines being some professor-person who did way too much research on this topic...)



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listening to: rem, stand

hm. i redid the layout. blogger is pissing me OFF because the tables are wrong, but only on the main, current blog page. not the archives, not any of the other pages. just this one. maybe it's just my computer, i don't know.. but look! see how there's only a tiny bit of leopard border on this page? now go look at the glossary or something... it's much wider. and it's the SAME percentage! *frowl*

anyway. *adjusts glasses after ranting* i really have no idea why it's so... well, pink. the muses just told me pink would look good, and i didn't have any better ideas, so i went with them. i think it looks cute ^_^ of course, cute generally isn't my style... but when it involves pink leopard print, i'll let it slide. i like it. for now. feedback would be heart-ed.

Daria is the poster child for "teen misfit," and holds in high contempt what she sees as the shallowness and superficiality of the world around her. She is also cynical -- though she'd say she's "realistic" -- and mistrustful of authority, and doesn't hesitate to make her opinions known when she sees fit. She has a talent for writing, a sharp intellect, an even sharper tongue (her sarcasm could cut tempered steel), and a wit so dry it makes the Sahara look like a rain forest.


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Monday, January 28, 2002

what's up with all the harry potter tests?



You are a DUMBLEDORE to Harry! You are kind, nice and a bit crazy. Everyone looks up to you and respects you. You're basically the nice old guy in the bunch ;D

Which adult in Harrys life are YOU?

score, ellie, we're dumbledore twins! *high 5*

aaand i tried to download that men at arms song last night, but my computer spazzed out. so i bahed it and i'm going to try again later. *nod* but i bet it's cool! even though like, i have no clear concept as to what men at arms is, exactly... but... *shrug*

Which Adventurers Club Member are *YOU*?

er... what's the adventurer's club? is it a show or something? *shrug* i'm twins with ellie again, though!


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listening to: tori, upside down

i need to redo this blog asap. i don't know what i was thinking. that shade of purple is starting to really annoy me. and i'm sick of all the black. gah. anyway.

i'm reaaally tired. but i'm pleased that i managed to not be all kinds of stupid at spaz bowl today. papa holbs was impressed ^_^ of course it was only cos annie wasn't there, and annie and i have a lot of knowledge overlap, only she's faster and better than i am. oh well, i'll take my small joys.

i'm SO tired. i don't remember what else i was going to say. probably nothing of note.


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Sunday, January 27, 2002

listening to: tori, hey jupiter (live)

i just downloaded like... the best live hj. it's awesome. it doesn't have a date, though, it just says "live acoustic, so rare it bleeds." which amused me so i downloaded it. whee.

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See which Greek Goddess you are.

well, i tied with hestia. but athena's bitchin, yo. word to athena.

Athena was the virgin Goddess of Wisdom and so much more. She was totally rockin'! Her only downside was that she was sorta misogynist. But, hey, we all have our faults. She was a very popular goddess and was always there to help out people she liked. Basically, you're the kind of person that's good to have around.

bored, bored, bored.

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which x-files character are you most like?

hee! i'm langly! and 3 of my top 4 were the gunmen! (#2 was pendrell! hee!)

misses the lone gunmen.

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Take the Which Hogwarts Professor are you? Quiz!

actually, i got flitwick. but i'm not like flitwick. it told me i worried too much. and i don't. and madam hooch was my #2 result. and she's awesome. so yeah.

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listening to: they might be giants, the sun is a mass of incandescent gas

dude... for the last hour or so, melody and i have been looking at this crazy conservative christian website called "fight the good fight"... basically it points out how evil pretty much all famous people are, and it contradicts itself like crazy "jesus may have said not to judge... but he did judge! so we can judge people too!" and anytime anyone disagrees with them, they pretty much call them misled heathens. it's hilarious... but then if you stop to think about it, it's really sad. here's their expose on tori... it's hilarious. and the only song they quoted was "spark." i could have written a better expose, and i don't even believe in any of the crap they're rambling about.... here is their justification for being judgmental.

apparently these people didn't grow up with my mom's favorite saying.. "jesus hung out with whores, so who the hell are you to judge?"


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listening to: barenaked ladies, maroon tour barenaked rap

dude, sonic suddenly revived itself last night... like, 200 messages. sheesh. omb, and there's a stupid newbie... ah, good times, good times. heeeey, i just said "omb"... damn you *nina*!

*sigh* the rentboards have way too many admin controls. i'm afraid to do anything lest i accidentally erase all the boards or something.

the newbie uses curly font. argh. i hope freud killed her. i bet he did, i still have about 100 messages to go. dude, my mail is CRAZY out of order. hmm.. done readnig mail... the newbie just vanished without any major conflict. therefore, i suspect she'll be back. yay.

breaking news, brought to me by melody... tori has a chococat hat!! yay for tori and chococat!

so.. i've been writing this post/reading mail for like, an hour now.... so i think i'll just publish and go on my merry way.


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Saturday, January 26, 2002

this is one of the more absurd tests i've taken... but okay...

Wowie! You are Lumos! You're a lot of fun and pretty damn cool, and you do things your own way. You may often be in a fantasy world, but that's just fine with you! Most likely you're also a big Harry Potter fan (who isn't, right?).

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listening to: duke pitchforks, beatles medley (acapella)

random amusing quotes: "okay... the first time it was cute, the second time it was tolerable... but now i just want to make v8 out of them!"

"dude... if i'm going to spend $75,000 for a car, it had better FLY!"
"oh, yeah, it's really fast!"
"no... i mean it had better literally *fly*..."

i heart college acapella. i heart being an usher. half the time we're just sitting around the house manager's office going "wow... we're getting paid for this..." although i have been standing for about.. .7 hours straight... that part's kind of bad. but yeah.

i'm amazed at how good the veggietales are at indoctrinating young children. wow. i think every major religion should have something like the veggietales. like... the jewfruits. or the buddhist breads. that would be great.

last night... i was SO tired... i went to bed at like, 8. seriously. i was reading ender's shadow and around 7:30 i literally couldn't sit up anymore... so i laid down and read for awhile.. and then i went to sleep. eep. anyway. after i finished with the vegetables, i went over to the bank to cash my last paycheck... only to find out that it closed at 3. doh! but theeen i went to barnes and noble and got the subtle knife and the amber spyglass. yay! i was going to buy good omens too, but they only had it in the random big paperback form... and i refuse to buy those if i can help it, because it's just charging you like $5 more for the same book, but bigger... it's not like it has pictures or anything *frowl* i love to buy books though. books are my friends. *nod*

my room is a big mess and i should clean it, but i don't want to. so i won't.

oh! and guess who else is coming to normal?? andy stochansky!! within a week of ani!! (the 15th). i think talia is probably the only one who knows/cares who andy is... but that's okay! beacuse i care! and i'm excited! *prance*

aww... *nina* just admonished me for my choice of frappucinos. *sob* just love me, *nina!* judge me not by my caffeinated beverages, lest ye be judged!

yeaaah. i'm gonna gooo now.

of tired doom.

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Friday, January 25, 2002

listening to: bitch and animal, pissed

random amusing quotes: "so what does a red rose symbolize?"
"... it symbolizes love!"
"a red rose means i love communism!"
"and a yellow rose means communism is your buddy!"

melody always does the friday 5, and i always want to but i never remember until saturday. and it just seems wrong to do the friday 5 on saturday. buut today, i remembered ^_^

the friday five

1. What cologne or perfume do you wear? i used to wear cucumber melon from bath and body works, but i used up the bottle and haven't had the motivation to buy a new one. also i have this weird overpowering grapefruit perfume somebody gave me awhile ago... i keep it in my gym locker and sometimes i wear it so i don't smell in gym ^_^

2. What cologne or perfume do you like best on the opposite sex? i usually don't smell guys... so as long as they're not noticably uncleanly smelling, i really don't care. or if they're wearing too much cheap cologne, that gives me a headache.

3. What one smell can you not stomach? hmm... well, too much cheap cologne ^_^

4. What smell do you like that others might consider weird? um... hmm. i really like the smell of freshly cut grass, it's so clean and fresh-smelling. i would buy mowed-grass perfume. also, trina's house always smells like curry, and whenever i come back from her house, i can smell it on my clothing, so i sit there like "mmm.. trina-house-smell..." it makes me hungry ^_^ oh, and the smell of gasoline. hee. this explains a lot, doesn't it?

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? well... most of tomorrow i'll be at veggietales again... then i'll probably come home... read or get online... i predict i will fall asleep ridiculously early and awaken ridiculously late... and perhaps i'll see a movie. i really want to see a beautiful mind. and lotr again. and... there was one other one. i don't remember though. yeah... preeetty boring.

hee... i downloaded "carrot juice is murder" by the arrogant worms, cos rob told me to in the midst of his anti-veggietale ranting, and the title amused me too much not to... i'm vastly amused by it ^_^

i really like tic tacs.

i am SO tired. and i just read a post on the boards about "ttb", only i misread it as "tbt" (trina's nickame.) and it amused me. trina tick boom.

i'm even more easily amused when i'm tired. also, i'm usually too tired to remember not to say whatever comes to mind. hence particularly inane blog entries. oh well.

of dooom.

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Thursday, January 24, 2002

listening to: barenaked ladies, brian wilson

random amusing quotes: "so veggietales is a *christian* thing?? i thought it was for vegetarians!"
"yup... they spread the word of god... through vegetables"

"we should just put up a sign... 'god will strike you down for flash photography during veggietales'"

i am SO tired. i just got back from ushering at veggietales live! which was cute. there were some psycho audience members. like this one lady got SO pissy at me when i told her she was in the wrong seat. "um, i'm sorry, but your ticket says row 14, and you're in row 13.." "so you want me to move??" "well... you're in the wrong row..." "*frowls at me*" yeah... and then like, she stalked me and yelled at me that she couldn't hear. i hope a giant vegetable eats her. oh, which reminds me, it was the world premiere of the veggietales tour. which i think is pretty cool ^_^

but anyway... you'll never guess who i ran into there!! (no, really, you won't, because none of you know who he is!) my old friend brandon! he used to be my neighbor but then he moved away somewhere and i haven't seen him in forever! i literally used to play in the sandbox with him! *burbles happily* i can't believe he recognized me. or that i recognized him. yeah. i should have asked for his email address or phone number or something. oh well. maybe i'll look him up in the phone book... only it occurs to me that i no longer know his last name.... (his parents have been divorced and remarried and... yeah, this is his 3rd last name and i don't know what it is.) oh well.

rob keeps saying things to me and totally confusing me. i really need to go to bed soon.

yes. i think i shall.


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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Take the Monopoly Piece Quiz!

*bristles* i do NOT cheat at monopoly! i MAY cheat at the powerpuff girls game, but... that's another story!

prefers the shoe, actually.

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listening to: barenaked ladies, be my yoko ono

woohoo, guess what's coming to braaaden tomorrow and twice on saturday? veggietales live! this means i'm getting paid to watch cute vegetables and intimidate small children into not bringing their candy in the theatre! (and yes, megan, i did just say that to you in an im. i'm really not creative enough to think of *two* amusing things to say about veggietales live. sheesh.) anyway. i'm sadly exciting. fun stuff like this almost never comes to braden.

See what Care Bear you are.

actually, i tied with cheer bear. but i decided to go with wish bear to emulate jason ^_^ well, that and cheer bear is too perky for me. i'd really rather be the care bear penguin.. what was his name? he was so cute.

i'm so tired. i couldn't sleep last night... i got my braces tightened and i kept waking up... my teeth hurt SO SO much. i don't remember them *ever* hurting that much in all... 3 or however freaking many years its been. ugh. why are they so intent on closing the gaps in my teeth, anyway? i don't mind them. they add character. david letterman has a gap in his teeth, why can't i have one?

i haaate precalc. and i hate megan's away message! *sob* come back, you wench!

i'm almost finished with shadow of the hegemon. achilles freaks me out. soooo much. eee.

By Meeki

Take the Test now!

actually my first answer was harry. but you know, i'm not particularly big on harry. so i took my number 2 answer. mwahahaha. oddly, my top 3 were harry, hermione, and ron. i'm clearly destined to be the main character of something. *nod*

i think i played the harry potter game too much over break, cos now whenever i read the name of the spells, i hear the little computer-harry say them the way he does in the game. *nod*

megan: i haate veggietales!
renata: but they're so cute!
renata: and, i'm ushering for them. so i'm getting paid to watch cute vegetables and intimidate small children into not bringing candy into the theatre.
megan: heh
megan: but they brainwash children!
renata: yeaaah... but it's so funny!
renata: the jesus crap just goes riiiight over my head
renata: whoooosh.
renata: *whoooshes*

Auto response from megan: bah, i'm getting my laundry

renata: oh, screw you and your laundry
megan: oh settle down
megan: you subliminally jesusified.... person.
renata: *settles*
renata: if i was really subliminally jesused, i'd WANT you to do laundry
renata: so it could be clean and pure.
megan: hmmm
megan: *considers*
renata: *casually tosses harry potter books in bonfire*
megan: *gasp*
renata: what? it's COLD in here
megan: *siiiigh*
megan: jesus freak
renata: yes, but satan loves me anyway1
renata: !
megan: hehe

this amuses me, because the other day when i was wearing my "satin worship" shirt, this girl was like "do you really worship satan?" i just sort of looked at her and was like "um... it says SATIN. not SATAN." and she was like "oh!" and then, when i was wearing my "every tool is a weapon if you hold it right" shirt, another girl was like "um... what does your shirt MEAN? i don't get it!" *sigh* apparently my clothing is too confusing for the general public...


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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

listening to: barenaked ladies, too little too late

random amusing quotes: "so it kept trying to crawl up my arm.."
"wait, wait, the frosting? or the baby?"
"the BABY! the frosting is inanimate!"
"but you said it was evil..."
"inanimately evil! anyway.. and it sounded just like stewie from family guy."
"uh.. the frosting, or the baby?"
"the baby!! are you even listening to me?"
"you SAID it was evil frosting, okay?!"

last night i just couldn't fall asleep. my body was tired, but my brain just would not shut the fuck up. my brain is such a cantankerous organ.... never willing to make any sacrifices for the good of the team. it just keep talking and talking and talking and it doesn't CARE if it's 2 am and i'm really tired, noooo, it needs to keep thinking through things... it can't do it while i sleep, noooo... *sigh*

i'm re-reading shadow of the hegemon and petra made some comment about solitary confinement not being a punishment for her like it is for everyone else, because her mind is so self-contained... i'm like that, to a lesser degree. half the time i forget to listen to people because whatever's happening in my head is more interesting. is anyone else like that? please say you are... or else all the little voices in my head will be sad and lonely. (by the way, i'm not trying to make a cheap schizophrenia joke... there really are voices in my head. they talk amongst themselves a lot. there's the happy voice, and the sad voice, and the VOICE OF REASON, and a couple random voices. i swear i'm not crazy.)

anyway. i'm so glad to be done with that paper. the rough draft, anyway. aaah.

today's my mum's birthday. i got her one of those zen water fountainy things.. with the rocks.. and stuff... and yeah. it's neat. *flails idly*

"falling for the first time" is just SUCH a great song. i can't stress it enough. *jams*


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Monday, January 21, 2002

Go Faeries!!

Take the What Faery Are You? Quiz!

This quiz was made by lia

um.. whatever. *shrug*

of a vaguely foreboding and doom-like faerie!

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listening to: they might be giants, istanbul (not constantinople)

hee... this song reminds me of freshman year. oh, those crazy turks...

anyway. i just watched the series finale of daria. it saddened me. despire the fact that i haven't actually watched daria in i don't know *how* long... i'm so bad with tv shows and what time they're on and stuff. i guess i just don't care that much. i know that x-files is on at 8 on sunday, and the simpsons is on every day at 5.. and thaaat's about it.

i washed my purse today ^_^ for those of you who don't know... my purse is a yellow submarine lunchbox. it rules. yeah. i was talking to elizabeth and she was telling me how many purses she had, and i just kind of looked blankly at her and was like, "why?" and she was like "to match my outfits!" i was like "... when i wear my yellow submarine shirt, my purse matches my outfit..." i'm so non-girly. but i'm bad at sports so i'm not a tomboy either. sheesh, here i go again with my inability to be pigeonholed. *fidgets with tape*

tape is my friend.

by the way, the other day i heard that the x-files is ending this year. there was a time when this news would have really upset me. but now it's just like, "thank god they're ending the charade!" egads. i can't remember the last time i watched that show. maybe i should start watching my old taped episodes. aww, good times.

oh, i should go fix my clock... sometime during the weekend it seems to have set itself to a new, completely random time. i guess the power must have gone out, although i don't remember that ever happening. maybe my clock adjusted itself to renata standard time.. according to which it is 9:03 am. woot.

i finished reading the golden compass today, it was really good. need to procure rest of trilogy. heeeeey.. when did i start talking in fragments? *sigh* i can't feel my fingers, and my chococat pocket toothbrush cracked.i'm attempting to glue it back together... well, at least i found my other powerpuff girl sock. life is good.

"life is good" always reminds me of a funny story katie tells about christian mena. i wonder what he's up to these days... hmm.

dammit, i'm starting to ramble into anecdotes that aren't even mine... i'm publishing this baby now...


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listening to: tom waits, time

i suppose i should probably explain the "eat your child" thing... last night i was reading an interview with tori amos, and this part just cracked me up: "Neil [Gaiman] and I go way back. When he was staying at my house (in Florida) last year (writing his novel American Gods), he helped me drive the vultures away. He turned me on to water scarecrows. They shoot water. Vultures are protected by law, so you can't kill them, even though they will eat your child. It's true!"

i don't know... i was tired... and it's just FUNNY... it sounds like she should be in an anti-vulture commercial or something. also, last night i learned that tori named her daughter after lord of the rings, which cracks me up... well, i mean, she didn't name her daughter "lord of the rings" but she named her "natashya lórien," and the "lórien" part came from "lóthlorien." *nod nod*

okay, bite me, i'm easily amused. *prances off*


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"there's something about the phrase "eat your child" that's immensely funny at 1am "

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listening to: tori, take to the sky

random amusing quotes: "and where the hell are my socks? life is so difficult."
"*starts a "socks for melody" campaign*"

*merry prance* i'm done with my paper! (the rough draft, anyhow.) and without all the citations. but i'll do those tomorrow. (yay for mlk!) it clocks in at 2,060 words. but i might redo the conclusion. it's weak. my conclusions are always weak. my problem is that when i'm finished with all the useful information, i just want to stop. i don't want to conclude it. i wonder if there's some sort of metaphor for personality in there. probably not. i'm just bad at concluding. for example, this paragraph. i don't know how to conlcude it, so i'll just stop.

am having a nice discussion about tori with melody right now. i don't understand why she doesn't have more fans. all her music is so incredible. even the stuff on slg ^_~ *sigh* oh well. i suppose it's better that she has her... cult status? is tori bigger than cult status? *shrug* anyway... what was i going to say? i got totally distracted.

melody told me that the name of the "professional widow" remix that i like is the Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix. which i think is a hysterical name for a remix. it's great.

*yaaaaawn* i am so tired. maybe i'll go to sleep. or something.


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Sunday, January 20, 2002

so.... doesn't "hello kitty flavored lip balm" make it sound like the lip balm tastes like hello kitty? fortunately hello kitty seems to come in a variety of fruit flavors.. including one i can't quite place. i think it's just sugar flavored. which would explain why it's white. *licks lips*


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listening to: empire strikes back, "the rebel fleet"

yesterday when we were making the spanish video, i remembered how freaking cool all the esb music is. so i've been listening to it. (side note... i only have the esp soundtrack... not the anh or rotj ones. hmm. anyway.) it's good music to write this paper by... the evil music motivates me to write. and then the good music makes me feel proud for having written something.

speaking of my paper... right now i'm on page 6 of the required 7-10. so i'm good. thank god it's about the chicago renaissance, so i can have lots and lots of quotations. *happy prance*

oh, and my grandparents came to visit today... they gave me the creeepiest bookmark. it's fuzzy and it's supposed to look like a duck, but it's sort of... odd. and when you squeeze it, it's supposed to quack, but it sounds possessed. *shudder* and then we went to target... and they had all these new hello kitty cosmetic products! glooow in the dark glitter sticks, and shimmer powder, and mood nailpolish... eep! i was so joyous. but i only bought some chapsticks. i was so torn though. squee. i think only megan will understand my torment here. but that's okay. i considered buying some sanrio valentines. but they had too many pocaccho ones. i don't like him. and there were some that had hello kitty dressed like a bee, and it said "bee mine!" and they were soo cute. but there was this big ladybug ON HER HEAD and it looked like it was sucking her brains out or something. it was just creepy. honestly. *frowls* aaanyway... back to sherwood anderson now/


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Saturday, January 19, 2002

i just felt that this needed to be saved for posterity...

megan: it just ook forebert


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listening to: beatles, getting better

random amusing quotes: "oh, those tricky beatles..."

"si quieres ver... BASTARDS!!"

"diooooooooooooooooos miiiiiiiiiiio!"

okay... so in spanish, we watch these lame videos called "la catrina"... and we had to film an original episode of it... our's is SO funny. i'm not going to try to explain all the characters... but i played an evil painting whom only ashvin (don silvestre) could hear. trina was jamie, and matt was her boyfrend carlos, and eliz was her friend maria. so... the movie opens, and ashvin is talking to me, the evil painting, and i tell him to kidnap matt. so then it cuts to trina, matt, and elizabeth watching tv, and then the door rings, so matt answers it. ashvin then hits him over the head with a whiffle bat ("diooooos miiiio! *falls over*") and drags him off, while trina and elizabeth stand there going "Noooooooooooooooo...............!" but don't actually do anything. then, ashvin is driving matt to his secret hideout, and singing and dancing to shakira... which was absolutely the funniest thing ever... but i think you have to know ashvin to realize just how funny that is. anyway, then i tell ashvin to kill matt (with a shovel) so he's about to, when trina comes running in and beats up ashvin. the funniest part was when she accidentally (so she claims) kicked him in.. a very, very painful place... *giggle*

oh, and i forgot to mention.. we had to have music, so i grabbed the empire strikes back soundtrack, so whenever ashvin was onscreen we played darth vader's theme... *giggle*

okay. just take my word for it that this is the funniest video, ever. *nod*


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listening to: tori amos, icicle

i just did a very renatalike thing.... i was hungry, so i went downstairs to get some food... i walked in a circle around the kitchen... and then i walked back upstairs without getting anything. doh!

well, i'm really not hungry enough to walk back downstairs again.

maybe if i concentrate hard enough, i'll suddenly discover my kitty-pryde-like phasing powers... phasing down would put me directly in the kitchen *concentrates*

damn, it's not working...

and megan... *i* don't think you're petty and hateful! at least, no more petty and hateful than i am! ^_^

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Friday, January 18, 2002

Drink me!

Which drink are you?


if yer bored, the gallery of regrettable food is hilarious ^_^

who is proud of kait's knowledge of me ^_^ *mwah!*

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listening to: tori amos, icicle

okay... so i got bored and made one of those friend quizzes... take it! see who knows the most inane trivia about me, and therefore is most worthy of my friendship! ^_~


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listening to: tori, god

*yawn* i just now dragged myself out of bed. i should should should have gone to school... now i have to make up a physics lab and such and i can't go to spaz bowl tomorrow. but i really don't care right now. i just want to sleep and sleep and sleep.. but apparently fate does not want me to sleep. rather, fate wants me to feel insanely tired but unable to fall asleep. eventually i got to the point where i couldn't read because holding the book up was too tiring. i'm really not sure how i'm managing to sit up right now. i guess i finally got SO bored that i had to do something. *rolls back and forth in chair*

i'm so tired.

i'm going to go back and lay down.


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Thursday, January 17, 2002

i just realized that in my last entry, i said "it looks like a horrible science gone project." this struck me as absolutely hysterical. i meant to say "it looks like a science project gone horribly wrong." just a touch dyslexic today... should go to sleep.....


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listening to: tori amos, yes anastasia

According to the Which Sanrio Character Are You? quiz, I am:

you know, i've probably spent more time in sanrio stores than most normal people who don't work there, and i have NO idea who that is. it sounds kinda like me though. *shrug* but it looks like a horrible science gone project... like someone tried to fuse a hamster and an apple and it went horribly wrong. although what a hamster-apple would look like when done right, i couldn't tell you...

so... "yes anastasia" has been running through my head the last two days, except the only lines i could remember were "if you know me so well, tell me which hand i use" and "we'll see how brave you are..." and i remembered thinking how unusual it was that i didn't know any other lyrics to a tori song, especially one that's actually on a cd... and now i'm listening to it and i realized why i couldn't remember any of the other words... this is a majorly weird song. i mean even for tori. and the fact that she thinks the ghost of anastasia romanov told her to write it.... i dunno.... of course, she did have food poisoning at the time. which i suppose explains it.

you know, it's really sad that i knew all that but i still could only remember 2 lyrics to the song.

i feel SO sick. argh. i'm sooo incredibly tired. it feels like i have mono again, but i refuse to believe that. i just don't have time to have mono... you hear me immune system? i... dooooon't... have... tiiiime! *sob* curse my lazy immune system. anyway, i'm tired, and my nose really hurts (and it's swollen), and my head feels like it's going to explode. but not like sinusy. just.. random. *shrug* also, i think i have a fever. so anyway. all this just made MORE of an out-of-it spaz than usual today. aay. *flails about and knocks more things over*

oh! and i checked my voice mail for the first time in awhile, and i had this one from megan that was like "renata!! call me back, i have a question about your swim team! bye!" which amused me SO much. i love you megan ^_^ only i just tried to call you and it said you were out of range. *sob* (just gotta drive.. just gotta drive... *random guitar riffs* ouuut of raaange!) so anyway. megan, what's your question about uhigh's swim team?? and... you know, i really don't want to know. i just don't.

i'm going to go take a nap.

of frowler power!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

listening to: rhps, toucha toucha touch me

random amusing quotes: "my head is not a spaceship!!!"

"oh, come on renata... count chocula has *nine* essential vitamins and minerals! nine! and it has a puzzle on the back, so it's good for the body *and* the mind!"

"... so you turn the crankshaft..." "talkin bout SHAFT!"

"you went from satan to inspector gadget!" "SATIN! it said SATIN!"

it is so cold in this house. i could be the iron-deficiency poster child... i'd just curl up under all my blankets and look pale. anyway. i'm starting to panic about my term paper, cos i realized that friday after school we'll be filming our spanish project, saturday i have conference spaz bowl, sunday my grandparents are coming for no apparent reason... monday... well, nothing monday. but it's duuuue tuesday... *flail flail* i actually looked through some of the books i checked out. hurray.

physics is really amusing, because trina and i try to repeat phrases mr. holbrook says, but change the word emphasis and try to make them sound like sexual innuedoes... i think i had the best one... "hey trina... let's go increase some... kinetic energy.." of course everything is more amusing in that class, since it's so boring to start out with....

i hate it when people i don't know try to make small talk. i need to move to a big city with less-nice people. talking to people i don't know makes me so nervous that half the time it comes out in this pitiful little whisper. i'm such a geek. sheesh.

oh yes, and *nina* my love: toast is good! you're cute as toast and twice as crunchy! i <3 you! and look.. i'm legolas!

*resists being attracted to self*

Your Lord of the Rings character is...Legolas

There's a yearning in your soul, isn't there? Like the littlest Hobo, like Legolas the elf, there's something that compels you to keep searching.

You're looking for spiritual fulfilment and like most long-term wanderers through life you have a "travel light" sensibility. More interested in mystical than material things, you live closer to Heaven than most dead people. Which doesn't always go down famously with the living. If you could just disguise your disgust at their more earthy habits.

Not that you're all floaty and whimsical. Not at all. In fact, your rejection of worldly things makes you fearless and strong. You recognise that the important things in life are carried around inside you and not on your back. In the face of danger, hardship and despair, you are a rock.

But being the restless type that you are, you find that you sometimes fall prey to a certain sorrow. When the quarters of the moon and the tides of the sea pull you away, you find you leave behind people who matter. And there is some regret.

who are you?

i wonder if they really meant "littlest hobo" or if it was supposed to say "hobbit"... either way, i am amused.


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Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Take the Which Breakfast Food Are You? Quiz.

i think they got me with the question about shiny packaging.

you know, i just realized that *nina*, del, and i all have blogs that sound like they should be science webpages or something... "escape velocity chronicles"... "the optic monologues"... "the boron narratives".... hmm.


of science! or not.

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listening to: rachael sage, language of flowers

random amusing quote: "i bet when i die, they'll do an autopsy and find out that my left brain has been mysteriously replaced by a cupcake."

dude... my cold randomly came back with a vengeance a few hours ago. i hate this cold! *frowl* and my effing immune system... or lack thereof... *sigh*

when i take my iron pills i like to imagine the iron.. particles... running through my bloodstream to invigorate all the other cells. "chin up, cells! iron is here! grr!" "but iron... we're tired! can't we just take a nap!" "no, little cells, you can't! there's work to be done!"

... anyway. my nose hurts. and i'm soooo cold. but i did finish 4 chapters of guidebooks today. yay me! *prance* now i just have... you know, the 10 page paper to write. whatever. i need to stop listening to bitch and animal. cos whenever ms. scott says "manifest destiny" i always want to follow it up with "manifest this, motherfucker.." *sigh*

aaand megan, let me know about ani. *nod nod*


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Monday, January 14, 2002

listening to: maaaaatt caplan, sideways

(you have to say his name with a wisconsin accent. myaaat cah-plan. *snicket*)

i would like to thank lisa for this disturbing mental picture: "i gave my friend $2 once to put a tampon in each nostril and then dunk her head in the pool. she did it. and then she did it again, and i didnt have to pay her." kyaa. well, gotta love sonic ^_^

and ellie... i don't want to be your imaginary friend *sob* i'm real! i've got no strings to tie me down! ... and whathaveyou.

dude, i heart gary! yay! mrooowr!

i wore my satin worship shirt today... i love that shirt. ms. scott amused me.. in the middle of class she was like "renata.. i have to ask... what does your shirt *mean*?" yeah goodtimes.

megan honey... i don't get these postcards! moving to santa fe, back in new york, starting a rockband? megan where are you? megan where are you? megan where are you? ... megan please caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!


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Sunday, January 13, 2002

It's official! You were Adalita Srsen in a past life! Music is in your blood and you love nothing more than to be onstage in a small club with an appreciative crowd pumping out music in true punk-rock style. You love supporting causes you feel strongly about, which reflects in your songwriting. You also have a huge soft spot for our furry friends!

umm... who is that? *shrug*

hates it when the quizzes are smarter than she is.

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listening to: rhps, dammit janet

whee, i ordered the rhs revival cd today! and bitch and animal's cd eternally hard! *prance* although amazon.com keeps amusing me by recommending stuff that i already have. it's remarkably accurate... although for some reason it keeps insisting that i would enjoy 42nd street. i assure it that i would not. and i already bought ttb through amazon, but i guess it wants me to buy it again. *shrug* i'm just rambling now.

i'm vastly amused that *nina* has managed to work the pussy manifesto into her away message.

i wrote another paragraph of my 10 page paper today, making the grand total 2 paragraphs. wooot. but i need to go to milner. and i really do think it won't take me that long to write the paper once i actually set my mind to it. and go to milner and get all the books i need. yes.

megan is mia again. *frowl* and i'm excited that i've started a blog-glossary revolution. well, at least... i motivated ellie to finally finish hers, and megan to whine about wanting to steal mine, and kait to start one.... that's kind of a revolution, right? oh, and kait/megan... whatever happened to that fic you wrote? the one with the olives... and maureen throwing herself in the subway? ah, good times...

*time warps*

anywaay.. i'm going to go get a snack, do precalc, and go to bed, though not necessarily in that order. hopefully sleep will be last, though...

it's just a jump to the left...

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Which Internal Organ are you? Find out at willaston's lounge!

i was unaware of the liver's punk side. the things you learn.


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You will marry CHRISTIAN (played by Ewan McGregor) from Moulin Rouge, live in a sparkling elephant at the Moulin Rouge, and spend your days righting wrongs and singing songs because all you need is love (and it helps that it's Ewan McGregregor you're living with ^_^).

What's YOUR M * A * S * H future?

i like the elephant part. but i wanted legolas. *steals kait's answer*


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listening to: stuart, love causes cancer

*frolicks* i got 12 hours of sleep! yay! buuut my car is dead! boooo! *unfrolicks*

but anyway... a bunch of people told me that they got their pocket-people, so i thought i'd post this today. *nod* (by the way, for those who didn't ask for one... see, various friends and i are always like "i wish i had a pocket sized ______ (usually scott hunt)!" so over break, as a joke, i made everyone a pocket-sized person of choice and sent them out. except they printed off crappily. and i felt bad limitiing people to only one. so, here they all are, in the event that you would like to print off multiple people, or put them on your website or something ^_^

i choose:

by the way, each one should print off at 3.5"x2", perfect for your wallet ^_^

who really does have no life.

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Saturday, January 12, 2002

listening to: daphne rubin-vega, life isn't fair

random amusing quote: "oh my god, it looks like a giant ladybug is eating her!"

woooo hoo, i finally got a she rocks b'way boot! *prance* aaand i have about 6 browsers open right now, and i just have to say... *nina* your blog just made me laugh SO hard... "satan is in my maple syrup!" hahahaha! i heart you *nina* ^_^

okay... let's see. this morning i went to another freaking improv workshop with kellie and eva and justin (p) and andrew (*froooowl*) but way too many people were there, and it was lame, so kellie and justin and i slipped out early and got coffee. (and ditched andrew! woohoo!) and then this guy was frolicking about and sat on kellie's lap. and then his friends dragged him away. and we were all in an amused state of "wtf?" and then justin (i) and andrew (dammit!) and allison and twiggy found us. and kellie left to go see some play. so we walked down town to eat lunch. and justin (p) kept being really mean to andrew. and i mean... we were all thinking the stuff he was saying. but i felt bad for andrew. (bah.) and... then we went and saw starmites. which was just... weird. weird weird weird. we walked in and the set was AMAZING. and they had a huge light/soundboard and they brought in all these extra lights. they must have had an unbelievably huge budget. they had like, this big thrust star platform thing built, and then some random tower-y things on the side. and then they had a big screen against the back wall, and sometimes it would show random swirly patterns, but they also had a couple cameras that hooked up to it, so like.. the starmites could be offstage singing, but you'd see it up on the screen. SO cool. unfortunately, the acting/singing was pretty mediocre, and the plot... the plot was... okay what crack-addled author wrote that thing? it was just SO bizarre. like.. this girl gets sucked into her comic book-world, and the starmites are like.. the protectors of the galaxy, only... they can't DO anything. they just have shiny suits and hide behind things and say things like "hey hey hey starmites!" and then in a weird matrix-like thing, the girl (elanor) is like.. "the one" and she has the power to keep good. like she says "by the power of milady, release him!" and then some glitter flies up out of the floor. and it was neat. but... weird. um, anyway, there's some banshees and an evil lizard and an evil guitar but in the end everything works out and elanor marries the head starmite. *shrug*

then we went to see the allstate production of pirates of penzance which was really really good. i don't really like pirates. but it was GREAT. and, much to our amusement, one of the pirates was the guy who played "the man" in that movie we watched... *giggle*

What Psych-Ward do you belong to?


oh! i kept forgetting to post about this... i sent everybody christmas cards a looong time ago, and melody just got hers a couple days ago! *frowls* stupid post office. and speaking of melody... the other day we were discussing teen angst and my relative lack of it.... and i was thinking about it, and i realized that my attitude is nearly always "well, it could be so much worse" and i feel guilty when i get all worked up about my little problems. and i think part of that is because when i was little, pretty much the only books i read were about either the holocaust or the civil war. mostly historical fiction, but some nonfiction. i was just fascinated by the times in history that brought out the best and worst in human beings. (dude, that's kinda deep for being sleep deprived...) ... you know, i must have been a pretty damn freaky child, now that i think about it. i don't remember what my point was. i suppose that if you want to keep your kids un-angsty, make them read books about the holocaust? *shrug* to quote ani (yay ani).. "nobody likes their job/ nobody got enough sleep/ so just suck up and be nice..." i love that. i guess, in retrospect, hearing justin (p) tell andrew today that he wished he would go jump into traffic and all these other terrible things really pissed me off. nobody likes andrew, but that doesn't give them the right to be total assholes. *frowl*

i have written far, far, far too much for one day. i think i'm going to go to bed now... at... 9 pm... but... i'm really tired, okay?


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Friday, January 11, 2002

listening to: bitch and animal, pissed (surprised?)

random amusing quotes: "and that's why you're here! because swinging heavy objects at other people is COOL!"

"whee, look, i'm running! with a blade!"

"oh, what was that ('the man') about?"
".... weeelll, there's this superhero called 'the man'... and an evil plumber... and he has a talking marshmellow..."
"no, no, the marshmellow doesn't talk!"
"oh, no, it can't talk, but the plumber thinks it can.."
"but it can dance!"

can i just say that the bass in this song kicks ass? dude. and i'm SO not the sort of person to notice that sort of thing. so you'd better believe it's awesome. aaaaaanyway. theatrefest turned out to be much fun. first thing in the morning, a bunch of us went to the broadsword workshop. which... was SO funny. like.. the instructor... he looked unsettlingly like fabio. and he was so crazy. seriously, i think he must have gotten a few too many head injuries along the way to becoming a professional fight choreographer. but that's okay, because he was hilarious. just... very very very odd. he was always forgetting words... words like "lightbulb" and "breathe"... "so... if you were to thrust upwards and hit this... this... *gestures* what's this?" "*long collective pause* lightbulb?" "yes! if you were to hit this lightbulb... don't look up." yeaaah. and i was really bad at the whole sword thing. but it was hilarious, because i was holding it backwards, and he was walking around the room and he stopped and me and was like "what's your name?" and i was like "uh.. renata..." and he was like "i love what renata's doing! it's very unique! everyone look!" and he wasn't making fun of me or anything.. he really thought it was unique.... after he left his assistant guy came over to me and was like "*cough* you're holding your sword backwards.." ... yeah, the assistant had to help me a lot. oh well. but i'm not to the best part of the swordfighting story yet. the *best* part is that his mom was there, and apparently... in his non-sword-fighting time, the guy poses for the cover of those trashy romance novels... like "to tame a viking" (that was actually one of them..) and whatnot... and his mom carries the books he's on around with her.... good times.

anyway, after swordfighting, i went over and saw actor's nightmare which was SO funny. and i thought it was a really good production. but megan (h) didn't like it... but then megan likes to bitch. then... oh! argh, almost everybody saw 12:00 shows. so me and justin and andrew (eew) ended up eating lunch together. and justin and i were amusing ourselves earlier in the day by adding "mc" to random things. (i.e. "hey mcjustin, what time is it?" "eleven mcforty!") but then andrew started doing it and it got annoying. so we stopped. then andrew wanted to go get to his theatre like... 45 minutes early and we were like "ok bye! *parties*" but yeah. we were nice to his face. and theen we went to this improv workshop which was insanely packed. so we didn't actually get to improv anything. but it was funny to watch. then we went to watch this student-made film called "the man".. which was... so weird. it had these random matrix, star wars, batman, and other references... the plot is pretty much explained in that amusing quote up there... the very best part is at the end, when the evil plumber throws marshmellows at the man, and matrix style he slows them down and they hover in front of him, and then he eats one, and the rest drop.. it was just funny.

yeaaah. then a bunch of us walked over to micheleo's and ate dinner. oh, and sma and megan (d) took this makeup class... so sma went out to dinner looking like someone had beaten the shit out of her... it was amusing. on the walk back allison and kellie and i amused ourselves by randomly quoting david sedaris.. loudly... *snicket*

yeah, and then justin and angela and ginny and david and eva and i all saw kindertransport which was SO good. stuff about the holocaust can either be really good or really bad, and this was really good. and yes, i was supposed to see alice, but these kids reaaaaaally wanted to see alice so we traded tickets. and i'm glad. *nod*

anyway, i'm soo tired, i'm off to bed... night!


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Thursday, January 10, 2002

listening to: bitch and animal, ganja

so there was a rumor that curtis was taking over as gordon on broadway. but he's not. *frowl* although i think it's really funny that the guy who started the rumor was like "yeah, i saw curtis last night and he's taking over for chad" and curtis was like "wait.. chad is leaving? great!" aaah, the life of the easily amused.

so at lunch we were discussing each other's personalities. which was really funny. trina and molly fought over which of them was the bossy one. jenny was the bitchy one, naturally. amanda was jekyll and hyde. (her response? "fuck you!") i was the walking contradiction. although they decided that i was really more of a flailing contradiction. and i never really thought about it before, but i guess i am. as they put it, "you're really shy, but you never shut up.. and you're really smart, but you're really ditzy... " and so on. hmm. dude, i could be my own verse to that alanis song... rrr.. what's the one? "i'm brave but i'm chicken shit.. something somehting... but i've got one hand in my pocket." oh, hand in my pocket. yeah. hmm. *wanders about contradicting self*

trina and i are playing the word association game and getting totally violent about it...

trina: hey, what happened to our game?
renata: um, we started fighting.
trina: i'll start
renata: so i'll start thist time.
trina: banana
renata: fish
trina: haha, no!
trina: okay, fine go for it
trina: copier
trina: start now!
renata: no! i don't want to! *sob*
trina: well can i start?
renata: you already did!
renata: it went banana, fish, and now it's your turn.
renata: sheesh.
trina: u did
renata: trina (9:20:35 PM): banana
renata:(9:20:40 PM): fish

trina: u thought of fish when i said banana?
renata: you started :P
renata: yes.
renata: well, i had bananas on the mind.
trina: well this is what it says on mine
renata: just take fish and run with it, okay?
trina: fine
trina: but who thinks of fish after bananas
trina: cat
renata: dog
renata: and i do, so don't judge me, bitch
trina: isn't this supposed to be some test to see what u're thinking?
trina: friend
renata: ninja
trina: < waits >
trina: turtle
renata: fish
trina: ahh!
renata: dude, i like fish today, okay?
trina: cat
renata: food
trina: but u don't even like fish!
renata: today i do!
trina: ice cream
renata: 32 flavors (and then some)
trina: then go eat some fish, and that's not one word
renata: neither is ice crem
trina: chocolate
renata: pie
trina: cuz ice crem's not a word
trina: pumpkin
renata: you know what, piss off!
renata: halloween.
trina: right back at u!
trina: snow white
renata: that's 2 words :P
renata: and dwarf.
trina: sleezy
trina: did i just write that?
renata: yes.
renata: sneezy.
trina: city of angels by red hot chilli peppers is a good song
trina: dopey
renata: stupid
trina: you! haha, i'm funny
renata: v :P
trina: flipper
renata: frodo
... and so it goes.

anyway. theatrefest. we saw the tour of second city. and it was funny. although theatrefest is kind of awkward because like.. i know all the people, and i'm friendly towards them all, but i'm not really good *friends* with any of them. so i just sort of blindly follow people and feel like a loser. i'm so effing mad at tj for not going. we usually bond in thespian situations because of our similar situation. although i think more people like tj than like me. but tj likes fewer people than i like. so it evens out. i think. oh, whatever. it's fun anyway. i got tickets to see durang's actor's nightmare, alice in wonderland ("hey! alice! megan's in that... wait... DAMMIT!"), starmites, and pirates of penzance. pirates. arrrrr matey. arrr.

and now an interlude from the word association game...

renata: albino
trina: batman
renata: okay and you're judging me?!
renata: robin.
trina: okay, i think of a lot of things at the same time!
renata: uh huh, and "albino/batman" is less word than "banana/fish"? ^_~
trina: flying
renata: circus
renata: weird, not word.

okay. i'm freaking tired and my nice, nest-y bed is calling. yes. oh, and if you've never heard it... go download "ganja" by bitch and animal. this is SUCH a hilarious song. "angels we have heard are high/ smoking joints up in the sky/delusions are floating by/ paranoia's running high/ga-a-a-anja/in excess ain't dangerous.." and it's in tune to "angels we have heard on high... " song. if you couldn't tell. dude yeah. it's awesome. i need to hook myself up with a b&a cd asap. yes.


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Wednesday, January 09, 2002

listening to: bitch and animal, drag king bar

yaay! i finally got to publish! *dances* so anyway. i called shirk to buy the ani tickets today. and darcy is in charge of tickets... i love her so much. i was like "um... i'd like to buy tickets for the ani difranco concert?" and she got all excited.. "great!!! how'd you hear about it? where are you froom?" and she gave me all the info and stuff. and then i hung up and realized she never told me how much the tickets *cost*. so i had to call again. but that's okay. wow, and i'm talking like i actually know darcy and like you all actually know who she is. um. darcy's the coolest, she's in charge of all the music-scheduling stuff at wesleyean, and she loves indie music. she's so great and enthusiastic about it. every town needs a darcy.

so i'm trying to become more fierce by listening to angry feminist music. hence all the bitch and animal lately. it's not really working though. *sigh* grrrr.

woo, theatre fest starts tomorrow night. *frolicks*

the boards won't load. *frowl* dude, reid just came and borrowed ani's revelling from me. teehee. and he had this school project where he had to read a book, and then burn a cd with a song to fit the personality of each character, and he asked me for help... oh my god, that boy had the coolest school cd ever, if i do say so myself. it had ani and tori and filter and *thinks* some other people. yeah. i'm slowly warping him into a much cooler individual. cool by my standards, anyway. and it's not on purpose. my natural coolness is just rubbing off on him. yay.

aaaanyway i'm gonna go. hopefully this will publish now as opposed to 24 hours later. but whatever.


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Tuesday, January 08, 2002

i forgot to mention... my mom knitted me this awesome sweater, it's black with silver threads in it. and when i wear this style of sweater it makes me feel like mark's mom. even though it doesn't actually look like a mark's mom sweater at all except that it's knitted and has buttons. so yeah i kept having this urge to do the voicemails all day. but instead i'd just wrap the sweater around me and feel all... mark's mom-like. yeah.

i'm sooo random. hey it's 10:13!! x-files time!

edit: apparently my clock is off of blogger's.. lol...


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dude.. i'm so scarred.. i took this once and got carson daly. and i knew that had, had, had to be wrong. so i took it again.

Take the awesomemonkeys test!

and then i looked at the source code and realized it was all random. but i still refuse to be carson daly. *glower*


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blogger is annoying me with its randomly unavailable publishing *frowl*

and i feel bad when i im people and i feel like i'm just annoying them but they're too nice to tell me to go away. *sniff* of course this goes back to my anti-paranoia resolution. i think i should listen to more angry music to make me more tough. grrrrrr. grrrr.


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listening to: b & a, drag king bar

according to the ancient scrolls of the Red Book of Westmarch , in my past life i was a Valiant Ainur. now if only i knew what that was... *consults dictionary* aww great, "ainur" isn't listed. *frowl* but "Ainu" is "A member of an indigenous people of Japan, now inhabiting parts of Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands. 2. The language of the Ainu." i don't think that's what it meant though.

aaand my elf name is either Imbehísië, Imbehísiëiel, Imbehísiëien... you know what they all look alike. sheesh, i must be a loser of an elf with a name like that. and i'm an ainur. "ainur" probably means "loser" too. sheesh.

hobbit name is Primrose Millbanks from Scary. from scary? from scary?!? i'm liking these tests less and less....

hmm well, my dwarf name is Thráin Poolbrace. i suppose that's... acceptable...

aaand my orc name is Goralûk the Strangler.

okay, i'm gonna be an orc, because that's a hella cool name. awww jeeze i just said "hella". and i just said i wanted to be an orc. i suck.

aka Goralûk the Strangler.

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listening to: bitch and animal, pussy manifesto

random amusing quotes: "so what does someone who's chivalrous do on a date?"
"wear armor?"

"how many bushels am i?"
"i'm not sure.. how much is a bushel?"
"er... well, it's those baskets... is bushel a measure of weight or volume?"
"i think volume.. what's your volume?"
"i dunno.."
"hmm... if we had a giant graduated cylinder, we could put you in it and see how much you displace... but then you'd get stuck, cuz you couldn't move your arms!"
"well, you could tip me over... *cracks up* and pour me out!"

So, which Fraggle ARE YOU most like? Click here to find out.

dude!! my fraggle is best friends with megan's fraggle! awww... except that that fraggle doesn't sound like me at all... but that's okay.

sooo anyway, rob told me to download this japanese music video, "yatta".. and after about a million hours it finally did, mostly at least... and omfg, it's fucked up. in a really really funny way. *giggle*

okay there's this thread at the rentboards, right? and this girl is like "blah blah, i'm 14 but i'm soooo mature, and i want to date this 17-year old guy" and it spawned a semi-interesting debate, right? and yeeesh. i can't stand it when teenagers are so "i'm in LOVE he's the love of my LIFE you just don't UNDERSTAND!" because hey guys, you're 16! it's the hormones talking! shut the fuck up and stop writing poetry! ... i'm not a very good teenager, am i? and i'm sure some teens really are in love. but i think most of them are morons. and i just really don't like poetry. most of it anyway. i mean some of it's good. but i think a lot of it is pretentious. i think that about a lot of art too. especially performance art. again, some of it is really good and interesting. but a lot of it is CRAP and people over-anyalyze it to make themselves sound smart. "oh, yes, yes, i see.. the milk symbolizes his mother, and the cereal symbolizes his hunger for life, and the bowl symbolizes him taking control of his emotions, and the spoon symbolizes his frustrations with society!" "um, actually i was just eating a snack... my performance isn't until later..."

maybe it's just because i've learned to bs essays so well for school that i can make up "brilliant" symbolism for everything. maybe i'm just a cynic. or maybe i'm just an evil bitch who doesn't understand art. whatever.

i have no idea why i needed to rant about that. oh well. it's best to get it out of my system, i suppose. grrr. or maybe listening to bitch and animal is bringing out my pussy power. grrr. ... although i must confess: the line "every living thing comes from and returns to... get it?" ... i don't.

hmm. anyway. *idly fidgets with hairclip*

i was buying ani tickets online and i was soo amused that it was listed as "small venue-- OTHER, IL." i'm soo happy to be living here in "other".... anyway then i realized it would be almost $20 in ticketmaster charges. ($5 per ticket @ 3 tickets, plus like $4 handling.) so i was like BAH! i'll make the extra effort to call the stupid shirk center. ticketmaster's not making THAT much off my ani tickets *frowl*


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Monday, January 07, 2002

okay like... this just amused me beyond belief. i love inane precalc assignments way too much, i fear...

nee! nee!


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SunDowner character

erm, i've never read sundowner. *sniff* but i ganked this from ellie and it looks neat. soooo yeah.


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listening to: ani, egos like hairdos

random amusing quotes: "so why was boromir's death scene so much more touching in the movie than in the book? anyone?"
"... because hobbits are really cute?"

"this person, with the intitials 'jc' is a culinary expert.."
"jesus christ?"
"julia childs!"
"hey, i bet jesus was a culinary expert too..."

"okay tj, you may be much better at physics than i am, but you are not better than bill nye the science guy!!"

hmm. so i was thinking today and i realized that nearly all of my self-worth comes from my intelligence, or at least my perception of my intelligence. cuz i'm not pretty, and i don't really have any other talents to speak of... all my life i was just "the smart girl." like it was my job or something. except now i don't think of myself as smart, either, which is really depressing, let me tell you. i don't even know why i'm posting this. i never post anything remotely... deep, for lack of a better word. emotional. i'm not really an emotional sorta girl. i guess because i just figured it out. and i was all impressed by my breakthrough. if you can call it that. anyway yeah. we got our apush finals back and i did pretty well. well that is to say i got a 5 on the ap scale which is the best you can get. i was comparing scores with elizabeth and my total was 150 and hers was 147. so we both did really well. but she got a few more points on the essay section (and i got a few more than her on the multiple choice) and i just felt so ashamed. like wow, you have to be smarter to write a good essay than to answer multiple choice questions... elizabeth must think i'm sooo stupid...

um not that any of you care about my dysfunctions. you all only read this for my semi-witty anecdotes. hmm. well, it amused me that when i went back to school with my re-brown hair i probably got more looks than when i dyed it purple. actually no. but i got a lot of looks. it really really amused me when justin stared and me and was like "soo.. what color is your hair really?"

i need to re-read fellowship of the rings cos thetard was talking about some scene in the book and i was sitting there like "what the fuck are you talking about? did we even read the same *book*?" something about gandalf meeting a bird wizard.. or something... but actually i sort of skipped over that chapter. stupid saruman. *frowl*

aaanyway. i'm going to eat dinner. *nod* my mom cooked something with.. noodles..a nd stuf... and whatever. whatever and ever amen.


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Sunday, January 06, 2002

oh, dude, *nina*.... i was just re-reading the sonic faq for old-time's sake... is the frank mentioned rentgod-frank? lawyer in des moines? seen the show a ton of times and is rather frightening looking, but nicer than nice? cuz if it is... dude, i totally didn't know he was on sonic... and if it's not, well, it's a freaky coincidence, huh??

hey random.


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listening to: ani, fourth of july

*sob* 12 hours from now i'll be at school. i don't wanna go, you can't maaaaaake me!

anyway. ayano, thank you SO much for posting that lotr fic... it's the funniest thing i've ever read. well. the funniest thing i've read today, at least.

i made a lot of dents in my tasp application today. i think my 'problem' essay turned out pretty good, depsite the fact that it's the vaguest question... ever... "discuss a specific problem or topic in a field that interests you. you may address political, philosophical, social, literary, aesthetic, or other questions. your essay should represent your own views and thoughts; it should not be a research paper. your essay should be no longer than 2 single-spaced pages."

riiight. a "problem or topic" in a field... thanks for narrowing it down, guys! *rolls eyes* but anyway. my thesis paragraph is as follows:

I feel that a problem today is the increasing movement towards lowering the artistic standards for popular music, literature, and theatre. While this is clearly not as significant of a problem as, say, the world AIDS crisis or the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, it is definitely a problem that seems to be rarely addressed. Our generation has been called the “MTV Generation” which I suppose should be a sign right there. We aren’t known for our literature, our social activism, or even our music. Our generation is defined by its music videos. That’s sad. Especially since most music videos aren’t even that good. Is there hope for the MTV Generation?

riiight... and after my critical analysis of "to the teeth" i really am not sure what kind of aura my application is going to have.... but like... they dig social issues. so i guess this makes me appear....um... whatever. *wraps blanket around self*

did i mention i don't want to go back to school? yeah. and my hands are so cold. i just touched my face and i totally recoiled from myself. it would have been funny to watch, had it been someone else. *shiver shiver*

anyway i'm off.


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yay toulouse! ... take the moulin rouge test!

You are Toulouse, a child of the bohemian revolution. You have a rich sense of humor and a sharp mind. You never pass up an opportunity to create mischief and rouse the bohemian spirit.

woohoo! i heart toulouse! i almost bought this cool toulouse lautrec shirt at target the other day. except there was only one left and it was the wrong size. *frowl*


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listening to: barenaked ladies, falling for the first time

am having THE most amusing conversation with *nina*....

*nina*: i want an EEEEELFFFF!!!!!!!!
renata: me too
renata: let's go start a cloning lab
*nina*: we'd make elf mini me's!!!
renata: teehee!
*nina*: and they'd actually LIKE me, wouldn't they?
renata: i'm writing an essay about the over-commercialization of music... i need a good, classic song to be the antithesis of "bye, bye, bye"
renata: of course! if we cloned them ourselves we'd be the gods!
*nina*: desperado.
*nina*: wait, i'm not a god already??
*nina*: [is crushed]
renata: of course you are! just not to any elves
*nina*: oh damn. i thought being god was applicable to all races.
renata: well, elves have different gods.
renata: i learned it from zelda.
*nina*: oh god bless zelda.
renata: yeah
*nina*: each and every game.
renata: so we need to find those other goddesses... kill them... and take their places
*nina*: but aren't they immortal?
*nina*: maybe we could just kick them out...it'd be less violent.
*nina*: or we could eat them like cronus and they'd live in our stomach's
renata: okay
renata: we'll overthrow them. *nod*
renata: i don't want goddesses in my stomach!
renata: especially not din, she has the power of fire *nod*
*nina*: but don't you think we'd ACQUIRE their powers?
renata: hmmm
renata: i'm not sure if eating goddesses works that way.
renata: only one way to find out, i suppose
*nina*: bottoms up.
*nina*: lol.
*nina*: i wonder if they'd taste good dipped in chocolate.
renata: this is such a morbid conversation
renata: i mean it's worse than the young link one.
renata: oh well.
*nina*: *nina*: fucking a, i am NOT a saint!
*nina*: i do NOT cross my legs demurely at the ankles.
*nina*: i will not bear twenty score children and make you FUCKING RICE!!!!!!!!!
*nina*: i am all empowered *nina* and i am coming to kick your ass.
*nina*: sorry, had to paste that to you.

*nina*: young link. wheeeee....
renata: hehehe
renata: *applauds*
*nina*: [prances] i feel better now.
*nina*: maybe i should listen to maggie estep and be REALLY embittered. [nod]
renata: see, if you ate some goddesses, you'd be extra-empowered
*nina*: but in the meanwhile, i shall drool over legolas.
*nina*: and pretend he's my boyfriend.
*nina*: did i tell you colby has pointy ears?
renata: yes *nod*
renata: i'm jealous.
*nina*: whoo! yes! power! howmp howmp.
*nina*: i'll share my goddesses.
*nina*: not colby. but. yeah.
renata: well.. okay
*nina*: he's a bastard though so you wouldn't want him anyways. [spits out colby]
renata: if i can have a mini-legolas
*nina*: ooo! we could make him a mini play house!
*nina*: !!! like barbie only better!!!!!
renata: hehehe!
*nina*: and have our mini me's live with him and fight over him and good stuff!!
renata: we could put a webcam in it!
*nina*: omb, totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*nina*: wow, we are geniuses.
renata: *high5*
renata: at first i typed "hugh5"... hmm. i'd like to high 5 hugh jackman...
*nina*: you'd like to do more than that to him.
*nina*: :P
renata: *snicker snicker*
renata: like clone him
renata: and give him some tea.
*nina*: that's spiked.
*nina*: sure sure.
renata: spiked.. with LEMON
renata: *cackles*

um yeah. i'm in one of those moods. hee. i'm cold and hopped up on sugar so i'm shaking. heeeeeeee!


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Saturday, January 05, 2002

listening to: ttb, louder than words

hmmm... so i was just eating a german chocolate bar... and it tasted really gross... like a chocolate covered rice cake... and i realized that the package seemed to have chocolate covered wheat on it... so i thought i'd go to freetranslations.com and see what it was... well... i think i'm a bit concerned now... "The special at children Country is its abundant filling out of the best of the milk and the different cereal that one knows already from the breakfast. Tastes easily and crisply."

is my chocolate made out of children?? if any of you happen to *coughROBcough* know german... here's the original... "Das Besondere an Kinder Country ist seine reichhaltige Füllung aus dem Besten der Milch und den verschiedenen Cerealien, die man schon vom Frühstück her kennt. Schmeckt leicht und knusprig." maybe a less literal translation would make more sense? *shrug* oh well. at least i can taste it easily and crisply....

"mmm... this sure tastes easy!"

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so for my tasp application i'm writing a critical analysis of ani's "to the teeth"... i keep having to restrain myself from using the phrase "majorly fucked up" in reference to america's attitude towards guns.... maaaajorly fucked up, my friends.


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listening to: tori, time

hmm. so i think... i think that i'll post this today. out of boredom. and such. awhile ago eliz and i wrote these parodies of teevee theme songs about manifest destiny... and they're really hilarious... so i think i'll share one with you. this is to the tune of the gilligan's island theme song. and i think... that i'll use caps. mwahaha.

"The Donner Party Theme Song"
by Renata and Elizabeth

Oh, sit right back and we'll tell a tale
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from Independence, Missouri
With a spirit of comradeship
The travelers were led by a colonel
His name was William H. Russel,
And when they left in 1846
They really tried to hustle.
They took the Hastings cutoff
And bypassed Fort Hall
They were too slow to meet their guide
And had no route at all
They traveled on across through the uncharted Salt Lake Desert
With George Donner, the new leader
And seventy-three travelers
They realized they were low on supplies
While travelling through Utah!

They went on to the California Trail
The traveled for a long, long time
They tried to ascend the Sierra Mountains
It was an uphill climb
In October the snow began to fall
And when a nasty blizzard struck
The Donners were stranded
And they were out of luck,
No food! No supplies! No firewood!
Not a single luxury
The Donners were dying, 'cause they were so hungry
They were forced to become cannibals
Although they thought it was vile
We hoped you enjoyed our song about
The Donner party's trial!

now picture a class full of bad singers trying pathetically to make this fit the tune of the song... (the syllables are a stretch in places... it takes a certain talent to sing it right ^_~) anyway.. there are 3 more and if you guys want, i can type those up too... i think they're hilarious. but maybe you don't. how should i know?


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listening to: tori, '97 bonnie and clyde

okay, this song creeeeeps me out. gah. *changes* smite thee, eminem!

i'm sooo cold. and i have to go back to school monday. so i should be making the most of today. except... it's snowing and i don't want to drive into town. soooo i'll just sit here and make vague attempts at my tasp essay. and shiver a lot.

aaand megan... the ani concert is 2/21.. which is a thursday. soooo maaybe you could like, come after school.. and see it... and then on friday.. we could.. cut class... or... something. *think* oooor we could claim you're my relative and you could come to school with me as an observer... and.. junk. *nod* and you could meet all my friends of dooom. or... i dunno. *flail*

i was just looking up "jerkin" in my computer's dictionary (A close-fitting, hip-length, collarless jacket having no sleeves but often extended shoulders, belted and worn over a doublet by men especially in the 16th century.), and was vastly amused that "jerk off" has its own entry... (Vulgar Slang. To masturbate.) yeah, i'm easily amused. and my fingers are numb so it's really hard to typee.


well damn.

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listening to: ani, hello birmingham

just a quick post.... gueeeess who's coming back to bloomington february 21st? aaaaaaaaaaaani! and to the shirk center, too, not the freaking interstate center... woooohoo! *dances a happy ani dance*

speaking of which, if you haven't read ani's 9-11 poem... you should. it's really... you should read it.

that's all... except that if ani's 2002 tour comes anywhere near you, you should definitely make an effort to go ^_^ hasta!


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Friday, January 04, 2002

listening to: ani, swan dive

i reaaaally like this song. actually i really like this whole album. but anyway. i was just looking at old comments and somehow i missed this one from megan the first time around... "ooooh my god! *i* almost used a gluestick as chapstick today!! *sigh* we're stupid in the same ways! go us! and i put a picture of us in SF in the frame you gave me, and put the picture of our shoes on my bulletien board. get online you dork. i'm gonna call your cellphone and hope it's on. *sigh*" actually it's from like 2 days ago. but that's old compared to... today. anyway... it just cracked me up... SO much... *sob* i miss megan. and.. for christmas i sent her this hello kitty picture frame with a picture of our shoes in it ^_^ i couldn't find any good pictures of us to use. at least one of us will always look at the wrong camera, or make a stupid face, or soomething. alas.

i'm climbing up on the railing
trying not to look down
and i'm gonna do my best swan dive
into shark-infested waters
and i'm gonna pull out my tampon
and start splashing around
cuz i don't care if they eat me alive
i've got better things to do than survive...

i just really like that. i heart ani.

a little bird told me
that jumping is easy
that falling is fun
right up til you hit the sidewalk
shivering and stunned
and they can call me crazy if i fail
all the chance that i need
is one in a million
and they can call me brilliant
if i succeed
and gravity is nothing to me
moving at the speed of sound
just gonna get my feet wet
until i drown...

um yeah. i'm gonna stop with the ani quotes and... do something, i dunno.


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listening to: aaaani d, pulse

hmmm. so i just watched happy gilmore on fox. heh.. "i eat pieces of.. scum.. like you for breakfast!" "you eat pieces of.. scum.. for breakfast?" i love that movie. even though i don't like golf.. and i don't really like adam sandler that much. but it's just a quality movie.

i made a small dent in iceman. it has lots of rants. my mom underlined a lot of them in green marker, which amuses me. heh. i love reading my mom's old books. except some paperworms or something tunneled little holes in catcher in the rye... which is even more amusing.

yeah um. and i changed the layout... it's basically now the old layout, but with different colors. buuut i like it. i liked the old layout. i like frames. i like purple. i like boron. so there ya go. oh, and the title... well, as we all know, "if you drink boron, you're a moron".. and if you drink me, you're also a moron.

for extra credit in world lit, i'm writing a comparison of the fellowship of the rings book vs. movie... i'm trying to avoid using the phrase "i want legolas" but it's hard ^_^

i really thoguht i'd do some work on that bloody term paper over break. but hey, guess i'm not going to.... and that's okay.

heh... some girl joined sonic with the name "popechick" so i asked if she was catholic.... she didn't see the humor. alas. (manley pope plays roger on broadway... and he attracts a lot of scary teenybopper fans who clearly don't appreciate the funniness of his name. manley.... pope. get it get it get it?)

oh! and harry potter fans... *coughELLIEcough*... question: doesn't the spell "lumos" just make the end of your wand light up? i could swear that's what it was supposed to do... but i just learned lumos in the game... and it's WEIRD... quirrell said something about illuminating dark magic, or something, so you cast it on these scary gargoyles, and then the gargoyles roar, and then some sort of light bridge will show up somewhere. odd. anyway. peace out.


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listening to: ani, deep dish

speaking of deep dish... pizza sounds really good right now. i wish i had a pizza. but anyway. i'm angrily giving up on fixing this main page because it SHOULD work and it DOES work with a higher resolution than i usually use... so... maybe it's just my computer being stupid.

go check out theninemuses.net! ellie finally got it up and it's be-yoo-tiful ^_^.

i got the cooooolest letter from *nina* today... the envelope is like, clear plastic.. and then the stationary inside it is plaid and it shows through.. and... it's really cool! i heart you *nina*!

and megan... i think you're cool. and now i'm going to go read the iceman cometh because it's randomly on my shelf and i figure it's a sufficiently smart-sounding book for my tasp application. but first, maybe i'll eat some soup.


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listening to: tori, sister named desire

damn the tables, damn blogger, dam the beavers, damn damn damn.

but i'm too tired to fix it. perhaps i will wake up tomorrow and discover that this fluctuating-table-width thing was all in my head.

anyway... am working on tasp application essays. i have never written more absolute crap in my life. it's getting to the point where it's fun. i'm especially proud of this line: "Although I am not sure what career I want to pursue, one path that has often crossed my mind is teaching, because so many of my teachers have really shaped my interests and made a difference in my life, and I’d like a chance to do something like that." teehee. "However, I am definitely open to new possibilities and look forward to college as a time to explore new career options, while learning new information and meeting new people." is pretty good too, i think. *cracks knuckles* one down, fooour to go... mwahaha. anyway.

i got to my first quidditch game in the hp game today.. it was soo amusing. first, there only seemed to be 3 or 4 players-- me, the slytherin seeker, and a couple randoms. second, i had no clue what was going on, so if the game hadn't been obviously rigged in my favor, slytherin would have won about 5 times in a row. also i kept flying into shrubberies, and lee jordan would give me these cryptic hints.. ."oh, don't give up harry!" "he's getting closer!" "oh, he's lost it!" but eventually i caught the stupid thing (despite the fact that the slytherin seeker was hovering about 5 inches away from the snitch the ENTIRE TIME but never managed to catch it...) and there was much rejoicing.

of tiredness.

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Thursday, January 03, 2002

listening to: tori, iieee

hmm... half-finished updating and then the computer froze... finishing now. yes. for some reason the table on the main page is being stupid.. yet it works fine in the archive. yooowl.

test one two three...

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listening to: rent obc reunion, tmolm

i would like to retract my comment about sailor pluto... apparently a lot of people like ms. pluto, lol! ^_^

soo yeah. i got my hair redyed brown today. i was so sick of that weird in-between color. but i am having suuuch an ugly day. argh. you know the kind where you look in the mirror, and no matter what you do you look freaking hideous? it's not the hair.. i like the hair.. i just look ugly. ick. i can't wait till this passes. in the meeeantime i think i'm going to re-do this site. maybe not. but probably. the frames are probably going... and i'll probably have some sort of background-and-tables thing going on... kinda like the old layout.. or like cc.com... or like my old site. it's a recurring design of mine... i cleverly reuse it over and over and pretend that nobody notices. bwahaha! i was toying with the idea of using that rainbow layout from the jake manabat site that never really got off the ground, because i really like it... but i really don't think that layout will work for anyone but jake, dammit.

speaking of jake, i got the 6/23 video today.. it makes me happy cos i was there for that show ^_^ woot, i'm a nerd. oh, that reminds me... i think i'm renaming my blog "the boron narratives." yeah.

excited by new design project ^_^

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Wednesday, January 02, 2002

listening to: ani, make me stay

You are Sailor Mercury!

You are very smart, and you're good with

computers. You're sweet, and soft-spoken

and you have a very good heart.

You're not the most powerful, but you're the

brains of the operation.

You fight with the element of water!

Take the Which Sailor Are You? Quiz!

...created by Kenzie.

... okaaay, mercury was technically my number 2 result. but i don't liiiiiike sailor pluto (actually i have no clue who she is...) sooo i cheated. bwahaha.

so anyway... boredom (and avoidance of other things i shooould be doing) has driven me to fanfiction.net. and my god, is all the lotr fanfic uniformly TERRIBLE! there seem to be 3 basic plots that are used over and over... 1.) short girl from present time is ostracized and takes her only solace in tolkien. she is magically transported to middle earth and falls in love with frodo. usually she is revealed to actually be a hobbit. 2.) not-short, but ostracized girl from present time is randomly transported to middle earth and falls in love with legolas. (variation: sometimes this is just a random ostracized-yet-sooo-beautiful-elf) ooor 3.) aragorn whines about how much he loves legolas. it's quite funny... seriously, i swear there ARE ONLY THREE PLOTS. you think i'm exaggerating but i'm nooot... (not counting all the parodies..) this story is a funny take on story #2 ^_^

*got terribly distracted and came back about 45 minutes later*

er.. hmm. i was just looking at my FFN reviews and.. well.. they're mostly all GOOD.... *is confused* and i'm really confused by someone who just wrote "Typical You" and i have NO clue who they are and ffn says they don't exist... umm.. are any of you people "Pheonix Angel"? *shrug* okay... yeah... done now.


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listening to: ani, names and dates and times

gueeess how many harry potter fics there are on ffn? guess! 23468. aaand 985 "harry potter author fics." (can somebody tell me what *that's* about?) aalso... 255 bible fanfics. which... um... i'm really curious about.. but they won't load.

kait: Okay, if the world was ending and you could save only one Rachael Sage CD, which would it be?
renata: smashing the serene
kait: Yay, that's the cheapest one too...
renata: that was a morbid way of asking which one you should buy ^_~


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listening to: ani, willing to fight

saaaw lotr again today! and, finally, an ep2 trailer! both natalie portman and.. whathissnameanakin seemed like they were trying their damnedest not to show any emotion whatsoever. "obi-wan... is... holding.. me.. back. i... love... you.." whatever. i mean i'll see it anyway, of course.. it just doesn't look very good...

hmm... new year's resolutions. maybe i'll make some.

1. eat healthier/lose weight/remember to take iron pills every day/get more sleep. (see how they all tieeee in together? *makes hand motion* tieeeee in together.)

2. short term: read some smart books to add to tasp application. (also, finish reading return of the king.

3. spend less time berating self for being a moron.. and more time doing smart things, so as not to be a moron.

4. doooom.

5. stop picking at nails. okay, that's not going to happen. but i'll write it down anyway.

6. stop being so damn paranoid.

7. save the world before bedtime.

8. actually study for physics once in awhile instead of just whining about how bad i am at physics.

9. come to terms with the fact that a 91% in physics actually isn't that bad.

10. alphabetize my shoes. (but wait... they're all under "s", for shoe! *frowl* that won't work at all.)

so the other day i had this dream that i was at the mall with trina and jenny, but then all of a sudden i was in stroud (auditorium) teaching lindsey kaupp german. except i don't know german.. and i don't really know lindsey that well either. *shrug*

~re: nata~

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listening to: tori, happy phaaantom

megan lives!! yay! *glomps*

What Kind Of Pokemon Are You?

aww... that pokemon is ugly. i'd rather be evil hello kitty. oh well.

my pinky fingernail is too long. actually, it's not that long... it's not even past the end of my finger... but it's longer than the other nails. damn nonconformist nail. *considers trimming it.. but can't find scissors* hm. bah. you win this time, nail.

by the way, i wrote one paragraph of my ten page paper last night. go me! heh... but i still need to do a bunch of research.. and i have a ridiculously thorough outline so it shouldn't be that hard to get ten pages... especially with my innate gift for bs. *cough*

so... right... gonna go get dressed.. and seeee lotr... and such...


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Tuesday, January 01, 2002

listening to: tori, crucify

wooohoo i finally beat the stupid flipendo challenge! all the other challenges are a lot easier so far... except quidditch. *frowl* i suck at quidditch. how come malfoy can throw things at me and i can't throw things at him? and why are there so damn many trees in the.. forest..? *sigh* and yeah.. this post is basically just a list of random musings... *hums*

it really amuses me how practically every word ever used in a hp book is trademarked. i'm surprised "jk rowling" isn't trademarked by now...

... i'm seeing lotr again tomorrow with miriam! *blows hny-style party horn*

little earthquakes is SUCH a good cd. everyone should own it. *pokes* YOU! why don't you own little earthquakes??

sooo i'm randomly looking at bennytour.com [totally random.. but it always makes me feel SO cool when my name is up on the holiday page... lol! yeah, i'm a dork.. anyway...] and like.. i'm in awe by how many of these people i know! katie! and *nina* and amy! and cristina with short brown hair! aw! and the christian stalker picture! *revels about* wow, that's one of the first sonic posts i remember clearly... (actually.. i guess there are a lot more before that.. but... whatever.) aaanyway. i'm off now.


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listening to: ani, fourth of july

soo i was playing the harry potter game for.. wow, about 2 hours (although part of that was installing and restarting time) and.. like.. it's really cool, and the graphics are great, and harry is cute as a button.. but i am aaangry. i've done the fucking flipendo challenge at leaaaast 10 times and harry keeps randomly walking off a block into the abyss. really, i swear, he jumps off the ground onto this block, and then he keeeeps walking, despite my fingers being totally off the walking/jumping buttons *frowl* and since you can only save at certain points, i have to do the whooole thing over every time *sob sob* and quirrell was disappointed in my flipendo skills. *sob sob* i felt so inadequate. but it's haaard when your mouse sucks. i think harry is getting exasperated with me. he probably wishes somebody smarter had bought his game. poor harry. random aside... doesn't ron's sweater NOT have an 'r' on it? i seem to remember a scene where fred and george say something like "she didn't put her initial on yours, she must think you know your name!" "of course, we know we're called gred and forge!" hmm. oh well.

am taking a harry break to start writing term paper (due january 22nd.) really. i'm going to. i swear.


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listening to: ani, make me stay

new years eve was hilarious... i picked everybody up, and then we went to jewel and bought an insane amount of food (almost all of which is gone.. hmm.) anyway, then we played the powerpuff girls game that miriam gave me for christmas, and jenny and trina fought SO MUCH... each of them thought the other was cheating, and they kept screaming at each other... very funny. and then jenny won and trina sulked. aand we watched mallrats and office space. (quality movies, quality movies.) and we played some harry potter uno and some life, but we abandoned life about halfway through. (er.. the game. we're all still alive.) oh! and we were watching the mtv countdown, and we assumed that they'd replay the balldrop for central time... only they didn't... so around like, 12:02 we were like "ummm.. i think it's past midnight... damn! *pause* happy new year!" and we toasted. yeah. and.. junk.

theeen this morning.. we got up... and got chinese food. and it wasn't that good because trina refused to go to ming's wok. yeah. and then we went to target so trina could get her parents an anniversary present, and i bought the harry potter computer game with my gift certificate. i'm gonna go play it in a minute. aalso, i bought this pack of lotr trading cards on a whim.. i figured "hmm.. 8 cards in a pack.. 9 members of the fellowship.. my odds of getting a legolas are pretty good, right?" yeah, wrong... *frowl* i got TWO arwens (slightly different-- but still!), like.. 4 gandalfs.. a random card with a picture of the ring.. and one of the stupid bree gatekeeper.

at least miriam said she'd see lotr with me tomorrow :)


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