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Monday, December 31, 2001

listening to: ani difranco, on every corner

hm. so new year's eve is going to be fairly boring, but fun ^_^ in a couple hours i'm going to pick up miriam, trina, and jenny. yuuup.

i wish *nina* would come back. *poke*

i'm tired. and i don't have anything to say. i thought i did... but i guess i don't. *sigh* happy new year (of DOOOOM) everyone!


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Sunday, December 30, 2001

listening to: rent boot

wow, this soloist is really kicking the shit out of the notes.. wonder who it is? *rummage* aisha de haas. this is a kickass boot.. scottness as gordonness ^_^

iii wanted to see lord of the rings again today. but trina said no. *pout* and shee wanted to see ocean's 11. but i said no. so we saw monsters inc. which was really fun. but.. no legolas. damn. *sigh* i sooo neeeed to see this movie again... if anyone wants to go see it with me, let me knooow!

i would just like to say that i red heart megan.

aaand, i'm tired. and it's not even 9 pm. doh. new year's eve tomorrow and i have noooo idea what i'm doing... tbt and i have vague plans to "do.. something." we'll probably just like.. watch teevee. but that's okay.

i wish scott was mark in this boot. but he's not. *scratches knee* *listens to maggie and kamilah kick the shit out of tmolm*

dude.. somebody buy me a legolas action figure... please? i promise i would only use him for good and never occasionally evil...

of.. love. renata of lo-ooo-ooove!

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renata: *shivers about*
megan: sheesh, what are YOU shivering about?
megan: *amused*
renata: nothing.. just haven't eaten much today
megan: hehe
renata: *poke* your line is "you look familar"
megan: but you dont'
megan: i mean
megan: you look familiar
renata: like your dead girlfriend
megan: nah... more like my aunt *squints* in this light... you actually look a little bit like george bush
megan: i mean *cough*
megan: only when you smile...
renata: hmph.
renata: *beats you up with my lawn chair and handcuffs*


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listening to: ani d, asked you first

whee, just went shopping at righteousbabe.com! my mom, to allay her feelings of guilt for getting reid more xmas presents than me, bought me the "every tool is a weapon if you hold it right" shirt that i've been pining for since last november aaand a new, cool shirt.. it's green, with black sleeves, and one sleeve says "righteous babe records" and the other says "raging indie". teehee! and the back has the rbr logo. i wish i had a baby so i could buy it "righteous baby" clothing. seriously, it's so cute. also i strongly desire one of the coffeecups.. (they're the cooolest cups ever, there's 4 of them, and each one has a different coffee-related ani quote.. i'm not sure which one i like best though. probably the "out of habit" one.. or mayhap the "little plastic castle" one... oh well. i already have 3 coffeecups. i don't need another one, i dooon't. *drags self away from site*)

my god, i'm cold. and i'm thiiis close to reading a legolas/aragorn slash fic. oh.. i clicked it.. *sigh* curiosity killed the renata...

i just almost used a gluestick for chapstick. maybe i should go to bed now. hmm.


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Saturday, December 29, 2001

listening to: ani, brief bus stop

woohoo, i spent a bit of time practicing super smash brothers (ie figured out what most of the buttons do) and now i can thoroughly kick reid's ass most of the time. bwahaha. of course, he doesn't like to play with me when i win...


Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

anyway... i got my application for that summer history camp thing in the mail today... eep. only 16 people are chosen. so basically i'm not going to be one of them. but i'm applying anyway. there are a bunch of essay questions you have to answer, and one of them asks you to list all the books you've read recently... unfortunately all the books i've read recently are sci-fi. (or david sedaris.) and i fear that won't look very impressive. sooo if anyone has any good, impressive-sounding books to recommend, let me know! i have until february 1st to read them all ^_^

also, we have to analyze a book, play, poem, etc. i was thinking about rent because i could write pages and pages about it (and because it would be really easy to tie in the social issues i need to discuss) but then, it says something i've read. of course, i have read the rent libretto. but i'm not sure if that would work. i was also thinking about ender's game. i think i could work in a lot of social issues there. oooor i could do lord of the rings, what with the whole world war 2 and power corrupts and junk. hmm. any opinions or other ideas would also be welcome ^_^


of historical doom.

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Friday, December 28, 2001

listening to: barenaked ladies, falling for the first time

sooo addicted to this song. argh. anyway. reid got a gamecube for christmas, and the only game he has is super smash brothers, which has a lot more characters than super smash brothers for n64... like zelda! so i was playing as zelda, and she's SO cool. and she can transform into sheik, and back and stuff. but zelda has cooler moves, like din's fire and fayore's wind. (you can also be link.. but he sort of sucks. also, i was afraid i'd be too attracted to myself to play properly.) not that i'm very good anyway... the gamecube controller is all craazy and has too many buttons. so i kept doing the totally wrong thing. oh well. 'twas fun.

did i mention that i looove "falling for the first time"?? this is just such an awesome song. you should all go download it. or buy maroon or the greatest hits cd. *nod*


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listening to: ani difranco, blood in the boardroom

went shopping with mom today... got the sims hot date with my walmart gift certificate! (yeah, yeah, who gives walmart gift certificates as gifts? my mom's friend, that's who, and i'm perfectly happy with them ^_^) whee, and i got this buttercup (from ppg) christmas ornament for 50% off!

oh, and opened christmas presents at home today... got some cool things ^_^ the bc/efa rent calendar, a dilbert day-by-day calendar, ani difranco's not so soft and puddle dive, a duck dressed like a ballerina, a duck that looks like it's made out of wood (it's, um, ugly, but that's okay), a duck lamp, duck socks, this cuuuute pillow.. it looks like the sorting hat, and then in its mouth are the 4 house crests on ribbons and you can pull them out... um, an hp keychain that's all cool and looks like a potion bottle, and it lights up.. oh, and these cool "poetry dogtags"... it's sort of like magnetic poetry.. like, it's a chain, and then there are a ton of dogtags, and you put them on it and spell out.. stuff... i bet you'll never guess what my dogtag says... no, not that.. nope, you're wrong.. okay, it says "i desire magic karma."

anyway, i'm going to go play sims hot date now.. woot!

desiring magic karma.

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quizzes ganked from jason!

hey ma! i'm jem!
You're Jem
You're so nice. My gut hurts from being around you....

Take the Hologram/Misfit Test

The White Rabbit

You're harried, and often have too many things to take care of to stop and enjoy life (whether from procrastinating or not). You feel safe when you're busy, though, and you're somewhat of a wuss, and often caught off-guard. You're easily startled, and may be somewhat of a push-over -- but if you think you've the right, you'll boss others around.

easily startled... me? never! *falls off chair*

also... from ellie, the funniest thing. ever. do not steal it or ellie will hunt you down and rip off your leg and beat you to death with it. really.


aiee! more quizzes from ellie! *flails about in an orgy of quizzes*

sadly i have NO idea who this person is. *hesitant shrug*

Take the Which Beatle Are You? Quiz.

Tragically, it turns out that you're RINGO.

CONGRATULATIONS! While your fellow band members have aged terribly from a combination of the barrage of drugs they did in their youth, and the toll of extreme success, YOUR looks haven't changed in the least since you were FIVE YEARS OLD!

Our sources indicate you will someday be the last surviving Beatle, and may in fact live forever. Although your singing and songwriting talents weren't quite on par with the rest of the boys, your drumming suited the band quite well and your sanity and niceness were what kept the Beatles together as long as they were. So be proud of your Ringoness!

Although most know you only by the size and shape of your nose, you're actually a very three-dimensional character (haha, get it?), who enjoys wholesome activities such as being a good sport while others make fun of you, acting, chocolate pudding, and pillow fights.


*is merry*


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listening to: ani difranco, swan dive

jason: aww, you won't go to hell as long as you accept Jesus as your savior who died for your sins...so be as evil as you want, cuz the check's been paid!
renata: that's the most cynical thing i've ever heard
renata: i love it

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Thursday, December 27, 2001

listening to: barenaked ladies, the humour of the situation

yes, i got past falling for the first time ^_^

speaking of falling... you may or may not recall that in my last post, i described my cd tower as "wobbly"... yeah, the whole stupid thing fell over. doh. all 100+ of my cds went flailing everywhere. i picked them up, though.. and cleverly put my stupid "america the beautiful" book that reader's digest sent me for winning some stupid thing in grade school under it, for balance ^_^ it's the thickest book i own.. yet i don't recall ever opening it. hm. *ponders*

i'm cold.

reaaaally need to see lotr again. have plans to see it with tralalalia whence she returns from florida... but that's in a week! *harrasses trina*

sometimes i worry that i'm a terrible evil person and if there's a hell i'm going there for sure. *sweatdrop*

of paranoia.

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listening to: barenaked ladies, falling for the first time

*nina*: bah ^_^

wow... i really really really like this song. ("falling for the first time.") i've listened to it.. about 5 consecutive times now. yeah. we opened a couple christmas presents at home today (2 each, and then our stockings... and yes, we're celebrating christmas tomorrow at our house. why? because we're odd, that's why.) so anyway... reid gave me barenaked ladies, maroon, which i reallyreallyreally like. also.. lessee... my mom re-gifted to me some stuff that someone gave her and she didn't want, but she thought i would, so i got a $10 bath and body works gift certificate, some odd soap, and some yummy peppermint bark. aaand in my stocking... shadow of the hegemon, purple body glitter, a... heey... *backs cd back up to falling for the first time*... where was i? oh yeah... some cute kleenexes with ducks on them.. and harry potter uno. wooot. oh, and my mom got all randomly paranoid and was like "wait! i think i got reid more presents than you! *flail* i'll take you to barnes and noble and buy you lots of books!" and so.. yay! *puts on happy dork hat*

talia has an elf-fetish too. hurrah. and she agrees that scott hunt has excellent elf-potential.

i almost bought this shirt that said "how many emo kids does it take to change a lightbulb? who cares, let them cry in the dark." but i was afraid i might get beat up by a gang of emo kids. (yeah, i know they're not known for being violent, but then.. neither am i. and they could hit me with their trendy messenger bags!)

sooo cooold... *shiver*

ooh, excitement... i have this cd tower thing, and it's in two pieces.. so you can only use the bottom half if you don't have that many cds.. well, with the cds i got for xmas i had to add the top half ^_^ it's almost as tall as i am now. and sort of wobbly. *poke* yeah. easily amuused.


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listening to: ani difranco, pixie

hey, pixie... like *nina*! speaking of which... *nina*, honey, there's no way in hell you need to weigh 89 pounds. *frowl* *attempts to give motivational speech but gets distracted by shiny cd player*

this thing is SO shiny. yeah.

damn the ornery fictional characters. *sage nod* speaking of sage ,*nina* i didn't know you liked rachael sage too! i heart rachael sage! woot!

aaand, to keep myself amused when i get back home, i'm embarking on a project that necesitates all of you who want one (it's a secret!) to email me or comment with their attractive person of choice. also your address if i don't have it.

tentatively i have:
megan ~ scott
kait ~ jim
*nina* ~ legolas
me ~ legolas

but feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.. or if i just don't have you. since i only have.. you know.. 3 of you.

i really like the lyric "i don't care if they eat me alive/i've got better things to do than survive." woot ani.

soon i'm going out to lunch with grandparents.. and then home. yay home.


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listening to: tori amos, space dog

blaaaaarg. i just took like a 3 hour nap. and blogger is down. yet i feel the need to ramble so i am emailing this to myself for later bloggage. have theeee worst headache. like seriously... there are evil gnomes inside my head with pickaxes. funny story, this morning i was reading the label on a jar of jelly, and it said "no gmo" (genetically modified organisms) and i thought it said "no gnomes." ...it was early. so yeah... went day-after-christmas shopping with grandmother and mother today. got some cool harry potter wrapping paper at 50% off ^_^ also, at hot topic, the coooooolest christmas cards ever (to save for next year.) 4 words: "rocky horror christmas show." i know you're all shivering in antici... pation for next christmas ^_^ also... 3 pairs of jeans on sale at old navy. woot! and a cool shirt for $5.

ah... 4 extra-strength tylenol finally seem to be taking effect. take that, brain gnomes!

i almost bought a lotr calendar today (50%) for one picture of legolas. but i decided that that would be altogether scary and fangirlish, and furthermore i have the bc/efa rent calendar at home, and futher-furthermore, there was only one picture. then i looked at this weekly planner type thing. and omg, there was only ONE picture of legolas. and like 10 orc pictures! who wants a stupid orc when you could have an elf? *frowl* lousy calendar makers. and lousy elves, for being so attractive and yet so... fictional. *sigh*

The Castaway Quiz deems me:


You are a kind hearted person. Some may think you are a clod, but the truth is you are not leaving the island without getting into Maryann's pants.


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Tuesday, December 25, 2001

listening to: tori, god

was being horribly fangirlish and looking at orlando bloom fansites. (why? why? why? *sob* i don't remember any other actor obsess.... *looks at url*.... actors i haven't met anyway!) fortunately, i seem to have made a breakthrough... i'm only attracted to elvin-orlando. which goes back to the whole unfortunate elf fetish. why couldn't i have a simple fetish.. like blondes or feet? but nooo... elves. ruddy elves. *peer* non-elfin orlando bloom actually looks sort of like justin timberlake. ack. amusing conversation with *nina*...

*nina*: orlando bloom
renata: hehe
*nina*: bad things
*nina*: bad bad bad things
renata: i'm blogging about him right now.
*nina*: i tell you.......all those photos...man
*nina*: no good can come of it
renata: actually
*nina*: bwhaha!!!!!!
*nina*: it's just unhealthy
*nina*: it really yis.
renata: i discovereed taht non-elfin orlando isn't that attactive to me
renata: which i think is a good sign
*nina*: but it also means that you've got a penchant for ELVES
*nina*: see, i'm a blonde kinda gal
*nina*: so i like him with the flowing locks
*nina*: which is weird 'cause i really don't like guys with really really long hair
renata: me neither!
renata: but elves..
renata: god, elves.
*nina*: mmmm
*nina*: elves
*nina*: but NOT keebler elves
renata: oh god *nina*.. this is so wrong
*nina*: [shakes head furiously]
renata: no. nor santa elves.
*nina*: ugh. no. indeed.
renata: link is another attractive elf.
*nina*: they made a movie about link?
*nina*: PLEASE tell me you are not referring to the digital version....
renata: *sob*
*nina*: [grips mouse]
renata: the adult one!
renata: the adult link.. in 3d..
*nina*: whew.......um..........i was worried
renata: .and.. the ears... and the pointy hat...
renata: *sob sob*
*nina*: I WANT POINTY EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
renata: me tooo!@
*nina*: photo?
renata: i'll look ^_^
*nina*: [prances]
renata: *frowl* i don't want pictures of little link..
*nina*: that's.........dirty...........
*nina*: KIDDING!
*nina*: [hug]
renata: lol
renata: http://members.tripod.com/~linknzelda/
renata: mind if i post our elf conversation in my blog? i always take out the sns
*nina*: i really don't mind.
*nina*: all for the sake of entertaining others.
*nina*: [leaps thru ring of fire]
renata: hurray ^_^
*nina*: omb, that is TOO funny........
renata: what?
*nina*: it's a CARTOON!!!!!!!!!!
*nina*: renata!!
renata: oh! oh! you're sooo big
renata: you only like REAL elves!
renata: *sob*
renata: like that makes you BETTER than me?!
*nina*: but...but...he's a figment of some dirty computer programmer's imagination!!!!!!
*nina*: they're dirty dirty people. ew.
renata: but LOOK AT HIM!
renata: *sigh*
*nina*: i'm..........looking.............[zips back to main screen]
renata: those are bad pictures. except the one on the main page.
renata: with the bow and arrow.
renata: i looked ~_~
*nina*: yeah, gotcha.
*nina*: oh.........okay........
*nina*: yeah. i can give you some credit for that.
*nina*: he's got this great almost cocky expression on his face.
*nina*: and the bow and arrow
renata: and the EARS
*nina*: and yes, the EARS
*nina*: POINTY!
*nina*: squee!
renata: *flail*

yes... we're sad. but at least we've come to terms with our sadness. and we have someone to be sad *with*... and hot elves. teehee.

closing thoughts: "yeah, ok, i don't think the litttle animated gifs are hot, *nina*! *frowl*"


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listening to: ani, fuel

like wtf? i just tried like 5 times to log into blogger, and it said i had a bad password. so i had them email it to me... and somehow, my password got changed to "1". just 1. (i changed it back, thus thwarting all you people who want to hack into my blog... bwaaaahaaa!)

so anyway. good christmas. as i like lists, i think i'll list everything i got for christmas from my grandparents:

first, from dad's mother: $25. also, pajama pants from aunt.

from mom's parents: ugly purple shirt with ugly ducks, pretty gray shirt, ugly ducky pajamas, cute duck slippers, duck dressed like santa claus (very cute ^_^), duck christmas ornament, ani difranco "little plastic castle", barenaked ladies "greatest hits", neil gaiman stardust, david sedaris me talk pretty one day, phillip pullman the golden compass, and duck trashcan. (by the way, i like ducks. but not ugly ones. but it's the thought that counts.)

from other uncle and aunt: duck dressed like old lady. sort of creepy. but cute.

megan: i exist! and i am reading your blog! it's yoooou who doesn't exist! *sob*

okay so i have all these books i want to read. and like... i can only read one thing at once. well.. i was halfway through the two towers (second in lotr trilogy) and then i started reading me talk pretty one day. so i've been like... going back and forth between the 2 books. like... i'd get all caught up in 2 towers and then i'd stop. and read some david sedaris. it's been very schizophrenic. but i neeeeeed to read the 2 towers! *flail* and i neeeeed to see lotr again. and harry potter again. and read lord of the rings again. and the hobbit. and the return of the king. and stardust. and.. gah! i need to write my term paper! i think for the rest of break i'm just going to disappear under a mound of books and pause only to sleep. aaaand blog. and talk to megan *frowl*

*nina*-- dude, does low iron make you cold?? because like... i had some really low iron. and then i randomly stopped taking my pills. and now i'm cold and tired all the time. but like i never made that connection. *looks at fingers* i'm not turning blue though. whew.

my hobbit name is Lila Loamsdown of Deephallow. hmm. it's nice. but i'll stick with renata for now.

am watching friends out of corner of eye. haven't seen it in a long time.... hm. joey is seducing a frightening anorexic-sea-monster-looking girl. *hides*

*thinks* i had something else to say. i think. but maybe not. oh well. we're not having christmas at my house until friday. because we're here until thursday. and then my dad has to work thursday night. oh well. this way we get to like.. stretch it out. or something.

i'm tired.

i still want a freaking elf. *nina*, mind passing on some of your legolas pictures to me? i could print one out and carry it around with me.... *is a sad, sad individual*

anyway.. happy holidays to all! *mwaah!*

of holiday doom. (holiday doom has a festive jingle bell. *jingles*)

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Monday, December 24, 2001

listening to: idina menzel, just kidding

i was listening to some rent boots today... (only act 1. i listened to 4 different act 1s.) came to the realization that i am becoming bitter-angel-cast-type-person. only with the bennies. if i ever start whining about "the good old days" someone please slap me. but.. the closing bennies WERE inarguably fantastic. especially in SF when tricia randomly came back.... *sigh* (non-rentheads might want to skip this, i'm being nostalgic.) well. they needed scott to be truly fantastic ^_^ teehee. anyway. was reminscing... about good shows i've seen.. bad shows i've seen... and mostly all the people i've met. megan (of course), katie&kelly, *nina*, del, jason... keith, chelle, melody .. aww... *sniff* i'm a dork. dork dork dork. aww... 366 days ago megan and i were in st. louis... and dana and haven were on as joanne and maureen! *rummages for boot*

oookay. going to stop being weird-freak-type person. (fine, fine... stop being nostalgic freak-type-person, at any rate.) i got 2 christmas cards today :D both addressed to "renata of doom." i bet my mailcarrier thinks i'm in a cult or something. oh well. jason and ayano, i heart you! *mwah!*

i made a grilled cheese sandwich today. and i cut it into triangles. triaaaangles.

i <3 kait.

anyway. off to chicago. happy holidays all! i <3 you! i <3 everyone and everything. *flounces*


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listening to: tori amos, famous blue raincoat

i have been tangling with a bottle of frappucino for the last 5 minutes. just thought i'd share. *continues tangling* yahoo! i have vanquished the dark lid of the mocha! mm... the sweet taste of victory.

meanwhile, since i won't be around tomorrow, i'd like to wish a merry christmas to everyone who celebrates that particular holiday, and a very happy tuesday to everyone who doesn't. i extend this to you all as a gift to the world:

steve purcell is a god

so anyway... i'm off to chicago until thursday. i'll probably blog a few times there, just because it's sooo ruddy boring... (note: chicago itself is not boring... however, my grandparents house IN chicago is quite boring, although they do have a cable internet connection.)

i'm semi-toying with the idea of changing the title of this. i really like butterflies don't belong in nets, but it sounds sort of... i don't know what word i want... not pretentious... but like that. gah! i don't know! i'm incoherent! *sob sob*

oh-- and i added a ravenclaw crest to the side frame ^_^ yes, yes, i'm a dork. but doesn't it look nice? i heart ravenclaw.

*sips frappucino*

eh? you're still here? oh yes... *sigh* i'm bored. and my mom woke me up at nine. nine! in the morning! on christmas eve! *flails indignantly* oh well. then, she left. so i'm alone. with reid. and lots of laundry. and my imaginary elf.

off to do laundry. or something.

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Sunday, December 23, 2001

listening to: soul coughing, super bonbon

random amusing quotes: "what other movies has he been in?" "oh.. that one... with the dolphin... FLIPPER!"

"oh, sure, make the hobbit decide since you can't!" "...heey, we need a hobbit!" "maybe ashvin is a hobbit..."

"whenever they say 'elvish' i think they said 'elvis'..."

"the ring must be destroyed... mister anderson.."

woohoo, saw lord of the rings today! add one more to the list of "movies that talia and renata should logically have been late to, but magically managed to not miss anything!" didn't get to see a star wars trailer though ~_~ although we diiid get to see an austin powers 3 trailer, which looks positively horrific. egads. enough is enough, people. but anyway... WOOT! it was AWESOME! [note: in case you hadn't figured it out yet.. spoiler ahead!]

a lot of differing-from-the-books places, but it was okay. although i was angry about them trying to give arwen a bigger part. yowl. it really expanded on the whole part where gandalf was fighting saruman (aside: how freaking confusing is it to have sauron and saruman? bah!) that sort of confused me in the books. i'm not sure how much of the movie i would have understood without the book, but i guess enough to get by. but i am glad i read the book. i hate it when you identify an actor so much with one role that you always see them as that character... example: the guy who played elrond.. as agent smith from the matrix. jeeeez that was funny.. and it wasn't supposed to be... *sigh* let's see.. all the scenery was fabulous... and speaking of fabulous.... legolas and aragorn were both SO FOXY! *flails about teenybopper-like* foxy! i want an elf! and if i can't have an elf.. i want a hobbit. and if i can't have a hobbit.. i want scott hunt. (scott hunt in hobbit-form? eh? eh?) and if i can't have any of those.. i want a cookie.

anyway. what else... i was SO distressed when gandalf fell in moria. i'm glad i read the two towers. well. most of it. well. spoiler. but i already said that so BAH. wheeeeere was i.... hm. i guess that's about it. oh! every time they would say "mount doom" or "certain doom" or anything with doom... trina and i would giggle madly. trina yelled at me for ruining the word doom. it just doesn't have any menace any more. alas.

now... to steal a phrase from brent... superspecial shoutouts to:

megan: i miss you too! *sob sob* i'll try to get online when i'm in chi-town.. and you too!

rob: this is just another paragraph to make you feel special. blah blah blah. well, according to ms. scott, 3 sentences constitutes a paragraph, so there you go ^_~

*nina*: you're right.. legolas IS much too much like legos. let me know when you have a new name for him ^_^ *swoons over pictures*

heeey.. i just realized... legolas reminds me of link. and i thikn link is foxy too. maybe i'm just attracted to elves. *sob* why aren't elves real?? why why why? wait... maybe there's an elf under my bed... *runs to check* well damn... there's NOT! *sob*

and finally...

You have an air of intelligence about you, some might even perceive you as being stuck up. You seem like you may be a nice person when you're not throwing one of your ever-present hissy fits and being a bitch to everyone. And take off your socks when you make whoopie, he hates it!

Take The "Which Kevin Smith Female Are You?" Quiz!!


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this is a stupid quiz. and it scares me when people call tori amos a faerie. or faery or fairie or whatever. BUT i am posting my results anyway, because i got tori, and i'm rather proud of that ^_^

You're Tori Amos!

The Faery Queen


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*sigh* ellie takes too many quizzes.. i shall be crushed beneath the weight of them all! aaaaaah! *coughs and gets back up* er, anyway... this is one of the most amusing quizzes i've taken. or maybe i'm just extra-amused today. whatever.

What Video Game Character Are You? I am Mr Do.I am Mr Do.

I am sedentary by nature, enjoying passive entertainment, eating when the mood takes me, and playing with my food. I try to avoid conflict, but when I'm angered, I can be a devil - if you force me to fight, I will crush you. With apples. What Video Game Character Are You?

bwahahaha.... *crushes you with apples*


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Saturday, December 22, 2001

listening to: rhps, sweet transvestite

random amusing quote: "i'll tear your dactyl!"

have been playing much paper mario today. hmm. i was like "cooool, it's FLAT!" and then i was like... "waaaait.... the original nintendo was flat... " oh well. it's fun. hey, i just remembered that i asked my grandma for harvest moon 64 for christmas... wahoo, i hope i get it (god i hope i get it, i hope i get it! how many people does he need how many boys how many girls?...) then i can play it over break! woot. yeah.

i need to watch rphs again. i need someone to watch it with. hmm. i wish i could visit megan. or she could visit me. or... something. oh well. i think i'm seeing lotr tomorrow! keith and ellie and *nina* all said it was really good... so yay.

poll: if i can only get either the rhs rcr or the hedwig ocr... which should i get? any opinions? i'm leaning toward rocky... raul and daphne and kristen! yay! and yet i desire hedwig as well. i think i'll get rocky first and get hedwig later. when i have money.

i was talking to rob. and then he went away and now i'm bored. and now someone is iming me with nonsense and claiming i should know who they are. and they know my name and they know my screenname so i guess it is someone i know.. but dammit, i hate it when people do that... *frooowl* i should just block them. but i'm so bored. ... aw, damn you rob!

*sigh* *plays with bobby the london-snail*

i played the sims today... reanta and ekni both got promoted ^_^ hey! i wonder if my family album is still up on thesims.com... *rummage* hey, it is! woot! if anyone's as bored as i am... the skanky family. check out the family album ^_^

last night i had this dream about getting arrested for vandalism. only halfway through i realized "wait a minute... i would never vanadalize anything.. this must be a dream!" and i stopped being freaked out by it. my subconscious is odd like that. i'm always realizing things are dreams about halfway through them. is that supposed to happen?

oh, and i finally added kait to the who's who? page. yay. and i uploaded the glossary and added it to the menu and such. yay me!

of doooom.

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listening to: oar, about an hour ago

by the way... "about an hour ago" is the name of the song, not that i was listening to oar about an hour ago...

this post is entirely in response to *nina*. but i suppose everyone else can read it too ^_^


The Eighties Pop Act Test deems me:

45% Eighties Pop Act

You are Phil Collins: When your friends were with you, you were the coolest, but on your own, you were a simpering crybaby. Go listen to Genesis.

aww... i don't wanna be phil collins. *pout* oh well.

second: there is a rent character quiz. but it's not very cool. (i'm joanne. *shrug*) but you should totally make a cooler one. with pictures and stuff. *nod* i'd help. except i'm sort of dumb and such.

third. dude, i totally started spazzing about the hp/lotr connection the other day in class... goodtimes.like how all the elves call sauron "he who must not be named" and.. such.. yeah. and gandalf is totally dumbledore. yeah.

*gasp* trina just came online and told me the physics grades are posted... we both pulled off 91s!! wahoo! my precariously balanced a has withstood the final! *frolicks* 4.0 first semester! *parties*

... i say of, you say a, i say revolution, and you say ja ja ja!

dude... trina is kanga, too. what is that? that is CRAP, my friends.. crap. oh well. *hums and bites head off chocolate santa*


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Friday, December 21, 2001

ellie needs to stop posting quizzes when i'm bored and vulnerable to dumb things....

i do not understand the doom song. futher invader zim investigation must be conducted. (meaning: ask ellie.)

I'm gonna sing the doom song now! Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom Doom! Doom doom doom! Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom! Doom doom doom! Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom! Doom! Doom! Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom! Doom doom doom doom doom doom! Doom doom doom doom! Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom! Doom doom doom! The end! Oh wha's that?

Take the Invader Zim quiz!

of doom! yay!

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.. eh?

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

*sigh* i took this like, 3 times with different answers... i am apparently doomed to be kanga. i don't get it. *shrug*

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listening to: tori amos, merman

dude. my dead russian composer picture won't load anymore. *frooowl* yeah. i found out that my final semester grade in precalc was a 90.3%. yesss! once more my system of carefully doing the minimum to get an a in a class has succeeded! now i only have to worry about physics.... it seemed like a pretty easy final.. .but i know for sure i missed two. and probably more. but i could miss 12 and still get the 80% i needed to pull of an a... plus, he's curving it... sooooo.... well, i'm just not going to think about it anymore. nothing i can do now. oh god, i am so orgasmically happy about break. i'm so rundown... i just need to sleep and sleep and sleep... my cold has returned with a vengeance. bah. bah bah bah. ow! i just sneezed and bit my tongue. *sob*

i rented monty python and the holy grail today! yay! maybe i'll go watch it. or maybe i'll just slither about my room and eventually pass out amid a tangled pile of sheets and blankets and a big yellow dinosaur. i'm not sure.

dude, keith sent me the COOLEST christmas present... it's this mug, with pictures of henry viii and all of his wives... and when you put hot liquid in it, all his wives disappear! it rules! i <3 you keith ^_^

trina and i went shopping for wrapping paper today... we went through every single roll to find the least ugly one. and then we got into a duel. and then we went home. and watched teevee. and then i went to my home. and here i am.

we all went out to breakfast at denny's today... and i had this strawberry belgian waffle and it was the best waffle in the history of waffles. ooh my god it was good. probably about 7000 calories... but damn, it was a good waffle. and i mildly frightened everyone by singing the waffle song. (i frightened myself, too, when i realized i actually know all the words... waffles waffles waffles! w is for the many ways that you're served, a is for the admiration you deserve! f is cos you're flaky and fuuun, and f is for the flavor that is second to none! l is for you light you are you melt in my moooouth and e is for eggs! now put it all together with a how do you do, and waffles waffles we love-- serve me up another please! oh waffles we love-- chili waffles suit me fine! waffles we love-- damn, i can't remember what servo says... oh waffles we love yooou! i'm sure i botched it a bit. but whatever.)

i bit my tongue badly and whenever i take a sip of this diet dr. thunder, it really hurts. yet i keeeep on drinking it. *takes another sip* hmmm.

hey! over break i can play the sims!! wow! i haven't played that game in forever and a half... oh my god, the skanky family!! reanta and meagna and curti and ekni.... awwwww.... i missed them! speaking of the sims... melody's rent forum sims are hilarious... although i'm not sure if they'd be as funny if you aren't a poster. oh well. btw, i'm heyjupiter ^_^

now merrily listening to clowns in the sky... btw... i love you kite!

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i bet you can't guess who i stole this from... if you didn't guess ellie, you're wrong! mwahahaha!

If I were a Dead Russian Composer, I would be Dmitri Shostakovich!

I am a shy, nervous, unassuming, fidgety, and stuttery little person who began composing the same year I started music lessons of any sort. I wrote the first of my fifteen symphonies at age 18, and my second opera, "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District," when I was only 26. Unfortunately, Stalin hated the opera, and put me on the Enemy Of The People List for life. I nevertheless kept composing the works I wanted to write in private; some of my vocal cycles and 15 string quartets mock the Soviet System in notes. And I somehow was NOT killed in the process! And Harry Potter(c) stole my glasses and broke them!

Who would you be? Dead Russian Composer Personality Test

wahoo! harry potter stole my glasses! *mocks the soviet system through song*

umyeah. i'm in the library.. and i should totally be studying for physics... but hey.


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Thursday, December 20, 2001

listening to: tori amos, little drummer boy

random amusing quote: "my moby dick is longer than yours!"

so i watched the tick for the first time... i've been meaning to watch it for awhile. it's pretty amusing. not as good as the cartoon, mind you, but acceptable amusement. "you're on a first-name basis with lucidity! me, i have to call him mister lucidity!" yeah.

just once i would like a major chain company to just come out and say "our minimum wage employees do not give a damn about you, nor do they care if you have a happy holiday. they would prefer you just left them alone, as a matter of fact."

precalc final today... seemed suspiciously easy to me. i fear a TRICK! *frowl* but we can email him in 2 days and find out our scores, so i won't have too long to wonder about it. yay. physics final tomorrow.. i'm worried about.. and instead of studying, i am blogging. naturally.

i finished fellowship of the ring and am rather well into the two towers... yeep. i'm slowly moving up on the geek chain. at least i don't watch star trek.

oh-- and i started working on a glossary for this site (like the old rml glossary, before crosswinds ate it) so if anyone would like to beta it and see if they have any additions to make... feel free...

of tiredness.

oh! almost forgot... megan, megan, are you there? i don't know if she's there we're all here wishing you were here too megan please call.. megan please call... megan please call.... your.. renaaaata...

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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

i scanned a picture of bobby the london-snail...


isn't that absolutely insane? and look, there's a rome snail in the background...


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listening to: melissa ferrick, crack the mirror

random amusing quote: ".. and with the discovery of gold in nevada, men, women, and other people travelled west..."

dude. i was just eating a kinderegg, which is a german chocoate... egg... and inside the egg, there's a little toy that you put together... well, this particular toy was a yellow.. blob.. wearing what looks like a buckingham palace guard hat. on its back is a house, with walls made of british flags. it has a little wheel on the bottom. the directions say "bobby, die london-schnecke." me being the curious nymph i am, i translated it at freetranslations.com. turns out it means "Bobby, the London-snail." it's so freaking bizarre. *merrily wheels bobby the london-snail about desk*

finals tomorrow... i'm not too worried about pre-calc. i need a 90 or higher to keep my a, but 30% of the final grade is the group final... and overall i'm ok at precalc. physics... welllll... i suck at physics. but i only need an 80% to keep my a (yeah go figure *shrug*) and mostly it's the calculations that bite me in the ass, and there aren't going to be many of those sooo... yeah. crossing fingers.

i got my psats back today... my total score was 205. bah. i couldv'e done better. oh well.

yeah... can i just say that *nina*'s blog amused me sooo much today... for whatever reason, i just kept picturing her standing there going "hi my name is braaaaaaak!" dear god i'm tired. *sigh*

megan honey, i don't get these postcards... moving to santa fe, back in new york, starting a rock band! megan where are yoou? megan where are you? megan where are you? megan honey... please caaaaaalll....

and bobby the london-snail

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yet again stolen from ellie:

Which Rocky character are you?

*gasp* i have no fucking neck!


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Tuesday, December 18, 2001

listening to: tori amos, flying dutchman

rummaging through old email... some amusing finds...

mm... strudel

me, curtis, and some strudel. and a cartoon strawberry.

interesting discussion last night with melody... wouldn't it be neat if you played jesus in jesus christ superstar for a living? "so, what do you do?" "oh, i'm jesus" "hahaha... no, really?" "i'm jesus... you know, jesus christ... maybe you've heard of me?" or better yet... "i understudy jesus... if i work very hard maybe one day i'll be jesus!" which prompted elizabeth's interesting theory... jesus was never really resurrected... it was just his understudy. (easily-offended types: bite me. and stop reading this!)

ooh... today my german friends agnes and martina sent me this GIANT box of german candy. i mean... wow... it's HUGE. i've never seen so much candy in my LIFE outside a store... mmm... kinderschocolade... (yeah, i'm sure i spelled that wrong... it's sooo good though. mmm.)

found out that i got 33 out of possible 40 extra credit points in physics... as many as tj! woo! i always feel smart when i can match or beat (never going to happen) tj... cos he's like a physics genius and such. yeah. wooooot.

of dooooom and german chocolate

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Monday, December 17, 2001

listening to: tori amos, carnival (bourbon st mix)

random amusing quotes: "please do not eat the buddhas!"

"doing the downward dog puts a salty taste in my mouth..... hey! the yoga position, you perverts!"

hmm let's see. i finished alllll my christmas shopping and wrapped it! *bows* yeah, i'm awesome.also, i mailed all my christmas cards today... so watch for those ^_^ (i feel certain i've forgotten someone.. but i lost my list.. alas.) rrrr my ankle itches madly. stupid ankle. *frowl*

my wrapping paper is sooo shiny. and it's like holographic and stuff. *frolicks about*

wheeeeee.... i'm tired.


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Sunday, December 16, 2001

ganked from ellie:

Take the Corporate Mascot Test at Willaston's Lounge!

aww, it's cute. but at the risk of being completely ignorant... what the FUCK is the "penguin penguin"? is it supposed to be the linux penguin? or is there another corporate mascot penguin for a company called penguin? hmm.


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Saturday, December 15, 2001

listening to: matt caplan, sideways

you know, i forgot how much matt kicks ass. i love all his songs. mm. i hope if (warning: long series of ifs ahead) we go to nyc and if we see rent, matt will be on as something... anything... or i could just run into him on the street. that would be okay too. except it would probably be sort of embarassing.. like.. "hi matt!" "do i know you?" "er.. no.. but... er... maggie knows who i am! i'm one of the curtis girls!" ".. oh... *scuttles away*" yeah. well actually it wouldn't be like that, because matt is much nicer than that. but you know, whatever. anyway... just wanted to post to say that i finally put up a who's who? page. it's pretty cool. go look at it. go!


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listening to: cake, short skirt long jacket

random amusing quote: "dammit, i'm over-analyzing star wars again!"

so yeah... i just burned a cd to give trina for christmas... i titled it "just some songs renata thinks are cool" and it is indeed a very cool cd. just for fun, here's the tracklist:

1. Beatles - With a Little Help From My Friends
2. Barenaked Ladies - Maroon Tour Barenaked Rap
3. Cake - Short Skirt, Long Jacket
4. Lion King - Hakuna Matata
5. Tori Amos - Take to the Sky
6. Edwin Starr - War
7. Ani DiFranco - Pick Your Nose
8. The Generics - Acapella 80's Medley
9. Jill Sobule - Supermodel
10. MST3K - Waffle Song
11. Matt Caplan - Sideways
12. Rachael Sage - Conversation
13. Moby - James Bond theme (remix)
14. Stuart Davis - It's All Just Because
15. John Lennon - Imagine
16. Monty Python - Lumberjack Song
17. Rufus Wainright - Instant Pleasure
18. The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated
19. Soul Coughing - So Far I Have Not Found the Science
20. REM - It's The End of the World As We Know It
21. Swim - Rhyme
22. Rockapella - Carmen Sandiego Theme Song
23. Tori Amos - Strange Little Girl

you know you all wish you were as cool as me ^_~ oh, and it was supposed to have travis, "hit me baby one more time" on there.. but for some reason it wouldn't burn. *shrug*

of doom!

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listening to: tick tick boom, louder than words

random amusing quote: "these socks make me feel like an elf!" "hmm... renata the elf of doom?"

"tildes are the martha stewart of the punctuation world." "yeah, they give everything that extra flair (note: originally typed "flail")!"

grr! i just posted a big long entry but blogger gave me an error! i shall try to recreate that entry, in all its ranty glory, but i'm making no promises.

last night i ushed at the iso holiday concert... it was good, but i was/am confused by the random bagpipe players who wandered onstage, played a song, and then wandered away. perhaps rogue bands of bagpipers are roaming the region. "lock your doors! the bagpipers are coming!"

does the song "santa claus is coming to town" kinda freak anyone else out? "he knows if you are sleeping, he knows if you are bad or good..." is santa some sort of omnipotent being? if so, doesn't he have anything better to do with his time than spy on little kids? if it was anyone besides santa doing that sort of thing, wouldn't it be considered pedophilia? and in a side-rant, i fully admit that i know next to NOTHING about christianity, but isn't it sort of weird for christians to have santa (note: originally typed "satan") too? it's like "our saviour was born! and some random omniscient fat guy will climb down our chimney and give us gifts!" *shrug* ah well, just one more thing to add to the list of "things renata does not understand about christianity" (right after "why is harry potter evil?")

yowl. i need to go to milner to research for my apush outline (the chicago renaissance) but unfortunately milner will not be open until monday. my outline is due on monday. d'oh.

oh! and lest i forget.. megan cohen! renata darling! from buzzline! your footage of the riot, a-one! feature segment, network, dealtime, i'm sending you a contract! ker-ching ker-ching! megan! sell us your soul! wait.. no... megan! give us a call! at 97..4.0... aw hell, i don't know all alexi's numbers... *sigh* or you can email me at darlingrenata newscom dot neeet! or you can paaage me...

*frowl* from now on i'm sticking to mark's mom. or *possibly* roger's mom.

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Thursday, December 13, 2001

listening to: tori amos, if 6 was 9

random amusing quotes: "*violent coughing* sorry... reagan makes me choke"

"... cracks of doom..." "hey! tolkien said 'of doom' too!!"

"oh, christ on a cracker, i forgot the alphabet"

"does anyone need the box to this monster truck?" "no, i just need the box... i mean... the non-box"

i got my beloved backpack back today! *hugs it* i missed that thing so much. and it zips now. ooooh.

at lunch today a bunch of us got kicked out of the library for smuggling in bagels. we're such rebels. hee.

oh, and i'm conducting research about people who like friends vs. people who like the simpsons. it's two distinct types of humor and i'm trying to see if there's any noticable personality difference between peopel who prefer which kind. i made a list ^_^ my mom made the comment that "only girlie girls like friends" but i don't want to over-generalize just yet ^_~ so do leave a comment with your preference and any thoughts, please. it's in the name of science! (by the way, i, obviously, prefer the simpsons.)

mmm... i'm so tired. i can't wait until finals are over. mm. that will rock. i only have two actual finals. woot. i'm worried about physics though, i'm teetering on a b in there. (90.333%) but hopefully i did well on the extra-credit quiz today... so we shall see.

today i learned that tolkien used the phrase "of doom" ^_^ (frodo has to cast the one ring into the "cracks of doom.") this caused me much, much amusement.

i would just like to randomly comment that "take to the sky" is SUCH a great song. also, where the hell is megan? do i need to start leaving voicemails again? *sighs and puts on sweater* that was a very loud beep... i don't even know if this is working, megan, megan, are you there, are you screening your calls, it's renata! just wanted to call and say i love you and i'll miss you tomorrow... erm... cindy... and the kids are here, send their love, oh! i hope you like the hotplate! just don't leave it on dear, when you leave the house! oh and megan.. we're sorry to hear that.. maureen dumped you, i say c'est la vie! so let her be a lesbiaaaaan! love renataaa!

i seem to only be wearing one sock. i wonder where the other one is. hmm. the world may never know.


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Wednesday, December 12, 2001

random amusing quotes: "hey.. rob cracked my strange little girls!"

"hmm... lincoln once accused mcclellan of having 'the slows'" "you have the slows, elizabeth!" "what?" "i saaaid, you have the.. awww, dammit, now i have the slows too!"

so i'm in the library and someone just had a conversation with me but i don't know who he is. he apparently knows me though. he looks sort of familar. damn, now i feel bad. oh well.

stolen from SNS:

[spell your name backwards] ataner
[where do you live?] in my house
[describe yourself in three words] ... girl of doom
[who is your worst enemy?] ladybugs, and myself.
[if you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?] a giant, cat-sized ant
[have you ever used a spork?] of course. and they have defective sporks in muncie, yes they do.
[do you even know what a spork is?] duh.
[what is the latest you've ever stayed up?] i dunnooo
[ever been to belgium?] nope.
[what's your favourite coin?] quarters.
[wallet] it's metallic pink-ish, and it has a blue man group keychain that scares people.
[brush] i have about 5 versions of the same hairbrush. see, the handle always breaks off, so i buy a new one, because i really like the style of hairbrush... but i always save the handle-less ones. they work well.
[toothbrush] it's a fancy-schmancy electric one.. and it's yellow. i also have an r2-d2 toothbrush, but i've never used it. oh, and i have a chococat toothbrush that i carry in my purse.
[jewelry worn daily] none on a regular basis.. but i usually wear either my "but i believe in peace bitch" pendant, my rent dogtags, or one of my chinese zodiac necklaces. oh, and my watch, and my until there's a cure bracelet.
[pillow cover] blue, with yellow duckies on them. i love rubber duckies ^_^
[blanket] it's black. i couldn't find any blankets to match my pretty ducky sheets ~_~
[coffee cup] megan gave it to me.. it's white and it has ladybugs and it says "ladybug ladybug fly away home" yeah that's RIGHT ladybugs, fly away HOME... and away from me...
[sunglasses] they have purple frames.. and a rhinestone heart in one corner.
[underwear] i don't know... i dressed in the dark...
[shoes] today? doc marten boots. raaar.
[nail polish] i like shiny colors. but today my nails are naked. NAKED!
[handbag] my yellow submarine lunchbox-purse.
[favourite top] hmmmm.... i love my rent sweatshirt... and my oar shirt becuase it's giant and comfy... and my mst3k shirt... and yeah.
[favourite pants] my rhinestone jeans.
[cologne] i love the smell of cucumber melon from bath and body works. but recently i used up all my spray-y junk.
[cd in stereo right now] hmm.. i think it's little earthquakes. i've been listening to a ton of tori lately. also stuart's new cd has been getting played a lot.. and rachael sage, painting of a painting.
[tattoos] no.
[piercings] my ears... but i never wear earrings
[current music] in the library, so nothing
[wearing] jeans, gray shirt, and fuzzy vest
[hair] hideous and faded blonde-gray-pink. ew.
[makeup] i like sparkly eye makeup. but then i always get glitter in my eyes. x_x erm, i don't wear that much makeup. i'm lazy, and as a general rule i find that makeup makes me look worse.
[in my mouth] my teeth?
[in my head] here... in my head... what was the question?
[hearing] chattering freshman in the library.
[wishing] that finals would be over?
[after this] er... getting picked up and going to dinner at some random stranger's houe *frowl*
[talking to] nobody.. except that kid sitting next to me.. oh! josh! i think his name is josh! *thinks* woot.

ugh. i think i caught *nina*'s illness. i keep sneezing all the time, and my eyes are sooo itchy and watery. bleaaarg.

reminder to jason: it's the future now! go read that fanfic!


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Tuesday, December 11, 2001

listening to: tori, take to the sky

random amusing quotes: "wow, physics is like one dirty euphemism after another..." "i'll calculate YOUR muzzle velocity!"

"so... mr. holbrook can't get his cannon up, eh?"

welll...hmph. i'll re-write the entry blogger ate, but i bet it won't be as good as the first one. all my sparkling wit and brilliant observations will be lost FOREVER!... well okay, my whinings will be lost forever. i don't even remember what i was talking about, dammit... oh! my car broke, and so did my backpack. *sob* both are being fixed.. but.. dammit!

we're reading fellowship of the rings in world lit, and i place the blame squarely on ayano ^_~ but really i'm glad.. because i always wanted to read it but could never get through it... and now i'll HAVE to...gah... *chokes on carrot*


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*wails* i just posted this big long entry and blogger ate it!!!!!

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Monday, December 10, 2001

I am a Lobster Telephone.

For nine potatoes have my multi-throttled keys subdued the nice leaves of strangers. Sprays of wild satin guacamole enters my document. I relish four mushroom deals with metal.

Do you bite the wax tadpole? The Utterly Surreal Test

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Sunday, December 09, 2001

listening to: tori amos, mary

random amusing quotes: "... and my timer will be nathaniel toca, internation man of mystery"

"er... i'll accept that, just because i don't think there are that many fictional characters named 'muff'"

woo so... where did i leave off? trina's birthday party was really fun. we went bowling (yay!) and i saw elmo and julia. and i was like "hi elmo and julia!" but they were there for the 1st grade crush concert, and we were there to bowl. umyeah. and then like... we ate cake.. and.. watched legally blonde. miriam and i were petitioning to get them to rent clerks but no one ever listens to us. but whatever. i fell asleep in the middle of bridget jones' diary (who am i kidding? i fell asleep during the opening credits) becuase, i was tired. then i went and moderated at the jv spaz bowl tournament... hee, i love to moderate. it makes me feel so powerful. mm.. power... *basks*

yeah. then i ushered at nutcracker. it was so pretty. i wish i could dance. *thinks* and theeen, i went to isu madrigals... and WOOHOO andrew schini wasn't there!! *is merry* and it was better than it usually is. woot. they had a few new, cool songs. and then... i went home and slept a lot.

and then, i got up and went to take the rest of the apush final... my hand felt like it was going to fall off, aaay, i had like 11 hand-written pages. but i think i did okay. my essays all sort of fell apart a bit at the end. but shh, it's okay. then i picked up taaaalia (neither getting lost NOR hitting any curbs, thank you very much!) and we went shopping-- she wanted a birthday present for her mum and i was doing general christmas shopping. i went to 3 damn stores looking for tetris for gameboy color, because that's what my mom wants, but they don't sell it anymore. raaaaage. raaaaaaage. but i did find a cd for reid and something cool for eliz. and if she doesn't like it, i'll keep it }:) oh, and i went to bath and body works to look for christmas gifts, and i used this lotion that was supposed to smell like gingerbread, and i was like "ooh.. it smells good!" but then it started making me sick and i just wanted to wash my hands. and we saw david at target, and we were going to talk to him, but some lady was monopolizing david by asking lots and lots of questions about cameras (for at least 15 minutes straight-- she was there when we got there and there when we left...) so we didn't get to talk to him. but we skulked about. "skulk" is a cool word. skulk skulk skulk. hey, remember on the power rangers, how there were those 2 guys named "bulk and skull" who would follow around the power rangers and annoy them and generally have slapstick humor? well, i do.

so, i'm rambling.. and going to go do physics! ta!


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Thursday, December 06, 2001

say, another one...

i love ftch! er... okay, fine, i love all her damn cds. *frolicks about*


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okay, okay, i KNOW i take too damn many online tests.. but come on? an online test AND tori?? all together? how could i resist?

i am amused by the typo ^_^ and... hmm... actually... no... probably more "girl" or "hey jupiter" or, hrmm, "cornflake girl" or something. but winter's good too. yeah.


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listening to: anthony rapp, miss world (possibly THE cutest cover, ever... although his cover of "you oughta know" might be even cuter... hmmm)

random amusing quotes: "if you'll pardon the expression, the sherman anti-trust act was pretty half-assed." "can you elaborate?" "well, it had no teeth, and.." "*spits out coffee* um, sorry, the biology of that just really amused me there..."

"wow, adam is turning into the renata of the 2nd quarter.. [referring to his answering a lot of questions]" "but... i want to be the renata!!"

"put it in your mouth, bend over, and swallow it!" "where's matt?"

"crazy hands!" "did you just say crazy ants?" "no.. but wouldn't it be weird if there WERE crazy ants?" "i don't think ants are big enough to have rabies..." "there could be giant, cat-sized ants! they could have rabies!" "hmm.. ants can lift like 50 times their own weight, right? so.. you could ride around on a cat-sized ant..." "and you could teach it morse code! with its pincers!"

"don't worry, you'll always be the original renata.. the counterfeit renata is virtually worthlesss" "wait, how much am I worth??" "about 89 cents." "woooow..."

"oh, shut UP you stupid bitches! you're not talented enough to be the beatles MAIDS!" (random radio deejay, in response to destiny's child comparing themselves to the beatles)

"hey, take the picture already! i only spend this much time on my knees if i'm getting paid!"

well.. i didn't fail that physics test. but i did get an 86. so i can still flail about and such. *does so* and, the apush final is tomorrow. so i should be studying and junk. oh well.

happy birthday, trina, megan, and emily!

*thinks* i'm tired. tomorrow is trina's birthday party. hurrah.

i KNOW i had a point... OH!!! you know that stuart davis song, "savoring samsara"? well, actually, i bet you don't.. but anyway, i was going crazy trying to figure out what "samsara" meant. and then i was buying m&ms at the school store, and the 2 isu students were quizzing each other for some test, and one of them was like "okay.. what's samsara?" and the othere one (i don't know their names *shrug*) was like "rebirth!" and dude, the song makes SENSE now.. woot! and, best of all, my name means "rebirth" too! so stuart could write a song called "savoring renata"! ... actually that would be just plain weird. at least i know what samsara is.

anyway. doom.


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Wednesday, December 05, 2001

oh for the love of... i KNOW i take too many online tests, but i think this one is just TOO far... *sigh* i'm such a dork ^_^

[If I were an online test, I would be The James Bond Villain Personality Test]

I'm The James Bond Villain Personality Test!

I live in a fictional world of spies and blonde women with ridiculous names, and I like to give people plenty of options. Although whether they're villainous is not optional.

Click here to find out which test you are!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2001

listening to: beatles, sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band

random amusing quotes: "too bad 'vomit' isn't a verb!" "it IS a verb..." "it is? oh yeah!!" "yeah.. see, stuff like 'renata' isn't a verb, though.." "yes, it is!" "it is? what does it mean?" "er... it's kinda like this... *frolicks*" "i see..." "yes... and now i must renata away..."

"*long ramble about the mormons*" "i expect your dissertation friday.."

hmm. so i was at the orthodontists today and flipping through seventeen for the hell of it, and i noticed this big picture of tori amos in her "time" outfit. it was talking about how cute and victorian it was, and blah blah blah, buy this crap and you can look "sexy and ooh-la-la" like tori. i wonder if they were aware of the fact that tori dressed like her vision of death for that song. i'm guessing no. but it certainly amused me. speaking of tori i was at wal-mart the other day and they had like, 4 copies of slg and they all had the raining blood cover. i hate the raining blood cover. stupid wal-mart. and the only other tori cd they had was one lone copy of little earthquakes. *frowl* just, you know, in case you cared.

yeah. and ooh, we might go to nyc over christmas break... how freaking cool would *that* be? *squee*

*thinks* in physics today we talked about escape velocity.. and i was like "omg! *nina*!!" yeah.

so.. my teeth hurt and i'm insanely tired. i think i shall retreat to bed.


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If I was a James Bond villain, I would be Pussy Galore.

I enjoy flying, a good roll in the hay, and nerve gassing army bases.

I am played by Honor Blackman in Goldfinger.

Who would you be? James Bond Villain Personality Test

"and pussy galore, in person!" hahaha... yeah. i'm just all around amused.


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Monday, December 03, 2001

heeey, i realized i somehow skipped a bunch of questions the first time! i must have gotten click-happy.

nooow i'm a ravenclaw!

it's really sad how upset i was to be a hufflepuff. i don't like hufflepuffs. bah. they seem like, in general exactly the sort of person i don't like-- nice, but sort of dumb and stuff. i mean that sounds horrible. but i just really don't like dumb people. i mean... i'm dumb too. i'll admit that. but i guess what i really mean is like... um.. i don't know. wow. i'm a freaking nerd. but where was i... dumb people.. yeah.. oh, hell, you all know what i mean.


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sorting hat

*frowl* i got hufflepuff. stupid hat. there were too many questions where i needed a "none of the above". oh well.

i'm still really a ravenclaw ^_^ mayhap i'll try it again.

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If I was a work of art, I would be Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

I am extremely popular and widely known. Although unassuming and unpretentious, my enigmatic smile has charmed millions. I am a mystery, able to be appreciated from afar, but ultimately unknowable and thus intriguing.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

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listening to: velvet underground, new age

random amusing quotes: "the 13th amendment fell in my pizza!"

"dammit, we're acting like elizabeth and renata again..."

hmm. let's see. i think i failed my physics test. well. i always say that and i have yet to actually fail it. but there's always a first time for everything >_<

ooh, and there's some... history camp thing over the summer, and ms. scott had to nominiate 2 juniors to go, and she picked eliz and i ^_^ i hope we get accepted, that would be so fun. (yes... we are huge dorks.. but it sounds really cool. and it's at university of michigan, and if we get accepted, it's totally free, room and board and everything.) she said we were "intellectually curious" which made me happy, because the word i would have used would have been "airheaded", lol... anyway... it's nice to know ms. scott thinks we're smart. i mean i guess it should be obvious that she thinks i'm at least SOMEWHAT smart since i have like a 98% in apush. but, you know, raging insecurities and all that. *vague hand gesture*

and that's really all i can think of about my day. i was sort of semi-conscious for most of it. *shrug*


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Sunday, December 02, 2001

listening to: daphne rubin-vega, life isn't fair

random amusing quotes: "uh... doesn't 'cerveza' mean 'beer'?" "er... maybe... but.. these were the only trays in the house!"

"these cookies contain 0% cerveza"

"anything but texas... i'm not fond of texas. we should have just let texas secede." "um... are there any other states you don't like, ms. scott?" "hmm.. no, just texas"

so anyway... the apush review party was funny. i took some pictures of my leftover history cookies. they're great.

history... of DOOM!

(clockwise from top: intolerable acts, aka the acts that britain made to punish the colonies for the boston tea party and other assorted hijinks; b.u.s.= bank of the united states, which was a biiiig debate between jefferson and hamilton; lincoln ^_^; 1861-- the year the civil war broke out; texas... many many issues with texas; 1793, year the constitution was ratified, aaand in the middle, the articles of confederation predated the constitution. i'm sure most of you already knew that. but in case you didn't... now my cookies make sense ^_^)

yay lincoln!

yeah, you know i'm cool.


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listening to: ani, imagine that

random amusing quotes: "hey.. no one's happy when papa holbs gets angry!"

"can i pet buddha?"

"heeeeey... that's not buddha! that's a chinese pimp!"

"big pimpin buddha"

"give me back my false prophet!"

"are there any epithets for blind people?" "um.. 'blindie'?" "hey, way to see, no sight!"

so... hmm. tournament yesterday was fun. we won, but i personally sucked. ugh. i might as well not have gone. oh well. it was still fun. on the way back we all started imitating duffman from the simpsons, for whatever reason... the funniest thing ever is to hear annie go "duffman can't breathe! ooh noo!" she kept getting all hung up on it, like "is it 'oooh no' or 'oh noo'? am i doing it right?" good times, i tell you. oh, and we went to peoria avantis, and it was different from normal avantis. it was weird, like being in a parallel universe or something. they had vegetarian gondolas! and they charged you for butter! *flails* anyway.

theeen, i wandered about the mall for awhile, and i didn't buy much. and then, i went to barnes and noble and bought my dad the the onion "our dumb century" book for christmas. and if he doesn't want it, i'll take it. bwaaahahaha. anyway... then i went and harrassed miriam at work (jeffrey allan's.) i was amused by her oh-so-flamoyant manager.

the getback! beatlemania concert was very cool. they did it in 3 eras-- "1964", "sgt. pepper", and "let it be/abbey road". "john" looked scarily older than the other 3 in 1964. but in the other 2 he looked john-like. paul was soo cute. he kept flailing. and 1964ringo looked oddly like nick timme. john kept making jokes about being dead. it was really lame, it would have been so much better if he hadn't. the first time it might have been okay-- it was at the very beginning, and he said something like "well.. we'd like to dedicate this performance to george, i guess that's enough about that... but if you think about it, he's with me now." after that it was just stupid. ("i always say to yoko-- i USED to say to yoko..") but yeah, it was good. they were all really beatle-like. hmm... about the only songs i wish they would have played that they didn't were eleanor rigby, here comes the sun, and let it be. heh, when they played "with a little help from my friends" i almost started singing elizabeth and my mexican war parody of it... fortunately i didn't. yes.

oh, and there's an apush review party in.. an hour.. and i made these cookies to bring, and on each one i wrote something history-ish (like "marbury vs. madison" or "1776" or whatever.) my favorite one is the one i drew lincoln on ^_^ it's just a smiley face with a beard and a stovepipe hat. i considered sending it to ellie, but i didn't think it would mail too well. oh well. anyway... i'm off. ta!


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If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Celeborn, Elf, King of Lothlorien, husband of Galadriel and grandfather of Arwen.

In the movie, I am played by Marton Csokas.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

i have no idea who that is. perhaps i should make another attempt to read lotr. *shrug* it says i'm a king though, that's good, right?

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Saturday, December 01, 2001

listening to: tori amos, heart of gold

random amusing quotes: "you're NOT going home, you're going to come have fun with us, dammit! and you're going to have.. fun... having.. fun.. *pause* get in the car!"

"mr. holbrook is buttoned today!" "hurray!"

"that's an illegal use of parent!"

"wouldn't it be cool if annie and andy were twins and their last name was raggedy?!"

"if you finish that sentence, i will have to come over there and gouge your eyes out with this mechanical pencil."

so anyway... stuff happened thursday, but i don't remember it. *shrug* yesterday, i went to downtown normal and bought my brother's christmas present ^_^ also, a card for melody, because i saw it and was like "dude, i need to buy this card for someone!" so i just bought it. and then i remembered that melody's birthday is soon. or it already happened. whatever. aaaanyway, then it was the scholastic bowl banquet, and we played parents against students.. and there was this one lady there that got 2-3 tossups (and we were only playing 10 tossup rounds) and nobody knows who she is. she was none of our parents. she apparently just showed up at the scholastic bowl party. *frowl* and the parents cheated. well, we're all just bitter that the students lost. but it was really close. and, they cheated. ergo.. i don't know.

and then, we went to see the one-acts... my ticket was for "november 1st." i was amused ^_^ they were both good. well. androcles and the lion was sort of... whatever... but it was worth it to see rob in a cape and 3-cornered hat ^_^ adaptation was HILARIOUS. omfg. so.. ah.. if anyone reading this is in range of me, and wasn't planning on seeing u-high's one-acts.. you should do that. or if you live in iowa city, go see megan in alice in wonderland, because i can't *sob sob* anyway... i woke up at 5, because i have to be at scholastic bowl at 7:15 and i didn't want to be late. except i greatly overshot my waking-up time, and now i'm all ready and stuff, and i can't go back to sleep cos i won't wake up. so.. i'm blogging. yeah. i need to leave in about 10 minutes. hurray. then, i'm going shopping with miriam, and then, to the get back! beatlemania concert. (yay!) which reminds me... if you didn't know already, george harrison died ~_~ and some people were like "george who?" i was like.. wtf? how can you not know who george harrison is? but anyway.

i'm going to gooo now... have a pleasant day ^_^


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