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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

listening to: nothing, i'm in the liberry

random amusing quotes: "what IS the proper verb form for 'bar mitzvah'?"

"renata, your breasts amuse me"

"would you like a tomato sandwich?" "don't you know i hate tomatoes?" "why do you hate tomatoes?" "didn't you hear that a tomato KILLED MY FAMILY?"

wooo yay... halloween... thespian party.. i totally defeated an entire team by myself in the question game. raaar. we were at a bar mitzvah.. and... yeah, it was hilarious. trick-or-treating tonight... you're neeever too old ^_^ anyway... yeah... leaving now... mostly just wanted to write those quotes before i forgot them ^_^


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Tuesday, October 30, 2001

listening to: beatles, with a little help from my friends

random amusing quotes: "trina, you make my knee so hot!"

"they're metaphorical knees, dammit!"

so ah... hmm. oh, i updated time fies... if anyone cares...

hmm.. what else... oh, today eliz and i presented our manifest destiny project in apush (we re-wrote tv theme songs to reflect themes of manifest destiny) ... hilarious. we put a couple of them on overheads and had a class sing-a-long... except *nobody* knew the tune to the friends theme song. wtf? i thought *everyone* knew the friends song! i was like "ah.. come on.. you know... 'i'll be there for yoooou..'?" and i just got blank looks. so it was basically just me and eliz singing (very badly) and some people randomly coming in on the "for you"s. but, that's not the funny part. see... okay, we rewrote it about the gold rush... and there weren't very many women out west. and, the original second verse is "you're still in bed at 10, and work began at 8/you burned your breakfast, so far things are going great/your mama warned you there'd be days like these/but she didn't tell you that when the world has brought you down your knees/ i'll be there for you..." so our rewrite was... "there are too many men, i can't get a date/not enough women, i can't find a mate/my mama warned me there'd be days like these/but she didn't tell me that the west would bring me down to my knees..."

*sigh* yeah, i know.. but we didn't think it was dirty when we wrote it... but then chris pointed that.. part.. out to us... and it was too late to change it. so i hope ms. scott doesn't think we're a couple of perverts now... and if she does. well, too damn bad.

last night i painted my nails with this nail polish that's supposed to peel off easily so you don't have to use nail polish remover, and it looked really pretty and shiny. but then i took a shower and it all came off. d'oh.

someone buy me this! except don't because shirts like that are always too damn tight across the chest. *insert rant about how all clothing is designed for tall anorexic people* but yeah, don't get me started. i'm going to go... do homework or something now. yeah.

of dooooom
oh! that reminds me... in world lit, we had this student teacher, and she gave us a word search with different poetry terms.. and one of them was "mood", except it was backwards in the wordsearch, so it was "doom" and i was amused ^_^

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Monday, October 29, 2001

listening to: melissa ferrick, sky above

random amusing quotes: "baru baru baru, where are you? we've got some work to do now!"

"he can have an ashvin snack!"

"are you seducing dan?"
"everyone wants to *stumbles over word* desuce me!"
"de-suess? 'you put that hop on pop away THIS instant, young man, i'm de-seussing you!'"

so yeah. let's see... cast party saturday... was muy fun. we watched 16 candles on fast-forward... tres amusing. and, we played freeze (of course) but it just got sort of redundant and dirty and not amusing. so we stopped. i thought thetard was going to slaaaay us all on saturday... but... she didn't... so yay. *is happy to be non-slayed*

dude, i just tried to put some pencils in the chococat pencil case megan gave me for my birthday, and the stupid thing is like, a centimeter shorter than a pencil. *frowl*

okay i've had this blog window open for at least an hour... i type a few words, minimize it, get distracted, and come back.. so ah... where was i... oh, eliz and i confused the hell out of mr. thompson today... bwahahaha! he actually came and found us at lunch to tell us he figured out our problem. he looked so proud of himself. i'm just happy that he actually like.. spent time on our problem instead of being like "raaaar i am the math devil! foolish mortals, do your homework and don't ask questions! *insert fire breath and quadratic equations*"

i'm tired. my cold came back. again. yes, the same cold i've had since september. dammit all. *sneeze* i've noticed an interesting pattern... whenever my cold comes back [and interestingly, the symptoms change each time], one of my online friends gets sick too. the first time, it was megan.. which i didn't think was so weird because megan is me and all that. but then somebody else got sick... and now melody is sick too. *insert dramatic music, followed by deep hacking cough*

del and i are having llama issues again. *nod*

under my keyboard are: two powerpuff girls pens (blossom and buttercup); one sparkly blue pen; one hair clip; three pictures of katie and kelly with joshua kobak that i really do need to send them one of these days; one gateway customer support card; two q-tips; one penny; one tic tac, one cough drop; and one used band-aid that's stuck to the desk. and a partridge in a pear tree.

this is about the sixth time i've come back to this blogger entry, and i'm just going to end it now...


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Saturday, October 27, 2001

listening to: rachael sage, obsessive love song

random amusing quotes: "cake ghost coast to coast!"

"what can we rhyme with 'sky'?" "hmmm... ''yay for jesus!' is our cry'?"

"you guys could use the 'wonder years' theme song..." "about the mexican war?" "yeah... 'what would you do/if i stole texas from you?'"

"trina, are you stoned?" "no.. i'm... pensive." "*pause* oh. you're funny when you're pensive."

mm yeah. yesterday.. wait.. thursday... i was soo tired. and i kept falling asleep at scholastic bowl. and when i was awake, i said really, really, really stupid things. really stupid. so now mr. holbrook thinks i'm even dumber than he did before. oh well.

and, yesterday at lunch i bought a bagel, and totally forgot it. i just paid for it and walked away. and then i realized (after a rather long while..) that i forgot it, so i had to go back and get it... i felt like a dork. yay tech week!

*thinks* oh, the show... last night, it was really funny, during act II the tree fell over, and rob and david stayed soo in character... rob was like "dear me... perhaps i should fire my gardener!" it was *hysterical* oh, speaking of rob, he told me that he sometimes reads this. *waves at rob* i didn't think anyone i actually knew read this. except talia. *waves at talia too* *waves at megan*

ooh, megan... *sob* i miss you toooo... i tried to call you like 5 times but it woooouldn't work! i've been telling all my random pointless stories to everyone this week, because i couldn't blog... and i couldn't tell them all to you... and... yeah.

anyway. where was i? yeah, i don't remember either.

which is not pronounced REnata, thanks for asking ^_^

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Wednesday, October 24, 2001

listening to: nothing, i'm in the library *frowl*

random amusing quotes: "boobie mittens!"

"bring me some cake, woman!"

"why is your ass always in the way of my cane?"

"*gasp* that would be the world's 2nd greatest invention!"
"what's the first greatest?"
"boobie mittens!"

".. so put the ball in the bucket..."
"you know, in my country, we call that a box."

"if we have no pulse, do we still have to play kickball?"

so anyway. tech week of doom. blearg. and megan is mia. *frooowl* and, i'm really tired. *thinks* lots of amusing quotes at tech week... *nod* trina and i spend a lot of time focusing our shadow puppet skills.

ooh, in apush, elizabeth and i are doing the best project ever... we're re-writing tv show theme songs to be about themes of manifest destiny... so far we have the friends theme song for the gold rush ("there's no gold for you, it's not here anymore.. there's no gold for you, there's no gold for me too") and part of the gilligan's island theme song for the donner party. it's great. i'll totally type up the lyrics once we've finished the project.

um, yeah. *thinks* oh, all the ladybugs that were on my ceiling apparently spontaneously died last night. i dunno, i woke up and my carpet was covered with dead ladybugs. very odd.

*sneaks into megan's house, turns on her hotplate, and leaves the house*



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Sunday, October 21, 2001

listening to: stuart davis, love causes cancer

random amusing quote: "guardian angels are dangerous bastards" (i just really like the way stuart says that line. i dunno. it amuses me.)

a ladybug was just crawling up my neck. omfg, i was sooo freaked out. and there are a bunch on my ceiling too... they're all crawling towards me *whimper* megan, come save me! where are you? also, check the excite account, i guarantee you'll be amused, curt i mean megan...

yeah tomorrow starts tech week... *sigh* so i'll be busy from 5-11ish, and i'll probably be spending my free time doing homework *sob* so i probably won't talk to anyone that i don't go to school with until next week... aww... dude, megan, you should call me sometime between 3 and 5.... you have my number right?

yes i realize that this is turning into a conversation with megan. i apologize to non-megans. *thinks* um, here, as a reward for reading this far, i'll sing you the bjork song, okay?

oh, bjork, bjork
were you brought by the stork?
or were you created from butter and cork?
i love you so much that i act like a dork
oh bjork, oh bjork, oh bjork
i was cruising the channel box looking for mork
oh bjork, oh bjork, oh bjork
or fantasy island with suave mr. roarke
oh bjork, oh bjork, oh bjork
but then when i saw her i near dropped my fork
oh bjork, oh bjork, oh bjork
my heart spun around with incredible torque
oh bjork, oh bjork, oh bjork
oh, bjork, bjork
were you brought by the stork?
or were you created from butter and cork?
i love you so much that i act like a dork
oh bjork, oh bjork, oh bjork
she's small and she's odd like a lepton or quark
oh bjork, oh bjork, oh bjork
she's much more attractive than even judge bork
oh bjork, oh bjork, oh bjork
i'd travel the nation, la to new york
oh bjork, oh bjork, oh bjork
but she's probably in iceland so that wouldn't w-ork
. . .

peace, my friends.


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listening to: tori amos, icicle

*whine* megan was on this morning, and i imed her like "meeeeeeeeeeegan!" and then she signed off. *sob sob*
yeah. i tried to call you like 5 times in peoria but it never worked! i hate your phone! *hiss*
yes, i could just email megan and yell at her... but i'm not. bwahahaha.

so anyway. the halloween dance (i mean... harvest dance... wouldn't want to *offend* anyone by using the word *halloween*, noo, of course not...) was pretty fun. we won second prize in the group costume contest though! it was funny, stephen was sooo embarassed about being the prince... i think andrew was revelling in being snow white though. it amused me. (our costumes, by the way, were just white t-shirts with our character name painted on them. and all the dwarves wore stocking hats. we went to burger king to try to get a crown for me, the wicked queen... but they don't have them anymore!!! that sucks! i loooove burger king crowns!)

oh, i just remembered megan is seeing the non-equity tour of rent today. well, dammit, she better get online when she gets home *glower*

oh yeah... my yearbook pictures came back. bleah. but mine looked less crappy than it usually does, and i was bored, so i scanned it. *shrug* whatever.

i feel pretty... oh so pretty... or whatever

i just watched memento, it was a really good movie. but it confused me. and it annoyed me becuase the whole time i was trying to figure out who that one guy with the annoying voice was, because he sounded really familiar. and then i realized it was because he was that guy in the matrix, the one who kills mouse and cypher and generally sells everyone out to the agents. yeah.

i'm tired.


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Saturday, October 20, 2001

listening to: y kant tori read, fire on the side

random amusing quotes: "i don't wanna be your bitch!" "okay... you can be my... person who sleeps with me?" "i don't want to be that either!" "fine, fine... midnight dyanamo? love slave?" "i'm... an independent businessperson!"

"we'll make the other team our midnight dynamos!" "renata, have you LOOKED at them yet? i don't want any of them!" "*looks* aah... we could sell them?" "yeah, we'll just be their pimps."

yeah, scholastic bowl tournament this morning... hilarious... we were 5-1, but we didn't make it into the finals. stupid central catholic. of course we only had one senior there, so we were a little disadvantaged. but then it was annie who could probably beat most of the other teams by herself... so yeah. we beat this one team like, 400-60. wooot.

i'm still alive ^_~ rent rant available at time fies.

i'm leaving in like 5 minutes for the "harvest dance" (we can't call it a "halloween dance" anymore.. *scoff*) yeah. i'm the wicked stepmother from snow white! bwaahahahahaha... yeah. oh, it's going to be sooo funny, annie is going as daphne (from scooby doo), brent is going to be scooby, adam orrick is fred, andy schrag is going to be velma, ...somebody is going to be shaggy, i forget... and leo is going to be the monster that they unmask... i totally can't wait to see it. i say "totally" too much, i should stop. oh well. totally, like, whatever. manley is hottt! (it took me 3 tries to type manley... first i got "moley" and then i got "mankey"... whatever.)


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Friday, October 19, 2001

listening to: stroke9, little black backpack

random amusing quote: "that doesn't smell like chocolate! it smells like barbie!"

i'm mostly only blogging to confirm to megan that i am, indeed, still alive.

i think.

i'm so tired. yesterday i fell asleep in world lit and drooled all over my book. it was gross and now some of the pages are stuck together.

i saw rent tuesday and wednesday in peoria... long long long rant coming soon. but i wanna go to bed really soon because tomorrow... aaack i have to be at school at 6:30 for scholastic bowl, and then when i get home, i'm going to the "harvest dance" for the costume contest. (i haven't gone to a school dance since freshman year-- but i got talked into doing a group costume, so if i don't go, they're out a wicked queen for snow white. so whatever.)

um yeah. to summarize: 1. i am alive and 2. rent rant coming soon. peace out.


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Sunday, October 14, 2001

listening to: barenaked ladies, when doves cry

dude, *everyone* has a cover of that song, i swear. why? i mean i don't even think it's that great of a song... and yet i have an ani cover of it, a bnl cover of it, an anthony rapp cover of it, and... a tori cover? *shrug* someone else... hmm. puzzling.

i just remembered that stuart played "nothing in between" last night too, but i didn't write it down.

according to this the sailor scout i am most like is tuxedo mask. wtf? i hate tuxedo mask. *frowl* but i'm second most like sailor mercury, and she's my favorite.. so... okay.

james fenimore cooper was expelled from yale for training a donkey to sit at his professor's desk.

wooo hooo katie and kelly are coming tomorrow! and we're seeing rent in peoria tuesday! *proceeds to be merry*


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listening to: stuart davis, swim

random amusing quote: "this is another song about being a human. i'm playing all my human songs tonight, because i noticed that there seem to be a lot of humans in the audience, and i want to sell cds. cats... cats are really stingy with their catnip. that's the currency in catworld, catnip. *long pause* remember what i said about how i should talk as little as possible between songs? this is why."

"see, this is the first time i've ever played in this city... so i'm not sure how much i should sing about sex. it's kind of like a first date, when it's going really well, and you go to kiss her, but then you accidentally say the most obscene thing possible in dutch, and the next thing you know she's running out of the restaurant throwing wooden clogs at you!"

"it feels soo nice not to wear shoes and socks. but then, you can hurt your feet. so it's like earth. like a little microcoosm of earth."

"this song is about my family, but to make it interesting i had to lie pretty consistently."

"this is my encore... i've found that usually when i walk offstage, people don't clap enough to merit an encore... so this is it. i hope you like it."

stuart concert... was sooooo good. yay! well, first off, anne o'meary heaton played. and she was really good. but not as good as stuart *nod* it was kinda weird, most of the people there were middle-aged ish. a couple college students (and this was on wesleyan's campus, mind you) and then me, miriam, and elmo. oh, and molly and andrew were there too. but i didn't see them till after it was over. yeah. and stuart walked onstage, and was like "i think i'll start out with.. a song. yes, that would be good." and, i wrote the setlist down, because i knew megan would ask, and i knew i'd forget, soo...

kid mystic
8 days in the lotus
doppelganger body donor
rock stars and models

yeah it was awesome. i wanted him to play jonah, buuut he didn't. he asked for requests, and i was like "jooooonah!" and some other guy kept screaming "8 days in the lotus!" and the guy behind me kept yelling "atavistic viking!" and he kept singing along and i wanted to poke his eyes out. but that's another story. anyway. so stuart was like "hmm.. 8 days in jonah? i don't recall writing that song..." but yeah. i like 8 days in the lotus a lot too, so it was okay. he was hiiilarious. the random people by me kept laughing at things that weren't supposed to be funny, and then not laughing at the things that were. and one lady eventually left with her son, who was like 7. but that's okay. oh, megan, i tried to call you a couple times, but it gave me weird error messages. and i was like fine, screw this. but, stuart says hi back. yeah, and after the show we were walking out to my car, and randomly had this really long discussion with anne heatons' guitarist. um. what was his name.. frank? yeah, frank something. he was really cool. and, i'm going to sleep.


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Saturday, October 13, 2001

listening to: tori amos, horses

random amusing quote: "sometimes when i'm bored in class i just say the word 'goat' over and over to myself until it doesn't make sense anymore. goat... goat... goat.. goat... goat... goat.. goat... goat..."

so yeah... this morning trina and eliz and ericka and amber and jenny and i all went to champaign for this physics lecture about liquid crystals, to get extra credit in physics... it was so boring. but the guy had a british accent so we would revel in his pronunciation of words like "direction" and "laboratory" and it would keep us awake. yay british accents! oh, and they had free doughnuts and coffee and stuff out in the lobby, and we were there about 45 minutes early (we were afraid we'd get lost at u of i, so we went really early) and i accidentally got caught on the hot chocolate machine, and knocked over a big thing of coffee stirrers... much flailing ensued. fortunately no one was there except us, and one random lady who seemed to be amused rather than annoyed. yeah then we went and got japanese food... and much, much amusement ensued.

wooo the stuart concert is in 2 hours!! yaaaay! i'm going to go change pants. and then leave pretty soon because i have to pick up elmo and miriam, and park, and... not get lost... which is always a problem for me. meeeegan, i'll call you around 9ish... i think... yeah. *flail*


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Friday, October 12, 2001

listening to: tori amos, time

random amusing quotes: "northern rivers are non-lazy."

"i am sooo buff! i can lift 500... grams!"

"aww, this weight looks like pacman... look out 10 grams, here comes 20 grams! he's hungry! *infinitely amusing and equally indescribable noises*"

i was sooooooooooooooooooooo tired today. and i have soooooooo much work to do this weekend. and i feel soooo sick. my doctor decided i had a sinus infection, even though my sinuses didn't hurt at ALL, i just had a cold, so he gave me this sinus medicine, and now my sinuses hurt sooo bad. wtf is *that*? but yeah. ick ick. tomorrow we're all going to champaign for the extra-credit physics lecture (liquid crystals: from the laboratory to the shopping mall. ooooooh...)

but, tomorrow is the stuart concert! yay! *dances about* everyone reading this within range of... me... should go! 8pm, blue moon coffeehouse (iwu.) and it's freeeeee...

i read this really bad review of tori's strange little girls in the pantagraph today. it made me soooo mad. even though i don't think slg is the best of her albums by any means. i just got really irrationally angry. then, i took a 2 hour nap. aaand, i think i'm going to go to bed now. i am sooooooooo tired. myeh.


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Wednesday, October 10, 2001

listening to: rent boot

random amusing quotes: "maybe he'll collect the homework!" "and then hell will freeze over, and all the tornadoes will turn into rainbows, and there'll be unicorns everywhere.." "and we'll have sex with them!" "*collective noises of confusion*" "hey, what? unicorns porn... *trails off*"

"how was your weekend? mine was fine, until we went to war..." (i love jon stewart!)

"this tarriff was.." "the tarriff of DOOM!" "... the abominable tarriff."

"what does abominable mean?" "is it like the abominable snowman?" "yes! now, why was the abominable snowman so abominable?" "because he eats you at the end of skifree?"

"but radians are only good in fantasy mathland!"

"wow talia, you're more buff than allison!" "it's probably all those stupid babies i lift..."

yeah. lots of amusing quotes. anyway. i finally went to the doctor for my stupid plague and i have stupid pills and stupid nose spray.

more importantly, i was at wal-mart and got the COOLEST harry potter bandaids! and dude, they GLOW IN THE DARK! how fabulous is that? they glow really brightly too, i put one on my finger last night and it kept scaring me when i'd roll over and see my own hand. yeah they rule.

umm what else is new and exciting in my boring, boring life? i got a 92 on my physics test. which is amazing considering how much i slept in class. well, and how much i just didn't go to class. but yeah we have another test tomorrow and i'll probably totally fuck up on it. but shh. that's tomorrow.

i'm gonna go do homework, or... something.. i dunno... i'm tired and ranty and such.

(megan, hope you like the hotplate.. just don't leave it on, dear, when you leave the house...)


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Monday, October 08, 2001

listening to: tori amos, she's your cocaine (live, yay!)

random amusing im with jason:

jason: Can't we all just stop fighting
renata: no
jason: we're no better than Bin Laden at this point
jason: *flies remote control airplane into your hair*
jason: see?
renata: ahh! *flails about and collapses*
jason: bwahahahahaha
renata: yeah, we're totally going to hel
jason: oh, if that exchange wasn't so tasteless, I would post it for everyone to read
renata: but not hell. *nods*
renata: hehe
renata: you should post it anyway
jason: oh, you must share our wonderful convo with Megan
renata: oh, yes
renata: dude, i'm gonna post it in my blog


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listening to: beatles, hey jude

megan and i have the bubonic plague. *nods* but don't worry, after we kill 1/3 of europe it will lead to the rise of secular thought and the renaissance. watch out for rats off traders' ships.

big supportive hugs for ellie. mwaaaah!

so yeah i went shopping with trina today and got this sparkly shirt at old navy for $4. yay!

meanwhile i'm going to continue with my sneezing and coughing and other assorted plague symptoms. myeeeeeeh.

aww i was trying to switch screennames on aim, and it kept yelling at me, and by the time i got back on, melody was gone. *sniff*


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Sunday, October 07, 2001

listening to: mst3k, idiot control now

Click here to find out what robot you really are

woo freaking hoo! r2-d2 is by far the coolest of all star wars characters! (and i'm twins with kait!)


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well fuck. we bombed afghanistan. i don't even know if i support this or not. i mean on the one hand some action needs to be taken against the taliban. on the other, was this the right action?

i'm scared.

fuck this. i don't have time for a war. i have pre-calc homework.


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Saturday, October 06, 2001

listening to: mst3k, rowsdower mix

dude, that reminds me, my brother lent my copy of "the final sacrifice" to one of his friends in like, july, and i still don't have it back... *cracks knuckles* i don't care if he's in 7th grade, i'll kick his ass if he doesn't give it back soon...

but anyway. i watched the movie version of w;t today, it was so good. i cried and cried and cried. and then i started thinking about how scary cancer it is and how much it Sucks. and how there are a lot of Things That Suck. what the hell kind of omnipotent, merciful god would just sit by and let all this Stuff That Sucks happen? but then i started thinking some more, about all the Things That Don't Suck that arose from Things That Suck... almost all best, most brilliant and beautiful art and literature and everything deals with Things That Suck. i mean think about it. w;t, rent, cabaret, a lot of picasso's artwork, (hell, a lot of everyone's artwork,) everything. i mean even ender's game is about war and other Things That Suck. so maybe society needs Things That Suck to inspire Things That Don't Suck. i mean you always hear stories about how during war, all the ordinary citizens were inspired to do these incredibly brave and heroic Things That Don't Suck. or maybe the whole point of life is finding the Things That Don't Suck amid the Things That Suck. or maybe we just need Things That Suck so that all the Things That Don't Suck seem that much better in comparison. i don't know. i'm just a 16-year old kid eating chicken mcnuggets. but it gives you something to think about, doesn't it?

i'm going to go watch monty python. monty python is definitely a Thing That Does Not Suck. *nods*


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Friday, October 05, 2001

listening to: tick tick boom, sugar

random amusing quotes: "we're going KAYAKING?!"

"... name this renaissance sculptor." "donatello?" "nooope..." "michaelangelo?" "yes!" "woohoo, i knew it was one of the ninja turtles!"

"... name this greek goddess." "venus?" "nope, gaia." "*collective gasp* LIKE ON CAPTAIN PLANET!"

"dammit, how can i kidnap myself?" "i dunno, i'm busy trying to overthrow ashvin's drug smuggling ring, leave me alone!"

yeah. woohoo, nerd bowl started up again! (i mean... scholastic bowl. yes.) i dunno... i think mr. holbrook thinks i'm a moron... but like, a smart moron. i'm not sure. further analyzation must be conducted. i fell asleep like 3 times in physics. (blaaaah vectors.) oh well.

oooh, and in spanish, we had to work on this mystery thing... oh dear. trina is "trina la catrina" ("la catrina" meaning "rich woman," there's some historical significance behind the word, but, whatever.) and she's been kidnapped. and her father is an important politician, and his opponent, john, is in favor of legalizing drugs. ashvin is a drug lord (sanchez, "el senor de narcoticos.") i'm his sidekick, maria juana (which either translates to "mary jane" or "mary juana" depending on how far you take it.) i'm trying to overthrow his drug ring, but he doesn't know it. oooh and amy is trina's friend, margarita. yeah. this should be entertaining. and we have lunch right after spanish so we kept reverting to our spanish personas. ("dammit! i'm an important drug lord and they gave me a freaking mini meal!" "shut up, it's all part of my plan to overthrow you... bwaahahahaha!") good times.

um yeah. i had school off today. i was going to go see the girl's powderpuff football game, since a couple of my friends are kind of on the team. but my alarm didn't go off and i slept till 3. oops. there's like 1000 things i should have done today. but i didn't do any of them. oh well. actually, i did take some laundry downstairs. so there's only 999 other things left. yay me!

yeaaah. i'm cold and tired and it's not even 9 pm! *flail*


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Thursday, October 04, 2001

listening to: barenaked ladies, cornflake girl (live)

okay yeah. well, this is my review of the joanne tour of rent's official opening night. *nods* and it's from the boards, so it has capital letters! ooooooh.... ahhhh.... anyway. if you don't like rent... uh, skip this entry, bright one.

Okay, first off, Del and I met up with Crystal in Muncie, and we talked, and Cyrstal took us back to the loading dock and we got to look at big boxes of props and stuff, and some cast members walked by, and we gawked, but tried to be non-obvious about it. Then we went to KFC (a non-standard KFC, with non sporks! And weird cole slaw! ^_^) And we bonded with Crystal, yay! *sends Crystal love*
And then we went to the theatre, and oooh, Megan, RentGod was there!! I was like "*gasp* Del!! RentGod is here!!" and she was like "Huh?" and I was like "ahh... tell you later!... Frank! You probably don't remember me, but I rushed in Des Moines.. and I'm one of the Curtis Cregan girls!" and he smiled and gave me a big hug, and we reminisced about the Bennies, and talked about the cast, and such. (RentGod being RentGod, he already met the whole cast a few weeks ago in NYC at TTB.) Theen, we saw the show... and here is my review, which I also posted on the boards:

It was full cast (since this was the official tour premiere and all ^_^)
Roger: Kevin Spencer
Mark: Dominic Bogart
Collins: Bruce Wilson, Jr.
Benny: Matthew Morgan
Joanne: Bridget Mohammed (... my friend, it's time to tell the world... *cough cough*)
Angel: Justin Rodriguez
Mimi: Krystal Washington
Maureen: Sara Schatz
Mark's Mom: Clark Mims
Mr. J: Rick Younger
Mrs. J: Haneefa Wood
Gordon: Jay Wilkison
Steve: Cole McClendon
Paul: Damien Deshaun Smith
Alexi: Jackie Maraya

"The fun never stops in Funcie!"

Here is my, considerably longer, and probably quite ranty review. For the record, this was my 30th show, if you want to take that into consideration for my comparisons and such. Anyway. Oh yes, and there was an interview with Krystal (with a pic of her and Kevin) in the BSU Daily News which I can scan or type up later.

Del and I were discussing, and the set looks pretty much exactly the same, but it may or not be slightly smaller. (We were undecided.) Costumes more or less the same-- Paul's "Rent" outfit was this hideous teal jacket and tan pants, and Mrs. J's was like... jeans with painted handprints on it, and a pretty purple jacket thing. Steve wore the old Steve outfit, and not Jake's RainbowSteve one. The audience was very loud and enthusiastic, it was nice.

My first impression of Dominic was that his voice was lower than I prefer Mark's voice to be. (I have noooo idea about range or anything, I'm so non-musical. All I know is what I like, and what I don't.) and Bruce's voice is higher than I like Collins to be. More on this later. Kevin has a great voice. Clark as Mark's mom is SO SO SO cute! She has kind of a little girly voice, and it was just adorable. One of my favorite Mark's moms. (Also, I love her hair so much-- it's shortish and blonde, with pink streaks.) Oh, and I'm not sure if this was a mistake or if they changed the line, but now "a CARDBOARD city has sprung up in the lot.."

Rent had lots of energy. You Okay Honey? was cute. I disagree with that review-- I LOVED Justin as Angel, the guy is ADORABLE. His voice is really pretty.

Glory- Kevin had a great voice, but hsi movements were distracting. It seemed like he was more concerned with moving his arms and legs at the EXACT right angle than he was with displaying emotion. It was really funny, like he was trying to do some bizarre dance or something. I can't even describe it... it was like... slow motion flailing with the arms,and then his knees kept being bent at weird angles. Vocally it was very nice though.

LMC was funny, Krystal and Kevin had very cute chemistry. Kevin did this thing for "I mean, you do.. have a nice.." where he like... leaned towards her and stroked the table.. it was funny.

Today 4 U- VERY, VERY CUTE. Justin was just SOOOOO cute, I can't stress this enough. He faltered a little after he jumped up on the table, but nothing major. And I mean.. those shoes, that jump... sheesh. Then, when he was back down on the floor and running with the drumsticks, he almost fell, and everyone kind of collectively gasped, and he very cutely gave a little dismissive wave and said "That's okay!" Everyone clapped really loudly, I thought it was a very classy way for him to cover that.

You'll See Boys- eh. Matthew (Benny) is kinda little, and his voice is kinda high, and he plays Benny as a 1-dimentional asshole. None of the "I still remember when we used to be friends, but don't you guys see how we need to get real and make money now?" stuff. He was just an asshole who wanted his money.

Tango: Maureen- This was WEIRD. Bridget was great as Joanne, I like her voice a lot, she's towards the "bitchy Joanne" spectrum, but I like that. Also, most people say "I went to Harvard for THIS?" but she said it like, "I went to HARVARD for this?" and I liked that. It was nice. Dominic.. okay. I'm not sure if he was just really nervous, or if this was a character choice, or if it was REAL, or what... but he came off as DrunkenMark™. He slurred his speech, he wobbled, he would make these weird facial expressions... it was just WEIRD.

Life Support: Dominic continued with the drunken-acting ness. It looked like he meant to go to the AA meeting but accidentally went in the wrong room and was too embarrassed to leave. Anyway. Jay as Gordon was good. Very nice voice.

Out Tonight- WOW. Jeebus, Krystal was GOOD! I can't wait to see how good she is when she's had more time with the character! TONS of glitter, and... jeeeeeeeze she's flexible! Her voice is nice, kinda similar to Dom's if I had to pick someone. Clear, lowish, niiiiice.

Another Day- Great. Kevin and Krystal definitely have good chemistry. Kevin sorta loosened up with his oh-so-precise blocking, but it was still a minor issue.

Will I? Cole's solo was beautiful. Overall it was a good song, nothing extraordinary, nothing bad.

On the Street- Haneefa was very, very forceful as the bag lady. Meow. And she had this "... motherfucking artistsss-sss-sss-sss..." thing going on that was cool. I *think* Dominic wiped his glasses off after that? But I was pretty far to stage right so I couldn't see it clearly.

Santa Fe- My mind is blanking for a comment here, so I guess it must have been good, but nothing extraordinary.

ICY- I need another synonym for cute, but... that's what it was. Very cute. I love Justin's voice, and he and Bruce had nice chemistry.

We're Okay- Bridget's voice is amazing. Interestingly, most Joannes sound sweet and nice when talking to Maureen, and sort of busy/hectic when talking to Steve-- she flipped it. She was really excited about the cases, and kind of angry at Maureen.

Christmas Bells- I noticed that all the junkies made a big point of pushing Mimi out of their way. I never noitced that before-- whether it's because I wasn't paying attention to Mimi, or because nobody else has done that, I couldn't tell ya. For whatever reason, be it the actors themselves, or the sound system at BSU, I could hear each part at about equal volume-- usually it seems like Mark, Roger, and Mimi are totally dominating the song. That was nice.

OTM- Wow. Sara was great. She reminds me a LOT of Cristina Fadale, circa 1999. (And that's very much a good thing.) Very cute and little girl-ish, and she came off as being a little nervous about the performance-- shec ould have actually been nervous or it could have been intentional, but either way, I interpreted it was intentional and it worked. She had lots of randomly flexible movements and.. yeah. She did this really cute thing where she had her legs crossed for Elsie, and she sort of shuffled over to the mic, and then shuffled back... yeah. I liked it muchly.

LVB- Random note: the waiter is Steve, and Paul is the Diva Boy, as opposed to the opposite with the Bennies. Again, I'm not sure if the line was changed or if Sara messed it up, but eitehr way, it was "The enemy of Avenue A! And Mr. Grey!" I actually like that line better, since if you missed the "Your father? damn!" in CB, it kind of spells out who the random guy with Benny is for you. Here, Matthew as Benny totally came off as an annoying, petulant child. As Del said... "If I can't play with your Legos, you can't live in my building! Nyah!" Justin kind of flubbed his "And Collins will recount his exploits as anarchist, including the tale of his successful reprogramming of the virtual reality equipmet of MIT.." line. But try saying that, it's SO hard to say, give the guy a break. And he was totally cute about it, like ".. anarchist.. [random nonsense] programming.." and laughing. Yeah.

ISTY- cute. Not one of my favorite songs, but Kevin and Krystal were nice.

LVB:B- Clark is SOOO cute. And so is Jackie (Alexi), she looks like she's about 10. Dominic still seemed drunk.

SOL- very pretty, Haneefa has a GORGEOUS solo. Amazing. Rick's solo was good too, but it seemed a little weird to me. I dunno. I think I'm overly used to Marcus' solo.

HNY- Kevin and Krystal had the CUTEST little kiss-- they didnt' try to be all elaborate and licking each other and whatever, they just.. kissed.. and I swear this huge collective "Awwww" went over the audience. Dominic didn't seem drunk anymore, though he did occasionally seem to be channeling Woody Allen. His "You can take the girl out of Joisey but you can't take the Joisey out of the girl" was hysterical.

Voicemails- Clark is still adorable, Jackie has kind of an annoying accent, but stil a good Alexi.


WO- Krystal was just fabulous. She's really good. Her voice blends well with Kevin's, too.

Contact- Justin's dance here really blew me away. He was very into it, and it just.. yeah. Very nice.

ICY:R- Not the best I've seen, not the worst. Decent.

Halloween- See above.

GL- Yow. Again, Krystal and Kevin tore it up. (I can't believe I just said "tore it up.") Bridget was great too. It was so cute when Sara and Bridget got together, and Sara was actually talking like Bridget had bitten her tongue ^_^ I've never seen a Maureen do that, and it was just so cute.

WYO- Dominic's Woody Allen imitation was really offsetting for about the first half of the song. But he sorta got out of it towards the end. Kevin kept doing weird things with his legs, but vocally he was great. Overall, pretty good.

YE- I'm not a fan of this song in general, but Kevin's was passable.

Overall-- a very talented cast, I'm sure a lot of the problems I noticed were opening night jitters or things that will go away with a bit of experience. I'm looking forward to seeing them in Peoria in a few weeks to see improvements and changes ^_^ I had a really, really sore throat and I made it insanely worse by screaming. I kept having these throat spasms in the second act and alarming Del.

At stage door, it was kind of a crazy mob, but everyone I talked to was really nice. I accidentally told a random swing he did a great job. And he mocked me and I felt like the world's biggest moron. But I feel like the world's biggest moron at least twice a day so it wasn't a big thing.

Random: Kevin Spencer, with his newly blonde hair, looks eerily like Jim Poulos as Huck Finn. I almost choked on my cough drop when I saw him.

That's all for now, I'm sure I'll remember some random details later...

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